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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
« Reply #60 on: January 30, 2014, 03:45:14 am »
Alexia smiled, pleased with the information that Gaston provided about Benjamin. “Excellent. I shall make that known.” Her own would have problems separating aligned vampires from enemy vampires.

Sky’s question came, and Alexia couldn’t help but think Gaston should have used ‘gang’. It seemed to fit just as well.
‘They’ll follow Benjamin.’ Benjamin would make or break matters that way. She imagined him quite loyal to Gaston still.

When he asked for a private word, she arched an eyebrow, almost considered saying that anything he needed to say could be said there. However, she reconsidered when she looked to Sky and then to Catherine. Best to hear what he had to say first before making it public knowledge.
“Very well,” she glanced between the two of them, “Behave,” she wasn’t sure who she was referring to, before she took a step forward towards Gaston, gave a motion for him to lead to where he would like to have this word. She couldn’t order Catherine outside in the sun, and she wouldn’t dismiss Sky outside, either. They could go to another area of this shelter to speak. 


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Catherine narrowed her eyes at Alexia’s words, but shifted her gaze towards Sky, who seemed not able to relax. She didn’t blame him – after all, he was a leader of the rebellion and it was only natural for him to be wary. They tended not to like affiliations with vampires, perhaps even amongst these different circumstances.

Gaston nodded his head, pleased that she had granted him this private audience, as he led her to another room. It was farthest towards the back, past all the other attending vampires. It was a simple room, with minimal furnishings and low light. He signaled Alexia in and closed the door after she had gone in. He let his expression relax slightly; the pleasant expression he had changed to one showing slight concern.

“Forgive this little detour of mine,” said Gaston as he paced around the room, “but I don’t think I can wait for this. Are you alright?” The vampire had noticed that something seemed off about Alexia, and his instincts told him that it was physical. It couldn’t be infection, for her injuries seemed to be well on their way to be completely healed. “I am surethat not everybody notices it, but I am quite certain something is ailing you.”

He had heard reports about Eva and little Abby falling ill shortly after arriving in the south. He suspected that it was something that they had carried from this area, for none of the other humans seemed to have developed anything.  Gaston found it odd that Alexia had developed similar appearances, but it was possible that he was just imagining things. Something that could affect humans in the area did not bode well for the vampire. What could it have been, anyway?

Soon he'd have more answers. Catherine was already looking into it.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia felt the gaze, but did not look to Catherine as she followed Gaston into another room.

His question was not surprising, but it was unexpected. Alexia’s brief confusion cleared up as she realized what sort of ‘all right’ he was asking after. Her health.
“Is it that obvious?” Alexia looked down at her hands, unable to look at her face to try and guess the pallor of her flesh. Yes, paler than normal, but she didn’t think it noticeable.

The back of her hand went to her forehead. Still hot. She sighed and looked back up at him,
“I’ve been ill. It’s…this is a good moment,” she did not like to talk about weaknesses, nor illness. She was glad he had asked her aside privately. She wouldn’t want to talk of this matter before Sky—at least, not until after Riverpasse was taken. “I’ve been running a fever for a couple of days now, and my body has been rejecting most of the food and water I try to have. It might just be food poisoning,” but she sounded doubtful. “Perhaps the poison I make causes these sorts of long term side effects. Some others in the camp seem to be showing similar symptoms.” Poison was poison, after all. “I don’t know what it is, Gaston, but now isn’t the time for bed rest,” a bit of a smile. “After tonight I’ll deal with it appropriately.”

If she could figure out just what it was and how to deal with it.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
« Reply #63 on: February 03, 2014, 07:31:34 pm »
Gaston’s expression soured even further. He had been expecting a response of similar sorts, but he had not wanted one. The vampire wanted Alexia to say that it had been something she ate, but instead she gave him the symptoms that the other humans had been experiencing. It was clear that she didn’t want to talk about it, but the feeling did not desist from nagging at Gaston. They were about to go into battle, which meant that there were chances (however slight) that they would not be able to see each other again.

“It’s not very obvious,” said Gaston, shaking his head in an attempt to comfort, but he had been paying close attention and knew what to look for. “Perhaps now is not the best time,” he gave in, but made it a purpose to remain close to Alexia throughout the assault. He needed to speak with her after that to let her know what was going on with Eva and Abby. “Catherine is quite certain it’s not the poison,” that much he knew, but it only made matters more obscure.

“She’ll be looking more closely into it.”

He let out a breath – habit – and signaled for Alexia out of the door. The assault would begin soon, and the vampires were eager to begin. If everything went well, that night would be one of great celebration. The others would enjoy blood from distant factories, while the humans could partake in another type of drink entirely.

“Why don’t we get started?”

Catherine stirred.

“About time, dear,” she huffed, shaking off her tense bones.

Sky was as stiff as ever, but had not said anything impolite. In fact, he hadn’t said anything at all.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia was relieved to hear the symptoms were not obvious. She knew vampires had superior senses. ‘They’ll sense I’m weak, too.’ The others out there just might, unless Gaston’s extra-super senses played in to his ability. Either way, if one noticed, she’d try to use it to her advantage.

She would not be one of those hanging back with the explosives or the fire. She intended to be within the fray of humans storming the city, with her knives.

She was tempted to ask what Catherine had discovered, but decided that was a conversation for later, and with the woman herself.
“Good to know,” that meant she could use it. Probably a bad idea in the long term, but in the short term, absolutely necessary. When smoke and fire obscured the field of battle, the vampires other senses would help them. It would be best to remove as many of those advantages as possible. “I hope she figures out what is going on.”

With that, the two departed the room. Alexia made eye contact with Sky and walked to the door. The sun was still out.
“We’ll see you soon,” she addressed both Catherine and Gaston, inclining her head to them as a show of respect, before turning to the door and opening it to leave, assuming no other conversations needed to be had before things began. Sky looked rather tense as it was. Though he hadn't acted up, Alexia did wonder if this had been a good idea.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
« Reply #65 on: February 06, 2014, 03:25:07 am »
Gaston led Alexia back to the main room, where she bid them farewell for the time being. The assault in Riverpasse would start soon. “Take care of yourself,” said Gaston to Alexia before turning to Sky, “and you as well, Sky. Send my regards to Dean.” Even if Dean would not welcome his well wishes, Gaston would make sure to send them. He turned to his fellow vampires as the humans left. Catherine’s face was serious, but nothing hinted that she was at all nervous. None of the vampires were nervous except Gaston, and he worried more about his human companions than himself.

Once outside, Sky turned to Alexia. He had not expected to see such comfort and familiarity between her and the vampire. He had gone in with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised at how composed Gaston was. The others had kept their distance, and even the woman had not moved much. It was clear that Gaston was far more comfortably among humans than the others. Sky also noticed that Gaston had incredible resistance to their scent – to their blood.

Sky had wanted to meet Gaston to make all of these observations. In the end, he was surprised.

“I don’t say this about any vampire,” said Sky, his tone dead serious, “but I like him.”


Catherine was far more comfortable around the hideout now that the humans had left. She approached Gaston, who was now sitting with his legs crossed in deep thought, and placed an encouraging hand on his shoulder. “What happened?” She asked, knowing that something was bothering him. Gaston smiled, but did not otherwise move from his position. He appreciated the gesture, and he would return it later. Catherine knew how much she meant to him.

“I fear that there may be something bigger going on,” said Gaston, “You know how I told you that Eva and Deirdre’s blood,” there was a hint of sorrow when he mentioned the one taken by death too soon, “had something strange? Well I’m beginning to realize that this might play into what is poisoning the humans.”

Catherine removed her hand and moved closer to Gaston. “You don’t mean that…?”

She need not have continued her question, for Gaston simply nodded. “It’s happening here, too.”

The beautiful vampiress shook her head. “Eva and Abby are already looking better,” said Catherine, “whatever it is, it doesn’t reach them back south.”

“Airborne, perhaps?”

She shook her head again. “No, that would imply that it is also contagious, and from what I’ve seen, it isn’t. It has to be the food or the water.”

“We’ve been sending them food, dear Catherine.”

She shrugged. “This is not the time to figure it out,” said she, looking out the window. “Sunset is upon us, which means that we will start any moment now.” She offered her hand for Gaston to take. He did, walking alongside her to assume their positions. The thought that the water might be contaminated was troublesome, and fashioning an antidote would take some time.  This thought followed her even outside.

They needed only to wait for the assault to begin.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia made a note to do as asked, even if she didn’t think Dean would appreciate it. He would at least hear the words.

Once outside, Sky turned to her. Alexia did not expect his reaction. It caused a smile to break across her face, and she almost let out a laugh, relieved that he found the vampire to be agreeable.
“Now you understand,” she commented.

With Sky backing the decision to trust Gaston, the others might find it easier to do so. Two of their leaders found him likeable. That would be incentive.
“Come on, we must alert the others about Benjamin’s crew.” She didn’t want humans attacking them when things got messy.

They walked to near dusk to return to where the others were. Alexia gave the message to Tao, Robin, and Willow, among others, to spread it quickly to the other groups out there, before downing the poison she had with her.

She felt is numbing, cooling effect after just ten minutes.
‘Good.’ She’d made it a bit more potent, given her growing resistance to it. It ran through her veins, chilling the blood, slowing the heart. It was a blessing and a hindrance all at once, but the pros outweighed the cons today.

She spotted Dean, and approached him. If nothing else, she imagined he’d be relieved to see she survived the visit. She had not hidden it from him,
“Dean,” she called to him, “Gaston sends his regards,” she gave him little chance to respond. After that, she went running off to find her own position.

As the sun burned the horizon bright orange, the explosions began to go off. This first round of explosives was made to damage structures, to open up holes to let sun penetrate. The second wave would be to create smoke, a screen to protect the humans from vampiric sight and smell since most took the poison that protected them from many of the other senses vampire’s had. Most of the killings would be done by the sun (or the artificial sun created by the UV lights that were starting to be turned on), or by melee weapons. Some would be taken down by fiery explosives or guns, but not as many were planned to die that way.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
« Reply #67 on: February 10, 2014, 09:31:35 pm »
Sky had never seen anyone like Gaston before, and though it should have made him more nervous about vampires, it didn’t. He walked alongside Alexia as they delivered the news about the other vampires, those that would follow Benjamin, and the war paint. Sky could tell, though, that most of the rebellion was nervous about having outsiders interfere with their assault. He would have been suspicious too had he not met Gaston; if he had to go into battle with just Alexia’s word as insurance.

