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Duties of Love [Information]
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A hierarchical world, with little social mobility. Marriage and death are the easiest routes, and so often the ones taken. Lord Royce Escala challenged his liege lords, the Alta family, and suffered for the consequences. However, it was not just his own life that was taken. Lord Briant Alta sought to make an example of them, and slaughtered the entire family, save one daughter, who escaped to the Inosus family. Though an act of treachery, the Inosus family took her in. As time goes on, the Inosus family will find themselves challenged by this choice, and put at great risk.

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Re: Duties of Love [Information]
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The Cast

Major Players

House Escala:

Spoiler: Leandra Escala • show

Lady Leandra Escala
Lady Alia Inosus

“All truths that are kept silent become poisonous.”

Lady Leandra Escala was born to Lord Royce and Lady Sybil Escala, the youngest of three and their only daughter. Despite the fact she got to know them for so short a time period, she remembers how they spoiled her. To Royce, she was always “princess”—he had ambitions for her and her elder twin brothers, long plans to marry her into royalty and to make her brothers well-known.

The Escala family was already rising high, and were poised as rivals to the Alta, whom they served. Perhaps it was vanity, or perhaps it was sincere offense, but Royce took notice of Briant Alta’s unsavory doings and started to play a game with him that ended poorly for Royce. His hopes and dreams for his family were crushed in one, deafening blow that hollowed out his home of family, servants, and guests alike.

Lady Leandra is the only known survivor…well, “known”. She fled, luck and fear of fire on her side, and made it to a safe haven where she was raised as a bastard of Lord Tybalt, and later, legitimized so that she could have all the opportunities any noble woman could. Given, there was still a stigma attached to what she was, but some were willing to overlook that. Not all—but those suitors she had were turned away by Tybalt on her request; Leandra did not wish to endanger another family, aware of her own lust for revenge and the dangers of it.

Despite the benefits brought on by a mixture of guilt and vanity, and many years of frustration, Leandra has loved this family as fiercely as the one taken from her. It is for that reason she plays the games as this family sees necessary, though her eyes have never left her target—Lord Briant Alta. One time, she considered stooping as low as him, but years have matured her. She wants only him dead. The problem has been finding a way to do that.

Leandra is her father’s child to a T—perhaps the reason he spoiled her so. She shares his red hair, and it has darkened to a more auburn hue with time. From her mother, she inherited wavy hair. She has her father’s green eyes, his freckles, his fair skin. She even stands at 5’8”. Her mother has softened some of her angles, and she still has a feminine form that is not half as toned as she’d like it to be, but she is much more her father than her mother. She has a scar along her hairline, to the right side.

To this family, she insists on being called “Lia”, because it helps her remember that her name is not “Alia”—it is Leandra. In fact, to most she becomes friendly with, she asks that they call her “Lia”. She was educated in “less womanly” arts, a well-trained medic (and poisoner, though people don’t like to think of that), decent on a horse, and decent with a sword, and too clever for her own good in the opinion of many. She was taught to sew, she was taught her manners and how to manage a household, and even how to pluck at a lyre, but these skills are not practiced as much.

Deceased Lord Royce Escala

Deceased Lady Sybil Escala
Deceased Lord Bryce Escala
Deceased Lord Ryan Escala

House Inosus

Spoiler: Tybalt Inosus • show

Lord Tybalt Inosus

“No matter what you do, you are forsaking one duty for another.”

Lord Tybalt was a good man, or so he likes to believe. He believes that he is still a good man, though he harbors a treasonous woman, and takes small actions against his Lord Briant—and so takes actions against his king.

Lord Tybalt was a third son, but the only one who survived. His brothers died in war, giving him a position he was not prepared to take. Still, he took it, and he has been known for his generosity as well as his ease towards laughter. He was once friends with Royce Escala, though he always tried to temper the man’s ambitions. He got on well with Sybil, though none would have thought it untoward. He loves his wife dearly, though their marriage was arranged. He wasn’t expected to be much, so he had more freedom in picking who he would marry than was afford his brothers.

Then one day, before the news ever reached him, a red-headed girl claiming to be Escala’s daughter showed up on his doorstep. His life, and that of his wife’s, was forever changed. Love of Royce, and horror at what Briant did caused him to shelter the girl. A new name was given to her, though one close enough to her own. When young, she fought with him on many things, and called him out on not being her real father. Guilt, anger, frustration, love, bitterness, hope, sorrow—these were the emotions that painted his relationship with Leandra. Guilt painted his relationship with his wife as he inflicted on her an unenviable status as a woman married to an adulterer.

It wasn’t true, of course, but he clung to the lie, though it made his children look poorly upon him, and insulted his own wife. Fortunately, within his home things were reconciled, but he has never truly forgiven himself for the shame in the public sphere.

