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The last two Time Lords of Gallifrey have come to Earth in 2013. The Doctor is a ginger at long last. The drums no longer sound in The Master’s head. Clearly, this can only mean the end is nigh once again, only this time the troubles aren’t coming from above, but from below. The Doctor, unaware of the Master’s existence, continues his crusade to “heal” the universe and takes on a new companion in that venture. The Master, questioning his identity, finds himself entangled in the lives of a group of humans through choosing to help rather than harm.

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•   The Master, Season One.
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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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Main Characters

•   The Doctor, “John Smith”, Time Lord, 14th incarnation, 1437 years old, 6'0"
•   Donovan Bukater, Human, 20 years old (March 18, 1993), Companion, 6'4".

•   The Master, "Adam Miller", Time Lord, 6'2".
•   Maya Porter, Human, 26 years old (October 27, 1987), Companion, 5'8".

•   Jack Harkness, Human, Torchwood Associate, 6'0"
•   Julio “Juls” Bauss, Human, 22 years old (1991?), Torchwood Associate, 6'1/2"
•   Angelus Porter, Human, 24 years old (April 2, 1989), Torchwood Associate, 6'3"

Recurrent Characters

•   Dixon Sampson, Human, 19 years old (May 13, 1994), Programming Student and Friend of Donovan. 5'8"
•   Gwen Cooper, Human, Torchwood Associate.
•   Rhys Williams, Human, Torchwood Associate.
•   Jasmine Russle, Human, 26 years old (December 14, 1987), UNIT Interpreter, 5'10".
•   Andrew Young, Human, 23 years old (June 30, 1990), Torchwood Associate, 5'8.5"
•   Laura Cowley, Human, 24-25 years old, Donovan's Ex-Girlfriend, 5'6".
•      Alatria, ???, ???, Knows The Master, 5'9".
•   "ArchAngelus" Porter, Human, 24 years old, Separate personality of Angelus, triggered by psionics.
•      Aeron Harper, Vampire, 32; paused at 30 (September 2, 1981), Maya's ex-fiance, 6'1"
•      Setsuna Mori, Vampire, 25; paused at 24 (June 4, 1988), Member of UNIT, sired by Aeron Harper, 5'11".
•      Lord President Rassilon, Time Lord, possibly a God or Messiah, 6'2" (see: Cult of the Vampire Rassilon).
•      Beckett Rhys Damon, ???, Member of UNIT in parallel universe, 5'10".
•      River Song, "Child of the TARDIS", 3rd Incarnation, 5'7".
•      "Ten-Two" or The Doctor, Meta-crisis Doctor, Human.
•      Rose Tyler, Human, Former Companion.
•      Death, Eternal, Chose the Master as her Champion when the Doctor refused, 5'2".
•      Cyrus Copper, Human, ???, father of Lucy Saxon, 6'.
•      Martha Jones, Human, ???, former companion of the Doctor, 5'3".

Ocean Characters

•      Agrona, Tuatha De Dannan/Fae, thousands of years, a leader of Ocean.
•      Manann,  Tuatha De Dannan/Fae, thousands of years, a leader of Ocean.

Support Characters

•      Devlin Sommers, Human, an actor and dancer, 5'11". One appearance: An Era of Theatrics.
•      Kyle Westwood, Human, an actor, 5'8.5".  One appearance: An Era of Theatrics.
•      Christine Henderson, Human, assisted a Weeping Angel. One Appearance: Fourteenth Muse.
•      Richard Maddox, Human, photographer/inventor. One appearance: Phantom Image.
•      Marcus Antonius, Human, ally of Caesar, 5'10" One appearance: The Caesarmen.
•      Gaius Cilnius Maecenas, Human, discovered the Cybermen, 5'6". One appearance: The Caesarmen.
•      Eldane, Silurian, one of the triumvirate. One Episode: Miscommunication.
•      Raylee, Silurian, one of the triumvirate. One Episode: Miscommunication.
•      Okhen, Silurian, one of the triumvirate. One Episode: Miscommunication.
•      Victoria Tersen, Human, Prime Minister. One Episode: Miscommunication.
•      Nate Porter, Human, assistant of the Prime Minister. One Episode: Miscommunication.
•      Drok, Moorfolk, faithful to Moros. Two Episodes: Heroes and Villains and A Matter of Faith.
•      Ora, Ora?, creature that feeds on plant-life. One Episode: A Matter of Faith.
•      Leda, Tree of Cheem, restoration crew. One Episode: Heroes and Villains.
•      Aelin, Centaur, restoration crew. One Episode: Heroes and Villains.
•      Radik, Great Vampire, part of the Time War, 8'4". One Episode: Rassilon's Game.
•      Gaius Octavius or "Julius Caesar", Human, triumvir of Rome, Mentioned.
•      Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, Human, friend to Octavius, Mentioned.

Deceased Characters

•      Sarah Moore, Human, died in the Darkness. One appearance, Episode: The Darkness.
•      Rachel Hoss, Human, friend of Sarah, killed by the xhinn. Never appeared.
•      Marcus Junius Brutus, Human, assassinated Caesar, committed suicide. One Appearance: The Caesarmen.
•      Gaius Julius Caesar, Human, dictator of Rome, killed by Brutus. One Episode: The Caesarmen.
•      Julian Strong, Human, controlled by the xhinn and killed by Angelus. One Episode: Phantom Image.
•      Franz, Xhinn, assisted the Crystalline, killed by toy knight. One Episode: Translation.
•      Toy Maker, Guardian of Time, "immortal" abstract killed by Rassilon. One Episode: Translation.
•      Anima, Xhinn, alongside Fiora plotted to take over the world. Killed by the Master. Two Episodes: Hauntings and Little Drummer Boy.
•      Fiora, Xhinn, alongside Anima plotted to take over the world. Killed by Jack. Two Episodes: Hauntings and Little Drummer Boy.
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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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:dolphin: Season One: The Ocean :dolphinmustach:

Doctor Who

Episode One: Fourteenth Muse
Spoiler: show
Finally a ginger, The Doctor enters the world in his regenerated form in 2013. He meets Donovan Bukater while going through the motions of figuring out what he likes now, and learns of an unveiling going on at the man’s school. Intrigued by the description of this statue, the Doctor goes to the school to discover a Weeping Angel put on display by alumni Christine Henderson. It is a race to find out why the Weeping Angel has been placed there, an adventure that draws in Donovan and causes the Doctor to reconsider his usual ‘type’ of companion. As the Donovan easily accepts the alien presence, lies, and figures out how to work the TARDIS when the Doctor is thrown back in time by the Weeping Angels, he proves himself more and more to the Doctor, and so he makes an unusual offer as he considers Donovan might want to clear the air with his friend, Dixon. He does, however, offer Donovan the chance to continue traveling, mentioning saloop. They return to Dixon, five days later, and Donovan tries to explain it all to Dixon who has a difficult time taking it in. Donovan also quickly takes care of his affairs with parents, school, and work, leaving Dixon to talk to the Doctor for a short while. Donovan and Doctor leave shortly after all the affairs are in order. They leave for the TARDIS, and the Doctor promises Donovan that they will be going to see Richard Maddox.

