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Worlds Collide [Closed]
« on: March 23, 2015, 06:56:20 pm »
“Head to Even Vale.”

It was what everyone told Damia when they realized what she was, and what she was looking for. It wasn’t many that were given this information, but all answers pointed towards that city. Damia heard of it, and for thirty years she’d been avoiding it.

It seemed her thoughts were always taking her to where else white-haired vampire could go.

Lucius Andalin was the last resort.

Her attention had thus turned outward, towards Hurn and Shuvale. She knew little about either, except that Hurn was going to be a bitch to cross if she couldn’t get with a group. There were merchants who traversed it semi-regularly, the only problem was, they would charge a fee to allow her to come.

That’s what brought her out to the market that evening. It was a bit difficult to navigate, though the vampiress knew that was her own fault. In willing herself to be unnoticeable by those out in the open, spring air, she’d made herself entirely invisible to them. She knew not how to tone it back without just popping back up as herself before everyone, so she was dealing with the issue of people not acknowledging her existence.

In one way, it was very useful: it was quite easy to snatch money when people couldn’t see you. They might feel it, and some certainly did, but they turned to others and accused them of the theft while she continued on, slowly collecting the necessary amount of credits for the merchants.

Maneuvering through the crowd as best she could, her eyes fell upon a large creature with a rather impressive wingspan. More important was the fact that his credits were all kept loose, and she saw him dig into a pouch attached to his belt to pay a man for the meal he was picking up from his stand.
“I’m sorry,” he was saying, “I don’t have anything smaller. They didn’t think of that when they paid me.”

Indeed, he was holding out 100 credits for what was likely worth 7, at most. It was some sort of grilled animal on a stick, two of those.

The man behind the stand seemed annoyed, but started to make change. Damia walked up behind the totem and reached for the pouch. She opted against just swiping it. All she needed to do was take a couple hundred credits, and she’d have enough for the merchants to allow her to travel with them through Hurn.

The vampiress made a mistake in dealing with the totem, Erasmus, though. He was not familiar with illusion magic, but he was quite sensitive to cold things. Vampires were, by nature, cold. He shivered at the first brush, and then noted the change in heat seemed to hover near his hip. He looked down, and saw his pouch was open, and then caught on to the sound of credits shifting. He reached down quickly, and his hand grazed something that pulled away. It drew blood.

His green eyes narrowed as the illusionist manifested, taking several steps back, but clearly clenching something tight in her fist.
“Return what you’ve stolen,” he demanded, holding out a hand for the credits. He was wary, though. He knew enough about vampire to know of the saying about their eyes—and hers were nearly scarlet. He wasn’t personally afraid of them, but he knew what desperation could drive others to do.

He almost felt bad for his tone of voice.

The merchant behind him made the situation worse by shouting,
“Thief!” The hesitating vampiress took off without a second thought, running through the crowd that had paused to figure out who the merchant was referring to. Her illusion didn’t fall back in place. Perhaps she hoped to escape through the chaos of the evening market.

Indeed, that was part of the reason. The secondary reason. In truth, Damia had been startled to be caught, and then more startled to be called out on her thievery so loudly. The only option that seemed viable was running. She was not going to get arrested, she knew exactly what would follow. She’d be separated from her amulet, currently tucked under her violet corset, and somehow or another, an ‘accident’ would expose her to the sun and she’d be killed.

‘Nope. Not happening, not here, not now.’

Of course, what she forgot, was that the totem had wings and could use them. His shadow was soon noticeable above. Normally, she might have been able to outrun him, but she knew her own state. She didn’t have enough reserve energy to truly gain that kind of speed. Losing him in a city wasn’t an option, all the pathways were open to the sky.

Fortunately, the market was near a park. It wasn’t ideal, but it was something. Damia headed into it and sought out the best way to get lost amongst the trees.

In about a minute, she no longer saw him above. She even paused to skim the skies, and then let out a relieved sigh. She tucked the credits she'd successfully taken from his pouch into her black pants and walked on.

Damia didn’t consider he might have landed. Instead, she began to think of how to make her way out of this city and go meet the merchants near Hurn. Well, and eat.
‘Must do that so I don’t assault the merchants.’ Bloodlust was a terrible thing.

As these future plots were weaving their way through her mind, she ran into something.

Erasmus saw her run into it, too, and couldn’t help but say,
“Well, that denies my theory.”

Damia looked towards him, surprised, then looked at what she’d run into.
“I saw it from the sky. It was more interesting than you.” He seemed quite calm, strangely enough.

“What is it?”

From where Damia stood, it looked like an egg-shaped, translucent-but-watery, area of air. It gave no reason for why she couldn’t walk through it. In fact, it looked like it could be walked through. She pressed her hand to it, tried to push it through, but to no avail. Again, she looked to the totem.

He shrugged. He had no idea what it was. He didn’t think it was an art piece that was just part of the park.

“Right then,”
she tried to step around it, and escape Erasmus.

“I wouldn’t,”
his voice held warning. He turned to look at her, “I still want my credits back.”

“I need them.”

“I’m certain you do,”
there were better ways to get money than this, though. “But I need them as well.” He held out his hand once again. The egg-thing could wait. It wasn’t going anywhere.


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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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he sought an answer to the perpetual paradox,
a paradigm of purpose for an empty existence.


“Dr. Day, this is Dr. Ryan Rosenblatt of the Physics Department at Princeton University. I am extremely interested in discussing with you your most recent published paper on wave function collapse and how you’ve quantified it in relation to the multiverse theory. I have a lot of questions about the math you used to prove a deterministic nature to an inherently stochastic theory and would love to hear back from you as soon as is convenient. You can reach me at any time at 862-917-0023, so please don’t hesitate to call.  I look forward to our conversation! Have a good day.”

With a resounding click, the answering machine’s blinking red seven flickered into an eight and returned the small office to relative silence. The quiet, rhythmic hum of a ceiling fan teased the edges of hundreds of pieces of loose paper scattered around the small and messy office, companion to the soft fluttering pages of a dozen open books teetering dangerously on tall towers of reference material that occupied a majority of the limited space. An impressive number of pencils, pens, markers, and highlighters could be found scattered in between, most if not all characterized by the rather distinct indentations of having their end idly gnawed on.

