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The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« on: September 21, 2013, 09:42:34 pm »
All was black. Unmoving. Nonexistent, even.

‘I can hear…’ A distant thought emerged from the darkness – faint but present. A soft whirring rumble was echoing, but was muffled dramatically. What a sight it was to hear something after many immeasurable instances of silence. A trick, perhaps? ‘Yes,’ agreement followed in a hiss, realization tinting the thoughts, ‘I can hear… Why can I hear?’ The thoughts were becoming louder and clearer, and a curious sensation overcame the mind. Was it reason? Was it merely consciousness?

Was it the drums?

Fear, anger, disappointment, ecstasy, and yearning all appeared, striking the beating hearts of the man with a strange feeling. ‘It can’t be…’ Madness guided the thoughts, torturing the waking mind. Feeling began to resurface, and the senses took over. His body stretched over the hard surface in which he laid, feeling the texture of the mud and the dirt around him. It felt good against his skin, familiar – as if he hadn’t been able to feel anything in years. The sounds around him were becoming sharp, understandable.

‘Four…’ The drums tortured him in patterns, always lurking in the back of his mind. ‘There were four…’

With a start, the man let out a cough, his eyes snapping open at last. The man’s eyes seemed glossy, perceiving only the blurry and avoiding the sharp. His chest moved quickly, his breathing adjusting to the panic he felt. Then, focus came. The sky painted the picture above him, with many stars outstretched before him. Distant planets adorned it, peaceful and silent. ‘The drumming…’ His concern did not fade, and the whirring sound that had awoken his nightmare continued.

He sat up, eyes wide, with a trace of the madness that doomed him still lingering in them. A blinking light caught his attention, but his ears focused on the sound. It was an engine – a machine’s life calling out to him. ‘The drumming…’ The worry remained, stubborn and persistent in reminding him of his wickedness. When he blocked out the sound of the machine, however, he heard only silence.


The man’s hands traveled to his face, traveling from his ears to his hair. The man’s eyes were still locked on the blinking light, completely still. His lips, dry and cracked, formed into a smile. “I’m free…” the man muttered his first words in a croak. “I can’t hear them…” His chest slowed down as his face turned to inspect his surroundings. It was dirty land, with scraps of machines littering it in mountains of junk.

‘So this is what it feels like…’ a loud laugh boomed from his voice, and the grin that had once struck fear around the whole world, made an appearance once more. ‘Freedom.’ His legs moved, and his knees pushed him to stand up. He’d been weak, but his strength was coming back. A sanity that he never possessed finally clearing his clouded mind and judgment. The drums were gone. They would no longer plague his mind. They would not bend him to its will anymore.

He moved to the blinking light, touching the glass that surrounded it with his muddy hands. Around the light were a series of lit up buttons, a broken lever standing upright above them all. The man knew this machine well. He had seen another like this long ago, disguised as a box in beautiful blue. Could he be so lucky? He stumbled forward, using his hand to push down the lever. The whirring sound that had woken him up from his sleep chimed louder, in singular long beeps. Rays of golden light twirled around him, and the scene that he had woken up to began to dematerialize. A cackle left the man, mixing with the machine’s melody perfectly.

The travel was quick, as if his destination had only been a short walk away. The machine landed hard on the ground, causing the man to tumble on out of it. The surface beneath him was dark, but he recognized it to be grass. Music was close, and as he looked up, he saw a path leading him to a big house. Ornaments of orange and black adorned the garden, and pots of rotting flowers had been set alongside the path.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Said a curiously dressed man next to him – a blue tight outfit with crimson boots and a red cape. To the costumed Superman, the man lying on the floor could only be some sort of zombie.

“I think,” the muddied man croaked, getting up from the floor. “I’m the Master.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 10:21:09 pm »
“You promised!”

So claimed the woman with chains at her wrist and shredded wings on her back—Lucyfer to any who asked. Of course, what power such a figure should have had did not appear quite as powerful, holding on to the arm of a taller woman who was smirking down at her.
“You said we would go to a haunted house by Halloween. It’s Halloween. I’m not going to any parties until you take me to a haunted house!”

“You paying for gas then, girl?”
Dusk was fast approaching, “’Cause the house I want to go to is some miles away.”

“I’ll pay!”
She didn’t have a car. She had to deal with buses, bikes, or friends, for survival in this fast-paced world, but it saved her money. Her pale green eyes were alight with the idea, the prospect, “You wanna go to The Darkness?”

Her friend’s smile became wicked,
“Yes.” Amber eyes took a hint of mischief. “I know that one will scare you.”

The Archfiend let that sound escape, “Challenge accepted, my dear.”

“Let’s go then. Call up the others, tell’em plans are changing.”

“Yes, ma’am!”
Ma'am fit. The woman was dressed as a military officer, or something. Sexy, of course, short skirt to reveal her toned caramel legs, high boots, scoop neck—something no true soldier would be caught dead in on the field of battle.

Soon enough, the car was full of five people, all variously dressed and prepared to attend the haunted house, and party afterwards. They spoke of gateways to hell, ghosts, and rated horror movies while the radio played the Top 40 hits of that day and age. Now and then, complaints would come up about what was popular—the sole Bieber fan was berated for his decision to enjoy a song that came on the radio, which only inspired the Tin Man to sing it louder, to the groans of the other occupants.

Soon enough, the car was parked on a grassy lot before the building. There was a line, which they all complained about, but stood in it. It grew behind them, while they got ever closer, hearing the delightful Halloween music clearer the closer they got, and joking about how corny the wolf-howls sounded.
“You know, I’ve been hearing some bad things about this one,” a blonde girl dressed as a witch said. Frowns greeted her. “No! I mean in the news type things, like, people going missing.”

“I’ve seen those,”
Tinman agreed.

“Don’t get killed,” the uncostumed man said, clearly directing it to ‘Lucyfer’. The two looked similar, but most wouldn’t guess they were siblings. His hair was brown to her black, his eyes a darker green. Besides that, his height eclipsed practically everyone there. He glanced back, then forward, let out a sigh. “I’m gonna get some ice cream.”

“What? We’re so close!”
Lucyfer protested.

and without another word he turned and left the line. Truth was, he had a very bad feeling. He knew it was probably silly, but he felt sick to his stomach.“Have fun. Call me when you get out, you know, if you live.”

“We won’t split up!”
The Soldier declared, and they all laughed.

“You’re the most screwed of us if anything does happen,”
Tinman commented. “Now that the manwhore has left.”

“Please, this little one’s dying before me,”
and she motioned to the witch, who squeaked. “No offense. Then it’s you, Andrew.”

“Then you, Jasmine,”
he smirked, “I’ll make sure of it now.”

The stairs were at their feet. They’d be the next allowed in to face The Darkness.

"Least I'm not dying,"
Lucyfer declared with some smug certainty. To cite her source, "Sister-brother. Jason movie. Boo-yah."

"Yeah, if we're dealing with Jason, Maya. This could end up being House of 1000 Corpses nonsense."

"Actually, um...I don't think any of those would fit. Maybe more like The Mist?"

That caused a shiver to run through Andrew.
"Don't say that, Sarah."

Meanwhile, the uncostumed man walked alongside of the line to find a place to get ice cream, hands in his pockets. He happened to notice the fallen individual and arched an eyebrow, pausing,
“You need some help?” He glanced at Superman briefly, wondering if the two were here together and his help was thus unnecessary. 


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2013, 08:46:34 pm »
“The Master?”  Superman asked the man while scratching the back of his head. “Err…right.”

Of course nobody knew who he was, which bothered the muddied man slightly. Why did nobody recognize him? He was all of them. Could it be that the year of his reign had really been erased from time? More importantly, how did he feel about that? The master wanted people to know of him, he wanted to be a man of importance, a leader and a dictator. He longed for power and control. Didn’t he?

“Of course I do,” said the Master loudly, though he sounded unsure. “Yes, I do.”

If Superman looked confused before, it was nothing compared to how he looked now. It was lucky for him that another man, uncostumed, arrived on the scene. The hero had no clue what to do with the Master, and wondered if he could simply just walk away from him. Could he? He could, certainly, but should he? The answer wasn’t clear, so the Superman remained there, examining the strange man dressed as the Master.

“Some help?” mirrored the Master, cocking his head as he eyed the newcomer from top to bottom. “Yes, help. Brilliant,” his eyes grew wide, his smile devilish. “Where am I? What year is it? Where is everybody going? Have you seen the Doctor?”

A gasp came from the Master. A realization.

“Where is the Doctor? Oh, I need to see him, yes, I need to see him.”

Superman turned to the uncostumed man, a brow arched, and shrugged.

“Take me to the Doctor, and  ice cream.”


“Asses,” said Julio, a young man dressed as a provocative Santa Claus. The boy was slim, but his body was slender and toned – as if he did some light workouts regularly. His chest was bare, but was glittered with red – he looked ridiculous to some and wonderful to others. “I thought we were meeting by the cars,” he announced the group, cutting in line with them – several people complained, but not much of a scandal was made. “So…The Darkness,” said nodding his head, distant screams both exciting and scaring the crowd. “I hear it’s real scary. Excited or what?”

He nudged at Amber, moving his eyebrows up and down in question.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2013, 02:00:28 am »
‘Yeah, you need a doctor, all right.’ Angelus was not surprised he somehow found the one, true, crazy person on Halloween. “You’re in Bristol, England, 2013, Halloween.” The man answered him. ‘How long were you locked up?’ Not a polite conversation to ask a crazy person who might have a knife. “This is a line for a haunted house, Darkness or some shit,” he really wasn’t that in to it.

He knew he’d suffer being called a coward later. He just hoped that actually came to pass.
“C’mon, mate. I’m going to get ice cream anyway. They have this stupid pumpkin stuff out now that I should try. We’ll talk about this, uh, Doctor of yours there.” With a motion for the man to follow, he started walking off in the direction of an ice cream shop.

