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Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« on: June 01, 2014, 06:14:31 pm »

Green eyes stared up at the ceiling, decorated with glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. It was too early to be awake, but the young woman hadn’t been able to sleep at all. The pain in her chest had kept her up, the longing that had haunted her for as long as she could remember. The speech at her high school just the other day spoke of freedom, of choice.

‘What choice?’

She would go to college. She would get a job. These would be her choices, of course, but this was not the freedom she desired. The freedom she desired was far away from here, in places she read about. There was no evidence it existed, no real evidence, but she believed it did.

It all started with the stars, and one night when the sky changed—when one star exploded, several years ago. Ever since then, she wondered at what could make a star do that, but so few here were interested in space travel. They were content, and who could blame them?

The world of Dawn was beyond comfortable. It was in constant spring, with temperatures perfect, and the rain always pleasant and light. Storms were rare, so rare that one lightning strike was enough to send people running into their homes.

The comfort was enough for most. They had their books for excitement, and it was something the woman on the bed marveled out. Imagination, she understood, but there were such fascinating things written of—snow, dragons, and knights, all things that seemed like such foreign concepts, that the human mind shouldn’t be able to create without some reason, and she saw no reason to dream them up here. She wanted to believe there was truth in fiction.

It was why in a couple of months, she would become an engineering student at the local college. Her dream was to find a way into space, and if that meant she had to make that way herself, so be it.

The green eyes shut on the stars and she exhaled a sigh, realizing she would not be sleeping that night. Her dream was plotted out, but she knew it was easier thought than done. Besides, it was such a long time from now, and the pain in her chest felt like it might kill her.

Little did she know, it just might, too.

Deep breaths lulled her into a calmer state. Her thoughts focused themselves slowly on methodically plotting out the day. A festival had been arranged, as it always was, after the graduation of the seniors from the local high school. She intended to go and catch up with others, eat a funnel cake, and if her ‘friend’ happened to be there, show them up in some game. Any game. It really didn’t matter what the game was, so long as she won and got to hand over an embarrassing stuffed animal.

Though the thought amused her, she didn’t crack a smile. When she was younger, she used to throw fits. Most claimed it her red-hair—fiery temper to match her fiery hair. Her parents weren’t going to have any of that, though. Her father took the initiative and enlisted her in a martial arts class. Years later, she had a black belt, and continued to practice, to focus herself. She didn’t get much opportunity to actually spar, but the meditation techniques had been useful in keeping her from snapping at others for a slight.

That meditation and focused breathing calmed the longing, and thus the ache.

When she opened her eyes again, it was because of cracks of light reaching through her window.

Calmly, she rose, and began to prepare herself for the day, dressing casually—blue jeans and a red tank-top. Her keychain was immediately attached to a belt loop and the keys put in a pocket. The charm, a black sun, dangled out as it always did. She considered it good luck.

The same was true of her shoes, two years old and worn in, but she loved them. Black and with flames on the sides—as with cars, they totally made her run faster.

She put her red hair back in a ponytail before walking into the kitchen, where both of her parents were already awake. The scent of bacon filled the air, and a plate was presented to her before she could ask. Her father was the chef, and today was omelets and toast.
“Thank you,” she said, placing the plate on the table and then fetching herself a cup of orange juice.

“Are you still planning to go to the festival?”

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Well, be safe,” her mother said, “the weatherman thinks a storm might be on its way.” She arched an eyebrow, and couldn’t resist the smile. Her mother scowled, “Don’t you dare stay out in it, Ava.”

She took a sip of the orange juice,
“I won’t,” it was a lie. She would. “I’m sure he’s exaggerating like he always does, anyway. I’ll be just fine.”

Her father soon came to join them, and they ate, chatted of her upcoming move into a dorm and all things in that vein, before setting off on their separate ways. Ava didn’t leave for another hour, waiting until she knew the festival would be open to the public. Then, she went out into the garage and found the sky board.

None could say she wasn’t good with machines. She’d fixed this thing hundreds of times, after buying it broken. She wanted one, but knew her part-time job back when she was fifteen would never pay enough for her to buy a new one. So, she got this, and she repaired it. Now, it surfed the air and competed with the newer models, too. She was ridiculously proud of it, and of course, it shared her trademark symbols. The sail had a tribal sun emblazoned on it, and the board itself had flames.

She took it out of the garage, kicked it on, and quickly moved to stand on the board as it started to hover above the ground. With a pull up and a lean backward, it shot straight up into the sky.


Never. The feel of the wind across her scalp was too much. The way the sun spread over her face, unshadowed, was delightful.
‘Higher.’ They weren’t meant to go as high as she wanted. They couldn’t even touch the clouds.

Even so, she imagined it as the board began to whine in protest, to creak as the pressure started to bother it.

She was no Icarus, though. She pulled out of the climb before it was too much, and dove back down to get to regular flying heights, and turned her board towards the festival. Today would be the final hurrah, even though for most it was the first. After this, she was devoting herself to escaping this prison of a world.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2014, 04:00:08 pm »
It was the day of the festival and Dominic was spending the morning in his favorite place. The high school's weight room and he was already dripping with sweat. He was on the school's powerlifting team and ever since he joined freshman year, their school were the regional champions for 2 years running. He had tied his silver-gold, shoulder length hair in a ponytail as it tended to get in the way.

He adjusted the belt around his waist and loaded the barbell with four 20 kg plates on each side. The weight room was alive with the latest hits blasting through the radio, weights slamming on the ground and being racked, not to mention Coach barking orders at the rest of teammates. The newbies that had joined were raising  Coach's blood pressure to a new high.

"Gather around, boys. Dom here is going to show you all how to really pull some big weight." Coach stood to Dominic's side and went over all the cues to setup during the deadlift. Dominic took a deep breath with his diaphragm and forced the air forward into his stomach, bracing his core. He crouched down, his shins an inch from the bar while he took a mixed grip on the bar.

He tensed his legs, slightly pulling the slack out of the bar and pushing with his legs to lift the bar off the ground. He brought his hips forward once the bar cleared his knees and locked out at the top, letting out a loud grunt.

"Now did you all see how his back was straight throughout the entire movement? Go on, Dom, show the ladies another four good pulls." Dominic nodded, setting the 184 kg loaded barbell back onto the floor. Dominic carefully setup so the newbies could learn step by step and managed another four good reps. On the last one, Dominic dropped the bar from lockout, feeling like he was going to pass out for a second.

Coach slapped him on the chest and grinned, Dominic was his star lifter and he was sad to see him go. Dominic took a huge chug from his water bottle, smiling at the newbies.
"Go easy on them Coach, they'll get there."

"Yeah before I retire hopefully. What are you all standing around for, go pick up some damn weight! Move it ladies!" The freshmen immediately dispersed into different parts of the weight room, Dominic's shoes were going to take a while to fill. "Say, Dom, aren't you going to be late to that festival?"

"You know me, Coach. I had to get my training session complete before anything."
"That's what I like to hear, I'm going to miss you son."
"Same here, Coach. I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for you."
"Yeah yeah, don't get all sappy on me, Lyons. Hit the showers and get outta here."

Dominic laughed and nodded, walking to the locker room and fetching his towel and shower sandals. For 18 years old, Dominic had a very impressive muscular, yet lean build, having to stay above 82 kg and under 84 kg for his weight class. Dark lilac hues stared back at him in the reflection of the mirror as he washed his face before stepping into the shower.

Minutes later, he was drying himself and got dressed, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. It was a warmer day than usual so he chose a regular black tanktop, black jean shorts and black and white sneakers. He emerged from the school and hopped into his graduation present, turning the key in the ignition. The engine purred to life, feeling the vehicle slowly raise off the ground, the low droning hum the underside of the car gave off became louder as he stepped on the gas and left the parking lot.

Dominic's plans for the future was to pursue a career in law enforcement like his old man, him and his father lived comfortably. His mother had passed from a terrible illness, his father still had a few more years before he could retire from the force so most of the time, Dominic was on his own. His mother's death had hit him very hard which is why he distracted himself with whatever he could.

He parked on a side street near the festival, shutting the engine off and the car slowly descended back to the ground. He left his backpack in his car, undid the ponytail and raised the convertible roof back to its closed state. He could already hear the music, smell the deep-fried foods and see the lights from the rides that were being operated.

He knew most of the senior class would be present at the festival and moved towards the heart of the festival, the town square with the beautiful fountain everyone loved to take pictures by. He might as well mingle while he could.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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The day was well into the afternoon, and though the skies were clear and blue, like always, nothing seemed to be going smoothly for the tired brunette on her bicycle. Her left knee was patched up from an earlier lesson. The teenaged girl was new to the water dancing classes. She was clumsy and not yet as graceful as her teachers. She also hated mornings, especially early ones. The determination in her pale gold eyes wore through the frustration, however. She was getting better.

And now she was late for the festival, sure to miss the opening activities. Sometimes she cursed the blood in her body for the messes it caused. Another bandage covered her elbow on the same side. Her clumsiness would take a while to refine, but there was something quite scrappy about the girl in a body that fooled the eye. She was small, but her spirit was as large as they came.

The hurried wind danced through Sabra Gallette’s milk chocolate curls, spreading their short length just a bit longer in the breeze behind her, sun shining off their slightly more blonde ends. Her grandmother had fussed at her to wear a helmet, but there was just something about the gust that slid its fingers through her hair. Her eyes closed briefly and she let her feet stop pedaling for just a second so that she flew down the sidewalk past the grassy park grounds.

Sabra could see the tops of the Ferris wheel and swings as she pedaled faster up the hill, rising in her seat to get a better view. Her muscles radiated with a sweet ache from dancing lessons and the strength it took to push up that hill, but something in her loved that feeling. A grin pulled at her lips when she reached the top and then released, allowing her old bike to soar down the hill towards the fair grounds parking lot. The sound of happy voices and smells of cinnamon, popcorn and fresh bread filled her nose. She almost hadn’t noticed that she’d steered into the street, the rev of a car’s engine caught her out of her distraction and she swerved her bike to the side.

“Whoops!” She hadn’t caught the driver’s expression, but surely he’d cursed her. The car parked nearby, and Sabra saw familiar classmate step out. She shrugged. Maybe he just hadn’t seen her at all. Good thing she had been paying attention.

The bandaged teenager chained her bike to a rack and grabbed the wallet from its basket. Softened leather matched the black and white striped pattern of her shirt, too large so that it slid off one of her shoulders. Sabra knocked down the kickstand with the butt of her sandal and shoved the wallet in the back pocket of her jean shorts before hurrying past the gates of the festival entrance.

Suddenly her wear disappeared, and the excitement of festivities filled her with energy.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Well before sunrise, the smell of freshly cooked crepes and Nutella announced to a previously unmoving body that it was time to rise. A pair of arms stretched over the edge of the bed wherefrom the feet would usually hang, the hands stretching in an all too familiar feeling. The boy, only recently 17, awoke with a grumble and a yawn. His black and unruly black hair went in every direction, both curling and spiking. The waves of black looked especially dark against his pale face.

The boy was just as ordinary as they came, of average height and build, average grades, and equally ordinary friends. The only thing that seemed to make him the least bit interesting was that he slept so unusually, upside down, backwards, and completely still.

“Made some crepes, buddy,”
a strikingly similar, albeit older, boy stepped across the doorway with his own black hair pushed back; he wore orange scrubs and square spectacles. “…with Nutella,” he teased, but it seemed like it hadn’t been enough to warrant a reaction from the younger boy. “Come on, Lincoln. You’re a senior now, rise and conquer the world!”

“I’m up,”
responded Lincoln grumpily, reaching for his own square spectacles that rested on the floor by his bed. Lincoln’s eyes were and icy blue color, just like Brighton’s. “…you had me at Nutella. Is there coffee?” The boy asked in but a mumble, but the elder’s hearty nod brought a smile to his face.

Oh how he loved coffee.

Lincoln Quinn ran his fingers through his wicked hair and followed his elder brother, Brighton, down the stairs and into the kitchen, leaving a mass of sheets behind his path. The crepes, as always, had been cooked to perfection, and coffee had been made and poured into two steaming mugs. Lincoln curled his toes on the cold floor as he took a seat and cradled the coffee mug with both hands.

“Working late?”

“48-hour shift, yeah,” Brighton didn’t seem bothered by this at all. Lincoln’s older brother was a second year resident at the local hospital, and he loved it.

“Where is Max?”

“He’s with his mom this week, remember?”

He hadn’t.

Brighton had gone through a nasty breakup months after his son was born. He no longer spoke with his ex, and usually needed Lincoln’s help to tolerate her in those instances where they could not avoid each other. He was at least amicable, for the sake of his son, but he just couldn’t help himself sometimes.

“Can you pick him up tomorrow in the morning from daycare? I’ve left a note for them.”

Lincoln nodded, taking another sip from the mug. “Yeah, the lady likes me, and she won’t question our family relation. Nobody does.” Not that it would be any issue with the note and obviously similar appearance.

Brighton grinned. “Thank you,” he approached his younger brother and gave him a quick kiss in the cheek in farewell – his hand later messing up Lincoln’s hair as he left. “Have fun at the festival, buddy.”

“Have fun in the ER,” a quick laugh was shared, but just instants later, Brighton was gone and Lincoln was, once more, alone.

Silently, Lincoln finished his coffee and his crepes, an absent smile occasionally appearing across his lips. Although he didn’t need to get up as early as his brother, he did so anyway. Lincoln didn’t get to spend so much time with Brighton, and since he was his only family, he squeezed as much time from him as he could. He loved those few minutes every other day. Sure, Max was cute, but he was close to two years old, and he cried all the time. All the time. Lincoln was, admittedly, jealous of how much attention Brighton gave his son, though he knew that it wasn’t fair to Brighton or Max.

It was whatever.

Lincoln was very quickly bored after his brother left, and so he cleaned the house to the last inch. It wasn’t until the early afternoon that the boy showered and got ready for the festival. With proper grooming, Lincoln’s hair was neatly brushed to the side. Despite these small differences in styling, people often confused him with his brother, and for good reason. They could pass as twins. Brighton, however, was several inches taller than Lincoln.

The festival was enough for Lincoln to move about his day in a happy manner. He hadn’t just graduated, like most of the kids who would attend, but had promised to meet a couple of his friends there anyway. Brighton had left some money for him on the counter, as well as keys to the spare car. Lincoln, of course, took the money and left the keys.

He enjoyed walking, and the festival was close.

Dressed in a blue V-neck shirt, jeans, and converse sneakers, Lincoln walked on out of his house and towards the festival. As he neared the location, he could see just how packed it would be. Cars were parked far away, and the actual parking lot was already getting full. Once inside the festival, Lincoln could see many familiar faces, none of which, however, bothered to talk to him. He didn’t mind the silence anyway.

Lincoln’s friends would arrive soon, and so he waited by batting cages, the place where they had agreed to meet. Little did he know that they would stand him up.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Laughter carried up, as did the smells of the fair. ‘Funnel cake.’ She desperately wanted a funnel cake. Cotton candy, too. Perhaps a chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, and delicious strawberry soda. ‘This is a very unhealthy train of thought.’ But today, it was acceptable. Tomorrow, she’d get back to normal. She hadn’t indulged in such sweets in what felt like an age.

She flew lower and lower, looking for a place to park the sky board. It didn’t take too long to find one, the place where all others were parking theirs. She descended and then hopped off when close to the ground, before kicking it off.
“Yo, Lance,” she called to another graduate as he was finishing the lock on his own board. He looked up and smiled at her.

“Sup, Ava?” They were just greetings, “Hey, you hear back from the Uni?” The blond inquired.

“Yes,” she answered, “Accepted, of course,” full of confidence, as ever. She didn’t bring a lock for her board, either. Anyone who stole her board was asking for trouble, and she intended to provide. She could do it herself, but she was also more or less on good terms with Dominic. She trusted him enough to spar with him, anyway, and was pretty sure his good-hearted ways would ensure whoever stole her board saw justice.

If she caught them first, though, they’d wish it was Dom that found them. They’d lose a few teeth, if she was feeling generous.
“How about you?”

He rolled a shoulder,
“I’m just gonna work at my dad’s shop,” mechanic, of course. It was how they truly bonded. She’d spent time in his father’s shop piecing together her machine and learning the ropes. “He’d hire you, too.”

“I could use a summer job, at least,”
she smiled, “Think he would?”

Lance nodded,
“’Course. Come by the shop Monday.”

They walked into the fest together, and were soon surrounded by colorful tents and rides. They paused, both considering what it was they wanted and in what direction they needed to go. Lance spoke first,
“I’m gonna go head towards the rides, I promised some friends I’d join them at the bumper cars.”

Ava smiled at a memory,
“We should meet up there when it gets dark,” Lance returned the smile, also remembering. Bumper Car Death Match. They had somehow gotten the coolest operator that year.

“Yeah, where are you going?”

“The games,” always the games. She needed to ascertain which of them was going to be easiest this year, and which ones would be most fun. “I’ll see you around.”

He looked a bit disappointed, but agreed,
“All right. See ya,” a lazy wave. She offered her own lazy salute in farewell and they walked off in different directions.

Her steps took her first to where the funnel cakes were. She needed one of these. She picked at it as she walked by the games, observing what was available to play and considering which ones she wanted to try her hand at. The wind blew in a cool breeze. The scent of rain was on the air, refreshing, really. It was still a ways off.

The games were near the town square, and among them, the batting square. Ava saw him as he drew closer to the square, where many others in their class had gathered to take pictures.
‘Too perfect.’ There was a boy a year younger than her, and someone was just exiting the cage. “Hold this,” she offered out the plate with half a funnel cake left to the boy who’s name eluded her. Was it Brighton? She thought it might be.

If nothing else, reflex might make him take it, because she let it slide out of her hand to reach into the batting cage before the door shut and grabbed a baseball. The girl gave her a queer look, wondering at the action, but the question was soon answered.

“DOM!” Ava shouted to get his attention, “CATCH!” And she threw it overhand as hard as she could at the blond man.

He’d catch it. She hoped he would catch it. She was not explaining a concussion to his father. 

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to around to see one of his old wrestling team buddies, Alex. "Hey dude, how's it going?" The two shook hands and while Dominic didn't say it, Alex had got fat. During his freshmen and sophomore year, Dominic had also been on the wrestling team while participating in the powerlifting team. However, Dominic chose to focus more on the powerlifting and dropped out of the wrestling team by the end of the sophomore year.

"Eh, you know. Same old same old. The wrestling team hasn't been the same since you left, bro."
"Don't get me wrong, I liked it but powerlifting called my attention more."
"I get it, dude. Say me and some of the guys are gonna smoke. You in?"

He had forgotten, he didn't tell too many people his father was a cop, only those who were smart enough to piece together that him and Sergeant Lyons were related. It wasn't like he had anything against it, it just wasn't his scene.

"Nah man, I'm good. I'll catch you around."
"Suit yourself. Good seeing you man."

He was about to go grab a corn dog when he heard a familiar voice shout his name. He turned around and caught sight of the mop of fiery red hair, Ava. He raised his left hand up to catch the baseball and realized how close it had been to striking him clean in the forehead. It had been a close call but Dominic played it cool and grinned, approaching her, tossing the ball lightly up into the air over and over until he was in front of her.

"Tried pulling a fast one me, huh? Not even in your dreams, Ava." They were constantly butting heads but she was cool. He looked at the guy close to Ava. "Say, who's your friend? Nice to meet you man, name's Dominic." He held a hand out for him to shake if he wanted, Dominic was accustomed to giving a nice and firm handshake.

His attention returned to Ava, she had to be pleased to catch him off guard. "You know how I have to get you back now, Ava." He said with a light chuckle.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Gentle rays warmed Sabra’s shoulders briefly before being covered by rainclouds again. A short beam of sun was better than none. She lingered around a balloon-popping game, but the seats were full. After a bit of impatience, she decided to browse the food stands. A rumble in her stomach could have been mistaken for thunder in the gray skies. Smells of French fries and buttered popcorn made her mouth water.

She crossed the grounds and spotted some familiar faces, stopping to chat with a few, a small Yorkie included. It was when she neared the batting cages that she caught whiff of something wonderful. Her eyes found it as soon as her nose, and when she saw who held it, Sabra made a beeline for Lincoln.

“Hey, I think I need a bite of that.”

She grinned, not waiting for permission before she pinched off a piece. Powdered sugar floated in the air around her fingers as some of it was dusted off. Sabra popped the sweet treat in her mouth, the sugar melting instantly on her tongue. Free food was better than these carnival prices. Luckily she’d spotted her friend before realizing that the funnel cake was a whole six dollars. She was certain she only had fifteen in her wallet.

Lincoln and Brighton Quinn were neighbors of Sabra and her grandmother. They’d lived next door to each other for a few years, and the clumsy girl was a frequent patient of her friend’s older brother. Brighton had patched up many a skinned knee in her lifetime.

“You wanna hit a few? I’ve gotten better at these.” She turned to see a few other familiar faces. Ava Carrey, another student in water dancing with her, though much higher leveled, and Dominic something, she couldn’t remember his last name. Sabra had never seen Lincoln hang out with them before. Her gold eyes glanced curiously to her friend, as Dominic seemed to be introducing himself. She lifted her hand to push the short locks of hair from her face, brushing her face with her hand briefly.

Sabra smiled with a shy wave to greet them both, unaware of the powdered sugar smeared over her cheek.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Suddenly, there was a plate in Lincoln’s hands, an appetizing funnel cake with powdered sugar lying atop it. He knew the girl who had put it there, but they had never previously interacted. Her fiery red hair was especially familiar. Didn’t she do some sort of martial arts? Or was she a dancer? Lincoln shrugged, about to confront the girl about her abruptness, but she very quickly left his side to go into the batting cages. What resulted was a frown of brief confusion.

“Alright then…”

As soon as she hollered at her friend, however, it all became clear. Dominic, the powerlifting jock, was approaching, and Lincoln knew that the two athletes were affiliated. He had always thought that the two shared a strange relationship, but he didn’t know either of them enough to really know. He more or less went with his gut.

He always did.

Then, another surprise.

“Oh, hi Sabra,” Lincoln greeted as his neighbor and friend reached him, but he hadn’t realized what she had done until it was too late. The boy’s brows arched in sudden worry, but his mind seemingly couldn’t form the right words. “…that’snotmine…” he mumbled in something that was barely louder than a whisper. He wrinkled his nose in embarrassment. What little color his pale skin usually had, was now completely gone.

Sabra was there, eating a funnel cake that wasn’t Lincoln’s to share, and both Dominic and fire-hair had now managed their way to him. Why was the universe trying to put him in the most uncomfortable situation in life? What had he done to deserve such torture? Was it his jealousy towards Max? Why with her?

Although he found the smeared powdered sugar on Sabra’s cheek endearing, Lincoln had not the time to try and relax. Dominic was now introducing himself to him, which seemed to snap Lincoln back to reality.

Hadn’t they met before?

Lincoln shook Dominic’s hand, resisting the urge to wince at the boy’s strength. He should have expected it – the student was a power lifting champion, by the gods! If he would have wanted to, Dominic could have crushed his very phalanges.

“Lincoln Quinn,” he greeted before his eyes found the ground, his hand scratching the back of his head. “Well…isn’t this awkward…,” he tried to stop the words before they came out of his mouth, “I mean – here is your funnel cake. Sorry.”

An awkward and crooked smile was offered to Sabra, his fingers pointing to his cheek. “You’ve got…err…on your cheek.” A whisper.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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In its own way, it was. Ava saw how close that ball got before Dominic caught it. She was still relieved he caught it, of course. She did not want him harmed. Not by a mere baseball.

She held a smile on her lips as he came forward. Her hand moved to her hip as she watched him tossing that ball, oh-so casually.
“Uh huh,” to his first comment. “I don’t waste my dreams on you, Dom, don’t worry,” a smirk, a lie. She wasted a few dreams on him. 

He mentioned a friend, and she glanced over her shoulder to see the kid she left with her funnel cake, and the funnel cake thief.

It was a good thing she had learned to hold in temper. Such small things still bothered her. She narrowed her eyes on Sabra as the introductions occurred. She caught the name, Lincoln. Not Brighton, then.

Calmly, Ava took her funnel cake, but her eyes didn’t leave Sabra. She very much intended to make the girl uncomfortable, for Sabra knew her, and she knew Sabra. They both did water dancing, after all, and Sabra knew exactly where she stood in comparison to Ava.
“So,” she began, “You ate my cake. My cake I waited all year for. My graduation reward.” Her crime needed to be known. It didn’t matter if she didn’t eat much of it, she had eaten some of it.

The evidence was so obvious on her face, too.
“You owe me a new cake,” she stated calmly.

Then, to Lincoln, shaking off the dark demeanor,
“Thank you for holding it for me, though, Lincoln. I'm Ava,” She looked back at Dom, “You can keep plotting all day, and you won’t trip me up.”


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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"Quinn.. say don't you work at the hospital? I swear I've heard that last name before and you look so freaking familiar." Dominic glanced at the newcomer who was standing to Lincoln, he was trying to piece together what was going on. The new girl had powdered sugar on her cheek from the funnel cake Lincoln was holding, so she must have taken a piece from the plate. Then Ava approached the girl and accused her of eating her funnel cake, why was Lincoln holding it?

'She can't throw a baseball holding funnel cake.' When it all clicked, Dominic laughed at how worked up Ava became over her funnel cake. While on season Dominic tended to stray from that greasy, sugary treat to keep his diet in check, he was off season right now and loved funnel cake. Besides, cheat days were what kept him from going insane.

He loved eating and loved off season because he could stuff his face with pizza, burgers, ice cream and chocolate. How he loved chocolate.
"Haha, you missed a spot. I don't believe I caught your name? I'm Dominic." Dominic said jokingly, pointing at her other cheek which was free of powder and then waving at her in greeting.

What he did like about Ava was her confidence and brash nature, she was quite the hothead and not just cause of her hair. He'd seen the ass she could kick and sparred with her on numerous occasions, she didn't take crap from anyone. It was quite charming.
"We'll see, Ava. For now, I'll take some of your delicious funnel cake."

Since Lincoln was holding it, he ripped a piece off, releasing a mist of powdered sugar as another portion of the deep-fried goodness was popped into his mouth and literally melted in a few seconds along with the sugar on top. He knew that would irritate her somewhat and smirked right back at her, lapping the sugar off his fingers.

"Hey Dom," A trio of senior girls walked by, a brunette with tattoos spoke out. The trio of girls gave Ava and Sabra a once over before rolling their eyes and focusing on him. "You're coming to my graduation party tonight right?"

"I told you I'd think about it."
"Yeah but you always say that, you hardly come to my parties."
"Like I said, I'll think about it, Lily."

The girls gave Ava and Sabra dirty looks as they walked away. Dominic shook his head, knowing they liked to cause trouble. "Anyway, other getting than Ava another funnel cake, what do you guys want to do? Ferris wheel looks interesting."


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #10 on: June 11, 2014, 06:11:07 am »
Lincoln’s mumbled whispers took a moment for the cheerful girl to understand. She stopped mid-chew. It wasn’t his cake, so whose was it? The look on Ava’s face made that conclusion obvious. Sabra swallowed the bite while Lincoln was awkwardly introducing himself. He shyly returned the funnel cake to its rightful owner. Oh he was holding it. She had missed the part where he’d been handed the plate. Sabra’s face burned with embarrassment at her mistake, but she couldn’t help but find the situation funny. Sorry Lincoln.

“Oops.” She laughed at herself, making a face that easily illustrated the word she had just muttered. Ava, on the other hand, seemed to be taking the mistake more seriously, insisting that a new cake was owed when she still had a great ratio of it left. It was a wonder if the other girl could even finish an entire one by herself anyway. Sabra wasn’t about to buy the girl a brand new cake when she still had plenty left. It had been the tiniest of bites. Much smaller than Dom’s chunk- he was now licking the remnants off of his fingers. Sabra grinned, somewhat relieved at the action.

“I’m Sabra.” She replied to him before glancing to Ava, “We’re both in water dancing. But she’s been doing it longer.” Sabra wiped the pointed out sugar from her cheek, then licked it off her finger. “It’s good huh? No wonder you wanted it all to yourself.” She scrunched her nose up playfully at the other girl, competitive glint in her eye. She’d buy her own funnel cake later and share it with the others. Maybe some extra powdered sugar on top would make up for it. That seemed fair. The thought had crossed her mind the second she’d smelled it anyway.

