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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master’s attention was all focused on the remaining lizard, and after the announcement was made, his eyes found the radio by the reptilian’s hand. He looked afraid, though there was no doubt that the man felt no regret about what he had done. These species were never very appreciative of their lives – they would sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The Master laughed at such nonsense.  Yet wasn’t what he did back on earth similar?

“Of course not,” the Master answered his own thoughts, unaware that it had been out loud. He looked the lizard over, weaponless. The laser was pointed once more, and now the radio sputtered and dimmed into its own death. With mimicked movements, the laser went on to disable the other radios. He walked over to the lizard, who raised his arms as if to confront the Master. He still took a step away from the Master, wary. The fool hadn’t realized that he had stepped away from his dead comrades, and therefore away from their perfectly abled guns.

The Master picked them both up and handed one to Maya. “Hold on to that, Maya.” He said, pointing his own at the lizard.

He clicked his tongue, sarcastically expressing his disappointment on the lizard. “I’m very sorry you had to do that,” the lizard flinched, and the Master laughed. “If you want to live, you will stay in this room. Not that you’ll have much choice.” The Master lowered his gun, giving the lizard one last goofy grin before turning around and heading for the door. “Let’s go, Maya. Don’t you worry, we’ll be just fine.” He opened the door out of the storage room, knowing that no offenders would be on the other side, and asked Maya to step out first. He pointed his laser inside the room, disabling anything that could help the lizard, before closing the door and locking it.

Much like he did before, the Master pressed his index finger to his lips and shushed. He moved forward, noting the shuffling on the main ballroom just outside the corridor. He expected a lot of armed men, which would make it nearly impossible for almost everyone to escape. He, however, was the Master. He would do just fine. He pointed his laser towards the ballroom, and with a circular motion, he scanned the whole ballroom.

A button was pressed, and the weapons sputtered.

The Master peeked around the corner. He had been right. Lizardmen had been positioned all over the ballroom, but their weapons had all been disabled. Their radios too. The screwdriver was standard, though it was still very useful against outdated weaponry and technology. The armed people on the cruise ship were severely outmatched.

“Come, its safe,” invited the Master, taking hold of Maya’s hand and walking out to the ballroom in plain sight. He walked casually, as if he owned the place.

The Lizard men shuffled and prepared to assault the Master. As the Time Lord walked, however, he pointed his abled gun to the ceiling and fired. Bang. The men had thought that even the Master’s weapons had been disabled. A mistake. “Do not try and stop us, ladies and gentlemen. We will shoot you. Take care, now.” He walked across the deck and towards the lift. No one dared try and assault them. Even though they had the numbers, the Master had a weapon with unlimited ammunition. It had the potential to be a massacre.

A soft ding was heard, and the doors to the lift opened.

“They will have the stairs guarded; they won’t expect us to use the lift.” He reasoned, though he could have been wrong. He asked her in and went in himself. A couple of Lizardmen felt like they could be heroes, and they charged when the Master had gone into the lift. Shots were fired and they fell, with a smile and a wave, the Master bid the others goodbye.

The doors closed.


Juls listened, but he didn’t say anything in return.

“Have a nice nap, mate.” It wasn’t much more than a whisper.

While his friend slept, Juls kept his eyes on the road. In time they would reach Torchwood, but for now he was glad that his friend was getting some well-deserved rest.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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No question had been asked. Maya glanced from the lizard to the Master, wondering who he was speaking to. Apparently not the lizard. She didn’t think it was to her.

The Master retrieved the guns, and Maya took one. She looked it over.
‘Don’t want to use it.’ But soon enough she’d reasoned how it could be useful to do things besides kill. She could always intimidate with it. Guns made even people like her intimidating. ‘Is it always like this?’ Maya could harm, aim for non-vital things.

This lizard was spared as the Master made his way to the exit. Maya cast the lizard one last look, before hurrying after him. The laser disabled things, locked the door. No one was there in the hall, but when Maya opened her mouth to speak, she was shushed. She shut her mouth, bit the inside of her cheek and scowled.
‘Fine.’ Now probably wasn’t the best time as it was.

They walked on, pausing once near the ballroom. The laser was used again, and she heard the sound of the sputtering weapons.
‘By far, the most useful thing here.’ She needed to get one of those screwdrivers.

Still, he was reckless.
‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ He took her hand as the doubt showed, and she had no choice but to follow along with him, right into the open. She held the gun without pointing it at anyone. It remained pointed up, but she didn’t think to fire it up at the ceiling to get a reaction. No, it was just safer than pointing it down.

Maya managed not to flinch at how loud that sound was, so close to the fired gun as she was. They kept walking at an even pace as the lizard men halted their advance, their assault plans stalled by that single shot. Maya’s heart was in her throat when they stopped at the lift, still in plain sight of so many once-armed lizard men who wanted to arrest the Master.
“All we’ve used is the lift.” If they were watching Master and Maya, if they knew the two came in a TARDIS, they might realize the two didn’t know the ship well enough to even know where the stairs were.

At least he wasn’t killing senselessly, though. The doors opened, and those who didn’t charge were left to live. Maya did wince at the shots fired, but saw his gestures as the doors started to close. Smile and wave, rather like a politician, except she was pretty sure no politician could ever get away with that sort of grin.

‘Well, one.’ Ah yes, how could she forget the one election her brother actually cared about? Harold Saxon. He was so disappointed when the man was deemed ‘unfit’ and apparently thrown in an asylum, never to be heard from again.

The doors shut. Maya let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.
“This is normal for you, isn’t it?” Disbelief, fear, and curiosity mingled in her voice, in her movements. She stepped to the left corner near the doors, that wonderful spot where she’d be out of sight when the doors first opened to those outside the lift.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Questions for later. Curiously, one plan hadn’t changed. “I’m getting a less lethal weapon later,” she still intended to tag along. If this was going to be normal, she’d get something she might actually use to be helpful, when situations required such…unfortunate actions.

She smiled, just a little, at the thought. Yes, unfortunate. Not regretful. The smile grew until she laughed, but she didn’t explain what amused her about it all as the lift finally stopped. Her laughter died immediately.

The doors opened. The shops were closed, and the entire area was vacant. Maya peeked around, stepped out, looked up at the signs that offered directions and then pointed right,
“Cabin suites,” somewhere that way was the TARDIS, and likely more armed aliens. If they knew the destination of Master and Maya, they might have decided to put more of their forces into protecting the TARDIS, with the hope of catching the two.

The gun remained pointed up as Maya walked in that direction, feigning confidence. It was almost easy, at least her strides and the tilt of her head were able to suggest she wasn’t afraid.

She did come to an abrupt halt as she heard noises, conversation. Apparently there was now quite the fuss since none of the people could reach those at the SUB DECK.

Heels weren’t exactly subtle shoes, though. One of the lizard people had heard them from the drift of the conversation now.


Angelus could never sleep peacefully in a car. He rested, but it was a light rest. He was easily disturbed by changes in light or bumps in the road. He didn’t vocalize complaints or make that known, though.

No, he wanted to try to sleep. He wanted to be with his thoughts without disturbance, because there was something nagging at him, at the back of his mind. He couldn’t place it, though, and the various disturbances to his sleep didn’t help. Just as he thought he grasped it, half-asleep, a bump jarred him. He opened his eyes, sensing the vehicle slowing, and noted the Torchwood van had parked. Angelus stretched, groaned.
“Too soon,” he complained.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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A non-lethal weapon was a boring weapon to the Master. When Maya said she wanted one, the Time Lord only shook his head – his smile wide. “No fun,” a mutter followed. He would give her one if she wanted one, but he wouldn’t like it.

The doors of the lift opened and the couple was greeted by mostly silence. The once busy deck was now completely deserted, and only shuffles of sounds could be heard from all around them. The smell of fabric and perfume entered the lift. The Master looked to his companion as she moved on out, looking for the way towards the cabin suites. He followed closely behind his hands falling to his side in relaxation. He was certain that the Lizardmen would not attack them.

Not at the moment, anyway.

Still, the Master admired how confident Maya seemed to be in the situation – it was in its own merit attractive. She walked decidedly, gun pointing forward, as if this were only natural. Yes, it would be fun to bring her along in his shenanigans. “Touchy species, aren’t they?” Mocked the Master as they walked, not caring for the amount of attention he attracted. In fact, it almost seemed like the Master wanted everyone to hear him.

The Lizardmen heard them eventually, and they shuffled on closer to them with their guns in hand. The sound of their charging weapons surrounded them, which made the Master cackle in his superiority. He used the screwdriver once more to disable the weapons. The groans of disappointment made the Time Lord laugh even louder. Did they really think they could stop him? Not with those weapons, they couldn’t. What would they do? Swarm them?

That would be a death sentence.

“Attention,” said the Master moving towards the cabin suites. There would be many more men there, waiting to ambush them. “If you value your life, you will stay away. As witnesses from below, you can ask your fellow kin – for they couldn’t stop us either.”

He used his hand to playfully shoo them away.

This was as much a game as anything else – something that ignited happiness in the Master that had not been present since his awakening. The man was finally beginning to feel like his old self, witnessing the weight that his name still carried.  These people were nothing compared to the danger that had made the Master fear back on Earth. The Vashta Nerada were truly dangerous – these people were just scared. They were essentially valueless.

“We don’t have to hurry, Maya,” said the Master casually, loud enough for the fearful Lizardmen to hear. Hateful eyes followed their every move, but the Lizardmen seemed to be frozen in place. There was as much fear as there was hatred. “We’re in no rush.”

A pleasant sounding bell rang, and then a voice announced something from the intercoms around them.

“Don’t use your plasma guns you bunch of idiots, use piercing weapons on them! He can’t disarm those!”

The voice sounded a lot like Alatria. Of course it would be her.

The Master looked around him, like if he was looking for the intercom specifically. His smile faded, but not due to concern. She was very quickly getting on his last nerve, which was never a good thing considering his reputation. It wasn’t a good thing at all to get on the Master’s bad side. Commotion, chaos, and often death, would soon follow.


He offered his hand for Maya to take.

“Or maybe we could hurry a little.”


Juls parked his car right behind Jack, who was already making his way towards them. Juls looked over to Angelus, knowing instantly that he had not really slept. He had tried to make the ride as smooth as possible, but some things could just not be avoided, especially with a car that wasn’t particularly new. He gave his friend a weal apologetic smile before stepping out of his car.

Jack was already leaning on its side – all smiles.

“Nice place, isn’t it?”

In truth, Juls had not yet looked around – his mind had been occupied with other thoughts. He looked around and realized that they were somewhere relatively busy in London. The Santa wondered whether having headquarters somewhere so public was a good idea, but he didn’t vocalize these worries. He only looked ahead to a large fountain – it was upright and tall with water falling from all of its sides. He had been around this area of London before, it was fairly popular.

