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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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The Doctor saw that hope dwindle, that regret. In a way, it made him happy. It meant that Donovan might indeed be up for traveling. However, he didn’t yet reveal it.

Not that he’d be able to hold on for long. Ah, what fun it would be to have another companion, and someone who could figure out his dear TARDIS, too, without looking into the heart of it and becoming some sort of…well, Bad Wolf. He agreed to go back,
“All right, let’s see if I can get us back to the right time. Actually, hold on,” he had Donovan’s phone, didn’t he? “This seems to work, uh, maybe,” he turned the phone on and skimmed through the numbers, managed to dial Dixon’s number.

He put it on speaker without much thought, set it on the control panel.
“Don? Where are you? It’s been five days!”

“I’m so sorry,”
the Doctor spoke to Dixon and Donovan both, “Time. Confusing thing. Where are you? Are you in public?”

“What? No, I’m at my apartment. Why do you have Donov—”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we’ll be there shortly!”
He spoke in a chipper way, running his hand over the control panel as he walked all the way back around it to find the wires he had used earlier. “Right, moving through time, not just space. Difficult, difficult,” he had to adjust a couple of the wires, smiled, “Oh, don’t be so modest, you showed him all the secrets,” he talked to the TARDIS, having difficulties finding the wire he wanted. “Ah, there!”

 “What the hell…?”
Dixon was forgotten.

“Not you.” Wires adjusted, he plugged the phone back in. “Listen!” He told Dixon, before straightening up and running his hands over a few buttons before pulling down the lever. The call disconnected itself then as the TARDIS rumbled, shook, and finally vanished from where it was, hurtling itself through the vortex of time.

He still liked the sound it made when he didn’t lift the brakes. The TARDIS always had a bit of a rough landing because of it though.
“Apples will have to wait,” they would apparently be outside Dixon’s apartment. He hoped they were outside the building. It’d be awkward for this to be in a hallway or apartment itself. “But yes, that sounds delightful. Perhaps with some saloop.” Saloop sounded good. He went to the door of the TARDIS, paused, glanced to Donovan. “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in joining me for saloop after this? I know someone in, oh, 1870 or so who made delicious saloop.”

Ok, so he really couldn’t wait to ask and have his hopes confirmed.

A frown,
"I do hope I still like saloop."


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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So then they would return, and the Doctor would come with him. Donovan should have been happy about that, shouldn’t he? Donovan should be ecstatic that he would come home, with no weeping angels to hunt him down, and with the school he loved so much waiting for him. Despite his mind trying to convince himself otherwise, the young man knew that this was not what he really wanted? How could anyone want that after seeing so much? After realizing just how big the world was?

Once more his phone was plugged in to the TARDIS, and Donovan looked over the Doctor to see which wire he used and which ones he switched in the control panel. There was no harm in looking, even if he wasn’t going to see this machine again. His phone rang, on speaker, and when Dixon answered, Donovan felt relieved. A little part of him was still worried that he was in danger. He was fine.

Apparently, however, it had been five days.

“It hasn’t been…” he wanted to disagree, but he knew so little of time travel that he just assumed that something had gone wrong. This was later confirmed by the Doctor, who said that time was a confusing thing. This much became apparent quickly. “Don’t worry, I’m okay, we’ll see you soon.”

The lever was pulled, which disconnected the call with Dixon. Donovan grabbed one of the bars around the control panel to stop himself from falling over. Eventually the TARDIS stopped, the sound it made becoming something familiar for Donovan. He was sure that it wasn’t supposed to make that sound – not with such advanced technology. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though. The Doctor seemed to like it.

The apples were postponed, and the pair moved to the door. The Doctor paused, and what he asked Donovan next made the student look at him curiously. The man’s lips curled at the ends into a slight smile, the hope that had been squandered before creeping its way back into his mind. Was the Doctor asking Donovan to come along with him? It surely sounded that way. Was it just a one time thing? Donovan couldn’t ask him that.

Still, he’d take what he could get.

“Saloop in the 1870s? That sounds excellent.”

He’d need a notebook. Or he could just keep a document in his phone – that would be more convenient. Everything that he’d learn would be written down.

He couldn’t contain his excitement. Traveling back in time would be amazing. Donovan gave the Doctor a sincere, warm, smile and a nod. They moved on out of the TARDIS to see that they had indeed parked next to Dixon’s apartment building.

Donovan took the lead and made his way to his friend’s apartment, knocking at his door as he always did.

“It’s Donovan, open up.”

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Agreement! The Doctor clapped his hands together once at Donovan’s words, “Fantastic!” No. That wasn’t right either. He’d used that already. Why was this difficult? Did he think about it this much before?

The Doctor followed Donovan into the apartment building, grateful the TARDIS was parked outside. Donovan knew the way to Dixon’s apartment, and the man answered the door, half a jacket on. Apparently he had heard the noise and realized what it must be.
“In!” It was a command, to both of them.

The Doctor walked easily into the apartment building and glanced around, his hands moving into his blazer’s pockets as he did so. This apartment was much dirtier than Donovan’s. Paper was scattered, pizza boxes near the trash can, and several stacks of disks. Wires ran along the ceiling. The scent of coffee was heavy, but the coffee table was littered with energy drinks.

A blanket and pillow were removed from the couch. Apparently the man had been sleeping in his living room rather than his bedroom. There was a computer set up not far from the couch.
“You can sit.”

“Thank you,”
but the Doctor didn’t take the offer, instead moving to lean near the stove, elbow resting on the counter besides it. “How are you?”

Dixon glared at him, at last revealing some of that hostility he’d showed on the phone.
“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been? How worried your parents are?” Dixon looked at Donovan, who did not appear to be taking this seriously. “Your professors, too! Where have you been?” And yet he didn't wait for an answer. He spoke to the Doctor, “Where did you take him?”

“Well, I didn’t take him there, he figured it out on his own,”
he answered honestly. “I meant to bring him back to the same time.”

“What do you mean by same time?”

“I mean the same day. It’s difficult to get things exact, though,”
he frowned. He really shouldn’t have tossed the manual out. “We were in 1999.”

Dixon stared at him for a few seconds, then looked to Donovan. He stretched his hand out towards the Doctor, and made one wave towards him, the question in his eyes.
‘Is this guy serious?’ Because clearly, he could not talk to ‘this guy’ any longer. The Doctor confused and upset him. 


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #63 on: October 26, 2013, 08:13:43 am »
Donovan had expected Dixon to be upset about what had happened, and he didn’t blame him in any way. If the situation had been in reverse, Donovan would be mad with anger as well. Still, it was never a good thing to try and force Dixon to calm down. He needed to let out his steam, let his blood cool down a little bit. That’s why Donovan only listened when he spoke, and he let the Doctor answer the questions that were thrown his way.

Still, when Dixon mentioned his parents and his school, Donovan shrunk. He had forgotten about his parents, about his school. Dixon would have clearly called them to see if he was with them, and he couldn’t imagine how they must have felt about that. Every single time that they needed him, he would be there. Always ready to welcome them with open arms. Five days would be like an eternity to them. He sighed, but deemed his actions to be necessary.

The situation was what was regrettable, not what had happened.

Even though the Doctor answered honestly, Donovan could see that Dixon had no clue what the man was on about. He didn’t know a lot about what had happened, and although Donovan would have liked for the Doctor to explain, he knew that it was he who had to. Dixon would listen to only Donovan.

“Listen man,” said he, his voice suddenly small – genuinely sorry for the worry that he had caused his friend. “I’m sorry that you were worried. I am. The Weeping Angel sent the Doctor back in time – though he was able to stop it. The Doctor is a time traveler, who uses a time machine disguised as a blue police box – I had to use it to go and find him. He was stuck back in 1999.”

He took a pause, letting Dixon process everything so far.

“On our way back, the machine brought us five days ahead – into the future. See, for me it has only been hours since I last saw you, not five days.”

Donovan looked at his friend apologetically.

“I’m sorry.” Silence. “Are they here?”

Donovan didn’t know why he asked. Of course his parents had come to look for him. After all, he was only twenty years old. Sometimes he thought himself older.

