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Waxing and Waning [Closed][Information]
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Humanity has fallen. Reduced to slaves and rebels, humanity is on the brink of being little more than animals to its new “owners”. Vampires have risen, under the guidance of the council, and taken over the world. Humans are now at worst, cattle, and at best, pets. Yet, some protest this condition, and there are vampires who also disagree with the way the council has chosen to act. Most of those who stand against the norm are eliminated, but a few remain and now make their stand.

The year is around 7700CE. Vampires have been in power for at least 5000 years, but somehow, the rebellion has gathered strength. There was a dark age of technology during their leadership that took a couple millennia to overcome.

•   The Major Players
•   The Seven Originals
•   Vampire Lore and History
•   The Rebellion
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Re: Waxing and Waning [Closed][Information]
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The Rebels

•   Alexia "Alex" Niven, “Livia”, 23 years old, Leader of the Rebellion, 5'9"
•   Lord Gaston Pianette, 5000-6000?, Vampire Rebel, 6'
•   Dean, “Dante”, ???, Member of the Rebellion, 6'1"
•   Sky, ???, Leader of the Rebellion, 6'2"
•   Willow "Will" Plume, 27, Member of the Rebellion, 5'4"
•   Lady Catherine Blanc, ???, Vampire Rebel, 5'10"
•   Benjamin Porter, ???, Vampire Rebel, 6'6"
•   Tao, 19, Solo Assassin, 5'6"
•   Robin Shell, 15, Member of the Rebellion, 5'5"

Lord Edom's Group

•   Adrian Edom; Tawa; Delsin, "The Wendigo", 15,000+ years; one hour younger than Cain, turned at 16, Original, 5'8".
•   Pharaoh Amon, from 3000 BCE (10,000+ years), turned at 19, Self-proclaimed Sun God and Childe of Adrian. Full Title: Mighty bull of the west, He of the Two Ladies, Enduring in Kingship, of Golden Radiance, He of Sedge and Bee, Son of Amon the self-created, heir of Djer, Amon, 6'4"
Osono Masako, Animator, turned in the 1900s CE by Adrian, 5'6".
Yu Ning, Blood Manipulation/Magic, turned in the early 2000s BCE by Adrian for hiding Altjira, 5'1".
Alison Fabron, Courtoisie/Sound-Weaving, turned around 3000s CE by Adrian, once a human rebel leader, 5'3"
Garvan Deforest, Animalism, turned around 5600s CE by Adrian, 5'9"
Fenuku Nader, Armored Skin, turned around 6500s CE by Amon, 6'1".

Cain's Group
•   Cain, 15,000+ Years; one hour older than Adrian, sire of Gaston, 6'.
•   Raffi, 10,000+ years; older than Amon, Contractor, 5'11.5".
•   Bastien, Childe of Cain, Makes people ill.
•   Clovis, Childe of Cain, Healer.
•   Parker, Childe of Cain, Shifter.
Zia Azel, Illusionist/Light Manipulator, Childe of Cain, former Zionist.
•   Jeremy, Childe of Cain, Copycat (pending)?.
•   Opal, Childe of Cain, Memory Manipulator.
•   Barnabus, Childe of Cain, Telekinetic.
•   Abelard, Childe of Cain, Swaps powers between vampires.
•   Matthew, Childe of Cain, Regenerator.
•   Oscar, Childe of Cain, Can craft clones of self.
•   Demetri, Childe of Cain, Mental barriers.
•   Joey, Childe of Cain, Immune to the effects of sunlight.
•   Sam, Childe of Cain, Strong and endurable.
•   Janice, Childe of Cain, Seductress.
•   Ulysses, Childe of Cain, Manipulates nature.
•   Lance, Childe of Cain, Eagle Eyes.

Other Notables

•   Kuno, ???, Servant of Gaston
•   Minerva "Eva", ???, Servant of Gaston
•   Abby, ???, Servant of Gaston
•   Akira, Leader of the Rebellion
•   Harley, Leader of the Rebellion
•   Captain Veronique, ???, Guard of Gaston, 5'9.5"


•   Inna, 6000+, turned at the age of 29, killed by Tao and Benjamin.
•   Deidre, ???, Servant of Gaston, killed by Amon.
•   Simon Blanc, ???, Killed by Dean's group.
•   Valerius, 7000+ years, turned at age 32, Killed by Alex's group.
•   Eric, 22, committed suicide after capture.
•   Vhadir Bourke, ???, council member appointed to take care of trade and finance.
•   Vincent, ???, council member appointed to overlook security.