It didn’t take long, as he expected. There was a little shop open, advertising the ridiculous pumpkin nonsense.
‘Pumpkin everywhere.’ Lattes, cookies, pies, jack-o-lanterns. Into through the glass doors. A bell rang overhead and he looked at the menu to figure price differences between cups and cones, “You know what you want? They’ll let you taste things if you need.”

Though the woman behind the counter did not seem happy, nor impressed with their appearance. She was dressed up as some sort of cat, and clearly did not want to be working that evening.

Her nose wrinkled as she examined the muddy man, pretty sure that was not a costume.


 Jasmine let out a bark of a laugh as Julio announced himself with profanity,
“You deaf? I heard Maya tell you to get to a line if you get here first. Gets us in sooner.”

“They’re with us,”
Andrew said to the people who tried to crowd up closer. He wished he had an axe to brandish.

Maya just greeted the newcomer with a wave. She was on the steps, excited to finally get in. Jasmine smirked at the question that was asked,
“I think Sarah’s the only one frightened,” a smile, “She might need ya to hold her hand.” And Jasmine laughed as Sarah gave her such a look.

She tilted her nose up, but then broke down in a smile,
“You have to wear that for the Christmas party, Juls.”

Maya called to the lot of them, who had been distracted, “We’re up next, come on!” And in through the doors she went.

“Ante up,”
Jasmine said, fetching her wallet from the space safely between her breasts to pay her way in.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2013, 08:10:58 pm »
So years had gone by…

Was he different? Had people truly forgotten the legend that he once was? The temptation of reaching up to his face was evident, but the Master resisted. At least he was in England; the Doctor would every so often make an appearance, and perhaps then he could finally confront him. Confront? Was that the right word? He couldn’t really think at that moment, so he didn’t wonder further. The Master shook his head without realizing it, dusting himself off and leaving the Superman without even a wave.

The superhero simply shrugged it off and left with his party of other poorly dressed comic entities.

“A haunted house? Darkness? That sounds fun.” My, he had a lot of questions. Though the latter word struck a chord with him, he found it familiar – boding. The sensation did not leave him when they reached the little shop, but other things seemed to attract his attention. There were a lot of pumpkins everywhere, and the smell of them was enough to warrant a gag. He held it in, cocking his head to the side as he looked at all the treats.

He picked a little from all that was offered. It turned out that the Master was hungry. “I’ll take that,” the Master pointed and commanded at what he had liked best – a big cookie. His tone was mocking and condescending, though he didn’t mean it to be. “You look mad,” he said to the woman dressed as a cat, but he didn’t wait to hear her reaction. He didn’t care to. Instead he turned to his escort of sorts.

“I want to see this darkness,” he said as he bit down on his cookie. He was acting like a child, but he didn’t care. The feeling had not disappeared, and discomfort crept up on him.


“Well, I didn’t hear anything,”
retaliated Julio, clearly he had just forgotten.

The group shuffled on forward and were the next to go in.

“Oh, I plan to wear this to every Christmas party,”
responded the flamboyant young man with pride. “The ladies – and the men, actually – go crazy with this thing. I’d be denying them their wishes if I didn’t wear it.”

Maya led the way inside, and soon the others followed after they paid their way in. Juls was not at all scared – he loved these damned things. Scattered lights could be seen, blinking and flickering, but the majority of the haunted house was drowning in darkness and shadows. Distant movement could be heard, as well as actual screams.

It must be scary, for the screams seemed real.

“Oh look, a welcoming host,”
Juls pointed at a skeleton lying on the floor not far from them. It was dressed up in green, maybe an elf or Peter Pan.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: October 02, 2013, 10:45:11 pm »
The man had absolutely no tact. Angelus wasn’t sure if he should smile or shake his head. His expression was caught in between, bemused. The cat lady wasn’t impressed with his attempt to be both discouraging and amused. She didn’t answer him. If she was a real cat, she might have hissed, or her tail certainly would have twitched. “I’ll take some of that, uh, pumpkin ice cream. In a bowl,” Angelus ordered as the cookie was placed for the crazy man. He took it, and Angelus figured he’d cover it. He made sure to add a tip for the woman’s troubles when he was given his ice cream.

He talked about the darkness.
“You were in line to see it,” he said as he motioned to a table where they could sit down. He moved and sat, continued, “It’s not all that cool. Just some place people go in to get scared.” His sister was a bloody fanatic, like Julio. He smiled as he realized he missed Julio. ‘Oh well.’ He’d see the man soon enough. “You can always go back to it.” His sister might want to go back. He hoped to god Jasmine would drag her away from such nonsense. What was the point of going into a haunted house a second time? To prove the thing that scared you last time wouldn’t scare you again? “But, uh, who’s this doctor?” With a name, maybe he’d have someone to call who could help this guy.

He was not spending his entire night with a crazy person, except Juls, and Juls could at least act as a wingman.


Julio and Maya were the only two ridiculous ones in Jasmine’s not-so humble opinion. They were both excited about this in a way that verged on insanity. Smiling. Laughing. Joking.

“At least you’re not dying first anymore, Sarah.”
Andrew comforted. Angelus might be gone, but Julio was here now.

She wasn’t all that comforted. Sarah squeaked as the skeleton was pointed out.
“Good quality,” Maya noted.

Yes, insane, Jasmine was positive.
“That’s all you have to say about that?” Andrew asked, a tremor in his own voice already. The screams were quiet loud.

Maya nodded. She could appreciate such fine detail.
"See ya later, Peter," Jasmine had decided who it was as she walked by it.

Maya that led the way in while Sarah hung back, now and then clinging to someone when something jumped out at her, or some sound startled her. Andrew tended to wince back from things. A few
“Yos!” escaped his lips as he tried to flinch away from whatever had come out from the darkness.

Maya was the one who was practically laughing, watching their reactions as she seemed to anticipate where every scare would come from. She’d been to far too many of these. It was disappointing to Jasmine, who wanted to see Maya frightened. She had been so sure this house would do it, too! There were a few moments where even she jumped. The house had yet to make her cry out, though. That was not happening.

There was a strobe-light hallway, with plenty of horrifying sights to look at. Scattered bones, torn up clothes, and Jasmine was pretty sure she saw an iphone under finger bones. Something about that image struck a chord, and she felt sick.

Escaping the room was easily done, for nothing jumped out at them, though something seemed to thud against a wall. It almost sounded like some hatch being released, and Jasmine suspected something in the next room was set up for them.
‘Something up the stairs.’ For she saw stairs.

It was Maya who noticed something off.
“Where’s Sarah?” She needed Sarah to keep herself amused, for Sarah was so easily scared.

“Huh?” The group stopped, and Jasmine looked around.

Sarah wasn’t with them.
“Sarah?” Andrew called. “This isn’t funny, Sarah!” He thought it might be a revenge attempt at first, but then realized that wasn’t like Sarah at all.

Maya walked back towards the strobe-light room, though it wasn’t the direction they were supposed to be moving in. Perhaps Sarah was having a seizure? Certainly this wasn’t a room safe for people prone to that.

Striped socks and a layered skirt over bones told another story, and a sharp intake of breath was the response to the realization that all the bones looked real for one, very good, reason. 


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2013, 04:56:11 pm »
The Master was not sad to be rid of the cat woman, she seemed sour. Bitter. Didn’t he like sour people, though? Didn’t he used to thrive in their despair and discomfort? Something had changed inside him, but it still confused him. What exactly did the drum’s absence mean to him? What had it caused in him? That’s why he needed the Doctor. He would know, wouldn’t he? It was not clear; the Master’s mind continued to be foggy at best.

“This is nonsense,” said the Master suddenly. “I know just as much as he does. In fact, I’m smarter.”

He didn’t need him.

When he saw Angelus look even more confused about what he had said, the Master dropped it, and continued to ponder what the Darkness was. “I doubt that anything inside that house is scary,” said the man as he bit into his giant cookie. “There are many scary things in this world, and if I go in, I’ll become the scariest thing there.” He would, certainly. He wanted to go in, even to just sate his curiosity. The Darkness was familiar, and it seemed to be calling to him. It wanted to lure him in.

“He’s the Doctor,” he had meant to say his name spitefully, but it didn’t quite work. Perhaps his hatred was just hidden away. “He’s the Doctor,” he tried again, this time his tone sounded practiced, an actor’s attempt to sound hateful.  It was false. “He’s like me.”

That was a truth he would not ever forget.

“Why didn’t you go in? Are you scared?”

Incredulous. Such a confident looking young man could not be scared of the Darkness.

“We should go.”


“No more Neverland for poor Peter,” said Juls, placing a hand to his chest to feign sorrow.

Juls and Maya were having a party inside the haunted house. Instead of jumping out scared every time something happened, they had predicted it all along and only laughed in their response. Juls thought to himself that the house was not living to the reputation that had led him here. He was dressed as a sexy Santa Claus, and even he could be scarier than all the props inside the house. It was a pathetic excuse of a haunted house.

At least the skeletons were of a fancy make. Even the scent of it all.

Suddenly, Sarah was gone. Juls looked around to make sure she was not just simply hiding to prove a point. He moved some of the drapes from the walls to look in the hiding spots, but only more skeletons were lying within. Each of them had their own costume. It made sense for all this to be part of the haunted house. Juls followed Maya to go look for Sarah in the other room; suddenly traffic was nonexistent in the house.

“What the hell?” He looked over at the bones, noting that was the exact same costume Sarah was wearing. There was no denying it, for Juls had helped her make it. He looked around, shadows all around them both. How could this have happened?

A scream came from the side, and a girl with flaming red hair came in, tears ruining her makeup.

“W-We need to get out of here. T-They’re all d-dead!” The panic in her face was real, of that Juls had no doubt. When he tried to calm her down, she ran for it.

