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In Our Hands [Closed]
« on: November 04, 2014, 11:09:35 pm »
One month had passed since day one, or somewhere around that. Time started to blur together, but it felt like a month. The world had failed. Their militaries, their police, their people, had been unable to maintain a civil society in the face of their dead rising and taking over. Plenty of the living succumbed when a freak illness swept over the world. It had been international news for a while, back when news existed.

Then, people started dying of it.

Then, they started rising.

The response was too slow, or else it just wasn’t enough. The zombies, as many called them, had taken over. They stumbled about, sleepless and slow, seeking out the living. They were stupid and mindless, but they had numbers and they rarely traveled alone.

The survivors were no longer trying to kill them all and retake the world. The survivors instead sought places they could barricade, and fought amongst each other for supplies. The production of supplies had, after all, stagnated.

“This place will be good.”

Dressed in jeans and a red tank top, a woman let her hip bump the side of the car as she looked out at the place declared ‘good’ by their leader, a man in his early 40s with graying black hair.
“We’re in the middle of nowhere.” Of course, she knew that this was what he was looking for. There was plenty of land out here to start a farm. “It isn’t fenced, either.”

“We passed a town on the way here. I saw some place that looked like it would have fencing supplies,” another of their companions noted, this one a younger man. “Strip mall, and a grocery store, a couple miles out. We just have to make a few runs and we should be good. Winter’s coming.”

“Yes, Stark, it is. That’s why we ought to be in Cali,”
the dark skin woman noted, clearly unhappy with their decision. “Is this house even big enough for all of us?” A glance back at their group.

The leader shrugged his shoulders.
“Let’s go see.”

With that, the group split into its natural order. A few of the fighters remained with the old, the children, and the weak. The rest went towards the house itself, expecting it to have zombies. It was always the expectation. The door was unlocked, though. There were no signs of a car left behind. The group of fighters walked into the three-story home, and started to spread out, groups of two. Curiously, only a body was found, that of a woman who already had a bullet through her head.
“They must have abandoned the place,” the leader determined when they all reunited in the kitchen. “Let’s take the body out and burn it. This place ought to be big enough.”

“We need to go check the garage and barn first.”

An exchange of glances. Then, in the silence, four set off to do just that, two to the barn, two to the garage.

The woman in the red tank top remained with a few others.
“Should we do a run before it gets dark?”

The leader sighed,
“Yeah, I think so. Let’s wait for the report, though, just in case.” Soon enough, those four returned. There had been a few zombies in the garage, a young girl and an older one, sisters perhaps. They were executed. None in the barn. “All right, let’s get things set up. They’re gonna do a run,” he motioned to the woman and another.

A few requests were taken, before the keys were passed on to the brunette man and the group headed back to the cars where the rest waited. They were informed that it was safe to move into the house, and they helped unload one of the vehicles before taking it out and back onto the road.

The woman let her body collapse into the seat as her companion took the wheel.
“Where to, Allie?” They had the SUV.

Her shoulders lifted in a shrug and she turned her head towards the window.
“I want a fence, but that’s going to take a lot of trips. Let’s fill this trip up with food, and stuff from the strip mall and pawn shops, then make some runs back for fencing supplies.” They wouldn’t see those stolen any time soon anyway.

The man smiled,
“Sounds good to me.” And he revved the engine, earning a sharp look from her, and turning the vehicle towards the strip mall he’d seen earlier.

Zombies milled about outside the stores and within. A look was exchanged,
“Don’t you dare.” But of course, the driver didn’t listen. He revved the engine again, and she let out something caught between and shriek and a squeal before unbuckling herself and diving down beneath the dash as he shot the car forward to ram into a group of zombies. Her hands covered her head, resting over the mop of black hair that desperately needed a wash. The wheels squealed as he turned the steering wheel to make the most of the impact by hitting them with the side of the vehicle.

The stop was rough and sudden. The sounds of the creatures outside were clear.

“They knew we were here from the sound of the car anyway!”
He said, reaching back and grabbing one of the guns. The woman was already rolling down her window to fire her gun.


