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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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She peered into the wardrobe, probably finding it odd that it was there in the first place. It had never occurred to him that it would look a little out of place where it was – the perception filter had done it’s work, but he had led Lucyfer to it, there was no way she wouldn’t see it. He was nevertheless more surprised that she seemed concerned for him. Was it because he had helped them? The only other person he remembered who showed him any ounce of compassion – to him, to his real self – was the Doctor.

That didn’t end well.

“I want to get twinkies,” said the Master, “but not with that man. I need to get out of here before he sees me.” The poor man had no idea that he had regenerated before waking up, and that a second regeneration would begin soon. He was dying, but he wouldn’t die. A distant thought neared him, but it only confused him: he’d need to keep track of his regenerations from that point on – better safe than sorry.

“I’m in trouble,” it was more of a question than a statement. He asked himself, looking down. It made sense. Of course he would be in trouble for what he did to Jack. More importantly, why did he care? Because it was obvious that he cared, or else he wouldn’t have run away. Was it shame that consumed him when he heard Jack’s voice? Was it regret?

“It can’t be,” he said, for a second forgetting that Lucyfer was still with him. “I can’t feel regret. I don't feel regret.”

The pain came back, stronger than the first time, sending him into a daze of complete agony. With the pain, came those memories, vivid and real. Those feelings he had tried so hard to forget, to put away and ignore. The Time Lord tried to remain standing, but he couldn’t, his second heart was stopping. He fell, half of his body inside of the TARDIS. He needed to get out of there. He couldn’t stay.

His hands reached for the open space inside the wardrobe, trying to grab at the floor and push himself in. The Master’s spine popped as he moved, and his sight began to blur.

“I’m sorry,” he managed to say as his body began to sweat. “I’ll bring you back,” and then a scream followed. It was an agony like he had never experienced; there was severe physical pain, but the agony came most from his mind – his memories and his actions. The drums, their faint reminder coming back to him. “I’ll bring you back, I promise.”

A contorted hand reached forward and a single pointed finger pointed at the lever in the command area.

The pain he could resist.

What he couldn’t resist was to be there any longer.

His whole body began to glow a brilliant gold color before it completely exploded in a display of bright light. He was regenerating again.


“Yeah, alright,” Juls wanted to go with Jack, for he was making a lot of sense in his mind. Apparently this type of knowledge was not widely known, and therefore merited special treatment. The way he offered to buy them drinks after helping him take the machine and its components to the van – and when Angelus agreed – reminded Juls of how he had first met Angelus. A smile resulted in the memory.

Juls had only just recently moved to Bristol, and on a night out, he had caught sight of someone who interested him. That person turned out to be Andrew, but clearly nothing resulted from it. In the midst of the acquaintance, he offered to buy them, for they were all together, drinks. Angelus accepted. Things were a bit weird, considering that Juls was underage at the time, and couldn’t really buy them any drinks. An instant and powerful friendship blossomed.

The memory swayed, but the smile remained. Juls helped pick up the broken components of the machine in one arm, and with the other he carried the tubes. Together the trio traveled back to the van.

Maya still had Jas’s phone, they could rendezvous later.

"My name is Juls Bauss, by the way. Nice to meet you, Jack."

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘I beg to differ.’ If this stranger was feeling regret, then apparently he could feel regret. At least he still wanted twinkies, they just had to get out of here. Maya considered offering him a ride, certainly Jasmine or Julio would consent, but then the man fell.

There should not have been enough room in that wardrobe for half of his body, but he started to pull himself into it.
‘I can see around it!’ Logic be damned. Maya couldn’t just let him struggle like this, and so she walked around that door and towards the wardrobe. No time to be startled by what was inside. ‘Just think Narnia, Narnia in the 51st century.’ Yes, she should have packed aspirin in her purse, why did she always forget aspirin?

She didn’t stand in awe as she might have done if the man were not dying on the ground and apologizing.
‘Please don’t die.’ He couldn’t die, that just wasn’t fair. He screamed and it wrenched at her heart, pulling her into the thing. He was promising something, but right then it wasn’t making sense. All that made sense was the body language and the command held in it, so Maya sprinted across the cold floor and to the lever. ‘This is a bad idea.’

Nonetheless, the lever was pulled down. The thing came to life, lights and sounds flickering, the machine itself seeming to shiver as it awoke. The force of its movement drew her away from the lever. Her arms pinwheeled in an attempt to keep her standing. One banged against something metal, and both arms quickly reached up to grab hold of it. The floor left her feet for a moment as the thing rocked, but she hung tight. 

The man exploded with light, a light that seemed to come from his limbs like beams.
“No!” She wasn’t sure her voice could even be heard over the machine.

At least the machine did settle as that light began to fade away, and Maya’s arms lost their strength. She let go, dropping neatly back to the ground, but quickly finding something else to cling to, lean against.
‘Breathe.’ It looked like he still had limbs. Her eyes were wide as they looked over the figure in the muddy clothing, breathing too easily betraying how frayed her nerves were. She desperately wanted to approach him, but her hands refused to let go of the cool, cold metal bar they had found. Her knees threatened to bend if she did.

Too much at once. She hardly had time to adjust to the fact that this was a wardrobe, and now the man before her was not the man who had saved her—and yet she knew that he was.
‘Nameless stranger with a wardrobe ship who can shapeshift? Sure. Yeah.’ Her mind was not ready to process this. ‘Perfect sense. Just like the Vashta Nerada.’ Nope. She needed something warm and preferably caffeinated or apple-y if she was going to deal with this. Or alcoholic. Really, anything. She owed him a twinkie. “You owe me a drink,” she hadn’t meant to say it aloud, and covered her mouth shortly after realizing she’d spoken aloud, a wince accompanying the movement as she considered the request highly inappropriate right then.


“Bauss?” Jack clearly liked it, “I’d love to meet your parents.” They had to be boss.

Angelus did laugh then, finding he could think that Maya was all right. If she had run off with the stranger, she probably had good reason. The stranger was competent. Whatever trouble they ended up in, he imagined the stranger would at least keep her safe.
‘Should call.’ He’d do that after drinks.

“Juls, you can be my and Maya’s ride back, yeah?”
He asked once he’d helped get the items into the back of the cargo van. “I’ll go tell Jasmine what’s up and let her know she can get Andrew home and deal with…um, things,” he didn’t want to put words to it. Words made it real, and he wanted to get drinks and forget the death.

He’d get his sister’s shoes while he was at it, he left them behind.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The TARDIS was moving, and even when the pain continued, the sensation of complete relief was one that put him at ease. The rest of the regeneration he greeted with open arms, a new beginning of sorts, and a distraction from the past. The light that had been emitting from his body was beginning to dim at last, and his chest heaved at a slower pace. It seemed he was in the final stages of his regeneration. The TARDIS, however, was still traveling, and it was a rocky ride to say the least.

It would have been smoother if he were able to drive it himself. Such a luxury was not possible in that moment.

When the TARDIS had finally stopped in its travel, the Master’s hazel eyes opened once more – focusing on the time machine around him. He didn’t care to get up just yet, but he moved his hands closer to his face to see them. They were bigger than before, and his skin was a little darker. He swung his torso, looking at Lucyfer holding on to the railings behind her, and his legs outstretched before him. He was taller, too.

“I’m sorry I had to put you through that,” said a deep voice, deeper than he was accustomed to. Oh wait, he wasn’t sorry. It had been necessary. “Never mind that,” he said, picking himself up with refreshing agility. His clothes fit him small; they weren’t too tight, just too short. Around the arms, the legs, everything – and they were filthy. He needed new ones, and quickly.

“You owe me a twinkie,” he responded to her comment, though there was no need for her to cover her mouth. Inappropriate or not, she had endured a difficult day, more difficult than any human should ever endure. He moved over to the main control system of the TARDIS, looking over all the multicolored buttons, the numbers, and the dates. It didn’t tell him where they were, or what time they were in. It must have still been fixing itself when they used it.

It would be some more time still before the restoration was complete.

“Odd,” he said. “It appears we cannot use the TARDIS again until it fixes itself. We shouldn’t have used it at all. Oops.” He moved around trying to look for a mirror, but when he couldn’t find one and none was summoned, he settled for the doorway.

“Best if we take a quick look around,” he said. The wicked nature that had been present in the last Master, was present in him just as equally. Only his appearance and his voice had changed. “There might be food. I’ll take you home afterwards, yes? Good.”


Juls scoffed a laugh, organizing everything in the van as Angelus went to let Jasmine and Andrew know that they could go home. He had agreed to take the siblings home after they were each done with their current endeavors.

“Make sure Andrew is okay, will you?” He had told Angelus before he left.

He turned to Jack, raising a brow.

“So what exactly do you plan to – what was the phrase? – do with us?”

Who was he? What was Torchwood? An investigation bureau? A secret society? Whatever it was, Juls would drink that night. He was not a happy camper at the moment - he had lost a friend and he needed to cope and forget it. If he could even do that simultaneously. Something told him that it would not be an easy thing.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Apparently he was of good humor. Maya could appreciate his retort, it eased some of her tension, relaxed her nerves. He’d get his twinkie. Somehow, someway, there would be twinkies in the future. He looked different now, but his personality was still there, a wickedness that was hardly even hidden. Whether it was simple mischievousness or something else was another question entirely; Maya preferred to give him the benefit of the doubt.

She repeated, slowly releasing the metal bar and stepping away from it. She could walk. Good.

The subject shifted to food and taking a look about too quickly. Food was good. She hadn’t gotten to gorge on Halloween candy, and she had a feeling that was going to be out of the question now, even though he promised to take her back.
“Sure.” It wasn’t a true agreement. ‘Sure’ was simply the go-to word to avoid argument from indecision. She wasn’t sure which part she was indecisive about, for she easily followed him out of the TARDIS.

Outside of the wardrobe-ship, they appeared to be in a storage area. There were crates about them.
‘Where am I?’ That was the question of the day as her eyes took in the tall ceilings and plain walls. It felt like the ground was moving beneath them, too, but that couldn’t be right. When she looked down, she didn’t see any movement.

Footsteps soon approached them and she shut the door of the TARDIS. A curious humanoid looked at them, a pad that resembled a ipad or something of the sort in hand. The skin was a yellow hue, scaled like a reptile. The head looked as if it had a natural crown as it extended backwards. The fingers were long and seemed to end in lengthy nails. The eyes were orange, slit, with seemingly no white to them. Three eyes.

All three eyes blinked.
“Excuse me, passengers aren’t supposed to be down here.” He looked them over, perhaps debating if they were passengers. How did the one have such dirty clothing? And why was the one wearing horns?

“Sorry!” Maya spoke quickly, “I was just nervous about the storage of the wardrobe—very old,” apparently they were passengers. Boat? That would make sense with the feeling like the ground moving.

The reptile-human just shook his head as if this were common for people to worry these things. The wardrobe was nothing to him, just some stupid antique. He had no interest in its odd placement, or why it wasn’t in a crate.
“It is perfectly safe here. Please, leave.” He had a tail! A spiky tail!

Maya nodded, trying in that instant to memorize exactly how this creature looked. Alien! She could hardly believe it! How could she just go home after this?


“Well,” Jack began, “Were this not truly a business affair I’d have indecent plans, but,” everything was organized. The door was shut, “this is business. I’ll want to know what you can tell me about what happened here as witnesses, what you can tell me about the stranger, and maybe I’ll be offering you job positions.” Juls was clever. That much was certain. He didn’t panic at the oddity of an alien artifact, but guessed what it was used for. He could think, and that was useful in Torchwood. They couldn’t all be trigger-happy and murderous towards aliens creatures.

These two hadn’t killed the Vashta Nerada. Or, the stranger and the sister didn’t. Interesting. Perhaps the stranger and sister would be continuing this investigation on their own. It sounded Doctor-like, but Angelus had insisted it wasn’t the Doctor.

“Hopefully, between the three of us, we might figure out who was behind this situation.”
The technology was likely to be the bigger giveaway.