“So HQ is in these buildings?” Juls chuckled with a disbelieving tone.

Jack also laughed.

“Not exactly.”

He waved the over as he began to walk towards the fountain. Juls followed closely, wondering what on earth he wanted to do with the fountain. It looked pretty deserted compared to the other buildings around them. Then suddenly, Juls found that his eyes wanted to look at the fountain, and no longer at Jack. It was a strange feeling, for when his eyes finally left the fountain, Jack was nowhere to be seen.

“What the hell?” Juls looked around. He couldn’t have gotten far.

Then as quickly as he had gone, Jack was back, right in front of them. Juls had a hard time trying to find words to ask him what was happening, but he didn’t wait for long. Jacks hand pointed to the floor casually and then back at the fountain. Immediately, Juls knew that this was somehow related to some alien technology – something that would protect people from stumbling into the headquarters.

“This block in this side of the fountain,” Jack motioned with his eyes to what he was referring, “has a perception filter. People won’t look at it, or anyone on it, unless they know it’s there. That’s one of the entrances to the HQ. We had something just like it back in Cardiff. What can I say? I like tradition.”

Jack stepped into the block of pavement, and Juls followed, completely amazed, but smiling. It looked just like any other block of pavement. He would have never guessed that there was something even remotely special about it.

“We’re going down, watch yourselves,” said Jack amusingly.

The block would not begin its descent until all three men were standing on it.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘Non-lethal can be quite fun.’ Perhaps he needed to be introduced to paint ball. Angelus would give him one hell of a game. Not that Maya was looking for a reason to show off such a thing as causing injury. When it came to difficult situations, she much preferred diplomacy to violence, but she wouldn’t be opposed to injury in a situation where guns were being pointed at her.

The Master wasn’t all that concerned with quietness. She gave a glance back to him as he followed,
“Quite,” she agreed, but did wonder what all the fuss was about. The Master certainly knew how to disarm, intimidate, and…control the lizard men. The thought lingered that they might have reason to be ‘touchy’.

Not that Maya was really going to start talking with the lizard men. They still liked to hold guns at her and the Master. Once again they were all but surrounded, and Maya did find she could aim the gun at them even as the Master cackled, shaking them all to their core. Before any could think to shoot, the beautiful sound of the laser shut them all down. The groans were evidence of this fact.

The Master made his declaration and Maya followed, but did turn around on her heel once out of the circle of lizard men, to offer a curtsey and a,
“Thank you,” before spinning right back around and catching up with the Master who kept walking. That must have been why he mentioned hurrying, but Maya had no issue slowing down to match him once she had caught up again. There were still lizard men around to glare as they passed, unwilling to try and assault them without weapons.

And then on cue, a bell tinkled and a voice gave orders.
“Well, now we know who the genius is. Bet the wardrobe is with her,” Alatria had recognized the name, hadn’t she? “Scorned woman?” Maya couldn’t help but ask, thinking that as probable as anything.

There was movement from the lizard men under this new order. Maya fired a shot at the feet of one, freezing him and several of the others in their hurried movement to grasp another weapon. It would give enough time, Maya hoped, for them to escape. She took his hand with her empty one.
“I am getting bored of this place.” For they had lots of other places to be, lots of other things to see, and much more to do.

Angelus smiled, shook his head at the one given. Apologies were unnecessary. He rarely slept in trips, though he often tried. Jack was already out of the car when they got out, spoke about the place. Angelus looked around, shrugged.
“London,” as if the name meant nice.

He’d lived in London for a stint some years back. Parents were closer to London. He wouldn’t really mind moving back, even if things were tense with the parentals.
‘Have to talk to Maya.’ They tended to move with each other, even though they didn’t live together any longer. They both managed to make enough on their own that it wasn’t necessary.

Apparently HQ wasn’t one of the fancy buildings near the fountain, though. Jack did lead them to the fountain, and vanished.

Angelus blinked as Julio exclaimed.
“I am getting so sick of this….” he trailed off as Jack reappeared. Julio was made speechless, which took away some of Angelus’s annoyance. A smirk replaced the anger as he saw that Jack was going to explain, could explain, whatever was going on. “Uh huh. Perception filter,” he repeated the term, wanting to remember it. “I think there must be others around….” He was pretty sure Andrew had found them. Andrew could disappear too easily.

Still, he followed Jack onto that perception filter, and onto the block which was apparently going to descend. He braced himself as it did move, looking around at the people still out that night, and how none of them seemed to notice.
‘Wow.’ This was, admittedly, pretty cool. He was starting to get a bit giddy himself with the thought of other technologies they might have. ‘Damn useful in paintball.’ He could put his flag in the perception filter. No one would ever get it, then.

Of course he would only think of mundane uses of hiding things.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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A shot was fired at the men’s feet, and they froze in their assault looking perplexed. Eyes looked to the ceiling of the deck, and the Master knew that since they were all gathered there that the weapons would be delivered to them from above. Maya’s clever assault and the Master’s reputation had given them some time to move forward, but now there was no time to waste. If the lizardmen got ahold of manual – physical – weapons, then the Master would have to think of something to stop them. Quick.

He wasn’t worried, though. After all, he always came up with his best ideas under a certain amount of pressure.

Another though interrupted.

Scorned woman? Most definitely.

“I imagine so,” he only half-confessed to the truth, his tone playful.

She took his hand, warm at his touch. The Master led the way towards the cabin suites, looking from one door to the next, all identical in appearance. Even then, the Master could tell that this was definitely the more luxurious section of the ship, but just like Maya, the Master was quickly getting bored with the place. Even the thrill of living such a luxurious life once more was rapidly fading.

As the couple moved, steps could be heard behind them. Eventually the sounds of bullets also erupted in the corridor. The Master looked behind him, pointed the gun, and shot. They were still too far away for them to be much threat, especially with guns that they weren’t particularly proficient with. One by one, however, they fell, blasted by the Master’s gun into a state of lifelessness.  The Time Lord fought back the instinct to smile, and instead turned to move on forward.

His eyes, however, met the sight of a particularly extravagant door. Immediately, the Master knew that it was through there that he was supposed to go. The man did not think twice, taking a step back and kicking the door open. He wouldn’t waste his time trying to open it with a sonic, not like the man that was constantly on his mind. A yelp of panic could be heard from inside, but Alatria was not yet visible. Three lizardmen had been in the room with her, but the laser rendered them useless soon enough.

“Step aside, gentlemen,” he mocked, and when they charged, the Master shot them down.

As predicted, Alatria was within, perfectly visible and next to the wardrobe. Her eyes met the Master’s as he and his companion walked in.

“Naughty,” said the Master, clicking his tongue and shaking his head, “and unwise.”

Alatria shook her head and raised her hands in surrender, her voice not being able to produce the plea that she clearly wanted to vocalize. As the Master approached, she moved away from him, and as the Master had hoped, away from the TARDIS. His gun, however, followed her as she moved, which caused her to weep.


The door to the TARDIS opened, but the Master was not yet done with her.


Juls looked around him, expecting to see something extraordinary. Why was he so excited about this? For some reason, alien life and the strange night that he had just experienced were not reasons enough for the excitement. Sadly, in their descent they were only surrounded by a stone wall – it was a bit tight, a claustrophobic’s nightmare. Glimpses of light illuminated the dark descent as they traveled down; Juls could just make out Angelus’ face next to him – a smile.

And then at last, a clearing.

The lights of the large room were temporarily blinding, but once their sight adjusted the room was absolutely breathtaking. As they came down, Juls could see the whole room. A magnificent pillar was upright in the center of the room, with an ovular formation of computers and gadgets assembled around it. The fountain from above continued around them, making a manmade river around the HQ – bridges taking them from one side to the other.

A cry was heard.

Juls turned only to witness a Pterodactyl, wings outstretched and beak open. Something told him that it was real, and not a very realistic imitation.

“Welcome to Torchwood,” said Jack ceremoniously.

When they at last landed safely by a bridge that would take them to the control panel in the center of the room, they were greeting by two people – each of them looking at Jack incredulously. One man and one woman stood next to each other. The man was not a thin man; he had blonde hair and kind eyes. Some people might say that he was a healthy sized man. The woman was small, but her expression was fierce – confident like her shoulder length, straight, black hair and olive toned eyes.

“Jack, you’ve brought guests.”

It wasn’t a question.

Jack only laughed. 

“Angelus, Juls,” Juls smiled when Jack didn’t call him by his full name, “I want you to meet Gwen and Rhys, my other Torchwood employees. Gwen, Rhys, meet Angelus and Juls.”

Juls moved towards them, hand outstretched. Gwen looked at him up and down – Juls was sure that she was admiring his costume. Jack wasn’t so sure about that.

“Gwen Cooper,”
she said with weak, but genuine, smile.

“Rhys Williams,” said the other, with a wider smile but with the same cautious tone. “She’s my wife.”

“Shut up, Rhys,” she said, but a chuckle escaped her.

“Julio Bauss.” They shook hands.

“Friends of yours?” Gwen asked Jack, disbelieving.

“I hope so,” responded he with a laugh, “I’ve just offered them a job.”

Gwen raised her eyebrows, but neither she nor Rhys said anything.

“Be nice.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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There was much the Master was leaving out. Hadn’t that been obvious before? Certainly, but now it seemed important to have this information, to understand if there were going to be many ‘scorned women’ with miniature armies. They moved on, hand in hand, pace quicker but not running. Running would betray too much anxiety, no doubt.

Maya wanted to run at the first sound of a gunshot. She did wince at one bullet that moved by, too far to the side to be a threat, but a sharp reminder that these were deadly weapons. She was holding a deadly weapon, and yet it was not she who fired at them. She released his hand to take cover at a turn, as he instead turned to fire on them.
‘They are shooting at you!’ Her mind berated her inability to leave the cover and fire back. It was so easy to do in video games, but reality was different. It wasn't so simple to take a life. It was

The Master returned, job completed, and they both noted the rather extravagant door. Obviously, it was the one, and it was taken down with force. It jarred the lizardmen within, and they, too, were shot down. Necessary. Still, Maya cast a sympathetic look down at the corpses as the Master strode on forward. She turned to the opened door, decided she’d keep her attention that way in case any more lizardmen rushed forward.

She heard weeping, but hadn’t heard the sound of any actions. No persuasive commands, no gun shots, nothing.

She did hear a door open, and looked back over her shoulder to see it was the wardrobe. She almost tossed the gun aside to move into it, but thought better. Best not to abandon a working weapon in a hostile environment.

No, she stepped closer to the TARDIS, put a foot inside it, but glanced between the Master and Alatria. The Master’s lack of movement gave away the truth that he wasn’t finished here.

