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A Year That Never Could Be [Finished]
« on: October 13, 2014, 08:33:55 am »
“We have to fight.”

They were her own words, and they rang in her head as she sat in the apartment, gun in hand, and thought to end it all. ‘Coward.’

Maya knew what the silver orb had truly been asking her, as she stood with her back to the door that Angelus was in. When it asked her if she would serve the Master, it was asking her if it would be she that served, or if it would be her brother. Maya wanted to save Angelus, and the words were on her tongue, but when she spoke it had come out as,
“I’d rather…serve.” Though they sounded like an echo of a thought, of a memory that was just on the tip of her mind.

Except, she had said them aloud.

The stupid orb seemed delighted with this. Maya remembered being knocked out of the way, and when she woke up, there was no one in the apartment. Just ashes. Everyone she loved was gone and she was left on the floor, to live with her mistake.

She didn't want to live with it, though. She found Angelus’s gun, and she sat with her back to that same bathroom, she considered ending it all.

She turned the gun over in her hand, decision made, only for it to change as the metal gun reflected another bit of metal. Confused, Maya tried to focus the gun’s reflection, and realized it was something around her neck. She acknowledged the weight then, and reached up. Her hand wrapped around a necklace, a ring. With a frown, she set the gun in her lap and undid the knot.

‘Strange.’ Maya didn’t know where it came from. The ring was a pretty green and silver, but she’d never seen it before. ‘Well, no. It is familiar.’ She couldn’t quite place it, though, not then. A crimson box came to mind, but that meant nothing to her. So what if it had come in a crimson box?

Her mind refused to think on it. With a frown, she tied it around her neck once more, then glanced down at her hands. Of course, her other ring was still there. Just as she considered throwing it away, a voice startled her from her thoughts.

“You’re still here!” Delighted. Maya looked up to see the stupid orb. “With a gun! Can you fight?”

“I can shoot,”
she answered it. She wasn’t sure about fighting.

The orb seemed to bounce with glee.
“Oh, excellent! You will be quite useful! Come, come, get up! We must figure out just what to do with you!”

Maya thought of shooting it, but had a feeling it wouldn’t work. So, she lifted herself up, and followed the bouncing-happy psycho orb out.
“I should have you shoot something,” it mused as Maya walked behind it. “To make sure you aren’t lying to me. I think that dark-haired boy was more a fighter than you. Was it his gun? Oh, but what?”

Maya’s eyes skimmed the area. There was a woman standing on a hill, an easy target.
‘Terrible!’ Maya’s conscious screamed at her.

‘But I have to prove capable.’ A calmer, quieter voice answered the voice of reason, trying to make itself sound reasonable with its calmness. ‘I have to get to the Master…to be his guard….’ So while the toclafane considered how best to test her, Maya lifted her gun, and aimed at the woman no one else was seeing. ‘There’s only one way to Saxon…through loyalty.’ And Maya could fake that. It would all be worth it in the long run.

End justifies the means.

A shot brought her down, and the toclafane whirled around.
“What did you do?”

Maya pointed up the hill with her gun. The toclafane did not invite her to follow, but she did anyway when it went in the direction she pointed. She knelt besides the woman that the toclafane struggled to see.
'Sorry.'. She wore a strange necklace, a key, and when Maya removed it to examine it closer, it seemed the toclafane was then able to see.

It let out a delighted laugh, unphased by the suddenly appearing corpse. Maya pocketed the key.
“So you can kill!” That put a new spin on things. “I did not even see that one! Oh, I have just the thing for you!”

‘Yes, I can kill.’ This wasn't who she wanted to kill, if she had the choice. She would have the choice later.

“We have to fight.”

She would make her amends in this way, cruel as it would be, the end would justify the means. Maya didn't think on it. She couldn't, for whenever she started to slip into examination of her actions, she realized how little she cared. A voice remained, nagging morality, which tried to strengthen that understanding, which tried to scare Maya into fearing what she'd become, but it wasn't working. It grew quieter and quieter each day.

Her first job was guard duty at a weapons factory, and the positions shifted over time. She ended up at a twinkie factory, but took on other responsibilities. She became one of the humans charged with infiltrating other rebel groups and destroying them, a promotion of sorts from simply guarding the weapons.

‘And if you do well.’ The Toclafane Maya had dubbed Eden said, ‘Then I’ll tell Him about you, and maybe He’ll take you on to the Valiant!’ They spoke of Saxon like a God.

The twinkies were apparently more important to the Master than all his weapons, so of course if she protected them well she’d be deserving of mention. It might have been funny if Maya had a sense of humor left. She was pretty sure it died with Angelus. He had always been her source of whimsy in a world of duty. This was familiar to her in all the wrong ways. The role was different, but at its core, it was the same.

She’d never gotten a say in anything before, and that certainly wasn’t going to change with a megalomaniac in charge of the world. 

'It will change.'

Such was the constant thought, and the thought that she beat out as she walked towards the burning weapons factory, singing to herself. It was a habit now, to sing. If she ever paused to think of it, she would realize that the songs she was singing were never from 2008, but after it. Always after, too.


"Oh, misty eye of the mountain below,
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's sons

She wondered which group it was this time. She wasn't worried about making herself obvious through song. More often than not, it had won her favor, since no one seemed to think outside of that four-beat rhythm. Singing anything that didn't adhere to that suggested she wasn't one of the Master's own.

'And I'm not.' They would never know their deaths were not in vain, though.

"If this is to end in fire,
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out, Father, oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side...."
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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2015, 03:21:17 am »
It happed with as much warning as one could hope for, but that truth, however harmless it at first seemed, did not really help anybody. The reality did not sink in immediately, and no one really thought that the country, not to mention the rest of the world, was in need of a Doctor. Those words that Saxon had said before, they held a new meaning now. For some reason, the first reaction to the descent was disbelief and denial. It surely was a drill of some sort, a governmental scam in order to scare society into a different kind of obedience.

After they came, however, there was no escaping. The young blond, who had not been having the best years of his life as tradition so clearly dictated, was still not entirely sure why everything was happening. He had never been one to pay attention to politics, and his relationship with his family did not encourage him to go out into the world and seek knowledge. No, his parents had (perhaps unintentionally) driven him in an entirely different direction.

Juls, as rebellious and uncontrollable as ever, had left his home without even an excuse of a farewell. He’d given his parents a look, perhaps a subconscious word or two, before he was out of the door. That family love crap that films and series had made society believe was true, well…it didn’t apply to this case. They had no need of him before, and so they would not miss him while he was gone.

“Where in the hell?” Juls had his phone to his ear, whispering madly into it with a look of pure confusion. A voice snapped right back on the other end of the line, panicked in a way that was beyond words. “You said you would meet me here, Cat. What the fuck am I supposed to do?” He stood just outside an empty building, towards the back where company garages where usually built. This had not been an unpopular location as of late. The company to whom the building belonged had gone bankrupt, and was currently being seized the owners.

It was the perfect way to get away from his parents and have some fun with his girl. Except, she wasn’t there. She hadn’t shown.

“I can’t move Juls,” said Cat, and once could easily deduce that the girl was shaking in fear. “They’re everywhere, and if I move they’re going to find me. I c-can’t move, Juls. Please come get me…!”A forceful whisper.

“They’ll find you if you stay there,” Juls pleaded in return, but Cat’s whimpering on the other end confirmed his suspicions that she would not dare move. He sighed, running his bony fingers through his blond hair – shades of pink were still visible from the last time he had dyed it. “Where did you say you were?” He’d asked her before, but she didn’t seem to be able to describe actual location. Instead, she described events, times where he and she had passed by, lingered.

“Please,” she said again, her voice nearly squealing in desperation.

“Alright. Fuck…,” he let a breath out upon hearing the sound of his pursuers so close to him. “Stay where you are, I think I know how to get to you.”

And so he did.  The two were reunited, but the feeling was short-lived.