On one wall was a massive whiteboard that spanned the length and height of the room, every inch covered in an intricate formation of neat and tiny numbers, various pages of further notes taped haphazardly above or below or even on top of certain parts of the massive equation. On the opposite wall, crammed into a corner almost as an inconvenient after thought, was an old, rickety desk that matched the theme of the rest of the tiny office: covered in loose papers scrawled on with complicated numbers and a dozen open volumes all with highlighted sections and countless bookmarks. A new addition was found in a fractured coffee mug, adorned with the faded picture of a colorful, smiling sun and the subtext ‘Smile! Every Day is a New Day!’ splintered with the thick crack cutting through the first word of the cheery phrase.

A pale hand still lightly gripped the handle of the cold, stale coffee, its owner’s head resting a few inches away with his cheek pressed against the pages of one of the many open books, causing black, rectangular glasses to be pushed up and across at an awkward angle across his sleeping face. His slow, steady breath fought valiantly against the ceiling fan’s push of the page closest to his face, the edge of which constantly rose to tickle the very tip of his nose. It wasn’t enough to wake him, but he did scrunch his face occasionally, nose twitching as he instinctively shied away from the sensation. It would take a lot more than that to drag the young man out of his deep slumber.

As if rising to the challenge, a different sort of wind began to grow in the cramped physicist’s office, pouring from an odd pinprick of light that floating in the center of the room. The gentle fluttering in the room grew steadily more violent, loose sheets flying free and pages of books flipping rapidly, before there was a flash of white that would have been blinding had the sleeping man been awake to see it. Instead, by the time a large, oval shaped distortion appeared in the middle of his office, the page that had been just barely kept at bay his breath used the sudden winds to finally accomplish its goal of tickling the man’s nose enough to make him sneeze.

The sneeze was a fierce thing, sudden and loud, almost as violent as the towers of books that finally came crashing down when the wind proved too much. Between the crashing sound, the strange wind messing his already unruly auburn hair, and the unexpected stimulus of the tickling page forcing an involuntary action, the tired man was forcibly dragged back into the waking world. There was a wide yawn and a slow straightening of his back as he lifted himself from the desk, stiff bones popping pleasantly in the process, before he finally managed his first conscious thought in the last two days.

I wonder if there's anymore coffee in the lounge.

Bleary green eyes blinked open to stare blankly at the newest addition to his office and the mess it had made of his organized chaos. Long fingers slowly adjusted his frames to fit properly back on his nose, the other hand lifting the coffee mug to his lips habitually to take a sip as he stared at the oval . He sputtered immediately the moment he took sip, slamming the mug back onto his desk and tried to deal with the taste of two day old coffee in his mouth. When he finally recovered, one hand wiping across grimacing lips, he looked up to find the glowing anomaly still sitting in the middle of his office, shimmering in the odd, translucent way that water did when it caught the sun.

“Dreaming?” Jacob Day posited aloud to himself, accustomed to voicing his ideas as he had them. It helped him think…and it wasn’t very often he actually had anyone else to talk to. He looked back at the coffee in his hand and frowned. “Perhaps not. Surely I would have dreamt of something better to drink than that.”

Then again, odder things had happened in human dreams. And he had perhaps pushed himself a little too hard in the last week, going five days straight without sleep – a glance at his digital watch told him that it was Wednesday, two days after he remembered finishing his research on the possibility of wormholes acting as trans-dimensional gateways through space and time before coming to the conclusion it was a load of self-indulgent science fiction nonsense. So it seems he had been sleeping for the better part of the last 48 hours. His stomach’s timely growling offered evidence in support of that theory.

But still. Jacob tapped his fingers rhythmically along his porcelain mug, studying the egg-shaped abnormality that continued to exist only six feet away from him. He didn’t typically have such vivid dreams, when he dreamt at all. And he’d never been so acutely aware that he was dreaming either. Maybe it was a prank? A glance to his office door showed that it was still locked, as it always was when he was working and everyone knew by now the odd hours he kept. Almost no one bothered him. But a key would likely be easy to procure from the janitor if they were motivated enough. Sharp green flicked around his office, searching for some sign of projector and wind machine that could have created the illusion – but there was very little room in an already cramped office for such things. Certainly no place to hide them where Jacob wouldn’t immediately recognize the truth.

“A dream.” He decided, pushing his worn wooden chair back from his desk. He stood, tall and thin, wearing the same faded jeans and black, wrinkled Journey band t-shirt he had changed into sometime between reading Solomon’s Theory of  Wormhole Paradoxes and Rahaman’s Postulate on Wormhole Existence in the Central Regions of Halos three days ago. Jacob brought his mug with him, intending to empty it in the connecting bathroom to his office and fully ignore the impossibility a few short feet away – he wouldn’t acknowledge such trivial nonsense even in dreams. It was obvious that all his research was influencing his theta wave levels in the frontal lobe, so the thoughts that had been occupying his waking attention manifested themselves in his unconscious state as well.

But Jacob would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious.

He paused a step’s breadth from it, half-way between his desk and the personal bathroom, inquisitive green sliding to the corner of his eyes to study it. It’s structure was odd – it must have been lighter than air in order to float above the ground as it did, but its consistency seemed more akin to waters rippling along a lake, like he was seeing a liquid through a thin glass pane. It was difficult to perceive it’s dimensions as well – his short walk identified that it wasn’t two dimensional, yet it did not appear to have any sort of depth no matter how he craned his neck to look at it. More so, the light from his ceiling fan pierced it and the strange phenomenon did not cast a shadow, meaning that it wasn’t tangible in the sense any sort of solid or liquid would be.

“Then what is it made of?” Jacob murmured to himself, plans to ignore the anomaly totally forgotten in the wake of his analysis. He reached a wary hand forward to touch it – it was just a dream, after all. No need to be worried about any real consequences “No heat, no scent, light that reflects its surroundings in a perfect sphere. And what is this odd, flickering edge? It seems almost like a frame-huh!?“

The startled interruption came with his fingers brushing the frame in question – it wasn’t solid under his touch like he had expected, but more like…liquid air? Cool, smooth and flexible yet there was nothing there, just an open space. But the concern was a result not of its texture, but his sudden inability to draw his hand back – it was like it was caught in an invisible vise, steadfast against his attempts to pull against it. In fact, his struggling only seemed to make it worse: his hand was sinking further into the distortion and Jacob could not see it appear on the other side despite the translucent material. It was almost as if it was eating his arm.

