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Genesis [Closed]
« on: April 06, 2014, 06:01:27 am »

The pale-eyed man looked to the human who addressed him by name, a name he was not using for its meaning.
‘Not that anyone here knows it.’ Language was such a tricky thing. He had learned plenty, though. It was necessary. Here, he was called Sheleg. Snow. “Who are you?”

“I was sent by Him.”
He spoke as if of a deity. The vampire understood the emphasis too-well. Everyone here spoke with that emphasis, but never named 'Him'. Delsin understood the name was too sacred. “He wishes to see you, but you must travel.”

“I’m not interested,”
he turned away from the human then, looked back out at the peaceful night as civilization began to build itself up here. Farms. Agriculture. The man was fascinated by the developments humanity was making.

“He is as you, Delsin. You are not alone.”

“I know that I am not alone,”
a smirk played on his lips, “I have made others like me. Tempt me and I will curse you, too.”

“He has no creator.”

Again, the vampire turned to observe the strange human.
“Give me the name.”


Delsin did not know this name. It was no name his people would use, no word his people knew. He could not be like him, then. He was not of his tribe. Still, this interested him. Someone was actively seeking him out, and they knew him by a name he never used with humans.
“Where is it he wishes to meet?”

The human pointed towards the east.
“He shall direct you, through us.” The sigh Delsin expressed was unnecessary, but it felt right. “He is calling to all who are like you, like Him. He has met one, and he wishes for all to come together.”

“He is a fool,”
the vampire surmised, but he rose from his seat on the hill and brushed his hair back behind his ears. He stared down at that civilization and shook his head. It was too curious not to pursue, if he were honest with himself. He did not quite believe what this human was saying, but it was too strange not to pursue. Some ‘thing’ named Altjira was calling to him and claiming to be like him. Uncreated. This human seemed to take that to mean a god by his tone.

‘They understand so little.’

“Where am I to meet the next?”

“Through Canaan. From there, north, until you reach the land known as Thule. Others shall direct.”

A nod, and the vampire walked off. It was strange to be summoned, and it was that strangeness which pulled at him to walk and find out what this was all about. He had no fears—nothing frightened him, for he was what made others terrified.

The journey overland took several days, but the vampire knew the land when he arrived. It was chilly, autumn moving into winter, longer nights and shorter days. The land was called Thule. It seemed more advanced than the place he had left, for its houses were sturdier and of more stable material. In fact, this area looked as if it had been settled perhaps a century or two ago.

He approached the first person who drew his eyes that night in the town, outside of the wooden structures, someone he knew instinctively was like him—someone he had not sired, either. That was interesting. The vampire had met his childes’ childes over time, but this didn’t even feel related.

He was unsure what language to speak, so he spoke in the language he took his name from most recently—ironically enough, that was Hebrew, though he wouldn’t know the irony just yet.
“Are you Altjira?” He inquired of the scarred individual. If so, he made for a rather poor god, having a scar. What deity had visible evidence of a wound?
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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 10:31:33 pm »
“How much longer will we be kept waiting?” There was a tone of annoyance in the brown haired vampire, but his eyes were young as if he had only recently been turned. He looked thirsty, but otherwise seemingly unremarkable. “I don’t like it here, Cain.”

The other, older, vampire kept his eyes on the horizon as his childe spoke, neither completely interested nor truly affected by his words. Still, the vampire had grown to dislike being ignored, and so he chose to not ignore those who spoke to him. The vampire’s good opinion was not something one could usually hold for long periods of time, but even the questions of those that he held in poor light would not go unanswered.

Such was the case.

“I know,” said Cain firmly, his eyes still settled on the horizon. Of course he knew. If enough time passed between him and his companion, Cain could know everything. He almost always did, and he often resented his companions for even speaking. Perhaps that was connected to his inability to ignore in some strange way. “We want to meet the others, and so we will wait.”

A scoff, but no more retaliation.

Cain knew he had to meet the other vampires, those that Altjira had summoned. He had encountered others, of course, but they weren’t really like him. Cain could tell just how young some of them were, and he would lose interest of them almost immediately. This childe of his, Raffi, was different than the others. Cain needed him well.

“Go feed if you’re hungry,” he said to the other, wishing him away. And so the brown-haired vampire silently went on his way. He would be back, Cain simply assumed. They always came back to Cain in the end.