“Ferris wheel, and I’ll bet you could win at that arm wrestling game over there.” Sabra said to Dom, just as a few senior girls left with poison in their eyes. The girl exchanged a glance with her neighbor and shrugged momentarily, wondering what could possibly trigger such a death stare. It had been the first time Sabra had even seen that girl before.

It had been a while since she’d gone to a festival. There was always so much to do in the games department. The rides were always fun, but Sabra preferred roller coasters and these were less dangerous and more low-maintenance. Still, the swings had always been her favorite along with the shooting games. “Bowling over there!” She pointed out, looking to the others for more suggestions. Looked like they were a crew for the day.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: June 16, 2014, 10:23:28 am »
Sabra apparently though the situation funny, and her laugh made Lincoln immediately relax as well. Perhaps he was simply being uptight. He had a reputation for that.

Directly following the awkwardness that was Lincoln’s every other expression, there was comical intimidation. Sabra handled it much better than Lincoln would have. Though when Ava redirected her attention to him, Lincoln was glad to see that not much more would be said about the funnel cake and the unsupervised sharing that had preyed upon it. Instead, the situation seemed to become more comfortable between the four of them, with banter and questions going back and forth. Lincoln did not expect this at all, for – aside from Sabra – Lincoln had never had much affiliation with the two.

Dominik did not fall short of suitors, however, for soon he was invited to a graduation party. Lincoln had temporarily forgotten just how popular those were these days.

“My brother Brighton is a surgeon at the hospital. Trauma,” he explained there was adequate timing, “so he often oversees the emergency room. I’ve been told that I resemble him very much, so that’s probably why I look familiar. He’s probably done some physicals for members of the…weight lifting…thing, too.” Living in the shadow of a great man was often thought to be a burden, but Lincoln did not see it so. Brighton was amazing, and Lincoln would be ever so lucky to be even half the man his brother was.

Even after the tension had (seemingly) subsided, Lincoln remained closest to Sabra, subconsciously marking her as his security blanket amongst the two strangers. When the Ferris wheel was mentioned, Lincoln turned his whole body in that direction, noting that the traffic of carnival-goers was unusually coming away from it. Lincoln half suspected that the ride was under maintenance, but he could see the lights going round as the wheel turned.


“The Ferris wheel might be fun,” confessed Lincoln, figuring it would at least be interesting to see it. The boy was afraid of many things, but heights were definitely not one of them. “We can probably find a funnel cake stand somewhere on the way…if that is going to be a thing that is going to happen soon.”  He turned and followed the group’s general direction, standing beside Sabra the whole time.

Lincoln tried to look around for his other friends, but they were still nowhere to be found. He was beginning to think that they were not going to show up.

“So are y’all going to head off to college soon?”

Lincoln knew that Ava had graduated, but he wasn’t so sure about Dom. Was he going to pursue and athletic career, or go somewhere academically? The young junior knew that he would follow in his brother’s footsteps and earn a biology degree somewhere, and then head off to medical school.

‘I hope.’

For some reason, it didn’t seem likely right then.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #12 on: June 16, 2014, 06:36:01 pm »
To say Ava was relaxed would be a lie. She was all but infuriated at the lack of care that Sabra had for the accident, and her clear unwillingness to right the wrong. ‘No wonder I’d want it all to myself?’ She moved one hand behind her back, only to hide the fist. The girl was mocking her. ‘Temper, temper.’ She was in water dancing. Ava wasn’t usually slow in her revenge, but in this case there would be plenty of opportunities to knock Sabra to her face.

Dom more or less saved the girl from any negative fate when he ate a piece. Her nose scrunched up at the sight, as if the cake suddenly lost all its appetizing nature. It was more the fact that two people had eaten of her cake that made it unappetizing, not that Dom in particular had. It had been less appetizing already when Sabra ate a piece, after all.

Of course, now she held the funnel cake, too, and she didn’t want it.

Adding to that was the senior girls, and a smile moved across her face as Lincoln introduced himself, and her eyes followed them. She might have followed them, but her attention was grabbed by the conversation at hand. Funnel cake was mentioned, and she placed the rest of the words made sense. Ferris wheel. Funnel cake.
“That is going to be a thing that happens so,” Ava confirmed, fist unclenching, arm falling back to her side. The group began to move, and Ava found herself oddly enough going along with them.

“Here,” she offered the funnel cake she couldn’t eat any more of to Dom. “Half is all you should really eat to maintain your physique anyway.” No, she could never just give him a gift, could she? Then again, she was in the same boat as him. She really shouldn’t have a second, full funnel cake—but she wanted one. She really wanted one to the point she worried about addiction briefly.

There was a question and she looked back at Lincoln, who walked with Sabra.
“Yeah,” a shrug, “Engineering. Not sure what they can teach me, but—” lightning flash, “we’ll see.” Thunder.

It was loud enough to make several people pause and look around, for the sky overhead was blue and bright.
“The first thing they’ll close are the rides if a storm comes.” And with that, Ava sprinted ahead of the group to ensure the ferris wheel would be a possibility they could pursue.

‘It is strange though.’
Her eyes were on the sky. ‘There’s nothing in the distance that I can see at all.’ Though the white clouds above had begun to move quickly overhead. There was no wind below to accompany that movement.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #13 on: June 17, 2014, 04:18:07 pm »
Dominic looked towards the arm wrestling booth, the contestants didn't look very challenging and he really wasn't the type to show off unless he needed too. He showed off enough at the powerlifting meets. Bowling was also fun albeit he was horrible at it.

When Lincoln spoke up, he explained who his older brother was, Brighton was his name!
"Ah yes, you're the spitting image of the Doc. I get all my physicals at the hospital, the school clinic staff doesn't seem too qualified if you ask me."

He nodded at Ava's suggestion, ripping off the piece he would eat and the rest he tossed it into the trash. He chomped down on the funnel cake and wiped his mouth with the napkin. 'Not to worry, these puppies aren't going anywhere.' He thought to himself as his hand slipped into the bottom of his tank top, running a hand up and down his sixpack.

When Lincoln inquired over the next step in their lives, Ava mentioned engineering. She did seem like the type who would enjoy working with her hands.
"As for me, I'm going to follow my old man's footsteps and pursue law enforcement."

It was then that he saw the sky light up with a flash of lightning and a thunderclap soon followed. He pulled out his smartphone and checked the weather app on his phone. "Now, that's odd. This says nothing about a storm today."

Ava was right, the Ferris wheel would surely be shut down if a thunderstorm broke out. He pointed up at the clouds at how quickly they were sailing overhead, what could cause the sudden increase in pace? He expected gusts of wind, but it was as dry as ever. "If we do get a storm, I could give you guys a ride home. My car's parked not too far from here."


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #14 on: June 24, 2014, 07:00:11 am »
Sabra ignored any other mentions about the funnel cake. Ava passed it off without another thought so she obviously wasn’t that hungry. The group moved through the grounds, passing people at game booths and in line for more treats. She paused momentarily to watch a girl dressed as a clown making a balloon sword for a little boy. The gesture made her grin. She had always loved those things.

Lincoln brought up college, and Sabra shrunk a little from the conversation, finding interest in a fair ground map while the other three talked about what they wanted to study. Sabra had no idea what she wanted to do. She was probably the only one of the group who’d be going to community college. She couldn’t afford any other kind of school, and it was vital for her to stay home so that she could take care of her grandmother.

Her ambitions had never been low, however. Sabra enjoyed school sometimes. She preferred art class to history, but didn’t mind math and English. She made decent grades. She had another year left to figure out what she wanted to do.

The thunder was an odd interruption, and Ava detached herself to run ahead of their group. Sabra looked up to hear another rumble of thunder, but she saw no rain clouds. Dom mentioned a ride home, which triggered a thought from earlier. Then she realized that he had been the one who nearly ran her over earlier. He was nice enough not to be bothered about it. Sabra wouldn’t mention it if he wasn’t going to.

“Do thy close the entire fair if it starts raining?”

She would hope not. The skies were the same blue as ever. Rain was rare in this town. Too rare.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2014, 11:32:17 pm »
There was thunder, but there were no clouds. Dom checked his phone, and there was nothing on the weather about the storm. The thought that perhaps they had all misheard, however unlikely, crossed his mind, but was quickly put to rest as more thunderous roars came across the festival. Lincoln checked his phone quickly with concern, but there were no messages from Brighton. Lincoln’s brother had always been quick to express his advice and worry, and yet there was nothing on his phone.

‘He’s probably with a patient,’ Lincoln’s own mind comforted him.

Then Dom spoke, which brought up a potential problem. Lincoln had walked to the festival, which meant that he was screwed if it ended up raining. Would he feel comfortable getting a ride from someone he had just met? He might have no choice on the matter. Getting a ride would be better than catching a cold, and then having no one to take care of Max. Brighton would happily take the days off, of course, but Lincoln knew he would hold it against him one way or another.

“That would be great, thanks,” spoke Lincoln, looking towards Sabra shortly afterwards. Had she walked there, too? “I think Ava is right to suspect that at least the rides will close, and probably the rest will follow if it gets too bad.  They have the grills out in the open, and there aren’t very many tents.”

The sun had been enjoyable most of the day, anyway. No one had reason to suspect a storm, so clearly no one had gone through the preparations for rain.

“I say we’ve only got a short window of opportunity for the Ferris wheel,” said he, somewhat eager.

