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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Aradok moved away to give him and his new Beauxbatons acquaintance some space. In the middle of his stride, he took notice of Iris moving away to duel with Rosier. That would certainly be an entertaining duel. He shook his head and casted his attention back at Vincent. Aradok knew better than to underestimate a student from another school. For all he knew, the Beauxbatons kids could only be playing dumb when it came to their dueling. Still, Ara found it better to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The Gryffindor looked at his opponent, and bowed as was appropriate. He pointed his wand forward and swished as soon as the duel began.

“Stupefy!”  A golden blast burst forward, its speed much quicker than anything he had been sending towards younger students. It was still not cast at its highest potency, but it was one that was perfect for Vincent’s situation.

The Beauxbatons student crafted a beautiful shield charm, but it seemed like the pressure had affected the performance. Ara’s spell shattered the shield on impact, and Vincent found himself stumbling back a couple of spaces. The Gryffindor then considered that he might have been a little too hard on the foreign student, but Vincent’s smile told him otherwise.

Ara made sure to give Vincent enough time to get ready, and once he was the dueling resumed. Vincent continued to practice his shield charms, and they certainly improved as the duel moved on. His shields began broader and stronger, which made Ara smile. Ara could have made his stunning spell stronger, too, but he didn’t. The young student did not want to give away all that he could do in a battle just yet – especially if he were to become a Hogwarts Champion.

In time, the duel ended, and each side had learned from the other. Ara had been paying attention to Vincent’s movements as he casted his charms. Although they were technically the same movements that he had been taught at Hogwarts, he moved quite differently. Vincent was more fluid, graceful. Ara was also paying attention to Vincent’s friends, who seemed to be unworried about him. This could mean several things, and Ara contemplated them all.

“Good duel,” said Ara with a friendly smile.

There was something, however, that caught the Gryffindor’s attention. The duel between Iris and Rosier had definitely gotten a little out of hand, and Iris was hurt. This much was obvious in Cora’s expression, which was one of complete worry.

“Excuse me,” said Ara to Vincent apologetically before he made his way to his Slytherin friends.

“What happened?”
Ara’s voice showed concern, but not nearly that which tainted Cora’s voice.

“Rosier poisoned Iris,” said Cora.

“Are you alright?” Ara knew that Iris could handle herself in difficult duels, so he asked her if she was alright just as an excuse to help her. He knew that Iris was fine, but the poison could cause many things – the one which concerned him was walking. Some poisons were designed to impair movement, and if the movement continued, the poison would worsen. “I think she’s fine,” he added to Cora, to stop her from worrying and to prevent Iris from becoming the subject of a scene. “I think she needs some food, can you get me something from my bag while I wait with her with the nurse?” Lies. Iris more than likely did not need food, just a simple remedy. Still, it would be best for Cora to be away.


Henri shook his head and huffed softly. It seemed that they had reached their limit for the day. They couldn’t go any further until that spell had been perfected; all they needed to do was practice. Henri believed Zeph when he said that he hadn’t seen the spell, especially since he couldn’t remember half the things Crumb covered in class.

“I can ask Crumb,” said Henri, “She won’t suspect anything from me. I can just say that I am curious about the spells we’ll cover in the future. She likes me.”

He waved his want and mumbled something as the board began to clean itself.

“I think we should call it a day. We need to practice what we know, and if I can, I’ll talk to Crumb tomorrow morning. When should we meet up here again?”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Vincent returned the smile, “Thank you,” for compliment and duel both. His attention was distracted as Aradok’s was. His brow wrinkled. It was strange to him, really. In reading, he had always read that Slytherin’s had the strongest bonds of house loyalty. ‘There are always exceptions.’ They were strong personalities, but in one of two ways. They were either flatterers, seeking influence through connections, or they were proud, and sought to be the connection that linked everyone.

It seemed he was witnessing the meeting of two of the proud sorts. Vincent nodded to let him leave, and moved back to his circle of Beauxbaton’s.

Iris was not pleased with the gathered. It meant, to her, that she and Darius were going to be in trouble with the Heads of Slytherin. The illusion of house loyalty was ever-important. Neither of the Slytherin Heads were in the club, but they’d know of this soon enough.
‘Be glad no one is losing points.’ Flagg was now pretending to be distracted so he wouldn’t be a witness and have to dock Darius points for that blatantly illegal move.

Poison. Of all things, poison. There was a very good reason it was illegal, and that was because of the difficulty of producing antidotes for the various magical poisons at times.

She was not unhappy to see Aradok approach, though.
“Yes,” she answered without wince, noting Cora with a nod. Though she didn’t think she needed food, she added, “Thank you,” at his idea.

Pride was her vice of choice, and so each step was deliberate, slower than usual, but she wouldn’t ask Aradok for help right then. She was glad that he fell in step with her to the nurse.
“I am sorry about this,” queer need to apologize. A deep breath, “I should have known better.” Known to decline the duel and endure Slytherin’s ridicule for it.

She took the seat the nurse had produced, heard him mutter,
“Venenum Conscientius,” as a pale blue glow surrounded her body, feeling out the poison. She wrapped her arms tightly around her waist, not sure if the spell was supposed to hurt or if the poison was just agitated.  The wound itself didn’t hurt much, at least.

Another of the duelists was helping Darius out of his bonds.


Zephyr let out an embarrassed chuckle when Henri huffed.
“Sorry,” though he was grateful Henri volunteered to ask Crumb. It was that, or ask their circle of friends. Zephyr wouldn’t ask Crumb himself, he’d had too many detentions. He liked to think that Crumb still liked him, but he didn’t trust the witch would give him much information on anything he asked. “Thanks though. That’ll help,” and he’d learn them from Henri.

So far as when they’d meet again,
“I’ll have to talk to Iris. She likes to use this room.” She’d be upset if their schedules crossed. “Probably soon. We should try to practice a few times a week since this is supposed to take a while.” If they were practicing more often than was usual, though, they might cut that time down and learn how to be animagus’s quicker. 
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Cora went away to fetch some food, and Ara was glad that he could at least accompany Iris on her way to the nurse without having his other Slytherin friend attract too much unwanted attention. The Gryffindor was still having a hard time believing that Rosier had used poison to win. A small smile came across his lips at the thought that even then he couldn’t overpower Iris. A sense of pride overcame him when it came to his friend.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Ara. He minded not walking alongside her just in case she needed some help. “Even so,” said he with a slight smile, “it must have felt good putting Rosier in his place.”

It was with these dark thoughts that Ara remained silent while Iris received treatment.

He had not expected Flagg to take points off his own house this early in the term. That whole situation was one that Ara did not want to involve himself in. Even amongst prefects, taking points off of rival houses could ignite a war within the castle. Very few people kept level heads about the power that they had been granted.

Cora eventually came back, empty handed – her pillowy pink face was a sign of his displeasure. Fortunately, Iris was already looking better.

“Geoff must have gotten to my bag,” lied Aradok, but it was enough to sate Cora’s anger.


“We should meet as often as we can,” said Henri. This was not something that he would be satisfied doing a few times a week. No, the thrill of learning and becoming an animagus was more than he could admit to. “With luck, we can get somewhere by the time Christmas comes along.”

The young lad was optimistic, but he was ready to throw in any excuse to practice. He was also sure that Zephyr wouldn’t mind at all. That did, however, leave Geoffrey even more left out than he was used to. What would they tell him?


Henri and Zeph made a successful escape from the room of requirement and into their dormitories. The young Gryffindor had been one of the last ones to arrive at the common room, where only Aradok and Geoffrey remained. Henri’s stomach seemed to have dropped at Geoff’s sight – he looked upset, more so than usual. It seemed that Aradok was talking to him about something serious, for both of them discontinued their conversation.

Ara smiled, but only briefly. “Don’t be out so late, Henri. You’ll get caught.”

The other nodded his head in agreement. He had forgotten for a second that Ara was a prefect.

“I’m sorry,” responded he.

“Just be more careful next time. Other prefects won’t be so understanding,” his eyes shifted to Geoff and then back to Henri. “Go on up to the dormitory. We’ll be only a little while longer.”

Henri nodded his head once more and left the pair alone.

It was so that the evening concluded.

~ End of Week ~

The first week had brought with it many things. Geoffrey and Cora had their first real disagreement of the year, which didn’t take long and had long before been expected. Henri and Zeph – Ara suspected – continued with their own little secret, and the classes were really beginning to take a toll on sixth and seventh years. The curriculum had become harder, and the magic more advanced than even Ara had anticipated. Of course, the Gryffindor excelled, but it was not without difficulty.

At long last, the day of the Champion Selection had arrived. The anticipation and the excitement were something that Ara had only experienced in important Quidditch matches, but this felt even more severe than that – and with good reason. Ara was not particularly nervous about it, and he kept telling himself that it would be alright if he weren’t one of the Hogwarts Champions.

This did not seem to be a possibility according to his parents, however. They had sent him plentiful letters pre-congratulating him on his coming success. Verity especially, was keen on her reminders that success was a thing of fate when it came to him. The letters were put away and disregarded. For some reason, reading them was a burden to Ara. Especially on such an important day.

The Champion Selection would be held in the early evening; a feast would be given to the students, and a private audience would be held with the newly selected champions.

Ara was one of the few students who actually paid attention in his lectures for that day. Most of the students were too excited about the selection – the seventh years, in particular, were excited to see who in their ranks would be selected. Patrick was even nastier than usual.