In time, Cat had been captured and inevitably murdered. She had refused to help, and she was more of a liability than an asset to the Master and his Toclafane. It didn’t take long for Juls to be captured after that. There had been word amongst some of the rebel groups that a savior had been sent their way, some called to this Doctor in whispers. It was ridiculous, but Juls had to believe that something like that could happen.  If it was true, then he need only mark himself for the cause. With his capture came his struggle, and through it came an understanding on what the Toclafane had enslaved humans for. They were building weapons, and Juls just happened to excel at their production.

It had taken quite a while for him to be trusted just enough, and at his first chance, he ran for it. He’d taken a weapon for himself for protection, but it was through stealth that he managed his way back to the open world.

So much had changed since then. Who would have thought that he’d be burning down these things? Who the hell was going to stop him if he continued? All he could do was look to the burning buildings that he’d helped take down, unable to escape the feeling that something, someone, was missing. Julio’s mind went straight to Cat, and how she’d willingly be involved with this plan of his. He knew, though, that it wasn’t her. Juls didn’t know what was missing, but he knew something was off.

Something should have happened already.

The boy shook it off just in time to hear a melody not far from him – a woman. Some ways ahead, adjacent to the singing human, was a hiding shadow.

“Retaliation,” he whispered. “About damn time.”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2015, 03:49:55 am »
The wreckage was actually rather substantial. Toclafane were buzzing around trying to figure out what they should do. It was a new sight for Maya.

“And if we should die tonight,”

She ignored them, though, as they ignored her. They seemed to be variously deciding whether or not to pursue humans who ran off, figure out who should report to the Master (apparently he didn’t like bad news), and other things Maya tuned out. 

“We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine,”

Her eyes tracked the corpses of people to a blond man standing amidst the wreckage.

For the last—Ah.”
Maya cut herself off, shook her head as her eyes fell upon the individual. By the looks of it, he was one of the rebels. She could never explain how she just knew. All humans were in disarray, but the rebels were dirtier. Sure, the factory workers weren’t exactly clean, but the Master did want a working workforce. Some hygienic practices were necessary so that they didn’t die of a plague.

Her hand fell casually to the gun at her hip, but she did not remove it from the holster just then. She’d gotten good at drawing it quickly, but there was no need for it to be an immediate threat.
“I suppose you’re responsible for this, then?” The toclafane were ignoring him, too. He should have run while he had the chance. Unlike the toclafane, Maya was not so easy to distract. “Nice work. Who helped you?” she couldn’t help the compliment.

It was nice work. Pointless, but she admired the tenacity. If only they knew that the Master didn’t care about a couple of factories being destroyed here and there…


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: April 10, 2015, 06:10:13 pm »
There was singing.

It was a girl, probably not much older than himself, which stepped up to interrogate him. She seemed familiar, but in a way that Juls could not completely fathom. It was not uncommon for humans to change their alliance and to help that crazy man. As she asked him the only question relevant to their situation, Juls only smiled. It didn’t seem like there was any point in running from that moment. Instead, he stalled.

The person keeping an eye on him from afar was not an enemy, but he would not allow for the both of them to take the fall for this attack. With practiced subtlety, the young rebel cracked his neck as a sign of retreat. Naturally, not his own.

“Not my best,” said the blond at last, shrugging towards the burning building. “What this? Oh, I did this on my own. Actually, no, it was an accident. You see, I left my bat inside…,” he pretended to be distraught. Afterwards, he shook his head and gave the woman a once over. Something was definitely not right about her.

“Nice friends,” he noted, “what made you jump to the other side?”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2015, 08:07:31 pm »
The blonde standing before her wasn’t a good liar. He went back on his words almost immediately, claiming it was not his best work and then stating it was an accident. If she had humor left, she might have found it amusing. Cute, even, how distraught he was trying to look. “I’ll have to find that bat of yours. My brother had one that I meant to grab,” and she’d left it.

‘A personal touch.’

Except, as she thought of that, she realized what a stupid idea it was. This was not personal, not any longer. When she finally got to the Master, it never could be personal. Not after all the blood on her hands. All that was required of her was simply to kill him. Nothing else. Nothing more.

He asked a question she could only lie to,
“I want to see the universe, and the Master will cause that to happen when he wages his war with it,” she said. Her hand pulled the gun from its holster, almost lazily, and she lifted it to point at the young man. “Would you like a moment to make peace, or shall we get this over with?” There was no need to point out verbally that she didn’t believe what he said about it being accident. Everything he’d said, everything he did, pointed to the fact he was a rebel—especially his question about her allegiances.

And if there was someone else watching, they were bound to pop out about now, or try to shoot at her. That was usually how it worked with people who wouldn’t rat out their own.
‘And you won’t.’ He had that look about him, a look she only knew from her brother.

Funny. She’d never mistake the two of them, but there were qualities in the boy that she remembered so clearly in Ange. Stubborn loyalty was one, a trait that she, clearly, lacked.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: April 14, 2015, 04:50:48 pm »
This retaliation was unforgiving – the wait a torture in and of itself. No one would interrupt this girl from killing Juls, as they would risk the lives of all the others, but even then the young blond could not help but look to her with a softer gaze than the one she was giving him. She professed her desire to travel the world under the Master’s new conquest, and although it sounded poetic, Juls did not believe her. Even if the girl believed it, he was not so convinced.

It didn’t make sense to him. Throughout his rebellion he had been so careful, and yet this felt different. It was almost as if the boy wanted to be caught – wanted to be killed with pride, his accomplishment and signature burning behind him.

Juls showed no sign of trying to stop her from killing him, but instead he offered, “I’ve got food.” Despite the burning building behind him, his words were soft, kind. Something about the woman endeared him to a level he could not understand, and there was a familiar playful smile. “I’ve got food” he repeated, “and water, and warmth. You could stop this now and come with me, no questions asked.”

Juls knew that there was no chance that she’d listen, but he could not have stopped the words from leaving his mouth if he wanted to.

“You could travel the world with me, or you can take me with you.”

If he would face death that day, then so be it.

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: April 14, 2015, 05:24:06 pm »
Rebels didn’t plead with her in this way.

Friends would have. She could see Andrew doing it, anyway, trying to remind her what was important in this world—food, warmth, water, acceptance. No questions asked.
‘I should have told you from the start. I should have….’ But she’d always been selfish, always been greedy, and she’d continue that damn lie to the end.

‘I don’t deserve what you’re offering. If you knew what happened….’

Her finger pressed down on the trigger to send a bullet into his brain. The apology might be covered up by the sound of the shot, but it was spoken anyway.
“I’m sorry, Juls.” The name slipped like so many songs she shouldn’t know, and like all those songs, she didn’t question it. It was only natural that this one, she knew. Perhaps he’d been at a show. Perhaps he’d been in paintball. Perhaps they’d gone dancing and eaten pancakes afterwards.

Perhaps he’d been at everything, once.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: April 14, 2015, 06:42:20 pm »
The gunshot had been expected, and it was not entirely unwelcomed. Julio’s attempts to annoy the Master had been heartfelt, he hated the man without truly understanding why. It was the kind of hatred that consumed the mind without control. Meeting the girl had made things clearer, even easier in a way, but there was still something missing. It was with the feeling of being incomplete that it happened. With the gunshot came the end, and it was instantaneous – the apology was not heard, and the act itself was not fought.

Julio’s body fell limp on the floor, his legs crumbling as the life left his body. The boy’s head hit the floor hard, and his pale eyes remained open, glossy but hollow. The intensity and warmth had left them, making him only but another corpse, bleeding and helpless.

From afar, there’d been a muffled sob. There was nothing that they could have done, and there was nothing that Juls would have wanted other than that. Still, his attempts had not gone unnoticed.

Up in the air, the Valiant soared – triumphant and proud of the disaster that had taken over the land. The explosion would have been overlooked, but the Toclafane were rejoicing in the recent murder of one of the rebel leaders. Good news traveled fast. Most of the rebel humans were little pests, barely scratching at the armor of the Master’s rule. This one, however, had been blowing up factories, messing with Twinkies. His death was a milestone, the last sign of hope that humanity had in ever trying to stop the Master.

