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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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“I was just saying,” said Kyle with a chortle, figuratively zipping his mouth shut before crossing his arms.

At the exchange, and the ensuing conversations, Donovan could only smile. There was general agreement from the others regarding his ideas, and now he was simply finalizing the last details of his character. Why was moving to the new area? What had motivated him from leaving an area where he had already attained such a power to a place where he would be—in a lot of ways—starting over?

In Donovan’s mind, this felt similar to how he felt personally about his current situation. Why would he go to a community theater to try his hand at something new, where he already knew he had attained success back at his school? His soccer buddies had given him a few curious looks, but he shoved them off dismissively. Sure, this is not how he imagined his career would go, but he could see how it would help.

Although not an exact reflection, the answer was still the same.

“I think he just wants more,” began Donovan, pressing his fingers to his chin in thought. “If he’s already attained enough influence where he’s from, perhaps he simply wants to double it someplace else. It could certainly be in attempts to make his sire’s rival feel even smaller.”

Donovan let out a deep breath, bending down toward the table to jot everything that they had discussed down on paper. His hand moved along the page quickly—sharp, organized and concise. When he rose, he felt triumphant.

“I think I got him,” he confirmed.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Devlin grinned at that, “He would have made a good ventrue,” he noted, almost sadly, as he was not a ventrue. While it was possible for mekhet to be power-hungry, he knew this was still going to throw a wrench in things, given they were known more for being shades, out of sight, and out of mind, “But the Invictus is definitely the clan for him.” That much they could agree on.

In either case, he was apparently done. It was figured out in his head. “Good, now try not to let Maya kill you, or anyone else,” Angelus said, as more of a joke. He didn’t think Donovan would be killed on his first night. He also hoped Maya would keep her own character low-profile, but he knew that might be too much to hope for.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look out for him! We Invictus gotta stick together, right?”
Devlin said, and Maya just rolled her eyes, but her lips remained curved in a slight grin. “But I haven’t heard enough about your character yet, Kyle. Don’t hold out on us!”

“He’s going to be a hero, isn’t he?” Maya said, “I’m sure he doesn’t want to start revealing his secrets to a host of villains.”

“I’m not a villain…I think you and Donny are the only villains here.”
Apparently being a power hungry, Varys inspired, mekhet meant he was a villain. Not that it would stand in the way of Invictus loyalty, of course.