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Re: Guts.
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Syren sighed prettily and moaned the way she’d found human men to like. Her lips were scalding and practiced. It was a wonderful thing the Demons here did. They never grew bored with their sin, now their craft. Every patron was a new delight, every pleasure real and savored. It was professional skill with the enthusiasm of young lovers. It wasn’t an act beyond the faces they wore. Syren was a greedy Succubus, and eager. She tried Mei’s curves against Lib’s sinewy frame and liked the friction there. She giggled when he said her name and gasped when he turned her to meet the wall.

“I love special men,” she purred, his body against her back. It was fun being Miss Wing. Syren looked honestly disappointed when he left her. “Make sure you find the money. I feel like I’m missing out,” she called after him, shape shifting back when he’d let her free. Syren stroked her stomach and trailed her fingers low after the ghost of Lib’s touch. What a fun man. He’d taken all of her pills, too. She’d really have to put on a show if he came back to her then. Those things ought to make the girl he was going to feel like a goddess, like she was touching every nerve. Syren didn’t mind waiting, but she wasn’t about to be overshadowed by a simple human girl, even if that girl had Belou’s eye. She slunk off to find other friends who were free and might want to fill the room they’d have waiting for Libertine.


Mei was floating, she thought. The liquor was making her tongue heavy and her gaze long. A pleasant and downy sweetness clouding her head as Belou’s fingers worked her skin and his voice wove languid and warm. “Oh, Ouran, god I’m such a bitch,” Mei was laughing. It was an earnest regret though, it seemed. “I wish I could be head over heels for him, you know? I wish we could just be in love, nice and neat, no problems. I’d convince Daddy to let him do some kinder work. I don’t know.” Mei shook her head and groaned. “But I’d be the worst kind of person to pretend, I think, and I’m just as bad for being honest.” Mei massaged her own temples. “Can’t fucking win. It’s all Kou’s fault, I swear.” She muttered. It wasn’t, probably. But the siblings were good at that: blaming one another out of convenience.
Hearing about Libertine seemed to cheer her though, or at the very least it had her interest. “Are you just lucky or was it by design? Sometimes I can’t tell with you, Belou. You’re such a pretty schemer. Someday I’ll be as good as you.” She looked up at him and smirked. A childish thing to say, human girl to her Incubus darling. “He was quite something.” She agreed. It wasn’t all that often a thug left an impact like that. She’d been playing for her own skin, but she’d have been the most pitiful liar if she tried to say she hadn’t kind of liked it. “Or maybe it was just the adrenalin, I don’t know. Aitawa was with us the whole time too. Seriously, I’m such a bitch.” She told him. Aitawa had understood enough to forgive her, she was sure, but he probably would have forgiven her even if he hadn’t understood enough. In the end, it still meant she was cruel.

“Of course not. I mean, we owe him at least thirty grand for playing nice, or something like that. I can wire him the money to spend on your friends here and anything else. I owe him… I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t think he cares about it. Whatever my debt is. But he was kind of interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.” She said. “Kou would hate it.” She added again. It might be a dangerous game for Lib, really. She thought of Stanford and Ren and Christian. It wasn’t paying him back for much if it set her brother on him like a hound on a fox. Mei rolled the thought over in her head and then decided she didn’t care. Libertine had kidnapped her, after all. He wasn’t innocent.

Mei blushed a little then. She’d gotten wrapped up in the idea of her captor returning with such little effort. A curious look at Belou. It might be his fault, his liquor and his gentle coaxing muddling her. She breathed deeply, slowly, then laughed. “Little cubs.” She echoed. “Kou might act pleased to be an uncle, you know. It’s like him to be infuriating.” She warned.

Belou had been quick to bring her more of his wonderfully mixed concoction and was enticing her to drink. She went to oblige and followed the rim upward to sip from the glass, a soft sound of annoyance for being encouraged to make the effort. He rewarded her for the small obedience with a sip, which she did not need, but Mei wanted oblivion today. She’d told him as much. And oblivion came, long inked limbs and a tumble that was too recently familiar. She cried out, startled, and the drink spilled just a bit, as Libertine took her crashing to the ground.

“You!” she gasped, because Bel had told her he was here but not that he was coming. Lib was beneath her, so it was her Demon who received the shocked stare. Belou added to the ruckus, wasting her dark liquor and its glass on the floor. It was a pretty calamity, though. All of it was, in Belou’s house. Mei was surprised, clearly, but had not tried to struggle. “I wasn’t expecting to be seeing you so soon again.” She said, wriggling a little when Bel went to pry at her jeans. Mei yelped when Belou disrobed her. “How very forward, Belou. Are you sure you’re well enough yet?” She said, attempting to regain her composure.

