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A Formal Drama.
« on: October 13, 2016, 02:39:47 am »
Well, dear Verse, let the plotting begin. As the inaugural post of our NaNo inspiration thread, I propose the following details of our world. It needs a name, the continent. The kingdoms will also. I am quite fine with revising/scrapping/changing any or all of the following, of course. I’ve used somewhat random place holder names, where they do occur.

Five Kingdoms.

Roughly speaking, there are five dominions under which the sentient beings of the realm fall. They are approximately situated along the cardinal directions, with the northern kingdom holding the largest land claims and the eastern kingdom the least (though the eastern kingdom dominates the coastline). The fifth kingdom is an island nation and holds the physical gateway to the Academy.

Each of the kingdoms is loosely allied under a figurehead monarch maintained from ancient times, but the principalities within each dominion are fairly independent from day-to-day. The provincial governments of each dominion squabble for power and station within the kingdom, but ultimately carry some overarching fealty to the same crown. Thus, should war break out between principalities of separate kingdoms, it is not unlikely that the fullness of their associated dominions would come to their aid.

The individual governmental structure of the principalities is determined by its people, with the breadth of “flavors” generally present (to some degree) within each kingdom. As a generalization, the eastern kingdom is dominated by democratic principalities. The south maintains many tribal structures with extended family units forming clan-like groups. The west is deeply religious and is largely regarded as a united theocracy beneath the kingdom’s divine monarch. The north is also relatively united behind their monarch, and various land holdings are maintained by born aristocrats.

The island kingdom is dichotomous, run predominantly by various seafaring, outlaw syndicates while also holding the gateway to the esteemed Academy. An allied outpost of knights from the five kingdoms holds the small island on which the gateway actually stands.

It has been suggested that the monarchs of our great kingdoms have not met in several generations expressly to prevent the forging of unbalancing alliances. The political move for that last hundred years had been, quite simply, not to make one. I cannot remember the last time a marriage between the royal families occurred, and I am an old woman. As such, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping this little run-in between Princess Isolde and Prince Fernand quiet. It would cause quite a stir, no matter how harmless the children may have felt it. Furthermore, it is paramount that these two should not meet again. They seemed to take a liking to one another, so it is my recommendation to keep close watch on your charge. You know how impetuous youths can be. We should not want any unsanctioned correspondence between them.

On a lighter note, I must admit I was incredibly delighted to visit my home town. It has been such a long time since I have been down south. I had almost forgotten how much sweeter the air is there than here. And how much warmer.

-Royal correspondence between the House of Myr and the House of Ravensbane   

Five Spires.

Each kingdom has a Spire in its capitol city, held by the standing monarch and their royal guard. The Spires allow spectral travel to and from the Academy. The Spires are considered the seats of knowledge within each kingdom and are often said to contain the greatest secrets of the lands. Only the strongest Magi are able to move physically between the Academy and the Spires. Others must travel via the gate in the island nation and ride the peculiar currents to come or go.

The Spires were, conventionally, built after the inauguration of the Academy. However, local legend among the kingdoms tell of a much older establishment with regional variation. Ultimately, the Spires bear a unique architecture relative to the Academy proper, and scholars date the structures to much earlier… behind closed doors. It is not known who might be responsible for their construction, should these theories prove true. Recently, a rather inflammatory rumor spread suggesting early ancestors of the Sha’adin might have been the originators. This rumor was publicly denounced by the Academy, which is curious. The Magi are not generally inclined to answer to gossip.

-A letter to Alexandra, from Uncle Chrysam

The Academy.

The Academy is unaffiliated with the kingdoms, drawing the best of all the nations to its doors. The deepest secrets of Magic are held in the Academy, and only the wisest and most powerful Magic users become part of the Academy’s ruling body. The Academy exercises a great deal of political sway in all of the kingdoms, but are as much servants to the land as they are overlords as they provide all realms with their Magi elite. As a rule, all Magical power is regulated and disseminated from the halls of the Academy. Practicing of many Magics is, in fact, a punishable offense if the user has not been sanctioned by the Academy.

The Academy was established after the Great Blight War, at the signing of the Dragon’s Maw Peace. The first headmaster was selected by the Heads of the Five Kingdoms: Orain the Wise, scion of the White Goddess. Under Orain’s guidance, a council of high elders was selected to oversee the Academy. The first Magi of the council were selected from across the kingdoms and elected to ten year terms of service. Formed under the front of valuing Magic for its role in restoring the kingdoms in the aftermath of the war, it was not lost on anyone that the Academy was as much a monument to collective progress as it was to fear of Magic's tremendous strength. In a move which established a tenuous balance of Magical power across the kingdoms, the Academy would quickly grow to be a hub of political dealings and delicate grabs for power.

-A History of Magic vol. IV, Garrick Overfield

The Guard.

To maintain balance at the Academy, knights are trained in the western kingdom to act as the Magus Guard. Promising knights with resistances to Magic are sent from all of the kingdoms to train and join the Magus Guard. This force is at times respected and others abhorred by the Academy itself. Either way, it is generally understood that the Magus Guard serve a vital purpose to protect those at the Academy from corrupting forces.