Perhaps Alatria deserved more suffering to be visited upon her.
‘She would have had you killed.’ And Maya didn’t have much sympathy for that. It did bother her, but she wasn’t sure that Alatria deserved whatever the Master had in mind, either. “Master,” not timid, but her tone could not be called assertive, either. “Is it not enough to let her live knowing that even with all this at her disposal, she failed?” For someone who went by ‘Master’, certainly he could guess what torture the idea of failure might be. She was not overly confident that he would consider it enough, though.

Alatria’s weeping didn’t quite cease, but something like incredulity was expressed on her face at Maya’s suggestion.


‘And that is a pterodactyl.’
Angelus stared at the creature until Jack spoke, and then he tore his eyes away from it to examine his surroundings. There were two other people, there were computers, gadgets, bridges, and indeed a river. That explained the fountain, a thing of purely aesthetics, Angelus imagined.

He could appreciate aesthetics.

He let his eyes travel over each of the people in turn, sizing them up. He was not as outgoing as Julio, so he didn’t approach to shake. He stepped away from Jack and further into this ‘HQ’, looking up once more as Jack gave the command to ‘be nice’.

A look down and at Gwen’s face told him enough.
“We survived the Vasha Nevada or whatever, the haunted house thing,” he said, lifted one shoulder in a shrug, “Helped Jack carry back the other alien stuff from the house that’s in the van.” And then a smile, “I’m Angelus Porter,” he ought to properly introduce himself as the two of them had. “This isn’t going to be like the mafia, is it? Once we’re in, we can’t leave kind of stuff, right? And if so, do I at least get a raptor?” That would be incentive enough to stay.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya was about to go in, but she stopped, surely noticing that the Master was not prepared to leave just yet. The sight of Alatria whimpering beneath him, it didn’t bring him the joy that he had expected. The joy the Master felt when people recognized his name was the same, but why didn’t he feel happy about his superiority? She was cowering before him, weeping in fear just at the sight of him. She deserved to die, certainly.

If it were up to her, it would be he who would be dead.

She deserved death.

He couldn’t bring himself to shoot her, though. The Master looked at her, pointed the gun at her, but he couldn’t shoot her. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to. But why? Why didn’t he want to do something so simple? Something that he had done to the others just outside the corridor?

‘That was different,’ his voice told him. ‘They were shooting at you. She’s defenseless.’

“Shut up…” The Master muttered, speaking to himself and not at all to Alatria. He shook his head, finding the perfect excuse in Maya’s words. Yes. Having her live with the fact that she failed would be punishment enough. The Master would not have left her alive in the past, but continuing to try and reason why he felt the things that he felt was not an option. No, he couldn’t continue to think of those things. He needed to get out, just as he needed to escape Jack.

The steps from outside of the corridor became louder. The Lizardmen were closer. Time was running out.

“Goodbye Alatria dear,”
said the Master, and with a smirk, he turned and made for the TARDIS.

Alatria was left lying on the floor, sobbing. Her eyes were completely wide with shock – somehow realizing that although this man was clearly the Master, he was different. In a sense a completely different man.

The guns began to fire their bullets just as the Master closed the door to the TARDIS.

He looked over to Maya, tossing the gun aside.

“That went well.”


“Vashta…what?” Gwen looked even more confused, seeking answers in Jack.

“Oh right, you don’t know about them, do you?” A chuckle, though Gwen was clearly not amused.

Juls raised an eyebrow, looking at Jack. “So you weren’t kidding,” said he, noticing Rhys’ judging eyes on his costume. “Not a lot of people know about them, not even the people who work for you.” He turned to Rhys, who only smiled nervously. “Do you want your present early, Rhys?”

Jack laughed, and even Gwen smiled. Rhys only turned a brilliant shade of red.

“I suppose we need to go over the specifics of the job,” said Jack after Angelus spoke. “What we basically do, really, is track down anything that is alien in nature. Tools, weapons - whatever - and we confiscate it. Keep it out of anybody else’s use. There is a rift crack around England that is…unstable – which essentially means that things from other planets and other times can escape through this crack. Particularly around this area.”

Gwen rolled her eyes, but her smile was still present. This was not unusual behavior.

“It’s not a particularly safe job,” added she, asking nothing further about the Vashta Nerada. It was also common for Gwen and Rhys to not know nearly as much as Jack. “The pay is good, though.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master didn’t shoot. The relief Maya felt was disorienting in its own way, and she stepped quickly into the TARDIS. Her back fell against the doors when they were shut, even as she heard the shooting. Somehow, she knew the bullets wouldn’t penetrate the doors, wouldn’t shoot her.

The gun clattered, thrown aside. Maya didn’t throw hers, not that careless with weaponry. She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped at his statement. She supposed it wasn’t a lie—they made it here, unharmed, after all.

She straightened up against the door, set the gun aside and pushed a hand back through her hair. A deep breath followed. The safety killed the adrenaline flow, which allowed thoughts to start to flow more freely now that she wasn’t worried about her own life. As she stepped away from the door, she glanced at the discarded gun once more. She’d been absolutely useless with that thing. The Master could have been shot, could have been forced to regenerate again. Guilt wanted her to apologize, but shame and questions of morality kept her from it.

Best to think through the new gray areas first. She'd have to rest eventually, and then she could consider such issues.

Still, she was going to need something, and her eyes skimmed the TARDIS’s interior, wondering what else might be in this ‘wardrobe’.
‘It really is huge.’ She hadn’t had time to admire that before. It could be a house! Perhaps it was a house.

Again, her hand moved to her head, to brush back hair, but it didn’t push through completely, instead just resting as she took in exactly how large this thing was, and what it was. Another deep breath.

Her hand dropped back to her side. She didn’t identify anything as being useful to her as she put distance between herself and the doors, moving more to the central complex, full of buttons, lights, and levers. She didn’t reach out to touch this time.
“I don’t suppose that before we go have a better time, you would be willing to humor a few questions besides this one?” She had never liked the question of ‘can I ask a question’. The person was asking a question already. She’d tried to find other ways to phrase it.


So, they were ignorant of the VN things, too. Angelus decided that was how he was going to think of them, since the name hadn’t sounded right coming out of his lips. He smirked at the reaction to Julio’s comment, shook his head a little and walked closer to the central area. He listened to Jack’s spiel as his eyes took in the equipment, only to blink.
“Time?” That seemed odd. “You can’t travel through time.” He was pretty sure that had been proven scientifically impossible.

Still, he could hear Maya’s voice mocking him.
‘You’d say that after seeing the Vashta Nerada?’ Imagined-Maya had a point. Was that how it was pronounced? Sounded right.

“I mean, aliens and stuff is believable, but you’re not serious about time, right?”
The looks he saw suggested otherwise. “Ok. What’s the pay?” Screw it. Maybe he’d get to kill Hitler, with a raptor, and a laser gun.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The few moments of relaxation that followed were welcomed with open arms. The sounds of the bullets from outside the TARDIS could be heard, but they were muffled. Distant, almost like echoes of something that never had really been a threat. They would never make it inside the TARDIS, very few things ever could.  He looked about his home, truly seeing it for the very first time. It was furnished, thankfully, and in things that didn’t clash with his taste.

There would be rooms, of course, though he would sleep only rarely. Did it have a library? Most TARDISs did. A pool? Quite possibly.

Time would present itself for that later.

“Questions?” The Master moved to the center of the room, wary of the things that Maya might ask him.

He didn’t want to keep her out of the loop, but then again he wasn’t ready to answer some of the more difficult questions. They were only natural, however, and given the situation that they had just been in, they were expected. Would they be welcomed, however? The Master would answer what he could, of course. He would avoid what he couldn’t. What exactly could he answer, though? What subjects would he avoid?

He didn’t care. The Master would avoid anyway.

Yes, that was a good plan.

“Ask away Maya,” said he after some thought, however quick it was, “I’m sure you have plenty of things to ask.”


Jack smiled, but his face was much more serious than it’d been before.

“Time travel is possible,” he said, but quickly continued, “but Torchwood does not affiliate with that. We try to stay away from time travel; we just deal with things that make their way here – no matter the reason or the channel.”

Time travel. Of course.

“Who funds this?” Juls had been itching to ask this question.

A laugh came from Jack. Juls was sharp. That would be useful for them in the future. “A royal charter was made back in 1879. They started Torchwood, and most of the funding comes from that fund. We've made profits out of other interested parties, but there is no need to get so technical with that.”

Juls nodded his head, finding it to be a completely ridiculous answer. Still, they didn’t seem to be in need of funds. They had computers that were far too advanced for the public.

“I’m prepared to offer you a three figure salary – work the hours that are required. No strict schedule, but you’ll find that you’ll be spending most of your time here anyway.”

“We started out with a bit over a hundred thousand a year,” said Gwen, leaning back on one of the desks. “To say that it has increased a bit would be an understatement.”

Juls turned to Angelus, ready to accept the job himself. He gave him a shrug, though it was clear that Juls wanted it. He wouldn’t if Angelus didn’t though. A familiar face would be welcomed in this rapidly changing world. Time travel. At least that hadn’t surprised him.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘An understatement.’ The more Maya looked, the more Maya realized there were doors besides the one that led outside. There were rooms in the TARDIS. There were rooms in the thing that looked like just a wardrobe. She didn’t watch nearly enough science fiction to understand how, but at least she found it easy enough to just accept that it was.

There was no arguing with what she saw, or what she’d seen. Maya had seen more people die in the course of a few hours than she had in her entire life.

‘Pin down a few, get a notebook to write others in.’
That was the problem of having plenty of questions. There were too many to ask, and there were a few she wasn’t sure she wanted an answer to. Of course she had to leave her notebook in her larger purse, which was resting somewhere in her apartment. That had a notebook in it.

“Ok, just a few, not plenty,”
she reassured, decided on three, “What…no, how did you command the lizard man to shoot his friend and himself?” she had very clearly seen what was done, at least, what parts of it could be seen. What she didn’t understand was the mechanism, the ‘how’ it had worked. “Why did they want to…arrest or kill us?” It had escalated far too quickly. “And does the TARDIS have an armory of some sort where I could get a non-lethal weapon so I’m not useless next time this happens?” She couldn’t get by the idea of killing, but she was not going to be useless in a fire-fight next time.


Angelus didn’t care where they got the money from. Considering how he’d taken several odd jobs just for money, the source of money very rarely concerned him, so long as there was money.
‘Maybe I should join the mafia.’ No, that would not go over well.

This was more interesting, anyway. And legit.
‘Like that American movie, Men in Black.’ Without the cool letter nicknames and suits, apparently. Well, Juls might wear a suit. They were offered more money than Angelus ever thought he’d see. He wasn’t exactly a college graduate. He’d scraped by in school and hated every second of it. “I guess we’re going to have to move, J.” Julio better get the reference.