Unfortunately, Ara was one of the latest to finish with his lectures. By that time, most of the student body had already gathered in the Great Hall. Marzia, who was with Aradok in the last lecture, accompanied the Gryffindor with haste towards the Great Hall to witness what would arguably be one of the greatest ceremonies in Hogwarts History. When they arrived they separated, each to their own house table.

“Why are you so late?” Greeted a broody Geoff as soon as Ara sat.

“The lecture ran a little long,” explained Ara without much thought.

He could see the table set up in the back with all of the staff. The Goblet of Fire was in the center of the room, burning a beautiful blue color. McGonagall looked like she was ready to begin. The soft murmur of the students’ whispers was quitter than usual. Nerves, anxiety, and excitement ruled above all else.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Slytherin changed overnight. The Head Boy, Wilson Carrow, docked twenty points from his house when he heard of what was done, and there was a very long House meeting which could be summarized in a few words.

“Slytherin will never show its weakness.”

Darius and Iris were reminded in no uncertain terms that they were ‘family’ and they were not to harm each other again. Darius was removed from the Dueling Club. Rather than continue their usually harmless jabs, they played the silent game. Neither Darius nor Iris had spoken a word to each other since that night, though both knew they’d have to get over that soon. Wilson didn’t like the passive aggression any more than he liked the overt aggression.

The second shift came in who garnered Slytherin’s respect. Iris was unaccustomed to it, but found herself almost constantly with other Slytherin’s who were looking for advice or things to do. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for her to adapt. Invisibility potions were being made for Zephyr’s use by the new underlings.

“You should have put him in his place long ago.”

Iris rolled her eyes at Zephyr. Aradok had said something similar, and she’d denied it then. It was true, but she did not agree with the feeling.
“It never should have come to this.” She did like the ideal of the Slytherin family.

Zephyr did continue his training. He and Iris had worked out a schedule for the Room of Requirement so that they wouldn’t intrude on each other’s areas of practice. Iris only wanted it at least once a week for the Dueling Club, Sunday mornings.

The two entered the Great Hall earlier than Aradok, but joined Henri at the Gryffindor table rather than Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Charlotte, too, came to join them.
“Are you two excited?” she asked.

“Heck yes,” Zephyr answered, “Though we know it’s gonna be me and Geoff.”

Iris scoffed, but didn’t suggest her own. She was still trying to pick out who among the other houses were the largest risks. She had already determined August was one of them.

Aradok joined, one of the stragglers from a late lecture, no doubt. Some professors had not been generous to their students when it came to time.

As the last professor joined the table, McGonagall rose,
“Students, if I may have your attention.”

The hall fell silent. She smiled,
“Thank you,” she said. “I know you are all anxious for the drawing, so I will waste no time. Mr. Regnard, if you would do the honors.”

He smiled courteously and rose from his seat. He walked around the table to where the Goblet was. The flames turned red before he even spoke, and it caused him to laugh,
“Well, I suppose our judge is ready to begin,” and he moved his hand over the flame, catching the first strip of paper and reading off the first name.

“August Larsen of Durmstrang.”

There was an eruption of applause from Durmstrang, though no surprise, and more polite applause from the others.
“Is that the guy you mentioned?” Zephyr whispered to Iris, and she nodded.

Another strip of paper, another name,
“Aradok Lundstrom of Hogwarts.”

Gryffindor erupted. Even Zephyr let out a holler, though his dreams were crushed, he was still quite happy that at least one of those he called friend was involved. Iris beamed at Aradok, happy as well.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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When McGonagall addressed the crowd, the hall fell silent. No time was wasted, and Regnard rose from his seat and approached the Goblet. Aradok shared a quick glance with Cora, who seemed to be nervous on his behalf. He also looked to Iris, whom Ara believed would make an excellent champion. Could he have been nervous? Ara didn’t want to believe so, but he felt like his chest was going to open. Geoffrey nudged him from the side, which made Ara absentmindedly smile.

The Goblet’s flame burned red, and Regnard laughed at its haste.  Ara found himself chuckling, too.
Perhaps he was nervous.

Regnard took the first piece of parchment in his hand and called out the name. August Larsen of Durmstrang. The hall cheered politely, and the other students from Durmstrang were loud in their excitement. The Durmstrang Champion rose from his seat and made his way towards the front, where all the Champions would be asked to stand.

Then the fire burned once more, and the second parchment was read.

Aradok Lundstrom of Hogwarts.

The Gryffindor table roared with cheers and applause. Ara looked around him, temporarily befuddled by the realization that his name had been called. Most of his friends were clapping their hearts out, and several of the younger students were looking at him expectantly. Cora was one of the few who clapped but looked like she had seen a ghost. Ara turned to Iris, a broad smile of disbelief appearing on his face. He was a Champion.

He was one of the Hogwarts Champions.

Ara rose from his seat, his back immediately covered by congratulating hands. The young Champion caught sight of Patrick who was at the end of the table. He looked awestruck but clapped nonetheless – he had been expecting his name to be called. It still could, but the odds of two Gryffindor Champions were slim. The other tables, Slytherin less so than the others, were also happily cheering for him.

Aradok made his way towards where August was, catching sight of Headmistress McGonagall clapping for him with a proud smile. He stood beside him, several inches shorter, and gave him a smile.

Once more, the Goblet burned bright and Regnard took the third piece of parchment.

“Brielle Denise of Beauxbatons,” said Regnard after the Hogwarts cheers had died down.

A girl with beautiful black hair in a high ponytail and blue eyes rose from the Beauxbatons group. She walked forward with great confidence, despite the fact that she was several inches shorter than Aradok and August. She was probably one of the shorter girls from Beauxbatons, too. Aradok could tell that she would be a great contender in the Triwizard Tournament. She took her place on the other side of August. Apparently the champions were going to be separated by schools.

The fourth parchment was picked.

“Pavel Mila of Durmstrang.”

Durmstrang cheered just as loudly for a younger looking boy as he rose – pale with short, curly, auburn hair and brown eyes. He nodded to his Highmaster and made his way towards his fellow Durmstrang Champion. Even Pavel, who was on the younger side, was taller than Aradok. Compared to the two Durmstrang Champions, Ara appeared to be short, while when compared to Hogwarts students, Aradok was on the taller side. Their Bulgarian friends were simply taller than most. 

The fifth piece of parchment was snatched from the Goblet and Regnard spoke, “Margaret Hendry of Beauxbatons.”

Another girl rose from the Beauxbatons table and approached her fellow Champion and friend. The Beauxbatons group clapped for their representative, and several of the girls had tears of joy in their eyes.
The hall once more fell silent at the realization that only one Champion remained to be selected. The Hogwarts students looked around for the students at other tables to see their anticipation. The room seemed to go still when the Goblet of Fire burned red in selecting the last champion.

Regnard took the last piece of parchment in his hand, and with a small smile read out the name.

“Iris Pyrite of Hogwarts.”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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The Hall was filled with noise as each champion was called out. August greeted his fellow Durmstrang with a warm smile and a pat on the back. He shared a smile with each of the champions that came up, from his school or not. To him, it was good to be among ‘equals’. The cup would only choose the best of the best, and that was right where August wanted to be.

Iris noted that the last Beauxbaton girl was the other she had picked out as a contender, the lilac-eyed, quiet one. It seemed Vincent was not to be among them, but this did not surprise her. Talkative as he was, he did not seem terribly competitive. A Champion had to be that.

“Can’t believe Ara made it!”
Zephyr whispered, awed and happy.

Iris shot him a bemused look.
“He’s good,” she told Zephyr, not sure why there would be doubt.

“I know,”
Zephyr said. “Just didn’t expect it.” The applause died down into silence as one name remained, and Margaret stood besides the other girl. She seemed happier there, not as tense as before. She practically glowed with pride.

One more name.

“Iris Pyrite of Hogwarts.”

That small tremor of doubt she’d been feeling faded. Iris tilted her head back, listening to the cheers from Slytherin across the hall. For a moment, she regretted not sitting with her table and sharing a moment of solidarity with her house. That thought faded as she felt Zephyr’s arms wrap around her shoulders from behind, pulling her into an embrace.
“H-hey!” She laughed, and he released her quickly, allowing her to stand. 
She cast a look over to Slytherin, smiled, and did a flourish of a bow.
‘To Victory.’ Slytherin had its Queen. Slytherin had its Champion. As she rose and started to walk to join the others, she saw Darius grudgingly applauding, a slow clap that showed his absolute disdain. His eyes were poisonous as they followed her steps.

August smiled and she returned it, letting him shift so she could stand by Aradok.

Xander spoke,
“Well, glad there seems to be no shenanigans this time.” No one underage was thrown up there. "Durmstrang, Beauxbaton, Hogwarts--your champions have been chosen. These students will stand to represent the prowess of each of your schools, so cheer them on!" They needed little encouragement.

Iris tuned him out a moment, the happiness overcoming her briefly in an excited whisper to Aradok,
“We did it!”

“Now that the Champions have been selected, I am afraid we must steal them for a little while. We will return them to you after dinner for all the celebrations you are planning,”
he knew that couldn’t be helped, a reason this was planned on a Friday. They would need the weekend to get their excitement out.