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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The Doctor always hated these moments. Sometimes, he did take companions that were much too young. Abandoning life, responsibility, friends, family—these things the Doctor could only understand by watching, and even then he always seemed to forget. It was so easy for him to keep moving. It was all he knew, after all. He just ran.

And so he watched as Donovan tried to explain his own ‘running’—though of course, it was not like that. Dixon tried to understand what Donovan barely did. Humans could explain it better to each other. Humans believed each other, not the stranger. Friends trusted each other.

And so, Dixon’s arm fell back to his side. His posture did not relax, but it changed. His arms folded over his chest, but there was a weakness at his shoulders, as if he might buckle. There was a tension in his throat, as if he might scream. He did none of these things, but listened. He was silent through the pauses. The Doctor wasn’t sure if Dixon was thinking—if he could think, right then, with this information forced upon him.

Another apology. A question that was easy to answer,
“Yeah. Not in the apartment but they’re…I don’t know where exactly,” Dixon said.

Dixon swallowed that tension in his throat. He took a seat in the spinny chair in front of the computer.
“So, what you want me to believe is this Doctor is a time traveler, with a police box—”


“—as a time machine, and you used it to save him?”

“That is what happened,”
the Doctor confirmed.

“And you travel time?”

“And space, yes.”

“When do we invent this?”

“Oh, you humans don’t,”
the Doctor said. Blank look. “I’m alien, remember?” Dixon’s head fell into a hand. He did, vaguely, remember calling the Doctor out on being such. He was not impressed with the man's memory. He also hadn't meant it. The Doctor heard a string of muttering escape from between his lips, before the programmer finally lifted his head up. His hand clenched into a fist, and fell on the desk near the keyboard.

“This is lunacy.”
But denying it wouldn’t get him anywhere. “Are you going to tell that to your parents, too?” He wondered if they’d get this same ridiculous story. He wondered if he believed it. He didn’t think so, but couldn’t think of a reason why Donovan would need to create such an elaborate lie.

Seriously, there were so many other things more conceivable.
‘He couldn’t have made it up.’ Maybe he did believe him. Maybe he was afraid to believe him.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #65 on: October 26, 2013, 09:33:51 am »
It was clear that Dixon was having a hard time with this information. Donovan could not see why, for the realization that it was he who was odd for acting so naturally did not come to him. He didn’t say anything, question him, or confront him; he merely listened to what he had to say. Dixon confirmed that Don’s parents were indeed in town, and Donovan was sure that they were back at his place. Or somewhere close to it if not.

“I know it’s crazy,” he tried to comfort him. It was painful to see his friend so…broken. “That’s why I wanted to keep you out of it from the beginning, spare you all this confusion.” Donovan sat on the couch, looking to the floor in thought. Could he tell his parents about all this? He couldn’t. That would only make them worry more, and it wouldn’t be wise to tell everyone where he was and what he was doing. Especially if it wasn’t his secret to share.

“No,” responded Donovan, shaking his head. “I had a trip planned for the Christmas holidays, a program offered in Sweden. I can tell them that it was changed at the last minute, that I had to go– probably going to have to call in some more favors in the University. A conference maybe? They’ll believe me.”

He had to lie. There was no way around that. Donovan would not tell them the truth and have them worry about him. He wasn’t in any danger. Not really. The student couldn’t foresee any situation in which he would be in danger with the Doctor. He could see, also, how he might be wrong, but his feelings on the matter were conflicting. He trusted the man, and he didn’t know why.

“I’ll tell them that I forgot to tell you,” said he, “and that I won’t be back for a while longer.”

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #66 on: October 26, 2013, 02:38:22 pm »
Donovan was smart. He came up with a plan quickly, noting a trip to Sweden, “Lovely country,” the Doctor couldn’t help but comment. “Sun out at midnight, it creates such a fascinating atmosphere. Oh, and Alaska….” He did like Alaska. The Northern Lights were gorgeous, such a beautiful phenomenon of nature.

Of course, his commentary went ignored this time, as it added nothing. Dixon let out a breath.
“Yeah…that would work.” He was going to have to lie then. He glanced towards the man who seemed to be silently musing about pretty places. “Are you sure this is safe? Wise? I mean, what about all your school work?” He said he wouldn't be back for a while. Clearly, he planned to travel more with this so-called Doctor. “What are you even a Doctor of?”

“Hm?” The Doctor blinked, realized he’d been spoken to. “Nothing. I just am the Doctor.”

“What is your actual name?”


“Your parents called you Doctor?”

“No, I named myself. Don’t you humans sometimes do that?”

No denying that. Dixon realized he wasn’t going to get a ‘proper’ name out of him, so he shifted back to Donovan, his question about safety still standing.
“You’ll keep in touch?” It was all he could ask as a selfish favor. He knew he wasn’t going to change Donovan’s mind. If the man was willing to forsake his education to go on a crazy journey with this so-called Doctor, then that was what Donovan would do. He hadn’t ever thought of Donovan as someone who was rash, but he was starting to rethink that. 


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Donovan wanted to believe that it was safe, and the greater part of him did. At the same time, however, there was so little that he knew about the man he had agreed to have saloop with. About who he was and where he was from. Don could see why Dixon would be concerned and afraid for him. The first encounter with the Doctor had shown him the Weeping Angels. What if there were many more of them out there? What about even more dangerous things?

“I can get out of my school work, too,” he had already planned that out. His professors all liked him – respected his motivation and his intellect. Although he attended school through a soccer scholarship, they made him know that they could fund his studies if he kept his grades up. He just loved soccer too much to give it up. “Don’t worry, Dixon. I’ve seen the TARDIS, there isn’t a safer place out there.”

Donovan spoke as if he knew that for a fact, even if he didn’t. If it would make Dixon more relaxed with the idea, then he would say just about anything. He didn’t want Dixon to be worried any longer.

“Of course I’ll keep in touch,” a chuckle. “My phone works no matter where I am. I’ll call you whenever I can.”

The fact that the Doctor refused to give his name to Dixon was noted by Donovan, but the student didn’t say anything about that. He was sure that the Doctor had his reasons to be secretive. Perhaps one day he would know why he avoided his real name – or why he even adopted Doctor. He stood from the couch and fetched his phone.

“I’m going to have to make a couple of calls,” he said opening his phone, “Um…excuse me.”

He stepped into the other room, being used to treating Dixon’s apartment as his own.

A phone was dialed – and it rand only twice before someone answered.


“Hi mum,” he breathed out with a smile.

A long conversation progressed, but eventually Donovan emerged from the room, phone in hand. His expression was serious, but a hint of a smile was present in his face. He had called his parents, his school, and his jobs. Most of the conversations had gone smoothly, for Donovan’s record was completely clean in every way.

“They’ll be fine.”

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Donovan apparently planned to take care of all the concerns with family, friend, job, and school. ‘I forgot you worked.’ Even though the Doctor had met him at his job. Poor Dixon probably wouldn’t get free food any longer. “Nothing can break into the TARDIS.” The Doctor said proudly.

Dixon looked doubtful, but he was at least not freaking out anymore. He wasn’t exactly warming, but the idea was at least somewhat acceptable. Donovan would keep in touch. He let out a breath,
“All right.”

The Doctor nodded as the man went to make his calls, leaving him alone with Dixon. They had a staring contest for some seconds, before Dixon let out a breath, got up, and went to heat up cold pizza for himself.
“Want any?”

He was a bit hungry,
“Sure,” The Doctor grinned. Another slice was added to the plate and both were put in the microwave.

“So…is this ok with you?”

“What ok with me?”

“My friend tagging along. Don’t you have important…time stuff to do?”

“Oh yes,” he smiled, “I like Donovan. He is smart, and I will not mind his companionship.” It got rather lonely going through time, without anyone constant. Even his constant companions did eventually leave, too, but they eased the loneliness while they were there. “I will take care of him, Dixon.” He said, just as the man retrieved the plate. “My companions do not die.” Other things happened, but they did not die in their journeys with him. “They have…they have happy lives after me. One even won the lottery.” Rose was now with him in another universe, growing old with him. Donna was married, and so was Martha. Amy and Rory had a happy life in the past.