It was so painfully obvious this was what Juls wanted. Angelus was just considering the money. That was more than enough to keep him satisfied, considering he wasn't even sure if he made 20k a year.
“Man. I don’t like London,” living in London, anyway. “Ok, Jack. I’m probably in, I just have to alert Maya. If she has no serious reason why I shouldn’t join your little crew, then I’ll join.” She at least needed to know he was moving. He was already certain she’d follow along, if she didn’t have any strong disagreements with it. He didn’t think so. If Despotes had said something serious about Torchwood or Jack, she would have called by now to warn him.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The questions were stalled, but only for a moment. The size of the TARDIS was only just now registering in Maya’s mind – its vastness and its grandeur amazing. The Master concluded that things had gotten busy too soon for either of them to really appreciate everything that the TARDIS provided for them, to really admire the greatness that it was. Despite this small pause, however, the questions did come eventually. One was simple enough, but two would require some explaining.

“Just a few then,” mirrored the Master, listening in and thinking. He didn’t quite know how to approach this little talent of his. It was often looked down upon, but it was fun. The Master didn’t quite regret that bit of their adventure.

“Well – I’m not human. I’m a Time Lord, and what you saw was just me using a little coercion to get out of a predicament – situation…err…problem,” he paused, his brows forming a tight line over his eyes, “I suppose you could call it a bit more than coercion. Some people like to say ‘mind control’,” air bunnies with those words, “but I like to deviate from that.”

No he didn’t. That was a lie. Mind control was awesome. Still, the Master had been more or less honest about it. He didn’t want to think why, however.

“I have a bit of a reputation,” he said this proudly, even if he didn’t really mean to. It was instinct. “I may or may not have done some questionable things in the past – nothing too outrageous,” more lies – the year that never was, “silly things of no real consequence. I thought them smart enough to just let us move in peace. When will I learn?”

Never. It was too much fun.

Armory. Yes, the easiest question for last.

He looked around, moving from the control panel to one of the other doors. The would led them to the rooms. Another door would lead them to – a smile – the library. He hated and loved libraries. The looked at the others – pool, bath and shower, actual wardrobe.

“I’m not sure,” he said at last, “but I can make you a non-lethal weapon, if you want. Feel free to look around, the library, the pool. I’ve got to upgrade this laser – and make a couple of other things, too. I can use the TARDIS’s spare parts, yeah – that could work.”

At this point the Master was talking more to himself than Maya – easily getting carried away with his own thoughts. Distractions.


Juls laughed, giving Angelus a quick but meaningful embrace.

“I guess so, A.” Men in Black. What an excellent movie. The sexy Santa broke the embrace and turned to look at Jack, a grin plastered on his joyful face. He couldn’t believe this was happening. What better way to celebrate Sarah’s memory than to make sure nothing like that happened ever again? “I accept the job offer, too, then.”

Jack opened his arms in success, his smile all teeth. “Great!” He moved from the desk and around to the congregation of computer besides them. “Christmas came early this year, guys! Now I know you guys have had a long and difficult day. Make your calls, handle your engagements and arrangements – rest. I’ll give you until the start of next week – that should be enough time to get yourselves settled here in London.”

Gwen was not really impressed, but she trusted Jack’s judgment. That, of course, and she would look over their files as soon as they left. She had been a cop before she worked for Torchwood, and that habit had never really left her. Rhys, however, was much more openly amicable than she. None of them were rude, or unwelcoming. Just cautious. Torchwood did not have the best reputation, especially since a great number of their employees did not live past their first few years.

Suzie. Owen. Tosh.


It was as if Jack could read Gwen’s mind, for when they locked eyes the wounds that they thought had healed opened up again. The pain was especially visible in Jack. They would never be forgotten. He’d be damned if he would let something like that happen to any of his employees. He would rather die – if he could, of course.

Which he couldn’t. 

Jack came down and took their information – phone numbers and all that – before letting them know that they could get some rest. The pain had seemingly gone from his face, replaced by a well-practiced flirtatious smile. Juls turned to Angelus.

“I can drive if you want,”
he could, he was still not at all exhausted. At least that’s what he told himself. His own bed sounded wonderful, though he really didn’t want to spend such a night by himself. “Or if you want we can stay at a hotel here in London.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘Lord. Master.’ Maya bit down on her lip to keep from commenting. Next he was going to say he the Time Lord race was a race of gods or something, and then she’d realize it was a dream—and she didn’t want to realize that, if it was. She liked this, ridiculous, grand, insane dream. Perhaps this was Death? ‘No.’ She wouldn’t humor the thought that they had all died in the Haunted House and this was her “last second”, which she’d heard could go on forever—at least to the one perceiving it.

Her lips quirked up at the term mind control. Approval and curiosity—perhaps not for how he chose to use it, but for the fact that it existed. Mind control was awesome.
‘Humans probably can’t learn it.’ Maya probably shouldn’t learn it. He spoke on, mentioned ‘questionable things’ without specifics. Apparently this was not a topic for discussion, presently.

She was distracted from considering it more deeply.
“Pool? Library?” She hadn’t brought a swim suit. Never mind that, library! “I like gun designs. Maybe a stun-gun type thing?” she said, took a step towards one of the doors, “And also, you’re going to show me how that trick works—like, on me, but not to make me do anything harmful. I just want to know how it feels, ah, just in case.” Knowing something was half the battle. If the Master could do it, certainly others could do it, and she would want to avoid being controlled if it was even possible. Certainly other Time Lords could do it. “I’m going to explore now!” And with that she picked one of the doors and dashed off into it.



Phone. “Son of a—” but she answered, “Boy.” She did not hide her irritation with his timing, at all. There was a piano in the library! She was immediately drawn to it, fingers moving over the white keys. “No, you did not interrupt anything.” She was going to slap him next time she saw him. Her cheeks heated at his next words. She would not answer that. “Why are you calling?”

A longer pause. He explained about Jack, Torchwood, and the job. The 6-figure job.
“Bloody hell. But, London?” Of course, London, that’s where everything was. “You still have my key, right?” Indeed, he did. “I’m not sure when I’ll be back…so you could move me into your apartment? I’ll do apartment searching of my own later.” She’d have to do job hunting later, too. “I don’t know when.”

The typical question followed.
“Narnia.” He didn’t seem as amused as she was. “You won’t believe the truth.” Of course that meant she had to tell him. “I was four hundred years in the future. Now I’m in a library, in a wardrobe, that is a time-spaceship.”

There was a pause. She knew Angelus had moved the phone down, taken a breath, because she heard him mutter something before composing himself again.
“Jack did not lie, time travel is possible, and the future has delicious food and jazz. Also, pretty clothes,” she looked down at her dress. “Similar clothes.” Finger pressed a key, noted the acoustics of the room weren't bad before she stepped away from the piano to examine the book titles. All of them read, to her, in English. She wondered if they read another way to the Master. “So, you’ll move me into your apartment?” A reluctant agreement. A thought about how she’d pay rent. “Sell the Strad and I will sell your organs on the black market. I have money in savings I'll get to you. You can buy Jasmine a new phone with it, too.” She was keeping the phone that made calls through space-time. She wasn’t going to question the logic of it.

“Yeah, it’s ok, Ange. Join, move,”
Maya said. Another pause, “I’ll try. I’ll definitely be home for Christmas.” She smiled, “Good night,” hung up, looked to the books. She wasn’t sure where to begin, so she let her finger run along the spines as she walked around the room, by the shelves. She didn’t see anything about Time Lords at first glance, so she ended up just grabbing one that seemed to be about another planet from the title, and went to take a seat to read it.

The book didn’t bore her, but the long day certainly took its toll at last. She fell asleep in the chair with the book open, nearly half-way finished, in her lap.


  Angelus shared in the laugh, appreciating the use of ‘A’. He returned the embrace, too, glad that Julio was so happy about this even if he still had his reservations.
“Thanks, Jack,” he appreciated the week to get things together. He’d have to draw up his funds, pawn a few things, in order to make that initial deposit for an apartment here in London, but he knew he would be able to buy them back with the salary he’d soon be earning.

To think, he could earn so much. That was supposed to be Maya. Hell, Maya was supposed to be the millionaire, but that hadn’t happened.
‘For the best.’ Her choice, after all. He did wonder if he had been right to influence her, though.

Information was given so Jack could get a hold of them. Angelus took his phone out to check the time, groaned when he saw it was now passed midnight.
“Might as well stay here,” given the hour. “Bunch of drunks on the roads now.” They could get home in the morning.

The two left, and Angelus held up a finger to Juls before dialing for Maya.

Her greeting was less than happy.
“Did I interrupt something?” He chuckled at her answer, the tenseness to it. “Do you wish I did?” He would be slapped if she were here. She didn’t dignify that question with an answer, and so he let his smile fade a bit to be serious. “I’m calling because I accepted a job with Jack, in Torchwood. I’ll be getting paid over a hundred thousand a year, but I have to move to London. I guess I’ll basically be stopping aliens from meddling in things here, and confiscating alien technology.” He waited. He expected an outburst, but it seemed she was all right with the idea. “Yeah, I have your key. Don’t you?” She didn’t answer that exactly. He knew what she was getting at, but the frown deepened. He could move her into his apartment, but why couldn’t she do it?

“When will you be back?”
She didn’t know. “Where are you?” He did not like her answer. “Narnia? Really, Maya, really? Narnia?” They were at the car now. He put a hand on the hood. “Try me.”

And so she told him something more ridiculous. She was in the future, or was in the future. Angelus took a breath, lowered the phone and placed his head on the hood of the car.
“She’s in the goddamn future, how did she end up in the future?” Stranger was a time traveler, obviously, “Prefer she were in fucking Narnia,” had to stop cursing. Had to get himself together. He brought the phone back to his ear, didn’t lift his head from the cool metal. “So, Jack did not lie. Time travel is a thing, and this guy is a time traveler?”

Yes. Yes he was. He sighed,
“Yeah, I’ll move you into the apartment. I’ll sell the Strad to cover your part of the rent for a few months.” The Strad was worth more than his yearly wage. He still didn’t know how she got it, one of the few secrets between them. He was starting to think she stole it.

The typical answer made him smile and he pushed away from the car to stand upright. He suddenly felt very tired. He was worrying too much.
“So, this is ok? Moving, London, job?” It was. “Aight. Do try to be back for Sarah’s funeral,” he said it more for her benefit. Maya had a thing, a need to attend funerals for ‘closure’, or that’s how she’d said it once when trying to convince him to go their grandfather’s funeral. He didn’t go. “Ok. Good night.” And he hung up, looked at Julio. “Apparently Despotes is a time traveler, and shall henceforth be referred to as ‘Dude’, because I don’t know what that word means.” He put the phone in his pocket. “Now, let’s get to a hotel so I can wake up in my own bed, or at least wake up to a continental breakfast if not that.” He’d take either as apology for this night. 