This dream has just turned into a nightmare.

Panic bubbled just below the surface as his mind raced to figure out what to do next, green flitting around him for something he could use to pry himself free- but there wasn’t enough time, because the tug was getting more vicious, pulling him all the way to his elbow before he caught his stumble and halted the advance. He had a fragmented moment of horror and splintered realization that he did feel something on the other side of the distortion, before whatever had gripped his arm pulled the rest of him bodily through.

For a heartbeat, there was nothing but darkness – a world of nothingness, encompassed by an overwhelming sense of being pulled violently in two different directions, his body twisting in the grip of two invisible forces.

And then he found himself face first in what was unmistakably dirt and grass, arms and legs sprawled out as if he had tripped and fallen there. Jacob groaned, slowly rolling himself over onto his back, hand patting his pocket habitually for a cloth to clean the smudges that had covered a good portion of his glasses.

“Great.” He grumbled to himself as he pulled it from his pocket, pulling the glasses from his face with his other hand so he could clean them properly. “Just great. This is what happens when I indulge in childish fantasies. I get a heart attack and mouth full of dirt. I’m twenty four for goodness sake, I shouldn’t put up with these things even in a…”

The return of his glasses to the bridge of his nose brought a trailing end to his statement, realizing quite suddenly that he was no longer in his office. In fact, he appeared to be in the middle of some kind of forest – the only sign of his office at all was his coffee mug resting in the grass a few feet from him, now with a brand new crack from the fall to join the old one. But that was far from his most pressing realization, as there were two pairs of eyes staring at him. And one of those pair of eyes belonged to a being that was certainly not human.

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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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The hand of the totem was not the only hand to be extended. Damia’s eyes moved from it, to the hand sticking out of the translucent egg. “So, it’s a portal. One-way portal,” Damia knew of portals, but she had always thought they were two-way. The concept of a one-way portal didn’t cause her any awe, though. She supposed it wasn’t impossible. “Why just the hand?” She canted her head.

“Maybe something has gone wrong.”
The totem guessed. His outstretched hand moved to poke the hand that was showing through. The reaction that the hand gave caused him to immediately pull back, and then take a step back. The hand itself seemed to be putting up a struggle of some sort, and the two figures observing this exchanged a look.

Then, all at once, the body of a man seemed to be pulled through and spat out onto the ground. The egg seemed to glow brightly for a moment after, and then the light subsided, but it remained. It did seem to be shrinking, though.

The man on the ground spoke to himself, earning an amused look from Erasmus. Damia glanced between the two, took a step back, but found herself locked under Erasmus’s stare once again. She was not going to escape so easily. It probably would be easier to return Erasmus’s money and steal from someone else at this point.

Then, Erasmus’s attention returned to the man as he spoke the word ‘dream’. Erasmus smiled.
“Good morning.” Though it was clearly not morning here.

Damia canted her head, taking in the strange attire of the man then. 'Human.'That understanding didn't come from the visual, though. Her focus on him put into perspective his scent, which washed over her the way the scent of bacon called to a newly-woken person.

Erasmus offered him a hand to help him get to his feet. “Are you all right? Where did you come from?” Evidently he wasn’t all here, but Erasmus was hopeful he’d come out of it. He guessed this was some mage from the Wistor Academy, by his words and his appearance. He looked about as ruffled as the standard mage.

Damia would have added he smelled like a mage, too, but that was actually the reason she took another step back. It wasn’t the bad scent of being unwashed, but the rather pure scent of someone not hiding under perfume. The stranger’s natural scent spoke of the taste of its blood, and she was in no state to deal with being too close to that right then.

With a shaking hand, she dug into her pocket and tossed some of the coins at Erasmus’s feet.
‘This won’t work. This won’t work at all.’ “There. Your credits returned.” A step back. She swallowed. “I need to be going.” Unbeknownst to her, the once-pink eyes had shifted to full red under the intoxicating scent. Human. That was her weakness. In big cities, it tended to be muffled under the scents of everything else, but out here, there was no muffling it. 
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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Jacob stared not at the offered hand, but the huge, winged man that extended it, asking the very same questions that the stunned physicist was attempting to answer himself. Was he alright? Where was he? The obvious answer to the latter question was that he was still asleep at his desk but that didn’t necessarily answer the former. Had sleep deprivation finally pushed him over the edge and into insanity? Never in twenty four years of existence had he experienced such a vivid and impossible dream.

Vaguely, he was aware that the woman had tossed a handful of coins at the feet of the giant and was declaring her leave, but he was more preoccupied with the realization that the egg-shaped portal that had dragged him forcibly from a rational world of constancy into this nightmare forest of fantasy was shrinking, as if reminding him that all of this happened because he had let logic slip in the face of obvious impossibility. The reminder broke his state of shock, letting him finally settle back into his own thoughts.

What was he so unsettled over? This was his dream, after all. Everything here was just a part of himself and he would deal with it the same way he handled every problem: logic.

“Absolutely not.” Jacob denied, rejecting not only the helpful hand but the horned man’s existence all together. The thin man pushed himself to his feet, brushing the dirt from his clothes as he continued to ramble to himself. “I refuse to allow this nonsense to continue any longer. I knew sleep deprivation could lead to unusual dreams, but this is simply too much.” He turned to face the mountainous creature – it was as broad as it was tall, peering down at the annoyed physicist with oddly slit pupils ringed with green that were kinder than expected, but Jacob frowned at him nonetheless. 

“I mean, just look at you.” He gestured disapprovingly to the whole of the creature’s being, head to toe. “First of all, there is no way those wings can support your weight. The lift force required for someone your size would be ridiculous, not to mention the sheer amount of drag you would encounter attempting any sustained flight.” Green eyes flickered up to the horns next, then to the scales along his body. “And not only do you have aviary traits, but bovine and reptilian ones as well. Surely you are supposed to represent something meaningful from my subconscious, some facet of my life that likely deserves reflection, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to do so when my previously flawlessly logical mind has decided to manifest that need in such a ridiculous form. I mean, you look like you’re half dragon, for goodness sake. You might as well breathe fire at the rate this dream is going.”

