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Descending [Closed]
« on: July 03, 2015, 04:33:23 am »
“I told you not to come here.”

The voice was a whisper at her ear, purred with warning and warmth. Yet, it did not disturb a single blonde hair on its hearer’s head. In fact, to most eyes, there was not even anyone there to whisper any words at all.

The blonde was holding a phone to her ear, but there was no one on the other line.
“You tell me a good many things, Ishtar,” the woman responded as her shoes took her up stair after stair, towards the towering, white building. It was a beautiful gothic structure, stained glass adding color. “And I told you there’s something here worth investigating.”

“I also told you not to go to the abandoned asylum. Do you remember what happened there?”

“Something, something, draugr, something, something, I need to learn to run faster.”
Point was she got out of there alive, admittedly because the disembodied voice helped. When it wanted to help, it could. It just put a lot of strain on it to interact with the material world. “We got what I wanted, though.”

“Oh yes, those books were soooo important.”

“They were, thank you. I’m glad you understand the importance of literature.”
The books were on demons. Apparently the draugr there, before becoming a draugr, had been researching them. That might have also led to its insanity. The blonde would never know. What she knew was the talk in the town of something ‘disgusting’ in the church.

Obviously, that fascinated the young vampire. The church was open at night, one of those Catholic ones that liked to have midnight masses and stayed open at all hours to serve its flock. Once upon a time, the young woman would have found this odd. Nowadays, she knew why, and was certain the owner of the church was another like herself.

As such, the door opened without protest and she stepped into the dimly lit building. The stained-glass cast pretty lights on the floor, but she barely noticed that. Once she crossed the threshold, she felt a pull, a retreat.

She looked over her shoulder, and then stretched out the hand holding the phone towards the outside.
‘Don’t you do this, I know the churches don’t burn you, don’t you annoy me now. You need me.’

In the end, that reasoning always won. It didn’t need to be said. The woman was as smart as her sire had been, and knew the demon would keep her alive. So, the demon soon moved itself forward. There was pain as it came closer again, and reattached to the aura. There was always pain when the demon left and returned, but it was the sort of pain one got used to, the sort one came to associate with good things, like the burn after an exercise.

The woman clicked a button on the phone as if to signal ‘end call’, and the pocketed it.

She was more careful than her sire, who had been condemned by other vampires. He’d been losing his mind over the centuries, though. He started talking aloud to the demon. That drew eyes. That brought about his end, more or less.

Ishtar jumped ship, and now the demon ‘rode’ with the child.

“I hate you.”

The child didn’t answer, but walked forward. The church was empty where the pews were, and she cast her turquoise eyes about, looking for more than the eye could see. Nothing stood out. She strained her ears to hear steps or conversation elsewhere, and then, satisfied with no sounds, she approached the altar in all its candlelit glory.
“Be careful!” Ishtar shouted as she drew close.

The child didn’t yet understand the damage of fire, nor how her skin would respond like dried newspaper. She hadn’t been burned in her short life. So, she just moved around the altar and saw that the wooden podium did, indeed, have a lock on the side not facing the pews.
‘Here, then.’

Every Catholic church supposedly had a relic. What else could be so disgusting but a relic? And at that, one that might have power—one worthy of investigating, anyway.
“Would you please open the lock?” There was no one to hear, or so the woman thought, so she didn’t waste time putting the phone to her ear.

“Break it yourself.”
The demon huffed. “Or don’t you have the strength for that, Semira?”

She might, but she didn’t want to cause a scene. Why the demon couldn’t just cooperate with her, Semira didn’t know. It’d make things go a lot quicker.


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Re: Descending [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2015, 08:52:06 pm »
‘Movement? So soon?’

The person that stood before the altar froze in his place, a single finger hovering over the flame of a candle – flames dancing around the unperturbed flesh. Pale and icy blue eyes moved towards the entrance of the room where he rested, staring as if his eyes could see through its walls to damn who was interrupting him.

At first there was only one presence, but it did not remain so.  What was at a single, albeit corrupted, presence quickly became two. Even though the man was in a church, a place where he would be unwise to expect complete isolation, this was not the type of presence he was expecting. Quite the opposite.


Two monsters kept in a singular body, it was unnatural and absolutely disgusting to the man. So strongly he felt that the realization sparked a nasty contortion upon his face. From the person’s back, a pair of magnificent wings appeared suddenly, flying him back into the shadows of the church’s tall and glorious walls. It had not taken him a second to retreat, and by the time he’d arrived the flames of the altar were normal again.

The shadows kept the angel well hidden, and the wings disappeared from sight. Once more, the angel’s appearance suggested nothing more than extraordinary beauty. With dark black hair and eyes so pale they almost seemed clear, the angel was a stunning sight to see. Such a thing could not be said for the expression he carried.

When the intruder emerged into the room and approached the altar, the angel did not move. He contemplated the dangers he would face if he confronted the filthy and the corrupt, for a moment wondering if they had heard about his arrival.

Would they be so foolish as to come while knowing?

No matter what the angel thought, he would act if they didn’t leave soon. Their presence alone was disturbing his very core, everything that he represented and smote. When the vampiric woman approached the relic, the angel knew it was time to intervene.

“Please,” his tone of voice did not at all suggest that he was pleading, “that is not for you to touch.”

From the shadows the angel emerged, dressed in an all-black suit. The angel’s eyes were cold, so cold that even the mightiest of believers would doubt of the man’s angelic nature.

