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Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« on: July 16, 2014, 11:54:08 pm »
It was supposed to be a vacation to the United Kingdom, to Great Britain, but so far it had not been. It had taken the strawberry blonde woman hours to get out of the airport because they thought something was wrong with her papers. ‘Nothing wrong with the papers. I made sure of that.’

The person the papers didn’t exist, of course. Daniella Trist died at birth, and so the woman stole her papers to travel here now that her work in the States was done. It had been simple enough, a hand off of information to a Russian man.
‘What is it now, FSK?’ KGB was dead. It mattered little to her, so long as she got paid, she had fun stealing state secrets, diamonds, lives—whatever they were willing to pay her for. She operated free lance in a loose organization with others that based themselves here, which meant she needed several identities.

After all, she had a high bounty on her head. Thankfully hair dye and contacts tended to fool most, along with various additions to her clothing to make her figure appear different. She hadn’t needed to resort to plastic surgery yet. 

She took out her cell phone and dialed a number from memory. There were none saved on the card. A few rings were rewarded with a,
“’ello?” greeting.

“It’s Danica,”
she answered him, heels clacking against the side walk. She looked respectable in a black pencil skirt and white blouse. “I’m around now. Getting in took a while. Where can I meet you?”

“Aces and Eights work?”

“You always send me to the best places,”
she’d been there before, “I’ll see you there.” With that, she hung up, glanced up. “Hell,” she cursed under her breath, noticing it was starting to get late. At least it would be a full moon out. ‘Yes, when the lunatics come out.’ She sighed and shook her head, kept walking.

Outside of the pub were various vehicles, but one did catch her eye. It was a dark red motorcycle with black ghost flames. Tempted as she was to linger, she passed it by and simply made a mental note that tonight seemed to be biker night for all the motorcycles. She was going to stand out like a sore thumb.

Even so, she walked into the dimly lit pub, and ignored the gathering in a corner. She went right to the counter and rapped her fist on it to get the bartender’s attention. He seemed agitated.

‘Well, you’re not getting a good review.’ “I was just looking to order an Eights pizza and a whiskey sour.”
She knew the menu well enough. She had to stop meeting people here. She was going to get caught.

“I’ll get it up,”
he said, jotted it down and went off to deliver the pizza order to the cooks as he told another bartender to fetch her drink. She rolled her eyes and leaned away from the counter to scan the area once more.

The bikers had indeed invaded, but there seemed an issue amongst them.
“We need to be going,” carried to her ears as one brushed a hand back through her black hair. There were hints of silver running through it, but she didn’t look old at all. “It’s late.”

“Fuck’em,” another said, one who looked like he could have been her brother. This earned a smile from a rather broad and well-built man with flaming red hair. He looked as if he’d do better in the time of Vikings, with his facial hair and his long hair, though he seemed to fit right in clad in leathers and fur with this group. “Fuck’em all.” It came out as a growl. “I’m sick of having to go hide.”

‘Amen to that, but the girl’s right.’

"You have an hour more at least,"
the red-head said.

Whatever their issue was. She started to look away, only to be drawn right back in by the man’s complaining voice.

“What the shit is this?”
The angry one asked the waiter who brought over food, holding up a burger. His hazel eyes were narrowed in a glare.

“Your food, what’s it look like?”
Tonight was a night for tempers.

“I said I wanted it fucking raw, this is cooked.”

“That is as raw as we serve it.”

“Go back and fix this. Just throw some goddamn ground beef on a plate.”

The waiter looked appalled.
“I’m sorry, we don’t serve that kind of stuff here.” Health concerns, being shut down concerns.

“That’s what I ordered.”

And a fist was thrown.

‘Oh for God’s sake.’
Dani turned around so she was facing the counter and its selection of alcohol behind it as others moved to try and stop the fight, or join in. She wasn’t certain, all she knew was that she wanted no part. The woman was shrieking, and she guessed it was the red-head who had the low laugh.
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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2014, 12:08:32 am »
All Alex had wanted was a god damned burger.

He’d spent the last 14 hours travelling the long way around from one of the Greek islands back home to the U.K. Backpacking was hell. None direct flights were worse; especially for someone who admittedly, was very aware that they had intense claustrophobia.

And he wasn’t even HOME. He had stopped in at this place, because he was yet to catch several busses or trains… or even hitch-hike, depending how far his wits and the rest of the money in his wallet and on the last of his cards would get him.

He hadn’t read reviews on the Aces and Eights before he stepped into the bar, and after all of the travelling over the past few months, the abundant amount of motorbikes didn’t put him off; though they did send a faint shiver of terror through him with memories of Tai-land from a previous trip.
All he had wanted was a god damned burger.

He had ordered it approximately forty-five minutes ago. He just wanted real food. He’d been craving home comforts for longer than he had been travelling.

The bottle in his hand hadn’t even begun to be drunk when it was knocked out of his hand as he was jostled forwards, chest colliding with the greasy, wet bar.

The Bottle flew out of his hand and the barstool slid from under him and he was on the ground before he could say Poughkeepsie.

