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Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« on: July 26, 2014, 07:32:02 am »
It’s the same old story
All over again
You turn a lover into just another friend

“Ah, Triumph,” the passenger said with a smile. “This station is good. We ought to come out here more often.”

The driver rolled her dark blue eyes.
“Yeah, that’s what we ought to do.” Sarcasm, “Not some place like California or Florida, no.”

The man didn’t respond to that, but instead began to belt out the lyrics to the song. He mimed the drumming as well, to his companion’s quiet amusement. The smile never quite faded from her lips as the green truck sped down the road and turned into the cemetery. The black iron gate was closed, but it didn’t stop the truck. The vehicle rammed right through the gate, and the man in the seat never missed a beat on his invisible drums. The window, fortunately, wasn’t broken but cracks did manifest.

The truck jostled its way over the bumpy road and came to an abrupt halt just outside a building.
“I thought you’d ram that, too.” Amusement glittered in his brown eyes.

Lay it on the line
Lay it on the li—

The driver shut the car off. “That would hurt her too much. C’mon,” she pushed open her door and swung her legs out, dropped to the ground and slammed her door shut. She pulled herself up into the back of the truck and opened up one of the metal cases in the back.

“I booked us a cruise to Bermuda.”
He said, nonchalant as he caught the silver axe, rune-inscribed.

The brunette woman glanced at him, clutching a silver flask to her chest,
“Vacation or a job?”

He slammed his door shut.
“Why not both?”

He offered her a hand and she accepted it, hopped out of the back of the truck. She gave him a look that wordlessly explained the reasons why. Distractions. So, he elaborated as they made their way to the door.
“I did some research on the phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle when you were making a supply run. It seems to cause chaos only under specific circumstances, and I got us tickets for a cruise ride that is going through it at such a time.”

“And what are these circumstances?”
She knelt down before the door and passed up a flashlight to the man, who shined it on the lock. Her lock picking tools were removed and she began to fiddle with it as he explained.

“The fourth Lunar Eclipse in a Lunar Tetrad. It’s also called a Blood Moon by Christians who like to prophesize. It happens now and then, used to be rarer than it is now.”

“Funny how that happens a lot,”
the words were muttered, and the man laughed. A click, and she pushed the door open.

“I know,” he agreed, “Feels like something big is coming, doesn’t it?”

The woman didn’t voice her concerns, but she agree with the red-headed man. She didn’t want to, but she did.

They both went inside, and the woman shut the door after them.
“Find the phylactery. We don’t know how close the Bitch King is.” Locked, not that it mattered. What mattered was the oil, which she spread in a line across the doorway and then moved to the windows. She intended to walk along the walls, but first things first were the vulnerable points. “We’ll head on to the east coast after this.”

The man began to move about, first to the desk, which he began to shuffle through the items.
“We don’t even know what it looks like,” he muttered, more to himself. “I’m convinced that’s not even a word.”

The woman ignored his complaints and continued with the oil. A gust of wind against the building soon caused both of them to look up, and then look at each other. The man moved quicker. The woman found her matchbox and quickly tried to light one. She threw it onto the oil, which lit immediately—white flame.
“It can’t cross. It can’t.” She was speaking for her own sanity.

“It can put it out.”
He reminded. They had to book it when they learned that nugget of information earlier.

She knew, and so she set aside oil and matches on the desk and began to join the search for the phylactery.
“It should be a box made of skin,” she told him. She’d told him this before. “It will have writing on it, but the skin should be the giveaway.”

“Oh, yes, because ski—holy fuck.”
The man’s hands jumped back from what they’d stumbled on. “That…is not leather.” The woman’s eyes lifted from her own search to see what he’d found. She picked up the skin box, put it on the table, just as the sprinklers of the building were set off.

“I was expecting it would be dried, not—”

“Just destroy it!”
Impatient. They were running out of time. The fire didn’t set the sprinklers off. The fire didn’t smoke.

He lifted the axe, and brought it down on the box just as the fire at the doorway was cleared. The door was thrown open by a gust, and in walked the man with the thin skin, and skeletal form. The door was blown to pieces by the gust, and flew at the two humans. The woman ducked, but the man was caught up in his task. The axe fell on the box, cut it in twain, but several pieces of wood plunged through him for it. He remained standing, rigid.

The lich in the doorway collapsed, body becoming dust as that which kept its body immortal was destroyed.

The woman rose from her ducked position and first glanced towards the doorway. The clothing of the lich was in a pile.
“You did—” and the rest of the sentence caught in her throat as her dark eyes caught sight of the man. There was a stake of wood through an eye, and others penetrated his arms and chest. He was trembling, clearly still alive, and in pain. “Anthony, I—hold on, just—hold on!”

~*Three Days Later*~

The truck still had the dents from bursting through the iron gates. It now passed through open gates and into a cemetery, not the same as the last. This one was fancier. It even had a parking lot, which she eased the truck into. She shut it off and stepped out, smiled as someone besides a Mercedes gave her a dirty look.

She looked the part outside of the car, a black, modest dress covering her, black hose, and black pumps. She even had a black purse, though that was normal. Black went with everything, right? She'd even taken the time to put her brown hair up in a bun, which was far too much effort for something so frivolous.

Her ringtone, however, was definitely not appropriate.

Always on the run
Is the rising sun…

Just as she was about to descend the small hill and join the mourners, it had to go off. She turned quickly away from her intended path and returned to the truck, answered the phone as she stood by her door.
“’Ello, Johnny.” She already knew who it was. Ringtone always gave it away. No need to look at caller ID.

“Where in the seven hells are you?”

“Nine. There are nine hells. Stop reading that Game of Thrones series, or song--whatever you want to call it.”
Dante’s Inferno. Westeros mythology didn't apply.

“Don’t get smart with me, Arty. I was gonna get started on that truck of yours, and then it’s gone.”

“I’m not far,”
she told him, leaned her hip into the door. “About an hour out. I caught wind of a rumor and I’m investigating it.”


“No, I’m with my BFF Jill,”
sarcasm. “Of course alone. I’ll be back soon, don’t worry, Johnny.”

“Arty, it won't—” Click. Hung up. She turned her phone off following that to insure it wouldn’t go off during the graveside ceremony. Calmly, she stuck it back into her purse, and then dug in it to make sure she had the right ID in her purse.

‘Yep. Autumn Devonshire.’
She smirked. She probably should have told Johnny to make sure to cover her tail. She’d been using this ID for too long. She’d meant to get a new one before Bermuda, but now she doubted that would happen.

She closed the purse up once more and looked down at the scene. The man had been murdered, but the way matched a few others. The rumor mill among hunters was already alive with talk of these murders. So, obviously, she had to investigate. FBI.

She walked towards the gravesite and clasped her hands behind her back. Admittedly, it was strange being alone, but she couldn’t have asked anyone to come along. No one wanted her out then anyway. They didn’t understand that work was all she knew, the only distraction she had when there was nothing to be done.

Calmly, she found a seat near the back of the gathering. She’d listen to the little sermon before questioning others. Watching would soon identify who the key players were anyway, who had known the deceased best.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Family and friends gathered for the burial of his parents, the only one not present was his uncle Francis. That bothered Seth. His parents were to be buried next to each other and a portrait of them two was placed in between the two holes their coffins.

He wore a tailored, black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie that fit perfectly around his muscled build. Very plain, but he felt no need to dress extravagantly for his parents' funeral. He wore black aviators and kept his gaze on the two coffins ready to placed in the dirt. After all his father had built and how great and loving his mother had been, this was all they were reduced too.

Sheltered in wooden boxes and soon-to-be worm food. It just wasn't fair.
'Why my parents?' He wouldn't cry. He actually couldn't anymore. All crying had been done in his luxurious mansion. All the wealth and luxuries they left him with, he would trade it all just to bring his parents back to life. Truth was, his father was great at making money and Seth was literally loaded and set for life.

"Would any of the family members like to say a few words before we give our final farewells to Roy and Teresa Sterling?"

He knew there still his father's sisters, friends and his grandmother among the family. He could hear quiet sobbing and Seth stood from his seat in the front row. He silently made his way to the podium, looking at all of them. Other than his family members, most of those in attendance he'd begin to see less and less of as time went on. His parents were the glue that held those relationships intact.