In time, a queer sight caught Cain’s attention. The vampire straightened up as he saw another of his kin approaching him in the dark of the night – the first to arrive aside from himself and Raffi. Cain’s expression did not change, but he tried to fight back the urge to smile as the coming vampire’s thoughts became clear in his mind.

The scar Cain had was a line the fell from his right eye to his cheek, and apparently it made him look like a poor god. The reminder made the edges of his lips curl into a slight smile.

“You’re friendly, aren’t you?” Cain couldn’t help himself, but quickly addressed the question. “I am not Altjira,” he answered just as Raffi joined him from behind, his thirst seemingly sated, “but I am one of his guests.” Cain could tell that this vampire was old – perhaps as old as he was. It was interesting to see how he could also be persuaded to blindly follow an invitation. How had Altjira even known?

Was he also of a special nature?

“Friend of yours?” Raffi questioned suspiciously.

“That remains to be seen,”
said Cain without shifting his gaze from the stranger. “Might I inquire your name? Perhaps we can go find Altjira together.”

That was an idea. Further inspection needed to be taken.

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2014, 01:17:55 am »
‘I detect sarcasm.’ At least the two seemed to speak the same language. That was fortunate. He was not certain how many of the others would be united in a language.

From his lips, the Hebrew sounded natural. Delsin considered it must be his native tongue. This was not the one he sought.
‘Altjira does not sound Hebrew.’ It did not sound like any language he knew, and he could attach no meaning to it. He was still certain Altjira knew this tongue. He had used Hebrew individuals to bring Delsin here, after all. “Yet you know him not.” He deduced. “Our host is a poor one.”

For at this point, there was no further direction. There were no obvious signs of his presence, either, as he guessed this one before him had been waiting longer.

A young one joined him. He asked a question, and Delsin’s lips curved up only on the left side, as if it were a humorous thought. Friends. He doubted very much he would make any friends here, but sure. It could be seen.

“It would be good to have multiple eyes looking for Altjira, but he must be aware of our presence,”
pale eyes glanced around, as if expecting to see the man come out from the darkness. He saw no such things, only a stray cat darted by them, apparently on the hunt—or doing something. Delsin didn’t understand cats, and quite frankly, he hated them. He was certain the feeling was mutual. “We should not do all the footwork.”

Names, though, he wanted a name.
“It is impolite to ask for a name when not giving one.” Names established much, at least in his culture. They were protected things that could change as one’s situation changed. It was why he preferred Delsin to his birth name, Tawa. Tawa sounded like mockery, now. Delsin was honest. Powerful. Worthy of protection, even if it was the mark of his curse.   


Away from Cain and Delsin, the tabby cat ran into a home that was set up as if it were to host a feast. However, there was no food put out. There were glasses. Candles flickered, the dancing flames causing one individual in the room to stay with her back pressed firmly against the wall, eying them warily.

The cat came to a stop at the feet of a brown-haired man, and then shifted. Her arms, now of paler hue but not what most would call fair, wrapped around his shoulders as her frame leaned against his.
“Cain and Delsin have arrived now. The last two.”

His red eyes met her own pair of red orbs, and he smiled.
“Good.” He casually removed her arms, “You should get dressed.” He was met with an eye roll. He’d discovered she was not as bothered by her own nudity, not nearly as much as the people in this part of the world were bothered by it. “I shall go to them myself.”

“Can’t I stay like this?”
Her form threatened to shift again, he could see it tremble to take another shape.


She groaned, as a man with dark skin let out a booming laugh. He did not understand what was said, but he could read their expressions. He, too, stood away from the flames with his arms crossed. It seemed only Altjira, and the quiet girl in the dress who sat at the table and sipped from a goblet, were not disturbed by the flames. Altjira walked easily by the table, not seeing the gesture made behind his back that caused the woman with burgundy eyes to roll them.

Altjira and Cihaucoatl seemed the only ones possessed of great knowledge about languages. She now knew Hebrew, but could not understand Olomu nor Morena when they spoke. Neither knew Hebrew. For some reason, Altjira thought that would become the unifying language. Olomu had seemed to find that irksome.

Morena did not speak their tongues, either, but she seemed to have a knowledge of multiple ones either way. At least, she knew the native tongue here, and had communed with Altjira at first in what sounded like another language.

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2014, 11:29:50 pm »
‘That also remains to be seen,’ thought Cain to himself, indulging the idea of meeting their poor host with a crooked smile. Only rumors had been heard, so Cain would not form a concrete opinion about his host until he was close enough.

