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Mirrored. [closed]
« on: September 14, 2013, 07:37:14 pm »
transferred from other places far beyond.

“Do you wish to live?” She asked softly, intimately, as she brushed his hair, sticky with blood, away from his ashen face. Her fingers were warm against his skin, thrummed with something more than the sympathy of a strange girl.

He laid in a growing pool of blood; his broken body moved not a muscle. He was at Death’s door. They had not showed him mercy, cared even less that the multiple cuts that covered his body were meant more for pain than the actual kill. The final blow was the single, gaping hole in the man’s back. It should have been instant, but for some reason, he still held on despite the blood loss, despite the shadow of death that hovered ever so close and waited for any sign of that fierce grip to loosen. So close, so tired. But she was there.

“Do you wish to live?” She asked once more, and her words seemed to encompass everything.

One, two, three.

He opened his mouth and breathed in.


2 years later...

She had told her to run, and so she did, but she didn’t expect three undead corpses, reanimated by
Angelo’s magicians, to follow her. In fact, she didn’t expect anything to come after her once she showed up, as the fine print in the contract had stated. Yet, there she was, Miss Bridget Combs, heiress of Tri-Comb Corp, alone and afraid for her life because her stupid father couldn’t find the right bodyguard to keep Angelo DiMarco, ex-boyfriend and former head of security of the same company, away after she broke it off. No, he had to pick the wispy, airheaded, slip of a girl and her stupid cat who had no legal documentation for employment, or a license for her supposed “craft.”

“Run,” the girl had commanded. “Don’t turn back.” That was a hour ago.

And she hadn’t, until she was cornered in the old, abandoned warehouse her father owned. By then there were six Reanimated, and none of them looked at all interested in a nice chat.

When Bridget realized she was going to die within the next few minutes, she screamed because there was nothing left to do but that. She curled up against the wall as the dead closed in, subdued. If only she hadn’t jilted the man who swore no one would have her but him; if only her father had picked someone more competent to protect her; if only she could fight back.

A jingle of bells and the brush of fur against her skin made her notice her eyes had closed. Before her with its back to her, sat a slick, black feline. Its tail twitched in irritation, unperturbed by the zombies that loomed closer. It lifted a paw, flexed, revealing little claws that seemed far too sharp for such a small creature.

“Cat,” Bridget said dumbly.

In turn, the cat twitched as if the single word caused some kind of tremor beneath its smooth fur. The skin visibly rippled and a crack resounded through the air. Then and then not, the cat had become something bigger. Hair still smooth, but shaggy, a feline quality to the arch of its... his… back. The man that knelt before her now was calm, electric blue eyes, the only thing that would ever make this man even close to ‘pretty,’ leveled evenly on the enemy before him. And then he smiled, and Bridget felt a sudden chill crawl up her spine.

It was then she noticed something else: the Reanimated had stopped in their tracks. They moved, in vain, to come closer, but their limbs would not budge from the spot. They were trapped by some unseen force… at least, until the Combs woman saw someone step into the single ray of light that filtered through the broken windows of the building.

“You!” Outrage or surprise, Bridget didn’t know what she felt at that moment.

Tabitha Tallon, her bodyguard, didn’t smile. “The damage to my wardrobe, plus the heads of the three magicians, times the amount of Undead I had to clean the estate of tonight has tripled the price of the contract. Don’t worry, Heiress Combs. Angelo DiMarco won’t bother you anymore after this mess. Silas, finish them.”

The cat turned human smiled grimly… and lunged.


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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His fingers flexed, tightening around the blade Tabitha's magic had granted him, and with a grin, he went to work. His movements, somewhat feline (a grace he never seemed able to rid himself of), were precise and executed with such violence that blood was immediate to splatter the walls. Behind him, the girl they were protecting was screaming, and the man couldn't help but give a subtle roll of his eyes. First, she couldn't utter more than one word, and now the screaming was so damn persistent that his ears were ringing.

"Shut her up, will you?" Silas asked as his blade went clean through one of the reanimated's arms. The damn thing was still standing, of course, but with another swipe through its neck, that didn't matter.

" Th-h-he c-c-cat..." Their charge had quieted a little, her eyes still wide, from shock he assumed.

"Ah, so she can say more than one word." He kicked another reanimated square in the chest, its body colliding hard into the wall. The thing took a moment to stand again, but soon enough it was back on its feet, ready for another round.

Honestly, he could do this all day, but he doubted that would suit Tabby very much. She must have realized he was playing around a bit, taking advantage of the only blow the reanimated called a fatality.

"You're costing us money, hurry up." Tabitha, always so tactful, with none of that grace anyone would expect from a woman. "And any property damage fees comes out of your pocket."

At that, Silas clicked his tongue, putting a quick end to the remaining reanimated, already regretting his stint with the previous one. They were going to need quite a bit of brick to fix the indention in the wall he had created. Even with two years under his belt, he'd sometimes forgotten the strength that came with this new body.

"All re-dead and accounted for." He sheathed his sword then, electric eyes on Tabitha, waiting. He then scratched his neck out of absentmindedness and the bells still fastened there jingled.

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post dump incoming...
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2013, 08:15:27 pm »
post dump incoming in order to catch up to where we left off.

She was not amused, especially toward the end of that little game. At least it ended on a slightly cleaner note than their last contract, which would have been considered easy money if her ‘cat’ hadn’t broken their target’s leg, which deducted from the bounty. Although undead entrails littered the floor and speckled their charge’s astonished face, she was okay… for the most part. Tabitha should have cared more, would have cared more, if the heiress wasn’t such a selfish, inconsiderate brat. She had thought, at first, that a good chase would do the Combs girl some good. Unfortunately, from the way Bridget scrunched her face and began to wail right after her near death experience, she was very wrong. Bodily harm would have cost a pretty penny; emotional damage however, well, Tabitha made sure in the contract clause that that would not cost too much.

Property damage on the other hand…

Tabitha sighed and made a mental tally of how much of that remaining reward they were going to get after this.

“Y-y-y-you could have f-f-f-f-finished this, b-b-b-but you l-l-l-left me?! O-o-o-once my father hears-“ Bridget hiccupped, sobbed, and buried her face in her hands.

“Your father and I had an arrangement. No harm will come to you as long as we’re around. My methods are never to be questioned; he signed for us knowing that fact.” Tabitha picked out a piece of flesh which had found its way on an already ravaged winter coat, her favorite one too. “Government Magic is hard to come by in these parts, and most wouldn’t bother with these sort of jobs because, honestly, there are more important things than guarding a self-centered woman who cheated on her ex with the head of human resources.” Bridget lift her head, her face every sign of petulance. “Your father can’t afford Government Magic. No one can, except the Industries who back it, so he had to look for something… under the radar. You should be happy you have someone who would choose to jeopardize his reputation in order to keep you safe.” Tabitha walked over to the whimpering heiress and offered her a hand up. “Due to the current state of affairs, I will be charging extra.”

The Combs woman got to her feet and brushed her hair back. All composure regained, she looked at Silas. “Is he a magician too? I’ve never heard of a shape shifter before…”

At that, Silas raised a brow and answered with all the simplicity of his being, “I’m a cat.”

