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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Manx only offered a cursory nod of acknowledgement to Master Corvainus. He had no words for him, and kept walking. They would head off Ergas before the quorum and give Dawn and Alec time to converse. “He is here for Dawn’s quorum,” he spoke to the air and to Dreven. “If you want to catch up with him later we will see if he has time.”

He knew he shouldn’t truly get in the way of his padawan growing. Even so, he wouldn’t let Dreven visit with Corvainus alone.

The topic shifted to Ergas. “Just be honest, Dreven,” he said softly, voice lowering a bit. “Formal, but honest,” Dreven would be blunt otherwise, and Ergas would not appreciate that in the least. “Tell him what happened as it happened. I will be here to back up your story.” And his own weakness.

As they walked up the rocky stairs to a part of the main campus where Manx sensed Ergas, he noted Dawn and Alec not far, heading to the waterfalls. He didn’t question it as he walked out onto the quad and saw Master Ergas rushing from one building and towards the docks. No doubt, he’d sensed their arrival. A conversation must have delayed him.

Manx lifted his hand, and the eyes of the cerean man fell to him.

If there was worry, it was muted in his approach. “Where is the infant?” that was the first question from the Master, who looked at how injured the two were. “Dawn…?”

“Knight Jinn has gone with Master Corvainus. The infant is not with us. We have a much larger problem than angry parents, Master.”
Manx said.

There, Corvainus did look truly concerned. He looked between Manx and Dreven, and then fixed his blue eyes wholly on Dreven when Manx made a gesture to him, understanding the young padawan was to explain the situation.


Dawn could barely manage to smile at the mock-offense that her master played at, and as she wrapped her arms around him, she did roll her eyes. She might have said something, but his whisper caught all her attention. ‘Ah.’ Deception was the name of this game, then. They were being watched.

It was as serious as she feared, then. Ergas was out for her head. ‘Try.’ She wouldn’t be ousted from the Order so easily. She was getting a Consular’s seat before that ever happened.

As they parted, she made of show being exasperated with him, but hooked her arm in his and stepped close, “Why aren’t you retired yet?” She joked, but walked with him. He was not so old to need her assistance, or anyone’s. He was strong enough in the Force, but he didn’t let that rule him. He trained all aspects of himself, as much a fighter as a diplomat, and Dawn had always respected that.

A true Jedi was one who focused on everything. Holistic.

They walked to the waterfalls, an area she had always favored, and one she knew would drown out their conversation to others as the waters rushed near them and acted like a white noise machine. It was there everything changed, and Dawn listened.

“There isn’t—”
she grit her teeth on the outburst and took a deep breath, pressing the anger down. It was easier to feel around him, to be honest. She wasn't afraid that he would reproach her for it, even if she didn't think he bought into her philosophies.

How many times did she have to say it to be heard? ‘There is no dark side!’ Another breath. “I am not the Sith. We met a Sith on Tython, and Manx let him get away,” there was bitterness. Dawn was still certain if it hadn’t been for Manx’s decisions, the Sith would have been disposed of on Tython. “I’m not Sith,” she stated. “I’ve taught Ergas’s padawan things he wouldn’t approve of, but not because I want to turn him from the Jedi.”

So-called dark side talents.

She’d be honest with Alec, though. She wasn’t sure if he accepted her philosophy or not, but there’d be no hiding it from him. Not that she really hid her philosophy. 


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dreven nodded as Manx spoke, 'we' though? Master Alec had given him advice secretly and Dreven never told his Master. It was actually useful and had helped him calm his mind. 'Remember your rage is temporary but your inner peace is permanent.' He was aware of why the quorum was so important. Even Master Corvainus was going to be present in person.

Formal, he could do that but for how long? He sensed something. He knew it was other Jedi but the power from both individuals was overpowering. Master Ergas' pull was also felt, as he and his Master climbed the stairs. Dreven kept his cool and smiled and bowed when he was Master Ergas.

Those blue eyes were piercing. Dreven bit his lip and stepped forward, sticking out his chest and standing straight. He was much taller than Master Ergas and looked down.
"Master, when we found the child, the parents and the locals were reluctant to allow the child to leave. We tried reasoning with them until they became hostile and started firing at us. Then a hooded man, a--" He looked at his Master, looking for encouragement. "A Sith Lord, Master. Master Manx had gone to reason with the parents while Knight Jinn and I engaged the Sith. I charged at the Sith and he countered me."

He looked down and sighed. "When I came too, I had been kidnapped by one of his bounty hunters or mercenaries. I was in shackles and I was used to be traded for.. for the child." The guilt was genuine and Dreven looked to the side, truly hurt from what his rash and aggressive behavior had caused. "Forgive me.. Master."


"Haha now there's an idea, I could do with some vacation." He laughed out loud for those watching, as far as they were concerned, Dawn and himself were catching up by where they used to meditate. When he explained himself, he noticed what was a premature protest, she masked most of it. Not good enough. "There's that temper again."

His hand quickly had grabbed her wrist and his thumb was resting where her pulse went off. "Good.. completely gone in less than a second. Your anger may brew like a storm in your mind but your body must be like a lake. Stagnant and still."