Sarah Jane, even had a good life though she never stopped her work. Rather like Jack. Ah, Jack, the anomaly. He still felt such guilt for what became of him, this immortality thing, and all his loss. Jack now knew what it was like, and the Doctor hadn’t wished that pain on anyone.

He took the hot pizza, bit into it, smiled,
“Pineapple!” He liked this. “Pineapple and jalopeno?”

“I have strange tastes,”
he confessed.

The Doctor’s smile remained.

“How old are you?”

“Oh, what is it now? 1,437 years.”
Time was confusing, but he knew his age all the same.

Dixon stared. Donovan returned, and the Doctor finished his pizza in a bite.
“Good! Let’s be off then, shall we? I promised you saloop, didn’t I?”

Dixon rose, not to embrace—he wasn’t much of a hugger—but to walk with Donovan at least to the door. He couldn’t find the words to bid him farewell.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #69 on: October 27, 2013, 09:46:08 pm »
Donovan looked at the Doctor eating the last bit of pineapple pizza in one bite; it looked like he was still discovering some tastes. The man was ready to go already, and for some reason this surprised Donovan. Not because he had expected him to wait any longer, but because he hadn’t really realized what little time he would have to set his affairs in order. It didn’t bother him in the least, however, for traveling with the Doctor was by far what he wanted to do most. To experience other places, other technologies, different beliefs and views.

It was all new, and equally amazing.

“Let us go, then, Doctor.” A smile and a nod. “The saloop awaits.”

Dixon led them towards the door. Donovan knew just how awkward farewells were for him. His friend wasn’t a very expressive person, and Donovan was used to it. In fact, their friendship had been made despite that – those emotions of concern and worry were the proof that they were friends. A friendship of silence and casual hang outs, but a strong friendship nonetheless.

“Don’t worry, ” said Donovan with a crooked smile. “I won’t be gone for long, and I’ll keep in touch with you when I can.” The student didn’t know if he meant that. He wanted to travel places, without real regard about how long he had been gone. “Take care and I’ll see you later, mate.” Donovan placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder in farewell before making his way back to where the TARDIS was. He’d miss Dixon, but it something that he would have to endure.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Donovan realized that this needed a bit more explanation. “For offering to bring me along, that is. I find all this fascinating, actually.”

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Dixon had a feeling it’d be difficult for Donovan to keep track of time if he was traveling in it. Still, he said, “I’ll hold you to that,” though there wasn’t as much conviction. His eyes lifted from Donovan to the Doctor. The Doctor didn’t say anything, but nodded.

Dixon let them leave without another word. No goodbyes from him.

The Doctor quickly took the lead, remembering the path to the TARDIS. He smiled at the gratitude,
“Oh, you’re quite welcome, Donovan,” he answered. He wouldn’t yet reveal how big a favor Donovan was doing him, that he was the one truly, beyond words, grateful. He didn’t like traveling alone nearly as much as with another person. They kept him sane through all these years. Grounded.

At the machine was a fluffy cat, all black, brushing up against it.
“It’s not Halloween yet.” Was it? No, no. The kitten meowed at him, and his expression softened, “Ah, no,” he crouched down, offered his hands out for her to come and examine. She sniffed. She licked the grease, “Just that. The man up the stairs might give you some pizza, if you act real cute.” Poor thing. He brushed a hand over its fur, “Go find somewhere warm,” it was getting chilly. Fall was only just arriving, but he imagined it would be a cold one. There might even be a decent snow on Christmas. Ah, Christmas...he really needed to remember to avoid Christmases on Earth. “I can’t take you with me.” He straightened up.

The kitten walked by him, glanced back between him and Donovan. If a cat could look confused, this one did, for it had understood everything the Doctor said. Up the stairs for food, yes? But there were doors, and it couldn’t push them open…and yet, up the stairs the kitten went.

The Doctor moved on,
“I love cats,” he confessed. “Almost as much as I love triceratops. Beautiful creatures,” he said, opening up the TARDIS and stepping in it, expecting Donovan would follow as he moved to the control panel to get himself to Victorian England.
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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Donovan looked down at the cat, and smiled.

“The cat is my favorite animal,” said the student as the Doctor spoke to it. A black cat was a beautiful animal. All cats were, actually. It wasn’t Halloween yet, but the day was well on its way. Hallowed aside, Donovan returned his attention to the animal. It was curious, though. The way the Doctor spoke to the cat. Donovan got the impression that the Doctor was actually talking to it, as if he could really understand what it was trying to say to him.

With what he had seen lately, the idea didn’t seem farfetched. In fact, Donovan was almost sure that it was true.

“You can speak cat,” aid Donovan, not disbelieving, but clearly amused, “that is cool.” Like bowties. He wouldn’t say that, though. Still, Donovan made it sound like speaking cat was as believable as anything.

Donovan followed the Doctor inside the TARDIS, and the doors closed quickly behind him.  He let out a breath, blissfully happy to be back in the time machine. To have the opportunity to keep learning and experiencing this new world – there was no word to appropriately convey Don’s gratitude. He moved closer to where the Doctor was, his eyes taking note of everything that he was doing. The wires and the buttons were each remembered.

“So where exactly are we off to, Doctor?”

Excitement. Complete unfiltered excitement. And questions. Donovan had so many questions about all sorts of things. About the TARDIS, about time, and the Doctor.  Don would hold on to those until the Doctor had his saloop, though.

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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“Cats are cool,” the Doctor agreed. He wasn’t sure if they were a favorite. He had so many favorites. Donovan probably wouldn’t appreciate it if he said humans were his favorite animal. It didn’t sound right in his own head, but it was most definitely true. “And yes, it is cool,” he grinned, “Maybe the TARDIS will start translating them for you.”

He paused inside, heard the question Donovan asked but decided to make something clear. He went back to moving around the console to try and set the time and date to where he wanted to go.
“Speaking of, normally, the TARDIS will translate things for you, just, automatically—so, say, if we go to China, you would understand them, and they would understand you. You can even read it! I never had to learn another language in my life,” he laughed. “I did, though. Languages are fun, helps you know how and why people think in the ways they do. Fortunately, this won’t be a worry where we’re going.”

Lever up, jarring motion. He was rocked forward and his hands splayed over the machine, over buttons. He might have pressed one. Oh well. He laughed.
“We’ll take things slow. England for now, for saloop! Maybe we’ll check in with Maddox,” a glance to see if there would be any recognition. For someone invested in photography, he hoped the name might ring a bell. Maddox helped improve photography—he was the reason they had handheld cameras today.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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‘So the TARDIS can translate languages.’

Another note was made. This was more fully explained by the Doctor once they were inside the TARDIS.

Apparently the TARDIS translated just about anything to make it easier for the traveler. He could see why something like that would be made for a time machine. It made perfect sense. Would that mean, also, that there was something that would make them appear normal – no matter where, or when, they were? He would have to see that for himself. Surely the same logic could be applied to the theory. If it hadn’t already been created, it was something that Donovan would be more than glad to look into.

This idea did not linger. The lever had been used.

They were then in motion. Donovan hadn’t grabbed onto anything when the TARDIS began to move, but he managed to stay balanced solely on his feet – arms at his sides to help him balance. There were times when he thought he was going to fall over, but his legs kept him upright. He was a defender on the field, stopping attackers from scoring against his team. He was fast, but he was equally sturdy.

At last, some stability. Donovan responded to this with a sigh – success.


Donovan asked when the Doctor spoke the name – he knew the name. His mind quickly began to put what he knew already together. He had said that they were going to travel to a time around the 1870s, and if they were staying in England – the only Maddox that came to mind was the famous photographer. It took him a while, but he remembered. It wasn’t for his photography that he was known for, but his invention. “You’re serious?” A bright smile, indeed he was. “Man, I wonder if we’ll get there before or after his gelatin camera – he was excellent! What was his name?” A pause. “Richard!”

He had his – one of his own creation. It was broken and old fashioned, but still the situation seemed appropriate.

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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The Doctor nodded at the question of his serious, three slow nods as that smile grew on Donovan’s face. He had been right, the man who made a camera could appreciate another inventor and would enjoy meeting him. Yes, this would certainly be pleasant.

Well, mostly.

