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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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On the way up, there were ways to other floors. The Master saw fit to use these to keep the zombies at bay, though Maya didn’t think of it. She was focused on the goal, the need to get to the top, and so she noticed the zombies that were working their way down. ‘There will be another staircase.’ Of course, but they’d have zombies. The floors would have zombies. If this was where the ‘boss’ was, then this was the place that was best protected.

‘What to do, what to do….’

She wasn’t panicking. The Master’s trials and struggles hardly had any bearing on her at that moment.

Before they reached the zombies coming down, Maya slipped through a door that would take her to one of the floors. She’d hold it open for the Master, signaling their time spent on that route was over. The lights were sensitive to motion, for they came on just as soon as the two of them were on the floor, illuminating the hallway and the doors that led to offices.
‘Ange….’ But if he had asked about phones, that meant he didn’t have one. She didn’t know Beckett’s number.

“There’s probably a fire escape up this high,”
she mused, more to herself than the Master, and she walked along the wall to find windows and emergency exits, looking for such a thing. She didn’t want to have to start entering offices. The floor was too uncomfortably quiet to want to do that.


Translation made things easier. Angelus was able to move through to the screen that would deactivate it, and then to one that would cause it to explode. He could set a timer, if he could figure out the password.
‘How many chances,’ He wondered, ‘before I get locked out?’

The chaos swirled around him, but he fiddled with the device on his wrist. He knew how to keep himself from jumping through time. He hadn’t expected it to be such a useful hacking tool. He wished he had his phone, though. For some reason that was gone. He didn’t know why; perhaps he’d given it to Maya with her purse, which was also gone.

‘Be nice to call Dixon now, but whatever.’
The manipulator ran through options, before it settled on a combination of numbers and letters that it was sure was the password. “Sure, try that,” he muttered, and he put it in himself on the control panel.

It went through. As Beckett came close, he said,
“Pretty good. Gonna blow this thing here in, eh, I think two minutes is sufficient. What do you think?”


Setsuna chuckled at Julio’s words. It hadn’t gone as expected, but that was the best part, wasn’t it?
“I think it went well,” he said, before he reached down for his underwear to slip on.

He started to pull himself together as he answered,
“I do have to be off. Aeron will see me fired if I don’t show up,” he rolled his dark eyes, “but we’ll be in touch again, I’m sure,” whether or not for this, Setsuna wouldn’t gamble. He just knew that he could make his work coincide with what Torchwood was doing, and be on the scene more often.

He’d get to know Julio better.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Once the Master and Maya had traveled a bit further up, Maya opened a door and signaled for him to follow her in. He didn’t question her methods, as it was becoming clearer and clearer that she knew best what to do in these situations. The Master had dealt conflict before, sure, but it was often with a person he could control if he wanted to. It was with people he couldn’t care less for, and he often only looked out for himself.

This was different.

Upon entering, and the lights flashing on, the Master assumed that there hadn’t been much movement in the floor. The lights would have detected it, and they wouldn’t have turned off for inactivity. Perhaps it was unwise for the Master to relax, but he did so anyway. It would have never crossed his mind that the zombies could have been simply been still, had it not been for Maya’s care and demeanor.

“That’s a good idea,” he said, mostly to himself.

The Master went about looking for a fire escape too, but he was wary of the distance he had with Maya. He didn’t want to be too far from her at any given time. It was with a slight smile that he called after Maya, a fire escape only barely visible beyond a large wall-length window.

The window looked like it had been opened earlier, and hand prints of all sizes were barely visible on the end that led to the fire escape.

“Other people must have thought the same thing,” he moved closer to the window to make sure it was safe.

“Explosions, nice,” Beckett sounded excited about the thought of the cemetery blowing to bits. Of course, he didn’t know just how potent the blast would be. It was probably better for him not to think about it, since he didn’t think there was any way to dissuade Ange from what he was about to do.

“That thing is going to explode in two minutes?” Alatria asked after slashing at one more zombie. “Can we get out of here in time?” Apparently Alatria was past the point of trying to argue with them, instead simply admitting that she couldn’t do anything to influence either of their opinions.

“Two minutes is plenty of time,” muttered Beckett matter-of-factly. “Do it now, Ange. I’m going to start clearing a path so that you both can run without much distraction. Run past me if you must, I'll catch up.”

Sure, Beckett was growing increasingly tired, but he considered this to be the home-stretch of this zombie apocalypse. He wouldn’t want them to get stuck in the cemetery, and that would certainly happen if he didn’t at least try to create an opening for them. He couldn’t kill all the zombies, no that would be damn near impossible, but he could find a way to get them out.

He dashed to the mass, in the direction that would most easily lead them out, and he began to drop zombies left and right. Unfortunately for Beckett, the mass was much too large for just him. He felt the zombies grab at him from behind, and one of them nearly toppled him over. To avoid completely falling, he sacrificed the shirt he was wearing, leaving him with only a gray undershirt and enough freedom to keep pushing forward.

Even if the zombies got in a couple of scratches, Beckett would make that opening.


Juls gave a smile to Setsuna. The UNIT agent intrigued Juls, even if the feeling that morning was not nearly as strong as he remembered the one the past evening to be. One thing was for certain, though…

“I’m sure we’ll figure something out, mate.” Juls progressed to find his own clothes that were scattered all across the apartment. It wasn’t as dirty as he thought it would be, but it was clearly not as clean as it had been before the three of them arrived. “Feel free to take some coffee or something.” He had coffee, right?

Jen, who had already managed to dress herself up completely like the night before, shook her hair and ran her fingers through it in an attempt to try and make it at least remotely presentable.

“I had fun,” she said to the two of them, “but I’m going to go. See you around.” Her tone of voice suggested that she did not, in fact, want to see them around again. Messing with her hair again, she walked on out of the apartment without saying another word.

Juls did not mind this at all. In fact, that was often preferred. 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master located the fire escape, and Maya saw as he did. She was not the first to think of this idea, which meant others had been in a rush. Maya poked her head out the window and looked up, then down. She saw no zombies actually on the escape itself. “We’ll have to risk it,” she determined, before stepping out onto the fire escape and climbing a few feet up to give the Master room.

It seemed that disturbed what might have caused the ruckus of before.

Aliens came in many shapes and sizes, and on this planet that was no different. When the fire escape was disturbed, more lights came on from the room they’d just left, and a long-limbed creature stalked its way towards the window and let out a piercing shriek when it saw the pair escaping. The truly terrifying part was that it had wings.

Maya didn’t wait long after that.


“Yeah, we can,” Angelus had glanced over the specs of the explosive device. With it all put into English, he could estimate what it was going to do. It would decimate the cemetery, and be highly disrespectful to the dead, but once they crossed the garden, they should be fine.

With a few swipes and presses, Angelus set the bomb for two minutes, and then disengaged the vortex manipulator from it.
“Run,” he told Alatria, and didn’t bother reaching for the axe she still had. He reached for his gun, and looked at poor Beckett’s situation.

‘Can’t think of a better time.’ And he fired at the zombies which looked like they would take Beckett by surprise, until his clip was empty.

He kept running all the while, catching up to Beckett.


Setsuna shook his head at the offer,
“I try to avoid caffeine in the morning,” he was likely the only one in the world. He buttoned his shirt, smoothed everything out, and bid farewell to Jen as she left them, never wanting to see the two of them again.


Last thing he needed was Aeron targeting her because she’d led his poor operative astray for a few hours.

He pushed his fingers through his own hair, and laughed a little,
“This is going to be interesting,” it was said mostly to himself, before he walked to the door. He fluttered his own heart just a bit more, just a bit so that when his eyes met Julio’s, the man would remember, “Good bye,” and out the door he went.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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They were not alone.

Something stirred within the floor of the building, sparking life into the lights immediately. It was the lights that alerted the man, but it was the reason behind the lights that made him want to intercept the thing, stopping it from ever reaching Maya. A long-limbed creature, almost unrecognizable at this degree of being undead, was quickly making its way towards the pair of them, and it had wings.

‘Of course that damn thing has wings,’ he thought to himself, his mind racing to find a solution to their newfound predicament. Unbeknownst to the Time Lord, his thoughts were temporarily linked to the man he had considered his best friend in the past. ‘Run now, figure things out later.’

That was a good enough plan for the moment.

The Master immediately pushed the window open, urging Maya to go through first, before following her out. In taking the first step, the Master could easily measure how unstable it all seemed.

Up they went, and the Master made sure at all times that Maya had a way out. The fire escape was caging, though, so it protected them as much as it exposed them. The Master pressed forward, chancing a look to their pursuer in order to measure their chance of survival.

The creature took one step towards them, the first limb touching down on the escape outside the window, and the floor it them collapsed. The thing was briefly confused, using it’s limbs to reach out towards the Master, gripping him in instinct.

“Get off!”

The Master felt the pull of the grip, but held to the bars around him, hoping that they were sturdy enough to hold the both of them. Their crackle gave the Time Lord no comfort. There was nothing in this situation that was giving him any comfort. This was looking more and more like a death trap.

The creature pulled harder on the Master, causing one of his hands to snap one of the bars in two. The zombie alien had not used its wings yet, but it looked like it was just about to.

The thing was ready for flight.


The sound of bullets made Beckett stop, his said blades dripping with blood that was more gunk than anything else. The loud sound was like a red flag that reminded him that he needed to keep tabs on Ange as much as he needed to keep the zombies off of him. He owed that to Maya, and they still needed to make it out of that situation alive. The sight of Ange running towards him - or away from the ticking altar-bomb - was a welcomed sight.

It could have been because of Maya, but Ange was another person whose potential death Beckett didn’t like to consider in his planning.

“Keep going past me, I’ll catch up to you!”

From what he could calculate, they were still in the bomb’s blast radius. They couldn’t afford to stop, and he didn’t consider that Ange would stop for him, but Beckett just wanted to make sure that he didn’t.

Beckett resumed his dance of death, perhaps even more vigorously than before, and continued to drop zombies all around him. When he saw the opportunity to create that opening, he took it. He felt arms and nails grab all around him, but his pursuit was successful. Beckett turned back around, killed the zombies around him to make sure the others passed by him, and then he ran right after them.

Alatria, who had been hacking and slashing, had stopped doing so. The axe was feeling heavier and heavier to her, and she simply didn’t have the energy to fight. She saved every bit of energy she had to run, and she didn’t hesitate to run past Beckett and not even consider looking back.

As long as she made it out, she’d figure everything else out.


Julio thought that he could just move on from what had happened, and prevent it from really affecting anything else going on in his life. He wanted to pretend that he didn’t feel a little guilty about what had happened. He didn’t want to think of Jack, or how it would feel to keep this from him.