“Oh, and you’re helping with shouting and shooting.”

His point was made.
“Fuck you.” And she threw the door open against one of the zombies, glanced down to make sure she wouldn’t be stepping on a living one, and holstered the gun. At her side was her ever-trusty sword, a pawn shop steal. She cut through the head of the nearest one.

Avery was next out, and though he had a gun in one hand, he also had a dagger in another. He threw it into the head of the nearest zombie, and then snatched another dagger from a pouch on his belt.

Silence was key to survival, though Avery did like to have a bit of fun now and then. He never would have done that when the group was together, with the children and elderly depending on the silence, but with just Allie or another of the fighters, he would.

He hated these damn things.

He hated how he remembered they were human, as he took a dagger out of the skull of a woman wearing a bracelet with a name, perhaps hers, on it. Susan, it said.

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2014, 10:09:47 pm »
First there was fear.
Of course people were terrified. The dead were rising, walking and making the human populous into nothing more than food on the go; running, panicking happy meals where the only ‘toys’ to be found were in the consumer’s uninhibited joy of stripping flesh from limb and the occasional piece of worthless jewellery to choke on.

Some people didn’t deal so well.
There were definitely more clambering corpses mulling about the mall nowadays than your average Joe; the survivors…were in the minority. Still are in the minority; to the point where it was no longer numerical counts of how many have fallen, everything was becoming more and more personal. There were more carefully concealed, marked graves spotted across the many places survivors had dared to traipse their weary asses across.

There were more zombies gnashing their teeth outside every window they thought hid the scent of a human from them. Most of those humans had long since left. The zombies should have been dying of starvation. They ate until they were bloated in some cases, not stopping once they had their fill. It was grotesque; some of the sights you could see, even just driving down the road.


Of all the places any group of survivors could have chosen to make their personal hideout for a while, the mall may very well have been the most ridiculous place Vincent had ever heard of. But he had gone anyway. He had mostly stayed out of harm’s way as the other three members of his apparent new family cleared the way and locked the place down, making it as secure as it was ever going to get.

They had been here for a while now, and to be honest they had a pretty cushy set up. The mall’s personal generator still hadn’t managed to cut out. They still had access to most of the shops, though the others clocked much more ‘run’ time than he ever would.

He’d hooked up the security system the minute the group had been given more than five minutes to calm down by the grotesque ghouls which haunted the malls many alleyways.

No sound, no lights; nothing that would overtly draw attention in any way shape or form, but he’d helped everyone with making the place comfortable. He may well have been a nerd before the apparent apocalypse had appeared in home, but that didn’t mean he was completely useless.

A man, Stan was lounging next to him with a bottle of water in his hands, spikes of brown adorned his once closely shaven skull. Vincent tugged at Stan’s sleeve to draw his attention. “Wut?” The response was a cross between a grumble and a sigh.

Instead of responding verbally, Vincent tapped at one of the viewing monitors in haste, eyes wide.

“They bloody dare and I swear!” Stan growled.

“Now, now boys, this won’t do at all. You’re raising your voice again Stanley, remember what we talked about?”

“You ain’t a teacher no more Faye, an’ even if you were, I’m too old for you to be bossin’ me around.”

More urgent taps with his nail this time on the monitor.

“It’s alright Vince.” Alexandra soothed, putting a meaty hand on his shoulder. “We understand something’s wrong.”


“Those Bastards! I’ll kill em.” Stan roared.

“Well if the zombies weren’t aroused by that crash, they’ll certainly be ready to respond to your vocal atrocities.” Faye ran a hand through short, grey hair. “I suppose we’ve outstayed our welcome, we’re not safe anymore, now they’ve run that damned vehicle into the mall. Come along now, everybody help me pack whatever you can carry. And Stan, honey… you are not a tank… don’t put too much in your pack again, I am not searching high and low for high grade painkillers.”

Stanley rolled his eyes at her and turned to Vincent. “Come on kid, let’s get packing.”

"Chop chop boys, chop chop."

"I swear I must have been a bastard before all this to have ended up with Mrs fucking Trunchball as a leader."

