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Ever After High [IC]
« on: March 10, 2014, 03:29:31 pm »

It was warm and hazy in the tower room, the sunlight from the afternoon pooling in gold along the floor and walls where it came in through the wide, glassless window. In the bower of flowers that clung in the cracks of the stone and twined themselves around the arch of the window twittered the tiny birds that lived there, noisy in their daily business of burrowing in the dark mossy green of vines and leaves for their meals.

Princess Charlotte, oblivious to their incessant chatter, held her face to the cool gilded post of her harp, eyes closed, eyelashes long and silken against her cheeks, light fingers touching the strings as she practised her songs.

At sixteen Princess Charlotte still had a vulnerable, childish face; heart-shaped with a rosy glow and wide, almond shaped eyes, sea-green and clear. Slender and poised like she was always thinking of something else, the young princess had an air of someone playing acting - like she was perhaps pretending to be a tad bit more careless than she sometimes felt.  Her hair, which was a warm chestnut colour, was thick and shinning and long - too long, reaching the floor as she sat on the engraved stool, decorated as it was with bright little daisies.

Still, despite it all Charlotte was as pleasing a creature as she could be, and it was with the utmost gravity that she now sat at her harp, tall as a man, her arms about it in a loving hold as she played for her friend.

The music was clear and plaintive, a favourite of Charlotte's that she knew by heart, and as she opened her eyes, watching the strings of her harp gleam in the sun, a dreamy voice said, "It always reminds me of the ocean, your playing."

The brunette paused, the music trembling with the last of the strings, then ceasing as she contemplated the speaker.

Sitting on thick, goose-down pillows by the window, her face turned into the warm light of the afternoon was her closest of friends - Marina. Her hair, wild and thick and curly, was golden and light, reaching below her waist, iridescent, prettily decorated with shells and pearls and polished coral clips.  She had a sweet face with glossy berry-red lips and large blue eyes - like the sky, reflected in the water. Marina was willowy, with long, long legs ending in the tiniest of feet - feet she nearly always kept bare. "I like how they tickle." The blonde had said once, curling her toes, when Charlotte had asked.  "I like how things feel. Like... wet grass, in the mornings.  Or warm sand."

Marina wasn't entirely immune to shoes, however, and beside her today, perched on a small, gilded trolley alongside the girl that held Afternoon Tea, was a open shoebox; the pale pink tissue-paper reaching out, cupping the heels that sat inside.  She had bought them from the tiny, glassy shoe store in the village - cream boots with scalloped edges and golden, shinning straps and bows. Absolute beauties, sitting there proudly among the delicate, rose-patterned china of the tea tray like they belonged. A hundred and eighty-four Ruby Jewels, they'd cost - and they didn't even fit. 

"You have them," Marina had laughed when her friend's face had lit up at the sight of them. "They'll suit you better, anyway."

And that had been the last that either girl had spoken, while Charlotte played - until now.

"Do you miss it?" The brunette asked, fingers idling over the stings without touching them.  "The ocean?"

Marina shifted among the pillows, her  toes curling in that instinctive way, her sparkling turquoise skirts puffed out and settling around her like a bell. "I always do." She said in that same dreamy tone. It was so far removed from her usual, boisterous confidence it nearly turned her into another girl entirely. "I love it here, I can't help but love it - only..." There was a pause, a fairy's breath long, and Marina continued in a firm voice, "I think I would die, if I could never go back."

The thirteenth of King Trident's granddaughters, Marina Seathrone was the youngest niece of the Little Mermaid. Of all the Royals, Myths and Rhymes to grace this school, Marina's legacy was one of the oldest - and one in a select group of tragic Endings.  Everyone knew what waited for her, after Graduation - and Charlotte, who could hardly bear the thought, stood and went to her friend, sitting with her on the cushions, both of their faces turned towards the glittering lake, fractured white and gold.

One of the tower birds - a robin, tiny and bright - came along shortly, singing at them and with a dimpled smile, Marina held out slender fingers, the robin landing gently, his song more cheerful and bright.