“Stay on the sides,”
Sky had told Dean, who was still recovering his full movement from the burns.

Dean’s face was soured by the message that Alexia delivered unto him, and he was even further upset about the fact that he couldn’t freely help out the rebellion. He had helped train some of the newer rebels, of course, but he was still impaired. He realized that he would be a hindrance to the others. Dean was coerced into being a ranged assaulter, using a gun to distract the vampires and make the kill easier for the humans in the front lines.

“Good luck,” he told the pair before they continued on their way towards their positions.

In time Sky had to keep going to meet up with his group on the eastern side of Riverpasse. The vampires would be closest to the group that had assembled there. At least Gaston and his small party – the vampires from the gang would flank from the west, closest to the other groups of the rebellion. Small rogue squads had been silently stalking on the north and south sides, to count the numbers of escaping vampires.

“I’ll see you when it’s all over,” said Sky to Alexia. Maybe.

The explosions began to go off, the sun piercing through the desiccating buildings. Sky turned to his group and ushered them forward. Some of them had drunk the poison, but others had preferred to be at their full strength, despite the large disadvantage they had against vampires. His group began to move forward just as the vampires began to come out of their homes, looking for answers to their curious and confused expressions.

When the smoke came, they noticed the armed humans approaching them. Hisses escaped their throats, and their pointy fangs showed an aggressive nature. These vampires were clearly not going to submit. They moved forward towards the humans, dashing in nothing less than a blur. Shots were being fired from the sights, and melee weapons were being dug into the vampire’s skulls. The sound of battle grew louder, and screams and shots of both war and pain could be heard.

These sounds alerted the guards to move towards the disturbance. Their numbers indicated that they were expecting some sort of retaliation from the rebel forces. So much that it seemed that the guards had increased their numbers.

Sky did not pull back his forces and instead moved on forward. A vampire guard was soon at his side, a long sword held tightly in one arm. It swung but missed, for Sky had ducked in anticipation, cleaving a small battle axe behind his skull. The vampires were having a hard time finding the humans in the midst of the smoke, but soon their numbers would prove too much. The sun would take care of some of them, but the guards moved through the shadows, their armor partially protecting them from the sunlight.

More and more guards were making their way towards the rebels. Sky didn’t want to turn and see how many of his comrades had fallen. That would just serve as a distraction.

“Drive them back! Out of the smoke!” Said a vampire, pointing his shot gun towards the direction that would lead them back out of the city. He spoke no more, for Gaston was soon behind him, beheading him in one quick, smooth movement. The guards seemed confused to see a vampire fighting against him, and one that could move so fast. The nearing guards were then instructed to assault the vampire, as was expected. Gaston would be the bait and distraction that would allow the rebels to continue on their way into the city.

Gaston was a fine warrior, predicting the attacks that were thrown at him and using them against the others. It was uncommon for him to kill the vampires with his own weapon, as opposed to each other’s. “Move on ahead, I’ll meet you,” he said firmly, clearly directed towards the rebellion, whose smoke was fading.

Sky nodded and did as he was told.

More explosions were going off all around them, releasing patches of sunlight all around them. Gaston emerged from the fray seemingly unscathed, leaving a trail of corpses behind him. It seemed that his obsession with weapons and their combat had paid off. Still, the sun was not something that he could fight off. He still needed to get to the other side of the city to find Alexia, to ensure her safety. He knew that the girl could take care of herself well, but Gaston was not about to trust her on something so important – and it was important that she survived. It was important to Gaston, anyways.

“More are coming towards you from the left,” said Gaston to Sky in their brief moment of tranquility and silence, “forty, maybe. The center hasn’t been reached, I’ll see you there when we all reach it.” He expected that all sides would reach it at similar times if everything went well. “I’m going to the western side of Riverpasse, now.”

Gaston didn’t say why, but Sky figured the reason instantly.

“Understood,” he said, though was unnerved by the sudden lack of vampires. There were supposed to be more vampires, not just him, and now he was leaving. “Stay alive, vampire,” the words were sour coming out of his mouth. It was strange being kind to a vampire.

“You as well,” a brief smile was given, but an instant later, Gaston was gone.

From the windows of the building around them, decapitated vampire heads fell – a sign that someone had taken care of the shooters from the buildings. Four vampires followed suit by jumping from the windows and landing next to the suddenly startled rebel forces. Several seemed like they might attack, but the beautiful platinum haired vampiress raised her hand. She had no war paint on her face, but the others did.

“Stop it,”
she said with an annoyed look and scoffed, flipping the curly strands that fell on her sides back. She turned her eyes to Sky, who had a serious expression. “We are to remain with your party,” she announced. “Catherine,” she gave her name, “lest you have forgotten.”

Sky had not forgotten her name, but he still did not feel the comfort and trust that had now developed with Gaston. She did carry a broadsword, which suited her, and that made him feel a bit better. The other vampires had much smaller weapons compared to her. Without wasting any more time, the suddenly integrated rebel force pushed forward, meeting the sights of the guards which had now just turned the corner.

The battle for Riverpasse had begun.
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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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It had been agreed, that she and Sky would reach the center and there meet. There had been little rivalry in that matter regarding who would reach it first. Things were far too serious to joke about. They were both aware this battle could be their last.

The ‘maybe’ never needed to be said.

Willow took to the trees, as was her nature. Robin would catch up, too. They were both ranged fighters. Alexia and a few of the others of her group, alongside Tao, would handle the ground fighting.

Tao was a mask of calm in dark blue. Of all the rogues, he was the only one that Alex trusted. He’d proven his worth time and time again, and was the nameless killer amongst the vampires. Alex let herself be known; Tao’s kills were generally associated with her group, or another that had been seen near the area. Very few knew of Tao’s personal existence.

Explosions. Smoke. Alexia took a deep breath, lowered googles over her eyes, before it washed over them, and then split from Tao’s side. They were both under the effects of the poison, but had the advantage for it. As Willow fired, and other explosions went off, they went almost unheard and unseen through the smoke.

The first vampire didn’t even realize it was in trouble until the thin blade cut through its neck.
‘Beautiful weapons indeed.’ Alexia smiled to herself as the blood of the creature painted the smoke, the ground. Now the others would know where to look. The scent of the blood would draw them, and Alexia stayed near to let it.

It did draw them, too. Alexia was quite certain they were all just grunts, without much talent. The guards would come soon enough, but for now she’d deal with the overconfident ones. She ran forward and cut the head off another, evaded a second and put the blade into the eye of a third to deal with later. She turned back to the second to see Tao decapitate it from behind, so she shifted her attention back to the third.

Between the two of them, the group of vampires fell far too quickly. Definitely not guards. Just residents.

The guards weren’t long behind them, though Alexia and Tao had taken separate routes then. The two humans now had enough vampiric blood on them to draw the attention of the guards, and others as well. It was the only bad part of being a melee fighter—blood.

Alexia thought she was doing well when she heard the shriek of a car coming to a stop.
‘What?’ She was pretty sure Benjamin wouldn’t have been foolish enough to come in a car, so she dashed by the vampire she was presently dealing with to see. He seemed curious enough to not to immediately strike at her.

In the midst of the clearing smoke stepped out a white-blond woman, hair short, and skin as white as Alexia had ever seen.

Other vampires followed her, guards of Adrian to watch over Inna as she positioned herself in Riverpasse.

Alexia’s eyes took on a new light. Here was exactly what she wanted.

She turned back to deal with the vampire she left behind, just quick enough to block its strike. It took the offensive while it had the chance and pressed her forward.

Alexia heard a gunshot.

Robin cried out and fell from the tree he’d been hiding in, about to throw an explosive at Inna. Instead, it fell with him. It exploded on contact with the ground.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Benjamin had been waiting with a group of no less than fifteen vampire mercenaries for the guards to show up. The rest of his gang would join them from the center, where they were biding their time to see just how much the city was prepared for the assault. When the guards didn’t show, but a car stopped amidst the chaos, Benjamin ushered his brothers forward.

“To hell with waiting,” he said to them, which garnered shouts of approval from all around. Gaston would be pissed to hear that they had not waited, but the rebels below looked like they were in trouble. When his eyes found the person within the car, a smile formed on his lips. The mercenaries had been waiting for the guards of the city, but they instead found the queen to replace Gaston in his efforts with the farms.

“Leave her to me,” he said, and then they swarmed.

Benjamin jumped from one of the buildings, which had been cleared hours before, and landed just as Inna was trying to move away. He was bigger and broader than the guards that she carried with her, and with a teasing smile, he shook his head. She would not escape him.

Gaston arrived as the fight had begun, finding himself first closest to Dean, who was on the sidelines with a sniper. The vampire gave the rebel a nod and a smile, though it was not returned. When Gaston saw the car emerge from the city and caught sight of Inna, his feelings mirrored Benjamin’s. He was about to charge when he heard the gunshot, his eyes found the location in an instant.

He recognized the boy who fell from the tree, but had already moved just as he realized what fell with the boy. There was no turning back. Gaston was a blur of movement, and as he wrapped his arms around the injured boy, he u-turned and darted back from where he came from. The explosion helped him move, though the fires began to burn at the vampire’s armor. Gaston placed the boy down and used the fabric of his other arm to put the fire on his right side out.

The bullets did not stop, which did not allow Gaston to say anything to the boy he had just saved, nor the rebel he had smiled to only moments ago. Dean looked at the vampire, awestruck once more at how foolish and how different he was when compared to other vampires. Dean approached Robin to get him out of the cross fire. He would not thank Gaston anymore, and that would not change simply because he had saved yet another human.

Gaston’s face was recognized by the charging guards, but he disposed of them much too easily. It was almost as if they were asking to die by his hand.