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2014, 05:02:20 pm »
Allie and Avery each had their roles. Allie hadn’t been a fighter before all this, but she had a knack for it. Very few of them had been fighters, though. Avery always stayed at a distance, and so Allie kept close to him when she was able to escape the mob close to the car. She killed any zombie that got too close to the pair, and ran after Avery as he ran to pick up his daggers, never leaving his side. A good portion of the zombies had been cleared from the area when Avery said, “C’mon.”

He had motioned towards a door. Allie didn’t question it but ran ahead, just in case there was something within. It was locked, of course, so she rammed the hilt of the sword into the glass and shattered it. She was able to reach her hand through and undo the lock, opening the door for herself and Avery.

Of course, it was locked immediately behind them. Zombies weren’t smart enough to unlock a door, so the simple presence of it prevented them from getting in, at least for the moment.

Avery relaxed.
“All right, looks like we got into the mall,” he rubbed his hands together, now sans weapons, and looked a bit surprised. “It seems…empty.” There weren’t even many corpses within the building. Perhaps they were elsewhere. “Do you think we’re the only ones here?” Avery asked.

Allie answered with a shake of her head. The sword, however, was put away.
“Let’s hope the others are dealing with the zombies here, then,” he spoke lowly, and Allie gave him a rueful glare for his words. They were unkind. Her group was trying not to become one of those who killed other humans and took from them. The concern for her now was whether or not they’d barged into someone’s set-up. For it to be so clear of zombies, it had to be taken care of.

‘Maybe they were already killed.’

Whatever the case, Allie and Avery had bigger concerns. They wanted out of sight so the zombies forgot they were there, so they darted forward and found the pawn shop that Avery had noticed. Allie, however, took a detour into a clothing store and planned to hit the bath store afterwards. Lush. She had heard of that brand. Now was as good a time as any to try it.
‘Please let’s get the water working.’ Allie could hope. She desperately wanted a shower, clean clothes…all those things. They had a couple of generators already. Just had to keep them working with gas.

A noise was heard by both of them. Something simple, something falling, and weapons were put in both of their hands. They exited their respective stores and glanced to the other. Avery gave a nod, and Allie walked forward to try and find the source of the noise, and make sure they weren’t about to get in over their heads.


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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2014, 11:31:36 pm »
The packing took longer than any of them would have dared to admit to. There were more than a few disagreements as to what should be packed, what should be taken with them. Of course, weapons were a must. They had to be. Thankfully they had stocked up on those in abundance when they had cleared out the mall in the first place.

Of course, they hadn’t been the first people into the mall. Or to attempt to clear it out and stay there. They probably wouldn’t be the last either.

Bags finally packed, it was time to head out.

“I’ve got a liking for their car.” Stan’s grin was wicked, like a tiger about to take down a gazelle.

“No.” Faye’s tone was not friendly. It was motherly, matronly, sharp and fierce. It begged no arguments against her. There was an unmasked, quiet wrath bubbling beneath her aging appearance. “We do *not* take from others”

“They crashed our home.”

“I said no.” She snapped. “Now, if we don’t move, we’re going to end up being someone’s lunch.”

Stan bit back a response, but only because Vincent was shaking his head, asking him silently not to.

“Fine.” The word was more for Vincent than for Faye, but it was heard and acknowledged by her none-the-less.

So they moved. They exited their little hide out, and headed through the mall, each of them on high alert as they stalked the building. There was still a chance of coming across a zombie… and they weren’t sure whether the other people… those who’d come in the car, were the type to fight others for scraps and survival, or whether they were the type just to get along with others as they were passing.

“So, where do we go from here?”

“Let’s find a working car in the lot first, and go from there. We’ll find something.”

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2014, 04:28:31 pm »
The general direction of the noise was easy to trace, but when the two arrived there was nothing to look at. Well, nothing, except the undone nature of what must have been a home. “Shoot,” Avery’s humanity seemed to return as he stepped forward and walked into the now-abandoned place, the evidence of a quick clean-up there. “This must be why there were so few guns.”