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Re: Waxing and Waning [Closed][Information]
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The Seven

Many vampires know of, or believe, that there was at least one vampire that was not created by another, one unsired vampire. Some may even know that in the ancient days, there were seven such vampires, the original seven. There are many stories about these original vampires, or the original one. Only two alive now know the story in full; Lord Adrian Edom and Cain. They are the last two of the original seven.

"Lord Adrian Edom"
Algonquian/Arctic vampire. Formerly known as Tawa. Renamed Delsin upon being cursed. Started Wendigo Legend.
Known Childe: Pharaoh Amon.
Talents: Diablerie, Empathy, Astral Projection, Acid Blood.

Biography: “Before your parents ever left that beloved garden, I gave men reason to fear the howl of the winter wind. I was the reason people feared the dark.”

Lord Adrian Edom likes to claim he is the oldest of all, though that much is unclear. It is clear that no one turned him into a vampire in the typical fashion, and he existed long before language had grand structures, long before civilization, agriculture, or money. He was born with the name Tawa, a pale child who was born under the prophecy:

“He will conquer the night.”

Tawa meant “Sun” to his people. In a territory that was in darkness for months out of the year, and freezing cold, that was important. What it truly meant, however, would not be known until he erred. He got lost from his tribe when he was out hunting. Cold and delusional from it, he killed the man sent to find him, and ate him. When he was found by the rest of his tribe, the horror of it caused the shaman to immediately curse him. He escaped death. He was called Delsin—He Is So. They had no name for something as disgusting as he was to them, though later the term Wendigo would develop to describe him.

He was cursed to the night. He was cursed to hunger eternally. Adrian found he could sate that hunger through blood, but the desire for flesh, for soul, never left him. He always remembered it, but when he ate human, it just did not taste the same. He wanted something more. When he came upon the other vampires of the world, he realized what he truly craved—his own kind, the greatest taboo of all.

He was brought into the council of those who had no sires. He found out all of them seemed to have some unique talent, though all claimed it developed later in life. Still, Adrian—then Delsin—found himself jealous, and always, hungry.

He fed on weaker vampires, but it did nothing for him. He might have descended into madness were it not for the kindness of Morena who recognized his pain and his frustration. She was kind to him, and he manipulated her until, one day, he was able to feast on her. He felt different then. He felt her powers transfer to him, felt her soul merge with his, as if completing it, and he realized then the only vampires that would ever sate his hunger.

It was during his pursuit of Altjira that he ran afoul of Amon and turned the man out of spite. Amon came with him to hunt Altjira, and has been close ever since.  He planned to take down the other four, but Cihuacoatl got herself killed by humans before the take over.

With the originals broken up and severed, Adrian went about setting up a new council and plotted a hostile take over of the world. It succeeded, and Olomu and Radhika came back into the fold, but Cain eluded him. He was able to feast on Radhika. Olomu, however, managed to never give Adrian a chance to feast. He ended up getting killed by a human hunter, which baffles Adrian to this day. That has left only Cain, and Adrian hasn’t seen him for ages.

Mesopotamian Vampire?
Known Childe: Gaston Pianette
Talents: Mind Reading

European vampire.
Known Childe: ...
Talents: Empathy.

Biography: Morena took pity on Adrian, then known to her as Delsin. He was tortured with emotions, and she could feel them all. She’d been able to feel the strong emotions of others since becoming a vampire.

She became a vampire when her people intended to sacrifice her, not sure how else to bring back the warmth. It was a fire sacrifice, but the ritual meant to make her a perfect sacrifice had unintended consequences. It was directed towards a goddess of life and death, and it seemed to imbue her with that paradox—she died before they could sacrifice her, but she rose not long after, and she killed the first person she saw. She was wracked with guilt and fled, tried to come to terms with what she’d become.

She thought she saw a friend in Delsin, for he too suffered guilt, and he too grew up in a cold environment. She was very, very wrong. She was his first victim.

Indian vampire.
Known Childe: ...
Talents: Acid Blood.

Biography: Radhika was a devotee of the great goddess Durga from an early age, and developed a bloodlust that couldn’t be sated. No warrior was greater than she, but she made a mistake. She opted to eat of a demon she slew, and in doing so, corrupted her own body. She took on demonic qualities and became a vampire. Even so, she became a greater fighter, and still pursued the art for her kingdom until they realized what she was. They cast her out then.