The Magus Guard are tasked with a Holy duty. The vows taken by Guard initiates bind them into Death and should only be shouldered with a truly willing spirit. The Guard is the Balance. Do not believe that Magic is the only form of power in this world. The Divine have blessed us with strength and fortitude unbending even to that force. We protect the people of all realms. We protect the scholars of the Academy. Our place is as vital as it is thankless. Revel in your diligence and your suffering. You have been made Other because you are above corruption.

-Magus Guard Primer vol. I, Sir Thano the Silent

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Re: A Formal Drama.
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A map.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Thu/Former Thualig/Ruins of Thu/Ghost lands

Once a great seat of power in The South, strong in ballistic magic from artifacts. The Autek bloodline, leaders of Thualig, was lost power at the end of the Thualig Age. All the artifacts held by the bloodline were splintered by the resonance of The Eternal Storm, a phenomenon that has been widely mythicized but never explained. One common belief is that The Autek were punished for their misuse of the artifacts they had been bestowed. The dominated races, bred for slavery and with a recognizable claim to the lands took over the broken kingdom when all Autek went missing. The ruins are now overrun by families of savages looking for remnants of Thualig artifacts in the rainy and foggy climate. Enkadi are the current strongest of the Thu tribes and communication through them have proven to be the most effective way of reaching the rest of the inhabitants of Thu. The Enkadi stronghold is in the royal stables, a stone building from the Autek era largely spared from The Eternal Storm and plunder. While outsiders are warmly welcomed and at times requested by The Enkadi and other prominent Thu tribes, an alarming number of envoys and spokesmen have decided to stay or gone missing when visiting or passing through. The spire here is not as popular as it used to be.

Ekssen City

Capital of the south at the foot of Euphor Minor. The city is divided between the dominating tribes of Na’arat, and host embassies for most countries of the five kingdoms of Sabvon. Generally peaceful, in part because tribes outside of Ekssen are not intimately tied to their emissary fractions inside the city, which is why conflict usually does not carry over the city walls. Even during friction libraries are left alone. This tradition is comparable to courtesies extended toward religious landmarks in other kingdoms. Head of the city, and the voice of Ekssen and by extension all of the unified Na’arat, is a figurehead position known as the Adenne. Real power comes from a board of advisors that represent the southern races and tribes that speak through Adenne. The physical being of Adenne is voted upon, and the race Avior, bred for such transparent positions, have sat on the blue throne for three centuries.


Ehandor Tribes, Central Na’arat

Central Na’arat has a wide variety of land, and its tribes reflect the environment from which they hail. Conflict at the edge of each area is common. Notable tribes are the Uesilor, the wandering army, pledged to uphold war in Na’aratby old scripture, and the Amwu, wealthy nomads that invigorate trade wherever they stay. Both of these megatribes deal largely with requests of their presence and change the political landscape wherever they are. The Enkadi or other tribes of Thu are known to have some power in Ehandor because of their long standing resilience to any unified attempts at Thu lands. Many of the smaller tribes of Ehandor are still waiting to be recognized by Ekssen and then The Academy to have increased political influence.


Thu Tribes

Despite an official open attitude toward the Academy and other lands, there is an air of danger over Thu. Its tribes are wild, and would not be offended to be categorized as such. Many accounts of cannibalism have been reported but it is hard to confirm whether the missing visitors have been assimilated by the culture or vanished under more nefarious conditions. It is not unusual for travelers to use the Spire in The Still and then journey to Na’arat for fear of entering through Thu. Overlooking this, outsiders are always welcome and there are many requests from the Enkandi for strong relations to other lands. In public The Academy is on good standing with Thu.



Enkadi stem from an escort and courtesan cast bred solely by the Autek to entertain their slave tribes. Eventually a preference of aesthetic was developed by the slave tribes and Enkadi of pedigree would breed their offspring to fit this preference. This aesthetic remains typical for Enkadi even though their function as entertainment has long since ceased. They hold a great number of artifact shards and are considered the most powerful in Thu and often take it upon themselves to represent their home lands. Outsiders are sought after as company, and though tribes of Thu have a weak trade, almost all tax that can be imposed by Enkadi go toward purchasing princes or princesses from all over Sabvon.




Rival tribe of Enkadi. Strong in build. Uesilor favor Ecraia for their infantry. Were bred by the Autek for labor and war. The artifact shards coveted most by the Ecraia are highly volatile, and have given the tribesmen unusual appearance, described as grotesque by academic travelers from Ekssen. True to Thu fashion, however, Ecraia are also appreciated company and crossbred returning to Thu are highly sought after.


Notable Wildlife




There are creatures in Thu that are highly uncommon in the rest of Sabvon. Because of some rumors about the tribes there, very little has been documented. Scholars and collectors do not apply to go there very often.





Rich in diversity. The most prolific species is of course the Black Dragons. Old scripture say a fungus connect corpses in animal and sapien graveyards. When enough biomass has been linked through the system of the fungus, named colloquially the Dragon Nerves, a creature will arise from the ground. Few outside of Ehandor see the first stages of the black dragons and only know them when they are mature, with their onyx scales and red mouths. After battles with great loss of life, Black Dragons are more prevalent. It is said to be lucrative for Black Dragon traders to follow behind Uesilor.