Jacob shook his head, exasperated with the failings of his own subconscious, before turning his head to the retreating woman. “And you! I had higher hopes for you until you went and tossed those on the ground.” Jacob stooped to pick up one of the scattered coins, testing its weight in the palm of his hand. “You called these ‘credits’? From their shape and size and name, I can only assume this is supposed to be currency. What country is this supposed to be from? The metal is too pure for any third world country and most first world’s have long stopped producing coins using such a dense, high quality alloy, so I can only assume that this is another absurdity generated by my mind.”

He settled the coin between his thumb and forefinger, flicking it upward to flip rapidly in the air before falling back to the earth to join its fellows. Jacob grunted, the severity of his frown eased somewhat as he watched it fall. “Roughly 9.8. At least gravity still functions normally in this dream world of mine. My mind can still handle at least the very basics of rationality.” The auburn-haired scientist glanced at the woman, still vaguely annoyed. “I guess you’re supposed to be some device designed by my subconscious to introduce to me the unusual elements of this-“ Jacob paused, surprised at what he saw in the pale-haired woman’s face. He adjusted his glasses, curiosity blunting the edge from his previously irritated tone.

“Red?” Jacob questioned aloud, turning to face the smaller woman fully this time. He covered half the distance between them in a few long steps, leaning forward slightly and adjusting his glasses to get a clearer look, oblivious to her unease. “Odd. I am certain your eyes were pink just moments ago. A trick of the light, perhaps? It would make more sense that they’re red anyways. Pale skin, white hair, red eyes – you have type one oculocutaneous albinism, yes?” He tilted his head at her, sharp green intent. “Curious. Why would my subconscious manifest someone like you, an arguably normalistic variable in contrast with the undeniably abnormal ones, if not simply to act as a vehicle to the understanding the absurd? What are you supposed to represent?”
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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Erasmus nodded to the woman, but narrowed his eyes when he saw her own flicker. He’d never actually seen it happen before. The red spread out from the pupil to color the irises that darker hue. “Wait—” he didn’t want her to go out and get in trouble, or hurt someone in her haste.

As he said that, the man on the ground spoke, denying his hand and rising. Erasmus lowered his hand, and observed the man begin to rant. Fortunately, that also halted the vampiress, who seemed too intrigued by the mad ramblings of the crazy mage to leave the area as quickly as she intended.

He tilted his head as the man seemed to find him to be an impossibility. His left wing twitched at the insult hurled about his wings’ capability to lift him. The previously extended hand crossed itself over his chest with the other, and some of the warmth in his gaze died away as he wondered if the man was actually mad, or if he was trying to get a rise out of him.

‘Half dragon? What sort of nonsense is this?’
Had he never heard of a totem before? Never seen one? What dragon could mate with a humanoid? As far as Erasmus knew, dragons could only mate with other dragons. How would a half-dragon even come about? How did the mage even conclude that?

“I—” but he couldn’t get a word in. The auburn-haired mage was now picking up the credits, and denying them as well, while he was holding it! “You’ve studied too many illusions.” Erasmus spoke that under his breath, deciding the mage had snapped and needed to see a professional. At some point, the mage must have been an expert on the magic of illusions, but he’d clearly spent too much time in his realm of illusions to know the difference between what was real and what was false any longer.

So he had a starving vampire and a delusional mage to deal with. This was not turning out to be the evening Erasmus had hoped for.

It was when he tossed the coin, that Erasmus answered at least one question,
“That is the currency of Kirst,” but the man was more interested in gravity. Erasmus shook his head. “Listen, you—” really, really impossible to get a word in.

Damia went still under the scrutinizing gaze of the human. His antics had amused her, but when his green eyes fell on her, she realized the mistake. She couldn’t tear her own eyes from him, and that red was darkening with each second of focus. It was something the human should have recognized. Red was universally known as a sign of danger, or so Damia thought. She forced herself to stop breathing when he drew close. Her hands moved behind her back, and she clasped the wrist of one in the firm grasp of the other, to hinder herself some.

If she couldn’t grab him, he could get away.

At his query about albinism, she shook her head slowly, but still couldn’t get her eyes to look away from him. In fact, her thoughts were slipping. The grip on her wrist loosened. Beneath her lips, the fangs started to grow, slow. Her own inner predator knew that if it startled Damia, she’d fight it again.

“Mage, I would—”
his cautious step forward seemed to be the last straw.

Vampires represented one thing, and one thing only: lust, in all its wicked, greedy, and hungry forms. Bloodlust and starvation never worked well together, and Damia fell victim to it with one last inhalation to get the words to answer the curious man, to get him to step away. She released her own wrist, bent her knees, and kicked off from the ground to tackle and pin the man. If she was successful, she’d try to dig her fangs right into his neck to get at the delicious blood just below that thin flesh.


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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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While his questions hadn’t exactly come with the anticipation of an answer – Jacob was well accustomed to the art of conversing with himself, after all – he had expected some vocal reaction from the silent woman. But instead all he got was an oddly tense shake of the head and an unblinking stare, leaving him to watch the gradual darkening of her red eyes with curiosity and confusion in equal measure.

So her eyes did in fact shift colors, making it increasingly probable that his initial observation of pink irises had been correct. But she rejected his hypothesis of her condition and that was almost as unsettling as the realization that she wasn’t breathing – the unnatural stillness that left her looking more doll-like that human came in part from a rather noticeable lack of ventilation. If he hadn’t seen her move and heard her speak only a short time ago, it would have been easy to mistake the woman for a pretty, albeit incredibly life-like, statue.

“Are you alright?” Jacob asked, green behind black glasses blinking owlishly down at the smaller woman. “I don’t smell that badly, do I?”

An experimental sniff of his t-shirt was interrupted by the concern of the dragon-man that Jacob had been flatly ignoring ever since he had decided upon rejecting the irrationalities of the dream, but what grabbed his attention more was how the thin man had been addressed. The physicist frowned and twisted his head to look over his shoulder at the creature, completely missing the warning in favor for the title.