Xander walked away from the Goblet, which extinguished itself, and to the champions. The various leaders of the three schools also moved, not moving to join him but going on ahead to exit. Xander addressed the champions in a hushed whisper, almost conspiratorial,
“Congratulations,” he told them all, letting his eyes connect with each student. “You have all proven to be the best of your schools and should find these tasks to be very rewarding tests of your skills, but you’ll learn all about that soon,” his smile didn’t seem like it would vanish any time soon. “I will need you all to follow me. I promise there will be food there, too.” No starving the champions.
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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When Iris’ name was called as the last Hogwarts Champion, Aradok clapped, visually beaming with happiness and joy. What were the odds that one of his closest friends would be the second Hogwarts Champion? The hall roared in applause, and the Slytherin table in particular was the loudest. Aradok, still, caught sight of his and Iris’ friends on the Gryffindor table, clapping and cheering for both of them. Cora looked distraught, but the others – Geoff included – were completely happy about the selection.

The young Gryffindor could already see the banners that would be made in their name.

Ara smiled at Iris excited whisper.

“We are the Hogwarts Champions!” Responded he with a wide and proud grin.

Back at the table, Geoff let himself sit back down. Everyone was still deeply excited about the selection, and word was already being sent about a party back in the common room.  “They made it,” he breathed out and Henri patted him on the back. “I thought them both worthy contenders, but they both actually got selected. The Goblet must be mad!”

Henri chuckled. “I can’t wait to see what they will make them do! Iris and Aradok, they will be people of legend!”

Chatter about the tournament continued as the Champions were dragged off to another room. Ara made a note to remember the feeling he got when Regnard and him locked eyes. There was something about Regnard that Aradok liked, but he just couldn’t quite put his finger on it. They were led out quickly, but the excitement could not be contained. Rules had to be explained, however. Ara moved behind August as they entered a much quieter room.

The door closed as the last student entered the room. A long table was set in the middle of the room, smaller than the staff table in the Great Hall. The room was lit with floating candles, and the scents that encompassed the room were entirely pleasant.

“Again, congratulations to all of you!” Spoke Regnard with a wide smile. “Why don’t we all take a seat around the table, what we have to discuss is of great importance to the tournament.”

Headmistress McGonagall, the Headmistress of Beauxbatons Madam Juliette Parque, and High Master of Durmstrang  Aleksandar Groff were all also invited to dine with the Champions. Each Head of School was to sit with their respective champions while the rules were explained. When all had sat down in their proper places, Regnard took his place at the center of the table.

“Firstly, I would like to convey the Minister’s sincerest apologies for not being able to attend tonight’s dinner,” he paused while inclining his head slightly as a gesture of slight disappointment. “He promises that he will be here well before the first task to meet the Champions. Now, on to the more important part of the evening, the structure and rules.”

With a wave of his wand, Regnard summoned a paper to float in midair, brief rules being printed on its face.

“Unlike the last Triwizard Tournament where three tasks were given, five tasks will be arranged for out six champions. Three of the tasks will be Independent Tasks – Task One, Task Three, and Task Five. You will work on your own in these tasks, starting off with only your wand and your wits. Two tasks will be Team Tasks – Task Two and Task Four. You are to work together with your fellow School Champion in these tasks, again starting off with only your wands.”

Ara took the information in and analyzed it. There would be fewer time allowed to prepare between tasks than in the last tournament.

“Any questions so far?”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Zephyr did notice Cora seemed distraught. He laughed at Geoff’s comment, “It is mad,” he agreed. Crazy, really. There was a moment’s worry about the fates of Aradok and Iris. Last time, someone had died, after all. ‘They’ll be fine.’ Perhaps that was all that was worrying Cora? He offered to her, “They’ll both be all right.”

“We should be prepared to help them, though,”
Charlotte chimed up. Zephyr shot her a quizzical look. “Oh, come on! Everyone knows Cedric had help, and Harry, too.” No such certainty about the other two schools, but most Hogwarts students would suspect them of such ‘cheating’.

“But it is against the rules,”
Zephyr just wanted to prod Charlotte. He hadn’t expected her to comment about this.

The look she gave Zephyr said it all,
“You know Iris is going to cheat.”

“Cheat is such a dirty word,”
Zephyr spoke it in a falsely uppity way, as if he and his twin were superior to such things. He tilted his head up for added effect. “She’d never cheat.” It was too difficult to hold a straight face. He laughed. “I guess you’re right, though. They aren’t saints.” Even Aradok might play dirty.


They were all led into a smaller room, and easily figured out the sitting arrangements. There was a student opposite each Head of School, and Iris found it odd, but not uncomfortable, to be so close to McGonagall. She’d spoken with the Headmistress before in the confines of her office, but that was across from a desk. McGonagall was not a warm person, or at least, Iris did not get that impression from her, so this felt unusual.

Fortunately, her attention was distracted by Xander. He had a manner of speaking that was particularly charming, but she had felt something wholly different when their eyes locked. The look was familiar, and it had set off a brief alarm in her head.

It was discarded, though.
‘You know his history.’ As she knew most of Slytherin’s history. They were the children and relative of Death Eaters. There was a darkness to every single one of them, skeletons in every closet. Regnard had his own history with it, not a personal history, but a family one.

She came to the same conclusion as Aradok, but her question did not relate to that. She held up her hand.
“Yes, Miss Pyrite?”

“To be clear, are wands the only things we are allowed to bring with us to the challenges?”
And she clarified, “In the last competition, I recall that people did bring other items with them, such as gillyweed.”

Xander smiled,
“A good question,” he said, “You will be allowed to bring other items with you, but you are only required to have your wand. No other materials will be provided, you must figure out what else you may want to bring. Does that your answer your question, Miss Pyrite?”

She nodded.

“Then, the next rule should come as obvious, but it needs spoken. These are challenges to you, the Champions. These challenges are not to your friends or your supporters. You are to receive no outside help for this competition.”

Poker faces. Xander saw poker faces. He knew quite well this rule was often broken, so they would go sneaking about.

“Is that rule clear?”

“We students of other schools,”
Margaret said, “We may ask for assistance in finding materials within Hogwarts, books and the like, yes?”

Xander nodded,
“Yes, of course, Miss Hendry.” They did not know the school as well or what resources were available to them. “Headmistress McGonagall," he almost sounded like a boy again, addressing her, "I trust the students of Beauxbaton and Durmstrang will not be at a disadvantage when it comes to utilizing the resources here at Hogwarts?”
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Cora smiled at Zeph. Perhaps she was getting a little too worried over nothing. This feeling didn’t last long, for she knew that people had died in the tournaments. Cedric Diggory had died in the previous one, which further increased her worries. She had wanted Aradok to be selected, because she wanted him to be happy. In truth, she would have been happier if someone else had gotten selected – both of them.

She hadn’t thought much about Iris, but having her be in the tournament was just as worrying. Two of her closest friends would go into the tournament, where only one could be crowned the victor. Just how far could they trust each other at this point? Who would each of their friends support?

“Ara would never cheat,” said Cora, though she didn’t sound too confident about it.

“I reckon he would,” said Geoff seriously. “He may not look it, but Ara takes school and competition quite seriously. He didn’t get selected as Quidditch Captain for taking things lightly.”

“There is a difference from taking things seriously and cheating,” interjected Henri, the other person who wasn’t comfortable in believing that Ara would cheat. “Aside from being Quidditch Captain, Ara is a prefect – someone who enforces the rules.”

“Did he not bend the rules for you just last night?”

Henri didn’t answer. He had been late coming into the common room again, after curfew. Ara gave him another warning, but did not dock points off his house.

“Perhaps they will be fine,”
said Cora after some silence, “but what will happen when they have to go against each other? Who will we help? We can’t choose sides, you know.”


McGonagall’s eyes found Xander’s at his question.

“I will see to it personally,” responded she sternly. While researching, the same resources would be given to the Champions, and the staff would provide any help necessary for the foreign students. The Headmistress looked at Aradok and then at Iris. They were both excellent students, but she wondered just how far each of them would go to win the tournament. Naturally, she wanted them to win, but she was secretly concerned nonetheless.

Another hand was raised, this time it was Pavel Mila, the second Durmstrang Champion.

“Yes, Mr. Mila?”

“When will the first task be?”

Xander smiled, raising his hands in a gleeful gesture. “Now, we still have time before even the first clue is given to you. In time, you will know by when you must be ready to participate in the First Task. This brings me to some other of the rules,”  he paused, suddenly a little more serious. “As you have all been selected Champions, you have made a strong magical contract with the Goblet of Fire and the Ministry. Therefore, each of you must participate in all the tasks assigned, unless you are medically and physically unable to do so.”

This was all beginning to feel real to Ara. The words ‘contract’ and ‘must’ were especially forceful in the Gryffindor’s ears. Aradok’s hand rose next. 

“Yes, Mr. Lundstrom?”

“Is there any magic, outside of the Unforgivable curses, that will be disallowed in the tournament?”

One could see that Xander was trying to fight back a smile, for the question that had been thrown his way was quite serious. “An excellent question,” began Regnard, “If it is not disallowed by the Ministry, then you will be allowed to use it. Keep in mind, however, that there is magic that is highly advanced in this world. Attempt such magic at your own risk.”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Zephyr’s grin widened when Geoff pointed out the obvious to Henri. “I’m pretty sure they’ll both rationalize it,” but Zephyr had little doubt that both would cheat in some way.

How they rationalized it would be different. He could hear it now, as another question was brought up about picking sides.
“I can,” Zephyr said, and lied, “Aradok.” That would not be how it ended if he had to pick sides, of course. Even if Hufflepuff more often supported Gryffindor, he’d support Iris over Aradok. Aradok would understand, though. He had siblings. “You’ll be a pariah if you pick Ara over Iris, though, Cora.” Not that such seemed to bothered her. She was already a bit of pariah for her choice in friends.

