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« on: December 30, 2015, 02:21:12 am »
The sky was a bright blue above her, the clouds fluffy and white. Beneath her, the grass was soft, faintly damp beneath her fingertips. There was no faint light coming from a computer screen, the feel of the hard plastic of her keyboard and mouse. Instead, there was bright daylight, the warmth of the sun, free of the white walls of her apartment.

Immediately, her mind raced, confused. She had been at her computer chair, she was logging into Skyonline just after downloading the expansion and then…

And then what?

Her head ached and she placed a gloved hand to her temple, rubbing it with her fingertips. Then her eyes narrowed, pulling her hand away and looking at the extremity before her. This hand, this arm, looked like it belonged to a complete stranger. Her own hands had been small, careful with painted nails, but these hands were larger, with worn fingerless gloves, the fingernails distinctly unpainted.

Her mind couldn’t comprehend it, Ren felt overwhelmed, her heart starting to race, fearing what her brain wasn’t willing to accept.

She knew these hands, she knew this gear, the deep shade of green that she had liked when she saw it at the shop, although she had not mentioned that, rather saying it’d be useful for blending in with the forest.

This couldn’t be happening, her mind was screaming at her. This was impossible.

She was not Halcyon. She was not the character she played in a video game.

Ren took a deep breath, muttering “Oh god.” The sound of her voice made her jump, surprised at the deepness of it, it was not what she was used to hearing. She was panicking again, speaking, even just a bit, was reconfirming her fear, her suspicions.

Finally, as she got to her feet, an overwhelming feeling came over her, knowing there was no way to pretend that this wasn’t true. In front of her, were various others just as startled as her, struggling awkwardly to their feet, even now, Ren was finding it difficult to keep her balance, with legs longer than she was use to.

Not only was she in Skyonline but so were a multitude of other players. Were the other members of her party here? They had agreed to sign on together after all, to explore the new expansion and hopefully gather some nice new treasures and equipment. The meeting place was in the center of Atlas City, Terra's capital and main city. It was where a lot of players went to hang out, purchase items and gear, and hear any announcements for the game.

Maybe they were there or maybe there was some announcement of what was going on. Surely she wasn't stuck in a game, and, surely, she wasn't stuck in this body. Hal's face then paled, Ren thinking over being stuck in this body and then encountering the members of her party. How the hell was she supposed to handle that? Communicating with them had already been difficult when there had been a computer screen between them, but now, with this voice?

She thought of avoiding Atlas but being alone seemed like a worse option. Ren had never been alone when she played Skyonline, there was always someone around, someone from her brother's party logged in. But she didn't want to meet them either, at least not like this, but who knew how long they'd be here or how they even got here. Were they stuck in the game? Were they stuck in the game forever?

Just thinking about it was making her feel sick, a weird feeling when she wondered if Halcyon could even get sick. Ren decided to put those thoughts aside, the best thing to do was head to Atlas, maybe there she'd get some answers, and if she saw the other members of her party, well, she'd avoid them, for now anyway.


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Re: skyonline.
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2016, 02:13:07 am »
Theo was just finishing the setup for his newest pad. A panel of glass, ergonomically tilted and with all his favorite commands, curved around his chair. White to blond hair hung around his face despite his effort to tie it back. He'd deliberately delayed trying out Horizon, helping some parties in Skyonline explore Terra. They'd need the leveling now. But today he'd planned to get off his feet with the new expansion.

He was late for a dialysis and had skipped some of the arbitrary meds for days, but he still felt well, considering. He didn't have a lot of choice in rebellion, filling his days with gaming and learning his family's company, so most of his hierarchical protests came through refusing treatment. He was sure some of the rewarding centers in his brain lit up when he felt the strain this absence of medication triggered in his body. He wasn't a bad kid, though, and would always go along with the doctors and the nurses before anything permanent could happen. For their sake and his.

The symbol was bright on his screens and he shook his head to free it of most of the strands in the way of his green eyes, his back forced straight by the chair as his fingers danced on the new pad. Set-up was easy with the newest things at his disposal. He had a special code for logging in, sure to give him some extra content, always the pampered player. Everyone wanted in good with Wallace Ind, and the few that knew, would send things to the wraith heir. He loaded Belerom and coughed in his hand while he waited. It was a rustling, explosive sound, coming from his lungs and echoing through his throat. When he stroked a collection of strands behind his ear, eagerly awaiting connection, the hair was colored pink from its own paleness, and the blushing color of the blood he'd produced.

Belerom wore an armor of black over his chest and arms, the plates, riddled with dented runes, did not extend to cover his lithe abdomen, where a silver net served as only cover, barely shading the long muscles underneath. His pants were dark lather stuck into high, brown boots. His green hair was a wave traveling back from the hairline to splash outward from the back of his head. Black bolts were painted on the outer corners of his silver eyes.

His mouth didn't taste of powdered copper. This air wasn't dry from the filters of his home. Those silver eyes clipped lashes at the open world, its depth far beyond the sterile, space insisting but never invoking of the white surfaces of his gaming room. Belerom looked at the long fingers with the heavy rings, and then touched the long, narrow sword on his back.

The sun was right in his eyes when he looked up, but the light didn't hurt. It was odd to see the lack of detail coming from that giant, fat bulb. It was simply there, bright but not so much that it caused him tears. As he drank in his panic with his surroundings, he was in the game, somehow, someone bumped into him at such a force it might have broken his real world self. Now it didn't even make him stagger. He looked at a crying, bleeding knight. The knight was complaining about the pain, crying and laughing while holding his chest, awash in the sickly bright red Skyonline was known for. Belerom extended his hand and decreased the damage. He was on his way before the knights that had been trifling with each other, probably trying this new state out, could ask him to join them.

He needed to ask people what had happened. Managing menus seemed second nature, he wasn't even sure if he was imagining them or if they could really do what they promised as he ran toward the towers of the epicenter of the city he was residing in. He knew architecture and games well enough to make an informed guess on where the middle should be. Eventually there was a scroll in his inner vision that gave his guesses credence. All around people were freaking out. Understandable, but a heavy kind of calm filled his chest behind the armor. He could run. He could reach without his bones aching. He could probably take most of these people on and win.