The TARDIS had a bad/good habit of dropping him off where he was ‘needed’. He was the Doctor, after all. He had to be in places in time to fix things. Being the only Time Lord also meant he had a bit of a duty to make sure other aliens didn’t muck things up too badly.
“Good ol’ Rick,” the Doctor spoke of Maddox casually, “He’ll be happy to meet you, Donny,” ah, really should have asked. Oh well. He’d see a reaction and figure out if that was appropriate or not. He hadn’t heard anyone else call Donovan that.

Once the TARDIS settled herself, the Doctor walked to the doors and pushed them open, taking in a deep breath.
“Yes, the 70s!” He was pleased, stepped out of the TARDIS completely. It found itself in yet another alley, and the Doctor walked on ahead of Donovan and looked down either side of the main street to orient himself in place, as well as time. He made a wide motion out before him, addressed Donovan, “Welcome back to England,” he laughed a little.

It was clear this was not the England he had left. It was warm, for one. Then there was the attire of everyone else, the make of the roads—quite a bit different.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #75 on: November 01, 2013, 10:38:45 pm »

The student assumed that that Maddox and the Doctor had met already, for the Doctor spoke of the man so casually – so comfortably. There was definitely something there. The thought of meeting the man was exciting, but the idea of going back in time to meet people held in your esteem was completely captivating. Had the Doctor done this much? Was that what he did? Is that how he learned everything that he knew?

‘Did he just call me Donny?’

Donovan smiled – a sincere, bright, and powerful one. The name brought him the memory of his parents. They called him that, even now, and he missed them. All the time, they were ever-present in his thoughts. The faces of a couple of others swarmed his mind – friends of his past – team mates. His jersey had that name printed in the back when he played for his old team.

Then the memory of a girl, one with beautiful chocolate skin, black hair, and hazel eyes, came to him. She was sitting on the bleachers, wearing the jersey that was much too big for her – cheering for him. Laura.

The name brought the best of memories – and it showed through his smile. He didn’t mind the name. In fact, he wondered why he had chosen to leave it behind in the first place.

“I hope so,” a chuckle as Don followed the Doctor out of the TARDIS.

It was England, but it was different. The fashion, the people, and the roads – they were all strangely appealing to him. It was foreign, almost, but welcoming all the same. Donovan looked around, eyes and smile wide. It was fantastic. Everything that followed the Doctor, everything that came from him - no matter how scary - was fascinating in some way. It was excellent.

“Do you ever get used to this?” A new place, a new time, new people – every time?

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #76 on: November 01, 2013, 11:11:00 pm »
Maddox and the Doctor had met before. Maddox was one of those people who kept a record of the Doctor’s incarnations. He liked the look of the classic photograph. He liked how it messed with people in the future who saw him. It was why he kept the chameleon circuit broken, too. He liked something familiar for people to identify. He wanted there to be signs of him.

Alien races would learn not to harm Earth that way, when they saw the Oncoming Storm was protecting it.

And the Oncoming Storm saw that Donny was an acceptable name for his companion.
“Used to it? No, never!” He laughed. “Come on, I still know where Maddox lives. I think.” When was it Maddox moved to Corsica? He couldn’t quite recall. This wasn’t Corsica, though, this was Woolston. Lots of doctors here.

That had always amused him when he saw Maddox in any one of his new incarnations. It became how he identified himself.

They walked down the cobblestone, took a few turns, and ended up at last before the door that the Doctor wanted. A man answered, balding, brown hair, brown eyes. A quizzical look. He saw the odd clothing on both people at his door.
“Do I know you?” He squinted at the ginger haired man.

The Doctor smiled, held out his hand,
“I’m the Doctor.”

“Doctor Who?”

He laughed.

Knowledge shown in Richard’s eyes, and he shared in the laugh, took the Doctor’s hand and pulled him across the threshold into an embrace,
“You look Irish now,” he joked when they pulled apart.

The Doctor’s eyes lit up,
“Don’t I?” he sounded thrilled. “Oh, oh, this is Donovan. Donny, this is Richard Maddox."

"It is a delight,"
he said, then to both, "Come in, I'll warm up some saloop."

"And apples, please!"

A bizarre look, but then Maddox just shook his head, seeming to question why anything the Doctor said or did surprised him.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #77 on: November 02, 2013, 12:31:57 am »
“Quite the memory you’ve got, Doctor.” A chuckle.

Don’s own memory was excellent, but he doubted that it  could rival that of the Doctor’s.

Donovan followed the Doctor as they walked – very faintly recognizing some of the sights. The student hadn’t traveled throughout all of England, but he knew his way around. It could have been that he was merely imagining things to be more than they were, but he allowed himself to believe that he knew where he was.  He chose to belief that his logic had not been so hindered by all these new discoveries. He looked around, smiled, and took note of places. Streets. Signs.

In time the couple made it to a door, and a man that Donovan recognized immediately opened the door. For a brief instant, Donovan began to doubt whether the man knew who the Doctor was. He was not a person someone would easily forget, was he? Why had Maddox then asked who the Doctor was? Fourteen? What had that meant?

An embrace. So they did know each other.

‘He looks Irish now?’

Very quickly, Donovan’s mind began to piece things together. The Doctor was an alien. His anatomy was surely more different than the student had cared to realize at first sight. Back at the Café, the Doctor had showed up as a mess. His sense of style was amiss, he was tasting things once more (seemingly for the first time) – some of the parts of the Doctor that Donovan had seen were finally beginning to make sense.
Was there a word for that? Or did he simply regenerate after some time?

Apparently this had happened fourteen times!

“Such a pleasure to meet you, sir!” Donovan had said as they walked into his home. Richard had gone off to warm some saloop, and surely get some apples for the Doctor. Donovan took this time to look at the Doctor – get things straight. The student concluded that this was as good a time as ever.

“You change don’t you, somehow…regenerate? That’s why Richard didn’t recognize you, isn’t it? Why you have different tastes?”

A smile.


(I'll let you transition Torchwood here - unless you wish me to do it. I do not mind!)

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #78 on: November 02, 2013, 03:22:07 am »
Richard left them in the lobby of his house, and the Doctor looked around it. There were pictures, of course, the man kept his pictures around. He was examining one of who he guessed was Agnes—he hadn’t met her in Richard’s timeline yet, but he would, certainly. Perhaps now he’d even begin to hear of the woman who was to become Richard’s second wife.


He blinked, for a moment confused at Donovan’s query. A slow understanding worked its way onto his face, and he nodded. He couldn’t recall someone who guessed that he regenerated before.
“Follow me,” he said, and motioned for Donovan to come with him into a hallway. There, on the wall, were hung thirteen other pictures. In two of them, the Doctor stood besides the TARDIS.

He motioned to the furthest left one,
“I lived a very long time like him.” The gray hair and aged face certainly showed that. “That was how I was born looking—well, older, of course,” he laughed, motioned to the second, the third, all to his thirteenth incarnation. “Nice collection, isn’t it? You should have seen the findings in Pompeii! I think I’ll keep coming here until my last one.” His last should have been an incarnation ago. He wasn’t sure exactly how he pulled off living beyond 13.

13. Such an unlucky number.
“I do regenerate, but only when I’m on the verge of dying. It is quite painful, and I can’t do it forever. I’m not sure any longer how many times I can regenerate….” He imagined River’s sacrifice must have also transferred additional lives to him. There weren’t other time lords to grant such mercies as extra regenerations. Goodness, how many the Master had been given! ‘All in preparation….’

Yes. A bone he’d never get to pick with Rassilon.
“Doctor! It is ready.”

The smile brightened.
“Let’s drink!” He said, turning around, “And yes. New mouth, new rules. I never liked apples until now.”

Out the Doctor went to join Richard. He noted a curious object on the table where the cups and apples were. It was a camera, but the Doctor immediately recognized it as far too advanced for humans to have presently.


Angelus discarded Kiss Me, Kill Me on the seat as he exited Julio’s car. He couldn’t believe he voted for a man who wrote a book with that title. He remembered Maya had gotten it for him, amused with his semi-obsession over Saxon when he couldn’t say what stand Saxon took on any issue.
‘This book ought to help.’