Episode Two: Phantom Image
Spoiler: show

The Doctor and Donovan end up in 1874, for saloop, apples, and to meet Richard Maddox. Doctor and Donovan move through the streets and find Maddox's home. They are welcomed easily as the Doctor reveals his identity with a number, which causes Donovan to realize the man before him is not the same as he's always been. The Doctor shows Donovan the wall of his previous identities, sans the "War Doctor", before they are called back by Maddox. There, they discover a camera that does not belong. It is made by the company "Ocean", which neither Doctor nor Donovan know. The Doctor allows Maddox to take a picture of him with it, and drops down in pain. The Doctor attempts to examine the camera itself, but this alerts 'Ocean'. In response, the camera goes through a self-destruct sequence. The lives of all are saved by the quick thinking of Donovan, and information about Ocean is provided by Maddox. The Doctor takes the address, and intends to leave with Donovan to track down the source of this strange camera. They locate the building, but find it cleared out. Donovan finds the door inside, protected by a perception filter. Within, the two only find two clues--an address, and blue prints. They return to Maddox to let him know of their plans, and Maddox insists on taking a photo before the Doctor leaves. The Doctor pulls Donovan in for the picture, before they both leave to track down Ocean. They end up before a haunted house and have an encounter with Jack, which ends on a tense note. Information is passed on to Jack to continue the investigation of Ocean, while Donovan and the Doctor head to the future.

Spoiler: show
Meanwhile, Angelus and Julio begin to look for a new apartment. They find one nice three bedroom, and continue on from there to Dixon's apartment complex. There, they run afoul of Julian, the landlord, who seems to think Dixon is troublesome. The Doctor comes up, and Angelus offers to call 'The Doctor'. Julian accepts, and Angelus calls Jack. Jack does not arrive in enough time to end the scuffle that erupts. When Julian draws a gun on the group, Julio assaults him. In the process, Julio gets his arm broken. Angelus, however, breaks Julian's head. Jack arrives on the scene and acts to clear it, escorting Julio and Julian to the hospital. Dixon rides with Gwen. At the hospital, Andrew is there, and he stays with Julio to see that he is all right, dealing with his flirting. Angelus learns that Julian dies due to his injuries, and goes about distracting himself once Julio is given drugs for his surgery. Once Julio wakes up, Andrew is invited into Torchwood. The reaction is mixed, and they all agree to go for sushi.

Episode Three: Translation
Spoiler: show

The Doctor takes Donovan to Agratis, an agriculture planet in the future. The Doctor then explains that Donovan will be able to understand everything thanks to the TARDIS, before they procure a ride through his psychic paper to the rooftops of the city. Once there, they sit down to eat at an establishment apparently run by a Crystalline creature. When the Doctor goes to acquire currency, a Xhinn stops him, and offers to buy the meal. Wary of the intentions, but willing to give it a chance, the Doctor allows it. The Xhinn joins the party and introduces itself as Franz, introducing Donovan to more ways in which telepathy can be used. Eventually, the Xhinn takes an Agratian form and tells them what is wrong--the Crystalline are developing too quickly. He suspects something wrong with the jewel, and so the group heads to the Krytuk Valley to find out just what is wrong.  They soon find themselves in the caverns, and there are met with by a strange Crystalline who tells them to go on ahead to the Jewel. At the Jewel, they find a Jack-in-the-Box. Winding it plays a Gallifreyan Lullaby, and the group ends up in what they think is the Toymaker's realm. They are separated, as well, and told to perform three acts: Find the Jewel, free the Jewel, and escape. Each player must do one of the acts. Within the realm are also two "dead" Time Lords, Millennia and Rallon, now toys. Donovan is confronted with Rallon on his journey to reunite with the Doctor. The Doctor and Franz find the Jewel in a music box that Millennia stands in. In the search for string, the two instead stumble upon Donovan who escaped Rallon. They then work to acquire the Jewel and are successful in that endeavor, though the Doctor's attempt to save Millennia is fraught with trouble. Despite his guilt over it all, he has Franz send them away, and they continue on their journey. Donovan discovers a map on the shell holding the jewel, and they follow it to a dollhouse. Within, they find a key that is able to open the shell, and seems to release whatever was influencing the Crystalline, but then the house is set on fire. The Doctor hurries off to find a jack-in-the-box on hearing the melody, and stumbles into a Time that he shouldn't be able to access. He finds what he is looking for, though, in another jack-in-the-box. On returning, he finds Donovan fighting the Crystalline, one of them enthralled by Franz. That enthrallment is broken by the Doctor when he calls to him, and so Franz is stabbed in the back and set on fire when they return to Agratis. On Agratis, Franz dies, giving a suggestion to the Doctor on visiting 2013. The Doctor and Donovan are thanked for their help and they begin to leave. Within the TARDIS, Donovan begins to ask the Doctor questions that make the Time Lord uncomfortable. However, he answers them, and he reveals that he is the last of the Time Lords, and why he travels with others. Donovan agrees again to continue traveling with him, knowing that it does not always end well.

Left behind was the "Mind of Rassilon", which takes shape in the Toy Maker's realm. He executes the Toy Maker and begins to renew plots on how to restore Gallifrey.

Episode Four: Miscommunication

Spoiler: show
The Doctor and Donovan continue their travels across the universe, and end up in Earth's future. There, they meet the Silurians when they are sucked into the ground. The Doctor knows that now is the time when the Silurians and Humans should be arranging for a peaceful reunion, but finds it is not going as planned. The humans suddenly became hostile to the Silurians, and are demanding information that the Silurians are reluctant to give. Deciding to play mediator, the Doctor and Donovan agree to deliver a message to the humans and find out what is going on. Raylee, the warrior, gives them transport back up to the surface, and then the Doctor uses the address on the 'letter' to find Victoria. He ends up stumbling into her office and has a gun pointed at him by her guard, Nate Porter. They discover that the humans became hostile when a message from the Silurians arrived that seemed threatening. The Doctor decides to solve this by bringing the humans along in his TARDIS to see the Silurians. They arrange it so that Donovan will announce them to the Silurians first, which he does, and he manages to get Raylee to disarm herself before she enters the TARDIS to speak with the humans. There is a happy meeting between Victoria and Raylee. This is made better when, on stepping out of the TARDIS, Nate saves Raylee from being shot by the scientist, Okhen. It becomes clear where the threatening messages came from, and Eldane is evidently disappointed. Victoria chooses not to hold that against Eldane, and as Okhen is escorted away she introduces herself and agrees to sit down and talk. Eldane asks if the Doctor wishes to be witness, but Donovan answers. The two retreat into the TARDIS and find the phone ringing.

Episode Five: Heroes and Villains

Spoiler: show
Jack is on the other line. The Doctor agrees to meet with Jack, who is pissed off. They are greeted with the Christmas scene--corpses of xhinns and humans, one of which resembles someone Donovan knew in life, Laura. Jack and the Doctor attempt to pacify Donny with the suggestion that she might still be alive. The Doctor then tries to find out what happened, and learns that the xhinn tried to take over. More than that, he learns that the Master is alive, and well, with a human companion. This initially upsets the Doctor, but Jack calms him with words of how the Master seemed to be different, and actually cared. Donovan learns who the Master was through them, and remembers his own experiences during the Year That Never Was. This memory seems to disturb the Doctor, for he doesn't want any to recall that horrid time. The Doctor decides he must find out for himself, and uses his Sonic to try and track the Master. Instead of ending up where the Master is, however, he ends up in a time shortly after the Master's arrival, and there meets members of the Forest of Cheem, setting the world right after destruction. The Doctor and Donovan end up split when the Moorfolk arrive, with Donny being taken with the Moorfolk and the Doctor led to where the Forest of Cheem have set up with the assurance that Donny will not be harmed. This much is true, as the Moorfolk instead humor Donovan, though it takes some time. Drok is eventually convinced to allow Donovan to leave to get the Doctor, after he tells Donovan about what the Master did. The Doctor, meanwhile, figures out who can help him talk to the Moorfolk to try and clear the air of what happened. He meets the centaur Aelin and he leads the Doctor towards the Moor. There, he catches up with Donny, and the two step aside to talk. In this conversation, Donovan reveals what he's learned from the Moorfolk about the Master. The Doctor then offers his side, and the two agree to go speak with Drok and inform him of this. Drok meets with them, but is initially hostile. The Doctor weaves a story of the Master, and the Doctor's personal encounters with parasite aliens, eventually seeming to calm Drok enough that he is willing to speak with the centaurs and arrange to restore the planet. The Doctor and Donovan head back to the TARDIS and there plan to continue pursuit of the Master, but a message from Gallifrey interrupts.