"Thank you Father,"His hands gripped at the podium, searching for words of what to say. "I am glad to see my family and parents' friends, they would be glad you took the time to come. I'm sure  they would all have wonderful stories about each and everyone of you, especially my father,"

The official report was that his parents died of natural causes, however the coroner and several other physicians could not assess an official cause of death. Very strange considering his parents were healthy, took care of themselves and weren't even close to 50. What was also strange was that they died at the same time. That couldn't be a coincidence.

Where science couldn't explain something, the supernatural was all that could be left. It had always fascinated him but all the reading and research he'd done was for nothing because as far as he had seen, the supernatural just did not exist. Or so he thought. Simply fiction that mankind built upon and brought to life.

"My father was a wise man, his teachings were the exact opposite I expected from a man like him. Wherever he went and was doing, he was the life of the party and the one you wanted to be around. My mother was a lovely woman, she was my father's support and right hand. Nothing important happened without her counsel. She was beautiful and loving to all, yet strong when my father needed her to be. In their memory.. in their honor I would like invite you all to my home for a banquet and refreshments, as you all may remember, my parents loved having guests over. Thank you again."

What was funny was that his mother would've demanded where she allowed one last request would be to have the house tidied and prepared for the banquet after the funeral. Seth cut it short, he didn't want to start tearing up. He was 26, handsome, healthy and fit, rich beyond all belief and with no limitations on what he wanted to do with his life.

It felt awfully lonely knowing he'd probably never see these people again after the ceremony at his home. Even his family members would estrange themselves, despite the help his parents gave them and how much they took care of them, they always wanted more and envied their wealth even if they didn't admit it.

The coffins were slowly lowered into the earth and despite 6 feet separating them, all Seth saw was them descending farther and farther from him until they were gone.

Without a word to anyone else, he walked away from the grave site and to a nearby tree. He held a cigarette with his lips, using his Zippo to light it. He took long and heavy pulls from the cigarette, blowing the smoke to his feet. He could've left in his Mercedes at any time but all he could do was stare into the distance and fill his lungs with cigarette smoke.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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The deceased came from money. Artemis could practically smell the stench of greed as she sat there, crossing her legs at the ankles. Even in the pencil skirt and black blazer, she felt out of place among the black dresses of French and Italian branding.

There was sorrow, too. People were crying all around her, but Artemis didn’t waste her energy forcing a tear.
‘Two deaths, at the same time,’ she reminded herself as she looked towards the coffins. Closed now. She wondered if they had been closed the entire time. Getting a look at the bodies would be impossible, though. She’d have to find the coroner to ask how they’d looked. ‘Official cause of death, natural causes.’

It didn’t take a genius to know that wasn’t right. The fact it looked natural was all the more concerning.

‘Wait, someone else is talking.’

Artemis moved her thoughts from trying to figure out the crime with no answers to listening to the speaker. Family. Son. Not a child, but perhaps he still had some insight into the crime.
‘Why would someone that old be living with his parents?’ No, perhaps not a direct witness, but certainly someone who saw the aftermath, the bodies, and knew the deceased better than most would. That was useful in uncovering what was active in this area.

He was even hosting a party because it was what his parents would have wanted.
‘I wonder if people really mean that.’ Too many times her partner insisted she celebrate his death, because he would probably go down doing something epic.

At the thought, her heart clenched painfully, and she had to look down, a true stab of sorrow coming over her.
‘He’s going to be okay,’ she reminded herself.

It made her blend in a bit better as bodies moved around her, rising to mingle elsewhere, to prepare to go to the party. She took a deep breath and looked up, looking at the groups before spotting, to her delight, the son was apart. Alone.

She rose, and brushed a hand back through her hair to push it over her shoulders before she approached the man in black.
“My condolences for your loss, Mr. Sterling,” the son’s name wasn’t coming to her, but formal fit the FBI persona.

‘It’s Archer.’
Her mind jested. ‘Or maybe it is Bob.’

Arty ignored it, her eyes never giving away the inappropriate monologue in her head that was imagining how Archer wouldn’t be so glum if his own mother passed.
“My name is Autumn Devonshire,” as she said it, her hand had found the badge, and she calmly flipped it open, revealing the fake FBI ID, “and I’m afraid I would like to trouble you more on this hard day,” she closed it again, “Do you have a moment?”


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2016, 01:37:23 am »
Upon hearing the female voice, he flicked the ash off the cigarette and tossed it aside. He turned to look at her badge, what could the FBI possibly want with his parents' deaths? Growing up, his father wanted to show Seth early on what it was like dealing with law enforcement officials, state and federal, politicians and the corporate world.

He straightened himself, tucked his aviators into his breast pocket and cleared his throat. He wanted to quit smoking, his father didn't like it, he said it showed weakness.
"Of course, Mrs..," He gauged her for a reaction and smiled, holding his hand out for her to shake. "Ms. Devonshire, what do the FBI need with me or my parents? As far as I can remember, my parents paid their taxes."

He chuckled, in light of the circumstances, he still maintained that famous charisma and charm he mimicked from his father. He'd heard stories of how much of a womanizer Roy Sterling could be but there was never a scandal and if there were other women in his father's life, he respected his mother enough that she never found out.

Those qualities Seth picked up on his own, Seth always being out of the public eye took upon many aliases because his outstanding wealth would override whether he had a good personality or not. Whenever he went out, Seth would dress well and a reasonable sum of cash, nothing to make him really stick out.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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There were two types of rich people: the actors and the liars, and the outright rude and pompous. At least, that was how Arty saw them in her limited interactions—there was never time to get personal in her job.

This was the former sort, it seemed, which meant he’d be easy to get along with, but she’d have to make sure he didn’t try to put a knife in her back. That he could so easily make a joke in these circumstances added to the concern that he was more dangerous than the standard wealthy individual.

Even so, she smiled and raised her eyebrows at the ‘Mrs.’ He corrected, and she let her smile broaden just a bit as he corrected himself to call her ‘Ms.’.
‘Sure. I can play either.’ Today she’d be the single FBI woman, and see how that paid off, as she gripped his hand in her ringless one. “Your parents did, I am not here because of a matter involving their taxes, don’t worry,” disarming smile, firm grip, and then she released his hand, “My business here is in regards to their passing. I’ve been following a string of cases like this.”

Her eyes watched his reaction, following his gaze. No doubt, he would ask for details, but she made sure to speak before he could,
“This is the closest I’ve been, time-wise, to the incident of the crime—so I need to know, now, how your parents looked before the mortician got to them.” She would not say what she was looking for, she would first see if he stumbled upon the detail in explaining, or if he had any ideas.

Most had been unnaturally cold even shortly after death, rigid, and all had blue lips that death could not explain. It wasn’t often investigated, considered a fluke, but Artemis could recognize the scent of something dangerously unnatural.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Seth had heard of recent incidents of deaths that had no cause but he never thought his parents' deaths were connected. He had to recollect how he found his parents, it sent a chill down his spine doing so.

"I was the one who found their bodies, they were sleeping. My father was always up at 5 in the morning and I found it strange they were still both asleep at noon. They were a ghastly white and freezing cold,"He stopped for a moment, looking down at the trimmed grass and sighing. It was painful thinking about it. "The toxicology reports found no substances other minor traces of alcohol in my father's bloodstream."

His father was a whiskey neat type of man. There was something else, he knew bodies going cold and rigid was normal during death. But their lips, he had expected a lighter hue of the color from their lips. Instead, they were blue. Unlike anything he'd heard of before.

"Their lips, I'm not too familiar with the process after death but their lips were blue. When I was filing the police report, I told them everything and they said I wasn't a doctor, to leave it up to the coroner." He stopped himself, sighing heavily. It was dawning on him that the last conversation he'd had with them ended in an argument. "I didn't even get to tell them I loved them.."

The sadness was clear on his face even if he was trying to hide it. "I'm sorry, you'll have to excuse me. It's too much for me right now.. if you'd like to talk some more, you're welcome to the festivities tonight or come visit the house sometime. I too am interested in the deaths of my parents. Until next time, Agent Devonshire."