Not many things can be found native in and around Ekssen that can’t be found elsewhere in Na’arat. There is a very well-known fish species, Songtail, which attract merfolk to the harbor of Euphor Minor. It is widely accepted that the flavor of the fish is pleasant to the merfolk. Songtail is the symbol for Ekssen and is a popular souvenir. Fresh Songtail are farmed to be sold to seafarers with interest in merfolk. Though rare, Songtail is not only found in Ekssen, even if the trade there is by far the largest in Subvon. Processed scales of the fish have been used in jewelry, which is why the population have almost gone extinct due commercial fishing. Even in Ekssen they are very expensive.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Silverfin Order Whisper Ship: Sails constructed of Behma gliding fins.

Isla Vaenta is the diminutive fifth kingdom of Sabvon, and last to establish a common monarch. Though lacking in land holdings, Isla Vaenta rules the seas with an uncanny ease that practically reeks of birthright. Originally a tenuous alliance of less-than-savory trading syndicates from the port cities of the other nations, Isla Vaenta quickly assembled into a centralized power following the Great Blight War. It is occasionally suggested that plans to create the Academy spurred the seasoned sailors to draw up a pact and lay claim to the Island chain that is now Isla Vaenta and unify a push to hold the Gate. Though Vaentatori diplomats will staunchly assert Isla was established prior to the Academy’s founding and that the convenient flow of the Gate is expressly coincidence, the “rumor” has weathered the test of time.

It is widely held that the syndicates were aware of the peculiar currents running to the Gate, a secret that had been prior held by the merfolk. Realizing the Gate would lead quite directly to and from the proposed Academy locale, the various swashbuckling bands set aside their differences for the potential of a continued and enviable wealth. Laying claim to Isla Vaenta garnered control of the Gate and an automatic jettison into prominence as a hub of culture with Academy travelers moving through regularly. As an exceptionally young nation with, perhaps, a somewhat subversive founding, the Vaentatori have maintained a reputation for being crafty and unrefined. Youthful arrogance thrust into prestige.

   The Syndicates.

Conventionally referred to as pirate bands, the Vaentatori are quick to explain a precision to their plundering and illicit dealings that is far beyond a standard pirate. Effectively, the ruling families of the Isla were born out of organized seafaring crime rings with distinctly mob-esque sensibilities. While several of the families have gone into (almost) respectable business and trading, there are still powerful groups maintaining their old ways. At the heart of Isla Vaenta is the Silverfin Order. An exceptionally brutal band of sailors commanding respect from all other syndicates, Silverfin was able to rally the necessary groups to establish their kingdom. The first queen of Isla Vaenta was a Silverfin Captain, and the Kingship has been passed on to her descendants ever since. Presently, the Silverfin Order is quite legitimate, tending to the peacekeeping of the kingdom, guard duties of the royal family, and maintaining diplomatic relationships with the merfolk.


Though Sapiens from across Sabvon have been a fairly self-aggrandizing bunch with particular and prejudiced views on other sentient life, the Vaentatori provide a somewhat unique exception. Deeply tied to the sea, the Vaentatori established a quick and enduring peace with the merfolk. The only of the five nations to maintain a diplomatic royal marriage, the reigning Monarch of the Vaentatori has been historically wed to the king or queen of the merfolk. This union has never much bothered the other kingdoms and is (particularly in the Holy Dominion) seen as mostly illegitimate. The long history of cooperation with the merfolk has led to a prevalence of generally undiscussed mixed-breeds. These Merlings are fully accepted as exceptional assets to any crew, but are nonetheless treated as somewhat lesser than full-blooded merfolk or Sapiens.


The largest island of Isla Vaenta, generally considered inclusive of the channel and easternmost landmass on which the Gate resides. Hesperitte houses the Salt Palace on its largest bay and serves as the capitol of the kingdom. The entire island is quite wealthy and is the most traveler-friendly. The Allied Encampment on the small eastern Island is not technically under Isla jurisdiction, but is often lumped under the name of Hesperitte. Hesperitte is well known for its exotic and heterogenous population, as well as some of the most skilled performers of song and dance in all of Sabvon. In an uncharacteristic show of respect, the Vaentatori will express pride in their Hesperitte dancers and credit their dazzling dance prowess to skilled Na’arat instructors in a single breath.

  Ita & Cil.

The two southernmost islands of the Isla are generally seen as sister provinces and cooperatively maintain a floating mass of repurposed ships that run from Ita across Cil and on north. At the floating city’s most northern point, the lanterns can be seen from the southern shores of the Nostria on a clear evening. The children born may never even touch the physical shores of Ita or Cil. In some particularly sea-fond families, it is a point of pride never to set foot on actual soil. Some of the Isla’s most impressive sailing crews are products of Ita and Cil and the people there are unwaveringly proud of their seadog roots.

   The Trident.