Of course there was a bar brawl.

Of course he was being kept from his burger.

It was just his luck.


The door of the bar opened without a sound, the simple noise muted by the sounds of the brawl already in progress. Jenna let her baby blues roll to one side as she sighed audibly. ‘Always with the brawls.’
She stalked into the bar, avoiding the fighting around her with genuine ease; the clip, clip, clipping of stiletto heels never ceasing as she approached the table the fight had originated from. An almost translucent, unblemished hand raised to stifle an apparently bored yawn.

She wasn’t even looking at anyone or anything in particular. “I know I’m late, but is this really the answer every time we have a family get together?” She shook her head in exasperation, the ponytailed icy blonde hair tipped with a fading pink tickling the bottom of a tight cut white biker jacket.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2014, 01:32:08 am »
‘Well, I’m not the only out of place one.’ Danica thought as she observed the blonde woman walk in, heels and all.

Curiously, it was the red-head who answered her and not someone else,
“It just happens wherever I go, Pest,” he spoke with affection, despite the term. He lifted his burly arms up in a stretch and stood, the fight going on around him although there was a longing in his own hazel eyes. “Besides, you don’t seem to be the only one late. The other two still aren’t here.” Which was strange. Death was never late. “We haven’t had a family reunion in ages anyway.” He couldn’t remember. He hadn’t been out in millennia. The angels never let him.

‘Some sort of gathering.’
Dani slipped off her stool to avoid the same fate as the poor man who lost his drink, and she watched as the apparent brother of the black-and-gray haired woman fell into it, pushed by a bouncer who was yelling at them to get out. Danica slipped towards the wall, soured that her drink still hadn’t arrived. It would probably be a while now.

Just as she pressed her back up against the wall, someone very cold walked by her. Instinct told her to try and go through the wall, but it didn’t seem to work. She just pushed up closer to it and held her breath, hoping to go ignored.

She went ignored. In fact, the whole bar save the two who were talking and unharmed, went ignored by this figure. The woman in black seemed old, and certainly looked somewhere in her fifties, but seemed older. She carried herself with a regal air, chin up, shoulders back, but didn’t announce herself with heels. Her shoes were flat, but the rest of her attire couldn’t be discerned due to the black robe that hung around her thin frame. In fact, Danica couldn’t make out the color of her hair or even her eyes from under the hood. She only saw the woman’s hands.

“Oh, never mind, there you are.”
The Viking said, offering a smirk, “How are ya, Death?” Death never took on a name. He wasn’t sure what name Pestilence had chosen. He had decided on Alric. It had a nice ring to it.

Death didn’t like to ‘blend in’. As such, Death didn’t answer the stupid question presented. It simply shifted its attention to Pestilence. Death knew this meeting was not for fun. They had been released, and they had jobs to tend to.

Unbeknownst to Death, the cat that followed her in and which now jumped up on the counter to lick up Alex’s spilled drink, was very much not a cat.

The man with the black-and-gray hair growled at the creature, but it didn’t look up from its drinking. The distraction allowed a bouncer to grab both of his arms and at last pull them behind him.
“You!” He shouted at War. “And the rest of you!” The bikers looked up, some turning their attention away from physical engagements. “Get the fuck out of the bar now, with him,” he was pulling him towards the door.

“Yours?” A simple question.

War nodded.

“The cops have already bee—”
A pain caused him to trail off. Death turned her head and caught his gaze with her silver eyes. A moment later, the man released the biker and fell to the ground, dead.

The biker jumped back in shock, not sure what had happened to him. In fact, he knelt down and tapped his cheek,
“Hey, dude, you ok?” Human concern stealing over him.

“He’s dead,” War said, uncaringly.

Danica felt herself frozen to the wall now, more fear than anything. Though she couldn’t explain it, through watching the brief exchange, she knew the woman in the hood had everything to do with the man dropping dead.
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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2014, 02:10:00 am »
The world spun into chaos around Bones.

The figure had given up much of the pretence behind naming himself long ago. There was no point. No matter how often, or how rarely he appeared, whatever name he ever gave was ignored and replaced by a derogatory comment or ignored entirely.

He had been in the bar for hours, avoiding War, knowing that the red head would cause a fuss that Bones did not wish to be in the middle of. He didn’t want to be involved in yet another of Wars recurring infamous fights; recently revolving predominantly in bars.

The fight didn’t stop when Pest walked in, despite her being dressed like a high class hooker. The fight didn’t even stop when Death walked in.

And it was beginning to sound like a really bad joke in his head. ‘ “War, Death and Pestilence walk into a bar. The bar keeper asks them what they would like to order and they reply ‘anything, we’re famished.’ ” ’  

 Even in his head it was a terrible joke. One he would not ever dare speak aloud, but one he had no doubt heard at some point in a millennia.

He skulked in the shadows until someone attacking one of War’s little doggy minions had their hour glass sliced in twain by Death herself.

Bones finally emerged from his hiding place once Death and War had finished speaking to one another.
He had no hair to hide behind. It was why he stuck to the shadows like glue, often wishing for Death’s hood to conceal the too striking features of prominent bones jutting under thinly stretched, pale skin. He wore clothes purposefully baggy, which he pulled and tugged at as he moved towards the group, eyes temporarily drawn by the cat.

He paused for a long moment, silence drawing out and a frown on taut lips. “Not a cat.” Voice was almost a whisper, but he shrugged off the sentiment regardless, and moved on past his brother and sisters.

“We need to leave.”
His tone forever sounded parched and dry.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2014, 02:31:33 am »
Death and War turned their heads to Famine when he approached, War visibly starting. “The hell have you been, Barbie?” Famine was right on one account. War always found new names for it. At the mention of the cat, he barked, “Kill the cat. We don't need to leave,” to his dogs.

Danica wasn’t sure why that inspired her to move. Violence against humans she understood, senseless violence against animals not so much.
‘They said it wasn’t a cat.’ But she wasn’t even sure why she wanted to humor them as right, except that there was something very strange about the lot of them.

Even so, she moved, and she picked up the cat before one of the bikers could grab it.
“I’ll take it out and I’ll leave.” The cat squirmed in her arms, as if it disagreed very strongly with that idea.

“Tch,” War turned his head, seemed to think if that would be enough. He wasn’t sure what the cat was, after all.

Death thought to settle the dispute, but the human lowered her gaze and covered the cat’s eyes. An eyebrow arched in the shadows of the hood. The human inclined her head as if sensing the displeasure, and took a step back and away to exit the bar.

“The cat, Reggie.”
If Death had turned her head, War figured he would continue with his orders. He found it strange Death couldn’t just kill them anyway. In the past, Death didn’t require eye contact. ‘Well, we’re all adjusting again.’ It would take time, he supposed.

“Give it here, girl.”

She ignored them, but didn’t turn her back, kept backstepping towards the exit, one arm around the cat and the other reaching for her pocket. She had a knife, if it was necessary.

War could sense that anxious energy from both, and pulled on it, sending Reggie into a forward lunge. The cat scratched the girl’s arms to escape her hold, and jumped forward, under the biker. The biker did manage to tackle the girl, but found a blade between his ribs.

Death didn’t cut the thread. Had no intention of it, even though that blade was silver. Happy coincidence. The man did react to the poison of it and rolled off her almost immediately, clutching at the wound and cursing something about how she had to be a hunter.

The cat, meanwhile, jumped up into a chair and let its form slip. A man in a white suit sat there, long black hair and an amused smile on his lips,
“Figures it would be you,” Famine must have recognized him as one of those things that didn’t truly need to eat. The demon lifted his left leg and rested the ankle on the knee of his right. “You know it isn’t your time to be about, don’t you?” Samael canted his head.

Danica was sitting up now. She just stared at the ‘cat’, now a man.
“It’s just Sam.” War didn’t see the issue then and scowled.

Samael hated that name and made it known by having his smile vanish. The man howled as his sister came to his side, putting a hand over the wound.

War never saw the problem with Samael. Samael was a coward, and did need to die. Somehow he’d worked himself into a high ranking among the demons—last War knew, he was Lucifer’s left-hand man, a former seraphim, but he’d never seen Samael exhibit any power worth caring about. He shapeshifted, and he fled.

“What are you lot doing here?” Samael inquired, addressing Pestilence rather than the others. Death was the oldest, but Pestilence usually acted as leader.


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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: July 18, 2014, 08:24:32 am »
Barbie? Well at least that was one Famine hadn’t heard from War’s lips before. The red head didn’t exactly look the type to know the brand name of a human child’s toy. He didn’t react to it. What he had to guess was some sort of half-conceived insult just flowed over him as irrelevant.

He watched with disinterest the action between the girl, the cat and the Dog. The only interest sparked at the sight of the girl, who seemed to care more for however many lives the none-cat had remaining than for her own life.

She seemed hungry, but not in a familiar way. Not in a way that appealed.

He had been right, of course. The cat was not in fact a cat. It was a demon. Samael to be precise, though who knew what that little stain on the hell mouth was doing here. And he had the gall to question them?

No, not question all of them. The question was pointedly directed at Pest. Of course, she was more often than not perceived as the ring leader of their strange little pack.

Pestilence hadn’t moved, though the thought of giving the strange girl some sort of disease did flicker through her mind. Several diseases flickered through her mind in rote, like a list rolling off in nothing but her thoughts before it quickly vanished when she decided against action.

The girl wasn’t worth her precious time or in fact the prospect of breaking a nail. War could deal with her if he chose. Or Death. Pest and Death of course had worked closely together for as long as Pest could remember. As had the others. They were all calling on Death to finish the deed once they had done with their play things.

 Sam had asked her a question, but she didn’t find herself particularly wanting to engage with the demon.
She answered him anyway, especially since none of the others seemed to be in a rush to shoot their mouths off. “Oh dear, dear Samael.” A quirky, pink lipstick of a smile. “We were called of course.” She told him, the answer was the simplest one she could give. It was the only answer she could give. She didn’t know why they’d all been called or who by. She didn’t even overthink the reasons behind it or consider who could have been powerful enough to summon the four of them.

“So we’re here to do what we were made to do. The four of us in one realm, at the same time, in the same place?” Of course they had been able to sense each other from the moment they had awoken in this silly town. She shrugged. “You probably know more about it than we do, but that doesn’t matter. We’re not here to chat, we’re here to work.”

She looked pointedly at War. “Fam is right. We do need to leave. I was late after all, and we have to start setting things up. Things must be ready for the big day. We can’t have an apocalypse without preparation. We must bake the cakes and blow the balloons for the big occasion.” Likening the apocalypse to some sort of birthday party was just like Pestilence. She almost made it sound like fun, and she knew her brothers and sister felt the same way about it; filled with a buzz of anticipation.

“It’s not like we’ve had the chance to throw the world such a big party before. We have to do it right.” This was said with a pout. She knew they had been summoned out of place, that it wasn’t their time to be here, that the apocalypse wasn’t actually due for at least… oh another few thousand years or so by her watch. But the temptation was too great, and she couldn’t possibly say why else they may have all been collected here together.

“What exactly are *you* doing here kitty? Have you come to play? Maybe you can help us set up. I’m sure Fam would love your assistance in finding something good to eat around here.”

Bones rolled his eyes at his sister. He certainly did *not* need help. There were plenty of options left over in the bar if he wanted a buffet, he was spoiled for choice. Perhaps he would even start with the one who had just wanted a god damned burger. The one who was now curled up in a ball on the floor, hoping that he would go ignored.   

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2014, 07:53:06 pm »
War was disappointed that the only reaction he was getting was dull stares. He frowned, but his attention soon returned to the demon at hand. Pestilence was made into ring leader once again, and no one was arguing it. Honestly, War couldn’t, and if he did it would only be to vouch for Death. He and Pest, though, they’d had fun together. Even when they weren’t fully capable of causing the apocalypse, they had still inspired things. The Bubonic Plague had been a brilliant use of diseases in war.

Death was still holding on to his doggie, too, though the man cried out.
“Oh, suck it up, you’re gonna be fine.” The sister shot him a glare, but he ignored her. The man whimpered and tried to get his bearings together, though War knew it hurt. Death couldn’t take pain away if she wanted to keep someone alive. They lived on in agony.

Of course, the pain of the wound was starting to be replaced by another as the man’s bones cracked and limbs started to elongate. The same was happening with many of the wolves who war had kept out too long—at least, in their opinions. War liked them just fine this way.

Samael smiled at Pestilence when she answered. She gave him exactly what she wanted. He did not speak at first, let War sigh and grumble,
“But this bar is nice,” even so, his posture said he would leave now. His minions of war were taking shape all around them.

Samael let his gaze avert to the few humans in the area, the bouncers, the girl who tried to save him, the man in a ball. He cared very little for the humans. Lucifer despised them, but Samael had often found them useful. They understood things Lucifer never could. The crazy girl understood value. It was in the way she’d reached for him, and now in the way she got to her feet and brandished that silver blade.

Now, Danica understood why it had such an effect on the man. She knew what her blade was made up.

A question was thrown Samael’s way.
“I’m doing what I always do, Pest, love,” he answered her, “I’m gathering information for others, and you’ve done a wonderful job of giving me what I want.” He had to find who called them, and lure Michael to the hapless individual. War was right on one thing—Samael was a coward. He was powerful, but he generally didn’t fight. “I’d stay and help, but you know me…always running.” A glint in his silver eyes, and he hopped off his barstool as the first wolf let out a howl, fully transformed.

“We were not broken out by God?”
Death. Ah, Death. Samael paused in his movements to exit, and glanced back at the older woman. Her head was bowed now, not that it would be so easy to kill him. Her mind was doing the work, sometimes difficult as she did not keep track of things like time, or even where she was.

Samael answered. “I’m not sure He knows yet. I haven’t seen the angels swarming, but they’ll know soon.” He’d let them know. It was in the best interests of all, even if he was loathed to work with them.

He was loathed to work with humans, too, but when the injured werewolf made a lunge at the girl, he shot his hand out in that direction. A telekinetic force escaped and pushed the wolf against a wall. When Samael had been created by the Creator, a beautiful seraphim, he had been created not as an elementalist as Gabriel, but as a creature of ‘mind over matter’.

War’s own eyes took on that yellow tinge, and Samael knew he had crossed a line. When they went red, War didn’t listen to sense any longer. That could be good, but not right now. The man growled, as animalistic as his favored entities.
“Can’t have you doing that, Sam.” He knew Samael would go to the angels. As much as he was spoiling for a fight with Michael, it was best if they had the advantage when Michael descended.“It’s our time, we’re making it our time. Free will, right? That’s what He likes best—if the humans, or what the fuck ever, want to die early, so be it.”

It was Samael’s free will to stand in their path.
“Quite.” He agreed none the less. He had backed up enough to be able to grab the girl’s arm. She had a silver blade, and he did not. That was useful right now. “I wish you luck.” He pulled her back, but also stepped behind her as if she were some sort of shield. He had no qualms of sacrificing her if necessary, and she seemed to recognize that.