Angelus had been dubious. He thought it was going to be a trashy romance novel. He didn’t expect an autobiography to be titled in this way.

He’d found it when he began packing, but now they were back in London. He and Julio needed to actually find a place to bring all their boxes, after all.
“It’s not smutty enough,” Angelus complained as he shut the door and looked at the building before his eyes. He wasn’t impressed, sighed, “Let’s get started.” He’d called ahead to a few places, explaining the urgency as best he could. He needed a two-bedroom, possibly three if Juls planned to move in as well for convenience sake. It hadn’t been discussed. Maya would be fine with it, he knew. Julio may as well have been family anyway.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #79 on: November 08, 2013, 09:11:43 pm »
Donovan followed after the Doctor, and as soon as the Time Lord pointed to the first picture, Donovan understood. In some of the pictures he could even see the TARDIS. In some pictures, he looked quite young. He seemed even younger now, but he didn’t see the regenerations follow a pattern. They looked erratic, unpredictable.

“Such a poetic way to keep track of them,” said Donovan, remembering Maddox, “with one of the creators of the camera.”

Absentmindedly, Donovan touched at the pictures – taking in everything about them. Their fabric. The position of the shot. The man before the camera. Donovan imagined how long the man must have lived, how old he really was. What would happen to his memories? The emotions that developed by a person? What of love? Did that remain constant? These were not questions that Donny was ready to ask, and he wasn’t sure the Doctor would answer.

Soon, Maddox called out to the Doctor. The saloop was ready.

They joined Richard, but it wasn’t the saloop that caught Donovan’s attention. A brow arched at the odd looking camera. He turned to the Doctor, half-expecting him to explain why Maddox had a camera that clearly wasn’t of this time. What if Maddox had help with his invention? What if it wasn’t truly his, but he was shaped to create it?

No, that was ridiculous.

“Interesting camera,” said Donovan to Maddox, but he kept his eyes on the gadget.


Juls exited the car, dressed in skinny jeans and a black, loose muscle shirt. It had a golden star printed in the center, and his hair was stylish to say the least. The young man always dressed a little flamboyantly, but not enough to attract judgmental gazes. They were mostly those of recognition and admiration.

“The fact that it is not smutty is a good thing,” encouraged Juls as he placed a hand on Ange’s shoulder. “It’ll be fun.”

That remained to be seen.

They moved into the building – it had a lobby. That was a good sign. Juls asked at the counter for the leasing apartments. His phone rang, and Juls announced that they were on their way up. Up the lift they went, and eventually found the apartment.


“A prime number,” Juls announced, laughing to himself.

The door opened.

“Ah, come on in, lads,” said a man with a moustache that was too big for his face. He seemed friendly enough. “You must be Julio,” he extended his hand, and Juls shook it.

“Yes, Orson?”

The man nodded.

Juls took the liberty of looking around. Three rooms, spacey kitchen and living room. No visible stains on the walls, and the floors were clean. Two bathrooms, one of them connected to the biggest room. The closet was much too small for Juls’ liking. He’d frowned as soon as he had seen it.

“What do you think?”

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #80 on: November 08, 2013, 10:34:07 pm »
Saloop was brought to his lips. Donovan pointed out at the camera as the Doctor gave a wary sip at the liquid. “Isn’t it?” Maddox grinned. “The company Ocean developed it and sent me a prototype.”

“Ocean?” The Doctor had never heard of them. Perhaps they weren’t very successful.

“Yes, as gratitude—they asked me for some information on the gelatin camera and I was happy to oblige the up and comers,”
he answered. “I wonder, Doctor, could I get a picture of you with this?” The Doctor frowned. It broke tradition. “The pictures it takes—Doctor, the color is flawless!”

“Color? Really?” He set the saloop down. He liked it well enough, though he didn’t like it quite as much as he used to. He picked it up. “This shouldn’t be here. Ocean?” He repeated. It still didn’t ring any bells. That was unusual. He should have known about such a company. This didn’t bode well, either.

“Yes.” Now Maddox sounded worried.

The Doctor didn’t yet explain his statement. He set the camera down, smiled,
“One picture of me in color then. The world must know I have red hair!” He was very curious about this device. One picture couldn’t hurt, right? He needed to see it in action.


Angelus pouted at Juls’s words, apparently disagreeing. He didn’t, really. The reading would have just been more interesting if Harold divulged such secrets. The man made himself out to be almost too perfect. His flaws were endearing. It was absolutely maddening, and kept suggesting something was wrong, something he couldn’t place.

Too perfect.

Into the building. Soon enough they were brought up. Angelus didn’t want an apartment anywhere but the ground floor, but he knew his options were limited given time constraints, so he chose to humor ones higher up, as well. This one was a three-bedroom. 313.
“13 is unlucky, Juls.” He reminded, though clearly didn’t care. He wasn’t superstitious.

Well, not often, anyway. They were greeted by Orson, and Angelus tried to pretend he was not already feeling tired. The day had only just begun.
“And you are Angelus?” Hand offered. Angelus shook.


And in he went to examine the property. Maya would like the spacey kitchen. They’d fight over rooms, of course. All three of them. Julio needed the largest closet, and Angelus watched his face as he examined things. He didn’t really require much. Space for the stereo system, space for books. He could have lived in a closet if necessary—certainly one of Julio’s.
“It’s clean,” he shrugged. “I dunno. We have a few others to look at.” This was only the first. He would withhold a decision until he'd seen them all.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #81 on: November 10, 2013, 09:04:56 pm »

Donovan had never heard of such a company, and he had read a whole lot about the development of the camera. The scholar couldn’t read the Doctor’s expression, but it didn’t seem like he was familiar with it either. Maddox seemed thrilled about it, and how it took picture with beautiful color. That was even more strange.

Donovan nodded as the Doctor said that camera was out of place. It was, but Donovan could not explain how it came to be in Maddox’s procession. Something about having the Doctor photographed by the strange camera bothered Donny. It was more of a feeling, not something that could be explained through logic. No. It was a sensation in his gut, like when something just simply seemed wrong. Out of place, and perhaps even dangerous.

“Doctor,” began Donovan gently, “I don’t mean to intrude in business that is clearly between you and Richard, but are you sure want to be photographed with that camera?” Donny couldn’t explain why he was trying to warn the Doctor, or with what motives he felt he needed to. “Wouldn’t it be better for you to continue your tradition with the same camera?”

The camera looked strange, appealing in its own way, sure, but ultimately foreign.

‘Something is not right…’


Juls had not noticed the 13, and although it made him uneasy, he did not say anything. Instead, he took one more look around while Orson let them know, once more, of all the benefits the apartment and the building had for the people who lived there. It was definitely a good place, and it was close enough to where they would soon work.

The handsome blond turned to look at his friend.

“Is it too much to look for another place just because the closets are too small?” It was a whisper, but the concern was genuine. It was a little ridiculous, but Juls couldn’t help it. “You’re right, let’s keep looking.” Juls didn’t even wait for Ange to answer, if he even would. Juls merely tapped him on the shoulder and explained to Orson that they would look at other places.

The man seemed not discouraged, but merely wished them luck.

They got back on the car and Juls looked for the location of the next apartment building. It was not too far away, and it was a little closer to Torchwood. The asking price, however, was a much lower. This did not bode well.

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #82 on: November 10, 2013, 09:48:13 pm »
Donovan noticed it, too. The Doctor gave him a smile, but it was meant to reassure, not acknowledge that he was proud of his judgment. “I’m sure it will be fine. Traditions are meant to be broken!” he said, “But let’s get the old one out, too. You can hang that one up officially as your new, ah, ‘doctor friend’,” he laughed a little. He truly didn’t know how Maddox rationalized the photographs or what he told others. He knew it was always fun when he encountered the photos in the future. He wondered then if he’d seen future regenerations of himself without knowing it.

Hadn’t he seen his ninth self before becoming it? Now that he thought about it….

“What do you say, Rick?”

Rick smiled,
“I still have that old one. You know, Doctor, I’ve been wondering…how long has it been for you since the first one? How is your granddaughter?”