The small triplet of islands composing the Isla’s westernmost land holdings are generally avoided by travelers. An underdeveloped slum, the Trident has the highest population of Merling residents in all of the kingdom. While the architecture is uninspiring and, in some areas, downright appalling, the Trident maintains a sense of pride by guarding a series of fantastic sea caves that connects all three of the tiny islands. At low tide, a Merling could walk a full circuit around the Trident through the caves and never touch water. The caves are known to house several strange species of bioluminescent fish, as well as several Magically potent plant species. Collecting these is a reasonable means of making a living, but the winding caves have swallowed their fair share of careless gatherers. Precise monitoring of the tides is essential to continued harvesting from the caves.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Marquis Solasette

Solasette has been a fine keeper of secrets for the last twenty years, in so much as they bargain their gossip with an unparalleled deftness. Or so it goes, if you ask the Marquis themself. Such caveats must be appended to almost anything said of Marquis Solasette, who is anywhere between 30 and 50 years of age as suits a given story. A proud Nostrari noble with impeccable breeding, Solasette has managed to maintain the assurance of a long-standing lineage without most anyone having the slightest clue to whom they are related.

Regardless of which version of Solasette one has been introduced to, it is undeniable that the Marquis has mastered the art of secrecy in plain sight. It is, perhaps, this keep aptitude for dancing through court gossip and diplomacy that has allowed Solasette to keep their place as an Academy fixture. Certainly, it is not for any great Magical aptitude. Magic might, in fact, be the only topic on which Solasette is self-depreciating, with a knack for “turning butterflies into birds and so forth” and little else. Nonetheless, innate ability to transmogrify living things, even if clumsily executed in the narrowest of situations, is a rare enough gift that the Academy has had little reason to begrudge Solasette their stay. That said, the Marquis has never demonstrated any such “so forth,” and trots out their butterfly trick quite exclusively at the yearly Feast of the Zenith. It is suspected that it is no coincidence that Feast of the Zenith occurs during the peak of Magical energy in the year.

It has suited the Marquis to remain a well-discussed enigma over the years. Born in the far south of the Nostraia, Solasette met their fair share of travelers from both the Isla and Na’arat. During their time there, Solasette adopted the habit of wearing ostentatious Volto masks during trade arrangements. It became something of a trademark and Solasette insists the Volto’s impassive expression helped them maintain the upper hand in many foreign exchanges. While the wearing of masks is widespread throughout the Nostaia, Solasette is undeniably more judicious with the practice and has never been seen publicly in the Academy without a fully covered face.

The Marquis has graced the pillows of many intriguing beds throughout the Academy, and it is often said that only their lovers have ever seen Solasette’s face. Of course, in part due to an unwillingness to divulge such engagements with the Marquis and in part due to relishing in the secret itself, not a single suspected lover has ever commented on Solasette’s appearance. There was a visiting duchess of the Northern Dominion that did comment that the Marquis’ face was quite lovely, but even that exchange has been accepted as being predominantly rumor.

As a rule, Solasette is not trusted throughout the Academy court. However, they are generally in good spirits and quick to welcome newcomers. So, while untrusted, the Marquis is quite well liked. Solasette is known for their cowardice and rapidly changing loyalties, as well as a gluttonous appetite. In particular, the Marquis has an irrational fondness of apples from the western bank of the Great Euphor Lake and pays unreasonable sums to have them shipped into the Academy. Where Solasette gets the funds for these purchases is not well known, though it is suspected that they have maintained a profitable trade network in south Nostraia. It is something of a joke that Solasette’s partner back in the Nostraia must be twice as clever and twice as eccentric to maintain such a longstanding agreement with the Marquis.

Solasette hates, more than anything, individuals who cause heartbreak and has been known to stir up drama against their better interests purely to see a cruel lover put in their place. Solasette’s personal ties to these couples is almost never particularly deep, so their anger over such matters seems to be on principle alone. As a close second, Marquis Solasette deeply dislikes moths, which they cannot turn into birds despite repeated efforts.         


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Amagutt - Elder Elixion Dragon, known to have ended the Great Battle of Deep Ehandor.

Elixion, native to the Bristleback Mountain chain, is perhaps the most curious of all the known dragon races. Evolved far beyond any a Dragon Nerve reproduction strategy, like most dragon races, Elixion relies on sexual breeding to reproduce. This much is common with the pale variety of dragon. Its physical strength is of category Greater, which means an adult Elixion and a Black Dragon are on par. Handlers and scholars who have studied both agree in scripture that the tough skin on Elixion's scales might decide the outcome of the battle, since Black Dragons are typically heavier while Elixion have superior agility. It is not known if the skin will win or loose the budding of heads for the paler beast, though - this depends on if there is a capacity of sensation in the skin, say the known works. A prevailing theory among the most trustworthy scrolls suggest Elixion can sense pleasure but not pain on it protective exterior, in which case Elixion should narrowly best a Black Dragon.