The turn of her head and the glare said enough. He just smiled at the look.
“So we’ll leave you to it.”

Nothing was ever that easy with War. Samael could feel the energies of the Viking and the wolves howled as one, before moving forward to destroy all within the bar, sans the four horsemen.

Samael turned to run, pulling the girl with him.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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There was a lot going on in the bar. War’s pet hooches were all beginning to get a little collar shy. The shredding of skin and breaking of bones was dotted all around.

And Pest was almost kicking herself for giving Sam the information that he’d wanted. She didn’t want to break a nail on that piece of scum, but she didn’t miss the flicker as War’s eyes shot to an amber light; a warning sign that her brother was not impressed.

As far as she was concerned, War could have his fun with the demon; the human too. However, she was a little disheartened that she wouldn’t get to cast the girl off with a little boil or so.

She was almost tempted to give a mental count down in her head; a guess as to how long it would take War to snap.

She knew that the Angels knowing that the four of them were out and proud would be a bad thing. It would happen eventually, but she wasn’t ready for it yet.

“Hold off.” She looked at her nails again. “How about you give us a few weeks before you bring your darling feathery brothers into the mix, and we’ll let you leave without a Molotov up where the sun doesn’t shine.” She bargained with the demon.

Making deals with demons already, ah… it reminded her of the good old days.

“We can’t waste our precious time not causing chaos now can we?” She pouted.

If Sam was really ready to bring on the shit storm which would basically cause Hell on Earth, then fine, the four of them would just have to start the party the moment they stepped out of the bar.

She turned her back on the scene. “If he says no, kill them all; then meet me outside.” She was of course putting a lot of faith in Samael making a promise he could keep for longer than a few milliseconds, but she felt some sort of necessity to it. "We have work to do."

She clip, clip, clipped out of the bar without looking back, basically giving the remaining horsemen and the wolves, and of course the lone demon free reign in the dingy lit shit hole of a bar.


Alex had made a decision rather quickly in his mind. No one seemed to be paying much attention to him. They all seemed to be rather entranced on the conversation, the action and the apparent attempt at a deal of some sorts between them all.

He didn’t catch most of the conversation; or rather, he did; only he either didn’t understand it, or didn’t believe most of it.

He stayed low to the ground. Had he not been such a coward, he might have attempted a daring rescue of sorts to try to get the people out of there who weren’t turning into large versions of a pantomime ‘big bad wolf’.

However, he was a coward… so; he kept low to the ground and headed for one of the fire exits he’d clocked on the way to the gents, leaving his overlarge backpack and his want of a burger behind.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Pestilence’s order rang clear in the bar. The wolves stopped short, and the man ran out, leaving behind a backpack. Samael was curious about the contents. He let the girl go, and with his eyes directed her towards the bag as Pestilence made her plea. It would also allow Pestilence and the girl to not cross paths, for the girl moved from Samael before Pestilence passed him by.

She lifted the bag up and hung it over one shoulder, not bothering to search through it.
“That’s not how you make deals with me,” he said, but already Pestilence was leaving. Shame. He might have liked to have a deal with her, and just alert the demons. Heaven would be quite upset to see the demons cleaning up their mess, for once.


War was aching for a fight. His wolves were not pleased to be called to heel, either. The injured one whined, and it wasn’t from pain this time. The girl inched her way back towards the demon.

Samael chuckled.
“Sure,” he was lying through his teeth. “I’ll keep the angels out of it for a while, but I make no promises about the boss downstairs,” he said. He had said yes, in his own way.

War was certain it was a lie, but Pestilence had given the order. He heeded it, and let Samael walk out the same door Pestilence had used, unharmed, with the girl. Samael caught sight of Pestilence and smiled as he waved his goodbye, kept walking.
“Now I just have to figure out where the damn prophet is.” There was always a prophet. God always had communications with the Earth.

Danica just arched an eyebrow, and opted to ignore him for the moment. She didn’t like to speak in the open, but she did dig out her cell phone to call Brian. Two rings,
“I know, I know, I’m running late, I’m—”

“Don’t go to the bar. I’ll catch you later.” She hung up then, not letting Brian question her. She continued to walk alongside the demon for some seconds more, before finally asking, “What the hell is going on?”

“Not hell, unfortunately,”
the demon answered. “You can leave.”


“Well then,”
he said, “I'm Samael, and this is the apocalypse.” And he didn’t even know where to begin. Well, he had contacts on Earth, he could locate them and find aid, but they always required favors and they weren’t as easy to lie to as Pestilence was.


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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Apparently Sam did not appreciate the way Pestilence did deals. She was sure that she heard him protest as much as she walked on out of the door, hips swaying side to side in her trademark swagger.

She smiled to herself as she stepped outside, clocking every detail of the rat infested heap of ale and semi-cooked food from the outside. She could sense every single atom which could be moulded into her favourite diseases.

