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Welcome to Epicenter!
« on: October 01, 2013, 01:52:34 pm »

Welcome to Epicenter!

What is this forum, you may wonder. This is a world roleplay. Which is to say, that all characters, plot lines and stories in here are happening in the same world. Characters from one thread/topic can continue on to another, giving you the opportunity to keep and build your character over the course of months or years, in a variety of events and stories.

In this forum you will find a place to put up your character information- making it easier to for others to keep track of who is who, a place to record locations so we can build this world together and an ongoing out of character discussion so that we can keep in touch easier with one another.

For the sake of simplicity in a world that has the potential to grow very large, and to make interaction easier, we are going to start in the same city- Cook City and if possible, the same apartment building- The Royal Astaire.

You are, of course, welcome to do your own plot line elsewhere in the world. This is pretty open and we're going to build it together so all input from all members interested is welcome.

Don't be afraid to jump in at any point! If you aren't sure how or where, go ahead and send one of us a private message or just poke your head into the ooc and ask.

The world of Epicenter has a reality based in our own, which is to say that society should mirror the one we have in reality. Supernatural events or characters may exist but they would have to be played under the radar of society or hide what they are from the mass public. Not all characters have to acknowledge supernatural events if they occur and should be allowed to write out "normal" reality based plot lines.

Communication is key in a world rp, so use the OOC board and private message the people you're writing with to make sure you're on the same page if you feel confused.

All site rules still apply! Which means, be nice.