“We can be fair,”
Charlotte said. “Help them equally.”

“That’s no fun,” he said, looked to Geoff, “50 galleons Iris wins, or at least places higher than Aradok.” Thank god for pureblood wealth. Zephyr didn’t ask where it came from, and he didn’t care.

Charlotte struck her forehead with her palm.
“Going to bribe the judges, too?” Though it was a rhetorical question. She didn’t think Zephyr that daft.

Iris considered another question, but opted for ignorance. Resources in the school, the others might have, but Iris was quietly pleased she had others that, at the moment, would not be considered cheating.


It was no secret that most Slytherins were wealthy. Given the Slytherin traits and family legacies in houses, it was expected. She wouldn’t have been surprised that somehow money came into Zephyr’s mind, too.

The Unforgivables were mentioned. Iris and August found their eyes drawn to each other as Xander mentioned ‘difficult’ spells, and they shared a smile.

'What are the rules of inj
uring my opponent?' Neither would ask.

August raised his hand.
“Yes, Mr. Larsen?”

“When shall we be receiving the first clue?”
He wanted to get set to task as soon as possible.

“After the weighing of the wands, which is scheduled to take place Monday evening,”
Xander answered. “You will have this weekend to enjoy before things get serious.”

‘Uh huh.’
As if the students wouldn’t be looking for clues before then, signs of changes around Hogwarts. Another advantage Aradok and Iris had.

“On that subject, the weighing of the wands is a simple procedure which will be undertaken by wand expert, Ollivander.”
It was not the same Ollivander that had met Potter, of course. The family itself simply continued the legacy. “During this time, you will also be interviewed for the Daily Prophet—the local newspaper,” he explained for the foreign students, “It—yes?”

Iris knew all too well how the Ministry and its paper loved their gossip.
“Is this interview required?”

A blink. Xander seemed to think the students would want their minutes of fame,
“No, it is not required, Miss Pyrite.” A moment’s reconsideration. This was the student Flagg had wanted to be Prefect of Slytherin, who refused, and the one that bothered young Rosier to distraction. He made a mental note to keep this nature in mind. “Anyone who wishes to refuse an interview may, but it is encouraged.”

A simple nod. Iris would refuse.

“Once everyone’s wand has been found to be in perfect condition, then you shall be given your first clue.”

Margaret raised her hand. Xander nodded to her.
“What are the consequences of not performing a task, and who decides if one is capable of doing so?”

“There are a team of doctors that will be here from Mungo’s to examine all champions,”
Xander told her, “They will determine if you are capable of doing so. The official consequences are expulsion from the rest of the competition, and you forfeit all claims to victory regardless of point totals. Schools may impose individual punishments if they feel it is necessary.”

He paused, considered, and looked to the Heads of the schools,
“I do believe I have gone over all of the official, universal rules for the competition. Obviously, any cheating on your parts,” his gaze skimmed them, almost amused when they met McGonagall’s gaze. He did not know the others as well, but he could never see her cheating. “Will be punished, and you should advise your staff to keep that in mind as well. If there is evidence of tampering, I will personally find out who is responsible.”

“Mr. Regnard, we would never!”

“Oh, no, I do not truly believe anyone here would, Headmistress Parque,”
he smiled, apologetic, “I merely feel it my duty to remind you. In the past, this has been known to happen.” He named no names, though the greatest offender had obviously been Headmistress Maxime of Beauxbaton.

“So, now I shall give the floor to you,”
a gesture suggested he meant all the heads, “to announce anything relating specifically to your respective schools, or to ask me any questions as well.” He expected they would be concerned for their students.
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Cora had spoken much too quickly, for even when she professed that they couldn’t possibly pick sides, sides were already being picked. She couldn’t do it. She cared for both Iris and Aradok, and having them against each other at any point in the tournament was horrific. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t.

“If I could take that bet, I would,” said Geoff, with a grin. Iris was the Queen of Slytherin, that much everyone knew, but Aradok was also a force to be reckoned with in Gryffindor.

“I’ll take the bet,” said Henri with a smile. His family was one of the wealthiest families there was.

“Guys,” intercepted Cora with a look of utter disbelief, “We cannot pick sides!” She was insistent, but her tone was one that painted her truly troubled by the situation. “They are both our friends, and we must make sure that we give them equal attention and help.”

It didn’t take long for Cora to decide that she was fighting a losing battle. They wouldn’t listen to her.


Aradok smiled when the interview was mentioned. He hadn’t thought about it, but he soon came to realize that he wouldn’t mind it. All the Champions were interviewed and, despite the fact that in the past the Champions’ words had been changed, Ara was looking forward to it. Ara had never been interviewed before – or at least no to this grand a scale. This brief topic of conversation had only temporarily dissuaded him from one of his true concerns.

Death. Murder. Violence.

It was popular knowledge that champions had died in the tournament before. Xander claimed to have gone over all of the relevant rules of the tournament, yet not once had the violence and brutality of the tournament been mentioned. What rules governed such situations? Could Champions use their force fairly to kill? Was that even allowed?

Like before, Ara’s hand rose in the air.

“Yes, Mr. Lundstrom?”

“One more question – well, a confirmation – if I may?” Began Ara politely, and after Xander nodded, he continued. “There are no rules to monitor what happens inside of the tasks, then? Aside from the forbidden spells?”

It was a curious question, and Ara’s poker face hid his question’s true intentions.

“You may call for help, if you want to withdraw,”
said Regnard, raising an eyebrow curiously. “Withdrawing is not the same as not participating – meaning that if you choose to withdraw from a task, you will not be disqualified. Other than that, I’m afraid that you are on your own.”

Ara nodded and fell silent.

The floor was given to the heads of the schools, and McGonagall rose to address the table.

“Firstly, let me say that I am honored to play host to the tournament, and I hope that if you need anything, you will let me know,” she could offer no more pleasantries than that. “Champions,” she looked at Iris and Aradok. “I expect you to adhere to the rules of the tournament, and forget not the rules of the castle. The fact that you are both Champions does not exclude you from them, or give you special treatment. You are Champions, but my students you remain.”

She then looked to the other champions before turning her gaze to the heads, and nodding. McGonagall would say no more.

The other heads spoke briefly, but nothing too noteworthy was said. They ate together, and the topic of conversation quickly left the tournament. For some reason, no more questions were asked. Ara ate his food, often exchanging a happy glance with Iris. Silently, he began to consider in which ways he could gain an advantage over the others without necessarily cheating. There weren’t very many.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Zephyr wasn’t ignorant of Cora’s concern, but he still accepted, “You’re on, Henri,” he laughed, amused it was Henri who accepted. He could accept a loss to him, if it came to that.

He looked to Cora then. Very seriously, he said,
“I won’t be leaving Aradok out to dry. ‘Sides, I’m liable to tell Henri all sorts of things when we’re together, you know I can’t shut up,” a lie, but not one many people knew. He talked too much to avoid talking of important things. Hufflepuffs were loyal, and to Zephyr that did extend to his questionable family. “I will help Iris more, though. And Henri will help Ara more. We’re evenly split.”

“I think she’s worried about a lack of help getting someone killed.”

Zephyr thought,
“Oh,” then shook his head, “Nah. We won’t withhold dangerous information from either. Right, Henri?”


The question was indeed curious. Iris couldn’t say she was certain what Aradok was trying to ask, but decided it unimportant. He received his answer, and the rest of things Iris intended to play off as ignorant.

McGonagall’s words were accepted, and the other Heads were listened to as well.

They ate then, conversed. Iris and August ended up talking a bit more about the dueling club, the High Master listening in now and then, frowning. He didn’t want August sharing secrets, not even for secrets. However, he voiced no opposition. He had agreed to allow August in the club. Iris also joined Aradok in a bit of conversation and smiles, though they avoided the topic of the tournament entirely.

Soon enough, though, all had to leave. The food was gone, and the High Master seemed most eager to return to where Durmstrang was staying. August bowed his head politely to the host and Xander, before exiting with the others. Beauxbaton’s Headmistress was not long after them.

The Hogwarts students were then allowed to leave, though their direction took them to the Great Hall. Intuition, perhaps, showed that the Great Hall still had plenty of students. Almost all of Slytherin remained, and scattered numbers of Hufflepuff.

Flagg shook his head at McGonagall when he caught sight of her, a hopeless look.
‘I couldn’t get them to leave.’ Which was followed by applause for both of Hogwart’s representative champions.

Xander had to laugh as he saw Slytherin’s response. Already, there was a banner, and it seemed buttons were being prepared, too. Slytherin pride evident. Aradok was not mentioned. He gave McGonagall a bit of an apologetic look for the laugh.
‘You understand.’ If nothing else, she had lived during the times when the rivalries between the two houses had been much stronger, and taught during those times, too.

“Pyrite!” Wilson called her over immediately, fierce pride in his eyes that she’d never seen before. Not directed at her, anyway. She’d seen him give Darius that look after Quidditch matches that Slytherin won.

She held up her finger to Zephyr and he hesitated where he stood, as she walked over to the Slytherin table, and found herself with an arm quickly around her shoulders.
“You’re gonna have to change your name after this, Pyrite,” one joked. “When you win, you’ll be Gold.”

“Make it Silver,”
and that was met with approval. Someone used the term Silver Queen and it was quickly latched onto. Iris remembered then why she'd wanted to avoid the fame of Slytherin--an ego would be very easy to come by here.
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Henri hadn’t really thought about any one of them dying. Thinking of it sent shivers down his spine. No, they would have to be very careful about the information that they chose to keep from each other. Henri would tell Ara everything he knew, because he had a feeling that Zeph would do the same for Iris.

