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Re: Somewhere in Time [Closed]
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Antonio showed her just the posture she needed to take, and Gabrielle took care to memorize how Antonio positioned himself, all the while trying not to dig her nails too hard into her palm with the discomfort of it all. He spoke of using the bed sheet for modesty. ‘How will that help you?’ Not that she was about to decline the offer. Once she seated herself, she took the bed sheet and draped it over her lower half. Her legs were still clear, the sheet wrapping from hip to hip.

She posed herself as he did once that was done, and distracted her thoughts with any and everything. The birds outside. She tried to guess at each one by song. She imagined what her father might bring back from his hunt. She wondered how her brother must be.

She didn’t move much at all. Her legs and her arms did not fall asleep. The pose was comfortable enough, and Antonio’s guess was certainly right. Whenever she was under observance, which was often enough, she held a pose. She held poses so much that it was natural now, as it was supposed to be. Ladies were meant to always keep their posture straight, to always be even-keel. Another pose was not difficult to maintain after years of training her body.

As such, she didn’t budge when Antonio complained that it wasn’t coming out right. She had to maintain the pose so he could figure out just what was wrong, though her eyes followed him as best they could. He eventually came too close for her to look at his face without it hurting her eyes, so they had to drop. She noted then the rather improper bulge in his pants, and she felt a chill run through her that made her want to gather the bedsheets around her.
‘Patience. He won’t—’

But then, he did.

He sat and pressed against her before she could lift the sheet to separate them. If her eyes expressed the horror, it wasn’t seen, because he acted, kissed her and used his strength to push her down.

The shock was there a moment. She didn’t kiss back nor react, in disbelief that this was actually happening.

Then came her brother’s words, as he spoke of men’s lusts and what to do. She did not want to hurt the painter, but she wanted to escape immediately.

Gabrielle put one hand to his chest to push, knowing she wouldn’t push him off but wanting to get the message clearly across that this was unacceptable. She turned her head to break his kiss, and with her other hand she bent her fingers and pressed her nails against his face, around one eye, the threat clear that those nails could be sent into his vulnerable eye if he persisted.
“Get off me, immediately.”

There was no more warmth in her voice. It was a demand made with full authority, and a promise of actions he would not like if he refused. He was quite lucky she wasn't screaming. Any of the guards would run him through if they caught him in this compromising position.

Already, though, she was plotting to see him removed from the castle, and to have her father find a new painter. She had been too trusting, and too foolish, when her intuition had known, when the painter didn’t really hide it at all with his words of liquor bringing the truth, and all his compliments.

She was the fool here, but she’d not be taken advantage of.

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Re: Somewhere in Time [Closed]
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Antonio rolled off Gabrielle.  He wasn’t the type of man who would force himself on a woman, although it was not like he had a lot of options anyway if he wanted to keep his eye intact.  He lay on his back on the bed next to her, face up.  He tried to catch his breath.  His shirt was loose, wrinkled.  When he placed his hand on his chest he noticed that his heart was pounding.  He figured that he should just stay on his back on the bed.  He didn’t want to frighten Gabrielle further by getting up and moving around.  This was Antonio’s most vulnerable position.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what came over me!” he breathlessly exclaimed.  “I have done these types of drawings before and that has never happened!”

 “Gabrielle, I misread your feelings towards me, what else can I say?  You have been so kind to me that I just assumed you were in some way attracted to me.  What just happened…it seemed so natural to me, I don't know.  I am an emotional person and I just act on what feels right at the moment.  I thought we had some sort of connection, a common bond so to speak.  I misread you.  I was so struck by your appearance that I wasn’t in control of myself.  I’m so sorry!

He paused; realizing that he might be in big trouble of Gabrielle were the vindictive sort.  Antonio had to come up with some excuse to prevent her from calling the guards.

