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Week Ten [Weekly Writing Challenges]
« on: October 05, 2014, 05:44:18 pm »
I just have a feeling I'll forget on Monday...


Theme of themes: Urban Legend/Local Horror (It'd be awesome if it were actually something from your part of the world)

Words to use: Superstitious, Glow, Myrrh.

Other: Keep it more "modern" (loosely 1900s-present)

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Re: Week Ten [Weekly Writing Challenges]
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2014, 10:08:07 pm »
The heavy construction machinery creaked and groaned as the workers cleared the ground for a new car dealership.  A bulldozer pushed dirt around to smooth a place for a parking lot while a backhoe carved out a hole for the foundation of the garage and sales office.  Unusual for construction work, darkness had fallen and the work hadn't stopped.  Lights were strung up on telephone poles surrounding the construction site.

The construction foreman stood in a mobile trailer-office.  He sipped a beer while monitoring the work in progress.  Beside him was the owner of the future car dealership.  The owner was thin and fit, with slicked back hair and wearing a suit and tie.  The foreman, on the other hand, had a large round belly bulging under a flourescent t-shirt.  His carpenter jeans and boots were dirty.  Both men wore yellow hardhats.

"Can't your men work any faster?" asked the owner.

"No," replied the construction foreman.  "It's dangerous to work at night.  You are lucky these boys aren't with the union.  If it weren't for the overtime pay, they'd have left as soon as they put in their eight hours.  Nobody is happy about this situation."

"The dealership has to be open by Thanksgiving.  If it's not, I'll miss the holiday sales season and I'll be broke.  The construction loan payments are killing me."

"Not my problem," the foreman said gruffly.  "We are working as fast as we can.  Also it's bad luck to rush a job--especially under a full moon on Halloween."

"Are you freakin' kidding me?  You're superstitious about working on Halloween?  A grown man like you?  Jesus Christ.  My children don't even believe in that stuff."  The owner shook his head in disbelief.

Their discussion was interrupted by a crash.  The backhoe had stopped moving and one of its wheels sunk into a hole in the ground, causing it to tilt severely to one side.

"See what I mean?" the foreman said.  "Bad luck."

The foreman and the owner exited the construction trailer and jogged to the wrecked backhoe.  The bulldozer operator had also noticed the accident and stopped his machine.  He climbed out of the dozer and stood on top of one of the tracks of the machine.  He fished a cigarette and lighter out of his shirt pocket.

The backhoe operator pushed the door open and shouted.  "That hole just opened up beneath me.  I didn't see it and I wasn't digging there.  Must be an old basement or well that had been covered up."

The foreman nodded.  It was something he'd seen happen before.  Old buildings were covered over with dirt decades or centuries ago and their existence wasn't always documented.  Another problem was when forgotten mine shafts caused a collapse.

The foreman looked into the hole.  "What the hell.  There's something glowing down there."

"You mean, radioactive or something like that?" asked the owner.  His voice wavered in barely contained anger.

The foreman shrugged.  "How should I know?  Get down off that machine, John.  Let's get some shovels and dig it out."  The backhoe operator, John, and the foremen went off to find some shovels.

The owner dialed his smartphone, and held it up to his ear.  "Hi.  Yes, I know this isn't business hours.  You're a real estate agent and you concealed an important fact from me.  This fucking property you sold me has a hole in the ground--and that hole looks to be fucking polluted.  You never told me about any of this.  I'll be seeing you in court you lying bastard!"

The owner shoved his phone back in his pocket and crossed his arms, waiting for the construction workers to dig out the backhoe with their shovels.

"What is that smell?" asked John.

The foreman paused and sniffed.  "Smells like myrrh."

"Smells like what?"

"Myrrh.  My wife is into incense and burning candles around the house.  You know, all that feminine nonsense.  It's myrrh.  I'd recognize the smell anywhere."

The owner stepped between the two men, pushing them aside with his arm.  He raised a flashlight.  "Shit!"  He stumbled backwards.  "There're bodies down there.  This must be an old tomb."

The bulldozer operator had overheard them and walked over to see what was going on.  More timidly this time, all four men peered into the hole again.  The dead bodies were dressed in clothes that looked to be from the 1920's.  The foreman spoke: "You know what?  I heard Al Capone's gang worked in this area.  This place could have been a mafia hideout.  I bet they buried all those bodies down there."

"Why is that one glowing?" asked the bulldozer operator.  He threw his cigarette aside and pointed to one of the bodies.

"I dunno, let's climb down there and get closer.  Then we'll call the police," said the foreman.  "Do you have a camera on your phone?" he asked the owner.

"Yeah, yeah, let's take a look."

All four men climbed into the hole.  The body they'd seen didn't appear to be glowing anymore.

"It must have been a trick of the light," said the owner as he poked through the pockets of one of the corpses.

"Wow, this guy is packing some heat," John said as he reached into the pocket of a corpse and raised a Colt .45.

Just as he raised the gun to show it to the other three, the soil broke loose and began pouring into the hole.  The men scrambled to climb out, but the more they pawed at the dirt, the more of it poured into the tomb.  The backhoe slid into the widened hole, crushing all four of them.  Their screams echoed in the silence of the Halloween night before being muffled by the falling machine.

The next day the Chicago Tribune headline read: "Al Capone's Ghost Murders Four Men."
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