Alice could have slapped him. So much for his humanity.
“See if they left behind anything good,” she sighed, almost accepting the inhumanity. “I’ll go back and see what’s in the store. We’ll probably have to hit a second, though.” Their plots to locate much food here would likely be for naught, and certainly not much ammo and knives, if others had been here. Those would be the things they would take with them.

Avery gathered what he could, and Allie retreated to the stores she’d been at and gathered more luxury items than necessary. The two met back up, and made their way towards their original entrance.

The zombies hadn’t cleared away.

Avery let out a groan.
“We gotta get to the car.”

“It’s probably surrounded, thanks to you.” ‘Idiot.’

He rolled the shoulder not hindered by a bag.
“Welp.” No choice then. Their options were grim no matter the exit if the car was surrounded. “Let’s do what we can from the safety of inside.” Though they both knew, as soon as they began to kill them, the zombies would find a way through that broken door, or into the mall—somehow. That, or the ones they’d been avoiding would start to hear the ruckus.

A dagger and a bullet both found their places in the heads of zombies outside.


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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2014, 12:45:08 pm »
The mall was pretty much surrounded thanks to the little episode with the strangers and their idiotic driving.

“There’s no way in hell we’re getting out of here.”

“That was what you said about getting in here.”
Vincent pulled once on Stan’s sleeve

“What kid?” Stan sounded exasperated. Ever since he’d met Vincent, the kid hadn’t spoken. He’d written his name on a scrap piece of paper he’d found lying around once. But that had been about the crux of their communications. Still, Stan felt as though he was a big brother to the little geek, and he couldn’t help but pay attention to him, no matter how annoying the lack of speech was.

Vincent pointed downwards, motioning with his hand a curve downwards and another pointing finger to represent ‘out’.

Stan was damned glad he could translate this shit easily enough. The kid kept it simple, and Stan liked simple… especially when it came to shit like this.

“Kid says there’s another way out.” He looked at Vincent. “Downstairs?”
Vincent nodded.

“Is there some sort of underground tunnel?”
Another nod, this one more fervent than the first. Finally they had understood.

Stan and Alexandra looked at Faye, who had been listening intently to the exchange, without a word of her own as she stared out of a window overlooking the car park.

She sighed. “Well, I suppose it’s a better idea than trying to get through that lot.” She shook her head. “I don’t know, some of the other survivors must think all of this is some sort of joke. Vincent, do you know this other way out?”

Vincent nodded. He remembered. He had examined the blueprints and the map of the mall intently, looking for ways out or in, just in case. Well, he supposed just in case of something like this. It was always good to have a back-up plan.

“Alright, let’s go that way then, and keep on your guard, we don’t know who else is in here, and we don’t know how many of those monsters they’ve already let in.”

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: December 07, 2014, 09:48:09 pm »
It was a bullet that struck a car which gave Allie and Avery an idea. The car started going off, the car alarm activated. The two exchanged a look, and before the zombies could ever get through the door, they ran off from it. No conversation was needed. They both intended to set off car alarms and draw the zombies that way.

They found another exit not surrounded, and then started breaking in car windows. Some of them had alarms, and the alarms rang out loud, soon drawing the zombies to it. Fortunately, Avery and Allie had found objects to hide behind by then. Now it was just a matter of sneaking back towards their own vehicle.

“Ready?” Avery had to ask, for Alice’s blue eyes were looking off in the distance. “Allie?”

“There’s a motorcycle. I think the keys are in the ignition.”
She had been talking of getting one, but there was always an issue of keys. “Driver must have been dragged off it….”

“Allie, no.”

“If I can get to it, I can meet you at the car. I’ll be fine.” She shrugged off her bag and handed it to him. Then, she moved towards the bike, careful, but quick all the same. Indeed, in the ignition was a key. “Yes,” she cackled quietly and put one leg over the seat and situated herself on it. “Dane will love this.” One of the other fighters, the only one she considered truly sane. He didn’t care much for guns, preferring bows, crossbows, daggers, and all other quiet weapons. He’d become their hunter since, well, cleaning bullet out of a rabbit was just tedious.

