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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Mixed feelings followed Donovan as he left the rehearsal room, just as he had feared they would. What exactly was he supposed to do about it, then? Just let it go and keep on going his merry way and ignoring something potentially dangerous? Donovan couldn’t really say. He’d never been in this situation. ‘It is none of your business,’ his mind warned him, ‘but you don’t want to be one of those people who just turn the other way.’ Would he be able to do that? Just look away and hope for the best?

As he walked, Donovan shook his head, seemingly a little overwhelmed. Maya’s lie was just one of the many concerns that bothered him. There was so much that he wasn’t allowed to ignore, so much that he couldn’t even escape. It all took a toll on him, and it was beginning to get to him. His maturity went a long way, but there was only so much a kid could handle. It wasn’t a healthy thing to keep so many things in and to do so much.

In the short walk from the rehearsal room to the theater, however, Donovan had done it again. When he emerged from the double doors and into the theater, he was once again perfect. The fallout for that, sadly, was soon coming his way. Postponing the emotions was easy for him – hiding them and locking them away in a hypothetical box. The box was not going away, though.

“That was quick,” greeted Kyle from the edge of the stage, he was swinging his legs back and forth playfully. The others were still talking amongst themselves, and only a few of them had made their way to the stage. It didn’t look like they were starting immediately. “Got a ton of messages, mate?”

He had.

“A couple,” lied Donovan, “but they can all wait until we finish with rehearsal.”

Kyle raised an eyebrow. “Are you lying to me, mate?” He grinned.

Donovan returned the smile and shook his head. Apparently he would have to be careful around Kyle from that point on. He caught himself before he could truly betray his emotions. “I might have exaggerated a little bit,” he admitted, but only slightly. “It might have been more than a couple.”

He didn’t exactly know whether or not they could wait, so he left that part out.

“Come sit,” invited Kyle with his hand for a place right next to him. “We’ve still got some time to catch up.”

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Maya waited a minute longer before rising and going after Donovan to return to the stage room. Once there, she wasn’t pleased to see the disorder. It seemed they weren’t ready to start, which left her with too many paranoid thoughts.

They were gotten rid of in an instant.
“Maya!” Devlin waved from the stage. “Did you grab the music?”

At first, she wanted to ask him what music, but then she remembered.
“Oh!” He’d contacted her over the weekend. The tournament for the Argentine Tango was nearing, and they had a title to defend. Vincent and Flavia were supposed to be competing, and Devlin refused to lose to them. He claimed they stole routines and were overrated. He was mostly jealous that they were on Strictly Come Dancing, the show he wanted to be on.

‘When you become famous, Maya, we’ll be on it together.’

Such was a part of his dream.

“I’ll go get it!”

“It better be Roxanne!”
He shouted after her as she turned and ran out the double doors. He always wanted Roxanne.

It was not Roxanne, but when Maya took her mp3 player from her purse, she didn’t think Devlin would be disappointed. She’d gotten permission for another tune, and corrupted it a bit that Saturday after Aeron left.

She walked back into the room and answered as if seconds hadn’t passed,
“We can’t do Roxanne,” not that she didn’t want to, “We’ll just copy the routine from Moulin Rouge because it was perfect, and you know it.” She walked by Kyle and Donovan and to the stage, where Devlin offered her a hand to help pull her up with him. A moment of panic came when they stood close together on stage, but he noticed nothing on her neck, or at least, he said nothing.

She handed over the mp3 player, and he stuck it right in the mp3-friendly boom box that no one knew who owned. They just knew it was always here. 

“Just hit play,”
Maya said. It was already on the song.

Devlin smiled as the music came forth. “Oh, ‘cause we’re not gonna copy Brad and Angelina.” He knew the song. He approved the song.

Maya could tell in his eyes he wasn’t imagining their dance scene. The music hadn’t even been this. Aeron would not approve of the frisking.
“No,” she could tell, “We won’t.” The idea was already weaving through Devlin’s head. “Well?”

He smiled,
“This’ll do. Ah, we have to get to practicing soon, though!”

“I’ll talk to Aeron. Maybe we can meet here earlier to work on it?”

Devlin nodded, his gaze never left the boombox, though. He was lost to that world of sound and movement already. He’d nod to anything spoken, and it would register later what he’d agreed to. Maya had used that a couple of times, but didn’t now. 

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Donovan accepted the invitation offered to him, finding Kyle strange but clearly friendly enough. He sat next to the lad and looked at some of the other actors still chatting it up by the seats of the theater. Donovan didn’t know them, and even if he wanted to, he probably would not like what would result from it. He had never been a jealous person, but seeing others choosing to do something entirely because of the pleasure was never a good thing.