Elixion, though rare and elusive, is well studied, and new findings on the race fetch a good sum, not only at the Academy, because of a mutation that is exclusive to them. If the right two dragons mate, the offspring can be humanoid. A fantastical claim, but one that has been proven a handful of times in recent history. Elixion's stages of development inside the egg are similar to that of a human adolescent until the embryo decides which of the present genes to take after. If the gene for the sapien race is available, it is of course in the running. It is not known for certain how the sapien gene was first introduced to the race, or how common it is. There is the story of Mazietta and the White Dragon - the very story credited to have ushered in the Love of Beasts era in Sabvon mainstrem literature - in where the princess Mazietta in a fictionalized version of The Holy Dominion, Kadei, is kidnapped by what many deduce to be an Elixion dragon. The tale vary, but the first known journal of it suggests an affair between the princess and her captor before the protagonist, a farmer turned knight, arrives at the final scene. Read also; Mazietta Syndrome.

Upon hatching, the offspring appears similar to an adult sapien, if the conditions are right. Technically an infant by the standards of both Sapien and Elixion, the hatchling learns to walk bipedal soon. There are varying versions of what a Sapien Elixion childhood looks like, depending on the source, but this might just be due to different personalities in parents. Elixion Dragon individuals are known to have vastly varied temperaments.

As adults, Sapien Elixion are better documented. Exclusively of pallid complexion and white hair, the known individuals are strong and durable enough to engage adult dragons unarmed. Smaller races, such as Ubor Dragons, are fairly easy prey to Sapien Elixion. One of the public cases made it clear He had them as a main food source, growing up in the forests surrounding The Great Euphor Lake.

Young Elixion Dragon having defeated a domesticated Ubor Dragon.

Sapien Elixion are said to be the link between Dragons and the Sapien race. Currently all who have been in the public eye have gone into hiding. There are several examples of them becoming Dragon Guards, but they seem to suffer great psychological trauma from slaying Dragons for extended periods of time. The Dragonbind Volumes have an extensive chapter on Elixion and deal with many of the more common beliefs of the Sapien Elixion.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Kaever Oblynt - High Conductor of Misericordia

Kaever Oblynt was stuck on his station as a scholar for quite some time. The testing system in the academy has since been changed to prevent future oversights such as the case with Kaever. A conductor is now responsible if one of their scholars are not being honed at their highest potential. The main reason for Kaever's then stagnation was a lack of ambition, and an 'addiction to leisure' as it was described by the High Principal.

He now oversees the Academy's Misericordia Falange along with a handful of other High Conductors. True to his nature, Kaever have yet to apply to take the place as the Sire of Misericordia, but is unofficially still consulted as the ward of the falange because of his long standing expertise and unparalleled - though largely untested - abilities in the discipline. His fellow High Conductors will refer to him.

The academy uses Kaever as an emissary often, and he is usually happy to oblige, even when his discipline isn't directly needed. Not officially trained in diplomatics, he has enough mediation under his belt to serve almost any country, and favors the tribes of Na'arat. It is, however, hard to have him perform any duties when he travels to connect with the tides of Sabvon, and these pilgrimages are one of the reasons he is not yet a Sire. It is also note-worthy that no other High Conductor of Misericordia goes on leave for this reason. It is no secret that Kaever's methods would have been subject for reprimand if not for his high station.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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The Northern Emperium

The Northern Emperium was once considered the most powerful of the Five Kingdoms, but civil war tore apart the Emperium from within. Twenty-five years later, the Emperium remains a noble and imposing force in Sabvon but no longer seeks to dominate the continent. The reigning monarch, as well, has assured the other kingdoms that the Emperium has no desire for conquest. Peace among the kingdoms gives the Emperium a breath to rebuild, after all. The oldest of the kingdoms and formerly the overseers of the Holy Dominion, the Northern Emperium is a proud land of knights and aristocrats with extraordinary loyalty to the reigning monarch.

Hysian slave woman. Her mark is not visible beneath the heavy collar.

The War.

In the far north, controlling World’s Mouth for as long as any of Sabvon’s historians could track, the Hys coexisted with Sapiens. Indistinguishable from Sapiens in almost every regard, they were not uncomfortable neighbors. As the Emperium rose to prominence, the Sapiens absorbed the Hysian land holdings beneath their protection, but promised their autonomy. However, Sapien nobles desiring the deep cold-water ports of World’s Mouth began to rapidly encroach on Hysian ground.

A rather rare and isolated species, the Hys were not inclined toward conflict and generally allowed the Emperium aristocrats their manors and towns so long as they could remain unbothered. However, the much reduced proximity to the reclusive Hys began to deteriorate relations with the Emperium. The Sapien population of World’s Mouth discovered the quietly long-lived Hys had a frightening secret. Theirs was a species which survived off the Life and Magic energies released by the dead. While the vast majority of Hys would never seek out Sapiens or other creatures to harm, surviving off the natural cycles of death, there were always the aggressive few. The Hys quickly became feared and shunned, treated as second-class citizens when they were discovered living amongst Sapiens and spoken of like monsters in the night when they lived in their own villages.

