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Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« on: January 09, 2016, 06:26:27 am »
The Force pulsed around the planet of Tython, a part of every breath. The planet was rich in life, and so rich in the Force. It could be seen in the planet life that grew over the stone steps, in the waterfalls that were near the docking bays, where many new travelers immediately rushed to look out at, and it was within the Jedi Temple, flowing through it as many Force-Sensitive individuals manipulated it there.

It was there as Dawn sat before the familiar statue of Qui-Gon Jinn, a Jedi posthumously honored for his many good deeds, and the knowledge he restored to the Jedi. It was thus the 'Jinn' name that Dawn had taken when she was initiated and allowed to become a padawan. Knight Dawn Jinn, for the Jedi had no families but the Jedi themselves, so all were expected to pick a patron of sorts.

It was there as water flowed around her, clear and perfectly capturing the light of the sun that shone into the temple, and casting rainbows about. An ‘abuse’ of the Force according to Jedi Master Ergas, the cerean man who had it out for her.
‘Jealous.’ Yet, he would forever be the reason she was never made into a master. Dawn sensed it.

He was certainly the reason she was not entrusted with a padawan, like Manx—his beloved pupil, and her friend. It was almost hilarious that Manx had chosen to be 'Kenobi', despite his deep appreciation of Yoda. It would have been better if Manx had ended up her padawan, but such was not the way it was meant to be.

Who, of course, was approaching. She rose as she sensed the approach, dissipating the water as she turned around to greet him with a smile on her painted lips—a dark burgundy hue that paired well with her purple eyes. He came in, dressed in the traditional robes of the Jedi Knight. Despite the freedom Manx was allowed for becoming a Knight, he kept his attire traditional, his black hair short, and everything in order.

He was not the swirling chaos that was Dawn’s long red hair and sunset-esque dress of multiple silks.

He smiled a bit,
“Did my presence disturb you that deeply?” He was used to finding her deep into her meditations, with water all around her.

She waved a dismissive hand as she approached him, and fell in step with him,
“No. I had little luck looking ahead, so I was focused only on the present.”

“Mm. You are not the only one,”
Manx noted as he kept the same pace as her, “Master Ergas has let me know that he, too, is having troubles looking to the future.”

“And you?”

“Yes,” Manx was ever-honest, “I am certain we’ll soon find the source of this disturbance, however. Are you prepared for our mission?”

“I am. Is your little one prepared?”

His padawan. If ever there was one who disturbed the Force, it was that one—anxiety, fear, anger—it all seemed to cling to that padawan. Dawn did not think they were truly ready to be a padawan with all those swirling and out of control emotions, but they were too old to be a Youngling. Manx had volunteered, ever patient Manx.

“We will soon see. I asked that they meet us at the docking bay.”

Dawn nodded,
“This mission is simple enough.”

“Two young Jedi returned injured.”

“Simple.” She reiterated.

Manx rolled his eyes, but commented not on her confidence. The docking bay was in sight, the sound of ships and the waterfall mingling together in an almost beautiful melody.

At the docks, Master Ergas also awaited them, for the bald cerean man had been the one to dictate the mission to them, and so he was there to see them off. He wore the traditional robe of the Jedi, too, his in a dark blue hue with white trimmings. He stood with his hands held in front of him, patient, and also quite clearly annoyed by something. The wrinkles were deep along the bridge of his nose.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2016, 08:42:55 pm »
'Control..' He knew better than anyone how his emotions could get the better of him and it was all Master Manx continued to reiterate. Despite progressing from the Initiate stages, he still struggled with the theme of Control when it came to using the Force.

However, in his time with Master Manx, he'd become a lot better. He started thinking more clearly before acting or speaking out. That always got him reprimanded at the Jedi Academy, Master Manx saw something in him though. Dreven didn't know it but he was very Force-sensitive, it was what contributed to his bouts of rage, excitement, anxiety and fear at times.

He spent a lot of time meditating now since his Master all but ordered it. To be honest, the meditation helped but he felt the most in control during confrontation and physical training. While it wasn't necessary, Dreven focused on training his body as well as his mind and in the Force. The anger he felt stemmed from somewhere deep in his past but it was a blur, he couldn't recall why he was so angry. There were instances were he got into fights with other Initiates at the Academy.

"Shit, I'm late!" He looked at the time and quickly got dressed in his standard Padawan robes, tunic and boots. His Padawan braid was longer than usual and draped almost past his shoulder blades. He was 17, a little too old for a Padawan and way too old to be a Youngling. His fierce, black short hair and cold, blue eyes coupled with his facial hair made him appear older than he was.

He had more of a stubble now since he was required to keep his facial hair trimmed very low or not at all. He ran towards the docking bay, lightsaber jostling from his hip as he ran. He could see Master Ergas already at the docks and when he presented himself to him, he bowed respectfully.

"Master Ergas, have you seen Master Manx? I was supposed to meet--" He looked around and saw his Master and Master Dawn walking together. It was her long, red hair that gave them away. He waved with both hands excitedly. "Master! Master, over here! You're late!"

Dreven was usually the one that was late and was always scolded for it.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2016, 12:07:50 am »
In many ways, Dawn considered that Manx and his padawan could be siblings. They had the same black hair, and their eyes were piercing—though Manx had a set of green compared to his padawan’s blue. That, and Manx’s obsessive habit of being man-pretty and keeping himself clean of excess hair, compared to his padawan who had a too-long braid that Dawn always wanted to pull, and the bit on his face. At times, it made him look older than Manx.

If it wasn’t for Manx’s constant chill, he would look older.

Dreven called out to them, disrupting their conversation. The two passed each other a look, and then, immediately, sprinted. The Force pushed at their backs, but Dawn also manipulated the many scarves of silken fabric she wore with the dress. One wrapped firmly around Manx’s leg just as he took the lead, and pulled.

The Jedi faceplanted and Dawn skid to a stop before Ergas, and bowed respectfully, “I am terribly sorry, Master Ergas. As you can see, Manx has been delaying us.”

Manx was, of course, not at fault, and he shot a rueful look at Dawn’s back for the cheap trick, but it did not last. His emotions were ever in control, and the anger was not sincere. He rose and dusted himself off, played along, “Yes, I am sorry, Master Ergas. I trust the ship is still available for our use?”

Ergas did not look upon Dawn fondly. It was well known in the council and the knights that Ergas and Dawn had a rivalry that put many others to shame. They had two different philosophies on the Force, and unlike other Jedi, Dawn flaunted it. The common philosophy was the ‘Unifying Force’ idea, but Dawn took to the Living Force idea, and saw two streams where most Jedi saw one.

“Knight Jinn, Knight Kenobi,”
Ergas spoke coldly, the lilt in his voice part of an accent from a planet he’d never known. Like all Jedi, he had been taken as an infant and raised, though he had not been raised in the Tython system. He had transferred there as he ascended the ranks, “You are both late. Your padawan has a better sense of time than you, Manx,” he opted for familiarity then. It was said as an insult; everyone knew how bad of a padawan Dreven was. “What delayed the two of you?”

“Manx walks slow.”

Ergas did not appreciate the answer. He did not appreciate the way the silks still seemed to dance in the air, either, the recklessness of Dawn’s use of the Force ever-grating. “From where?”

“The Temple.”
Manx answered. “We will not delay any longer, Master,” he bowed again to Ergas, then took a glance to Dreven, and motioned with his head for Dreven to follow him on towards the ship. Dawn started to follow as well.

“Wait, Knight Jinn.”
And so, she paused.

Manx kept walking. 


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2016, 06:32:54 pm »
As he watched his Master trip due to Dawn's robes, Dreven started laughing even harder, pointing at his Master. He was definitely going to bug his Master about falling like that.

He ran excitedly onto the ship, not even waiting for his Master. He loved going on missions, anything so he could get out of the Temple. He was never great academically but when it came to sparring at the Academy, Dreven excelled. He often showed little restraint during battle which awarded Dreven with his own wounds but usually a victory as well.

Training with Master Manx also caused him to fight smarter, relentlessly attacking worked fine against fellow Younglings but not against a Jedi Master. He was briefly told what the mission was, they had to retrieve a Force-sensitive infant from some distant planet.

He waited for his Master to fall in line. "Master, watch your step, I don't want you to trip again hahaha." He clapped his Master on the back with a grin on his face. "I have a question, Master. How come so many Jedi are needed to retrieve the child? Wouldn't you and I suffice?"

Dreven's inquisitive nature to question authority and try to understand everything got him berated frequently but he didn't care, it would bother him not knowing why.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2016, 02:33:42 am »
Ergas waited until Manx and Dreven were out of earshot, “When you return, Knight Jinn, the council would like to see you.”

An eyebrow was arched. “The whole council?” What had she done? Was this good or bad? Ergas’s expression gave nothing away.

“A quorum,”
he answered. Dawn considered asking if her own former master would be in attendance, but decided not to. She could guess that they would not be, for a quorum was not necessary if this were to be something…irksome.

“Very well. Thank you for alerting me, Master Ergas,”
she inclined her head slightly, hiding her anxiety as if she did not feel it. It did not so much as ripple the Force around her, “Where shall I meet you?”

“The council room.”

Another nod, and then Dawn turned to join the others on the ship.


Manx knew better than to get in the way of his master and Dawn. His padawan ran ahead, but Manx followed at a leisurely pace. He rolled his eyes at the comment, though he was smiling, “Thank you for your concern, Dreven,” he said as he calmly went up the steps, the younger man’s hand on his back. “You and I would suffice if we intended to bring harm to the many who do not understand the blessing that is this child.”

He stepped up into the ship and started towards the cockpit, “They do not like the Jedi, and Dawn,” a glance back; she hadn’t followed yet, “is atypical, and rather powerful with the Force.”

More than Ergas. Not that Ergas, or others of the Jedi Order, would admit it. “We want to get the child without any bloodshed, or as little as possible.”

He took the seat at the cockpit’s pilot chair, and he motioned, “You can sit here. You will need to learn to pilot as it is,” towards the co-pilot’s seat was where he motioned. Dawn’s steps reached them, then.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2016, 05:52:33 pm »
His Master was right, a Jedi Knight and a Padawan could cause much havoc and take the child by force if that was the Jedi way. Couple that with Dawn and few could stand in their way but that was not the Jedi way. While he wasn't supposed to think think about and resort to violence, it would make things so much easier sometimes. He sat in the co-pilot seat and gazed at all the buttons, levers, lights, knobs and digital displays in awe.

It looked like a mess of different functions for the ship but he knew that he was behind on his piloting mastery. Still, Dreven liked new challenges and approached them head on.
"I'm gonna be a damn good pilot, just you watch, Master." When he heard someone coming, he spun in his seat to look at Dawn and he waved. "Next time you want an actual challenge, I'll race you, Master!"

Another jab at his Master but he was glad that's how his relationship with his Master was. Some of the instructors at the Jedi Academy were too uptight or didn't have time for Dreven's antics. Luckily, Master Manx had the patience to deal with him. Dreven's uncanny and extreme sensitivity to the Force required not just any Master to take him. His behavior and uncontrollable emotions deemed him 'troublesome'. He was easily moldable and swayed.

Usually that meant he was a candidate to be seduced by the Dark side but as the Sith were extinct, there was no real threat of that. Master Manx must have seen the good in Dreven and took upon himself the difficult task of guiding the Padawan onto the right path, the Jedi Way.