When he looked at Setsuna right before he left, it seemed to work. These subtle and subconscious feelings seemed to disappear, replaced by the same intoxicating feeling that had made last night so memorable. Except that this was a toned down version of that, a version that was very similar to the feeling of being smitten by someone for the very first time.

Could Juls really be smitten by Setsuna?

It certainly felt like it. Except this was the same man that Juls has considered strange, and someone he should have kept his distance from.

That hadn’t gone as planned.

Juls locked the door after Setsuna left, and fetched his phone.

One missed message.

I really hope you have the same number.
It was good to see you again, even if you
didn’t remember my name. - S

Juls smiled at the message, chose to deliberately ignore it, and went on to clean. Cleaning was always good for the soul.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya didn’t wait, she was out the window in a flash and darting up the stairs, glad they weren’t a ladder. Up and up, bare feet finding the cold metal uncomfortable. She wished for her shoes. She wished for many things, but mostly, she wished for this to be done so she could address the way her mind was screaming in its deafening silence that was auto-pilot.

She was growing more aware.

Then there was a crack like thunder, and Maya came to an abrupt halt, hands going to the rails as she looked back to see the creature had fallen, but caught the Master. Her stomach twisted; she had to decide whether or not to help on a dime, and every instinct in her body was telling her to go up. Up, there were answers. Up, there was the end of this.


Delay and the situation might change.
“Catch!” Maya said and threw the bat, before rushing up. She heard more cracking, but just ran faster. Up and up.

She reached the landing to hear the clatter of metal on the ground below, and against the building as it fell away, but she didn’t look back to see just where that happened. On the roof, Maya had but a moment to catch her breath and then take in the sight of a mutated hoard.
‘Fuck.’ Amidst all of them was a man with a staff—because of course he had a staff—though it looked like it was topped with a computer chip instead of a crystal or gemstone.

A huge satellite was behind him.

He looked human, but Maya wouldn’t trust that right now. He looked both amused and confused.
“Well,” he spoke as the hoards with him eyed her. “This is unexpected.”

“Really?” The sarcasm dripped from that word. Maya didn’t bother with more words. From her purse she drew her remembered gun, and pointed it at him. It might not work on zombies, but it would work on him. Of that, she was certain.

She also had about as much patience for him as she did the xhinn, and she fired off a shot immediately. Unfortunately, the cybernetics on his arm had lit up when he saw the gun aimed at him, and one of the zombie stepped in front of the blast. However, it did nothing. The owner of the computer-staff just seemed all the more confused,
“Is that…a stun gun?”

Maya flushed,

“You came after me with a stun gun?”


He tilted back his head, and he laughed. Maya clenched the gun tightly in her hand, and considered throwing it, but thought better. She walked forward, but when she took three steps, all of the zombies looked right at her, and the laughter cut itself off.

The reason for its cut off was not, however, because Maya had ventured close. The signals flowing through his arm died, immediately.

The zombies stiffened up.
“This isn't good....” And Maya saw that he looked very, very afraid.

Angelus didn’t need to be told. He would have run by, though he would have looked back. In fact, he did keep looking back to make sure Beckett was able to follow along soon, and keep up so they’d get out of the blast radius. He wasn’t sure how large that was, exactly, but he knew he wouldn’t stop running until he heard it.

Alatria gained on him, and for a moment he considered kneecapping her.
‘There’s a reason besides that.’ Alatria was alive, and so she would stay that way. Angelus had to remind himself he wasn’t a killer. He had to remind himself of what his alter-ego had written. ‘Seriously need to address that problem.’ He had thought the other one would stay asleep. Dormant.

Apparently not. The Master fucked everything up.

The garden was reached, and soon passed, before the explosion rocked them. Angelus was far enough away that he wasn’t thrown by the blast, nor caught in it, and he came to a pause to look. Sure, ‘cool kids’ didn’t look, but Angelus didn’t care. He wanted to see and make sure the others were out alive.

The zombies that were near enough to see froze, though briefly. Angelus looked at them quizzically, then noticed the way they seemed to disperse, scatter, in a disorganized fashion.


Out the door Setsuna went, and back down a familiar path that eventually led him to Aeron’s home rather than his office. He knocked, and it was answered by Aeron.

He waited a few seconds.

A devilish smile came to his lips and Setsuna knew immediately what Aeron wanted.
“I’ll have you know I bedded Julio Bauss, current Torchwood employee and friend to Maya and Angelus. Don’t you dare fuck with me right now, Aeron.”

His eyebrows lifted, and then he smiled,
“Come in, Setsuna.” Setsuna crossed the threshold and let out a sigh as Aeron shut the door. “That must have been such a hardship,” the sarcasm was evident. “Did you learn anything?”

“Not yet,”
he said as he started to follow Aeron, “These things take time, but I’ll soon have plenty of information for your dealings with Copper.” He knew the way through Aeron’s home, “So, this Great Vampire of yours…?” he didn’t get to finish.

The large, gargoyle-esque creature was in the lounge, sitting uncomfortably on a stool, wings tucked tight behind him.
“He moved through two universes to be here,” Aeron said, and the smile on his lips said it all, “The walls are weakening. Using the rift now to bridge the gaps will be…much easier.”

Setsuna was, for once, speechless.
“Radik, this is Setsuna Mori, of the esteemed Mori clan in Japan. Setsuna, this is Radik, of no surname but a long lineage.”


Aeron said, and he did, and then listened as the story was told.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Whatever the real danger was, the Master didn’t seem to care for it – or at least it was nowhere near a priority. As soon as Maya had tossed him the bat she’d been holding, just as determined to reach the summit of their journey, the Time Lord felt his hands release their grip on the metal bars that kept him upright in order to catch it. All that mattered at the time was that Maya made it to the top. 

As if the whole thing had been staged, the winged zombie took flight just as the Master began to fall, pulling him from the fire escape and into open air. The man had only experience a brief instance of free fall before he had been dragged into the sky.

Despite the Master’s bravest and boldest attempts, he was still a play-thing for the zombie once it had taken flight. It flung him forward only to catch him again. With every swing from the bat, the Master grew more and more aggravated. It was only when he heard an explosion a few miles away that the Master finally saw a window of opportunity that he simply had to take.

The winged zombie seemed temporarily stunned by whatever the explosion had caused (and the flying man had a few ideas of what that might be), prompting the Master to give it one powerful swing at its head. When the bat met its mark, true free fall began.

The Master had been too concerned about surviving, slightly overwhelmed by what had only just recently happened, that he hadn’t considered what he would do if he couldn’t somehow break his fall. Luckily for him, an unmoving winged companion was just the thing he needed.

As the pair of them fell, the Master untucked the decaying wings of the winged zombie to gain enough lift for him to jump off and only sustain minor injuries. That would have been the case, anyway, had the Master not used regeneration energy. After the leap, and when the Master’s feet touched the rooftop, he toppled over. The pain gained on him, but he did not regret spending his regeneration energy one bit.

“Are you alright?” The Master managed to choke out through labored breaths. He looked to the man with the mechanical staff, noting that he looked like he might faint.

Not good enough.


A zombie had grabbed on to Beckett right before he could start his true sprint, and even if this direct act might not have been directly lethal, its consequences could very well be. Beckett used his blades to slice the grip off, but he had lost precious time in doing so. By the time that the agent started running, both Ange and Alatria were far off from him.

This would not be so if he could help it. Beckett dashed forward, swinging his arms on his sides as he picked up practiced speed. The gap between him and the others began to shrink, slowly at first, but more so after every second.  He was picking up great speed, and his expression was that of complete focus. Beckett might have even been running more quickly than Donovan in the days he played ball regularly.

Alas, his impressive speed and determination had been enough for Beckett to escape the real danger. When the altar exploded from behind him, it was only the force of it that reached the man. It was strong enough, however, that it toppled the young man forward.

Beckett could not have stopped it, and so he allowed himself to fall, rolling forward to minimize any unavoidable damage. The fall was as graceful as it could have been, but clearly not one that had been planned.

After the dust settled, Beckett looked around him, and rose.

“I meant to do that,”
he announced matter-of-factly.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master fell as the man made his declaration that things weren’t good. Maya jumped, startled, as the Master appeared near on the roof. Not the best place to be right then. “Fine,” she answered quickly, too quick to be honest. Her heart was in her throat.

Two steps were made towards the Master, and then the zombies seemed to come to life again.
“S-stop!” The man tried to command, but to no avail. The zombies near him closed in to surround him.

‘Oh for….’ A string of curses followed. The man had lost control of his zombie army. They were on a roof—a roof, of all things, and a very high one. The Master wasn’t looking good, she wasn’t feeling great, and the idiot who started it all was going to die, and why couldn’t she just accept that?

Another blast from the stun gun did, at least, stun.
“COME HERE!” Maya demanded, her voice giving no other alternative. “OR I’LL SHOOT YOU AND LEAVE YOU TO THEM!”

She wouldn’t, she told herself, but she sounded convincing, dredging up the disposition of the dream self.
“Master,” Maya spoke softer, “We have to jump to the next roof. The lower one, there.” She pointed. “Just make it that far, okay?”

“What are you, crazy?” The man heard enough of that, and Maya gave him a scathing look.

“It’s lower. Draw your distance and run when you hit the ground, and you won’t break a leg.”
Maya glanced to see how close the nearest zombie was, to see how much distance she could draw. She reached out to grab the Master to help straighten him up, and pull him back with her.


Angelus gave Beckett a bored stare for his words,
“Uh huh,” as if he really cared whether or not it was intentional. “You owe me an explanation about your parentage,” he reminded, only for the zombies to start to come out of their daze. “…after we find Maya.” He reached to grab Beckett’s arm now that the man had risen.

He didn’t care a bit about Alatria, but he knew Beckett must have a way to reach Maya, so he said,
“You get in touch with her, and just follow my lead,” he’d pull Beckett along. He had an idea of where to go.

He always had an idea, though. When he put his mind to it, he didn’t need the ties to Maya’s mind. He could pull at those near, and there was one quite unguarded mind that knew exactly where Maya was.

If Angelus got a hold of Beckett, he’d pull him along at a run.


There were a few moments of silence when all was said and done. Setsuna was in shock over all that was said, and only when Aeron smiled did he share in it. He realized what they had in their possession at the sight of that smile.
“Well, well, this is…fortuitous. Who did you say brought you here, again?” Setsuna asked.

Radik hadn’t named her.
“River Song.” He did now.

“I know that name,”
Setsuna said. He didn’t know from where, but he’d heard it. “I’ll look into it,” he told Aeron. Figure out if she was friend or foe.

“Thank you,” Aeron rose, “I was hoping you might help acquaint Radik with some things, and get him a perception manipulator so he can go out and about.”

“I can do that,”
it wasn’t too difficult for one to go missing from UNIT.