Bridget opened her mouth, closed it, and came to terms with the fact she wasn’t dealing with ‘just a cat.’

Nor was she dealing with just a sharp tongued, slip of a girl either. “You said Angelo wouldn’t bother me anymore. Did you…?”

Tabitha shook her head. “I made it strictly known that I don’t kill the living; however, I gave Mr. DiMarco the incentive he needed to leave town.”

There was an ominous tone there that Bridget didn’t like, but she still asked despite the feeling. “How?”

“My methods are never to be questioned.” Tabitha walked off then, back to the path that would lead them to the Combs, lakeside manor. “I’ll tell your father to send someone to dispose of the bodies in the morning. He will have to cremate them.”


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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The apartment was the usual mess when they had returned from the Combs's lakeside manor. The girl, Bridget, had been bawling, telling her father every little detail; however, since the pair of them had kept Daddy's little girl safe (Tabitha was very adamant about that fact) they'd gotten paid well enough, if not without a few deductions.

Silas had taken to being a cat once more, walking around the various items and trash that littered the floor, and jumped onto the window pane. Most of the things on the floor belonged to Tabitha, Silas's needs being pretty small, especially when Tabby had told the landlord only one person would be residing here. It had been a way to save money, she had insisted when she finally explained that he would spend every night sleeping in a box.

Although, Silas had broken the rule occasionally, slipping into Tabitha's bed when she was far too deep in sleep to notice. There, he'd savor the feeling of a bed, a luxury in his new life much as it was in his old. She'd only caught him once, and the retribution was almost bad enough to cost him one of his nine lives. Still, sometimes he found it worth the risk to try again.

"The way this apartment is, one would think you're the animal, Tabs." Silas's bell jingled as he raised one black paw, cleaning it carefully.

The magician said nothing in response, ignoring him for her budgeting on her tablet while sitting on her much more comfortable bed.

"And animals..." he continued, jumping down from the window pane soundlessly, narrowly avoiding an empty chip bag before bounding onto the bed, shifting into his human form right before his body met with the mattress, its metal coils creaking under his weight. "Shouldn't be on the bed."

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Tabitha glared at Silas as he flopped onto the single bed, his long frame nearly scooting her off when it was usually the reverse. Still, she wasn’t asleep, so the magician didn’t punish him… this time, anyway. She watched him as he wrapped his arms around her pillow and buried his face in its feathery depths, obviously content. Tabitha shook her head in quiet disapproval. “Don’t you dare fall asleep, Cat. If you drool on my pillow, you’ll be sleeping outside.”

Silas waved a hand at her and continued on with cuddling with her one and only pillow. “I’m serious,” she said, although her voice lacked the conviction it usually held when he tried to get away with something. She watched him a little longer, wondered if her threat fell on deaf ears or if he was testing the boundaries a little more. “Silas…?” He didn’t move, and Tabitha poked his side. “Silas? Oh come on, you can’t be asleep already. I know you’re faking.” But no matter how much she prodded, her dark-haired partner did not move a single inch. He was out like a light, and Tabitha contemplated, just for a moment anyway, whether or not to push him off while she had the chance.

In the end, she chose to spare him; after all, it was a bit of a rough night with the snotty heiress and all. Of course, she wished he had taken a shower before he climbed into bed, but then again, she needed a shower too. There was still work that needed to be done though, so that wasn’t much of an option at the moment. Neither was sleep – something she lacked for the past couple of days.

On her tablet she crunched numbers and made a few calls. The few connections she had left in the city helped her find a couple of more jobs, promising, if anything. A couple more hung around the Industries too much, and those jobs she declined for her own reasons. As an unlicensed magician, an illegal magician, she had to stay away from the Industries or else they would crucify her on the spot. They were the power behind Government owned magic, and she would rather die than get anywhere near them. Not to mention, what they would do to Silas, the only one of his kind…

Scrolling through the ads supplied to her by her ‘agent’ of sorts, she found one that sounded more in her alley anyway. Government magic didn’t reach into the suburban areas, least of all country. Any job there was safe, and so she stuck with a simple Reanimated job. They could live off of the reward money for Reanimated jobs for a good week especially with the number of undead that roamed the country these days. It would be messy, but at least Silas would be able to stretch his legs.

Speaking of which, he had turned on his back, arm over his head, the other over his stomach. One of his legs dangled off the bed while the other laid comfortably snug against her thigh. Long lashes against skin, his chest arose with every deep breath he made, and the image of the lethal killer from earlier was reduced to that of a grown man with a sweet face in the throes of sleep. “I’m going to push you off,” she threatened halfheartedly. Even as she got up and went around the bed to pull his dangling leg onto the mattress, Tabitha knew her threats wouldn’t have any effect at that point. Instead, she picked up the blanket from the cluttered floor, shook it out, and covered Silas.

Later on, when she had finished a long shower that took off most of the grime from their earlier mission, she returned to Silas’s side dressed in his sweatpants two sizes too large for her and a ratty, old sweatshirt. She laid on top of the blanket, back to him, and continued on researching through her tablet.

Tabitha didn’t make it two pages in before she too drifted into dreams.


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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That night was one of the few that went uninterrupted by any of the usual visions that haunted his dreams. There was no violence, no blood, no death. It was a pure and comfortable silence, and he only stirred due to the presence of another, her breath hot on his skin.

Tabitha rested only a few inches away from him, curled inwards, the blankets tangled around her feet as though she had kicked them off only to give up half way through. The small space between them was occupied by her tablet, a constant in her hands when they were in the apartment, the screen black now with the hint of a needed charge. Silas smiled, amused at the thought of typical Tabby working herself to the point of exhaustion, to looking as defenseless as she did right now.

For a moment, he watched her, noting her delicate features, so much sharper when those eyes were wide and alert, constantly narrowing at his person. The quietness between them was almost broken as a soft snore escaped Tabitha's lips, Silas quick to stifle a snort. He would have enjoyed the opportunity to lord that over her, but thought better of it. If he had been tired, he could only imagine how exhausted this girl must be.

The magician moved a little then, and the familiar began to think the moment was over, that now, Tabitha would stir and the first thing to go was his ass out of the bed. However, she surprised him, for she didn't wake, and instead, moved in ever so closer, shivering just a little.

Cold are you? Well, you did this to yourself, Silas thought, blue eyes looking back at the blankets wrapped around her feet. "I suppose I'll save you." He whispered, the sound barely escaping his lips as he used one arm to pull Tabitha closer to his chest, her head quickly making use of his arm as a sort of make shift pillow.

She seemed far more comfortable now, oblivious to the fact that they were snuggled so close together. Surely, she'd try to kill him in the morning.

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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She dreamed of him.

At first, there was fire everywhere, and she stood at the precipice of a world torn asunder, encased in flames and smoke. Her chest bled profusely, and even though she felt the pain, so intense it must have been real, she could only focus on a silhouette on the other side of the pillaring inferno. Too hot at first; it was almost searing. Tabitha reached forward even though the heat of those flames licked at her skin, toward the silhouette, and she trembled. It burned. Oh, how it burned!

Then just as quickly the flames dissipated, and she was alone once more. There was a chill that sent her slim frame trembling, and she felt the need to curl up before the cold dug its way into her bones; however, there was no cover, just the still emptiness of the all-encompassing darkness.

And there he was, as he always came, sometimes in the shape she knew him all too well in and other times the shape she first knew him as, even if it seemed so foreign at times: Silas, the man; Silas, the cat – one and the same, and something more. As the cat, he purred and bumped his body against the backs of her ankles; as the man, he stood before her, a good six inches taller than she, and hugged her close. There was the warmth she needed, the closeness she secretly craved. In her dreams, he offered her that where she was scared to even ask in reality. The killer versus the kindness, and it didn’t matter because beyond those flames, that scorching heat and the shadow that waited for her beyond that, was Silas.

“Do you wish to live?” She asked once more, and her words seemed to encompass everything.

One, two, three.

He opened his mouth and breathed in.


Tabitha woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside her window and the very distinct smell of last night’s kill. Groggy for a brief moment, the smell became stronger the more she woke up until she realized with alarm that Silas’s arms were around her, his lips against her hair. He breathed easily, asleep.

The power which she held in constant check flipped on like a switch.


“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING, CAT?” She roared in reverb to Silas, now on the floor, and the truth as to why her apartment was so unorganized became very apparent.

He didn’t skip a beat as he blinked away the sleep from his eyes. “I was sleeping, but it seems that ended.”

The fury calmed and the swirling vortex of papers and trash seemed to dim as well. Tabitha, who found herself a few feet in the air above the bed, lowered herself back onto the mattress. Like a shy damsel, she pulled the blanket, which had clung to Silas on his way down to the floor, around herself. “Was that all? You didn’t try anything?”

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Not a thing, I promise. I value all my lives."

Tabitha narrowed her eyes, menace clear. “As you should.” She wrinkled her nose. “Also, you smell like a reanimated.”

"I was thinking about getting it as my new cologne." His smirk irked her further. "You like?"

She chose to ignore that as she looked around for her tablet, which had somehow landed on a pile unscathed. Useless, as the battery had died sometime during the night, the magician was sure they were late for their appointment with her ‘agent’ about the newest contract. Tabitha sighed and got back up only to pick up the pair of pants she had left on the floor some time ago, “Go take a shower. I found an undead problem we need to fix.”


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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The day he died was the first time he'd ever met Tabitha.

Every bit of his body ached with pain, the sensation vicious and constant. Soon enough, it would all numb away as the blood seeped from his wounds and death would finally find him.

His eyes, already glazing over, were growing tired, his eye lids growing heavy. But he didn't want to let go, not yet.

He didn't want to die.

That's when she appeared, that voice in the growing haze of his line of sight, mingled between the red of his blood and the black of night.

"Do you wish to live?"

There was no time to think, no time to question this opportunity, or the source of this voice.

He breathed in, hoping it wouldn't be his last.


When he awoke, the undeniable pain was gone, and he could move his paws...paws?

There was a moment of hesitation and a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly, he became all too aware of how much taller and larger everything seemed and how close to the ground he seemed to be. The assassin became overwhelmed with denial, not welcoming the idea of the black fur that now covered him and how he paced about on all fours, not more than a foot or so off the ground.

Was this hell? Was he dead? Surely this couldn't be his punishment, to spend all eternity as a cat!

Above him, came a familiar voice, distinctly female. "So it worked after all."

His head turned sharply, finding the source instantly. The girl was tall, or seemed so from this pitiable height, with wide, dark eyes on delicate features framed between dark brown locks that extended a bit past her chin. The splash of freckles on her cheeks added to her youthfulness. He assumed she couldn't be any older than sixteen.

What did she mean it worked after all? What worked? What the hell was going on?!

"What the fuck are you talking about?" The fact that words could come out of this mouth startled him, even more so that he still sounded like himself.

The girl's eyes locked on his, watching him with some kind of curiosity that was a bit unnerving. "I've tried that spell four times on other people. You're the only one it worked on." She moved forward then, inching closer to him, and instinct told him to move away, lest this girl exploit the weakness of this new feline body. "Why is that I wonder?" She continued, looking him up and down.

Spell? What did she mean by spell? What kind of magic turns dying men into cats? It was completely unheard of. No magician could save a dying man, especially one that had been in his condition. Who was this girl? She couldn't have been the one who...

"I don't know." Silas retorted, still getting use to the fact that he was now a talking cat. He was beginning to accept the idea that he was indeed alive, but hardly in a state worth being alive in. "But change me back. I can't do anything like this."

She paused, shaking her head, "Only you can do that."

What the fuck did she mean only he could do that? Wasn't she the magician? She was the one that did this damn spell. She should have been able to fix it.

His eyes narrowed, the shocking blue color odd on a cat so black as night. "And how do I do that?"

The girl shrugged, "I don't know. The other four never made it through the initial casting."

He was beginning to realize this girl was completely useless.

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Her ‘agent,’ Cecilia Wallings, was a stern woman. Her expressions never strayed far from a scowl, and her sentences were always clipped and straight to the point. She was no-nonsensical, a good ol’ fashioned stick in the mud.

She was also one of Tabitha’s most trusted allies in a world that made free magic a pariah and hard to obtain.

Tabitha and Silas made their way down to the Plymouth Café, a busy little place filled with younger patrons who thought to ditch school or suit-and-tie businessmen who needed a pick-me-up before work. In one of the booths, tucked away near the back where a stage was set for up and coming artists, comedians, and karaoke night, sat Cecilia with a stack of folders on the table.

Despite her deadpan personality, she was young with a quirky attire to match. Permed, blond hair, alabaster skin, thick rimmed glasses, and fire engine red lipstick, Cecilia was dressed in a boho type clothing with dangling trinkets on ears, neck, and wrists. Blue eyes, normal, unassuming, unlike Silas’s, was steady – albeit a little unnerving at times. As always, she looked the epitome of boredom, and Tabby found herself smiling at the sight. She scooted in the booth, Silas right in after her.  “Sorry, we’re late. We had some trouble getting up this morning.”

Cecilia was unsurprised and waved her hand. “I figured as much. Which is why I took the time to look over some of the jobs.”

Tabitha nodded. She took one of the folders from the top of the stack and opened it. Her brow furrowed. “More reanimated in the countryside. There’s been a… spike, recently.”

“The Industries,“ The agent readjusted her frames and put down another file next to Tabitha’s, “have made a dozen experiments involving residual ghoul removal. Magicians of the A-Ranking have come near and far to be a part of this new program, R.R.C., Reanimated Removal Corps, which promises any magician of high rank within the right authorities to gain access to magic that would otherwise be illegal, even in government.”

Tabitha and Silas shared a look. “They’re using the countryside as practice grounds for magicians then? Necromancy is a C-Rank magic though, legal in government; why do A-Ranks need to learn to Re-Dead an Undead?”