Benjamin was still in pursuit of Inna when Gaston joined them in the fray. Of course, Inna was not the vampire’s priority, for that place was taken by Alexia, who was near. Gaston assisted where he could before the assault moved them further into the city.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Robin should have been dead. He knew that, expected it, but didn’t realize he was alive until some seconds later. His eyes were squeezed shut. He opened them just as he was put down, and he saw Gaston putting out a fire on his arm. He couldn’t speak; awe and pain kept words at bay. Later, he would have to thank him.

He was only just able to pick himself up to get to Dean, feeling the pain of the bullet in his chest all the while. It was difficult to breath.
‘Shit.’ He definitely needed to get that seen. His hand pressed itself hard against the hole, and he stumbled the second he reached Dean.

Alexia was unaware of Robin’s fate, but her mind made up the worst when she heard the explosion. She’d dealt with high emotions in combat before, but this one still bothered her a second too long. It was her luck that Benjamin and company decided to join the fray then, and one of them took down her opponent before its swipe could do her any damage. A quick nod of gratitude followed before she moved to engage another, composing herself and pushing Robin and all the others out of her mind.

She considered moving to assist with Inna, but decided the guards that were showing up in greater numbers was a better idea. Benjamin could handle himself and she didn’t need the glory of the kill, personally. She would just keep the guards off Benjamin’s back so it would get done.

Inna’s head would be a lovely gift to return to Adrian.
‘If it is in any shape.’ She didn’t call out to let Benjamin know. If Inna was destroyed beyond all recognition, she’d send the license plate back or something.

It was then that Gaston arrived at her side. She gave him a nod to reassure him that she was fine. She didn’t need any out just yet, the poison seemed to keep the illness at bay. Of course, the illness was heat and the poison was cold. Her mind imagined they canceled each other out, the poison a temporary medicine. She quickly moved to deal with a guard who thought to interrupt Benjamin and Inna’s fight.

Inna carried guns, and she carried throwing daggers. The daggers she tended to use as claws, rings on each for her to hold them on her fingers. Benjamin was not a terribly familiar face, but she could tell he recognized her. Inna did not run, but stepped further away from the car, leaving Benjamin near it.

The gun was the weapon she had drawn—such things were more effective on humans, after all, who couldn’t move as quickly. It was quickly returned to its holster as she stepped back to pull her daggers out. She noted the guard moving to intervene, only to be cut down. Adrian needed to train his men better.

The sound was quiet, almost unheard over the fighting, but Inna managed to pick it out. A quick step to the left kept her head in tact, though she felt the blade slice down her arm. The dark man landed on the ground near, his eyes on her.
‘You.’ She did remember this one. She’d dealt with him before. Tao had escaped her, though. She did not let the human distract her from Benjamin, though.

It seemed he was fine with letting other vampires help, even helping them now. That was a change. Tao worked solo not completely by choice. Tao hated moderates. His opinion could have changed, but Inna did not think so, just by the fury in his eyes.

He had been so stoic when they met.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Dean’s worries soon left Gaston and instead joined Robin, whose wounds demanded most of his attention. The rebel had not entirely recovered from his own physical misfortunes, but he was able enough to at least deal with emergencies. He kept his weapon at his side, but used his arms to help Robin get out of the immediate danger – they pulled one of Robin’s arms over his own shoulder.

“I’ve got you, man,”
he said as he continued to pull him aside. They weren’t safe just yet, but Dean couldn’t ignore the injuries for much longer. “You’ll be alright.” Dean didn’t know just how truthful his words had been.

Gaston took notice of Alexia’s strategy in engaging the incoming guards and adapted his own accordingly. He drew his two thin daggers, similar to those Alex used, and with great dexterity he moved forward. A horizontal strike beheaded a guard, who was only just trying to raise his arm to protect himself. He had been too late. A vertical strike followed, and it found the target’s head with ease – the vampire fell limp on the floor.

Despite Gaston’s advantage over the others, guards seemed to be coming from every direction now. It became clear that they had been expecting some sort of retaliation. They moved closer to them, but Gaston was good to keep them at bay. Every opponent that he found in the battlefield looked dull and inexperienced compared to him.  From the corner of his eye, he saw Veronique who found her old master’s gaze easily enough.

She looked to Gaston with a conflicting expression, unsure what it was that she was supposed to do. Gaston had told her to keep an eye out and investigate, but if she rebelled against her own, her motives would be questioned. She drew her sword, just as all the other guards had done around her. Gaston momentarily left Alexia’s side and chose to approach Veronique, disposing all the guards that stood in his way.

“I did not expect to see you here,” she said, pointing her sword at Gaston in an attempt to keep up her charade. Gaston did the same.

“I did not think of it,” admitted he, slashing at her from the side. She deflected easily enough. Veronique was one of the few guards that Gaston had trained himself, so she knew what to expect. Their pretend encounter carried on. Luckily, most rebels still remained behind him, and the guards the tried to help Veronique were dealt with from the outside. “Get out of here,” he knew that even if she switched sides, most rebels would not understand the complexity of her allegiance. It would bring only more death if she remained. “I’ll meet you once this is all over.”

Veronique did not smile, but gritted her fangs in believable aggression. Their weapons locked, but this had been deliberate from both sides. Gaston spun, and with his leg kicked Veronique forcefully on her gut, sending her flying back with speed. By the time the guards realized that she was alive, she would be gone.

The rebel Vampire turned back, and approached his rebel allies. Together, they would continue to push forward into the center of the city.

Just as Inna drew her daggers, Benjamin simply cracked his knuckles. He used his sheer strength to kill, and usually his opponent’s foolish moved helped him to find an opening and even use their own weapons against them. He took a step closer to her, and one of her guards lunged forward. Their weapons struck from the side, but Benjamin jumped and with his hand he grabbed the vampire’s head and smashed it into the floor.

Another human arrived, but Benjamin sensed no hostility from him. He was after, Inna, too. Benjamin exchanged only a quick glance with him before he lunged forward himself. His eyes met Inna’s arm and eventually settled on her eyes.

She would not survive this encounter if it were up to Benjamin.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Robin appreciated the words, even if they might be lies. He liked hoped, “Thanks,” he told Dean as he did his best to pull his own weight. It didn’t last, though. He was slipping from consciousness and he knew it. Blood loss, pain, panic, shock—it took its toll on him and he passed out. His hand fell back to his side, letting the blood run more freely from the wound.


The guards seemed endless, but Alexia remembered the count. This still seemed odd for so many to concentrate themselves here.
‘If they expected Inna’s arrival today….’ Perhaps it was not so odd. She danced with them as she could, Gaston near, and always kept one eye on the situation with Tao and Benjamin.

It didn’t look like she would be necessary.

Then, her eyes noted the guard Gaston had introduced her to once before.
‘What is this?’ She let Gaston go to confront that one, but it bothered her. She was not informed of Veronique’s appearance here, so she found it strange to see the auburn-haired guard captain—particularly standing against Gaston.

She had to tear her eyes from it, though. There was enough for her to deal with in keeping as many vampires as she could away from Benjamin’s fight.

Too much to do.

A sharp breath caught in her throat, and her step back from a vampire became a stagger.
‘No.’ She held her breath then and fought with her body to hold back the symptoms of her illness. When seconds mattered, a cough was deadly. The smoke was starting to agitate, though. The knife found its way into the vampire’s side, but the movement required destroyed the careful balance she’d kept of keeping the cough down.

It came up, and Alexia’s ability to move compromised. She managed to withdraw the blade and pull back, but habit drew her arm up to try and cover the cough. Blood decorated her arm, now her own.

The wrist was grabbed by the injured vampire, twisted, broken, in a second. Alexia didn’t cry out, but the pain was revealed in her widening eyes. She lashed out at the vampire with her second blade, but all for naught. Another coughing fit, fluid tickling her throat, and the knife was knocked aside.

Long fingers wrapped around her throat, but were almost as quickly removed. An arrow plunged through the wrist and caused the vampire to withdraw, but Alexia dropped to her knees. She couldn’t pursue, pain, coughing, and a rush of heat stealing the ability from her.

Tao paid no attention to anything outside of his own fight, blocking it out and trusting in those around to keep this between the three. Tao recognized his role in the fight when Benjamin cracked his knuckles.

He needed to hinder Inna’s movements.

Benjamin could clearly kill the woman between them with only his hands, and that was fine by Tao. He didn’t look to Benjamin, though he felt the gaze come to his eyes. He never once looked away from Inna, and moved as she did, as Benjamin did.

His body was made to be something Inna would back into, keeping her from stepping away from Benjamin’s lunge. She would be unable to avoid engaging him head-on, and on realizing that she thrust her hand full of daggers forward in an attempt to push them through Benjamin’s chest, his heart, while trying to figure out how to turn her body so she could strike out at the human who had become a temporary wall. 


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Dean struggled, but he managed to get to a place away from all the commotion. By that time, however, Robin had passed out and the blood was gushing from the wound. Fortunately, Dean was used to these types of situations. He added pressure on the wound as he began to look for something to wrap around it. His mind began to warn him with memories of his team, those that had died a while back – the ones that he was supposed to protect.

‘Damn it, get it together.’

He would not let another die. Robin’s chest was bleeding, and Dean had not found something to stop the wound. He refused, however, to accept the possibility that Robin might die. In his deliberation Dean decided to go back to the hideout, where someone could actually tend to the injury.

‘You’ll get caught…’

His common sense warned. Dean bit his lip, however, patching the wound as best he could before picking Robin up and sprinting back to the hideout. He only hoped that no vampire would cross his path, for both their sakes.


Gaston tried to turn back to make sure that Alexia was fine constantly. It was in a moment where he had been too distracted, however, that what he was afraid of actually happened. As his dagger beheaded a guard by his side, Gaston turned and saw a vampire gripping Alexia by her throat – blood dripping from her arm. He only had seconds before the hand would kill her, and he was much too far to close the gap between them.

In a blissful instant, Gaston had sheathed his dagger and drawn his bow. A single arrow was shot, finding its target with ease. In the time it took the vampire to back away, the rebel vampire had moved behind him, planting the long dagger directly behind his skull.

The vampire pushed the corpse aside as his red eyes lowered to look at his human companion. She was coughing, which would attract vampires like a horde. Not to mention that her blood would confuse the guards. Benjamin’s forces were supposedly trained to endure the scent of human blood, and their thirst had been sated. The same could not be said for the guards, however.