Lincoln ran after Ava who made her way to the Ferris wheel, and when he arrived he saw that there wasn’t much of a line. Even the person handling all the controls seemed surprised about this, but his apathetic expression was mostly intact.

“We getting on?”

He would only follow if someone else took the first step.

More thunder, and still no clouds.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: June 25, 2014, 02:28:05 am »
Ava didn’t hear the rest of the discussions as she sprinted ahead, and skid to a stop at the metal gate. Others were already leaving, and when she looked up, a smile lit her face. Lightning cracked the sky open, blue and brilliant. The white streak couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, and it was right above.

The thunder boomed down like an angry god.

Her attention turned quickly to the man running the machine,
“Hey, can I still get a ride on this?”

He looked at her as if she were insane.
“No! We’re closing down, we’re not operating if there’s lightning.”

“Aw, c’mon!” Ava tried, “It’s just a little, it’s hardly—” the thunder protested her claims, “—anything. One ride.”

“No,” the man reiterated, then noticed the others who were walking. He called to them, “Hey, we’re not going to be operating in this weather. The wheel’s metal.” An obvious reason to not go on it, but Ava still frowned. “You’ll get fried,” he spoke to just her then.

‘I don’t care!’ Of course she did care, she just doubted what he said, at that age where she felt immortal.

“It hasn’t even started raining yet,”
she pointed out. A loud crack followed before the man could answer, and both looked to the source. The ferris wheel lit up with the electricity that flowed through it. The electricity danced from spoke to spoke, not white, not even yellow, but purple in hue. ‘That seems….’

The thought itself completed itself, but was not truly absorbed. The man jumped the metal fence and ran as flames began to emit from the spokes, and the ride itself started to creak and squeal. He ran by her, and Ava ran ahead. Perhaps some would think it was her mechanical skill that recognized what way the wheel was going to fall, but she’d be lying if she agreed.

There was something strong, something familiar, pulling at her and she wasn’t about to ignore it. She’d felt it only once before, when the star exploded in the sky.

The wheel fell the way the man ran, and on his leg. It was crushed, of course, and he cried out. Ava didn’t look back, and so she didn’t see what rose up from between the spokes of the wheel. Black creatures with antennas and wide, yellow eyes, emerged from the concrete ground, and one immediately lunged for the prone man.

Others turned their attention to the other fair goers, but several of them found their attention drawn to Dominick and Sabra, for their hearts were different. Dominick’s threatened their very existence, and Sabra’s challenged it, the light in them repelling and alluring all at once.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #17 on: June 26, 2014, 10:34:51 pm »
There was nothing to do but ran after them, he wasn't going to miss out on a Ferris Wheel ride. He stopped when he neared Lincoln and Sabra, Ava seemed to be arguing with the ride operator to let them on and he wasn't having none of that. His focus was more on the skies, the lightning flashes and roaring thunder were becoming more and more frequent.

When the lightning struck the Ferris Wheel, Dominic began to back up slowly. The groaning and creaking as the Ferris wheel burst into flames gave him no reason to wait for it to crush him.
"Lincoln, Sabra, get back!" He screamed when the wheel toppled over and crushed the operator's leg. Ava dashed right past him and Dominic was going to do the same.. but he couldn't leave the operator behind.

The purple lightning had seemed peculiar from the start, but what was even stranger was when the black, antennaed creatures spawned from the lightning. He was going to help the operator but the creatures had claws and began tearing into the man's chest before Dominic could react. Chaos ensued and everyone was leaving the festival.

For some reason, instead of pursuing the others, a troupe of those creatures began to approach Dominic and Sabra. Dominic tensed, although they were small, their claws weren't.
"Bring it on then!" Their antennas twitched and two of the creatures tried flanking his left and right side.

He wasn't going to fall for that, he backed up meaning they would have flank wider and create more distance for each other. "Help me!" The operator screamed, the creature tearing him up was covered in blood and Dominic made the mistake of looking his way. The creature gruesomely was digging in his chest and pulled out his pulsing heart which was slowing down.

He was going to be sick. One of the creatures came at him, claws out and Dominic evaded the swipe, sending a powerful kick at its midsection. It connected but there was no indication of pain, he expected the little bastard to be sent flying but instead it clung to his leg and dug its claws deep.
"Shit! Get off me!" He grasped the creature by the antennas in a strong grip and tried to pull it off, only to yank the antennas off its head.

The creature collapsed off his leg and began writhing in pain. Dominic didn't want for it recover, stomping on its head with his shoe. All that was for just one. Another four were coming after him. He wasn't sure what they were but he wasn't going to run. He felt compelled to fight these things.

His leg was bleeding and he wouldn't have run far anyway. Just then in his hand an object began to manifest in his hand, his fingers naturally closed around the hilt which was enclosed by a strange spiked, cross-guard and a clear jewel. The blade was long, the edges serrated and jagged and at the top was a three-pronged trident head that pointed to the side.

From the pommel hung a thin chain with a gold finger ring at the end, it was his father's lucky ring. Dominic wore it to every powerlifting meet and it had given him good luck or it seemed so. The ring had the words 'Love, Dad' on the outer ring. The blade looked like a key, it was golden and crimson, the two colors seemed to converge on the blade, the cross-guard, the three-pronged trident that gave it the appearance of a key.

The creatures upon witnessing the keyblade backed up and their antennas began twitching like crazy. For some reason, he felt like he was meant to wield the blade. He didn't question where it came from just then. Although there was lightning and thunder, the sun still shone brightly. He raised the keyblade to the air and the sunlight gleamed through the jewel, shining on the black creatures.

Dominic charged at the creatures like a mad man, swinging his keyblade wild and clearly without practice but all he had to do was hit. He sliced through two of the creatures like butter, instead of writhing in pain, they faded into air.

The others charged at him, managing to sink their claws in his wounded leg, but he didn't give them another chance. Dominic decapitated one and chopped the other one in half with the keyblade. His heart was pounding and adrenaline pumping through his veins that he didn't feel the pain right then.

It was then that he turned to Sabra was also getting engaged by the dark creatures.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #18 on: June 28, 2014, 09:28:22 am »
The sight of lightning was rare here, but she could hardly believe what happened afterwards. Dominic yelled at them to get back, and she immediately snatched Lincoln’s arm and pulled them out of the way, following Dominic and Ava out of the way. She paused to see a man trapped beneath the heavy weight of the wheel. Sabra’s eyes widened in horror and she started to follow Dom towards him. Maybe they could lift it enough for him to get out from underneath.

That was when she felt a sharp pain in her back, and then a weight that increased, pushing her onto her stomach into the ground. She grunted, feeling teeth gnawing at her. The little black monsters piled onto her back. Through the obstruction of their bodies she could seen Dom struggling, and the man beneath the wheel was also swarmed by the strange things. Sabra clawed at the ground, trying to pull herself up. She could feel blood trickling down her neck and shoulders.

“Get OFF!”

She may not have been as strong as Dominic, nor as graceful as Ava, but Sabra felt a surge of adrenaline pull her from beneath the weight of the black shadowlike creatures. Her arm pushed them back, and when she was facing the mass, she kicked at them from the ground until she felt something in her hand.

Sabra’s fingers clasped around a hilt, and when she looked down she could see the white-gold outline of a sun-shape around where her hand was clasped tightly now. On each side were a pair of sculpted wings that resembled a gargoyle’s folded. The gold faded to a deep bronze as it reached the bottoms of the folded wing design on it. The length of the keyblade was slender, the pointed ends taking the shape of a crescent moon, ends pointed to form sharp tips. The moon was silver and shone brilliantly under the lightning that flashed across the sky.

The teenager had little time to admire her new toy. The first thing that came to her mind was to swing it savagely. Several dark figures burst and faded into the air with each strike of her blade, but some took more than one strike. Immediately, she rushed to help the man trapped, swinging low to high and eliminating the black monsters that attacked him with several swipes of the blade. Dom was doing something similar, although his blade seemed more effective against the enemy than hers. She looked to Lincoln, then around for Ava, but instead she saw the man under the ferris wheel.

She had to help him.

She put the blade down for a moment, turning to the large metal machine that entrapped the man. Some may say it was too heavy, and they would have been correct but that wouldn’t stop Sabra from trying to help. She strained to no avail, wishing she had the muscles to lift it. The ground slid beneath her sneakers from her strain, causing her to slip and fall. More of the dark creatures consumed them, and she reached again for the blade, fending them off with her arm as she reached it.

“Someone help!”


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #19 on: July 02, 2014, 09:29:03 pm »
Dom’s warning came after the blinding lightening, and Sabra’s surprisingly strong tug at his arm made Lincoln’s feet lead him away from the falling Ferris wheel. His eyes searched desperately latched on to the man who had moved in the wrong direction, praying that somehow he would find an escape from the tumbling giant piece of metal. Time seemed to slow, but the poor man could not escape – his leg was soon crushed as the wheel came upon him.

There was no real time to try and help the man, despite Lincoln’s genuine concern for him. Black creatures rose from the wheel, with antennas and haunting eyes, setting their sights firmly on Dominic. Why him? What was happening? We’re they machines, or merely creepy looking toys?

‘Is this a joke? It is in very poor taste.’ The boy’s head shook, the folly making him angry. ‘It can’t be a joke, a man is hurt.  This is not funny.’

Lincoln’s eyes widened as these creatures began to swarm them. The speck of attention he might have paid to the fair goers disappeared when the spectacled boy’s eyes landed on Sabra and the creatures that were attacking her from the back. “Get off her!” He said, almost in unison to his neighbor’s own voice. Lincoln’s leg connected with one of the creatures, the kick sending it tumbling back.

