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Talking Lush
« on: May 30, 2017, 03:52:13 pm »

OOC for Lush Lacerations

For plotting and character sheets for a thread about spoiled rich kids in an adorable ocean side town with picnics and sails and a murderer.

For character sheets-

throw in some secrets, best friends, enemies, hobbies, and anything the other kids should know or have heard about them. It's a small town of gossips, they should all know each other to some degree.


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Re: Talking Lush
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2017, 09:16:09 pm »
Drama among rich kids! Califoooooornjaaahhhh here we caaaaaaahahahaaaaam!

Thracian Brolin Locklaide

Of the Locklaide Concern, primarily known for their pedestrian brand cigarettes and liquor, and higher end collection Affecta.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Thracian, nickname of Trash. Womanizer and all 'round asshole, he'll straddle the line between lost cause and something to save to tug you all the way to your next heartbreak. Goes on trips to Europe where people assumes he catches all their old-world STDs. He throws a neat party, though, any party, and is an easy invite, since his name on the list will usually get you a full card of attendance.

They say he likes older men because he'll fall in line for daddy. That he likes fresh-faced girls because they bruise better.

You all probably remember the sweet kid he was until the first scandal, the charges of having been too frisky with then socialite queen Miritza Kollenkov, and the shit-storm of a family feud that saw her clan leave this paradise by the sea.

Nowadays, Trash hangs out and plays nice for some get-togethers, but he's known to turn on a dime. Too bad his inner gentlemen is right there on the surface. And doesn't he look sad, sometimes?

I wanna sew a story with you guys, but ya'll haven't posted anything here yet, so... will change things around.


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Re: Talking Lush
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 09:50:42 pm »

Blair Margaret Pryer

The Pryers are old money, or so her daddy likes to say. They own iron and land and lumber and oil and all sorts of things the world is built on. That’s how he likes to put it. But that’s about the only thing old daddy likes. He remarried within four months of their mother’s death back when the twins were fourteen. The new wife likes to play mommy, the twins are polite about it because their mother taught them manners before she drowned. That’s all anyone says about it in open conversation—Harriet Pryer drowned one day, fell right off her sailboat and never came up. The rumors are endless because so are the possibilities.

Most have forgotten what a painfully shy kid she used to be—a true accomplishment in a town like theirs. But no one can imagine her ever having been that girl when they see her now, bright and bold and always dramatic if you give her a cause. Been called all the names a thousand miles from shy. Drama queen. Diva. Attention whore. Bitch. But most love her, even when they say bad things it’s often with a little smile and too much breath.

Accomplished violinist. Perfect posture. Lipstick that never smudges.

Currently dated the captain of the lacross team— Mason Andrews. They’ve been together six months and are talking about going to the same university.

Noah Hawthorne Pryer

Used to be the outgoing, loud, class favorite. On all the teams, with the brightest smile. That ended after his mother drowned. He stopped talking for a full year, stopped going to practice or hanging out with friends. He stopped taking his boat out. In fact, he didn’t go in the water until his sister’s friend almost drowned and he jumped in to save her. After that her started talking again but never really went back to his old self. Mostly reads and sails. Often dragged along to all the usual events, but never without a book.

Most of his friendships hollowed out after his mother passed but he still hangs out with Thracian. Weird, since they weren’t known to get along before.

more info to come when we get more characters up!  :redheart: