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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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Dracul’s muzzle pulled back to show teeth in an expression of consideration and revulsion in one, when it was pointed out that Marshall was pampered, and so Amaranth might bathe them all. It took away his own independence. “I can bathe mysssself!” He protested again.

Amaranth hid a grin behind her knees, but her golden eyes glittered with a similar mischief at the way Tohi was poking at her young dragon. Did she? No, of course she didn’t, but she gave no movement of her head to suggest any answer. Let Tohi wonder. Let Dracul’s answer stand, at least for Dracul.

If he asked Marshall, Marshall’s face would likely turn as many shades of red as it took to match Amaranth’s hair.

Dracul answered the other question more amicably,
“I do not. Not in Euboea, anyway,” elsewhere, he did boil waters. The siren didn’t like him to do that, though, nor did Amaranth. Something about killing fish unnecessarily, and far too early. Fish were food for others. Dracul actually didn’t like fish. “There issss a nice spring not far, though. I boil it,” he answered, and heard Amaranth’s sigh.

Of course she knew. It didn’t mean she liked to be reminded.
“The waters offf Euboea are cold!”

“To you,” and only to Dracul.

As they lowered to the ground, Amaranth stood and walked closer to the edge of her dragon, no evidence of balancing present in the way she held herself. Of course, she stepped with a press of telekinesis that Dracul felt each time, the push and pull of the forces that made her unique. Her bloodline’s power, she’d said. Every Noble had one, and some, more.


“We will not be burning anything unless we see Welfgang,”
and that was what Amaranth was looking for, from above. Any sign. Any indication. If she could stop him before he touched Euboea, she would. Of course, if he traveled with a small army, it would be impossible to see him even from this low. Even with her eyes.

After all, she could not see Marshall, though he saw the dragon as it passed him by.
“Dracul must preserve his fire.”

It was akin to spit, though few used spit as a weapon, one could dehydrate and not have it. Dracul could exhaust his fire. Amaranth wouldn’t have him doing that.

Dracul spit smoke to show his protest, and his wish to do as Tohi wanted in burning a forest. However, he would not. He was ever a momma’s boy.


Lydia heard that question. They only ever answered in questions, to avoid answering. Lydia leaned forward, as the rock jarred the bike, to wrap her arms around Oleyo’s waist and press her front to his back.

She had thought already of what would happen when Oleyo left her. Once, she’d dreamed that it would never be so—she’d die before Oleyo, or somehow, some way, Oleyo simply wouldn’t die. They’d live the life of those seemingly ageless mutants. Yet, she knew now that wasn’t going to happen. Oleyo would leave her, unless she died at Euboea, but that would be cruel to him.

She spoke into his ear,
“I might.” Though it was an 'I would'.

For she would spend Oleyo’s last years with him, how he wanted, because she wanted his happiness. There was another truth, the truth that her life continued on after his. She could return to hunting, if she wanted. She could do many things, when Oleyo passed. It was not a thing to confess, though, for she knew she would mourn Oleyo. She knew no partner would ever, truly, replace him—and she would need a partner.

She had thought it through enough times now to dislike the thought process, the way her mind wanted to insist she would move on. It seemed…cold to imagine happiness after Oleyo. Normality.

And yet, it was imagined.

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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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It was quite impressive to see the dragon bend its neck and look back while in flight. Hard for Dracul not to be threatening. Tohi looked at the face of the monster and nodded to show that he believed what was being said, although he still had some teeth showing in the teasing smile. That amusement grew further when Dracul allowed the imagery of his breath raising the temperature of a spring. What a luxury. With some good promotion, people would journey there. Among the villages that had taken to worship the legend of Dracul, there were sure to be extremists that would find dragon breath water holy. The disagreement on the heat of the waters of Euboea was just as delightful.

