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A rainy day
« on: September 03, 2014, 06:09:16 pm »
The rain was really pouring down, you in couldn't even make out anything outside the window. Lucy knew this could only mean one thing, she would be soaked even before she got to her office. Lucy had been lucky to rent a room in a creative collective to have as her office and studio. It was in the Magnolia village though, which meant a long walk along the river. It was bound to be rainy and awful today. 

Still, Lucy was not one to bend to weather and dress poorly so she dug out her long fitted yellow vinyl coat from the closet and from the corner next to the door she grabbed her red umbrella. Taking a finally glance in the mirror before heading out she realized that the time she had spent on hair this morning was a waste. This hair style would not survive the walk. Just typical!

After a not so pleasant walk Lucy was finally in Magnolia Village and just two blocks from the office Lucy closed her umbrella and headed in through the doors of The Hot Cup. Inside she took a moment to shake there rain drops of off her whilst at the same time looking to see who was working today. Before she could see she heard the voice belonging to the person she was looking for. Popping up behind the counter she saw Timothy and she couldn't stop herself from smiling. The gray day had suddenly gotten a better turn.

”Oh, Good morning Lucy!” Timothy said as she saw here standing in the line. 
”Good morning Tim” she answered and threw him a smile. 
After taking care of the people ahead of her in the line Tim turned to her and asked ”So what can I get you this morning? Do you want to try our new strawberry syrup?”
Walking closer to the counter she answered
”You know I want a medium latte, and that new syrup sounds interesting, but how is it different from the regular strawberry syrup?”
”It’s strawberry mint!” he said and started to prepare her coffee. ”So you want to try it?”
Lucy loved how Tim always made her try new flavorings. She had now tried all syrups they served. Not in combinations though, maybe that would be next up. ”Yeah sure I’d love to try it.”
”So how’s business going?” Tim asked and gave her a smile. He was wearing the usual outfit with the red Hot Cup t-shirt and a black apron, the hair tied into a small bun at the back of his head. 
"It's well thank you.  Today's plans is to sew the whole day."
"I hope it goes smoothly for you" he answered and gave her the cup.  "Here's your caffe latte. Have a great day."
Lucy took the cup and smiled at Tim. "Thank you,  I'll see you later!"
Walking toward the door she stopped by a table in order to rearrange her bag, umbrella and the coffe cup. She gave him a last glance before heading out the door but he was all ready busy with the next person in line.