The quiet hiss of the woman’s soft inhale was his only real warning. The curious man turned just a fraction of a second before she flew at him, wide green catching ravenous red before she hit him in the chest and tackled him to the earth, taking the wind from him as she landed on top of his chest. For a woman her size, slight and a full foot shorter than the scientist, she was incredibly strong – she only needed one hand to capture both of his wrists, pinning them above his head as her knee pressed forcibly into his ribs, making any attempt to struggle against her hold only squeeze the air further from his lungs. Her free hand caught him by the jaw and again, some distant part of him was astonished by the ridiculous strength in the lithe fingers that forced him to twist his head away and expose his neck, controlling his thrashing with an effort so minimal that he might as well have been a helpless child struggling against an adult for all the good it did.

Later, he would wonder if she had intentionally let him see her expression in that brief second before she finished her attack – she could have twisted his neck even further if she had wanted to, far enough that he wouldn’t have been able to see anything but the dirt and dark when she took what she so desperately wanted. But as it was, he could see her eyes in full – a dark, lustful red, sanguine and beautiful, dilated pupils focused on the hollow of his neck with a frightening intensity. He was able to see fangs he hadn’t noticed behind still, pursed lips, their long edge gleaming and sharp, wet with the eager anticipation of the woman’s appetite. But perhaps worst of all was the fear that came with seeing the terrible hunger in that expression, the instinctive terror that chilled him to the core, the very same feeling countless prey for hundreds of thousands of years had felt in their final moments of life when pinned down by a predator.

And it was in that brief moment, the woman’s head lowering and fangs scraping across the flesh of his neck, that Dr. Jacob Day realized three things.

The first was that she was, in fact, not an albino. This woman was a vampire, a detail that Jacob was as certain of as he was his own name. The red eyes, the absurd strength, and most particularly, the fangs had made that abundantly clear – even Jacob Day had seen enough movies to know a vampire when he saw one. It had been remarkably foolish of him to approach an unknown variable with such candid interest, especially when her fellow had already proven to be impossibly different from any reality known to mankind outside of fiction and dreams.

The shifting in eye color, he hypothesized, was a physical indication of hunger. The lack of breathing, he guessed, was an attempt not to smell a delicious dinner presenting itself before her on a platter. The hands behind her back and the unnatural tension of her body, he deduced, was her attempt to control herself and her urges. In all fairness, she had done a remarkable job to show him that he was in mortal danger, short just of painting a sign in bright red letters that said ‘HUNGRY VAMPIRE’. She had even tried to leave, kept from doing so only by his incessant curiosity. Unfortunately, as proven twice in less than fifteen minutes, that same curiosity of the unknown tended to blunt even the most basic of instincts like self-preservation.

The second was that he wasn’t dreaming. The pain of her knee crushing the air from his lungs, the iron vise of those fingers pinning his arms to the dirt, the slow torment of ivory teeth sinking into his neck – these things were sensations not possible in a dream. Jacob did not know how it was even remotely conceivable that this place and these people could be part of an actual reality, but as much as he would love to continue denying it, to do so when faced with such powerful evidence to the contrary would just make him a willfully ignorant fool. And if there is anything Jacob Day refused to be, it was willfully ignorant.

The third was that Jacob Day was going to die here. It didn’t upset him as much as he had expected it to. Sure, this wasn’t exactly the ideal way for it go about, but he had come to terms with his own mortality at a very young age when his mother passed away, leaving him only with a single wish. And he had tried to fulfill it for her. Really, he had. Everything he done until now, all the research and the theories, all the learning and the testing, had been for that purpose. He had done the best he could in the twenty four years he had, right? She wouldn’t blame him for dying here. It was an impossible wish with an impossible answer, after all.

It was an odd sensation, the muted agony of his nerves on fire mixed with the cool touch of her lips against his neck, pulling the crimson life from him with such desperate hunger. Distantly, as if separated from the body that thrashed in agony in her iron grip, he wondered if all vampires drank so greedily or if she had simply been on the verge of starvation. He would have liked to ask her if given a chance. He would have liked to ask her and the dragon-man a lot of things – the wings, the eye color shifting, where in the world Kirst was supposed to be. And that, more than anything perhaps, made him regret the fact that he was going to die. There were still so many things he needed to figure out.

Who was going to figure out all the answers to the universe once he was gone? Anyone else would probably just get them wrong.
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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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There was a saying, even on Hyksis, that the hungry have no ears. There is no reasoning with a starved person. While everyone knew leaving a steak out before a hungry dog was going to have consequences, not as many understood that about vampires. Though Erasmus did not completely understand that, he understood the idea of hunger, and he understood that people did crazy things they’d regret when their physical needs weren’t being met.

The woman had seemed relatively sane—just in dire straits.

It was with that in mind that Erasmus walked closer.

The predator’s attention was not on him at all, but on the meal beneath her. Instinct had taken over, her strength pushed forward by adrenaline and desperation. Some humans could fight her off, but the majority couldn’t. This one, as light as he was, didn’t stand a chance. His height was meaningless when he was on the ground.

Through her knee, she felt the pounding of his heart as she pressed down. His wrists thrummed with the life she was pulling from his neck. The red ambrosia was everything that inhalation had promised it would be. Fresh, living, and human—all of her favorite things, and she’d been denying herself it for such a woefully long time. The ectasy of that first taste almost caused her to react and rip his neck open with her fangs to get at it quicker, but he was saved from that. She knew that she would only get less blood in the long run if she went that route. Too much of it would end up feeding the soil from a wound that large.

Unnecessarily wasteful for a temporary delight.

And so, she pulled at the blood slowly, and felt that backwards flow from the wrist laid atop the other.

It was an unnecessary inhale that saved the human’s life. In that breath, the fangs no longer touched his flesh, and that was when Erasmus reached down. He had been hoping for somethnig like this, for a moment when she wasn’t too caught up in her meal. He didn’t want to risk making the wound any larger than it already was. The dragon totem grabbed her by the back of her own neck, and wrenched her backwards and off.

