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Velfall did stand, holding on to Gemma’s hand tightly. They’d been together quietly while the rebels were chattering around them. A small moment of peace, in which he wanted to make all manner of promises to her. But it hadn’t felt like a victory, yesterday, even if Biol had wanted to celebrate. Vel had his dread confirmed when the Nightingale found their inn.

He listened to her and nodded to his group. He had a clear role. “Well, what are you waiting for? She stood with us and an ocean of Spawn was staved off.” He reminded them. It was unfair to attach such a responsibility to her, but that was the burden of all icons. “If she’s with us now we’ll win. This is what we’ve been talking about.” It was enough berating to rise the rest and they came willingly. “I hope that light of yours is charged with miracles, Tali.” He said as he pulled Gemma along, out the door.


Elvan was dumbfounded when Aveline appeared by Cougal’s shoulder. The Red Knight curled his arm up to touch her cheek possessively, grinning like he was already king of this world. “That’s right. You’re a stranger to him.” he said and then let her charge toward her former lover.

Elvan didn’t know what to do. It was Aveline, he couldn’t hurt her. But when she collided with him and the Spawn climbed him as she rolled them, he realized he couldn’t be idle. “Aveline!” he called out, heart broken. “Please stop!” he begged as he was thrashed and dragged. There were tears coming from his eyes as he held on to scales and sick muscles to keep her teeth at a distance as he was slammed repeatedly to the ground by her vicious jerking. He thought he should die for her accusation, it wasn’t entirely false, but then what would come of Cretse? Of Nystali?

And as though the priestess had heard his prayer, her voice affected Syn and Saevir, which were still in his hands. Their Gestalt reformed and kept out all the bites from the supporting Spawn. Inside this puddle of enemies, the lights lit up Aveline’s face when she clearly expressed suffering toward the awakening of good in the artifacts of Cretse. “I am sorry for hurting you.” He breathed before slamming the hilt of Saevir across her jaw, to give himself a chance to recoup. He didn’t hope for much.


Fires burned where Nystali’s song reached, heated hearts armed with artifacts of the Harbor Kin released to fight by Cretse’s side. Velfall could see a slight glow in Gemma too, where she stood by his side, pouch full of bottles with war-charms in their waters. He saw Tali atop the rubble, and knew he’d been right to ask her to be their banner.

Cougal rode into the city, a wave of Spawn preceding him to stun the defenses. The monsters were in now, and the people had to fight them, and the defectors who were invigorated with the return of their dark king. When two potent vials crashed onto the Red Knight’s heavily protected arms and swallowed him in fire, burning his riding Spawn to a steaming mass, he was unaffected, standing on the ground.

Eizel met with him soon, Blair singing against the horrible Star Blade. Cougal grinned and easily pushed the general back a few strides. “You’re no longer going to be a problem, Eizel.” He said. “Look around.” And the Spawn were easily finding meat to eat. The fervor in the people’s chests with their new artifacts could not measure with the overwhelming number of evil critter Cougal had called upon. Knights and rebels were drowning as they were subdued, forced to the ground to be eaten slowly, their screams silenced when Spawn targeted their open mouths. “How can you hope to win?”


“Aveline, please.” Elvan tried again, exhausted from fighting her. It was macabre, but it felt good to see her again. Some of the rage he could still recognize as something she’d carried into battle when they’d gone together. He was fueling that wrath, it seemed, by not dying, and it was consuming her faster. Her new form pushed them through trunks of ancient trees and eventually beyond the rubble of the wall. Somehow the Gestalt kept him alive. The cut he managed on her were instantly eaten by the blight.

But the closer they came, the better Nystali’s song resounded, and he saw her light even through the infernal match he was having with Aveline. The landscape he was forced to battle through was dismal, Spawn of different sizes eating Vel’s and Eizel’s men. The two knights were still budding heads. It would seem Cougal was ontop, the way Blair’s Gestalt was failing.

“How is he still alive!” Cougal roared at Aveline. When Eizel saw his chance to cut from above with Cougal’s head turned, the red knight gestured dismissively with the Star Blade in the general’s direction. A freeze went through the gusto of the knights then, to see Blair’s armor leave Eizel, and his ribs be torn out. Cougal didn’t dedicate him even a glance as he stomped toward where Aveline and Elvan were rolling. “I thought I told you he’s scum.” He said, disappointed as part of her blackened body rose to wrap tendrils around the Star Blade. He was accepted into the monster she’d become, soon.

Cougal pressed her body to give off more Spawn, formidable creatures, to further sink the spirit of Cretse’s fighters. But he’d entered so that he could help her, even though it looked like he’d been devoured. His ambition was toxic, and he shared it with her. Still a pure presence that were not her and not him. He led her to use her hands, and tear a hole through Elvan’s Gestalt, cutting flesh out of his side. Elvan hissed and held up the remains of his artifacts, even when he staggered. “That’s how you kill a Knight, darling.” Cougal whispered before making the creature they were sharing move, throwing Elvan into the leftovers of a house. Cougal noted a building resistance in Aveline.

When Elvan woke, he was dying, Syn and Saevir lost somewhere and his Gestalt gone. He wondered about the nature of his body and looked around, and found no able fighter left, most of them running on will while trying to forget their injuries. Spells ignited Spawn here and there, must be Velfall again, but never enough to win any ground, or save anyone. Elvan looked down, now that Nystali’s song had ended, and realized he’d been tossed into her stage, and that shed fallen to lay across his legs. When his bloodied hand touched her he felt invigorated, but it wasn’t enough.

“Nystali.” He begged, as though she was truly a goddess that could unmake all this. “I…” but his hand had already closed around the handle, knuckles healing as he was starting to draw the magnificent object out of her. She would be able to feel him hesitate again. His teeth cut themselves. “Ah, this is…”

“Do it or the world dies!” Velfall called, leaned over Gemma with tears cleaning his dirty face. “We have to stop it here, or the world will be overrun!”

But Elvan wasn’t moved to do it, not by some new friend. He looked into Nystali’s eyes, even as Cougal realized his mistake and pushed Aveline toward the pair.

The knight must have seen his own meaning in her expression then, because he drew upward and out, to finally free their fate.