She turned the key and the motorcycle roared to life beneath her. She didn’t care then about noise, she tossed her head back and laughed. It was the small things that mattered now. When she got back to the farm, she was hopping in the bath, too.

Of course the zombies recognized the noise, but by then Avery had sped off towards the car, and so Alice didn’t waste time either. Well, not important time. She did do a lap around the lot until she heard the sound of the SUV. That’s when she turned the motorcycle around and peeled out before any of the creatures could get close.

She soon overtook the SUV and led the way back to the farm. They could make a second run—it wasn’t dark yet.

The motorcycle came to a quick stop, and the SUV followed up behind it.
“We got things!” Allie called as the door opened for them.

“Rules, Allie,”
was the reminder from their leader, as Dane and the winter-hater followed him out. Allie rolled her eyes, but smiled to the woman and let herself be led around the house as Avery was taken elsewhere.

Ever since one of their companions lied about being bitten on a run, they’d developed the habit of checking everyone who returned.
“How’s it look, Yvonne?” Alice asked as she began to remove her clothing so that Yvonne would be able to get a look over her for bites.

Yvonne didn’t smile, but answered,
“We’re going to need a few things, but the place looks manageable. Fireplace. Benjamin thinks he can get us set up so that it doesn’t matter if all the factories are shut down. Running water, anyway, and maybe gas and electricity. He said something about a gravity well since there’s a hill on the land,” Benjamin was an older man who made himself useful along with their leader through their mechanical and technical skills. “Right now he’s still not sure how to do it without using the gas we need for cars. Turn around.” Stripped, Yvonne needed to see the backside. “Been talking about a composting toilet, too, and some other things. Seems optimistic.”

Alice could hear the smile in Yvonne’s voice even with her back turned. It was good that there was optimism.
“Do I look good? Does my ass look too big?”

Yvonne laughed just a little,
“Get your clothes back on, you’re fine. If anything, you’re losing your ass.”

Alice stuck her tongue out, but dressed once more,
“We’re going to do another run. Wasn’t much at our first stop. We’ll get fencing supplies and food, unless there’s something we absolutely have to get.”

“Water pump. Batteries. There’s a stream, and Randall wants to build a well, but for the time being we just need ways to get water. So, water.” Water was always a necessity, for hygiene and for drinking.


Dressed, Alice and Yvonne walked back around to the front where Avery was waiting.

Alice nodded, and Dane asked,
“Can I tag along?” He was eying the motorcycle.

Avery smirked, “We need someone to play bait.”

“Ha ha. You know, these things are efficient for one person,”
he brushed back his blond hair which was long before the zombie apocalypse hit. “Let’s get goin’,” he said, “You riding with him, Allie?”

It was so tempting to choose otherwise, but she gave a nod, a shrug,
“Yeah, but we’ll take a joyride another time,” she said, then tossed Dane the keys.

“Suit yourself,”
he said as he caught them. “We’ll be back, Randy.”

And they were back, hours later but intact, with plenty of barbed wire and poles, though they had found to their dismay that fencing was not something they understood. Water was brought back, as well, and Dane’s bag contained other treats. Dusk was falling by then.
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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2015, 11:13:39 pm »
Their little mismatched gang heard the car alarm going off even from the underground tunnels beneath the mall.

Another tug on Stan’s sleeve and a point to the left and another point down had Stan rolling his eyes at the next sign. Vincent simply held his nose, made a face and wafting his hand in front of his nose.

“Left and down and we get into the sewers; might be the only safe way out of this joint now.”

“Because there aren’t going to be any Zombies in the bloody sewer.” Alex responded, quietly, but still with a little bite.

“There might not be, there might be. I would say it was safer than trying to go through the parking lot right now.” Stan told her.

“I agree.” Faye’s mouth was taut with a semi frown. She didn’t like the idea either, but it seemed it was the better of two evils.

“We could be stuck down there for weeks.” Alex argued.

“Do you know a way out?” Stan looked at his young, skinny friend.

Vincent nodded. “Well I’m gonna go with the kid on this one. Not led us astray so far.”