When she was younger, her pulse beat faster and sooner when she was angry. His lesson was to secrete that anger but utilize and conceal it with complete calm. Calming herself down after an outburst should be done in an instant. She had become extremely adept, add that with her extreme sensitivity to the Force and you had a powerful Jedi.

Alec awaited and even became anxious at what she could truly become for one day she would have to kill him or she would die. It wouldn't have been the first time Alec would have to have taken down one of his apprentices. If they couldn't kill him at the end of their training, they deserved to die. What use could they have?

Still, he listened to her and did not interrupt. His grip on her wrist was loose and only his thumb searched for irregularities in the rhythm of the pulses. He also watched her body language to formulate an opinion. This was nothing new, he did this when he used to train her. Alec was a master of deception and thus he was good at spotting it, he knew all the tells. He taught Dawn how to spot falseness in someone's speech vs their nonverbal signals and behavior.

He feigned surprise for learning of Buun.
"I am familiar with your philosophy, an interesting idea. I am a believer that there is no one truth to everything. Alternatives exist for a reason. You must realize how this looks but remember that the truth is and can always be manipulated in your favor. What favors you from what you have said and what I can infer, you all fought a Sith and now the child is not with you. Ergas wants your head or for you to be exiled. Neither will stand with me, Dawn."

He held out his hand for her to grab as he looked into her eyes. Attachment was his one fault out of the few he had that were visible. Here stood the little girl he rescued all those years ago. She was in tears and embraced him when she saw him. Alec had begun his descent away from the Jedi when he met her. His lover had been pregnant with his daughter and his cover he had to have as a Jedi interfered with his ability to visit her. He always saw Dawn as the daughter he never had. When he first embraced and dragged her away from her home, her wails for her mother broke his heart.

He certainly wouldn't blow his cover during the quorum to save Dawn, as much it would hurt him. He would be struck down. However, when he finally turned, he would assure that Ergas would die by his lightsaber. He hoped it wouldn't come to that though.

"I will defend you as much as I can, depending how this quorum goes, it will open up a whole new world I have yet to teach you. Seek me out for the last half of your training." There was an ominous tone to his voice but it had the possibility of being something completely innocent.

"What may save you is the Sith that interfered, this may turn attention from you to that. I do not believe you are Sith nor have steered from the way of the Jedi and I will support you until then end."

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Manx let Dreven speak first, and when the look came, he gave a nod. ‘State what we saw. State the truth.’

Manx caught Ergas’s eye when the word ‘Sith’ slipped from Dreven’s lips. He expected surprise, but it was not what he saw. No, the cerean Jedi hooded his eyes and seemed…suspicious? It was almost as if something had been confirmed for him, and Manx did not like that look at all. He’d seen it too many times as a padawan under Ergas, and it never meant good things.

Usually, it meant they were going to crash some event and arrest someone.


He let the thought drift and then pulled back to the present. “You left the Sith to Knight Jinn,” that seemed to be what annoyed Ergas as he fixed his eyes on Manx.

“Yes, Master.”

There was a short, bitter laugh. There was a shake of the head. Then, “You left the Sith to the Sith!” It came as a startling snap that had Manx’s eyes widening.

“Dawn is—”

“Dawn is a Sith!”
Ergas didn’t bother holding back. The quorum was soon, and he would see her hanged now. “She must have used her apprentice to take this child from the Jedi Order…this one was strong in the Force,” stronger than most to be causing such a stir on Nox.

Manx’s head was still reeling, but he managed to say, “She was the one who wanted to fight on, to—”

“Kill? Well of course,”
he snapped, “That’s what Sith do. She knew of your attachment to your padawan, though.” He gave Dawn credit—of course, he had to. She was a Sith amongst Jedi, and this trial would see an end to that. Yes, the Jedi didn't kill--indiscriminately. Trial would lead to execution if necessary.

“Is this—is this what the quorum is about?”
Manx still couldn’t quite get his head around it, couldn’t believe it. “Master, she’s not a Sith!” His eyes were now almost wild with a renewed panic for Dawn. He, too, had attachment issues as his Master just stated, and he threw a wild-eyed look to Dreven, as if he could say something that might help.


‘I am human.’

It was always what Dawn wanted to say, always what pulled at the edges of every moment of emotion.

But, the Jedi did not like her philosophy, and she was all too aware she was meant to be more than human. To be ‘above’ emotions. She had calmed, but it was still seen. Both criticism and approval fell from her Master’s lips as his hand took her wrist and felt her pulse.

Yes, she could calm it, but the emotion didn’t vanish. She could make it seem as if it wasn’t—which was what he was checking for—but it was still there.

His grip remained there, and Dawn did not struggle to remove it. To hide. From him, there was no point. He was only ever looking out for her—even then. He believed her. He humored her philosophy. “He will accuse me of being the Master of the Sith,” which, flattering though it was, couldn’t be further from the truth. If Ergas wanted her head, though, it was bound to happen that way. She’d deny it. She’d have to hope the others in the quorum believed her, or believed Alec.


She shut her eyes as he spoke of a new world opening up, of defending her. The rage was stilled with little racing of her heart this time, but then they fluttered opened as he mentioned other teachings. ‘I have learned….’

Dawn did not question it. Not then.

She had learned all the things required of a padawan to become a Knight.