It would take him no time to decide whether or not he liked him.

Red eyes found the cat that lingered near, and they followed it as it left their presence just a few instances after that. What a curious cat it was. Raffi was growing increasingly more impatient, and although he began to pace, Cain acknowledged him not. The eldest vampire’s eyes had gone back to the stranger with no name, and there they had remained.

“As is a greeting without preliminary pleasantries,” countered Cain with a smirk, but did not over-linger with hostility. He raised his arms in a playful yet subtle nature, and his smile grew into a grin. “My name is Cain,” he introduced with a slight nod before motioning to his companion, “and this here is Raffi, a companion and trusted friend of mine.”

Raffi scoffed, but didn’t say anything – his expression said it all.

‘Yeah, right…’

Cain shot him a quick look before his eyes followed the trail the cat had left.

“Come,” he motioned to the stranger, “I think it is this way.”

The vampire’s body shifted and followed, the thoughts all around him pointing him in the right direction. Despite the ignorance that governed the land, people still held their suspicions.

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2014, 12:29:50 am »
There was something about the banter that Delsin actually liked. He was called out on his own rudeness, but truly didn’t care. He would accept being rude. In all honesty, he just hated introducing himself before he knew who he was speaking to, and names had power.

He knew the name when it was spoken, and it brought a smile to his lips,
“Cain, son of Adam and kinslayer, then,” and so he could not utilize his own Hebrew name. He was certain Cain would know it for the lie it was too easily. A thousand and one other names seemed to pass through his head as ones he could use. “I have been among the sons of your brother Seth for some time now,” it was why he was speaking Hebrew. He nodded to Raffi as he was introduced.

Considering there was a move to leave the area, he skipped his own introduction,
“As you say.” And he followed after Cain, the cat, and Raffi.

They were met mid-way by the one with the brown, curly hair. The red eyes, Delsin had noticed, were a trait that many turned took. He always found that interesting, considering he used to have red eyes. No longer, of course. They were nearly white.

Altjira paused and smiled at them. The smile was answer enough—he was the one they were looking for,
“The last two,” he noted, “Cain and Delsin.”

Delsin narrowed his eyes.
“Oh, do you prefer Sheleg?”

“No,” he answered. His tone suggested all his dislike for Altjira in that moment. He was waiting for the other to officially introduce himself.

Altjira caught on,
“Oh, yes, I am the one who asked you to come—I am Altjira. I am terribly sorry about the suddenness of it all. Would you come with me a little further, to where the others are?” He looked then at Raffi. “Alone,” his eyes moved to Cain then, guessing Raffi ‘his’.


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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2014, 12:44:50 am »
Cain smiled at the name – proud of it, even. He humored the idea of adapting the name with the title that followed. His brother was mentioned, and Cain bared his teeth in pleasure.

“Have you, now?”

There was no time to continue an increasingly interesting conversation, for they came across a person of their own kind. Cain knew, of course, that this was the person that had sent for them. At last, the stranger’s name was given, and in time, a second one. What had been a slight smile before, turned into a wide grin at the names and the apparent dislike Deslin had at the revelation.

“A man of many names, are you? Yet you are so keen in refusing to give them.”

Raffi cackled.

“Quiet, you.”

The laugh softened, but did not fade away completely.

Altjira spoke at last, confirming what Cain already knew. The vampire was not what Cain had expected, but was not displeased. The man of legend frowned when their host indicated that he wished to speak with them alone. Cain didn’t feel comfortable leaving Raffi alone, which was strange enough, but would not object in that moment. There would be enough time to fill Raffi in later.

“Of course. Stay here, Raffi,” Cain spoke casually, “I shouldn’t be long, childe” he turned to Deslin, “after you, Sheleg.”

Raffi grinned as he was left alone.

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2014, 01:18:21 am »
‘Names are power.’

It was one belief that would never change with Delsin throughout all his years. It was the name Delsin that made him this, a thing his people had no name for once upon a time. He shot a glare at Raffi for laughing as he did, but he wasn’t any more pleased with Cain. He never liked things revealed before their time.

Altjira and Cain had moved their way onto his list of individuals he didn’t like. Raffi could do without his throat.

“Thank you for your consideration,”
Altjira spoke to Cain. He felt a bit anxious now, looking at the anger that Delsin did not hide. “This way,” he started to walk.

Delsin did follow first, but not without the snap,
“Delsin,” to confirm which name he preferred of his many, many names.