Episode Six: Rassilon's Game
Spoiler: show

The Doctor, The Master, Donovan, and Maya, among many others who know them, are brought into Rassilon's Game as he makes another bid at restoring Gallifrey to the Universe. They are split up, and so begin to wander the maze.

The Doctor runs into old friends immediately, and an old heartache is awakened as Rose comes running into the picture. Ten-Two is there and catches Rose as she comes running to them, and they learn of a dalek threat. However, Rose immediately recognizes the Doctor, who fails miserably at hiding his emotions when he suggests they continue on. Called out, the Doctor rambles, but it does not satisfy. They are split shortly after.

The Master does not have such luck. He runs into the Time Lord's foe, a vampire named Radik, who thinks of the Master as Rassilon's vicious pet. Though not convinced by what the Master has to say, he does decide that the Master can take him to Rassilon and intends to follow. They do not get far together before Weeping Angels come upon them, and the Master is removed from Radik by a hole.

River Song, the Doctor's current love, finds the Doctor's companion Donovan, but before an event in Donovan's future that rids him of his shadow. She explains that she knows the Doctor to Donovan and tries to use that to get Donovan to trust her. Beckett Damon, another time traveler like River, also has his own meeting with Maya. On Maya's end, it is their first encounter, and begins on a calm note despite Maya pointing her gun at Damon. Soon enough, Maya and Donovan come together, as do River and Beckett. Maya and Donovan come to realize they have futures with all of these individuals, and pasts, as Beckett brings to Donovan's mind a negative part of his past--Dillon. Shortly after bringing that up, he tosses the Master's ring to Maya and touches Rassilon's harp, splitting them up.

River and Beckett catch up quickly, and go to search four the champagne glasses he brought while discussing how all things are going well. Unfortunately, on finding the glasses, they are split up.

Donovan runs into Radik, and the two have an argument about how 'saintly' the Doctor is, for Radik has no good memories of the Doctor. He abandons Donovan.

Maya runs into Rose and the Doctor, who insist that the Master is dead. Maya, not believing them, tells them how she and the Master arrived here, and how the Master was free of the drums--no thanks to the Doctor. They part with that hanging between them.

The Master is literally run into by the Doctor, who can't contain his happiness that the Master is well. Their reunion is short-lived, for as they puzzle over how the drums were removed, they are separated.

Episode Seven: Rassilon's Game, part 2.
Spoiler: show

This brings the Doctor to River, and the Master to Beckett. For the Doctor, the reunion is happy, as River assures him there is a future. For the Master, meeting Beckett is bothersome, and keeps him from Maya.

Maya and Donovan catch up, and are soon joined by River and Donny after finding daleks. The daleks are dealt with through force and Donny's perception of the environment. Champagne is shared all around, and then, the game splits them once more, after Donny and Maya are assured that the Doctor and Master are alive.

The Master runs into Rose and TenTwo, and he is hugged once again by an overexcited Doctor. He meets Rose, but is too distracted by his need to find Maya. They search together, but are separated.

The Doctor runs across Radik, and is forced to defend his position on why he killed the King. Radik does not care, though, and lashes out. Through the sonic's noise, the Doctor is able to escape.

The Doctor then runs upon Beckett, but this does not go over well as Beckett insists on reminding him of Donna. Before he can get answers, Beckett abandons him and Rassilon makes a new announcement about the game. A time limit is put into play.

This announcement is heard by the others, by River who meets Radik and seems to recognize him, and also by the Master and Maya, who have a brief reunion that is rudely ruined when a wall comes between them. Rose, Donovan, and TenTwo are also subject to hearing it and being parted by it, though their union is a bit better.

Donovan, spurred by his need to outrun his memories and find the end of this game, ends up reaching the center. He passes the Master who is overcome with rage for Rassilon, and in the center he meets Rassilon. He is told he has one wish, and he wishes for all to be given freedom in the game. Rassilon 'rewards' his charity by bestowing on him a ring. This ring turns Donovan to stone, an action the Doctor is just a second too late to stop.

The Doctor tries to move the statue of Donovan from the spot, but is unable to. Maya arrives on the scene then, and as the Doctor speaks of the Black Scrolls of Rassilon, she volunteers the Master's copy. Immediately she runs to fetch them from the TARDIS, but never leaves it. The scrolls roll out to the Doctor, and he uses them just as everyone else begins to arrive, giving up a regeneration to infuse life into Donovan. Donovan does return to life, and the gathered all begin to split up, the Doctor and Donovan returning to the TARDIS, the Master going to his alone, Beckett taking Rose and the Doctor to their time, and River taking Radik to Earth. In the TARDIS, Donovan is bid a good night. 

Maya, however, has stepped out of the game to play a new one with Death, who is upset over future actions Maya will take and wants to stop them now.

Episode Eight: Under The Sea.
Spoiler: show

The Doctor takes Donovan to the Titanic, so that they both might see a bit of history--however tragic--and enjoy some good food. However, things go awry when the Doctor notices that the iceberg unnaturally appears in the water. Disturbed by this, he dives into the ocean and finds a Tuatha De Danann, though mutated. He is harmed by the creature, and brought back up onto the boat by Donovan and the crew. Deciding that this is interference, the Doctor tries to "fix" history. Donovan stands against him and tries to talk sense into the Doctor, but isn't heard. Donovan fetches the TARDIS before it sinks, and finds the Doctor in the Captain's quarters after he has failed to get an early SOS out. He returns to the TARDIS, and tells Donovan about Mars. The conversation heads towards the Tuatha De Danann, and the Doctor decides to pursue this mystery.
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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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:dolphin: Season One: The Ocean :dolphinmustach:

The Master

Episode One: Darkness
Spoiler: show
Regenerated from his “Harold Saxon” form, but unaware, The Master returns to Earth in 2013 as a nobody. The drums no longer ring in his head, and this silence leaves him more confused than clear-headed. He leaves the line to a Haunted House to acquire food with a human known as Angelus. Through this connection, he ends up entangled in the lives of Maya Porter, Jasmine Russle, Julio Bauss, and Andrew Young when it is discovered the Darkness is filled with Vashta Nerada. The Master and Maya help the Vashta Nerada escape The Darkness, but at a cost. The Master is fatally wounded, and the voice of Jack Harkness does nothing to ease his nerves. He escapes, and Maya follows. In the Master's attempt to escape Jack, he ends up needing Maya to manipulate a lever in the TARDIS that sends them both away from the present location. The Master again regenerates for the second time in a short span of time.

Meanwhile, Angelus and Julio are left behind and introduced to Jack Harkness, who finds their knowledge of the Vashta Nerada fascinating. With the promise of drinks, Jack entices the two to come along with him. Over drinks, they discuss Torchwood and what was witnessed. Jack attempts to get Angelus to call Maya, but the results are unexpected. Fortunately, moments later Angelus gets a call from Maya. This call leaves him more wary of Jack, but Julio's enthusiasm and his own curiosity end up deciding it. Julio and Angelus prepare to join Torchwood.

Episode Two: Companion

Spoiler: show
Taken to the future, The Master and Maya figure out they have ended up on a cruise ship. They take immediate advantage of it, the Master utilizing a laser screwdriver in order to acquire "credits". Food and drink are had, questions are answered, a call to Angelus is made, clothing is acquired, and the two end up dancing together and finding quite a bit of common ground before deciding to head back to the TARDIS. The TARDIS is missing, though, and the two are confronted by lizard men who accuse the Master of criminal activity and Maya of being an accomplice. The Master shows another side; he hypnotizes the lizard men in order to escape and get information, causing a murder-suicide scene before Maya. They move on, equipped with weapons, and attempt to find the TARDIS. They locate it after Alatria gives the order for the lizard people to use weapons the Master can't nullify. Alatria is with the TARDIS, but does not hinder them. The Master leaves her alive, Maya offering him a 'reason' to do so, which seems to surprise Alatria. Within the TARDIS, Maya learns the Master may not exactly be a hero, and learns he is a hypnotist. However, she does not dwell, but goes to a library and there speaks with Angelus. The Master is left to his thoughts and the echoes of the drumming as he puts together new devices.