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Thankfully, no questions followed the previous ones – an unspoken relief. The Master was glad that he didn’t have to explain further on any matter, instead focusing on the fact that Maya wanted a non-lethal weapon that worked like a gun. Aside from the gun, however, Maya wanted the Master to use the mind control on her to see and experience what it felt like. The Time Lord knew why this was something that she wanted; she was smart, and the more she knew about how this worked the better prepared she would be in the future.

“Maybe,” he smiled, keeping his eyes on his TARDIS, all the parts.

She had gone not long after that, escaping his notice.

Now he was alone. It was frightening in a way that the Master didn’t know it could be. As if it had been planned, his own thoughts began to swim back to him – torturing him as they had before. Even the faint memory of the drums rang in his head, their rhythm resonating in his mind like they were actually present. He looked around, eyes wide, secretly wishing that Maya would come back. The Master didn’t want to be alone, and he couldn’t explain the necessity to have someone with him.

He was more afraid of being alone than he’d ever realized.

‘You are not yourself,’
said the voice once more.

“Yes I am,” whispered the Master, “I’m the Master.”

‘You’re different. You’re not him.’

The man’s head shook, moving away from the bars he had been holding onto. He pushed back, letting his hands now fall on the control panel platform – all the buttons lit up, everything where it ought. Still the voice persisted. It was trying to convince him of a fallacy he knew to be fiction. How could he not be the man he once was? He was the same person, he had just regenerated. It was still his mind – he had control over what he did.

‘You’re the same man, but you’re a different person.’

This was ridiculous.

“Leave me.” Commanded the Master, his voice poison.

His hands found the parts and he began to assemble – desperately trying to keep his mind occupied. He would not seek her, or anyone, and appear weak. Whatever his mind was trying to push upon him, he would push back. The Master would not deal with that, he didn’t have to. In the past, these thoughts would be obscured by the drum’s ever playing melody. Now that the drums were gum, he simply needed to try a little harder. 

Hours passed, and a war was waged between the Master and himself. Back and forth thoughts emerged, and hands crafted. The drums resonated, and the Master resisted. In time, he knew that the only way he could ever find peace was to travel, to distract himself with other people and other places. Similar people to him.

The master pushed the gadgets aside, resting them on the table he had been working on. His hands found the control panel once more, and without thinking the lever was pulled. The TARDIS had fixed itself, so the travel in time was smooth. He knew how to drive it, not like others who remained in his recent memories.

When Maya emerged once more, the Master would once more be ready – and perfect.


Juls bid farewell to those who now employed him, and alongside Angelus, made his way back up to the courtyard with the fountain. The trip back up was a lot more eventful than the first. Angelus made a call, and it didn’t go as smoothly as Juls would have wanted. Something was not normal, but then the memory of Despotes came back to him. He was no ordinary man, clearly. They talked for a bit – the topics of conversation would appear to be ridiculous to any other who had not experienced what they had that night.

Narnia came up. A more reasonable – or unreasonable – scenario followed closely. Apparently she was in the future with Despotes, yet at the same time she had a working phone. Something was not entirely right about that in Juls’ mind.

Once the conversation was over, Juls looked sympathetically to his friend. He really needed some rest, some time to really grasp what had been happening. Sarah was dead, and Maya was in the future with Despotes. Rest sounded excellent in that moment. Too much had happened, and although not all of it was bad, it had taken a clear toll on both of them.

They moved from the courtyard towards the car.

“Despotes is a name for a man who is a tyrant, someone of power. You said that she called him Master? Well that makes sense. The words are similar, though I never thought them synonyms.” He opened the doors to his car, and soon they were searching for a hotel close by. Sweet silence happened – a silence that was not awkward, but comfortable. Two people who could be completely themselves with each other that they needed not speak to be happy.

Juls didn’t do anything he didn’t want. Bad hotels were never okay with him. There was no arguing with him in that matter. He found a nice hotel, and checked them in – used a credit card to get them a room. Soon, it was just him and his best mate in an empty suite.

The night was late, and tomorrow would be another day.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya always dreamt, aspects of the day finding their way back into her mind, imprinting themselves permanently as dream and reality. It was on waking up in the library that she realized it might not be as easy to tell the dream from reality any longer. A jazz tune remained as she straightened up in the chair and looked around at the library, gathering her thoughts again.

A book clattered to the ground with her movements, and a startled sound escaped as she quickly leaned forward and picked it up. The page wasn’t saved. She didn’t have anything to mark it anyway.
‘Oh well.’ She’d set it back on the shelf, a bit further out than the others, and start reading where she stopped remembering things. She'd been reading about the inhabits of the planet, the Ood. Telepathic. She remembered.

‘But this is…?’
TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The lizardpeople hadn’t been in the haunted house, not like in the strange dream, the Vashta Nerada had been, and—


It hit, hard, then, and not a numb pain. Maya had learned to be quiet in pain, to continue moving. She tried to move through it, to get up.
‘Fell asleep in the heels.’ Her first step almost brought her to the floor, the vision of first waking up now hindered by tears and unsteady steps. She found the space on the shelf more by vague recollection and noting where there was a gap in the books, and set it out apart from the others.

She didn’t step away. Her body leaned towards the shelf and it took her weight as she allowed the tears to flow, the shaky breaths following as she tried to keep the sounds muffled.

Sarah was dead. Even with time travel, she didn’t think that could be fixed. It’d be a paradox to see about altering it now, wouldn’t it? It had happened. Taking it back—well, it couldn’t really be taken back.

Maya did not leave the shelf until the tears had stopped and her breathing was regular again. Then, she counted, 120. That was usually how long it took for the redness and puffiness to fade away enough that people didn’t notice. She took one last, deep breath at 110, and pushed away. A couple minutes were spent to delay leaving the room, other books slightly pulled out so she'd remember they seemed interesting.

Once certain she'd wasted enough time, and her cheeks were dry, she moved to fetch her purse and leave the library. She wasn’t sure how long she'd dozed, or even how long she'd been reading, but she didn't want to spend any more time with the books. Better to actually go about and do things, or at least find this pool, which was somehow the one impossible thing about the TARDIS.

The Master was still out in the ‘central hub’. There were new things on a table now, and her eyes skimmed them, curious.
“Did you get any rest?” Maya asked, amusement easily seeping back into her voice. Another consideration came on the heels of that one, “Do you need sleep?” Perhaps Time Lords did not. For all she knew, Vashta Nerada didn’t sleep, either.


Angelus was not pleased with what the term meant.
‘Uh huh.’ Yeah, this ‘Despotes’ was going to be called Dude until Angelus could think of something more appropriate. He was not calling anyone ‘Master’. It just wasn’t acceptable, though he couldn’t figure exactly where this vehemence towards the term came from. He could toss it off to his usual distaste of authority figures and rules in general, but there was…hatred here.

In the car, then. He didn’t think of that oddity for long. He was distracted with the fact Maya was in the future. Eventually, some of the conclusions Juls came to, came to Angelus. How did her phone even work?

It hurt his head to think about it for too long.
‘Sci-fi marathon.’ He’d finally get all of Star Trek or something. If things like Torchwood existed, if time travel was real, then there was going to be hints somewhere. Clearly, people on Earth had known enough about this since the 1800s to start up a group. He’d have to start buying those crazy magazines Maya found so amusing, too. The ones with the lies and conspiracy theories.

By the time they reached the hotel, a nice one which promised breakfast, his head was too full of things he needed to do to function properly.
“Do you mind if the telly’s on?” Distraction to put him to sleep. He’d try to rest without it on, but he didn’t think he’d manage too well. It was bad enough he was sleeping on a new bed.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya’s voice was heard, and the plaguing thoughts disappeared instantaneously.  All that was required for the Master to have a clear head was another person – someone who could keep his mind occupied with other things. Whatever they were was fine, as long as he had not the time to be alone with his own thoughts. He turned to look at her; she had been resting for hours – that much he knew. How many exactly? That he couldn’t say. He hadn’t slept, but he didn’t need to sleep as much as humans did.

Curiously, Maya asked him what his habits were with sleep.

“I sleep,” said the Master, rising from his sitting position and stretching. He had been sitting down, craned over the table, for a long time. He had to make sure that everything was perfect – and they were. “Though I don’t need as much as you do – one hour of sleep is enough for me. Did you?” The Master knew that she had, but he felt the need to still ask her about it.

He reached down to the table and withdrew his laser. It was much thinner, more like a pen now than a screwdriver. The Master placed it in one of his blazer’s pockets. The next thing that he picked up was what was left of the one of the guns that they used back on the cruise ship. A lot of unnecessary armor had been taken out, so it was lighter. It was still silver and metallic – but sleek. It would be easier to fit in, say, a purse.

“I even sometimes amaze myself as to how much I can improve something with scraps,”
said the Master as he handed it over to Maya, a grin appearing on his face. His expression showed nothing of his previous torture – it seemed as if it had never happened in the first place. “You said you wanted a stun gun – well, that’s what it’ll do now. Well…a very strong stun, but it won’t kill them.”

A frown.

He picked up the other gun – the one that he had used. It looked the same as the other, but this had been improved in more ways. It could stun, but it was designed to be deadly, too. The alterations in the physical aspect of the weapon were the same as Maya’s, though internally it was completely different.

“Did you have a nice stroll in the library? The pool?” A laugh, and then he moved about the main room. They were already at their destination, but the Master was unsure if Maya needed a bit more time before they strolled on out of the TARDIS.


There was something strange in Angelus when Juls told him what Despotes meant. Juls couldn’t quite put a finger on it. He wondered what it could be to cause such a stir in his friend. Now was not the best time to ask, however, but Juls would not forget about it. Personally, he found the name to be more amusing than anything else. The man couldn’t be serious, could he? Wanting to be called the Master? Despotes even?

“Nah,” said Juls. He never slept with the telly on, but he doubted that it would make a difference. And it would make it easier for Ange to rest, which comforted him. “Leave it on, Ange.”

Juls showered swiftly, coming out glitterless from the bathroom, wearing only the shorts that he had been wearing before. He didn’t have many clothes to work with. His hair was pushed to the side, golden and still damp. He climbed into his bed, under the covers and facing the wall with the window. The sound of the telly could be heard on the background – constant and comforting.

“Goodnight mate,” said he, unmoving, “sleep well.”

Eventually the night brought the recent memories of the night. The good came first, with Angelus and Jack taking most of that. But then, not soon after, came the bad. Sarah. Juls hadn’t known her as much as he would have liked, but they were friends. The harsh truth, and the sudden realization of reality of her death came hard. He had been preparing himself to deal with this, but he could have never done it. No one could prepare for such a loss.

He curled into a ball in his bed, hugging the extra pillow with both his arms and his legs – like a fetus on its side. The tears came, but his breathing remained slow. He had  to get these emotions out, and the sound of the telly drowned out what little could be heard from him.