“Livia,” force of habit had dissuaded his voice from speaking her real name, “are you alright?”

The snarls of nearby vampires were distracting, enough however, and it took a lot of willpower for Gaston to turn away from the girl and face his attackers. Above all, however, he would keep her safe.


Benjamin twisted his body and twirled, smacking the daggers thrown his way aside. A single dagger had punctured his arm, but his assault had not been stopped. The human rogue had positioned himself well, hindering Inna’s chances of escaping. Benjamin’s monstrous hand clasped around Inna’s neck, and the vampire squeezed, lifting her from the floor easily.

The vampire’s arm contorted as he turned her and used his other arm to lock her against him. It was almost as if Benjamin was hugging Inna from behind, but his words were anything but sweet.

“Going somewhere, dear?”
A beautiful, sarcastic, hiss.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Vampires hadn’t reached the hideout, distracted by the big names present in the fight. There was no point in heading to an area that was depleted of humans as it was. A few had escaped the battle already with injuries, and so there was someone there to greet Dean when he came with Robin.

“Here, here!” She called as she waved her hand to him, motioning down near herself, “You can lay him here,” she would see what could be done then, though the amount of blood she saw immediately worried her.


It was Gaston who saved her, not her first time. Alexia knew that Willow was around, somewhere, and she favored the ranged. Her feelings were immediately mixed on the use of the name, irritation and gratitude that turned to bemusement. She couldn’t respond to him, though she knew the answer.

No had been the answer when she got captured, as well, but she’d lied and told her companions to run. She had survived long enough to get only one other captured alongside her. This battle, however, was not about running. It was about standing ground.
‘And so you will be killed.’ She could hear snarls as the coughing ceased, and she took in a gasp of air.

Alexia felt no pain in her arm, but one look at it showed that the blood wasn’t just from her throat. Bone punctured flesh. She averted her gaze quickly and held that arm against her chest as she stood, picking up her blade in her other hand. The heat was dizzying, but it was subsiding to the chill quickly. It wasn’t a comfortable sensation.
“I can hold my own.” She would, until this was over.

All she needed was one blade and consciousness. So long as that remained, she would fight.

One of the vampires moved to challenge that assertion and Alexia stepped back, slid with the movement, and thrust the blade up into its throat. She pulled down, cutting the neck vertically and down into the chest before she withdrew the blade, the vampire falling into a pool of its own blood. It wasn’t the most elegant method, but it would work.

The movement, however, jarred the injured hand. It didn’t matter how well she held it in place, it wasn’t wrapped, and it was starting to hurt now that she’d acknowledged and the shock was wearing off. She sucked in a breath and turned to face the second, trying to find her place in the battle once more, but deciding then to stay near Gaston in case she faltered again.
‘I will regret this.’ She was going to regret this entire day when the fight was over, she felt that in her gut. This was not helping her illness. Injury would only worsen her immune system’s ability to respond to an already irksome illness.


Tao had moved well. He turned to face Inna as she was caught, as she struggled to break free when her neck was grabbed and her body held against the man. Her eyes were wide, but her last words would not be a demand to be released. She had other tools at her disposal, daggers in her off-hand.

She attempted to manipulate her hand to stab them through Benjamin, but Tao reacted at that point.

Inna would never get to strike again.

True to his nature of quick deaths, Tao took advantage of her prone position. The blade was returned to its sheath. Tao used his speed in moving forward, and thrust his hand through Inna’s chest. When he removed it, his hand was coated in blood, and there was a crushed organ in his grasp.

He didn’t seem phased as the organ that pushed the blood the woman stole through her veins was dropped to the ground. He simply stepped away from Benjamin and turned back to the other foes, drawing his blade once more. His other foes wouldn’t be so easy to take down, after all. They weren’t held in place. 


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Dean did as he was told, placing Robin down to where the woman had told him. He couldn’t immediately remember who she was, but he knew that she had looked at his own injuries before. “Bullet to the chest,” said Dean from what he could tell, “he passed out a while ago, and I tried to stop the bleeding.”

He took a step back as more people approached to tend to his wounds. In his experience, he would only get in the way of these situations. He was half tempted to go back into the action to avoid witnessing Robin’s potential death. Dean couldn’t stay, but his legs wouldn’t move from place. The memories were too near.

The rebel still managed to push them away.

“I’m going back out there,” said Dean, hoping that perhaps vocalizing his intent would help him move. ‘Get better. Live.’

It did.


Slashes were effortlessly performed left and right, and after some minutes of nonstop action, the guards were beginning to realize that this was a fight that they may not win. Some of them began to retreat, only to be killed by the sunlight they hadn’t anticipated. Gaston was a great deal faster than they were, and although evading the sun had done a lot of the work for him, Gaston had long since lost count how many vampires he had felled. He took a moment to look around, his arms whole body now splattered by blood not his own.

“We must keep pushing forward,”
he said to the vampires and humans who remained on his side. Gaston would not leave Alexia’s side, however. They would move together, even if she preferred it otherwise. It didn’t seem like she was in a position to argue right then.

Stragglers remained, but Benjamin’s followers seemed to be playing with them for fun. Gaston looked towards them in disapproval, but he wouldn’t correct them. Those vampires weren’t under his command, and neither was Benjamin. His friends would only follow him, and since his allegiance was to Gaston, the vampire hoped that they would continue to help the rebellion.

“You could tell the little shits to tone it down,” said Benjamin as he approached Gaston, as if he had read his mind, and looking quite pleased with himself. “It looks like they’re willing to listen to you, too.” Benjamin knew Gaston wasn’t comfortable giving commands where he had no authority. “Settle down and move on, scout ahead.”

Neither Gaston nor Benjamin had any doubts that there were many more guards up ahead. They were prepared for anything however, and an ambush would not catch them off guard.

Gaston turned to Alexia once the group began to move forward again. “Please Alexia,” he said, this time with her actual name, though his tone was serious, “stay near me if you want to remain. I would suggest you head back, but I know now better. The city is almost won,” there was almost a smile, but the worry did not fade. “Let’s go. Here,” he offered to help if she needed it.

They were almost to the center of the city. He hoped that Catherine was doing just as well. Her worry for her was just as great as the one he had for Alexia.


The masses of guards had hit the other side of the city just as hard. Catherine had found herself compromising her own safety for the wellbeing of the humans several times, and she was not at all comfortable with it. She would not stop, however, because she knew that there would be consequences with Gaston. She needed to keep herself alive, but she also needed to help the rebel forces make it safely to the center of the city.

Flanking the city looked like it had been working, so she had high hopes.

“Getting tired?”
Sky asked as he brought his blade across a guard’s neck. “Already?”

Catherine’s broadsword was massacring whoever got in her way, and with one swing she hung it over her shoulder. She smirked as her eyes settled on the rebel human. “I’m so exhausted,” her voice dripped with icy sarcasm. “Enough talk, human, we’ve got work to do.”

Sky laughed just as more guards emerged from the sides. They looked like they were the ones escaping from the other side, for they looked worn and bloodied. They charged, however, which made both Catherine and Sky fear that perhaps their ranks had been affected more than they realized.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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The woman nodded her appreciation of the commentary on what wounds were known. Another came to her side to look over the boy, and the woman spoke to Dean, “We’ll do what we can for him,” she said, “Good luck out there,” for he voiced his intent to leave, and she expected he would do just that.

She gave directions to another for tools, wanting to remove the bullet if it were stuck, and clean the wound as best she could. She was hoping that no vital organs were hit, but was hopeful by the way that Robin was still breathing and it seemed easy enough for him. He wasn’t choking. He wasn’t struggling too bad.


Alex knew that despite how much she enjoyed the numbness that was stealing over her, that it wasn’t good. Part-blood loss, part getting used to the pain, and part poison. Her strikes weren’t as clean as they once were, for her hand trembled. It craved rest and sustenance, but it was denied, reminded again and again that this was a battle of life and death. She couldn’t afford to back out, couldn’t believe that there were enough fighters when this battle was still so close.

It took minutes to clear the area to consider even moving on. Some of Benjamin’s men were playing, but Tao would pop out of the smoke now and then to off a toy. Inna was already down.

Alexia had stayed near Gaston the entire time, and she let his own tirelessness fuel her, as if it were a competition.

When Benjamin said scout, Tao again seemed to materialize from the smoke itself,
“I’ll go ahead,” he spoke to Alexia, though, and was off in a heartbeat. The others adjusted themselves as well to pursue, to continue towards the center of the city.

“Understood.” She answered Gaston, though her intent wasn’t to trail far. “I will remain near.” But she shook off his help. She could still walk, could still run. Her legs weren’t damaged, miraculously enough. She didn’t intend to let on that other issues were complicating movement, even as she turned her head to cough and felt it shake her entire body. ‘Fine. Fine enough.’ She hadn’t appeared to be a hindrance yet, and she’d yell at Gaston if he let her become one, if he acted too much to protect her rather than slay vampires.

She was still surprised how many of these vampires had self-control, considering how much of her own blood had been spilt on this ground, and how many other humans were in various states of injury or death. These were trained vampires, though. She hadn’t dealt with half so many in the past, tending to pick on vampires of importance but not trained to fight.

The group were able to reach the center, and though there was resistance there, Alexia couldn’t help but notice that Sky and Catherine weren’t there yet.
‘Did you expect them to beat you here?’ Somehow, she had. No matter, they had to hold the center and clear it, before considering moving into the area that Sky had control of.


Tao had dashed ahead of even the center of town, and cut down a vampire near Sky, one of those who had tried escaping from Alexia’s side,
“As if they’d have better luck here,” he spoke without emotion, glanced to Sky, and then vanished into the smoke once again to pick off more vampires from the ranks. He’d now be fighting with Sky’s group to help them move forward, and to deal with the runners.

He didn’t appreciate those who ran, at all. Cowards. They shouldn’t have stopped running, honestly.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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A quick look once he reached Riverpasse was enough for Dean to see that the rebel forces had pushed the guards back – corpses littered the floor from both sides. The smoke was lifting, and patches of sun pierced the clouds of it as it did. Weapon out, he moved forward trying to ignore the corpses of those he now thought familiar. He didn’t see many vampires with war paint, nor did he see Alexia and Gaston in the midst of casualties.