Spoiler: show

Meanwhile, Angelus and Julio finally reach Torchwood HQ. There, they are introduced to Gwen and Rhys. They are greeted, amicably for the most part. Juls and Angelus learn that not even these two know of the Vashta Nerada. The two finally make their decision to join, and they leave to get their affairs in order. Angelus learns afterward that Maya is traveling in time with The Master. Finally growing tired, the two head to a hotel for the night. The weight of it all strikes Julio's, who has an unpleasant night. Angelus, too, does not rest well.

Episode Three: The Caesarmen
Spoiler: show

Maya wakes up in the library and finally has her moment of realization regarding Sarah's death. After pulling herself together, she goes to find the Master has made plenty of new devices. She is given a stun-gun, while the Master puts away his own gun and modified Laser screwdriver. They exit the TARDIS, and Maya is given a key to it as they head towards the city of Rome. They move into the city, and talk their way into getting outfits more normal, something the Master is uncertain is a good thing. They enter the Theater of Pompey to find Brutus, and there attempt to warn him against his plot. Brutus, however, is amicable, does not confess to having a plot. He instead takes them to Caesar, and through conversation comes to find they are time travelers--this he believes, to the Master's surprise. He wants to show them something after they meet Caesar. They consent, and move to Caesar's home, and within they find Caesar, standing on a map of the world. After a brief, but pleasant meeting, Maya and the Master are led to the Field of Mars where their opinion of Caesar is changed by the sight of Cybermen. Several people, in various states of conversion, are witnessed. The Master struggles to understand why he is helping, but does not dwell on it. Instead, he looks to confront the situation by killing Caesar, as Brutus planned, acknowledging the Cybermen as destructive. They catch up with Caesar at the senate, after the Cybermen wake, and there the Master and Maya manage to trick Caesar into revealing his secret. The Master takes the remote from Caesar and deactivates all the Cybermen, before Brutus brings about an end to Caesar's life. The Master and Maya leave Rome, and Brutus, behind, returning to the TARDIS.

Episode Four: Hauntings
Spoiler: show

An agreement is made between Master and Maya--a tour of the TARDIS in order before a return to Maya's time period for a funeral. Angelus called to inform Maya of when the funeral was, as well as what had happened to him. On hearing that news, Maya interrupts the tour prematurely and asks to be returned to her own time. The Master consents. Maya is reunited with her brother and tries to help him cope with the violence he's committed, his nightmares, and other issues. Angelus, in turn, later listens to her stories of travel with the Master, before she goes off to the funeral. Meanwhile, the Master has a bit of a breakdown as he is left alone. He receives a call from Alatria, and is left wondering how she was capable of reaching him. Then, Angelus interrupts him, and the two chat for a while before heading out to the bar when Angelus notices something is up with the Master. Elsewhere, Maya arrives at the funeral and catches up with Julio, but they dwell on the issue at hand rather than the happy things. They endure Sarah's funeral in solidarity. They also meet with Rachel and Laura, who seem to have a negative affect on Maya. Unbeknownst to Julio and the others, Xhinn are wearing the faces of Rachel and Laura. Julio knows enough not to invite them to the bar, where the Master and Angelus are waiting, both of them bothered by the Christmas music. Fortunately, once Maya and the others arrive, a trick is performed to silence it; the Master ruins the jukebox completely, as well. Conversation continues, and Angelus brings up the Toclafane and Harold Saxon. This makes the Master horribly uncomfortable, and when Jack arrives, he makes a reason to leave. He and Maya set off, and though Maya acknowledges there is something the Master is hiding, she does not press him for it.

Juls leaves the bar early with Jack as well, and the two begin their physical relationship at Julio's apartment.

Episode Five: Little Drummer Boy
Spoiler: show

The Master and Maya continue their journeys in relative peace. Maya begins to send information back to Angelus via e-mail, and frequent calls. She and the Master take a trip to Cancun beach to relax before returning to the cold of Maya's own time. There, they attempt to learn how to surf, with varying results. Maya nearly drowns in the process, but fortunately the Master is able to save her from that. On returning to the shore, Maya receives a phone call from Angelus calling her back to the present time. She and the Master return to the TARDIS, and to London, where they meet Angelus in the new apartment. The Master's identity is fully established, and when he learns Jack is to be at the party he is clearly upset, but goes along with it. The Master and the others are picked up by Laura and Rachel, who take them to the party.

Prior to that, Jack and Juls left the apartment to set up the location of the party, still in a very physical relationship with Jack. As such, they are there when others begin arrive, such as Jasmine and Andrew. The relationship is still kept secret from them.

The Master and company arrive, and Maya gives the Master one warning which unfortunately does not work. Angelus begins his work as a 'grinch' and sets up Jack and the Master to kiss underneath the mistletoe, which clearly upsets Maya. She goes for revenge immediately, but ends up doing worse damage than she intended, as Laura still bothers her more than she is able to understand. Angelus sulks, but Jack and the Master are able to brush off what happened, and Julio eventually convinces Maya to release Angelus, somewhat. They return to the dance floor, and Angelus enacts one more plot--Andrew and Julio under the mistletoe. Julio is beyond upset at this, and confronts Angelus immediately after the kiss, when Andrew runs off. However, the confrontation never sees its conclusion. The xhinn plot is put into motion. The music takes the will from all humans except Jack and Maya, who attempts to end the music. The Master is driven insane by the drums.

Awakening to his old self, the Master kills Jack immediately, and attempts to kill the two xhinn, Fiora and Anima. When the weapon is turned on Maya, however, he seems to hesitate. Maya talks to try and keep herself from being executed, claiming she will serve the Master, but Anima turns on her, much to the frustration of Fiora. The Master denies Fiora the death of Maya, claiming her as his, before opening fire on the xhinn. Maya follows suit, and brings down Anima, who the Master kills. Fiora dies first, by Jack, who revives. Other xhinn appeared on the scene then, and the humans begin to move. Maya tries to wake Angelus, but her effort is rewarded by Angelus attempting to strangle her to death instead, lost to the control of the xhinn. The Master attempts to bargain with the leader, but to no avail. It is Jack who gets Maya away from Angelus, and the humans, as they are ordered to kill the three who are resilient to the xhinn control. The Master ends up taking Jack and Maya with him onto the ship to get them completely away from the humans. On the ship, the Master returns to his self without the drums, and finds himself apologizing, worried and confused. Maya is, more or less, mute, and Jack, though angry, tries to keep them all together. They confront xhinn on the ship and discover where the Archangel signal is coming from, and plot to bring it down via mind-control of a xhinn.

Angelus calls then, waking up from xhinn control, but it is not the Angelus everyone knows. He is trapped in the past. Jack Harkness is the one who is given the phone to talk while the group moves through the ship, and he tries to tell Angelus about what is going on. Maya is unable to speak with him, still recalling his assault. In the room with the signal, while she eavesdrops on the conversation, she recalls her own death and the pain of every single cell dying. Angelus snaps her out of it, but during that time the drums return, and the Master is overtaken. Maya shoots the machine, but it does nothing. The Master, now crazed, tries to put the signal back in order but is tackled by Jack. He, again, kills Jack. He points the guns at Maya, but really at the xhinn who entered the room. Maya moved to Jack, and observed as the whole of the ship was taken down by commands the Master gave. The Master, on regaining sanity, takes both Maya and Jack back to the now-empty ballroom.