“What did you say?” The Master was rarely serious, as torturing and tormenting his captors made him as gleeful as ever, but the recent news had done the trick. “Killed, you say?”

There was a loud laugh.

Before any of the humans at his service, or even the Toclafane, could answer, the Time Lord was up and pacing about. This Master’s face was different, one that had caused many mixed feelings throughout. To some he was endearing, a real leader, and to others he was the face of absolute insanity.

“I want to see him,” he said, as if he’d only then decided what he wanted to do.

“The corpse or the killer?” One of his younger officers called to him, a young paralegal that had stuck with him since his rise as Prime Minister and chosen to stay with his reign.

“Savior, more like,” corrected the Master with a chortle, a little mockingly, “both, I want to see the both of them.”

For a moment, there was silence. Those around the Master didn’t know what to expect of this most unpredictable man. One second he had been serious as sin, and the other he seemed to goof around at the idea of going back to the ground.

Then the Master snapped.

“Now! I want to see the both of them, now!”

The others flinched, and immediately preparations for his descent began. Heads would roll if anyone else showed an ounce of further hesitation.

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2015, 07:04:51 pm »
The sob went unheard. Maya simply returned the gun she had to its holster. There was a part of her that considered she ought to burn the body, since there was no way she’d have the time to bury it, but she walked on. She still had to clear the area of rebels, and make sure none of the humans escaped to freedom outside the factory.

Of course, this also meant she had to go into the burning factory itself while things exploded and it threatened to collapse, to get what ‘tools’ out that she could. The rebels were careless in bombing—not that they could ever clear out a factory before bombing it.

There were no others who stuck out as rebels. There were factory workers who were quickly rounded up, or pulled out of the rubble. They didn’t seem too happy to have their lives saved. Plenty weren’t happy with the fact they hadn’t been able to get to safety. One had picked up a baseball bat and swung it at her.

It wasn’t a bullet that killed him. A toclafane turned him to ash.
“You need to watch behind you!” The creature squealed out. Others materialized nearby. “We’ll get these humans back to working factories, you have a meeting!”

“What meeting, Eden?” Maya inquired as she walked to the ashes, careful not to step on them, and picked up the bat. She assumed it was the one that the rebel meant. She had no decent way to carry it except in hand, but once she held it, she didn’t want to let it go. Stupid, rubbish—but it looked like the one Ange kept. “I don’t recall a meeting.”

“The Master wants to see you! You and the rebel leader you killed, silly girl!”

The way Maya’s face blanked was all she could do to look surprised. She felt it, but in a dead way. This was what she wanted, of course, but it hadn’t seemed like it would ever happen even though she’d been progressively moved up in the ranks.
“All right,” she said, “I’ll return to that location. You can follow along so you know where it is.”

And Eden did, bobbing along and chittering all the while about what an honor it was, and how it was so pleased it had left her alive and not her rubbish brother. One day, Maya hoped, this chittering thing would die. Just not yet. This chittering thing was the last comfort, twisted as it was.

The rebel hadn’t been moved from the spot, but as soon as they entered the area, Eden again vanished.
‘To give directions.’ She didn’t know how long she’d be kept waiting here. That was the annoying part. Even so, she resisted the urge to find a place to sit. She waited, standing, and now and then testing the weight of the bat in her two hands. She hummed.

Then there was a glimmer of light. The figure that materialized was clearly not a toclafane. As soon as the face was clear, Maya bent at the waist to bow before the Lord and Master of all earth. The humming ceased.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: April 15, 2015, 03:43:48 pm »
The Master made his descent, appearing on the ground floor at first as only light. When he at last came into focus and materialized completely, the sight of the destruction and the woman bowing before him teased to give him the chills. It was a wondrous sight, and he began to wonder why he didn’t pay any more visits to his followers. He walked forward, intending to give a closer look to the girl and the corpse behind her. Only the sound of his feet crushing the rubble underneath was immediately audible.

What a job this rebel had done.

“Ah—!” The sudden shout was one of excitement that came upon noticing the blond boy’s no-longer-bleeding head. “You’re the efficient sort, aren't you?” He beamed, pressing his foot upon Julio’s head. He used the tip of his shoe to tilt the head and adjust it, making it look like the corpse was actually looking at him. Seeing the lifeless gaze of the man that had burned down one too many factories brought great joy to the Master, and the Time Lord could not contain his excitement.

The Master was tempted to just crush his skull.

“Well this…this is wonderful, isn’t it?” At last the Master sought to meet his guardian’s eyes. They unnerved him, but in a way that was more fascinating than troublesome. “Did he have any last words? Did you humiliate him?”

Beyond all, the Master was curious. He thirsted for the embarrassment that the boy deserved, but he could admire the means in which he met death. He would have done it differently himself, with a dagger or a bat. Oh, but what a perfect coincidence! This girl had a bat!

Perhaps he would still have his chance at fun. The Master’s finger shook with gleeful anticipation as it pointed to the bat.

“Can I borrow that?”

Naturally, the woman had no real option. 

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #10 on: April 15, 2015, 04:22:52 pm »
Maya wanted to shut her eyes while they were on the ground, to block out the sights, but she knew it wouldn’t block out the sounds. Harold Saxon had arrived. Were it not for what Maya was now considering two and a half years of practice, everything might have gone to pieces then and there.

Except, she had two and a half years of practice dealing with an egomaniac, and more besides. This would be different. She didn’t love the Master, never had, never would. Of course, she wondered if she had ever loved Aeron, despite all her protesting thoughts, she knew that she had.
‘And so, pretend. Pretend until you die.’ That had been the plan from the start.

When the Master was behind her, she slowly straightened up her back and turned so her profile was to the Master, observing him without a direct look, and just the traces of a smile on her lips. It wasn't until the Master spoke of what all had happened that she met his gaze. She didn't let it betray her, but she knew she couldn't wipe away the muted nature of the. Not entirely.

‘You don’t know how to have fun!’
Eden’s constant complaint rang in her head. She knew if she lied to the Master, the toclafane would eventually rat her out.

So, she shook her head,
“I’m afraid I am just efficient. He was pleading at the end, though,” if that was any solace. She bent to pick up the requested bat. For a moment, she wondered if swinging it at his head then and there would work. He didn’t look protected. He didn’t look prepared.

Maya knew better. Not yet. So, she straightened up and offered the bat out to the Master.
“Last words were trying to bribe me to his side.” She didn’t give exacts. Her tone and disposition suggested the words weren’t important enough to remember. The rebel, not important enough.
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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2015, 04:54:31 pm »
The Master visibly frowned at the girl’s description of what happened. That was absolutely no fun at all. He didn’t know why he expected anything else, though, since he’d seen firsthand that it had just been a bullet to the head that killed the boy. “A pity,” he whispered to himself, “but still efficient.” There was little flash in what she’d done, but she’d done the deed regardless. Would the Master do something so quick and unexciting if it meant he’d finish the job sooner?

Not at all, as he still had his fun with the Doctor and Jack.

The Time Lord’s hand reached for the bat and immediately grabbed it in both hands. The grip felt good upon his skin, and his arms felt more powerful than they actually were. It felt familiar, and as he circled the corpse he spun it for show.

The first swing hit at the neck, and the whole corpse shook upon impact. The Master’s smile only grew wider. The second swing came from the other side, and it brought the corpse closer to the woman who’d killed him. The third, fourth, and fifth swing happened back to back, each hitting the same part of the boy’s face. With the last two, something cracked. The Master then went back to the neck, and it also broke.

The young face was not at all recognizable at this point, and it was only when he heard the teleporter that the Master stopped. His heaving chest was an indicator that he would have stopped soon anyway. He walked back to where his paralegal stood, offering the bloodstained bat back to the woman who’d lent it to him.