“Are you okay?”

Only then did Lincoln notice that Sabra was holding something, some sort of weapon that had magically appeared into her hand. Dominic had one, too. Lincoln’s intentions had been to help his friend, but it didn’t seem like he would be much use. “What? Where is mine...?” The thought flowed closely in his mind, thinking that there should be a weapon firmly clasped on his own hand as well, but none come. None would ever come, it seemed.

Lincoln could have used a weapon, too. One of the creatures jumped towards his face, and his hands were just long enough to keep it away. Another, however, tackled him from behind, knocking him over. The third and the fourth were not far off, and they were trying to bite at him from every which way. Lincoln struggled, kicking one away just for another to take its place. He stretched his hands out to the floor after he felt bites on his back, hoping that he would find something on the floor that could help him get the things off of him.

“Gah!” Lincoln cried out, using one of his hands to push one of his attackers away. The other hand had found something on the floor – a stick perhaps – and used it to whack the creatures on top of him. With great effort, and a sudden adrenaline rush, Lincoln managed to stand, swinging at the black bug creatures. In his hand was a metal bar, long curved at the end to unhook things like prices at the stands.

It was no weapon, but it was better than nothing. 

He swung his way next to Sabra, who was still trying to keep the creatures away while attempting to save the man. “There’s too many of them,” rationalized Lincoln, trying to use the metal bar as leverage to free the man, anyway. He gave it another try, but the wheel did not seem to budge. He knew that it was a better idea to leave him, but he couldn’t leave Sabra. Just what was happening to Dawn?

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
« Reply #20 on: July 02, 2014, 09:51:31 pm »
In his final moments, before his physical heart was ripped from his chest, the operator of the ferris wheel had many negative thoughts. They pulled at the balance in his otherwise-normal heart, and began to twist it. He cursed this festival. He cursed the last-minute attempt to get on the ride. He cursed everything in his agony, and then he felt life and consciousness start to slip away.

The heartless which took his physical heart was batted off before it could get to the real prize, the ‘heart’ that contained his sense of self. This, unfortunately, would not prove to be good for the three who remained near the ferris wheel. His body twitched, and black veins began to spread as the others dealt with the problem of the heartless, or tried to get the wheel off him.

His skin then began to darken. His limbs started to contort and elongate, as did his hair, which became thicker and started to encircle his face like a mane of black tendrils. The darkness that permeated his heart in his final moments corrupted him.

His growing size allowed him to easily lift the ferris wheel off himself, and toss it far away, crushing buildings as it fell from the sky. He rose, and he towered over the festival grounds. He looked at the world now with yellow eyes, and a gaping hole in his chest in the shape of a heart. Black wings on its back expanded out, and blew a strong gust away from him. He looked around, dealing with the new sensations as all memory was forgotten. It did not know where it was any longer.

The Darkside, for that was the name of these large creatures, looked back down as something disturbed its sense of calm. The eyes fell on Dominic, mentally marking him as unnatural and unusual. Foreign. Wrong. The enemy.

It took note of the others on the ground nearby, too. Sabra caught its attention, though it was not sure what to make of her, it decided also on enemy because of the keyblade. Instinctively, it knew what the weapon was. It was the only weapon that could truly kill it, for it would separate the supernova’ed heart from the tainted body, permanently.

It stepped forward to crush her, and Lincoln who was near her, while its hand reached out to rake Dominic with its claws.

Something foreign in the air caught its attention before it could further assault the trio. It turned its head that way, and if it could have squinted, it would have.

What was in the air was nothing like itself, and yet, it felt like it. Darkness emanated from the figure, making it difficult to sense in a world that was becoming populated with creatures of the darkness. Yet, still, it stood out.

A flash of memory from the old self created hatred rather than respect. It remembered her, the one who wanted to ride the ferris wheel, the one who condemned him to this. It lashed out, the energy coming forth from its chest and launching at the woman in the air. It was startled by this development, for it had not known it could do such things. It tilted its head down to look at that hole in its chest, intrigued by itself and forgetting the enemies below, and the enemy in the sky.


Ava didn’t look back, not once, even though she heard the sound of the ferris wheel crash, and she heard the screams. Those screams continued as her shoes beat the concrete, to where her skysurfer was. She was quick to grab it, quick to kick it on. It was only then that she looked back, thinking the others followed her this far. “I—” but no one was there. She bit down on the words.

How was she going to explain it, anyway?

‘Once upon a time, I saw a star explode, and I felt energy like this hit me, and I knew, I knew there was more, and I know I can leave.’

It sounded insane, and she knew it.
‘Never mind.’ The screams continued, and just as Ava put her feet on the board and tilted it up, she saw a good reason for the screaming. A black creature had risen up, tall and humanoid, with black tendrils that seemed to be its hair. Ava didn’t move from where she hovered, but stared at the thing, tried to understand what it could possibly be.

It must have crushed people underfoot. It was clearly attacking them, with claws, and with an energy that came from the hole in its chest, shaped like a heart. Wings were on its back, but they couldn’t be useful for how small they were.

It would have been smart to move, but Ava was struck by the sight. Unfortunately, the creature noticed her. She knew the second its yellow eyes fell on her, boring a hole into her. At once, it seemed to be seeing her, and seeing straight through her.

The energy that pushed out from the hole directed itself at her.
“Shit,” she spoke aloud and turned the skysurfer away, urged it forward, urged it to go fast. When the energy came close, she made a sharp left, but to no avail. The energy followed her, and caught up, colliding with her back and knocking her from the board.

She and the board crashed.

Ava wished then she had worn her helmet, for her vision blurred in and out for what seemed an eternity. Her arms ached of scrapes, but her legs felt all right.
‘What am I seeing…?’ She wasn’t sure if it was a hallucination or not as her eyes tried to focus on the strange little things with the twitching antennas and yellow eyes.

An attempt was made to rise, but it was quickly thwarted as those shadows appeared to be quite real, and one pounced her. She felt the weight, and soon felt the claws run over her back, tearing her shirt, tearing the flesh. She reacted immediately, and stood fast enough to make herself dizzy. The creature didn’t have a good hold on her, so it fell back to the ground. She kicked at it, sending it back to its friends.

There were plenty of them, though. Despite her condition, she managed to put herself into a defensive stance.

They eyed her, seeming to be at a standoff, as if they were debating. In fact, she thought they were, from the way glances were exchanged and antennas twitched. Were they intelligent?

If so, they realized their numbers compared to her condition were worth the risk. Two moved, one lunged right at her chest and the other moved and got a fast hold on her leg, digging in claws as she tried to kick, to shake it off.

She managed to move her arm in the path of the other one, so it latched onto that instead of her chest.
“GET AWAY!” She shouted as she flung that one off.

It was not the motion, however, that removed it.

That ache in her heart suddenly doubled, and energy erupted around her, unformed and uncontrolled. It was like a brief fire that shocked the creatures into letting her go, and it faded just as quick, so quick that Ava thought it was simply her vision dimming again for it had looked like black smoke.

The creatures, however, backed up. It was not fear, but a new consideration. Then, in unison, they all sunk into the ground and left her.
‘What was…why was…?’ Ava watched the shadows, and swallowed down the pain, before deciding to worry about it later. She looked around for her skysurfer, and noted it was in pieces.

She left it there. She had another destination in mind, a door she’d seen once upon a time, but never again.

She had a very strong feeling that today she would see it.
‘If it isn’t a hallucination.’ That’s what she’d passed it off as for many years—an overactive imagination. After all, no one else ever saw it. Not that she knew of, anyway. ‘If I can find it, if I’m right, everyone can get out.’ Right about now, it looked like an escape route was necessary, too.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Dominic rushed to where Sabra and Lincoln were at, still trying to save the operator under the Ferris Wheel. Dominic knew even if they somehow removed the metallic contraption off him, his heart had literally been torn out. He was no doctor, but he was sure he'd be dead either way. They must have realized that too but were still trying and that was something Dominic admired.

He was wildly swinging the keyblade to fend off any of the smaller Heartless trying to come after Sabra and Lincoln. The operator's agonizing screams and erratic behavior caused Dominic to look over his shoulder and there was just something in his heart telling him they should get away.

As the operator underwent the transformation, Dominic created a safe distance between himself and the Ferris wheel.
"Guys, back away!" If Dominic's sudden distress didn't alarm them, the transformed operator tossing the Ferris Wheel miles away like a play thing should have.

It looked like an enlarged version of the Heartless, except with wings and a gaping heart-shaped hole in its chest. Its very being felt wrong to Dominic, it felt foul and pure evil. Dominic should have been terrified, running for the hills but he wasn't

"I have to fight this thing.." His thoughts manifested verbally against his will, it had to be done. He tightened his grip on the keyblade's hilt and felt like it was staring at him. "Come get some then!"

When the giant clawed hand came down to slice him in half, Dominic rolled to the side and nimbly sprang back to his feet in one fluid motion. He felt a similar foreign being to the Darkside and his eyes looked up to the source, Ava was on her skysurfer. He had never felt this from her and why all of a sudden?

The Darkside fired energy from its hole and impacted Ava and her board and Dominic yelled at the creature for doing so.
"You son of a bitch!" Dominic ground his teeth angrily and saw where Ava landed. The little antennae creatures were swarming Ava now that she had crashed and burned. He ran as fast as he could but when he arrived, Ava had dealt with them strangely.