Meanwhile, Angelus calls Juls, and his words restore Julio's memory of the Year That Never Was. Fueled by hatred, Julio recalls then that Maya is with the Master, and the two dart off to find them.

The Master is lost to his own grief, Maya decides not to push him away, but to work on forgiving him. She embraces the Time Lord, and when the moment is broken by her friends returning, tries to shoot Juls to protect him. It fails, and an argument erupts around them. Jack and Jasmine serve as referees between the sides. The Master explains the situation, and Jack, despite himself, lets the Master and Maya leave. The two leave and return to the TARDIS, and put the ship out to drift in space. Maya goes to rest, and the Master, too, rests.

Angelus, Julio, Jasmine, and Andrew, all go to Julio's apartment and spend an evening with horror movies. Angelus does not sleep, but stays up and tries to understand the new time he is in. Jack calls the Doctor.

Episode Six: A Matter of Faith
Spoiler: show

The Master finds Maya in the morning playing her violin, though she puts it away shortly. They talk of where to have breakfast, and consider going to visit the Forest of Cheem. However, it does not end as they'd hope. Something alters the TARDIS's direction, and they end up instead on Ormoor, with Minotaurs, and a strange energy known as Ora working its way through the land. The Master and Maya go with the Moorfolk back to their village, where they are received and shown the Ora. It is quickly realized that there is something wrong with the Ora, and as the two travelers try to figure out how to address the situation, Maya learns she no longer has her phone. Excuses are made that allow Maya and the Master to return to the TARDIS, where the Master discloses what he knows--the Ora is a parasitic alien that will destroy the planet. He seeks direction, for the Moorfolk are clearly protective of this Ora, and receives it. The Ora must be removed. They exit the TARDIS with that goal in mind, but their actions are soon read as antagonistic. They try to talk, but it devolves and Maya stuns several of them who try to attack the Master, before a place is found to take the Ora. The Master and Maya make a run for it, and escape with the Ora. On gazing out at the space, with the Ora encircling the TARDIS, the Master realizes he has done a good thing, a thing the Doctor would approve of, and he doesn't mind. They take the Ora to a new planet, but as they are planning to leave, a message from Gallifrey arrives.

Spoiler: show

Meanwhile, Jack finds Angelus outside of Torchwood, and takes him back to Julio's apartment. Angelus learns that Maya no longer has her phone. Julio, strangely enough, prepares coffee. This delights Jack, who receives a cup. Jasmine also takes one. Tea is then prepared for Angelus and Andrew as they discuss what to do next. It is decided that they will visit the homes of the xhinn. At the home of Laura and Rachel, it is discovered that Laura, at least, is still alive. She was kept bound. She is released from these binds, and tended to with water and wounds wrapped. Laura demands to know what happened, and Angelus is the one to answer her. Angelus continues to be truthful with Laura, annoying Jack Harkness. Before it can go on for too long, Jasmine receives a call from UNIT about the incident at the Thames. The group splits up, Andrew and Angelus taking Laura to the hospital, and the others going to the Thames.

Angelus leaves Laura with Andrew, and he goes on a personal mission. He finds many things for his 'other' self, and then falls asleep at his computer.

Jack and Juls find the Thames as described, and Jack deduces the weapon used. The friendly Setsuna allows Torchwood access to everything there, first dibs as it were. His friendliness bothers Julio to the point of jealousy, something that Jack decides to feed.

Elsewhere, a familiar face begins to play with alien technology, and using a Delta Wave bomb, destroys life around the Thames marketplace.

Episode Seven: Messengers
Spoiler: show

Angelus awakens to find an e-mail from himself that he does not recall writing. He begins to read it, and on noting the serious nature of it, opts to get tea first. Then, he completes it, and learns all that the Angelus of the Year That Never Was knew, but remembers little. Attempting to remember, he finds, hurts. With the options before him, a Vortex Manipulator and lots of information, he chooses to use the information available to him and makes a call. It goes right to Cyrus Copper, father of Lucy Saxon. He is able to meet with Cyrus at a bookstore, but once they meet, Angelus finds himself dissatisfied with Cyrus's ability to give him any useful information. They part on bitter terms, and Angelus calls Martha.

Copper, however, calls Aeron Harper and requests information in relation to Angelus Porter and Harold Saxon, which Harper agrees to provide if he is given use of Cyrus's scientists. They agree.

Meanwhile, Jack and Julio return to Torchwood, and Jack immediately notices something off about his home. Despite this, he allows for distraction after the water breathers are found. Though this session of intimacy leaves both Juls and Jack unsatisfied, they do not speak of it and instead return to the Thames to continue the job.

Laura, in the hospital, makes a call to Donovan's father but the conversation does not get far. She returns Andrew's phone to him and learns that the doctors want her to stay the night so that she'll recover. Andrew leaves here there to return to the Thames.

At the Thames, Jack and Juls meet up with Jasmine again who has little news on progress. Jack dives under the water, and finds a body of a species he's never seen before. He brings it up, with the help of Juls who dives under as well, to Jack's irritation. Setsuna is there with blankets for them, and he tells Andrew of the new body found. Things are loaded up, and then brought towards the Hub. They narrowly miss Angelus.

Angelus reaches Martha, and she agrees to meet with him at the Hub. Though reluctant, Angelus accepts this without complaint. They meet there, and discuss the situation at hand. Martha inspires an idea in Angelus, and he parts before Jack and the others can catch up, and he runs back to his home, calling on Dixon for help in putting everything together, and feeding the stray black cat on the way.

Juls finds Martha in the Hub, and Jack is surprised to see her. Juls and Martha talk, briefly, before Jack escorts Martha away and Juls goes to assist Gwen and the others with the bodies, before he leaves the Hub to find Angelus. Juls finds Ange, his Ange, at the apartment and realizes Angelus has gone and done everything he hoped he would.

Jack, however, also figures this out while talking with Martha and tries to find where Angelus is. Martha goes along with him, not to slow him down but to keep Jack reasonable, or at least, understanding. They go to Dixon's apartment first, but find no one there. They then go on to Julio's apartment and learn that Angelus has already left. Jack gets upset, and calls Angelus, finding out he is alive and that Martha had a hand in his plans.

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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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:dolphin: Season One Continued: The Ocean :dolphinmustach:

The Master

Episode Eight: The Undead
Spoiler: show

Angelus Porter materializes first in Rome, where he receives a message from Maecenas and a girl with tarot cards. He uses the card to take himself to the TARDIS and finds the Master, but no Maya. The Master admits to losing her, and Angelus tries to get to the bottom of how that is possible. During this process, Jack Harkness calls Angelus, and the ringtone with the drums rings. The Master's entire disposition changes, proving that he was not lying. Fortunately, the drums didn't last long enough for the Master to do anything he'd regret, and Angelus informs the Master of the drums in the ringtone after ending his call with Jack. The two figure out where Maya might be, and attempt to pursue her. They find her purse when they land on the planet that houses Alatria, and go off to find her. The Master becomes wise to Angelus's psionic nature, but little is able to develop--Angelus's phone rings, and drives Past Angelus into waking up again. The Master is now stuck with him, and without his strange ability to track things.

The pair move through the zombie infested town, getting a car and promptly wrecking it, before they are able to get to Alatria's mansion. When they arrive, they are confronted by Death. Maya is not there. However, they pursue, with Death warning the Master that Maya won't be happy to see him.

Death had brought Maya to that world and to Alatria to get her killed faster. Maya, locked in the Year That Never Was, remains unconscious as Alatria takes her and brings her to her home. Fortunately, Beckett is there, and though Beckett does not protect Maya from all of Alatria's rage, he does save her from being turned into the undead. As Death gets impatient, she urges Alatria to more fatal actions, which Alatria chooses to heed. Beckett takes Maya and leaves the mansion with her, just as the undead breach the gates.