"Are you afraid?" Charlotte asked, in a halting voice.  For it was Marina's final year - and in weeks, soon, far too soon, the Mermaid Princess would receive her Key, and unlock her Book.

Marina gave Charlotte a understanding look.  "No." She said simply, lifting her hand and allowing the robin to fly away, still trilling.  "I think it's exciting - I mean..." The blonde paused, searching for the words, and started to laugh.  "I don't know how to explain it, Cabbagepatch. It's just..." Puffing her cheeks up playfully, Marina shrugged.  "I feel like, it's something that can only be good.  I mean, like - just, oh - out there, over the Hills and Far Away, there's someone waiting for me, someone who's so good and so kind that I will love him no matter what, and - well, I guess for him it'll the be same.  We'll both recognize something we need in the other, and -- we'll complete each other's Stories."

Charlotte made a tiny, angry noise, and Marina's dimple deepened, watching the empty sky where the robin had been moments before. "I know, Cabbage."

"You don't." The brunette said fiercely. "If he loves you that much, this imaginary trollbag, then why would he - why would he -"

"Fall in love with someone else?" Her friend prompted gently, facing her. Charlotte stayed silent, mutinous, and Marina went back to looking out over the water, still smiling, the both of them thinking about her family's legend, and why it was passed on aunt-to-niece, instead of mother-to-daughter. "It's just the way It Was Written. I don't think anyone can truly fight against it - all three of us, him, that other princess, me - we'll just be drawn together, and for better or for worse, it'll be... Magical." Her doll-like face, bright in the dying light, was shinning with absolute faith. "When my Story Closes, and I turn to sea-foam, I'll do what we all do, in the end - Return to the Words."

Return to the Words - it was what was said, in their land, when one's story closed. The magic of the Castle meant that their family legends would never disappear, always kept safe within each tale-teen's Book - great, heavy things, kept in one's room, waiting for the day it was unlocked and could start the cycle all over again.

Unwillingly, Charlotte, her hair edged in gold in the sun, looked to her own - by her bed, displayed on a marble pedestal the heavy, golden cover engraved with her family's coat, the great, fat roses that on closer inspection were what named her, and her mother Rapunzel before her - cabbages.

Slim fingers were now carefully combing through the soft, fey curls of hair that had escaped Charlotte's ribboned binding and she glanced to her friend with large, sad eyes, the blonde smiling sweetly, carefully settling the tiny crown that the brunette wore back among the daises she paired it with.  So close, the Princess caught scent of her gentle, sea-bound friend's perfume -- ocean air, white lilies, and crystalline tears.

"I am absolutely starved." Marina said at last, once she was done fussing and patting and playing with Charlotte's locks, giving the ends a last, loving pat. "What did Witchy give us for tea?"

Witchy, infamous throughout the student body for her taste in small children and gingerbread houses, had yet to disappoint and with a rustle of her lace skirts, Charlotte pulled the little trolley that had been sent up for them closer, her hair heavy and curling across her shoulder and back.  There were pretty little plates with warm yellow honey cakes, and a saucer of strawberries, and tiny, perfectly cut sandwiches - and a pot of Primrose Earl, still warm in it's pink, rosebud china, twin cups waiting, thin and rose-coloured, a little matching jug with milk at the ready.

"You know," Marina remarked, as she helped herself to one cake, then two, then three. "For a woman that likes to live in her own baked goods, I've never understood why she doesn't have a backside the size of a house."

Charlotte, pouring the tea for them both, gave a wet laugh and said nothing.

That had been nearly half a year ago, now.

Marina had graduated, her face shinning throughout the Unlocking ceremony.  Charlotte, who had had no older friends apart from the Mermaid Princess had been anxious, unsure of what to expect in the way of communication, afterwards - but all through the Summer the girls had talked, either through their iMirrors or with big, long letters, sent by cranes, or swans, or sometimes even tiny woodland owls.

