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Re: Uncivil War [Closed]
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The soldier does notice the kid, “Hey!” He calls, but is apparently either ignored or unheard. He follows after the direction the kid went in, intending to find him and take him back to the waiting woman.


The dogs move in immediately when she falls. Atem glances to Xander, but it is clear that Xander has no intention of calling this off. So, Atem does not do so. The dogs will bite to tear the woman on the ground to shreds if she is unable to get them off of her.

Dorian moves away from the door to be closer, in case she is able to get free. Ruby simply waits, unwilling to throw a dagger into the mix lest she accidentally hit a dog. It is for that reason that Xander has also stopped casting.

Haradion glances to the mercenaries, notes that not one do anything to join, and notes Kent’s unease.
“Kent,” he calls to him, “Go outside.” He’ll speak with Kent later, though his mind already has it set to dismiss him and possibly those loyal to him. He does prefer mercenaries that aren’t so easily bothered, after all. The soldiers aren’t perturbed in the least. 


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Re: Uncivil War [Closed]
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The child does hear, and tries to find a spot to hide from the man. Not quite finished with his adventure just yet. Being small, he looks for a place that the soldier won't be able to get to.


She fights to stand, using her arms to push the dogs away. Trying to make sure there is as little damage as possible to her legs, so if she gets to her feet, she can make for an exit. Be it a window or the door. Though her size will make getting up difficult, as there are three dogs attacking.

The others of Kent's band just remain where they are, watching.

Kent waits a moment before leaving, as he was ordered. " Are you sure there's nothing that can be done to put a stop to this?" It seems less the nature of the attack that bothers him, but the fact that it's a friend and one of his people that is under attack.
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