The Doctor’s smile remained, but he didn’t answer directly,
“Oh, a long time. Not just the, what is it, two, three years for you?” Goodness, how strange it was considering it like that. He didn't speak of his granddaughter. “Go get the camera, Rick!”

And Richard left them to do just that, taking an apple for himself as he went to find it. The Doctor said to Donovan then,
“I have to see how it works.” And he wouldn’t put Donovan in front of it, nor Richard. “It must not be doing anything obvious, or Richard would have noticed, I’m certain.” So it wasn’t going to kill him. “But it is very out of place. Alien technology,” he picked it up again, turned it over in his hand. He wanted to dismantle it, but he would wait until after Richard used it to go about that process.

He did, however, take out his sonic screwdriver and he held it up to the camera. It made a quiet humming sound, and the Doctor mimicked a hum himself,
“Curious.” It was sending out a signal. It lit up, and the Doctor quickly put the item back down on the table.

It wasn’t just sending. It also received. He put the sonic screwdriver carefully back in his pocket and whistled as if he’d done nothing at all, looking up at the ceiling.


Angelus managed not to snicker right then, before Orson. He couldn’t keep a straight face though, and the smile that pulled at his lips was clear to the other man.
“Nope,” he told Julio before his friend turned away to address Orson. They were wished well, and on they went to the next location.

Angelus returned to reading his book. It was the only way to ignore the Christmas music on the radio, which he knew he couldn’t request to be turned off.
‘Just two months.’ How he survived this every year, he didn’t know. He didn’t look up from the book until the vehicle stopped. “Now this is better.”

It absolutely was not. Maya would never accept this and he knew that on sight. Angelus was never concerned about exactly where he lived. The less he spent on rent meant he had more money for fun things.
“I can find a great crack dealer here,” he joked as he got out of the car and shut the door, apparently intent still on checking out the apartments. “Though I guess now I can afford a meth addiction, right?” He really needed to start watching Breaking Bad. He could afford to buy all of the seasons of it now.


Angelus looked down as he drew closer to the apartment complex, at a small black kitten by the dumpster.

He was immediately enthralled, and knelt down,
“Aww, c’mere kitty.” Hand offered out, he clicked his tongue.

It hesitated, but came forward. It was starting to get used to humans. One had started feeding it, the one the Doctor said would. This one looked friendly enough. Was its name Kitty? When it was close enough, the hand moved quickly, startling the kitten, but she calmed and accepted the petting, arching her back in encouragement.

“I wanna stay here!” He hadn’t even seen the apartments. He had a soft spot for cats.

Maya would kill him.

Dixon came out from his apartment, out through the door into the hallway, a can of tuna in one hand, trash in the other. He paused when he saw the others, then moved by Angelus and tossed the bag into the trash.
“Your kitty?” Angelus asked.

“No, I just feed her,”
he answered. “Not allowed to have pets here.” He set the tuna down, and the kitty left Angelus.

“Do you know where I can find the landlord? I’m thinking of moving in here,”
Angelus said.

Dixon shrugged,
“I try to avoid him.”

Angelus’s smile broadened at the answer.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #83 on: November 10, 2013, 11:58:09 pm »
Donovan returned the smile, dismissing the possibility of persuading the Doctor to not take the picture. The Doctor seemed fine with the idea, but despite his assurance Donny couldn’t shake the feeling. Maybe he was wrong. Yeah. He was being silly by thinking that something could go wrong.

His thoughts were distracted when Rick mentioned the Doctor’s granddaughter. Donny turned to look at the Doctor, whose smile did not fade. He knew better than to ask the Doctor, however, for when he took notice that the Doctor did not mention said granddaughter, Donny realized that it was not a topic he enjoyed speaking of. Could it be that he no longer spoke to them? Or worse, that something had happened to them?

The Doctor, in fact, said very little in his response. He neither mentioned how long it had actually been, nor anything about the granddaughter. He was quick to urge Rick to get the camera, too.

‘I hope it’s nothing too bad…’ The thought pertained to both the camera and the granddaughter.

When Richard left, the Doctor spoke to Donny. He now knew for sure that something was wrong with the camera, for the Doctor wanted to see what it did. ‘Of course.’ It was alien technology, which only concerned Donovan more. He didn’t let it show, however, merely nodding his head as the Doctor spoke.

What happened next was curious. The Doctor pulled out a very interesting object. It looked like a pen, though it seemed to have buttons. It was pointed to the camera, and it hummed. The Doctor seemed to be checking the camera with the gadget, which only buzzed in response. Whatever meaning the Doctor got from the curious object, Donny could not tell.

Donovan chuckled.

"Be careful," said Donovan as they waited for Rick to come back.

He would definitely ask the Doctor about his buzzing pen. The granddaughter topic he would avoid.


When they arrived at the next apartment building, Juls looked at it, trying desperately not to look like the place was just a piece of crap.

“It smells like ass,” he couldn’t help that, but he chuckled, realizing he was being a bit dramatic. “I guess it’s not too bad.” That was a lie.

The apartment was not really bad, but compared to Juls’ standards it was not really an option. Maya would not have liked it, either. It seemed that her tastes were more like his than Ange’s, but perhaps not so luxurious. Juls would have been alright with outright saying no to the place and moving on to the next place. It was clear, however, that Ange liked it. Juls would therefore remain.

“I’m sure you can support whatever addiction you choose pick up here,” said Juls with a wide grin. “Oh look, a cat.” He was not impressed.

Juls didn’t mind cats, or dogs either, but he was just not a pet person. He liked to have his things clean and organized. Pets often brought about havoc into a home, one way or another, whether that be piles of poop or hair. When Ange knelt, Juls smiled and crossed his arms, eying the building up and down. Of course Ange would want to pet the cat. The cat, Juls suspected, would make Ange want to rent an apartment in this building even more.

Immediately after that thought, Ange confessed so.

“I knew it,” a chuckle.

A hipster walked on out with food for the cat. Juls eyed him, noting that the boy was handsome, young, but just not his type. Apparently pets weren’t allowed inside the building. Juls secretly hoped that the inside of the building would be in better shape than the outside.

“I would too,” muttered Juls at the boy’s comment about avoiding the landlord. It was mostly unintelligible, but he knew that Ange could make out what he said when he muttered. They spent enough time together than Juls could get very little past his best mate. “So where can we find”

What was his name?

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
« Reply #84 on: November 11, 2013, 12:38:36 am »
“I’ll be very careful,” absolute lie. Richard came back and noted the camera light on. He looked at the Doctor, who thinned his lips and looked away.

“Did you break it?”

“Not yet.”

Richard picked it up. Apparently he knew how to use it, because he was able to get rid of the light.
“You put the flash on,” he noted.

“Oh, that’s what I did? Huh,”
flash such as that shouldn’t exist, either.

Richard shook his head, chuckling a bit,
“I don’t know how you survive your travels, Doctor.”

“I destroy the technology that tries to destroy me, usually. Always on accident, of course,”
Richard thought he was incompetent ever since their first meeting when he did, in fact, break a camera, and a few other things. Human technology had been so foreign to him, then. He hadn't explored nearly as much of the universe when he stole the TARDIS and took his joy ride away from Gallifrey.

He broke quite a lot, actually. Susan had only made it worse when she talked about how they were only there because the Doctor broke a lever in the TARDIS. Really, he wasn’t that incompetent any longer.

Change subject.
“I saw a picture of a lovely woman back in the lobby. Who is that?”

“Oh! That is Agnes,” he answered, “I am thinking of asking her to marry me,” he confessed. “I have been conflicted, since…well, you know.” His first wife.

The Doctor could understand. He had a few loves himself, a few wives, all of whom he’d loved dearly and all of whom had passed on, or were otherwise separated from him, forever. He put a hand on Richard’s shoulder,
“Amelia would want you to be happy. And I’m sure you will be,” he said. “Your Amelia was nothing like mine, after all.” She’d give Rory hell if he ever remarried, no doubt.

Maddox chuckled,
“So I know,” he’d met Amy and Rory. He knew they were parents of a River the Doctor had spoken so fondly of, though he’d not met River.
“Take my picture with that lovely picture of Agnes!”

“Not the TARDIS?” Only 2nd and 9th Doctor had pictures with the TARDIS, but he always asked.