"Let me try taking off, Master." Before Manx could protest, Dreven pushed a button which activated a blue backlight behind it. An automated voice spoke. 'Cycling power to forward shields..' The engines powered on and the forward shields were charged to maximum power.

"Sorry Master, maybe you should take off." He laughed and pressed the button again, the blue backlight fading the automated voice spoke again. 'Equal power distribution restored. Forward shields recharging..'


In a separate wing of the Jedi Temple, he strode across his immense and luxurious chambers. He stepped out onto the flowered and adorned terrace which overlooked the docks. He saw Dawn speaking with Ergas and once she got on board, he smirked. Everything was going according to plan. He had affairs with the Jedi Council but everyone knew that Corvainus was never reachable before midday unless it was of drastic importance.

His meditation and training took precedence. He finished an assorted bowl of fruit and a glass of Nabooian wine.
Alec Corvainus, a high-ranking member of the Jedi Council. He was the kindest, caring and loyal member of the Jedi Order. The man preached the Jedi Way strongly and was a hero of countless battles. He had trained under Luke Skywalker.

He was a handsome man, silver blond, shoulder-length hair and green eyes. He was tall and with a lean muscled build. His Jedi robes were usually white and he was beloved by all the Younglings. With their limited numbers, Alec was usually the one whom was dispatched to other systems to acquire Force-sensitive children or diplomatic missions on behalf of the Jedi Council.

It was a rarity that he was actually present in one of the Jedi Council meetings, he usually attended by hologram. An incoming transmission. A blue, small hologram of a hooded figure appeared.

"Master.." The figure said, the Twi'lek male was actually of a red skin color. His lekku were clearly visible despite the hood. Alec frowned, he was supposed to have contacted him earlier. "I apologize for the delay, I had some matters to attend to. I hired the bounty hunters you requested."

Alec drew up his hood so he wouldn't be recognized and cleared his throat. The calm and sweet tone was gone, he spoke in a harsh and aggressive tone. "When I give you a time to contact me, I don't care if you're in the midst of battle. I do not wait for you, do you understand? The Jedi are on their way to Nox, I suspect you are almost there?"

"Negative, Master. These bounty hunters are a lazy lot, I still do not understand why I just don't retrieve the child myself."
"We still do not know the exact location of the child. Besides, assume you have to engage the Jedi. They will know you are a Sith immediately, I cannot have that yet. Let the bounty hunters retrieve the child and if the Jedi become too much of an issue, I want you to kill them. If you can however, stun the Padawan and bring him to our base. He is a prime candidate to be a Sith."
"Understood, Master."
"Instruct the bounty hunters to simply await the arrival of the Jedi and watch them from a distance. You will stand by for assistance only. If you must engage the Jedi, I advise caution. My old Padawan will be there. She is quite powerful."

The transmission cut off and Alec began to get ready for the Council meeting. It was true, the Sith had risen once again and this time they would not fall. There were several Jedi he had trained personally that were masters of deception just like Alec as sleeper cells. When he gave the order, the Sith would come from the shadows and eradicate the Jedi.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: January 23, 2016, 07:30:04 pm »
Manx let out a sigh, though exasperated, it contained humor as he said, “Between you and Dawn, I have challenges enough,” he noted and shook his head as Dawn easily slid into the seat behind him. He asked, “What did Master Ergas want?”

Dawn, however, shook her head. It was not a conversation meant for the ears of a padawan, and she would not share it with him now. Best not to worry the young one who already had difficulties with his emotions, while hers were easy to keep within and calm.

During the brief exchange, Dreven got it into his head that he would start things up, “Don’t—!” Manx started, reaching, but too slow. Dreven hit the blue button and Dawn laughed as the shields began to cycle. It wasn’t the worst thing he could do, fortunately, and Manx hit his forehead at the action.

The hand left his face as Dreven handed over power to him, “Thank you,” and he reached forward to hit an orange button, that then began to illuminate the cockpit around them. The ignition started, and the ship came to life, buzzing as the power was sorted properly to the engines. “Please just watch this time, and get a feel for the controls. I’ll let you try out flying in the future, Dreven,” Manx said as he found a lever and drew it backwards slowly. The ship began to rise, and Manx quickly moved to pull another lever to launch it up and out, causing them to leave Tython behind completely.

“Now, observe as I set the hyperdrive. You never want to set it for the exact coordinates of a planet, unless you want to crash right into that planet,”
he noted as drew up a keypad from the console and began to input the coordinates near Nox, but not the exact coordinates of Nox.

The ship shot forward just as soon as Manx finished putting in the coordinates. Dawn leaned towards the window and watched everything zip by, tuning out Manx and Dreven for the moment. ‘There is something off.’ She did not look to the future often, but it was not the future she felt that was off. No, they seemed to be zipping right towards the source of the disturbance…perhaps that was all Ergas wanted to know? What was on Nox, or what was near Nox?

“We’ll be there in thirty minutes,”
Manx noted.

With Nox being in the same system as Tython, it really was not a far trip. He leaned back, his chair stretching out with him as he did. “Most of these buttons are useless,” he told Dreven, “Extra flash that’s unnecessary.”


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: January 27, 2016, 05:02:35 pm »
"Wow!" Dreven exclaimed as he watched Manx operate and coordinate the hyperdrive. He was actually pulled back into his seat once the ship launched into hyperspeed and it took a few moments to adjust to the speed. Although the ship was fine, it shook something horrible as if everything were going to come loose.

When his Master relaxed, so did Dreven and he watched and listened carefully to his instructions. Manx seemed to be sticking to the basics for now which is what Dreven needed to learn. In case they ever needed to get away quickly, he could set the coordinates on the hyperdrive now. Flight simulators were not the same as flying on an actual ship and he was very excited.


Three bounty hunters, one Weequay, a Zabrakian and a Rodian. The Zabrakian was female and the other two were male. They were already acquainted with each other but Buun Lak was hard to get along with. Being a Sith, he felt very much above everyone else and sat on a high chair as he looked down at the three bounty hunters.

"So do you all understand your objective?"
"Yeah, kidnap a child for you. I hope your boss pays well, Buun."
"You will pursue first and if you are compromised somehow, contact me. I will aid you but do your best not to get caught. Your pay will be cut."

They looked at each other and talked amongst themselves. The Zabrakian appeared to be the leader, she carried a Pulse Cannon and had a scar running down her cheek to her throat. The Rodian carried a regular DL-44 blaster pistol and the Weequay was armed with an E17 blaster rifle.

"I'll watch the Jedi from a distance and pick them off if need be. You two will flank the Jedi and watch them from both sides."

The ship landed at the docks in Nox and it was stationed near similar looking transport ships. The air was polluted from all the hazardous materials that were produced on the planet. The cities on Nox were domed to protect the citizens from the polluted air. The bounty hunters walked off the landing platform and into the domed city.

Buun Lak watched them as they went and shook his head. The landing platform raised and he powered off the ship. The comms crackled into life and as the bounty hunters split up into their formations, Buun Lak was listening in to everything. He could sense the Jedi were close, he sat down in the bridge of the ship and began to meditate.

If he was going to be able to suppress his presence from being sensed, he would really need to concentrate and meditate. The Zabrakian, Ayla, rappelled into a building that overlooked the entrance into the city. The commercial area of the city greeted all who entered the dome so it was obviously crowded. She needed the other two bounty hunters to confirm eyes on the Jedi and maintain tabs on them.

The two bounty hunters were in the heart of the marketplace, haggling favors and credits for information of the whereabouts of a Force-sensitive child in the city. It made sense to gather intel on their own instead of solely relying on the Jedi. Still, as one bargained for information, the other kept an eye on the entrance.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: January 29, 2016, 05:17:15 am »
“Are we good?” Dawn asked Manx once he settled, and he gave a nod of agreement. “Good, I’ll be in the back. If you need me, shout,” with that, she rose to leave for the back, as she’d said. Sitting still was not fun, and there was still something wrong, something nagging at the back of her mind.

Manx glanced the way she went, then waved a hand and let the door shut, just as he heard the sounds of music flow forward.

Dawn had strange habits when it came to meditation and practice; his padawan did not need to pick up on them yet.

It took thirty minutes, as Manx anticipated, and as they started to slow to land, Dawn returned to them. Manx chatted over the com link with the individual in charge of the docking bay and managed to get permission for them to land. The ship slid into the protected docking bay as it opened its metal doors to allow them entrance. It would lead right into the domed city, connected by hallways, so none had to breathe the poisonous air outside the domes.

Dawn spoke when the com link was turned off, the ship turned off, “Do you feel something off?”

“What do you mean?”
He looked at her, confused.

‘How do I put it…?’
Not even she was sure. Dawn had been to Nox before. The planet was all but dead—the Force hardly had a presence here. Yet, she could feel it. Two strong pulls on the Force. “Was another Jedi sent on this mission?”

Slowly, Manx shook his head. “No…why? Dawn?”

Dawn bit the inside of her cheek. Manx couldn’t feel it. Of course he couldn’t. He wasn’t nearly as skilled with the Force. Dawn didn’t even think to ask Dreven as she rose. “Go to the address. I’ll catch up,” she turned to exit the ship, and Manx got quickly to his feet and darted after her, catching her as she stepped off the ramp and taking hold of her arm, lightly.

“Dawn, you’re worrying me,”
he said, though he appeared the picture of calm.

“There is something wrong here, Manx. I can feel it.”

A crooked smile, “I thought you didn’t look to the future.”

“I’m not.”
The statement was blunt. “It’s here. It’s now.” ‘It’s near.’

“Then we should not split up,”
he looked back to Dreven, “Stay close, and stay on guard,” he advised, then looked back to Dawn, “You know the way, so lead to the child. If need be, we’ll return and investigate whatever is disturbing, when we get approval from the council.”

Dawn frowned, but she understood the sanity of sticking together, “Very well,” and so, she moved to the entrance into the domed city, with Manx at her side.

As soon as she crossed into the commercial area, though, the broken soil reacted to her crossing. Dust broke apart to rise. It was subtle, but it was intentional on her part; the Force could do many things, and Dawn was not known for fighting fair. Dust to the eyes was a wonderful trick. Few learned to use the Force to handle a multiplicity of small objects. They preferred single, heavy ones.

Manx fell back to walk alongside Dreven, and he dared to ask, “Do you sense something amiss, Dreven?”


While something was amiss on Nox, Master Ergas moved to fix what he thought was the true disturbance in the universe. ‘The Sith have returned.’ It was the only explanation for his inability to look to the future. A Sith was clouding his vision of the future, and he had only one suspicion—the heretic among the order, Dawn Jinn, who had dared to laugh at the idea that a ‘dark side’ even existed.

It was strange that she could have come from such a well-respected man as Master Alec Corvainus. Yet, it was because she was his former padawan, that Master Ergas did not go to him to invite him to the quorum.

This, unfortunately, set off one of the others. “A Master should be present when their padawan is to be tried! If you do not invite him, I will not attend.”

Though Master Ergas had argued with Master Bril, she had not budged—even though she agreed with Ergas on the matter of Dawn. She still thought it too underhanded.

So, grudgingly, the cerean man made the trek to where Master Corvainus resided. It was at least past midday now, so Ergas was not worried about disturbing Corvainus’s meditations as he came to the door of the other man’s home, and rung a bell to announce his presence.

It was odd for Ergas to do this; he was used to being the one approached, and not the other way around. Even among the Council, others tended to come to him. Others waited for him, rarely the reverse, but Corvainus could at least be considered truly a peer. He had much experience and history, after all.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: February 01, 2016, 04:47:11 pm »
As Dawn went to the back and he heard music, he figured she was occupying herself with something. Most likely meditation, it seemed like most Jedi Knights and Masters spent a lot of time meditating. Even Master Corvainus did not liked being disturbed during his meditation. Dreven had no idea but Alec had sensed the irregularity of Dreven's sensitivity to the Force.

Alec Corvainus publicly known have an interested stake in how the Younglings were trained and he knew each and everyone them personally, different levels of course but his strong opinion was always that the Younglings were the future of the Jedi. It wasn't uncommon to see Master Corvainus overseeing how the Younglings developed and little did everyone know it was the perfect guise to see which Younglings were to be easily corrupted.

Jedis had no preference but his relationship to Dawn was very strong, he had watched her as a child and had known she would be his Padawan one day. The most sensitive to Force were usually the most difficult to handle and who other to take up such challenges? Dawn had developed faster and attuned her powers under his teachings.

When she returned, Dreven did not want to appear to be eavesdropping so he kept an eye on the controls but he was listening intently to their conversation. Dreven's itch was not unfounded but he kept silent. Another Jedi? Was that the churning in his gut he felt? His Master chased after Dawn and he stayed in his seat, counting until ten in his head. He stood peered around the corner to watch them as they spoke. Dawn was worried, that much was clear.

When he was spotted by his Master, Dreven moved forward and followed him as they walked off the ramp. He stayed close but behind them as they walked into the domed city. Nothing seemed to grow or flourish outside the dome, it was almost sad. He rose his hand to shield his face from the dust that rose up into the air.

"I don't know how to explain it, Master. On Tython, it's not hard to sense the different pulls and sensitivities to the Force because of all the Younglings, Padawans, Jedi Knights and Masters. So it's kind of like, I'm used to that feeling. Now so far from Tython, you and Master Dawn were the only ones I could sense. Until now.., it's very faint but I feel something."

Yet nothing had happened, he was feeling very anxious.


"Buun, I've spotted the Jedi."
"Very good, proceed as planned. Follow cautiously."

Arcan, the Weequay pirate, turned around and although a gust of dust surrounded them, it was two male Jedi and one female. One Jedi was trouble, but three? He moved into the crowd, keeping an eye on them and staying a safe distance from them. The Rodian, Grenyl, was arguing with a shopkeeper who tried to sell him false information and took his credits.

"I told you what I know and you paid!"
"You cheated me, do you take me for a fool?!"

Grenyl opened his coat and showed the shopkeeper his DL-44. "Now unless you want hole in your head, tell me something useful."

"Okay! Okay, go to the end of town, there's a cantina, you can't miss it. Ask for Rico and ask him what you asked me."
"That's more like it." Grenyl relayed the information to them and made his way to the cantina. Arcan, continued to blend in and watch the Jedi. As they moved farther from the entrance, Ayla, left her vantage point and found a new position to keep her sights on them.


The doorbell rung, Alec wondered who it could be. He was already dressed in his white robes, silver blond hair tied in a pony tail. He opened the door and saw it was Master Ergas. He smiled as he saw him and opened the door even wider.

"Master Ergas, what a pleasant surprise. Come in, come in and have a seat." Alec was sporting a glass of Kaminoan wine and sipped it as he waited for him to sit down. "Can I get you anything? Some water, wine, a fruit cocktail from Naboo? Only the freshest fruit for me, you know that."

If anything despite his seclusion due to his living quarters, Alec was a great host and enjoyed company whenever he got it, or so he demonstrated. He usually had foreign imported goods from other planets and systems from his frequent trips. The Younglings loved the lush, juicy fruit from Naboo and he always made sure to bring a bushel for them.

"I know the walk here isn't fun, Master Ergas. To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, old friend?" If there was anyone whom Alec respected, it was the Jedi before him. The Cerean man was extremely gifted and he was the one recommended Alec to become a part of the Jedi Council. When the time came for the Sith to rise again, Alec wouldn't be surprised if he had to cross lightsabers with Ergas.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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So, something was wrong. With Dawn and Dreven confirming it, Manx was tempted to use the Force to bring his saber into his hand, but he did not. Dawn was doing enough, he could tell in the way the storm brewed at her ankles, prepared and armed in her own way. He just had to take a deep breath, and focus.


Present. He had to be prepared for the danger that the other two felt.

For now, however, he followed Dawn. The Jedi did not need to hunt for clues. They had the history of the past visit to guide them, so none of them turned down the path of the arguing aliens, but kept on forward to exit the commercial area, which led to an open expanse. Vehicles zipped by towards the poorer homes. The manufacturing plant loomed in the distant, as did huddles of domed houses, in groups, most of them mostly underground.

There was a pull in the Force, though, that Dawn was following like a bloodhound. The walk itself took a while, as she did not want to pick up any speeders or animals, but they soon came upon a grouping of several domed houses, and in this group, plants were growing.

Life thrived, “Let me handle it,” Dawn told Manx and Dreven, “Just stay on guard,” the dust around her ankles died away as she approached the dome that seemed to be dripping in ivy, and rapped her knuckles on the door.

“Go away!”
The man inside shouted.

“Sir, I just—”

“I know who you are, and we’re not giving up my child!”
He said, “Now go away or I will shoot you!”

Despite the threat, Manx didn’t move forward. The man was afraid, that much was easy to sense, and he was also bluffing. At least, Manx was fairly certain of it.

Dawn put her hand on the door, “Sir, you may try to shoot me, but I am not alone. I do not intend you any harm. Let us talk about this; I do not think you understand what we intend at all.” Calm, focused. It’d be easier if she could see him, but Dawn would convince the man to open the door. Then she’d just utilize the tricks she was taught to get the child and get out of there before they realized what had happened.


Then, footsteps towards the door.


Master Ergas inclined his head politely to Master Corvainus, and let his nose and forehead wrinkle in distaste at the wine. Were it anyone else, he would have chastised them for drinking. It was frowned upon in the Order—after all, drinking was a way for one to lose control, and so, one’s focus.

Yet, Alec always kept his head about him, “Just a water, Corvanius, I believe you will want to kick me out of your home soon enough,” he answered as he accepted the invitation to step in. The privacy of the home would allow him to speak plainly, at least. “I had hoped to spare you the news, but Master Bril insisted I tell and invite you.”

Ergos took his seat, and motioned for Corvainus to do the same, “Please, I would not have you standing,” though he wondered, briefly, if it would truly come as a surprise to Corvainus, or if he would find it easy to accept. They both knew Dawn had not been the easiest of padawans, and she remained rather staunch in her ways. It was unfortunate she’d never truly taken the teachings to heart.

It was unfortunate it was one of Corvainus’s own, though Ergas did feel a smug sense of pride that it wasn’t any of his padawans, and that Manx remained vigilant. Ignorant, perhaps, but not corrupted.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Arcan whispered into the microphone. "The Jedi are on the move and heading towards you, Grenyl. How shall we proceed, Ayla?"

Ayla adjusted the scope on her rifle, calculating the distance and she began thinking of what to do. "Grenyl, wait for them to pass and when they go to retrieve the child, we'll set up and ambush them."

"Got it." There was a group of drunkards outside of the cantina and Grenyl began conversing with them randomly. He looked up to gaze at the large manufacturing plant that was still in the distance. He heard whispers of Jedi. He turned around and watched them passed by.

They stuck out like sore thumbs and it wasn't uncommon for the public to be alarmed by their presence. He returned to his conversation but watched them from his peripherals. They were headed to the housing district, they were also domed. It made sense that the child's family would in one of the homes. He didn't pursue right away but he stole away from the cantina when they were a far enough distance for him to pursue.

They approached a dome rich in foliage on the exterior, somehow within the dome, plant life still managed to grow. Grenyl watched behind a tree and pulled out binoculars equipped with a directional microphone. The resident in the home seemed reluctant to treat with the Jedi which gave them more time. Had it been up to Grenyl, blaster fire into the door would've sufficed.

Arcan and Ayla were almost caught up to Grenyl's location when Grenyl completely hid himself behind the tree. The curious Padawan turned around just in time to notice nothing which was a close call. Ayla scaled a rather large tree and perched herself with a clear view of the dome. Arcan flanked around to the right side of the dome while keeping the Jedi in sight.

Grenyl maintained his position towards the left of the dome but he stealthily got to a better vantage point. Upon hearing their communications for setting up, Buun Lak's eyes opened slowly. It was time. He stood up and calmly made his way out of the ship. The bounty hunters would be slaughtered by the Jedi if they chose to engage.

Buun Lak wouldn't attack them head-on however, he would also carefully watch from the shadows as the bounty hunters carried out their ambush. If things did get out of hand, he would jump in.


Dreven gazed at all their surroundings and was amazed at the complete change in scenery when they reached the dome house the child lived in. They had come from nothing but industrialized buildings, machinery and now they were in a more remote area of the planet where foliage was all around them.

He listened quietly as Dawn tried to convince the man behind the door to let them inside. When he threatened to shoot, his hand immediately to grasp the hilt of his lightsaber. When his Master didn't do the same, his hand fell away. The man was afraid, who would want to willingly give away their child?

Dreven looked over his shoulder to look behind him at a tree line to his left and he blinked when he saw nothing. He could've sworn someone was watching them but that couldn't be. It was probably the wildlife in the area. A winged creature screamed as it soared over them but didn't attack. It continued over the domes and deeper into the woods.

Dreven felt a tinge of unrest in his stomach and a slight headache. What was it with this planet?


Alec was known for doing and approaching things differently, it was what made him such an effective warrior and leader when it came to battle and cunning for everything else. He knew of the negative view of alcohol consumption. He drank wine but never to inebriation, he had a reputation to maintain. He went to fetch the glass of water and brought it for Master Ergas.

He sat down after Ergas did and nodded at his comment of Master Bril. Another Jedi he was good friends with. An invitation could only mean Jedi Council business.
"What is this invitation regarding, Master?"He crossed a leg over another and finished the cup of wine. He touched his fingertips together and templed his hands as he waited for his answer. "Luckily, I am physically present for this invitation, I know I am always missed during our Council meetings."

Alec simply chuckled at his joke, attending Jedi business on other systems took up a majority of his time. What was unknown to anyone was that while away from Tython on all his missions, he was involved in training new Sith apprentices and developing his headquarters in a remote system.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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The door opened, and the father was still holding the gun up, hand shaking, as he shot a glance towards the others that Dawn was with.

“You do not need to worry about them,”
Dawn said, without even a gesture.

And he did not repeat it, though Manx felt the pull of the Force as Dawn utilized it to manipulate the man’s thoughts and man’s direction. His attention fell onto Dawn completely and his gaze met hers, brown eyes locking onto purple.

Manx smirked, just a bit. He couldn’t help it. “You will let me inside so that we can discuss this matter in private.” As she said it, Manx caught the shift in his padawan and glanced in the direction that Dreven had looked.

He had a growing bad feeling, but it was not from the home Dawn was being let into. He gestured with his head towards the house, and walked closer as Dawn went in to listen and to stay on alert should anything happen to her within.

He could hear the murmured conversation and the high-pitched, nearly shrill, voice of the one who must have been the mother. Dawn’s voice remained ever calm, a smooth and easy voice, but it didn’t seem to be working.

Then again, what could overcome a mother’s love? “TO THE VOID WITH YOU JEDI!” The mother shrieked, and it seemed to awaken some of the other townsfolk. Lights turned on in other domed houses. The neighbors were out of their homes almost immediately.