“Probably the organizers of the Haunted House,”
Angelus noted. “Why don’t we just find out their names?”

Jack smiled,
“False names. Not difficult to use. Already had the website checked out and the names traced.” Another at Torchwood had done that for him. “They probably aren’t even human.”

“More monsters?”

“Aliens is the preferred term.” 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Right before exiting the TARDIS, the Master slipped something into one of his pockets. He would need that, and thankfully the TARDIS still had one. He would make other things to suit his needs when he had more time. He missed his gadgets – he missed the power that came with them.

Lucyfer was quick on her feet, and the clever lie she came up with on the spot garnered her an impressed smile from the Master. It was really too bad that he was going to take her home – she would be fun to travel with. At last he could see why the Doctor liked to have a companion in his travels. Why had it taken him this long to realize that? Why now?

“Time And Relative Dimension In Space,” explained the Master to Lucyfer when they moved away from the alien and left the storage room. How very rude that alien was. The Master liked him. He had the right idea.

When they exited the storage room, they came into a narrow hall that led them into a greater room. Several employees, dressed a lot like the alien back in the other room, were making their way to and from the corridor. Clearly, they were aboard a ship. The Master could feel the movement beneath his feet – beneath his filthy shoes. He hated being dirty.

They came into a grand ballroom, with a center stage where a band was playing jazz music – the sound of rich brass instruments entertaining the crowds around them. It had made a comeback, jazz. Around them were all sorts of shops and restaurants of all shapes and sizes. A large neon sign read: SUB DECK. Apparently, this was not the luxurious section of the ship, so they weren’t too underdressed in comparison to the others.

“Could you tell me where we are, and the date?”
He commanded one of the employees, who looked annoyed that he had to answer. The young man looked, more or less, human.

“We are just crossing the Color Sea,” he began in a monotone, “SUB DECK, The Miganot Cruise line, November 1st, 2457. Unda.”

Ah, so they were in Unda – a planet only a couple of galaxies away from earth. The Master did not know much about it aside from its unusually long reign of peace, and its splendid sights. The currency of the planet, however, escaped his mind.

“And your currency?”

A sigh.

“If you’ve run out of Credits, you can purchase some more in the Exchange machines,” his responses sounded rehearsed to the point of boredom, “which you can find on every main exit of the deck.”

The Master gave the lad a hardy slap on the back in appreciation. Credits. He could do that, and then some.


Indecent. Juls tried to fight back a smile. This guy was a tease, and clearly way in over his head. He didn’t say much, but at least it would be fun to have him around for the evening. It had to be an improvement, for it couldn’t get much worse than what he had already experienced.  Or so Juls hoped, anyway.

So Jack wanted to know more about who was behind the scheme. And offer him jobs? He currently worked at a fashion store in town. Working for something as crazy as alien investigation, however, would trump even that.

“We may not be able to use names,” said Juls, calling shotgun on the front seat. “I’m sure, though, that a bunch people must have taken pictures of the haunted house. Surely some of their employees must have made it into the pictures. We can start from there, you know,” he paused, “after the drinks.”

Yes, Juls would need drinks if they were going to continue to talk about aliens. Such a thing was completely ridiculous a few hours ago, and now, it was a reality that would take some getting used to. Santa slipped into the front seat.

“I hope you don’t mind a bit of glitter on your seats.”

Drinks. Definitely. It had been a long night.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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It took Maya a moment to connect the dots of the stranger’s words to the TARDIS. Initials. ‘Time and Space.’ She cast a look back, as if hoping to get a sight of the strange thing once more, but they were already out of the storage room. No hope of such a sight, so instead she took in all that was around her. Through a hall, into larger rooms, Maya’s eyes followed the aliens that moved around. Some looked more humans, others, even less so than the lizard-man. ‘Have they always been here?’

Into a ballroom, music was playing. Maya’s eyes lit up at the sound. Music, now that was one of her areas. Violin in particular, but she had a healthy respect for all genres—much to Angelus’s chagrin. She’d never admit to liking a couple of Bieber songs, though. Andrew had to fight that battle on his own. The lights, the smells, the sights, the sounds, it was all she could do to try and keep her focus on the man as he asked for information. She didn’t observe who answered him, instead casting her eyes about, letting them feast on everything.

Her ears heard him.
‘2457.’ He used November. He must have been using an Earth calendar, even though he called the place Unda. Four hundred years in the future? Could that really be true? No, he said November 1st. One day after Halloween. They had a different year structure, perhaps, like the lunar calendar on Earth was different than the solar one.

Currency was credits. She found it strange then that she understood everything, that she could read everything. Was English so widespread? Maya had always thought Chinese would win out in the end.

It was a moment of sensory overload, and she took a deep breath as she brought up a hand to her forehead, bowing her head and shielding her eyes from it all. The stranger slapped the man on the back, quite pleased with the information given over to him.

There was no escaping the fact that all of this was real, that she was hearing all of this, seeing all of this. It was truly amazing, and she’d not trade a second of it, but it was all at once overwhelming, too.
‘Unda. 2457. Credits.’ Exhale. Inhale. The air seemed heavy all of a sudden, and she resisted the urge to gasp at it. Slow and steady. Her head hurt now, a dull ache from the stress she kept ignoring.

Her hand lowered and she looked back around, noted the bright red lights that read ‘Exit’ between two shops, a way out, and machines lit up outside the room. The man said the currency exchange was at the exits, right?
“Over there,” she motioned to them, wondered briefly what they might exchange. “I guess I have my card still on me.” It might work if the stranger didn’t have a better idea for exchanging currency. She couldn’t even tell from this distance if the machines had a card slot.


“I considered that, and no, I don’t mind. Wouldn’t be the first time,”
Jack noted to Julio’s idea as he took the driver’s seat, Angelus climbing into the seat behind Julio. “It’s possible those are real appearances, the pictures, but I’d bet money those aliens are using a disguise.”

“Are you an alien?”
Angelus asked.

he answered. He wasn’t quite normal. He didn’t die, but no need for such divulgences just yet. “I’m human.”

Angelus couldn’t take it if the man were an alien.

The vehicle started. The man drove them through the town, into what seemed like the downtown area of Bristol where he found an area to park. Outside, people in costumes milled about, apparently ignorant of what had happened some miles away. Here, there were bars. People were dressed to impress and get attention as they moved in and out of the establishment. Angelus realized then that Jack wasn’t in a costume.

Well, at least he wasn’t alone.
‘Stranger wasn’t wearing one, either.’ Or was he? He had told Superman he was ‘the Master’—a strange costume. Maybe it was just the sort of BS Angelus spewed when people asked him what he was on Halloween, though. He assumed that as he opened the door to get out of the van, and follow after Jack into a bar.

"What's your poisons, boys?"
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘That’s right – credit cards.’

The Master thought to himself as he reached the Exchange machine. It was small, definitely futuristic, with several light screens and options projected around them. All sorts of currencies were tradable there, and credits were offered either in printable notes, or scannable wristbands. The wristband option was more expensive, but more efficient and less worrisome. The Master clicked the wristband option, and then chose to have two wristbands. The machine shot a wave of light blue lasers that scanned the couple up and down.

That made sense, didn’t it? Two wristbands?

“Insert your currency for exchange,” spoke the machine.

English – or at least it sounded like English. Everything – the language, the year, and the date – was relevant to that of the Earth, thanks to the TARDIS. It made it so much easier to compare where and when they were in comparison to the Earth.

The Master reached into his dirty pockets and withdrew a small laser screwdriver. It wasn’t the quality he was used to, but such technology still exceeded that in 2457. He promised himself that he would make better lasers and weapons when he had the chance. He pointed it at the screen, and the currency exchanged began to go up – they would have plenty of money to enjoy their time on the cruise. They would have more than enough.

“Aha! It works!”


The Master turned to Lucyfer and pressed his index finger to his lips. “Shhhh.”

A soft whirring sound, and from a dispenser two golden wristbands popped out. The machine had scanned their wrist sizes and produced the bands to fit them perfectly. The Master took his, and as he squeezed it on, the wristband attached to his wrist on its own. On its side, the number of shared credits appeared, a hologram, with an identification number blinking on its end. The amount of shared credits was well over a million credits.

They were good to go.

“Food, yes. Let’s do that.”

He said as if it was Lucyfer's idea to get some.

All of the places around them seemed to be excellent choices. The Master simply picked the one with the greatest variety – and the one that smelled the best. He offered Lucyfer a seat before sitting down. Thankfully, they were far enough away from the band to enjoy conversation. The waiters and waitresses from all around them took notice of their new customers. The Master, however, turned to look at Lucyfer. At last, they could speak comfortably.

“You must have a lot of questions,” said he, bring his hand and coning it next to his ear – a sign that he was willing to listen to them.


Juls was glad that Angelus asked the question that he had been wondering all along. Jack said that he wasn’t an alien, and Juls believed him, but there was a part of him that was still unsure. He highly doubted that Jack was going to be completely honest with them. No one would, especially when dealing with a subject like theirs.

When they went into the bar, Juls looked around – it smelled of liquor and cigarettes. Lovely. Yeah, this was definitely a place where he could fit in. A group of girls on the side of the bar eyed him; they raised their glass, whooing at his choice of costume – and his style, most certainly. Sexy Santa, come on, not everybody could pull it off. Juls merely winked at them before heading with the others to a location more suitable for conversation.

“Jameson on the Rocks, please,” said Juls.

Once they had ordered, Juls exchanged a quick smile with Angelus before turning to Jack.

“Nice place.”

Still, this was more of a business call. He actually didn’t know very much about the Vashta Nerada, or about the stranger that helped them out. He wondered how long it would take for Jack to realize what little information they actually had. Of course, Angelus knew more about the man. Perhaps he had given Angelus a name? Something?


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Credit card was unnecessary. No, he pulled out a device. Maya would not have called it a screwdriver on first glance. Maya watched, quiet curiosity, as he used the device to get money. ‘You are stealing.’ And yet she did not care, too enthralled by the device, how it worked, and these wristbands. A smile flickered on her lips, hands coming together in front her chest as she tried to keep in the growing excitement.


Yes, of course. Mute nod. She unclasped her hands and took one of the wrist bands. It bound on contact—a bit unnerving, but apparently normal in this time.
‘Magnets. Compare to magnets.’ She had to keep everything in terms she understood, for now. She’d develop a language to understand things in their own right later. A number blinked, one clearly identified as ID, another credits. ‘I’ve never encountered this much money before.’ Unless it translated to a tenner. That’d be disappointing.

She was examining the wristband when he spoke, and she arched an eyebrow. Food had always been his idea. The man loved food. Back into the SUB DECK, away from the musicians, and to a diner of sorts. There were things on the menu that didn’t register as understandable at first glance.
‘Which things are alcoholic and which things are vegetarian?’ Strange fruits were fine. Strange meats she’d avoid, for now.

The waitress was waved off, though, when the man’s gesture made it clear he was prepared for her questions now. She crossed her arms over the table and leaned forward, green eyes locking onto his hazel ones. She was trying not to smile, trying to look like she was seriously thinking of what to ask. She was, of course.
“First things first, then.” She said it with an air of decisiveness. “What is your favorite color?” And the smile broke across her face and she bowed her head to hide it, “Sorry, no,” she was not sorry, “I guess these are the questions you’d expect: who are you, what is the ‘thing’ you used earlier, is this normal for you—this extensive traveling in space and…time…and shapeshifting, how does this present location relate to my…present time, did English really spread so far as a major language, what are the rules of this sort of travel,” there had to be some sort of rule to prevent paradoxes or alternate universes.

That was a lot of questions at once.
“and what on this menu is a tasty drink?” Because she wasn’t sure what most of the things were on there. She saw vodka and other such liquors on there occasionally, but nothing like a rum and coke or strawberry daiquiri.

She had questions relating to how he ended up involved with Angelus, but could almost see the story exactly as it happened. Angelus met a stranger, talked with the stranger, got her call while with the stranger, and the stranger tagged along. A simple narrative that changed the fate of everyone involved.