Instead of pressuring her with more attacks, the little creatures sunk into the ground.
"Ava, you look like hell. Are you okay?" He felt a sting in his leg, remembering how the creatures had clawed it and pushing the wounded leg to run to Ava set off all sorts of pain. He clasped a hand around the wound to apply pressure and stop the bleeding but to no avail. "I don't know what the hell that thing is but I think it's up to us to take it down. Are you with me?" Dominic had also taken a beating from the Heartless and while the odds of victory seemed slim, his confidence persevered. "After all, what does that say about you if I take it down all by myself?"

Dom grinned and took off in the direction of the Darkside whom still seemed to be distracted with itself. Big or not, there was two things sustaining his huge body. Legs. Dominic swung at what looked like its ankle with the keyblade. The Darkside roared in pain when it felt Dominic cut its ankle, immediately turning its attention the source of the pain.

Dominic knew better than to stay in the same spot and he was already crossing under the Darkside to the other leg. He jumped when he was close, holding the keyblade above his head and bringing it down in an overhead swipe at the other ankle. He connected once again and the ground shook as the Darkside stomped around to try and crush him. Dominic was watching the shadows prior to the Darkside stomping to evade them, chopping at the wounded ankles when he could.

The Darkside then changed its attack and swung its arm between its legs to sweep Dominic away. Dominic noticed last second and put his keyblade in front of himself as if to shield the blow and the back of the Darkside's hand struck him and the keyblade.

Dominic felt his body roll and skid on the ground until he lost momentum and speed from crashing into a hot dog stand. All the air in his lungs was driven out and his whole body ached, but the urge to fight was burning hot. The wreckage around him, the destruction the Darkside had caused was the fuel keeping him going. Order would be restored.
"I'm going to make sure of that."


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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The world of Dawn seemed to crumble apart as Sabra's focus shifted from helping the Ferris wheel operator, to getting out of his way. A darkness stretched over the teenagers, and she didn't think she'd seen anything so terrifying in her 17 years. Sabra stumbled back, honey-brown eyes wide with fear.

Ava had been in the air on her board, courageously taking on the large creature whose heart had been previously devoured. Dom was soon at her aid when she was knocked to the ground. Her heart leapt and didn't come down for a while when Ava hit the dirt. She was back up soon, though. Dom was soon at her aid.

Despite the desperate pull to help them, she was afraid of the shadow. She'd also noticed Lincoln had no keyblade like she and Dom had. Her neighbor was doing well with protecting himself with something he'd found on the ground. The two of them were soon outnumbered. Sabra closed her eyes, her breath had grown heavy. She couldn't let the fear come over her.

The girl turned to see creatures disappearing around Ava, puzzling them both. Sabra clutched the keyblade in her hand as more of them charged at she and Lincoln. They couldn't do this forever. Where were these things coming from?

As they became swarmed, the correcct insitinct would have been to grab Lincoln's arm and lead the shadow creatures away from Ava and Dominic. But Sabra did the opposite. She couldn't leave Lincoln to fend for himself with the cane, so she dragged him with her as she climbed over the metal bars of the wheel.

"They're coming from there!" She pointed towards the center of the wheel where more shadow creatures emerged and leapt for them. She swiped at them with her blade, moitioning for Lincoln to stay behind her and cover her from the rear. Her clothing was in strips over her back from their claws. Black and white stripes mixed with her blood.

She winced grunted as a broken bar jabbed her side, but if she got to the center...maybe she could close up whatever hole these hellions were crawling from...

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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The man under the wheel could not be called a man any longer. The part that made him so was missing, and he contorted into a beast just as Lincoln had predicted and feared. Lincoln winced, scared and petrified by the outrageous sight. The poor spectacled boy could not explain his prediction, but he knew that he didn’t want it to happen again. His thoughts had gone to the worst possible scenarios and outcomes, and the possibility of being right again scared the hell out of him.

‘This isn’t happening…!’

He wanted to be wrong. He wanted to be dreaming.

Lincoln could not move. He considered smacking his own legs in order to snap them back into moving, to stab himself and possibly wake from the nightmare. They just stood still, challenging the logic that had carried him this far in his infancy. The legs were his, but they felt like they weren’t. They felt like an ornament on him, present but motionless. In that moment…useless. He only remembered what his brother had described as phantom pain, except this seemed to be simply numbness.

“I-I...can’t move.”

As the moments of terror carried on, Lincoln found himself following instead of leading. This was not at all unlike him. Dom told them to get away, but how could he? How could he have let just Dom face the demon giant? Still, his legs seemed to obey at someone else’s command. There was no time for any change of hearts, for Sabra grabbed his and pulled. It was only then that Lincoln realized that he had still been swinging the bar to keep the little black insects away from them. Their shadows followed them as they moved.

“Can you stop it?!” Lincoln asked Sabra as she pointed out the place from where the shadow creatures were crawling from. How could she know? This was just as weird for her as it was for him. Lincoln shook his head and followed Sabra’s lead. He caught the sight of Sabra’s injured back just as he turned. He worried for her, but he knew that now was not the best time to address those wounds. Lincoln needed to keep the creatures off of her.

And so he swung, his back to Sabra and hers to his. 

‘Brighton, where are you?’

There was trauma everywhere, so where were the ambulances? Where was the trauma surgeon?

There were no sirens. Dawn was falling.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Just before Ava could try to run off, she caught sight of Dominic running up to her, despite his own injuries. “You’re one to talk,” was the immediate retort to his commentary. No, she wasn’t all right, but she’d be damned if he knew it. It wasn’t the physical injuries that bothered her so much, though they hurt. It was the confusing pain that she couldn’t place, except within. ‘Internal injuries?’ Possible from the fall.

Somehow, she knew better.

Before she could tell him it was hopeless to continue this fight and offer the alternative, he had to go and spout off about how it would look if she didn’t help.
“What are we even—” but then she saw what was in his hand.


Her own eyes widened,
“Wait!” but he was already running back into the fray. ‘Damn it, Dom!’ She had to follow. He was the one, fate be damned, who could open the door she’d seen all those years ago, the door with the huge keyhole in it. That key he was holding was certainly large enough to fit. “There’s another way!” She was probably shouting in vain, as she skid to a stop before the beast.

What was she supposed to do? Martial arts hadn’t exactly trained her to fight foes of this nature.
‘Well then, you have to make sure Dominic can. He has the weapon.’ So be it, her role was distraction, so that Dominic didn’t crushed by the stomping feet.

Sabra, too, needed a distraction. She and Lincoln were aiming for the center of that darkness, and shadows were turning their attention towards them in the hopes of stopping their progress. Sabra also had such a blade.

A pang of jealousy almost made her reconsider. How could Sabra have such a thing, and not her? Sabra, the one who stole her funnel cake and made in inedible, the one of ineffable happiness.

Little did she know how those emotions effected the flow of the darkness, but she knew it felt like a salve as that center pulsed, as if it knew Sabra’s intentions, and it widened to unleash hell on the poor girl with Lincoln.

Aveline bit back on such thoughts, knowing they were wrong, but who could truly control them? It was like trying to control who one loved, and how one felt. She could only ever mask it.
‘Distract.’ She reminded. ‘If only for a second….’


Fists clenched on either side, frustration, as Dominic was struck and sent rolling.
“HEY YOU!” What was she expecting to achieve by yelling at it? She was an ant to it. “LOOK!” The tighter and tighter she clenched her fists, the more and more she could focus even though blood started to drip from where her nails made their indentation. “HERE!”

She almost gasped as something seemed to force its way up and out, and she looked up with the feeling. That strange smoke was back, and she was certain it was no mere trick of the eyes any longer. It had flared up like a beacon, and the Darkside looked from its fight to her

The beacon didn’t burn her. In fact, that cool feeling that had washed over her just moments ago seemed only to intensify. It was relaxing. Tingling. She could almost feel it at her finger tips. She could almost wrap her hand around it, use it….

But like a fire, it required sustenance. It didn’t draw on oxygen, but drew on the darkness in Ava’s heart, and spread it further, awakening and unlocking that which had always laid dormant.

Unfortunately, Ava didn’t understand this, and had no idea how to truly channel it and use it to her will. She couldn’t grasp it, even though she felt it at the tips of her fingers.

She smirked as the Darkside looked down at her, the other creatures more focused on Sabra as she threatened one of the portals.
“That’s right,” she spoke that more to herself, then shouted once more. “HE’S NOT THE ONE YOU WANT! NONE OF THEM ARE!”

‘It’s me.’

She was right, in one way, as the fuel burned higher to try and attract the attention of the small fry, too.

The Heartless sought her to bring the universe into the darkness that belonged to them.

Dominic would have moments to act, for the darkness was going to burn her out soon enough.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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His entire life his father had spoken to him on how order kept the good and evil on two separate planes, too much of either and order could not exist.

His father being an officer of the law, he always believed in the good of the people, that nobody was inherently bad however the way people's lives unfold is what can make them bad. Dominic idolized his father and wanted to make everything better for everyone by maintaining order. The rain broke out then, he could feel the cold drops falling on his face.

Thunder growled behind the clouds, threatening its arrival with loud thunderclaps. Why was all this happening? He could feel it in his heart that the Darkside was pure evil and someone like Dominic had to stand up to it. For the good of the people, for his friends, for his father. He stood up from the wreckage, body aching but it was ignored.

He could see Ava surrounded some sort of smoke and that felt wrong too, there was something similar the Darkside and Ava had. But of course he knew that was impossible. Right? Why wasn't it attacking her? He wasn't about to find out, he had to save her. All these feelings inside her heart were strong and gave him the willpower to continue fighting.