Maya wakes from the nightmare and tries to get a grip on what is going on. She falls into distraction. She pursues Alatria for revenge, but before she can do anything devestating, the Master and Angelus catch up. The Master's order to kill Alatria causes Maya to regain her senses, and she instead decides enough has been done. Angelus picks up Alatria, and Maya tries to insist they stop Death's reign of chaos then and there, joking with Beckett all the while about the two being related. This does not appear to amuse the Master, but only serves to infuriate him.
Spoiler: show

Back on Earth, Julio sets out from the apartment after Jack leaves and runs into Setsuna. The two hit it off and decide to get their hair dyed, Julio to purple and Setsuna to pink. They discuss going to a party, and Julio starts to suspect that Setsuna knows Aeron Harper.
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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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Notable Items

•   Sonic Screwdriver: A sort of “jack of all things” tool owned by the Doctor. Its uses are varied, and it has been observed so far allowing The Doctor to acquire money and cause electronic devices to malfunction.
•    The Doctor's T.A.R.D.IS.: Stuck resembling a police box due to a broken chameleon circuit, it is the Doctor’s main form of transportation. It travels through space and time, though it is not always reliable in this endeavor…or that might be because the Doctor never passed the test to drive it.
•   Psychic Paper: A piece of paper that is a 'little bit' psychic. It shows what a person expects to see, usually based on communication clues. Psychic individuals have shown resistance to it and see through the paper.

•   The Master’s T.A.R.D.I.S.: Coincidence, luck, or fate, a T.A.R.D.I.S. was found by the Master upon his regeneration. He took it, though was forced out of it when it landed on Earth. It has been fixing itself, and ends up stuck looking like a wardrobe.
•   Laser Screwdriver: Luck again played into the Master's favor, as within the T.A.R.D.I.S. was a laser screwdriver. Like the sonic screwdriver, it has many capabilities, such as taking money from machines and improving phones so they can call people through time. Modified by the Master to be sleeker.
•   Stun Gun: A gun modified by the Master deliver a powerful stun. Supposedly cannot kill. Given to Maya.
•   Master's Gun: A gun modified by the Master that looks exactly like Maya's gun, but can kill as well as stun.
•   Master's Ring: A ring worn by the Master, and most notably, his Harold Saxon incarnation. Though it is unclear if the ring has any significance on its own, it was used to bring the Master back to life, and it seems important to Maya's future.

•   The Ring of Rassilon: A ring that grants immortality by turning a person to stone.
•   The Mind of Rassilon: Rassilon's will separate from his body, an artefact created for emergencies, released by Donovan, giving Rassilon a foothold in the universe again.
•   The Harp of Rassilon: A harp which seems to be able to effect the area around it, though how or what it can do is unknown.
•   Rassilon's Red: For getting Time Lord wasted.
•   The Black Scrolls of Rassilon: A Compendium of knowledge and information on the artefacts of Rassilon and the history of Gallifrey.

•   Xhinn Drugs: Drugs that are generally in the form of pills but can be rendered as liquids and powders, which make those who ingest have more malleable minds, easier to bend to the will of the Xhinn.

•   Delta Wave Bomb: A weapon from the 51st century, a bomb that emits a quiet wave that attacks the neurological system only. It is simple, and efficient, in destroying life without creating ruins. It is possible to program the bombs so that they only affect certain life forms. Presently, there are some in the possession of Aeron Harper, though Torchwood 3 owned them previously.
•   'Ocean' Camera: In actuality, a scanner that reveals many secrets about an individual. It reveals their anatomical makeup, as well as a bit of their mental makeup. It was discovered in the late 1800s by the Doctor and Donovan, but was unfortunately destroyed then, as well.
•   Vortex Manipulator: A method for traveling through time. They are usually constructed as wristbands of a sort, used by time agents and the 51st century initially. Jack Harkness and River Song are known owners of them, although Jack Harkness's manipulator was stolen by Torchwood Agent, Angelus Porter. They allow for travel of one person, generally, but multiple people can travel by holding on to the person with the manipulator. 

Superhuman Abilities

•   Telepathy: A blanket term referring to all psychic phenomena that have to do with communication in a generally 'verbal' fashion. This includes thought-messages, mind reading, and hypnosis, among others. Some telepaths can only practice one discipline under this heading, but others are capable of performing multiple disciplines. Telepathy as a specific term refers to conversations held through thoughts rather than words.

•   Hypnosis: "Some people like to say ‘mind control’." A psychic ability which some telepaths are able to perform, which causes another individual to obey commands given to them.

•   Psychic Barriers: "Perhaps there was a way that she could tell they were pursuing her. Another indication was the fact that her head seemed to hurt." Psychic barriers fall under telepathy, as telepaths tend to consciously develop them to protect them from the effects and intrusions of other telepaths. Telepaths who have developed barriers can have them 'on' or 'off', and will generally recognize when someone is trying to break those barriers because of headaches. Those who are unaware that they have psychic barriers usually do not recognize the signs as such, but may intuitively know what is causing the pain, even if they do not understand how or why.

•   Psychometry:"There was blood on the wall, and for one sick second, Angelus thought he’d done this before." The ability to sense the impression of past events, emotions, and thoughts. Usually, these impressions come about due to a trigger, like an object, place, or an action. Sometimes they can also manifest as vivid dreams. In the unaware, this can often cause quite a bit of confusion as it causes images and thoughts to spring up from seemingly nowhere.

Important Lore

Tick Tock
Gallifreyan Lullaby

Tick tock goes the clock
When will we plant flowers,
Tick tock goes the clock
For spring is nearly ours?

Tick tock goes the clock
And hand in hand they ran
Tick tock but all too soon
He let go of her hand.

Tick tock goes the clock
She fell in fields of green
Tick tock goes the clock
Their fate yet unforeseen

Tick tock goes the clock
The heat of youth faded
Tick tock and up above
The trees no more shaded.

Tick tock goes the clock
And what then shall we play,
Tick tock goes the clock
Now summer’s gone away?

Tick tock goes the clock
And what then shall we see,
Tick tock until the day
That thou shall marry me?

Tick tock goes the clock
We traveled far and wide
Tick tock goes the clock
Our future was denied

Tick tock goes the clock
He smiled as he rocked her
Tick tock for far too soon
Fall took all her color

Tick tock goes the clock
He buried her in white
Tick tock goes the clock
To match the snow in flight

Tick tock goes the clock,
And all the years they fly,
Tick tock and all too soon
Your love will surely die.

Tick tock goes the clock
And spring comes once again
Tick tock goes the clock
The young ones speak of when

Tick tock goes the clock
And others will be born
Tick tock and like them all
They too shall each be torn.

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Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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    Encountered Races

    Gallifreyan: Physically, they look identical to humans. However, they are very different, having two hearts, an “Achilles heel” left shoulder, and no lungs. They are a long-lived species, with the potential capability to live forever. Even when their physical form is killed, it is possible for them to “regenerate” into a new form. It is unclear how many times this is possible. Only two Gallifreyans remain in this universe.

    Human: A younger race that look identical to Gallifreyans (technically, the term should be “Gallifreyanoid” since Gallifreyans came first). The “base race” on which all others are compared for simplicity’s sake.

    Vashta Nerada: The “piranha’s of the air”, they are a species of very small creatures which are linked by something of a hive mind. They are typically scavengers rather than predators but circumstances can make them predators. In swarms, they have the capability of eating an entire person in seconds. They are an intelligent species, however.

    Weeping Angel:
    The loneliest creatures in space, they resemble angel statues. They move at lightning quick speed, and move only when they are not being observed. If they are observed, then they are forced into a quantum lock—they cannot move. Whatever holds the image of an angel can become an angel, and this includes “eyes” which stay locked onto an angel’s eyes for too long. Weeping Angels eat a person’s potential life by sending them back in time with a touch.