“No,” his response was simple. “We won’t.”


Upon entering the Great Hall, Ara noticed that almost all of Slytherin remained. Gryffindor, as he had suspected, had left the scene. He looked about, taking comfort and conveying a smile to Cora, the only face that met his with kindness and warmth. She waved him over, and as he approached her, Aradok turned to look at Iris.

“You’ve got quite the fan club,” said he with a smile. “Congratulations,” he said, genuine in his happiness for her. “It feels right to say it, officially.”

The Gryffindor did not mind the way the other Slytherins looked at him, as if he were given a prize that he didn’t deserve. Ara smiled, thinking them idiots for undermining him without real cause. Most of them, he remembered, were not as smart as they liked to believe. Very few, like Rosier, had talent to back up their cockiness.

“Congrats,” said Cora, throwing her arms around Ara, which caused Slytherin students from all around to make gagging noises. She then moved to hug Iris, whom she congratulated with equal happiness. Despite her worries about them, Cora put on a brave face and a smile. “You should have dined with us,” she said, breaking the embrace. “Everyone was talking about you, and even though I didn’t like it, there are bets being placed already!”

Aradok laughed. “Isn’t it a little too soon for that?”

Cora shrugged, being unable to explain why Zeph and the others acted the way they did.

“Henri and Geoff left to the Gryffindor Common Room, they told me to tell you to hurry up and get there, Ara.”

Aradok nodded, managing to fight back the urge to grin.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow for breakfast?”

Cora nodded and waved.


The Gryffindor Common Room was chaos. When Aradok emerged from the outside, horns, fireworks, banners, and everything exploded from all sides. Cheers and bellows of support consumed the room, so much that Ara couldn’t hear half of the things that people were saying to him. He felt himself be pulled into hugs with people he hadn’t even talked to before. First years looked up at him like a teacher, intimidated but fascinated at the same time. Some of the older students merely patted him on the back.

All of the Quidditch Team was there, too. Even Patrick.

“I can’t say that you were my first choice, Aradok,” said Patrick with a bitter face, “but at least we have someone who will represent our house. Don’t die.”

Aradok did not have time to reply. He was pulled into a tight hug by Geoffrey, and then by Henri.

“Congrats, mate!”

“Thank you!”

“People are already making enchanted letters, mirrors, and buttons with your name, Ara!”

Aradok only smiled, lying to himself by refusing to believe that he was enjoying all of the attention. 

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Iris’s smile was a touch uncomfortable, but she did enjoy the compliment, “Thank you, and congratulations as well. I’m sure yours have a nice party waiting. Your own fan club.” Given how cleared out the area was. They would both be lucky if they were allowed any sleep.

Cora remained and greeted Aradok first. Slytherin jealousy shows its face. Iris made sure Wilson saw her roll her eyes as others gagged at Cora’s action. Wilson, therefore, folded his arms and gave them a cross look. Slytherin would be whipped into supporting Aradok, too. They would not upset their Silver Queen.

Iris returned Cora’s embrace, happy to see her, too. She laughed at the mention of bets, cast a glance towards Zephyr who remained back. An eyebrow raised. He grinned, lifted up one shoulder in a shrug. Her attention shifted back to Aradok as he departed,
“Good night, Ara!” She called after him. She then left Slytherin for Zephyr. “Bets, eh?”

“I’m gonna be rich,”
an evil grin.

“You’re already rich.”

“So I lose nothing if I lose.”
It was really that sort of bet in the case of him and Henri. “Anyway,” he lifted his hand to her head, messed up her hair, “Get some rest. I need you in shape to beat Aradok.”

Iris glowered as he let his hand fall back to his side, a grin on his lips as a few other Hufflepuffs moved to follow him out. Iris turned back towards Slytherin. She walked back into the fold.
“So, who robbed the kitchen?” There was laughter, but an answer was given before the House trooped back towards the dungeons to find those who had been sent on search-and-find missions had returned and set things up.

It went on late into the night, but eventually few Slytherins were left. Darius, Wilson, and some others remained and chatted on the more serious matter of winning. Promises were exchanged to scout the grounds of Hogwarts whenever possible to try and identify out of place things that could signal an event. Other plots were woven, but most put on hold until Monday.

The first clue.

The interview.

Monday arrived far too quickly for Iris’s liking. She woke early and tried to prepare herself for the weighing of the wands, her mind still set on not partaking in the interview. The Great Hall was not as active, as students dropped in for a quick breakfast before class. Few allowed themselves the luxury of enjoying their meal. Iris found Zephyr half-asleep with a bagel in his hand and took a seat besides him.
“Do you have a class this early?”

“No,” he was tired for once, as if he hadn’t gotten any sleep. He was usually the upbeat one. “Parents are here, I guess,” he yawned. “Mum wrote and said she wanted to see me, too.” 


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Aradok spent most of that night celebrating with his friends, though he couldn’t help but notice just how much he missed the others – Iris, Zephyr, Charlotte, and Cora. Ara especially missed Cora, who always seemed to make him feel better. She would have brought him back to reality, as he would have needed. As a prefect, he should have encouraged the curfew, but had decided against it. The night was a special one, and they continued for time yet.

The weekend was overwhelming. He got letters from his sisters and his parents, congratulating him and assuring him that they had known all along. They told him that he was destined for greatness, and that he would not disappoint in winning the tournament.

People began to talk to him a lot more, and now even the Ravenclaws paid attention to him. Marzia, who had always been nice to him, had been particularly kind in expressing her support for him. She and a couple of other Ravenclaws had made a banner for him and for Iris. The excitement was in the air already, and the first clue hadn’t been given out yet.

Everything had been too much that Ara had to find an evening where he could just go outside the castle and fly his broomstick. It cleared his head, and descended a new man.

Monday morning, Ara arose well rested. He showered and got into a nice suit and robes. After all, the interview would take place right after the weighing of the wands. He walked down to the Great Hall where he agreed to meet a few friends before the ceremony. Ara had been excused from his morning lectures that day. He wasn’t happy about that, but it wasn’t every day that he got to be a Hogwarts Champion.

“Good morning,” said Ara as he walked in, waving to Zephyr and Iris. “Zeph? What are you doing up so early?”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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“Good morning,” Iris greeted as Zephyr waved.

Zephyr made a face at the question,
“Is it really that strange?”

Iris confirmed so that Aradok did not need to waste his breath on the obvious.

Zephyr sighed, overly dramatic, then answered,
“Our parents are here, and mum asked to see me, too,” he was on better terms with their mother. He knew his dad would want to see him, as well, but the man wouldn’t ask. He’d just expect. “I’m betting your family is here too, Ara.” They’d probably get to come down for the challenges, too.

Zephyr wasn’t looking forward to it. Well, he wouldn’t mind his mom, even though she’d flinch when Iris had to deal with the challenges.

Then, he asked,
“How are you holding up?” His grin was almost wicked. He was positive Aradok knew of his bet with Henri now. “Nervous?”

Iris rolled her eyes, reached out to get a bagel for herself and some of the fruits, too. Yes, losing to spite him was in mind, but it wasn’t her way. If she lost, it would be to someone truly better.


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Aradok grabbed a couple of things off the breakfast table and sat next to Zephyr. He knew that he would be rooting for Iris, and he didn’t mind. The Gryffindor completely understood that these things tended to happen in tournaments. He smiled when he mentioned his parents being there.

“Yeah, they should be arriving any time now. I think they apparated into Hogsmeade to do a bit of shopping before they come on over to the castle. I am more eager to see my sisters than my parents, honestly. They’ll be a bit more grounded about the whole tournament.” He did very much miss his sisters Verity and Serena. Verity specially, since she had helped him with so much already.

The food was specially delicious that morning, and Ara made a note to remember what he had tried. He shook his head slightly at the question thrown his way. “I’m not nervous,” said Ara honestly, “I mean, not yet anyway. I’m sure I’ll be quite nervous before the tasks. I hope they somehow incorporate flying, that would be awesome.”

Within the minute, Cora walked in and greeted the group.

“Not to sound mean, but I am glad to be friends with you two,” she had said hi to Zeph, but her words were clearly meant for Iris and Aradok. “I hadn’t met so many people wanting to be my friends just so that they could get a bit of the glory. These younger students, seriously.”

Geoff arrived a little after that. Only Henri and Charlotte were missing, though Ara knew that his fellow Gryffindor had a lecture at that time. Understandable.

“So are you nervous?” Cora asked Ara, and the Gryffindor laughed, having only just answered that question. “You, Iris?”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Iris smiled, pleased that Aradok had his sisters coming out to see him. She had heard of the two, but never met them. Perhaps now she would get to do so. ‘And the others….’ She quietly prayed her father would have the decency to keep his mark covered. It wasn’t unknown, but people didn’t need to be reminded that he, at 14, opted to be a Death Eater. No one needed to know how much he still romanticized Voldemort’s beliefs, either. ‘Just be quiet.’

No interviews. No interviews for anyone in her family.

Cora joined them soon after Aradok answer, which got a grin from Zephyr. He looked pleased with it.
“You can take all of them away from me, then,” Iris joked. “I’ll just make you PR,” she laughed a bit, since her own thoughts were still on avoiding such things.

“What? Not me?”
Zephyr looked mock-offended.

“No,” that would end badly. Hilariously, but badly.