He smiled and took his leave, he wanted to squeeze a heavy workout in before the festivities.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2016, 05:51:52 pm »
Blue lips. ‘Bingo.’

The creature she was hunting was known for eliminating families. It was always in the upper class, and it had been following a trend, a string of connections. Narrowing it down had led her to one conclusion, which solidified then. It was hard to believe, considering Yuki-Onna were not native to this area, but it was all it could be. It was something that could blend in, and something known for killing with a kiss, turning the lips blue and freezing everything inside.

By the time the bodies were found, they were unfrozen, but dead.

The sorrow of the other was registered, but Artemis was so used to seeing it, that she had little empathy left to spare. The standard, “I am sorry for your loss,” slipped her lips, and then, “I will keep you informed on any findings, Ar—Mr. Sterling.”

‘Goddamn it, Netflix.’

Off he went, and Autumn kept post by the tree. Once he was out of sight, she took her phone out and turned it back on. Three voicemails, all Johnny. She called him. “ARTY! DO YOU HAVE—” She couldn’t help but start to laugh at his rage, and it settled him, “This is serious!” He insisted.

“I know,”
she said, “Anyway, it’s a Yuki Onna I’m after.”

“They don’t live here. They live in Japan, we just got wendigos--I'd prefer a Yuki Onna.”

“Not normally,”
she agreed, “It’s the only thing that makes sense. There’s been a string of high-profile deaths, all natural causes, and all in wealthy families. It’s been moving around the States, a bit, but there are some loose ties with these families. I think its revenge. The first one is the only unusual one,” too much time in that quiet hospital room, too much time waiting for Anthony to wake up, “it was just the daughter that was killed, a Kyoko Hamilton,” she noted, “the father wasn’t, and the mother….”

It clicked, then, now that she had determined it was a Yuki Onna. “Oh good god.” Talking it out often did that. “Find me the name of the mother, and send me a picture of the father.”

call end. Artemis made the trek right back to her beloved truck.

She was going to need fire, and some method to protect herself from the cold.

She tried again to dial for Anthony.

No answer.

Though, someone almost did answer it. Unbeknownst to Artemis, Anthony had a visitor, a young woman who took a glance at the ringing device in his room, and then put it into the end table's drawer to muffle its sound.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: January 14, 2016, 04:23:00 am »
The Sterling Manor was massive, the property was at least 20 acres. The grounds were well-kept, all over the grounds hedges were crafted into various figures and shapes. The lawns were trimmed and flowers watered regularly. All around the perimeter were black, iron gates and while there weren't any guards, there was always staff tending to the grounds.

From the front entrance by car, it would take about ten minutes to reach the designated parking area. Guests were given a scenic route as they drove. North of the manor was a vineyard that led to wooded wilderness which was a private hunting and exploring area. Seth often went hunting with his father in those woods, a shooting range was also held that way.

Beautifully sculpted statues and ceramic fountains adorned the courtyard of Sterling Manor. Dozens of well-dressed guests filed into the mansion and music could be heard booming from the mansion. It turned out to be more than just a banquet and light reception indeed. The foyer was where he would meet all his guests and politely have light banter with them.

Seth was nursing his third glass of whiskey on the rocks, he was getting friendlier and more talkative as more guests walked in. Seth wore an expensive, tailored Italian pin-striped tuxedo and slacks. The party was being held in the magnificent and illustrious ballroom which had enough seating and space to dance and a full open bar.

All they were saying the same exact thing and it was annoying him even if he didn't show it. They were sorry for his loss, all the sorries in the world wouldn't bring his parents back. Even members of the board of trustees for his father's company attended.

"We'll see you Monday morning, Seth. Oh and slow down there son, we can't lose you either." One of the board members said, already noticing the tipsy Seth. Seth raised his glass to him and finished his drink. He entered the ballroom and grabbed a microphone that was sitting on top of one of the speakers.

"Good evening everyone, glad you could all make it! A shame my parents couldn't..," Although Seth said it slurred and jokingly, no one laughed. "I kid of course, really I want to say I appreciate all of you here. If you've ever attended any of my parents' parties you'd know they were legendary and we always had a good time. Despite this dreadful tragedy, please let it not ruin the festivities tonight. Have a great time everyone."

A local live band began playing once Seth stepped off the stage and for the most part, everyone got up and began mingling, drinking and enjoying themselves. Seth leaned over the bar and sighed. "Get me another whiskey, Ken." He handed his glass over to Ken and he served him another Jim Beam.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: January 14, 2016, 05:53:34 am »
The green truck was beat up and drew eyes of the staff as she drove it in to be amongst the herd of well-kept vehicles, and parked it between a Mercedes Benz and a Jaguar without any shame in her eyes when she stepped out and let her heels click on the pavement. She took her phone out into sight once more, checked it for any texts, then sighed.

‘Just look for someone Asian.’

That was not going to be as easy a task as she hoped. There was not just one Asian woman in attendance at Seth’s shindig, unfortunately. ‘Okay, find the coldest one. Literally.’

Artemis was used to blending in, and moving through groups before it was obvious that she didn’t know what the hell she was talking about. So, that was what she did, moving through the groups and making up stories for how she knew the parents based on her limited knowledge. She tried to keep to groups with Asian women, but she knew she had to move through others so as to seem terribly suspicious.

‘Come on, Johnny.’

Then there was a shuffling and bodies turning. She turned with her current group to look as Seth made his little announcement. Unlike many of the others, she smirked.

That pain in the boy was so clear, that it was all she could do in the face of it. ‘Well, someone here knows how to handle themselves.’ Everyone else was so awkward, that she wanted to laugh out loud just to see how they’d reacted. However, she did not. Her amusement was squashed as she saw a beautiful woman in a blue, sparkling gown, across the room. Her dark eyes were focused intently on Seth, and she was alone…and Asian.


As the bodies shuffled again to take their attention away, Artemis started to move, thinking to catch the woman. “He—” phone buzzed.

Those dark eyes fell on her for a moment, “One second,” she pulled her phone out, but the woman didn’t wait.

When Artemis pulled her phone out, she saw the woman’s visage there. The text was from Johnny. ‘Son of a bitch.’ She looked up, and looked around.

The woman had followed after Seth when he went to the bar, and she joined him, moving as quietly as snow fell. A light hand reached out to stroke his shoulder as she took a seat to his left, “Your parents would be proud of how you are honoring their memory,” her words fell, the melody of her voice like tiny bells as she stared up at him from under her eyelashes. Her fingers would move away to rest on the counter, “Your father, certainly,” a ghost of a smile crossed her painted, burgundy lips. 


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: January 23, 2016, 06:13:51 pm »
The touch on his shoulder was soft, but it sent a chill down his spine literally. He turned to look at who was speaking to him and it was a beautiful Asian woman. He sipped from his glass as he gazed at her from head to toe and locked eyes with her. Her gown was blue and fit her body perfectly, Seth smirked at her words. She was very attractive and something about her voice combined with the strong, dulling effects of the liquor made him very comfortable.

"You knew my father? I'm upset he never introduced me to such a beauty like you. I don't believe I caught your name." He looked at her again and for some reason, something was off. He knew with a few drinks and flirting, he could retire to one of the many guest rooms with her. The way she was looking at him felt like that was already her plan.

"Ken, get the lady whatever she wants to drink," He waited for her to place her drink order and kept his playful smirk on. "So, are you here alone? As much I'd love to steal you away, it wouldn't look right." Someone like her approaching him so boldly had to be alone. For some reason, he still felt cold and it had come out of nowhere. He was not cold a minute ago. His next whiskey he'd ask for without ice, it would definitely not help. He was clearly exhibiting signs of being cold.

"I'm just so cold for no reason, perhaps after your drink we can go somewhere warmer to talk. Here, feel my hand." He told her with a chuckle. Just so she wouldn't thinking he was just trying to get her alone.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #10 on: January 23, 2016, 07:46:03 pm »
Artemis laughed to herself when she saw where her prey had gone, and decided to let this play out. Often, either she or Anthony would play bait, so she could let the poor, unsuspecting rich-kid play bait this once. She’d have to be careful to make sure the Yuki-Onna couldn’t kiss him, but that was not so difficult. ‘I might need liquor.’ Liquor caught fire quickly.