She shuddered against Lib’s voice, teasing at her earlobe. “So presumptuous, Mister Libertine.” She mumbled, though she’d still not made a move to leave him and she’d been compliant enough to Bel taking her down to her lingerie. A thoughtfully pretty set, as usual, dark maroon lace and an excess of straps. Truthfully, Mei hadn’t worn it for anyone but herself, which was why it was cute to find her in it. It was, perhaps, unlikely that either of the two with her would spend much time admiring her diligence though.

“I don’t know if I’m in the mood to be happy. But I do owe you a thank you, I think,” she murmured, finally turning her gaze from Bel, who seemed eager for this, to Libertine. It brought her breath across his lips and an unbidden intimacy, her long lashes brushing the bridge of his nose. It was only reasonable that she did kiss him then, the atmosphere and Belou’s heart both clawing for it. She would taste like Bel’s spirits. “It’s a bit bold of you to be in this town still, don’t you think?” she asked in a breath.

Mei scoffed. “Missed me?” she sighed. “How tragic. I didn’t have anything to miss,” Mei hummed before she took his lip between her teeth, light tug. “But I’ll admit it’s not a bad thing, seeing you again. I had thought I might never, or that it would be a while. But here you are, with my other half.” She said, and that other half flaring in her blue and driving her pulse was eager. Bel might as well have been the one in Libertine’s grasp with what he must be able to feel from her. Together, they were some deeply tangled and invested sort of voyeurism. Better for the Incubus as their company than Aitawa, either way.

“You’re so strange,” she said. “Are you here to kidnap me again? You should hide me better this time, if you want more time together.” Mei blinked. “I don’t think I’d mind.”   


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Re: Guts.
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Libertine did care, Bel saw, with that written-on new friend holding her on top of himself on the floor, amid the table carcass. And Mei didn’t mind, as she’d said. But Bel’s little lovely found herself quick, native to this situation even though it was new. “Am I well enough for this kind of thing? What do you mistake me for? I’d have to be dead a long time to abstain.” It was true. This was what he was made of. These things built and mended him better than rest ever could. “You know I like forward.” His hand slid from the top of her pretty panties to her belly button. “And back.” So the hand slid back down again, to that lace. “and any which way.” He petted the last of her skin, side to side, above the modest concealment of the garment.

Lib relished the touch of her lashes again. “The mood might come.” He wasn’t very coy when he looked for more against her lips when she gave them. It was harder, deeper than when Ouran had been there to see. Bel’s audience prompted more. “Ah, your town doesn’t frighten me.” He said into her taste. “And I think you’d be at least a little disappointed if I left now.” He didn’t hold a contract with a Pride demon, but he was of the sin, sometimes. Plethora of vices, this jackal. His eyes closed in pleasure when her teeth brought a long pout to his lower lip. “The strangest.” He assured her as he saw Bel draw at her undergarment with his teeth. Lib thought that was an exceptional direction. “But I think it is your turn to hide me this time, yes?” he said before kissing her desperately.

Bel, who had his hand under Mei, on Lib, felt the swell of Lib’s intentions, and laughed as he flicked the button to part the denim. Her underwear had become a line high on her thighs. Belou was what he was, and so he liked certain things for himself. There wasn’t much fiddling before he’d fit Libertine between Mei and her panties, letting Lib stick up over Mei’s legs, as though Mei had been a boy, herself. This impressive thing was surely transmitting Lib’s heat onto Mei in the most urgent way. Belou, with his mouth, went about doing something more favorable to Lib than speaking, which pressed that part of Lib up against Mei, as well.


“I know you think you’re clever, Teddy.” Kou mumbled underneath the arm eclipsing his eyes where he laid, expensive shoe on the opposite window and other shoe on the mat. His tone was lighter. Just jest, then.

“Hard to see how I’m not and you are when you’re bleeding and I’m driving.” Teddy replied. Ouran was a bit relieved at this exchange, now.

“You still turned down this road. You always do. No real surprise.” Kou pointed out and ashed into the air. Ouran looked at the signs and the buildings. Run down but inhabited. Yes, for some reason Teddy did like this part of the city.

“You’re kind of predictable too, Kou.” Ouran injected. Kou’s arm slid away then.