It was perfectly visible. When the girl ran into the shadows, a loud hiss could be heard around the room. They girl screamed, but her voice echoed for only a second. It was as if her skin, all the meat and organs, was being eaten as she walked. In only seconds, her bones fell to the floor, and her costume settled silently on it.

Juls chest heaved, eyes wide with disbelief. He used his hands to push Maya and the others back away from the shadow, taking refuge in what little light flickered above them.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2013, 06:21:06 pm »
A child knows to fear what is in the dark, but an adult soon shrugs off these inherent fears. There are far more tangible things to fear, spiders and snakes, heights and small spaces, people. The bones were perfectly white, no stain of blood on even the clothing. It was unreal in such a haunting way that no scream, no tears, could come to Maya.

A girl soon snapped Maya out of it, and her mind ran ahead of her. She reached down and picked up the skull, something she wouldn’t have thought of doing before.
‘Evidence.’ She picked it up with the woman’s skirt, not actually wanting to touch it. The skull was enfolded in the cloth as the other woman ran away. They weren’t the only group, and Maya could hear sounds outside. She couldn’t make out what was being said, though.

Maya looked up, strobe lights flickering to show the way a shadow seemed to come over the fiery one, engulfing her, melting her. Horrifying.

She felt a shove and her feet fell into a circle of light from one of the bulbs that was constant, rather than strobe-y. Maya looked up as the others came to join them, Andrew and Jasmine.
“No splitting up,” Jasmine muttered.

“This can’t be fucking happening. This can’t be. We have to get out of here.”

Maya said. “Phones, lights, bring them out.”

Jasmine was confused, much as Andrew was, but moved even as she questioned it. Maya barely managed to keep balance of all the things she was now juggling, skull put under an arm,

“I saw it, what attacked that girl,”
she answered as she managed to dig out her cell phone, as well as her keys. On her keys was a miniature flashlight, which a turn of the light portion turned on. The phone lit up at her touch, “It was a shadow. It was darkness. We'll need light to see it..”

‘The darkness.’

How unclever that name was now.

“What, some boogeyman? Are you telling me ghosts are here?”
Andrew sounded in disbelief, near hysterics as he fumbled with his phone.

“Look at the bones!”
No human was going to do that. Maya’s fingers found her brother’s contact information, and dialed the number. "The light will at least show us it either way!" That was her only working theory, and seeing the enemy was good. Seeing the enemy gave them a chance, right? She wouldn't have guessed these creatures actually did not like light.


Right, so the Master was smarter than this Doctor. Angelus understood that much of the man’s assumption.
‘Yes, you will be the scariest thing.’ An axe crazy murderer? Maybe. He shouldn’t let the man in the house.

And the Doctor was the Doctor.

That was not helpful.

Well, the Doctor was also crazy, apparently. So he knew not to call on the Doctor for help with this guy. Maybe they had escaped the asylum together.
“I’m not scared,” Angelus defended himself. He might have said more, but the sound of his phone began to go off. “One sec,” he shifted in his seat. Maya. They must already be done. “Y’ello?”

“Come to the Darkness and bring a flashlight.”

He did not understand these directions, but her voice caused him to stand.
“What’s wrong?”

“Do as I say. Be alert.”

There was a reason she was the older sibling, he supposed. There was also something very wrong, and she didn't have the time to explain. That worried him, but he didn't let it show. Pretend everything was all right, and everything would be all right.
“Fiiine, but I’m bringing a friend,” he complained before he shut the phone. “So, we’re going to the darkness, and we’re getting a flashlight. Unless you have a flashlight.” 


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: October 03, 2013, 08:53:56 pm »
Juls looked around, making sure he knew where the closest shadows were around them. The flickering lights weren’t helping, and the room itself wasn’t bright at all. His worry moved from identifying what they were to trying to just stay alive, to getting out of there so he could see the light of day once more. Jasmine sounded afraid, as they all probably were, but Andrew sounded like he could crack at any second. That would not be good for anyone.

“We need to stay as calm as we can,” he placed a comforting hand on Andrew’s back, “or else we’ll put ourselves in even more danger.”

He was terrified, but he couldn’t panic. One of his friends had just died, and panicking would only worsen the situation. For them, he had to stay strong – there would be time to mourn later, once they were safe. The reality that there was no bringing her back, however, was haunting.

Lights were being brought out. It was a good idea. Juls fetched his iPhone from one of his pockets and turned on the built-in flashlight. He pointed it forward and downward to keep the shadows away from them. They would have to work together in keeping the shadows away, pointing in different directions and all that.

“It ate her,” said Juls, keeping his phone still while looking around. It was silent, the screams had faded. “Just as she ran into the shadows, we have to keep ourselves away from them, or it. I doesn’t matter what it is at this point.”


Apparently, Angelus wasn’t scared, but the Master did not really believe him. If he hadn’t found it scary, he should have gone. The man who’d bought the Master a cookie did not speak for long, for a phone call demanded his attention elsewhere. Immediately, the Master knew that something had gone wrong; his guess was that it was in the Darkness. “I don’t have a flashlight.”  He was right.

Why a flashlight?

“Flashlights in a haunted house?” The Master did not ask the question for an answer, he was just thinking out loud. The more he thought of the darkness, the more his mind began to rule out possibilities, and the more others began to seem more likely. They shuffled on forward to the shop where he had gotten his cookie. Sure, they had flashlights, but they had been tampered with. The glass had pieces of foiled paper tapes to it in the shape of different animals. They were for the kids to make shadows on the floor, surely.

What lousy merchandise.

“We’re taking these, sour puss, and probably some more,”
he said to the bitter cat woman behind the counter. The Master grabbed two of them, one in each hand. Immediately, he ripped the foiled papers from the glass, crumpled them, and tossed them aside. He turned them on to make sure they worked, and a smile showed that they did. “Let’s go see some Darkness.”

There wasn’t even a line anymore – even the people at the doorways looked a little confused about the lack of interest. Something fishy was definitely going on. He tried going right in without paying anything, but a girl dressed as a vampire stopped him. The Master realized he probably hadn’t paid for the cookie either. What silly things his mind would often overlook.

“Err…right, money.” He didn’t have any. “He’ll pay.”

He’d pay him back later. Somehow.

Without thinking twice about it, the Master went inside the haunted house. The feeling of danger was instant in his stomach, which squirmed at the familiar sight. Fresh bones all around, with the remained clothes scattered on the floor. He had seen a sight like this before, and the severity of the situation appeared on his face. It was a completely different expression. The once playful appearance had now completely gone – his face was hard. Serious.  The Master placed his hand on his side to prevent the man from moving forward without him.

“This is bad.”

Vashta Nerada.

But how?

“Stay away from the shadows.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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A long moan of anguish escaped Andrew as Juls tried to comfort him. The tears came, but he at least held his ground and stayed in the light, his own phone providing what light it could. The place was silent, so silent that his mind deluded him that he could hear whatever it was moving about. It was so close in his mind, so very close.

“Yes, it ate her,”
Maya had to agree, had to speak it out loud for her own sanity. Denial would not work. She had seen it. “It ate her, but it won’t eat us.”

“It will if we just stand here!”

“We have to get out of here,”
Jasmine said, a sentiment that could be agreed with. “Can’t we…can’t we just walk on out of here…maybe continue the way we were going?”

“They’re all dead ahead of us, and behind us,”
Maya said.

“What are we supposed to do then?!”

“Angelus will bring a better flashlight…and we’ll walk out of here.”

“Why aren’t these enough?”

Maya couldn’t explain it, but she knew. The light above them was necessary right now. It provided a constant circle of light at their feet, which they needed. Simple intuition.
“Shit, it’s right here, why are we just waiting? It’s gonna get us, too!” Andrew jerked away, and Jasmine grabbed his arm, pulled him back.

She commanded, held his arm firmly in her own hand.


The man took matters into his own hands, despite not having a flashlight.
‘This is stealing.’ The question was whether or not Angelus cared right then. He didn’t. His sister needed a flashlight, and so he needed a flashlight. Still, he did approach the woman and he laid a bit of money down to cover the cost of the cheap things.

They’d bring light to the darkness.
‘God damn it.’ If his sister made just one comment, just one, he was leaving her there. She had to dress up as Lucyfer. “Sorry, really need them.” He didn’t take one from the strange man, but took one for himself and tore the foil off as well. He dropped the foil outside the door of the place. Sourpuss had been too stunned to stop either of them, but Angelus imagined there would be a call to the police later.

How was he going to answer that?

There wasn’t a line. That worried Angelus deeply as they drew close to the front. Someone tried to stop them.
‘I am not fucking pay for this.’

His voice boomed, a quality from his father. He could be intimidating when he wanted to be. “My friends are in there.”

“You must pay to enter!”
Vampiress insisted.

Throwing money at problems made them easier to solve, but he had given up his last bills when he gave to the cat woman.
“Call the cops,” he suggested before he moved ahead anyway, pushing forward to catch up with the man.

When he caught up, something had changed in the man. He stopped Angelus’s progress. He gave a warning and Angelus flicked on his flashlight. He didn’t understand, but the man was confirming what Maya said in another way.

Light. Bring light, scatter the shadows, move them away.

A few moments of silence.

It came back from a distance.

Angelus lifted his hand to push the man’s arm away.
“We have to get there.” If that meant walking through the shadows, Angelus would do so. He didn’t see any light switches, just these flashlights. That would have to be enough.
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master’s hand did not move, even when Angelus tried to push his way through. So many people had already died, their fleshless corpses the one true evidence of that. How could this be? The Vashta Nerada didn’t swarm the Earth. They were just scattered, harmless in the darkness. The Master shot the man a look while trying to keep him back. Having him die would not benefit anybody, especially not the others that were still alive.

They were probably the only ones.

“You cannot just move freely,” said the Master firmly, “they’ll eat you. Stay away from the shadows, and move when I move. Tell the others not to move either, it won’t be safe.”