He envied them, and it scared him. Donovan liked to believe that he had that very thing with soccer, but something about it still felt like it had strings attached to it. What didn’t, these days? Everything he did had a purpose outside of pleasure. Donovan didn’t want to mind, but it was harder to keep his mind controlled every day.

“You alright?” Kyle’s eyes seemed fixated on the crowd that Donovan was absently focused on. It was as if Kyle was missing something and was actively trying to spot it. “You got a little crush?”

“What? Oh no, I’m alright.” Donovan’s smiled was convincing enough that Kyle did not ask more questions, instead Kyle only placed an arm around his shoulder and gave him a hearty pat. “And I have a girlfriend.”

She was perfect.

“Well, whatever, busy man. We should play…whatever it is that you play, sometime. I’m pretty good at everything,” he joked. 

“Football,” chuckled Donovan, “and I’ll get back to you.” And he would, if there was time that he could spare for it. It seemed like a nice idea.

Then the music started – a tango and clearly a thing between Devlin and Maya. If Donovan didn’t know any better, he would have suspected that the two of them were together. But they couldn’t be; Donovan knew that Maya had a fiancé. It had been the aloof man that had picked her up that one evening.

Besides, that was just the way dancing was, wasn’t it? Intimate, personal, but ultimately a performance. He could see how people could easily be confused by this, but he in no way would ever imagine that this could be a problem. To Donovan, it was like acting. There was no justification to back up his inclination. 

“He’s a dancer,” Kyle clarified for Donovan, as if he had read his mind.

“I can see that,” he smiled. He wouldn’t have guessed, but was pleasantly impressed.

Not long after the song played, it was time for the actors to take to the stage again. Donovan rose and took to his place, giving Maya a nod and a half smile. Still, he remained concerned. The tango was amazing, but it was not nearly enough of a distraction for Donovan to forget what he’d seen in the rehearsal room. That thought would not leave him for a while.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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The acting practice continued soon after the music ended. They worked through the first act, following the directions given by Pam throughout. Other breaks occurred, and during each one Devlin refused to let Maya go to her phone. He insisted on reviewing the music each time, and near the end of the night, their break did become a miniature practice as he wanted to test out his ideas in action, rather than as images in his mind.

Pam called them to a close soon enough,
“Do you think Aeron’s here yet?” Devlin asked once they were officially dismissed.

Maya smiled, and though she shook her head, she reminded,
“The theater wants to close at this time, Devlin.” It was why she waited outside. “We can’t stay after.”

He sighed, letting his shoulders slump. Then, he called to Kyle,
“Yo, can you give me a lift home? Cindy broke,” he had named his car. “Transmission blew,” he could walk here, usually in the day, but his home was much further away.

He would have asked Maya, but he never felt comfortable getting rides from Aeron. He always felt like he was being a huge pain whenever he did so, even though Aeron never said as much. It was just the feeling he got from him.

Maya didn’t stay back to listen to the answer or conversation, but walked out of the theater to wait outside, as per usual. She snatched her purse up on the way.
‘Don’t be too late.’ She wanted to avoid waiting outside, alone, with Donovan that day. She wanted to believe such topics about appearances would be avoided, but she wasn’t so certain they would be. That’d he had even noticed would bother her in talking with him. She’d be watching him too closely. Tomorrow would be better. It would seem like something in the distant past, or so she convinced herself.

But of course, Aeron wasn’t already there waiting. She dug her phone out to check it. No more messages.


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Kyle frowned at the news concerning Cindy, but grinned quickly after that – wide and proud. “So you return to my mercy!” He spoke with more volume than he ought, but digressed. “Of course mate,” Kyle nodded his head with a warmer smile, “you know you need not even ask. I don’t mind.” Kyle turned to Donovan, flashed him another smile. “See ya later, mate.”

Donovan only waved, though he returned the smile so kindly given to him. He knew his parents would be late, so he took his time to go back to the rehearsal room to fetch his things. With the thrill of acting now gone, his body slumped and succumbed to the exhaustion he was suffering. While acting, Donovan’s face was so bright and enthusiastic, even with the role he played, so he looked closer to his age. When everything came down on him – the fallout and the realization he had to go back to his life – he looked much older.

People often failed to realize that he was still just a kid, and in part that was Donovan’s fault. He didn’t like to seem like a child, he wanted to be better than everybody, and that often came with a price. Everything that he decided to take on, he was successful in. Ella was by no means ignorant of this, and her pride and expectations demanded more and more.

Donovan flipped open his phone, but only for a moment. He still didn’t want to read anything that might burst his bubble further. He put it away, and walked outside once more. He was surprised to see his agent, Simon Robbins, waiting at the parkway for him. He leaned against his BMW with crossed arms and an impatient look on his face.

“Mr. Bukater,” he greeted, relieved that Donovan was done at long last, “come now, we have a shoot for you. A model canceled and your agency needs you there ASAP. You’re mother asked me to fetch you. Didn’t you get my messages?” Simon had met Donovan halfway down the stairs and his hand had grabbed Donovan’s arm to led him and hurry him back to the car.

“I have a lot of homework tonight, Simon,” said Donovan, “and didn’t I have a shoot just this morning? Who even shoots this late in the day?” The young boy didn’t want to sound ungrateful, but he just didn’t have the time for everything that was thrown at him.

“You can do your homework when you get home,”
said Simon, opening the door for Donovan and all but throwing him inside. “We’re already late.”

“Alright, then hurry,” said Donovan, popping his neck as he stretched. He turned, hoping to see that everyone had already been picked up. This had been a part of his life that he wanted to keep secret. He did work for other countries after all, so there was little chance of them recognizing him. As Simon closed the door to the car, however, Donovan saw Maya. He pretended he hadn’t, deciding instead to look forward. Perhaps if he tried hard enough, he could still keep this part of his life close to the chest.

It wasn’t a long stall, for Simon quickly joined him on the other side and drove off.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Devlin was relieved, "Thanks, mate," he said, and soon left with Kyle, leaving behind the two that always seemed to leave late.

There was someone waiting for Donovan already. Maya had never seen the individual before, and so it was her immediate assumption. From her position at the top of the stairs, she observed him, and decided rather quickly that she did not like him. She couldn’t explain it, and that always bothered her. She knew it was improper to judge people that quickly.

‘That’s what got you into this mess. Trust your instinct.’
She bit the inside of her cheek.

Donovan soon came out, and was met halfway there. He didn’t seem to notice her, so Maya said nothing, merely watched as he was dragged away by the other and eavesdropped. A shoot. A model. Her eyebrows lifted, and when Donovan was finally gone in the car she took out her phone and sent a text.

Donovan Bukater.
Look him up.

Seconds later, there was a response.


Because he’s an actor
here and he’s
Not in that way.

She could imagine Angelus’s little smirk.

All right.

She didn’t know when Angelus might get on that, but he would, and he’d find out more. Maya wasn’t sure why she was so curious, only that it seemed she should be.
‘Because he has already learned too much.’ And she laughed to herself in the darkness, finding it silly that her mind had made this an elaborate game of spying and information gathering. ‘Maybe that’s why I picked that song.’ She was still smiling when Aeron finally arrived.


Days continued to go by for the actors. Maya didn't speak of the incident to Donovan, for Angelus still hadn't come back with any information. In fact, she kept her distance from him, staying closer to Devlin.

Maya found the time to practice with Devlin in the day time, for in the end, Aeron always caved. The dance competitions tended to be provide quite a bit of extra money, and greed was one of his strongest vices.

That Friday, though, they had not been able to meet. Devlin said he had to go some costume shopping. Maya just shrugged it off, until she arrived at the theater and found him in the main lobby with red contacts on and trying to fit vampire fangs over his teeth.
“What are you doing?” She couldn’t help her bemusement. It wasn't near Halloween.

He looked towards her, started to talk, but it all came out as incomprehensible gibberish through the improperly put in teeth. He quickly took them out,
“Sorry,” he answered, said, “I found out about this vampire LARP thing. I’m trying to get my outfit together since it meets tomorrow.”

“LARP?” Maya had no idea what that term even meant.


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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The shoot had gone well, or so everybody kept telling Donovan. There had been talk about his look, and how he was exactly what the public was looking for – his height, his bone structure, his body, everything just seemed to fit. The buzz that came from the shoot made Donovan feel better, even more comfortable with his work load, if only because he thought that with more success he would have a firmer decision concerning his activities outside his school.

Sadly, this had not been the case. While Donovan was still too young and far from a supermodel, his time seemed to be consumed by clients and agencies that were still eager to meet with him. The boy had calls at all hours of the day, and even the academy was beginning to notice the problems that it was causing the boy. They jotted down his measurements and made what, at the time, seemed like outrageous demands.

‘You’re too thin.’
‘You need more muscle.’
‘Your hair is too short.’
‘You need to wax.’