She was her usual, steady self when she stood. Tohi was impressed by her balance and poise first, until he remembered her ability. He was stricken with a certain kind of envy then. His own power was mostly for battle. It was elegant in that way, but also lacked finery in any other aspect concerning diplomacy. Telekinesis had many uses. She could juggle vials as well as blades. Tohi thought she looked at home on the dragon, her fire hair and her comfort adding to the scene. Tohi nodded at what she said. Of course. He hadn’t doubted there was a limit to how much fire Dracul had in his belly, but it was still interesting to hear her say it. Then, there would be armies, if not in existence, then at least conceivable, that could exhaust the dragon’s breath. What a dramatic thought. What a dramatic fight!

Tohi’s head whipped back to look at Dracul, smiling when he read kinship in the smoke. Tohi bent his knees to pat a scale, unsure if Dracul could feel it, but expecting the sentiment to reach him nevertheless. “Quite alright, Dracul. I think I will see enough of you capabilities before this is over.” He then stood and made his way over to the lady, his footfall a lot less steady than hers had been. He still managed to stand by her side, and peer down. From this direction, his body shielded hers from the wind. She did not look as though she needed it.

“Things look so trivial from up here.” He said and extended his naked hand and forearm to spread his fingers to compare the giant structures to his digits. The structures lost at this distance. He thought fleetingly that this was how he saw people, if he’d ever have to explain it. They were real, sure, and their suffering valid, valuable, but he could only view it through the screen of his own immortality, so it felt far from him.


His black eyes deepened when she held him. They operated with so much time, even if it had turned out to be finite, and so their proximity had not necessarily garnered all the affections of physical lovers. Her arms felt good, so good the protest that she should try to rest instead lived in his throat and died at the tip of his tongue. There were healing merits to her current position, as well. He smiled at her answer, and continued to keep the bike steady. This cocoon of glass felt like a home, of sorts.

Those eyes cleared slightly, some darkness taking them when the forest near Euboea started to grow in front of them. Water brings trees before it brings cities. The way out to the desert wasn’t a treasured one, and there would be rocks ahead first, but there were paths into the forest large enough for his bike, even if they had to round the greenery a little. At the right speed, the bike could very well push a tree to the ground, but this was not time to muscle through. He turned them in time and the leaned back to their earlier trajectory, into her right arm. “I won’t quit until after this.” He said. “I don’t want to leave D thinking I am a lesser hunter than he.” He mumbled with a smirk.

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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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And Amaranth would see much more of Dracul than she wanted to. ‘But if he dies….’ Amaranth could always recreate, but she never did. There were not two werewolves, though many Nobles would fight for a pack loyal to them. There was not another like Pello, and there was not another harpy, either.

Tohi moved to where she was, and her eyes watched each sway of his body so that if he fell, he would not fall to his death. Fortunately, he did not need her aid, but a hand still reached out for his arm when he was near enough, and when he joined her in looking down. Her eyes did shift back up as she saw Tohi start to examine it all with his finger as the measure.

“Yes,” Amaranth agreed with him. From up here, it looked as if anything done would not matter. It was on her lips to make a comment about how it must be from the stars, but she caught herself before the words were out of her mouth. Best not to evoke such imagery. It seemed that even just hinting at the other Mayerling was a way to jinx everything.

Another spared by D, in the end.

She wondered if Tohi would be so lucky.

Her hand would lift to his shoulder as she saw Euboea, and she would point towards it,
“Can you see it, Tohi?”

She could see it well. Someone had put up the Iron Curtain. The translucent shield was not difficult for her to see, and she knew Marshall ought to see it as well.
“Dracul, let them know we’re back,” for it didn’t look like Euboea had seen a fight yet, though nervous energy took Amaranth from the edge of Dracul to a location closer to his neck, still trying to see as Dracul dropped lower and lower.

And Dracul let out a roar to announce his triumphant return.

Marshall, still behind but not terribly, was able to hear that roar.


The desert became forest. Lydia wondered, as Euboea grew, if those sandrays would soon become homeless. Would Amaranth even consider them, in the grand scheme of things? Would she use one to make another mutant?

Tohi might like a sandray mutant, if only because of his fascination with the sandrays. She wondered if it would be more as Pello had been, or as grand a sight as Dracul.

She wondered these things while Tohi was silent after her ‘might’, distracting herself from any answer he might provide. The one that escaped him caused a laugh in her throat, though it never quite parted her lips.
‘D will never stop hunting, Oleyo.’

If his goal was not to appear a lesser hunter, he would have to continue to the end of his days, the way that D would. Men and their egos. It didn’t seem to matter if one was human, noble, dhampir, or mutant, it was a driving force of their lives, and their deaths. She did not speak to offer her opinion on that matter, for really, she was not done with hunting herself.

A roar cut through the air.
‘Almost there.’ She sincerely hoped that was not a battle cry. 


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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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Tohi had appreciated her touch, and immediately felt steadier. He didn’t know if it was her power, or placebo. There were some kind of remnant of divide of the old chemicals, testosterone and estrogen, in noble genetics, males tending to be more aggressive, but for an overwhelming part, their society was not one of inequality concerning gender, tyrants are equal among themselves, so he could take her help a thousand times without his pride suffering in a public forum, as might be the case in social gatherings of humans. In fact, he found the tendencies of male vampires to be predictable in a ballistic way, and preferred a female host when given the choice. He leaned into her to get more of that steadiness, be it in from his own head, or her power.

He took his eyes off his own hand when hers graced his shoulder, his head moving fast to where hers was directed. The pale walls. Again, if he had the ambition, or love, rather, he would also have a place this pampered. It was quite a testament to the lady, and he also wanted such things in his name. For now he would have to be content with this trifling. “Like a dawning day.” He said. It was strange that a home of a dragon was so neat. He didn’t deliver that sentiment. The lady was otherwise occupied.

She seemed worried when her hand slid off him. He looked after her as she moved to the front of their living mode of transportation. Tohi felt under his feet and by the change of wind that the dragon dove slowly. The scales carried the vibrations of the roar that spread through the sky. The Nobel smiled in delight at the decadence of this experience. It was one thing to depart on the back of a monster, of course, but it was better to arrive on one.

It was his turn to come to Amaranth where she stood, and offer his hand on her arm as he looked at the growing city she’d made. “Something’s wrong?” it was a question, in that he wondered about it, but there was no question in his voice that suggested he was worried he was wrong. They were not terribly intimate, but he could see she was not happy, and she had not tried to hide it either.


Oleyo smirked to himself when the motions of her laughter transferred through his back. Their humor was tightly laced. Their time together had done well to make them understand each other. It was a symbiosis he did not mind as much as the one he shared with the snake. A great sound shook the leaves. It was joyful and terrifying. It seemed fitting of Pello, somehow. The camera ontop pf the vehicle scanned the sky, but mostly could not penetrate the leaftwork. He gave the throttle another turn to bring them faster toward their destination. Marshall would probably soon be there, Oleyo thought was the white walls started to get visible.

The bike eventually came back into the open, and made its way toward the narrower paths of the market and trading place outside Euboea, by the vein of water that gave this land life. A little rude, but he did not slow down very much. The roads here did accommodate some larger traffic, and he found enough space for his bike to move through, even if the velocity was a risk to some, and upset some cybernetic animals on his way. Surely they wouldn’t hold grudges, and if they did, they’d know deeper worries to forget them soon.

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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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“I don’t know.” It was the only honest answer Amaranth could give, and it was that unknown that bothered her.

Golden eyes, two pairs, sought endlessly around Euboea. One did it from atop Dracul as he flew around the city, giving the perimeter a thorough search. The other pair did it from near the front, as Marshall stood his ground. Eyes and nose were alert, but he waited for the shimmer of the Iron Curtain to fade.

He would not rush it. He had seen what happened to those foolish enough to do that, and he was pretty sure it could even dismember Dracul.

It had been Amaranth’s idea after she started experimenting with her powers, with the need to protect Euboea when she opened it to the world. She learned what thousands of pieces of shaved metal could do to someone when under her control, and implemented the same thing in the shield that hung around Euboea. Anything that tried to pass would be shredded, but that left a problem—there were openings. Small, miniscule openings.

‘Nothing, but….’

But still Marshall worried.

Still Amaranth worried.

Then the shield shimmied down, and Marshall painfully shook off the wolf form. Clothing did not return to him, and he found himself embarrassed as he stood in front of his city, nude, but he made a break for the door in the wall near the gates. The walls were passages, around and within, and Marshall was quick to start looking for something to throw on to hide his nudity. There were plenty of spare uniforms here, fortunately.

Dracul descended in the courtyard of the red fountain, where the fireflies danced among the red flowers Amaranth was named after. He didn’t crush anything at all, and Amaranth was quick off his back. Aila was there, and rushed to Amaranth, both of her hands taking hold of both of Amaranth’s arms. Her eyes were wide, and she spit out words before Amaranth could speak,
“Nothing’s happened, lady, nothing’s happened,” she said, “But D is here, and I sent Oleyo and Lydia, and D said an army was coming, and—”

“I know,” Amaranth cut her off. With a shrug of her shoulders, Aila let her arms go. “See to Tohi," Aila looked, as if just seeing him for the first time, and she scowled. She was quite certain Tohi had pulled her tail, once. "And put the shield back up once Oleyo, Marshall, and Lydia are within the city. See them to me immediately. Keep everyone else on watch. Dracul,” she looked to him, “Leave the shield. Stay near. Roar when you need back in, or when you see something of note.”

Dracul gave a single nod, and Amaranth then looked to Tohi,
“If you will excuse me for only a few minutes, I must see to my resting guest,” in other words, Tohi was not invited for this reunion. He would meet D, but not like this. Not in her own chambers, if that was still where D was.


Some people shouted at the pair as they sped by, threatening goods and lives with their speed, but no attention was given. After all, Oleyo could avoid them, and not a soul wrecked the trip onwards towards the city of Amaranth.

They were in time to see the shimmering shield that they’d observed go up, shimmer down like a cascade of silver water. It was quite beautiful to watch, and Lydia had that advantage since she was not driving, did not need to focus.
“They all beat us,” a touch of a pout. She had expected Dracul to beat them. She had still hoped to beat Marshall.

That was her fault, wasn’t it? Realization caused her to bow her head and press her forehead against his shoulder, with a
“We’ll race him proper next time.” They’d been a match for D, after all. A century ago, but all the same—they would beat Marshall next time.


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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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The light that the curtain gave back was quite a spectacle. It was od that Euboea was not the target of other egos. Welfgang was pathological. His obsessions could not be predicted, but cities as well guarded and as capable as this one would usually stand out as a beacon to warlords and roaming armies. Surely, the way the world was now, there weren’t many powers that wanted to oppose each-other in open war, but the few that did exist should have made more attempts at Amaranth’s home. In the past merely the fact that a place was capable of defending itself had been enough to provoke enemies.

And Euboea was magnificent in that regard. Amaranth made sure to keep friendly with the outside, leaving few reasons to attack. The trade outside the walls made it a valuable place to anyone. She had guarded herself well, strategically and economically, against others. No reason to attack. And that, to a mind like Tohi’s, was all the more reason to do so. Gods of war were like that, he assumed, vengeful when there was no vengeance to honor, petty when there was no wrong in the ledger. He listened to the worry in her voice and nodded with understanding. Troubling times because he had given troubling news.

He was speechless when the metal danced toward the ground. A dish unveiled, as it were. He remained quiet as they took to the ground, in the garden of red. He slid off to match Amaranth’s pace if not her gracefulness. It was a pretty scenery to arrive in. The cat came quickly. Tohi was not as curious as he had been at their first meeting, but he was still delighted. She looked appropriately cautious of him. Tohi listened to Amaranth give her orders and then nodded when she excused herself. How delicious would it have been, though, to drive a stake through D’s heart while he slept? A fair death, for someone who relished in killing his own kind. That was a luxury Tohi would not have today, though.

“I’ll entertain myself, then.” He suggested and took a few steps back to make sure she didn’t think there needed to be other phrases of politeness. The sooner she became ready, the more interesting her collision with the enemy would be.

He wanted to see the people, and would soon make his way out to do just that. He wanted to drink in the worry in them when they contemplated the implications of the activity of the iron curtain. Were they warriors? Would Amaranth use them as an army? Could he incite a panic in them that would have them throwing themselves at the barrier that kept them safe? Perhaps, if he thought the city could keep a secret, he would try the local cuisine, as well.


Oleyo smirked as they crossed the line where the shield had been. “Yes. Maybe we’ll bet something.” He said, trying to dispel some of the somber that found its way into their bubble. The guards made it clear with their body language that they were not about to stop the bike, so he didn’t bother to remind them that he and Lydia should be allowed in. He could see in the mirror that the shield climbed once again when they were safely within the parameters of the city lines.

She was talking well, but he still worried. Since there’d been no trouble at the gate, he continued at a good pace through the city all the way to the castle. He parked as close to an entrance as he cloud, and offered his arm to her when he’d stopped off his bike.

Danet had Amala’s hair tied up in a knot. The man had always been an errand boy of the church. He would have become a monk if he could divide his heart as many times as it took to provide it with children. Instead he was never sworn in, but kept close to where his grandmother had lived her life, and left her legacy. In bad times he’d tended to the wounded, and studied under the skilled tutelage of the high healers. He was fast to run to the two. He knew them, as well as he knew any of Amala’s stories, and he knew them from his orders. He had not been told that she would have bene hurt, though.

“Come here, sir.” He said with haste in his voice and waved them in, showing his palm to a guard that looked as though he might protest. “Orders of The Lady.” Danet explained as the green haired one followed into a small infirmary. “Please. Lay down.” He asked the one who had scratches all over her. He was quick to fetch a green powder and mix it with water from the always boiling kettle. The cup was held close to her lips by the green one’s hands. “It’ll take the pain away, and provide parts to rebuild with. Nothing looks broken, after all.” He said to further encourage her to drink.

Betl ran in as fast as he had been able to leave his usual studies. He wore the usual garb of healers, but was also adorned a vest of chainmail to broadcast his high ranking. It did not come with respect, as he was mostly there to serve. His blue eyes were vibrant among the black hair and he immediately looked at Lydia as he kneeled by the bed. Oleyo’s eye grew wide when Betl drew back the sleeve of his robe to reveal skin, lifted from underneath by scales. Danet held Oleyo’s shoulder to calm him.

“He’s a mutant as well. A Grailer. He can mend her, like the desert lizard heals itself.” He said, an explanation he’d presented many times to wounded sceptics.

“First time?” Betl said with warm accent. “Just as well. It’s mostly superficial, so it’ll be quite the show. Bone I’m not so good with.” He admitted before he held her arm, teaching her cells what his knew, which was to reconnect and rebuild. Her skin should be regrowing from the wound, using protein from the tea Danet had provided. “You’re Lydia, aren’t you?” he asked with a smile warmer than his language. “Danet’s mother spoke of you once, a story from his grandmother of how the fountain broke by a dragon from the sky.”

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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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‘Amaranth wants you immediately.’

Marshall must have heard that fifty times once he was dressed and showing himself publically again. As if he didn’t know that. He kept walking, giving thanks to each one that said it, but less and less happy each time.