He has never known what to do with the headstrong girl, the ambitious girl, the girl who made him miss Royce fiercely and seemed to know his every weakness. He had her legitimized so she might have the opportunities she would have had, if Royce lived, but she’s never strayed to pursue them. Her pursuits are singularly focused, and so, Tybalt has tried to humor them.

When he was young, Tybalt was a little on the soft side, more fond of revelry than fighting. Never a strong man, as he’s gotten older he’s managed to stay lean but he is a bit fragile, though he’s aged gracefully. It might help that his hair was already blonde, so the gray strands are blending in rather well. He stands at 5’7”, and is usually quick to smile. His eyes are blue. 

Spoiler: Lavinia Inosus • show
Lady Lavinia Inosus

Lavinia Inosus loves her husband fiercely and always felt lucky to have been picked by Tybalt, as she wasn't as high born as others he had to choose from. He affectionately calls her Viv and has had a generally happy life. She is an exacting but loving woman- everything in it's place and a place for everything sort. She had two sons and a young daughter and was pregnant with her youngest son when the Escala tragedy struck. She was comfortable, if not close, friends with Leandra's mother. So despite the shame that would come with it, she agreed to pretend the girl was an illegitimate daughter of her husband, as all of her children were fair in coloring and there ways no way to pass her off as their own.

She had a similar relationship with Alia as she had with her mother. She never felt she could completely give her all her love to Alia, but she did treat her fairly, protect, and raise her as her own, glad for a companion for Lilla and for a more feminine presence to talk to and be with.

While she frowned upon Alia's chosen interests, she and Tybalt had agreed upon taking her in that if they disagreed he would have the final say in matters dealing with Alia. Her disapproval, while hidden well, was picked up on by her daughter and had unintended consequences-Lilla thought her mother shamed and decided to start acting put out about Alia.

Spoiler: Lilla Inosus • show

Lilla "Lil" Inosus

Lilla was a happy little girl, feeling carefree and often spoiled for being the youngest girl, and her fathers daughter. She loved Alia growing up- having a sister and playmate. She was sweet and cheerful, but as she grew, she heard people whisper about her mother and father, and how Alia wasn't her sister. She watched her mother in quiet moments, watch Alia and grew to understand the shame she had to carry every day, and she turned bitter toward her Father and sister. She took on all the sharp exactness of her mother, without the soft and tenderness.

While Lilla is a pretty girl, beautiful to some, but as time went on her older "sister" always caught more attention than her. Where Alia seemed to suitors as aloof and mysterious, Lilla seemed stiff and proper. She feels a great responsibility to behave respectably and with great decorum to help support her families status and name.

It wouldn't be until the High Lord came around that Lilla would learn the real story behind her sisters past and all her family had risked and sacrificed. The truth may shatter her, to what end we'll have to see.

House Alta

Spoiler: Briant Alta • show

Lord Briant Alta

“There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare.”

Lord Briant Alta was the eldest son of five; he has one sister, the middle child, and three brothers. His father was a hard man, and in everything, Briant sought to win his affections. If he ever did, he does not know it. He has adopted some of his father’s qualities, but not all—he is not nearly as honorable.

Lord Briant sought success and success alone to prove his worth. His father was not loved by the people, because he was too hard. Briant earned their love through deceptions. He made the lands wealthy, though it was at the expense of his vassals and others besides. He won favor of the monarch by fighting in his wars, and using underhanded tactics, but always his head was held high. Briant was hardly ashamed. Most were willing to overlook what he did, and he rewarded them.

Some, however, weren’t. House Escala sought to rise against him, and so, he destroyed them before the first battle—when all had gathered at Lord Escala’s home. He offered no mercy to children, to the elderly, or to the women. The destruction of House Escala was a message to others. He would not abide treasonous talk from his vassals. He’s heard whispers of it, as always, but no House has since stood against him openly or declared their unhappiness aloud. He understands their unhappiness exists. People living in fear are always unhappy, but he’s relatively secure in his position. He believes that his son will inherit it, and have a relatively peaceful rule, as will his grandchildren.

Briant Alta in his younger years had black hair that he usually kept about shoulder length, and grey-green eyes. As he got older, he started to cut his hair short so it didn’t go beyond his ears, and it has greyed, making his eyes look all the more grey for it. His complexion is usually tanned, and as he’s gotten older some wrinkles have made their presence around his eyes, though he’s not so old that all of his skin shares in the wrinkles. He stands at 6’1”, and has always been broad shouldered, which makes him look stronger than he is. He is strong, and has muscle tone, but he’d not be winning any strength competitions. He has maintained his health and strength through his life.

Briant is a trained lord and knight. His words can be as honeyed as he needs them, and his sword is always sharp. He has some mind for economics, though he also employs a handful of good advisors on all matters, and makes sure their thoughts are in line with his—anyone too corrupt, and he’ll suffer. Anyone too honest, and he’ll have a headache.

Spoiler: Issac Alta • show
Issac Alta
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