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Re: Halloween plans?
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why would you give away perfectly good lollies to children???   i mean, i get it in america, someone might shoot you if you don't, but if you lived in a country where you didn't have to, why???  we don't get trick-or-treaters out here where i live because we're farming area LOL (and no i wouldn't even let them have a timtam, their parents can buy them their own), but wintermute's parents get like, maybe a group of trick-or-treaters every year and it's the same smartass kids around the block who do it for the free candy. 

like... i guess i just see it as the height of bad manners, especially here: it's just not something we do.  it is literally going around and bothering random people in their homes for free things, without the decades worth of culture behind it.

is it a thing swedes do??