All Angelus wanted was a beer. He ended up with just that, a simple, bold thing, with foam on the top. Jack waited until they all had drinks, he with vodka.
“Yeah, it’s one of my favorite places out here,” he answered, “Normally based more in London.”

“That’d explain what took you so long,”
Angelus muttered. 

Jack didn't explain the reasons for such tardiness, let Angelus assume,
“So, tell me how this story begins.”

Angelus shrugged,
“We all—well, Maya and Juls, wanted to go to a haunted house.”

“Maya is the sister?”

Angelus nodded.
“So we decided to go to this one because it was talked up the most,” Jasmine thought it would be scary. She was never picking which haunted house they went to, ever again. “I didn’t go in.”

“Aah,” Jack leaned back in his chair. “Scared?”

How many times was he going to have to defend himself.

“Touchy. Ok. So you met the stranger,”
he deduced.

“Yeah. Just some guy in the line who looked like he needed help,”
Angelus shrugged. “He wanted ice cream and got a cookie.”

“And you don’t know who he is? No name, nothing?”

Angelus shook his head. Jack was looking at him, looking through him it seemed. Angelus picked up his cup and took a long drink from it to wait out the silence. He didn’t know who the man was, and yet he couldn't explain why he wanted to hide that one detail, that one claim.
“He mentioned the Doctor?”

“Yes. He wanted to find him.”

“Good or bad?”


“Did he want to do him harm, or did he want to help the Doctor?”

“I think he wanted to show off. He said he was smarter than the Doctor. Look—who is this Doctor?”
He was getting real annoyed with this game of titles.

"He's The Doctor."

"Yeah...I get that."

"He's top secret."

"So that's why you're obsessing."


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Lucyfer reached across the table, and their eyes locked. The Master crossed his legs, waiting for the questions to come. When the first came, he could tell that she was trying hard not to smile. Sadly for her, the Master noticed the little grin that formed on her lips. The next questions that came where more of the nature he had been expecting: questions about him, about time – the TARDIS and the rules of travel – the laser.

No questions came about the Vashta Nerada, or about what had happened back on Earth.

The Master’s usual smile widened.

“My favorite color is red,” began he, playing back the questions that Lucyfer had asked him. “I’m the Master,” he said this as if that were his name, “I didn’t use a laser screwdriver to trick the machine into making me rich,” he winked. “I often travel in time, yes, though the regeneration only happens when I’m dying.” He would not touch more on the regeneration, how it worked – for the main results of it were obvious in his recent changes.

“The TARDIS, which is what we used to travel here, automatically changes and translates all information so that it is understandable by those who rode in it. It translates everything you see into English, and it would into French – if you were French of course. The dates are also changed into that of Earth. Whatever date you hear here, that is the time right now back on Earth.”

This was common knowledge. The fact that she was a human, ignorant of all this, almost escaped the Master’s mind.

At the last question, the Master used his hand to call the waitress to them, reading the menu in seconds.

“Just pick whatever looks best to you, Lucyfer,” said the Master, “everything in the menu is of excellent quality. We are in a luxurious cruise, after all.” He closed the menu and handed it back to the waitress. “I’ll have a small portion of everything on the menu.” No thanks were given, and the waitress turned to Lucyfer, like this was normal for her.

“For you, ma’am?”


Juls smiled, for he realized that Jack would not tell them much about himself. That much had been suspected from the beginning, but now Santa was absolutely certain of it. He listened to Angelus as he explained how he met the stranger. It sounded like him. When Angelus spoke of the Doctor, however, Juls furrowed his brows in attention.

Why was that name so familiar?

He had heard it before, but the time escaped him.

Juls knew that they would not get any information on the Doctor through Jack. He therefore decided to continue the story.

“Maya called Angelus once we had found out what was happening inside. We’d seem the remains of one of our friends – and then we witnessed how the darkness ate another girl. That’s when Maya called Angelus,” he paused, trying not to remember the image that was stubbornly trying to remind him of what he’d seen. “We used the lights in our phones to keep the Vashta Nerada at bay, and when the Angelus and the stranger came, we made our way to the exit.”

Juls explained how they traveled up the stairs and down the fire escape.

“Andrew and I realized we had two shadows once we were outside,” a shiver, “which we knew to be trouble. He had also mentioned that someone was starving the Vashta Nerada, which is why they were being so merciless inside the haunted house.”

He took a sip from his drink before continuing.

“The stranger tried to reason with the Vashta Nerada to let us go, and through a phone that Maya provided, they said that they wanted all of the Vashta Nerada to be free. The stranger and Maya decided to go back into the house to find what was keeping them tracked. They succeeded, and when we went to go find them, we found you instead.”

That was more or less it.

Another sip. Juls face no longer had a smile, but instead carried the burden of the memory he had just retold.

Angelus could fill in what gaps Juls had left. He didn't want to speak more of it. 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The information was given, more or less all questions answered. If there were rules, they were probably need-to-know basis. Maya imagined several in her head, apparently utilizing tools like laser screwdrivers to steal money not on the list. A Time Traveler had to make their way somehow. A machine to translate language, and tools to get currency seemed completely feasible to her.

There didn’t need to be a purpose to it. Traveling for traveling’s sake had been a dream (though of course, limited to Earth), so she wasn’t concerned with the why’s. It was more a matter of why not.
‘Have to avoid that dying business.’ It had clearly been painful to him, and not something he could do on a whim. ‘But still…400 years in the future.’ It was such a strange thought. She was dead, or should be dead. Her brother would be dead by now. Everything she knew, everyone she loved, they were all dead in this time.

Her hand drifted idly to the thin purse string that held the purse at her side. Inside was Jasmine’s phone. If she called, would it reach home? The thoughts slipped back, away, like those of the Vashta Nerada and Sarah. She couldn’t cling to them even if she had wanted to, and right then she didn’t. She didn’t want to dwell on it, but wanted to recall that vicious species had been reasoned with. One problem left behind, though. The one who trapped the Vashta Nerada had escaped.

‘Would he help with that?’
Instead of asking, her thoughts shifted as the waitress came over. She looked relatively human. Did humans even know of Unda? There looked to be humans here, but she was already quite certain there were alien species that looked human enough to trick the eyes. There was one sitting across from her, ordering everything off the menu, after all. She was pretty certain he wasn’t just a time traveler. Humans didn’t regenerate. ‘Master.’ Not a strange alien, but someone dubbed the Master. Despite the smile, the wink, she was pretty certain he was serious about that title. “I would like a little of everything of the food, too please, and….” Her eyes skimmed the beverages. There was one that looked purple. “This.” She pointed to it, and the waitress noted it. “Thank you.” The waitress left them, apparently unphased by the requests.

Might as well try everything once before she had to go home. Her taste buds might never forgive her, though—either for the foul tastes, or the longing for strange foods she might never have again.

She uncrossed her arms, leaned back.
“Well, Master,” yes, she’d take it seriously, wouldn’t crack a joke that it usually took a few more drinks for her to start calling anyone ‘master’. With this amount of credits, she could buy as many drinks as she liked, and probably something not a costume. Shoes, or at least socks. ‘Floor would probably be fun to slide across.’ She would not make a fool of herself. She would behave like a decent adult.

Did he dance?
“You can keep calling me Lucyfer if you want,” she really didn’t mind. If he got to be the Master, she could be the Devil. Why not? “Or you can call me Maya.”


Jack listened as Juls finished relaying the story, not interrupting him as much. It was clear he didn’t know as much about this stranger as his friend did, and Jack was still positive that this Angelus was hiding something. He couldn’t figure why, or what, but it certainly related to this stranger.

The details were all there. Light was used. The stranger had reasoned with the Vashta Nerada,
“Very impressive,” he was truly impressed they had figured out the darkness had any sentience--with or without outside help. They'd believed it, at least. Most would think, if they got so far as to realize it was living, that it was primal. They had even figured out how to talk to it—electronics. “So, that must be why you aren’t just calling her.”


“Your sister. She doesn’t have a phone anymore.”

“Well, she does, but….”
If she were in trouble, she would have called. At least, that’s what he told himself. She was fine. “I guess I could call her,” he could see Jack’s request without it being made. “Jeeze.”

And so he took his phone out, skimmed it for Jasmine’s number, and dialed.

He did not get the response he expected.
“Huh?” He pulled the phone from his ear as the voice told him that number didn’t exist. He double checked that he’d clicked on Jasmine’s name, frowned. “Hold on,” he turned the phone in his hand, opened up the keyboard.

“What’s wrong?”

“Number doesn’t exist or some nonsense,”
that edge of worry returned. He texted Jasmine, asking if she’d changed numbers recently. Or rather, he texted Andrew.

He didn’t like the response.

Jas says no.

“Juls, you try.”
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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It looked like Lucyfer was deep in thought – hundreds of questions probably plaguing her mind. What would she ask next? Would she want to go back immediately? The Master didn’t think so. She looked like she was having the time of her life, taking a peek at a world that was completely new to her. He didn’t share the same fascination, but he understood where it came from. That was the reason why the Doctor never settled himself in one place – it was just not the life he was born to take.

The Master wouldn’t settle in one place either, but for different reasons. Ambition.

So she wanted to try everything, too. He couldn’t blame her, she must have been starving, and most of the food on the menu looked absolutely appetizing. To want to taste all sorts of foods was only natural.

“Your name is Maya, then?” It was a good name. The Master wondered why it hadn’t occurred to him to ask for her name – or the names of the others. Now he wondered what their names were. It would bother him until he knew.  “Solid name, suits you,” he said as the waitress came in with the first servings. It was a single large plate for each of them, but it had over six samples of food. Their drinks came shortly afterwards.

Yet, there was a part that he couldn’t keep ignoring. It was regret, but he did not acknowledge it so. He discarded it as merely curiosity.

“The others,” said he, drinking from one of his sample drinks, “they must be wondering where you are. I’m sorry that I took you away without permission,” he paused, shook his head, “No, not sorry. I just regret the circumstances,” another pause. “No, not regret…. This is just unfortunate.” Yes, unfortunate.

Unfortunate was a good word.


Jack managed to somehow request a call to Maya. A smile – he was as sneaky as he was handsome.

Angelus tried to reach Maya by calling Jasmine’s phone, but such call was actually made. Apparently, the number didn’t exist. Juls could see the worry return to his friend’s face, which worried Juls in return. It caused a sort of ripple effect – if Angelus was for whatever reason unhappy, so was Juls. It really was as if they were related by blood. Concern came back, with the same fear that some of the Vashta Nerada had remained.

“What’s wrong?”
Juls mirrored Jack’s comment, they almost said it at the same time.

A text was sent, and the response was not a good one. Juls could tell simply by observing Angelus’ expression.

Angelus asked Juls to try Jasmine next. The young Santa hoped, prayed, that the call would go through. He got his iPhone, found the contact, and dialed. As soon as his phone caressed his ear, he heard the operator’s voice confirm what he had been fearing. The phone was not disconnected, it just didn’t exist. Juls couldn’t pretend that it had worked just to ease Angelus’ worries. Even if he had tried, the same worry now was visible in his face.

“Something must be wrong with the phone,” said Juls, believing that Maya and the stranger were still alright. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

She had to be.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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“I’ll be sure to let my parents know they did a good job.” Still failed with Angelus. He was far from angelic. Maya was rather attached to her name, though. “I’ll withhold judgment on your name for now—but I do hope you live up to it.” He did appear like someone who kept control of situations quite easily. He had certainly managed the Vashta Nerada one quite well, but he’d have to do more than that. It’d be unfortunate if he didn’t live up to it, like all those poor kids named Jesus who couldn’t walk on water.

Curiously, the food came before the drinks. It was an odd, small thing to notice, but Maya noticed it all the same. Usually drinks came first, they were quicker to make. Still, she tried some of the food presented before her, hesitant with the things that looked like meat. She would not be pleased if she found out any of these things were sentient. She wasn’t worried about what parts of things she was eating. Conversation ceased for a little bit as food and drink were picked at.

