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Star Wars: Dusk of the Jedi [Closed]
« on: December 28, 2015, 03:22:15 am »
‘Where are you, Dawn?’

Manx Proteus was a mask of calm as he waited besides the ship the Jedi Order was loaning to him for the journey to Nox. His green eyes did not betray a hint of his anxiety, and he kept it tightly inside so that his former Master would not sense it. He kept a lopsided smile on his lips as he looked that way, to where his former Master, Yerba, stood.

The Jedi Master was a Cerean, with a large head and no hair upon it. He looked severe, constantly, which was basically his personality. Manx remembered it well, and it was only increasing his anxiety as he stood, and he waited, for Dawn.

He tried to focus on happier things, like his new padawan. The woman was called Trisana, and he had not known her long. He had been surprised, in fact, when the Jedi Order thought he was capable enough to have a padawan considering he had only been a knight for a couple of years now. Dawn had been a knight for a year longer, and she had not been entrusted with one.
‘Not that I blame them.’

She was running late for this mission, after all, giving his padawan a great example of what not to do.

His Master looked annoyed. A part of him wanted to say,
‘Well, you wanted her along,’ but he refrained.

The thought must have slipped in some way, though. Yerba’s eyes looked up and found his,
“Do you know where that friend of yours is?” He had a high-pitched voice for one so intimidating.

“I do not know for certain,” Manx answered, voice smooth and level. He had ideas of where she was. Dawn liked to pay her respects to the Temple before she headed out, and that was likely where she was now, or else where she was leaving. He would have gone to get her, but he knew too well of the friendship between Trisana and Vaan. ‘And with a Master like Yerba….’ Well, Trisana needed all the time she could get with him.

Trisana had not the will to defy her Master, as Dawn had, to visit him.

“She will be here soon. Be patient. It was you who wanted her along,”
there was too much cheek to his words, he knew.

That large forehead furrowed in irritation with the narrowing of Yerba’s gaze,
“Yes, and I am beginning to regret this decision.”

“Why did you want her along?” It was odd. This was a mission that Manx could easily handle himself.

Yerba shook his head and looked disdainfully out,
“Those resisting us do not understand the Force nor our Order. One like Dawn may be able to reach them, as she is…atypical.”

‘To say the least.’

It was like a cue then. That rainbow of color came into their sights, running with the Force behind her, pushing her faster than any human was capable of running. She delighted in dodging the dock workers, dancing around the heavy cargo that was being moved about and not once slipping up. A feat, to be sure, considering the dress should have entangled her legs, but the silk never dared.

She did not look at all like she belonged, and yet, she did. While Manx had chosen to wear the usual tunics and slacks of the Jedi even after advancing beyond padawan, she had taken the freedom of her Knighthood as an excuse to wear whatever she liked, and she tended to match her name and look to the fashions of her homeworld, Naboo, for inspiration.
'Attachment....' something she was not meant to have. There was a lesson here, for his padawan.

She came to a halt before them, and quickly moved her arm over her waist before bowing,
“My apologies, Master Yerba,” she greeted, the fall of red hair cascading over her face, “I have delayed everyone.”

“Yes,” Yerba’s voice was testy, “Why?”

Dawn lifted herself from the bow, hair falling back behind her shoulder,
“I was speaking to Master Jinn,” was her answer. Manx could feel the Force moving in the space between Yerba and Dawn, as Yerba tried to probe and Dawn blocked.

Again, Yerba looked dissatisfied and turned his attention way,
“Vaan, you see this fine example of a Knight?” He directed his attention to Dawn, the sarcasm biting, “If you never wish to advance beyond the position of Knight, follow her lead.”

“Why, thank you, Yerba,”
Dawn’s smile was charming, purple eyes alight, “I didn’t realize you thought I was the perfect knight!”

There was such a flare of anger in Yerba, that even Manx could feel the ripples in the Force. It was, of course, due to proximity, but he felt it all the same. Dawn though, was calm.

The flare of anger was only momentary. It was squashed immediately, and washed away in the constant ebb and flow of the Force. Yerba made no comment to that.
“I trust that you will return shortly with the infant, and not fail.”

“Of course, Master,”
Manx inclined his head to the man. “We will return before supper.”