One shouted, “We’ve already told you, we want nothing to do with you Jedi.”

Manx could feel the tension and the anger in the air.

“This does not concern you,”
Manx said, and he did gesture with his hand as he added, “Please go back into your homes.”

"I will go back into my home, this doesn't concern me,"
was echoed. They started to, until one Manx didn’t speak with fired a blaster and broke the spell. It wasn’t aimed to hurt—no one really wanted to strike the Jedi, but it did get dangerously close to Manx’s head. His eyes widened in surprise as he shifted his attention to the one, and then heard Dawn’s steps returning to the doorway of the home she was in.

“Get out of here, Jedi scum!”
The one with the blaster said, as he spit on the ground to make his distaste clear. “They want to keep the child, and they’re going to, if we have to send you back to Tython in a box.”

Dawn drew herself up tall in the doorway, “I assure you, that is a battle you will lose, and then the child will be executed for being exposed to such anger and violence early on, while being so sensitive to the Force.” It was a lie, but Dawn wanted to scare them.

All of them, who cared so much for the child. All of them, who banded together to protect the child. ‘Did my mother…?’ But Dawn shook the thought off. “Tita is a gift. A blessing,” Dawn used the name the mother had used, though names were usually changed. “That blessing can be cultivated with the Jedi.”

“We don’t care!”

“She should stay with her family, who loves her!”

“Not that you Jedi know anything about love….”

Fair point, Dawn would have conceded, but she had a mission, and agreeing that the Jedi were flawed was not a part of it. “Talk to them,” Dawn said and turned back into the home, hoping Dreven and Manx could solve this since the violence didn’t seem to be escalating any further.

The man with the blaster shouted again, and raised his gun as if to shoot Dawn in the back.


‘Not so fortunate for me.’
Although Master Ergas would not admit that aloud. Master Corvainus would likely stand in Dawn’s defense, which would only make the matter of dealing with the Sith more difficult. Hopefully, though, he could be made to see.

“As I am certain you are aware, the Sith have returned, Master Corvainus,”
he would not imply that Corvainus was unaware, though certainly some Jedi and Counsellors were living in denial, and trying to believe anything else besides the obvious. “Many do not wish to believe it, but all of the signs are here. It has become difficult to look to the future, because the Sith are hiding it now, hiding themselves.”

Master Ergas took a drink of his water to let it set in, before he set the cup on the endtable near him and said, “Dawn is the Sith, perhaps the master, perhaps the apprentice, I am not certain,” so bluntly, and so flatly, that it would sound as if he were stating that the sky is blue, “I understand she was your padawan, and I am sorry to tell you this, but you must be aware of her interactions with the Council and how she flaunts every loophole like she flaunts her powers. She is impressing negative views upon the younglings, even,” a sigh, and he found his eyes drifting, “she has taught my own new padawan a dark side skill. Where she learned it, I do not know, but my own padawan dared to say the Force had no dark side.”

He shook his head, and looked back up, “Her philosophies and her impressions upon the youth are damaging to us as a whole. This quorum is meeting to exile her, or kill her, if necessary. Master Bril believes that you, as her former Master, should be present in case it is possible to redeem her.”

Ergas did not think it possible, but saying so was not appropriate. Not yet.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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He couldn't believe how quickly things escalated, they were there peacefully! Didn't they know the Jedis were keepers of peace? Taking someone's child no matter how you swung it was far from a peaceful act however. He followed his mother as she began shrieking, not consenting to hand over her daughter.

He took note of all the neighbors that began to rally with the family, yelling threats and angered comments. 'This is bad.'

It only became worse when one fired at his Master. That angered Dreven so much, he drew his lightsaber and glared at the armed citizen after Dawn tried to reason with them. Jedi weren't known to attack unarmed civilians, but this man was not afraid to fire at them and continued to make threats.

Without waiting for his Master to speak, Dreven stepped forward, lowering his lightsaber. "Sir, put down your weapon. I too was taken as a child when I was very little. I do not remember much about my mother except for her long, black hair. Still, I have been taught much at the Jedi Academy and I am under the watchful supervision of my Master who has been very good to me."

The blade returned into its hilt as he did not intend to strike the man down. "Tita will be taught discipline, honor, to keep the peace and one day she may also be on one of these missions to recover a Force-sensitive child. I have been guided on the right path and so will Tita. We have no need violence against necessary and I implore you to put your weapon down."

As a show of good faith, Dreven strapped his lightsaber back to his hip and showed the man his hands. "Please return to your homes, we have nothing but the best interest for the child."

The man's anger seemed to dissolve, he was still holding the blaster raised at them but it was shaking in his hand. "I'm not going to hurt you, I am just going to take your blaster or you can shoot me. Please don't shoot me."

The man looked reluctant but the blaster went limp in his hands as if relinquishing it. Dreven took the blaster out of his hands slowly and carefully, a man screamed afterwards. It was coming from the area Dreven had turned to look at and all the locals were listening to what he was saying and trying to locate who was speaking. While everyone's attention was drawn elsewhere, the sound of blaster fire rang out.

It barely missed Dreven and came from his right side. The man who gave him the blaster clutched his chest and was gasping for air. He collapsed onto his back and died seconds later. Pandemonium. All everyone was the man was dead and Dreven was holding the blaster.


"The Jedi are evil!"

"He killed him! Kill them!"

Dreven was at a loss for words, he clearly wasn't the one who shot the man and the shot came from the treeline to the right. "Master! I didn't shoot him, the shot came from over there!"


Grenyl and Arcan were watching from both sides. It seemed the locals were causing trouble for the Jedi, they were not afraid to fire on them. The Jedi would not slaughter innocent civilians unless they had too.

"Start a riot, use the tension to our advantage." Ayla said into the mic and Buun Lak was also waiting for the right moment to strike. These bounty hunters weren't stupid after all, who knew?

Grenyl and Arcan quickly discussed their plan and Grenyl began to scream. "They are tricking us! They're using Jedi powers to manipulate our minds! Do not fall for their Jedi lies, they want to take Tita to make her a murderer!"

Arcan watched as the locals and even the Jedi were distracted by Grenyl. He raised his blaster and instead of trying to shoot the young Jedi, he fired at the man who gave over the blaster. Right in the heart. Arcan chuckled to himself as the chaos ensued, now they would really think the Jedi were evil. The young Jedi instantly pinpointed his location however, Arcan made a run for in case they decided to pursue.

He placed a few proximity mines around his last known position.


Alec's reaction did not change for the most part when Master Ergas mentioned the Sith. By now, the Jedi Council had to realize it was only going to be a matter of time before the Dark Side corrupted their own and other Force-sensitives. At least he was getting straight to the point.

Upon his accusation of Dawn being a Sith, there was a visible concern and disbelief in his face. He had to maintain the surprise any Master would have upon hearing the accusation. Little had Dawn known that Alec had specifically guided her training to suit a Sith but masked it by instilling the ways of the Jedi and Light Side of the Force.

Were she ever to seek him out again, he would complete her training but there was so much he could teach without being labeled a Sith himself. Her fighting style as well most of his apprentices were unique, fitted to their strengths and weaknesses but fine tuned by Alec's supreme combat/Force skill.

The only one who could really make a case against having Dawn killed or exiled would be Alec. Dawn was possibly the strongest Padawan he'd ever seen or trained, she would serve his needs quite well. Exile was better than death and if she was exiled, he could finish her training away from the eyes of the Jedi and make her into the powerful Sith Lord he'd been hoping for.

"I must say I cannot believe this. Dawn has always been different and her sensitivity to the Force is undeniably extraordinary. As you recall, I was the one who brought Dawn to Tython all those years ago. While I was only a Padawan at the time, I expressed a deep interest in her because I knew she'd be high maintenance." That was an understatement. "While I do not know where she learned these alleged Dark Side abilities, I wish to speak to her when she returns from Nox before the quorum. If anyone can get through to Dawn and get her to confess, it will be me."

Attachment for a Jedi was forbidden but such was the relationship between Master and apprentice. He understood he had to let her go and while she didn't say it, he sensed how hard it was for her. They were extremely close and if there was anyone Alec truly cared about, it was her.

He desired more than just her companionship however, he wanted her power. To be able to train her and unlock her true potential. Someone to surpass him when the time came. He temples his fingers and leaned forward, deep in thought.

"This is very troubling news, Master. Not just with Dawn, the Sith must be stopped. What are we going to do about it?"

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn was inside before the chaos started, back with the mother and the father. Her purple eyes were soft upon them, but she was resolute. She had her orders, and she already knew she was on thin ice with Master Ergas. Failure was not an option here. “You said her name was Tita?” Dawn asked, confirming it.

The mother gave a single, sharp nod. “What do you not like about us?” She had to get at the reason, so she could change the woman’s mind. No Force trick was going to cut it this time. She let her shoulder press against the wall, leaning, casual and calm.

Not the stoic Jedi that Manx was, nor most of the others.

The mother’s gaze was wary as she said, “My daughter deserves a choice. I know what you Jedi are. You aren’t allowed to form attachments, you aren’t allowed to have children or families, you aren’t allowed to be…to be…well, human,” she knew not all were human, but it was the only way she could think to phrase it.

“Your daughter did not have a choice in being born a girl,”
Dawn noted, and saw the mother’s eyebrows raise. “If you do not let her come with us, she will never have the choice to be a Jedi, either. With every choice you make, you deny Tita.”

There was silence for several seconds. Then, “Can someone leave the Jedi…if they want?”

Dawn had never seen it happen. Technically, it wasn’t forbidden. Technically, they weren’t supposed to take children from the unwilling, either. “If she wants to, when she is older, I will make it happen.”

“You’ll remember her?”

“She’ll be mine.”
When her name was changed by the Jedi, when her life started anew, Dawn would become her Master—if not in reality, then on the side, and she would tell Tita that her mother had fought for her. The Jedi needed more perspectives. This would help to bring one about, which would be lovely to rub into Ergas’s face later on.

And that’s when it went to hell outside. Dawn heard the shout, the blaster, and she was at the door only a second later.


Manx was proud of Dreven as he stepped forward to share his experience. He was the younger here, and so his experience would mean more than Manx’s—not to mention Manx had no memories of his mother, or his father. He had been taken young—very young. He was not sure he’d even known his mother for more than a week. The Jedi had always been his family.

Dreven did well at talking them down, and Manx smiled, glad his padawan could pull it off. He was temperamental at times, but his emotional capability let him connect with others easily. The man offered the blaster, and Dreven went to retrieve it. Manx watched him, then let his attention snap at the sound of a shout.


As he tried to shout back, he heard the blaster, and turned right back around, eyes widening.

‘Shot in the front.’

Yet Manx did not believe it was Dreven, not for a second, and he turned in the direction his padawan indicated as the door flung open again to reveal Dawn.

It would not have taken a Jedi to sense the anger that had flared around her as things dissolved into chaos. “MANX!” A snap of the fingers followed, and Manx heeded the unspoken command of the two fingers, rushing from where he stood to the door.

Another blaster shot exploded near him, as someone fired at Manx’s decision to move.

The sand picked up around them, and a clump of it had risen to save Manx from the blow as Dawn walked out of the home. He heard her whisper, “They agreed, get the child to ship,” and Manx slipped into the house as Dawn moved out.

In a word, it was the changing of the guards, and the town had elected to deal with the red-headed woman.

Someone fired at her, at the door, at Manx’s back, and all of it was stopped by the sand. Their very world betrayed them to Dawn’s powers, and she threw the sand forward at the one who had fired first, and pushed it to go down their throat, their nose, to choke them. She would let them live if it was feasible, but that was not her concern right then.