Cecilia’s look was grave, and she placed one more file down next to the other two. “That is what I’m not so clear on, but I do have a lead.” She tapped a finger on the headline of the third file. “There’s a farm north of here, probably three hours. There’s a man named Nicholas Coleman who, I’m sure you remember, was on the news the other day rallying against Revere Industries. He is the contractor for this job.” She held up the same finger when Tabitha opened her mouth. “I know how you feel about straying close to government magic, but as you said, there has been a large increase in Reanimated in the countryside. Sooner or later, whether it is this new R.R.C., or you, there will be too many for even your cat to handle. Also, there is a large sum involved.”

“How much?”

“Enough to have all three of us eating well for months with some left to spend.”

Tabitha thought long and hard before she looked to her partner. “What do you think?”

Silas was quiet for a moment. “It sounds risky, Tabs. Are you sure the money’s worth it?”

It all came down to her in the end. Tabitha brushed through her hair and sighed. “Honestly? Anything that’s within the Industries’ line of sight isn’t worth it, but the Reanimated is a problem I can’t ignore. We can’t ignore.” She nodded. “What’s the job?”

“Escort mission. His son, Jacob Coleman, has been a recent target in the campaigns against Revere Industries. Nicholas wants his son back at the farm, where he says, will be safest.”

“Another bodyguard position?” Tabitha could just feel Silas’s inward groan beside her. “Where is the kid now?”

“Revere University. Apparently you have three days to get him to his father. Nicholas will be providing commute.”

Another sigh. Revere City was a good fourteen hour drive away, which meant, if anything, they’d have to leave tonight. “Silas, I don’t suppose we’ll be unpacking our things today. Cecilia, let Mr. Coleman know that we have accepted the job. We’ll be leaving tonight.”


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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The provided commute was a standard black BMW sedan. It was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that would stick out like a sore thumb on the roads, an obvious precaution. However, a quick look under the hood and Silas deemed the vehicle good enough for their needs. Its engine was certainly the furthest thing away from standard, producing over three hundred horses, enough to out run any government car. Nicholas Coleman wasn't a fool, that was certain.

Revving the engine with a satisfied smirk, Silas settled into the black leather of the driver's seat. The GPS was already set on their destination, clearly indicating the long drive ahead of them.

"Fourteen hours..." Silas ran a long fingered hand through his black hair, the terrain around them littered with empty landscapes occasionally dotted with trees. The city was a blue shadow in the distance, a good half hour behind them. "I'm guessing magicians haven't figured out how to teleport, have they?"

Tabitha smiled, "It takes a lot of energy to move every single atom of one's being from one place to another."

"Ah, so I guess bringing the car is out of the question." At that, Silas floored the vehicle, sending it flying down the lane, ignoring any speed limit signs.

The magician snorted, "You drive faster than it would to teleport anyway."

Silas chuckled, turning on the radio, the station immediately blaring music from the 1980's. The pair of them both exchanged cringes before Tabitha began switching through stations, settling on something far less obnoxious.

They were about six hours into driving, the scenery around them bare, when a couple of reanimated stumbled into view. There were about three of them, clothes battered, who knew how long they'd been wandering. No doubt a few of them had damaged a couple cars by the missing and broken limbs on them.

"Running them over isn't an option, is it?" Silas was quick to ask, the BMW's engine roaring in response.

"Only if you can afford to pay for a wrecked BMW." Tabitha responded, already loading a handgun in her lap before handing it over to Silas.

"I guess not." With a shrug, the assassin took the BMW off the road and further down the dirt till it pulled up not too far from where the reanimated were stumbling. After clicking off the safety, he rolled down the window and fired once, twice, three times and each of the undead fell backwards, heads still smoking from the fresh bullet hole through its cranium.

"From here on out, things are gonna get complicated." Tabitha looked out the window as the car rolled back onto the road, the next town about a half hour away.

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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They pulled into the nearest gas station, and Tabitha got out to stretch her legs. She looked around; the surrounding area was dark, the few street lamps aglow in the night. There was an eerie quiet that settled around them, and the magician realized there was really no one in sight – except for the people in the gas station. She looked at Silas who had settled near the pump to fill up the car, and nodded. “I’m going to go get a drink. Do you want anything?”

He shrugged, obviously tired, “Surprise me.”

“I’ll get you a candy bar.”

The jingle of the bell as she opened the door made the cashier turn. An older man with a thick beard and collared shirt, he didn’t look like someone you’d want to steal from. She made note of that. “Welcome,” He said gruffly. It sounded more like, “Get the fuck out.”

“Thanks,” She replied and wandered into the back where the cold drinks were. She opened one of the few fridges, grabbed a couple of energy drinks and made her way to the candy aisle. Tabitha had a thing for sweets; it was a temptation not to buy one of each and make their employer pay for it, but that wasn’t very professional. Her hand hovered over a bag of sour gummies and then over a chocolate nougat bar. Tabitha sighed and got the cheaper of the two.

“I saw it with m’own eyes,” A voice whispered furtively to another in the next aisle. “Billy Sunders was dead a month ago, I swear by my Momma’s grave. My brother was the one who found ‘im.”

“You must be seeing things then, Ron. That couldn’t have been the same person. Unless it was a reanimated. You know these magicians these days; they could’ve-”

“It wasn’t a reanimated. I know a dead man when I see one, and I saw a dead man walking, alive.”

Tabitha stopped in her tracks. She didn’t turn to look at the gossipers, but she inched closer, made it seem that the bags of chips were more interesting than the chocolate.

“Look, it’s been a long week for everyone. You just lost your mom; your brother’s been M.I.A., and poor Missus Willow just passed away too. You just need the rest.”

“I ain’t lyin’, Will. I know what I saw.”

Tabitha kept her eyes on the chips as she heard one of the men stomp away and out of the gas station. She looked up then, brows furrowed, and went to checkout. The burly man grumped. “That be all?”

Once done, the magician left to find Silas waiting out front for her. He opened the passenger door, and she slid in. They were on their way again a few minutes later once she handed him the bag of sour gummies. Tabitha was quiet for a while; Silas noticed. “You have that look. What’s wrong?”

“Hm? Nothing. Just thinking.” She looked out the window; the eerie town quickly faded behind them in the foggy distance.


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Revere City was sparkling lights and glass windows, a city bustling with life granted by a youthful population and a somewhat steady economy. The BMW, dark and gleaming under the white lights, fit right in among the steady traffic, moving along slowly, a fact that rather annoyed Silas at the wheel. He was becoming tired and irritable, the stress of driving for fourteen hours finally weighing in on him. They could get the kid tomorrow, he figured, after a good night's rest at a hotel the kid's father had paid for. After all, he wasn't babysitting some damn college brat while he was this tired. He'd need a bit more patience for that, patience granted after getting a bed with his own pillow.

The hotel booked for them was nicer than either of them had anticipated, and it was probably the most luxury Silas had ever experienced. Inside, there was Tiffany silverware in glass cases and delicately painted pictures on the ceiling. The chandeliers glittered of bright crystals, illuminating the lobby to its full glory. He continued to openly stare at his surroundings till Tabitha elbowed him in the side, handing over a plastic card, their room key.

"C'mon we're on the twelfth floor." She had a small smile of amusement as they headed for the elevator.