“This will take just a second,”
said the Master to the paralegal, and the latter just bowed. The Master turned his attention back to the woman. “What’s your name and rank, killer?”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
« Reply #12 on: April 15, 2015, 05:09:35 pm »
There were horrors yet to come. This, Maya knew. Experiencing them was going to be a trial. The Master ‘had fun’ in the toclafane sense of the word. Maya always knew that meant senseless torture, so she knew that when she handed over the bat, that was what she would see. Desecration of a body.

Yet, she didn’t look away. She didn’t even flinch at the sound of metal on flesh, but let her eyes fall on the corpse impassively. It was moments like these she sincerely hoped there was no afterlife. That way, the soul wouldn’t know of this. There would just be peace in oblivion.

At the shimmer of lights, she let her gaze shift briefly to the new arrival.
‘Robert?’ The man certainly looked familiar, but she didn’t arch an eyebrow in question, nor speak a query. She was brought back to the present quick enough by the Master, who returned the bat to her. She accepted it, and held it so the blood would drip down onto the ground and not her hand. ‘Got the bowing thing right, anyway.’ She thought when maybe-Robert bowed.

“Maya Porter,”
she answered the first question and tried to think of the answer to the second. What were the toclafane calling her nowadays? She wasn’t even sure they understood ranks. Someone had been called an admiral, when she was positive that was a naval rank. ‘Never mind that.’ And so she found an answer, “I have not been given a rank. The toclafane have simply shifted my position and tasks about. The most recent placement was to set me as the highest ranking guard over the Twinkie factory and they have entrusted me with actually infiltrating a few of the local rebel groups. I've added humans who played at being pests to your service from those groups.” Capture over death. Humans were more useful alive.

She hadn’t infiltrated the group this rebel had led. She tended to deal with less nomadic groups, and she suspected that boy had wandered. She had no idea of his true significance to things, though, or how much damage he’d caused.
“My apologies for not dealing with this one before he damaged the factory, Master.”


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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“I’ll have your head next time,” the Master half-joked at Maya’s apology with a single-vowel laugh, though it had taken him a while to speak. For some reason, he had gotten stuck at her name. If there was a significance to it, it was now long gone. It baffled him, but only temporarily, as it would not be long before his order was reinstated. That alone demanded time away from distractions.

At Maya mentioning that she protecting a Twinkie factory, the Master smiled. He had a craving, and it would not go unsatisfied. Of course, his paralegal!

“Bobby! Bob-o! Bob!” The Master chanted in a sing-song-y voice. “You!” He pointed, and then signaled Robert to come closer. “Maya here protects a Twinkie factory – marvelous isn’t it? – and I want you to get me twinkies. Forbidden, protected, illegal, twinkies.” Naturally he had twinkies on the valiant, but they weren’t protected twinkies. Protected twinkies tasted better.

“Master?” The paralegal could not stop his confusion from escaping. “You want me to…?”

“After you sort out this mess of course,” his hands motioned for the burning factory. The paralegal and a team from the valiant would set things back in order, and they would have the necessary firepower to enforce it. They’d done it before, and they would do so again.

“Of course, Master.”

The Master clapped his hands and then turned to Maya. “You’ll come with me, Maya. How would you like to efficiently handle situations up above?” He waited not for an answer. “Splendid! My team will love to have you. Just you wait until they hear what you’ve done down here.”

“Master, sir…,” interjected Robert with a respectful bow. “I’m not sure that…,” one look to the Master hushed him. “As you say.” 

“Off you go, then,” he shooed the man away with his hands, “and don’t burn this one,” he spat at the broken corpse, “let him rot. I do not want this cleaned, you hear me?”

“Of course.”

And then he turned back to Maya.

“Shall we, killer?”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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There was a silence that followed her answer, and it was in that moment Maya understood one thing. Just one.

The Master was nothing at all like Aeron Harper.

Egomaniac, yes, but something was off. Something was different. It wasn’t simply that Aeron couldn’t conquer the world (he probably could), nor was it that the Master delighted in wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Then again, it might be that latter—there was no control to the man who called himself Master. He reveled in everything like a hedonist, and yet…something was wrong. Off. Maya couldn’t place it, but she did acknowledge it.

Much as she acknowledged his threat. A simple nod gave her understanding. Yes, death if she failed again. So be it. She wouldn’t. Or she’d find someone else to blame.
‘Yep. Robert.’ Never Bob. Maya observed the exchange as the Master ordered Twinkies from the factory. She expected she would be ordered to escort the man.

She wasn’t. Instead, she was invited to go with the Master. She didn’t even nod to accept. The blank look of surprise returned as she looked from Robert to the Master, and then back to Robert as he started to protest.
‘Don’t think I won’t shoot you as well.’ Not here. Not now. In the future, though, if he sought to destroy her, she might. ‘Yes, smile and bob, Bob.’ At least he knew how to stay alive, too.

Unconsciously, her hand turned the ring on her finger around so the band was all that was visible, and not that accursed diamond. She pressed it into her palm when the rebel was ordered not to be burned, a simple, quick, clench.

And so she was dubbed killer. Fantastic. That was a dog's name.
‘I’m a damn German Shepherd.’ Well, she could do that. Actually, that seemed easy. Play the role of stoic German soldier. “By your leave, Master.” She took a few steps forward to signal her acceptance and readiness of the new placement.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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“Would prefer I call you, Maya?” The Master teased (having suspected her disapproval of the term killer), but her real name still sounded strange coming from him. He frowned in confusion, but once more let it slide. “Slayer of rebels? Destroyer of hope? I think killer might do just fine,” he muttered under his breath. It wasn’t so much a nickname, but a mere description of what she’d done to be recognized by him.

His eyes caught the subtle movement of her hand, but the ring did not particularly demand his attention. The Master shook it off.

As the two made their way to the place from where they would be beamed into the valiant, Robert shot a dark look to Maya. He remembered her, and she was now so unlike the way she was back then. The contrast was so large that he knew better than to just go with it. The Master might not know much about her, but Robert had a great deal more on that matter.

The light came down from the Valiant and consumed the two of them, teleporting them back up to aircraft carrier. Simultaneously, Toclafane and armed guards were sent down to do Robert’s bidding. Little did they know that something was being orchestrated down at the surface from a certain human who’d just witnessed the death and desecration of a friend.

And then the Master arrived safely back at the Valiant, with an eager crowd awaiting his long missed return. It was an exaggeration, of course, but the Master thrived in the attention and the fear – it was like a drug to him. While there was considerable confusion about his new guest, not much was said to him in that moment. The Master’s wife approached, giving Maya a curious glance as they led the way forward and into the main room of the Valiant.

The room where his other “guests” were stationed.

“Friends!” He ceremoniously greeted with open arms. “The last prominent pest has been at long last taken care of. No more shall our rule be questioned.” He then motioned for Maya to step forward. “As a reward, the killer will be moved up in rank and be stationed here in the Valiant as a guard. Make her feel…welcomed.”

He stifled a chortle, turning now to look at one of the men manning the carrier. “Did you get it all?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Every last swing?”

“Yes, Master.”

The Master leaped to his chair and sat, a holographic projection appearing for all to see. The little performance the Master had done with the corpse had been filmed, and he was most eager to share it with everyone.

“Let us enjoy it, then.”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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‘Death is more fitting than Killer.’ Maya wasn’t sure why she thought that, or why it did seem accurate. Well, she felt rather dead. It was fitting in that way. “Killer is fine, Master,” Maya answered. She’d prefer her name, of course, but nicknames would keep her rooted in the act she was playing.

It would help her forget that there was a reason for the heat of Robert’s glare. She didn’t see it as she walked with the Master, but she felt it before the light took them up.

Teleportation wasn’t painless. It must have taken Robert a few experiences to respond as casually as he did to it. Maya grit her teeth as she manifested on the Valiant, and wrapped her arms around herself as if it would help to hold her together.
‘Damn.’ Every atom seemed to throb with pain, though it faded quickly, leaving just an echo.