Ella began to change his diet, with more meats and proteins. Donovan began to switch his exercising habits as well, with more weight lifting as opposed to running. Already, Donovan could feel a difference.

Donovan began to think that there was no stopping the force that he was becoming until the whole subject of nudity came to light. Ella was not at all pleased that agencies were even suggesting something like that for a minor, even if their plans were for a time after he came of age. She shut down the demands so quickly that the agencies seemed to back off the subject completely. Donovan had never appreciated his mother as much as he did in the moment.

When Friday came, at long last, Donovan has just gotten out of another small shoot. He had no makeup, but his hair was pushed forward in semi-long waves that could never be naturally accomplished. The boy had missed his football practice, and he had apparently forgotten to tell Laura that he wouldn’t be there, too. Laura had shown up to see him only for him to be elsewhere. She claimed to understand, but Donovan wasn’t so sure.

Despite his exhaustion, he walked in that day to the theater, seeing both Devlin and Maya in the main lobby. He’d been so busy with everything that he had not noticed that Maya seemed to be avoiding him. When at times he suspected that something was wrong, there was always something else that took priority. Every time Donovan saw her, however, that same suspicion always came back. He found himself looking for any other signs, desperately wishing that he had merely imagined it the first time.

This time, however, Devlin looked too ridiculous to ignore. “Hey guys,” Donovan turned to him, a half-hearted wave a sign of greeting. “Have I read the play wrong?” He teased, but later continued. “What’s the costume for?”

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Devlin offered an overdramatic sigh, “Plebeians,” he complained at both of them. Maya crossed her arms and arched her eyebrows, a dare for him to call her that again. He didn’t, of course. He explained to Donovan.

“This, my friend, is a costume for a vampire LARP, which is a live-action roleplay, or as I like to think of it, improvisational acting.” There, Maya’s eyes lit up. She seemed to like idea, “Yeah, I know, it’s going to be a blast. Vampire: The Requiem is what it is based on, and I am going to be playing a Ventrue vampire—the type of vampire he is, and in the Invictus—the organization he’s a part of. They’re basically the traditionalists. Would-be monarchs and such. The Ventrue are the vampires who can control what others do.”

“You want to be a villain that bad, huh?”
Maya smirked.

“So badly. So badly,” he admitted, and Maya laughed.

“What mad schemes do you have up your sleeve? Maybe I’ll join you,”
she wanted to be a villain as well. Stress relief. Might be saner to borrow a video game from Angelus, but she didn’t think that mindlessly shooting zombies in the head was going to cut it right then. Though there were no new wounds on her, the stress had been mounting. Graduation loomed. Life changes were coming, and she wanted to ignore them.

Living a different life always seemed to help with that. Escapism wasn’t healthy, but it was all she had. All she ever had.

“Usurp the Prince—the leader, and, I don’t know, I haven’t met enough of the players to know what I really want to do besides take control.” Devlin admitted with a shrug, then asked, “Since when would you have time to play a game, anyway?”

“Graduation is coming up,”
she reminded, “Things are actually easier for me when I don’t have as many classes to attend, and just exams. I could find time. This Saturday?”

Devlin nodded, clearly excited that this might be a possibility.
“Yeah!” He looked to Donovan then, “What about you? It would help with your acting skills, I bet, to have to think on your feet without a script.” He’d sell it whatever way he could, to have a group of friends there, people he could actively plot with.

He didn't see how Maya's own happiness faltered at the thought of Donovan being there.


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Devlin went on to explain what he and Maya had inquired after. At first, Donovan thought the whole thing a little ridiculous. The boy had heard about things like that, of course, but he had never felt any interest in anything like it. He’d wondered from afar, choosing sports over anything creative. That wasn’t saying much, however, now that he knew how much he enjoyed theater. Besides, vampires? Donovan’s knowledge of that was limited to what he’d learned from pleasure reading.

It was not extensive at all, probably even a little embarrassing. The idea, however, was still intriguing.

At the mention of graduation, Donovan visibly tensed. There was still some time left for him, but the thought of graduation gnawed at him constantly – always present and persistent in the back of his mind. Just how well would he fair at the end of all his hard work? Would he still be at the top? The thought that he might not be sent chills down his spine.

Then the invitation came, and Maya’s expression did not go unnoticed. Had he done something to upset her? Could it be that thing that happened between them some days past? Donovan didn’t want to contemplate it, but it only seemed logical that perhaps she was so bothered by him because there was something to hide – an excuse to keep him at arm’s length. Was there really something there?