‘Great, taking leadership and directions from a mute.’ Alex thought, though she still wasn’t sure if Vincent was a mute by choice or due to trauma, or even from birth. She had never thought to ask; and if Stan knew, he’d never said.

So the decision was made to take the left, go down a shaft Stan had momentarily had to break into, and down into the sewers, one by one. The shaft’s covering was replaced once everyone was in.

If the sewers had smelled bad before the end of the world, they smelled ten times worse now.

“Let’s hope this exit isn’t too far. And that we don’t walk straight into a horde when we get out.” Faye sighed, leading them forward. “Let us know when we’re close to the escape route.” She spoke to Vincent, but Stan paid attention too; he knew he was the kid’s translator to the group. He didn’t mind. It was easy, and he had plenty of time for Vincent.

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: January 13, 2015, 06:32:07 am »
The same routine followed when the three returned. Randy, Yvonne, and Roth looked the three over separately to locate bites or other suspicious markings, but none were found. So, the items were unloaded and brought into the house they had decided to take for their own. Randy and Benjamin planned to work on fencing things tomorrow.

“It won’t be the best fence, since we won’t have concrete in the ground, but it’ll be something. Maybe in a while we can figure out how to get some poles in the ground with concrete.”
For now, though, they’d just have to make do by burying the poles in deeply.

“We could find some stuff to make concrete,”
Dane offered as he took a seat on the couch that was inside. “I’m sure it’s there, just didn’t think to look for it.” He’d never made a fence before. He didn’t even know concrete was involved.

The smell of food reached the group, and Allie asked,
“What’s for dinner?” As she also took a seat on the couch, moving her bag into her lap.

“Couple of things. Spaghetti and optional meatballs,”
that a few were vegetarians in this day and age surprised Randall, but he’d accepted it. They tried to make room for the lifestyle, for the comforts of home, when they could. Of course, meat of the typical nature was harder to come by. They were relying more and more on what they could hunt. The meatballs were made from rabbits. “The other item on the menu is some sort of tuna casserole."

“Ugh,” Dane tilted his head back, his irritation showing. “I’d rather have ramen than spaghetti.”

“All the ramen’s been cleared out,” Randy reminded as he took a seat. Apparently ramen was the first thing stolen by most survivors. “Maybe we’ll have mac and cheese tomorrow, if you pick up some powdered milk.”

Dane sighed, but made a mental note.

Meanwhile, Allie started to put various chocolate bars and sweets on the table, which was immediately noticed by Jessica when she came into the room saying,
“Mama, dinner’s almost—ah!” And she walked right up to the candy, looked to Allie, “Can I? Can I?”

“Share with the others.”
The others was a group that included Jessica, Rachael, Oliver, Samantha, John, and Mike. Now and then it seemed to include Lashawn, since he fit in well with the kids. He’d been asking for a basketball to play with them and teach them sports, keep them active, when they weren’t allowed to go out hunting. Well, John was, but the others were sheltered and protected.

“I will!”
She promised, and gathered up the candies, then finished what she’d started, “Mama, dinner’s almost ready and you should eat.”

Yvonne smiled,
“I will, honey,” Yvonne tended to eat last, wanting to make sure everyone else got their fill, first. It was starting to show in her form. Everyone had lost weight, of course, but Yvonne didn’t look as healthy as the rest of them.

“Man, you didn’t save any candy for us?”
Avery pouted.

“I did,” Allie said, once Jessica was out of the room, “I found a few sweet things for dessert, but c’mon,” she left the couch, “Let’s get food.”

Dane groaned, and Allie kicked his leg on her way by him on the couch. The others all began to gather in the kitchen, lit up by candles.


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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: March 01, 2015, 05:23:04 pm »
The sewers were no place for anyone. Living or dead.

There weren’t even any signs of rat life down there. Occasionally something would float past them, face down, but every single one of them knew better than to look.

None of them wanted to know how long they were down there before Stan stopped. He shone his torch at Vincent and watched the weird half signs the kid gave him.

After a pause, he let out a sigh. “So… another hundred yards or so, there should be a ladder up and out. But we should be careful going back out there and we don’t know where we’ll be when we get out and how many zombies will be in the area.”