Just thinking about the last time she had fun on an epidemic scale brought memories of Measles, Malaria, the Spanish Flu… ah…

“So many to choose from. However do I pick just one?” She questioned herself, considering that perhaps it would simply take too long to draw disease names out of a hat. She nodded to herself, determination written on her too perfect face.

“Randomized.” She decided quickly, with a tilt of her head. “Guess it’s time to play.” A rather creepy smile crept onto her lips as she whispered to herself “Anthrax, Cholera, and Necrosis.”

It was just as she’d uttered the last syllable of the word that Sam stepped outside. Seemingly, he’d agreed to what Pest had considered ‘terms’ during their ‘deal', otherwise he wouldn’t be walking out with the new human friend he seemed to have acquired.

He waved goodbye. It seemed almost mocking, but Jenna paid no attention to it, instead heading over to her white Ninja and straddling the seat, waiting for the others to saddle up with her once they had done whatever it was they were still doing in there.

Famine walked out first, his movements slow and steady. He stepped next to her, sliding with uncharacteristic grace onto the black Shadow parked comfortably next to her own motorbike.

“A plague of locusts bet that War will be in there at least twenty minutes.” Famine gave a rather grizzly, bony smile, thin lips stretching over too taut skin.

“No way.” Jenna smiled at her brother. “Water turning to blood says he’s 10 minutes tops.”

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Where were they to begin? Samael had no direction, and the woman could read that. He was considering his options, but had made no decisions. So, she shifted the bag off her back and opened it up, began to rummage through it. “Let’s return this.” She located the wallet. The man had an address here, despite the contents of the bag suggesting he was traveling.

“Hm?” Samael looked over, and saw she’d dug out a wallet. ‘Well, it’s something.’ He shrugged, and then let it shift so that she was taking the lead. The bag was slung back over her shoulder, but only after she retrieved the keys from it. Poor sap had left them behind. She hoped he had a second set.

Despite Samael’s declaration that this was the apocalypse, she didn’t see any locusts or fire raining down from the sky. It was rather peaceful for the end times. She wanted to ask so much more, but kept her questions restrained. It didn’t feel right to ask the questions in public like this. Once they were inside somewhere, she’d feel more comfortable.
‘Perhaps Brian’s.’

Soon enough, they were at the residence of Alex, though. Not seeing Alex there, she opted to unlock the door and enter, and she left the door open so the wayward traveler could just walk in.


The bets were already being made, as if this were old times.
‘Only it is not.’ They were created to be servants of God’s will, and Death never had a problem with that. The fact that they had been released by another bothered her, though her siblings seemed unfazed by it.

“Is this really the time?”
Death asked them, and with a snap of her fingers the horse she’d always had, a creature that couldn’t be native to Earth with its sickly green hue, manifested. She had yet to get with the times, though she had considered a car. Not one of these motorcycles. The horse stooped so that she could easily mount the creature. “We have been released and we know not by whom. Does this not bother you?”

War would remain longer than ten minutes. He was frustrated with his chaos being ruined by Pestilence, but wouldn’t bitch to her. So, instead, he bitched to his bitches. They commiserated with him, and eventually exited with him. In these forms, they couldn’t really use their motorcycles, but they could keep up with the cycles. War grudgingly went to his own bike, one that had the look of a cruiser but much more speed, and he sat down.
“We goin’ somewhere now?” He was pouting. He still didn’t know why they had to leave the bar with Samael gone.


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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Death did not seem to like their friendly banter. She did not seem impressed at aall by any of it, or the fact that they were leaving, or indeed anything at all that Pestilence had decided. Death especially did not seem to like the unknown. She voiced as much to Pestilence and Famine.

Bones shrugged. “It’s not like we haven’t been called by others before Death.” He doubted she changed anything. Not her name, not her horse, not her sense of style or dress.

“Not all at the same time, granted, but never the less, we have been.” He didn’t think too much on the subject in all honesty. He didn’t know if he wanted to think too much on the subject.

Jenna sighed. “Why can’t we just come up once in a while and have a little fun. We never get to have fun together anymore. It is a family reunion Death. It’s been too long since we were out on the razz together. Let’s just go paint the town red with blood.” Puppy dog eyes were almost pleading with her older sister. “I only want another little plague or two, what’s the harm in that?”

War had appeared, with his not so mini minions. Pestilence could hear both the disappointment and the remaining anger in his voice. He had been comfortable here and she had spoiled his fun. “We go to whichever town we come to first, and of course, you get to start a few fights. Maybe if it’s somewhere big enough, we can even find you a few toy soldiers.”


Alex had walked home. He was pissed off at himself for leaving the bag. He’d probably have to break a window or something to get into his house now. Or sleep outside and hope that Aileen and Albert, his geriatric, kindly neighbours still kept hold of a spare key to the house he rented from them.

Thinking only of wondering how late it was and whether he should disturb the elderly couple at this hour with his problems, he nearly missed the fact that the door was wide open.

His eyes widened when he finally caught on. There were no lights on inside. His heart began to race and pound. Searching his pockets, he realised that his phone was still in the bag back at the bar too. No way could he call the cops.