“Good. I need to make a phone call,”
he didn’t explain to who as he said to Radik, “You can trust Setsuna. I will talk with you more, later,” and then he left the lounge and took his cell phone out, dialing for Cyrus Copper once again.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master looked to Maya as she chose to save the man with the mechanical staff. Her tone of voice when she threatened to kill him, albeit indirectly,  did not go unnoticed. The Master wondered for a moment what could have caused such aggression, convincing himself that Maya was simply a terrific actress. What had really changed, anyway? The manner in which she was taken from him, and the true culprit behind it all, escaped him momentarily.

The man cursed under his breath, trying to manage his way into a standing position. Sharp pains were shooting up and down his legs, and the toll of his spent regeneration energy was getting more and more unbearable.  Maya’s help was appreciated, but after he gained control over his complaining muscles he effectively hid the pain from his expression.

There would be time for that later.

When Maya’s plan was voiced, he realized that the pain would catch to him much sooner than he anticipated.

“I can make that,” he declared, perhaps trying to convince even himself of it.

The pair of them moved back to gain some distance. The Master would need every bit of momentum he could get. At that point where the zombies were a little too close to them, the Master looked to Maya to know when to run. When he started, there was no going back. His feet ached with every step, and especially so when he used all his strength to jump from the roof in an attempt to reach the one on the other side.

The Master’s effort was worth it, as he made it to the other roof by a landslide.


Beckett greeted Ange, and his certain apathy, with a warm smile as he approached. The lad was surprised to see that Alatria had stopped her sprint, her eyes lingering in their direction as if she were waiting. At least she didn’t seem to be happy about it. That seemed much more like her.

“Once mum is safe,” he didn’t necessarily agree, but he’d consider Maya to be safe if she were only with him. It was true enough.

Just a quick glance to the nearby zombies proved just what had resulted from  their explosive actions. The zombies were now only that (walking and brain-hungry corpses), and they were no longer specifically fueled to sabotage their every move. It was with this sudden comfort that Beckett allowed Ange to drag him in whichever direction he pleased. Beckett knew that Ange would not lead him the wrong way.

“Do you know where you are going?” Alatria snapped once she’d caught up to the pair of them.

“He does,” answered Beckett matter-of-factly. “I wouldn’t worry too much now, the zombies aren’t fixated on us specifically anymore. It’s but a normal zombie apocalypse now.” With a few quick maneuvers and combinations on his manipulator, Beckett began to call Maya’s number.

It was time for them to get the hell out.


Copper had not been wasting his time since he had last spoken to Aeron. He’d gotten back into contact with past acquaintances, powerful and subtle people that could dig up dirt that people didn’t even know existed. Nothing that he’d found so far had completely deterred him from action. If it meant that he could get his hands on Saxon, he would consider an alliance with almost anyone. Aeron did not exactly make it difficult to consider him as an ally, either.

It was a wise decision, even if that were only temporary. Still, he could use the media as insurance. What a wonderful asset the media could be.

When his phone rang, his direct line, Copper cleared his throat. The sound that echoed throughout the previously silent room summoned consciousness on a man — a man startled awake from his slumber.

“It’s him,” said Copper icily, moving from where he had been sitting to pick it up. The man immediately dove into a mad typing-spree on his computer’s keyboard. Another man remained motionless by the window.

Without hesitation, Copper pulled the phone to his ear.

“Aeron,” he greeted seriously. “I’ve been waiting for your call.”

There was no hostility to the man's voice, but Copper had always been known for being direct.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Fortunately, the Master was confident. Even if it was a false confidence, it was reassuring to them all, and seemed to ignite the competitive spirit of the zombie-master. “Good,” Maya said with his declaration.

They drew their distance, and Maya took a deep breath before moving into a sprint. She wished, oddly enough, that she was in her heels then. It would have been a comfort to have that normality, though she knew her brother would have thought it bizarre.
‘Angelus…’ He had to be all right. Had to be.

At the ledge, she jumped. Zombie-man squinted his eyes shut, Maya noticed, but as she’d said, they all made it. The Master landed further than either of them, but Maya considered the couple of feet from the edge good enough, especially since she was able to keep moving once her feet were on the ground.

The lich-king did not do so well. He dropped on the landing, and then let out a piercing scream. No doubt, something broke, but Maya had little pity for him right then. She turned back around and walked over to him, grabbing him under the arm and lifting him back to his feet. He let out a wailing whimper, but didn’t fuss to get away, broken in more than body. He heavily favored his right side as he was forced to walk along with Maya, leaning against her, limping.
“I told you to run.”

“I’ve never done that!”
He complained.

‘Neither have I.’
Her phone rang, just as she looked to the Master to express her distaste of the one leaning on her. She reached for it, picked it up, though the number was none she knew.

Still, she had some idea.
“Where are you?”

Angelus spoke—truly, Angelus.
“Nearby, actually. On a roof. Going to get through the building.” He told her not to go through, of course. He was concerned.

“Mm. Fine. See you soon.”


Little did Maya know, they really weren’t far. Angelus was drawn to the large tower, and he explained it to himself logically. That was the perfect place to send a signal from, and that’s what he had just destroyed, right?

So that’s where Maya would go. To the signal, to the ‘last boss’, to skip everything else and go right for the jugular.

He heard Maya’s voice from the manipulator, and he answered,
“Looking for you. Tower?” She confirmed, she was close. “Don’t go through the building. We’ll come get you. Just stay on the roof.” He figured any building would be swarming. Best not to put Maya in any more danger. “You okay?” He could hear someone whimpering. He was pretty sure it wasn’t Maya.

She was fine, fortunately.


Aeron was pleased with the directness of Copper. It seemed so rare in the world he moved in. People covered themselves with pleasantries and small talk—not Copper, it seemed.
“Hello Cyrus,” he returned calmly, and found himself pacing around the couch. “I am glad you’ve waited. I can confirm that your Master is alive and unfortunately well. He’s going by the name Adam now.” He didn’t add the surname. That was power he needed to wield over Copper, until the scientists were his to manipulate.

Aeron’s fingers ran the length of the arm of the couch as he passed it, and up the back of the cushion,
“I have pictures of how he looks now, information on the woman he’s traveling with and her friends, where he’s been in time and space since his return, and more,” easy access to all of that in the future. “When would you like to meet?” For this was really not business to be had over the phone.

They both knew what happened with phones when the Master was involved.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Not all of the Master’s current companions made the jump as seamlessly as he did — even if he had only pretended to do it so easily. He took advantage of Maya’s distracted attention to look at his own feet, his mind suddenly remembering the pain he had been trying so hard to ignore. The Time Lord’s hand twitched, threatening to reach towards his leg in a useless attempt to try and make the aching go away.

A phone conversation ensued, and the Master looked around. He could hear Ange on the other end, and or the time being the Master didn’t seem to consider just how the others were going to react after they took one good look at Maya. Her concern was most important to him, and so he couldn’t really think of the consequences that his actions would spark.

His mind instead considered whether the roof in which they waited was safe enough for them. From what he could gather, it would be up to the others to catch up to them, and moving about might make that more difficult.

As long as no more flying zombies came their way, the Master didn’t see why they couldn’t just be patient and wait for Ange and his annoying blond and ginger companions.

“At least they’re okay,” he said aloud, offering a smile. There had been a part of the Master, albeit a small one, that had wondered how the other group’s endeavor had ended. The explosion had been a clue, but the call had confirmed the Master’s suspicions. “They’ll be here soon.”

He was not looking forward to that.


Beckett took turns switching his gaze from Ange to Alatria, both of whom seemed to be eager to be elsewhere. Ange surely because he wanted to be close to Maya already, and Alatria because…well, probably because she was generally an unhappy and unscrupulous host. She was truly something else, wasn’t she? Pompous and insane — stunning in her own right — but absolutely mad.

“Stop staring at me, Beckett,” said Alatria, voice cold as ice.

“Why are you always so bitter?”

“Do you not think I have a reason? Especially to be so with you?”

Beckett shrugged. “You should pick your allies, and your enemies, with more care.”

Alatria’s brows furrowed, and her mouth indicated that she was about to counter Beckett’s accusations, but the man shook his head.

“That’s not important now,” he said, rolling his eyes. “We need to go find Mum so that we can get out of here as soon as possible. It shouldn’t take us much longer now.” The zombies wouldn’t be much of a threat anymore.

“Lead the way, Uncle Ange.”

Alatria scoffed, but said nothing more.


Copper smiled upon hearing Aeron’s update, a gesture that did not go unnoticed by his gazing minions. The news that the Master was alive and well should not have made the man feel so glad, but the possibility that he still had the chance — the power — to make the Master pay was more than words could describe. The pain he had endured under the Master’s choices was far out shadowed by the pleasure that Copper would feel when his payback blossomed.

It would all happen soon.

“He won’t be for long,” said Copper, signaling with his hand for the other’s to note the Master’s new name with an amusing tone. “Why don’t we go somewhere public? There is a place downtown called the Á Paris, would that be to your liking?”

Copper was sure that it wasn’t, but it was a place that was well known for attracting all kinds of important people. The media loved to keep a scout there, just in case anything worth noting happened. It was not an unpopular place, especially this time of year.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Time was not Maya’s friend. She did not want to wait. Waiting meant rest, which meant thinking, which meant—what had happened? “Right,” she said as the Master noted they would be there soon. She wanted to believe it. She had to believe it, or she’d start to head towards the building and try to work through it.

In the moment of rest, she could feel the exhaustion trying to creep over her.
‘But you slept. You were unconscious. How?’

The phone wasn’t hung up.

Maya looked at her phone.
“I’ll see you soon, Ange. Bye.” She quickly hung up, and took a deep breath.

What was Angelus doing here, anyway?

“Who are they?” The lich-king tried to demand, through his pain and his gritted teeth.

“My brother, Beckett, and probably Alatria. One of them will be taking you to prison.”

‘Assuming he lets you live.’

Beckett would listen to her, right? She just had that sense.
‘Yes, because.’ Her hand reached up then, and finally found the necklace.

If none of it was real, how was that real?

That hadn’t been a necklace before. She wanted it to be a necklace, but it hadn’t been a necklace. A thousand thoughts flew into her head, and she lowered her hands and looked at her fingers, looking for an item that hadn’t been there for years now.

The panic reached her eyes, as her mind again found it difficult to reconcile the stories inside it. She looked far more panicked then, than she had during the zombie chaos. None of them seemed to be able to come over to the other roof. Those that tried, plummeted to their deaths.
“I didn’t have anything to put the ring on before…before my memory ends,” she was speaking out loud, even if it made her sound insane to the lich-king. “The ring was yours,” she was speaking to the Master, but not looking at him. She was still looking at her hands. “Is yours,” she corrected. “Beckett had it….”