It was comforting enough thought that Dean could easily ignore the complaints his still recovering body sent his way.

‘Too soon to tell,’ he warned himself against hoping that he could see them alive. The recent memory of Robin was also unwilling to leave him.

The rebel made sure to walk through the patches of sun, just in case the other vampires inside the buildings tried to stop him. They weren’t combat ready, and they would be easy to dispose of if they got in his way. Then again, he wasn’t the most able rebel in that moment. Without much trouble, Dean was guided by the sounds of combat that led him to believe that the rebel forces had managed their way into the center of the city.

A smile came upon his lips as he reached the sight. Riverpasse had fallen, and it would be won by the rebellion.

Gaston was in the outskirts of the brawl, bodies falling left and right beside him. From what the rebel could tell, however, he seemed distracted. Dean cursed under his breath, wondering how a vampire who was so clearly distracted could move so quickly and precisely despite it. He had truly never seen anything like it, and it was more awe-inspiring now that he could get a closer look. Dean took cover and prepared his sniper, taking down vampires where he could.

‘I hate these guns…’

It was true that Gaston was distracted, for he couldn’t keep his gaze off of Alexia for more than a couple of seconds. She was still hurt, and he didn’t think that the poison was doing her any more favors at this point. More smoke bombs went off as they moved forward, but even then he couldn’t pull himself away more than several meters from her.


The fact that Sky and Catherine were outnumbered was a sign that could have discouraged their forces from continuing their assault, but it didn’t. Sky motioned with his hands to those who followed behind him, and they seemed to make a formation accordingly. Sure, a lot of rebels had been taken down, but Sky was sure that his formations would still be efficient and effective. Some rebels became walls to stop the vampires’ attack, while others flanked.

Sky was capable with a blade, and he made his presence known to the attacking vampires at the expense of his own rebels. He believed that he could better deal with the vampires, and so put himself at risk. The sight of a familiar face made Sky smile, but was soon out of sight as he returned into the smoke.

Catherine’s swings were effective at taking down many vampires at a time, but it made her open to assaults from ranged weapons. The arrows did minimal damage, but she felt herself slowing down and making more and more mistakes despite it. The damage was adding up, and the vampires seemed to be coming from everywhere. The days she had spent with Gaston had been fun and entertaining, but they could have never prepared her for the combat she was now experiencing.

Many of the vampires that faced her paused, for they knew who she was. She lived in Riverpasse, and now she was helping the rebel forces take the city down. She used these moments of brief confusion to take the lives of the guards she had once thought her own.

“Push them back!” She said when she found the chance to speak, she motioned with her hand to continue the assault – for some reason she had feared that the rebels might desert her. After all, she only really trusted Gaston. She was pleased to see Sky nodding at her statement, and the humans agreeing to follow him further.

In the midst of the battle, Veronique emerged. She had been unable to escape, so instead she did what she could to alter her appearance and splatter her face with what could most closely resemble war paint. She had seen such an appearance in the attacking vampires, and she hoped that it would be enough to make her seem like she belonged in the rebellion.

“Damn it,” she said, for she had the intention of heading back to Gaston but could now see where her help was really needed.

Catherine took notice of her, and did not hesitate once to approve of her intervention. In just a couple of minutes, Veronique had regained her ground and helped Catherine move forward. The guard captain fought quite similarly to Gaston, which made Catherine believe that she had been trained by the vampire. She didn’t quite move as quickly as he did, however, but she was clearly lethal with a blade.

Together they pushed towards the center of the city, where the battle seemed to be reaching its end. Catherine’s worried eyes searched, but there was too much smoke to really look for Gaston.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia was not unaware of Gaston’s distraction, but she did not focus on any self-depreciating thoughts. Gaston was managing just fine, and she had energy to spare, still. The fight continued to rage around them, but it was getting less. As the bodies piled up, it seemed that there were more rebels standing than their opponents.

Another gunner seemed to join the fight. Alexia knew it when more vampires seemed to suffer shots. Willow was out there somewhere, as was Dean, and a few others—she liked to hope them all alive, but she knew that wasn’t true. The shots had lessened in frequency. Some had been killed by vampires who sought them out.

Then, Alexia moved past someone she recognized. It was a member of Sky’s group, and when she caught their eye, she smiled.
‘Brilliant!’ On the heels of that thought, the smoke seemed to be disturbed more by the movement of those joining the fight. Morale picked up among the rebels as they began to realize that Sky and his allies had made it to the center. She didn't actively look for Sky or any other familiar faces, though. She knew the harm distraction caused for her.

Two sides were conquered.

Harley and Akira were not long behind. They had taken North and South, areas of less concern. They were bolstered by Sky and Alex’s groups, too, but they moved to the center from another direction. They had less people, and needed the help. In this way, Riverpasse had been covered.

In this way, Riverpasse fell. The sky was speckled with stars when the last of its guards fell, night upon them. The smoke bombs were thus no longer utilized by the rebels.

There was silence at the fall of it, disbelief. It didn’t last. Alexia found her voice,
“Check all the houses, all the buildings. Look into every nook and cranny for any more resistance.” Her voice was not strong, but it was heard. “Groups of four!” And they divided themselves on their own, talked briefly before eight groups split away from the center and out to examine the town.

Alexia was shivering now, as pale as any vampire. Her eyes adjusted to the night as she looked around, trying to detect unfriendly movement.

‘It can’t be….’ And she realized, then, she’d never honestly believed they would succeed. As with her dream of killing Adrian, it was just that—a dream. She’d convinced others it was possible, had arranged it as if it would all work, but she had expected something unconsidered to derail the plan. Inna could have easily been that, but they’d taken her down.

“Gaston, are you well?”
She asked him.

“You aren’t.”

A blunt statement from the expected source. Willow approached, gun not with her.
“C’mon, the fighting is done. I can do the rest.” Head count, and waiting for the report from the eight groups. “You need to rest.”

“You need to tell the others in our camps that they can move into a more sheltered area.”

She smiled. Of course she should have expected Alex to be difficult. She still argued the point, despite the friendly demeanor,
“I will. I will do that immediately,” she offered her a hand, but Alex didn’t reach to take it.

A phone was put into Willow’s hand. She blinked, confused, and saw Tao there. He didn’t tell her why. When she touched the screen, it lit up.

There was Adrian’s contact information.
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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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The guards’ resistance was failing, and so morale improved for the rebel forces once they began outnumbering their opponents. Even then, Gaston made sure to keep his sights clearly set on Alexia. Some people believed that Alex would continue to be a symbol even after her possible death, but the vampire was unwilling to even consider such a future. He couldn’t explain his reasoning right then, but he wouldn’t let her fall.

Sky’s forces arrived, which made Gaston feel like the city had nearly been completely taken. There had been success. This spark of nearing victory was enough for the guards of Riverpasse to try and retreat, only to be taken down by the other rebel forces that soon joined them from the north and the south. Gaston listened in for potentially hostile activity, but none came, so he lowered his blades absently as he looked around.

The smoke was dispersing, and the corpses left an ill feeling in his gut. So much death.

Then he heard Alexia, and immediately noticed that he had lost track of her momentarily. Gaston’s attention snapped back as he approached the wounded rebel leader.

“I am well,”
he seemed to have dismissed her question for concern of her own wellbeing; he was at her side instantly. The blood did not bother him, and so he didn’t keep away as most other vampires did. The adrenaline was fading, so he suspected that most vampires would keep their distance from that point on. “Where else are you hurt?” Gaston had his suspicions, but wouldn’t simply assume to know all of them.

Catherine was at Gaston’s side immediately, too, with Sky following closely behind her. She seemed upset that Gaston had not seemed to have paid her much mind since her arrival – whether that was a twinge of jealousy or not, she cared not to question it. She didn’t complain or retaliate, instead she merely placed a gentle hand on her companion’s shoulder.

Gaston turned and smiled, sincerely glad that both Catherine and Sky seemed to be alright. Admittedly, however, Alexia was the main concern in that moment.

“My estate is not far from here,” she mentioned, but did not push the matter.

“Are you alright?” Sky finished his sprint towards Alexia, his own wounds appearing to be only minor compared to hers. He was uneasy, distrusting the nearness that the vampires held with her. He had suspected an alliance, but this was looking more and more like a friendship to him. Confused eyes shifted between he and the vampire. Gaston did not mind such a worry – he was used to it.

The phone did not go unnoticed, and Gaston briefly locked his eyes with the rogue, Tao. A hint of a smile emerged, but concern was still dominant upon the vampire’s face.

“We need to get you looked at,”
he spoke in a manner that was polite as he always was, but he was also firm in his suggestion. “We can figure out what to do next,” with the information now given to them, “when we are rested and safe.”

Catherine stirred, still frowning.

Sky did not leave Alexia’s side.

Dean was the last to arrive, for his wounds mirrored the severity of Alexia’s. Catherine moved to help him, and although he cringed, he did not completely pull away.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia shook her head when Gaston asked his query. She had little inclination to let those around know how bad off she was. It was not a matter to be publically known. “I’m all right,” she said instead, glad that he was.

Catherine and Sky seemed well off, too. Catherine came to Gaston’s side, touch ensuing almost immediately. She nodded to Catherine before her attention was drawn by the sprinting figure. She smiled at Sky, shook her head a bit at his sprint,
“Yes, I am,” she affirmed. The vampires were keeping their distance. She looked for Benjamin, wanting to let him know he could dismiss them to feed or move as they needed to. Right now there would be no announcements that needed attention.

Then, she caught the name on the phone, as it fell into Willow’s hands.

Tao caught the look, but said nothing to Gaston. He was curious more as to Alex's reaction. He half-expected she would call Adrian immediately to gloat. In its own way, it was a test.

Their eyes looked up from the name and caught each other.
‘My call.’

Willow turned the phone over to Alexia, and she pocketed it as Gaston spoke of how she needed to get checked out. Willow’s gaze remained intent, a warning.
‘Don’t you dare call that number until we are in better shape. Don’t you dare.’