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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When they had settled in for the night, Silas was the first to claim the large, king sized bed as his own while Tabitha, weary but otherwise alert, sat at the single desk with her tablet in front of her. Her unruly hair was pulled back by a head band, and the glasses she wore occasionally slid down the bridge of her nose while her cheek rested in her hand. Her other hand touched the screen, flipped through pages upon pages of news sites that held some information about what was on her mind; however, aside from the few reports that were made public, there was nothing that really tied into what her agent had told her. Nor to what she suspected from the gas station earlier.

Tabitha sighed. “I’m missing something… but what?” She thought out loud.

“What are you looking at?” Silas inquired from bed; he had moved to the edge to peer over her shoulder. Tabitha didn’t look back, but only saw one hand at her left pluck one of the many folders she had taken from Cecilia’s earlier. A moment later she heard pages shuffling, turning from one to the other.

“Case files. Something has been bothering me about what Ceci said.” The magician shook her head. “There’s something I’m missing. Something that’s right in front of me.”

She could head the frown in Silas’s voice, and then looked up to see him standing over her shoulder, peering down at the screen in front of her. “It is a bit strange. You think that guy that hired us has anything to do with it?”

“That’s the thing…” Tabitha leaned back, head tilted back against her seat so that she looked straight up at her partner. “Nicholas Coleman has always been known to state his opinion against use of Government magic. He may not have anything to do with it, but I’m sure he knows something as Cecilia said.” She paused. “It’s just… Silas, I can’t shake the feeling that this might be more than we bargained for.”

Silas sighed, blue eyes resting on Tabitha. “If it’s too much, then we’ll bail. We’ve got a nice car. I don’t mind a charge of gran theft auto.” His smirk met the magician’s frowning face. “It’ll be fine, Tabs. We always manage; this time will be no different.”

Yet, despite those words, the feeling wouldn’t go away. She closed her eyes and sighed. Silas leaned his forehead against Tabitha’s for a moment, something as natural as a cat would do. “Don’t worry about it, Tabs.”

“I’ll try not to.”


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
« Reply #13 on: September 21, 2013, 08:16:45 am »

He'd been a cat for almost two weeks now, and he hated to think he was getting use to that fact. The lack of opposable thumbs was rather annoying, especially having to rely on this girl, Tabitha, to do things he use to be able to do. Constantly, she'd snap at him for getting on the counters, on the table, anywhere he apparently "wasn't allowed to be". Being dictated to by a young girl after death while in the body of a cat had never been something Silas would have considered as his life, however, that's exactly what it had become.

"Still can't change back, hm?" The girl started one night as they walked the streets, several blocks away from where she resided. She talked about another mission, body guarding, she said; although why he was brought along was always beyond his understanding. As a human, he might have been useful, but as a cat, he was fucking useless. His only weapon were the pathetic claws attached to his paws, the most they could terror was a small bird or mouse.

"No, I just enjoy being a cat." Silas responded, voice icy. He trailed right beside her as they walked, seeming like a cat as well trained as a dog.

Tabitha shrugged, seemingly uncaring, "Well, you should be able to do it eventually." She paused, glancing down at him, "Or you can stay a cat forever, shouldn't be that bad."

Silas wanted to snap back at her, tell her she had no idea how bad it would be, but the girl pressed a finger to her lips and he knew immediately to silence himself. When people were present, it was the rule to never talk, lest he put himself and Tabitha in danger. Magic outside of governmental was illegal and the magician stressed it constantly to him that it was incredibly important that "he kept his furry mouth shut".

"It's been awhile, Tabitha." A voice came from down the alley, even with his improved vision in the dark, Silas could hardly make out the man's face. Beside him, Tabitha noticeably stiffened.

"You ruined everything for me, you know. Everything was going fine till you showed up with that goddamn magic shit of yours." His voice was like poison and as he stepped forward, Silas took in the vicious scar that marred half of his face. That man grinned, only half of his mouth curling upwards wickedly. "Like the look? Got it as a gift from you."

"It wasn't anything personal. It was just the job." Tabitha responded, her voice steady despite the situation, despite the gun Silas could see gleaming in his hand. "If you want to hold a grudge, take it to the one who hired me. This isn't my problem."

"I'm making it your problem, bitch." The scarred man snarled back, finger on the trigger. "You know what these bullets are? I got em special, just for you. Just for you and that damn magic of yours."

Silas understood exactly what the man was talking about, knowing better than anyone what those bullets were. They were the very things he carried in his gun, bullets unaffected by magic, bullets made to pierce through barriers, bullets made to hurt and ultimately kill magicians.

And that man just fired one.

All Silas could think was Tabitha was going to die. The damn magician that had turned him into a cat was going to die. He shouldn't have cared, but he knew, deep down, without her, he wouldn't be alive at all.

So he jumped, ready to even the debt, ready to repay this girl for saving his life, regardless of how worthless it was now.

And then it happened.

One moment, the assassin had been a cat and the next, he was a man again, a sword he'd never seen in his life before clenched in his hand.

"What the fuck?!" The scarred man's gun clicked, he was about to fire again, and for a second, Silas noticed his shoulder was bleeding, right where he'd taken the first shot. He'd been shot before, and he braced the pain like nothing, just satisfied to be a man again. He smirked, loving the feel of the sword between his hands, the ability to be able to hold things again.

"Oh no, I'm not getting shot with one of those again." Silas dashed forward, moving with more agility than he expected, the man's eyes widening as the sword came upwards, the dull side sending the gun flying out of his hand.

"Don't kill him, Silas." Came a voice behind him, and Silas stopped, his sword only an inch away from the man's scarred face. He turned, glancing at Tabitha, her eyes dark, serious. It was the first time the girl had used his name, usually referring to him as cat, sometimes with disdain.

"It's kill or be killed, Tabitha. That's how the world works." Silas responded, ready to do the only thing he'd ever known.

"Not anymore, Silas. Put the sword away."

He didn't know why he listened to her, even as his shoulder stung bitterly, the blood seeping into his shirt, clothes that had materialized along with the sword ( a part of Tabitha's magic, he assumed, much like the magic that made him a cat to begin with).

Silas clicked his tongue, pulling the sword away, "Fine, but I'm taking the gun. I missed having one of these."
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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Tabitha had been instructed before that she was not allowed to go into the university unless she was a student or a teacher, and since she wasn’t exactly old enough to look the part of a teacher, she was provided a student ID and uniform. The white button up blouse she had tucked into the knee-length skirt, a tan plaid, was ironed and fit to perfection. Silas, who had watched her for a bit with the most amused expression on his face, had to help with the black, pin striped neck tie when the magician couldn’t figure it out – she had no knowledge of how to put the dreadful things on and nearly threw it away in frustration. As he came to her rescue, Tabitha watched his fingers intently while they went around and through a loop he made, and then finally adjusted it so it fit comfortably under the collar of her blouse. Silas’s fingers trailed down the neck tie afterward and held it at the end with his index and thumb. He didn’t meet her eyes. “You’re still worried.” It wasn’t a question.