That did not mean she had learned everything, and so she nodded, mute. ‘Seek me out…?’ It sounded as if she might go away. It sounded as if the battle was already lost, and that was what her mind focused on. The idea of seeking him out, as if it might be a difficult thing to do.

She stepped into Alec’s bubble again, and wrapped her free arm around him, leaving the other in his grip, where his thumb still pressed on the vein. “Thank you.” What else could she say? He was willing to put himself on the line to defend her. If she was exiled, or executed, he would be looked at differently.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn a Sith? There was no way, sure he was aware that she was very powerful with the Force. She usually stood out o Dreven when she was nearby, but the power that Buun had.. it was unlike he had ever felt. As Ergas went on, Dreven could see how the whole situation looked bad but he was certain Buun would have killed them all if he had the chance.

What was very peculiar was how they had been intercepted by the Sith and his bounty hunters just as they were retrieving the child. It was too much to be a coincidence which could only mean someone had to been feeding the Sith information. Could it be Dawn?

It was one of the few rare times he had ever seen his Master lose his cool. The crazed look eye in gave Dreven chills. He looked at Master Ergas as if he could say something to convince him.

"Master Ergas, when we were arriving, Dawn and I felt something. The Sith had to of been suppressing his power on purpose as to not be detected. Supposing Dawn is a Sith and retrieving the child was her objective, why would her apprentice wait for us to arrive to try and steal her away? I am certain we were followed to the location of the child, why would her apprentice got through the trouble of fighting us and bringing three bounty hunters with him assuming that was the objective? This Sith was very powerful and nearly killed all three of us, I can't see any of this being staged."

He didn't know if that would help, if he could throw even some doubt in Ergas' mind, perhaps that would help Dawn no matter how little.


He shook his head when she mentioned he would accuse as being Master of the Sith. How little they all knew. The Master was right under their noses and it wasn't Dawn. He made no comment towards that, he preferred to dwell on it.

"Come now, we do not want to be late. I want them to see us go in together so they all know you have my support. Lucky for you, your old Master has a lot of pull with the Council." he mused as he usually did. He had a lot of hands to shake and quick recaps to have with the members of the Council and other Jedi who would be present.

What would her reaction be when he would reveal what he really was? Would she reject him and try to escape? No, if it came to that, she would have to die. He couldn't risk her knowing his biggest secret and not be loyal to him. However, he doubted such an outcome, Dawn had always been loyal and he was sure she would embrace learning more.

He would ease her into it, perhaps exercises on how to defend against the Sith which would progress into how to use their own abilities against them. There were so many ways but she would have to survive the quorum first.

"Remember you have the upper hand here, you are innocent and Ergas and the rest of the Council must be the ones to bring forth evidence of your wrongdoing. Clear your mind and remain calm, they will want to turn public opinion against your favor."

Alec said this softly, tightening his arm against her as they climbed the steps to the temple.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Master Ergas scoffed at what the padawan had to say, adding only, “The Sith are emotional and unpredictable beings. With the rule of two in play, it may have been in this Sith’s head to off the Master then and there.”

Emotional beings indeed, but Jedi were not deadened or heartless. The cerean looked to his former padawan and let out a sigh, “I will not let my own emotions cloud my judgment. Neither should you, Manx,” he reached out to put a hand on Manx’s shoulder, “Search your feelings,” a phrase Manx had always found odd, “You must know there is something amiss about Dawn.”

If Ergas was expecting an answer, he did not get one. Manx did search his feelings. He did know that to be true.

He would not say it.

So Ergas took his hand from Manx’s shoulder, “In any case, you both need to focus more on controlling your feelings. Your attachments run too deep.” And with the Sith threat, that could mean those emotions would be used against them. Turn them. Already, he could imagine Manx falling from sorrow. Dreven falling from anger.

He did not want to see it. “Go. We’ll discuss this matter more in detail, and I will present it before the quorum,” it may damn Dawn or it may save her, he did not know. Much would hinge on Dawn herself, and her own, former Master.

Manx gave a nod, and with a look to Dreven, started to walk away. They would both need to work on this – and he intended to head to one of the reflection pools where they would have an easier time, apart from distractions, even if Manx’s worry would be difficult to leave behind.


Clear your mind.


Dawn controlled her breathing as they walked up the steps towards the temple, a steady pace. Yes, she was innocent of being the Sith, but there was much else she was not innocent of. How much would Ergas know? How much would she need to answer for?

‘The blood.’

At the top of the steps, with the temple in sight, Dawn froze, “Master, I cannot go in like this,” perhaps the blood on her outfit would show that she fought with the Sith, opposed a Sith, but a secondary thought sprang to mind.

She wasn’t bleeding.

Wasn’t wounded. Had not been treated in a bacta tank. What she’d learned, what she’d done, was not Jedi-approved use of the Force. Not at all taught by them. It might not be denied by them – there were books that spoke of how Jedis in the old days used to help with Agriworlds – but she had learned this from Sith lore.

If she had to explain it, she could lie, but she wanted to do as little of that as possible. “I need to go change first. I can meet you back here.” He wanted them to go in together.

Did not explain why she needed to change, hoped it would be seen as simply a need to appear put together. Poised. If he started asking…he might soon learn what else she’d learned from studying the lore of the dark side. Might doubt her innocence. That was the last thing she needed right then. 