With a quick click, the Master turned on both of the flashlights, and he pointed them at the darkness. A soft hiss indicated their presence, and their movement. This was a perfect habitat for a species like theirs, and the costumed people had been a buffet. It was clear, however, that this was not an accident. The Vashta Nerada were being kept as prisoners in the house – there was a reason why they couldn’t escape. 

The Master moved, not even questioning why he was trying to save these people. Why he even cared. One foot was placed in front of the other, and the flashlights made sure to keep the shadows at bay. “Don’t even step into the shadows,” the Master warned, “the Vashta Nerada feast on you and leave only your bones for others to find.”

And so he continued, slowly, but wary.

Several rooms ahead, Juls was trying hard to keep Andrew from doing something stupid. He tried to comfort, he tried to calm, but he couldn’t do everything and keep the light steady. “We’re going to be fine,” he said, “Angelus is coming with flashlights, we’re not too far from the entrance.” He wasn’t sure. If he was being honest with himself, he had forgotten which way was which, but the thought of his dear friend coming to their recue was a comforting thought.

Given time, the Master made his way through the first rooms. He had stopped counting the corpses, for they littered the majority of the floor. A lot of them were trying to escape. They knew not what they were dealing with. The Master peeked his head through the opening, witnessing for the first time the group of people, circled together, taking refuge from the only constant light in the room.

“Don’t move,” said the Master, slowly getting closer to them. He had not considered how getting this many people out would be terribly complicated.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Angelus had to bite back an outburst at the man as he didn’t seem to be letting him go forward. Fortunately, the man explained what was up, somewhat. ‘Eat me?’ He didn’t know what was going on, and that sounded highly unlikely. However, the crazy man spoke with conviction. If this could sober him up, he might want to listen.

Something hissed in the darkness and Angelus felt a chill run through his spine at the sound. It was something living—or somethings. He flicked on his own flashlight.
“All right,” he consented to the plan. The shadows were kept away by the flashlights, and Angelus found himself overly paranoid the more they walked. “Vashta, what?” He’d never heard of these things.

He could see the bones, though. The bones were everywhere, littering the floor alongside costumes.
‘Please, Juls.’ He heard Maya’s voice, was pretty sure that she was all right. He just had to hope that Juls hadn’t been caught, that everyone else was all right, too.

One step after another. Slow and steady, making sure the shadows didn’t have a second to creep into the light, making sure to scatter these hissing things. He planned to ask more about these things, not sure if he believed even as the evidence piled up, but then he heard Julio’s voice.

Maya heard the footsteps.
‘He did bring a friend?’ Odd. She was expecting to see someone she would recognize enter into the room, but the individual that stepped through was not familiar. He did, however, appear to know what he was doing. There were flashlights, and he was moving very carefully. Angelus was close behind him.

Who the friend was could be identified later. They were instructed not to move by said friend as Angelus and the Master drew closer.

Angelus’s eyes fell on the costume of Sarah. He didn’t see the blonde girl with the others. Her skirt was wrapped up under Maya’s arm.
“Is Sarah…?” Jasmine gave a mute nod.

“Darkness just…overcame them,”
Maya answered. “The flesh was gone in a second.” She’d never get that out of her head, how the red-headed woman had been flesh one moment, and bones falling to the ground the next.

“Vassa Nevada.”


“It’s what this guy called’em, or something like that.”
Angelus motioned with his head to the Master. He realized he didn’t even know the guy’s name then. He gave Juls a smile, weak, but relieved, “Glad to see you, man. I don’t know how the hell you figured this out.” This circle thing and the light. Well, his friends were smart people. Survivors. They watched enough horror movies.

“Can we please just get out of here now?”
Andrew whimpered.

“Yeah, we should be able to…just being careful to stay in the light, right?”
Angelus looked to the Master, hopeful it could be that simple. There were flashlights on the phones, and Maya had her own, small flashlight on her key ring. They could get out of here.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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One of them had not made it. That was expected. In fact, the Master silently wondered how so many of them had survived this far. The Vashta Nerada were patient creatures, but they were ruthless at the same time. Their deaths had been virtually painless. Apparently the girl dressed as Lucyfer and the Santa had tried to keep everything under control. They were smart, and the Master could not deny them that. Quickly, he looked over the group and their sources of light.

Perhaps escaping would not be so difficult with all the sources of light. If they were careful, then they could make their way back slowly. Dealing with the swarm, however, was a completely different matter. That part of the plan was still being written in his mind.

“The Vashta Nerada,” said the Master after deciding it would be best for them to know as much about them as possible. “They’re microscopic creatures that live in the darkness. They exist throughout the whole planet, but in very small amounts. They’re the tingle you feel in your skin, tiny particles. What we have here is a swarm. In such large amounts, they’re more dangerous than anything you can imagine. If we have light we can keep them at bay.”

The Master turned to look towards the way in which they came.

Juls smiled at Angelus. He had been worried for his safety just as much, and was glad that they were together now. Somehow that made things better. “You too,” responded he without moving his light.

“Watch out for the shadows, they move. Be very careful,” insisted the Master, “let’s go.”

The Master moved in the front once more, letting Angelus reunite with his friends completely. It didn’t take long for the Master to realize that the room from which they came was now completely covered in darkness. Not a spec of light could be seen, and even as he pointed the flashlight forward, no real light pierced through. This was not good.

“We can’t go back this way,” announced the Master, his tone calm. “We’re going to have to go through the house, find another way out.”

“What? Why?” Juls was the farthest back. He had been walking backwards to make sure that nothing came up to them from behind.

“They’ve consumed the entrance – probably came from upstairs too. We need to move to the back of the house, find an exit there.” Yes, an exit in the back was likely. “Hurry, they are moving fast and they are planning to chase us. With that many numbers on their side, our flashlights won’t make a dent. Do not run, and do not make any rash movements. Walk quickly, and keep your eyes on your feet.” There was a pause, people taking in the reality of the situation. “Hurry!” The Master insisted.

Juls hesitated for only a while, for his feet didn’t seem to want to move. He snapped out of it quickly, however, and he began to take quicker paces into the next room. The house ahead was unfamiliar. They had to venture through a house that was actually haunted.

"Shit, okay. It's cool. We're cool."

He hoped so, anyway. 

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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A look was exchanged between brother and sister, the quiet conversation of mockery that not even this situation could contain. In fact, it was necessary in such situations as these, for it contained the hope that all would be well, all must be well, because they could still be normal. ‘Vassa Nevada?’

‘Shut it, Lucyfer.’

But they were both paying attention to the strange man who was speaking, who seemed to know everything. Treating this stranger well had paid off for Angelus, and he regretted absolutely none of the money spent to buy him a cookie now.

But there were still challenges to overcome. If they got out of this alive, he'd buy this guy all the cookies he wanted.

Careful steps were taken as the Master shifted his position, light kept on them all as Angelus prepared to organize things so everyone followed along.

Maya was pushed gently forward by Angelus, the quiet suggestion that she follow closest to the stranger, and then Jasmine was tapped, before he spoke.

Maya had noticed it, too. The light from the flashlights should have been going much further in the room, but it seemed a dark mass was now preventing it. The number of Vashta Nerada was now no longer fleeing before the light.

The announcement froze Angelus with his hand on Jasmine’s shoulder, the plan to slip behind Jasmine in the line up, and pull Andrew along as necessary. Julio could hold the rear easily enough.

“Chase us?”
High-pitched, frightened.

“It’s gonna be all right,”
Jasmine reassured. She didn’t sound so certain.

The order was reversed, the Master giving his command to hurry.
“Follow the leader,” Angelus chuckled, knowing that Juls would now have to lead.

Jasmine had read about the design, knew what they’d be looking for.
“We have to go up stairs,” she remembered those, “Our exit from the house will be a fire escape. That’s how they set this up. I saw it while we were outside, too.” She recalled seeing people descending from it, recalled the rev of a chainsaw. Apparently they wouldn’t be seeing the owner of it who had so terrified those people exiting the haunted house.

They were in the next room. Angelus kept one hand firmly on Andrew’s shoulder as they walked on to keep him moving. He smiled a little at what Julio said,
“Yeah. It’s all cool. Totally cool.” Up the stairs, one step at a time. Andrew managed to make it to the top, they all did without tripping. Angelus counted that a miracle.

It was so dark on the upper levels. All the lights seemed to have been killed.
“I don’t suppose they’re sentient enough to be reasoned with?” Maya asked aloud, hearing the hissing far too close to her. Well, she was near the back. She should expect it if they were to be chased. ‘A trap?’ Could they have blocked off the exit? Were they getting them away from that source of light to put them into darkness, with only electronics that would die?

“We’re not reasoning with things that killed Sarah.”
As if there would even be that option. "Pretty sure they just want to kill."

Andrew cursed. His phone light was starting to dim, battery dying. He shook it, to no avail, of course.

“Just keep moving.”

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Up the stairs they went, which was a lot harder than Juls had anticipated – he said nothing, for Andrew’s sake. Trying to climb stairs in the darkness while pointing a flashlight at your feet while only looking down? Hard stuff. The last step was a triumph, and Juls celebrated it with a deep sigh of relief. They were that much closer to the end of the house. The scattered bones were not very encouraging, however. The sexy Santa decided it would be best to ignore them.

“I’m not even going to lie,” said Juls, muffling a nervous chuckle, “if we can tell these Vashta Craps to just stay away, please, let’s do that.”

The Master smiled, shaking his head. These people were crazier than him. Well, no. No they weren’t. “They have been starved,” noted he matter-of-factly, “so they’ll only think of us as food. I’m not going to put down a twinkie if I’m starving.” So no, that would not work, and the Master was not willing to try it out.

“Yeah,” Juls breathed out, “I thought not.”

They moved on forward, but Juls found himself stopping when he noticed Andrew’s phone light dimming. “Oh shit,” he said, trying to think of something. “Take my phone.” It was not his brightest moment.

“Oh that’s really clever of you,” said a sarcastic Master. “No, I have two flashlights. Here take one.”