Fortunately, she encountered Altjira around then, and found she was not alone. They gathered the others. Morena died; Radhika did not know how, and was frightened when Altjira then cut ties with her and ran. She returned to India, and ended up living for many years there before she started to travel. She met up with Adrian and his childe, Amon, as he began his quest to take over. Olomu, too, showed up, but no Cain. Apparently they thought Cain and Cihuacoatl dead. That was sad, but expected, perhaps, for people their age.

Radhika helped Adrian take over, but was killed by him. She is instead considered a casualty of war.

Aztec vampire.
Known Childe: ...
Talents: Shapeshifting between humanoid and animal appearances.
Biography: Cihuacoatl grew up in the civilization that would become the Aztecs. She was a priestess and sacrificed many individuals to the gods so that the world would continue turning. She was very in-touch with nature, and so trusted a bat too much one day. She was bitten by it, and this bat was no ordinary bat. It was one of her deity’s sacred bats, and it gave her a ‘gift’, that being immortality.

Cihuacoatl came to terms with this, eventually, and was worshipped among her people for many centuries. They gave themselves to her, and so she was well-nourished until someone finally challenged her authority. There was a bloody war, and she had to flee. She was called across the ocean to meet with the others, and eventually made her way there by taking the forms of various animals. She did not trust either Cain or Delsin from the start…they both smelled “wrong”. The others smelled better.

Eventually, the council broke up when Morena died, and Altjira fled. They parted ways, though now and then she would catch up with the others, and meet on the various divided, vampiric councils that arose. However, she returned to South America one day. It would be her grave, when she thought to challenge Spain. 

Australian Vampire.
Known Childe: ...
Talents: Astral Projection.

Biography: Dural made a deal with the devil, as it were. He was asleep when he encountered a powerful spirit, which wanted to make a deal with him. It would give Dural immortality, if Dural would bring him into the world. Dural did not realize what he was doing when he made the deal, and so he agreed.

His body became a vessel for this spirit, which completely took over his personality. It changed its name to Altjira, which was always the spirit’s name, and it went about working its way off Australia and to larger lands. Once there in India, it met Radhika, and decided then to find the others who shared a similar blessing. Through “ghosting” it was able to locate them, and get messages their way so they could all meet. This meeting was fruitful, but had consequences. The one known as Delsin soon killed Morena in a horrendous fashion, taking her soul into his body. Altjira fled. He was pursued, and tried to halt Delsin across the world, particularly in Egypt as he interacted with the Pharaoh, Djer, through dreams. His plan backfired when Adrian, then, turned the heir.

Eventually, Adrian caught up with him. He died at Adrian’s hands, but tried to get a message out to the rest.

African Vampire.
Known Childe: ...
Talents: Manipulation of Storms.
Biography: Olomu ruled in Africa as their chieftain, and stumbled upon an oasis with his tribe. There he slept, unaware that ground was sacred. He was cursed for his trespass by the spirit, but begged mercy for his tribe. He was given that mercy, if he would bear the weight of their crime. He agreed, thinking he would die. He did, but also lived. On ‘waking’ he felt the heat of the rising sun and he fled for darkness, abandoning his tribe but letting them all live. For many years, he hunted only animals to try and sate his thirst, but found himself unable to survive on that.

He eventually attacked and drained an entire village.

He tried to repent by giving good weather to others, and he always tried to do good, but eventually, he became jaded. He met the others when Altjira called, and wasn’t too upset when they split ways. He kept in touch with them, though noticed how Adrian seemed to change over the years. He avoided him, not knowing why. Whey Adrian made his move against the world, he joined Adrian’s side. He survived until recently, when he was betrayed by his servant Niven over the life of an infant—unknown to him, Niven’s daughter, later named Alexia.   

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Re: Waxing and Waning [Closed][Information]
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Vampire Lore: A History

When or how vampires came about is a topic of debate. There are numerous theories for this within vampire society itself, with few knowing the truth. Some trace it all back to Cain’s sin. Others believe that when the world was ruled by fickle gods, humans suffered at their whims.

What is known now, is that vampires live a seemingly eternal life, trapped at the age they were changed from. Their appearances will often change to some degree on being turned, eyes and skin tone most commonly affected. Fangs also develop, and some vampires will develop claws with time. All vampires, regardless of the age they were turned, will become stronger than humans, faster than humans, and have better senses than humans.