Juls fell asleep after some time, his breathing silent and his body perfectly still. He seemed peaceful, despite the horrors that showed up in his dreams that night. 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Information was accepted with a nod, and Maya drew closer to the table. The laser screwdriver was still discernible as that, though its look was different. The Master’s aesthetics were clearly for sleek and smooth things, brilliant silver.

One such thing was a gun, which Maya openly admired, letting herself be distracted by it. She turned it over. It was small, it’d be very easy to hide.
“Perfect,” there was a small safety which would allow her to keep it in the purse without too much worry that it would go off as it was moved about. However, she might want to get a case for the gun later.

For now, she put it in the purse.
“It'll probably take a strong stun with things using deadly force,” she wasn’t a fool. Something willing to try and kill ran the risk of being killed for using such hostile force.

The other gun looked identical to hers, but the Master took it.
‘Don’t get them confused.’ Hopefully there wouldn’t be opportunity. No doubt, his would be able to kill things. He moved away with his new toys, the path towards the door Maya was pretty certain they’d entered in to based on the central console. “The library is amazing, but I haven’t found this elusive pool yet.” She hadn’t even found a bed, distracted by reading and then sleep. “I’ll find it later. I seem to have forgotten my swimsuit back at my apartment anyway.” She would have grabbed other things had she known she was going to be traveling. “We’re somewhere new.”

It was all in where he had paused, near that exit door. Easy enough to deduce they’d be somewhere besides that ship by now, of course.
“Don’t tell me yet.” She wanted to see it first, and moved around the console to the pair of doors, and pushed them open to step out into the new environment.

It certainly had much fresher air, and roads. They were obviously outside, as the sun blinded her at first.


“Thanks,” and Angelus flicked it on, kicked off his shoes and collapsed on the bed. He didn’t bother dressing down, didn’t rush to the shower after Juls got out. He preferred morning showers. He flicked through channels till he found something vaguely scientific-looking.

Ok, it was just Star Wars.

He liked Star Wars.

 ‘Wonder if there are lightsabers in the future.’
They wouldn’t be called lightsabers. Probably laser-swords. That’d be pretty sweet. ‘Better bring me back a laser sword.’ He was in Torchwood now, he could keep such things, right?

“Good night,”
Angelus repeated. He leaned back against the headboard, though it did little to protect his head at that present moment. His head was pressed against the white wall. He sat up for some time like that, noted Juls movement. He pretended not to, looking back to the television instead.

‘Sucks.’ He couldn't fix it. He couldn't remove the problem. Sarah would remain dead. Jasmine was dealing with it by now, probably seeing Sarah's parents, Sarah's sisters. He felt bad for abandoning them, but for some reason he didn’t feel all that sad. Delay, perhaps.

Eventually, Juls stopped moving. Angelus dropped off not long after that, as the television was now trying to sell him collectable coins.

His own dreams were not so good, not so pleasant. It was true, Angelus was good at finding things, but it was in part because he was good at listening. He remembered where things could be found. His mind pressed at him now, tried to locate the reason why ‘Master’ was so detestable to him.

Put your cards on the table, baby
         "So it came to pass, that the human race fell... "
         Do I twist, do I fold?
                       "and the Earth was no more. "
                       You’re like voodoo honey
                                      "And I looked down upon my new dominion, as Master of all. "
                                      All silver and gold
                                                        "And I thought it... "
                                                        Why don’t you tell me my future?

He woke with a violent start and glared at the television as it decided to play some music video. It explained the song that seemed to be invading the dream, though now he couldn’t remember anything about it.

“So here it comes, the sound of dr—”

Angelus flicked the telly off, glanced to the window. The night sky was shifting to morning. He stretched out, decided he may as well wake up and clean up. Breakfast would be out soon.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master looked towards Maya, noting that the girl had been fascinated by the library. He had not been in there yet. In fact, he hadn’t been around the TARDIS much. It was still very new to him. Time would eventually fix that. The Time Lord’s companion knew that they were somewhere new, surely led on by where he had chosen to stand – by the door. She didn’t hesitate, instead she moved forward, opened the doors, and walked on out.

The sunlight was fierce, but the air was the freshest the Master had breathed in a long time. The TARDIS had safely landed on the outskirts, greeted by a magnificent stone road that would lead them to the beautiful city. Rome. It surely looked like the Master had gotten the time correctly. The beautiful roman architecture could be seen – the columns of marble grand in their appearance.

He spoke nothing, though. Maya did not want to be told where they were, but instead she wanted to experience it all. The Master knew very little of her still, but he knew that anybody could appreciate that place. Everyone could appreciate the people that lived in that time, too. He certainly did, although he had never actually traveled there before. He closed the doors to the TARDIS, and before they got farther along, he offered a single silver key to Maya.

It was an old fashioned key, to match the appearance of the wardrobe.

“In case we get separated and need to find our way back,”
it was a precaution he had never considered, but one he could no longer avoid. He moved forward, placing his arms on his hips – his stance proud. A little too proud perhaps. He took in a deep breath and let it out with a wicked grin. “So what do you think? Can we travel, or can’t we?”


Juls had woken up before Angelus did. It was still really early in the morning, and despite an attempt to go back to sleep, the boy found that he couldn’t. He had bad dreams, but they were those that he would never remember. They felt real, though. That much had been clear. He rose, dressed once more into his sexy Santa Claus costume, and then made his way to the lobby. Fortunately, the hotel was of enough activity that the stores inside were open at that ridiculous hour.

He used his credit card to buy some more appropriate clothes. A t-shirt that had London written on it, and some shorts that had the English flag printed on the fabric.

By the time that he made his way back to his room, he had seen that the continental breakfast was already being served for those who awoke early. He didn’t want to eat without Ange, so he didn’t wait. He entered, already dressed with his new clothing and with his costume in hand. Specks of red glitter lingered on his hands – the costume was full of them. The telly was still on, a song playing in the background.

Juls was washing his hands when he heard the telly shut off. Ange was awake.

“Morning,” said Juls, poking his head out of the bathroom as he finished rinsing his hands. He stepped out, knowing that Ange would want to use the loo before they went downstairs. “Breakfast is already being served downstairs, mate. How’d you sleep?”

Juls, for one, had not had a pleasurable night.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Who could possibly mistake Rome? ‘Oh, Andrew would be so jealous.’ Andrew was infatuated with Rome, though it related to absolutely nothing he did in his life. They had arguments over how to properly pronounce Latin. ‘Caesar or Kaisar?’ She probably wouldn’t know. She’d be hearing everything in English.

Was Caesar even alive?
‘Do I know anyone else?’ Antony, Cleopatra, ‘Egyptian.’ Augustus, Cicero, Brutus, Nero.

The Master stepped out soon enough, far too proud of himself, but in a way that seemed endearingly amusing. She took the key, noted its design briefly, and then quickly opened up her purse to add it to the key ring which held that miniature flash light still.
“Thank you,” the TARDIS was as good a meeting point as any, since she couldn’t exactly tell the Master to meet her at any particular place in Rome. “Perhaps you should consider getting a phone, too.” Just in case.

She did chuckle at his statement, letting the key ring fall back into the purse.
“We can travel indeed. Space and time!” Maya said, frowned, “Well, I didn’t really get to examine that planet we were on.” Just the ship. Well, there’d be plenty of time, and plenty of other planets. She dismissed the thought with a shake of her head.

They walked along the road towards the city, and Maya decided to make her guess,
“From the looks of it, we’re in Rome, right? Sometime after Augustus, perhaps, but before Nero.” All she knew of Nero was something about how he hadn’t, in fact, played the fiddle while Rome burned, and he had a gold palace. She expected more gold if this were Nero’s time rather than marble.

She was off by a few years. The marble was her downfall, and a supposed quote of Augustus that he left Rome a city of marble. The entrance to the grand city was deceiving.


Angelus hadn’t registered the sound of water as anything to be concerned with. Tired eyes lifted to Juls when he peeked out. His feet stopped abruptly short of the bathroom, and he waited for Juls to exit it.

Once Juls stepped out, Angelus arched an eyebrow—about the most emotion one could get out of him in the morning.
“You look like a tourist,” he commented. Of course, that was the sort of stuff these hotels sold, since mostly tourists stayed in them and they wanted something to commemorate their trip. “Least you don’t sound like one,” the words were slightly slurred together as he moved by Juls, then answered, “Slept poorly. New bed.” He shrugged it off as simply that. “I’ll be out soon.” And the door shut behind him so he could quickly get himself prepared.

No long soak under the water then. He was in and out of the bathroom in five minutes, hair still wet, clothing sticking to him—he hadn’t bothered to towel off, either, and didn’t seem all that concerned with how he might be perceived when he went to the door of the room, glanced back to see if Julio was going to come along, and left it to get breakfast, trying not to dwell on the feeling that it was far more than the bed that had made the night miserable. Now was no time to talk about dreams he couldn’t remember when he thought Julio had a poor night because of real events.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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“Me? A phone?” Brief silence, then a goofily mischievous smile. “Maybe.”

Rome was grand, just as the Master knew, and just as he vaguely remembered – beautiful and inspiring. The TARDIS had not let him down, and neither would the city – 44 BCE, Ides of March. What a legendary time it had been – the assassination of Julius Caesar. The Master looked on into the busy city, secretly wondering how time could be altered if he chose to do something about that. Caesar was so like him, wasn’t he?

They were similar people. He had potential.

“Yes,” confirmed the Master as they walked – grinning. “Rome, 44 BCE – the Ides of March, Maya. Beautiful isn’t it? But how different it would be if I had been in command…”

Despite all that he knew about this time, and how much he respected the assassinated man – something was not the way it ought to be. An inkling led the Master to believe that it had something to do with precisely him, Caesar. But what could he have done to cause such a sensation? Could time have been rewritten?

Not possible.

Well, possible, but nearly impossible.

The couple attracted a couple of curious glances, but nobody did anything to them. It was probably their attire – their manner of walking – that attracted such uneasy stares. If a problem arose, the Master knew how to deal with it. Where the Doctor had his psychic paper, the Master could merely coerce anyone into believing nearly anything. They were safe. Or at least the Master truly believed it so.

“What do you want to do?” It was a broad question, but  they could do whatever they wanted. They could even pay a little visit to Caesar – make sure that he survives his assassination?

‘You don’t want that…’

The Master shook his head, choosing to ignore the voice in his head.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya did so like his smile, it was one that demanded a smile in return, contagious in its way. “All right. We'll see how long till you finally realize they are awesome technology.” Perhaps she could talk him into one. Perhaps he’d be difficult on the matter. Apparently cell phones were not the norm in future times, so it might seem like inferior technology to him. He did have a laser screwdriver...which didn't seem to be used with screws.