As tensions mounted, a particularly eerie Life Calling ceremony performed by the Hys coincided with a terrible blizzard that resulted in the deaths of many Sapiens in the far north. A mass hysteria ensued, as angry Emperium citizens blamed the Hys for calling on a blizzard. To this day, historians debate whether or not the Hys were, in fact respoinsible. It was ordered that all Hys be rounded up and marked so that Emperium citizens might know to be wary. Such injustice outraged a young Hysian group, and a series of village raids around World’s Mouth sent the conflict over the edge. By Spring of that year, the Hys had declared World’s Mouth and the surrounding land to be an independent kingdom usurped by the Emperium and the Emperium went to war.

Though greatly outnumbered, the Hysian forces and their sympathizers held strong for two years and inflicted massive damage on the Emperium. Inherently Magical beings, immortal so long as death was there to feed them, the Hys only grew stronger with each attack on the Emperium. They worked at night with quick-striking guerilla tactics and no concern for civilians. They fought fiercely, like cornered animals, but were ultimately broken by skilled Magus Knights. The surviving Hys population was only twenty percent of its former numbers.

The Hys were allowed to remain in the Emperium under the condition that their villages were burned and they were dispersed throughout the kingdom. Spread as they were, there was little risk of summoned calamities and the Emperium set to cleaning up the land. While the current Queen is rather hopeful for repaired relations with the Hys, repealing the order to have them marked, deep fear and loathing toward their kind runs rampant throughout the kingdom. They are treated poorly, as the worst sort of sub-Sapien, and rumblings of another rebellion have begun to emerge a quarter century after the first.   

Queen Magna Isadora.

Queen Magna took power as the eldest child of the late King Magnus the third. Though convention would have passed the throne to her younger brother, Magna was promised the crown by her father at young age. She was an exceedingly bright and steadfast spirit; King Magnus was sure his daughter would be the leader the Emperium needed as it slowly found its footing in the new age and the aftermath of the civil war.

Queen Magna and her prince brother inherited no Magical sensitivity whatsoever, though Wind Speaking Magic had run in the royal family for generations. Magna made up for her lack of Magic with a sharp tactical mind and warrior spirit, and her equally talented (but less diplomatic) brother ultimately chose to join the Magus Guard. Queen Magna has tried, with some success, to heal the relations between the Sapiens and the Hys with deep empathy for both sides. Her leadership has been well-received by many, but her road has not been easy. Nay-sayers call for her brother to take power and Hys opposition to Emperium rule has not died out.

Magna has yet to take a husband and produce any heirs, and dirtier rumors suggest she is keeping a secret Hysian lover. However, the truth is simply that Queen Magna is in love with her childhood friend Lily. While Magna Isadora is well aware that she must produce an heir, she has been unable to move herself to take a husband. Lily has urged her to do so on many occasions, for the sake of the Emperium and Magna’s queenship, but Magna refuses each time.

The Still.

The Still is a sprawling forest that has seen not a breath of breeze in two hundred years. At the heart of the forest is the Emperium’s Spire and Queen Magna’s Winter palace. It is said that venturing too far out from the city into the woods will drive a man mad. There is perfect silence and perfect stillness. The birds don’t sing, if there are birds at all. Knights of the Magus Guard will often pilgrimage to The Still to meditate and not a single of the Guard who has gone has ever reported encountering a wild animal. However, The Still is abundant in edible flora with berry bushes envied throughout the whole of Sabvon.

The Gryphon Riders.

The Emperium is known for three exports. Fine dyes made from the berries in The Still, monstrous fish from World’s Mouth, and the fiercest Gryphons in the five kingdoms. The Gryphons come from the Eyries of the Bristleback Mountains, and the Emperium riders who seek out the chicks and raise them are of renowned talent. Various stables of prestige have a friendly rivalry across the Emperium and Gryphon raising and riding has become ubiquitous with the region. The Gryphons have been bred into a handful of specific breeds, but the most prized and widely sought of these is the Greater Gold Cat (affectionately called Goldies).

Goldies are precious to any standing army and can be trained to work fluently with lancers and archers. Able to fly with an extraordinary amount of weight, Goldies can be outfitted with full armor and carry a fully equipped soldier and a friend with ease. The Gryphons have been known to forge such close bonds with their riders that they will defend a deceased rider’s body to the point of their own death. They cannot be ridden by any but their imprinted rider and, in most instances, are put down at the time of their rider’s death as the most humane option. Goldies are buried with the full honor of soldiers in all five kingdoms.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Saeli Windvice

She’s a bit of a mess, or so Solasette has passed on to most anyone in the Academy who will listen. Saeli, the new girl without a house name; at least, not a recognizable one. It was curious she wasn’t found sooner, though. Word is, she was discovered by a Magus Guard exploring Ita and Cil on his day off from working at The Gate. The rumor is she was cheating a few men at dice, manipulating the rolls with pretty subtle Magic. Nothing too flashy, but at twenty-three with no formal training it’s not surprising. They say the Guard took her to the Allied Encampment to be fined for inappropriate use of minor Magic and somehow one of the Grand Magisters got involved. There must have been something special about her, because they carted her off to the Academy right away. Not that Solasette can tell. She just seems rather ill-bred.