The Princess supposed the story had started, now, though - Marina had stopped signing in on MyChapter and Storybook, and the last parcel Charlotte had received from her friend was a small but heavy chest - made of shell and glass and beads, opening to reveal a collection of valuable combs.

There'd been jewelled ones, coral ones, ornate pearl ones and even one with delicate crystal flowers, unlike any the brunette had seen on land - as Charlotte had palmed a smooth ivory comb, carved into the shape of a mermaid's tail, she unfolded the parchment sheet that had come with it, Marina's sprawled, unapologetic writing taking up the sheet.

You'll need these more than me, from here on out.  Wear them & have adventures!

Love you, Forever After,

Charlotte wore the ivory one now, the comb holding her hair off her face.  It was lunch, the first day of school in her final year. Charlotte, who had spent the morning going from class to class and remembering exactly why she had hated each one (Princessology, Deportment and Enchanted Needlework), was now sitting in the cafeteria, the giant trees of the forest stretching out inside of the endlessly tall room, the painted ceiling so high up no one could tell what was on it.  Alone by the wall of windows, tall and wide and arched, the Princess's back was to the rest of the hall, looking out over the well-kept south-side of the Castle grounds, the colourful gardens and the encroaching trees of the Enchanted Forest.

Her hair had grown over the Summer - at home it had taken three attendants to brush and plait it, her mother hovering behind them, taking it in turns to be anxious and then commanding.  In the Tower Room here in school, where Charlotte lived (where all the women of their family lived, the Tower family cabbage-not-rose engraved on the door), there was a portrait of her mother at her age, now seventeen.  Classically Fairytale, lovelier than a rose with fair skin that glowed and pink cheeks, pink lips and a tiny waist in an embroidered, sky-blue dress, it was her mother's hair that stole the show - thick and golden, corn-bright, it cascaded down, straight and fine, draped over her arm and arranged all around her like a nest, a badge of her legacy, haloing her in the painted light that flooded the rose-draped window behind her.

The girl in the painting - so august, looking away from the viewer, those shinning lips parted slightly, like she was about to say something - was a kingdom removed from Charlotte's mother now, and even Charlotte herself.

After fussing with her hair for more than an hour that morning, pouring potion and lotion and spelling every charm she knew into it, to make it calm and soft, the Princess had left it loosely tied back, nothing more but that single ribbon, some white, just-opened rosebuds to wreath her and Marina's ivory comb.  She now had to drape it over her arm when she walked, like the portrait of her mother - when she didn't, the warm brown length of it trailed along behind her.

During lunch, she let it spill along the bench of her seat, pooling as it did underneath the table.  She hadn't touched her food, really - laid out on a silver tray, the pale pink, mousse-like Rose Petal soup cupped in a silver tureen was too creamy for the Princess, and she only broke apart the warm, fresh rolls that had accompanied it, absent-mindedly destructive. 

"What a waste of perfectly good cream." Said a dry voice opposite her. 

Charlotte blinked, then glanced down - meeting the bright, gold gaze of Cat-in-Boots.

Absolutely feline, Cat was a slinky ginger tom, sitting upright on the bench seat across from her, his eyes unblinking as he watched her fingers tear her bread into her untouched soup. The Princess arched an eyebrow.  "Like you haven't already had a saucer of the kitchen's best."

Cat did not grin, per say, but the brunette knew he was amused because his large eyes sparkled, and his tail - long and proud - curled lazily behind him.  "One can never be too aware of one's options." Gaze flickering down, he said, "Nice boots, by the way."

They were the pair that Marina had given her, last year.  Charlotte's whole outfit had been planned around them, the cream, lacy dress, it's skirt ending at her knees, the trailing gold ribbons of the bodice and the sleeves - the silk stockings, even, flecked with the precious shining thread and lastly, the large golden ring she had - shaped like the eternal, cabbage-not-rose of her family.  That Cat had taken notice of her boots enough to comment on them, no matter how insincere, did not surprise the girl in the least.