“I’m sorry,” Altjira commented as he led, “I did not realize you were protective.”

“You did,” he spoke as if he knew. He didn’t, but the confidence of it was enough to stiffen Altjira’s back. Altijra had known. He just hadn't cared, “If you think I am going to humor games of insults, you are incorrect.” It was a good thing Altjira could only see dreams. He didn’t know that Delsin had already killed him five times in his mind, and was currently processing the thought of ripping Altjira’s throat out with his teeth. He’d already humored crushing his skull, ripping out his heart, and other, animalistic methods of killing the vampire before him.

At his core, Delsin would always be a primal creature.

It was those strong emotions that caused Morena to rise even before Altjira opened the door. When he did, Morena moved towards the door, and caught Delsin by the arm. She pulled him off to the side. That flash of rage at being touch extinguished itself when Delsin’s eyes locked on to her pale blue ones.
“It is all right, he meant no offense. Altjira never was human, he understands little.”

Delsin didn’t understand the words, but Altjira did.
“Oh, he’s upset with me?” He spoke Morena’s tongue there, the native tongue of this area. It sounded sarcastic.

Morena nodded, frowned at his sarcasm to show she wasn't happy with him.

Delsin looked between them, the confusion evident.
“Ah, Morena and Olomu,” he motioned to the dark-skinned man, “Do not speak Hebrew. It is the language that connects most of us. Allow me to introduce everyone.”

Altjira motioned first to Morena, “This is Morena, and she is from this area, not turned by another like us.” Then, to the tanned woman,
“This is Radhika, the first I had communications with. She is from further away, and knows some Hebrew.”

Radhika nodded.

“That man there is Olomu, and he does not speak Hebrew. He is from close to your home, Cain, but not quite,”
and then to the woman who was lounging lazily in one of the chairs, “This is Cihuacoatl, who comes from far across the ocean. Fortunately, she appears blessed with a gift of tongues.”

Cihuacoatl waved,
“Hello new people!”

He then spoke in three different languages to introduce Cain and Delsin to the gathered,
“Now, you may take a seat, or stand, as you like.”

Delsin opted to stand. Morena stood near him. Something about her presence had a calming effect on him, so he did not protest it even if a deep part of him wanted to lash out and rage. It was kept in check.
“I’ve brought you all here, and asked Raffi not to be here, because I thought it appropriate for all of us to meet together, alone, first. We are all the firsts of our kind, but it seems we are all of the same kind, entities that live without aging and feed on blood.”
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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2014, 11:12:10 pm »
The angry vampire could not have possibly brought more joy to Cain. Seeing him so bothered marked Cain’s very desire to continue his little game, to continue poking at him until he snapped. Despite the deep amusement that he felt for Sheleg or Deslin, or whatever the hell he wanted to be called, Cain was wary. There were others of his kind that could be very dangerous, and so he decided to tread carefully until he knew more about them. Perhaps they were like him, superior to others.

Still, it was a tempting thought to continue with the name game. Deslin’s desire to kill those who upset him was fascinating, very animalistic. Cain did not allow his expression to change as these thoughts emerged on his own mind. His smile did not fade.

As Cain approached the others, he made sure that he could still hear Raffi’s thoughts. He was a pain, but he had his uses. Cain never liked to linger too far away from his little pet, and since he had antagonized one of the present vampires already…well, Cain just needed to keep a closer look on him.

Cain could not help but let some of his attention slip as he witnessed the party that had congregated by Altjira’s wishes. One in particular seemed to stand out among them, and it was Morena, the one who was able to calm the raging beast, the one with the blue eyes. Cain flashed her a smile that was more genuine than the one he so kindly gave the others. Omolu sparked some interest, but none that could be compared to that demanded by Morena.

As soon as Altjira offered them a seat, Cain did so eloquently.

“I understand,” said Cain, though he by no means would agree to part from Raffi in the future. When Altjira was done with his monologue, Cain continued. “I admit that this is a pleasant gathering and welcome,” the honesty in his voice surprised even him, “but I remain curious as to what you hope to accomplish here, Altjira. No doubt we all knew immediately that we are of the same kind.” Superior to others, of course. “What underlying reason do you have to call us, and only us, here?”

Was it war he desired, or simply information?

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: July 28, 2014, 11:36:01 pm »
Altjira knew plenty, and as Delsin remained standing he found this was, despite it all, a useful gathering. Cain spoke up first, and Delsin let his gaze move to where the vampire was, the kinslayer. ‘How much do we all have in common?’ He found himself wondering as his eyes moved over them. If they were all the first of their kinds, were they all turned in similar ways? Cursed?