‘This is the strangest texture I’ve ever had.’
Some of it wasn’t shocking, which was disappointing, but whatever this was, the chewy, abrasive texture, was bizarre. Still tasty, but she wasn’t sure her tongue could really agree with eating the rest of it.

Something yogurt-y. Fruity, but no fruit she’d ever had before. Creamy. Good. The drink itself was quite delicious, but the taste of alcohol was also strong. It was enough to keep her from drinking too fast. That was the only good thing about the burning sensation of alcohol.

He spoke, and she was gripped by the thoughts of the ‘others’.
‘Angelus.’ A feeling of guilt crept over her skin as she considered how worried he likely was. He worried too much over her, a bad habit of his, really. Maya brought the drink to her lips again, but the bizarre taste didn’t take away her own guilt. “You really don’t like that word, do you?” It seemed almost like he was afraid of having regrets. “It is unfortunate.” She’d left Jasmine to deal with Sarah, took her phone.

Her heart twisted painfully at the thought. She took another sip of the drink to occupy herself a moment, push the thoughts back. She didn’t know this Master well, and now was not the place to start crying over Sarah. She was on a luxury cruise, four hundred years in the future!

And had just happened.
“Don’t worry, I’m to blame, too. I followed you. I didn’t have to.” She didn’t have to pull the lever, didn’t have to step into the TARDIS.

She still wouldn’t take any of it back.
‘Maybe….’ Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She set the drink down and took the phone from the purse. It still turned on, but Maya could see it had no bars. Still, she tried Angelus’s number, putting it in by memory rather than searching for it among Jasmine’s contacts.

When she put it to her ears, it didn’t even ring through. No message from an operator, just painfully loud buzzing. She quickly hung up as she pulled the phone away,
“Well, I didn’t really expect that would work,” she set the phone aside. No telling her brother she was perfectly fine. “I don’t suppose that when I do have to go back, I can be returned that same night?” She was still hoping she could talk the Master into taking her to a few other places before she had to be returned, though.


Julio had no luck.
“Need another beer?” Jack had dealt with plenty of rough situations through alcohol.

Always the go-to drink. Jack lifted his hand and quickly placed the order for Angelus as the man pushed a hand back through his hair, only to ball it into a fist near his neck. A litany of curse words escaped him as the fist became tighter. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to find her, didn’t believe she was all right for one instance—it wasn’t like her to run off like this.

Why couldn’t Jasmine’s phone just be dead?

His mind was a trap of insecurities and what-ifs. What if the stranger was really an axe-happy murderer? What if they both died in the house? What if they did find who was behind trapping the Vashta Nerada?

He tried to stand just as that thought occurred, and as the rum was placed on the table. Jack put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back down.
“Sit. Drink.”

“I have to find her.”

“We’ll go look around the house in a little bit,”
he said calmly. This was a problem, if only because he really couldn’t ask either of these men to join Torchwood while one was so obviously distraught—and he did want to get them involved further. They had the capabilities, they just needed more knowledge.

Angelus shot back the rum.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Of course he would live up to his name. His name implied greatness, perfection and mastery. By his very nature, the Master was precisely that. Not even the Doctor could deny that – and he shouldn’t. No one would ever doubt him. Another thought formed: what about his reputation? The Master’s face darkened. Conflicting thoughts emerged. He was the same man, he was sure of it.

‘Then why did you save those humans?’

The Master shook his head – ignoring the voice inside his head, the voice that was trying to convince him that he missed the drums, and their eternal beats.  The drums were gone, but that did not matter in the least. He didn’t miss them, nor did he need them for anything – they were a distraction, no more. No, he was perfectly fine as he was. He needed no excuse to feel comfortable with that, but as much as he could fool others, he could never be sure of that.

Could it be possible to miss a sound? To miss a state of being?

He loved power. That was his truth. He took comfort in it.

“I don’t have a problem with regret,” said the Master, pressing his brows into a tight line. “I just don’t feel it. Never have, never will.”

His face relaxed immediately after that.

“You chose to help me,” insisted he, “without realizing what it would cause.”

It was amazing how incredibly bipolar the Master was. His wicked nature was always present – but sometimes it gave off a positive emotion, a concern and a worry that was almost human. Some other times, it was egotistical and cruel, tactless. But he was the Master. He was one, and was another. He was both, and both were he.

Maya took out a phone; the Master remembered that it was the other girl’s, the dark beauty. It wouldn’t work without alteration, an alteration that could be easily provided by the Master. “I can fix that for you,” said the Master, reaching into the folds of his pocket to fetch the laser screwdriver. He took the phone, flicked the case off, and pointed the laser at the battery. A soft buzz emerged from the screwdriver, and the phone shut off and restarted.

He had merely rerouted the signal to the TARDIS, and the TARDIS would do the rest.

“You can give it another go,” said the Master, leaning back into his chair. “I can take you back that same night if that’s what you want. Not a problem. You still owe me a twinkie.”


Juls knew that Angelus would get Rum, but that was not necessarily a good sign.

“Plenty of things could have happened to the phone,”
Juls tried to rationalize to try and calm his friend. “Maya is smart; she could have used the phone to reason with the Vashta Nerada. Who knows what they could have done to the phone when they possess it. If she was hurt, we would have seen something in the house – heard something even.”

He opened his phone once more, connecting to all the social networks that he could at the same time. “People update their profiles instantly, some of their phones update it automatically, actually – maybe we can find something out that way. I know my phone is linked to Jasmine’s.” Another idea came to him. “I can also check to see who was at the haunted house, see what pictures they posted in there.”

Juls turned to Jack.

“You can probably do some sort of trace with their pictures back at Headquarters, can’t you Jack?”

If there was anything Juls understood, it was networking.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Of course Maya had chosen to help him without knowing what would happen. There was no arguing with that, but she didn’t know why he wanted to mention it lest he was trying to suggest she was faultless here. ‘No regrets and no faults.’ Utopia. ‘Unda.’ Same thing. His mood shifted quickly, and he took the phone. The laser screwdriver was brought into sight again, and Maya’s brows furrowed as she watched the simple gesture.

It was ‘fixed’.
‘Don’t question the magic.’ She had so many questions about this technology. Maya took up the phone again, turned it on. Signal. Beautiful, glorious, signal. A wry smile crossed her lips, “Yes, Master, you’ll get your twinkie,” recently dialed numbers were accessed. Angelus dialed.

Beautiful, glorious, dial tone. Maya’s eyes lit up and she rose, instinct more than anything. She didn’t like talking on the phone around others.
“Ah, I’ll be right back, let me check in…if I can get in touch with them, we don’t have to return to that night.”

‘I don’t have to go so soon.’

Maya didn’t wait for a response, but took her strange drink and walked off to find some place of privacy.

Angelus would answer.

He did answer.
“Maya! Where the hell are you? Are you with the stranger?”

There was music in the background. Maya smiled,
“Yes, I’m with him. We’re fine.”

“Where are you?”

How did she begin to explain?
“You won’t believe me. How’s Jasmine?”

“She left earlier. I’m with some strange dude named Jack who knows about the Vashta things,”
that must be who the Master didn’t like, didn’t want to see. “Anyway, where are you? Seriously, Juls is giving us a ride, we can pick you up, and the stranger.”

“I’m…not in Bristol.”

Dead silence.

“I promise I’ll explain later.”

“How are you not in Bristol?”

‘Spaceship, time travel, you’re 400 years in the past.’
No, she couldn’t explain this over the phone. “Ange,” she said calmly, “Trust me. I’ll be back soon. Don’t worry about giving me a ride.”

It’d be quite the miracle if he could make it here. She was smiling as she observed the aliens moving about the ship. No, she couldn’t go back so soon.
“It’s amazing, Ange….” She’d hardly realized she said the words aloud.


Phones, networking, these were such useful innovations in today’s world. Jack couldn’t help but nod,
“Yeah,” if Juls was good at that sort of thing, more pictures couldn’t hurt. He’d tracked down all the official ones on the main website. “We’ll hook it up back at headqua—”

Angelus’s phone rang. The man practically jumped out of his seat, and his eyes took on a new life when he saw the name.
“Maya! Where the hell are you? Are you with the stranger?”

Jack’s humor faded as he watched the conversation, stuck only hearing one side. The sister wasn’t in Bristol any longer. Something was amiss.

“Amazing? What, are you in London? Did he take you to London?”

Apparently it was not to London.
“Do you even know his name, Maya?” There was some mockery there, a small smile on Angelus’s face, before he let out a laugh. “No. You are not calling him that. Stop it.” And Jack could hear the laughter from her end, but he didn’t feel any better about it. “Seriously, his name?” A frown. “No name? Just that?” Angelus sighed. “Fine. But I’m not calling him that. Ever.” If Maya wanted to humor the narcissistic, savior, nutter, so be it.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The promise of gifting the Master a twinkie still stood, apparently – he wanted that twinkie. Maya, however, did not stay there much longer. It looked like she preferred taking calls in private, and so she left him. Did she have something to say that was only for the others to hear? The Master said nothing to stop her, deciding merely to return to his food while he waited. It did not come as a surprise when the Master tasted everything that was given to him, it seemed like his tastes had not changed much – he still loved all food. 

The waitress came to remove the – more or less – empty plates, and replaced them with all new dishes.

“Girl,” he called to the waitress as she began to walk away, “where do you think I can find a good suit? I am in great need of one, you see.” He spoke to her in a way that showed how much he expected for the girl to know the ship in its entirety. “What places would you recommend?”

The waitress was used to guests asking her questions like that, but it was visible in her expression that she did not like the man’s tone. When she hesitated to speak – the Master pressured her some more.

“Come now, girl, I don’t have all day,” oh wait, he had all the time in the world. Quite literally. He laughed silently, finding himself a terribly amusing Time Lord.

“You could try any of our label retailers – they are in the shopping deck, DECK A, sir. You can access it through any of our lifts.”

She didn’t give him specifics, which disappointed the man. He would have to go shopping from place to place, but at least he knew now where to start looking. It wasn’t all bad. He waved the waitress off, and she gave him a half-hearted bow before going back to serve all the others guests. The Master looked down at the new platters of food before him. They all looked good. Seeing that Maya was still not back, he resumed tasting everything that he could.

Shopping would have to wait.


Another drink came his way, and Santa took a sip of it. The pictures that he had been looking at had all proved to be helpless. Juls was listening to Jack when Angelus’ phone rang. When he saw his friend’s reaction at the caller ID, Juls let out a breath of relief. A smile even crossed his face when Angelus began to converse with Maya. They were okay, it seemed, and he could not have been happier. Juls turned to Jack, and gave him a smile, not being able to contain hi excitement.

As the conversation progressed, however, Juls found something interesting in his phone. He blinked multiple times before looking twice, not believing what he was seeing. He used his fingers to zoom in into one of the pictures.

It looked like an ordinary picture at first – with a group of people taking up most of the image. In the background, however, was something that sparked Juls’ attention. The vampiress employee who had charged them from going in was talking to another employee. They were wearing the same colors, almost as if their uniforms had been coordinated. He held a trident in one hand, and in the other he held tubes that greatly resembled those attached to the fog machine.

Juls could swear that those tubes were one and the same.

If the schemers were as clever as Juls thought, this picture would not last long on the internet. He screen captured that image and all the images where he found the man with the trident and saved them on his phone. In total, there were only five pictures with him – none of which gave a clear image of who he was. The Vampiress, however, he would recognize anywhere.

He opened up the first picture on his phone, and handed it over to Jack.

“Something look familiar to you?”

And then Angelus came back.

“So what happened?”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Her brother’s vehemence against calling the Master, Master, amused her to no end. It would be great fun to keep using it, if only because of the way it bothered him. “Just that,” she agreed, “But don’t mention it to Jack.” No explanation required. His response told her he’d listen. “You can call him Despotes.” Ah, Greek. Latin Dominus or Domitian were too obvious, to her.