Still, it was useful.
’44 BCE. Ah, of course.’ The one date in Roman history she would know. Ok, she knew two, she knew of the Battle of Actium because Andrew fanboyed over it. Her smile faltered. Caesar was going to die today. ‘Must meet him.’ Had to meet him before he perished, had to know the man who changed Rome, who led to the empire, who lent his name to a title for all-powerful people.

‘Is a Caesar more powerful than a Master?’
How did that hierarchy work, anyway? No doubt the Master would consider himself superior, that went without question. And so would Caesar. This could end badly, or wonderfully, depending on whether or not they recognized the ability of the other.

Either way, she wanted to meet Caesar. Never mind the stares that came her way, though it did make her consider. Halloween was, quite obviously, a favorite holiday. Centurion outfits were pretty cool. Her eyes were taking in the attire of the normal folk and didn’t find it half as interesting as she’d hoped. The people rushed about to attend to their chores. A man announced that the senate was to meet that afternoon.
‘When Caesar dies.’

Maya looked back to the Master as he asked his question,
“Steal legionnaire outfits and save Caesar?” Too hopeful. No doubt that would not be a good thing to do, and she expected he’d deny her that. Otherwise, some time traveler would have killed Hitler early. ‘Worth a shot.’ "Or just meet Caesar, at least."
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Awesome technology. The Master scoffed – a little too loudly that it almost seemed fake. They were petty things, phones. They had failed him once before, and their appeal had been forever lost. Useless technology.

‘It was not the technology that failed you,’ the voice persisted.

‘Be silent!’

Caesar, that was a good distraction, and one that came with a surprise. When Maya spoke of the infamous man, the Master found it easy to ignore the pestering thought’s the plagued him. And she wanted to save the man! Oh the Master could just kiss her! His approval was clear on his ecstatic face, and when he clapped his hands together in fascination, several onlookers turned away. Whether they perceived a threat or were merely startled, the Master didn’t care to be sure. 

“Steal legionnaire outfits and save Caesar?” The man mirrored, “Well that’s a great idea if I’ve ever heard one!” A crooked, wicked, smile. “Though we need not steal, clever Maya. If we ask nicely, I’m sure the Romans can accommodate to our needs, and then some.” A laugh followed.

They walked, and quite easily, managed to get some outfits that would better suit the setting. These people had no backbone, and it had almost been too easy. The trickier part, if even that, would be to get an audience with the man on the day of his assassination. Onward they moved, with eyes no longer following them at their every turn.

“Ah, what it is to be invisible,” commented the Master, not entirely sure if he liked the feeling. It was definitely something.

When they arrived to the iconic Theatre of Pompey, they were stopped. It was a beautiful sight, breathtaking and awe inspiring. Traffic wasn’t too common. Strange. The senate would meet, so guards were only expected to be on the watch – but where were all the people?

“Halt,” he said, holding a large hand up as if to physically stop the pair from moving forward. Were even Legionnaires being stopped from going into the Theatre?

“No need,” said the Master, locking eyes with the man. “We’ll behave, promise.”


“Of course,” said the guard, stepping aside.

“Master,” the Time Lord corrected.

With a smile, the man moved on forward. Easy.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master agreed? It was startling to her to see his happiness, his approval. Maya had expected him to tell her ‘no’, so her own surprise was genuine, but not unhappy. Quite the opposite. They would save Caesar! ‘And you’ll kill yourself with the paradox.’ Worries for later. “You’re right,” she consented. “We’ll ask nicely.”

It didn’t take any of the fun out of it at all. It was amusing to watch how easily the legionnaires listened and found them suitable things—even an outfit for Maya! She was most satisfied with it, and made sure to inform the Master that it quite suited him, though a toga might have fit his aristocratic nature better. No matter. She had absolutely no qualms about him in a Centurion uniform.

They left, and were no longer carefully observed. She found it better. It was easier to work when unnoticed, and they had a plot to stop.

The Theater of Pompey. Maya didn’t know it by that name, but she did indeed want to pause to admire it. A guard stopped them, and so she took a moment to examine it in some detail as the Master made his false promise. She stifled a laugh as the Master gave his name, noting the look the legionnaire gave. Not recognition. Almost exasperation. Perhaps he dealt with lots of haughty people.

Either way, they were able to move through the gardens. There weren’t many people out on the paths leading in yet. The announcer had said this afternoon. Perhaps they would all wait to gather then. She cast those few who were out and about curious looks. None stopped them as they approached and entered the actual curia.

The mood there was quite different.

There were people within, sitting on the stone benches, gathered together. She counted five quickly, and one immediately rose at the sight of them.
‘Bingo.’ This wouldn’t be Caesar and company. This would be the assassins planning to situate themselves before Caesar arrived.

“Who are you?”

‘Guess. Now.’
Young, brown hair, tanned skin, apparently fit, dressed in the toga. Wasn’t it rumored Brutus was Caesar’s son? He was Brutus or Cassius, had to be, to speak with such authority. It was noting the prominent ring on his finger that sealed her guess, recalling a moment from that show Andrew made her watch.

“You don’t remember us, Brutus?”

He blinked, taken aback. His brow furrowed as he tried to think, another, older man rising and moving closer to his side. Lean and hungry, he whispered something to Brutus. Maya could not make it out, but Brutus shot him a stern look. A warning. He returned his gaze to Maya, but then shifted it to the man,
“I do apologize for any offense, I am usually very good with faces, but I do not recall either of you,” he glanced between them. No recognition. “Were you invited?” They weren’t senators—obviously not the woman, but he’d never seen the man here before, either.

“No, rather, we’re here to warn you,”
Maya spoke up.

Cassius’s face lost all its color. He gripped Brutus’s shoulder tighter, but the man didn’t acknowledge it. Despite being younger, it was clear he’d seized control of the situation.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Through the gardens they travelled, the Master’s smile wide and unminding. Once they arrived into the senate house, the Master looked towards the people gathered there – there were five of them, and each a familiar figure. Some more important than others, but he recognized them still. The Master’s eyes found Brutus for it was he who spoke to them. He was young, as was expected, and he spoke decidedly – a controlled strength behind his words.

The Master was ready to respond, but was as equally surprised as he was impressed when it was Maya who spoke. Cassius moved towards Brutus. It was as if he had anticipated something was amiss with these two strangers. Maya did not hold back, and expressed their intent quite quickly, however vague it had been.

“Warn us?” His face was serious; the confusion he felt was hidden by an intimidating mask.

The Master placed a hand on Maya’s back, stepping forward. The way the Master moved must not have been custom, for some of them looked taken back by his approach. It was a savvy sort of walk, smooth and boasting at the same time.

“Well, yes,” said the Master as his hands joined together in a mannerism that was much too casual for the present company, “a little warning, or perhaps a bit of advice? I would strongly urge you against what it is you are secretly plotting. You know not what you are doing.”

The Time Lord spoke as if his words held an absolute truth – as if he actually knew what saving Caesar would mean in the future. What it would change and the nature of all the paradoxes that could come therefrom.

“Where is he, by the way?”

He asked the question, no shame and no filter.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya straightened a bit at the touch, drawing on the confidence that exuded from the Master as he walked forward, and she with him. They stepped into the bowl of the senate. This allowed a closer look at Brutus and his cohorts. Now would have been the time she’d like to have Andrew at her side, to tell her about them all and how they fitted into the plot.

Hadn’t he claimed Brutus was conflicted, but necessary?

Marcus Junius Brutus showed none of that supposed conflict on his face now. His was a mask of resolution meant to detour them. Brutus was analyzing them, though. He did not give them a once over the way others did, looking for weapons that were absent on the outfits. Again, Cassius whispered, and this time it was a bit easier to guess at what he was saying by Brutus’s verbal response.

“And do you know what will happen if we follow your advice, Gaius?”
He spoke familiarly to him. Cassius knew. They would not get another chance after this. Caesar would put his own plan into action, and the Rome they knew and loved would be lost. He moved away from Cassius, stepping closer to the intruders.

Brutus could tell something was off with them, though he could not place it. They knew the plot, but knew not where Caesar was? How unusual. He had a feeling he would not be able to stand in their way if they wished to see Caesar.
“Let me take you to his home,” if they were going to warn Caesar, he would prefer to be there to deny it all. “That is where he would be now.”

Cassius finally spoke loud enough to be heard, “They will tell him!”

Subtle, Cassius was not.
“And?” Brutus was unperturbed. “The rumors, as Caesar knows, are greatly exaggerated, based on Cicero’s wish to divide us. It is Cicero’s plebs that spread them.” The hint was apparent. Caesar trusted Brutus and would hear nothing defaming him. The rumors had existed for months, even though Brutus’s plot was new. However, Brutus couldn’t ignore the cries of the people. Not after what he’d seen. “If you would like to see my friend, we shall go together.” Brutus would admit to nothing. “Though I should like to know who I will be introducing Caesar to.”

“I’m Maya Porter,”
she had no problems telling him who she was. “Of Britain.” They knew Britain now, right? “And this is….” A frown. It wasn’t that she disliked the title, but something made her pause a moment anyway. She discarded the thought, forgetting cultural differences. “This is the Master.”

Yep. Just the look on Brutus’s face gave that away, for there was a flicker of confusion before dawning understanding. Curious, Brutus offered his hand to the ‘Master’,
“Marcus Junius Brutus,” though he imagined that was already known, “I see she understands at least how to properly address you, ah,” he was looking for a real name, but continued on anyway, “Tell me, are all the British like her? So intelligent but rather, well…rather ignorant of social customs?” For now Brutus believed she was a mere slave and so her earlier boldness struck him as odd.

Maya bit the inside of her cheek, averted her gaze. She had no one to blame but herself here for introducing him, but it quite bothered her all the same. She would fix this later, when she got over the shame at having made a mistake that now seemed obvious, and easily avoided.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master looked to Cassius, very quickly finding him to be an annoyance. Despite this, the Master smiled towards the man behind Brutus, raising an eyebrow as if subtly mocking him. The Time Lord hardly played fair, or politely. He was not surprised when Brutus offered to escort them to Caesar, nor when Cassius openly rebelled against this idea. Brutus was smart, however, and he was not worried that anything the Master or Maya could say would make an impact upon the man who believed Brutus his friend.

Perhaps Brutus would be right. That mattered very little, since what they really wanted was to meet Caesar.

Brutus’ hand was offered to the Master, and the Master greeted him in the appropriate manner.

“Well, all the British are precisely that – British,” said the Master, as if that meant anything. He felt defensive, protective even, of Maya. He couldn't explain it. “Social customs, as you so called them, may be different here than in other places, Brutus. Elsewhere, your customs may be foreign, but I would not say ignorant.” He wouldn’t say Britain, for the customs were not the same at that time, but they weren’t radically different – as they were in the future. The Master, however pompous he may have sounded, meant no true offense to Brutus.