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Re: Descending [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2015, 09:39:08 pm »
Semira’s head tilted up slightly, though her back was to the speaker. She’d heard plenty of orders disguised as polite. Her instinct was to think it was the owner of the church, someone she could certainly reason with, but when she looked over her shoulder, she reconsidered.

Semira knew that most vampires were beautiful, and so the figure standing in black behind her fit the bill. However, he was not a vampire.
‘Human?’ He didn’t smell like prey. Tasty, yes. Familiar, even, but that didn’t make much sense to her. She desperately wanted to ask if this was Ishtar’s boss, but refrained.

As she calmly stood, an answer of sorts was given.
“Angel. Camiel. This is why we shouldn’t be here!”

“Camiel,” she repeated. She didn’t think the angel could hear the demon. “It is good to meet you,” that wasn’t a name she knew, like Gabriel or Michael. She assumed it wasn’t that important based on that flawless logic.

If Ishtar could read her thoughts, she'd be screaming at her. Fortunately, neither of them had that sort of connection. Well, fortunately right then. There were times it would make life a lot easier if they could communicate telepathically. It wouldn't make Semira look like a loon.

Did the angel hear her speaking to Ishtar earlier?

No matter.
“I only want to see the relic,” a lie, of course. If it had an angel protecting it, that was all the more reason to want it. It had to be important, genuine, and powerful.

No wonder the others outside spoke of ‘something disgusting’. A relic of power would put most off. A relic of power would also be expected to be in the hands of a vampire. It was a queer thought that a vampire might also be associating with an angel, but Semira supposed if the opposite was true—demons and vampires—then the other could be.

She had to play on the lie, though,
“You can touch and take it out. I’ll step back,” and she did, flicking some of her blonde hair over her shoulder with the movement. What she needed was the thing out. How she’d get it from there, she’d figure out.

Ishtar seethed. The vampiress wasn’t certain if the heat was truly tangible, or more the force of Ishtar’s anger making itself known to her. She found it rarely mattered which it was.   


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Re: Descending [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2015, 11:15:34 pm »
After a seemingly pleasant greeting, one would think that Camiel would relax his hardened expression and his prying eyes. The angel did not – in fact, he stiffened further. The intruder was openly collaborating with a demon (a filth Camiel was growing increasingly angered by), and she even thought that she could hide that from him. Ishtar had told the vampire who he was, so could she not guess the sort of powers he held?

Camiel’s look darkened, his bright eyes just as still as his unmoving body.

“You should know better,” he said suddenly. “You are in a sacred and holy place, are you not? Lying,” Camiel clearly did not believe that the vampire wanted to only see the holy relic, “and thievery are things that I cannot tolerate, and you are guilty of both.” The exaggeration went disregarded by the angel, for his accusations took priority. He was right, and that was all he cared for in that moment.

Camiel moved around the vampire and towards the altar, to look more closely and more carefully at the intruder. The colorful light from the windows danced as the angel moved.

What did the vampire want with Ishtar? Why were they so casual with their relationship? Camiel was tempted to continue engaging them, though he knew what it was he wanted to do. He was a warrior, and he couldn’t allow his hard-earned reputation to be tarnished.

“I will not show you the relic,” he confirmed firmly, certain that the vampire could not gather a good enough reason to convince him, lie or not. The vampire’s desire to merely look at it was more than enough for Camiel to see that her intents were misguided. Certainly somewhere down the line Ishtar had broken this vampire, and yet….

“I do not usually agree with the sort of company you presently keep, but Ishtar is right in admitting that you ought not be here.”

It almost hurt Camiel to agree with the demon, but it needed to be said. Neither the demon nor her vampire host belonged within the protection of the walls of the church.

“What is your name, vampire? Why have you really come?”

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Re: Descending [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2015, 11:49:01 pm »
The angel refused to be agreeable. Semira pouted her lips as he accused her of lying, of plotting theft, and then refused outright to take out the relic. ‘Well, this just got complicated.’

The angel had come closer, and Semira could feel Ishtar’s touch on the back of her neck, on her shoulders, prepared to yank her back if necessary. Ishtar’s ability to interact with the world was limited, but she seemed to have perfected the ability to interact with her host.

There were many times Semira had to explain such yanking to people who couldn’t see the demon. It was always at the worst times. Fortunately, no one ever suspected it. After all, very few vampires even knew things like demons truly existed. Why imagine a vampire worked with one?

An angel would. Ishtar hissed at him.

Semira’s back stiffened as Camiel named Ishtar.
“Oh, so you can hear her. What a lovely surprise.” Her tone didn’t indicate that she thought that at all. The friendliness it had earlier possessed, died. In fact, her facial expression completely died. Dead eyes and a still body fell into place, the truth of her existence. The blood that had given her that blush of life, which made interacting with humans easier, ceased wasting its time to do so.

“I forgot!” Ishtar cried out as an explanation. She’d been a parasite to vampires for so long, that she’d not encountered her own kind since the fall. “Still, if he’s—”

“Hush.” The warmth of fury was stronger at the command to be silent, though it worked. “My name is Semira Levine.” There was no point in lying. The angel’s fate had been decided when he saw to Ishtar. All who knew of the demon were threats, and so all of them had to die. That had been agreed upon long ago, because if that information ever spread, Semira would be hunted by her own kind. “I am here for the relic. I do not know if I want it or if it is useless to me. Rumors in the town were that something disgusting was here. I think now they meant you.”

It fit better with the rumors.
“What are you doing here?” She could gather information before killing him. Nothing was stopping her from that, except the angel’s impudence. In which case, it’d be no loss.