He wanted to ask Morena, but Altjira said she didn’t know Hebrew, and he didn’t know the language of this land.

Morena’s eyes remained on Delsin, even as the others spoke. She heard them, but Delsin intrigued her more. She could see his emotions on his face, but she could also feel them. He hid little, but the depths of them went beyond what others would suspect. She didn’t tend to get this from humans, or even other vampires. She got it more from animals who used reason alongside instinct, and found ways of dealing with prey like humans who had weapons. Dangerous, powerful, and so very interesting. She could sense the eyes of Cain on her, if only for a little while, but she didn’t shift her attention to him.

Calmly, she ran her hand down his arm, as if petting him, and saw him react to the gesture. A kind smile, which wasn’t exactly returned. It seemed he didn’t quite know what to do with kindness, for confusion and suspicion were the immediate emotions it stirred.

His life could not have been good before this. Morena merely shook her head, denouncing ideas that she had anything foul in mind, and then with that smile turned her gaze back to the main table. They could both stand. Everything was all right.

That calm remained with Delsin as he, too, turned his gaze to the others and paid attention once more.

Altjira acknowledged Cain’s question as Morena and Delsin had their silent ‘talk’.
“As the progenitors of a new species, it seemed important that it be only us to discuss critical matters about our kind. We are growing in numbers daily, as our offspring create more and more. The humans are becoming wary.” While he spoke, Cihaucoatl translated, shifting between two different languages to help Morena and Olomu understand.

“Tch.” Delsin could care less about the humans becoming wary. “What should that matter?” They were superior to humans. 

“They outnumber us, and they have the means to kill us,”
Altjira told him. “I would rather we not set them off.” Delsin rolled his eyes. Numbers meant little to him. The humans only had fire, and fire was easily avoided. “What I am proposing, then, is that we all use the time we are here to, firstly, get to know each other beyond just names. When I first came into the world, I never would have dreamed that others like me would come to exist in…different ways. In order to thrive, we must understand each other, our natures, and this life in general.” For none of them were his spirit kindred. “Then, I believe we should work to establish a set of a few rules by which to govern and organize our kindred so that we do not disturb humanity, and yet by which we can continue to live alongside them without starving. Then it will be our duty to organize kindred who are abroad and afar.”


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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: September 06, 2014, 08:06:54 pm »
Cain humored the thoughts that sparked in his mind. They were always so curious and full of wonder, so naïve in their own way that he could only really admire and mock from afar. This gift of his, well…he didn’t want other people to know about it, lest they turn on him before he and Raffi could find a way to coerce them. How foolish they really were.

A smile appeared absently upon the vampire’s face, crooked but tamed.

Altjira wanted something that sounded a lot like coexistence, and although Cain was a patient man and would consider almost anything, he was sure that he would never really agree to something so…boring.  Of course, some form of coexistence was necessary, since they all depended on humans for feeding, but what Altjira was saying seemed too cowardly – as if he wanted them to continue hiding. This would not do for Cain, for he knew what he wanted and what he needed to do to get it. Cain wanted to rule, and to force the lesser into doing whatever pleased him.

In that manner, Cain was similar to Deslin.

He’d need to fool a few people, to be sure, but he’d found a skill in that lately. It explained why Raffi now followed him wherever he went.

“We wouldn’t want to disturb humanity,” said Cain with a smile, “but you can see how that can be a problem for those like us.” Of course that was not what Altjira had meant, but Cain’s concern was still legitimate. “So you propose that, what, we remain fearful in cowardice because they seem to outnumber us? I think we just need to be more careful in how we feed,” he added, shifting his eyes to the others around him and lingering a little more on Deslin, “for I would be willing to wager that some of us have been a little careless. In that manner, yes, I agree that we need some sort of organization.”

For the moment, anyway.

‘Hurry the hell up, you swine.’

This time, despite the temptation, Cain did not smile.

“What say the others?”

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #10 on: September 07, 2014, 01:31:25 am »
At the word ‘cowardice’, Altjira shook his head vehemently. He did not express his thoughts just then, for Cain continued, but his thoughts were more along the lines of figuring out how to eventually live in the open with humans. However, humans were…difficult. Things that threatened their existence and position in life made them afraid, and frightened humans scared Altjira.