“Yeah? How’s that?” he asked, getting up on his elbows, folded uncomfortably now, his length in this limited space.

“Well, we’re going to see Susie, aren’t we, at some point?” he asked.

Both Teddy and Kou laughed.

“Fuck. Both of you guys got me today. I must be slipping.” Kou chirped and sat up, smoke in his wake.


Lib let her arms be so he could slide that shirt off her finally. The top of the set she was wearing was as lovely. His kiss was on her before the neckline had passed her eyes, his mouth eager because of the pleasure Belou was giving. Lib held her hips and slid her higher on his firmer himself, until Belou, at the tip, kissed her there, as well.

“Be careful with my baby Mei.” Belou said with no real caution in his voice. Libertine groaned as he buried his face against her neck and tried to eat her there, as well.

“Tall order, sir.” He admitted. It was good Lib could play that part, since Belou was in his obedient mood and Mei followed in this kind of thing.


“Where are we going?” Kou asked through a dissipating cloud. Teddy looked back at him with a surprised expression and then at Ouran.

“Susie.” He reminded as though Kou was simple. Kou made a gesture with his smoking hand and realized the ember was low. He killed it in the tray in the divider and reached inside his pocket for the packet.

“Already? For this?” he asked and touched the crusting blood mingling well with his black hair. “She’ll laugh at me. At least lets go see some scrappy loaners first. I’d be embarrassed coming in like this.”


On Belou’s insistence, Lib had carried her to the round bed, which was placed directly beneath the chandelier. With glee she was tossed onto the sheets, immediately followed by the two. Her pretty lingerie and the rest of their clothes were discarded, forgotten, along the way. Bel was at her softnesses and the well fired Libertine kissed her hipbone.


Kou hadn’t even put out the flame that brought light at the end of his new burning vice when a monstrous vehicle roared at them from the side, colliding into their car with murderous determination. Kou’s side, of course, and he was tossed so suddenly the ember made a line in the air.


Eventually, as was fair, the two of them would turn on Belou and his practiced voice - and all the honesty in it that he left for Mei - would protest in a darling way. He held his arms out so he could embrace them and have love from their bodies and mouths.


In a drawn out instance inside the whorl of the cabin, a thread of light went from the jagged, clear teeth of the window, to draw lines, mapping the distances between the suspended shards in the air, only to end inside one of Kou’s chocolate eyes, setting it on such fire that the iris became bright red. Ouran hung forward and Teddy was grimacing into the inflating airbag. Then the moment went on to shake the boys frantically.


The three at the pleasure house also tumbled. Libertine’s head hung over the edge, lips parted to breathe in rhythm with their generosity. He was quite a glutton. Not that he didn’t fulfill his part in things, as well, sitting up soon to bring Mei back against him, and let Belou be on the other side. It was quite a scene, with a jackal so lengthy, and Belou so slight and Mei so little. Sometimes the smaller two had to climb the guest to have at his adorned skin.


The two enforces had made it out of the wreckage, somehow, trusting on the flopped car to shield them from gunfire. Ouran was a good shot and Teddy was wearing quite the arsenal on Wei’s order. Despite the planning of this attempt at their lives, these visitors were not very well trained beyond operating their ram. Teddy had some devastating success with a pair of thrown explosives, and Ouran was able to pick the rest off. The firefight had put holes in most of what was left of the SUV, but at least it had served to save them one last time.

“Where is Kou?” Ouran asked, turning over a body with his foot just in time for his concussion to shake his vision. Ouran had to put a knee to the ground, and immediately worried about enemy stragglers. But they had been thorough in their murder. Teddy looked around, mostly unshaken, and then became deathly still, dark eyes wide.


“Kou who?” Belou whispered in her ear before kissing her deeply, all their flavors mingled on his tongue for her. He then went to suck on Agatha and run two fingers along Selma on either side of Lib’s windpipe. The jackal had his arm around her to keep her close, reveling in a short moment of contentment. Belou was glowing above her, filled with the lust they’d shared.


Teddy had Ouran over one shoulder, standing by a brick wall. The metal ledge had always been broken, rail bent in a menacing way. Teddy breathed with some panic in his lungs as Kou hung by that protruding iron pipe sticking out of his chest, his shoes lacquered in Tzeng life swaying only by the presence of a chilled breeze. It seemed a final thing when the cigarette between his fingers fell from its pinched home and went out in the little puddle of blood underneath.