“What are you talking about?”

“The dead man shouldn't talk unless he wants to remind the person with the gun and a broken psyche that he’s alive.”

Lich-king promptly zipped his lips. No, he did not, in fact, want to do that. He wanted to put his weight off his leg. Deciding they weren't moving, he tried to settle himself to sit, in the vain hope it would end his pain.

“Master,” Maya looked up at him, looked through him, tried again to see Saxon there, to see if this was a long game, like Aeron’s had been. ‘Find something.’

And so, she found something.
“Do you remember Bob?” Confirmation. “He was a paralegal in 2008.” Maya might have been dead then, what she dreamt was a lie, but there was truth, and she needed to know how much truth. How much fiction. “He was on the Valiant. He was not a guard, but one of your men.”

Maya wasn’t sure if she wanted him to remember, or wanted it all to be an elaborate lie. She wasn’t sure which was more comforting, but Bob was the piece, a part that wouldn’t have changed regardless of if she, or Angelus, had lived.
“Don’t ask why I’m asking. Not yet. Just answer.”


Angelus could still hear the bit of conversation on the other end. Maya hadn’t hung up the phone yet, distracted. Not a good sign. He tuned out the conversation of Beckett and Alatria around him.

“Maya….” He wanted to ask more. He wanted to see her, but couldn’t. As soon as she heard his voice, she remembered, and hung up on them. He cursed aloud and then looked to his other conversation partners.

‘Can’t we leave Alatria?’
Angelus didn’t want to take her along, but said, “Yeah, yeah,” at the command to lead the way. He had no problems finding a path to the tower, and finding the door to it. Most of the zombies looked to be heading to the tower building, still confused by their last orders before the signal went out.

Angelus didn’t quite sprint to the door once he saw it, but turned to Alatria,
“You can go now.” She was no longer needed, no longer wanted, and Angelus saw no reason to bring her into the situation with Maya. “I’m not taking you one step closer to them.”

And he wasn’t budging on it, either. He was done with her.


The Á Paris was disagreeable to Aeron Harper, if only because of that media presence. He did consider how it might work well to his advantage, but the cons were more than the pros. Would he argue it, though?

Of course not. He’d just set some of his PR minions on clearing it up so it did end up looking the way he wanted it to, later.
“That would be just fine,” Cyrus had a reason for selecting it. The man wasn’t stupid. Why, though, was the mystery. “When would you like to meet? I can clear my schedule for it.”

Of course he could. His gains were sufficient enough to make many changes to his schedule, and he was sure Copper felt the same. No doubt, they’d be meeting that day.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya’s phone call with her brother did nothing to alleviate the Master’s concern. Maya’s voice was different, and briefly after the conversation she looked like she was scared. What was it that triggered such a reaction? If the zombies hadn’t done it, it must have been something far more terrible.

Despite the fact that Maya wasn’t looking at him, the Master looked to her the whole time. With time, his suspicion became fact. Death had messed with Maya in a way that the Master could have never anticipated. She had done something to Maya that changed her, and the Master was not of the right mind to even start considering how to fix it.

Then he heard the name.

It was a name that he hadn’t remembered in a long time, as it was almost completely irrelevant to who he was now. The Master’s expression darkened with the realization, with the memory that stung with its return. For a moment the Master wanted to ask — to pressure Maya into giving direct answers. In the end, he held his curiosity for a later time.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel attacked by the query. He felt angered that Maya knew about what he’d done, and that she would bring it up to him.

“Yes,” he admitted through tight lips, “I remember him. I don’t want to, but I do.”


Beckett was of the same mind as Angelus. Alatria’s deeply offended expression was almost humorous to the spy.

“I have never—!”

“You will never,” Beckett interrupted swiftly, as if he knew exactly what she was going to say, “have another chance like this again. The zombies will be focused on that tower, and now is your chance to escape. I won’t pursue you if you let us go on without you.” Alatria’s brows furrowed in rage. “I will not hesitate to kill you if you fight me.” The look in Beckett’s eyes in that moment could turn a warrior to stone.

He wouldn’t kill her, however. Alatria had a larger role to play in the future, more so than she presently realized. Beckett also knew that Alatria wouldn’t counter his challenge.

Alatria’s look of range slowly turned to one of begrudging defeat.

“Have a nice life,” she spat, allowing herself only a moment to find her next plan of escape. Within seconds, she was gone.

Beckett turned to Ange, very well knowing that there was hardly any reason to speak until they were both with Maya. It was with an unstoppable resolve that Beckett then pushed his way into the building and towards the roof.

Not a single zombie would lay a land on him or Ange if he could help it.


“Excellent,” said Copper, giving no inclination to his notice of Aeron’s distaste for such public places. They had their uses, and the pros outweighed the cons in his case.

With a quick glance, Copper looked to the others around the room. After receiving a quick nod of approval from the man who hid in the shadows, he pressed on. “I have already cleared my schedule,” he said crisply, “let us meet for supper. Let’s say 6:00, shall we?”

Copper’s question was only a question in form, for he had no doubt that Aeron would adjust his schedule without real regard to the time. He also knew that he himself would argue very little if the situation were reversed.

“I’ll see you, then.”

Promptly, the call was ended. Copper made his way to an elaborately elegant armchair across the room, allowing himself to sink himself into its confines with a stone cold expression.

It would a while before anyone would break the silence.


It had been a few days since Laura had managed to talk her way out of a psych consult from the hospital in which she had been staying. No, things were nowhere near normal, but she had found it efficient to pretend that they were. Not for her sake —  as she knew quite well that the world was not what she had thought it was before — but she still wore a mask so that others would stop staring at her, expecting her to lose her mind from the trauma she had experienced.

She would not give anybody the satisfaction of seeing the scars the last few months had left on her. She’d tended to them, and she was planning on moving on. She planned on wearing them as victories, not defeats. Sure, life would never be the way it was before, but she had never been afraid of change. Laura was not at risk for a meltdown, no matter how much people expected one from her.

The only thing that truly troubled her in that moment was the insatiable need to phone someone. She considered Clark for a second, but she knew that her inquiry would not be welcomed. Although she did still worry for Donovan, it was not out of love for him. It was the love for the memory of their time together, and how much he had taught her about herself.

Without thinking, she traced the creases of her phone a few times. Inevitably, she flipped it on and navigated her contacts. To her surprise, it wasn’t Donovan’s phone that she dialed. It was Ange’s.

Laura’s expression did not change when the call went directly to voicemail. The beep soon followed.

“Ange, it’s Laura….” There was a pause, and she was so silent that she could hear her breathing. “I… I’m not exactly sure why I am calling. I realize now that this must sound silly.” Her mind wandered to Sarah’s memory, and then to the memory of the others she had lost. “That might be because I’ve not much to say….” Why had she called then? Why had she been sitting around playing with her phone for what seemed like an eternity.

“I think I just wanted to call someone who knew about what happened. I can’t explain it — I…I’m not sure how it happened that I don’t have anyone…but…I don’t have anyone.”

The words only hung in the air for an instance before she regretted even saying them. She didn’t need anybody to continue her life. She had always known that to be true. If she had a choice, however, she would want to speak with someone who could understand. Someone who could face the trauma without fearing it. She didn’t need it, but that didn’t mean a small part of her didn’t want it.

After another pause, she added, “I don't mean to say that I have a problem with being alone. I actually quite treasure my solitude. It's just that…it wouldn't be bad if…. Bloody…never mind. I do hope you and your sister are alright. I’ll see you around.”

Laura proceeded on to close her phone and make her way to her laptop. She would distract herself with costumes in order to avoid thinking about a message that would never be heard.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘It’s real. It’s real. It’s real.’

It was a ticking in her mind, as repetitious as the drums and it squeezed at her heart, as 2008 was suddenly so close to the present moment in her head. She saw Aeron’s tight lips in the Master’s expression and had to force her feet to remain where they were so she didn’t turn and run.

From what?

To what?

‘It isn’t real. Something happened, something you can’t remember, something in the moments between the TARDIS and here.’

But it was real, in some way.

"What are you doing?”

Maya remembered Lucy’s face too clearly. She remembered Bob’s hands on her throat. She remembered Donovan, and the call—the last call.


"Are you in love with him?"

Deep breathes. “Okay.” She managed to say aloud. Another deep breath. “Okay…,” she repeated, as if the word could make it all okay. It couldn’t, of course, but right now it was all she had. A word. A ring. A baseball bat. “I remember him,” too clearly, in two worlds. “Sycophant,” the word held meaning in both. She swallowed. “Sorry. I needed…,” to know she wasn’t going insane, though now she felt like she was even more so.

He could have said no. He could have lied, and then she’d know it was just a dream, just a dream and not based in reality, and she didn’t kill a Martha, didn’t get her brother killed, and didn’t—

The door to the roof opened, and Maya turned to see Angelus and Beckett both, and Maya ran from where she stood to throw her arms around Beckett rather than Angelus, who looked terribly stunned when he was shunned her affection.

Angelus was not scathed anymore when he arrived. He was surprised, and he was confused to be shunned by Maya after just talking with her, but he was glad to see everything in order.

Well, almost in order. Maya was clearly not well, there was a strange man there, and the Master looked…angry.

Angelus arched an eyebrow. ‘Right. Son. Whatever.’ He looked at the Master, who did not look well at all, then did a double-take as he realized Maya was bloody. No one else was bloody. That was not a good sign. “Okay, you caused this?” He asked the odd one out.


Angelus narrowed his eyes and pointed at Maya, “Did you hurt her?”

He shook his head rapidly. Angelus then looked at the Master, same question implied. ‘Why is Maya so bloody, and why the fuck is she hugging Beckett and not me?’


Aeron grit his teeth, but his phone voice remained ever the same. “Six it is,” he agreed. He was going to have to get one of the bloody holographic projectors. That was the only problem about that place. If they tried to take pictures of him with Copper, they’d just get his clothes.

That was always a nuisance to explain to the press, or have wiped away.

“I will see you soon,”
he wouldn’t change things for the world, of course. He was glad that Copper was willing to get this all done with, so quickly. Aeron hung up shortly afterwards, and walked to where he knew Setsuna was.

He interrupted him at the perfect moment, too, “—found in France, and adapt…yes?”

“I’m going to need that, Setsuna.”


“Copper wants to meet today at the Á Paris,”
he waved it off, “best not to have to clean up the mess later when photographers start questioning why I don’t show up in the pictures, eh?”

Setsuna agreed wordlessly, and offered it out to Aeron, “We’ll have to get more of these anyway.”

“I agree,”
Setsuna said, and then let Aeron out.

Aeron put the settings of the camouflage illusion to match his appearance, as best he knew it anymore, so it would just reflect how he looked to the outside world, but in a way that would make it seem like he had a reflection now.