Donovan let out a believable chuckle in response, trying to buy himself some time to think, to gather himself. “Err…,” he blubbered, trying to avert Maya’s eyes, “This Saturday, you said?” Donovan was not exactly a boy with a lot of leisure time, but something still told him that he should consider Devlin’s invitation. “I don’t know, maybe. Maybe? I mean, are you sure it’s alright if I come?” Then he remembered his schedule and amended with, “if I can?”

That was one big if.

Then Kyle was there. “What are we talking about, mates?”

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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“Is he old enough?” Maya asked immediately, knowing how rash Devlin could be. Perhaps this game wasn’t appropriate for minors? Maya could hope.

“Of course he is. I mean, there’s swearing, but that’s it. Well, description of fighting, and some other things, but he’s in the theater—there’s acted out violence here.”
Devlin said, waving a dismissive hand at the idea that Donovan might be too young. He looked at Kyle, “Hey! I’m finally joining that LARP! Come, come be evil with me and Maya!”

Maya crossed her arms.
“Who said I was being evil? I haven't decided yet. I might be good to spite you.”

“There’s a vampire with a demon partner,”
Devlin gave her the side eye as her hands clasped together and her eyes lit up. “Don’t tell me you’re not sold on that idea, Lucyfer.” He knew her too well in that department.

“I love you, Doctor.”

He grinned and looked back at Kyle, though he was including everyone as he said,
“We could meet up Saturday afternoon to plot out characters and backstories together at the café.” There was only one café. He forgot to name it, of course, just assuming now that Donovan knew everything.   


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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As soon as Kyle showed up, Donovan seemed to relax. There was just something about him that made him feel comfortable around people. Donny still found it a little hard to read him, but he had gotten so used to him lately that he didn’t even seem to mind anymore. Besides, if there were someone that was impossible to read, it was Maya.

“Brilliant,” said Kyle with a smile, “though I will need some convincing to be an evil character. I always seem to thrive with the nicer mates. They just seem to have the better ideas. Besides, who can resist a young studly hero?” He knew that his comments on such a thing were mere invitations for argument, and thrived in those situations. “Will you go, Donovan? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!” Kyle slapped one of his hands on Donovan’s back.

“Yeah, alright. I’ll see if I can clear my schedule.”

Kyle seemed to scoff. “Schedule? On a Saturday? Aren’t you still in school?”

Donovan nodded his head, “Yeah, I’m midway through my first exams.” He purposefully avoided admitting that his plans on Saturday would very likely not be connected to school work. Donovan, as all young models, would have most go-sees on the weekend. Perhaps there was a way to convince his parents to let him have a day off.

“You can study another day, mate. I feel like you’re all brains, anyway.”

Donovan smiled, but said nothing on the matter. He would not promise his attendance, especially if he wasn’t even sure if he could go.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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“You know what happens if you don’t join us,” Devlin teased, “Maya will kill you.”

Maya arched an eyebrow,
“I think I’ll be too busy plotting your death to care about some hero looking to score.”

Devlin wrapped an arm around Maya’s shoulders and leaned against her as he said,
“Trust me, you’re going to want me as an ally for longer than two hours. We can plot to kill each other after our opposition is destroyed.”

Maya gave a sigh,
“But you’ll be my only threat.”

“I know,”
he patted her shoulder, “I know,” and led her towards the stage room. “We still have an hour, you know. You’re all early!” He said it as a complaint. He did want the stage to practice, after all. The dance competition was coming up, after all.

Practice went smoothly that night, and Maya spent the breaks chatting with Devlin about his plans and learning what she could about the game. That night, she wasn’t picked up by Aeron, but by Jasmine. That Saturday, Maya didn’t show up alone, either, though she showed up first. Angelus had been roped into helping her design a character, and so they sat at a table with his laptop out, and several tabs opened to information.

“Yeah, the En isn’t bad,” he was saying, “But Invictus sucks if you want to be evil. Be Ordo.”


“You want to kill vampires, right?”

Maya shrugged. She wasn’t sure the best route.
“Ok, look. The En is already a highly social character, and with 215 starting experience, you can max out this skill, which makes you pretty much invulnerable,” he pointed, “and you can get two dots in Dominate, which is all you need to do the things you’ll want to do. With Ordo, you can put points in this thing here, Coil of the Beast,” he said, “and put it up to three, so that you can use fire as a weapon without worrying about a frenzy.” Angelus had already familiarized himself with the game to a level that most players would be envious of. Despite that, he had no desire to play. He just supported any hobby that Aeron was bound to hate.