Of all those there, waiting, there was one woman Maya looked to. She was impossible to ignore, for she was dressed to be noticed. Maya knew the look too well, and found herself averting her gaze much quicker than she had looked away from the rebel. One word came to mind.
‘Kindred.’ In the worst possible way.

Maya walked, moving one hand behind her back and positioning the other so that the baseball bat was held over her shoulder. Yes, it would stain things, but she’d deal with that. It was the most comfortable way to carry the bat. She needed to get some sort of strap for it.

In the main room was a long table, some people who looked like guards, a couple of dark-skinned women who looked like maids, and a man who looked crippled by age sitting outside a doghouse. That old man glowered at the Master with an unwavering stare, one that Maya was certain had sent sane men running for the hills.

The Doctor didn’t avert his gaze until attention was drawn to the newest recruit. He always felt such immense disappointment in humans who fell in line with the Master’s thinking, and he felt that, too, when the woman with the bloody bat walked forward. She inclined her head nicely to the Master at the introduction, and the Doctor caught the glint of metal when she did that. His gaze didn’t soften, but it hardened.

He blinked.
‘Impossible.’ Had the Master not seen it? Even from this far, the Doctor could make out what the woman wore around her neck. His eyes shifted to the Master’s own hand as he spoke to his crew, and he saw that the Master’s own ring was still there. He looked back to her, but she wasn’t looking to him. He couldn’t catch her eye at all. ‘Something’s wrong….’ He had sensed it almost as soon as Martha left, but now he knew. Now he thought he knew the source, too. It wasn’t just the paradox the Master had created that was throwing his senses off.

It was her.

The scowl returned immediately to his face as the hologram was brought up, and he did offer it a glance, before looking away from the brutality. As if it was necessary. What the Master did to Jack was bad enough.

Maya just watched with that same impassive expression, wondering how long it would take for the Master to get bored of watching himself beat a corpse.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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The video played, and it played again and again. It didn’t seem to affect the Master at all, while the rest tried to their struggle more and more each time. It was a horrible sight, and nobody’s corpse should ever be treated the way that one was. Lucy was avoiding the video, and would only look at it when the Master looked at her. To him, the video was a masterpiece, hard evidence and glory being played back to back, and one that should be enjoyed by all.

“Come now, Doctor,” he called to the Time Lord in a way that was spiteful, “is my movie not to your taste? You should enjoy it like the rest of us! What about you, Jack? Are you jealous that the pest won’t wake up, like you do?” There was silence, which made the Master look around, pretending to be concerned for his guest. “What, is he still dead? Oh no!” One good look at Jack proved otherwise.

Jack was alive, but he was not in good condition at all. The torture he’d suffered was evident throughout his body, and his face showed both hatred and defeat. Jack was not weak by anyone’s standards, but the Master’s technology and army kept him captive. He’d tried to escape countless times, and the times that he had, it had all been for fun. When the days grew dull, the guards allowed Jack to escape, and they made a game of it.

It was humiliating.

After one more playback, the teleporter made it’s all too-familiar sound. The Master threw his hands forward in defeat, completely leaning back on his chair. The hologram disappeared, and the general crowd could feel themselves feel immediately better. Even those that had truly joined the Master were not strong enough to witness something so horrible.

Robert emerged from the hallway that led into the room, looking perfectly clean and calm. Behind him came the guards that had been sent to protect him as he established order back into the barely standing factory building. Fewer guards returned than the ones that had left. One of them, looking particularly dirtier than the others, was unfamiliar to everyone in that room. Well, almost everyone.

“Master,” they all bowed as Robert spoke, and the paralegal’s voice was wary, “two of our guards were killed by scattered rebel forces. The rebels are dead now, and our administration has regained control of the area. Their lead guard was promoted, and as we lost two of ours, protocol dictates that he be promoted to Valiant guard. Saved our lives, he did.”

The Master, despite how excited and insane he’d been a few seconds before, was now completely serious. He straightened up and gave the guards a once over. The new guard towered over the others, and he seemed able enough. Truth be told, he couldn’t care less about either of them. The news that two of his guards had been killed could have been muted and it wouldn’t have made a difference. He looked for a package, a package of certain goods that he’d demanded.

Robert seemed to anticipate the Master’s question.

“And we’ve got what you wanted, Master.”

The smile returned. “Good riddance,” he crossed his legs and signaled for the guards to take their place on the carrier.

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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There were times, like then, that the Doctor wondered if his friend had ever been within the man who called himself Master. His glare was harsh, but he didn’t rise to the bait to answer the Master. He rarely spoke to the Master anymore. There was no point to it.

Eventually, though…this would all be over with. He just had to wait a little longer for Martha to get things set up on Earth. Then all of this would be reversed and forgotten.

The more defeated he acted, the better. The Doctor looked to Jack when the Master mentioned him, eyes passing over the woman who didn’t avert her gaze from the hologram. He then caught Jack’s eye. He knew this was killing Jack, not in the physical way, but in a much worse way.

For that alone, the Doctor almost hated the Master.

They had to endure it together, and the Doctor had never been able to tell Jack there was hope. He assumed Jack had guessed, though. Not the details, but he knew Martha was out there, somewhere. She’d save them.

Another playback, and that familiar teleporter sound reached their ears. The video was turned off, blissfully leaving them in the silence without the sound of metal on flesh. The Doctor took a glance at the bat given over to the woman, and wondered briefly how she had gotten it, and why the Master didn’t keep it for himself.

Then, his gaze moved to Robert and the guard, a new figure there that he didn’t recognize. Yet, even he could figure out this wasn't a standard guard of the Master from the ground. Far too dirty. Somehow, that reasoning didn't seem enough, but the Doctor was certain of it. There was something different about this boy that Robert brought up, which was strange. Robert didn't cross him as a traitor.

Maya did, though.
‘You aren’t a guard.’ Maya didn’t dare let it show that she knew him, or that she could see quite easily that he wasn’t a guard. She knew the guards of that area. ‘Rebel, then. With the other….’ She concluded it quickly, enough time spent on the ground to put the details together. If she had more shame, she might have looked guilty, or even embarrassed for her own actions, but not an ounce of apology showed on her face as she looked over him, and then Robert’s crew.

Eden was among the bouncing toclafane, at least.
‘Fine Bob. Be stupid. It’s your funeral when Donovan acts.’ No more Donny. They could never be so familiar again, not even in thought. Again, Maya turned the ring on her finger, unconscious of the action. The guards were signaled to positions, and Maya glanced towards Jack. ‘What does he mean by you?’

Best to consider the strange, rather than Donovan.

Best to consider anything new and different.

Besides, she didn’t know where her station was to be, so remaining where she was seemed best.

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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Donovan had seen too much, and he had waited far too long for someone to stop the Master’s madness. It had changed him and made him think that he could no longer be surprised. When Juls died, he’d been proven wrong. Just several moments later, he was proven wrong again. When he took a good look around the main room in the Valiant, it proved to be overwhelming in its own right. The first man he saw was beaten down and dying, and this was a man he found familiar. The second was someone that didn’t resemble a man at all, but a creature much too old and much too weak to be a threat. This posed the wonder of why the Master had even bothered to cage him.

Then the answer came to him, almost instantaneously. The old man, the weak man, was the very man that Donovan had been waiting for. It was the Doctor, and Donovan’s faith had been ill-spent. He’d been defeated, and Donovan’s heart seemed to sink into his stomach. He tried his hardest to keep his own feeling of defeat hidden, and he turned away pretending to take another look at the room.


Donovan’s brows furrowed into a tight line, and his gaze grew intense as the woman’s familiarity was confirmed. It was her, except that she was so different. Everything about her was unfamiliar from the last time that he saw her, and it was almost frightening. He turned away from her, angry that she’d killed the only person that had made this place even remotely bearable. Within seconds, he believed he knew why. He understood.

Maya was doing the same thing that he wanted to do. They were both set out to stop the Master and put an end to his rule. With that thought, hope was reborn. Perhaps all they needed to do was help the Doctor, release him from the confines that bound him.