The magician looked down at where his fingers held the tie and nodded. “Something’s different.” She lifted her hand to gently pull her tie away; Silas let go, but he didn’t step back. “Silas-“

“I told you not to worry, didn’t I?” He smirk was encouraging, the shrug of his shoulders seemingly carefree. “We’ll be in and out, Tabs, just like all the other jobs. Besides,” He ruffled her hair, rewarding him with a grunt. “I get to see you in a school uniform. The drive over here was worth that much at least.”

Tabitha couldn’t help but snort at the prospect of a uniform alleviating any ill mood her cat was in, but she knew his words were only meant to cheer her up. Still, as she looked over at the mirror near the bathroom, she still felt a pang of anxiety in her chest. Dressed in the garments of a student, from the black stockings and loafers to the dark green blazer she slipped on after, Tabitha idly wondered if this decision she made for the both of them would be more than they bargained for.

If she was wrong, and she hoped she was, than this would just be another escort mission with just another spoiled brat and another means for a paycheck, and if her feelings were right, and she hoped they weren’t, than the price for this mission would just be too high. Her life was on the line, as was any mission, but it wasn’t her greatest fear. No, it was never her greatest fear…

As she looked at the mirror, a pretty face marred by a furrowed brow, Tabitha couldn’t help but think of fire and a dream world in pieces.

And a silhouette… beckoning her from beyond the flames.


A man stood on the rooftop, streets away from Revere University, surrounded by six others who didn’t seem to mind him too much. He was dressed richly, in old style top hat and suit, with a happy smile on his face and a bounce to his step. Gold locks, brushed over one brow to frame an oval face that seemed too feminine for someone of his stature, was not enough to cover the intense green of his eyes. He lifted his hands in exaltation and breathed in. “Ah, I can feel it! The other familiar!” He turned to the others who watched, waited. “I think I’m in love.”

“Stop fooling around.” A bigger man, broad in build and bald, said. “It’s almost time to start.”

“Ah, don’t worry. Don’t worry.” The blond man waved his hand dismissively. “Everything is going accordingly. Who was the boy again?”

“Jacob Coleman,” A woman answered.

“Ah, alright then. Lets have some fun, shall we?”
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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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The university wasn't too large, however, it certainly wasn't small enough for Tabitha to cover it alone. While she searched for Jacob Coleman as a student, Silas wandered around campus as a cat, slinking around behind bushes and trees as he kept an eye out for the boy from the photograph that Tabs had shown him before they left.

Jacob Coleman was brown haired with sharp eyes colored green. His nose was rather pointed, his mouth sour in the picture, the look of someone displeased with taking a photograph. He would a bit hard to spot, given that he didn't stick out any more than the average person.

About his ear, the metal device pinched on crackled to life, Tabitha's voice emerging from it.

"Any sign of him?"

"None, the kid is nowhere on the west side, that much is certain." Silas responded, settling on a tree branch, looking below him as faces passed. None of them resembled the sour faced boy in the photograph. He was beginning to wonder if the boy even had the slightest idea about what was going on. Did he even know what his father was involved in?

As he made his way down the tree, Tabitha's voice came from his ear piece again. "Found him. He's near the library."

"On my way." Silas responded immediately, making his way back, but not without catching the attention of a few students, one jumping in surprise as the cat raced past her. It wasn't odd to see a stray cat on campus, but this one, had a collar, bright red with bells that jingled as he walked.

He hadn't the slightest idea that he had already caught the attention of a grinning blonde man, his attire a bit too formal on the campus grounds.

"Found ya, kitty."

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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The students trickled out from the halls and into separate classes and labs, leaving Tabitha to wander the building alone. The low heels of her shoes clicked against tiled floors, echoing in the emptiness of the vast corridors that led out and in and up and down flights of stairs. Her search bore no fruit, and as the minutes passed, she wondered if perhaps her information was wrong. The magician had been told that the boy would be found in the science lab; however, she saw no one that matched the picture she given to her, nor was he anywhere near to where he supposedly was.

She stopped in front of the library after another go around before clicking the small button that was her earring. “Any sign of him?”

A moment’s silence, followed by a static filled reply. “None, the kid is not on the west side, that much is certain.” Damn.

Tabitha sighed, frustrated, and looked around before spotting a boy leaving through the other set of library doors. He was focused, or so it seemed, on a book in front of him and paid no attention to whatever was around him. He didn’t even turn an eye to the girl who was glaring daggers into his retreating back. Brown hair, green eyes, a sullen expression… yes, she believed she finally located their target. “Found him. He’s near the library.”

“On my way.”

The magician nodded and made her way to the boy. Even as she fell in step with his, he didn’t turn to look at her. Instead, the Coleman boy asked, “What do you want?”

“A word,” Tabitha said as she grabbed his arm. He stopped in his tracks only to glance down at where her hand touched him, and shook her off. “Your father hired me to escort you back home.”

Jacob’s brows furrowed. “What? What are you talking about? Who are you?”


There was a scream, high pitched and bloodcurdling. Tabitha and Jacob turned in unison in time to see a girl be tackled down by a group of reanimated. She reached for the railing of the stairway, gripped it, but as teeth ripped into her flesh, her grip loosened and her fingers slipped away. Jacob, horrified, knew the girl as Summer Davies – but whatever was left of her was suddenly consumed in a frenzy of gaping jaws and clawing hands.

More reanimated shambled up the stairs, and Jacob turned to flee. Something stopped him though. The same hand which had firmly held his arm, was on his wrist, except this time he could not shake it off. Vice-like, it did not, would not let him go. “You crazy bitch! Let me go! They’re coming!”

There was something cold about her touch, something… ominous… about the way she didn’t turn away from the reanimated, or how she stared at the mangled remnants of the girl who was just there and then not. Her dark eyes, fathomless, haunted, fell into a dream - into a memory of nightmares long past.

Jacob winced as Tabitha squeezed his arm - she would not let him go...

But she did raise her free hand.


And the reanimated knew true death once more.


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Hands shot out of nowhere, and Silas barely managed to avoid them, turning around sharply to find his attacker, a tall, broad shouldered man, blonde hair hidden somewhat beneath a black top hat. He seemed a bit over dressed to be on campus, even if he was a professor. Still, by the looks of him, the assassin doubted this man was a professor, especially by the gleaming look in his eye, as if he knew something Silas didn't.

"Don't run, kitty. I just want to play." The blonde grinned, hands reaching out again.

The cat in Silas hissed, and he sprinted away, not enjoying the impression that man was giving. Something was off and Silas didn't like it. It was almost as if....

"Your precious magic girl is in trouble you know." The other man continued, his voice loud, and Silas stopped in his tracks, eyes widening.

It seemed impossible, but this man, he knew, he knew about Tabitha, and if he knew about Tabitha, did he know what Silas was?

"And I'm afraid I can't let you help her." The blonde was catching up to him now, coming dangerously close. He seemed impossibly fast.

Silas shifted, the threat far too imminent, and he stood no chance as a cat. He only managed to avoid the man's attack by a hair, the blow causing a small creator in the ground. This man, whatever he was, he wasn't human.

"Oh my. I like you better like this." The blonde grinned, eyes looking Silas up and down. "I mean, you were cute as a cat, but now...Your magician is a lucky lady." He chuckled, seeming to amuse himself.