They were not exactly the most intelligent when fear overtook them.

Delsin felt Cain’s gaze pause on him, and he met it when it rested there, the predator aware it had been sighted. There was no thought. There was a growl, internal and external, that caused Morena to jump in surprise. It needed no translation. She stroked his arm, and the suspicious creature died down just as the translation reached her ears.

Did Cain and Delsin know each other prior to this?

Was Delsin a messy eater?

It was Olomu who snorted and smiled, though. He was a messy eater. His words were translated by Cihuacoatl as he spoke them to Cain,
“Oi, now, we could remain messy and they’ll keep thinking it is a wild animal that slaughters them.”

“It is not necessary to kill your food!”
Morena shot back, translated by Cihuacoatl, as well.

“Not easy to feed. They ain’t exactly willing to be feasted on and I can’t just whisper sweet nothing in their ears like you can, or turn into a mosquito like her,” he motioned to the one translating, revealing talents he had learned of in his stay around them. His mind knew them all, except for Cain and Delsin, but he did not think in Hebrew.

“Silence,” Altjira demanded, and they fell silent. “Cain has made a good point. It is better we try not to bring notice to ourselves. The humans will realize it is not animals soon enough. However, I would like to say I do not wish for us to live in fear forever. Humanity is slowly evolving in their ways of thinking and looking at inhuman creatures. I believe that one day, in the future, we will be able to live in the open. To have a hope of that then, we must organize ourselves now so that they do not have reason to doubt us later.” Short lives they might have, but they recorded history. “We need organization for this future.”

Delsin sighed. It seemed to pain him to agree with the sentiment. He wasn’t exactly a people-person.

Morena, also, nodded. Olomu rolled his eyes, but agreed as did Radhika and Cihuacoatl.


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Re: Genesis [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: January 17, 2015, 09:11:26 pm »
“I am so pleased to hear logic like mine here,” Cain lied through a seemingly sincere smile, choosing to keep his suspicions of Deslin to himself. This was but a game, and he would certainly enjoy himself. He did not ignore, however, the threat that they could each pose to him. Despite these precise threats, however, Cain could not help but feel above them all. Did they really not see the potential in their nature? The chance of ruling all and demanding offerings by just striking fear? This, of course, would take some time though, and so he would remain patient. Words, and therefore silence, proved to be weapons.

“I think it fine that we begin some sort of organization, for the sake of our survival,”
and much more, “but surely you have something in mind for this? Have we,” he switched the burden to them all, as to avoid any premature confrontation, “a structure? Shall we make a senate for our kin? Or merely just adapt some rules for our behavior?”

The vampire hated hierarchies, yet he found pleasure of putting himself atop the highest of precipices. What did he want more? Flexibility, freedom, or power?

Cain would go along with their plan, as his survival was priority for the moment, but he would keep certain intentions to himself. Whatever organization came from this so called meeting, Cain was absolutely sure that it would not succeed. Not in the first sitting, anyway. There would be abundance or lack of amendments, and people would disagree with and dislike the limitations on their previously carefree dietary habits. In his mind, he was already gathering information and making plans for his trusted friend.

Allies could, after all, be hiding in his midst.

‘I’m getting hungry…’ the other teased, and Cain seemed absolutely unaffected by this. ‘I’m so parched...’

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
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Altjira was pleased that overall, they were consenting. He could tell Olomu and Delsin might be the troublemakers, but Delsin worried him more. He wasn’t sure why it was so. “Yes, our structure for the time being is as a council, or senate, as you’ve phrased it. For the moment, I believe that we ought to be the only ones on what I would call the High Council. All of us will need to work to form smaller, local councils, with our childes at the heads of them to enforce the rules that we create here.”

Delsin had snorted at the word ‘childe’, which did not go ignored by Cihuacoatl,
“What’s so funny about that, Delly?” His nose wrinkled in disgust. Hatred and anger flooded him immediately, and they were just as quickly squashed by forced pity. He wasn't sure why he pitied the woman then, but he did, “Our childes are the closest step to us.”

“I have no childes alive, and those who once were mine, I’d not trust. Perhaps their childes. Closeness to us should not be the only determining factor.”

“Wait, why wouldn’t you trust your own childes?”
Cihuacoatl had always chosen well.

“They tried to kill me,”
he shrugged. It wasn’t a lie, but more than that, the ones he’d turned had the same bloodlust that Delsin himself had. They had tried to take much more than his life.