As he walked through the city, he felt the tension and the nervousness. Some guards took glances at him, and he made sure to keep his back straight and head up. He kept his pace from a run on purpose. While some in Euboea were fighters, the vast majority were not. It was mostly the mutants Amaranth had made, and then those few humans who kept a closer watch over small-time criminals.

They all knew greater ill could come. Otherwise, the Iron Curtain would be unnecessary.

Still, the tension and the questions in the air hung thick. Marshall was not yet required to answer or organize, so he did not.

She would be at the castle, of course. Tohi was there, somewhere, and so was D. When he saw the flicker of the dome, he assumed that Lydia and Oleyo were here, somewhere. He ignored the single bike, not knowing that Lydia had crashed, so he did consider it theirs.

Aila ran by him, departing Tohi’s company as soon as she had the chance,
“Tohi’s there. You should watch him.” Aila stated. Marshall arched an eyebrow.


“—went to D. Watch Tohi.”

They could both guess that Amaranth wouldn’t care much for the intrusion.
“Fine,” Marshall lifted his head a bit, scented the air, and then walked on to find Tohi, wherever the man ended up. He could act as a watcher, and as Tohi’s guard, until Amaranth was ready to see him.


They came to a halt, and Lydia was grateful for that, until she had to try and move, and stretch. A groan parted her lips as she peeled herself away from Oleyo and unstraddled the bike. Every ache awoke a new as her body took new positions, standing. She did take Oleyo’s arm, but it helped little.

Someone ran to them, this time. Lydia canted her head as he claimed to have orders of the Lady, then glanced to Oleyo. Oleyo had no hesitations, and so Lydia went along with him, curious by the urgency. It was all focused on her, she soon realized,
“I’m not so bad!” She said, and so did not quite lay down, but took a seat instead.

A drink was brought, and Lydia eyed it suspiciously.
‘All I need is water to make blood to rebuild.’ What was in this drink? How could they be certain it would help one like her? 

Hesitantly, she sipped the liquid, when it was mentioned there were proteins in it and another healer came forward. She could feel the stress of her marks as something was trying to move things quicker, but she tried to ease it to accept this, though the blood beneath the skin fussed and fought with this situation. The marks pulled at the skin they could access, the open parts, and tried to draw away.

“I am Lydia. That dragon was no dragon,”
not compared to Dracul, “Just a mutant named Pello. The dhampir put him in the fountain, I think.” Was he told of the dhampir, too? She talked to distract, while the healing process tried to move forward.


Amaranth knew the way down to her coffin. She traveled every day, a couple of hours before twilight. She still had plenty of the incense, after all, and still spent most of her days awake. She took no guard with her, though she greeted a few of the servants and guards who were in the castle. She passed her library to grab a pen and notebook.

She was alert for all steps. Tohi could be trusted, somewhat, but she’d not trust him to know where her coffin was. Her mutants knew, and that was as far as it went.

It was odd to think D knew. Dracula was not even aware of where it was hidden, though she assumed he could figure it out quickly. She’d moved it since Ruthven, put it further underground and hid it.

The room, once found, was bare. The coffin was its sole bit of decoration, and even that was relatively bland compared to some coffins purebloods preferred.

Yes, it would be easy now to kill D, but she would not do that. She did not step to open it. She had only gotten close enough to listen for life through the wood.
“Are you awake?” She ventured to ask. If she got no response, she would not press him further. She would leave a note for him instead.


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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
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Tohi had no trouble gliding along the streets. There would be no mistake that he was what he was, and in this city that did not invoke fear. More and more he could see himself take vacations here. The blades of the sky kept on doing their protective duty, and it was a rare spectacle. He lived for rare spectacles. As people moved out of the way, and a few ambitious salesmen tried to look approachable, Tohi liked their spirit but not their wares, he took in Euboea as it had been nurtured and raised by The Lady, first by order of her master, and now for her own reasons. The crowd did hum with an unsettled spirit, the zeitgeist heavy and fast at the same time.