She flailed, but only for a second. His other arm wrapped around her, making sure to pin her arms to either side as he pulled her back against his chest, and took a couple of steps back from the human. She couldn’t reach up to scratch him, and fortunately for him, he didn’t register as food. Well, not in the same way as the mage did.
“Get a hold of yourself!” He snapped at her as she kicked his leg.

Strong she might be, but she was not stronger than him, and it was evidently frustrating to her, before those senses returned. There was also the fact that the dragon totem was far too warm for her liking.

The second her senses returned, the change was immediate.

Damia stopped resisting. If she could have gotten paler in hue, she would have. Eyes, now a dark  pink, lowered to the ground—not to Jacob. She didn’t want to even look at Jacob, though she was certain he was still alive. Sensation played itself back into her mind, and rewrote it as something to be hated.

The backwards flow of blood caused her to shiver as she remembered the feel of it beneath her thumb. The pulse of his heart against her knee did not fill her with the same ecstasy, for it now belonged to someone who probably had a name and a life.
“…sorry.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

The worst part was, though she tried to guilt herself, she wasn’t as sorry as she wanted to be. In fact, she still wanted to lick the rest of the blood from his neck. Again, she ceased breathing.


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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Jacob closed his eyes wearily, too tired, too aching and too dizzy to even attempt picking himself off the ground. He didn’t acknowledge her apology yet – his life may not have been in immediate danger anymore, but he had no idea what kind of side effects a vampire bite might leave on a human being.

“Dizziness. Nausea. Exhaustion. Common symptoms of rapid blood loss.” He murmured quietly to himself, raising a hand to stretch toward the sky then touching it to his nose, then repeated the action with his other hand. “Fine motor control skills still accurate. Sight, sound, and touch responding normally. Thoughts hazy, but brain functions unharmed.” The hand shifted to his neck and the bite wound there, testing it with two fingers for the space of five breaths then lifting his hand and slowly opening his eyes to examine the blood. “Pulse high, but gradually stabilizing. Wound is, rather remarkably, already in the process of healing. A vampiric side effect, perhaps?”

Green flicked over briefly to the restrained vampire, who continued to refuse to meet his gaze despite her apology. He was interested to see that her eye color had shifted again, a darker pink that the shade he first remembered, and was mildly satisfied to note that at least one of his deductions had further evidence to support it. That satisfaction faded when he saw that her lips were still stained crimson with his blood, unease settling to join the ache in his wrists and ribs.

“Well,” Jacob said more loudly, looking away from the pale-haired woman and the winged giant to gaze absently upward, the bloody hand returned to his neck to continue and apply pressure to the wound. It wasn’t perhaps strictly necessary, but he didn’t know enough about vampires or the wounds they inflict to take chances. “All in all, I appear to be alive and without any lasting disabilities, so I can’t exactly complain. If you would like to make it up to me however, you could begin by explaining to me why all the stars are in the wrong place.”

Jacob frowned at the broad expanse, green narrowing as they flickered across the night sky. It only took him a moment to confirm his suspicion. “No, not just the wrong place. There are stars here I don’t recognize at all.” He traced them with his other hand, long finger making shapes in the air above him. “There is Ursa Major, but what is that trio of stars where Ursa Minor is supposed to be? And is that…an upside down Crux? Why is it so visibly close to Polaris? They are at the far ends of opposite hemispheres, it should be impossible for them to be that close unless-“

The obvious answer caught in his throat, realization hitting him harder than the vampire’s hungry tackle. His hand dropped slowly back to this side, wide eyes staring at the sky for a moment longer before he turned to look back at the impossible pair. Except, they weren’t really impossible anymore, were they? There was too much evidence to the contrary.

What was that famous quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote? Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

“I see. A wormhole. Then I am no longer on Earth.” He said far more calmly than he felt. Green eyes found the ever-shrinking pin-point of light that had brought him here, finally understanding what is was, before turning back to the man who had saved him. “What did you call this place? Kirst? I assume that must be some sort of sovereign territory, unless your entire world abides by a single currency. From the way you distinguished those coins as the currency of Kirst, a rather pointless specification if used in reference to a global scale, I doubt that is the case. What is it you call this planet as a whole, then?”

Oh, that’s right. Didn’t he just pull the vampire off before she could finish making a meal out of him? He should probably show gratitude for that. “Oh, and good job on saving my life. Well done.”

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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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The stranger continued to be full of surprises. As Erasmus kept a firm grip on the vampiress, the human on the ground started to list off the symptoms he was feeling. He was clearly trying to wrap his head around the situation.

At the mention of the wound and the healing, Damia answered,
“Yes,” though her eyes remained firmly on the ground away from the human. She could feel the blood on her lips but didn’t dare to lick it. She wanted to wipe it off, but she couldn’t do so in her current position.

A way to make it up was offered, and Damia glanced up at the sky. She’d never been all the way north to the Academy, though she was becoming less and less convinced that this human was from there, or anywhere she knew. With her thoughts clearing, she’d even admit he didn’t taste quite like any human here. Every human had their distinct flavor, but like every pig had its distinct taste when made into bacon, it wasn’t often discernable except to the most refined palettes.

This human was different.
“They look the same as always,” she was not into astronomy, though, nor even astrology. He spoke of stars and constellations that she had never heard of, even in passing.

Erasmus also looked up. He didn’t know much more than Damia about the night sky, but it looked the same to him.
“Earth?” Erasmus echoed the unfamiliar name, looking back down at the human, who was still lying on the ground. Now, however, the human’s green eyes were looking at him, and Erasmus met that gaze calmly. At the question of Kirst, Erasmus gave a nod. That was what he called this place.

“We call the planet Hyksis,”
Damia answered, not forgetting she had to make it up to the strange human. She felt it necessary. She rolled her shoulders, and Erasmus looked down at her from the action, “I’m fine now,” she told him, and hesitantly he released her. Her first action was to wipe the back of her hand by the blood on her lips, getting rid of it and the temptation. She didn’t step closer to the human, though Erasmus did.

He offered him a hand up once again, though he’d been rejected last time,
“You’re welcome,” he said, and then asked, “What’s this…Earth you mentioned?” He was curious about it. He wondered if it was a whole different planet, since this human imagined himself on a different planet. Erasmus still wasn’t sure if he was a very troubled mage or not, but figured he ought to humor the auburn-haired man regardless.