He hid it on his belt as he dressed himself, and it was covered by the jacket of his black suit, before he headed out to the Á Paris, near 5:30pm.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master kept his eyes away, though the memory of it all kept stabbing at him like the pulse of a dying heart. Maya didn’t seem to be fairing much better than him, but at least he was beginning to understand why. Something like what had happened to her brother – something he didn’t even fully understand in that moment – was happening to Maya as well. The Master should have known better, too. The Porters had never really been ordinary.

Still, Maya’s words didn’t make things better. The few, chosen, words that she managed to speak held significance, and they did not to alleviate his rising anger.

“I didn’t need—,” he was about to counter when the others joined the three of them at last. The first thing the Master noticed was the expression on both Beckett and Angelus.

Then, quite clearly, Maya sought comfort in Beckett. The Master could not have been more bothered by this seemingly innocent act. Why would she go to a man who she had only met a few hours ago? Why hadn’t she run to her brother? Why hadn’t she sought comfort with him?

Beckett’s spare hand pulled Maya closer to him in an unintentionally poetic embrace. His eyes had not ignored the blood stains and tears from an injury she had clearly endured. “You’re okay,” he comforted, rubbing Maya’s back while simultaneously glaring at the Master. “We’re okay. Focus on that, for now.”

The Master’s cold expression softened as soon as Angelus inquired after Maya. It hadn’t been the fool that hurt her, it had been the Master’s own thoughtless and reckless behavior.

“I—,” The Master couldn’t get a coherent sentence out before Beckett interrupted him.

“You shot her with the shotgun?!” He asked icily.

The Master had healed her, of course, but that did not excuse him from something that was clearly his fault. Beckett knew violence, and he could spot an injury like Maya’s a mile away.

“It was an accident!” The Master seemed to have regained some courage just then.

“How typical of you to avoid the blame,” countered Beckett with a sneer.

“I do not deny it,” hissed the Master. “But now is not the time for this.”

Beckett pulled away from Maya, silently contemplating between attacking the Master himself, or making sure that Ange did not do something he would regret.


Copper had sat in silence for a while, but when he rose, he did so with great purpose.

“Follow the standard protocols while I am out,” he instructed to all the men in the room. “I will take the car myself. I trust the reservations have already been made?”

Heads would roll if he was to be displeased.

“Six, and with a view.”

Copper did not grant the other a response to his confirmation, instead fetching his coat and his keys. It wasn’t long before the aging man had made his way from his home and to the restaurant where he would meet his unusual ally.

It was there, overlooking the city from the balcony with a glass of wine, that he waited.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya was certain if she was underwater, she’d be drowning. Beckett was the lifeline, though a part of her was wishing for Jack. Yet, she imagined Beckett understood, in a queer way. Not the same way as Jack would, not the emotions, but he understood the rest. Maya knew it, much as she knew that this Beckett knew a very different her. It was in the tightening grip, and the way he spoke to her.

When they had met, she must have needed little else to serve as comfort, if she needed comfort then. ‘My future….’ His past.

While he spoke to the Master, she fought to bring herself back under control and to believe Beckett. ‘Tell me! Tell me what’s wrong, you know, you must know, I must have told you!’ She swallowed the words. She breathed.

Beckett was evidence she was going to get through this, at least a little longer. Right? ‘Time can change.’

The conversation swam around her as she decided that she wasn’t going to be okay, but someone else could be. A name and a role were grasped from memory, and Maya took it as her own and wrapped herself in its protection as Beckett let her go, and she saw Angelus raise his gun. “Angelus, he saved me. He gave up a piece of himself so that I am standing here now.” Maya still knew that this Master, this man, had saved her. She was confused on many things, but she owed him a good word in turn. He had not meant to hurt her.

Hand shook. Angelus readjusted his aim to the lich king. “Beckett, I want that one in jail.” She made a gesture, “Alive,” she added, and Angelus gave her a glare.

The lich king, however, was just relieved now. He was in pain, but he was alive…he was going to live…it was a better option than death considering he’d just played with necromancy and seen the fate that awaited the dead.


“You said something about Death earlier. Or Arch did.”
So did the Master. “I am not giving Death anything more.”

Gun lowered completely. “I don’t approve of Arch as a name, by the way.”

“Too bad.”
It fit. ArchAngelus of the time when Archangel reigned. “Would you rather he be Angelus and you be…Angel?”

His look said enough to say he disapproved of all ideas, and of the existence of Arch, but that was not a fight with her. It was a fight with the man who created ArchAngelus, the man who shot Maya, and apparently saved her…, “I swear to fucking god if you’re protecting him like Aero—”

The name wasn’t fully formed, but the way Maya lost all color made Angelus stop. ‘Okay.’


'He doesn't mean it, Maya. He....'
Maya slammed her thoughts shut on her mother's voice.

And Maya turned on heel without further explanation. “Back to the TARDIS.” Wherever the TARDIS was.

Wherever she was.


Angelus motioned with the gun for the others to go ahead. He’d follow last. He’d let Beckett take control of the zombie man, and he’d shoot anyone who got out of line.


Aeron arrived second, arrived early and dressed in black and white, no color to the peacoat, the undershirt, or even the tie. He gave his name, and was taken to the seat with quite a nice view on the balcony. There, Cyrus Copper was already waiting. He took in the scene, the environment, the sounds of clinking glasses and murmured conversations and laughter from around them.

Once, this had been normal for Aeron. Once, he had liked this place.

No more.

Still, he smiled when he saw Cyrus. "Cyrus," he greeted and offered a hand to him, covered in a leather glove. He rarely let his hands be bare. The leather would not be warm, but it would be warmer than the flesh beneath.
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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If the Master had ever suffered through a nightmare that revolved around something other than the angry chiming drum beats of his past, it was nothing compared to the reality that he was currently facing. There was no comparing them especially because the Time Lord couldn’t quite understand why he felt the way he did. In fact, he’d gone out of his way in order to avoid facing those same feelings he currently casted as culprits.

The Master looked to Beckett, to Maya, and then back to Beckett. The man didn’t seem like he wanted to calm down, and he certainly didn’t look like he wanted to postpone this conversation for later. Still, when Maya spoke, the Master could see Beckett’s fists clench and then relax. The Master could hardly look at Angelus in the eye, but he trusted that Maya’s wishes would not go ignored even by him.

It would not be unlike him, however, to act if provoked. The Master’s mistake would serve as enough of an invitation, and so the Time Lord needed to measure his every step.

Beckett was visibly troubled, and his eyes looked to Maya in silent disagreement. It was almost as if his gaze was pleading to her, asking her for permission to act, to reprimand and punish. It became clear in that moment just how much power Maya held over him. Even he was powerless to do anything however, and he very well knew he shouldn’t. He gave Maya a nod and turned to the lich king, who seemed relieved at her instructions.

“If you but take a step out of place,” warned Beckett as he moved towards Death’s pathetic and helpless pawn, “I will make sure it is your very last step. I may not be able to kill you, but I can still make you wish you were dead.” Beckett couldn’t help but also look to the Master as he spoke, who seemed to tense in anger. Beckett couldn't have been clearer in his intent.

Threats would not help the situation, and so Beckett digressed.

“I’ll go first then,” said Beckett, motioning for the lich king to follow him. “Let’s stay close and not get separated this time,” another indirect jab at the Master, “I am tired of this place.”

And so Beckett led the group back to the TARDIS, slowly but surely struggling past the corpses that only seemed to notice them a few times. The air seemed thick throughout, and there was hardly any need to speak. When a zombie came too close to them, Beckett disposed of them in a manner that wasn’t nearly as flashy as he was used to. No, Beckett’s kills had turned angry, inefficient, and unnecessarily brutal. He was not for an instance sloppy, however.

The Master was getting better by the second, but he still didn’t feel strong enough to defy Beckett’s obvious mockery. Instead, he simply moved with the group, silently hating the man that led them back to the TARDIS. The Master had never been so certain of his hate for the man, and he knew in that moment he would never get over the hatred.

If only he could more easily understand those that could not find it in their heart to forgive him from what he'd done in the past. Although he had often considered it to be different, it was no longer so clear.


Cyrus was casually informed of the moment Aeron had arrived, and he had not been surprised by the fact that it had been at a time earlier than what they had agreed. When Aeron joined him at last, Cyrus

rose and greeted him with a firm handshake. The frigidity of the glove was, for the moment, ignored. There would be time for that conversation later, when Cyrus was all but protected.

“Aeron,” said he with an easy smile, “I am glad you were able to meet on such a short notice. I was happy to get your call.” With his hand he motioned for Aeron to sit, and he did so simultaneously.

The waiter came by swiftly, but Cyrus waved him away. The boy, who graciously obliged, only left the menus behind with a promise to return as soon as they were ready to order. Cyrus only reached for the wine list, but even that he deferred to Aeron with a polite nod.

“So tell me Aeron,” he broke the silence, “how angry do I need to be about our friend’s situation?”

There was hardly a point in postponing. When the media caught the news of Aeron and Cyrus’s involvement, they would move quickly. They had until then to speak freely of the more delicate details, and Cyrus had little patience and filters when it came to the Master.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Beckett led.

Angelus followed.

Between them walked the Master, Maya, and the lich king. If he had a name, it was now completely irrelevant. His fate was sealed.

Maya didn’t approve of all the threats lingering in the air, but everyone was cooperating. For that, she felt like she could almost breathe. Almost being the key word. Though she wore the mask of control to keep them all in line, her mind was still reeling. And Angelus had to say that damnable name.

She still saw it on the phone.

She still heard the ring tone.

She still knew. It hadn’t been long ago, though it had also not happened. Only in her head.

“Who are you pretending to be now?”

Only where it mattered. Maya pushed her fingers through her hair in agitation, and so she wouldn’t just hit her own head to remove the voice that had returned, after years of trying to forget that velvet-and-nails sound.

She hummed, to drown it out as well, a carry-over habit from the dream now, it seemed. A way to deal with the noisy mind. Only one song came to mind, and it was about drowning as well. Ailein Duinn. It may have also come to mind because of Aeron...his name had those origins, and wouldn't drowning be a fitting death for him?

Angelus caught the melody and frowned a bit. That was one he hadn't heard in a while--a good song, of course. Celtic. Maya had struggled to learn the proper pronunciations, but she was used to doing that. It was part of singing--learning how to pronounce words.

Angelus and Beckett dealt with the zombies, and they came to the TARDIS soon enough. Maya paused outside it, “I would like to speak with Beckett alone, please.” It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t an order, either. She was still hoping that both Angelus and the Master would listen.

Angelus wrinkled his nose, “Fine,” in his irritation, he’d forgotten that Beckett still owed him an answer about Maya, and so he reached for the TARDIS door to return to it. Better her alone with Beckett, than her alone with the Master.