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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'You weren't there..' Dreven's fist clenched in a moment of anger as heard Master Ergas continue to accuse Dawn of being a Sith but he knew that his sudden change in feelings would be detected. The balled fist lost its tightness and relaxed at his side once more. Could it be true? Dawn's emotions could run wild at times and Dreven could sense it at times, however he felt she was still in control. From what his Master had told him of Dawn and what he'd seen for himself, she wasn't a bad person. Her ideologies and perspectives may not be Jedi compliant or appropriate, but she was a powerful and responsible Jedi.

His attention returned to his Master. He and Dawn had a very close bond, a friendship and a connection that ran deep. Ergas could sense that and perhaps there was something to be looked at there. Although his Master constantly reminded him of controlling his own emotions and to not allow himself to become too attached, he also had trouble doing it himself. From an objective standpoint, Tita was the mission and if he got himself captured or killed foolishly, the mission would have to go on. His Master's attachment allowed an error in judgment and thus the child was taken by the Sith.

Dreven felt that pang of guilt once more. He simply remained silent during the exchange feeling that any addition would just make it worse for his Master. With the look Manx gave him, Dreven bowed out of respect to Master Ergas and followed him.

"Where are we going, Master?"


When she brought attention to her clothes, he further examined the state she was in. Her clothes indicated signs of battle and liked she had been wounded, there was dried blood all over her but no wounds were present. Not even wounds that naturally healed or closed but still showed signs that they had been there. She was completely unharmed and for a moment, Alec let a very faint smile curved the corner of his mouth. He was aware of how she had done it and it was not in a Jedi's training or approved manipulation of the Force.

This was a Force power learned by Sith. He had to show concern nonetheless. He looked around for any signs of anyone watching them. From what it seemed and what he sensed, they were clear. She was ready. Her interest and her desire to learn other teachings than what the Jedi offered couldn't have been at a better time. In his time as her Master, Alec's teachings were unorthodox to say the least. His lectures spoke of the way of the Jedi and how it was an honorable path to take, however he left it open to suggest that it was not the only way.

'The Force gives its users the freedom to manipulate it in many ways. The Jedi Order chose to manipulate the Force in their own way and with accordance to their beliefs. The Sith were the same way. Restricting yourself in the Force is foolish.' he remembered that little lecture long ago, she was much younger and more open-minded. These double meaning lectures were not all the time however, once in a while he would throw them in to get her mindset in the right direction.

As far as how her current ideologies and way of thinking developed, he could not take the credit for that. Perhaps he may have provided the roots but what her mindset blossomed into was of her own thirst for knowledge and volition. It had been a year since he had seen her and yet she was already delving into teachings of the Sith. To reveal his true intentions with her here and now would be foolish. Alec was no fool.

"Dawn.. this is.., go, you must go and change," Alec's concern for his old Padawan sounded as genuine as he could feign it. This was the concern of a Master whom for the first time witnessed evidence of what the rumors said about her could be true. His facial expression demonstrated a tinge of disbelief and awe with the concern. Perhaps another Master would arrest and even draw his lightsaber then and there, but not Alec. "We shall walk in together, however first I must meet with the council prior to the quorum, I must see where their heads are at. Ergas is the problem, I will quickly speak with him beforehand. I will meet you at the Temple. We will speak of this matter another time, Dawn, there is still much more I must teach you I see." Despite what his face showed, this was a Master who was supporting her. No matter of what was shown to him right before his eyes. This would hopefully spark that trust that would entice her into learning from him one last time.

He walked away, he let his last sentence have a hint of scolding in it and she may take it that the blame of all this was on him and he is the reason she turned out this way. However, in reality, what he really meant was his possible advanced teachings into the ways of the Sith. Once again, the duplicitous Master innocently left what he said open for interpretation. As he walked towards the Temple, Alec had a devious smirk on his lips.

'All according to plan.' The Temple was up ahead and already his demeanor had changed into the cheerful and charismatic Jedi Master. His eyes searched for members of the council and of course, Ergas. He had a few words for his old friend.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Attachment was the reason they did not have Tita. Manx knew this, and knew his master’s criticism was just, when it came to himself. He should have learned better, but in truth, Manx always found attachment such a difficult thing. He and Dawn had grown up side-by-side, and he had been attached to her.

He was attached to her.

He was attached to Ergas, as well, and of course he was attached to his padawan – enough to let Tita go. Perhaps that was the incorrect decision, but would he not be a poor Jedi if he had failed his padawan in such a horrendous way? The black-haired knight found himself distracted by these swirling worries as he continued to walk, almost on auto-pilot, until his padawan addressed him.

He turned his green eyes to the young man, gaze tired, but not unkind. “The Reflection Pools, Dreven,” he answered, “Master Ergas has asked me to search my feelings, and I believe that I should. Much has happened today, and much is going to happen,” he could do little for Dawn, but he hoped the Council would see the truth.

She was not a Sith. She was not the Sith.

‘Or are your emotions clouding your vision?’
It was a legitimate concern. Being so certain of anything was dangerous. Perhaps Dawn’s search for knowledge and understanding of the Force had led her down a dark path, but he still thought he would have known! She didn’t sneak off nearly enough to train a padawan in secret, or be meeting with some Sith Lord herself. It didn’t make any sense to him.