Maya’s eyes lit up. She was already familiar with the fact that fire was a deadly weapon against vampires,

“Yeah. So you can make a pretty badass character to start with, and then you’ll want to build up your Dominate pools so you can make people do your bidding. Read,”
he turned the laptop more so she could see it, “I’m gonna get more drinks. Another earl grey?”

Maya nodded, reading over the Ordo information rather than the Dominate information. Angelus rose and walked back to the counter to order more tea for the both of them.


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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It didn’t occur to Donovan that he had no clue which café he was supposed to go to until he was already back home. He had Kyle’s number, of course, but he figured that bothering Kyle would not be the best thing that moment. Donovan was starting to like theater, and so he wouldn’t want to become that kid. Personally, he had never minded that kid, but he did notice just how differently they seemed to be treated. It was neither fair nor justifiable, but it was also unavoidable. 

Donovan went to his computer and found the likely café easily enough, choosing to postpone a text to Kyle until it was absolutely necessary. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be necessary at all.

“Where do you say you’re going, darling?”
Ella sat across from Donny as they had breakfast days after that; Clark had gone to work really early that morning, so it was just the two of them. The bacon and eggs were still steaming, and Ella made her question in a way that suggested that Donny couldn’t just go without permission. “A café?”

 Donovan nodded his head with a crooked smile. “Yeah, the café that’s by the theater.”

“It’s not really by the theater, Donny,” said Ella, but she didn’t press on that issue. “Why are you going to the café, again? And why Saturday, you know how busy you are Saturday.”

“I told them I would join them on Saturday to plot a way where we can practice our acting skills outside the theater. It's the only time we can all go.” Donovan had told himself that this was just fine, as he was not entirely lying about what he’d be doing.

Ella sneered her eyes, though she was tempted to smile. For Donovan, this was not a first.

“Mum, you know that models get paid more if they have acting experience, and especially if they have the recommendations to back the skill.”

“What about your other appointments? Simon? Have you spoken to your coach? Done your work?”

Donovan hadn’t spoken to his agent, but he had spoken to his coach and his classmates. The work, at the expense of precious sleep, had been done. “I haven’t spoken to Simon yet, but I will as soon as I go on break today. I’ve done everything else.”

“Are you tired?”

Donovan could have sworn that there was more accusation in his mother’s words than concern.

“No, mum. I’m fine. May I go, then?”

Ella rose from her chair, food untouched, and walked towards the kitchen. As she walked, she cradled Donovan’s face briefly. “Just this once, darling. I don’t know any of these people, and I don’t want another’s bad influence to deter you from what you ought to be doing. Go on, then, finish your food so I can take you to school.”


Saturday came, and Donovan was still conflicted about his going to the café. He’d over-prepared and under-prepared at the same time. He’d gathered as much information as he could find, but he had also wasted too much time looking up Vampire lore that was not very relevant to what he was supposed to do. Donovan had contemplated what he wanted to be in the game, but he hadn’t yet decided. He carried with him a notebook and a pencil, and the first several pages were all covered in numbers and statistical formulas to see which way was most advantageous. The last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself. 

Donovan was to go to the park afterward their meeting to work on his football, so he left his mother’s car dressed in a worn uniform with his gym bag and his trainers.

“Don’t stay too late, Donny,” Ella warned before their last farewells and her departure. Naturally, Donovan would have no choice on the matter. His mother would show up back at the café whenever she felt he’d had enough liberty. He’d be lucky if the sky were orange at the time.

As soon as Ella had turned the next corner, Donovan went into the café, all his gear in tow. Only one familiar face was there, and it was the one person he suspected was not excited he was joining. He managed a smile as he approached her (and another close to her), setting his gym bag aside and placing only his notebook on the table.

“All right, Maya?” He greeted, giving a nod and stretching a hand towards the other, whom he suspected to be Maya’s brother. “Donovan Bukater,” he introduced.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Maya did smile at Donny as Angelus handed her the new tea drink. She returned his nod and echoed, "All right. Good to see you," half-sincere.

Many things had slipped Maya’s mind when she considered inviting Angelus. Mostly, Donovan, and why that was significant. It returned to her when she saw how Angelus’s eyebrows lifted at the introduction. Angelus took Donovan’s hand in his, a firm shake. He did note the strength that the younger one had.
“Angelus Porter,” he introduced. He looked to Maya, “This is the Donovan you wanted me to look up?” He still didn’t know why. He’d given her the information, and it seemed to pacify her, though.

Maya scowled. She wasn’t sure what she’d done recently, but clearly, she’d done something to annoy Angelus if he was going to reveal this.