Her concern was getting herself, Dreven, Manx, and Tita out, alive. “If you insist on striking without questioning,” Dawn spoke coolly as she walked to where Dreven was, intending to be close enough to grab him if necessary, “I will return the favor. Lower your weapons.”

She did not use the commanding powers, for she did not want to disturb the Force already in play. She sought out emotions besides fear and anger—and she could sense it running away, in one direction.

Yet, one remained, and her eyes quickly locked onto them in the crowd. It was a Rodian. She was not subtle as she pointed at him. “Come here. Now. You know who did this.” It wasn’t a question at all.

It was very much a threat.


There was some pleasure that Ergas felt in seeing Master Alec surprised. That had to mean that he truly did not know, which was calming in many ways. He knew how quickly this could turn on Alec, how poorly it could end up reflecting on the man, and he did not wish to see it. He did not believe that Alec truly knew how far his padawan had fallen.

Their relationship was close, this Ergas did know. He was not as close to his own padawans, though he felt pride in many of them and was always please with how they did away from him. Manx was a favorite. “I do recall. It was unheard of,” Ergas noted, for he did remember how Dawn had been found on Naboo by the young Alec.

And so, Alec had ended up her teacher, though he’d been teaching her even before then, always interested in the child he retrieved. “Dawn should be returning from Nox soon, she has only gone on a retrieval mission. Assuming it does not go poorly, she will be back before evening falls,” Ergas said, “If you like, you may speak with her before then, and escort her to the quorum. I intend to have it meet immediately after the ship arrives. If she is the Sith, we cannot allow her time to plan.”

And if she was not, then it wouldn’t matter if this was rushed.

As Alec asked what they would do, Ergas shook his head and rose, “That is to be determined. If Dawn is but an apprentice, then we interrogate her to find her Master. If she is the Master, we find all those she has been teaching. If she is neither…then we search for the Sith. They must be close, and I fear it is someone within the Jedi already, but we will find them.”

They had to find them. They could not endure another Galactic Empire or First Order. 


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dreven drew his lightsaber and deflected any blaster fire coming at him, but not right at those shooting at him. He didn't want to kill civilians by deflecting their shots back at them. His attention turned to Dawn who shouted at his Master to come over to him. Dreven rolled to the side and evaded fire from the left. He thrusted his hand forward to attempt to Force Push his assailant but it only ended up knocking the blaster out of his hand instead of sending him flying back.

He wasn't too adept to utilize Force Push to its full power. He inched closer to Dawn and her protective clumps of sand once the locals retreated. He locked eyes on a Rodian, he was green and with dark purple eyes. He held a blaster pistol aimed at them and Dawn seemed to not be playing nice anymore.

"Hand over the child, Jedi. No one has to die today. You're all surrounded."

Whether they called his bluff or not, Ayla had her sight aimed directly at Dawn's head. They wouldn't kill a Jedi unless they had too. They knew the consequences of that and if the child could be recovered without killing a Jedi, so be it.

Buun Lak was done waiting. Out of the shadows, the Twi'lek emerged. Even Grenyl was startled at his presence. He kept his head down and didn't even look at the Jedi. Instead Buun Lak directed his attention to Grenyl.

"That'll be enough of that, leave the Jedi to me. I want all of you to secure the child and return to the ship. Take off on my command."

Buun finally acknowledged Dawn and Dreven. There was a sinister smirk on his face. A Padawan and two Jedi. He sensed the other inside the house. The Jedi would not simply give the child away, he'd have to kill them. Perhaps not the Padawan. His eyes fixated on Dawn and more importantly her red hair. It was.. different. This ws his Master's old Padawan?

She didn't look so tough. Buun drew his lightsaber, the blade was a deep red almost like blood.
"You will die here, Jedi. Whether you hand over the child or not."

Dreven's hands trembled in fear, he could sense the hatred and anger stemming from the Twi'lek. All emotions that were not beneficial to a Jedi. He was a Sith. They had the numbers advantage though, three Jedi vs one was a no-brainer. Right? Nevertheless, Dreven rushed the Buun, using the Force to propel him high into the air with an overhead strike at him.

Buun didn't pay attention to Dreven, he raised his free hand and slowly began curling his fingers as if he were strangling the air. Dreven immediately started clutching his throat, gasping for air. The boy's technique was sloppy but the fear and anger inside him was great, the more Buun Force choked, the angrier the boy was becoming.

He could feel his telekinetic grip on Dreven's throat slightly loosening, so the boy had some fight in him. If Buun continued to choke him, he'd end up breaking his neck or suffocating to death. The smirk turned into a twisted smile as his eyes did not move from Dawn, almost as if taunting her. Buun swatted his choking hand away as if killing a fly and sent Dreven flying and colliding into a tree.

Dreven's world went black when his back smashed into the tree, his lightsaber sheathed and he gasped short breaths before succumbing to unconsciousness.

"Foolish boy. Now it's your turn, woman." Buun's voice was booming with and filled with hatred. With the Force at his heels, he launched himself at Dawn aggressively, his strikes switching from one to two-handed swings at the blink of an eye.

"The Jedi won't give up the child, Arcan, take the unconscious Padawan and we'll hold him as a hostage. I'll cover you."

Arcan weaved through the trees and while the female Jedi was distracted with Buun, he lifted the Padawan up with struggle. While Arcan was quite muscular, Dreven was heavier than he looked. The only issue was that his back was exposed to any incoming attack. Arcan also made sure to take the Padawan's lightsaber, that would sell for a pretty penny on the side.

Grenyl ran past the clashing Buun and Dawn and into the house with Manx and the child. He drew his blaster high and yelled at them.
"Hand over the child, Jedi or I will kill the parents." He knew his shots would be deflected instantly. Grenyl clutched the one thermal detonator he brought behind his back. Were the Jedi to rush him, he'd toss the grenade over to where the parents were.

As he readied the thermal detonator, it did make that annoying, incessant beeping sound.


Ergas was no fool and that's why he respected him so. Alec was fully aware of the recovery mission but he did not give that away. All he knew was that she was on some mission. Alec had only arrived from a mission himself one rotation ago. He hadn't announced his arrival to everyone, he was on Tython so infrequently these days. He did make sure to stop by the Academy and check in on the Younglings.

The children loved Alec, mainly because of all the treats and stories he would bring and tell them about far away planets, battles he'd be in and people he'd met. He was also would make a lot of the Younglings levitate in the air at one time.

What he was not happy about was finding about Dawn's supposed, newly learned Dark Side prowess from Master Ergas. That was something Alec would've been wise to before any of the Jedi Council. He'd been gone too long.

"If she is indeed the master, I ask that I be the one to execute her. Her corruption would be my fault for not guiding her correctly and that is a burden I must face alone. I fear my position as Jedi Master will have been compromised if she indeed is a Sith. She is still innocent to me despite these allegations, I will discover the truth." Master Ergas had to understand this was personal to him.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn remained calm and cool under the words of the Rodian, her focus legendary, and dangerous to anyone who could feel the Force. Manx was outwardly and inwardly stoic, but Dawn was not.

Her emotions, however, were always channeled. It was a trick taught to her by her former Master. She had control of the emotions, but she did not hide from them nor deny them as some Jedi did. They were a teeming mess of amusement and anger as she stared at the Rodian who dared to challenge her, dared to say they were surrounded. “Then prove it.” Despite the mess internally, they pulsed around her, shifting, giving off only what she wanted to show.

The emotions pulsed to create a mood. With a mood, she could control movements, as a DJ controlled a beat.

As if in answer, another stepped out, the one she had sensed earlier. She let her eyes shift to him, giving him a once over.

Something was…familiar about the Twi’lek. She let confusion into the beating pulse of emotions.

Dawn could not place it. She was certain she had never seen the man with the red lightsaber before, but even so, there was something familiar about him. He made his statement, separating himself from the Jedi in a phrase. ‘So you are Sith.’ It had been the unspoken fear that so many felt on Tython. Dawn knew it, felt it, whenever she looked at the Counsellors or whenever Manx complained that he had troubles looking ahead.


She’d put an end to this here and now.

She shouted when he ran ahead, and then slapped her forehead in frustration. ‘Idiot.’ This was probably why she didn’t have a padawan. They would exasperate her to the point of letting them die.

Frustration pulsed.

If it weren’t for the fact this was Manx’s padawan, though, she might have done just that. She kept her eyes locked upon the Sith, though, waiting. Challenging. He smiled and he smirked. He flaunted his power and threw the boy, and Dawn simply raised her chin up, then used the Force to pull out two lightsabers.

They illuminated purple. “Jinn,” she corrected when he called her ‘woman’. How dare he?

He moved fast, and he moved rashly, guided by emotion. Dawn didn’t take a step from the ground she held, though she knew the sand trick would not work on him. As his hands moved, she raised one blade to guard, putting Force into her own strength so she would be able to hold up against him.

She did not, however, use the second blade to stab him. No, he’d be expecting that, especially as now she let pulse fear, masking the reality.

Anger drew lightning, and Dawn was angry. She let lightning dance at her fingertips, and she shot it forward to throw him aside. If it connected, she would whip around, leaving him as if he were not worth her time, to rush to where Dreven was.

If she was not successful, no doubt she’d be locked in a deadlock with the Twi’lek and have to figure a different maneuver before Dreven was taken away.


Manx had only just gotten the mother to give him the child, terrified by the prospect of the violence and the danger that Tita was in. She let out a shriek as the bounty hunter entered, and that was when Tita woke.

Tita let out her own wail, an ear-shattering infant’s cry that persisted as Manx stared down the hunter.

He was stuck. If he moved, he would cease being able to protect the parents. At least here, he could deflect anything that happened.

If he tried to attack, however, he risked setting that detonator off. He could hear it beeping. It didn’t take a genius to realize the bounty hunter literally had something behind his back. The positioning of his hand wasn’t exactly subtle.

He told the bounty hunter firmly. “Leave.” He did not move his hand, but he tried to put the Force in the command, holding his ground and the wailing infant against himself.

‘Bide time.’
Dawn or Dreven would soon come, and soon be able to cut down this individual. Manx just had to make sure to hold on to the infant, and keep the parents safe until then.


The request that Alec made just made it more clear of the attachment that he and Dawn had. Ergas was tempted to deny it, but he knew that was also a personal vendetta, an attachment of its own.

Dawn had become his most vocal opponent, and she was not even a Counsellor!

Of course, she was vying for a position. “That will be determined by the Council, though I am certain many will be fine with allowing you that.” It would solidify him as not responsible in the eyes of many, though it would also hurt, and there was the small risk that Alec would let Dawn escape into exile if he thought her innocent.

As he professed. “I shall go inform Master Bril and the rest that you will also attend the quorum. We will be meeting in the High Council Room, above the temple.” It would add the necessary amount of solemnity to what they had to do that day.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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When the second lightsaber didn't immediately come to attack him, he knew she was planning something else. The red and purple clashed and neither was giving in. Buun jumped back, preparing for another attack but what he didn't expect was the Force Lightning. He raised his lightsaber after the initial bolts of lightning struck him. He growled in pain but the remaining lightning was absorbed and blocked by his lightsaber.

Ayla still had her sights on the female Jedi. Her pulse cannon rifle trembled as it charged the beam and fired when it looked like the Jedi was going to prevent the Padawan's capture. A charged, green laser pulse zipped through the trees and crashed a few inches in front of Dawn. The impact was so strong, a small crater formed where the laser struck.