He came across a child about the time when he could feel the wolf return. Tohi pretend not to notice Marshall as he bent his legs and extended his hand to the child, who seemed enamored by the beauty of the Nobel. In this metaphor, was Marshall indeed the shepherding dog while Tohi roamed among the sheep as a predator? The vampire received a tug on those long fingers while the child’s mother stood in the background, confused and frightened. There were no sharp teeth in Tohi’s smile.

“Hello, Fleur.” He said as that finger hooked into her hand and brought her closer. She let herself be pulled, painfully fascinated.

“My name is not Flar, my name is…” she started to say underneath her thick, curled, brown bangs. The Mayerling’s had a type.

“It is Fleur.” He assured her. He did not need to know what her mother had called her upon seeing her the first time. Tohi remained aware of what the wolf was up to, somewhere behind him.

“Are you a lady?” Fleur asked. There were throats in the crowd that cleared to keep from laughing. Tohi knew the question. Was he like The Lady? He nodded and pulled the girl close, and lifted her to his side with one arm. She was too afraid to squeal, and too enamored to cry.

“Yes. And do you know what you will be, within a time that’ll feel like a breath to me?” he asked as he carried her over to the pale woman. Fleur shook her head frantically, afraid she might not get the answer before her mother took her away. “You’ll be food. Like a flower on a salad. I always eat the garnish. Come see me when you can put your head to my chest.” The woman snatched her daughter back and turned. Fleur nodded from above her mother’s shoulder.

“I see this city is overflowing with good—entertainment.” Tohi said finally, turning to seek out the wolf with his eyes. “Ever tried it?” surely there was a bloodthirst within the wolf that was not being met here, whether it was to eat the meat of spill the blood. “Got any suggestions where I should go next for fun?”


Oleyo watched the upset on her skin. Would it affect the healer somehow, that she had such potent poison in her? Danet did not seem worried about it, and the healer was not showing signs of weakness. Oleyo was just hoping that whatever genetic magic was at play here could help her. Danet put his hand on Oleyo’s shoulder to assure him there was no danger here.

Betl was mesmerized by the dance of the marks, but didn’t seem put off by them. He nodded along to her words. It felt strange to have confirmation to something that had happened so long ago, as though these two had seen legends. He continued to do his best for her. The regeneration worked well on some mutants, while on others it wouldn’t work at all. “Dhampir. I’ve heard of him.” He’d thought about D ever since he’d been told to not be in his way as a standing order of employment under Amaranth. “Never seen. He is said to hunt the noble, but here we do not fear them, so I have mixed feelings about hunters.” He smiled at both the guests, knowing their profession well. Danet huffed at the impolite joke. Betl wasn’t deterred. He’d rather be familiar than overly liked.

“Watch your tongue, Betl. Word has it this one” Danet patted Oleyo’s shoulder. “Brought a large black bundle in not too long ago.” Oleyo smiled over at Lydia and shrugged.

“I can’t confirm that, but if it was D, I can tell you he conciders Lydia here a friend, and wouldn’t apprechiate a half-assed work healing her.”

Betl nodded with a mask that looked kind, something he’d learned over the years of meeting difficult, injured people.


“He is not, but I think it is by choice now.” Left Hand said before there was sounds of shifting inside the coffin. Silence, a familiar silence, that of D himself.

“I am awake.” He assured her. The coffin opened and he sat up, back soft, as though to contradict the image of a monster stiffly rising from its borrowed grave. D really did hate his father’s kind. Left hand held D’s hat to his chest. “Welcome home, Amaranth. You have followed our agreement. I’m glad.” He said as he placed the hat on its place on top his head. If he was tired, only the dust on his black clothes could tell of it, because his face was as clean as always, his expression without bother, as much as it was without joy. He quickly turned toward her, his legs following to spil over the edge of the coffin and take him standing.