That was a negative. Maya doubted he knew what it meant, just that he knew anything she told him was not to be used.
“Aww….” Nope. “All right. I’ll be in touch later. Bye!” She hung up the phone and glanced around, repositioning herself and trying to think of how she’d ever, truly, explain this to Angelus. ‘Can I take a souvenir?’ Probably file that under don’t ask, don’t tell. She could snatch up some cruise-shirt, proof she was there, extra large to be used as a sleeping shirt. Anyone else who asked, she could say she designed it. It’d be proof enough for her brother.

‘Thinking of….’
She wiggled her toes over the ground. She needed shoes. She probably needed to get rid of the wings and horns, along with the rest of the costume-y stuff. Then the dress might be able to stand on its own. ‘Or a new one.’ New shirt, new dress. She had the credits, didn’t she?

First, to find the Master.
“Excuse me?”

First to be delayed.
“Yes?” Maya turned to the one who spoke to her. Mostly human. Cat ears? Yes. Cat features.

“What is that device?”
Cats were curious.

Cell phones were probably outdated.
“Oh, this is laser tech!” Apparently laser’s weren’t just used to destroy things. They stole money and fixed phones. All dreams of laser guns amounted to a magical screwdriver. She wasn't sure if she should be disappointed. “Just a communication device using lasers—new development back home.”

Apparently this made sense,
“I have been hearing much about advancement with lasers, but not of this! May I see it?”

“N-no,” the stammer betrayed the touch of anxiety. “I just got off the phone with my friend, I have to go find him now. He got lost and ended up at some restaurant,” a chuckle, and she moved easily by the cat person before more could be said or asked. The phone was tucked securely away.

She found her way back to the Master and saw more food had arrived. Her drink was empty by then, but so far she felt fine. She took her seat happily, the sight of food wonderful, the fact she’d gotten in contact with Angelus making her feel lighter. The interaction with the cat did keep her a bit on edge, so when the waitress, almost grudgingly, returned, she didn’t ask for a refill of her drink.

The waitress did assume that was what she wanted as she took the empty glass,
“I’ll get you another.”

“Oh, no,”
Maya shook her head, “Actually, could I please get something non-alcoholic?” No slipping up in front of aliens. Her hand took up the menu quickly and skimmed over the beverages. Warm and non-alcoholic. “This?” It mentioned chocolate.

“I can get that for you, ma’am,”
she agreed.

“Thank you.”
The woman paused, glanced between Maya and Master, before continuing on, apparently uncertain how these two people were even together. “And thank you for the phone,” she said, “I don’t think there will be any missing person reports filed now.” She picked up one of the things that looked vaguely like sushi, popped it into her mouth, enjoyed it. Not fishy tasting, but definitely meat of some sort.

Not starving any longer, her mind drifted to an afterthought brought by the gratitude for the phone. Angelus's vehemence against the name.
“You know, we really have to get you new clothes. If you’re going to be taken seriously….” She trailed off. Certainly, he understood.


Angelus returned as Jack was taking the phone to look over that image. A smile grew on his face,
“Oh, this is good,” the tubes were enough. Apparently this ‘Poseidon’, as he was immediately dubbed, was of interest in the plot, as was this vampiress. He tilted the picture so Angelus could see it. “Recognize anyone?”

“The vampire,”
he answered, “Tried to charge me when shit was going to hell.” He addressed Julio’s question then, “I don’t know. I guess she and the guy did run off, somewhere,” he shook his head. He wanted to add the name, but the warning was firm in mind. He already wasn’t certain about this Jack fella. “Doesn’t even know his name. I swear she’s picking up your bad habits.” Or his. Either way, bad habits.

“She didn’t say anything on that?”

“Something Greek,”
he shrugged, “Despotes.” He had no idea what it meant. He knew he didn’t want to use it, though. That was all he really needed to know. “Maybe that’s a name,” he wouldn’t know. He knew it wasn’t the name, though. ‘Master’. Frickin’ Master. She must have been drunk. ‘Same thing he told Superman.’ She was drunk and he was a loon, but at least he was a capable loon. 
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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When Maya thanked the Master, he nodded his head – keeping an eye on the waitress who had just looked the both of them over. Her lingering gaze on them was not intended, but it couldn’t have been helped. There was nothing very unusual about him and his companion was there? There wasn’t anything curious about them at all in the Master’s eyes, but he still took notice of the strange glance the waitress had given them.


The word resonated with the Master – it tempted him.

“Ah, good,” said the Master. The other’s should at least know that their friend was alive and well, even if she was several galaxies away and many years in their future. He wondered just how much she had told them, too. Had she told them his name? Would the other man convey what he knew to Jack? These questions were pestering, but necessary. If he could stay under Jack’s radar, he would consider his life already much better.

Ultimately, he should only care for himself. Disregard for others.

‘But the Doctor…’

His disregard was what had gotten him into past issues. He didn't care about anyone but himself - he loved power and superiority. It was the reason why he felt no regret, and why his ambition was his most powerful motivation. The Master wanted to meet with the Doctor before he even considered meeting Jack. He wanted to meet the Doctor; he wanted to see him, for the Doctor to see him - alive and capable. But why? What was the reason behind this inclination?

“You don’t like my suit?” The Master looked down at his attire – curling one of his brows. It could hardly be called a suit, now – it was muddied and ripped. "You’re right.” Of course she was. “And you need shoes,” he pointed out.

He finished the last of the servings that were given to him, and with a sharp wave, he called the waitress back to them. She was annoying.  It might have been the manner of his call, or simply the fact that most of the plates were empty, but when the waitress returned she carried a small gadget with her – it looked a lot like a pen made of blue and black lights.

On her other hand she brought Maya’s new drink.

“Is there anything else, sir?”

She placed the drink on the table for Maya to take.

The Master shook his head and told her that they were done, offering his bracelet for her to scan. She did so with the small pen. The credits on both the Master’s and Maya’s bracelets dropped, but not nearly as much as one might have expected. Their total credits looked completely unphased by the charge.

“Let’s get us some clothes, then,” said the Master, encouraging her to bring her drink with them.

The waitress had said DECK A, accessible through the lifts. He found one just as easily as he had found the exchange machines.


Humor. Juls laughed. It seemed like everything would be back to normal in no time. Well - except Sarah.

Juls frowned.

“Well, at least she’s alright,” said Juls as he finished his second drink, “I told you she was fine, mate.”  He got the feeling that Ange was keeping something to himself, but he wouldn’t ask in front of Jack. There would be time to talk privately later. Juls was amused by the man’s name, though – Despotes. It was certainly a strange name. A strange name for a strange man seemed appropriate.

‘Is that really his name?’ He wondered to himself.

It could be, but he doubted it.

“So where do we go from here?” Asked Juls, genuinely confused about what they were going to do next. “We help you chase after Poseidon? We go back to the haunted house? You give us a kiss and wish us good luck in our future plans?” Clearly, the alcohol was already grasping an influence on Juls. He didn’t care – he liked getting drunk. “I mean,” he said looking over to Angelus. “I don’t think there is any more information we can give you.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master asked nothing about the call, fortunately. Maya wasn’t sure how to explain her brother had run off with Jack person, or even how to mention she told him to keep the name under wraps. Would he be upset by such a gesture? That, she couldn’t read. Best to say little. She’d learn more about this Jack from her brother later, and perhaps Juls. She was pretty sure she’d heard Juls in the background.

He was distracted by the suit comment, and she arched an eyebrow.
‘That was a suit?’ That poor suit had seen much better days. Her disbelief was evidence of that. He did agree, though. “I’ll get something sensible.”

The food was finished up, and the waitress called over. She brought with her the drink, and Maya accepted the warm beverage. A sip. Chocolately, yes, and whatever else was in it. It was a watery texture, not creamy, more like a hot juice. Hot chocolate juice. Odd. Good. Maya had never been picky.

Bracelet scanned, the shared money shifted on their bracelets.
‘Does this not encourage mugging?’ Couldn’t someone just steal a bracelet of a rich person and use it? Maya hoped technology had advanced beyond that, but it was still odd to wear a bracelet that advertised how much money she had in plain sight.

He stood, and Maya followed suit, initially hesitant to take the cup with her. It was in a glass, not styrofoam.
‘Oh well.’ She wanted to continue drinking it. She brought it along, followed behind to one of the lifts. Up they went to DECK A, where there were several stores. Her eyes immediately registered which ones were tourist-fare, and which ones would be directed more towards those passengers looking for luxury goods while they were aboard the ship. She realized that a few different cultures, or planets, something, was represented by the styles. Well, certainly there had to be clothing for things with tails and things without…. “This one.”

Luxe was what the sign read. She was pretty sure that was a casino in Las Vegas. Luxury. Light. Either way, there were mannequins in suits in the windows, and the store looked to be of a straight-forward, simple, elegant design. If it didn’t have something the Master liked, they could check out the other stores.


Perhaps if Jack had considered, even once, that the Master was alive, he might have connected the dots. Certainly, he knew what Despotes meant, and laughed a little at the name. It amused him as it amused Juls. Strange.

“Well, from here I think I need to get those things back to HQ. Why don’t you come along? I’ll take you back to your car and you can follow. Maybe we’ll give that Haunted House a once over while we’re in the parking lot.”
It might do them some good. There might be further evidence of the group there.

“You’re taking us to HQ?”

“I’d like to give you both jobs at Torchwood,”
Jack made the offer plain. “It isn’t every day we find people capable of dealing with this stuff, and we…need recruits,” he admitted. Deaths. Always deaths. Sometimes, people just had enough, too. He was sure these two understood that danger. “It isn’t an easy job.”

Angelus considered, said,
“Why don’t you go pay our bill and let me and Juls talk a moment?”

He smiled,
“Of course,” and he got up to do just that, let them have a moment.

Angelus watched him go, then crossed his arms over the table, leaned forward. Habit, one he and Maya shared. His voice was low,
“Maya doesn’t trust him. Or, the stranger doesn't.” He made no indication he was speaking about Jack. Who else would it be, though?


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master and Maya had similar tastes, for the boutique she picked had been the one closest to his usual preferences. Luxe. He had yet to see what looked good on his new body, so perhaps he would have to go look elsewhere. The Time Lord strolled past the lift, drawing in judging eyes from most of the people around him. They were all dressed much more elegantly that the people in the previous deck, and even their manner of speaking and walking was different.


“Carry on,” said the Master, as if they had stopped all of their engagements to look at him. They did, in a way, but the way the Master brushed it aside, it made it seem like he felt that he was the person of royalty, and all the others were the plebeians.

He drew in angered looks.

The store welcomed the couple with suspicious eyes, but as soon as they had caught sight of their bracelets, they changed. They opened their arms in greeting, offered them wine to drink – their voices perfectly friendly and warm.

“My name is Alatria; I will be helping you both today. As you can see,” a woman, seemingly human, spoke as she pointed towards the mannequins, “we have a great variety of clothes that can be tailored to your size in only minutes. My, such handsome features you both have! Were you looking for something in particular?” The question was asked to both of them, and several other sales representatives waited behind her to help out should they be needed.

The Master crossed his arms, taking a look around the store. The fact that he was muddy and poorly dressed seemed to no longer bother them. “I was looking for a good suit,” he said at last, “something that…suits my figure.” The joke was delivered with a grin – it was lame, but the employees laughed at it anyway. After all, they needed to treat the customers like gods. Their money paid for their commissions.

“Of course, sir,” she called a helper from behind forward – he was humanoid, but his skin seemed to be made of sand. Shiny sand, it made him sparkle. “This man here will help you find something you like,” Alatria turned to Maya. “And for you, miss?”

The Master began the search for the perfect suit.

Clothes came and went. The Master tried one on and discarded it. He tried on some more, but he just wasn’t pleased. He smiled, at last, when sandy man brought along a black, gray striped, suit. The blazer was made of fine material, and it wasn’t too extravagant. The shirt was comfortable, and even the shoes were excellent. He could wear that anywhere without suspicions. He changed into it in one of the changing rooms, and emerged looking the way a man was supposed to look.