“Of course, milady…  What just happened must be kept a secret between us.  I’m sure you agree—the innocent Leopold cannot be held at fault for something that I have done while inhabiting his body.  His reputation would be ruined!  It isn’t Leopold’s fault that I fell in love with you.  For all I know, this time travel experiment could end at any time, and Leopold would have to return to his body.

“If you tell anyone about who I really am—a time traveler—they will think you’re insane.  They will call you a witch, possessed, or worse, lock you up in a nunnery for the rest of your life.

“I’m sorry, Gabrielle, but it must be this way.  This terrible mistake must be kept a secret between us.  And not only that, but I must also complete the painting!  Otherwise folks will suspect that something has happened between us.”

Antonio finally sat upright, looking towards Gabrielle’s face, but deliberately keeping his eyes off her naked flash.  This was more difficult than it would seem, but he was too fearful to try any more ‘romance’ at the moment.  “You do agree, yes?  We shall never speak of this event again.”

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Re: Somewhere in Time [Closed]
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Antonio moved off her, fortunately. Gabrielle was certain the moment she could draw blood, but the second it passed she began to doubt herself. ‘No time for that.’ Of course there wasn’t. Though Antonio did not move, Gabrielle did so immediately.

His words were hollow as he tried to explain that he didn’t understand what came over him. Gabrielle, for the most part, tuned him out as she dressed. His apologies meant nothing to her right then. She had chosen to trust him, and he abused that trust. Her anger was still more inward, at herself, but it was ever-present.

She caught enough to come to the conclusion that people were cruel in his time if her actions could be taken for affection.
‘And you are like all of them.’ Cruel, selfish, his time gave her little hope for the future from what he had already told her.

The linen chemise was on, the corset strung up, though not tightly, by the time his apologetic words became conniving. His pleas had changed their tune. Her hands paused at the strings and her eyes widened at the air before her, then hardened.

‘How…dare you.’

The dress was slipped on. She would perfect things in her own room, but she just needed to look decent enough that a servant in the quarters who caught a glance of her wouldn’t question her appearance.

“I do not agree.” She straightened her back and looked at him, the warmth all anger now. “I see you do not believe your own words about me, that I am intelligent,” or else he would not be insulting her intelligence this very moment. “Your argument from pathos will find you no salvation here. You contradict yourself so easily, one moment expressing you do not understand what came over you, and the next offering a reason for understanding. Had you left it at an apology, perhaps I would have some sympathy for you, but now you are attempting to guilt me into silence, to guilt me into spending time in the future with you and this painting, and also to threaten me in the same breath with what would happen if I told anything.”

Oh, she was far from happy. Lucid enough, she reaches to the sketch and grabs hold of it, intending to remove what is there from him.

“I will say nothing of you being a time traveler, but you will be gone from here tomorrow. I will explain to my father what happened, but he will not tell a soul,” not for Leopold’s sake, but for Gabrielle’s sake. Any rumor that she had such an experience would bring her chastity into question. “So Leopold’s reputation will be safe, and I will pray that for his sake and his alone, you are soon removed and returned to your own time so that he does not end up in worse trouble.”

There was a pause, and then,
“I will see that you are released with some food and coin,” the only act of kindness left in her, before she goes to the door and exits the room, making sure not to slam the door, although she certainly wants to.

She makes it to the safety of her own room, manages not to break down in her frustrating and self-loathing. The sketch she brought with her is tossed in the fire, but she does not immediately give the word that Leopold is departing on the morrow, but instead calls to have a bath drawn, so she has an excuse to undo the clothing and have it redone later. It is while the water is being fetched and heated, and she is stepping into a robe, that a knock comes to her door.

“I have word from your brother.”
Michael speaks at the door. “May I enter?”

“No, I’m about to have a bath. Can it be said?”

A hesitation. Then,
“No. I will see you afterward.”

She hears his steps retreat, and one hand balls into a fist.
‘Please be all right.’ There is the consideration to chase after Michael, but she does not do so. She will see him afterwards.