He held the keyblade in front of him, pointing at the Darkside.
"Stop harming my friends!" He had to save them, all of them. Almost like clockwork, he felt a powerful energy surge through his body. Lightning flashed but the bolt of lightning struck the Darkside with raw power. He looked at his keyblade and the jewel on the hilt was glowing, more thunderbolts continued striking the Darkside almost as if he were a lightning rod of some kind.

For some reason though, after every lightning bolt, Dominic felt the energy being drained out of him. The jewel on the keyblade stopped glowing and so did the rampant lightning bolts. By then, the Darkside was smoldering and roaring in pain. The wounds to its ankles had done their damage and after being electrocuted so many times, the Darkside collapsed onto its back.

It was alive and Dominic knew what he was about to do was beyond stupid but perhaps it had a weakness. Dominic climbed on its leg and began running on the Darkside's body, feeling the darkness radiating from its body. It made him feel totally strange but he pressed on until he reached its head. It was then that he felt the Darkside shifting and perhaps returning to consciousness.

Its arms came to life and were reaching for Dominic, but before they could reach him, Dominic was already hacking and slashing through its neck and at it's face. Both clawed hands came quickly to grab for Dominic and he leaped off the Darkside last second, the Darkside sinking its own claws inside itself.

The Darkside's roar was quieter now and it didn't even attempt to stand again. Was it dying? Perhaps, it was better to escape while they could. The exhaustion truly hit him now that the adrenaline rush faded. Still, he ran to where Ava had been standing.

"Ava, we should go in case that thing gets up again. Let's go get Sabra and Lincoln out of here too," They looked like they were having trouble with the little Heartless. "Guys, we'll hold them off!" Sabra and Lincoln were making their way to where the little creatures had emerged from and perhaps destroying the source of darkness would stop more from emerging.

He ran towards them and began chopping through the Heartless while they had their backs turned.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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Sabra felt tears prickle in the corners of her eyes as the two neighbors slashed through the darkness. Her back stung so badly. But she held determination and power. There was a reason this key-shaped blade had appeared to her. Right now she didn’t know what it was, but it mad her entitled to take control of this situation…if she could.

Lincoln’s question echoed in her mind. Could she stop this chaos? She didn’t know, but why wouldn’t she try? Why would this random item reveal itself to her if she weren’t supposed to stop it? The girl could almost feel the source pulling her into it.

“I don’t know.” She said, but barely had time before the dark creatures covered them. Endless monsters met them in their beeline towards the center, it pulsed the closer they got. Sabra was knocked back over the metal bars, and groaned as the metal bruised her lower back. The dark creature clung to her front, and she screamed, thrashing to remove it. The desire to give in weighing down, but she couldn’t give up now.

She wrenched it off, knocking it into the bars before stabbing it with her key blade. Sabra climbed over the rusted white metal as the shadow dissolved around her. Her red sneakers pushed her up on the toppled ferris wheel, and she did her best to balance on the bars, hopping from one to the other, closer and closer to the source of the mayhem.

Sabra wasn’t sure if Lincoln was still behind her. She hoped he was alright, but she was so close now. She could feel the burn of instinct within her as the darkness condumed her body.

Suddenly, she was in pure blackness, her feet slipping against the rain-soaked metal bars. Before she fell, she hurled her arms forward, shoving the carved end of the blade into the darkness. The next thing Sabra expected to feel was a painful blow from a deathly fall into the jungle of metal and wire that was the Ferris wheel.

But there was nothing.

It took a while for her eyes to adjust, but when they did, she could only see the dusty shadows of stalagmites and deeper shades of black that seemed to tunnel ahead of her. Sabra took a step forward, the sound of water dripping echoed.


Her own voice multiplied and resonated out from her. The voice finally disappeared, but then she head different voices, calling back to her almost in a mocking way that sounded like chirps or squawks. Sabra reached out, trying to find something to guide her as she continued. The emptiness startled her, something about it was thrilling, but not in the fun carnival-ride sort of way. Her heart pounded with anticipation. Something was going to happen.


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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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One after the other they continued to haunt them, and nobody seemed to care. Maybe they were all dead…Maybe Lincoln was just being hopeful when wishing that someone – something – could come and rescue them. The thought was horrifying, but he couldn’t focus on that, could he? Not when all of these ugly things kept trying to kill him. A trickle of sweat fell down his paled face, his arms swinging fiercely to try and his keep his attackers away from him and Sabra.

The came in a swarm, and it didn’t help that his little excuse of a weapon seemed to only make the heartless want to laugh at him. ‘Damn them all,’ he had thought, surprising even himself a little bit. Despite what little backbone the kid truly had, these things were more than just testing him.

Shortly after Lincoln’s brief outburst of anger, things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. The creatures were becoming way too many for them to deal with, and slowly they were being overwhelmed. Lincoln didn’t know why, but he knew that he needed to protect Sabra – that she was more important than he could ever be. It was a thought that he was very familiar with, one that had been recurring most of his life. If she was in trouble, then he still had something to fight for.

Lincoln kept swinging absently. The boy’s pale eyes were beginning to seem hollow, empty.

“Sabra!” The spectacled boy could not believe that Sabra was still persistent in reaching the source after the blow she took to her back – it was almost as if she couldn’t hear Lincoln. That would not stop him, however. He felt slashes at his arms as he moved, bites and pulls from behind trying to keep him away. Dom's loud voice was clear from behind them, but Lincoln couldn't turn away from Sabra. “Sabra, stop! We need to go back!”

Sabra then seemed to lunge, and Lincoln did so too without thinking.

From out of nowhere, sounds began to be too prominent. He could feel himself screaming for Sabra, but no sound would come out. Instead a deep and unruly buzz ignited in his ears, spawning a pulsation in his head. Lincoln’s hand reached for his falling friend, trying to keep her from plunging deeper into the Ferris wheel. He could have sworn that his hand had found her, clenching around her so that he could keep her up.

This was not so. Instead of feeling the pressure of trying to keep Sabra from falling, Lincoln experienced what he could only describe as a shift in gravity. Lincoln wasn’t pulling Sabra out, but instead he was being pulled in by a mist black as night.

Lincoln hated himself for this, but he let his hand slip from his grip, and merely allowed the darkness to do its work. He welcomed defeat with what little dignity he could muster, but it never came for him.

The sounds of dripping water seemed to snap him from his shock induced trance. Lincoln was on the floor, face down and wet. The ground was stone and it was cold – chilling him in a way he could not recognize. This was alien to him.

“I’m dead,” he whispered to himself, finding not the strength to get up. “I’m dead, I’ve died.... Goodbye cruel world…,” but for some reason, this didn’t feel like death. He could still feel pain, and he could still feel ache. The whispers around him were beginning to focus, and he was startled. His scrawny arms pushed hard against the floor as he stood. “I’m alive?” The boy’s voice was barely a little more than a quiver, and still it echoed throughout this strange place.

For a second, Lincoln hoped that he wasn’t.

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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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The pressure grew with each moment, and Ava brought a hand up to rest in front of her chest, not sure why. It seemed to help, as she squeezed her fist tighter and tighter, maintaining that energy as long as she could. The blood dripped down from her palm, down her arm. The energy had drawn attention when it flared up, and it seemed to be keeping the creatures from attacking her.

Yet, it couldn’t last.

As the lightning started to rain down, Ava fell to her own knees, almost at the same time as the Darkside collapsed. A curse parted her lips, though the word itself didn't escape. She hadn't been able to take hold of that energy at all, only create it.

The aura of darkness faded from around her, and she bent double, gasping for air and uncertain why. The pain was too much, and the creatures were looking at her curiously.
‘Get away!’ She wanted to yell at them again, but she couldn’t even muster up enough breath to do that.

Ava looked up as the creature let out a roar, and saw it start to deteriorate and fade just like that smoke. Yet, as Dominic’s back was to it, that heart—the shape of the stereotypical Valentine’s heart—floated up from it, and poofed out of existence.

She didn’t ask, she looked to Dominic who had come over to her. With a deep breath, she managed to answer.
“It’s not getting up again,” but he had a point about Sabra and Lincoln. They were much closer to the center. She found the strength to stand, but just as she reached her feet, Sabra fell into that portal. A flash of light followed her, and Lincoln with her.

The portal was gone, but the heartless there remained.

“They….” The thought didn’t complete itself. Dominic had rushed ahead already to fight. Ava did not move to do so.

Another roar resounded, and Ava turned her head towards the town proper to see another of those large, black creatures, stomping about.
‘How many are there?’ It seemed hopeless then. “We’re going to die,” she concluded to herself, thoughts of the door lost to her in that moment. Sabra and Lincoln had escaped. She and Dom were going to die.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts: Dawning [Closed]
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He looked at where the Darkside had been lying burnt to a crisp but it was gone. Sabra and Lincoln had entered the portal and it disappeared from sight. "What the hell is going on?"

The little Heartless creatures were dying by his blade but eventually Dominic knew the numbers were too high. He began backing up until he was at Ava's side. It seemed hopeless, he could see it on her face. "We're not going to die. Not on my watch but we have to get out of here and to my car."

The second Darkside ravaging the town angered Dominic but it had nearly got him killed trying to take one down. He wasn't sure if he had it in him to fight another one. Retreat seemed like the only option.

The little Heartless appeared to be hesitant to approach them now, was it because they were afraid of his keyblade? They had become less hostile now that he and Ava were in line with each other. Luckily his car wasn't parked too far away and he really hoped it hadn't been wrecked by anything.

What would his father be doing?
'Dad..' He just remembered, could the police force really stop these creatures? He began walking to his car when he asked, "What is with you, Ava? It looked like you were covered in a black smog before. I have no idea where this came from either."

He said, looking the keyblade over which felt natural in his grip.