What if he’d been burgled?

Cautiously, he entered his home, though his every instinct told him to run next door, wake everyone in the neighbourhood by knocking on all of their doors begging to use their phone and just wait for the police to arrive.


‘What sort of person gets home, finds their door open in the middle of the night, wonder if there are thieves or murderers abound, and then announces that they’re home with a friendly hello?’ He questioned himself, berating his own stupidity. But it was too late now. It was done, and he had to wait for the consequences.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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“You know why we cannot,” Death sighed. Death should have expected this of her siblings, they had seen much less of time and the universe than she. To them, that difference might be unimportant, but it was not to her. There was a problem. They were not meant to be reunited until God deemed it. Someone else had brought them here, and she suspected it was not for an apocalypse of their choosing.

She did not argue further, for War came out and stole Pestilence’s attention with his pouting. War asked,
“What’s wrong with this town?” They were already here, and it was large. He would find plenty of soldiers here. “Why can’t we start here?”

Death guessed it was because they had already been found here. Best not to stay at ground zero. Leaving might also take them further from whoever brought them here.
‘Is that good or bad?’ That was, indeed, the question.


Samael didn’t understand why the human refused to turn on lights. She was using a flashlight instead, examining the house with that.
“Nothing special,” she muttered to herself. No, he was no one significant. Wrong place, wrong time. She’d return the bag and let him be. His identity wasn’t even worth stealing.

Soon enough, he came around and called out. She turned, just in time to see Samael shift again. It was not a cat’s form that he took this time, but a spider. She wouldn’t have even noticed him if her light hadn’t flashed on the area where he stood and shifted.
‘What are you?’ He mentioned hell and how it was unfortunate this was not hell’s doing. All bets were on demon. ‘And why are we just so easily believing that?’ The light followed the spider. ‘Right. That and werewolves.’

The spider crawled to the ceiling and followed her to the entrance, where the man was.
“Hello,” she called back.

She held his bag out in front of her, and tossed it to him when he was in sight.
“Your keys and wallet were in there. I thought I’d return it,” she told him. “And then I got curious and opened the door,” one shoulder lifted in a shrug. ‘My bad.’


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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Gods above and below, why were her siblings so damned predictable?

War wanted to stay at ground Zero. Of course he did, he was already comfortable here. But the fact of the matter was that Jenna couldn’t hold much faith in Samael keeping his end of any bargain anyone made with him. If he knew that they had been summoned, and not by God; that they had all been summoned, and had managed to gather at the same time and at the same place, and that they were semi organised to start some sort of riot; then it wouldn’t take him long at all to tell both Heaven and Hell of their appearance up on ground level.

And that would not be good.


If they wanted to have any fun at all in the time they were here, they needed to get away from here. She didn’t want to have to try to explain that all to War. She didn’t want to have to try to get all that information into his thick skull. She didn’t know if he would understand. Hell; she wasn’t sure that Death understood either.

But then again; Death had always been a stickler for the rules. Jenna wasn’t sure that her sister had any sense of fun at all, she was certainly being a bit of a stick in the mud right now, with all her reminders of what was supposed to be.

Jenna just rolled her eyes. “Better not stay here. Think we’ve made enough waves and I want to get as far away from Sam as possible. The more places we hit in a small amount of time, the better; because if we want fun, it’s gonna have to come hard and fast; cos those Angels aren’t gonna be happy about it, and I’m not too sure the Daemons will be too impressed either. Bringing in the apocalypse early isn’t exactly on anyone’s game plan but ours.”

She smiled. “We’re free. We’re up top. We’re together. This is what we were made for. Screw the rules for once and let’s rock this world several times over.” She laughed and kicked her engine into gear.


Alex caught the bag with one hand, though he remained wary of the girl. He wasn’t about to check that the last amount of his euros were still in the wallet, or that the 3 year old laptop was still intact. He didn’t really care. He was still hungry and now tired from the journey, lack of sleep and he needed to seriously try to erase whatever happened at that bar from his memories.

But he had left his bag at the bar. And hadn’t she been there? Hadn’t there been someone with her?
He hadn’t been able to tell wholly by just the voices which had been chattering back and forth as they had all had their ‘discussion’.

“Thanks.” He didn’t really know what to say to her. He had questions; like how the hell she had gotten out of that place and why had she felt the necessity to come to his home to return his things, but he thought it was better not to ask. He wasn’t sure he really wanted to know.

“Would you like something to drink?” He found himself asking. She had come all this way, it was only polite to see if she needed *something* in return for finding and bringing him his belongings.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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The obvious tended to elude War, but when Sam was mentioned, he frowned, but accepted it. “Fine. I guess that’s good enough,” he could start elsewhere. “We’re just gonna bring attention anywhere we go, though.”

‘Should we split up?’
Death wondered, but didn’t ask. Pest was all about this reunion thing, and she was pushing it hard. Had she been lonely? The engines were kicked into gear. War followed suit, and took off right after Pestilence.