"Damn!" Ayla cursed as the damn pulse cannon overheated and burned her hand. Buun shook off the sudden Force Lightning attack and was actually surprised the Jedi knew that ability. Only practitioners of the Dark side utilized that. A pupil of his Master indeed. She was strong but he was more skilled in the Dark side. It only made him angrier.

During the entire time, Arcan ran with Dreven on his back, albeit not too fast. Her Force Lightning wasn't as powerful as it looked, there was anger behind it. He could sense it.
'Place all of your hatred, anger, fear into everything.' Alec would always tell him this.

"Burn, you bitch!" Buun shouted as a flurry of Force Lightning crackled from his fingertips from both hands. The lekku on his head flailed up into the air from the fury of the attack. It seemed she was trying to rescue Dreven, he hoped Ayla's distraction from the missed shot would allow his Force Lightning to connect.

Meanwhile, Grenyl ground his teeth as the Jedi's command to leave had more influence on him than it should have. The command echoed in his mind and was compelling him to do as he said.
"Get out of my head, Jedi!" With the last bit of resistance he had, Grenyl activated the thermal detonator and the beeping slowed down the closer it got too going off.

Grenyl dashed straight at the Jedi with the thermal detonator in hand. Beep.... beep... boom.


"Very well, Master. I appreciate your time to come and speak with me over this matter. I'm afraid I must meditate on this." He nodded as Master Ergas told him where the quorum would be located at.

This was troubling. Where did Dawn learn such powers? The problem with discovering the truth of the leader of the Sith was that it would not be unraveled through Dawn. He closed his eyes and could feel a disturbance in the Force. Buun must have engaged them.
'Against my wishes.'

He couldn't seriously expect bounty hunters to defeat three Jedi on their own, Buun's assistance was mandatory. Buun was one of his more powerful apprentices, his sensitivity to the Force was not as apparent as Dawn's, but the Dark Side came naturally to him.This was the edge he had, were Dawn to giver herself up to him completely, he could mold her with the Dark Side that she could perhaps even surpass the legendary Anakin Skywalker.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn’s blows struck, and she spun immediately away to pursue the runner. She nearly ran into a blast, and was struck by some of the debris the shot made, but she had seen it—she stepped to the side to get out of its way in the first place, and kept running, knowing she could gain on them. She just had to push the Force through herself, and—


Dawn really should have seen it coming, but she noticed only after Buun foolishly announced his attack. She had expected him to stay down longer.

The debris already in the air from the gun blast aided, moving at Dawn’s command to protect her. Lightning struck and broke rocks, pushed through the wave of sand, weakened by the debris but still potent. Dawn weighed the odds; there was no avoiding the lightning. Yet, she was not letting Dreven get away.

‘Bear it.’

The Jedi were masters of control. The lightning danced over her, marking her flesh with the burns—indeed, she burned as Buun wanted, and with each agony that lanced through her body, she felt anger, but it was kept within, kept impotent, except to fuel her single-focus.


Burnt and bleeding, Dawn pushed the sand and debris that had acted as her shield forward to trip up Arcan, intending to get him to fall so the chase would cease. If she was successful at making him fall, she’d then bring him to a quick end by lopping his head off, before letting her attention return to the Sith, who would no doubt be all the more angry for the fact he was ignored, and his attack seemed to be just shaken off.

In truth, there were physical signs of its effects. Dawn was not moving as fast, which played a role in her decision to trip up Arcan, and the grip she had on the left-handed lightsaber was slipping, shaking, from the wounds and the aftershocks of the lightning.


Manx was about to speak another command, and had even opened his mouth to do so. However, the bounty hunter before him had other plans and pressed down on the button before he could. ‘Of course.’ Manx wrinkled his nose in disgust as the slow beeping signaled the change.

Tita’s mother let out a horrified scream, and Manx raised his free hand. “Sorry.”

The Force Push was one of the easiest skills to master, and Manx intended to simply push the foolish bounty hunter far back, so he would explode without causing harm. Manx did not prepare himself for an alternative. He’d suffer the consequences if his plan failed, but he did not let himself think that it could.

He would not be distracted.


“I understand,”
Master Ergas inclined his head as Alec seemed to let the weight of it rest upon him. The cerean rose, “I shall see you again soon. Take the time that you need to center yourself,” with that, the Jedi Master walked to the door, and let himself out, taking a deep breath once it was done.

He had been foolishly afraid that Master Alec would try to derail or stop this. Yet, a part of him had worried that Alec would overreact and try to halt this all together. He could only shake his head and smile a bit at what now seemed such a foolish thing.

Yet, Alec and Dawn had been close. ‘He is a Jedi Master.’ Attachment would always be forsaken for the Jedi. Even Alec knew that.

And so, Ergas left Alec none-the-wiser, to inform the others of the quorum and Alec’s planned attendance. 


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Buun growled as she continued to chase after Arcan and Dreven, his Force Lightning clearly did its damage but she wouldn't stop. All this angered him to no end, he raised his hand and began to slowly close his fingers to together. He was focusing his manipulation of the Force to her throat and detain her. He wouldn't announce his attack again, she could even manipulate the earth which was impressive. 

Arcan could hear the fighting behind him and the ship seemed so far away even though it wasn't.
"Run faster, I'll cover you!" Ayla screamed, Arcan heard a thud and then branches cracking and coming from his right and then behind him.

Ayla was struck by the sand and dirt which caused her to fire two blaster shots randomly. There was no aim but they still were in Dawn's direction. Ayla's misfire was devastating. Some more locals passed him and Arcan panicked.
"The Jedi attacked the boy, he's badly hurt and I need to get him to a doctor!"

Arcan pointed behind him to indicate where the Jedi were coming from. That should've bought him some time.

The Force Push knocked the air out of Grenyl as he went flying and the last beep of the thermal detonator caused him to close his eyes.
"Fuck--" The explosion silenced him and the Rodian splattered into bits near the entrance of the house. Ayla groaned in pain but she crawled away and out of sight while Buun and Dawn continued to fight.

Perhaps she could get to safety. Buun angrily continued to tighten his grip on the Force Choke and he would continue to do so if he could break her neck.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn wasn’t quick enough. Her efforts were in vain, as Arcan drew distance from her before she could catch up—she could have, but she was brought to a sudden halt as the grip of the Force wrapped around her throat and held her in place.

There was no pushing through that. Dawn fought in place, trying to reach her own energies up, to put the Force between the chokehold. She’d trained with this, but Buun’s ability was beyond what she’d trained against. Her focus was faltering under the pain. A last ditch resort sprung to mind—Dawn lifted her left hand, and threw the lightsaber at the back of Arcan’s head, using the Force to guide it momentarily.

A blaster shot grazed just under her arm due to that, but the brunt of the shot by Ayla continued on beyond Dawn.

The lightsaber in her right hand dropped and both of her hands lifted in response to the invisible pressure on her neck. Emotions started to spill out. Lightning crackled at her fingertips and the sand moved around her ankles as her mind fought for a spark of inspiration, for an escape—for life.


There was a moment’s loosening in the struggle as she heard the explosion, and fear spiked, fueling her own powers for just a second. Then, it was gone, the lucidity fading with the lack of direction, and the grip tightened again against her throat.

Manx’s voice.

Manx had rushed out of the home once the Rodian was gone, exploded. He left through the hole, infant clutched gently against his own chest. He didn’t see where Dreven was, and that only worried him more. He couldn’t fight with a lightsaber with the child, so he tried the same cheap trick he’d tried with the Rodian bounty hunter—he tried to use the Force to push at the Sith, to disrupt his focus and give Dawn a moment to regain herself.

They were going to have to run. Manx hated that thought, but it was the truth—they had to flee, and they had to report to the Jedi back on Tython.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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The explosion startled Buun for a moment, either Grenyl had blown the other Jedi and the child to smithereens or Grenyl himself was scattered into multiple locations. He still sensed the Jedi and the child, the foolish Rodian got himself killed. Buun continued to tighten the grip on Dawn's throat until he heard the other Jedi scream her name.

He couldn't fight him while trying to focus on strangling Dawn, so he used the Force to send her skidding into the earth. Of course for him to do this would cause him to relinquish all control over Dawn's throat, she could use the Force to counteract being thrown or to lessen the distance he intended to throw her. Had Manx used a lightsaber, Buun would've lost a wrist and a hand because he spun around on his heel to block the Force Push with his own Force Push.

Buun stumbled back a bit regardless and growled in anger. Just then from out of the trees, three locals with blasters raised began shouting commands.
"All of you! On your knees and hands up!"

Buun was the first to raise his hands in surrender and the moment they all shifted their attention to the other two Jedi, lightning bolts crackled from his fingertips and arcs of lightning struck the three locals simultaneously. Chain Lightning, a very powerful and taxing variation of Force Lightning. Blasters were misfired as the locals were electrocuted to death.

Buun was panting heavily, the sudden uses of Force powers had overwhelmed him for now. Still, Buun raised his lightsaber and narrowed his eyes at Manx.
"You will hand over the child to me now or you can all die by my hand and the child will be mine regardless," Jedis wouldn't listen or react to idle threats. Buun was anything but an idle threat.

When the Jedi didn't budge, he smirked. He spoke over his communication mic loud enough for them to hear.
"Arcan, if you don't hear from me in ten seconds, put two blaster shots into the Padawan's head."

It took a few seconds for Arcan to copy but he did. "Got my blaster against his skull, boss."

"Master, no!--" Dreven's shout was cut off. If they wanted proof of him still being alive, there it was.

This pleased Buun, he looked at Manx and the evil smirk never left his lips. He held his hand out for the child.
"What will it be, Jedi?"


Arcan ran as hard as he could with the weight of the Padawan on his shoulders. Something told him to dive, he heard the hum of a lightsaber coming near and he actually tripped over roots, Dreven also collided into the ground. Arcan fell face first into dirt. The lightsaber penetrated a tree near them and that almost was Arcan's head.

The explosion made him scramble to his feet and he noticed the Padawan was not cuffed yet. Buun had prepared them well. He placed these fancy energy shackles on the boy's wrists and energy pulsed between the cuffs, preventing him from trying anything. He scooped up the Padawan and barely made it out of the housing district and almost to the commercial district.

He felt the Padawan stirring and Arcan tossed the boy onto the ground, pressing his boot over his chest and holding the blaster aimed at his face.

Dreven awoke and his throat ached, a stinging, sharp pain ran down his spine and Dreven could barely cry out in pain from how his throat had nearly been crushed. There were a Weequay male with a boot on his chest, he had to be one of the bounty hunters. He noticed the shackles on his wrists, what had happened? Dreven rationalized he had been taken hostage.

"..put two blaster shots in the Padawan's head." At this point, Dreven started trying to fight back and kick the Weequay and one blaster shots right next to his head stopped any protest in its tracks.

"Stay still or you're dead, mate." Arcan heard Buun's orders and replied in understanding. Despite this, he knew what the Sith was planning to do. Trade him for the child. Dreven shouted his protest despite his voice breaking over the radio before Arcan kicked Dreven right in the face.

The blow dazed Dreven and everything became fuzzy for a moment. Darkness ensued.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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The ground was rough and ragged, but it was better than having the life squeezed out of her. Dawn grasped at the Force, but still went to the ground, but not far. She inhaled deeply before reacting quickly and jumping back to her feet, bringing her purple saber right back into her hand. ‘It isn’t far, the other—’ Dawn turned. She could still sense where Dreven had been taken, her kyber crystal calling out to her, and she nearly took off running.