They soon came to those reflection pools, rocks in the midst of the pools and water trickling down some of them. The sound was soothing, the water clear, and deep. “We may be looking at war,” his voice hesitated, “a war unlike the other petty wars between planets that we have seen and settled,” a war with the Sith.

He stepped on the water, not sinking, but walking upon it to one of those stones, where he perched himself, “What do you know of the Sith, Dreven?”


Fear stabbed into Dawn’s chest at the reaction, visible and audible, of Master Alec. She kept her composure under it, but her breath briefly caught in her throat at the worry that this may be too much for him – that this may cause him to damn her. Thankfully, that did not come. He agreed that she needed to change out of her attire and clean up, but his tone promised a lecture on this.

She inclined her head just a bit, “Of course, Master.” She’d have to try and make him see reason. He was more reasonable than most, certainly he’d understand that these powers were not so bad. She was not attempting to use them to prolong her life into immortality, just to heal.

The Jedi were about healing and good, weren’t they? Usually of others, but why not also of the self?

“I’ll be there soon,” she agreed, and would lift her head to follow after her master’s steps, only to take a different turn towards her own chambers. Tython felt different as she walked across the grounds, and the reason soon became obvious. Fewer Jedi were walking the area, and she wondered how many knew of the quorum – how many suspected her of being a Sith, and how many knew the Sith were, truly, back?

‘I could bring him in. I could bring the actual Sith in and clear my name, I’m certain.’
Without Manx, without Dreven, she wouldn’t have anyone to worry about. No distractions. The problem would be finding him again, but she thought that would not be too difficult. ‘What can I do to convince them?’ The question rang in her head as she stepped into her own quarters.

Like many of the Jedi, she still lived near the Temple, her room a part of many others, built out of a white stone that linked them up like dormitories, but there was no sharing rooms here. It was still small, and meant to remind the Jedi not to keep much.

Still, small crystals glinted in the sunlight, held up before the window. The room itself had a myriad of decorations or small training tools, like vials of sand that Dawn often used to meditate on or use to work on her skills. Books and holocrons both were scattered the top of a desk, and some were stacked next to it.

Her closet had the traditional Jedi robes in it, and her fingers hesitated on them. If she looked the part, would it help her cause, or would they see it as deception?

The thought caused her fingers to grip around the tunic all too tightly, before she moved it aside and took out one of her gowns, as radiant as an aurora borealis in hues of green and blue that faded into each other and seemed to swirl into each other thanks to the translucent fabrics hanging over each other. She set it aside, before stepping into the small restroom and discarding her current gown, to wash herself off with a cloth, making sure to get at each spot of dried blood, and get her hair back in order.

Minutes later, she was in the Nabooese dress, with crystals in her red hair, as prepared as she could be.

And with a few vials of sand hidden in the sleeves, because if this went south…she wasn’t letting herself die. She was no martyr.


The Council Room was where many were already choosing to gather, alerted that Master Kenobi, Master Jinn, and Padawan Dreven had returned without the infant. Master Ergas had alerted them to that, and joined the room after a few others – after he had seen Manx. His expression remained solemn as he lifted his gaze to some of the others in the room,

Master Bril was the first his eyes settled on, the twi’lek woman rising from her seat and walking over to him. The others who were in attendance also looked on curiously, “What became of the child, Master Ergas?”

He shook his head sadly, “They were intercepted by a Sith on Nox.”

He felt the shockwave of his words spread throughout the room.

The miraluka master’s responded, “Then Dawn must not be the Sith. This quorum is pointless.”

“Not necessarily. If Dawn wished to bring up the child in Sith teachings, she may have sent her padawan to steal it,”
Ergas noted. “We all know that Master Dawn’s own adherence and conformity to our ways has…strayed over the years. It deserves an investigation, now more than ever.”

Bril gave a nod, “And Master Corvainus?” She had been the one to insist he show up.

“He’ll be here soon, I’m sure,”
Ergas let out a deep sigh at that.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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The reflection pools? He had heard of them but never bothered attending other than he was required too, maybe that was something he should look into more often. He walked with his Master, studying him, he was worried. He knew that look and it wasn't simply a pensive look. When his Master brought up war, goosebumps emerged on his skin, war meant death. Death scared him. He hoped his Master wouldn't sense the fear.

'War? With who?' When his Master began walking on the water, he knew it was time to concentrate. He was hesitant at first but when the first foot he brought forward didn't sink, he felt more confident and trailed after his Master. He smirked and began running on the water, using the Force to propel himself in the air and perform a flip in the air, landing gracefully on the next rock by his Master.

He grinned at his Master and sat on the rock, cross-legged. Almost as if Manx had read his mind, he asked what he knew about the Sith. So that's who the possible war might be against. Why else would he ask this? Dreven pondered for a moment and tried to think back to his history classes at the Jedi Temple. He couldn't tell his Master he had been asleep for a lot of his classes. He gathered what he remembered and began to formulate a response.

"The Sith are evil, Master. They are our enemies and they utilize the Dark Side of the Force. The Rule of Two if I'm not mistaken is a Sith Lord and an Apprentice. Kind of like a Master and a Padawan. Uhh.. they have red lightsabers? They draw their power from hatred, fear, anger, and other negative emotions." It was a mix of what he could remember and word of mouth he had eavesdropped from other Younglings.