Juls shook his head, trying to shake his fear, too.

He moved on forward, very carefully placing his feet on the spots of light his phone gave him. Thankfully, the route the people were supposed to take was much clearer upstairs than it was downstairs. They came into a much larger room. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling, and it swayed back and forth with the wind that came from the open window. The fire escape had not been blocked, and it was close enough to them.

“Oh thank you Jesus,”
said Juls, for the very first time smiling since he saw Sarah’s remains. They would make it.

“Be very careful,” said the Master from behind. “The Vashta Nerada will not have made it easy for people to leave. That light could go off any second. We need to treat this room as the darkest of them all. Do not trust that light bulb, only trust the light from your phone.”

This Master guy was not very encouraging. But he made sense. He was careful, and he was sharp. Just who exactly was he?

Just as soon as Juls took a step, the light bulb popped, and a large part of the light in the room went dark. The light coming from the window was still present. Juls moved his gaze back to the floor, and he began to move once more. The hiss became stronger, but it was coming from the rear. Juls used his peripheral vision to see if anything was coming from the sides, but he only saw the walls of the room and the furniture that had been placed on the edges.

“They’re getting closer, here!”
Called the Master from behind.

Juls quickened his pace, and eventually he reached the window. Moonlight was safe, wasn’t it? He moved to the side, keeping his phone’s light on the floor.

“You guys go first,”
his voice was severe. There was no arguing with him.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Talking was out of the question, but not because they weren’t unable to be reasoned with—on a normal day, anyway. They were starved. “Something’s wrong….” It was spoken quietly. It was obvious, but her thoughts were not on the obvious. Something had to be wrong with the Vashta Nerada. Didn’t this stranger say they were usually microscopic things that didn’t cause such harm? This was a swarm, and from the sounds of it, this was not typical behavior for them. That a swarm could be starving was peculiar.

“No shit?”
Angelus couldn’t refrain.

Maya frowned, but didn’t add anything. First things first—get out of the house, then address the issue of the house, where it was safer.

A flashlight was passed up to Andrew. He put his phone away once the light was in his hands and directed at his feet, and again they moved forward. There was a room with a light.
“That’s not foreboding or anything.” One too many zombie games. Maya had the same thought, fear rather than relief.

At least the stranger was on the same page. The light popped.
“Knew it.”

“Shove it, boy.” Maya was the only one allowed to call him that. The hissing was really bothersome. She didn’t want to admit she was afraid, wouldn’t break order to move up. After all, the one at the end was the most knowledgeable. He wasn’t panicking. That was encouraging, even if his words weren’t, his behavior was.

They managed to make it to the window, and getting through it broke the pattern of lights. Angelus made sure Andrew was the first out, and Jasmine followed right behind him. Maya gave Angelus a nod and he moved out. Without a consideration of the height, he hopped over the safety railing and fell to the ground, landing roughly on his feet as Jasmine and Andrew navigated the metal escape instead.

Maya had similar intentions,
“Catch!” First she had to throw down the evidence. Angelus managed to catch the skull wrapped in a skirt, and caught sight of those accursed heels managing to step up on the metal. He cursed aloud, but Maya didn’t slip before managing to jump away from the railing.

It was a rough catch after he deposited the skull on the ground.
“Next year we stay home and play zombie games?”

“You don’t want to go zombie hunting?”
A smirk.

He didn’t even joke about it as he set her on the ground, glanced up in case Juls or the stranger wanted to do something crazy like jump, too. “Why the hell did you bring a skull?”


“We have a house full of bones.”

“We have a swarm of microscopic flesh eaters, and you think that the bones are still going to be here when anyone official arrives?”

He opened his mouth to contest her thought, note that the Vashta Nerada weren't eating the bones, but frowned.

That wasn't what she was trying to say. There was something accusing in her tone. Suspicious.
‘Wait.’ The vampiress hadn’t seemed all that concerned about what was going on. She even tried to charge him. Could it be that she wasn’t merely ignorant of what was going on? Angelus hadn’t even considered that anyone was at fault for the Vashta Nerada being present. “Touche,” he decided to consent. 

Jasmine and Andrew figured out the railing and came to join them. The moonlight showed two shadows for Andrew.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Something in Lucyfer’s words caught the Master’s attention; he looked at her differently from then on. He acknowledged her reasoning silently. Out of all of them, it was she who had noticed, with very limited knowledge, that something was wrong with this situation. He believed that she saw past the obvious and developed a genuinely insightful suspicion. She had heard him in a way that the others hadn’t, she really listened. He wouldn’t touch on the subject if it could be avoided, but something told him that this scheme was a piece of a greater plan.

He hoped otherwise. He just wanted to see himself in a mirror. Avoid conflict.

One by one, they all made it down the fire escape. The male who had been most scared went first, and then an erratic order followed. When the Master was alone with the Santa, he knew that there was no persuading the human into going before him. In order to waste less time, the Master avoided an argument and quickly maneuvered his way down the escape. The sight of the second shadow was his first greeting to the outside.

They had attached to him.

Juls did not care to look back into the spreading darkness, but instead jumped out the window and tumbled his way down the fire escape. Luckily Angelus was there to stop him from truly hurting himself. When he got back on his feet, he thanked his best friend and made sure that everyone else had made it out of the house safely.

“Don’t move,” said the Master to Andrew. The Time Lord’s eyes did not move from the lad’s second shadow. They were no longer contained in the house, no longer held prisoners. Yet they only attached themselves to a host as a last resort. He had never heard of a situation in which the Vashta Nerada released the host unharmed, but this was an extraordinary situation. Andrew had been their channel of escape.

The Master hoped – severing all current thoughts of reason. He didn’t want to think or wonder why he was worried for the boy.

He lied to himself. The Master would not acknowledge such weakness.

“You’re free,”
said the Master, “you can let him go.”

Juls took a step back, his eyes glossing at the sight of Andrew’s two shadows. Sarah he had known only for a little while, so the wounds of her loss were not deep. Andrew, however, was an old friend of his. He didn’t need to know why he had two shadows; the Master’s severe tone was enough to convey the danger Andrew was in.

“Shit…” a breath left Santa’s voice, a whimper. “I have one too.”

The Master turned to look at Santa’s second shadow – disbelief showing on his face. Two of them had gotten caught by the Vashta Nerada. The Master’s primary suspicions regarding the survival rate were catching up to him.

“Let them go,” said the Master again.

A hiss followed his command.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Andrew moved a little. He turned his head to look at the stranger, and to try and understand why he wasn’t supposed to move. The man’s eyes were on something, and Andrew registered the second shadow. His mouth went dry. Jasmine stepped away from him and his head whipped around to her, betrayed by her distance. He couldn’t speak, too afraid.

‘Please, please let me go, please.’
It was all he could do not to faint. Maybe he wouldn't feel it when they tore his skin from everything.

Angelus stared, and then heard words far more damaging. He turned to look at Juls, “Fuck, no.” A movement, but his sister grabbed his arm with both of hers, wrapping around him like a vine to keep him away. He could have escaped with more of a struggle, but did not. His eyes darted between Juls and Andrew, briefly wondering if the rest of them were in danger from these Vashta Nerada.

Maya’s thoughts ran a mile a minute, the realization the Vashta Nerada weren’t eating her friends an immediate thought.
‘Not starving now, eh?’ The stranger was trying to reason with them now, but the response was a hiss. Could they talk, be understood? Did he understand them?

‘But they understand!’

That was important, but no one could do anything without understanding the Vashta Nerada. Maya noted the cell phone in her hand, and slowly unwrapped her arms from around Angelus. They stepped apart, Angelus closer to Juls. Maya moved towards Andrew.
“You heard him, you’re free, go!” Angelus echoed the stranger.

His words seemed to be ignored. Maya covered the phone screen with her hand as she got closer to Andrew, closer to that second shadow which the lights here would not have cast.
“Hello,” she greeted as she knelt down, closer to the ground, closer to the shadow still. “You seem to want something, but I can’t understand your hissing. If you can understand us,” her hand was shaking but she tried to ignore that as she leaned forward, put her hand out closer to the shadow, “You can use this to write what it is you want.” She dropped the phone just outside the shadow, and watched with shock how quickly the shadow moved to engulf the phone. No light came through that shadow, the phone seemed wholly engulfed at first.

‘If I can’t see the screen….’

“We want freedom for all.”
The voice was hissing, static. They were damaging the phone in using it.

It talked. Maya couldn’t help the startled movement back, rocking on her heels to sit on her butt instead.

“Fuck that,”
Angelus answered without much consideration. These two shadows might not be so bad to let free, but the entire house? These things would be dangerous if they were released. If they were confined to the house, maybe it could be burned and they’d be done with it? That sounded good. Burn the house. Burn the Vashta Nerada.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Juls could understand what Andrew was feeling, for those same feelings of complete terror were surfacing on his mind, too. He could see that there was no way that he should have two shadows, and he knew what that could mean. They were somehow attached to him, and he could even feel them. They were on him, all over him, holding him to get something they desired. The stranger knew this, for his tone was careful. Juls trusted him, even if he knew very little of him.

When Lucyfer placed the phone on the floor, the Vashta Nerada engulfed it almost instantly, and they spoke. Her genius had made it easier for the Master to understand what they really wanted. When they spoke, his fears were confirmed. They wanted all the Vashta Nerada to escape the house; they wanted them all to be free. The Master could understand that. If they could be rid from their prison, they could go on throughout the planet, settle in a life that no longer was dangerous to the humans.

Angelus was clearly upset that his friends were being held captive by the darkness, and he expressed it with his curses. The Master was about to try and reason with him, but it was Juls who spoke.

“Please, Angelus,” his voice was shaky, clearly mortified, but the sexy Santa managed a weak smile. “It’s okay, they won’t hurt us.” His eyes had remained glossy, for deep in his heart he knew that it wasn’t true. He was in mortal danger, but he also had to soldier on. If it meant that it would keep Angelus and the others safe, he would pretend.