Silas's electric eyes narrowed. This man, whoever, whatever he was, was merely playing with him. "Who are you?" The assassin gripped his sword tightly, weary. This guy packed a serious punch, one that Silas would have to make sure to avoid.

The blonde laughed, "Who am I? Oh, you're funny too. I love it." He grinned, "I'm just like you, kitty cat. I'm a familiar."

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it's a long time coming.
« Reply #18 on: December 22, 2013, 10:38:27 pm »
Jacob watched with a terrifying certainty that the girl who held on to him was not one to be trifled with. First there was the single, driving need to run because of the shambling undead; then it was because of the magician who stood there like the reanimated were nothing but cannon fodder. All he knew was that in this sudden game of ‘cat and mouse,’ he was surely the mouse – and the magician was definitely the cat. The reanimated? Well, they were nothing but a large pile of gore that painted the walls of the staircase now.

The noise brought on onlookers. Teachers and students alike peered from numerous doorways, classrooms emptied out so that everyone could see what happened. Unfortunately for Tabitha, they only saw the guts and the mutilated body of a student…

“Oh my God,” One teacher gasped. Large eyes widened more, mouths dropped, and then like a domino effect – things turned to chaos. In a space of moments, students and teachers ran, stumbled over each other in a scene similar to the shambling reanimated. One person was on the phone, amidst the mass of retreating figures, calling for the police. Tabitha caught the words, “Rogue magician,” and knew she was suddenly working on borrowed time.

“Come on,” She urged Jacob, dragging him toward the gore caked stairway. “If you want to end up like these guys, come with me.”

“N-No, oh God, don’t kill me!” He wailed. “Pleas-“ Tabitha slapped him, hard. She tugged at his arm. “I told you I was hired by your father. Stop whining, man up, and come with me. I don’t have enough time to cater to your delicate sensibilities.”

With that said she pulled him with her down the steps, even as more reanimated seemed to appear from hidden corridors and maim all who were in their way. As they passed the first landing, Jacob tried to pull away – this time for a different reason. Tabitha glared daggers at him. “What now?”

“The people here. Those things will come up and kill them!”

Tabitha’s brow furrowed. “Your father is paying me to protect you.” She reached for his arm again, but he stepped back out of her reach. The reanimated from the first level moved forward towards the stairwell, towards them, but Jacob would not move. The magician was losing her patience. “Do you want to die?”

Jacob stood his ground. “If you want to protect me, you’ll have to protect this school too.”

Tabitha watched him carefully. “Weren't you just begging for your life five minutes ago? Don’t be stubborn.” She took a step. He took a step back up the stairs. She stopped. With a frustrated sigh, Tabitha lifted her hand, and said, “Sleep, you idiot.”

Jacob’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he collapsed right on top of her. The magician took the dead weight as best as she could, and sat him carefully in the corner of the first landing despite the guts around him. She turned then in time for the reanimated to make it to the first few steps, but they did not move to go up. Instead, they seemed to be waiting for her first move. The only indication of the magician’s irritation was the sudden tightness of her jaw, the flare of her nostrils, and the tiny line between her eyebrows.

She stepped down. One, two- and before her loafers touched the first floor, something exploded from down the hall a little ways away. Two figures jumped out from their hiding place. A bald man, the bulk of him like steel, straightened up; a younger girl, no, a boy hardly above adolescence, stood with him. “We were caught,” The boy said, impressed. “I didn’t know she could do that. My bad.”

Tabitha made the final step to the first floor; she wasn’t surprised when the reanimated stepped away from her. “You’re familiars.”

“She’s a smart one too.” The boy chimed. The big man nodded.

Tabitha clenched her fists. She suddenly wished Silas was there, but then again… she was glad he wasn’t. Too soon, she thought. Too soon.

But she had to know. Only one question came to mind. The only one that mattered. “Where is she?”

Something slid from the boy’s skin and curved outward: a sickle. The big man seemed to gleam in the broken lighting, and Tabitha realized steel wasn’t just a metaphor.

The boy flipped the sickle from one hand to the other and smiled. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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"Familiar." Her voice was even, as if the answer was obvious. "That's what you are."

"A what?" Silas polished scar face's gun in his hand, the barrel already gleaming. He couldn't get over the feel of the cold metal in his hands. He had missed it, being human, being able to hold things, especially if they were made to kill.

"Put that away." Tabitha sounded disgusted, indicating the gun in his hands. "You should have let me burn it."

"Fuck no, these things are valuable and fucking rare as hell." He placed it on the table, one blue eye watching it. "And don't change the subject. What the hell is a familiar?"

"I just told you. You are." She crossed her arms over her chest before rolling her eyes.

Silas's electric eyes narrowed. "I didn't ask who is a familiar. I asked what is a familiar."

Another roll of the eyes, "A partner. It's what the spell was intended to be used for, to create a partner, albeit one more reliable than you."

He decided to ignore her comment and went on, "I didn't know your kind had partners."

"We didn't." Tabitha answered, voice a bit serious, "You're the only one."


It was impossible. This man had to be lying. Tabitha had said he was the only one, the only one of his kind. There was no way this man was also a familiar, it was impossible.

Tabitha couldn't have lied to him.

"I take it by the look on your face you don't believe me, kitty cat." The man in the top hat was smirking, completely amused.

Silas swallowed, fighting back all of those ugly thoughts. This bastard was a liar, it was that easy. He shouldn't doubt Tabitha, he should never doubt her. She had saved him after all, from everything.

"Fuck off." The assassin snarled, finally moving on the attack, hand switching the blade to its sharpest edge. He made a strike, quick, deadly; it would have killed any other man, but this one, he stopped it with his bare hand, fingers grasped around the blade as his blood stained the metal.

The blonde tsked, "Do I have to prove it to you? Surely you can tell I'm no more human than you are." The man was still grinning ear to ear, and Silas wanted nothing more than to silce him till his blade went dull.

His attacker was reaching out his other hand to touch him and Silas pulled back, finally regaining control of his sword, and planted a foot square in the man's chest, the force sending him to the dirt.

An ugly feeling was gripping at him so tightly it was starting to make him feel sick. In the air, he could smell the blonde man's blood, a scent that smelled so much like his own that it terrified him.

"We're the same, you and I!" The stranger was laughing, standing up and patting the dirt off his clothes, some of which were stained with his blood. "It's a shame I have to kill you now."

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
« Reply #20 on: January 04, 2014, 09:38:58 am »
They came at her at once.

Tabby lifted her arms in a defensive stance and chanted the spell of protection right as the larger of the two familiars barreled into her. The steel man collided with an unseen force that encased the magician, pushing her back against the reanimated that filled the hallways. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Tabby put all her weight forward, forearms up, fingers curled into fists. The big man pushed, and she pushed back in turn with a yell that rang out more like a battle cry.

The little familiar came up from the side, sickle in hand to swipe at her legs, and even though Tabitha’s shield warded against the bulk of her front most attacker and the reanimated at her back, it was weaker at the sides – something she should have had been more aware of. Before she could lift her spell, she felt the blade kiss the skin of her thigh – and then a second at her waist – and then a third at her Achilles heel.