Saeli Windvice was born to a family of traders working a ship out of Ita and Cil. A native to the floating city, she was eager to join her father on his routes. Her desire to stay aboard ship and out at sea only grew with her mother’s passing during the birth of her little brother. She earned her keep and the fondness of the rest of the crew, developing Magical abilities at an early age that came in handy for the merchant vessel. It was often joked she must have been a traveling scholar’s child, because there wasn’t a single Windvice in memorable history to have any Magic at all. However, Saeli was undeniably her father’s daughter with his love of the sea and eyes that changed color with the sky.

A typical merchant from the region, her father’s ship did not transport the most legitimate goods and dealt regularly with pillaged and black market cargo brought in by the various underworld syndicates of the Isla. Presenting a visage of legality, never stealing anything for themselves, the Windvice was one of many trading vessels that acted as the middlemen between Isla’s unsavory pirates and the more cultured Nostrari merchants on the mainland. However, such business is often plagued with a degree of danger on both sides of the trade. As Sayali grew into a pretty young woman, her father became concerned for her safety should they encounter any trouble. Regardless of the progressiveness of any particular group, a blooming thing like Saeli was ripe fruit for the slave trade, a quiet blight on all of Sabvon. To protect her, the elder Windvice disguised Saeli as a boy when they went to sea. Though Saeli herself never much minded the practice, to say it left her sorely lacking in ladylike court manners would be an understatement.

Regardless, Saeli was determined to make Windvice into a true noble name when she was given passage to the Academy. For her family and for the Windvice crew. (Like many of the commoners in the Isla, Saeli’s family name was taken from their ship rather than any blood lineage.)

Saeli is remarkably well traveled, though she lacks almost any knowledge on the Academy and Magical practice in the land. For that matter, it wasn’t until she was brought in for her fine that she became aware that the Academy oversaw such things. Eager to prove herself as capable as anyone from the historically Magical aristocracy of Sabvon, she has been quick to take up Marquis Solasette’s offer for guidance as a new Academician. However, the two have already developed a strained relationship, as Solasette’s deeply rooted disregard for commoners has continually clashed with Saeli’s sensibilities. Nonetheless, without a clue even as to which school of study she ought to approach, she has endured Solasette’s patronizing admirably.
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Re: A Formal Drama.
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Little notes.

-Saeli dislikes sweet fruits and many sweet things in general.

-On the other hand, her favorite treat is cucumber brined in sea water.

-Kaever has exceptionally well-behaved hair. He's actually very lazy about it but it looks perfectly groomed of its own accord. This annoys Solasette deeply.

-Solasette is keen on women's fashion despite a personal wardrobe that falls into a distinct in-between. Their clothes are always glamorous and flamboyant, but designed to be suited to be curiously andogenous.

-Fierro has a pet Gryphon that's no bigger than a small dog, with an owlish head and housecat-like body. Its name is Merling, after his family's ship. Saeli, when she learns of it, is smitten with its soft feathers. Merling is less appreciative of Saeli.

-Enslen has a major sweet tooth.

-Xijja is one of a set of identical triplets.

-Kaever has quite a few admirers (for his looks more than personality) but isn't known to indulge. Fierro occasionally mocks him for perfomance issues, but really he's just weepy he can't get in on that action.

-Fierro has no telepathic abilities, just telekinetic. He doesn't mind, but works very hard at mastering illusion-based spells to compensate for his somewhat narrow range of ability.

-Mantafolk loose their teeth like sharks, which is to say constantly as they regrow them. Enslen still finds it a little creepy when he finds Xijja's teeth occasionally lodged in his armor.

-Enslen, when he finds out Saeli understand the Merfolk/Mantafolk language, really wants to be taught but Saeli can only understand it, not speak it. He finds this deeply frustrating.

-Fierro can actually speak a bit of the Merfolk language; most Vaentatori learn to understand, few to speak. He is limited by his Sapien vocal chords but has been working on making an instrument to compensate.

-Solasette is a terrible singer. Kaever is surprisingly talented and so is Enslen. Saeli may or may not be, but she refuses to let anyone hear.


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Re: A Formal Drama.
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A Brief Catalog of Kaever Oblynt's Prominent Admirers(?)

Fierro Argen.

The oldest son of the Argen family, a respected house of Isla Vaenta. His family resides in Hesperitte and has produced excellent sailors who run with the Silverfin fleet. His mother has two ships to her name, the Dawnstrike and the Merling, and his three younger sisters have all taken to the seas. His father was an Academician before him and he entered the Academy at twenty to continue the Argen presence there. Prior to entering the Academy, he sailed with his sisters and was quite the notable hunter. His prowess came largely from his agile and bold attacks, helping to fell Behma with the same elegance he used on the dancefloor. Curiously, Fierro is more apt to brag about his dance training on Hesperitte than his hunting record.

Fierro has been at the Academy for fifteen years and returned to Hesperitte only thrice in that time. He has been a well-liked feature of the Misericordia Falange for the vast majority of that time, though he has never shown a great deal of ambition. His relatively limited Magic has led him to take on a valuable, if fairly quiet, role in the Five Quarters as the Misericordia ambassador.