Ignorance was another topic entirely.

“We would very much appreciate that,” the Master accepted Brutus’ offer finally, with an overly wide grin, “I am eager to see him at long last, and so is my companion, I’m sure!”

The Master allowed Brutus to escort them. Although no immediate threat seemed to present itself, the Master kept a close eye on Maya and their surroundings. The weapons they carried on them were not those that would be recognized as weapons, and they were so small that they could be easily hidden. No, danger was not the immediate worry – but being careful never hurt anyone.

“Are you not curious to ask why we’ve come to warn you? Or how we even heard of your schemes?” Asked the Master coolly, truly curious. “I would not believe you to be so readily helpful on a day that must be a busy one for you, and especially without questions.” 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Companion, that was a much better word. Maya approved. Brutus reconsidered his initial belief. Perhaps she was not a slave, but it was still unusual for anyone from the British Isles to be here that was not so. Freed, perhaps? Well, Brutus supposed it did not matter.

He still did not have a name for the Master. They walked, Brutus smiling and greeting a few people in the street. It was Maya who openly admired things that they passed, suggesting that at least she had not been in Rome long. Brutus heard the question,
“And you have not asked me why I would be plotting anything, I’ve noticed,” he said.

“You want to free Rome from someone you presume to be a tyrant,”
Maya answered, as if that were obvious.

“You think he is not?”
Brutus inquired. “No, he is. I know this, but that is not the reason. I would have let him be king.” There some of that conflict finally registered. Brutus loved the man like a son would love a father, but what he had seen was too troubling. He could not follow the man any longer. He couldn’t allow his plan to come to fruition.

“Then why?”

Brutus decided to play the game of questions then. An answer for an answer.
“How is it you know I am plotting anything?”

Truth or a lie? Decisions, decisions.
“The gods?”

Brutus let out a laugh at that idea,
“No, I do not believe that,” he stated plainly.

“All right, I come from the future.”

Brutus paused in walking then. Maya stopped as well to see the way Brutus looked at her, then at the Master.
“Perhaps….” He considered something, “Perhaps after you meet Caesar, then, you will allow me to show you why I might be plotting something.” He still wouldn’t say it overtly.

“How is time travel more believable than conversing with gods or going to Narnia?”
The question was to the Master, as if somehow time travel should be more impossible than these things. She didn’t consider whether or not he knew what Narnia was.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master would have answered Brutus’ question, but Maya had responded so beautifully already! There really was no need for the Time Lord to say anything at all! The Master merely motioned to Maya with his hands when the roman had asked the question, also making it look like the answer was obvious. Brutus confessed that Caesar being a tyrant was not the reason why he was plotting the assassination.

Maya asked why. The Master was intrigued to see what he would say. He did not answer, but responded the assertion with a question of his own.

The first response was a clever one, and one that warranted a sly smile from the Master. The second was the truth, which Brutus found easier to believe. This surprised the Master, which led him to believe that something strange was happening in Rome at that time. After meeting Caesar, Brutus offered to show them what it was that might make him plot against a man he loved.

“If it isn’t his tyranny, I wonder what could make you turn against Caesar. I would be curious to see if you agree to show us,” then a question came from Maya. The Master looked at her, suddenly serious. “Perhaps the real reason why Brutus is plotting us hard to believe on its own – maybe even more so than a mystical place accessible through an old wardrobe,” and then he whispered, “or maybe his sanity has run thin.”

Yes, it was curious. Could they be, perhaps, mistaken in trying to save Caesar, a man who the Master thought resembled him greatly? Surely such a thing was not possible.

It still remained to be seen.

“Well at least while we walk we can admire what beautiful tastes the Romans have. Columns, they’re everywhere.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Brutus was relieved to hear the agreement, though he did worry a bit. If the two so easily revealed what they were to Caesar, it might cause an issue. Brutus was no fool—it was hard to believe time travelers existed, but he was forced to. Caesar believed it. Cleopatra had convinced him of it, talking of this ‘Doctor’ she met, and then suddenly there were…well, Brutus didn’t know what they were. He knew what Caesar called them.

He knew they were wrong.

However, he did not express that warning when Maya covered her lips to try and silence a laugh that came at what the Master whispered. She was also amused that he did get the Narnia reference.
“Poor Brute.” Not loud enough for Brutus to hear.

He still frowned as if he knew exactly what they were talking about, not impressed with the Master’s turn of topic.

“We need more columns back home,”
she said. “We need more grand structures.” The modern day buildings were just so boring. This had style, class—gorgeous!

Brutus didn’t ask. He led on, all the way to Caesar’s glorious home.
‘Castle, as Cassius now calls it.’ Cassius was not doing it for the right reasons, though. Cassius, like Cicero, was power hungry. They all were, but Brutus needed them.

Caesar’s home was elaborate. There was a working fountain outside, the story of Zeus and Leta depicted in the center of it. Marble was everywhere outside, and the grounds were well-kept. Spring was in full bloom here. Marcus was able to speak a few words to the guards outside to gain entrance, and once in a slave was sent to inform Caesar of Brutus’s arrival. They were instructed to wait for its return, which Maya didn’t mind—the entrance was well decorated with vases, plants, pictures, and other such things.

Brutus only went to the bowl with water, put his hands in it, and then brought the water up to wash his face.

“Master Brutus,”
the slave addressed him on its return, “Caesar will see you in the lounge.”

“Thank you, I know the way,”
his dismissal was curt now. Some of his confidence and resolve was washed away in this house.

They were led by many rooms, until Brutus reached the appropriate one. The doorway was open. Conversation could be heard even before they entered.

“…don’t need the Egyptian navy any longer, we can march right into Parthia.”

“But we have it. We should waste their troops before we waste our own, Gaius.”

The black-haired Marcus Antonius was leaning on a desk, apple in hand, looking at Gaius Caesar as he stood on a map of the known world, enlarged so that, were it not papyrus, it could have been a rug that would cover a decent amount of the lounge floor. He stood in profile to them. He was a regal figure, golden hair and hazel eyes. His age did show on his face, but it seemed more like wisdom. His body did not seem to suffer for it; he was still in good shape. He turned to face them as Brutus walked in. A smile lit his face,
“Marcus.” He opened his arms, and Brutus strode forward into the embrace, received a kiss on the cheek before Caesar held him at arm’s length, looking to the others. “Who are these friends of yours?”

Antonius was not so friendly,
“They’re not legionnaires,” as if he would know. “Where did you get those?” And why in Jupiter’s name was a girl wearing one?


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #88 on: December 06, 2013, 06:16:59 pm »
Brutus was true to his word, and he led them all the way to Caesar. The Master looked about the sights, nodding his head in appreciation with some, while shaking it in disapproval with others. They were beautiful sights, but some were just not of his taste. His taste was that of grandness, which should have made his visit to Rome one of complete fascination. Still, there was something about it all that kept the Master from being completely happy about it.

He saw the curious looks that people gave him, and when Caesar spoke with an unexpected friendliness, the Master grinned. Antonius, however, was accusatory from the beginning.

The Master stepped out, paying little mind to Antonius and avoiding his question altogether. “Caesar, I have wanted to meet you for what feels like hundreds – perhaps even thousands – of years!” He clapped his hands together, his eyes squinty because of the smile on his clearly joyful face. The Master did not care to hide his true feelings, and especially on this most famous of days, he would not hold back. “I’m the Master,” he introduced, “and that is my companion, Maya.”

The Gallifreyan, however, was still intrigued by what Brutus had said earlier. It was clear that he had love for Caesar, yet something was still forcing his hand to plan this assassination. At first the Master had wondered if the target’s tyranny had been the only reason. Now, he was certain that it was not. No, this went deeper than even he had anticipated.

Still, no danger was evident. It was all fun.

“It is so good to finally meet you.”

The Master spoke with clear fascination, but his tone was not so because of admiration. It was of respect, for the Master still believed the man inferior to him. They all were, but this one deserved a bit more than the others. Caesar was a person of interest for the Master. What was he hiding?

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master was delighted, and Maya felt herself smile at that sheer pleasure on his face. She clasped her hands behind her back. It was such an odd arrangement. Here was Antonius, future king of Egypt. Here was Caesar, the soon-to-be deified dictator, and besides him, Brutus, his killer.

And all of that could be changed.

As the Master introduced himself, she shared a look with Brutus.
‘See?’ It said, as Brutus arched an eyebrow. The eyebrow lowered and he shook his head in quiet disbelief.

Julius Caesar allowed himself to appear impressed with the words of the other, for it was not often people expressed such joy on meeting him. It was a novelty he could eat up, but he noticed the way Antonius moved from reclining against the desk. Ever the loyal dog.
“Master?” He sneered it, “Trying to replace Lepidus?”

Caesar spoke in a calming tone, “Settle. It is evident they are not from here, and as you say, not in the legions.” Master might not have the same meaning. Caesar did not doubt Marcus’s knowledge. He was head of the legions, after all. If it weren’t for recent changes, he’d say Marcus knew them better than even he himself, but such would be a lie. He had not yet told Marcus his secret—he was just about to, too, but alas. “Do forgive him,” Caesar walked off the map to greet them, and Marcus Antonius moved to follow in his shadow, evidently not as trusting as Caesar. “I am honored to have your presence here, Master and Maya,” though there was a quirk in his lips, “What exactly are you Master of, and from whence do you come?” He had ideas. He did not believe the Master exaggerating about time, not at all.

“Shall I see to refreshments?”
Brutus inquired.

Caesar shook his head,
“That won’t be necessary. Antonius shall.”

“Oh, shall I?”
Amused, irked, all at once. Caesar gave him a look and he smiled, venom and love at once. Their relationship had always been complex, “Right away, Jupiter.” A smirk from Caesar, which Marcus returned, before moving away to get what was requested.

“They claimed to be from Britain,”
Brutus said, thinking it his duty to do a bit of a better introduction.

“Oh? I was not met with such…civilization when I was there.”
He didn’t think them civilized at all.

“I’m not sure you call stealing legionnaire attire civilized.”
Antonius noted at the doorway. A look and he was gone into the hallway.

“We didn’t steal it,” Maya corrected. “We asked.”

Caesar laughed,
“Did you? I suppose I should not be surprised, all men have one weakness,” The implication with the smile caused Maya to blush. Caesar hid his true frustration with the soldiers rather well. This confirmed why he needed new legionnaires, if nothing else. They just gave away armor to strangers? How frustrating. “Civilized or not. Ah, and I am excluding you because of it. My apologies, Master of....” he hearkened back to his other question.

One caught more flies with honey. Gaze returned to the Master. He was awaiting at least part of an answer to his question—if not two parts. Perhaps the Master was not British, after all.