“I’ll keep that in mind,”
Altjira noted, “Though…why? What did you do to them?”

“May have turned them without their express permission,”
he answered, noted the way Olomu looked away. “I do not believe I am the only one to make that mistake.”

Altjira nodded. No, Delsin was not alone there.
“Very well. Of those who seem trustworthy in their condition. Then councils shall form locally to deal with issues and follow our rules, but we must indeed make rules to dictate behavior, as Cain says. The first of these, it seems, needs to be not to kill humans unless it is absolutely necessary.”

Olomu groaned as it was translated.
“The second is not reveal our nature to humans. If a human does find out, then it would be acceptable to kill them.”

“How are we supposed to hide our nature when we have to feed from them?”
Olomu demanded.

"I second that query,"
Delsin said. It wasn't exactly a subtle act to take blood from a human.
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Re: Genesis [Closed]
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Agreement erupted, but it was not without hesitation from multiple sides. Cain admired at the foolishness of them all, diving deeper and deeper into their minds. If he hadn’t known any better, Cain would have guessed that he’d have the whole council wrapped around his pale finger in no time at all. Charm, flexibility, and poise were all necessary characteristics for this. In fact, keeping Raffi close might not have been a good idea at all.

Naturally, there was no other way but to have Raffi by his side.

“There are some ways,” Cain noted, though he did not elaborate on how difficult or likely they would each be, “as some herbs can induce deep sleep while others induce hallucinations. A simple trick can effectively make feeding easier for us,” gathering such herbs could also be part of some ploy, a market perhaps. “If not, we need only feed on the people that will not be missed – those whose absence will go unnoticed by the people.”

Or perhaps they could think in more radical ways…

“We could also pose as medics, purging illness from the town through blood. Now, I don’t know how many of you are comfortable with the scent of blood, nor would I advise this to,” he looked to Deslin only briefly, “to some of our messy eaters, but we need to consider all possible options. Humans will only notice a danger to them, and we cannot risk this until we are such a force that it won’t matter.”

Cain gave a shrug.

“But I am more interested to hear what the rest of you think about this predicament…”

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
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Cain seemed to have a greater understanding of the world around, although when Cihuacoatl translated things so Olomu understood, he hit his forehead. It was clear that the idea of ‘herbs’ was not unknown to him, it had just slipped his mind when he became this animal. Olomu did catch the way that Cain’s gaze lingered on Delsin, rather than himself, though.

It seemed as if the two had a history. They did arrive together, didn’t they?

“All of those ideas can be utilized. In some locations, herbs may be easier to find, while in others a doctor may be better because of an actual epidemic, although we would have to be careful in such a situation,”
Altjira said, “Our bodies might live forever naturally, but I doubt we are entirely immune to all that ails humans.” It was best not to risk it either way.

Morena nodded her agreement, as did Radhika.
“For the moment, it will have to be so,” Radhika said, crossed her arms, “We shall need to invent better ways in the future.” But they had eternity, didn’t they? They could figure something out.

In the future, it might not even matter, as Cain suggested. There would be too many of them.

“We can construct lists of herbs and the like that would be of use throughout the world, since we all know different parts of it,” Morena added, “These lists can then be used by those vampires who occupy various areas, and we can begin to create a market of sorts to provide income for ourselves. It will benefit us in many ways, and it will benefit humanity as many of these herbs are useful for them.”

“Are you suggesting we take up gardening and marketing?”
Radhika asked. “In case you haven’t noticed, the sun isn’t our friend.”

Morena shook her head,
“Not us personally, but we could start to work with humans, fund some of them. Humans are often grateful to patrons. We could play as landowners instead—let humans work the land we have for these herbs, and tax them money and product. The humans would still turn a profit, and we, too, would benefit.” Win-win, in her mind. “If we could have these across the world, it would make it easier for all of us.”

Altjira nodded at the idea, accepting it.
“We’ll have to see about funding such a thing and getting our childes—er,” the look from Delsin caused him to correct himself, “those we trust with beginning to establish these farms.”

“And I suppose we’ll get the money…how?”

Altjira just gave Olomu a disgusted look,
“What? Money hasn’t really been necessary.” Aljtira sighed.

“I suppose Morena has her ways, and Cihuacoatl and myself. Delsin?”

He crossed his arms. Money was an insanity to him. He still didn’t understand the system of currency, anywhere. He wouldn’t ever understand it, either, though he didn’t know that then.
“What, exactly, are the ways by which you intend to procure money?”