However, she was distracted by the call of the local authorities. “You idiots, back—” one leveled a blaster at her. “I dare you.”

She didn’t need to dare him. Their distraction with her and Manx proved their downfall as Buun grasped at the Force and electrocuted them.




All of these colored Dawn’s emotions, and she knew that was bad, but they pulsed in her control. She did not spark with the electricity any longer, nor did the sand move against her will now. She was calm, in spite of it.

A threat was made. Dreven’s life was in the balance. “Dreven can defend himself,” Dawn spoke coolly, “If not, that’s the way it has to be, and you know it, Manx.”

But Dawn could feel him wavering. “We don’t negotiate with the Sith.” Whatever they wanted, they could not have. Dawn would kill Tita before she’d let her fall into the hands of the Sith.

“The infant for Dreven, or nothing at all.”
Manx countered, and Dawn’s jaw nearly dropped. Manx’s green eyes were steady on the Sith, though.

His thoughts were on only saving Dreven. The child could be reclaimed with force, and she was too young to truly be influenced by all of this violence. Dreven, though…with his nature, Manx couldn’t risk him falling into the wrong hands.

Dawn took a deep breath. She was prepared for the denial of Buun, prepared to try and run to get Dreven, though it would certainly be too late by then. ‘No. Dreven’s awake now. He can use the Force. He’d only need to buy me a second or two…damn it, Manx. The Sith is weak now, we have a chance, both of us….’

Her anger remained checked. She bit down on the inside of her cheek. She waited, the adrenaline still winding in her veins and preventing her from feeling the true agony of her wounds.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Buun growled as Dawn spoke out of turn, he wasn't addressing her anymore and he pointed his lightsaber at her throat until Manx spoke up. He turned his attention to the male Jedi and his lips curved into a smirk and he nodded. "Arcan, hold your fire."

Buun was aware that Jedi do not negotiate with Sith but he was banking on the fact that one of the two was the Padawan's Master and would give in to Buun's demands. He sensed Manx's attachment and how the loss of his Padawan would ruin him. He heard some noises near the brush next to them and from the treeline emerged Ayla with her pulse cannon aimed at Dawn.

There was still sand in one eye that was bleeding and shut. The force from the sand and rocks that there thrown at her cut her up pretty bad.
"I'm going to kill you, bitch."

"Put your rifle down and make yourself useful, Ayla. Go start the ship, we're leaving soon."
"But--" Buun raised a hand and began choking the bounty hunter with the Force for a few moments, keeping his gaze fixated on Manx.

"This is what happens when you defy me." Buun let go and Ayla dropped to her knees, clutching her throat and coughing frantically. When she composed herself, she glared at Buun and he could feel her anger. Ayla knew her place however and she did as she was told. It would surely be the last time she would take a job from a Sith, he was insane.

"You make more sense than your companion, Jedi. Mind your tongue, woman." He knew that would antagonize Dawn, she didn't like being spoken down too. He could sense the wild medley of emotions surging through her, she could be a powerful Sith if guided right. Had Alec known this as well? His Master was no fool. "My mission is not to kill any of you, just to retrieve the child. Hand her over to me and you will get your Padawan back safe and sound."

Buun watched Manx for a reaction and it looked like the Jedi Knight was intent on getting his Padawan back. "Arcan, bring the Padawan back."

He heard Arcan mutter something about kidnapping him for nothing. He sheathed his lightsaber and began walking towards Manx, not letting his guard down in case the female Jedi decided to try something. Moments later, out of the trees returned Arcan with the groggy and beaten Dreven. He could barely stand and looked dazed. Arcan held his blaster against the boy's head and kept a safe distance from the Jedi.

"The child, give her to me." Buun snarled, meeting Manx halfway.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Killing was not the Jedi way, but Dawn knew the next time she encountered this Sith, one of them would be dead. She knew not if it would be herself, or the twi’lek, but she was willing to bet it would be him. Next time, she’d be prepared. Buun was making a mistake in dealing with Manx—as Manx was making a mistake in dealing with him.

Each word, and each action, only caused Dawn more anger. ‘Breathe.’ Ayla returned to them, wounded. Dawn felt no pity for her. ‘This is what happens when you work with the Sith.’ Dawn would make note of her, as well as the one who took Dreven. They would have to be hunted down, in order to solve where the Sith came from.

In order to save Tita. ‘Condemning an innocent….’

Dawn took another breath before letting the thought finish. The Sith insulted her, and Dawn fixed him with a much calmer gaze, focus gathered. And then, Manx observed as Dawn simply took a seat in the sand, legs crossed, and shut her eyes, as if nothing around her was worth her attention.

‘This will not be good later.’
He could already see it. Dawn was going to march right to where his Master was as soon as they got off the ship. No doubt, she’d try to get permission to hunt the Sith down on her own, and be denied. Emotional attachments. Revenge schemes.

And Manx did not want to see that, yet he knew it was inevitable. The Jedi would never give Dawn permission to track the Sith if she showed that much anger.

Knowing now that Dawn wouldn’t interrupt, he said, “You can have the child. Just return Dreven,” he said.

Manx watched as the bounty hunter returned with his padawan, conscious, fortunately. He hesitated as the child was asked for first, and glanced again to Dawn. He knew it was foolish to trust the Sith, but what choice did he have? ‘A thousand others.’ This seemed like the best option to try first, and so Manx closed the distance and offered the child to Buun. “Release Dreven now, and leave.”

And although Dawn had shut off her sight, she was keenly aware of everything unfolding around her. If Dreven were not handed over, she’d respond, even if it meant both Dreven and Tita ended up dead—the Sith would accompany them. Yet, that was not her current focus. Stories of Darth Plagueis had inspired research into many fields of the Force. She created her own theories on the Force through Plagueis and Jinn's left-behind stories, and from her own Master's teachings.

Pain was said to be a Sith use, and Darth Plagueis had been Sith—but few considered how ‘pain’ worked with the Force, or Anger. Dawn had learned that using emotions in those states meant using the Force as a way to dispel these things. Force lightning was an attempt to eradicate the thing that made one angry.

So, healing, came from an attempt to remove pain. Dawn worked from that pain, and worked to close her wounds in her focus.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Buun smirked at Manx's submission, this pleased him greatly. The child began wailing as she being handed off to the menacing Twi'lek, he hissed something in his Twi'lek tongue and the child stopped her crying.

He still held the child gently enough not to hurt her, his Master had plans for the child. He backed away from Manx, holding the lightsaber to her throat in case they tried anything. He snapped his fingers and nodded at Arcan.

"Hold still, kid." Arcan deactivated the energy shackles and kicked Draven forward into the dirt. "Get up and go back to your Master, Jedi."

Buun cackled out loud as the Padawan went face first into the dirt. Once he got out of their range to fight, he sheathed his lightsaber and watched as the Padawan's quietly stood up.

"I want my lightsaber back." commanded Dreven, looking at Arcan. Dreven held out his hand for Arcan to toss it to him. Arcan hesitated and looked at Buun for approval, Buun shrugged and nodded. The boy was no threat.

Before Arcan could reach for it, Buun felt the rage building in the Padawan and it was released in a powerful Force Push at the bounty hunter. Arcan's head snapped back from the whiplash and he collided into the trunk of a tree.

Arcan's neck had been broken before he hit the tree but the sickening bone crunching against the wood confirmed the kill. Dreven utilized the Force to have the lightsaber float over to him slowly.

Buun didn't budge and he actually smirked at the Padawan, his anger was impressive and there was more bubbling out of him. The Padawan and Sith locked eyes and shared the silence.

"You got something to say, kid?"
"The next time we meet.. I am going to fucking kill you." Dreven's demeanor and tone completely changed.
"Ha, is that so? You must learn to utilize your anger and hatred first."

Dreven calmed down and realized what he was saying and that both Dawn and his Master were listening and watching. Dawn was meditating and healing herself it looked but even then he was ashamed to look her way.

All this was his fault and looking at Tita's face dissolved his rage in full.
"I'm sorry." He walked over to where his Master and looked at him in the eyes. Dreven bowed his head in shame and knew the reason they had failed this mission was because of his recklessness.

Still, what the Sith said about his anger rang in his head.

"The name is Buun Lak, until we meet again, Jedi." Buun propped Tita securely in his grip and took off in a dash towards where they had parked the ship. He began barking orders to Ayla over his mic as he ran.

The locals were clearly watching after the explosion, the fighting between Sith and Jedi and it didn't require context to see the hostage exchange that had just occurred.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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Dawn and Manx were silent through it all, the Knights waiting for the storm to clear. As soon as the Twi’lek offered his name, Dawn’s purple eyes shot open and she rose calmly from her seated position, wounds closed. It would take longer to heal them, but that could be accomplished in the Jedi temple.

“Yes, we will, Bunn.”

Dawn let him run. The thought crossed her mind to pursue and strand both Dreven and Manx on the planet, but no—if she was going to get permission to hunt the Sith, she had to maintain control. Still, she watched him flee, and that nagging feeling of familiarity remained.

Something in his aura, in his skill—something kept ringing as familiar.

She heard Manx speaking to Dreven, though, “Do not ever do something like that again,” he pointed right at the corpse. His own anger did not show, and it did not ripple the Force around him. Yet, his voice was forceful and composed with the chill finality a true Jedi could muster. "Your temper is the very reason we have lost the child, Dreven. Do you not see why I have kept you from most missions? You have just made it abundantly clear you are not ready to so much as engage a mercenary in combat, let alone a bounty hunter."

Dawn turned on heel towards them, ignoring the villages, and approached. “And you have made it abundantly clear that you aren't, either, Kenobi. If it weren't for the importance of reporting this to the Jedi Council, I would have let the Sith tear into all of you for daring to consider it all right to give him so much as an inch.”

And Manx all but shrank at that one word—that one word that reminded them she was Jinn and he was Kenobi, and she meant to remind him that Kenobi was lower on the totem pole. Even if the Jedi Council would deny it and claim the pair of them were equals, Manx knew his standing in that instant and what it would mean to defy it.

A ‘Yes, Master’ nearly parted his lips.

“Dreven will stay behind for our future missions,”
she indicated, looking then to Dreven, “If I see you near Bunn again with that much rage and hatred, I will put you down myself.” She didn’t mean death, but she certainly meant that Dreven would not be a contributing part to any fight with the Sith. “You will be responsible for explaining why we do not have the child to Master Ergas.”

Manx immediately spoke up, “Let me, he was my mentor.”

“And he clearly didn’t do a good enough job with you, if you can’t teach your padawans to avoid such outbursts.” Manx grit his teeth. “Let him tell Ergas. I have to prepare for a Quorum, and this was your mission, not mine.” She had been asked along to make sure it wouldn’t fail, but the reason it failed was beyond her control—Manx and Dreven both making poor choices that allowed the Sith to steal a child. “Come now, let’s get back.”

She turned back and started to walk, rather than run, her presence seeming to push all villagers who might have asked questions away. Force trick. A subtle manipulation of her own aura that made others decide they were better about 500 miles away.

Even Manx kept a few extra steps back as he followed, offering to Dreven, “I will remain with you as you make your report to Master Ergas. Just be honest,” though he knew Ergas would be upset with both of them. Giving up to the Sith…it was unforgivable.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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"Yes, Master.." Dreven responded remorsefully, not even turning around to look at the dead bounty hunter. He simply kept his head bowed in regret over everything that happened. He turned to look up at Dawn as she scolded him and even went as far to prohibit from going on future missions.