    “Lizard People”: A race of humanoid lizards, they come in a variety of scale colors and typically have tails. They are considered a species with little care for their own lives, sacrificing for the greater good, which implies they may have strong kin or community ties. It is not clear, and it is doubtful, that their name is “Lizard people”.

    Cybermen: A race of humanoids from Mondas who survived the Cyberwar from years in the future by the survival of a single Cybermite. This Cybermite traveled through the vortex and ended up in Rome during Caesar's time, and there began converting, apparently with the help of Caesar himself. The Cybermen were 'upgrades', and in their opinion, superior to all other races. Notoriously difficult to kill and impossible to reason with, entire planets were sacrificed just to put an end to them.
    • Cybermites: Cybernetic insects which serve the Cyber agenda to convert species of all sorts to Cybermen.

    Xhinn: A race of amazing telepathic capabilities. They are creatures of the mind, and shapeshifters, though naturally they resemble tentacled humanoids made of "dark light". There are hundreds of eyes on their faces, allowing them to see in all directions, and no mouths. They are capable of many superhuman feats, including regrowing limbs at a pace quicker than humans, shooting energy from their hands, and teleportation, among other talents. They view themselves as superior to all races, but had a rivalry with the Time Lords which they have 'won by default' of their being so few Time Lords left.

    Agratians: Basically, humans with red skin. They reside on the planet Agratis which is known for its agriculture.

    Crystalline Creatures: Psychic insect-like creatures who have a language which the TARDIS cannot translate, and to one Xhinn known as Franz, seemed incapable of learning other languages until "recently". Their hive-mind is established by the Jewel of Fawton.

    Toclafane: The "boogeyman" of Gallifrey, said not to exist, the Master made humans of the future into Toclafane--robotic spheres of death.

    Guardians of Time: Beloved of the Eternals, they are supposedly immortal abstracts of the universe. There were six, White, Black, Crystal, Red, Azure, and Gold. The Crystal Guardian, The Toy Maker, was killed by Rassilon, throwing the idea of their immortality right out. The Guardians were powerful creatures that could create their own realms and bend reality to their whims in those realms. They are dictated by that which they represent, though.

    Silurians: Different from the Lizard People as they lack tails, but still clearly reptilian humanoids. They are a highly intelligent race that once ruled Earth before humans did. Their tongue is capable of producing a mutation poison that can spread to others.

    Trees of Cheem: Sentient, moving, talking, trees that evolved from the Earth's rainforest trees. They developed on the planet Cheem but have spread out throughout the galaxy in the future to provide life for other planets. They've made quite the fortune doing this.

    Moorfolk: Minotaur-esque creatures that are native to Ormoor.

    Centaur: Half-humanoid, half-horse creatures that are also native to Ormoor.

    Vampires: As the “Great Vampires” will tell it, the vampires were minding their own business in the universe of the Xhinn when Rassilon, while experimenting with time, yanked them out of their own universe. Needless to say, this has caused issues for them, not to mention his whole order to commit genocide of their race. Most of the “Great Vampires” were killed, and the rest fled into hiding. They still sired others in this universe, but the strains of vampirism vary due to all the mixing between species that pass on vampirism.

    • “Great Vampires”: Winged, grey-skinned humanoids who could be mistaken for statues—their skin is difficult to break. They stand upwards of 8’. Sunlight, fire, none of these things bother them. The only thing that bothers them is the destruction of the heart, usually done via staking. They could lose their head and not be phased. They do require energy to remain strong, but this need not be blood. Energy can be taken in many forms, however. They are, of course, strong, fast, and have great senses. They turn others via exsanguination and giving blood. One can be restored to their original species by killing the vampire by the next full moon.

      Known “Great Vampires”:
      Romain (will escape Gallifrey), Radik (Rassilon's Game).

    • Daywalkers: Daywalkers are capable of walking under the Earth’s sun, and some others. Physically, they do not seem to change at all, for their fangs are retractable and their skin pigment doesn’t shift. However, they are deathly cold, despite the beating heart that continues to move blood through them. They do need to drink blood, and that of the species they once were. They are capable of entrancing others in order to get this blood, and have heightened senses, strength, speed, etc. One can tell a Daywalker from other humans typically by looking for a shadow or a reflection. Daywalkers have neither. They also have to be invited into a building in order to enter it—this does not apply to public places, of course. Staking is the best way to kill them, though decapitation will work. Fire effects them no more than it does a human, and deprivation of air does nothing. They turn others via exsanguination and giving blood. One can be restored to their original species by killing the vampire by the next full moon.

      Known Daywalkers:
      Aeron Harper, Setsuna Mori.

    • Shapeshifters: This strand is affected by the sun, but can take the form of animals. As humans, they are much paler than they were in life, and their fangs do not retract. They also have claws that do not retract and appear more bestial than others. They can fly naturally in any form without wings, and call for other vampires by exuding a bloody mist from their body and sending it along on the wind. They can also turn into this mist, which makes them difficult to harm. However, fire and the sun are weaknesses of them, as well as staking. Due to their nature, they do not turn others via a bite or exsanguination, but through coming in contact with the mist for a prolonged period of time. There is no cure.

      Known Shapeshifters:

    Daleks: Living creatures encased in metal. Though Daleks can now descend from any living entity, the original daleks came from Skaro, and were mutated Kaleds. They are extremely narcissistic and have a superiority complex that makes them want to kill everything that is not a dalek. The Doctor hates them, and they may be the only thing the Doctor does, actually, hate. They went to war with the Time Lords in what became known as the Time War. Supposedly, all the Time Lords were eliminated in that, but it is becoming clear such was not the case.

    "Nymph"/Tuatha De Dannan: Related to the Fae, they are natives of Earth who use to occupy the land. However, wars with the humans forced them underwater long, long ago. One, now revered as a Goddess, Danu, was the one who made this transition possible and she now sleeps. They've learned to adapt, but as they are long-lived creatures, the elders of their society long to return to the land. The Elders look different from the youth, for they have not developed gills or any other features, their bodies still fit to live on land more than in the water. It is through technology that the Elders have managed to live under the sea.

    • Tuatha De Dannan Elders: They utilize technology to resemble humans through perception filters, an idea that the Saturnyn would later steal from them when they invaded their waters. Naturally, they are tall and lithe, humanoid with ranges in skin coloration like that of humans. Compared to humans, their limbs and extremities are elongated, and their eyes are without color, either completely white or completely black. They are hairless, though are vain about their "tendrils", which fall from their heads and are as decorative as peacock feathers, and shimmer and change colors. These are also safely cut and stylized. On land, they stylized themselves in loose robes, but in the water they tend to wear things that are more close fitting to allow for ease of swimming. Like the Fae, they have some control over the natural world and the elements within it, though over time they've forgotten how to manipulate the land and so mostly, they manipulate the water.
    • "Nymphs": These creatures have evolved to better live in the water. They have gills now, but these can be closed, and they are also capable of breathing on land. They are also elongated, but they lack the tendrils of the Tuatha De Dannan proper, and instead have webbed features. They are hairless, as well, and have fangs and claws for hunting in the water. Their control over the elements is even less than the Tuatha De Dannan. Their skin does not have the same range in color, as most are pale, either off-white, off-blue, or off-green. When these creatures began to be born, the Tuatha De Dannan elders recognized that their entire lives would be changing. The nymphs are intelligent, despite their appearances, and they also wish to bring back the 'golden age' their elders talk of.
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    Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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      Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey

      The Doctor
      • 2013, September 28: The Doctor and Donovan meet. Doctor is sent back to July 26, 1999.
      • 1999, July 26: The Doctor is sent to this time via Weeping Angel. Donovan locates him.
      • 2013, October 3: The Doctor and Donovan return to the "present", five days later.
      • 1874, May 3: Doctor and Donovan arrive in Victorian England to meet Richard Maddox.
      • 2013, November 5: The Doctor and Donovan meet Jack outside the haunted house, Darkness.
      • 5234, April 26: The Doctor and Donovan meet Franz on Agratian.
      • 3020, May 1: The Doctor and Donovan assist the Silurians and Humans in achieving peace.
      • 2013, December 24: The Doctor and Donovan meet with Jack and learn of the Master.
      • ???, ?? ????: The Doctor and Donovan go to Ormoor in search of the Master.
      • Outside of Time: The Doctor and Donovan are sent to Rassilon's game.
      • 1912, April 15: The Doctor and Donovan arrive on the Titanic.
      • 1880BCE, February 2: The Doctor and Donovan meet the Tuatha De Danann.
      The Master
      • 2013, October 31: The Master and Maya meet at The Darkness. They go forward in time.
      • 2457, November 1: The Master and Maya arrive on the Miganot Cruise, Unda. Master is known as criminal.
      • 44BCE, March 15: The Master and Maya arrive in Rome.
      • 2013, November 5: The Master and Maya return to England for Sarah's Funeral.
      • 2526, July 19: The Master and Maya attempt surfing at Cancun.
      • 2013, December 24: The Master, Maya, and Jack deal with the xhinn threat.
      • ???, ?? ????: The Master and Maya arrive at Ormoor, save the planet and the Ora.
      • Outside of Time: The Master and Maya are brought into Rassilon's game.
      • 2458, ??? ??: The Master and Angelus look for Maya during a zombie apocalypse.
      Beckett Damon
      • ????, ??? ??: Beckett meets Maya and is tossed The Master's ring.
      • 2458, ??? ??: Beckett finds Maya during the zombie apocalypse.
      • ????, ??? ??: Beckett is told by Maya to bring champagne glasses, four, with him.
      • Outside of Time: Rassilon's Game. The first time Maya meets Beckett, and Donovan's second(?).
      • ????, ??? ??: Beckett Damon and Donovan cross paths after a football match.
      River Song
      • Outside of Time: Rassilon's Game. The first time Donovan meets River, and Maya's second.
      • 2013, December 25: River drops Radik off on Earth.
      • 2012, September 15: River says goodbye to Maya Porter.
      "Proper Ordering"

      • 1880BCE, February 2: The Doctor and Donovan meet the Tuatha De Danann.
      • 44BCE, March 15: The Master and Maya arrive in Rome.
      • 1874, May 3: Doctor and Donovan arrive in Victorian England to meet Richard Maddox.
      • 1912, April 15: The Doctor and Donovan arrive on the Titanic.
      • 1999, July 26: The Doctor is sent to this time via Weeping Angel. Donovan locates the Doctor here.
      • 2008, March-???: Maya and Donovan work on Much Ado About Nothing.
      • 2008, Alternate Timeline: Angelus and Julio roam England with a plot to kill The Master
      • 2008, ??? ??: Maya, Angelus, Jasmine, and Andrew move to Bristol from London. There they meet Julio.
      • ????, ??? ??: Beckett Damon and Donovan cross paths after a football match.
      • 2012, September 15: River Song says goodbye to Maya Porter.
      • 2013, September 28: The Doctor and Donovan meet. The Doctor is sent back to 1999.
      • 2013, October 3: The Doctor and Donovan return to the "present", five days later.
      • 2013, October 31:The Master and Maya meet; they go forward in time.
      • 2013, October 31: Torchwood recruits Julio and Angelus.
      • 2013, November 2: Angelus and Julio meet Dixon and have an altercation with Julian.
      • 2013, November 5: The Master and Maya return to England for a funeral.
      • 2013, November 5: Jack, The Doctor, and Donovan meet outside The Darkness haunted house.
      • 2013, December 24: Julio throws a Christmas party, but the xhinn plot to takeover the world interrupts it. Master, Jack, and Maya stop the xhinn. The Doctor learns of the Master.
      • 2013, December 25: Torchwood  investigates xhinn; find Laura. Ange contacts people who knew Saxon. Radik arrives on Earth.
      • 2457, November 1: The Master and Maya arrive on the Miganot Cruise, Unda. Master is known as criminal.
      • 2458, ??? ??: The Master, Angelus, Maya, Alatria, Death, and Beckett endure a zombie apocalypse.
      • 2526, July 19: The Master and Maya attempt surfing at Cancun.
      • 3020, May 1: The Doctor and Donovan assist the Silurians and Humans in achieving peace.
      • 5234, April 26: The Doctor and Donovan meet Franz on Agratian.
      • ???, ?? ????: The Master and Maya arrive at Ormoor.
      • ???, ?? ????: The Doctor and Donovan go to Ormoor in search of the Master.
      • Outside of Time: Rassilon hosts a game in a bid to return Gallifrey to the universe.
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      Re: Doctoring The Master; Mastering The Doctor [Closed][Information]
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      Plot Points (in a very loose order)

      •   Doctor and Donny meet the Tuatha De Danann.
      •   Maya, Ange, Master to Rome?
      •   Maya and Julio’s relationship goes to hell; Ange and Master go to bar.
      •   Devlin. Dance competition.
      •   Maya and the Master split.
      •   Master to the Doctor and Dinosaurs with Donovan.
      •   Maya and Torchwood shenanigans.
      •   Aeron and Julio.
      •   Hunchback of Notre Dame; Ocean Plot reveals itself.
      •   Ocean Plot end. Maya and the Master reunite.
      •   Gallifreyan Lullaby; Gallifrey Returns; Romain to Aeron.
      •   Introduce Toclafane?
      •   Bounty on the Doctor and the Master. Alatria takes up one.
      •   Return to Rome?
      •   Master and Maya; water pirates.
      •   Doctor and Donny; space pirates.
      •   The Doctor confronts the Time Lords
      •   Alatria captures the Master and Maya; “The Things of Rassilon”; Prison. Death and Maya (if not before this point). 2nd trial begins.
      •   Aeron’s moves periodically in the background. Copper to Aeron?
      •   Rassilon becomes aware of the vampire activity. Convinced to give the Master a chance to redeem himself by taking care of the vampires.
      •   Maya and Master leave Gallifrey to deal with vampires. Doctor and Donovan join.
      •   Various side-plots with vampires and other creatures (Xhinn as supporters of the vampires? Daleks on vampire side? Cyber-vampires?)
      •   Alatria to Aeron?
      •   Julio guilts Maya into talking to Aeron. This goes badly.
      •   Donovan to vampire. Donny flees. Maya unconscious.
      •   Martha looks over Maya. Juls pays one last visit.
      •   Julio flees with Donny.
      •   Master/Doctor go look for Donny. Find Donny and Julio.
      •   Donovan gets married?
      •   The Master and Julio have their scene, may be interrupted by Arch.
      •   Doctor helps Donovan adjust to being a vampire.
      •   Wrap up vampire plot.
      •   Rassilon goes back on his deal. Arrests Master and Maya once more, Doctor escapes and plots to free them.
      •   Master/Maya escape on their own (Rassilon’s Red). Scene at the Untempered Schism, Maya steps through it.
      •   Master to Angel, the hunt for Maya.
      •   Paradox issues over the universe; Doctor/Donny get tied up dealing with those? Perhaps find the Master’s ring with Maya’s memories.
      •   Maya reunites with Rose and Ten-Two, Beckett. She’s amnesiac. 
      •   Master/Ange adventures. They find Maya. Try to fix amnesia.
      •   Amnesia fixed.
      •   Death’s third trial. The return of the drums.
      •   Beckett and River return.
      •   Death finally loses her cool; the Arc against Death.
      •   More Toclafane.
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