The question came of nervousness, and Iris too couldn’t help a chuckle. When it came her to answer, she didn’t lie,
“Yes,” and then a shrug at the look Zephyr gave her, “I’ll be better later, when I know things.” The reverse of Aradok, really. She’d calm once she had things to do, once she was in the moment. Waiting, however, kept her nerves high and on alert.

The nerves served her well in noticing McGonagall enter, prim and proper, and approach where they were sitting.

Zephyr did not notice, and jumped when she spoke, back straightening as he tried to pretend he had been behaving. He had been, but he had a guilty conscious around the Headmistress.
“Miss Pyrite, Mister Lundstrom,” she addressed the two, “If you would follow me, the weighing of the wands is soon to take place. Mister Pyrite,” he cast up a grin. It seemed to have no effect, “As family of Miss Pyrite, you too, are invited.”

“Excellent! Er, thank you, Headmistress,”
Zephyr bowed his head quickly. For all the hell he gave this school, McGonagall was his unconfessed hero and idol.


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Cora smiled at the joke, resting her head on her hand as the conversation progressed. Aradok found it interesting that his situation and Iris’s were reversed. They were two different people, and they would handle the tournament differently. It was just neat to see it so soon in the competition. The conversation did not continue for much longer; McGonagall had arrived at the Great Hall to fetch the champions that would represent her school.

“Yes, Headmistress,” said Ara as he rose.

Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to see his family before the interview. As they walked towards the Great Hall’s grand doors, Ara’s whole family walked on in – right on time. They walked in unison, not demanding the attention like often the Slytherins did, but in a solid and respectable way. Ahead was Aradok’s father, Castian, who looked a looked little like Aradok save his eyes. He was tall, and wore a nice black suit.

“Headmistress McGonagall, it’s nice to see you again.” A polite nod was given.

“Mr. Lundstrom, I’m glad you and your family were able to join us. Welcome.”

“I only assume you are all headed for the weighing of the wands?”
Said Aradok’s mother, Juno, who was besides her husband. She was quite beautiful, and Aradok resembled her much more than he did his father. She styled her sand colored hair in curls to the side, pale blue eyes showing a rare ferocity. She attracted several looks from surrounding students, having played for the Holyhead Harpies in her younger years as a Beater. Few knew that this was Aradok’s mother.  “May we walk with you?”

“Please,” said McGonagall, leading the way towards the ceremony.

Ara’s parents immediately directed their attention to their son, who had a warm welcoming smile on his face. He first hugged his father, then his mother, and his sisters after that. Serena and Verity could have been twins, having the same golden hair as their father, and just like Ara, his eyes. Verity stood a little taller Serena. They both greeted Aradok warmly.

“I’m so proud of you, son!”

“We all are,” said Juno.

“I hope you got my letter,” said Serena, placing her hand on Ara’s back. “I put a lot of effort into it, and several little clues about me and my job at the Ministry.” Verity merely agreed – she was even more reserved than the rest of her family. She rarely spoke unless spoken to.

“I did,” he said to Serena. “I’m glad you all are here. Everything has happened so fast.”

The attention now moved to Iris.

“Congratulations, Miss Pyrite, we are eager to see both of you perform well in the tournament.”

“Oh, but I bring gifts!” Juno seemed to have only just remembered.

She fetched two small boxes, handing one to Aradok and one to Iris. As they walked, Ara opened his up. Inside was a long necklace, with beautiful silver embroidery and a magnificent gem, crimson with accents of brilliant emerald. ‘Hogwarts’ was written in the center, and underneath it in beautiful calligraphy it read ‘Aradok Lundstrom’. The other would be the same, but while Ara’s gem was mainly crimson, Iris’s would be mostly emerald, and her name would be written under the Hogwarts.

“Just a little something for good luck.”

“Thank you, mum,” said Ara, putting it on. “I love it.”

She winked. The necklaces had magical properties, but the fun would lie in discovering them. She knew what each necklace did. After all, she had made them.

“When did you all arrive?”

“Just now, actually,” said Juno, “we had some butterbeers at the Three Broomsticks. “It had been a while.”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Zephyr walked at Iris’s side. Now he could feel the anxiety, even see it. ‘Public.’ He had wondered before why Iris hadn’t wanted to ‘lead’ Slytherin. She’d told him before the fame didn’t appeal. She could have been Prefect, too. He was starting to understand she hadn’t lied. This was the part truly making her anxious. ‘What do you have to hide?’

The answer came as Aradok’s family showed up. It was the same thing he had to hide.
‘Oh. Right.’ His hand moved to cover his own arm instinctively. There was nothing there, but he had seen that mark enough times to be unnerved by it.

Others found ways, however damaging, to have it removed. Not Alan. He knew then why his mother asked for him, too. Alan had a way of forcing Iris’s hand. Slytherin pride.

They observed the happy family reunion in polite silence, though. Zephyr’s smile grew as he recognized Juno. He hadn’t known, but he recognized her on sight. After all, he was a beater, and he quite enjoyed it even if going professional wasn’t his dream.
‘I didn’t realize it was that Juno!’ Iris noticed the excitement flash in his eyes, and shared a knowing smile with him.

McGonagall took to leading again and the twins remained quiet and tried not to look like they were eavesdropping, tried not to draw attention. It didn’t last too long. Iris was noticed, and she smiled at the congratulations,
“Thank you, Mr. Lundstrom,” Iris inclined her head to him.

She was then startled by Juno’s declaration, as it seemed to include her. She accepted the box with evident confusion—she expected nothing from the Lundstrom’s. Even Zephyr seemed surprise, and he was the one who let out a low whistle when the box was open, showing a beautiful emerald gem with crimson touching. Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Iris shot him a look, but he smiled nonetheless at his amazing deductive skills.

It wasn’t a ‘little something’ to Iris. It was something personal from a stranger. She felt warm at the gesture, humbled,
“Thank you, Miss Lundstrom. It is beautiful, and quite unexpected. I am truly grateful,” and then her gaze shifted to Zephyr as the doors to the room came into sight. “Help?”

She could easily put the necklace on herself, but Zephyr stopped in the hall and let the others continue on. He took the necklace and undid the clasp as the doors before them opened to let the others in. Xander and Alan were visible, talking. Rosa, their mother, stood off to the side. She would not have been comfortable with them, but her eyes lit up at the sight of this family, as if they were infinitely better company than the man she’d once married and all the other schools.

“It’s gonna be all right,”
he said as the necklace draped itself over her chest. “This will be done with soon and you’ll get the first clue.”

Iris didn’t want to go forward. She wanted to see her family, but the context was unpleasant. The two could hardly stand to be in a room together.

The clasp was done, and Iris moved her hair so the necklace actually rested against her neck.
“C’mon,” Zephyr spoke lowly before walking forward. Iris walked in step—it would be in poor tastes to follow right now.

‘Are you ashamed?’

The answer was a resounding yes. She could not take pride in her family the way Aradok could, or anyone else, it seemed.
‘Beauxbaton is missing.’ So they wouldn’t start just yet. There would be a moment.

And Iris had to pick—Alan or Rosa? Who did she approach first?

Zephyr touched her shoulder before he slid towards Rosa, the woman in the green dress. She had been Gryffindor in her time at Hogwarts, but today was not that day. Today was meant for Iris, and green always had brought out her green eyes. She looked little like her children. Her hair was a vibrant red—her parents had named her Rosa because of her hair. When Zephyr approached, she opened her arms to her son and caught him an embrace, tight. He’d gotten so much taller than her now. She was a mere 5’1”. Even Iris was taller than her.

It was Alan who Iris approached, the man with the pale gold hair and blue eyes. He, too, was shorter than Zephyr now. No one knew where Zephyr got his height from. His smile was proud as he broke from his conversation with Xander.
“You did it.” Not that he’d had any doubts. The moment Iris said she would enter, was the moment he knew she would succeed. Then, he frowned, reached out to touch the necklace, “What is this?”

“A gift,”
simple answer. No need to mention a source. He did look suspicious, all the same. She shifted the topic away. “It’s good to see you, and mom.”

Alan made no comment about the other woman.
“Yes, it is good to see you, and Zephyr, though,” though there was disappointment. Always disappointment. “He should have made it in, too. Did he even enter?” Zephyr’s laziness was what bothered him.

“Yes, he did.”

“Hm,” he cast a dark gaze to Aradok. “You’ve mentioned him before.”

‘If there is a merciful god up there….’
Iris took a breath, “Yes, Aradok. He’s a friend of mine. Lundstrom.” She reminded.

“Ah. Them.”
His tone said his opinion plainly enough.

Xander rose to their defense,
“They work in the Ministry. Quite good, I believe Castian is up for a promotion soon.”

“With you?”

“Ah…no, not quite,”
there was a question under the question.

Iris felt rather uncomfortable.
“I’m going to see mum.” She broke away before further talk of Aradok or the Lundstroms could continue around her.
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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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They soon arrived at their destination, and all but Beauxbatons was present. Ara stayed with his family, though he at least gave a polite nod to Iris’s parents, one of which was closer to them than the other. He also noticed the way Alan looked at him when he spoke to Iris, he could tell that his respect would be one Aradok couldn’t earn. At least not anytime soon. Would Ara even want to earn the respect of such a man? He didn’t know what history he had with the Dark Arts, but he knew better than to doubt little of it.

“How are you doing? Are you nervous?” Said Castian, without yet looking at the company in the room. “Don’t be, we’re sure you’ll do well, my boy. You always do! There is already talk of you and Miss Pyrite in the Ministry – jobs being secured for you should you want them.” He was charismatic, to say the least. 