Before the Ascension, vampires relied on cunning and deceit to feed on humans, for vampires must feed on humans. Feeding on animals leads to starvation. Feeding on vampires was expressly forbidden early on, supposedly during the meetings of the First Council. Over time, all councils across the globe adopted this stance and banned the act of Diablerie.

Before the Ascension, vampires lived in fear of humanity who were the dominant species on earth. It was feared that, through sheer numbers, humans would be able to destroy vampires.

Councils spread across the world and worked to keep humans ignorant. Some vampires grew restless as time went on, though. Lord Adrian Edom and his childe, Amon son of Djer, were among those who pushed against the restrictions and traditions of the time. Others came to their side, and there was a confrontation that began on the continent known as North America. It is said that four vampires stood against hundreds of others, and struck a decisive victory, but at the cost of revealing all of vampire kind.

There was a war among vampire kind before there was a war with humanity, but that fight eluded to earlier brought vampires into the light. It is claimed that some humans sued for peace, but this is unlikely. Instead, war was necessary, and a subjugation of humanity. The vampires fell in line under those vampires who fought for a new world.

We see this world today, we live in this world today, guided by one council of vampires who have proven themselves worthy to serve on it. We are united, and that is our strength now, for through 5,000 years, humans have been unable to rise against us.

All humans are inferior, of course, but we must not forget that they are necessary. They are our source of food, and they are also our source of children. Through humans, we have a chance of continuing our domination of the world. Still, one must be careful in making children of them. Only the best of them should be turned, lest we weaken our own ranks and allow humans a chance to overcome us again, and force us into the shadows.

Addendum by Lord Adrian Edom: In the beginning, there were Seven. These Seven included Adrian Edom, Cain bar Adam, Priestess Cihaucoatl, Chief Olomu, Morena, Altjira, and Ksatrieya Radhika. They were known as the First Council. Of these, only one is known to still be alive, that being Adrian Edom. The other, Cain bar Adam, is rumored to be alive.

Vampire Lore: Laws of Society
List created and edited by the Council

•   Diablerie is forbidden to all vampires. Diablerie is an act more foul than any other, for it is the eating of another vampire’s soul. Any vampire found committing diablerie is to be killed immediately.
•   Turning a human child (ages 0-15) into a vampire is expressly forbidden, and it is encouraged not to turn humans until they are into their twenties or older. Any child found as a vampire will be executed, as will their sire.

Vampire Lore: Current Council Members

•   Lord Adrian Edom
•   Vhadir Bourke
•   Pharaoh Amon
•   Vincent

Vampire Lore: On Talents

Some vampires are known to have "talents", rare abilities that develop in them. Sometimes this occurs instantly, but most of the time it takes development. How or why these developments occur remains unclear, but the popular theory is that it comes from a deep seated desire in the vampire.

The case examples are as follows: Amon, Gaston, and Adrian, as they appear to represent the three forms that this "talent" can take.

Amon has a clearly supernatural talent, and one that not only plays on his power but also on his defense. Amon wields the element of fire, something that vampires are naturally weak to. He is also immune to its devastating effects. It has been theorized that Amon developed his pyromancy through his sheer hatred of Adrian and longing to kill his sire. Considering this hasn't happened, one is forced to look elsewhere. Amon's human history showed him as a worshiper of the sun. It is known that he was devastated on being 'forsaken' by the sun. Some believe his development of pyromancy stemmed from his desire to be reunited with his god in some fashion, or from his ultimate faith that his god has not, in fact, forsaken.

The writer is unclear how to reconcile this with the fact Amon proclaims himself a god, except to suggest the development in the belief of "Amun Ra" was, in fact, Amon's doing, and he actually believes this.

Gaston's talent appears to be enhanced strength and speed, enhanced senses, beyond what most vampires are capable of. It is not clear if this only occurs within battle, or if this is natural. It is also not clear what in Gaston's character caused this to manifest.

Adrian's talent is seen as being empathy. As the man is rather cold, it is possible that this developed due to his controlled nature, and his desire to control the emotions of others. He does not seem to be a fan of outbursts. It may also be that Adrian desire to feel more, and this empathy allows him to live out emotions vicariously.