Perhaps one of the vainest creatures in their graduating grade, Cat not only had a penchant for fine, tailored footwear like his father, but vests as well - one for nearly very day of the year, it seemed.  Today's was fire-red silk, with golden lotuses, glittering crystals for water droplets carefully hand-sewn and embroidered by mice - mice that Cat had no doubt eaten, afterwards.

"Thank-you." Charlotte said, in return for his compliment.  "Yours, too, are very nice."  And they were - red leather, the same deep colour as his shirt, with a golden heel.

Cat's tail flicked lazily, and the princess had the distinct impression that he was trying not to laugh at her.  "Should be, for what my father pays for them."

"You're a spoilt little puss, you know," She told him quite calmly, finally picking up her silver spoon.  "I'm beginning to doubt whether you're clever enough to pull off your father's tricks, without his money to help you."

Tail curling into a question mark, Cat was laughing at her now, there was no mistaking the tone of it.  "I don't need money to do what's been done before."

Well, he had her there, and smiling slightly into her spoon she shrugged.  "Touché."

The animal snorted, and disappeared from the bench, only to lightly re-emerge by her side, sniffing hair hair that was pooled on the seat alongside her, more cat-like now in pose than the human he pretended to hold.  "Hm. Smells like sunflowers." Then he was yawning, widely, the roof of his mouth pink and without further leave dropped suddenly, curling into her hair like a kitten.

Charlotte protested.  "You shameless creature, you can't just -"

His tail twitched, hitting her hand impatiently.  "Do me a favour and do be quiet.  Try not to move, either."

"You're awful." She told him crossly.  Yet when the princess stroked the back of his soft head he did not say a thing, just flicked his ears in a content sort of manner, and curled up tighter.
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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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DiD (Damsels in Distress) was right before lunch, which made it even more of a personal hell for Gavin. His damsel, a doll, limp, hair frayed, one of her eyes hanging by a mere thread sat about a precarious situation, tied to a tree. Undoubtedly, his enemies lie await in the trees and, by enemies, it was wooden men with loaded crossbows that shot the minute they shot up from their hiding spots. He supposed their instructor, Hansel, a gruff man, well-built and surly, expected him to avoid every arrow while producing his own.

The young Hood clicked his tongue, drawing his bow, Hansel's eyes barring into him. "Get a move on, Hood. Your damsel is in danger." The older man's voice was rough, much like his appearance. One would think someone who liked so many sweets would have been sweeter.

One quick glance at Hansel and Gavin released his arrow, the sharp edge of it cutting through the rope at its weakest point. As the ropes slackened, his damsel doll fell forward, now hardly attached to the tree.

"Well, she's rather useless." Gavin remarked, leaning most of his weight on one foot, his posture a picture of carelessness. "You know, if she was alive, she could be free now." His accent, distinctly British, sounded bored.

"You expect her to save herself?" Hansel responded, his voice had already risen. It seemed Gavin had already pushed his buttons without really trying.

"I expect her to do something." The rogue to be answered, more aware it was time for lunch more than anything else.

"She's the DAMSEL, Hood. You're the HERO. You know how this works." Hansel snapped back, brows furrowed.

"Says the one saved by his sister." Gavin muttered and Hansel's brows shot up, his face burning.

"You want to spend the afternoon in the stocks, Hood?" Hansel threatened. "I'm sure your classmates would love to know you failed to save your damsel, AGAIN."

Gavin raised a finger, indicating his limp damsel, half of her body just hanging outside the loose ropes. "In my defense, she failed me. I figured her a fighter."

All things considered, the archer regretted not thinking things through a bit more. Although, he supposed that wouldn't have stopped his current situation, if anything, it might have made it worse. As it was, he was situated rather uncomfortably in the stockade, head hanging down, seeming to have the time now to inspect every detail of his boots.

Mattie was kind enough to sneak him a few bits of chocolate, something he had to let melt in his mouth, lest he get both him and Mattie in trouble. His best friend had sighed at the sight of him, in the stockades and it was only the first day of class.