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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Jacob did not hesitate to take the unusual man’s hand this time, propelled to his feet with an ease that would have been surprising if the physicist hadn’t just seen him restrain the vampire, especially now that Jacob Day knew first hand just how ridiculously strong even one as deceivingly small as this female could be.  Did everything in this world have a superior strength to humans? Well, at least he assumed humans existed in some capacity, as neither of them seemed to have held even a fraction of his absolute disbelief upon his arrival – in fact, it was rather curious how they had been so nonchalant about a portal spitting him out at their feet, as if such an occurrence was not outside the realm of normality for them.

Interesting. Was Hyksis, he thought glancing again at the shorter woman with great curiosity, the kind of place where wormholes were common place? Maybe not, if neither of them had ever heard of Earth – unless that meant there were other worlds connected to this one too, so many that the probability of someone from Earth going through wasn’t as significant as he initially assumed? Jacob had a thousand questions to ask, but he forced himself to take a step back and prioritize. He was in a strange place surrounded by strange people, just moments after being attacked by the one who had just insisted she was perfectly fine now. What was the first step to adapting to this new world?

Well, adjusting to a sudden wave of dizziness was the first thing. He caught himself before he could stumble, continuing to press his other hand to his neck to stem the waning trickle of blood. Food and rest were priorities for his health, naturally, but could he trust these two? One of them had attacked him not even moments ago and the other, as polite as he seemed to be, could very well prove to also have a diet that consisted of thin humans with big brains. There was little evidence to support that theory – he had just finished saving Jacob’s life, after all, and made no move to capitalize on his weakness – but the point was that auburn-haired scientist knew precious little about this world’s workings. He needed to find a safe place to recuperate, then learn as much as he could about this strange world he had fallen into.

“Earth is where I came from.” Jacob answered finally, turning back to look up his savior. It wasn’t often he had to look up at someone when he spoke. “It is my equivalent of your Hyksis, though our population of sentient races are far less…diverse, than yours, incidentally.” The bespectacled man adjusted his frames and took a closer look at the scales lining the man’s body, tapping a curious finger against one. Carbon based? “Hence my confusion. As far as I am aware, and I am aware of a great many things, wormholes and planets beyond Earth have never been established except in theory.  And sure, there are a great many theories – but how astronomical are the chances that I would be warped to a planet with a stable atmosphere and gravitational field? Not to mention the remarkable convenience that you both speak the same language that I do, yet another feat I would have called impossible fifteen minutes ago. Unless the conditions for a wormhole necessitate similarities to a fine degree for such a link, which in turn might explain how-“

Jacob paused, catching himself before he started trailing off again. He straightened and bowed his head in both thanks and apology, not just to the larger man, but the white haired woman as well. “But I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Dr. Jacob Day, a theoretical physicist who specializes in particle physics, though I have a grasp on astrophysics, cosmology, atomic physics, photonics, and a widespread variety of others that are more hobby level than anything else.” He paused, glancing at the night sky and then the surrounding forest. Priorities, Jacob reminded himself. But where did he begin? With the food and shelter? With the location of the nearest city relative to this forest?

At the beginning, a memory of a childhood story read to him many times reminded him. Begin at the beginning and go on til you come to the end; then stop.

“And I need your help.”
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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Erasmus pulled the human up with ease, and dropped his hand as soon as the action was done. He took a step back to give the auburn man space, and to watch the pale vampire in case she wasn’t as fine as she said she was.

Of course, the human stumbled on getting up, and Erasmus stepped forward almost as soon as he had stepped back. He reached to steady him, but saw the human gather himself on his own, and so smiled and just straightened up, drew his hand back to his side,
“Easy,” he cautioned. Blood loss was no joke.

The vampiress lowered her eyes.

He began to answer the question posed to him. Earth was his ‘equivalent’ of Hyksis. Another planet. The totem’s eyes glittered with amazement at the thought of another planet with life. It had never been beyond the realm of possibility, but it had also never been discovered by anyone on Hyksis, though scholars tried to insist it had been. Illusions, or portals to another part of Hyksis, were more often the truth.  The stranger reached out to tap a scale, and Erasmus resisted the urge to smack the hand away from the black scale.

It would be firm under his finger, its texture a bit like sandpaper—ragged and rough, instead of smooth. Erasmus didn’t bat the hand, but allowed the touch. The man had expressed how queer this all was already, so Erasmus did not wish to thwart his curious mind just yet. The look he gave the finger did show all his dislike for being poked, though.

When the human caught himself in a ramble, Damia filled the silence.
“We are not aware of other planets, either,” Damia answered, still looking at the ground. “If you aren’t suffering a delusion, then you may be proof of what many scholars have tried to prove. You ought to go to the Academy in the north.”

It was then he introduced himself, and Damia looked up, memorizing face and name. Jacob Day. Doctor, so indeed, a learned man, but not in any subject that would help her.
‘Way to think, Damia.’ Ever selfish. She wouldn’t let the disappointment show. What could a man who knew nothing about vampires do, anyway?

He needed help, and Damia felt inclined to give it after what had just transpired.
“I’m Damia Acario,” using the false surname was almost natural now. “I suppose I’m a thief. No fancy titles,” not anymore. The remark earned a slight smile from the totem, which was good enough for the moment. “A vampire, once human, not by choice,” she added, continued, “and something of an illusionist—what he accused you of being.” She had heard it under the totem’s breath.

To show it, she lifted her hand, opened it to show it was empty, closed it, and opened it again. The eyes would behold a translucent jewel in her grasp. If Jacob tried to touch it, he wouldn’t feel it—her illusions weren't that great, yet.
“I’ll help while I can. I owe you as much for the…greeting….”

“A thief with honor?”
Erasmus held doubts. Some, at least. It was clear to him the vampire was young, and if it wasn’t by her choice—without a teacher. A sire, as they phrased it. Not a good mix. It was amazing she had lived this long, and to be out in the sun at all…well, she wasn’t ignorant of her nature.