She approached the bar as the Yuki-Onna shook her head, “Oh, please, only water. I do not drink.” Of course she didn’t. Flammable material.

“Rum and coke,”
Artemis ordered as the bartender noted the oddity of the woman who didn’t want to drink, and then came to attend her. The simple drink was quickly mixed and laid before her in a rush, as the bartender was clearly more interested in making sure Seth remained happy.

“I am here alone,”
the woman answered Seth, looking down as if it were an unpleasant topic, but then she looked back up with a kind smile on her lips. It curved just a bit to playful as he offered his hand to her, “I’m freezing as well. It must be this area,” she said as she took his hand in her own, so he would feel how cold she was, too. His hand was much warmer than hers, “I should have worn something warmer. I am not used to this area of the world, though. We can move elsewhere if you are uncomfortable, Seth.”

“From Japan?”
Artemis meant to just think it. Of course, she spoke it. Of course she did. She could have slapped herself, for the woman jumped as if startled by being addressed.

She looked over, eyes assessing Artemis, “Yes. How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,”
she lied, and waved them off, “Sorry to interrupt, I’m sure you both have a lot to catch up on, and it is uncomfortably cold,” she lifted her drink a bit in a salute, and then walked off.

‘Yes, interrupt the progress, smart one.’
At least she could watch from a distance, and then follow, when the two left the bar. ‘Just don’t drink all the alcohol. You’ll need it.’ Difficult task. Well, she’d get a refill if she needed it.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2016, 06:56:26 pm »
Alcohol wasn't for everyone, his mother wasn't a drinker either. He didn't really think much of it and when he took her hand, he almost felt inclined to snatch it away. She was freezing compared to him. He was about to comment on whether if they should relocate to somewhere warmer when he heard another woman speak to them.

"Ah, Agent Devonshire. Great to see you, I knew you couldn't stay away. Ken, whatever she requests, serve it on the double. Enjoy the festivities." When had she arrived and had she witnessed the debacle that had been his speech? The liquor was melting away his inhibitions little by little.

Japan though? From what recalled, his father's business stretched out internationally but he was unaware of any interests in Japan or any affairs with the Japanese. Despite his drunken state, something was odd. She also dodged his question of her name. While they briefly spoke, he tapped on his ear and communicated with his staff with in-ear transmitters.
"Crank up the heat on the second floor guest rooms." He whispered into the transmitter. As she walked away, it must have been the alcohol that caused him share sensitive information.

"She's a federal agent investigating my parents' deaths," When it left his lips, he almost cursed out loud. He felt daring and placed a hand against her waist and pulled her close. "Now then, let us go somewhere more private. It's a little too loud here."

He nodded to Ken and the bartender served him another glass of whiskey and when he was going to add ice, Seth shook his head. He took the glass with him in one hand and led her out of the ballroom area by the hand and up the stairs to the second floor. The walls had various paintings on them, some of past generations of Sterlings, others of random, expensive paintings.

The party could still be heard downstairs but for the most part they were alone. It was definitely warmer on the second floor and that was a relief, but the faint cold seemed to still linger around them. No guest room was the same, each had a different theme whether it was a time period or a different culture. He stopped at one guest room that had a Shoji sliding door and he slid it open, allowing her to enter first.

The room was of Japanese interior design, all doors in the room were in the Shoji style, bonsai trees and bamboo plants adorned the room. The walls and doors were made of wood and bamboo. The genkan area was small and he took off his shoes and placed them into the getabako cabinet. Even the bathroom had an ofuro, which constantly ran, adding the sound of water running, giving it a tranquil vibe to the room.

"So what do you think? My mother was big on designing the house and I helped her with the authenticity of this room in particular. I am a big practitioner of Japanese martial arts."

If anything he would want her to feel more comfortable. Mounted on a wall was a sheathed, Masamune Iaito katana. Under it was an Onyx Black Okegawa suit of armor. He led her to the master bedroom which was massive and untouched by anyone. He set down the glass of whiskey and invited her to sit down on the bed with him. "Now then.. what's your name and who are you really?"

If he was going to sleep with her, he'd at least like to know something about her.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #12 on: January 29, 2016, 04:13:42 am »
Artemis considered letting the drunken heir die after he revealed she was an agent, if only out of spite. ‘No.’ She sipped at the rum again and sighed to herself. No, she was in this business to save humans, so they had the liberty to be so ridiculously stupid. If only he knew he’d just revealed her to the murderer.

The question now was whether or not the yuki onna was clever enough to realize that Artemis was on to her. Artemis tried to determine that as she observed the progression of the movement with Seth and the creature.

The woman kept her hand interlaced with Seth’s, and let herself be led away as he indulged in more alcohol. It was all the better for her plans, that he be a bit tipsy and out of sorts. He would not overthink things, then, and just let it all flow. It would be so easy to plant the icy kiss upon his lips that way. Never mind the agent, though she did cast a glance the way of Devonshire, to see she was focused on her cell phone.

No federal agent was going to figure this out. They denied it—denied all things like her.

They passed by extravagant pictures of gorgeous people—most Sterlings. The creature did admire their beauty as she looked over them and followed along with Seth. This area was much warmer, uncomfortably so to her, but she knew she would not need to endure it long.

Her eyes shifted forward when she heard the subtle sound of the door move, and her eyes widened in surprise and delight as she found herself suddenly surrounded by so many familiar items. ‘A Masamune!’ She knew that craftsmanship. She’d know it anyway.

“It is beautiful,”
and the creature meant it, as a wave of nostalgia hit her. Why, oh why, did she ever leave? Why, oh why, did she ever think this would work out?

She was suffering for it now, and making sure the bastard who took her away was suffering, too. This would be another way, another mark against him, as another of his powerful contacts fell. Soon, he’d have none. He’d be alone, and weak, in the world.

She reminded herself of that as she looked to Seth, the heir that had to die. He was upon the bed now, and she sauntered over to where he was, placing the glass of water aside on a tray on a drawer. Her chilly hand touched his shoulder and moved itself down to rest over his chest, mimicking her movement as she sat down right at his side and looked up from underneath her eyelashes to say, “Reiha Mizore,” she used her ‘maiden’ name rather than the name she had taken when she married Hamilton, “and I was merely a contact in the Hamilton company who knew your father well,” she answered him.

No true lies. No true truths, either, but that shouldn’t concern him as she let her hand slide down his chest to rest upon his upper thigh, “But it is not your father we should be thinking of.”

She meant to lean in to kiss him, but liquid fell over her, warming her in a terrible way.

She let out a shriek and saw the agent from earlier leaning in the doorway, holding an empty glass in one hand, and a half-full one in the other.

“Really, you are ridiculously easy, Reiha,”
Artemis commented, “and sloppy. Do you really think that kid wants his father and mother’s sloppy seconds?”

Rage, nothing but rage filled Reiha’s eyes, and the room dropped several degrees in a second. “Kid, get out of the room,” Artemis motioned behind her as she pushed herself from the doorway with a swagger hardly befitting a decent woman. “This lady and I have some business to take care of.”

Reiha caught herself before she could say something foolish, or reveal too much. She might still be able to get out of this with the assistance of Seth--and then the agent would take the blame for his death, not her. "I don't know what you're talking about," rage turned to confusion and hurt, and she turned those pained eyes on Seth. "Seth? Please, can't you get rid of her?"


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #13 on: February 03, 2016, 04:46:01 pm »
He was pleased she appreciated the authenticity of the interior and the Masamune was a definite sight to see. As she told him her name and whom she worked for. The Hamilton company, he remembered his father mentioning dealings with them.

When he felt her hand on his thigh, he looked her in the eyes and knew it was on. He was going to lean in to steal a kiss and then take her but they were interrupted when liquor splashed on him. Even he wasn't drunk enough to ignore that.

Agent Devonshire stood in the doorway with one glass empty and another half-full.
'This is not how I pictured a threesome happening.' What was more troubling was how Autumn knew her name as well, did they know each other? Or had she been watching them?

Sloppy seconds? What was she insinuating? That Reiha was responsible for the deaths of his parents? He turned to look at Reiha whom was fuming and it was almost as if the heat had gone on the fritz again because it instantly became cold in the room.