Classmates openly stared, of course, as they were supposed to. Some of the first years lingered, more curious than the rest. Those more acquainted with Gavin's antics were hardly surprised, some of them making rather rude remarks as they passed.

One first year had taken it upon himself to come only inches away from Gavin's face, his eyes large and wide eyed. "What did you do to end up here on the first day?" He asked.

"Piss off a really big bear." Gavin smirked, the boy not quite understanding what he meant and maybe he never would. Not all of them had to take such a pointless course, not all of them were supposed to be heroes and nothing else.

Although, even amongst the heroes, Gavin wasn't considered much of one more because of his parentage than his skills or actions. He wasn't a prince, something many of the heroes were, which, as some of them bragged, made their damsels princesses. Gavin's damsels, on the other hand, were just that, damsels, nothing more. His dolls didn't even get the silly crowns that even the swans wore. And, he was more of a vigilante than a hero, if they got more specific. His father had only been a hero to some, not all. There was also the thievery, which, while a trademark of his name and family line, was not a skill a hero should possess.

All in all, he was horrible hero by name and by action.
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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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So, maybe it wasn’t a damsel in the strictest sense of the word, but Miles was successful in his rescue.  He’d had to sneak into the shed, find her and escape without making a sound.  He expected some sort of praise for saving the stuffed heroine but all he got was laughter. 

“Let’s see you kiss her,” taunted Charming. 

Miles looked at the goose tucked under his arm.  This one didn’t wiggle and squawk like the one at home, but that didn’t make it any more attractive.  “Geese don’t have lips,” Miles said.  Seemed as good an excuse as any.  He might be taller than Charming, but he wasn’t in the mood to wrestle with the pansy prince.

The one dressed in red velvet wasn’t about to let Miles go.  He stood in front of the other, hands on hips. “Dare ya.”

Off to the side, Miles could hear their instructor offering less than positive feedback to Hood.  Miles glanced at the spectacle, hoping to distract the other with a juicer target.  No such luck. 

As Miles continued on across the courtyard Charming fell into step.  Miles tried to ignore him, but the chicken noises he was making were really annoying.  “Don’t you have anything better to do?” he asked. 

Students were leaving class and heading for lunch.  Miles tossed the stuffed goose in the bin for reuse and marched on.  Charming continued to follow.  He held up his own rag doll, a pretty girl with dark hair.  “I bet if this were Sofia you’d change your mind.”  To emphasize the point, he kissed the doll on his own.  The picture wasn’t terribly attractive and Miles had to restrain the snide comment in favor of walking on.  Charming tossed the doll in the air and started chanting.  “Miles and Sofia sitting in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” 

It seemed that Charming had some growing up to do.  Pity he was better at horseback riding, had a great smile and a thick head of hair.  Miles would have loved to answer the teasing with some sort of barb, but the kid was good at everything. 

Miles spoke the truth, “We’re just friends.”

“Sure,” the future prince snorted.  That wasn’t terribly attractive, but it seemed regal and snooty all the same. Fitting somehow.  “Bet if I asked the truth monster what she thought about you, I’d get an earful.”

Miles stopped walking. “I’m sorry.  What did you call her?”

“Monster.  With a long nose and –”

He didn’t get to finished speaking.  Miles’s fist connected with his jaw and the boy’s feet lifted off the ground before his back found it again.

Someone shouted, “Fight!”

Miles’s didn’t hear them.  He’d lost his cool and decided to wrestle after all.
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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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Satin, chiffon, lace…

Sofia stared in complete bewilderment at the many fabric samples she had received earlier from Dressmaking 101. Madame DeVille had asked them to select one of the flouncy cloths to make their first dress with. Her dark eyes held onto the black lace, but then wandered to the soft lavender silk. How was she supposed to picture an entire dress out of one little square of material? It was completely bonkers to her.