“We’ve dallied long enough,” said the Master, rising. “My rule is not without its minor threats,” after all, Earth could be conquered from outside forces, “and I think it time that we get back into building up our defenses. Don't misbehave!” The Master ordered that last bit in song, and he laughed. He then walked over to Jack, and literally leashed him around the neck - collar and everything. Jack attempted to fight back, but he was too weak. Physical torture was not the only thing he had to endure, but also starvation. It was a sick game that the Master played, and not even the discomfort of a leash seemed noticeable.

The Master needed to give no more dismissal, and so Robert took charge. It was he, after all, that monitored and managed the personnel aboard the valiant. People scattered, as they each had a duty aboard the carrier. Two of them, however, were still in need of assignments.

“Donovan,” he addressed the new guard first, “you’ll be here for the rest of the day. You can clean up afterwards. I’ll show you to your quarters when your shift ends. I’ll give you a tour, too.” Then he turned to Maya, and his whole expression darkened in disgust. “You,” he wouldn’t bother to call her by name, even if the Master had adopted the name he’d given her, “you will be by the flight deck—”

“No,” said the Master firmly as he began to drag Jack out of the room. Jack began to gag. “I want the killer to look after this one,” he gave the asphyxiating man a wicked smile, “maybe she’ll learn how to have a little more fun with her toys this way. Practice,” he turned to Maya and waved her over, “makes perfect.”

Robert tried to hide his disapproval, so he said nothing on the matter. Instead he inclined his head in acknowledgement of his order.

“Master?” asked Robert mid-bow.

“What?” The Master replied, a little annoyed.

“Might I have a word at your earliest convenience?”

The Master gave a half-hearted nod before turning back around and dragging Jack out of the room. This was agreement enough for Robert. The gags were growing louder and louder.

“Come, killer. I’ll teach you a few tricks.”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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‘Me.’ Maya looked to Robert as he showed his disgust, so clear. She didn’t even acknowledge that she knew him, and would have gone about the order as he said, but the Master saw to it that Robert didn’t wield dominion over her that day.

Again, her expression completely blanked.
‘German Shepherd is not going to work.’ Dogs bit their Masters too soon. She needed something clever. Her mind reached back into its wealth of roles from so many plays, so many shows, and tried to find one that could be cruel enough while the game lasted, that wouldn’t lose its sense of loyalty to the true cause.

The sound of Jack choking wasn’t making it easy as she followed along, resisting the temptation to look over her shoulder and stick her tongue out at Robert. She wasn’t even sure how such a thought entered her head. She blamed the Master’s own childishness.

Maya asked,
“Why is this one special, Master?” while they walked with the gagging and leashed man. Jack. She didn’t know this Jack at all, but then, she didn’t know the old man, either. He seemed relevant, given the name ‘Doctor’ and all. Funny how Jack didn’t seem to have a nickname. Just Jack.



The Doctor found he was almost soothed by that. Jack would be in hands that weren’t torturous, naturally. He wondered, though, if it would last. The woman had watched that video without so much as looking away. It wasn’t a feat he could manage. It wasn’t a feat anyone there but the Master managed. Not even Lucy, who had such a dead look to her eyes….

The Doctor looked to the guards who were staying behind, and to the new one. Donovan.
‘Donny.’ His mind suggested it instantly. Better times, he thought, they might have been friends.

Usually the guards didn’t do much here—there wasn’t much to do, except make sure the Doctor didn’t do anything. His one and only escape attempt, though, had been a farce. His reward had been to lose even more of his years.

He supposed the guards were often bored being left here. They did tend to start chatting amongst themselves, or doing other things. The Doctor kept his gaze on Donovan, though. Calm, collected. He would see if Donovan would find the courage to come over.
‘You won’t get in trouble.’ The Doctor had chatted, on occasion, with the other guards or with Lucy. Poor, poor, Lucy. Those talks had become quite rare, as the reality of the situation became more unendurable. 


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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The Master stopped, a little surprised. Had he not been clear before about Jack? Had she not heard from the others, or just assumed the obvious? Instead of allowing his disapproval show, he turned to Jack, finding that perhaps a demonstration would be better. It didn’t matter what she did or didn’t know in that moment, it mattered that she would learn what was expected from her. Who better than Jack to show her?

“You’ll learn,” said the Master, stepping on Jack’s neck to speed the process. Turns out, the process needed not much speeding. Jack had already been holding on to his last grip on life. The Master’s actions only made his death more evident. “This embarrassment is Jack,” he rolled his eyes, “and he can’t die. He’s dead now, sure,” the Master kicked him again for fun, “but he’ll wake. You can practice on him.”

And so he continued on his way, this time dragging a corpse behind him.

“You need to have fun in your retaliation, killer. It is the only acceptable way to do things around here. Can’t you see that this is the only thing Jack is useful for? You’ll see him when he awakens.” The Master seemed to be thrilled about that. “We’ll take turns!”

The man was absolutely insane.

The Time Lord arrived where Jack was normally kept, and he signaled for Maya to enter. The Master wanted the Doctor to really feel Jack’s absence. The Doctor was alone, and the Master would never let him forget it. The room was vile, clearly the place where countless tortures had been conducted. Despite the obvious fact that it had been cleaned, it still maintained an aura about it. It was morbid and deathly.

“You’ll be here for the rest of the day,” the Master handed the leash to Maya. “Do not disappoint me, killer.”

The Master’s eyes grew ominous and dark.


Robert took his leave, planning to wait for the Master to return to his usual room. He had a couple of things on his mind, and the Master was not one that would ignore reason.

Donovan remained in the main room with the Doctor and another guard. The guard, luckily, took to the other end of the room, gazing out the carrier window that took that majority of the northern wall. He exchanged not even a glance with Donovan, and his expression showed boredom above anything else. He hadn’t even looked towards the Doctor. Did he not know who the Doctor was?

The young new guard took a couple of deep breaths when no one was looking, trying to keep his calm above the feeling of loss and despair. His eyes lost the seriousness for a second, and instead showed his frustration. Donovan paced back and forth before finally deciding that speaking with the Doctor was worth the risk. Casually, he decreased the distance that separated him from the Doctor. He lingered nearby the Doctor’s cage, but far enough that the other guard could not hear them.

“I know who you are, Doctor,” he whispered with a tone that was almost pleading. In that moment, Donovan looked his actual age – young and completely in over his head.   

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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Some things were difficult to believe without evidence. The Master killed this Jack before her eyes, and said he would return to life. He had suggested as much before, but as Jack was dragged behind, Maya found herself believing it.

Jack wouldn’t die.

The Master had been doing this for a while.
‘Why me?’ Were the other guards of the Master expected to learn this sort of behavior? The way they had all found the mere desecration of something dead to be so unbearable seemed to suggest otherwise. How could they then torment someone to death, over and over, if they couldn’t bear to see something already dead, ruined?

She’d done something very right, and very wrong, with her act. Maya entered the torture chamber, and glanced around at the myriad of objects.
‘Needs a brazen bull.’ She would not say that aloud. Ever.


Doubt wasn’t allowed. The word ‘cannot’ never manifested, but was shot down by the reminder that she was no longer herself. She took the leash in hand when it was given.
“I will not.” What option did she have? If she disappointed the crazy man, he’d kill her. ‘And Jack won’t die.’ Was that a mercy or a curse? “Once he wakes….” Her eyes skimmed the room of its instruments again, wondering. Yet, her fingers drummed on the bat, seeming to give it more consideration than anything else in the room.

No, she didn’t want to do this. Not at all.

Her wants didn’t matter, though. She had to, until she could find the perfect moment to put a bullet in the Master’s brain.


The Doctor had not expected Donovan to know him. His surprise showed in his too-wide eyes, and then his smile became apologetic. If Donovan knew who he was, then,
“I’m sorry,” was all that the Doctor could say, “I’m so, so sorry.”