“It hasn’t changed.”
The Doctor actually used his placement to mark events in Maddox’s life, for his own knowledge. This would mark him knowing Maddox right before the man asked Agnes to marry him. Next time, if there were a next time, he’d see about including some sign that the wedding had happened.

“Oh, very well.”
Not that he’d argue much.

“Be sure to have the flash on!”
The Doctor said before turning away to head back to the lobby, motioning for Donny to follow along.

Maddox spoke to him, held out the older camera.
“Would you carry this one, please?” He asked. It was heavier, and Maddox needed to bring both along with him. Then, he asked, "How long have you been with him now, Donovan?"


The fact they did not allow pets did detour Angelus. Of course, he hadn’t had a pet in years, but now he really wanted the kitten. Or a kitten. Maybe a puppy. He used to have a dog, before he met Julio. It had been a good dog, a pretty Doberman called Shiloh.

Angelus straightened as Julio muttered, leaving the cat to eat. He smirked.
“Right?” A laugh, as Julio then got to the point. They did need to find this guy to get it over with.

“I’m Dixon. Programming student,”
everyone here was pretty much a poor college student. Despite how it looked, the area was usually rather safe. Criminals knew there was nothing good to steal here, part of the reason Dixon lived here. All of his computing stuff would be safe.

“We’re not students,”
Angelus answered the assumption.

“Oh,” Dixon shrugged it off, “Well, the landlord has an apartment in that building.” He pointed to another one nearby. “I can show you, I guess.”

“Cool, thanks,”
Angelus said. “I’m Angelus, by the way. That’s my friend, Julio Bauss.” He just liked the last name. Everyone did.

Dixon arched an eyebrow at it.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Boss.” He didn’t question whether or not it was false. “What brings you here, anyway?”

“New job. Torchwood.”

Dixon smiled, but feigned ignorance. In his searches about the Doctor, he’d found information about this ‘Torchwood’, but he was hesitant to reach out to any of them or pursue it further. The history was checkered, and Dixon liked living.
“Yeah? What’s that?”

Angelus did not always think before he spoke. 
“We’re eco-terrorists, like the name says.”

“Ah,” that confirmed all the reasons why Dixon didn’t want to contact Torchwood. “Well, the landlord is Julian, as I’m sure you know. Generally a good guy, stays out of your business, so you can torch all the trees and kill all the whales you like.”


Into the building.
“Swear to god it’s been too quiet around here,” Dixon muttered before knocking on the door to Julian’s apartment. 


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Donovan listened to the conversation between Richard and the Doctor. Apparently the Doctor was clumsy once upon a time. He didn’t seem so now. Then again, Don imagined that the Doctor was many, many, years older than he looked.

Then a thought ignited further attention from Donny. Richard had met Agnes, and the name rang a bell. The man soon said that he wanted to marry her, and her identity became clear instantly. Donny had not recalled who she was at first, but he remembered the name from reading about Maddox. If the man hadn’t confessed his intent, Donny would never have remembered who the woman was.

‘The Doctor was married to an Amelia?’

He must have had a family. Why hadn’t Donovan just assumed that before? It was probably the way the Doctor carried himself, the way he treated things. He walked alone, possibly feigning that he needed no one except himself. The Doctor treated that TARDIS like his home, yet Donny knew that the man was from Gallifrey.

Just what had happened, exactly?

The Doctor motioned for Donny to go back to the lobby. Donovan agreed to help Richard with his other camera, which was indeed quite heavy. Still, the student picked it up quite easily. It was his question, not his camera, that made Donny arch his brows in curiosity. ‘How long have I been with the Doctor?’ The question sounded odd, as if travelling with the Doctor for a long period of time was a common thing.

“Well – um – actually,” Donovan was thinking how long it had been. It seemed like it’d been a long time since the morning back at the café. He spent at least several hours trying to figure out the TARDIS, and most of the day watching the Weeping Angel. “I met him about a day ago?”

That sounded right.

“Is that weird?”



Juls smiled when the boy introduced himself. He was a student, and Juls secretly congratulated himself for, more or less, guessing how young this man was. Ange quickly disallowed him to believe that they were students, too. He could see how other people would think that, especially since he and Ange were still quite young.

No, Juls had not been to school in some time.

“You just had to say it, didn’t you?” A laugh followed with a light jab at Ange’s shoulder. People tended to like saying his whole name in introductions, which Juls minded not in the least. He blamed his last name, though. Or thanked his last name, rather. “Bauss. B-A-U-S-S.” It even sounded amusing spelling it out. “Nice to meet you too, Dixon. Got a nickname?”

A smile formed on Juls lips when Ange just casually confessed where they were to work. Dixon hadn’t heard of it, which didn’t surprise him. It was not supposed to be a name to be tossed around in casual conversation. He wondered whether Jack would be upset if he knew that they were taking their liberties with it. He hadn’t mentioned anything, so how could he?

“That’s a little strange,” said Juls as they approached the apartment. “Student apartments are usually hard to tame, especially somewhere so close to downtown.”

They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. They waited a while before knocking again.

“Maybe he isn’t home?”

That couldn’t be it. They had scheduled to meet with him to see the available apartments.

Juls knocked again, louder this time.


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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It was strange, but Richard smiled kindly, “Ah, a new companion,” he said, explained, “The Doctor always travels with someone. Well, usually.” Ninth. How could he forget Ninth? The Doctor hadn’t explained what happened when he showed up at his door that time, but he knew something had changed then. The Doctor didn’t even look himself, if that could be said of him. Young, with so little hair.

The Doctor did love his hair.

“It isn’t weird. Everyone begins somewhere with him. I’d go with him myself, but….”
The Doctor had invited him, and he’d declined. He couldn’t. It wasn’t the life for him. “Well, I’m quite fine taking care of my own time.”

Into the room,
“Are you gossiping about me?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

“Good. I’d hate to stop being the center of attention,”
amused grin, a happy wave, “Now hurry up!”

“So impatient,”
he chuckled, “Do not worry, this new one is almost instantaneous. Just hold still.”

“Cheese!” Maddox didn't understand why he said it.


It was a searing pain that came with that flash, like something was torn out of all of him. The Doctor doubled over before dropping to his knees, hugging himself and closing his eyes.

Camera was set aside—Maddox would never drop such a thing.

“Knew…that thing wasn’t right,”
he struggled to speak. “Ow. Does it do this to humans?”

“N-no! Never before.”

sarcasm. Well, different sorts of scans affected other people differently, and the Doctor was quite certain that’s what it had done now that he’d felt it.


Angelus laughed, too. Of course he had to say it. It was the best surname ever. His surname sucked in comparison.

 Dixon shrugged at the question,
“Not really.” Dixon wasn’t easy to make a nickname out of, except ‘Dick’, and that just didn’t fit.

But at the apartment, no one answered. Julio thought this was odd; Dixon didn’t. He did knock again, but no response.
“There might have been a problem with another tenant, or apartment,” Dixon suggested. “Did you call?”

“Yeah, hold on,”
Angelus had the numbers in his phone. He dialed. He heard the phone ring from inside and cursed, hanging up. That plan clearly wasn’t going to work. “Well, this sucks. We have other places to look at.”

There was the sound of footsteps on stairs. The door opened to the hallway.
“Julian,” Dixon smiled, motioned, “These two—”

“Where have you been, Dixon?”

Dixon arched a brow.
“My apartment. What?” Did he do something wrong?

“We must talk.”

He felt immediately defensive.

“Report. From your internet providers. Strange things you are doing, Dixon.”

“No I’m not. Wrong apartment.”
He hadn’t really. Just searching a lot of things, nothing illegal. Nothing he needed to speak with Julian about. “Um, besides, that can wait, you have customers.”

“That can wait,”
it was like a hiss now, and Dixon wasn’t sure why he suddenly felt afraid. He didn't know Julian well enough to know what was normal for him, but he was pretty sure this was not. "Tell me about the Doctor."

"You know the Doctor?"
Angelus was quick to ask.

Bad timing. Hissing, crazy-eyed Julian looked at him.
"You know the Doctor?"

"Uh...yeah. Yeah. I can call him?"
He would call Jack, because this was getting strange.
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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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So he did travel with someone. For some reason, this made Donovan feel a little uneasy about the whole thing. It could be that perhaps he had gotten the impression that the Doctor found him different, but there had been others before him. Apparently the Doctor always traveled with someone, and if the pictures he had just seen were proof of anything, it was that the Doctor was a person of great age. He wasn’t special as much as he was a habit.

Donny did not frown, however, and instead smiled when the Doctor asked if they were talking about him.

On they went into the other room, Donny making sure to help Maddox carry things. Standing with a wide smile, the Doctor smiled at the camera. A bright flash illuminated the room, and pain followed closely after that. The Doctor doubled over, and Donovan was at his side just as soon as he had tumbled. His eyes showed deep surprise, but his face did not panic. He was never one to panic much, but he was concerned for the Time Lord.

“Are you alright?”
His voice was controlled, but tensely grave. The young man offered the Doctor a hand to help him up. Despite the clear pain that he had endured, it seemed that nothing too bad had happened. Donny turned to look at Maddox, his expression curious.

“But you have taken pictures of humans with that before, right?” The inquiry was entirely to confirm, but he didn’t meet Maddox’s eyes – his instead left and focused to the camera that had been set aside. He approached it, but didn’t do much more than examine it from aside – cautious. “I knew something like that couldn’t be of this time.” Time was complex, yet Donny found himself understanding its complexities so much more now that he knew such travel existed. Maddox should have known about the camera, too – especially if he had met the Doctor before. The man should have suspected something odd about it.

What had it done, though?

“How can a camera inflict pain?” He asked, mostly to himself. “Maybe it’s not a camera as much as it is something else. A weapon, or some sort of scanner.” Donny turned again to meet the Doctor’s gaze, hoping that he’d be alright. Or better, whichever.


More knocks at the door, and still nothing. Ange called Julian, but his phone rang from inside the apartment. Juls cursed under his breath and rolled his eyes, finding the man to be completely unprofessional for not showing up. It was as if his thoughts had jinxed the situation, for the man they were looking for soon emerged from the stairs. Juls forced a smile when he met the man’s gaze.

He wasn’t happy, but he wouldn’t be impolite. Not yet, anyway.

Juls’ brows tightened, having pictured Julian’s attitude much different from past phone calls when compared to how he was acting now. He seemed upset, much more than he should have been. Internet history was not something he would expect a tenant to rant over. Juls’ own history was not something he was proud of.
Then something caught his attention. The Doctor. That name, again. Apparently Dixon had been researching this man.

Julian was looking more and more aggressive as time passed. Juls stepped forward, ready to react if Julian tried to do anything rash, but without affronting the angered man. Juls was stronger than he looked, and he thought it best to be prepared.

“Call him,” said Juls making quick eye contact with Ange. He knew who Ange was going to call, but Juls played along with the little charade flawlessly. “Don’t worry Julian,” he tried to calm the man, “no need to exert yourself.” Juls gave a look to Dixon, hoping that he would move back. He looked scared, which Juls thought oddly appropriate.

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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Ah, Donovan was right at his side, quick as a whip, this one. And not just physically, though all of his companions tended to become fast. It was in the job description, running, being fast. Smarts usually developed, too, humans could be oh, so, very, adaptable.

“I’m all right,”
he answered with the least amount of grimace he could muster. Donny was collected, and though the Doctor had guessed this was going to be a constant thing with him, it was still surprising. What had Donovan endured to make him so patient and thoughtful?

Maddox answered now,
“Yes, of course I have,” he nodded. “They come out beautiful….” And he was still distressed over the Doctor’s reaction, as the man reached for an endtable to pull himself up with as Donovan moved to examine the camera. He watched them both, the Doctor rising and then dusting off his new clothes as if nothing were wrong, when it was clear he was still in pain. “Do you need anything, Doctor?”

“Nah,” he shook his head, grinned. “Genius deductions, Donny!” Quite sincere. He wouldn’t have expected Donovan to come upon scanner. “It is some sort of scanner, relaying information to another source. Highly advanced technology for humans at this point, but not for…oh, several other races. The questions are, which race, which group within it, where is it being sent to, and why!” The how, he supposed, was also important.

The Doctor walked to the camera and again took out the sonic screwdriver, brilliant blue light emitting from it.
“Let’s open it up then,” his grin was almost conspiratorial before he made his sonic screwdriver hum once more. This time, the camera truly reacted, expanding outward and, indeed, opening up by splitting itself in half.

Its red light continued to flash.


As Angelus was planning to make the phone call, he allowed Juls to put himself between them. Usually, Angelus considered that his duty. He was known to throw a mean punch without hesitation, and was even better with a baseball bat, not that he’d had enough experience on actual people.
“Aight, I’ll call him,” he let his eyes flicker over Julian for his approval. Upon seeing no negative reaction, he took his phone out and dialed Jack’s number.

Dixon did step back. Unlike the other two, he had no inclination towards fighting, and his self-defense skills were not anything to be enviable of. These two claimed to be of Torchwood. He had no doubt they were skilled.

“Hello, Angel.”

The expression on Angelus’s face showed his immense dissatisfaction with the greeting. No one called him angel. He would not allow it. He would lecture Jack later,
“Doctor,” he returned.

"Oh, are we doing role-playing?"Angelus could hear the chair straightening from over the line.

“I have a friend here lookin’ to meet you. Can you spare some time?”

“A friend, eh? How do they look?”

‘Swear to everything holy—’ “We’re at the apartment complex near Sloane and Denyer,”
he said.

“All right. And your friend—yes or no, do they look alien?”

Angelus eyed the other. Looks-wise, no. Something was off with Julian but he couldn’t place
it, “No.”

“All right, I’ll be there soon. Tell Juls hello for me,”
Angelus just sighed as the other hung up.

“The Doctor says hello, Juls.”
He noted to his friend as he put the phone away. “He’s on his way.”

“Where is he?”
Apparently Julian thought the Doctor should already be here.

‘Time Travel.’
Still, Angelus arched an eyebrow.

“He sucks at getting the time right,”
Dixon explained. “Rubbish at it, really.”


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Re: Doctor Who: An Ocean Of Time [Closed]
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Donovan had expected to hear many things from the Doctor, but none of them included the mentioning of other races. Why had he not thought about this before? He pretty much knew that the Doctor was not from his world, and after experiencing time travel, he should have deduced that other races were well within possibilities. For some reason, his mind avoided this. He didn’t think about it, but now that the thought was present on his mind, he was bothered.

More races meant more of everything – more potential resources and discoveries, but also more disagreements and wars. This was equally exciting news as it was worrisome.

Too much was going on at present for Donny to just follow the Doctor without question or hesitation. He did approach the camera alongside the Doctor, but the young man’s eyes looked towards Maddox. His curiosity was so great that his brows were arched, but his eyes did not lose the essence of severity they had gained after witnessing what the camera had done to the Doctor.

“Who gave the camera to you?”
He knew that Ocean company had sent the prototype, but surely there was some way to contact them. “Did the company give you a name, or anything?”

When he heard the screwdriver buzz, Donny’s attention changed towards the camera. It whizzed and split itself in half. The red light, however, continued to blink. Donovan said nothing, but changed his gaze from the camera to the Doctor. He didn’t want to voice his suspicions just yet, but something told him that this camera was part of something greater.

Something that looked to be completely unpleasant.


Juls listened in on Ange’s conversation with Jack – despite several attempts, he couldn’t hear anything from the other end of the call. Jack must have said something strange, though,  for the look on Ange’s face made Juls want to chortle out. He was sure that Jack had told him something, or called him something, to make Ange look like that. The boy did not question his best friend, and instead smiled when he delivered Jack’s message to him.

When Julian demanded to know where the Doctor was, Juls turned to look at him. How could he possibly expect the man to be there already? He answered his own question almost immediately. That meant, however, that Julian must have known a great deal more than he let on. Just who was this Doctor, and why was he such a touchy topic of conversation?

“He’ll be here soon,” added Juls gently, looking at Julian with a curious expression.

‘Come on Jack,’ the boy thought to himself, ‘hurry.’