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Re: video games. [hell yeah]
« Reply #90 on: September 27, 2016, 08:51:07 pm »'s time for my infamously long tangent about whatever games i'm interested/played/need to breathe, etc.


the new pokemon sun and moon game. i haven't wanted a pokemon game so bad since the gold and silver versions. it looks AMAZING and the trailers thus far have just amped my hype for it. these new region versions (alola or whatever the hell) look so fucking cool. Also, surfing motherfucking raichu, dreams do come true.

most importantly, i can finally dress up my character in cool ass shit and she can have hair cuts again. literally all my money in XY went to clothes and this game will be no different. also, the variety of styles is hella impressive and much better than the cool, beauty, sporty, and elegant styles in XY. needless to say, my character is gonna have one hell of a wardrobe.

also, the starters finally have a cat, a freakin' fire tiger. sold, so buying in November.


i finally bought unraveled like...two weeks ago. it's gorgeous and adorable and definitely worth the twenty bucks i paid for it. unfortunately i am also totally and completely stuck in it and my yarny doll keeps drowning and i hate sticks. also, crabs suck, fuck those shelled bastards, eat your clams and stop killing me!

i'm currently avoiding looking up how to pass the part i'm stuck at. my pride keeps telling me i can figure it out but my patience is super limited. i may or may not cheat later. shhhh.


i think FXV is finally coming out in like November or something. idk. i just think they're hot.