Tabitha cried out and felt her focus, as well as her balance, give way. In that instant, she let go of the shield and lunged out of the way as the big man bull-rushed into the crowd of the undead. The magician cat-rolled and caught her balance again, steadying herself with a hand on the ground before she pushed herself back to her feet. She hissed when she returned the weight to her wounded leg, and nearly lost her balance again when the severity of her wounds caught up to her. Tabitha was going to lose if she kept this up.

The little familiar came at her again, but this time, Tabitha was ready. The boy was met with a blast of gold and green light to the face, and he cried out while waving his sickle wildly in front of him.

Silas’s words, an echo from their earlier days, whispered in her ear. ‘You can’t always rely on magic.’

Which is why she ducked into the boy’s wild flailing and slammed the heel of her palm into the boy’ crotch. He yowled, and before Tabby’s eyes, the boy’s form fizzled. He seemed to lose all focus as he curled in on himself, to deflect the pain that blossomed from his forbidden regions, but before he could do anything – the body of a boy, became the body of a speckled, calico kitten mewling for help.

One down, but that was only a boy. The steel familiar, despite his size, was also agile and full grown.

Tabitha needed Silas.

Where was he?

The magician clenched her fists again. Her stance was that of a boxer, and from her clenched fists, liquid streams of gold and green light flickered between her fingers. As the steel familiar reappeared from the sea of silent, undead soldiers, Tabitha readied herself once more. “Bad cat.”


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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Again, the blonde man was inhumanely fast and when his fist collided into Silas's stomach, it was as if his insides had burst. Unnatural speed and strength, again confirming a truth that Silas didn't want to face, even as he stumbled back, trying to regain the breath he lost.

This man was out for blood, the look shone in his eyes as they exchanged blows, Silas finally countering, finally measuring up to that speed that he'd been unprepared for. Fighting humans and reanimated had made him grow soft, a bit slow. He had taken his power for granted.

"I really hate having to kill you." Top hat sighed, narrowly missing Silas's blade by a hair. "But, we need the boy and your witch. And, well, you're just horribly in the way of all that."

"I won't let you have her." Silas growled, his blows becoming more aggressive, pushing the blonde back.

The blonde man snorted, "Oh you. I'm sure they already have her. The numbers are in our favor." He laughed then, "We decided I was all we needed to get rid of you."

Silas paled. They seemed to be several steps ahead of them, and he was almost certain this man wasn't bluffing. What were they going to do with Tabitha? Kill her? Torture her?

He didn't want to think about it and instead continued on the attack, his opponent continuing to laugh all the while.

"I wonder how much they roughed her up. You know familiars," The man snickered, "They never fully comprehend their own strength."

At that, Silas hesitated and the blonde took that as the opportunity to punch him hard in face, Silas's jaw almost breaking. Then, Top Hat grabbed him by the collar, lifting him upwards, his hands becoming a vice as Silas's sword stabbed into him, narrowly missing the man's vitals.

"Clever." The blonde winced, "But not enough."

There was the sound of bones snapping, a disgusting crack and Silas fell limp to the ground. His sword clattered to the ground beside him, slick red with his opponent's blood.

"You were so close, it's almost sad. I'll tell your witch good-bye for you."

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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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It was forbidden even among rogue magicians to play God, to create and mold something in their liking. Among the highest magic users, not even the First, said to be the most powerful magician under the employment of the Industries, would have attempted such a feat; however, Tabitha was considerably different.

Perhaps, it was the way she had seen his body, fighting with the last threads of consciousness, desperate to hold on to those crumbling pieces of life that made her stop after the deed was done. Perhaps, it was the way the moonlight had glinted off his pale skin, casting a silver, unworldly tint to his face. Perhaps, Tabby was just lonely, and to see someone die alone, cast aside like a carcass to rot seemed inhumane.

Or maybe she just knew, unlike the others before, that he was the one. Forever, the one.

She knew his answered before he breathed that life changing, “Yes.” Knew, even as she bent down to press her lips to the receding warmth that was his own, that his answer – and her reply – would change not only their lives but everything they knew as well.

“Then be mine.”


Silas had died, and Tabitha knew it as if someone had taken a hot poker and jabbed her in the chest.

She felt it before she ducked under the Steel Man’s arms and retreated. Her shield was back up, and while the big man and her had to engage in a fist fight that left her knuckles bloody and his without a scratch – the enchantment she had cast was wearing off, but not while another one was slowly forming in her mind. Her escape.

Silas, Tabitha thought desperately. Silas!

They had lost, and that single revelation was more than enough motivation for her to duck under another attack and rush her way to the stairs. Jacob was still dead weight, but he was not bothered by any of the reanimated who had stopped in their tracks – not even to stop the magician from jumping the first few steps to the first level. Her next spell, still forming, needed a few more seconds.

“Well, it looks like you’re pretty strong for a familiar. I must be getting lazy if I can’t take on a cat.”

The big man paused in his step and smiled. “That is a honor, coming from the magician who started the trend.”

Good. Good. “What’s your name?” Tabby asked in a seemingly polite manner, as if in a casual conversation with an old friend.

“She calls me Thane. My name before does not exist. My life is hers.”

She, again. “Well, Thane,” Tabitha stepped back and continued, “when you see her again, tell her one thing for me.” She reached down and touched Jacob’s shoulder, and Thane started to move, realizing what she was about to do. “She should have chosen smarter familiars.”

Thane bounded up the last steps, but not before Tabitha and Jacob disappeared in a blink of an eye – leaving only Tabitha and Jacob’s clothes in a pile on the bloody floor.
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Re: Mirrored. [closed]
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Pain, it was all he could feel. It was throbbing, viciously burning sensation, and he had wanted to scream but had no voice to do so. Instead he sputtered, blood sprinkling the ground, a dramatic splash of crimson.

Death. There was nothing like it.

Slowly, the feeling in his limbs returned to him, conflicted with an angry pain that refused to ebbe away. He'd be hurting for days, he knew, it was part of the price he paid, but it would be worth it.

His attacker was gone, and now Silas could save Tabitha. Saving her, it was all that mattered.

He pushed himself upwards, hand scrambling for his sword to steady himself with. His knees were shaking, and he tried to stop it, knowing that he needed to bear it all, it was the only way.

He sniffed the air, his lungs burning. Tabitha wasn't far. Determined, he pulled his sword out of the ground and broke into a run, every joint in his body screaming at him to stop. Death was a lot to recover from, but losing Tabitha, he'd never recover from that.

So when Tabitha and their charge appeared out of thin air, Silas almost collapsed, from relief or pain, he didn't know.

However, it quickly turned into absolute confusion upon realizing they were both naked.

Using his sword once again to steady himself, he threw off his jacket, which landed at Tabitha's feet. "Put that on, quick." For a moment, he focused on the pain that clawed at him, blue eyes looking anywhere but at the pair before him.

After Tabitha had dressed, Silas finally glanced their way again, remembering that the kid was naked too. "Fuck." He muttered under his breath, removing his pants before tossing them over as well. "Wake him up. I'm not carrying a naked kid."