“I’m alright,” said Ara, his tone was honest. “I’m a little nervous, but not about the Tournament, it’s the interview. I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been interviewed for something this big.” Something told him that he would be just fine, though. 

They continued to chat. Castian soon inquired after his son’s schedule and his choices for the future. It was a topic that Ara enjoyed himself – being fond of organization and preparation. He didn’t know yet if he wanted to work for the Ministry, like all of his family did, but he knew which classes he wanted to take and what he wanted to learn. His future remained blurry at best, however.

“You must be Iris’s mother,”
said Juno as they approached to settle amongst the Hogwarts Champions. “I’m Juno Lundstrom, Aradok is my son.” A pleasant greeting with a smile. She signaled to Ara and her husband who were still in vivid conversation. She nodded to Alan, who was still closest to Xander. The Lundstroms knew Xander well, for he worked with all the departments in the Ministry. Verity was the one who saw him most, however. They belonged to the same Department. “Will you be staying long in the castle?”

Polite conversation, of course. When Iris joined her mother, Juno allowed them some time to herself. She didn’t want to impose where we may be unwanted.

Ollivander was the next person to arrive to the room, and the Beauxbatons Champions and their Headmistress were next. Brielle’s parents had not been able to attend on such quick notice, but they had promised to attend the tasks. The magical government of France was not as flexible as the one in England.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Rosa and Zephyr had broken their embrace. Her eyes moved to her daughter, with her ex. Disapproval. She tried not to speak ill of Alan, but often failed. She didn’t trust him with her children. “Watch her,” she didn’t trust Xander, either. Of course, all friends of Alan were immediately suspect. “There’s been a bit of news lately,” she dropped her voice, “more and more about a death eater revival, and spells the Ministry has no understanding of.”

“That’s from the Quibbler, isn’t it?”
His mother liked the Quibbler. So did Henri, actually. He’d have to ask him.

“Don’t patronize me,”
she heard it in Zephyr’s tone. He gave a weak smile, but nodded. He moved as Juno came closer.

Rosa smiled politely in return. She could fake being social, but Zephyr knew too well that his mother often avoided social gatherings.
“I am Rosa Pyrite,” she’d kept the name, though she had been of house Prince. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Juno,” and she confided, “My son, Zephyr, is a fan of yours, Juno,” and her gaze shifted to Aradok, “He speaks well of your son, too. I suspect he shall do quite well in this championship.” Hogwarts would place first and second. The question was more who would place first, but Rosa wouldn’t engage in such a conversation. “I will not be staying in the castle. I will be staying with friends who live in Hogsmeade.”

The others joined, and Rosa talked as was necessary, polite and calm. She and Iris had that much in common. When Iris joined them, the circle shifted so that Rosa could have a bit of privacy with her daughter. Zephyr shifted his attention so he could stay among the Lundstroms, though, if he was not needed with his mother.

“Are you all right?”
Rosa inquired.

Iris nodded.
“Are you?”

A trill of a laugh. Iris smiled,
“Oh yes, perfectly. My daughter has signed herself up for some competition that could kill her, and I have to be proud.” Rueful. Rosa was proud, despite herself. “Please do not do anything stupid. Please let me know if you need help.”

“That is cheating.”

“They will cheat.”
And she didn’t mean the other competitors.

Ollivander entered, and following him, the Beauxbaton’s. Only Margaret’s mother had made it—similar issues. Margaret joined her mother. It was not until another woman walked in that Xander finally moved, though.

Iris’s mother touched her,
“The journalist,” and she spoke with some dislike. Rosa did not work for the ministry. She worked in an herb shop, a bit of a gardener as fit her name—much to her annoyance—but she also wrote editorials and kept up on the politics of the Quibbler and Prophet, humoring the thought of working for them one day. 

Xander broke away from Alan and took to the center of the room.
“Everyone,” he spoke loudly, and gave a few seconds for conversations to end. August slipped off the table he’d been sitting on to stand on the floor, besides parents and three younger brothers. Triplets.

“It is now time to begin the weighing of the wands,”
he announced, as Ollivander set up a small station using the teaching pedestal. “We will do this alphabetically by student, so would Miss Denise please come forward.”


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Juno sent a smile to Zephyr, but didn’t speak much. She was sure that Aradok would not be too happy with her if she affiliated herself too much with his friends. Still, seeing fans was something that she would always appreciate.

The journalist came in, and all the champions began to assemble themselves by Ollivander just as Xander spoke. Ara gave a quick hug to Verity, whom he had been softly speaking to, before making his way to where the other champions were. Pavel had been accompanied by his mother, but no one else. At least everyone assumed that the woman was his mother. She shared a likeness with him that couldn’t be ignored, and she was taller than most, too.

Brielle Denise was the first. She gave a smile and walked on forward, fashioning a beautiful white wand from the folds of her flowy gown. She was alone, but she didn’t seem to mind. Ollivander took the wand into his hand, always admiring the work of another wand maker. This wand seemed quite exquisite, in the make and the feel. It was a good wand, balanced, and it hadn’t been tampered with. He took a few moments to inspect it further, and then nodded.

“Very beautiful wand, Miss Denise,” said Ollivander, giving the wand back to Brielle.

“Merci,” said she, stepping back into her place.

Xander smiled and moved down the list.

“Miss Hendry?”

Aradok had paid attention to what Ollivander had done. A lot of it didn’t make sense to him, but he still enjoyed the little performance. He only hoped that his wand proved to be in excellent condition, too. The Gryffindor had always taken good care of it, but he worried regardless.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Margaret walked forward and took her wand from within her robes with a flourish. It was a beautiful, slim wand, with a purplish hue, “Peltogyne!” It was a wood he did not use at the shop, for it was temperamental. Still, he examined it, eyes and fingers running over it. He could sense that Margaret was certainly the chosen user of the wand, for it did not like his touch. ‘Temperamental indeed.’ He almost chuckled when at last he returned it to her. “It is in fine condition, Miss Hendry.”

She nodded as if she’d already known that, and turned away with her wand.

The journalist did motion to Brielle, thinking to try and talk to each student after their wands were weighed, though with how quick that was going, it seemed like she would have to hold a few after.

“Mister Larsen.”

The man stepped forward, and Ollivander greeted him with a wide smile,
“It has been quite some time since you were in my shop.” Despite his location, August’s father wanted him to have a wand from Ollivander. His father had gone to Hogwarts rather than Durmstrang, and so his wand had come from Ollivander. “You’ve grown.”

“I was only eleven last you saw me,”
he offered the wand out to the maker.

“I still remember this one,”
he commented, “Yew and Unicorn Hair, and put to quite a bit of use,” it would be a difficult wand to steal, that Ollivander could tell right off. Difficult to tamper with, too. “I’m not surprised you’re here.” No, Yew wands often chose those destined for greatness in some form, and August just radiated that august aura. “Your wand is still in great condition, Mister Larsen,” he offered it back, and August took it.

He inclined his head,
“Thank you,” and turned back to his family.

“Mister Lundstrom,”
and of course, Ollivander turned a familiar smile to him.


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Brielle raised a brow towards the journalist, but decided to play along. She had nothing better to do, anyway. The young Beauxbatons student flipped her head behind her and approached the woman, nodding politely. The journalist welcomed her with open arms. Headmistress Parque seemed to be concerned for her pupil, for she approached, too. The journalist was quick to remedy this inconvenience, however.

“Do forgive me,” said a high pitched sweet voice, “but the interviews are strictly with only the Champions. I’m sure you understand, Madame Parque,” it seemed like she had done some research already, which surprised no one.

Brielle looked back towards her Headmistress, and followed the journalist to the side. She’d take the interview anyway.

“Septima Popper,” said the journalist, extending her hand in greeting. Brielle was about to introduce herself, but Septima continued. “Oh but I know who you are,” said she with a wink. “Tell me girl, how does it feel to be a Champion for your school?”

Brielle smiled, immediately developing distaste for the woman. “I believe things are the way they should be,” said the French girl with a slight smile, “I foresaw that my fellow Champion and I were to be chosen for such a fun occasion.”

The interview thus continued.

Meanwhile, Aradok was next for the weighing of the wands. He approached the familiar man with a returned familiar smile.

“It’s good to see you again, Mr. Ollivander,” he fashioned his wand and handed it to Ollivander.

Ollivander took the wand with a light chortle. “And you, Mister Lundstrom,” he locked over the wand. “I remember that day well,” he said with a smile, “it was the same day as your fellow Champion, too.” He casted a quick look to Iris before going back to the wand. It was Hazel Wood, 9 ¾ inches, with a Phoenix Feather core. He remembered this wand well – it had been most picky in choosing its wizard. Aradok had clearly taken care of his wand well. “Your wand is in fine condition, Aradok,” his first name had been used, and a quick wink had been given.

“Thank you,” Aradok took his wand back and returned to the other champions. An interview was coming to an end, but Ara couldn’t hear anything. A muffling spell, no doubt.

“Mister Mila,” said Xander from the side.

Pavel walked towards Ollivander and handed his wand over. He was far more serious than any of the other champions had been.

Ollivander looked to the wand, noting that it wielded great power – a power that he wouldn’t have expected from an ordinary looking young man. The wand maker risked a quick look to Pavel, who remained still. “How old is your wand, Mister Mila?”

“Five years,” responded Pavel, a look of slight worry emerging.

Ollivander nodded his head. “It is a very good wand, and in great condition, Mister Mila.”

Nothing more was exchanged between the two.

“And lastly, Miss Pyrite.”