Dreven almost spoke out in protest but he knew he had no right to say anything. He simply listened to them in silence. She called his master Kenobi, he recognized that name. In his studies, General Kenobi was a legendary Jedi Master and extraordinary General during the Clone Wars. He took down the Sith Darth Maul and even bested his old Padawan, Anakin Skywalker on Mustafar where he was badly burnt and took on the identity of the evil Darth Vader.

The whole history of the Empire fascinated Dreven, it wasn't even that long ago but so much had happened in that time. He was aware that they referred to Dawn as Skywalker. Did it have to do with their skill? He wasn't sure.

At least he wouldn't have to face Master Ergas alone, he was glad his Master was still supporting him despite everything that happened. He smiled a bit but the adrenaline slowed and pain began to settle back in. He looked at tree he had been thrown at by Buun, the bark had splintered. His throat ached and he wasn't sure he could speak yet if he wanted too.

His breaths were short and he wheezed a little, clutching his throat. The power within the Sith was impeccable, he was not just strong but also very crafty. He put two Jedi Knights in an impossible position and did what he came for. Somewhere deep inside Dreven made him crave that power, if he was really strong, he could protect those who he cared about.

"..You must learn to utilize your hate and anger first." The words rang in his ears, was he right? That was not the Jedi way however, controlling one's emotions and use his power for good was the way. Why did all those who utilized the Dark Side have to be evil though? What if one had good intentions for those powers? Clearly, this was the thinking of an ignorant Padawan.


Buun could not tolerate Tita's crying any longer, he stopped in his sprint and used the Force to put the child to sleep. He met up with Ayla at the ship and the first thing that she did was stand up from the pilot's seat is look past Buun to look for Arcan.

"Arcan's dead. The Padawan killed him."
"So the pay will all go to me then."
"Ha! Spoken like a true bounty hunter, I like that. Once we land, you will receive your payment, woman. Take the girl for a while and put her to bed."

Ayla was a hardened bounty hunter but once Buun handed her the child, her maternal instincts kicked in. Her expression softened and she cradled Tita as gently as if she were her own mother. The doors to the cockpit opened and Ayla was gone.

Buun started the ship and began setting the coordinates for hyperspeed. He also started a transmission to his Master to report the success for the mission.

Alec appeared in the hologram and appeared to be deep in thought even though he answered the call.

"Mission complete, Master. I successfully recovered the child but we had to engage the Jedi. Only one bounty hunter survived, your old Padawan was good but nothing I couldn't handle. I could have killed them but then I'd be hunted."

"Very good, my apprentice. I will visit the child at some point, we will get her training started soon enough. As far as killing Jedi, that is off limits until further notice. Our time is coming however, my apprentice. Do what you must with the bounty hunter. "

That had been the plan along, the bounty hunters were disposable. Besides, he couldn't have Ayla aware of their secret base.


Alec poured himself another glass of wine after the transmission cut off. He chugged it one swig and now with Tita, she was the fifth Force-sensitive child he had in his possession. They were all around the same age and he had caretakers for them while they were younger but they were allowed to express their emotions freely. Anger, fear, sorrow and hate were all encouraged.

He had to corrupt them while they were young so in case they were ever recovered, they would at least be on the path to the Dark side. His children would always make their way back to him.

He changed his robes to more formal ones and tied his long hair before leaving his quarters and awaiting Dawn at the docks. There he made conversation with anyone listening and a lot of the denizens of Tython were pleased and surprised to see him.

Out of all the Jedi Council members near his status, he was the most active on the field.

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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
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As they walked near, Dawn's thrown lightsaber flew back into her hand. She didn't so much as look in its direction. It was hers, attuned to her alone--her blades would always remember that. Yet, something in the effortlessness and faltering front made Manx think of the name Dawn denied: Skywalker.

‘Everyone thought you would take him on as patron.’
‘Anakin? Or Luke?’
‘...Anakin. You were called Dawn because—’

‘Because they think I will help with a new golden age. I know. We don't need a Skywalker and I don't follow their teachings or philosophies either. Besides, Kenobi, I couldn't have you as Master over me.’

To this day, Manx recalled the sharpness of her denial. Some still called her it, some out of respect and others out of fear. Few were bold enough to say it to her, though. She had become a controversial figure, though, there was no mistaking that.

And he knew that was why her anxiety was rising as the ship came into sight. Manx walked a bit faster to catch up with her pace. “Meditate,” he spoke in a hushed voice. “Ergas will use any weakness against you at the quorum.” It didn't take a genius to work out that the quorum was not a good thing.

Dawn nodded. 

“I will handle getting us back and distracting Ergas. You'll have time to clean up.”
He would take care of both Dreven and Dawn.

With the ship before them, Dawn took a step ahead of Manx and then wrapped a single arm around him. No words passed her lips, or his, before they parted and walked into the ship. “Up with me Dreven,” Manx called, knowing Dawn would not join them in the cockpit.

Dawn did not, of course, but went to get her bearings through meditation, sitting with her legs crossed near the ramp, back to a wall.

Deep breath followed deep breath as Manx set the ship to leave.

Wounds healed. ‘People see what they want.’ Few had ever noticed this, but then, Dawn did not get wounded often.

Bruises healed. Burns healed. Bleeding scabbed over and fell off, by the time they were back at Tython. It was no great wonder to her—Darth Plagueis the Wise could keep people immortal—why then be impressed with mere healing? With enough focus it could be done. Yet, when she rose as the ship landed in the Tython docks, and waited for Manx, he returned to the entrance with surprise on his face.

Her attire was still a wreck, but through the cuts to her dress he could not see any injuries. “What…?” He’d felt the Force at work from up front, of course, but he assumed mere meditation.

Dawn said, “You don’t want that conversation right now.” Her eyes would trail in the direction of Dreven, even if he was still in the cockpit.

Manx understood, and it struck him like a blaster shot. ‘Darth Plagueis.’ Manx kept some secrets. Dawn could be persuasive, and when it came to this matter, arguing with her was impossible. “We will talk, Skywalker,” he noted, using the other name to imply his dissatisfaction with what she was hiding now. He wasn’t sure if he’d ask to learn, or if he’d lecture her for using a skill Jedi clearly weren’t meant to use—something unnatural.


But was it unnatural if the Jedi were about peace and unity, to heal? He needed to find a way to broach the subject with Ergas without revealing what Dawn could do. Without mentioning the Sith inspiration.

At least now she looked and seemed fine. Her emotions were in check when they exited the ship. To Manx’s surprise, Master Ergas was not waiting there, but Master Corvainus was. Manx offered a glance to Dawn and could tell this was not a good sign. He was dressed too formally for it to be a good sign. “Drinks are on me afterwards,” he joked.

Good Jedi didn’t drink.

Dawn gave him a wry grin, “I may take you up on that,” she then gave him a nod, “Go on. You have much to report.”

Manx would motion to Dreven to follow then. He had an idea of where he was. He gave a short wave to Master Corvainus, but did not go to him. He could never quite place it, but there was something…off…about Master Corvainus. He found he disliked talking to him, though not to the extremes that Dawn disliked talking to Master Ergas. It was rather interesting how they didn’t seem to get on with the Masters of each other. “Come on, Dreven,” he didn’t want Dreven to approach him, either.

Dawn always pretended not to notice. She walked towards her former Master, but she did not greet him with a smile. To see him like this was no smiling matter, even if he managed to be a silver fox; he didn’t dress up for just any occasion. “Master,” Dawn greeted, “Should I assume this means that Master Ergas is actually trying to get me removed from the Order?”

Why waste time? Alec knew what Ergas wanted if he was here. He could let her know the nature of this quorum.


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Re: Star Wars: Rise of the Sith [Closed]
« Reply #29 on: June 01, 2016, 07:10:55 am »
Dreven didn't say much for the ride home, he simply watched his Master as he piloted, but moreso he was reflecting on the events that had transpired. The mission bad been a failure and while it wasn't entirely his fault, he had put them in an impossible situation. He needed to become stronger to beat some like Buun Lak, Dreven intended on keeping his threat a promise.

Buun Lak would die by his lightsaber, that was were his ambitions lied currently. He was a stewing pot of anger and regret and kept thinking about Tita. What would they even do with her? Kill her?

Tython came into view and when they landed, Dreven no longer reflected. He had to report what had happened and most importantly how and why they failed, he knew Master Ergas was going to tear him a new one.

He knew Master Ergas meant well but he could be really mean and it sort of angered Dreven to be talked down to like a kid still. Of course, he never showed that. Master Corvainus was never like that, he was always nice and everyone liked him or so he heard.

As they walked off the ship, Dreven waved and smiled at Master Corvainus when he saw him waiting at the docks.

"Greetings, Manx! Long time no see! Hello there, Dreven! My how you've grown!"

Dreven wanted to approach Master Corvainus and have some small talk but his Master told him to follow. Master Corvainus nodded and gestured for him to follow along. Master didn't really like Master Corvainus, he never gave his reasons.

How could such a nice man produce a Padawan like Dawn however? She was powerful there was no doubting that, he could only wonder what they'd talk about.

"How should I report, Master? Master Ergas is going to kill me."


Alec with both arms tucked into the sleeves of his robes awaited them to leave the ship. He was very observant, the first thing he noticed was that the only passengers onboard were Dawn, Manx and Dreven but where was the child?

He had left to wait at the docks before he could receive a transmission from Buun Lak sbout the successful capture of the child. He hid his approval expertly and also noticed the wounds they all had suffered.

Dreven was a mess and Manx was a little roughed up, nothing to bad but Dawn's clothes were in ruins. However, there were no wounds to show for that. This would simply not do, Dawn would need a wardrobe change as soon as possible.

"Greetings, Manx! Long time no see! Hello there, Dreven! My how you've grown!" It had been a long time since Alec had returned to Tython, almost a year and it was always on account of Jedi business. In reality, he had been training Buun and setting up his headquarters far from the eyes and ears of the Jedi.

Then there she was. With her flowing crimson hair, his old Padawan grew more and more beautiful every time he saw her. Dawn approached him and got straight to the point. However, he didn't acknowledge it, instead he frowned at her.

"Dawn, I am offended, is this how you greet your Master after such a long time? Come here, darling." He gave her a tight and genuine embrace, Alec was truly happy to see her but all was not how it seemed."They are listening and watching us right now. Walk with me." He whispered into her ear as they embraced. He had made several of those watching him when he was waiting at the docks but that couldn't be all of them.

It was to be expected, since Dawn was being accused of being a Sith, of course eyes would also be on him because somewhere somehow he must have steered her wrong. His reputation would be in question but Alec kept his nose clean.

As he let her go, he smiled and held out his arm for her to hook her own arm with like they used to back when she was younger. She grew more embarrassed walking arm in arm as she grew older and he knew this. He did it on purpose as another way to help her clear her mind and to tune out all distractions and focus.

"Humor an old man, won't you?" All this was part of his deception, he had to make it seem that nothing was amiss until they were away from unwanted eyes and ears. He led the way towards the waterfalls where Jedi went to meditate by the calming waters.

When they were clear, Alec dropped the act and also got down to business.
"Dawn, I have received troubling news. You, my protege, are being accused of being a Sith. Master Ergas claims you have taught his Padawan Dark side powers and is adamant you are a Sith. I told him I would speak to you beforehand, but I do not believe these accusations. I am going to help you any way I can but you must be completely honest with me."