As equally intimidating as he was handsome. He looked like a completely different man, for the outfit looked better on the Master than it ever did on the mannequin. 

This was the first time the Master looked at himself in a mirror, too. A grin and a wink followed.

“And the shoes?” He had asked sandy man.

“They are complementary to the suit, sir, but soldseparately.”

He looked good.


A job offer was made, plain and simple. Apparently it wasn’t an easy job, which worried not Santa.  Juls was tempted to accept immediately, but he was sober enough to stop himself. It wouldn’t have been a good idea. He waved Jack goodbye with a silly smile when he went to go pay the tab on the drinks. Juls’ expression turned serious when Ange leaned over the table to talk to him. The matter was clearly serious. Maya had told him something, Juls suspected.

“I thought something like that had happened,”
said Juls, keeping an eye out for Jack while connecting the dots as to what had happened. “Did she tell you why?”

It looked like even Maya didn’t know the reason for that.

“Well,” said Juls to Ange, “considering we know what kind of work Jack does, I think it makes sense for someone like Despotes,” a chuckle, “sorry – someone like him to be wary of someone like Jack. Take us for example. Jack is being so nice, and offering a job, to us just because we know a bit of information that is unknown to the public. Despotes seemed to know much more than us, who knows what Jack would want with someone like that. He already wants to know who this man is, more than one should.”

Juls took a moment to think about their situation, however, and not Despotes.

“I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t at least check Torchwood out. Maybe that’s the way we’ll find out more things about that curious man. It couldn’t hurt.”

Eventually, Jack came back from the bar.

“So what will it be, gentlemen?” His smile was flirtatious, his arms clapped together while he awaited their response.

Juls would not accept if Angelus wasn't also on board.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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They drew attention. Apparently Deck A was where the rich were, the truly rich. Maya felt a bit uncomfortable under the gazes, though the Master clearly was not. It was astounding how confident he was in his own skin.

Once in the store, the gazes changed, a not-so subtle glance at their bracelets elicited warm welcomes and wine.
“Ah, I’m good,” she waved it off, planning to at least finish her own drink. Alatria greeted them, flattered them. It was such obvious flattery, but it was easy to enjoy anyway.

And his joke was so horrible that Maya could only smile and roll her eyes as the others laughed at it. A sparkly man,
‘Vampire?’ came forward to help him, and the Master was taken away before attention was drawn to her.

Who was Maya to pass up such an opportunity to get a pretty new dress? A lame joke didn’t come to mind immediately, so she just answered,
“I’m looking for a new dress,” a motion down, “and decent shoes. Maybe a purse,” goodness knew she couldn’t clash with the new dress, and this purse was small. It existed only to hold the essentials—phone and wallet—since she thought that was all she’d need for that evening out to the Darkness.

Alatria certainly didn’t mind indecisiveness about a person buying more, and another of the employees was called forward. This one also sparkled. It went with the theme. It seemed Alatria was the only one who didn’t sparkle, actually. At least, her flesh didn’t sparkle.

She was led to another area, and given dress after dress to try on. Oh, there were a few she liked, but she intended to enjoy the opportunity to try on several of them, varying colors. No simple black for her, her hair was black enough, and looked nice spilling over other colors. Green was tempting, but it was a gorgeous burgundy dress that finally caught her eye. The skirt was what sold her, longer in the back, rippling, semi-transparent bits of fabric—pretty.

She tried to be sensible with the shoes, a thicker heel rather than a stiletto. Shorter, as well. She could run in these at least. The purse was shifted to be a black one, too. It wouldn’t clash with future outfits, though it wasn’t much larger. She’d be able to carry a few other things, but not much. It hung lightly off her shoulder.

One twirl settled it.
“This one,” she turned back around to the sparkling person, too excited to remember manners such as ‘please’.

“Of course, miss,”
the sandy one said, “Is there anything else? We have an assortment of jewelry to compliment the dress.”

Maya shook her head, resisting the urge to pick up some stone that earth knew nothing of.
“Very well, come this way,” no doubt Alatria dealt with payments, for that was who she was taken back to and one of those pens came out into sight again. Items were marked off a small pad, which must have tallied the price before she swiped the pen by the bracelet.

Still, hardly much was lost.
‘You did make yourself rich.’

“Thank you very much for your purchase, miss. If anything should happen to the dress during your stay here, please return and we shall fix it,”
Alatria informed her.

Maya nodded her understanding,
“Thank you,” and looked as the Master stepped into sight with his suit.


Well, he certainly cleaned up well. Most men could pull off suits, but they did it in different ways. For one so dubbed Master, though, he pulled it off flawlessly. That confidence and wickedness would work well for him in this attire.

Still, she did a once over with an appraising look on her face, nodded.
“This suits you so much better.” She would not be redundant, tempting as it was.


Angelus shook his head. Maya hadn’t told him why. He didn’t ask.

He did roll his eyes at the mention of Despotes by that name.
‘I’m going to have to google that. Seriously.’ And then he’d roll his eyes again, or bash his head against the keyboard. Either one. “This is probably some sort of mafia thing,” he muttered when Juls spoke of what the man wanted with the Master.

You join or you die. Was that the mafia? No, the mafia was all about not leaving.

Perhaps Jack was worried this person had left Torchwood. Perhaps he was looking for someone in particular, like this Doctor.
“We might get dragged in with no escape,” Angelus said to the comment about ‘no harm’.

Still, he was curious, and Jack returned too quickly. Angelus could feel Julio’s eyes on him as the question was asked. Apparently it was his decision.
‘Ah, hell.’ What was best? He was curious, and Jack didn’t seem all that bad—annoyingly flirtatious, but not bad. “Ok. We’ll at least come along and give some more thought to this job thing. I have a job already,” he didn’t like his job. He had never had a job he liked, but presently he worked at a soul-sucking department store, doing whatever they told him to do, from cash registers to stocking items.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master took a couple turns about the area, looking at himself in the mirror the whole time. Sandy man keep making agreeable expressions, saying how handsome he looked and how this suit was made for him. The Master quite agreed with him, even if he was trained to say exactly that to every customer of theirs. The Time Lord believed it, and there was no taking it away from him.

“I’ll take it,”
said he, feeling accomplished.

Alatria came back with her scanner, and with one quick movement, the credits were taken from his wristband. She was all smiles, having landed two great sales in the matter of minutes. “Thank you very much for your purchase, sir–”

“Master,” corrected the Time Lord.


“Err, of course. Thank you for your purchase, Master,” she looked frightened, skeptical about the rumors and the stories she had heard about the Master. She looked so stunned by the man, whose cockiness and humor now looked completely frightening, that she forgot to mention the return policies of the store. She merely, nodded, took a couple of steps back, and turned away.

The Master looked pleased with himself, mostly because he hadn’t really done anything, yet still, his name carried weight.

“Ah! Maya,” he said, opening his arms in greeting and looking at the outfit she had just purchased. Lucyfer had never looked so dazzling. “You look lovely.” When the compliments came, he merely adjusted his blazer with a smile. “It does, doesn’t it? Ah, I love good suits.”   

He motioned for them to exit the store, for the air inside seemed to have gotten a lot tenser than when they had just gone in. When they emerged from the store, the same people who had been eyeing them with a repugnant expression looked positively surprised. They spoke in whispers to each other, clearly believing that the Master could not really see them.

“We have a cruise ship to ourselves,” announced the Master as he looked about the deck. “That is, if the TARDIS hasn’t already fixed itself. If it had, I can take you back home.” There was a pause, which made the Master look down to Maya. “Unless,” the word companion teased at him, “you would rather…you know – stick around.”


Jack laughed softly, his smile bright and wide.

“You’ll want to take this job once you see how much I’ll pay you.”

Jack led the way back to the Torchwood van, and like before, Juls was riding shotgun. Jack did not mind one bit, if fact, he liked it. The more he got to see of Santa, the better. Angelus was quite the looker, too.  The traffic of costumed people had increased, the night was still young and the bars would only get busier.

“HQ were relocated recently– we used to have a branch in Cardiff, but we relocated to Oxford, and now we’re in London. Don’t ask, but it looks like we’re pretty stable for now.”

Juls took note of what Jack said and kept track of it easily enough. He’d been to Cardiff, Oxford, and London. London was clearly the better city. They would have to relocate, which could prove to be tricky with a job so shady as the one that was being offered to them. Truth was that Juls had been wanting to move to London for a while, but he just never got around to it. He hoped that Angelus wouldn’t be completely opposed to the idea.

“How many people work for you?”

Jack moved the car and they were soon on the road. “You’d be surprised,” said he with a devilish smile. “Not that many, there are only four of us right now. There used to be more of us but,” he trailed off, “but now there is only four.” Shit had happened – things that he would never forget, no matter how much he wanted to. “Six with the both of you,” he ended the topic on a lighter note.

“We haven’t officially accepted yet,” pointed out Juls. He knew better than to ask again about the numbers. “Though if we do,” said Juls, “do we get to wear suits?”

Juls looked good in a suit. Jack’s smile did not fade, but the comment had hit a nerve.

“You don’t have to, no,”
responded Jack. “I’ll let you wear that though,” he pointed to Juls’ costume. “Now, tell me about your skills.”

He needed to change the subject.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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‘Sir’ was apparently not appropriate. Mental note. Always ‘Master’. The woman looked almost frightened as she was corrected. Maya didn’t understand the fear, unaware of the reputation the Master must have had in this era. To her, Master was simply a title people used, not a name of infamy.

She twirled once with his compliment in her ear, quite in love with the dress, as he seemed pleased with his own suit. Similar tastes, indeed.
‘It’s all a dream.’ It was starting to feel that way. Dreams often had odd shifts in the narrative that made no sense—like stepping through a wardrobe and ending up on a cruise ship.

Of course, it wasn’t, and she didn’t want it to be as they stepped out of the suddenly tense store. Apparently they could laugh at lame jokes, but not tolerate calling someone else Master. The title did have such negative connotations, it was almost understandable. Outside, the looks of those elitists had changed. Those who had seen them earlier were now astounded by the change, but wouldn’t dare approach, wouldn’t look for too long before whispering back and forth.
“It’s like school,” Maya commented, more to herself. Master probably didn’t have a similar school system where he was from, but certainly petty school drama and gossip was a universal rule.

His announcement seemed to disturb the whisperers, and she covered her lips to hide the smile, though not well. It still showed at the corners, in her eyes, and she looked up as he talked of the TARDIS.

Was it an invitation?

Hope swelled, not allowing room for doubt to prepare her in case it was a jest. She lowered her hand to speak clearly.
“I think I would rather stay around a while longer,” she said, adding, “I have a working phone now. I don’t need to go back just yet.” There was only a moment’s consideration for the life being left behind on a whim. It couldn’t hold a candle to this. Her friends would understand when she explained. “So we can enjoy the ship a little longer before we take the TARDIS elsewhere.”

She had in mind at least one thing, and there was a challenge in her eyes. What was he Master of? So many things to consider, so much to learn. The universe itself was going to be fascinating, but so was the suited mystery.
“Maybe the band is at least still playing. Do you dance, Master?” If he didn’t, she was still planning to. She would find someone, human, reptile, cat—someone! The Master could go try out more foods or add some ties to his collection. Yes, he would need more ties.


Money had gotten him into crappier jobs. He’d put up with ridiculous shit to get money before. Security jobs were truly the worst offenders for that, too. He wasn’t sure how many times he’d returned injured from work, and bitter about the drunks he had to put up with.

‘Dangerous.’ He hadn’t liked his security jobs. He wasn’t too sure he’d like this from the sounds of it. He didn’t really want to die. He was pretty sure that’s how this Torchwood group got so small. People died. Considering they dealt with things like Vashta Nerada, it was quite probable.