Even so, he didn’t allow a response. He introduced himself,
“My name is Erasmus Chogan, and what we call a Dragon Totem.” He saw the vampire’s eyes widen a little. Apparently, she hadn’t guessed that. Yes, he could breathe fire and turn her to cinders if he wished to. “I’m a traveler, presently. Odd jobs—not thievery,” he shot the vampiress a glare, the suggestion that it wouldn’t be too hard to become gainfully employed in his tone.

Then he returned to Jacob and elaborated a little,
“It’s something of a rite of passage amongst my kind,” most knew that, here. Rare were the totems who stayed long from home, “So we may go the same way.”

He wasn’t inclined to go north. Cold. Too cold. However, it was a curiosity to him, all the same. He wasn’t sure if he’d regret never going, all the same.
“I can try to help you get adjusted, or perhaps help you north if you want to find a way back. The academy would be the best route for answers, or the town of Even Vale.” The problem was they guarded their secrets so well, that even Erasmus wasn’t sure they had any.


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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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“The Academy in the north…” Jacob echoed aloud, half distracted with studying the odd gem that had materialized in the hand of the vampire thief. The woman – Damia Acario, he reminded himself – had also claimed to be an illusionist, a title that held to the scientist’s probing touch, ever oblivious to personal boundaries and completely indifferent to the fact that the hand he brought his face so close to was the very same that had gripped his jaw with deadly intent only minutes before. He examined the translucent jewel more closely, watching with interest as his finger passed through it. How was she distorting the light in such a controlled manner without any sort of projector?

The winged man’s introduction pulled his attention away, distracting him immediately with a brand new surprise as he dropped the woman’s hand and turned to the giant. Dragon Totem? Then his earlier mockery was much more spot on than he had thought, but to be fair, even the vampire – Damia, Jacob reminded himself again, and the man was Erasmus Chogan...why did he always have so much trouble with names? - seemed a little startled by the revelation. Then again, there seemed to be a little lingering strain between the two that might explain the look he gave her. Jacob wasn’t exactly the most adept at picking up social cues though and he was a little too distracted trying to wrap his mind around the existence of being that was seemingly related to dragons to care about their tension.

Nonetheless, it was much easier to accept the possibility now that Jacob had a rational baseline on which to build his budding knowledge of this new world, a plane of existence where thieving vampires capable of distorting light and massive men with wings and horns talked of traveling as a rite of passage among their culture was an apparent norm. In fact, it was much more likely that Jacob Day was the absurd one in this place, painfully ignorant of the laws and facts that governed the reality of Hyksis. And if there was one thing Jacob hated, it was being ignorant. He had a thousand questions he wanted to ask about anything and everything, but it sounded like his best bet to finding the answers to them all laid to the north.

“I like the sound of this Academy.” Jacob adjusted the frames on his nose habitually, looking between the two. His voice was a little hoarse, strained from the conversation – the human couldn’t remember the last time he had talked so much with anyone. But a sudden trip to an entirely different world was bound to make anyone unbearably curious, wasn’t it? “You call it The Academy, so am I correct in assuming it is a central location in which your scholars gather for the sake of knowledge and research? That is ideal.”

His destination was clear. They had both already agreed to help, the guilty vampire and the wary dragon totem, but Jacob could tell from the way they spoke of it that it wasn’t exactly close. They had no real reason or obligation to help some random human that stumbled out of thin air, one whose existence he had insulted and the other likely triggered into a blood frenzy. Honestly, he wouldn’t blame them if they just left him to fend for himself. But…

“I am ignorant of the ways of this world and I have a great many questions I would like to ask of you both, but if you take me to this Academy, I will find a way to repay you both. Will you guide me there?”

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Re: Worlds Collide [Closed]
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Most people liked the sound of the Academy. Erasmus shivered at the thought, imagining the cold he’d heard about. Jacob’s first question was easy to answer, as both Damia and Erasmus nodded ‘yes’. “It is the most prestigious location for all studies, I have heard,” Erasmus answered him, “Even some Totems have chosen to stay there, and I hear tale that Rachel Trimmel has made it her home,” he looked to Damia as with a twist of her wrist, the jewel vanished, “Are you a Trimmel?”

“I haven’t a clue,”
Damia had no idea what she was so far as bloodlines were concerned, “My sire wasn’t very forthcoming.”

“Explains a bit….” What he knew of vampires, was that sires were supposed to take responsibility for their childes. One with a bad sire, would always end up bad. “Well,” the dragon shifted where he stood, “I suppose…I have wanted to see the Academy with my  own eyes,” though the cold bothered him still in thought. He saw that the vampire looked as enthused as he felt. “What, do you not wish to see if Rachel can tell you what you are?”

“It’s the opposite direction I wanted to go….”

“You were not on your way to Even Vale?”
She shook her head. The thought of ‘opposite’ stuck in Erasmus’s head, and he recalled the desert. Just as the shock registered on his face, however, the thieving vampire turned towards the scholar and reached for his hands.

The gesture was not to harm, but to hold, and to catch his gaze and hold that just as tightly.
Erasmus visibly tensed at the action, and his eyes would train themselves on her hands.

Assuming she was able to do both, she would say.
“If I help you get to the Academy, promise that you will find a way to reverse this,” her state, her nature, it was nothing that she wanted.

She seemed to forget that it was she who owed him, after biting him.

She wanted her humanity back, or else revenge, but she held on to the hope that this state of hers did not have to be permanent. She didn’t dream that she was the only vampire who wanted it changed, of course, but she did dream that none had figured out how to fix the problem.
“I do not want to be this....”

Her thumbs would press against the veins of his wrist without thinking, feeling the heartbeat, if she held him.
“Who was your sire?” Erasmus asked the invasive question.

“I don’t know,”
not his real name. Perhaps not even how he really looked, considering the magic that had come into play. “I’ve been looking for him, and a way to reverse this,” she glanced to Erasmus, “I needed your credits to get across the desert. I’m sorry,” she glanced downwards, “I thought there would be an answer in Shuvale, since….” Well, here, vampires accepted their lot. They were normalized. They thrived.

Damia wanted no part of that, and hated to hear how she should be happy with her gift. She shook off the thought and returned to the matter at hand.
“So, Jacob—will you? I will help you if you will try.”

Erasmus sighed. He would go along with no need of promises—going to the Academy would be enough. Perhaps, the last stop of his journey before he returned home.
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