Admiration, what a strange feeling overcame the Master.

“You must keep them alive,”
said the Master to the darkness. “I will help you, just keep these two alive. Don’t hurt them.”

A familiar hiss came from the shadows, and then the static on the phone got stronger.


“We shall not harm them,” the tone was bitter, but understandable through the static.

Juls knew that they might be lying, but he still gave a look to Angelus.

'See?' The words couldn't escape his mouth, he couldn't move.

The Master would have to take their word, for they were not unreasonable beings. If he could find the source of their containment, perhaps he could save the two that were in greatest danger. “I’ll go back inside the house and see what is containing your kind, but you must give me safety, too.” The house was even more dangerous now than it was before. No others were alive, and if he went back in, he’d be their only source of food.

The hiss was louder, which lead the Master to believe that he was asking for too much.

“We are hungry. I cannot protect you from my brothers and sisters. If you fail, another shall take your place, until we are free.” They spoke slowly, threateningly. It was clear now that they were starved, and that the darkness that remained inside would seek food before anything else.

“I’ll go,” said the Master, finding useless to argue with the beings that clearly had the bargaining power.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Angelus listened to Juls. He wanted to argue with him, because he didn’t believe Juls for one second. He didn’t notice the water that was starting to build in his eyes. The stranger tried to reason with the shadows, and they agreed, “What about the rest of the world?” he muttered, but he was relieved. He wiped at a tear that fell, shook his head. This situation sucked.

The stranger asked to go in, asked for passage.
‘Who are you?’ Angelus couldn’t understand this selflessness. He barely knew the man, and the man was willing to go back into the house—even after the Vashta Nerada denied him safety, he was willing to go back in and deal with the situation. “Oh, come on! Give him safe passage, if he gets you bastards out, you’ll get to feast all you fucking like!” Yes, he cursed more when he was angry.

“Please don’t yell at them,”
Andrew’s voice was small, but at least he’d found it again.

Angelus’s rage was not given an answer. Static, and only static. The darkness shifted away from the phone to reveal the butchered casing, cracked and black screen. Maya got to her feet.
“I’ll come with you,” she told the stranger, before turning to Jasmine. “Can I have your phone?”


“If something goes really wrong, I can call and let you know,”
even if it would just be her last words to let them know she’d failed.

“You can’t be serious….”

“You should stay here and watch your better half,”
Maya smirked as the phone was handed over without much argument from Jasmine.

“Don’t give that phone to them,”
was her only demand. Maya nodded.

“It’s dangerous in there!”

Maya approached Angelus, “Your flashlight.”

He shook his head, but his hand was moving to offer her the larger flashlight.
“You can’t do this.” But he wasn’t going to volunteer himself. He wasn’t going in there again, he wanted to stay out here and figure out if there was a way to get the Vashta Nerada to let go of Andrew and Juls, to find any other method of fixing this besides giving in to their demands. “I’m burning all of them if you die.” He couldn’t believe the Vashta Nerada wouldn’t give the strange man passage. Little did he know, the Vashta Nerada would be just fine with that idea of everything burning.

Maya took the flashlight. She wasn’t about to let the man who owed them nothing go in there on his own.
“We’ll be back. You’re both gonna be all right.” She turned to the stranger, as prepared as she was going to get with phone and flashlight. “Do we need anything else?” If not, she was prepared to follow him back into the Darkness.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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If the Master could have picked someone to accompany him back into the house, it would have been Lucyfer. She thought most like him, and she had kept her cool inside the house the way no one else had. Something about her was clever – a rare thing in a human. The man who had bought him the cookie seemed to be too agitated to think clearly, he sounded like he was on the verge of tears. He must have really cared for his friends, so in a way it was a good thing for him to remain with the other three outside of the house.

Fewer people inside of the house meant that fewer people were in danger. For this, the Master was grateful.

Juls did not want any of them to go back into the house, but he couldn’t speak. He didn’t want Maya to risk her life just to save his; there was something wrong about that scenario. He also didn’t want Angelus to leave his side, for if he were to die, he didn’t want to die alone. 

“Please be careful,” said Juls, shaking his head and speaking more clearly than the last time. He needed to keep it together.

The Master nodded his head, for the others were generally safe outside. He turned to look at Lucyfer, who had taken one of the other man’s flashlights. They acted like they were siblings, which made sense. Could the man also be related to Santa? It certainly seemed that way.

“No, all we need is light,” the Master knew that they might need something else once they’d found what was keeping the Vashta Nerada trapped inside. Then again, taking unnecessary items into a house where the darkness eats you can be a risky deal. They would have to improvise. Whatever it was that kept them, it had to be destroyed.

Together, they made their way back around the house. They couldn’t climb the fire escape, so they had to go back to the front door. The Master was half expecting the Vampiress to be there still, but the door was wide open and no one was nearby. It was eerie how alone the house now seemed, and not even the little shop on the side was seeing any traffic. This was not normal, and the Master had never been more sure that someone was behind this massacre.

“There is something, probably alien in nature, that is keeping the Vashta Nerada trapped inside. Yes, alien,” reiterated the Master, “for they cannot be bound by anything other than that. Especially not at night.” He pointed the flashlights forward, their light beaming through the open door and piercing the darkness inside. “Anything that looks out of place, or anything you think looks strange, let me know. Carefully, now.”

With that, the Master stepped into the house. It was completely silent of human noise, the only sound was that of the soft hiss that came from the shadows. The flickering lights were still turned on, but it looked even darker than it had the first time that he went in. Once they had taken a couple of steps inside, the shadows consumed the door.

There was no going back.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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They had light. The stranger didn’t protest her coming along, no martyr complex at least. She followed him back around to the front, where the silence was eerie. No one was there. ‘Get scared?’ Her mind had decided at least one of the operators of the house was aware of what was in it. She didn’t know who, but someone. ‘You killed your employees, your customers….’ She was far angrier at them for trapping and starving a species than she was at the species for eating others.

At the entrance, he spoke more queer words.
‘Literally, alien.’ Not just something strange. Not just something foreign. He meant literally alien, not from Earth. She bit the inside of her cheek against a question of whether or not he was alien, of whether or not the Vashta Nerada were alien. It wasn’t difficult for Maya to imagine things like the Vashta Nerada existed naturally on Earth, for some reason. “I will,” consent for now, question later. She had to make sure Juls and Andrew lived.

At least the creepy music had stopped playing. It made hearing the hiss of the Vashta Nerada so much easier when they moved to steal the light from the moon by covering the doorway.
“We’re here to help,” Maya spoke, though new better than to trust that her words would buy her or the stranger any mercy. The phone light flashed around, but the air was heavy not just with the shadows, but fog. It seemed the Vashta Nerada's blocking things off was also keeping all of this fog in the building. “Something alien…they’d want to keep it in a place they could monitor it. It might be in one of these first couple of rooms,” she used the phone light as her light to search, keeping the flashlight instead trained more to keep the Vashta Nerada out of her path, and away from her.

She didn’t dare to check her own shadow as she proceeded though. Best to be ignorant if she did slip and get caught by them.

Careful, slow steps. The Vashta Nerada certainly had the force to overcome this simple flashlight, even with the flickering lights. The light captured many things in it, though the fog tried to obscure it. Mostly, bones, and decorations.
‘Odd that the fog machine is working when the radio isn’t….’

Didn’t he say anything strange?

“Sir,” she needed to figure out his name or something later, “Would it be odd that the fog making machine is still working while the radio isn’t?” She moved the phone light around, but couldn’t locate the machine. The darkness was too thick, or else the fog machine was in another room. She certainly didn’t hear its quiet noise here.
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Lucyfer didn’t ask him any questions, which he appreciated. Now was not the time to explain how alien life was the one true culprit behind what happened inside of the house. They moved carefully into one of the other rooms, stepping away from the shadows. They were moving more freely than before, though they were still wary. It was as if the Vashta Nerada knew that something was amiss with them, as if they were confused about whether or not they should swarm. 

“You’re right,” said the Master to Lucyfer, looking around for anything alien. Everything was well hidden, and most of the walls had been covered with Halloween wallpaper. Everything seemed to be more out of place precisely because it was a haunted house – which meant that finding something odd might be more difficult than he had anticipated. The Master’s eyes moved from wall to wall, from ground to ceiling.

It had to be something that could consume the whole house – something that could spread just as easily as the Vashta Nerada could.

They moved into another room, but they remained close to the first section of the home. The music had stopped playing, as had the creepy sound effects that would go off every minute or so to scare those who ventured in. Only the steps that they took and the soft hiss could be heard.

No, that was wrong.

Beyond those obvious sounds, a small sound was still constant – but it was soft, even whooshing. The fog that made the house scarier was still surrounding them. ‘Could it be…?’

Lucyfer spoke just as soon as he wondered, calling him sir. He didn’t like it, but she had noticed the same things he had. “Very odd, indeed,” said the Master, cocking his head to the side to try and find the location of the fog machine. “The fog is coming through the vents of the house, the air conditioning shafts – I forgot you all still had those in 2013…” They would upgrade given some time. “That would give the fog access to the whole house, to every room. Yes, it must be the fog…”

The hiss around them turned into more of a snarl. The Vashta Nerada’s confusion seemed to be fading, and their hunger dominating their instincts. They needed to find the machine, and quick.

“This way,” said the Master, moving down the hall and pushing open a door that was not part of the haunted house path. It was a room that had been sealed off. The Master knew he had found it immediately, for the floor was covered with all sorts of wires that led to a smaller door on the side. The Master temporarily forgot about the shadows around his feet, and used both his hands to try and pull the door open.

It was a utility closet, with the water heater and the air vents exposed. The black, bulky, fog machine rested on the floor therein. Tubes were prodding the thing on its side, contaminating the fog liquid with a light blue substance.