Angelus let out a sigh of relief about not needing to wear a suit. He owned one, of course, but only one. He had no intention of buying others. The only one he wore was….
‘For funerals.’ It once had a happier purpose. ‘Damn it.’ Fists clenched over the jeans. He heard Jack’s question and answered to distract himself, “Used to be security for a couple businesses around here. One was an unloading facility—lots of truckers. I can put a guy down,” he’d learned that quick. “Ehm, I’m good with computers. Not networking nonsense, just the mechanics of it. Good with mechanics in general.” Despite not owning a car, he could fix them. He could fix air conditioners, heaters—lots of things. His father had been a jack-of-all-trades in that respect and Angelus picked it up. “I do paintball?” Was that a skill? He could shoot things. He was good at shooting things. “I don’t know, what kind of things do you people want?" He saw no job description, didn't know what was relevant, "I’m the younger sibling and I've been working crap jobs my whole life, so I can listen, take orders, and I can find anything in the world when I need to find it.” That latter actually was a good skill, no doubt the reason he was usually the one Maya called when there was actually trouble instead of other friends or family.

Finding a flashlight and getting to a haunted house was simple for him. Finding a flashlight, a haunted house, and bringing along a stranger who could save them all really wasn’t much of a stretch for the luck Angelus had at times.
‘Maybe I could find that Doctor.’ Yeah, all he had to go on was ‘Doctor’ and ‘Torchwood’. That might be a bit of a stretch. Something he could try, though.
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master’s school experiences were not of a fond nature – they included too much of his infancy, and the birth of the drums. He didn’t say anything on the matter, however amusing Maya’s comment proved to be. He wouldn’t speak of it, either.

“Elsewhere,” repeated the Master. That sounded like a plan. If she wanted to stay with him, or at a different time, he would not oppose her. It was a curious feeling, and one he had never before encountered. The current plan was looking to be that of dancing in the sub deck. They were certainly dressed for it now, so the Master only contemplated whether or not it was a good idea only for a moment.

A short laugh escaped the Master, when she asked them if he could dance. Of course he could. He could do anything. “I do dance,” confirmed he with a smile. “Is that something that you would like to do?”

He didn’t really need to ask the question – he knew what the answer would be.

It was in good spirits that the couple moved from their current deck to the lift. Along with a group of other guests, they traveled back to the first deck – the jazz music harmonizing with the soft sound that the lift made as it descended. Clearly, the band was still playing. By the time the lift reached the lowest deck, it was only Maya and the Master who resided inside. The other passengers had gotten off in other sections of the ship.

With strides that were coordinated with the beat of the music, the Master moved towards the dance floor. It looked wooden, cleaned and waxed into a shiny golden color. The atmosphere of this deck was much more relaxed than the previous one – with people drinking and letting lose, getting lost in the music and their company. It looked like it was fun, but still the Master couldn’t help but think them a little blind. There was so much more.

“Dancing with strangers is not something you were warned about as a child?” Said the Master, offering his hand for her to take.

The dance floor was inviting – and it was waiting for them.


Jack listened to Angelus as he spoke, seeing the hidden talents in everything that he mentioned. Paintball simply meant that the lad was good with a gun. Working with computers, with networking aside, implied knowledge of the hardware and its system procedures more than anything media related. Working with security implied several things – talents that could range from crowd control to threat management. All of these things could easily be perfected. He would be very useful when going on actual tasks.

The last that he mentioned was especially interesting to Jack. He was good under pressure.

“Talented handsome guy, aren’t you?” Said Jack as he took to the fast lane, exchanging a quick look with Juls. “And you, Santa?”

Juls pretended to laugh – though it was clearly sarcastic. It still provoked an amusing chuckle from Jack, who took no offense from it.

“I’m good with puzzles,” he began, and although kidding, such a confession actually spoke a great deal about the man’s intellect. “I like to stay on top of the media, innovations, networking websites – I’m good at all that kind of stuff. I’m generally charismatic, so if you need a people person, I’m your guy.”

Juls was humble with his talents, for he generally didn’t know them himself. Jack could tell as much. No matter how much Juls pretended to be mature, Jack could see that he was younger than Angelus. Not by much, but a noticeable amount. Jack had already noticed some of his skills, simply by what he had already provided. The connection between the tubes in the fog machine and the vents was made almost immediately.

The hidden tubes in a picture he found online. He was a scavenger.

“I can think of a thing or two I could use both of you for,” said Jack, smiling at his own words. “I think that my team has already collected everything worth anything at the haunted house. Why don’t I take you to HQ so you can see for yourself what Torchwood is about?”

Juls smiled, for he had no problem with that idea.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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He did dance! ‘Excellent!’ Of course, Maya nodded. She would indeed like to dance, and so they moved back to the lift. The SUB DECK was the destination, where they’d heard music earlier. They could hear the music while on the lift as it descended, the jazz a pleasant sound, a pleasant change from what Maya was used to hearing.

He understood beat. Maya could tell that in his walk, and it was enough to make her believe he did, actually, know a thing or two. Dancing for enjoyment would have been enough, as certainly she could get as lost in a good melody as any of those who were buzzed, but a partner with talent was a rarity. A perk. It had been a while.

‘Once upon a time.’
In a chapter long since finished, tagged with what-ifs.

That world had not been for her, but that didn’t stop her from loving aspects of it. Suits and dresses. Music, dance, that illusion of permanent luxury and sophistication, of aesthetic and influential power.

Yes, she did like those things. She took his hand, walked onto the dance floor with him,
“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?” The dance floor willingly accepted them. She stepped so that she was in front of him, hand still in his, the jazz melody one she doubted she’d ever hear again, and would never forget. She placed her other hand upon his shoulder, “You’re not supposed to dance with devils, Master,” she dropped her voice to a whisper for the effect. She might not be wearing the horns any longer, but she wasn’t going to pass up that opportunity.

Maya would let the Master lead, of course. She was confident that she could follow any set of steps, to music she didn’t even know—even if jazz was wonderfully eclectic.


“Heh,” the man was complimentary. Angelus was going to just have to get used to that. Somehow. It was Julio’s turn to answer, at least, and he listened as his friend offered up the skills he knew about.

“Definitely that,” Angelus couldn’t help but comment after the ‘people person’ thing. If he hadn’t been, they would have never ended up friends. Angelus could go out of his way to be nice, but he didn’t often go out of his way to maintain relationships until he was actually invested in them—friendship, love, any relationship. He wasn’t the best at them. It made those friends he did have all the more dear.

“Your car, Juls,”
it was a bit of a reminder, but held a ‘whatever you want to do’, for they were still in Jack’s van. Angelus didn’t mind either way, “But sure. Who are the others involved in this group, anyway?” Might as well get names while they were on the road. His mind was busying itself with thoughts of moving. He’d been out here forever. He didn’t mind London, but as a place to visit, not live. That’s what he’d convinced himself, anyway.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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In those short moments when the couple approached the dance floor, the Master took in how the people around him were dancing – their steps, movements, twirls.  He had danced before, a long time ago, but it proved to be only a distant memory. And it was memory that had been purposefully dimmed in hopes that it could one day be forgotten. So many memories were treated like so with the Master, even for a person who was deemed never to feel regret, their sweet reminder was torture.

It hadn’t always been so. Before, when the drums were still his one true companion, such little things didn’t even occupy his mind. There was no need; he seemed to know what his purpose was. Now that they were gone, however, the Master was still adjusting to the changes. He was a mess of hypocrisy and of confusion, but even that wouldn’t last forever. It couldn’t.

Maya’s hand reached for his shoulder, and the Master’s hand pulled her closer to him. It was instinctive, as if his body remembered the art even when his mind kept constantly pushing it away. His hands knew what to do, as did his feat.

The Master’s lips formed a crooked smile while his eyes possessed a tamed insanity in them. “I don’t always do what I’m supposed to,” he said, taking the first step in accordance with the song. His upper body stiffened with the music, to make the turns and shifts easier. Sharper. “Sometimes doing what is dangerous is more thrilling.”

They moved around the dance floor, as if they were one single person, the Master quickening and slowing his steps with the melody of the music. By the time the song had reached its midpoint, the Master moved in perfect synchrony with all the dancers around him. The sight became like a scene in a rehearsed dance number.


“Ahh – !” Juls said as he shook his head. He had forgotten all about his car. “You’re right. I blame the drinks.”

Jack laughed. He couldn’t have gotten drunk from a couple of drinks. Juls looked like he could handle a lot more. Jack would be right. Juls wasn’t really drunk, he had really only forgotten. He lied about such things - in fact, he lied quite a lot. Unless it was somehow important, of course.

“Don’t worry, Santa,” said Jack as he turned on the eerily familiar street. “I’ll take you to your car. You can follow me from there, boys.”

Just as Jack had said, the haunted house looked like it had been swept and cleaned thoroughly. The police cars were no longer there, in fact, nothing much was close by. Luckily, Juls directed Jack into taking him a couple of houses over where his car was still parked. It was a small, simple car, but it got the job done. Juls unbuckled himself and opened the door to get out.

“See you in hell, Jack.” Clearly the man was kidding, but he was still of a dramatic nature. It could not be contained, and Jack would have to get used to it. Jack would have no problem with this.

“Maybe you should drive, Angelus,” said a teasing Jack as the pair left the van.

Juls smiled and closed the door.

“I’m fine,” he said to Angelus as they walked to his car.

Next on their schedule: Torchwood.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The eyes revealed much without words. Crooked smile, sharp moves, and something in the eyes—creativity required insanity, and dance was certainly that. She wouldn’t have guessed how deep that once went, or currently went. It just touched on the surface of it, but for a moment she got a glimpse of something dark before she found herself caught up in the dance.

He led well, speed and pace matching the song so it was easy for Maya to anticipate and match them. The synchronization that occurred was quite interesting, but not focused on. Her attention rarely wavered from her partner, but took in each movement, each touch, each direction, and read the intentions. Her face hardly revealed the concentration, for it was still something like second nature, something never forgotten. No, her face responded to the dance with delight.

There was a thrill to what was dangerous, even if this did not register as such. The banter at least let it be considered.

The synchronization remained to the end. It was like a scene from a movie, or a musical, perhaps. The brass instruments twirled her back into the Master’s arms at the end of the song. The number of things the Master was good at increased, and one hand left him, one remained in his grasp. She took one step back,
“You are fantastic!” No attempt to hide her admiration here. “We’ll have to see how many styles of dance you know, some time.” Plenty of time. She could have spent a lot of it here, no doubt enjoying his company and dancing a while longer.

But there was more to do. Dangerous things. New things.
“Think we can get back to the TARDIS without being caught?” It seemed like they weren’t supposed to go there. It wasn’t much danger, but Maya wasn’t quite ready to deal with more Vashta Nerada.


Angelus just shook his head. Juls would forget his head if it weren’t attached. At least he was concerned about the car. That took them back to the haunted house, which was now as barren as one would expect a truly, haunted place to be.
‘How do you even explain something like this?’ There were going to be a lot of living people left behind who wanted answers about what became of their loved ones.

“Santa, not Satan,”
Angelus reminded Juls, but found it amusing nonetheless. He briefly wondered if Maya had known Julio’s choice of costume before figuring out her own. And to Jack, “Maybe,” he had no intention of driving though.

He knew Juls was find, and gave a dismissive wave at the comment from Julio,
“I know. Don’t tailgate him, though.” The van should be easy enough to follow to Torchwood.

Angelus finally took the shotgun seat in Julio’s car—given, there was no one to compete with for the seat.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The rich sound of a brass horn was the last to resonate as a fantastic song came to an end. The Master used his hand to turn Maya one last time, as was usual in such dances. He gave his companion a hearty nod and a smile as they separated. The compliment came with admiration, and it was reciprocated for the Master had enjoyed himself when he thought he couldn’t. It had been a good dance, and the thought of more of them in the future was not an ill idea.

“As are you, you devil,” claps surrounded them both. The Master looked around, looking pretty pleased with himself. He truly did not have a humble bone in his body, and he couldn’t care less about it. He boasted in his apparent success, and he could see that he was the target of envy for having such a beautiful and wonderful dancer.