“Wait,” as he thought that, he remembered, “Beckett—you promised me info.”


Aeron shook his head as the wine menu was offered, “Whatever red you would prefer, Cyrus,” he indicated. At least with red he could try to fool his mind as to what was in the cup. It still tasted terrible.

Cyrus cut to the point, and Aeron removed a flashdrive from his pocket and set it between them. “On that is all the information that could be retrieved in the moment we had access to it,” before that was rather suddenly severed. “E-mails between Maya Porter, Angelus Porter, Jasmine Russle, Julio Bauss, and Andrew Young. It will tell you where he’s been, and what he’s been up to, since Halloween to Christmas,” their time. The times they went to and saw were usually noted in the e-mails. “There are pictures so you may have an idea of how he looks, but in sum—you should be wroth with him.”

Aeron returned his hand to his side, after tapping the flash drive with his index finger. “He’s using the same trick as with your Lucy. He’s found a woman with connections, this time to Torchwood and Unit. For all the information they’re getting, he’s also getting information as to their activities, as well. No doubt, he has another mad plan to take over.”

That was not clear in the exchanges, though.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya’s humming, which could have been misinterpreted to be poorly timed, could not have come at a better time. Music was an unusual thing, and the tune she carried as the group made their way back to the TARDIS was once that Beckett had heard before. It took him back to the earliest memories he had of Maya, one that would mark a constant role in her future and his past.

Without thinking, he hummed along.

Even the Master, who thought he couldn’t possibly find any comfort in this situation, felt himself grow calmer. It was as unexpected as it was effective, but he didn’t say anything. He did notice Ange’s reaction to the tune, but even that didn’t warrant a single word from him.

When at last they reached the TARDIS, Maya expressed her need for a private audience with Beckett. The ginger agent turned to her, and offered a smile that conveyed both his pleasure and his brief confusion. Beckett knew many things, but he did not know all.

The Master wasted not a second when he heard Maya’s request. “I’m not sure that…,” he trailed off, and realized he was likely the last person who should voice his opinion on the matter. After all, what Beckett blamed him for was a fact. He had kept her safe, while the Master had too often caused unnecessary pain.

Beckett’s death glare also seemed to sedate the Master. He wouldn’t forget Beckett’s challenge, but he wouldn’t counter in that moment, either.

“Alright,” he begrudgingly agreed.

As the Master was making his way into the TARDIS, he heard Ange ask something of Beckett, and the ginger shook his head with a chuckle.

“Jack Harkness, uncle Ange.” Beckett then gave the perfect Jack-like grin. The resemblance, although not obvious, was well practiced.

The Master’s blood boiled immediately, and he decisively went into the TARDIS without a single remark. He was afraid of what he’d do if he stayed.


As Aeron listed out the names of the Master’s many affiliates, Cyrus nodded his head and made a mental note. He would dig information on all of them, find out what made them special, and what would make them squirm if the situation presented itself. While all of these thoughts presented themselves, his expression remained pleasant and aloof.

Upon hearing Lucy’s name, he didn’t falter, but he promised himself that he would get the last laugh in the end.

Cyrus looked to Aeron and offered yet another nod. “You’re certain about this?” There was not doubt that chaos would continue to follow the Master wherever he went. “I’m sure it is,” he muttered to himself, seemingly answering his own question.

When the waiter came back, Cyrus ordered the finest red wine available. After a few moments of silence, Cyrus cleared his throat and turned back to Aeron. “It is just as clear that we need to do something about it,” he gave a smile, “and I have no intention of letting him escape again.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Angelus’s look of shock was enough to clue Maya into the lie. It was also in Beckett’s expression, which so mirrored Jack. She supposed now would not be the time to go into the TARDIS and mention how badly she wanted to see Jack, would it?

‘No. Absolutely not.’
Not from the way the Master took that news.

Angelus and the Master went in, and Maya let out a breath she’d been holding. “Cover your ears, and turn away.” She told the lich king, and he did exactly as instructed.

Nothing she had to say was secretive. “Since we’re out of time,” Maya spoke to Beckett, “I wanted to thank you for this,” she fingered the ring around her neck, still not sure how it got there. “I’m sure you can’t tell me the full story,” but she was doubly sure he was already aware of it, “And I get the feeling I’m not supposed to know yet. This must be…perhaps the third time we’re meeting, for you?”

Second for her. “Just…give me some idea. What stupid thing do I do in my future, to bring you and River into my life?” Did he know River Song? Did it matter if he knew River Song yet? "You know, besides sleep with Jack," she managed to joke.


 Angelus was all but floored by the name, and he groaned aloud when he was safely behind the TARDIS doors, “How the hell am I going to tell Juls?” Juls was not going to be happy if Maya and Jack hooked up.

Why would they hook up?


Angelus put his hand to his face, too distracted by this horrible future to be angry at the Master for everything that had happened earlier. He leaned on the railing of the TARDIS, “This is bullshit.” Why Jack Harkness, of all people? Did she steal him from Julio? Did Julio and Jack have a bad break-up?



“Of course I’m certain,”
Aeron confirmed, even after Cyrus answered the question himself, “I do have a good research team. I wouldn’t have come to you until I was certain.” Cyrus asked for information, and Aeron gathered it.

He smiled amiably as the waiter took their order, and then let the silence come over them again as Cyrus considered what to do. What to ask. At the end of his query, the waiter returned and poured them their drinks, then left the bottle with them at the table so they could pour at their leisure.

“On this, we are aligned, Cyrus. It is why I need your scientist. I have many artifacts and weapons from Torchwood, but I can hardly use them. I know not what most of them are for,” he reminded, “Once I do know, we may find that some will come in handy for dealing with the Master in the future. He’ll return here,” that much was certain, “This is the time of his chosen companion, he must return.”

It was a pathetic bond, but one that would make sure that the Master would keep coming back, “You will have ample opportunity to take your revenge.” He picked up his cup then, and drank. He couldn't hide the slight wrinkle of his nose at the taste, though. It was disgusting. even so, he swallowed.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Beckett was more than pleased with the reactions given to him after is confession, but when the dust settled and he was alone with Maya, he knew the conversation would turn to a subject that was endlessly more serious. This was probably the most delicate subject of conversation they could have, too, as the amount of information he could offer was quite limited. He could’t see a way out of this conversation where he wouldn’t disappoint Maya.

“Just wait until you see Jack when you tell him he’s going to be a father,” he smiled, but then continued. “I’ve seen you a few times before,” he confessed without giving specifics, “but I suspect that you have only seen me maybe once before now. I haven’t given that to you yet, but I’m glad you found it just fine,” he motioned with his eyes to the ring.

“You should know,” he said, visibly frowning. “I can’t tell you much about what is going to happen, but I’m going to need your help, just as much as I am willing to offer you mine. It may not be clear to you right now because you don’t know me, but you and River are all that I have, and I will fight to the end of the universe to prove that to you.”

He shook his head, as if he was debating just how much information he could surrender. “I can tell you this,” he began. “You will face many hard decisions in your near future. If you feel the need to explore past areas of yourself, past friends, singing in the rain - I don’t know. Don’t be afraid to do so, even if it means a separation from that Time Lord.”

He backtracked slightly, his inexperience a little more clear in that moment. “I don’t mean to tell you what to do, but just trust your instinct, because it will guide you better than I can. It will guide you better than anyone inside the TARDIS right now.”

Beckett then offered a smile, reaching inside his shirt as if to fetch something. His face grew strained, and he groaned in brief pain as he detached something from within in one sharp movement. He stretched his hand forward and showed Maya a small glass vial with a dark blue liquid within. It was almost glowing, something that clearly was still unknown to the human race of Maya’s time.

“Take this with you,” he offered it to Maya. “The next time you see me, I will be dying and I will be needing that. I have it on good authority that it is not the best idea for me to hang on to it. I haven’t been wrong so far, so I won’t risk it.”

With that last comment, he hung his head slightly. “I’m so sorry I can’t tell you more. I wish I could, but things don’t always work out for the best when you know what is coming. Trust me, I know.”


The Master could hear Ange in conflict inside the TARDIS. He was perfectly able to hear him, but he wasn’t quite listening to what he was saying. The image of Jack Harkness, and Beckett’s goofy grin, were all the he could focus on.

Could it be true? Could Maya really have a child with Jack Harkness? The Master did not notice a resemblance, only when the kid smiled. Was that enough proof? It couldn’t be.

“Of course he’s lying,” snapped the Master angrily in an attempt to comfort himself more than anything. “We barely know the guy, and we’re expected to believe everything he says?” The Master brushed him off with a scoff and started pacing around the TARDIS, waiting for Maya to come back inside. He desperately hoped that Beckett would get the hint and stay outside and just leave them all alone.

“What is taking them so long?!”

The Master was not a patient man when it came to Maya.


Cyrus was pleased to hear that he and Aeron were of the same mind. Of course, this he had suspected already, but it provided much more comfort to hear it himself. Aeron was a smart man, so Cyrus suspected that the man had an agenda of his own. With time Cyrus would find a way to safeguard himself against whatever it could be, and he would make sure that his own agendas remain as secretive as possible.

With one motion, Cyrus raised his glass to toast to their common goal. When he saw Aeron drink from the wine, he fought back the temptation to smile. It made sense.

“I will be happy to provide you with all the resources at my disposal. I’m sure that you know that they are quite extensive. You will not be disappointed.” He drank from his own class as he crossed his legs. “I’m sure you won’t mind if I send a team of my own to collaborate with yours. We are more likely to reach these milestones if we work together after all.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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“I wouldn’t dream of telling Jack over text,” Maya chuckled at the mere idea of it. She would have to get Jack in on the joke, though—and make sure he knew it was a joke.

Then, she went silent and listened to what Beckett felt he could tell her. It wasn’t much—no indication of what she’d done to earn him and River as guardians. Only the idea that she had helped him. How, or with what, she didn’t know.

That, and her past was going to come back. She crossed her arms over her chest, wanting to shake her head. ‘Please, no.’ She wanted that past to remain just that—past. She didn’t want to separate from the Master, either, even if she felt a strong trepidation at the thought of returning to the TARDIS and facing him with Angelus. “I don’t know how set the future is, but I’m sure if you told me exacts, I’d break it. And then I wouldn’t meet you as I ought.”

Which would be bad—but if it involved her past, she’d certainly go against it.

Knowing would be dangerous. She took the vial, “I’ll keep it near,” she promised. Beckett wouldn’t die. “And whatever I’ve done to deserve you, and River—I’m glad. And I thank you. I’ll try to be the woman you seem to know me as,” someone much more together than now. Beckett didn’t have to say that for her to know. “Now take care of him, please. A jail,” she motioned to the lich king and then stepped back, putting her hand on the door.