It seemed Agent Devonshire was going to attack Reiha, but why would she? And with what, the federal agent didn't even have a weapon out? Reiha turned a sad look to him and she was visibly frightened at the whole situation. He stood from the bed and shook his head. None of this was making any sense to him. She couldn't have come at a worse time, why not after they were done?

Clearly however, that wasn't the real issue. Agent Devonshire had a reason for barging in and couldn't of been a coincidence that both of these women he'd never met in his life before just randomly approached him. Something was off. He grabbed the Masamune and yanked it out of it's sheath. He pointed the blade at both of them but diverted his attention at Autumn.

Nothing worse than a drunken man with a katana.
"Now, I want to know the truth. What the hell are you doing here? I'm not going anywhere until I found what's going on here and neither are any of you. I will shut this entire party down, kick everyone out and lock us in here if I have too."

Someone was lying to him and he was done with being lied too.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #14 on: February 04, 2016, 03:01:49 am »
A drunk man with a katana—well this was going swimmingly. Reiha only looked more horrified, perhaps realizing subtlety was not going to work for her, “You’ve never killed someone who was aware of your intentions before, have you?” Artemis spoke coolly, addressing the creature before she flicked her eyes up to the man with the sword, “I’ve got nothing but time,” she said with a crooked smile, “but I really hate involving civilians. However, this is a personal thing, isn’t it, Reiha?”

“I do not know what you are talking about,”
her voice shook, but it was not with fear. “I do not know what you mean, but you must leave.”

“No, hun, that’s not going to happen. I’ve been tracking you. Took long enough to figure out what you are—your kind aren’t common here, though,”
again, her gaze flicked Seth, “You must know something about Japan,” a gesture out at the room, “Ever hear of a Yuki-Onna?”

And then, the smile vanished, “Or Reiha Hamilton, wife of Michael Hamilton, who had a daughter who died in the same way as your parents?” It was twisted how Reiha killed her own daughter, just to hurt Michael, but there it was. “Very Medea-esque, really, Reiha. Props for sticking to the classics.”

Reiha was smart enough not to react, but the tears that came to her eyes glistened and froze as they moved down her cheeks, and Artemis knew she’d won round one of convincing the civilian that this thing might, in fact, have meant him ill. “That sword won’t do you much good, kid,” Artemis noted, “Against me, yes. Not her.”

Still, Reiha shook her head, “It is not like that. It is not like that,” she repeated, apparently not that good at confrontation at all, or perhaps her game was to win sympathy. It wasn’t breaking Artemis, of course, but she was used to these kinds of creatures.

How it was working on the horny drunk though, was to be seen.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2016, 04:50:27 pm »
The more Agent Devonshire spoke, the more ridiculous all of this was sounding. He looked at Reiha who seemed to deny all of her accusations. He honestly didn't know what to believe until Autumn spoke to him over Japan. Seth was quite knowledgeable when it came to the culture and history of Japan. Upon hearing of her implication that Reiha was actually a Yuki-Onna, Seth burst out laughing, stumbling in the process as well.

"You can't be serious! I am aware of Yuki-Onnas and the stories behind them but that's just it. They're just stories."

His father had attended the funeral of Michael Hamilton's daughter but he had no idea that Reiha was his wife. He didn't look too much into the case but then there were coincidences. Reiha was Japanese, she was unbearably cold, her touch and presence itself but still could that be enough? What was also strange how his parents died, the icy blue lips and ghastly chill on their bodies.

All signs pointed to Yuki-Onna but if those were real then what stopped werewolves, vampires, mummies and all that other crap from being real? The doctors couldn't explain it and who would believe that a Japanese snow spirit killed his parents? He looked at Reiha who had been crying and the tears froze on her cheeks. That was very off. It was hardly below zero or freezing point for her tears to just solidify on her face.

"What the hell are you? Did.. did you kill my parents?" Seth gripped the hilt of the katana and angrily ground his teeth as he stared at Reiha. "Answer me, bitch!" He screamed but it was for nothing because he didn't wait for her to answer. He bound across the room and swung the katana at Reiha in attempt to remove her head off her shoulders or at least mortally wound her.

He wasn't thinking straight, he was drunk and a federal agent was witnessing him attempt to commit murder. As the blade swung to strike Reiha, he knew there was no going back. How good were the team of lawyers his parents had on retainer? All that didn't seem to matter. If she really was a Yuki-Onna, he could possibly be screwed for attacking her so wildly.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: February 14, 2016, 04:49:29 am »
Artemis did not even flinch when Seth burst into laughter, but kept her gaze and her poise steady, waiting for it all to sink into his addled mind. It seemed that the tear was, in fact, enough to start making it click. ‘And perhaps I can just get him drunker afterwards so he thinks he just got especially lucky tonight.’ Worth a shot.

Or probably six shots.

Either way. “Seth, don’t—!” Not that it mattered. Drunk, angry, and now probably with blue balls, the mourning son lashed out at Reiha and tried to behead her. “Fucking idiot,” she’d just told him that wasn’t going to work, too, and she couldn’t help but facepalm at his attempt.

It physically hurt to watch the stupidity of civilians sometimes.

Reiha, of course, stood where she was. Her sorrowful expression turned dumbfounded. The blade went right through her like water, and for a brief moment there was a line at her neck, and it bled water…and then froze, keeping her head in place as the wound healed over almost immediately. “Really, did you really fucking think that would work?” Artemis couldn’t help but ask.

The sorrow melted from Reiha. The fake tears ceased as the blade took with it some of the water, and started to freeze.

She breathed out an icy, “Yes,” as answer to Seth’s question, “For all Hamilton did, he deserves to be as alone in this world as I am.”

Artemis thought again as Reiha moved to Seth and reached out for his blade, to freeze it further and lower it—it did not scare her, of course. He could plunge it through her cold heart and it would not scare her.

She didn’t get far, though.

Artemis threw the rest of her liquor at Reiha, “Hey, bitch, he’s not the one who knows how to kill you. Focus here.” As she said it, she took a box of matches into sight, not at all hiding it. It wasn’t the matches she intended to use, after all. With all the liquor on her, Artemis didn’t need much to destroy the woman.

Reiha focused immediately with the threat of fire, whipping right around and moving far faster than a cold creature should be able to, grasping Artemis’s hand and holding it up high as she pulled Artemis close and snaked her other arm around Artemis’s waist, pinning Artemis’s arm to her side.


Not what Artemis was hoping for. Her other hand held the lighter, but now, this was going to hurt.

Well, burn.

Before Reiha could steal her breath and freeze her blood with a kiss, Artemis flicked the lighter on and caught the flesh of Reiha’s arm, which immediately took to the flame and burned up her form, steam rising.

Of course, proximity-wise, Artemis’s own clothing caught fire and she felt the heat on her skin. ‘Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.’ The mantra of the hunter, as Artemis tried to escape the burning cage she’d turned the Yuki-Onna into.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #17 on: February 19, 2016, 06:22:55 am »
'No fucking way.' He thought to himself as the blade passed through her and any human being would've been dead. But no blood. Just water dribbled from the wound he left on her throat.

"I don't see you with any bright ideas!" Reiha confirmed that she was the murderer of his family. Reiha grabbed and lowered the blade of the katana and he felt the cold run up his arms. He watched Autumn douse Reiha with her liquor and pull out a book of matches.

The Yuki-Onna pinned Autumn to the wall and everything happened so fast. One moment it looked like they were about to kiss, the next they were both on fire. Reiha screamed in pain and he couldn't believe it was so simple to kill her. He grabbed his glass of whiskey and tossed it at her fury.
"Burn you fucking bitch!"

The fire roared in gigantic blaze as it engulfed Reiha like a greedy beast. He soon realized Autumn would also be burned alive. He pulled a blanket off the bed and literally had to tackle her out of Reiha's grip with the blanket. He quickly used it to put out the fire, albeit roughly.

He turned around and looked at the burning figure which was intent on taking them down with her. He unstrapped a pistol he had on his ankle because one could never know. He wasn't sure whether bullets would kill or damage her but he didn't care. Shot after shot she stumbled back and he stood up, continuing to shoot. The music was very loud underneath them and no one would hear the gunfire.