Both the women agreed by nodding, though it was hard to tell this in the dimly lit sewer.

Vince had been right too, Stan kept his torch deviating from left to right on the walls and eventually a ladder was found; covered in slime and other not so nice debris, but it was there.

“I’ll go first.” Stan volunteered. There was no argument. They were all aware that in some part Stan had either military training or a rough enough upbringing to mean that he knew how to keep himself safe. It was sometimes like having their own bodyguard, and it hadn’t been a bad thing so far.

Up the ladder he went, and carefully removed the manhole cover above him, creeping out slowly.

The others waited patiently.

Gun shots were fired and Vince flinched, grabbing hold of Alex’s arm, hugging it against him as though she was his protection now.

The next few minutes that went by were with spent held breaths and the time seemed to pass by so slowly it was torturous.

But finally, Stan’s face appeared above them. “All clear.”

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Re: In Our Hands [Closed]
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Dinner began with everyone gathering in the kitchen and getting plates and deciding on casserole or spaghetti. There were limited side offerings, dried fruit and canned green beans. It didn’t really fit the aesthetics of the meal, but they made do anyway.

Randall eventually called aside the council, and they moved to one of the bedrooms upstairs and situated themselves about on chairs, desks, or the bed. The council consisted of Randall Greene, of course, who was the little-argued group leader. The others were Allie Evers, Yvonne Low, Dane Darst, Benjamin Hardey, and Roth Henderson.

“Our group count now stands at seventeen,”
Randall noted, “I know it’s hard to say and hear it, but I don’t think we can support that many more with winter coming up, so we’re going to need to prepare to defend this place against other humans, as well as the zombies.”

Benjamin was the one to look down, disappointed. Roth asked,
“Is that really necessary? Others can help with building things, and with runs.”

“That may be,” he said, “But there’s only so much food we can take in one run, and we can’t grow much during the winter season. When winter passes, we might be able to open up this area to other places, and even start building other shelters.” Space was another issue, but Randall thought that was self explanatory. “That said, for you runners,” his eyes fell over Dane and Allie. “You’re going to have to organize your groups towards food, and supplies to get this place running. Benjamin and I will make up the list later tonight. I want you two to take a survey from the others of needs and wants. When winter actually hits, we may be stuck in here for a while, so runs are going to have to occur multiple times a day for a little bit.”

Allie spoke,
“If we’re going to be doing multiple runs a day, we’re going to need to swap out more people,” she said. Runs were exhausting. Exhausted individuals messed up. “John Rhee has been wanting to come with us for a while.”

“No.” Yvonne said immediately. “The boy’s too young.” She tended to ‘represent’ the needs of the youth, since she was the only mother on the council. Even Randall looked a bit skeptical with the idea.

“He’s good at fighting!”
Dane reminded, “He found us, and had been taking care of his brother on his own for three weeks.” John was one of the newer members to the group. “Also, Lashawn should be joining us. He doesn’t do much at all, and he was an athlete. He’d be good at this.”

Yvonne’s frown deepened at those words.
“Lashawn’s been helping out with cooking and teaching the kids.”

“Karen can do that. Lashawn has potential to help us out in the field that Karen doesn’t have, nor Bridgit. We need more bodies to come out with us to stock up. It’ll just be for this time period,”
Allie looked back towards Randall. “Please, at least allow us John. He wants to go on runs.” Lashawn didn’t.

Randall glanced to Yvonne. Then, he sighed,
“All right, but I also want you to take Karen.” Everyone was surprised by that, “She is teaching the kids, and she has been wanting to do runs so she can teach them how to defend themselves and gather supplies. I know she’s a liability,” he admitted, “but the skills she picks up will pass to the next generation.”

Dane bit his lip. Allie said,

Randall smiled,
“All right, then let’s starting making a list of things to pick up. Benjamin, I know you had a lot of thoughts.”

Benjamin smiled, and he rose, cleared his throat, and started to explain his plans for this land and what he thought that would need. Roth began to take the notes, somehow having the best handwriting of the group.