“Huh,” he looked back to Donny as he released his hands, “You look better in the photographs, no offense. They photoshop everything nowadays,” he walked around Donny to reclaim his seat by Maya, “So anyway, you don’t want throwing knives. Just go with a greatsword. We can split the strength and dexterity costs so you can still get quick draw. Also, a greatsword on fire is scarier than throwing knives, and your intimidate pool is maxed. Abuse that.”

“What is it costing me?”

“Eh, a bit of your pool for Revelation, but you don’t need that with Dominate and Entrance.”
Angelus then looked to Donovan, “Are you playing this ridiculous game, too?” And since he knew the answer, he added, “What clan are you going into?”

“Don’t help him,”
Maya said, added, “he’s competition.”

Angelus rolled his eyes.
“Yes, ma’am. He could be an ally, you know. Dev will be a poor—”


“Speak of the devil.”
Angelus didn’t sound happy.


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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Donovan looked at Angelus curiously, wondering why Maya had even asked him to look him up. What did that even mean? Did she really think that Donovan wanted to pursue theater professionally? Donovan didn’t think so, and no one could ever really look to him as a threat. Theater was fun, but it wasn’t the success that he expected of himself, and it wasn’t the success that his parents expected either.

“Thank you?” There was no other adequate response to Angelus’s remark about him looking better in pictures, of course they’d been edited, but he hadn’t realized it had been so much. In truth, Donovan didn’t even know if his shots were photoshopped, but it wasn’t going to help to contest the possibility.  The realization that Angelus had even found some of his shots made his cheeks turn a rosy color. He’d made it a point to hide that part of his life, hide it under a pile of academic achievements and recognitions.

Apparently, it had not been enough.

“I’ve not decided,” said Donovan about which clan he was going to take. That was not entirely true, but if Maya had been any indicator, people were quite strategic and competitive in this game – more so than Donovan even cared to imagine. Fortunately, the conversation did not go further, as Devlin emerged into the café. Angelus didn’t seem to be too happy about his presence, much like how Donovan had felt the first time he’d met Devlin.

With a wave, he acknowledged the arrival of the other two. Greetings were always a little awkward for Donovan, especially because these people seemed to know each other already. They were friends before he even met them. Donovan was the odd man out, but he encouraged himself with the fact that such a thing had never bothered him before.  There was no reason why this would be any different.

“Donovan, my man,” Kyle was his usual enthusiastic self, speaking in an American accent for a change, and it made things easier. “I’m surprised you were able to make it. I’m happy you did, though. You all set? You ready to get your vampire game on?”

Donovan raised an eyebrow, but managed a smile. “Um…sort of, yeah,” said Donovan agreeably, shuffling to where the rest of them were. The people around them began to take notice, but Donovan assumed that they'd seen something like this gathering before. “I think I’ve got a good grip on most things.” Beyond all, humility. At least for now.

“We’ll see,” Kyle did not seem convinced, and the accent persisted. “Maya, let’s be best friends.”

Then, Kyle went on to greet Angelus and set up his own things at the table.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Devlin was the bane of Angelus’s existence. Angelus wanted to like him, of course. He was good for Maya. However, Devlin loved to needle him, and that made him exasperating to be around. His cheer never diminished. Not once had Angelus seen a sincere emotion from Devlin. It was all exaggerated. All an act.

he greeted stiffly as Devlin approached the group, while Kyle first went to Donovan. It was nice that someone in the group was helping the new one adjust. They could be…overbearing.

“Are you gonna play? Please tell me you’re going to play?”

Angelus shook his head,
“No,” he answered, “If I did, I’d play solely to kill you and Maya as a Theban Sorcerer.”

“You wound me,”
he put a hand over his heart, “You’d be the Second Estate. You wouldn’t dare lift a finger against your Lord.”

While Devlin was doing that, Maya caught Kyle’s greeting and said,
“Maybe.” Though just one word, she mimicked his accent to suggest it could certainly be possible. She didn’t know what he was doing, after all. Last she knew, he wanted to be a hero, and she was decidedly not a hero. Not that she couldn’t twist it to make it appear that she was, in-character, anyway.

Angelus spoke up then, addressing Devlin’s comment,
“So, Invictus, Ventrue,” he surmised. “Any bloodline?”

Devlin was actually impressed that Angelus gleaned that much already. He looked to Maya, who gave him a smile, and then back to Ange.
“No.” It wasn't an answer to Ange's question. He knew immediately what had gone on here, and Maya started to crack up. “I was kidding about the demon bloodline!”