She tossed the booklet of swatches on her bed. Sofia’s dormitory shared a washroom with Charlotte Tower. The arrangement had been quite a nice one. Charlotte was sweet and would probably be able to help Sofia pick out a fabric. The silken-haired princess did have great taste in shoes, though she did shed quite a bit…sometimes it clogged the drain but that was forewarned. The rooms were located on the west side of the tower in the girls’ dorms, overlooking the courtyard near the lunching area. It was quite a nice view of the forests.

Fabric choices could wait for now. Sofia wasn’t a fan of sewing, but the skills were necessary for a toymaker. One day every child in every fairy tale would play with one of her dolls, puppets or castles. She had made many, and one of her favorites resided at the bottom of an ocean…

Well, maybe not an ocean.

The girl bent down to shake a few fish flakes in her beloved pet’s bowl, watching as the colored particles drifted beneath the surface of the water and met the puckered lips of Sofia’s white goldfish, Finley. The pretty fish wriggled out of her custom sea palace to collect her lunch. The girl could have spent an hour watching Finley swim, but something else caught her eyes, their already large frames widening at the sight.

“Finley…has…has my nose gotten bigger?”

She rushed to her bedside table and grabbed a handheld mirror, double-checking. Unfortunately this was a daily ritual for Sofia Geppetto, daughter of a known liar and former puppet, Pinocchio. The stories her grandfather used to tell of his son had scarred her, leaving her in forever fear of a lengthening nose. Luckily it was still in place, like always.

Sofia was distracted by the violent sounds of shouts coming from outside her lattice-laced window. Her name reached her ears, and she rolled her eyes. Student gossip…the subjects would never end. Though she did reconsider the eye-roll. Had she just heard something about her nose?

The loud mouth of Charming, no doubt.

When she peered through the glass, her suspicions were confirmed. What she had not expected was to see Miles Trott lunging towards the velvet-clad form of Charming. Ugh, really? Prince lessons were going too far. Since when did she need someone to tell off Charming for her?

Sofia grinned at a thought. A brawl was it? With a quick glance towards her fabric squared, her grin grew and she darted out of her room and down the spiral staircase, dark curls bouncing. When she passed through the stony breezeway into the courtyard, a crowd had gathered and fighting words were being chanted. Sofia pushed through the boys, half of them were pansies anyhow, and made her way to Miles, yanking him off of Charming, who was wild-eyed at the pair.

“Get off him Miles. If he were worth it I’d sock him in his butt-chin myself.” She looked Charming up and down. “Besides, I need a little help picking out a fabric for my dressmaking course and came to ask Charming’s opinion on velvet.” Her grin had formed into a sly smirk, dark eyes narrowing at the boy. “Maybe I’ll learn to sew an outfit like yours. Then I can dress the toys I make for little girls to play with.”

There was laughter and then silence as Charming picked himself up and brushed off. Sofia looked down to Miles and nudged him roughly with her knee, encouraging him to do the same. Eventually the crowd began to disperse for lunch. She turned to face her friend,

“Thanks...” she said, shrugging one of her shoulders and offering him a hand up. “But don’t worry about getting your hands dirty for me.” Her dark eyes softened and she turned, starting towards the cafeteria. “Come on let’s go eat! Not that you'd need to grow anymore you giant!” That was Sofia...ever honest, ever offensive.

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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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It had been a quiet first day. Sana wasn't exactly thrilled at coming to Ever After High. She'd attended other schools, but none so royally geared. She could feel eyes slide her way everywhere she went, from the minute she dropped her trunk in her room, to stepping in and quickly out of the cafeteria.

She'd learned to adapt, she had to with all the moving, but it was also a part of her to be able to tell the story, to pick up things and people that might be overlooked, or not leading characters, but were important to the story.

She looked around spotting a possible break, it didn't look like everyone bent to the constant rules here. She smiled behind her scarf and snapped a shot of the first year as the shock and aww crossed over his face at something the entrapped fellow said.

She strolled casually up to the stockade,  pulling out a brown paper bag from her bag and resting it on the palm of one hand, the fingers of her other hand digging into the rustling contents.