Alexia shut her eyes, answered the unspoken with a smirk gracing her lips.
“Very well.” And she opened her eyes, took in a deep breath, “Groups have spread out and I suppose it doesn't matter where I wait for reports. Reports can be returned to Catherine’s estate. You can come along to there so you know where to send them, and then you are going to inform the others that they can move into the sheltered areas.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Willow agreed.

Dean came into their midst then, and Alexia started to move towards him, but Catherine was quicker, in better shape. Alexia held off, tried to give Dean a comforting smile. She was grateful to see he was alive.
“Catherine, would you lead the way back to your estate?” Alexia was still intending it to be home base. She’d described it in brief to some of the main rebels to ensure it would not be destroyed in the chaos of Riverpasse.

Willow stepped back to Alexia’s side, and this time when she offered her arm, Alexia relented and wrapped her unbroken one around Willow’s shoulders to allow the woman to help her forward.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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“We should send some medics to meet us at the estate,” Gaston suggested to some of the rebel forces, and although hesitant, they obeyed.

Catherine gave the best, most agreeable, not she could to Alexia, and sought comfort in Gaston’s presence. She would lead the group to her estate, which was easily one of the more defensive places in all of Riverpasse. With Dean’s arm placed over her shoulder, she began to lead the way. His mumbles were mostly complaints, but Catherine would not allow that to get to her.

“Thank you,” Gaston had told her, but still chose to walk alongside Alexia. “Have you seen Benjamin?”

Catherine shook her head. “Last I heard was that he was with you,” she didn’t like the implications that flowed with Gaston’s voice. “I’m sure he is fine,” said she after a moment. “Benjamin knows how to take care of himself well, apparently. That and his gang could not have possibly let anything happen to him.”

Gaston silently agreed. He knew that Benjamin was alive; he could feel it in his un-beating heart. No matter where he had decided to run off to, he knew that it would be for the best. Still, a smidge of worry lingered with him. Why hadn’t he told him of his plans? Gaston was sure that he would have remembered such a conversation.

The largely quiet vampire turned to Alexia. “Did you think this was possible? So soon?” His question referred to their success in taking Riverpasse. It hadn’t felt possible until the battle had taken a turn for their side, and it was only now beginning to feel real. And then the information that was given to them was powerful. Gaston felt like it was not his place to decide what to do with it, for it wasn’t given to him. Despite what little control he actually had, he was curious, and this time he would not wait long to inquire after Alexia’s plans.

Veronique walked by Gaston in a manner that seemed like she would die for him, as would a body guard. She kept her blade at her side, but walked always wary of her surroundings. Gaston appreciated the gesture, though it was not entirely necessary. He could hear quite well that most of the city was still, and the movements that could be heard were those from rebel forces.

Catherine in time signaled towards her estate, though most of the rebels that were acquainted with Riverpasse already knew that. Walls of stone surrounded the beautiful estate, and the tall gates opened upon Catherine’s orders.


“It just ended,” reported a single vampire, who had been in the midst of the battle, to another of his kind. “Most of Benjamin’s group is moving south, probably reconvening with the rest of their gang. Gaston made it to the center of the city, and the council is still for now. Most of the humans still live.”

“That is good,” responded the eldest of them all, “I think it is just about time we pay them a visit, no? Align our intentions?”

A third vampire mumbled something.

“Have you anything to say, Raffi?”

Raffi rolled his eyes. “You calling me that again, are you?”


There was a pause.


“Alright then, let us move. I have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time.”

The vampire called Cain signaled for the others to follow, and a group totaling 5 male vampires dissected themselves from the mass. The others, large in numbers and in skill, remained hidden, and would continue to do so until instructed otherwise. Their time would also come.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia was not unfamiliar with this posture, leaning on Willow. It was familiar, and strange in the way it became comforting in its familiarity. She had expected to feel paranoid, worried, about the image it presented but she didn’t. ‘Not a good pillar of strength if you can’t take care of yourself when necessary. Not a good example.’ Alexia shut her eyes for a few seconds and followed Willow’s lead.

They opened again when Gaston talked. His question earned a shake of her head,
“Not recently.” She hoped he was fine. She heard the implication, too. “He’ll be around. I’m sure of it.” Catherine shared the same sentiments, and Alexia smiled at that. ‘You couldn’t get rid of him if you wanted, right?’ If it felt more casual, she might have made just that comment.

Instead, she looked to Gaston as he asked his question.
“No,” it was the only truthful answer. Willow looked startled.

“You didn’t think it was possible, and you—”

“I didn’t think Valerius was possible, either,”
she interrupted, “And you made it happen, without me.” Willow fell silent, “I haven’t thought much was possible. I think of all the ways it could go wrong, try to cover them all, but I know there will always be something I don’t think of. Inna, in this case,” and she was dead. Alexia had her phone.

Willow sighed, shook her head.
“Lie to me next time.”

They came to the mansion. The gates were opened, and then the doors. Alexia took her weight off Willow,
“Go on, then.” The poison was wearing off in shivers. Warmth conquered cold as the poison bled out. She needed water, rest, and her arm put in a cast so she didn’t make the wound worse. She probably required a bit more than that, but these were the immediate thoughts.

Rest wouldn’t come in the form of sleep, though. She had to take reports and plot the next moves. Fortifying the town was important. Announcing what had happened also needed to occur, because it would bring others, enemies and allies alike, here.
‘Adrian is the way to do that. Spread it to the council, and it will spread to the rebels.’ She had a phone with plenty of numbers.

“I’ll be back soon,”
Willow said, and then took off at a sprint to return to the camps and let them know they could come in closer.

Alexia walked calmly in, but she didn’t walk far. She took the first seat she saw, and then pressed her arm closer to her chest. There was a wince at the pain of the action, but she imagined this posture better for her arm.

She took in a deep breath, spoke to Dean,
“Get some rest, ok? I’ll see that the medics get to you soon when they arrive,” for Gaston’s orders would be followed.

Another shiver, the fever causing her to shake her head to clear her vision.
“Thank you, Catherine,” she was glad to have use of the building, glad it hadn’t fallen into ruin as others did in the chaos. It was also gratitude towards her helping Dean so much, even though he showed little gratitude of his own.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia’s sincerity was like a breath of fresh air for Gaston. He needed that, and he appreciated it. That sort of honesty was what he looked for in his past human companions, those that he so carefully picked to carry out his will against the council. They were all similar in their own way, but in the end they had all failed. None were like Alexia.  Alexia was not like the rest, rather. Their salvation or their doom would be closely linked to her. After this, there would be no second chance. This was their last shot, and so they needed to make it count.

The severity of the situation settled in Gaston, and his expression hardened. Not even the sign of a familiar sight, nor the realization of a clear victory, could lighten his suddenly dark thoughts. He was not generally a dark person, but he used the darkness of his path to motivate his legacy. It was (largely) why he did what he did; why he believed what he believed.

At least they were safe for the moment.

“I can’t sleep in a place like this,”
said Dean, though he tried to hide the bitterness in his voice. Despite what he might be feeling personally, the vampires had helped them all. “You need to get checked out first,” he said pulling away from Catherine, and this time the beautiful vampire did not resist. “I can sit tight while the medics arrive,” he sat in a nearby chair and rested his head back. “They shouldn’t be long now.”

“You’re welcome,” Catherine spoke to Alexia as she walked across the room, seemingly looking for something. “Your friend is an idiot, though,” she said matter-of-factly to Alexia. She referred to Dean, of course.

“Passionate, I would say,”
added Gaston gently, but Dean only scoffed. He needed no compliments paid to him by the leeches.

“Hmph,” replied Catherine, “I wouldn’t have described him like that.”

“You don’t need to describe me at all.”

Catherine chuckled softly, she was half annoyed and half amused.

“Gaston,” it was Veronique who spoke this time, and her voice seemed somewhat distressed. “The medics are nearly here, as well as some of the injured.” Those who were loyal to her were scouting, and she had eyes all over the city.

With the adrenaline dying down for both humans and vampires, Gaston didn’t know whether bringing the injured here was the best idea. He was comfortable around an open human wound, something he had perfected over time, but he could not speak for the others. Catherine had shown incredible resistance, but he didn’t know if Benjamin would bring his buddies.

“We can’t exactly send them back,”
this time it was Sky who spoke. “The whole point of taking the city was for refuge - to have a safe place we could defend.”

Veronique stiffened.

“I think a separation is needed,” said Gaston aloud, “as long as we direct the wounded to another side of the estate, I don’t think there will be a problem. I just don’t know how much space we can spare. We can expect the rebel groups to move in to the city, so we will have a lot more human and vampire traffic. We all need to get used to it if we hope to work together. The city needs a lot of work, and we don’t have a lot of time.”

Veronique approached Gaston, unrelaxed.

“That’s not all,” she whispered. “There is a group, a small group, of five vampires coming into the city. They aren’t from the council, but they are not vampires that I recognize.”

Gaston was surprised by this. He had not encountered many rogue vampires. They weren’t exactly common these days.

“I’ll go and check it out,” said Gaston, but Catherine didn’t seem too pleased by this decision. “Someone has to,” he told her.

“I’ll go with you,” said Veronique brusquely.

“Guard Captain,” spoke a wounded guard from the doorway to the estate. “They’re here.”

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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The vampires argued over descriptions, and Alexia bowed her head as she shivered. She did wish Dean would listen and rest, but she couldn’t argue with him. The adrenaline was dying. Fever was winning as the poison exited her body, and she couldn’t grasp at energy that wasn’t there. Instead, she gave a single, mute nod of acceptance.

‘All right, Dean. This once.’

Pain throbbed in her arm and she shut her eyes, slowed her breathing, further slowed her heart. She heard everything around her. The injured were coming here, as were the medics. There was tension.
‘When I’m better….’ Just a few hours. She just needed a few hours, and then she could figure out how to organize things. She had an idea of why there were issues.

Humans were food, and their blood the source. Injured humans may reek of blood, and a hungry vampire might not be able to resist. Alexia had to set things up so that such incidents wouldn’t occur often. It would be a difficult subject to address with the humans, for she would also have to bring up the topic of ensuring the vampires did have blood.