He closed his eyes and began to relax. The calm water soothed him and allowed him to think and process his thoughts clearly.
"We fought a Sith today, Master. He was very strong, I could feel his hatred in his attacks and his anger in his voice." He opened his eyes and looked at his reflection, he still wasn't looking good. His back ached, his throat was sore, his head was still pounding. He had been through hell and yet he was alive. "I want to become stronger, Master. I don't ever want anything to happen like that again, I want to be able to beat someone like him.." His hand clutched the rock, gripping it tight. The calm water around his rock began to create ripples that soon became a restless current around him. When Dreven noticed this, he released his grip on the rock and the water soon calmed down as well.


Alec gladly shook hands and engaged in quick small talk with the individuals on the outside of the Temple that approached or sought his attention. He made his way to the Council Room and he could already sense the powerful Jedi inside. Upon entering the Council Room, he felt all the eyes on him as if he were a celebrity. A warm smile decorated the handsome, sharp features of his older face. He stroked his beard and began greeting the Jedi Masters and council members individually, giving each a slice of his genuine attention.

His eyes fixated on Master Bril, she was beautiful for a Twi'lek and a very good friend of his. He saw how her eyes lit up when he made his way over to her. He took her hand in his own and smiled.
"Master, I must say how longer my absence felt without seeing this beautiful face of yours. It is such a pleasure to be in your company again." He delivered a gentle kiss on her hand before releasing her hand. Some speculated if there was still or ever had been anything there between the two of them other than a close friendship. Neither would say or even entertain such rumors, they were both professionals and if anything ever had happened, only the two of them would know.

Either way, he knew he would have her support one way or another, she respected his opinion. He could tell by the tension in the room that Dawn had some serious opposition against her favor. He saved Master Ergas for last and greeted him with the familiar warmth that seemed natural in Alec. Both of his hands took one of his and shook it.

"How are you, my old friend? Being away for so long has made me miss you all very much." He gently tapped him on the shoulder as he spun around to face them all and Alec was still in a pleasant mood. However, he knew a quorum was not good news so he simply scanned the room and the members.

"I understand my old Padawan Dawn is the target of this quorum? Masters, you must forgive me, I've been away as you all know and I've heard nothing but awful rumors of Dawn. I wish to hear what are the actual allegations being brought forward against her. I also understand that she was also on a mission with your Padawan, Master Ergas and his Padawan as well. What exactly happened on this mission?"

He would not allow Ergas to dominate the climate of the quorum, Alec needed to bring all the facts out and raise as much doubt about Dawn being a Sith Lord. What troubled him was that he did not know how much Dawn had learned on her own. Could she really have tried to teach Manx? He hoped Dawn had not been that foolish, but if she did, this could also work in her favor. Manx was Ergas' prodigy and it was known to Alec how proud the Cerean Master was of his Padawan.

After a few exchanges, Alec planned to return to meet Dawn at the entrance of the Temple and walk with her where the quorum would take place. Everyone would see who her support system was.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Manx watched his padawan show off a bit with the unnecessary demonstration of skill to get up to his own rock. Unnecessary though it was, it didn’t stop a smile from glinting in his green eyes as he observed him. He was, after all, still learning to master his talents. A bit of showing off was not such a travesty as he got the hang of even these simple things.

He listened for his answer.

He felt his answer as it seemed to disturb him internally – the weakness that he had displayed in front of the Sith. He knew it would remain a sore spot for a while. He had been captured. He would have been killed had it not been for the trade. Tita’s fate may weigh on him for a while yet.

He was not wrong in his answer. The Sith were evil, although a nagging thought occurred to him that Dawn might argue the reasons why they were evil. She’d never allow it to be just a matter of how they used the Force, but what they used it for. “Their use of negative emotions indicates their evil nature,” he could tell Dreven was missing quite a bit of information, “but that alone is not the reason, nor their lightsabers.” He almost chuckled at that addition.

He was sure that couldn’t be a rule. “I am not certain if the Sith still abide by the Rule of Two. It is what we know of them, but things may have changed. It has been a long time since the Sith were about. The Sith are evil because they are selfish.”

That was the core of it. “Attachment is something we avoid, because attachment makes us selfish,” something he needed to grind into himself, so he may as well help his padawan along with the same lesson, “Do you understand why?” It seemed the perfect thing to meditate on, given this was the reflection pool. The perfect thing to consider, given he may need to say goodbye to Dawn and not let it impact him.


Ergas did observe Corvainus as he worked the room, moving to speak with each individual who had been brought. Naturally, in setting the quorum, Ergas had tried to stack the deck a bit, even if he told himself he wasn’t doing that. He was only seeking out those Jedi who held the true view and understood the nature of the Force, those on the Council who would see the truth of this matter.

Corvainus did speak up. He had already been briefed on the matter, as had many others. The formal charges would be brought forward in moments.

Still, he addressed the matter of Nox first. “Dawn, Manx, and Dreven were dispatched to Nox in order to see to the retrieval of a Force-sensitive infant. Manx and Dreven reported to me after the fact to indicate they had been attacked by a Sith,” he’d already informed Bril, and others by default, so the shock was not as significant, “I will acquire more details on that matter soon. They indicated that the child they were sent to retrieve was taken by the Sith. This does not remove scrutiny from Dawn herself, who still will stand accused as a Sith.”