Edit by Altjira: Delsin's talent is Diablerie, and in this case, it is a talent. Whatever he eats, he seems to absorb the talents of. Empathy was Morena's skill, not Delsin's. I know this, and I know I must run for he is aware of my knowledge. I pray that others find this. I do not know why such a foul talent developed in him. I suspect it could just be the nature of his curse, but I also suspect that he is a very, very envious individual, even if he tries to hide it.

Vampire Lore: A Hunter’s Guide
Began by Niven, slayer of Olomu

•   Vampires are weak to sunlight and to fire, sans Amon, who appears not to be harmed by fire at all.
•   Garlic and religious items do nothing against them. Don’t even think you can escape into a building, or across running water. They can cross all thresholds, and water doesn’t frighten them. Silver doesn’t bother them, either.
•   A stake is useful, but it isn’t going to kill a vampire unless you puncture the heart—then again, anything will work for that.
•   Decapitating a vampire is the surest way of killing a vampire.
•   Vampires do not sleep, not even during the day. Do not count on them sleeping.
•   Poisoned blood can effect a vampire, but there’s a good chance it will kill the poisoned, too. Be careful if your intent is to poison a vampire.
•   A vampire’s bite is necessary to avoid. It can be fatal, or worse, it can turn you into one of them. There is no known way to remove vampirism.
•   Vampires are super fast, super strong, and their senses are better than yours. They can see better, hear better, smell more, taste more, and probably feel more. Never plan for a long-term fight with a vampire, you won’t win.
•   Vampires heal, fast. Don’t aim to wound, aim to kill.
•   Don’t try to drown them. They don’t need to breathe. They just do it because it offers them an additional sense.
•   Some vampires have claws. All have fangs. Try to avoid these.
•   It is rumored that some vampires, like Amon, have “special” talents beyond being physically superior to humans. This is true, and the older a vampire is, the more likely they are to have a talent of some sort. It is unclear what causes the development of talents, or even what is possible.

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Re: Waxing and Waning [Closed][Information]
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The Rebellion
Known Rebellion Leaders:

•   Alexia Niven
•   Sky
•   Harley
•   Akira


“You can’t call her ‘it’!”
“What am I supposed to call it?”
“If you want her to survive, you have to give her a name.”

Before Alexia, there was Niven.

Before Niven, there was Alexander.

The common thread linking them all is the use of the name ‘Alex’ that began with Alexander. He took the name for himself after breaking free, because he heard tale of someone called Alexander the Great. He died before Niven’s eyes, but the young boy never forgot him. When he broke away from his own slavery, he started using the name ‘Alex’. He never formed a group, but he left behind evidence of his life.

Alexia was named after the Alexander that Niven knew. He taught her the ways of slaying vampires, and she grew up in freedom. Niven gave his life to ensure that, too. Alexia was able to escape because of him, then only thirteen.

Unlike Niven, she decided not to go it alone. She continued using ‘Alex’, and she freed slaves and found others to create her group. It was difficult at first to gain respect and lead, given her age, eventually it did happen as she proved her worth and her courage time and time again, willing to do what others could not. She turns away families and children from her group if they cannot contribute or will be a burden. She has slain comrades turned into vampires if they ask it of her, and she has managed to go toe-to-toe with vampire foes.

Because of the three who used the name ‘Alex’, it appears the name ‘Alex’ has gone on for much a longer time than it truly has, and this gives Alexia confidence that the name will survive her death to haunt the vampires until they speak their last—for she has created a group that will continue using the name.

The ‘Alex’ group is, by far, the most well-known group, and also one of the best. It is well-organized, advanced, and offensive. It is this way, however, because of a few rules. Alexia does not allow children in. She does not protect families, nor let them in. Her group is all about fighting, and not about protection. As such, they are a highly nomadic group, but their intentions have become obvious in the path they’ve made towards Adrian.

Despite this nomadic nature, her group is also highly educated for Alexia values that. It has allowed them knowledge of the past, and this has led to poison and weapon developments—mostly in the area of explosives and UV lights, the latter of which Adrian thought were ‘extinct’ because made sure all of the past were destroyed.

Most in Alex’s group have names that can be ambiguous regarding gender, or they adopt such names to use. This is not true of all, but most like the idea.

•   Alexia Niven
•   Willow Plume
•   Robin Shell
•   Eric (Deceased)

Notable Things
•   Created the “Juliet” poison (Alexia)
•   Recreated UV lights (Robin)
•   Killed the BCE-era vampire, Valerius
•   With the assistance of other rebel groups, conquered Riverpasse.

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