Fierro is known for his dalliances in the Academy, often courting visiting nobility from the five kingdoms. His conquests have been most exclusively women, though he’s caught the eye of more than a few men. He’s not been known to hold any great affection for his visiting ladies despite many considering their experience with him to be eye-opening. Which is to say many of the fine women had never indulged such a pretty face before.

Master Argen’s appearance has been one of his most memorable features since childhood. His mother often claimed he was the most beautiful of all her children and, frankly, his sisters never bothered to argue it. Growing up, he was the object of desire for many boys and girls alike, which has led him to hold a rather loose view of what constitutes masculinity and femininity. He’s never been one to be offended by those who mistake him for a woman upon first meeting, but some speculate his womanizing ways are on account of some desire to prove his own manhood to himself.

In truth, Fierro Argen’s only real love is Kaever Oblynt. Though he’s never made his feelings known, convinced the experience would be humiliating at best, he has pinned after the High Conductor for years. Much of his gallivanting has been to elicit some response from Kaever, negative or otherwise, and to keep his mind off his great and unrequited love.

Andromeda Lintail.

Andromeda is a duchess from the Northern Emperium and staunch advocate of expelling and eliminating the Hysian population from the kingdom. She was raised by her uncle and aunt after her parents were both taken by illness. Shortly after their death, Andromeda witnessed Hysians violating her parents’ graves by calling out their residual aether to feed on. Though this communing with death is generally considered quite honorable by the Hysians, Andromeda was deeply disturbed by the event and has remained extremely prejudiced toward the entire race.

Andromeda was sent to the Academy at fourteen, where she rose to prominence as a diplomatic agent for her kingdom and a vocal recruiter of Magi who wished to work against the Hys by the age of eighteen. Also in that time, she was admitted to Misericordia and taken in as Kaever’s pupil. Though Kaever was more regularly taking on new Scholars at the time, he was extraordinarily selective. Her impressive talent for illusion Magics caught his attention, and she was taken on as his Scholar. Andromeda quickly became his favorite student and developed something of a romantic relationship with him in later years. While both Andromeda and Kaever clearly shared a connection, it was never particularly acted upon due to strict rules forbidding such relationships between Conductors and their Scholars within the Falange.

Andromeda was eventually sent on a liason visit to her, and Kaever’s, home kingdom. While in the Emperium, something happened that utterly changed her (though nobody ever did discover what). She sought out the young Fierro Argen upon her return and, though it was well known that the two had never gotten along, Fierro agreed to collect a crew and sail her to Na’arat. She never told him why and he didn’t care to ask; she wanted to leave the Academy and it allowed him to put distance between her and Kaever. Andromeda was thirty-two when she disappeared in the Na’arat wilderness and never returned.

Kaever never found out that Fierro had been the one to give her passage out of the Academy nor was he able to release her from her role as his Scholar with her disappearance. Thus, by Academy record, she still remains under his tutelage.   

Nith Snowfall.

Nith was born and raised at the Academy to parents of the Medica school. Her role, in that sense, was mostly predetermined for her. She was trained in the Aetheria Falange, luckily inheriting some measure of her parents’ aptitude for the discipline. Her greatest talents lay with Alechemy though, and she spent most of her time refining spells based on her Aetherian Magic to apply to alchemical studies. She then carried her training from both Falanges into the school of Medica. There, she was trained to heal, break curses, and concoct powerful elixirs and poisons for medical treatment. The school appointed her to the primary infirmary and she has worked there ever since.

Nith was truly a born caretaker, with a motherly disposition and kind eyes. She is well regarded by her fellow Healers and often consulted on devising new elixirs for unusual and rare conditions. She is well into her eighties, though she doesn’t look a day over thirty-five. When asked about her abundant youthfulness, she simply smiles and recommends some investment in a good Alchemist. She has always had a keen fascination in Kaever’s healing abilities, which formed the basis of their earlies interactions. They have remained amicable in the fifty years they’ve known one another. Nith is something of an anchor for several of the Academy residents, and Kaever might be among them (though he’d deny it).

She might have been in love with Kaever once, and he might have known or even reciprocated it, but whatever flame it was burnt out a long time ago. The two are easy friends now with a deep understanding of one another. Nith is quite lovely and often makes appearances to various events as his escort; a safe choice given her good standing with most everyone at the Academy and the very apparent sense that they come together out of a friendly practicality. She is one of the few known to hold the upper hand with Kaever, teasing him as she likes without fear of retaliation. It is suspected that some of her spells for prolonging her youth were concocted from a study of Kaever’s Magic, but both are quite mum on the subject. It has been suggested by multiple individuals on several occasions that the two would make a lovely pair; Nith often replies that “that ship has long since sailed.”

If it weren’t for the fact she’s simply so good natured and well-liked, the rumor mill most certainly would have concocted all sorts of stories about the Healer and the High Conductor.

Saeli looks up to Nith a good deal and goes to see her often for tea. Nith offers a maternal figure Saeli did not have the chance to grow up with and Nith is happy for the younger woman’s company.