It was time to face the drums.


Angelus was drawn from his own irritation by the Master’s sharp snap. ‘Oh?’

He watched him, his own irritation fading as he examined the pacing and the tone. Familiar. Not familiar. There was a queer duality here that he didn’t like. The man was sane now, Angelus knew that, but that didn’t mean he was safe.

“You’re jealous,”
he pointed it out bluntly.

Jealous of Jack.

Jealous of Beckett.

Jealous. “Afraid you’re going to lose her?” His anger with the Master flared as he asked that, wanting to remind the Master that was, in fact, a very real possibility. Only, it wouldn’t be Jack or Beckett that took Maya away from him.

No, the threat was right in front of him.


“I do not mind at all,”
Aeron truly didn’t. His assistants knew little of his true goals, after all, and they were paid enough to keep quiet. The only one who could really damage his secrets was Setsuna, and Setsuna was smarter than that.

Well, Setsuna and the new vampire, Radik, but Radik would learn as well. Silence would buy his safety. “When can I expect them? I will need to work on workspaces for them, and prepare some of my own to be ready to show them to the items that we still need examined.”

There’d be a proper meet-and-greet when it was all set in motion, but Aeron needed to give his own resources a briefing about what was going to be happening so they were all mentally prepared for Cyrus Cooper and his underlings to join with them.

He set the cup down. He wasn't inclined to take a second drink any time soon.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Beckett gave Maya a smile - a smile that looked so sincere he couldn’t even believe it himself. He didn’t question it, but he let it happen. Perhaps it was due to the nature of the situation. He didn’t know Maya nearly as much as the Beckett that gave her the ring, nor as much as the Beckett who would help her in the hardest times of her life.

He had no regrets, and if he could feel pleasure for anything, it would be the chance of seeing her rise as the undefeated champion against death.

“You’ll be okay,” he assured he right after she turned away and was ready to go into the TARDIS. He would make sure of it, even if it killed him.

“Hey, you!” He jabbed at the Lich King. “We’re moving again. You try anything, and you’ll suffer in a way you never thought was possible. Come on, hurry up, I want to leave already.”

With that Beckett walked off with the pawn in tow.


The Master looked to Angelus incredulously.

“Jealous?” The denial was as strong as his rage towards Beckett and toward Jack in that moment. “I’m not jealous, especially not of them. I have no reason to be!”

Jealousy was exactly what he was experiencing, however. He could not even handle the possibility that what Beckett had said was true. It couldn’t be! His very skin seemed to be on fire, and he wanted nothing else than to prove that Jack Harkness and Maya Porter were never a thing, and that she couldn’t possibly hold them in higher esteem than him.

When Ange asked his question, the Master tensed. Ange was no longer hinting at the Master’s jealousy, which the Master would never admit to, but the very real possibility that Maya may choose to leave him. Could she leave him? After all they’d been through?

The Master didn’t answer the question, not really. “I don’t want to lose her,” he said firmly.


Cyrus nodded his head, expecting no resistance from Aeron.

“That depends,” he said, taking another sip from his wine. “When can your team and accommodations be ready? For the moment that they are arranged can be the moment that they show up at your service. My team is ready to go now, and they are already working on ways to stop the man.”

The waiter came back to see if they were ready to order any meals, but Cyrus waved him away. Again, the waiter gracefully left with a promise to return.

“My intention is not to pressure you in any way, Aeron. All I want is for you to know that I do not mind working quickly and fiercely. Sometimes, it is the only way I know how to conduct my work.” Other times, however, the work demands patience and complexity. Cyrus was a very flexible man.

“Is the wine not to your liking? I could order another, perhaps a darker one?”

Of course he wouldn’t like the wine.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The smile Beckett gave her at the end was beatific in a way no other smile of his had been. It leaned on sincere, which Maya was starting to learn wasn’t quite something he was good at. Every word he’d said to her was honest, but his way of expressing them held a disconnect. Something she would, no doubt, figure out later.

So, she opened the door and entered the TARDIS to find Angelus smirking as if he’d won some victory, and the Master wearing one of his rather firm, annoyed looks.

Maya shut the door, and tried to steel herself for the anger of both. “Beckett is gone,” she told them.

“You realize how annoying you’re going to make things with Juls?”

“Not yet,” Maya answered, “That’s all in the future.” She’d play the game for now. She walked forward, closer to the central console. They shared three sides of it, a triangle of forces rather than a gathering of friends. “Quite a bit happened during our separations,” she surmised. “Who wants to begin?”

Angelus’s hand shot up immediately. She had expected that, and nodded, deferring.

“He shot you.”

“Yes.” That wasn’t a question.

“What the fuck.”

Still not a question. “I was behind a door. The Master didn’t know I was that closely behind it, and as I noted, he gave up a piece of himself.”

“I’m still not…oh right. The face thing. The changing,”
he remembered then, and he put a hand to his head. “Okay.” It made sense, fell into place. “And why are you traveling with a mad man in a closet who tried to take over the world?”

‘Right. Arch heard the explanation.’
Maya sighed. Again with this. “The best way for you to understand right now, is to think that he has another him inside. Like your Arch.”

“What are you calling it?”

Maya flushed. “I’m—”

She named things like this, apparently.


Angelus just smirked, again, like he’d won some victory. "I had a feeling, since he's Despotes." He gestured to the Master then, deciding he had what he wanted for the moment—and that name was likely to irk the Master some, which was only going to deepen the divide. He wasn’t sure if he wanted the divide yet, but it needed to be made. If they overcame it, good. If not…good.

Either way would start to develop what they were going to become.


Cyrus Cooper was more prepared than Aeron expected, and he allowed a hint of his impression to show in the way he raised his dark eyebrows. A devilish smirk crossed his lips, and he answered, “It can be done in two days,” he just had to make the space and buy the equipment for that space, but that was easy enough. “I prefer quick work.”

He’d been caught off guard before. Never again.

Maya took mere hours to destroy him.

He looked to the wine and chuckled as he shook his head, “Forgive me, I am a slow drinker. I like to maintain my senses, it does no good if I drink too fast.” It was a reason that usually worked. He didn’t reach for the cup to take a second sip; he’d stand by his slow drinker thing. He would, eventually, drink again. It was necessary.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The fact that Beckett was gone was the first piece of recent news that made the Master feel better. He wanted that man far away from him at all times, but he knew better than to expect that. No, Beckett had formed a bond with Maya that he didn’t quite understand, but one that even he couldn’t deny. Still, it was not a reason for him to be jealous.

When Maya spoke, the Master felt a chill down his spine. It appeared that conversation was the purpose of the evening. Clarification, to be more specific. It was Angelus who went first, and every word that he said made the Master feel worse. Maya admitting to what had happened was not easy for the Master, even if she seemed to defend him. Had she really forgiven him? He did not dare yet believe it.


He hated the name. He hated the memory. He hated it all.


That was hardly better.

“I don’t like the names,” he said trying to contain his anger so as to not start any unnecessary drama. “That part of me died, and they were only brought back by a signal. It isn’t who I am anymore.”

That is what he would like to believe. Then again, if they came back once, what was going to stop them from coming back again.

“Maya, I’m so sorry for what happened. What is it that you would like to know?”


“Two days,” said Cyrus. “That is perfectly reasonable. I will send my team the very second they are welcomed.”

The brief but bright flashes of cameras announced the arrival of the media. Business writers and media publicists alike would soon start writing about what Cyrus and Aeron could be collaborating on. Both were among the wealthiest men in the world, and both were known for their successes. Aeron suffered his fall from grace a while ago, but he had recovered in a way that showed his true knack for success.

“And so they arrive at last.” the sarcasm could have been masked, but Cyrus did not bother with it. “Shall we entertain them for a while longer? Or have we teased them enough for an evening? We could move to a more isolated area to intrigue them.”

The purpose of the balcony had been to be seen. Now that they had been seen, Cyrus could not careless where the rest of their conversation took place. For the evening, Cyrus had already received what he’d wanted.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master didn’t take his turn. He expressed his dislike with the names. “I knew you wouldn’t,” it was why Maya didn’t say them, or refer to him as either. She had names for masks. She had hundreds for Devlin, and two for Aeron.

With the turn deferred, Angelus had to point out, before Maya spoke: “I could make you Tyrannus in seconds.” Angelus reminded.

“What did you do?”
Maya snapped, recognizing then that Angelus’s threat was not, in fact, empty.



“Maybe put the drums in a ringtone. Maybe used it to find out if he was faking. Maybe also turned myself into the other m—oh my god it’s exactly the same.”

Maya let out a frustrated sound, not finding the words to express her anger with the gamble that Angelus took, with his lack of trust.

Angelus shouted, the raised voice actually surprising Maya. He calmed then, clearing his throat. “I have some inkling of what he did, not to the world, but to Lucy. I spoke with her father.”

Maya’s eyes widened. Her hands went behind her back, to hide them from shaking. “I also spoke with Martha Jones. Would you blame me, when I know how you lie?” This was pointed at Maya, and for once, she didn’t have her voice to answer him. "Do you blame me, since he broke my psych in two? Unintentionally, I get it," he said to the Master, before returning to Maya.

No, she couldn’t blame him. She could only lower her eyes. “I have some idea now that Saxon isn’t who he is, but I don’t think he knows who he is,” he didn’t care that the Master was right there, “I don’t want him to find out he is a goddamn sadist who likes abusing people, through his interactions with you, Maya.”

Still silent.

“You’ve told me before he ordered people to commit suicide and kill friends. You’ve told me some things that are now, quite frankly, disturbing.”

Silence. And Angelus looked to the Master, then to Maya. “You didn’t know his past, and you didn’t care. Does he know anything about yours, or have you been enjoying your shallow journey around the universe, the way you enjoyed the honeymoon period with Aeron?”

Fists clenched tight, and Maya looked up, all of her fury in a gaze. This time, however, Angelus didn’t look away or flinch. “Tell me.”

“No.” No, the Master didn’t know much about her, only what he saw of the present. She’d never told him what she had been, what she could have been, or anything—shallow tourism, indeed.

“All right.”
Angelus breathed out, a bit easier. “I’m going to go steal the future HBOGo to watch Game of Thrones. You two are going to talk. Then we’re going to Rome, because some punk there wants to see you both.”

And Angelus left then without another word, knowing he’d driven his point home with Maya.

He also knew that there were things Maya had wanted to say without him. That was why she’d opened the floor, to get their questions out of the way so she could then ask for privacy. He knew her strategies, sometimes.


This was moving almost too smoothly. Aeron wanted to be suspicious, but he wasn’t. A man who wanted revenge was something that Aeron understood too well. People were flexible in these situations. “I’ll call you just as soon as we’re prepared,” Aeron indicated, and then a camera flashed.