He reached out for Donovan’s hand,
“What are you doing here, Donny?” He couldn’t understand it, then. He thought to ask, “Did you see Martha?” Perhaps that was how Donovan knew of him. Perhaps he had heard from Martha of him. Oh, the Doctor longed to hear that Martha was traveling about, longed to hear that his legacy was known through her.

Then, he’d know it was all going according to plan. He didn’t doubt her, but blind faith was just that—blind. Confirmation was always desirable in such situations.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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The Master looked to Maya curiously, as if attempting to decipher her. He would have used his psychic abilities, but something about her was acting like a wall against them – rendering them largely useless and making her that much more interesting. He was intrigued, even though he’d told himself that he was simply upset about it. As she took the leash from him, he huffed, giving her a smile that was anything but friendly. 

“Find Bob if you’ve gotten lost,” he said dismissively, “but be aware that I will be checking up on you. I may just make you one of my personal guards.”

It was such a strange feeling. Despite the drums that constantly chimed in his head, he was still able to feel something a little strange for this woman. He couldn’t quite figure it out, the more he spent in her presence, the more he couldn’t ignore it. If things kept going the way they were, he might just kill her for sport.

With those dark thoughts, he took his leave without as much as a goodbye.

Jack’s corpse just rested there, dirty from being dragged about the aircraft carrier. His neck was bent in a way that looked painful, but it was not broken. It was hard for anyone to see that this man had once been one of the most handsome and charming time agents of all time. Too much had been done to him for that. He’d hate to admit it, but he was beginning to lose his confidence in both the Doctor and Martha. Something would have already happened.

It took a while, as minutes drifted by without the corpse moving a single inch. Then, after some time, Jack’s chest heaved forward as the life was zapped back into him. Immediately he struggled at the collar, as it had tightened and tightened as he was dragged on the floor. His eyes were beginning to water, but he could still see that he had been taken down to his chamber, and that he was alone with the new guard.

He would have screamed at the realization that this simply meant that his torture had merely started again, but was unable. Jack could barely breathe.


Donovan would have expected a great many things, but never would he had anticipated that the first words out of the Doctor’s mouth would be an apology. He was unprepared, and unbelievably surprised that his words had such a powerful effect on him. He felt the instinct to turn away, as suddenly the frustration became more real and his eyes glossed in hushed agony, but the sight of the Doctor’s hand reaching out to him prevented it.

The young boy looked to the other guard, which seemed too occupied with the outside to notice anything else. Instinct took over, and his hand also reached for the Doctor’s. When the Doctor referred to him as Donny, Donovan seemed not to even notice. He would not have expected it, but he also would not have minded it. It didn’t feel strange.

Still, before Donovan answered the query, his hand slipped back to his side. “I needed to do something,” he whispered, turning away. “He needs to be stopped, Doctor.” At the mention of Martha, Donovan seemed confused. He’d not heard about the Doctor from a woman named Martha, and for a moment he felt like he was missing something. Naturally, he remembered some of the rumors he’d heard from jumping from one refuge group to the other.

Donovan had not started to rebel until he’d met Juls.

“I'm sorry, I’ve not heard of a Martha,” he said, understanding what his words must mean to the Doctor, “but we can still do something, Doctor. I can help.”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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When all was said and done, Maya wondered if she would be able to live with herself. The Master threw the perfect promise, the hint that she might be that much closer to him, and to her ultimate goal, there in his parting words. ‘So we won’t be taking turns, then.’

When the Master had gone, she let go of the leash since there was no point in dragging Jack around. She looped it through a D-ring in the wall, but even she knew that was more for show. A strong pull would easily get it loose.
‘The worst torments are betrayal, but you wouldn’t let me have the time.’ Maya thought when she spotted the fridge.

There was gas, and Maya found herself wondering if Jack could come back from even ashes, before she heard the gasp that signified he was alive. She turned back around to see him struggle at the collar immediately. He could breath, but the collar was still hindering it.
“Hold on,” she didn’t need him dying from that. That wouldn’t be her doing.

She approached without much consideration, and would reach up to loosen the collar so that Jack could breathe easier. She couldn’t explain it, but of all the people in that building, Jack was the one Maya almost thought she could trust—even over Donovan, over the Doctor, and over Lucy.


Nothing that Donovan said made the Doctor happy. He tried to convince himself that, of course, Martha couldn’t reach every individual. He looked disheartened that Donovan hadn’t even heard of her, though. That was the odd part to the Doctor. He couldn't even force himself to look optimistic for the sake of this new guard.

Some of the hope must have faded from his expression, because Donovan spoke immediately that they could do something. He drew his hand back and stepped back into it, further isolating himself. There was always more that could be done, but he couldn’t…he didn’t have a key to the TARDIS and he didn’t know where the Master was keeping those keys. If he knew that, he could tell Donovan to steal one, and go inside the TARDIS, destroy it…reverse it all….

But the Doctor still had hope in Martha, and so he shook his head, rather than tell Donovan that there was something they could do. All they could do right now was wait.
“No…no, just be patient.” Martha would pull through. His youth would be restored. Jack would get into the TARDIS. Everything would be made right…they just had to survive a year. “The Master’s insane, but….” He wanted to make it sound like he had some twisted faith in the man’s better nature.

‘But he’s still my friend.’
He had guessed what Donovan came to do, what he wanted, was to kill him. Even if the Master was logically, irredeemable, there was a part of the Doctor that hoped otherwise.
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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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Jack struggled, half-tempted to kick away the guard that was approaching him, as he figured that she was there to torture him some more. When she spoke, however, she didn’t seem like the torturing kind. She was cold and distant, but Jack could feel something unusual about her. He stopped his struggling and took in deep breaths after the collar was removed. Jack let the air fill his lungs despite the pain of his injuries.

Of all the ways that he had died, asphyxiating was one of the ones he hated the most. He couldn’t easily forget the feeling, and it tormented him.

When he tried to speak, he realized his voice was coarse. The damage to his neck had not completely recovered. Jack momentarily hung his head in defeat, but managed to shift his eyes towards this unfamiliar guard. He’d endured the presence of most of them, but she was different.

“Are you here to play with me?” Despite himself, Jack couldn’t help the familiar charming smile that appeared across his face. His vision was slightly blurry, but he could make eye contact with the girl. He wouldn’t enjoy it, but at least she was a pleasant change of sight.


The Doctor stepped further into his cage, and Donny took a step forward, pretending to be guarding him. It had not been easy on him, and Donovan could tell. It was clear that the Doctor was waiting for someone, and so it meant that Donovan was also meant to wait. He had faith the this aged man would solve everything, and that there would be a chance for him to rebuild from what he’d lost – and he’d lost so much…

“I can help,” he repeated, contemplating his previous plans. He’d burned down the factories, and he would find a way to stop this. He didn’t like the idea of killing another person, but if it meant that things would go back to normal, then he had to consider it. “I don’t want to,” he spoke as if he’d read the Doctor’s mind. ‘I don’t want to kill him…’ He struggled verbalizing the truth. “But if there is no other way,” he shook his head, even distrusting himself with the idea.

He turned back to the Doctor, hand in his gun holster. “We can wait.”

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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She was allowed to loosen the collar, to remove it completely, and to toss it aside. She took a couple of steps back to let the man adjust to his brief respite. What would be mercy to him, that would look like torture to the Master? Nothing efficient. Again, her gaze trailed idly to the can of gas.

There was a sound that wasn’t quite words, and she let her gaze shift back to Jack. One side of her mouth quirked up when he tried to speak, and then when he found the words.
“Yes, I am,” she answered him honestly, “I’m Maya Porter,” in case he’d been dead when the Master introduced her, “or Frankenstein’s Monster, whichever you prefer.” Considering she was doing the bidding of this ‘Frankenstein’.

No, that didn't work either. Curses.
“I see you’re not a fan of asphyxiation.”