He emptied the last of his magazine into what should've been her head. The slide on the pistol locked back and when he couldn't fire anymore, he threw the gun at her. He watched her burn and smolder with no expression on his face. Revenge felt good but it still didn't bring his parents back to life.
"I'll see you in Hell, you fuck."

He turned to look at Agent Devonshire and offered a hand to help her up. "Thank you, Agent--, thank you Autumn."

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #18 on: February 19, 2016, 06:45:27 am »
The string of cursing intensified with the heat, and Artemis bit down on her cheek to keep from crying out, not trusting the loud music below. Fortunately, Seth didn’t leave her to burn. He managed to tackle her as the flames licked at her face, blanket held to ensure he didn’t get burned himself, and to remove the flames. The treatment wasn’t gentle, but she didn’t expect that.

Needs came first. The fire was put out, and Artemis curled up beneath the blanket, trying to register how badly burned she was before moving—and how much of her dress remained. ‘Not very much.’

As the gun rang out, Artemis uncurled herself and wrapped the blanket around her form. She used the back of her left hand to check a few places that felt particularly warm, and then combed through her hair to figure out if she had lost it all. ‘Nope.’ The brunette locks were still all there, uncharred. The flesh was reddened. Some of it would likely blister, her left side in particular where the Yuki-Onna had first taken to fire when Artemis lit up her arm, but nothing severe.

Nothing she wasn’t used to.

Just as the bullets were exhausted, and Artemis thought to rise, Seth remembered her and offered his hand. She cocked a smile as she took his hand and rose. ‘One more thing.’ Get him drunk, and make him forget. “Artemis,” she found herself saying, in spite of it all. Her eyes moved to the burnt floor where nothing was. The Yuki-Onna had melted and evaporated. Gone. “Autumn Devonshire doesn’t exist,” she let him in on the secret, “FBI doesn’t know how to handle these things. Had enough run-ins with them to learn that.”

Hand in his, she briefly shook his before letting it go, since that was a more ‘proper’ introduction. “Sorry you had to deal with that, kid.” She said.

It was usually better for people to never know—but he’d forget in a drunken stupor. She had to keep believing that. “Let’s, ah…well I’d say let’s get you more to drink, but I can’t really go down to the party unless you want to make it a toga party,” she chuckled at her own humor. “I don’t think your guests would like that very much.”


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #19 on: February 25, 2016, 03:28:56 am »
He knew something was off about her, but he couldn't pinpoint it. She did behave strangely to be an FBI agent, were she an actual federal agent, surely several other federal agents would've raided the house and locked down the party to seize Reiha.

"What is it with you women trying to get me drunk tonight? One tried to kill me and you lied to me," He smirked and looked at her torn and tattered clothing. "You can stop calling me kid by the way, you're not much older than me. It's Seth..., Artemis."

He almost looked as if he were talking to himself, his finger resting on the earpiece microphone. 'Bottle of rum, liter of Coke, Jose Cuervo and some shot glasses.' He said in whisper and turned to look at her. Despite her burnt clothing, he actually started to check her out. He wasn't sure if it was the major buzz going on but she was pretty hot.

"Perks of being rich I guess. I'd offer you a set of clothing but I don't believe you'd enjoy my shirts and jeans."

He looked at where Reiha had evaporated and frowned. She mentioned something about the FBI not being able to handle 'these things'. She made it seem like she had dealt with these things in the past. She had been hunting Reiha and knew just how to deal with the Yuki-Onna. This opened so many doors to things he believed to be mere tales.

"So, how long have you been hunting these things? That's what you are, right? Some sort of hunter? What else is out there?" Before she could answer, Barney, his head butler entered the room with a tray holding the drinks he ordered.

"Oh! I didn't know you had company, Master Sterling. Let me just set his down."
"That will be all, Barney."
"Very good, sir. Madam." He bowed and quickly left them to their privacy, shutting the door behind him.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #20 on: February 25, 2016, 04:02:59 am »
Artemis allowed a shrug of her shoulders at his question, “Can’t make you seem consciously easy, can we?” Rich people had reputations to maintain. Well, that, and Artemis needed him to just associate this insanity with drunkenness and blacking out. But if she told him that, he wouldn’t drink. “I kind of like Kid. Habit with civilians,” they just…felt younger than her.

Unwilling to believe. Unwilling to listen, to see—she’d given up reasoning with most. They were just stubborn children. “But fine, Seth it is. I guess you do like some unchildish things,” it was painfully obvious how much he was checking her out, and so she let the blanket drop, “I’ve worn worse things. Like this,” burnt clothing wasn’t exactly in style.

She glanced almost longingly at the bottle, annoyed all of Reiha’s clothing burned, too. Then her attention was drawn to the door as more alcohol was brought, and she smirked a bit at the man who was quick to dismiss himself. She walked to where the liquor was and poured herself a glass, as well as one for Seth, clearly making it stronger than her own as she offered it out to him, “I’ve been at this since…well, I think I was six or seven. It blurs,” she shook the glass a bit in the gesture for him to take it. “So almost twenty years now.”

A little smirk, “Did you think I was that old?” Twenty five years now, and this was all her life had been. Hunting.

All because her city had to come to life and devour most everyone in it.

She could have had a normal life, but no hunter ever did. They were either born into it, or forced into by circumstance. She had been the latter, though it always felt like she was born into it. “As for what else is out there, ki—Seth,” she corrected herself, “Just about anything you can think of. I’ve even danced with devils,” demons. Apparently the actual Devil, Satan Himself, had been killed in the Victorian Era in England.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #21 on: March 02, 2016, 04:36:20 pm »
He took the glass and added a splash of Coke and some ice cubes into it. He listened to her as she spoke, dulling himself with more liquor. Twenty years? Now that was something, she had to be an expert at this point then right? He also smirked at her question, shrugging his shoulders.

"Haha well you fooled me once already today. Why should I believe anything you say?" But he would in regards to the hunting. She clearly knew what she was doing. He finished the glass of rum and Coke and poured two shots of Cuervo. He handed her one and then took another himself.

He raised a toast.
"To Reiha. May she burn in Hell." He drank the shot, wrinkled his face for less than a second. Even demons? How did one even kill those things? Could that mean angels existed as well? What killed them? He had a lot of supernatural literature that he used to read as a kid. Perhaps he still had them.

He unbuttoned suit jacket and his dress shirt, shrugging them off. He kept his tank top on however, he had a feeling the mood wasn't going that way but it could change. He wasn't some lazy fat cat, he actually cared about his health and image, keeping a lean, muscled build. He picked up the pistol he used against Reiha, ejected the empty magazine and slid the barrel back into place. He holstered the weapon back at his ankle.
"I figured you shouldn't be the only one with a lack of clothing."

Maybe it was the liquor. His clouded judgment led him to say something he himself didn't believe in until after it left his lips. "Although Reiha is dead, killing her wasn't as satisfying as I thought. It didn't bring my parents back. I think you and I make a pretty good team," He looked at the puddle that had been left of Reiha. "Of course, I could use your help refining my supernatural hunting technique but I can handle myself. I am no stranger to hunting wild game, even big game. I want to hunt the supernatural and make sure no one else suffers what my parents did. In the end, I have the resources you would need."

He wasn't one to flaunt his wealth around but he pulled out a stack of money in a clip, all 100s. "Even if you do not want to work with me. For your troubles." He handed her the stack of cash, it was at least five grand. Seth had so much damn money he didn't know how or where to spend it.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
« Reply #22 on: March 03, 2016, 01:21:49 am »
“You shouldn’t.”

Artemis’s words weren’t without truth. A hunter had to be a liar—all of their words should be questioned by outsiders, even the fact they were a hunter. However, she would let him learn that lesson the hard way.

She raised her shot as he toasted, and shot it back. Her mind started to buzz pleasantly then, but it was nothing unusual for her. Many hunters became alcoholics. She hadn’t crossed that line yet, but god knew she wasn’t far from it some days. The day Anthony had gone to the hospital, she’d nearly drunk herself into a coma. ‘And yet here I am.’ It wasn’t even that long ago.

Her fingers itched to try and call him again, let him know a mission was done, but to what end? He was likely still out of it. “I appreciate the sentiment,” she said, making a point to look Seth over once he had rid himself of the excess clothing, and then to chuckle and shake her head at the ridiculous situation.