Altjira gave a little smile,
“Humans take their dreams seriously. If a god appears before them in a dream, they’ll do as it says,” so he’d tell humans to take money to out of the way places and build up a fortune of ‘donations’.

Delsin nodded,
“How do you do that?” He didn’t realize then what he’d be revealing about himself as he asked, “Can the rest of you do that?” Was it something about their nature that allowed them to go into dreams.

Cihuacoatl gave him a confused look,
“What? No, none of us can do what Altjira can do,” she noted, “We all can do something particular.”

Delsin’s confusion was evident. Morena canted her head,
“Is there not a thing you can do now that you could not as human?”

“Of course…I can subsist off blood, I am faster and stronger then them.”

“No, something more!” Cihuacoatl urged. “Like, I can turn into animals. Olomu there can throw lightning,” she motioned towards him. “There must be something you can do.”

Delsin’s face remained blank with confusion, and a growing envy. He couldn’t do anything spectacular.

Cihuacoatl looked back to Altjira,
"You're sure he's one of us?" She had to ask. Altjira was certain, and he nodded, though admittedly he didn't have a clue what either Cain or Delsin did. Of course, he didn't know what Morena did until they met. He assumed their traits were like that, and not as flashy as Olomu's.


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Re: Genesis [Closed]
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When Morena spoke, Cain smiled and gestured to them all with his open arms, as if showing her and her genius off. She truly was fascinating, though she seemed a little too enthralled with Deslin. It was truly a pity. “Exactly,” he leaned back and turned to the others. “Alone we can’t make the best of the situation, but together, and with our own special little skills, or lack thereof,” he turned to Deslin with a small wicked smile, “we can do so much better. Execution without any plan is reckless, and we don’t want any of that. That can get us killed.”

Raffi was softly cackling, Cain just knew it, and he could not wait to confront him about it. That young treasure always amused him. He’d suffer in time, Cain thought to himself. They always did.

‘You sound so poetic,’ said Raffi in his thoughts, ‘teach me, master! Take me under thy wing!’

Cain’s smile widened, but he said nothing in that moment. The attention seemed to be redirected at Deslin, who had been by far the most uncomfortable and secretive of them all. Suspicion from the others was only natural. Fascination, in Morena’s case. Poor girl.

It was when Cain could sense Deslin’s envy that he decided to speak up about it. “I would be careful about speaking so freely,” advised Cain calmly, “it could be just as easy for people to mark us as demons instead of gods. Whether we can do the spectacular or the subtle, I think it matters little now. It is more important that we are all in agreement.”

Besides, for all he knew, he had the greatest asset of them all, and he was not about to share him. No, Cain would keep him close. One day, it would be his trophy.

“Are we? All in agreement?”

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Re: Genesis [Closed]
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Morena was pleased for the gestures Cain offered, and beamed under the praise. Her pleasure, however, was muted by Delsin’s spike of anger, which again had to be calmed. It seemed Delsin and Cain were not going to be fast friends—Cain kept inciting him. Was it on purpose? Morena was certainly starting to wonder, now. Bad enough that he was jealous of everyone, now he had to be mocked for having no talents? Perhaps he was only slower to develop.

Morena believed it always came from a desire one had. It was possible that no strong desire had formed in Delsin yet, even if his emotions were quite strong.

“Yeah, that’s happened,”
Olomu chuckled at Cain’s assessment about demons, earning a sharp glare from Radhika when the words were translated for her. “He might have a point.”

Altjira did not at all agree with Cain’s final remarks, and the narrowing of his eyes showed it,
“No,” he said, quite calm as he said, “If we are all in agreement then we’ve nothing to hide. This location is secure,” he informed Cain, “So you shall inform the rest of us what it is you can do. Whether or not you tell others is your prerogative.”

“Others can tell others. We could tell on each other,”
Delsin suggested. He was curious as to what everyone could do, of course, but he felt that some things should be kept hidden, too. Trusting others with secrets like these were dangerous.

“Besides, is it fair to do so if this one,”
Olomu gestured towards Delsin, “doesn’t even know? Maybe we don’t all have talents.”

“That may be the case, but those of us who know our talents should share,”
Radhika said. She, of course, wasn’t concerned. To her it didn’t matter if others knew what she could do or not. They couldn’t stop it if they ever became her enemy. She knew what her blood could do to vampires already. “So, Cain,” she began, and asked pointedly, “What is it you do?”