She leaned her lithe frame against the occupied stockade and arched a sleek black brow at the overly tall fellow on the other side, before she looked down the hill at the growing ring of people around the two fighters.

She tugged lose the scarf around her head and face letting it drop around her shoulders and popped some nuts in her mouth, her sea blue-green washed eyes watching everything closely. She lifted the camera that was hanging round her neck and zoomed in and snapped a few shots of some blows before she let it drop back against her torso. "Fights and fellows in the stockade on the first day, quiet the school." Her voice ran like silk, even though she tried to make it sound casual.

She took her fingers through the black, blue, and purple fohawk on her head fluffing it up, checking the braids above her ears and then ran a hand down the back to smooth down the long straight lengths and the smaller braids twined in. She'd been in CarpetNavigation401 just before this and it had wreaked havoc on her hair despite her covering it.

She stuffed the brown paper bag in the pocket of her black leather jacket and put her hands in the pockets of her black split leg harem pants and pulled out her Lumia and studied something on there. "Either of you know where the spinners room is by chance? I just transferred and I've got a class there after lunch and can't find it on the map they gave me."

She swiped her screen to the Map of campus and held it so that the fellow in the stockade could see as well as his lofty friend, if he bent a little.

She knew where it was, but she figured she had a captive audience, most everyone she'd approached had walked away before she even opened her mouth. Even if now, they weren't any help, she could at least say she tried and maybe she might make a friend.

She'd actually seen this yesterday when her parents had dropped her off. But Sana hated being directed by the snapshot visions she sometimes got. Hated like it felt like she was trapped on a path, spiraling toward a destiny she wasn't sure she wanted, but she also didn't want to spend the year without at least conversation, so here she was, the picture she'd seen, the ending yet a mystery to her.


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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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One glance at her and Hood was certain she wasn't a princess. Her hair more than an obvious give away. It was vibrant and uniquely styled, nothing long and elegant as was typical of the royal fashion. If he hadn't be so uncomfortably locked up in the stockade, he might have made to touch the ends of her hair, just to satisfy a small bit of curiosity.

Mattie shifted, glancing at them, silent. Typical Matt, never did say much, but that may have been because Gavin had a tendency to say far too much.

Gavin took one look at the map on the screen before raising a brow. The spinners room? Now why would he know where that was? Did this girl even really care about finding it?

"Well, I'd love to point you in the right direction, but..." The archer indicated the uselessness of his hands, cuffed by the wrists, they could only move so much. "My hands are rather occupied at the moment."

His eyes glanced up, over at Mattie, whose expression seemed to give away that he knew where this was going. "Matt knows where it is though, don't you?"

"Well...I might-" Matt started before Gavin smirked, uncaring of cutting off his friend mid sentence.

"Brilliant. He knows exactly where it is. Just follow him and you'll find the..."

"Spinners room." Mattie finished.

"Like I said, knows exactly where it is." Gavin continued smirking moving his hands in a shooing gesture as much as he could manage.


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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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Miles felt something tug his collar.  He wasn’t so far gone that he couldn’t hear Sofia’s words urging him to leave Charming alone.  The other boy fought like a girl. All hiss and nails. Miles had full control of the situation and even a smile on his face as he rolled off his squashed prey rather than stand. 

Of course it would be Sofia who tried to break things up.  Considering how much trouble she got in for her words, he wasn’t at all surprised she didn’t bother to play peace maker.

Sofia didn’t ask if he was okay. She gave him a look as he lay in the dust, and, of course, assumed he was defending her honor.

Maybe I didn’t do it for you.

Miles took the hand offered, stood and then started to brush himself off.  He decided not to explain the jab that started the fight.  If it hadn’t been about her, it would have been about something else.  Charming was a bully.

Miles could eat.  It was one thing he could do well.  His parents even bemoaned the fact that he’d ‘eat them out of house and home someday’ but he was a growing boy with a thinly disguised bend towards gluttony.  So, really, what could he do.  At least he wasn't Jamie, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater's kid who usually had jam all over his face.  He'd heard Charming's groading there, so maybe he got off easy. The mention of lunch took some of the sting off Sofia’s earlier words and he let his thoughts move on to more pleasant things.