“Watch my back,” he told Lucyfer before kneeling down and pulling the machine closer to him. The snarls grew louder around them. The Master had to work quickly. With one quick movement, he pulled the tubes from the machine – finding no other way of disabling the thing. It had no buttons. It sputtered momentarily, shortly afterwards sending a large beam of energy directly at the Time Lord.

The darkness that seemed to consume the room dispersed almost immediately, as if the substance that had contaminated the fog had been drained instantly. The veil had been broken, and the machine stopped singing its soft murmur. The Master’s body flew back and slammed into the wall hard.

Even the hisses and snarls that threatened them had subsided.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Maya’s idea apparently was not farfetched. “Still have…?” The question was in her voice, but not made explicit. More and more questions were filling her mind, pushing the worry and fear that should be there with a quiet confidence in the man who was here. Space and aliens were one thing. Different technology on different planets, completely understandable.

Time, though?
‘When are you from?’ Would that be a more appropriate question? Was he human, but from far, far in the future?

She was going to get a headache from all these concerns.
‘Just focus on now.’ Like, making sure no Vashta Nerada ate him while he dealt with the door. Thank goodness the phone provided light!

The door was opened, and in they walked to find the fog machine. Although, it was a peculiar instrument. Maya wouldn’t have been able to say what was queer about it. She didn’t deal with fog machines regularly.
“Ok,” she had no problems letting him deal with the machine. All she would do would be attempt to smash it, and she didn’t see anything decently heavy to use to try that with.

He had a much better idea—or so it appeared at first. Maya kept the light on the stranger,
“We’re going to let you go free,” she told the darkness as it snarled louder, closer. She was shaking and she knew it. The tubes were pulled. The machine sputtered. Silence, anticipation.

A beam shot from the machine, and Maya’s eyes widened as she realized first, that the man had been struck, and two, how narrowly she evaded that fate herself by standing off to the side. The nearly-invisible weight in the air vanished, more lights making themselves known. Maya whipped around, dropping the flashlight and making the quick sprint to where the man had been forced by the beam. It fell to the ground, spinning, but ended up casting its light on the man.

She dropped to her knees at his side,
“Are you all right?” She wasn’t even sure then if he was conscious or just had his eyes shut. Her eyes went over him quickly, half-expecting to see a gaping hole in him from the beam. She reached out to touch, hand to shoulder. “C’mon, we can go now…we can go get twinkies.” He’d mentioned twinkies earlier. He must like them.

There was a voice from outside, some distance away, but clear. Angelus and another, unfamiliar, one.


It was visible when the task was complete. The Vashta Nerada lifted up into the sky, obscuring the stars. Then, following them, went the two shadows.
“Look!” Jasmine was the one to point it out. Andrew looked down. He had one shadow now.

There was a sharp intake of breath, followed by Andrew dropping to his knees and covering his face. Jasmine knelt besides him, putting a hand on his back as he let the stress, fear, and relief catch up with him.

Angelus immediately looked to Julio’s shadow. One. Without hesitation, Angelus closed the distance and pulled the Santa into an embrace. He had been so scared that he’d lose Julio. It was wordless, quick, and tight, before he quickly pulled away.
“Gotta find Maya,” he couldn’t waste time on that either. The stranger and sister hadn’t been granted safety.

He jogged to the front of the building, seeing someone with brunette hair in a long coat stepping out of a vehicle. He suspected they were some sort of police on sight, and he wanted to yell at them, wanted to know what the hell took them so long, but then noticed police cars outside.

No policemen.

He imagined there were police uniforms inside the building, somewhere.
“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.” That brunette called to him. He just lifted up his middle finger, didn’t catch the, “Well, if you want,” comment.

“At least I know what’s going on,”
he retorted, taking out his cell phone before stepping into the house. Yep. Police uniforms. Brilliant.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master felt his head hit against the wall, and as he landed on the floor, he groaned out in pain. He could feel the Vashta Nerada’s absence in the house, and he only hoped that they would keep their end of the bargain and leave the two males unharmed outside. The Master allowed his eyes to shut, trying to take in the fact that the darkness had left them. That the shadows were now only just that, and that they would not attach to him or anyone anymore.

Lucyfer was at his side soon, and she promised him twinkies. That was more than enough for him to open his eyes and accept her help in getting up.

“Thank you,” he said, “twinkies are the best.” He coughed, catching his breath.

He took a good look around, seeing that the lights in the house were now solid, that the shadows were perfectly ordinary, and that the Vashta Nerada had indeed gone off. He had felt it, but actually seeing it gave him a relief he didn’t know he could feel. He didn’t question why he felt relieved, or why he had even risked his life to save people he didn’t even know. Now was not the time to dwell on such concerns.

“We did it,” he breathed out, noting the two voices outside. To him, both of them sounded familiar. One sent a chill down his spine. It wasn’t because the person was scary, but because that voice resonated a feeling of regret he couldn’t understand. It couldn’t be Jack, could it? He couldn’t risk it. He couldn’t face him right now.


Just like that, his shadow was gone. The Vashta Nerada took to the stars, dampening their shine upon them. It was Jasmine who pointed it out. Curiously, Juls’ eyes made sure Andrew was safe before he checked his own shadow. He had been so worried for him, ever since they realized what was happening inside of the haunted house. He let a breath out, one that seemed he had held in for a long time. It was as if he was breathing, truly breathing, for the first time since he saw Sarah’s bones scattered on the floor.

Angelus embraced him, and Juls let out a chuckle in the middle of it, hugging him back just as tightly. Angelus pulled away quickly to go and look for Maya, which Juls completely understood. He didn’t say anything, but he deeply appreciated the gesture his best friend had just given him. They had a bond of friendship that could not be broken. He was in every way a brother to Juls, and when he jogged back to the house, Juls stood still.

‘It’s over,’ a laugh of blissful realization and relief.

Juls moved over to Andrew, who was overcome with joy and relief. He gave him and Jasmine a hug, for they had all been through hell that night. “We’re fine, guys, we’ve made it.” He patted Jasmine on the back and squeezed Andrew’s shoulder before deciding to make his way back to the house. He’d be damned if he didn’t get the chance to thank that stranger who had so selflessly helped them. He didn’t care why he had done it, but was forever grateful that he did. He was grateful also that Angelus had brought him along.

He had saved them.

“I’m going to go check on Maya and that guy,” he announced, jogging his way to the front of the house.

A man, handsome by all means, with brunette hair and a long coat was standing outside. Angelus was not there, so Juls only assumed that he had gone inside. A shudder. He looked at the man, and then at the house’s open door. It was dark, but not the same type of dark that had engulfed it only moments ago.

“Did he go in there?”

His voice was concerned, if only because he couldn’t be sure that the Vashta Nerada were actually gone. As much as he hoped, and as different the house was from before, the belief that they could still be inside was enough to make his voice shake.

“What if the Vashta Nerada aren’t completely gone?”

He knew that the chances of the man knowing about the Vashta Nerada were very slim, but he couldn’t contain his concern. He didn’t care to, at this point.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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Twinkies. That was what did it. Maya couldn’t help but laugh a bit as she helped him up. ‘Always the simple things.’ Certainly she had such weaknesses, too. “Yes, we did,” she was pleased, too, but sobriety was starting to return, the adrenaline wearing off. It was all she could do to keep the smile on her lips. “We’ll go back to the others and get some snacks, then.” Food would probably be good for all of them, comfort foods, sweet things, before they confronted the reality of Sarah’s death, and how much larger their world had suddenly gotten.

‘That’s right.’ She had started to walk to the door when she paused, hand on the knob. “You’re…not from here, are you?” He knew about ‘here’, but the words he’d spoken had suggested enough that he either wasn’t from this time, or from this world. ‘Or both.’ Well, yes.

She opened the door, footsteps and voices louder now without that material in the way. She frowned,
“He’s just making a lot of friends today,” she spoke more to herself, wondering who exactly Angelus was speaking to now. Some cop, probably. ‘That’s right, we still need to figure out who’s behind this mess.’ She looked back to the stranger, thinking to ask about whether or not police would be useful, but stopped herself. He didn’t look all right any longer.


Jasmine and Andrew were able to return the embraces, and Jasmine let Juls go.
“I think we’re just gonna sit here a bit. Don’t forget to come back,” not that Angelus or Maya would. She was their ride.

As they were settling in, Angelus was starting to move through the house, using the light of his phone just in case. He heard Juls when he arrived, not far enough away from the entrance.
‘Where are you?’ But he was distracted as he heard the man’s answer.

“Oh, so he does actually know what he’s dealing with then.”
Footsteps closer to the house, a pause near the entry hall. “Here I thought he was as dumb as he was pretty.”

“HEY!” Angelus had turned around and come back into the entry.

“What? I said you’re pretty. And your eyeliner is fantastic, do you do that yourself?”

Angelus couldn’t prevent his cheeks from taking color, he wasn’t often complimented by men and it was highly unusual.
“Never mind. You know what the Vashta whatsit are?”

“Uh huh,” he nodded, “I do. Now, how do you two know what they are, and how—” he flashed his own light around the room briefly, before shining it at Julio, “—did you get them out of here?” His smile to Julio was winning, and he added with a wink, “I don’t suppose you’re free before Christmas eve?”

“It wasn’t us, some guy did it,”
Angelus answered. Did all nutters know about the Vashta Nerada? Was it the new requirement for being insane?

“‘Some guy’. Did he have a name?”


He sounded hopeful.

“Uh, no. He was looking for The Doctor.”
Emphasis on ‘the’. “Look, my sister’s somewhere with him, can we find them and let them explain what the hell they did?”

Jack smiled,
“A sister?” This was all encouraging. He hadn't expected anyone to be alive, but now a sister and a stranger who knew the Doctor were also around. Maybe the stranger could point him to the Doctor, too, the man hadn’t been in touch in so long. “Lead on.”

Angelus frowned. He did not at all like this man’s tone.