Many would be opposed to providing such nutrients, despite how the vampires had helped.

Gaston had the right idea. Separation. Yet, it was not the only news. Alexia strained to hear the whisper. Only a few words registered, but they were enough for her to open her eyes and lift her head. Gaston was going to check it out.
“Would you take Will?” Alexia wanted eyes, and knew she couldn’t go. However, just then it was announced that ‘they’ were here.

‘Damn it.’ Rogue vampires was not something she wanted to deal with.

“Sky?” The question obvious. No one could run and get Willow right then. Skylar could at least go with Gaston to the door and see who was there.

Alexia wasn’t going to embarrass herself by trying to get up, nor risk sending any vampires into a frenzy by her blood if they did not mean any harm. She didn’t know if these had restraint, though if they had made it this far she suspected they did.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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“You got it,” said Sky to Alexia’s request. The rebel leader would have followed Gaston to the gates anyway, but hearing Alexia demand the same thought of him, well…it just cemented his original inclination. Someone from the rebellion (one whose allegiance was sure as night and day) had to go and see for themselves just who these visitors were. The guards had not said anything that should have sparked Sky’s worry, but it was in their manner of speaking that he found something worrisome.

“Of course,” said Gaston, though Sky had not asked for his permission. Then, Gaston heard more movement. They were already too close. “If they are already at the gates, then they will reach us, soon. Take whoever can be moved out of here, the wounded, too. Catherine,” he motioned with his head, though she dared not move. “Catherine,” he insisted, but to no avail.

Gaston continued with his instructions and people began to move immediately. Gaston could not hope to intercept these visitors on the move. He needed to prepare for their arrival. He was confident that should battle be imminent, that he could come out victorious.

“There is no need to make a fuss out of my arrival,”
said a voice, amusing and equally cold. It was mocking yet deadly serious at the same time. There was a bit of laughter surrounding him. “I’m an old friend of Gaston’s, you’ll find. Now if you could please step out of my way. Yes, just like that.”

The sound of the guards at the door stepping aside did not hide the familiar voice that rang inside of Gaston’s mind. It was a voice that the vampire had been trying to forget and to erase completely from his memory. It surfaced nightmares in his mind. But it couldn’t be him, could it? Conrad was dead, Gaston had seen it! He couldn’t be there!

“Step away,”
Gaston spoke, his voice breaking in what closely resembled fear, to the guards who were refusing to move from their place. Catherine was soon holding to his arm, having never seen Gaston so unstable. “Do as I say,” he encouraged.

It was then that the five vampires emerged into the very room, one after another. Gaston’s eyes immediately found the leader, and they widened. He felt like his legs were frozen in place, the rest of his body tensing like it hadn’t in many, many years. Gaston would not have believed his eyes had it not been for the vampire standing just next to Conrad, Bruce. He had been Conrad’s constant companion, and a fearsome thing to behold.

“Gaston,” spoke Cain, spreading his arms out in greeting. “Has it been too long for you to give me a hug?”

Gaston was still. If there was any color in his vampiric skin, it was now all gone.

“Who are you?” Catherine intercepted after she realized that Gaston could not speak; her voice was firm, unafraid and threatening.

“What a pretty thing,” said Cain, eyeing Catherine. “Gaston, I see you’ve found yourself another wife. About time you moved on, I say. But who are your friends?” Cain’s eyes moved towards those that weren’t vampires, settling first on Sky, and then moving to Alexia and the rest. “Still at it–”

“You haven’t answered my question, vampire.” Catherine sparked, hands clenched. It was then that Gaston moved for the first time, his hand resting on Catherine’s arm to try and appease her anger. It would be unwise for them to antagonize Conrad so soon.

Cain smiled at Catherine’s defiance, but his eyes instead searched for Gaston. “Go on then, dear Gaston,” he mocked, “introduce me to your rebel friends.”

Gaston’s expression was hard, and it did not soften. Conrad was playing a game, and Gaston needed time to figure out just what his next move would be.

“This is Jean Conrad,” Gaston’s voice was still largely uneven, “my maker.”

There was laughter from three of the four vampires that accompanied Cain. Bruce was one, whose name was really Raffi – black haired and insane. Clovis was another, a handsome blond with piercingly pale eyes. And Bastien was the last laughing, a muscled brunette with a sickly pale color. Parker, the other with shorter platinum hair, was simply being silent.

“That name is so…false,” cackled Cain. "Call me Cain.”

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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The voice reached them all, and Alexia grit her teeth, found a blade and took it in hand. Just in case. She kept it in her lap, and waited for what was clearly inevitable. The phone was set to her side.

She didn’t like the way Gaston tensed up. It sent up all sorts of red flags in her mind, warnings.
‘Well, perhaps I was right to doubt our success.’ It could all end here. There were always stories of how Adrian had taken down cities with just three other vampires, ancient ones, of course. This didn’t sound like Adrian, nor anyone that Alexia knew, but then she had no idea who Adrian’s accomplices were. That was never important.

It had only been important to know what Adrian was capable of.

Stories said, he didn’t even need all the others.

The point was always that there were vampires out there, who were powerful enough that numbers didn't matter.

‘You don’t have to let them in.’
But Alexia did not contradict Gaston’s orders. She took a deep breath.

She observed the group when they entered in silence. The leader was apparent, and he terrified Gaston. Alexia wanted to rise, but she didn’t trust her legs. She accepted sitting, but despised it.

This was so not the time to have to deal with this. This was all wrong.
‘And so, just right for them.’

When Cain’s eyes landed on her for a moment, her green eyes narrowed in distaste.

Soon enough, he was introduced, first by Gaston and then by himself.
‘Cain.’ Now that was a name she knew, supposedly the only vampire who bothered Adrian, who made Adrian afraid. ‘Diablerist.’ That was always the reason given, the rumor. She didn’t know it was a lie spread by Adrian in order to ensure Cain couldn’t enter vampiric society easily.

It would give credit to Gaston’s fear. A diablerist was even disturbing to Alexia.
“Cain," the laughter was bothersome, but she ignored it. She wouldn't appear bothered. "I request to know your business here, immediately.”

Yet while she spoke, she had to fight to keep her voice even. It wasn’t fear of Cain, but fear for Tao. She had just seen the black shadow enter, his katana already fully drawn, and he made a rush at Cain’s back, the swing right for Cain’s head. Alexia knew she shouldn’t be in agreement with such an act, as she knew nothing of Cain except hearsay. Despite it, she wanted him to succeed.

Tao wanted Cain dead, more than Adrian or any other vampire. Cain was the one that truly worried the ninja, and he hoped that with all the thoughts, the distractions, and people, he might have his chance. It was impossible to kill Cain when the man was alone. He always knew, attuned to thoughts as he was.

Tao knew in the first moment, his thoughts had raged with hatred, but when he moved to attack he tried to silence every single thought in his head.


“We should have heard from Inna by now,”
Amon said, looking out the window at the night sky. He could feel anxiety, and knew it was both his own and Adrian’s.

Adrian knew that as well.
“We could go to Riverpasse now,” Amon offered. “It’s dark. It won’t be day for several hours.”

“You’re eager to leave for someone in your condition,”
Adrian looked over his shoulder at Amon. He was currently engaged in e-mail exchanges with other vampires across the globe.

Amon was paler than usual. It was unusual for him, being one of the darker skinned vampires in the world. Adrian was never sure if it was natural, or from all his exposure to the sun.

Amon was sick, though. He was running a ridiculously high fever and had been feeding more frequently to make up for his lack. Adrian knew the symptoms were worse than that, but Amon found reasons to leave the room. Though he wouldn’t admit it, Amon’s illness was the major factor of his anxiety. Amon was his weapon, after all. His weapon needed to be in good condition.

Of course, he could never suggest to Amon that he commit diablerie to cure himself. Amon wouldn't go for it, of course, and that would be revealing too much to the pyro. The fool would probably try to kill him again out of fear for his weak soul.
“You should rest.”

“That hasn’t helped anyone else.”

“You aren’t giving them much time, either. Rest.”
Adrian ordered. “We shall hear from Inna soon enough.”

“How did you get better?”
Amon suddenly turned around. The tone was accusing.

Adrian lifted one shoulder in a shrug,
“I’m older than you,” as if that ought to be explanation enough. “I’ve been exposed to much in my life, Amon. My system is better than yours.” There was anger seething out of Amon. “I’m sure you’ll survive.”

Amon would, but not because his system was better. He had an antidote, and he intended to take it that night.
“I don’t have your confidence. But what did you do? You haven’t been resting.”

“I’ve done nothing different,”
Adrian stood by that. “I do think we need to locate the source. It seems to be in the water nearby.”

Amon was honestly shocked he had already deduced that.
“How do you figure?”

“I don’t drink farm blood, so it is not Gaston’s farms as some have whispered of,”
Adrian lifted one finger, “All the individuals I have drank from, have been in this area for a while. I believe the water might be poisoned.”

Was that fear from Amon?

It was fear.

Adrian rose.
“You know something.”

Amon knew what he was feeling.
“No, I’m worried,” he countered, “If someone could poison our water, they could do much more.”

Adrian did so hate the fact he couldn’t read Amon’s mind. He was certain the pharaoh was lying to him, but he couldn’t prove it. He could up the fear, though. Sometimes that worked. He pushed it forward.
“Well, we do have a diablerist in our midst,” Adrian reminded. Reason for the increase in fear. “They do tend to follow you,” a smirk.

This was true. Though Adrian had considered it once upon a time, no longer.

Others, however, who believed diablerie could grant them power did pursue Amon, much more than they pursued Adrian. Of course, considering Adrian liked to keep his talent unknown except to a few, there was good reason for that. Diablerists didn’t know if it would be worth the risk.
“They’re stupid,” Amon managed to say, though Adrian watched as the fear began to show signs of guilt. Amon was pacing now, looking around. “We need to do something!”

“Do we?” Adrian sat back down and relaxed his posture, “If we have a decrease in vampires, we won’t have to worry as much about money. We won’t have as many mouths to feed.” Amon paused his pacing. "Think of the black plague. There was an economic boom after that."

Adrian was serious.
“Let it purge the weaker vampires, then we’ll do something about it.”