There, another spoke, the miraluka woman turned her head towards Master Corvainus. Her Force Sight always saw something off with how he appeared among them; unlike others captivated by his outward beauty and charisma, the Force always seemed to paint warning hues around him, though she did not indicate that. “Dawn has been teaching younglings to disregard the idea of the Light and the Dark. She threatens the foundation on which we have built the Jedi from by denying that a dark side exists, and she has taught at least one padawan how to manipulate their anger into the form of lightning.”

Expressly forbidden, and Ergas had been distraught on seeing the tendrils flash from the tips of his padawan’s tips. Not Manx, but his newest one. “If she is not the Sith, she remains a threat to the Jedi, as she seems to seek to undermine all of our teachings. Disciplinary action of some sort needs to take place if she is not the Sith, and if she is, we seek to know who else is working with her.”

That would sum up the situation, and allow Master Corvainus to leave the area to meet with Dawn in the temple, to escort her in.


The Temple was imposing in its way, but it was doubly so when Dawn walked in it. It was too quiet, it was too still. ‘Silence yourself.’ She tried to calm. She knew, in a way, it was only her own anxieties that started to rise to the surface. ‘You are not guilty. They will see that.’ At least, Dawn could hope.

They revered Qui-Gon Jinn, who had never been a conformist or typical Jedi. She had to trust that was for a reason, and that she had picked her patron well. They would see that she still held their values, even if she was…unorthodox.

They had to.

Calm soon came over her as she meditated on that point, awaiting the arrival of her own master. When at last she saw him, she would again smile and move to join him, “Thank you,” he did not have to escort her in. His choice to do so may help her cause, given the respect that many held for him. Of course, many held Ergas in that same light. “How is the mood?”


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Negative emotions? Dreven had a problem controlling his anger and at times, his temper caused him to make rash decisions. Fear, it was a less common emotion in Dreven but when he was fighting Buun Lak, he was cared. He didn't want to die and after everything that happened, he could have really died. His Master tried to help him curb these emotions and focus on positive emotions but it was difficult for him.

His mind drifted to when he killed that bounty hunter with the Force Push. That had been done out of pure anger and even Dreven was surprised at his own strength at that moment. It was then that a crazy thought entered his mind. He shook his head.
'No.. I am a Jedi.., I could never..'

When his Master touched upon attachment and selfishness, he knew it was wrong and that the Jedi had to sever all attachments and try to remain free of them. He knew this because it had been drilled into his head so many times at the Temple and by his Master, but he didn't really understand why this was so important. The only attachment Dreven truly had was to his Master, he never met his parents, he was too young to remember them.

"Why is it wrong, Master? If if it's so wrong why it so easy to become attached to someone?" He looked down at the calm, still waters as if they possessed the answer to his question.


Alec listened intently to the brief description of the failed mission even though he had been briefed beforehand by Buun Lak. His hand gently stroked his beard, looking down at the floor pensively, contemplating what the Council members were saying. When the miraluka of the Council spoke up, Alec fixed his gaze upon her and although she would not see it, he produced a warm smile. She was a difficult one to read and Alec's charm, wit and magnetic personality was often lost on her.

Alec was truly surprised upon hearing the bit of Dawn instructing a Padawan on how to use Force Lightning. He shook his head at hearing the news and let out a heavy sigh.
"Masters, these are very troubling news and I do not wish for them to be true," Here one would have thought that Alec would have given up on Dawn and allow her to face the quorum on her own, no one would want a reputation like Alec's tarnished over a Padawan who had gone astray. He stroked his beard once again and looked at all of them. "I have faith in Dawn, I hope you all will keep an open mind and your judgments and reservations towards Dawn objective and neutral to maintain this quorum a fair one. I will return shortly and believe me everyone, the truth shall be revealed. Please excuse me."

He walked out to find Dawn outside of the temple dressed in a Nabooesse fashion. She looked beautiful and very formal. He smiled and took one of her hands in his own. "Look at you," he twirled her around one time and the look on his face was that of a proud parent. "You look terrific, Dawn. As far as the mood, Ergas is no fool, he knows what he has done. These members of the Council selected are model Jedi, however there is no need to worry, we both know you are not Sith and these members will see that as well." It was interesting to note that he referred to the other members as model Jedi but not himself, even though he was also a member of the quorum.

Despite their convictions, he knew these Jedi to be impartial and it would take some convincing and strong evidence to really prove that Dawn was a Sith and the repercussions of such a conclusion would be a huge embarrassment for the Jedi Order. As far as Dawn's beliefs and her alleged teaching of Dark side powers to others, this concerned Alec but this could also be manipulated into a slap on the wrist with his help. He held his arm out for her to hook onto and so they could walk in together, arm in arm.

As they walked up the steps, he could hear the whispers, gasps and hushed murmurs coming from the observers outside of the temple. Clearly rumors had already slipped out the halls of the Temple and into the ears of the inhabitants of Tython.

"Look it's her, is she Sith?"
"I heard she's recruiting Sith apprentices.."
"Why is he walking with a Sith Lord?"
"Padawans are turning to the Dark side because of her.."
"She doesn't look like a Sith.."
"Master Corvainus trained her, there's no way the rumors are true!"
"The quorum will decide her fate.."