To her, anyway. It was clearly something of importance to Seth. “Hun, I already have a partner. He's just in the hospital right now,” she told him when he offered himself up to the task of hunting. “Besides, no offense—I mean, you’re in great shape—but you’re…old. Most of us get into this young. Child young,” Artemis said, tipping her cup with more ice in it than liquor towards him. “That mistake you pulled with Reiha was damn foolhardy.”

He had resources, though. He seemed to be offering them up, even then. She took the money immediately and quickly. She didn’t get paid well—she didn’t get paid at all, really.

Money was a tempting offer. It was also something their organization needed, and she glanced at the stack, trying to estimate how much it was worth. ‘Damn….’

They needed it. They might not need him, but they needed the money. “Look, Seth,” she made a point not to use ‘kid’, “How do I know you can handle this? You're caught in the heat of the moment now, and, all offense meant, you’re a rich brat who probably isn’t good at taking orders, and doesn’t know anything about the supernatural—at this age, how do I know you’re gonna learn anything and take orders from those of us who know what we’re doing?” She added, “Because I’m not going to get myself killed over new blood, and that’s what can happen in this business—it isn’t like losing a million in the stock market. We’re dealing with lives. You can’t get those—” she stopped herself, frowned, “—you can’t often get those back. There are liches. I like to forget about them. And if you fuck up with a demon, you won't even have an afterlife."


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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'Everyone has a price.' It was those who believed they didn't whom were the problematic. She enthusiastically took the cash from him and he knew it had to hurt her intentions, whatever they were, to a halt as he could prove useful. Seth stayed out of the public eye but his wealth was one of his many strengths.

"Had I known I was the bait, I wouldn't as easily thrown myself at her like that. Besides, you assume to know me but you know nothing, Jon Snow." He didn't know why he was quoting Ygritte, the liquor most likely. "You name a fighting style and i guarantee I'll sit you on your ass or put up a good fight at least. What does that say about me? I do not lack discipline and take my training seriously."

He poured two more shots of Cuervo and offered her another. He raised a toast. "I know what you're thinking, Tai Chi and Sambo aren't going to do shit against a demon but I will put my focus into learning what you teach and surpass you, sweetheart." He smirked and gave her a light shove on her shoulder. "You also assume I don't know about the supernatural. Not knowing and not believing are two separate things, Artemis. I chose not to believe the demon attack of the late 1800s. Long story short, I know my shit."

He stared at the giant wad of cash still in her hand. "It's all I had on me, sorry." He threw back the shot of Cuervo and dropped his ass on the bed like a bag of rocks. He was way past the point of caring at this point.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Seth just had to quote Game of Thrones, didn’t he? Artemis put on a disapproving look, as she’d done whenever Johnny quoted it, but let him finish speaking. ‘I am hardly House Stark.’ The wolves were not wolves, they were sheep to the slaughter. “Johnny is going to love you…,” she muttered.

He spoke of his discipline, while getting intoxicated. He spoke of the demons of the 1800s, which did cause her to arch an eyebrow. She held the shot he handed her, but this time, she didn’t shoot it. She set it aside. He seemed to be getting lost in his own intoxication and desire to join the fight.

She walked towards him on the bed, scooping up his suit jacket and draping it over her shoulders, putting the cash within, “I’m taking this,” she told him as she put a hand on his shoulder. Her other had found a phone within the suit’s pocket, and in front of him, she added her number, “Listen. You’re drunk and you’re angry. So, you’re going to take a nap. When you wake up, hungover, if you’re still interested, call me.”

She dialed her number so it’d be apparent it worked. A few chords of Bad Company played before she ceased dialing and dropped the phone in his lap. “I won’t be far from here, just a couple hours. Gotta get checked in at a hospital.” The same one Anthony was at. She could stay closer, but they dealt with this one frequently enough. “All right?”


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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'Bad Company. Nice.' At least she had a good taste in music. He nodded in agreement, no good decisions were ever really made with a head full of liquor. Still, it was a burning hot desire in his heart that demonstrated he really wanted this.

[color=maroon"You know where to find but whatever happens, I will be in touch, Artemis."[/color]

When she left, he sighed and ordered some of the servants to come in and clean up the mess that had been made. Liquor, shell casings, burnt blankets, nothing out of the ordinary huh? Seth didn't have to explain anything to anyone as long a the paychecks came on time.

He returned downstairs where the festivities were still underway, but dying down somewhat. People were dancing, drinking and conversing. There was a group of girls talking by the bar, Seth was drunk enough to not give a damn anymore. They were all attractive, a redhead, a brunette and a blonde. He didn't care to ask for their names.

He whispered into the redhead's ear, she recognized him and then spoke to her friends for a moment.
"Come with me, ladies. Let's bring this party back to my room."

They were all drunk and sloppily made their way to his luxurious and grand master bedroom. Hours later his floor was littered with heels, bras, underwear and thongs, pantyhose and their dresses they wore. All three women were curled up on his massive California King-sized mattress and Seth was in the middle. They were merely a distraction for the night and his while his mind was still swimming and the room was spinning, he couldn't stop thinking about the events that transpired that night.

Around this time, the music had stopped and he could hear every so often, footsteps from his house staff and light chatter. They were cleaning up. Seth couldn't sleep, he continued to take drags from the joint in hopes that it would make him drowsy enough to fall asleep. His eyes finally shut and sleep began to settle in when he felt them stirring in his bed.

He heard them giggling and felt soft, chilly hands on his chest and his eyes opened to find the redhead straddling him.

"Can't you see I'm sleeping?"
"You shouldn't of asked all three of us to come up if you couldn't handle us all." said the blonde as she lit a cigarette and started putting on her clothes.

"When will we see you again, Seth?"
"If I'm up for it, I'll call you again. Get dressed, there's a car waiting for you outside."

When the girls left, Seth sighed and also got dressed. He'd made up his mind. Using his wealth to throw parties and hook up with random girls was a waste, he could put it to better use hunting the supernatural with Artemis and her partners. He retreated to his study and found the dusty books of the supernatural he had long put away. They consisted of myths, various tales and stories of different supernaturals from other cultures.

Other than dozens of accounts of horned and winged fire-breathing creatures sighted throughout the world at the end of the 19th century, there were no actual photographs or actual evidence. By now, everyone had forgotten it had even happened. Seth turned to the chapter about demons.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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The green truck was waiting for her, ruined though it was, and Artemis hopped into the driver’s seat, imagining she’d never hear from Seth again. ‘Even so.’ She took the phone into her hands again and dialed Johnny, pleased her cover had protected the phone from the fire.


Johnny was so not happy with her, “Found another Game of Thrones fan. He seems to think I’m a wolf. His name’s Seth. He might be joining us.” Artemis keyed the ignition, “He may or may not be the heir to a fortune, and may or may not have seen the Yuki-Onna.”

“Did you finish that already?”

“Of course I did. Checking myself into the hospital now. Burns.”

“God dam—I’ll meet you there.”

Artemis heard him hang up, and she followed suit, driving off to get to the hospital and thinking of how she might explain why she was so injured. ‘Well I suppose I don’t have to explain.’ Lies swam through her head as the radio played her favorite jams all the way back to the hospital. It was evening by then, dusk painting the sky and casting a glow over the hospital.

People moved to and fro. There were nurses outside with cigarettes and coffee. Artemis drove by them on her way to the patient’s parking, and then stepped out, bundling the stolen jacket closer around herself as she walked on unsteady feet towards the doors.

“You’re Artemis.”

Artemis looked immediately to her left for the source of the voice, and found it in a woman sitting upon the bricks that lined the path to the hospital. “Forgive me for being abrupt. I’ve been waiting a while for you.” The woman slid off her perch, landing neatly on her heels. No doubt, she was wearing a dress beneath her peacoat, but the coat covered it completely as she looked up to meet Artemis’s gaze, gray eyes calm.

“Do I know you?”

the platinum blonde woman answered, shaking her head, “Anthony mentioned you while he was awake—I’m sorry, by the way. He is going to need to sleep for a while. I did what I could,” Artemis’s eyebrows started to knit together, worry and anger rising, “Where did you go today? What creature?”

“Are you a hunter?”