“I assume someone’s told you about Welfgang.” D said. He nodded once as he thought back on something. “He is coming with the Mordent weapon." D looked around, and then back into the coffin. He pulled out his sword and placed it on his back. "He seems in control. I saw Mortlings the size of houses, and seas of them, made from individuals no larger than a finger."

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Re: Vampire Hunter D: Transient Flight
« Reply #38 on: October 18, 2015, 08:30:09 am »
Marshall found he did not at all like this task of following Tohi. He did not like the way Tohi approached the little girl, nor his mannerisms. A threat was in his throat, never to be spoken. It was swallowed, rather visibly, in the movement of his adam’s apple.

He hoped Amaranth already knew that Tohi really wasn’t one to allow to stay in Euboea for long.

When Tohi acknowledged him, he stalked forward. Entertainment. He knew if he did not answer Tohi’s query, guilt would be assumed,
“No, I don't eat citizens of Euboea. I will eat hunters, though.” That was the truth. He did not hunt Euboea, he did not eat even her criminals. He ate hunters who came into Amaranth’s home.

He was still a werewolf. He did prefer raw, unlike the dragon. He would eat cattle and horses, of course, but like any creature once-human, human always tasted best. He had reigned in his own bloodlust, just like Amaranth.
“What fun do you want, Tohi? There’s nothing like your town, and the humans are not sport here.” Nor the mutants, but he ought to know that.

The mutants would retaliate. Then again, perhaps that was what Tohi wanted.


Lydia’s eyebrows raised at the comment that they weren’t meant to fear the Nobles. Did Amaranth not warn them of others? Of Byron?
“Most of the Nobles aren’t like your Lady. You should fear them.” Lydia had to say, to offer that bit of warning.

Betl warned, and ‘D’ was mentioned as a black bundle. Lydia snickered at the imagery, though she supposed it wasn’t wrong. Poor D, spoken of like trash. A threat was added about her friendship with D, but Lydia only rolled her eyes.

‘As if being friends with Amaranth isn’t enough.’
Was friends the right word? Lydia wasn’t certain.

Betl did not make this painful, nor rush it. Lydia could not completely halt her blood from trying to gain supremacy over his own talent, but she could slow it, and that seemed enough to let Betl do his work so that the wounds were all closed, the skin repaired. The marks always appeared under the skin, darkened veins rather than flesh itself.
“Thank you,” Lydia said as the last of it was being tended to, the more difficult part since there was no where to really send the flood of tainted blood to slow it.


Another answered for D, and then D himself. Amaranth even heard him in the silence before his speaking, the ruffling that led to his awakening. She stood with the stiff posture of the Noble, beautifully contradicted by the softness of D as he woke.

He began to situate himself, and Amaranth resisted the urge to move closer—not to show affection or harm, but to close the coffin door. When she looked to his face, it was easier to resist. He was his father, even if he wanted to deny it, in so many ways. She was not sure what features could have possibly come from his mother.

Likely, all the parts she liked more. The warmth and softness no Noble could truly master, being cold and rigid. Amaranth could call it up from memory, and though Euboea was inviting and warm, it was in part because it was run with rigidity behind the scenes.

It was what made D more beautiful than any Noble, though.
“I am glad that you were tended to properly,” she returned, and as he took his sword after standing, she finally walked forward.

D spoke of Welfgang and the Mordent. This all must have moved quickly—unusual for their kind—for her to not get quicker warning. She took the lid of her coffin and covered it again.
“Tohi Mayerling summoned me to tell me of it. He is here now, and would delight in meeting you,” whether or not he had an issue with D was debatable. He might hold him responsible for all that befell the infamous Mayerling who met Carmilla. “That can wait a bit.”

There were more important concerns, like Welfgang, and,
“Do you need to drink?” It seemed he had been ignoring that side of himself if he was so weakened. Amaranth would offer once, while stepping to the door to leave her chambers and opening it, but not press it if D denied that part of himself.