Fools, he thought. However, he simply paid them no mind and couldn't help but chuckle as he walked past them. The Temple stood before them and the doors opened for the two. He led her to the High Council Room.

"Calm. Confident. You've done nothing wrong." He whispered in her ear, and it went without saying but this outward display of his complete support for her should help.

He pushed the doors open and saw Ergas and the others all gathered. He turned to look at Dawn, nodded and smiled, unhooking his arm from her own.
"Everyone, Jedi Knight Dawn Jinn." He quietly made his way to where the rest of the members were standing and he shook all their hands once more before allowing the proceedings to commence.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Manx had long sought the answer to that question himself, and even then he was struggling with words. He knew it was wrong, intrinsically, but how did he explain it? Ergas had never quite given him a reason that he could latch on to, and that was now what he was here to meditate on, to search his feelings for.

As Dreven looked down into the water, he also looked down into his own reflection. Into Dreven’s reflection. He took in a deep breath. ‘Tell me. Tell me why.’
Of course, there was no answer. Not in the standard sense.

There was the song of a hook hawk somewhere in the distance, a beautiful and alluring melody.

There was the croaks of the blarths, and the splashing of fish nearby. The pond rippled with their influence.

The heat of the sun warmed him, while the water and the breeze upon it cooled him.

All of it came together, and for a moment, Manx felt as if he might understand in that peace, why attachment was a negative, rather than a positive. He shut his eyes for a few seconds, “Attachment is easy because we are supposed to love what is around us, and to be compassionate towards all things,” he opened his eyes, looking then at Dreven in the pool’s reflection, “The Force is in all things. If we favor one thing, over another, then we are denying the equality of the Force in all.”

It was good and proper to feel compassion and love, for all, but it was hard, so hard. “We are not in contact with all things, all at once. It is easy to forget that the Force dwells in all, and has to be considered on the wide-scale, rather than the small. It is so easy to favor a person, or a thing, over others, because we are familiar with that. We grow attached to it and we wish to protect it and care for it, as we should try to protect and care for all things. It is when that attachment overcomes our sense of duty to all that it is a problem, and so we must remember and center ourselves once more.”

His gaze lifted from the reflection and to Dreven, “It is not an easy lesson. I struggle with it, just as you do, and I am still not certain I have the right way to explain it to you, and for that I apologize in my failure to you as a master, but I will endeavor with you, and struggle with you, in our effort to stay true to the will of the Force.”


Dawn twirled, the colors dancing around her, as Alec spun her around once. Her own smile mirrored some of the joy she felt at having him still at her side in the face of all of this and the tensions that were soon to mount in the Order regardless of what was determined. And he did not shy away from offering her the truth as she returned to his side and took his arm to walk alongside him.

Ergas had chosen model Jedi, not those who were more…lenient. What that meant for her would be determined.

It was clear that a smear campaign was already going on as she walked, and others whispered about her as she passed. ‘Calm.’
She repeated, but it was hard not to want to speak out and defend herself then and there. She wasn’t a traitor! She wasn’t Sith! It was hardly her fault they couldn’t comprehend the Force!

It was repeated by her master, and she gave a nod, before they walked into the room where the quorum was to convene. Her eyes glanced over those present, registering the looks some gave her for appearing in such vibrant colors, for not dressing as a Jedi, while noting the recognition of others who had expected nothing else from her.

And the one who could not see her – the miraluka woman who’s expression was always passive and hard to read.

Master Corvainus introduced her, and she bent forward a bit, dropping her head before the gathered council, “Masters,” she addressed them all as Corvainus finished his rounds to stand with them, her gaze rising and meeting the central figure – Master Ergas. “I come before you as I have been summoned.”

Master Ergas kept his gaze steady on her as he spoke, “You have been called before us and stand accused of being Sith at worse, and an ally to the Dark Side of the Force as we have termed it,” he could see the twitch of her lip, the preparation for argument. “Do you understand these charges?”

“I understand the charges, and I state that I am innocent of them all.”

Ergas scoffed immediately at that, “Do you deny, then, that you have taught impressionable padawans and younglings how to use Force lightning – an art that we have determined is of the dark side?”

Dawn could deny it, and lie. That would sink her further in the hole, and go against her own sense of morality. So, she lifted one hand, and before them all, she allowed lightning to spark on her fingertips and jump upwards. Harmless.


She felt the disturbance run through them all, except for the miraluka, who she’d swear might have seemed…amused? “I do not deny that I have taught others how to utilize this, but I deny that it is of the dark side of the Force.”

“I did not ask for your theories and your beliefs,”
Ergas was, quite obviously, more tense than before. He had managed not to flinch back, but only through sheer force of will. “You understand our tenants and our teachings, you know that this power is seen and understood to be of the dark side of the force in the opinion of the Council!”

Arguing with the Council would get her no where. If anything, stating she thought they were wrong – again – was only going to make them think she was a Sith and hiding it behind her beliefs and semantics. Still, she couldn’t help the words, “The Force has no dark side and no light side! It’s just the Force – it’s how we use it that matters, not which powers we use, and I do not use these powers to pursue evil!”