“We haven’t had a chance to compare schedules,” he said as they walked together towards the promised meal.  They hadn’t had much chance to talk at all really.  New year.  New roommates.  Summer break at home seemed rather far away and nothing about it was new. 

“I have horseback riding later this afternoon.  What about you?” He was still perplexed by why that was a requiremet. Didn't everyone ride?  "I hear the Headless Horseman is the instructor, although, I can't see how he'll manage to teach without being able to talk."
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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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Sana felt stupid at first at his comment about his state. Why had she asked? Why did she let the vision convince her to talk to these guys?

Then he kept going, dragging his friend into things. She smiled kindly at Matt. He seemed shy where his friend was bold. She slipped the Lumia back into her pocket and shook Matt's hand, "Nice to meet you Matt. I'm Sana or Sam if that's easier to remember."

She felt the silk of her voice wrapping around him, could almost see it like a bolt of cloth, even though she wasn't trying to do it.

She looked away and raised a brow at the shooing hands of his trapped friend.

She glanced around for a second and then tugged at a chain at her neck and slipped what looked like a simple rod into the lock for a brief second. She smiled at the scoundrel there, "Thanks for the help." There was a click and she pulled it back and tucked the necklace back away with a devilish smile and shrug before she turned back to Matt. "Lead on Matt."

She saw him hesitate after what she just did, unsure if he should move for a minute, but he did. "Yeah, this way." He glanced back at Gavin and then looked down at her. "What was that?"

Sana smiled and shrugged, "Nifty that. It was a gift from an uncle." Something she didn't elaborate on. "I suppose your friend could just stay in there if he wanted, but he didn't look terribly comfortable." She hadn't gotten his friends name, and now it seemed odd to ask. 

"You're not a royal, are you?"

Sana laughed for a brief moment, "Certainly not by the standards of this place." She shrugged looking around, the fight had broken up. She ran a hand through the poof of fohawked hair on top of her head again and fussed with her scarf.

Matt wasn't sure what to make of that it seemed and stayed quiet.

"You can just give me directions and get back to your friend if I'm making you uncomfortable."


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Re: Ever After High [IC]
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Sofia glanced her friend’s way, which was usually up due to his height. Miles mentioned his schedule, and the shorter, dark-complexioned girl almost didn’t want to share hers. Dressmaking was humiliating enough. She shrugged her shoulders; mind more occupied on whether or not she wanted soup or sandwich with her meal today. 

“I wanted to take fencing, but I didn’t have the right prerequisites.” She said, subtle disappointment in her voice. “Storytelling, Etiquette, Home EC…and dressmaking…aka Enchanted needlework. I don’t really speak priss like Charming does. It’s only so I can learn to make the clothes for dolls and puppets I make.” The girl rolled her eyes slightly. Sofia was proud of her craftiness and the fact that her hobby was more of a masculine one. With all of the princess prodigies around this school, it was easy to get lumped in with damsels. Perhaps that was why she was so quick to assume Miles’ sudden turn on Charming had been about her. Unfortunately for Sofia, she always realized these things afterwards.

“Sorry about earlier.” She said, shoulders dropping a bit, “It was conceited of me to assume you were coming to my defense.” He hadn’t said anything to her, but Sofia knew how she could be sometimes. It was always just after the damage was done.

“How was Damsels in Distress?” She smiled a little at the goose plushy he must have risked his life to save. “Did you win her heart?” Sofia clasped her hands over said area and batted her eyelashes playfully, teasing him.

Still, it looked like he had more of a successful day than she had. “I need to learn how to get the birds and squirrels to help me with this dress for class…my hands are more suited for hammers and carving knives.” She looked down at them, and then crossed them over her striped blouse as they walked. One of them returned back towards her face however, and gently felt the tip of her nose, just in case.