Worry. Extreme worry and extreme fear. Amon had underestimated his plan. Perhaps Adrian was right—age had made him nearly immune to poisons.
“Is now really the time to waste cannon fodder?”

Adrian smirked. Sometimes, he liked the way Amon thought, or spoke.
“Yes.” And then he gave a dismissive wave, “Go rest, Amon. You are not cannon fodder.”

Amon left, but as he walked he considered if it would be possible to reverse the damage he had already done. He came to the conclusion as he reached his room that, no, it wouldn’t be. If he gave out antidotes, Adrian would know it was him. Adrian was already suspicious, too.
‘I forgot how heartless you are.’ He laid down on his fainting couch and covered his forehead with his arm, stared at the ceiling as his cat jumped up onto his chest and curled up.

The poison would run its course. The humans would eventually fight off the illness and kill it in themselves, but all the vampires who drank of them would die. Or, most. There might be a few others like Adrian who would survive.
‘Well, with luck, we’ll never have to listen to Vhadir again.’

Adrian would rule the town unopposed. Amon shut his eyes as his mind came up with the thought that this was exactly what Adrian wanted—most of the council had been here.

They would be dead.
‘What have I done?’ He had wanted to kill them all to rule in his own right.

He had messed up.   

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Gaston had heard the name before, but had never suspected Conrad to be the person who knew Adrian so long ago. Many people believed that he was dead, too. It was horrible news to find out that he was alive and well.

Cain was enjoying the very welcome he had often pictured in his mind, one that struck both worry and fear into all those who witnessed him. Especially Gaston, who had turned out to be a disappointment, was visually frozen at merely his presence. Cain was smiling, but it quickly faded when the human rebel’s thoughts confirmed a suspicion he had already considered. So Adrian was indeed spreading lies about him, marking him as the monster of all vampires. A Diablerist.

‘Silly human.’

His expression did not change, but that issue would be addressed.

“Who am I to deny such a request? This is, after all, your home.” Already, Cain had taken an interest in this rebel. Alex.

Gaston’s eyes shifted slightly to Tao right before he moved into his assault. Each vampire of Cain’s posse became aware of this, too – some even before Gaston did. That alone was unnerving. ‘What are you thinking?!’ This was not going very well, and Gaston feared that any hope of diplomacy had vanished with Tao’s aggressiveness.

Out of the four that looked to the attacking assassin, only Bastien acted. The muscled brunette merely locked his eyes on his target. Bastien infected the assassin with a paralyzing toxin, stopping him on his tracks. Then dehydration followed, and a mass of other illnesses, after that – chills, fever.  The vampire’s arm reached for Tao’s neck, but Cain was at Bastien’s side in the blink of an eye.

Sky had moved towards Alexia, planning an escape in his head already, should things keep going south.

“Bastien, please,” Cain pretended to calm his beast.

‘Is this him?’

An encouraging nod was given to the minion. Cain would have thought the human recognizable by even Bastien. The human would be forever silenced. A tight grip could have easily muted the assassin. Cain could not believe how appropriate this had been for him.

“We come in peace, Bastien,” that was at least a little true. The Rebels weren’t Cain’s targets.

“Sorry,” Bastien’s voice was low, but his apology was believable. He let the assassin go, removing all illnesses except for the one that would keep him silent.

Cain turned to the other rebels. “You have my apologies. Let’s not let things get out of hand.”

Catherine had not been fast enough to try and save the assassin from whatever the other vampire was doing to him. She glared at Cain with icy eyes. ‘Bastard.’ Catherine would keep an eye on all of them, find their ability, and quench it.

Gaston could tell that something was wrong with Tao, but at least he was alive. He turned to Catherine, and shook his head slightly. The last thing they should do is antagonize a vampire who had clearly brought insurance. “Conrad…Cain,” Gaston shut his eyes in disgust as he turned back to their guest. “What are you doing here? What do you want?”

“I want what you want, of course,” said Cain simply, “I want Adrian and his useless group of followers dead. Or have plans changes while I was not looking?”

Parker gave a dirty look to Bastien, aware of what he’d done. Bastien simply shrugged it off.

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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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Alexia couldn’t help the thought as Tao was caught before he could proceed with his plan. Oh, it might have caused one hell of a fight if he was successful, but it might have been worth it.

Tao was no idiot. He had opposed working with Gaston, but he humored it. For him to go out of his way to attack a vampire meant something, and Alexia did not like the implications. Tao knew this one, too.

Alexia remained sitting as she watched what was occurring, but the grip of her one good hand tightened on the blade, and she saw Sky’s movement.
‘Don’t waste your time.’ If an escape was necessary, she would want him to abandon her. He was capable enough. A new ‘Alex’ could always be created.

Tao felt the diseases come over him. He thought he could still fight through them, but the fever rush that came right as dehydration kicked in caused him to stumble. The one error. His neck was caught in the grip of the brute.
“DON’T—” His last word. The grip tightened and silenced him, but Tao also felt that disease move through his body, too. He kicked out and struggled, cursed the fact he had dropped his blade.

He locked eyes with Cain.
‘This isn’t over.’ It would never be over until one of them died.

He was released and apologies were given. Tao opened his mouth, looking to Alexia, but no words came out. He reached for his throat, but he knew it wasn’t just temporary from the squeeze. Fury lit his eyes as he realized exactly what had been done to him. He grabbed for his blade, but Willow had returned.

She kicked it towards Alexia and Sky. Alexia stopped it under her own foot.
“Tao, come here.” Alexia ordered. ‘You aren’t forgotten.’

Tao stalked over, eyes blazing with anger still. He made a gesture towards Cain and his posse. It was easily readable, but his reasons were unknown. His dislike, his hatred, even, were clear to Alexia.
“I understand,” she told him calmly. She did. That hatred in Tao's eyes mirrored her hate for Adrian, “And we will have our own discussion later.” Somehow. Tao couldn’t read, or write, last Alexia knew. Pictures might be feasible, if he didn’t get his voice back. He seemed impatient that he might not be willing to wait that long. “Sit here,” she motioned, and Tao took a seat besides her.

He was furious, but when the blade was kicked back to him, he chose to stay sitting. He wasn’t forgotten.

But Alexia did so like to attempt diplomacy, now.
‘Idiot.’ Arms crossed. Oh, he’d make sure this didn’t last. At least if he stayed near Alexia, he could ensure he would get a chance to make his points, somehow. He trusted in Cain’s need to deceive and collect. He trusted that Alexia would lash out if Cain did anything to harm him right now.

Patience was not his virtue, though.

“Plans have not changed,”
Alexia told Cain, observing him and his group, while also keeping an eye on Tao, hoping he wouldn’t take up that katana and try again. It was there for his defense. “Why do you wish to see Adrian deposed, however?” Alexia asked.

Tao rolled his eyes. Cain would say whatever he needed to. He could parrot Alexia’s motives back to her.
“And what proof do you bring of your intentions? You are not well known among us.” That was clear from Tao. “Nor among vampires.” Clear from Gaston, too.


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Re: Waxing And Waning [Closed]
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The little exchange between the human, Alexia, and Tao did not worry Cain, though perhaps it was unwise to dismiss it without real regard. To him, there would be no way for any to decipher what little information the assassin carried. Without thinking twice, Cain’s mind searched the room, found the weaknesses and opportunities that could later be exploited, and started his planning before he even decided to humor the questions and assumptions thrown his way.

“Well good,” Cain pretended to sigh in relief, “I really do think that Adrian should rightfully be your biggest concern right now, especially after what just happened here,” with his hands he motioned all around him, implying Riverpasse in its entirety. Retaliation would be both swift and deadly. His eyes met Gaston’s, but rested there only for a while, for he continued to address Alexia’s concern. “Adrian is a pest, and he has tarnished my very respectable reputation. It has taken me many years to find followers who will believe me.”

They would eventually find their way to him. Within the hour, he suspected. After all, they needed to kill the stragglers.

Gaston’s eyes sneered. “Your reputation, Cain? A dead man has no reputation that matters.”

“I’m not dead,” countered Cain, but shortly shrugged and amended, “well, I am – but not in the sense that Adrian wishes.” The interruptions were keeping real progress at bay. “As for the proof you so desire, I do not have any that will satisfy you. I have known Adrian far longer than any of you,” naturally he meant the vampires as well, “and I have been presented with an opportunity that could bring his downfall.”

Catherine scoffed. “You want to kill Adrian because he spread rumors about you? That’s pathetic.”

Cain laughed, and his posse soon followed – all except Parker, of course. “Adrian didn’t just spread rumors about me, sweet. He’s made me a monster in the eye of even my own kind, plagued me with a reputation that is not easily erased. Now he’s locked himself in his little room, trying to quietly tame the true beast from revealing its true identity.”

“He’s lying,” said Catherine to Gaston, deeming the idea unbelievable for someone so old.

Gaston turned to her, his eyes conveying the idea that he did not believe that Cain, at least about what he had just said, was lying. No, there was truth to the vampire’s words right then. That didn’t mean, however, that he was an ally of theirs. It was under Cain’s orders that Gaston was turned, and such a memory would never leave him.

“Why now? Why haven’t you helped before? I’ve been trying to take the council down for centuries.”

Cain approached Gaston, and the latter took a step back in surprise. Bastien became wary, in case any in the rebellion decided to strike. Eventually, Cain closed the gap between them, placing a hand on Gaston’s shoulder. “Forgive me,” he said, “I have paid little attention to you, for I have no real quarrel with the council. It was never an interest of mine to take them down. Adrian has always been my one and only target.”

“What is the rumor? What did Adrian do that was so bad? To what beast are you referring?” It was Sky who spoke this time, and his voice was surprisingly calm. He'd been surprised to hear that Gaston's agenda was so old, but he was more interested in Adrian. If he had a weakness, they needed to find it.

Cain turned to Sky, slanting his head to the side as if curious. “Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters,” said Sky.

“It only really matters if we can align our intentions,” resisted Cain, “I am not a man without reason. If we join forces, we can take down Adrian and the council. After that, I will take my leave and resume my life as a traveler. You will have a much harder time surviving his retaliation without my help.” 

There was no higher truth than that.