He lowered his eyes, and then lifted the cup to his lips, looking up the media peasants from the higher ground. “Let’s intrigue them. I do love the rumor mill.” Loved to control it, rather.

He lifted his wine glass in a cheer to the media below, smiling, before he walked into the diner to get out of their sights, not at all interested in them trying to read lips or set up microphones so they could make out some of the words shared between him and Cooper.

His opponents weren’t stupid, after all. “The rumors of your inflexibility have been greatly exaggerated. I am pleased that you are working with me on this, Cyrus,” he commended then. Cyrus wasn’t known for it—but then, he tended to keep to himself. Anyone who was always isolated looked to be uncooperative. 


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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It was too much. Everything that Ange was saying was too much for the Master to handle all at once. Not only did he bring up a part of Maya’s past that he had no idea existed, but Ange also openly mocked him by bringing up the many mistakes the drums had caused him to make. Martha Jones, Lucy, these were all things that he didn’t want to remember, and yet they followed him everywhere he went. Why couldn’t he shake them?

More problematic still were the assumptions he could make from what he’d heard about Maya. Aeron was a name that was unfamiliar, but judging from Maya’s reaction it was not someone unfamiliar to her. In fact, it was someone she who had likely been important to her at one point.

He couldn’t avoid it - avoid him. It could have been the jealousy burning through his pores again, but this time the Master was beginning to feel angry. Why had she kept this from him? He didn’t stop to think just how much he had kept from her, and how much he wished he could have kept from her still. He wanted answers, and he wanted explanations that he didn’t have any rights to.

When Ange left, the air was tenser and thicker than any other time he could remember. The Master’s jaw was clenched tightly, and his hands were tight fists. The fact that he wasn’t shaking with rage was an accomplishment in and of itself.

Seconds passed before the Master could speak, but he couldn’t keep quiet.

“Who is Aeron, Maya?”

It came out more forceful than he had intended, but he couldn’t keep it to himself. Bits and pieces of anger and  jealousy were threatening to burst out of him.

“Why does Angelus feel the need to compare your experiences with him to those with me?”


Cyrus mirrored Aeron’s actions, rising and walking away from the balcony at the same time as his companion. When they were at last sheltered from the media, the conversation continued once more.

“I’m only inflexible when I need to be,” said Cyrus with a laugh, “but I don’t foresee any inflexibility in our business together. I am happy that we can move forward with this, and I can think of no one more capable than the two of us.”

Cyrus turned around to face the crowd around him, the balcony in the close distance.

“I apologize for making you drink wine, but we have to keep up appearances, don’t we?”

Cyrus's tone was suddenly serious.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘I hate you.’

Maya could never hate Angelus, but the anger she felt at him for breaking everything that had been so nice was intense. She was wroth with him for taking the control out of her hands and shattering it—for making her feel weak again.

For making her doubt the Master.

‘But should I?’

Angelus forced her mind to draw up comparisons, and the Master asked after Aeron. How could he not? Maya would have asked about Lucy if she were brought up in such a way, but she already knew of Lucy.

Maya found the word difficult to say as she stared into the space Angelus had occupied. “Aeron Harper. Lawyer. Associate of Bob.” She hoped that the Master had never heard the name before, but that was likely too much to ask, with the circles he had run in, wasn’t it?

All of her answers were short, curt. “He was abusive.” An understatement. “And we were together for three years.”

Years of lies, of pain, and hiding. No, Maya couldn’t blame Angelus for his worry after what she had done in staying with Aeron and hiding the truth for so long, even when Angelus suspected it. Now here she was, with a man who did have a history of abusing a wife, and she’d seen it in the dream.

“I think that should explain why he feels the need to compare it, or do you need more details?”
There was a touch of disgust there—at the idea that more might be necessary.

She didn’t talk of Aeron with anyone who hadn’t known, and she generally avoided it with people who knew. Julio still knew very little. 


 Flattery could get one far, but Aeron also knew it was dangerous to trust someone like Cyrus when he wielded those words. That was confirmed as he let the wine glass touch his lips again, and Cyrus apologized.

The glass paused.

Then it shattered in his hand and the wine spilt onto the floor.

Cyrus knew. It was in his tone and his new mannerisms. “How?” The single word was Aeron’s demand to know how Cyrus could have possibly known what he was. He was good at keeping up appearances—or so he thought.

He needed to know if there was a leak, and then he needed to crush it. Or he needed to know how to improve his act. One or the other.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master was seeking answers, but he only found more links to his past. With Maya’s information, with the names, he began to remember who he had done business with when he took over the planet.

‘Bob.’ Such a simple and ambiguous name, but it carried more meaning to the Master than he cared to admit.

He looked away, angry, and with no concern of hiding his very conflicted emotions.

Despite the anger, the Master felt absolutely disgusted that he was being compared to the man that hurt Maya. In that moment he could not see the very real similarities between what Aeron had done to Maya and what he had done to Lucy. In his mind, it had been different. He hated the comparison, and Maya’s justification made it so much worse.

“I do not think so,” he disagreed fiercely. “The comparison is unwarranted, and it explains absolutely nothing. I share no similarities to that hateful man.” He paused, unintentionally refusing to look Maya in the eye. “Not anymore. Not in a way that it could make this man relevant to me.”

Throughout the conversation, the Master had not relaxed his fists, and he had conveniently forgotten what the signal had done to his mind. It was different, wasn’t it?

“You should have told me,” he said at last. “I could have—”

In truth, the Master didn’t know what he would have done if he knew, but he was certain that things would have been handled differently. The anger did not allow him to say anything more, and he was lost for words to describe the rage he held for both Maya and himself.


Cyrus looked to Aeron in a way that he hadn’t before - it was serious, but it was also more communicative and honest than ever. The man knew he was playing a dangerous game, but he knew how to play the game well.

The infamous waiter was quick to clean up after Aeron, and was long gone before he needed to be waved off again.

“It is not hard to spot if you know what you are looking for, Aeron. Very few people do. I only know of a handful, myself.” The figure was a bit of an exxageration, but he was not about to start giving specifics. “I have been following your work for quite some time now, and I have noticed the subtle changes in your life, and the ones of your most trusted companion.”

Cyrus didn’t know the actual nature of their relationship, but he did know that it was not enough to prevent any affiliation with Aeron.

“I like to know who I do business with, something I’m sure you can understand. And no matter how hard to try, if someone knows of you, you can't hide it.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya finally turned to face the Master, though only to snap, “Aeron doesn’t matter!” When it was said she knew it was false.

Aeron had never stopped mattering.

“You won’t be anyone without me.”

And she wasn’t, was she?

His voice was back with a vengeance and it fueled Maya’s own anger which she knew she ought to reel in. “He’s my past, he was never important, there was no reason to tell you of him.” She was trying to convince herself more than the Master. “There’s nothing you could have done.” Except change the past, but Maya would have never let him. That past, broken and terrible as it was, brought her to Bristol. Brought her to Julio. Brought her to this.

‘Still no one.’

She tried to take a deep breath, but it was shallow. “When were you going to tell me of Lucy? Of Saxon?” Maya asked, again reaching for that ring without thinking. “If I should have told you of Aeron, you should have told me of that time. Of Alatria. Of every other person you’ve ever played with.” Right? “Fair’s fair.”

Why did she say it that way?


Anyone who knew what they were looking for could spot it. The question was, how did Cyrus even know what to start looking for? How did he even get the hint that Aeron was more than he seemed? It seemed to be tied up in his history. Cyrus had been watching him far too closely.

Which likely meant he also knew his history.



Aeron swallowed down hate. He needed Cyrus, and the man likely knew that. Otherwise, Cyrus would not have dared. Aeron didn’t exactly have a reputation for peace, despite his outward appearances. “Yes, I do understand. I admire your intelligence, Cyrus, and your boldness—at least I will take it for that and not stupidity.”

Another breath. “So long as you breathe a word of this to none of your employees, we should get on just fine. Only Setsuna and a new employee of mine know. His identity hasn't been formed yet, but once he is in the open, I'll make a point to introduce you.” And he planned for it to stay that way. Even UNIT was in the dark as to what he was. Torchwood, too.

‘And they know what to look for.’

This only grated on Aeron more.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master could think of a million reasons why he felt the need to know about Aeron, but each of those reasons was linked to the idea that Maya meant more to him than he had admitted to himself. The instance where his emotions had escaped him was when he confessed that he didn’t want to lose Maya. It had been verbalized, and it had been real, as opposed to a thought that he knew all too well how to hide.

Why couldn’t he admit to it?

“I wasn’t going to tell you,” he breathed out, exasperated. “Never was that in my intentions. Only because I am no longer controlled by the drums, and I thought you knew that. If it weren’t—” he struggled. “If I hadn’t been for those fucking drums, I wouldn’t have lost as much as I have, and I wouldn’t have caused all that you accuse me for! You are still the same person, aren’’t you?”

But not everything that he said was true, was it? Didn’t he excel at using people, even when he had considered himself to be sane? Hadn’t he freely used his psychic powers to get what he wanted? What was to stop anyone from seeing those actions as the manipulations of his past?

“Now I question the reasons behind your companionship. I can’t keep talking about this, not when everything I think I know keeps crumbling down around me.”

What were Maya’s motives for being with him? If Angelus was concerned for her, shouldn’t he be concerned as well?

The Master had never considered being of one mind with Angelus, but the idea came so quickly and so forcefully that he couldn’t ignore it. What if Ange was right to be concerned for his sister? Not only because of Maya’s past, but his own?

The Master’s hand reached for the control panel of the TARDIS, and it came alive, drifting them back into space.

“Maya, I don’t know how to talk about this.”

Right then, the Time Lord’s voice had lost most of his aggression, and it was mostly now confusion.


Cyrus openly laughed, but it was not one that was mocking, but more relaxed. As if the two of them were actually having a conversation that was humorous, as if they two of them were friends.

“I think the stupidity would have been more obvious, more real, had I kept this from you. I know very well the kind of person that I am dealing with, and even if you are more wary of me, you should know that I know with more certainty now that our deals will go much more smoothly. I have no reason to out you, Aeron. I don’t want to keep secrets about our business.”

Cyrus rose and buttoned his jacket. “Take this for the gift that it is, Aeron. You are doing business with a person who understands how you work, and how important it is for you to carry on business a certain way. Think of it as an upgrade from your previous affiliations.”

With a few quick comments, Cyrus cleared the bill.

“I’ll be waiting for your call so we can move forward with our business. Until then, have a good evening.”

Cyrus gave a polite nod and walked away. The waiter that had joined them the whole night unbuttoned his vest, and closely followed Cyrus out of the restaurant. The waiter did so with such grace that not a single ignorant eye noticed it.