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Week Five [Weekly Writing Challenges]
« on: September 01, 2014, 04:44:25 pm »
Theme of themes: Consequences of sleeping in.

Words to use: Bird(s), 4 am, rug.

Length: No length

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Re: Week Five [Weekly Writing Challenges]
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2014, 02:36:16 am »
He had promised to be there for breakfast.

Somehow, that promise ended up with him staying up to 4 am.

So, he told himself that he would just stay up to 6, but his body rejected that idea. The singing birds at 9 am told him that. He rushed to get dressed, called the number frequently in the hope of getting an answer, in the hope of explaining himself. He wanted to apologize to him.

There was no answer as his feet slipped upon the rug. He intended to still head to the café, but another call came through just as he locked the door behind himself. He answered, “Hello?” He didn’t glance at the name.


Why did the voice sound like it was crying? Name to voice came. “Vicky? What’s wrong?” A second question followed, “Where’s Mike?”

Yes, she was definitely crying, “Mike’s gotten worse, Randy. The doctor’s—” a sob.

“I’ll be there.” He said, and he hung up.

Two hours later, he would sit in the hospital room, and apologize to a corpse for missing breakfast.

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Re: Week Five [Weekly Writing Challenges]
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2014, 04:09:40 pm »
Generally, I like to wake up at 4 AM or earlier.  But in lazier times, my sleep extends to 4:30, 5, and perhaps as late as 5:30 AM.  How do I wake up so early??  Superhuman discipline?  A sleeping disorder? 

No, something much simpler... I go to bed as early as possible.  Preferably, just after dark.  You see, I do not use an alarm clock, because I can't stand the sound.  I hate to be jolted out of my sleep by a ringing alarm.  The anticipation is too much.  When I have an alarm set, I just lie in bed, waiting for that thing to start shrieking at me.  It fills me with nervous anticipation.  My alarm is just a generic iPhone alarm.  When I hear this alarm sound coming from other people's phone, even during the afternoon, it sends a chill of fear through me.

There were other reasons too, but getting rid of the alarm was one of the more important reasons that I started to go to bed and wake up before anyone else.

Upon the morning of September 7th, 2014 – today - I shall note what I would have missed had I slept in...

I am lying on a lawn chair in the backyard while writing this.  The sun has risen an hour or two ago, and the rays of light are seeping through the branches of my neighbor's tree.  The grass is still soaked with dew which is cool upon bare feet - cold, actually.  I had to step off the grass and onto a sewer manhole cover to allow my feet to warm back up.  The dew looks almost like snow upon the green blades – a meadow of suspended sparkling crystals.

I am behind the house, which towers overhead.  When I look up, I can see the underside of awnings and the chimney reaching up into an azure, cloudless sky.  Antennas and power lines criss-cross in this endless sea of blue.  Birds glide over the roofs.  I smell the mature grapes on the vine behind me.

Sunlight dapples the backside of the the house.  Where the light falls on the wall, swarms of houseflies buzz and rest on the warm bricks.  A cricket chirps.  Chipping sparrows land on the awning and rain gutter overhead.  Their heads move left and right, not smooth like on a swivel, but rather jerkily.  Down the sidewalk, a thin squirrel bounds.  Other squirrels climb the telephone pole and fence.  I also notice a snail on the tattered leaf of one of the garden bean plants.

I smash a mosquito on the speaker of my laptop computer.  The rest of the mosquito clan circle my head and bite my arm.  My forearm has a nice fresh welt from where one has bit me.  A fly climbs up the edge of the screen.  It doesn't bother me though and these mosquitos are rather weak compared to the ones that were after me last night at the county forest preserve.

People think there is no nature in a city, but they are wrong.

Every minute or two, an airplane roars by, flying low from the east to the west, on a landing approach to O'Hare airport.  I have noticed that at some hours of the day it is very quiet outside, but mornings seems to be the busiest time for their flight paths over my home.  Some people get worked up about all the noise, but I don't really mind it.  In fact, I find it sort of interesting.  I have been watching the planes and think someday I should take my camera out to photograph some of the closer ones.  Or maybe I should build some kind of automatic plane tracking camera.  Wouldn't that be exciting?  Well, for me it is.  That is the way my mind goes.  However, I have learned to resist such spontaneous urges over the past year.  If I don't keep my daydreams in check, I will just go from one thing to another, never actually getting anything done.

The loud planes remind me of when I used to live on Lake Street, right next to the elevated rail line.  I loved the sound of that train.  The sound was so powerful, so wonderful, that I can't even describe it.  It was like a deep rumble with a metallic clanging.  Sometimes I am sitting silently and can hear the trains nearby and it brings back memories of Lake Street.  I suppose other people don't get so interested in the sound of a train, but I enjoy the sense of power and urgency a train brings.

I have no plans for today until late afternoon and I could quite simply sit here for several more hours drinking Powerade and eating spinach, as I have been doing while typing this.  Think of the hours of freedom that await me, I find it rather invigorating. There are so many possibilities for what I could do today.

At 8:42 AM both of my neighbors to the north and south open their back doors.  Quite a strange coincidence, that.  Maybe they were watching the same television show or radio program and there was a commercial break.  Maybe that is what normal people do, I dunno.  I am thankful I no longer have to pretend to be normal.

I don't think everyone realizes how much freedom there is in a day.  The world may end or I could die in a few hours.  Right now though, the sunlight is warm on my cheek and another plane is coming in for a landing.  I am enjoying it.

Later, I may wipe the dirt off my feet on the rug and go back inside.  But for the moment I think I will just lie for a while longer.