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Interest Check
« on: May 27, 2015, 03:04:32 am »
Looking for a one on one RP with possibly one of the two following ideas- or if someone has an idea they've been wanting to dig into and wants to pitch I'd be open to that most likely as well-

So here are the two ideas:

I was watching Winter's Tale again and I really loved the underlying concept that everyone had one miracle they are meant to perform in their lifetime and that there are forces that are constantly trying to stop those miracles from happening- sort of an angles/demons thing (if you seen the movie I really like the rules set up in there- the boundaries, the way that debts have to be paid, fallen angels that can be swayed by their fallen state to humanity etc. can talk about this more with whoever is interested). There will need to be several npcs, or at least times where there will be multiple control of more than one character. I'd like at least one of the characters to be the one that is trying is supposed to have the miracle to perform, one that knows a miracle is on the brink of taking place/who has the miracle and is trying to help, and then the host of bad guys lead by one leader who is under the direction of The Judge/Lucifer.

Idea two- I'm not sure if anyone has read the Abhorsen books by Garth Nix, but I love that world. I really like the use of magic- two kinds Free Magic and Charter Magic- Charter magic is bound by rules and symbols and was created initially from Free Magic way back in the day. There is a necromancer that is called the Abhorsen that uses the charter and some free magic to put the dead to rest and fight regular necromancers and free magic creatures and entities. It is a world that is fantasy but also has a wall that separates that world refered to as "the old kingdom" from a more modern world call Ancelsstierre that is more modern- think from 1920's-40's as in technology. Some of the old kingdom stuff works in Ancelsstierre close to the wall, but only about 50 miles charter magic doesn't work anymore, but none of the stuff from Ancelsstierre lasts in the old kingdom- paper and cloth breaks down, guns won't fire, flashlights don't work, etc. Okay- I'm getting too complex, again I can explain more if needed.

But the jist would be a fantasy based RP and we'd be taking on Charter mages and/or Abhorsen to fight some greater dead thing or powerful necromancer or another type of character called the Clyar that can see the future.

So there are the ideas I'm hooked on right now, but again, I'd be open to a different idea, I just want to write and feel a one-on-one is the direction I'd like to go.


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Re: Interest Check
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2015, 12:58:37 am »
Definitely interested. For charter mages, we talking like the magic user equivalent of a sell sword?