Death took up the rear, not because her horse was slower, but because it seemed right. Rules indeed. Death was always the last to arrive.
‘And where will we go?’ They were on a giant island, not one of the continents. Would Pestilence take them to a larger land mass? Would they just go to another place here?

Again, Death remained silent, and let War whoop as his hounds followed along.


The moment was awkward, but there was no threat to call any cups. He was rather calm about all of this, considering she’d just broken into his house to return his things. It was strange.

He even offered a drink.
“I really—”

Spider dropped. It shifted in mid-air.
“We’d love a drink.”

Danica flinched as the man manifested and spoke. She was not used to this. She followed the flinch by brushing a hand through her strawberry blonde hair to distract herself from the anxiety.
“Sure. We’d love a drink.” She decided to just agree with the…thing for the moment. 


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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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Pest had already thought about the fact that they would bring attention anywhere they went. In a way this little island was good for them. They could start small.

What was good about her particular brand of ‘fun’ was that no matter where she started; humans travelled, they interacted. If she picked a nice little disease which would spread easily and go un-noticed for a while, 
Famine could go hand in hand with disease. It wouldn’t cause havoc instantly if they worked together on something small to begin with.

War however, she knew never started small. He would go into something full throttle. Her brother never did anything by halves.

She didn’t know how long they drove before they came to a little village with a mediocre amount of population. She pulled into the drive of a house which had  a ‘for sale’ sign stuck out at an odd angle in the grass outside the little overgrown garden.

Parking skew-whiff, she cut the engine on her ‘horse’ and stepped off before simply walking up to the house. “Home sweet home.” She muttered to herself. ‘For now at least.” She would wait for War to get the door open. It was something little, but she had no doubt that he would enjoy that. “Welcome to our new headquarters…for the time being anyway.” A wicked smile graced pink glossed lips.

“When we’re done here, maybe we can talk about going somewhere bigger.” This place would go un-noticed for as long as they could manage not to get a little crazy. Maybe in a few days, she would let war go out on his own to cause chaos elsewhere. ‘If I can trust him not to be stupid.’


Alex didn’t even flinch when something dropped from the ceiling, a transformation into what looked like a man; but he was sure wasn’t one, happening in mid-air.

The man-thing agreed to drinks, and he found himself nodding. He flicked a couple of light switches on his way through the house. He felt like he was having another one of his weird dreams; like the ones he’d had in Italy that he’d blamed on shisha pipes and too much wine.

He didn’t even tell either of the strange people in his home to close the front door as he went into the kitchen, brought out three glasses and opened a cabinet; pouring himself a large tumbler of whiskey to sip at. His stomach rumbled in protest as he took a first sip, complaining loudly that he still hadn’t eaten.

He didn’t know whether to ask what the others wanted, or to invite the into the kitchen to look at the liquor cabinet’s contents… or to offer water or whatever. In the end, he poured them both something else. Each of them had a different drink, and he handed them over to each of the strangers. By the time he’d given them away, he wasn’t even sure what he’d pt in the glasses, but a part of him told him it didn’t matter, that he’d given them both drinks they would enjoy; despite not having met either of them before.

He wasn’t good at making conversation, but he did motion with his arm for them to follow him into the lounge, as he moved that way before flopping down on the couch, letting his tired body relax for what felt like the first time in weeks.

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Re: Four Seconds To Midnight [Closed]
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It didn’t change to morning by the time they arrived at the next location. Pestilence chose a place that said ‘for sale’, and War rolled his eyes. “This town sucks,” he complained. He couldn’t imagine any politicians to manipulate here, nor any way to start a large scale war. The best he could get would be the small bar fights, and with his pack of werewolves still with him, it’d be pretty sad.

He didn’t think there’d be many people who could even hold their own against the werewolves. He walked by Pestilence and kicked the door open as she spoke of moving bigger in the future.
“Yeah. Sure.” If he didn’t just run off on his own anyway.

Death casually dismounted from her horse and snapped her fingers. The horse vanished. The werewolves followed after War as he entered the abandoned home to look it over, see if it would be to his liking.


Alex reacted better to the appearance of Samael than she did. Dani didn’t question it, expected he was in shock considering all he had seen. She was lucky not to be in shock. They followed Alex, Samael kicking the door shut before doing so. They went into the kitchen, and Dani observed with an arched brow.

He didn’t even ask what they wanted, but she wasn’t going to complain. Samael didn’t. His was simpler, just apple cider in a cup, which he drank as if it were the nectar of the gods—gone in seconds.

Dani sipped hers, a white Russian.
“Thank you, Alex,” Samael said. He brought the empty cup with him into the lounge, and Dani followed along. She glanced around the new room, but didn’t sit. Samael did, across from Alex. “How did you know it was my favorite?” Not quite his favorite, but apples in general. It had started as a bad joke that, somewhere down the line, he took seriously.

‘I have an idea.’
He was usually pretty lucky. Right place, right time. It was how he'd found the Horsemen before anyone else, and it was likely no coincidence this man was there, too. As for the woman, he wasn't certain, but had a good feeling.

Dani did wonder how he’d figured out one of her preferences, too. He could have poured them both cider, or both white Russian.