“They won’t even look twice at us,” said the Master, leading the way back to the corridor that would take them to the storage area. Moving through unnoticed was looking to be harder than anticipated. With these new clothes and their wonderful dance, eyes followed them. The Master had to bide his time before slipping into the corridor without attracting much notice. The other guests resumed their usual bidding. “Piece of cake,” said the Master with a grin.

Quick paces were the only sound on the seemingly empty corridor. With a short mocking laugh, the Master opened the door into storage, following behind Maya and shutting the door behind him. When he turned to see his TARDIS, he was disappointed. The wardrobe was nowhere to be seen. “I didn’t get the wrong door, did I?” He was certain that he hadn’t. The TARDIS had been taken elsewhere, and the Master doubted that it had simply been moved.

“No, you didn’t,” said a voice that came from the side. A person had been hiding in one of the many crates by the door. It was a lizard man, though the Master was sure that it was another man and not the one who had told them to get out when they had first arrived. A strange looking weapon – one that resembled a gun greatly – was being pointed at them. “I heard you were the Master?” The man said, though his voice was poison.

Someone had stolen the TARDIS.

That man could have been a good man, merely scared of the Master, but he rubbed the Time Lord the wrong way. He didn’t like people taking his things. A second and a third man came from the same location. They could have been identical for the Master could not tell the difference between them, and they each carried a similar weapon.

“So what if I am?”
The Master teased, a humorous laugh followed.

They readied their weapons.


Juls took to the driver’s seat, turning on the car and waiting for Jack to lead the way. It was good to be back in his car, somewhere familiar. His car was dear to him, for lots of good memories had happened inside of it. Santa felt like he needed it after a night of insanity, something constant. The alcohol had helped, too. He was perfectly fine to drive his car; the boy wasn’t even close to being buzzed or anything. He only looked like he wasn’t able because he was generally a forgetful person, disconnected and random. That wasn’t a crime.

He switched the car onto drive and pressed the gas gently. The car moved forward, entering the same lane that Jack did. The rumble of the car was stronger, for it wasn’t exactly a new car. He kept a good distance between the two vehicles, and his eyes constantly turned to his mirrors. Juls turned to his friend, still a little worried about what had happened that evening.  As the car past the lights on the side of the road, the glitter on his chest reflected it, sending patterns of red spots all over the front of the car.

“Are you alright, mate?”

The question was straight forward, but it carried a deeper intention. If he didn’t want to talk about it, or anything, Juls didn’t mind. Just hanging out in complete silence was comfortable for both of them – that is how Juls knew that their friendship was true. One of a lifetime.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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That was clearly a lie. The people looked at them multiple times. Their performance had not gone unnoticed. She took in the applause, the compliments. She was not quite as narcissistic as the Master, some humility did remain, but it certainly felt good to get such recognition for talent she was well aware she possessed. Confirmation was always pleasant.

Still, it meant they had to bide their time a little. The Master managed to slip out first, and Maya soon followed his lead, sharing the grin once they’d slipped out. That part was easy, of course. Now they just had to retrace their steps, down the hall and into the storage room, then through the storage room to where they left the TARDIS. She took the lead to the storage room, waited for the Master to get there before opening it, peering in to make sure no one was there, and then stealing into the room.

The TARDIS wasn’t here though. Crates and crates, but no TARDIS.
“No….” Perhaps someone moved it.

Her own words were confirmed by another. A lizard man came out into sight. Maya immediately noted the gun, and resisted the step back to be closer to the Master. Her own spine straightened. She didn’t appreciate the gun, or how it was pointed at the Master. She wasn’t used to real guns being pointed around—only paintball ones.

The question asked suggested the lizard already knew.
‘And so?’ The Master’s response was akin to her own thought, though the laugh that followed made her consider he knew why people might be pointing guns at him. At her. One of the new lizard people to come on the scene did point his gun at her rather than the Master and she glared down the barrel of it. “We haven’t done anything wrong.” They stole money. That might be a little wrong. “There’s no reason for this hostility.”

“You’re traveling with him?”
It was obvious by the bracelets if nothing else. She nodded. A glance was cast to another of the reptiles, the leader, perhaps, for that one spoke next.

Fear, certainly, was in his eyes, but Maya didn’t detect anything like compassion or mercy.
“The journey ends here. You have crimes to answer for, Master, and you,” he didn’t address her by name, said simply, “accomplice.” Another motioned, the suggestion to move in the gesture. To walk ahead, with guns pointed at their backs.

Maya wasn’t encouraged.
‘Great.’ Well she did let the money get stolen. 'We can return it,' as if it really were just the money. She didn't say that aloud. Denial was still her preferred route. No crimes had been mentioned, anyway.


Angelus liked the car, too. The car had played into their early friendship. Angelus was able to get alcohol, and Juls was able to drive. Angelus didn’t really like to go out drinking with the kid, just in case, so they’d often take a few things back to one of their apartments and spend evenings in with music, games, movies—chilling. Andrew and Maya had often joined them, and then Jasmine, though Jasmine did prefer to go out. It had been a happy day when Juls finally turned 21.

He watched the night outside the window in silence.
‘They’re out there.’ But the Vashta Nerada didn’t seem to go on any mass killing sprees. Perhaps it was all right. ‘Are they always out there?’ He’d never sleep well again. He had to get a night light.

A distracted hand pushed back through his hair, and he heard Julio’s question. He shook his head, let out a sigh.
“I’m fine, man,” he said. It was the fine that meant he’d survive the night, the fine that meant he’d deal with everything in the morning. What was there to deal with, though? Missing sister, changed world, dead friend, a house full of dead people—what could he do but accept that? Well, he could try to hunt down Maya, but didn’t think that would go well. “Not shit I can do anyway,” he shut his eyes, stretched out in the seat. “Just…go with the flow.”

That’s how he’d always gotten by.
“How about you?” Juls seemed a bit too excited about this Torchwood thing.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Everything was fine up until the point where the men began to point their guns at Maya too. That was not acceptable. The Time Lord appreciated all the attention, all the measures of care that these men were taking by just hearing his name. The Master lost his humorous smile and replaced it with one of mocking danger – it taunted them. He raised his hands, which made their pursuitors take a step back, aiming their weapons once more at him. 

“Don’t try anything, we will shoot,” said the leader, moving cautiously forward. He motioned with his head for the other two to follow his lead. They did so, but they were wary.

The Master moved forward too, arms raised. He stopped when he was safely in front of Maya, who he motioned to move back with his hand. “You don’t want to do that,” said the Master. The care and the worry that had appeared in his voice when he dealt with the Vashta Nerada was not present, he just spoke to them as if they weren’t at all dangerous. “You don’t want to shoot me or my companion,” he locked eyes with the leader, who continued to move towards him slowly.

“I think,” said he casually, “That you would much rather shoot your friend there,” he pointed with a shrug, “and then yourself. Wouldn’t you think?”

Did the Master really want to do that? He wasn’t sure, but he had done it before. It was good.

The leader looked at the Master, appalled by his suggestion. He scoffed, offended and aggressive towards the Master. The other two lizards seemed to be amused by the idea. Suddenly, this same idea presented itself again in the leader’s mind. ‘You don’t want to do that,’ the Master’s voice echoed in his mind. The lizard hesitated. ‘shoot your friend…and…yourself…’ The voice was growing stronger. He kept his eyes on the Master’s, even when he wanted to look away.

The pointed gun moved from the Master to the lizard man on the leader’s side. The other barely had time to realize what had happened before a shot was fired. A blue light flew from the gun and zapped the life of the lizard, which fell paralyzed on the floor. The leader, realizing what he did, began to breath hard. He wanted to stop, but he wanted to continue at the same time. His hand moved, and now he pointed the gun to his own head.

“What are you doing?!” Said the only other lizard man in the room, his voice shaking with disbelief and fear.

“I don’t know.”

A second shot was fired, and a second limp body reached the floor – unmoving. Frozen still. Only the third lizard remained, his gun continuing to point at the Master. When the lizard’s gaze left the others to meet the Master’s, the Time Lord had already fetched his laser screwdriver; it was pointed directly at the alien’s gun.

A button was clicked and the gun sputtered briefly before completely shutting down.

“Now that’s over,” said the Master as he lowered his arms. “Why don’t you tell me where my wardrobe is?”

Perhaps there was still time to take the amicable way out of this difficult situation.


Juls could see that something was worrying Angelus, which was completely understandable. The Vashta Nerada would do that to absolutely everyone. Even Juls, who had always been comfortable with the dark, would think twice before stepping into an unlit room. It would take some getting used to, but they would survive it all. They would remember Sarah as she ought to be remembered, and they would celebrate her in time.

“I’m fine, too,” he said, and he was being half serious. He was holding up, and he would recover. He also now had a potential job to look forward to. Juls had a suspicion that he was a bit more excited about it than Angelus. He was probably still a little worried about Mata. “You know, you can call her again if you want. If she ignores you, you know she’s having some fun.”

He let out a chuckle, keeping his eyes on the road. It was still a while before they would reach London.

Before they would reach Torchwood.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master raised his hands. Maya was still appalled at the very idea of being led anywhere with a gun to her back, but she did follow the example, raised her hands. Best not to antagonize the aliens. She hesitated to step behind the Master as he indicated, but did so. Never mind that he could regenerate. That wasn't exactly something she wanted to happen. ‘Don’t get yourself shot!’

His words were like a death wish. He was mocking them.
‘Well, it was fun.’ She expected to hear a shot fired following his ‘command’.

She did not expect the Master’s command would be followed. The lizard fell dead. Maya heard the clatter of the gun and the fall of the body. Her arms dropped back to her side. She stepped away, to the left, to see around the Master as the other pointed the gun at himself, and fired.

It was numbing in the worst sort of way as she observed the lizard man fall, body contorted in a horrible way.
‘Self-defense.’ Yes, she could justify the actions in that way, in general. Yet, the man had spoken with such confidence that he’d be listened to, that Maya knew this wasn’t the first time he’d used that sort of persuasion. That in and of itself was frightening. Her mind reconsidered just why the Master was wanted by these aliens. ‘What did you do?’ He traveled time and space. Maya didn’t quite know what he did in these times. He had saved her and her friends, she knew that.

Perhaps it was a misunderstanding?

Perhaps he’d upset some people justifiably, but for good reason?
‘Was killing them necessary?’ If he could persuade, could he not have told them to just let them go, and find out where the TARDIS was?

The gun sputtered, and Maya finally looked away from the ‘suicide’ to the last lizard in the room.

The lizard was compelled to answer, but he was not compelled to fully cooperate.
“T-the wardrobe was moved. It—it was put in a cabin,” it looked like a wardrobe, after all. It could easily blend in with all the rest, take him forever to find. Still, he felt compelled to say more. “One of the suites near Deck A.” Alatria had actually accepted having it placed in her room. She was no fan of the Master.

As the words came to an end, an announcement came across the speakers:
“Passengers, please return to your rooms and lock the doors.”

Maya looked up, startled by the sound, then looked around. It became obvious to her what must have caused the announcement to come now.

The lizard’s hand was pressed against his side. All he had left was the ability to communicate, and he’d used that so others would know what he was saying, would know the Master was not in custody but instead had the upper hand. Underneath his hand was a radio.


Angelus let out a short laugh,
“That’s what worries me,” not really. All that worried him was the fact he didn’t know this Master well, and his sister already seemed comfortable. Oh, and the Jack thing. Of course. There were secrets here. “She’s calling him ‘Master’,” he didn’t sound as disgusted as he wanted to sound. “Told me to say Despotes. I don’t know what it means, I’m pretty sure it’s worse,” he let out a sigh. “So I guess, don’t tell Jack the name is ‘Master’. I’m starting to wonder if they’re Americans—Master, Doctor.” He clarified, shut his eyes. He was pretty sure those were American degrees.

Oh well.

“When they let you touch the computers, maybe you can find out.”
He’d do his own searches, but Juls was likely to get access to all the secret knowledge stuff. He was the networking guy, after all. “Wake me up when we get there,” he said. He’d sleep. It was the best part of not driving—relaxing.