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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It seemed she was destined to be last in these line-ups. Last from the cup, and last to the weighing. ‘And so was Potter.’ It did make her smile, and that smile was given to Ollivander as she approached. She noted his gaze moved towards Zephyr, no doubt curious about his wand, too—the twins shared a heartstring from the same dragon, after all.

Ollivander accepted the black wand.
“And how are you, Miss Pyrite?” He remembered all wands he gave, of course. This one had interested him, too. He didn’t let many try this wand, if only because it was made for a warrior. Meek Iris hadn’t looked the sort the day she arrived. He had given it first to Zephyr to try, but to his bemusement, the willow selected him—he had expected Zephyr in this challenge when he first heard a Pyrite made it in. As with the wand choices, he had been wrong. 

“I am well. It is good to see you again.”
She hadn’t been worried that any other wandmaker would be chosen, though. Not in this area.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at how misled he’d been by her younger self.
“And it is good to see you, Miss Pyrite,” he did not switch to familiarity as he returned the wand, “The wand is in fine condition, too. All of the wands are fine; none have been tampered with.” He would be on call in case any issues occurred during the course of the tournament. Iris returned to where her mother was.

Xander nodded, appearing relieved, but not surprised,
“Good,” he spoke to himself, before addressing everyone. Brielle was just returning from her interview, “This is a good point to pause,” he glanced at the journalist briefly, anticipating her argument, “I will need the champions to come with me briefly for the first clue,” he motioned to an attached room, “They can return here for interviews then, if that is acceptable, Miss Popper?” His tone suggested no choice. He hid his disdain well, though if he were honest, he wasn't a fan of the Prophet and the journalist being around. This journalist was particularly nosy.

This journalist in particular had tried to do harm to his name. He'd seen that such was rectified, but it left a bad taste in his mouth still. He was still annoyed the Daily Prophet thought to send her, of all people.
‘Just dying for a scandal, aren’t we?’ And they’d get one when Iris refused. He wondered if he could talk sense into her.


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
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Septima’s face distorted with a wide, but ultimately fake, smile. The woman might have been pretty if she merely relaxed her face, but it was impossible with Xander around. That man had given her no real option to keep the Champions back, he had basically tossed her aside! The interviews would have to wait. “I shall wait here, then,” she said with an icy sweetness. “Don’t keep them overlong, Mr. Regnard!”

Brielle was making her way back to Margaret, and she rolled her eyes as she did. It was clear that Septima Popper had not made a good impression on the Beauxbatons Champion, and she couldn’t have been rid of the journalist soon enough. “She’s vile,” whispered she to Margaret. “So annoying.”

Aradok waved to his parents as he was called away. The reality that the Tournament was beginning at long last hit him, and he felt his stomach plummet. ‘Don’t worry,’ he told himself, ‘you’re an excellent wizard. You’ve proven it time and time again. There is no reason why this should be different.’ He nodded his head and walked alongside Iris. He wondered whether she was nervous, still.

Xander nodded to Septima, but the shifted his gaze towards the Champions. “Excellent, now if you would all follow me,” he said and turned.

Xander led them into another room, where only he and the Champions were to be allowed in. Not even their Heads of Schools would be allowed in the room. Several Ministry workers had been standing at the side of the doors, for they had overseen the enchantments that would protect the room from spying eyes, and would erase all evidence of the occurrences inside. The Ministry would not have any cheating, though Xander didn’t seem so certain of it.

There had always been cheating in the tournament.

“Right in here,” he said, ushering them in before being the last one to enter. “How are we doing?”

He asked, clearly inquiring about the status of his champions. He could see some poker faces, but he knew that more than a couple of them were nervous. In the center of the room was a bureau, and on top of it was a chest. Aradok was certain that the clues for the first task were inside.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
« Reply #87 on: February 06, 2014, 07:31:52 pm »
Margaret looked sympathetic. She said, “What would you expect, here?” Referring to the location in general, compared to where they came from. A stereotype was established and almost believed. “Even so….” She wanted to be known. She’d be interviewed, too, and see what was put out in the paper. She knew what occurred last time and would be careful to not have her words twisted against her.

They were ushered in, and aligned themselves in a half-circle with Xander before them. At his question, there was silence initially. Iris spoke,
“I believe we’re all, all right?” It was a question seeking confirmation. Margaret nodded, poker face in place.

“We are,” August spoke to agree. 

Xander accepted it, lies and honesty both.
“Excellent,” he went to the chest and motioned them forward. They all approached as he opened it, and he drew out what appeared to be a crystal goblet. Within the goblet, layers of colored liquid could be seen. It bubbled, and steam rose from it. “This is your first clue.” He turned it over, causing August to take a step back, but the contents did not spill.

“What is this supposed to mean?”
August seemed a bit confused.

“That is for you to find out.”
He offered the first one out to August, who tentatively accepted it. August was a good student, by all accounts, but practice rather than theory was his thing. He examined the goblet closely as others were offered out to the gathered. “I’m afraid I cannot say more on the matter of what it is. The first challenge is in two weeks.”

Iris took hers, frowning. Right at the top, though, was an obviously familiar substance. It was algae, and if she was correct, the algae from the lake.
‘Home field advantage.’ It would take the others a little while longer to figure that out. She did not chance a glance to Aradok for confirmation, lest it become obvious to their competitors that they knew something, already.


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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
« Reply #88 on: February 07, 2014, 12:01:26 am »
Aradok approached Xander with the others, and noted the goblet that was passed to August. Whatever it was, it was steaming and it had a great deal of colors. Nothing at all like the potions or poisons he had seen in his lectures or his readings, which were quite extensive. That didn’t bode well.

Brielle accepted hers, her face calmly looking over the goblet. Ara got the impression that she was studying it, and her expression made it seem like she knew her way around things like that. He looked at how everyone reacted when they received the goblet. August seemed confused, while Iris frowned. Pavel had absolutely no reaction when accepting his.

Xander handed a goblet to Ara. The Gryffindor looked down at the substance, quickly realizing the algae that seemed to have been mixed in. He was positive that it was the same algae from the black lake. He didn’t make a reaction upon the realization.

“The task will be exactly to weeks from now?” Brielle asked with a raised brow.

“Yes,” said Xander with a nod, “the Minister and the judges will arrive that Monday morning. The task will begin at midday.”

Midday, Monday, two weeks from now. Ara nodded.

“Why don’t we all head back out to continue with the interviews?”

Ara tilted his head slightly, curious. “So do we just keep the goblet?”

“Yes,” said Xander.

Ara assumed that they had to take care of it. It was probably part of the  test to study it without losing it. Spilling it. That bit of information would have been useful before. He was glad that he had inquired after it. Ara fetched his wand and twirled it, transfiguring the goblet to seal itself so the concoction wouldn’t spill. ‘You need to let it breath, you don’t know what will happen if you seal it,’ he amended the seal to let the potion breath. It would be easy to handle now.

Xander led them outside of the room, where Septima was anxious to continue. Brielle remained with Margaret, and Pavel moved with August. It seemed like Brielle and Pavel were already trying to segregate themselves with the competition. Ara didn’t think it was a bad idea to mingle, however. Some of them might have spilled information. Perhaps that was also one of their worries.

When Ara thought it safe, he turned casually to Iris.

“So, when are we going to the lake?”

A careful, otherwise unnoticed, whisper.

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Re: A Tournament’s Revival [Closed]
« Reply #89 on: February 07, 2014, 05:38:59 pm »
Iris committed the information of when the task would be to memory. Two weeks to figure out the purpose of this goblet. Unlike Aradok, she didn’t think she needed to take care of the thing. In previous tournaments, the clues were not necessary for the task. She touched it, tipped it again, but nothing seemed to be truly exiting it. She didn’t want to seal it, understanding potions well enough to know that could end badly. It could also alter it in general. ‘It seems to already be enchanted.’ Or perhaps the cup was enchanted, a never-spilling goblet of some sort.

She slipped it carefully in to her bag, upright, anyway, besides her books for the day’s classes.

They were ushered out to return to interviews.
“May I leave?” Iris asked Xander as they exited the room.

He seemed disappointed.
“You really do not wish to speak to the journalist?”

“I do not.”
Iris answered.

“Without hearing from you herself, all she will have is your school history and your parent’s history.”

“My record is fine. My parents are fine.”
Her father was not, but he was ‘innocent’ according to the trial. She did consider how it would look, daughter of a Death Eater, pureblood Slytherin, president of the Dueling Club, excelling in Dark Arts. There was a moment’s hesitance, but she shook it off. “The tournament will speak for me.” As her duel with Darius spoke for her, as actions always would speak for her.

He smiled, but it wavered. There was a time when he had thought the same, but then he’d witnessed how actions could be misconstrued, misunderstood. He saw that she considered that as well. He didn’t imagine he’d be able to talk her out of it, yet. Perhaps the results would do the talking for him.
“Very well, Iris. You may leave.”

He walked apart from the students as they came back into the main room. Margaret smiled to Brielle,
“I will get this over with,” she said and approached the Septima, “Good morning,” she greeted her pleasantly.

August took a seat on one of the tables, still examining the goblet. He’d be doing a lot of reading here at Hogwarts, it seemed.
“Thoughts?” He asked Pavel, shifting from English to Swedish. It was his natural tongue.

Iris noted the others shifting to be in solidarity with their schools. She heard Aradok’s whisper, and answered without hesitation,
“Thursday.” It would be the best day for such. “Do you want me to wait for you to finish your interview?” She asked him.