Angelus rose, clapped a hand on Devlin’s back. It was fortunate Maya was only ever evil in games. Devlin just didn't know that fact. He'd never seen the way she played through video games and enacted all sorts of foul plots. Stress relief, she said.

“Good luck,”
he said, nodded to Kyle. “She’ll eat all of your souls if you aren’t careful. And I helped build that sheet,” he hoped the lot of them understood what that meant. At least Kyle and Devlin, “Maya, don’t forget,” he cast a glance to the time on her laptop.

“Mm, I know. 4, paintball, and then this LARP after.”
She’d have to make sure the paintball game ended quickly so she had time enough to get into costume for the role.
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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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Donovan tried not to follow Kyle around too much, but there was only so much that he could do. He didn’t know what these people were used to, or what traditions and rituals needed to be performed before they all settled into discussion. Was there even rituals for this? Was he imagining things? He stayed silent, wondering whether they would even get started that same evening, but the mention of paintball made his stomach drop.

It wasn’t the fact that he was completely clueless about most things that bothered him (although it did make him feel useless), or that his mother might show up at any time to pick him up, but the reminder that it was at paintball that Maya had gotten the bruise on her neck. Donovan had wanted to believe her, but he wasn’t sure that he did. It was feasible, was it not? Why then, had she been distant with him after that?

The impression that she’d left on him the first time they’d met was slightly different than the one he carried now. Absentmindedly, his hand reached for his neck, but he averted Maya’s gaze.  It was not intentional, but it happened nonetheless.

“You should stay,” said Kyle to Angelus with a smile, “you seem to know more than most already. And who better to protect us from Maya’s soul eating than the man who helped her master her technique?” The young man knew it was a long shot, but he truly believed that the more people that joined the party, the better the experience would be. He had been happy, after all, that Donovan had decided to come along.

“The more the merrier, isn’t that right, Donovan?”

Donovan looked up, having not been listening in that moment. His mind backtracked in an instant, and recalled what his subconscious had heard.

“Err...yeah,” he said with a nod, “the more the merrier.”

If only it were really so.

"So," the young man admitted, trying to distract even himself, "I may need a bit of help deciding the last few details," and so he reached into his bag and took out all the analysis he'd done to statistically see which choices would be better off in the end. The numbers, although at first glance might seem like nonsense, held deep meaning.

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Re: An Era of Theatrics [Closed]
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There was a gesture that Maya couldn’t ignore, and Angelus saw her fist clench in her lap before he could escape. Kyle invited him over, and he turned around more fully to face Kyle. He liked Kyle much better than Devlin, “You realize Maya has a key to my place and will use it if I help any of you, right?” It was his way of saying that, much as he’d love to help, it wasn’t in his best interest. “But if you want me to stick around to chat and offer a little advice, I could. Or be the drink runner.” As he always ended up, since he wasn’t exactly ‘in’ the group and never would be.

With a nod from Devlin, he returned to his seat by Maya as Devlin plopped into the other one.
“Can I see the sheet?” Devlin asked Maya, who turned her laptop without hesitation to let him skim the stats.

Angelus leaned across the table and tapped it,
“Lemme see what you have, Don,” to him, Donny didn’t sound right, and Donovan was too much of a mouthful. “I can at least tell you the pros and cons of things,” he figured in that way, he could help them all. He wouldn’t make the decisions for them, but he’d tell them what was good and bad about certain things.

That was when Devlin let out a shout of,
“Bullshit! Bullshit! Ange, what the hell?” And Maya was laughing. Devlin sounded incredulous.


“Flaming. Great. Sword.”

“Oh. Yeah. Maya wanted daggers, but then I reminded her she had maxed out intimidate. Then we just put points in strength rather than dex.”

“No kidding!”
Devlin couldn’t help but laugh a little, excited. “And the entire hydra path! Are you planning to eat souls this first game?” The hydra path made it impossible for her mind to be read, and of course, she also had the En power that masked her aura. It was ridiculous how she'd balanced the experience for this, but he supposed Ange was to blame for that.

“Yep, and take over the domain,”
she answered. “I’m thinking about reducing resources to get other things,” she tapped the screen, and Angelus turned away from those two, looking to Kyle and Donny with a smile and an offer to let them speak as Maya and Devlin got carried away in their own rivalry.

“But money’s useful.”

Majesty and Dominate.”
She emphasized both.

“I don’t follow.”

“Take out your dice and your sheet and I’ll show you.”
Devlin began to do just that, reaching for his tablet rather than a laptop and his d10 from within his bag.