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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The Master’s chuckle sounded wicked, the seriousness that tainted his voice was quickly fading, and his usual aloof self was becoming dominant once more. “Yes,” said he with a crooked smile, “food would be welcomed right now.” The Master had only taken a couple of good bites of his large cookie, and he couldn’t remember where he had left it. He approached the door, and was a little surprised when Lucyfer paused before opening the door.

The Time Lord knew what Lucyfer meant by her question, but he was not ready to tell her anything. Couldn’t she just be happy that she was alive, and that the Vashta Nerada were gone?  “No, I’m not from around here,” he said, avoiding the response she really wanted.

As soon as she opened the door, he heard three male voices. One, however, stuck out. If he had any doubts before, he didn’t anymore. The man just outside the room was definitely Jack Harkness, and the Master’s deep concern read heavily on his face. “It can’t be him,” said the Master, looking down, his voice serious. Of course it was him. “I can’t see him. He can’t see me. He’ll want answers…” His voice was more nervous than afraid, and as he turned, he analyzed the room.

There had been a window inside the room the whole time, obscured and hidden by the Vashta Nerada. He couldn’t let Harkness see him, and he definitely was not going to wait around for him to catch up to him. A deep pain in the Master’s chest made the Time Lord cringe, a soft cry escaping his gritted teeth. One of his hearts had stopped completely. There was something about the beam of light that hit him, it had very nearly killed him.

He couldn’t die again…

He would regenerate, wouldn’t he?

The Master turned to Lucyfer, his eyes wide and apologetic. “I cannot stay,” he said, turning and running towards the window. He had only shared his name to the man who bought him a cookie, and he was the man coming with Harkness. “He cannot see me,” he repeated. This time it sounded like he was trying to persuade himself. A loud click was audible throughout the room, and the window was pushed open.

Without looking back, the Master jumped outside, ready to head back to his TARDIS and make a quick escape.


Angelus was indeed very pretty, but Juls had never and would never look at him like that. They were like family. That didn’t stop Angelus from blushing at the compliment, and this encouraged an exchanged glance and a smile between him and Juls. Juls was much more used to being complimented by men, for he liked all of the attention. The conversation did not linger on a playful tone, for the man asked how they had found out what the darkness was, and how they had freed them.

Still, something about the way the man smiled at Juls struck a chord with the Santa. He had only felt such immediate chemistry once before, and after that ended badly, he had sworn it off to be fiction. Yet, here it was again, staring him in the face.

Juls didn’t say anything, but merely smiled back with a raised brow. As if he didn’t know any better, Juls pushed his feelings aside to remember the bigger picture in the situation. He looked back at Angelus, anxious to find Maya and the strange man. He would be able to explain to this guy exactly what had happened. Sarah’s bones were somewhere around them, and that realization made Juls’ stomach lurch. He didn’t want to deal with that yet.

“Who are you, anyway?” Juls asked the man as Angelus led the way into the house.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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There was a shift in him, one that confused Maya immediately. Wickedness was well and good, but she couldn’t quite see a reason for it then, and it left a confused smile on her lips as she wondered what joke she'd missed. ‘At least he’s honest.’ Someone, future or alien, who liked twinkies. She could deal with that. She could tell by his tone he didn’t want to say anymore, and she didn’t feel like she had a right to ask any more.

He had just saved them all. He could have his secrets.

Well, maybe.

The man who had just laughed was suddenly no longer happy. Thoughts of twinkies were clearly not present. Apparently her brother made friends with someone the stranger didn’t like, or someone who didn’t like the stranger. There were explanations to be had, explanations the man was clearly not ready to give. A cry escaped, but it had nothing to do with this new knowledge.
‘You’re hurt?’ Of course he was hurt, he was hit by a bloody beam of light. Would he go to a hospital? Could he go to a hospital?

He was still quick on his feet. Maya blinked, confused for only a second. He was at the window, unlocked it. Maya could let him go, stall whoever it was…
‘But what if he never comes back?’

It'd be a lie to say she wasn't used to running after strangers. That's how she met Jasmine. The man’s fear and the fact he’d done so much made her want to follow him; he was certainly a friend of sorts now. He had been apologetic, not dismissive. The decision was split second, after the man had jumped out the window. Maya slipped her heels off and ran after him, jumping out the window. The heels might at least stall her brother if nothing else.


It did stall Angelus.

He’d somehow figured out the path in silence as the man flashed the light around the area,
“Name’s Jack Harkness,” he answered Julio. “Who are you, or should I just reassure you I've been good this year?" And after receiving an answer, he shifted his attention forward, "And who are you?” He called up.

“Angelus,” he answered, pausing at the door to the water heater to pick up one of the shoes. He didn’t see the rest of her costume, no feathers or dress. He assumed that meant she was alive, but this was still quite confusing. “The hell?” Why were her shoes here? Where was the stranger? ‘They didn’t die. They didn’t die.’ He had to reassure himself over and over of that. If they were dead there’d be more feathers. There’d be evidence of her dress, or of that man’s attire. There’d be proof, besides shoes!

Jack saw Angelus holding a shoe. He might have apologized for what he suspected happened, but his attention was caught by what else was in the room, “Well, well,” he saw the device, paid the shoe little attention but walked in and approached it. “This is new. Good thing I brought the van.” He’d be able to take this along with him to be examined back at HQ. 
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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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There was no looking back – he would think twice about running if he did, and he couldn’t afford such pestering thoughts. He moved across the lawn, makings sure that the others couldn’t see him. Thankfully, the gardens were vast, and his mind remembered where he had last left his TARDIS. Down the path he went, seeing the police cars without policemen, and catching sight of the black van, whose black text spelled ‘Torchwood’ on its side.

“He never learns,” he muttered to himself.

He was so distracted, that he could not hear the steps that were following closely behind him. Past the hill and towards the familiar tree he found a brilliant and great mahogany wardrobe. He paused only momentarily, admiring its elegant, yet clearly misplaced, appearance. It had been broken, sure, he knew that – but he suspected that it would repair itself completely.

Sadly this was not the case.

He opened the door to the wardrobe, and prepared to go inside.

Shuffles from behind made the Master turn, looking at Lucyfer once more.

A brief moment of confusion appeared on his face. “Lucyfer, what are you doing here?” It was confrontational, but merely filled with curiosity. Did she want something else? She had to understand that he couldn’t remain there, not if Captain Jack Harkness was so close to him. Wait. She didn’t have to understand, because she knew nothing about him or his history with the man.


Jack Harkness, Juls would remember that name.

“I’ll keep that in mind when Christmas comes,” said Juls dismissively, though the smile on his face did not fade.

Santa looked about the room and spotted the heels just as quickly as Angelus did. Of course he would spot the shoes first; fashion was his lover after all. It was curious, however, that only the shoes remained, but instead of continuing to worry, Juls knew that she was safe. His calming nerves were the first sign of that. The one singular, tangible, proof of that was the open window across the room. Clearly, they had exited the house that way.


“Angelus,” Juls reached for his shoulder, “they’re fine. They probably went out the window.” He pointed his finger at the thing, hoping that would calm him down a bit.

Juls looked over Jack’s shoulder, inspecting the machine at the same time he did. Apparently, this Jack was some sort of detective or cop, for he could take this curious machine back to his headquarters. That meant he was a cop, didn’t it?

“That must be what was keeping the Vashta Nerada imprisoned in the house,” he pointed at the pulled tubes. “With those they could release the fog throughout the whole house through the vents.” It made perfect sense. To him, anyways - his mind worked often in twisted ways.

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Re: The Master's Redemption [Closed]
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The man was fast, despite injury. Maya followed still, grateful she’d had the foresight to take off the heels. There would have been no way she’d keep up with him if she hadn’t gotten rid of those things. Still, she did worry about stepping on glass or a sharp rock. None of these things happened, and he stopped in front of a wardrobe. ‘What is this doing here?’

Door opened. Apparently this was what he was looking for, but he didn’t go further than opening to search within it. He turned to her as she took a few more steps forward. Maya froze, but relaxed, lips curving in a smirk. She was pretty sure no one had referred to her as Lucyfer around the stranger, yet he said it, pronounced ‘Lucifer’ in the wonderfully butchered, feminine way she’d created. What was she doing there, though?
“Good question,” it was obvious she’d followed him. She couldn’t see the inside of the wardrobe from her angle, the wooden door of it keeping the inside out of sight, but she still leaned a bit to the side to try and see. There seemed to be some sort of light coming from it.

“I didn’t think much about that one. I just followed you, because I was concerned.”
Concerned about him, concerned she would never see him again, concerned the universe would become small again. “We were going to get twinkies one second, and the next you’re jumping out a window,” smirk faded a little, “I want to help you. I want to thank you, at least, but if you’re in trouble—I can help.” Whoever had been in the house was ‘trouble’ of some sort.


‘I’ll hold you to that.’
Jack had thought when the Santa mentioned Christmas time. It was only a little less than two months away now. He could wait.

While Jack began to examine the tubes, and the liquid pumped into the fog machine, the other man was comforted.
“Ok….” The window was open. He looked out it. “But why?” He asked aloud. There was a perfectly good door.

“Maybe they’re eloping.”
Angelus threw the shoe in the man’s general direction, not to hit him, but to hit the wall near him. Jack didn’t even flinch, but laughed, “Sorry,” he apologized. “Anyway,” he looked at Julio as the man deduced something about the equipment, “That is a very good theory, Santa. I have no idea why anyone would want to keep such pets, but that can be figured out later. What needs to be done, is all of this stuff, moved to the van.” He looked at the two. “You two look strong enough to help with that. Grab some of the things and carry’em.”


“Because you know stuff you really shouldn’t know,”
Jack said, following the tubes to the thing that contained the blue substance. “And you were lucky enough to survive this place. So, I think you could help me load these things up, and come have drinks with me as I consider what to do with you two.”

“You buying?”


Angelus went to pick up the fog machine.