“No,” the woman denied.

“Then I don’t need to tell you anything.”

“No,” she agreed, “but I’ll tell you what I did to Anthony if you tell me.”

“You’ll tell me—”
she reached for a gun that wasn’t there, left in the truck because the hospital didn’t require them. Embarrassment tinted her cheeks.

The woman gave her an unreadable smile. “If I tell you first, will you tell me?”


“I need a yes.”


“Enochian magic. He’s going to live. He wasn’t going to earlier. You won’t see the markings on him.”

‘Enochian? But—’
“How do you know Enochian?”

“Mm. What were you hunting?”

“A Yuki-Onna! Who are you?”

The woman shook her head. She looked disappointed, “Sorry. You only get one question. You wanted to know what I did to Anthony, so I told you. When he wakes up, he has my name.”

“Hey, that’s—”
as Artemis moved to follow, a Rottweiler leapt into her path and gave her a daring glare, a low growl escaping it, before it turned to follow after the woman in the dark coat. Artemis paused, noticing first the glow around the dog’s collar, and then a feather in the woman’s hands.

A cloud passed over the sun, shade falling and darkening the area.

And then, the woman was gone, the ashes of the feather blowing away.

Artemis turned and walked on towards the hospital doors, bewildered but mute. Johnny was there, and he immediately got her checked into the same room as Anthony, where her burns were treated and she was able to see how calmly Anthony was resting now.

Johnny ranted for a while, as Artemis resisted the drugs supposed to put her to sleep. “Hey, Johnny. There any ghost stories about this hospital?”


“Or black dog stories?”

“Not that I know of. Why?” 

“Hm. I think I saw one…,”
but then, she drifted off, and on waking she’d think it just a trick of the drugs in the first place. It was too odd to be anything else, even in her line of work.


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Demons were a scary bunch, from what he read they fed on human souls. Is that what Artemis meant about how sometimes you could lose your soul? There wasn't too much in his readings in what happened to someone who loses their soul. He shut the book and couldn't read anymore.

He entered his massive dojo/weight room in the back of the house. If there was something that could get his mind off what happened last night, it was the iron. Before hitting the weight, he ran a couple of miles on the treadmill and finished, dripping with sweat. He knew he was going to have to beef up to fight the supernatural.

He was sure most supernatural beings could overpower him but strengthening his body couldn't hurt. He began slamming a sledgehammer into a tire over and over until he was sore in his back, arms and chest. It wasn't until he was finishing his workout with deadlifts that Barney, his head of staff's voice, crackled into his earpiece.

"Sir, there's a young woman here to see you. Very pretty might I add..," That last part was whispered. Older, but Barney was still a dog. "She is inquiring over her Japanese friend who attended the festivities last night. She is saying she never came home last night."

Seth's eyes widened and didn't answer right away. Was it Artemis? No, it couldn't be. They were past all this foreplay already, was it another Yuki-Onna? Someone who knew Reiha? He wasn't going to beat around the bush.

"Y-yes, Barney. Escort her to the weight room, I'll be waiting for her here."

He was rattled alright. He considered calling Artemis for advice, but what if this was a test? Whether Seth could keep his cool?

"Seth.. Seth.. Seth!"
"That shit isn't going to pick itself up, come on!"

He looked down, he was shirtless and saw the bar was loaded with six plates on each side. She was ruining his workout. Whoever this woman was. He slapped on some lifting chalk on his hands and tightened the belt around his waist. Seth took a grip of the bar, one hand pronated, the other supinated, lowered his hips to the bar and pulled. The 585 pounds slowly went up and Seth roared as it climbed over his shins and knees, his face going a bright red.

"Up! Up! Lock that shit out!" His coach screamed.
"FuuuuUUUUUUCK!" Seth yelled, as he pushed his hips forward and locked out the weight at the top of the movement. He held the weight in his hands for as long as he could, muscles taut and veins bulging out. When he saw the platinum blonde woman before him, he let go of the bar and let it crash down.

The loud crash boomed throughout the room and Seth narrowed his eyes at her.

"Yeah baby! That's what I'm talking about, nice pull, Seth!"
"Take five, Tony. Got some business to take care of." Seth said, without taking his eyes off the woman.

Barney cleared his throat and introduced them.
"Miss, may I present you to Seth Sterling. Sir, this is Miss.." Barney realized he hadn't even asked her name.

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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Jean-Baptiste’s trick with the feather was an unkind trick.

The blonde woman stumbled through that brief tear in space, Rottweiler at her side, and tried to keep her feet and keep walking. She’d gotten better at that part, as the feather dissolved to dust and faded away. “No, I don’t remember where I left the car,” she told the dog as he let out a whine, not a fan of the fast travel. “It’s late, isn’t it?” The home they stood before seemed to be clearing of people, guests who didn’t know how to have a funeral.

She stared upon the cars that left. “I suppose it can wait until morning. If she is dead, this is another dead end anyway. Come,” a snap of her fingers, and she turned away from the home.

She would return there the next morning, cleansed refreshed, platinum hair put up in a messy bun, dress something that might be the norm on certain streets in Japan. In truth, the young woman had simply fallen in love with the ‘Lolita’ fashions, as they were a twisted variant of the style from her own time, but it also fit the circumstances.

A Japanese woman was missing—one Seren intended to claim as a friend. So she walked confidently up to the home in a black, Gothic Lolita dress.

An older man answered and met the young woman at the door to the large home. She smiled at him and spun her lie of a Japanese woman which worked spectacularly. It seemed this Yuki-Onna followed the norm. There was no way she would have gotten seen that quickly matter how pretty she was.

"Baali, stay,"
she cooed to the Rottweiler. The dog let out a huff, then laid down.

She turned a smile to the older man, "I will follow," she indicated, and let the man lead the way, looking idly around the home. It was spacious and well decorated, but screamed of new blood. It was gaudy and decorated with too many different cultures to be Old Blood.

The weight room at least kept a single theme. The man of the hour dropped his weight on seeing her, causing a wicked grin to cross her lips.

It vanished quickly.

Seth Sterling joined them and the woman locked her hands behind her back. An introduction was attempted, but the woman spoke as if words hadn't been left hanging. She didn’t even offer a gloved hand to shake, and didn’t seem impressed with his sweaty and half-nude self, though certainly most women would have swooned at the sight.

The woman still held all the aura of aristocracy, and all the poise of a long-dead time. “Thank you for seeing me, Seth. My condolences for your loss. I know the pain of having to bury parents.” All too well.

She continued, her grey eyes remaining calm upon him, “I was hoping you knew my friend Yuki Onna”  she spoke it as if it were a name, certain the servant wouldn't understand it. If Seth did, that was enough. If not, it was another wasted trip. “She was a friend of Roy and came to see him off, but she was staying with me while in town. Do you know where she is?”


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Re: Monster-of-the-Week [Closed]
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Her parents had died as well? For a moment, he sympathized with the mysterious younger woman. That all disappeared when it came back to him that she knew too much already. "I'm sorry for your loss." He said respectfully.

"May I offer you anything miss? Water, coffee, tea--"
"She's fine, Barn. Leave us."

Barney nodded, he knew something about the woman was bothering Seth and he made no fuss. Barney silently left the weight room and suddenly they were both alone in the room. Exhaustion began to settle in and Seth walked to grab a towel and began to wipe the glistening sweat off of himself.

The towel hung around his neck as he approached the woman and listened to her talk. Yuki-Onna was not Reiha's name. He narrowed his eyes at that and he didn't even follow her question.

"Walk with me.." He began making his way to the juice bar which was unattended. He walked around the counter and began chopping up a banana and strawberries. He poured milk, the chopped up fruit, two scoops of chocolate whey protein, peanut butter and some steel cut oats. "Protein shake?"

He didn't expect her to say yes so he began blending the shake.  He drank straight from the blender and continued to glare at her.

"Who the hell are you? Did Artemis send you? What game is she playing?" He had a mind to call Artemis and ask what the hell is going on. But he held off, there was the chance that this woman was an interested third party. Another hunter? Word spread fast if that was the case.

"The Yuki-Onna is dead, we burned that bitch alive. You are now the third strange woman in 24 hours that has approached me talking some strange shit, I'm going to need some answers, lady."