There was something almost easy about conversing with him.
“Neither am I.” Her steps took her towards the gas can. She still had to do something, didn’t she? “What are your thoughts on fire, if the smoke inhalation isn’t what kills you?” Gas to the skin should make it be the fire itself that killed, and not the smoke. She cast her eyes back to Jack for a response. 


The look on the Doctor’s face when Donny said ‘if there is no other way’ was impossible not to understand. It said ‘no’ in the strongest way. There were other ways. There were always other ways.
“It wouldn’t fix anything.”

The Doctor was looking for a total fix, to wipe clean the slate. He would restore his own youth and strength. He would save all those who had been killed. He would see that no one remembered it—no one, except the people here. In that way, he felt bad for Donovan. He shouldn’t be here. He should be down there, so that when all was said and done, he wouldn’t remember this. He would be spared the horrendous memories, not just of what had happened, but no doubt, of what Donovan had to do in order to get here.

He wondered, briefly, if Donovan had killed before, but he was too afraid of the answer to ask.
“It’ll be all right.” He shouldn’t be saying that, he knew, but the Master wasn’t here. There was no one here to hear, except Donovan, and he had to keep Donovan from killing the Master…from killing his worst friend…. “Just trust me.”

Just wait.


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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‘Maya Porter.’

Jack told himself that he would remember that name. As it turned out, this Maya was more verbal than what he would have anticipated. Her voice gave no sign of worry about what she was going to do to him, but he could tell that her mind was racing– likely trying to figure out the best way to approach the tasks given to her. Just how cruel would she be to him? Would she choose what was known to upset him? Would she even ask?

“I’m Jack Harkness,” said Jack, moving himself back by pushing down on the floor with his weak hands. Eventually, his back found the wall and he rested his head against it. He shook his head her other name, trying to hold back a cough as he smiled. “I don’t think that suits you, Maya...” She didn’t seem like the type that could be compared to Frankenstein’s Monster.

Upon hearing the word ‘asphyxiation’, he gave a weak shrug. “I don’t prefer it, no. They don’t leave cool scars, you see.” There was another cough, and this time a wheeze. Fire. Now they were talking. “I can’t say that I’m a fan of that either,” he loved his body, after all. Fire would cause a whole lot of opportunities, however, and if it grew large enough it could kill everyone onboard. That’d certainly be a way to stop it all.

“Try whatever you want, Maya,” said Jack, finding his eyelids heavier and heavier. “You’re the cat, and I’m the helpless mouse.”


Donovan wanted to believe the Doctor, to trust him and just wait for something to stop this situation from getting worse. He had waited already, and nothing seemed to be getting better. The young boy didn’t know the Doctor very much, but one good look at him had made it clear that killing the Master had never been his intent. Of course it hadn’t, he was called the Doctor – doctors didn’t kill, they healed and helped people.

Could that be enough in this case?

“I do trust you, Doctor,” said Donovan, and it was true. That didn’t mean, however, that he didn’t have any concerns. Quite the opposite, his concerns were endless. If he could only get an opportunity, he could stop this once and for all. Juls was dead, and he hadn’t even the time to mourn him. This had always been one of the goals, and now he was so close to it.

Would it be worth to wait? Donny somehow felt like he might go mad if he did. Clearly, he wanted to listen to the Doctor, but the conflict was evident upon his face.

“I’ll be back…,” he whispered he noticed the other guard moving about. Perhaps it was best if he didn’t stick to just one place. 

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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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Maya shook her head at the word Jack used. It wasn’t a want here, but a need that she didn’t want. She needed to torment Jack to move on, to move up, to end it all.
“Fire can leave cool scars.” She tried as she picked up the gas can, “Might leave you out for a while.” There was a fire extinguisher on the opposite wall.

She didn’t know if it was a mercy or not, to be out of it, to be dead. She wanted to ask, but was too afraid of the answer to do so.

She couldn’t apologize, in case the Master was listening from somewhere. So far the chat had been innocent enough, but an apology would say far too much. She took the matches from a table,
“I’m still trying to figure out what name suits, here. It isn’t Killer,” She admitted as she turned back to him. Killer couldn’t fit since she was expected to be less efficient about that, “So hold still, and we’ll try this. I don’t suspect you’ll last long.” She imagined that in his better days, he wouldn’t have been so helpless. She wouldn’t have been able to harm him in his better days, not like this, not so easily.

What a pity.

A deep breath, and she splashed the gas on him, can and bat dropping. The bat rolled to be stopped by her foot, while her hands lit the match, and threw it. She expected he’d scream at the fire, and mentally did her best to prepare for what would, no doubt, be a terrible sound.

Then, hopefully, silence for a long while as his body tried to repair itself from such drastic damage. Hopefully, he’d not feel any of that reparation.


The Doctor gave a solemn nod as Donovan spoke of coming back. He understood. No one could linger near him long. It was dangerous to do so. Self-preservation dictated that the guards move about the room. The Master might execute someone if he suspected that the Doctor had gotten into their heads, had turned them against the Master.

“I know,”
was all he said, before Donovan left his side to do his duty as a patrolling guard, of a prisoner who had learned better than to act. After all, the last time he had, he’d managed to steal the laser screwdriver but had found it wouldn’t respond to him. Of course it wouldn’t. The Master had programmed it so that it would only respond to him. Genetic code thing.

Frustrating man. Always a step ahead.

‘But not forever. No, because you don’t understand forgiveness….’
And in that way, the Doctor knew he’d catch the Master off-guard, because Martha could lie so easily and throw the Master off, when at last they met. The Master would believe her lie about seeking a weapon that could kill Time Lords.

He had to. 


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Re: A Year That Never Could Be [Closed]
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That first evening on the Valiant was not easy on Donovan. He had a hard time just keeping his feelings on check, and the Doctor’s presence and strategy was not helping. Conversing with the other guards just made him more impatient, and with Robert constantly checking up on him, there was hardly any time for him to seek Maya and ask the questions that were constantly on his mind.

As time passed, Donovan realized that it was not the time that was the problem. He had many opportunities to speak with Maya, and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. She was much too different, and there was little point in it. If he’d agreed to wait like the Doctor had asked, nothing good would come from plotting with a person who was obviously not against killing others. The first night he could hear Jack’s screaming as his skin burned.

That gut-wrenching and shattering scream gave him nightmares that night.

Robert had shown him to where he would sleep, which was in a very small room that barely allowed the space to walk in and out. The bed was small and the ceiling was low. He’d heard that Maya was sleeping just across the hall outside his own room, but didn’t find the strength to check.  The first few nights of solitude were hard, and he found himself trying to keep himself together. With Juls gone, it was a lot harder than he thought.

A couple of months had gone by since he’d been on the Valiant, and Donovan had taken refuge in the Doctor. Speaking to him seemed to make things better, and even if he just stood there without conversation, his presence alone gave a calming feeling. Such a feeling was necessary when the Master found it necessary to torture Jack in front of them all. Maya hadn’t been ordered to do that yet, and for that Donovan was grateful.
He began to make relationships with the other guards who shared his patrol, and he’d memorized the entire blueprints of the Valiant. He knew which exit routes were the quickest, and where almost everything was kept. Naturally, there were a few places that were off limits, and Donovan was sure that he’d find useful things inside.

The sun was setting, and Jack was still being kept in the main room, despite the fact that the Master had been called away to deal with other issues. It was Donovan’s turn to guard the main room by himself, but he wondered whether the plans had been changed since now Jack was also there.

“Maya can take him back to where he belongs later,” said Robert, leaning against the wall opposite of where the Doctor was kept. He knew Jack was close to him, and still he spoke about him as if he were not there.

Jack despised Robert.

Donovan nodded, and it earned him a smile from Robert. “First night on your own, Donny boy.” Robert moved away from the wall and made his way out of the room. “Don’t be afraid to get a little violent if they give you too much trouble. Remember, the Master doesn't like it when they talk.”

“They know better than that, mate.”

Jack gave Robert the middle as he turned around, and Donovan pretended that he hadn’t seen it. Jack would take Donovan’s patrol any day over Robert’s.