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Smiles [Open] [PM]
« on: February 24, 2014, 05:03:15 pm »
There was a shriek from downstairs. ‘It is too early for this shit.’ The woman turned over to confirm just that, and saw the red of her clock informing her it was, indeed, too early for this shit. Midnight. Her roommates shouldn't be back yet. They didn't return until 4am or so. She had just turned in to sleep, one of the few nights she planned to get a decent amount.

“Damia! Damia!”


The woman, so-dubbed Damia, rolled out of her bed and almost let her body hit the floor. It might have woken her up a bit more, but reflex forced her to catch herself. She slipped from the covers and, barefoot, trod out into the hall.

“Get down here right now!”

Such a demanding tone. ‘Why did I agree to have roommates? Why?’ So continued the stream of thoughts as she brushed a hand back through her black hair and walked down the carpeted stairs. Her eyes remained down, and in this way they caught the blood on the floor. It stood out on the cream carpet. She blinked once, slow, and then lifted her gaze to the blonde who stood in the still-open door. The blood was on her.

Another blink,
“Are you all right?”

“NO!” She shrieked in her face, bothered by Damia’s lack of reaction, “WE WERE ATTACKED, DAMIA!”

‘We…we…?’ Damia was trying to remember who the blonde, Rachael, went out with it. It clicked in a few seconds. “Emily?” And then a panic stole over her, “Where’s Emily?”

Tears spilled from Rachael’s eyes, and the young woman shook her head,
“I, I don’t know.” A hiccup, “I couldn’t, she was just,” and a vicious shake of her head.

“Where were you?”

“Just out at the usual club,” she answered.

Damia nodded. There was a fourth roommate.
“NASEEHA GET DOWN HERE NOW!” Damia shouted, then walked over to the shaking and crying Rachael. She placed a hand on her shoulder. “Call the police, I’m going to find Emily.”

“You shouldn’t!” Panic. It went ignored as Damia grabbed her leather jacket from the coat rack. The footsteps of Naseeha could be heard from the upper floor now. “Damia, please, stay!”

“I’ll be fine,” besides, what was the point of her journalism degree if she didn’t go out and try to use it now and then? As horrible as this story was going to be when it broke in the morning, Damia wanted to be the one to get the details first and write up on it. She did also hope to find Emily, but she doubted it.

This wasn’t the first strange happening, after all.

Naseeha reached the entrance then and her gasp was all Damia needed to slip out into the night and escape. Her shoes were slipped on just as she shut the white door behind her and looked out. She shrugged the jacket on, letting the leather engulf her form. She was glad then she hadn’t bothered to change out of the day’s clothes before sleep. Jeans and a purple t-shirt were better for riding on a hoverbike than a night gown.

There were plenty of lights along the street, illuminated as it was, too. Damia moved to her own vehicle, a hovercycle she’d spent some of her ‘school’ money on. It didn’t work out so well in the winter, when the road didn’t communicate well with the cycle and the magnetism seemed to break up, but Damia didn’t care. It made it more fun.
‘And it isn’t winter yet.’ It was early in the school year, 2309, and she was year 2310 at the illustrious Harvard institution. It had lasted quite a while; Damia was impressed.

She took the helmet from within the confines of the bike and put it on over her head as she took the seat, the bike seeming much larger with the petite woman atop it. She spoke aloud,
“Directions to the Lunatic.” That was the usual club for Rachael, druggie that she was. The clear glass lit up to put a translucent map before Damia’s hazel eyes. Her hand touched the handlebars, and the bike woke up. No keys were necessary; it activated based on genetic memory. “Let’s go,” she muttered, leaned forward, and let the hoverbike zip off towards the club.
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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2014, 01:02:30 am »

Deep beneath the city streets, a figure stirred and slowly rose with a dense creaking and popping joints and broken bones. Slowly, the form curled into ball and raised a hand towards its lips.

"So hungry,"
its voice was gravelly as the sound of is curled and snapped and echoed down in the sewer tunnel. It hands were cracked and chapped and giant chunks were missing from around its nail beds, as if from a long habit of chewing and not regrowing. Instinctively, the creature lifted a hand to their face, the pointed dirt-caked fingernails scracthed at the face ever-so slightly before it started to chew like ravenous dog at the flesh around its fingers.

Long greasy chunks of hair fell before its face as it curled up, still chewing. Slowly it began to rock back and forth, its bare feet slapping against the concrete and pools of muck within the sewer. It grunted.

Kin did not remember how long it had been down here, how long it had spent its nights crawling beneath the city, waiting for something, anything to take it away and out of its misery. It was quiet down there and deserted. Kin was alone. Or, at least, Kin had been, but that had been before. It was now after.

There was a creak, and like a predator, Kin snapped to attention. Food. Following the faint sounds of the footsteps, Kin crouched and walked silently towards the noise. It wiped the saliva that had rolled down its face, smearing around the grime and left over blood around its maw. Rats weren't the best meal, but it would have been all Kin had had in weeks.

BOOM! There was a rattle and a sound so loud it rattled the sewer beneath. The water shook and Kin cover its ears, hissing at the sudden noise.

Through the ceiling, Kin could hear wails of the bastardized modern music. Kin growled and snapped and tried to find any trace of its dinner. There was nothing to be found.

Kin curled into a ball again and started to rock back and forth.

"Hungry..." is said, as it gnawed at its nail beds, "so hungry..."


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2014, 02:17:21 am »
Brianna squeezed through the noisy, sweaty crowd, a mixed look of disgust and confusion clear on her small, pale face.

A man walked in front of her suddenly, causing her to stumble awkwardly into the group behind her. She mumbled an apology and hurried away.

Why am I even here? she thought angrily. Everything about this "Lunatic" club her friend had dragged her screamed awful. It was loud, literally greasy, and all of the men (and a few of the women) constantly stared at her chest with frightening eyes or not-so-subtly groped her as they passed by.

She didn't understand why she attracted so much attention. She'd refused Niki's attempts to "dress her up" for their "girl's night out", instead opting for a plain, dark blue top and a denim jacket. What Brianna failed to realize was that her shirt, while comfortable, was also rather form fitting, and though it didn't show any skin, it showed off her curves much more than she realized.

Brianna was miserable. she hated everything about where she was, and wanted nothing more than to be home, studying. Even as she fended off strangers' advances, she worried about the mountain of reading and test prep still left to do at home. It might be friday, but her homework wasn't about to do itself.

After the fifth sleazy guy tried to grope her ass within a minute (Brianna had been counting), she resolved to find Niki and leave. It didn't take long to find her friend on the outskirts of the dance floor "dancing" next to a group of guys who seemed to be enjoying the show.

While Brianna was unsure if those gyrations deserved the term "dance", she could see why the men enjoyed it. Niki was, in a word, sexy, and in many ways, Brianna's polar opposite. She was tall and slender, with pretty, shoulder length red hair. By contrast, Brianna was small, and while not overweight, ertainly more "cury" than slender. Her glasses and black ponytail also looked dreadfully conservative compared to Niki's salon hairstyle and infinite makeup. Niki's stylish, revealing clothes also thoroughly overshadowed her friend's. Though Brianna was partyl jealous of her friend, she also found Niki somewhat...sad. But she wasn't in the mood to sympathize with whatever dark past caused Niki to "act out" so.

"Niki" Brianna practically shouted over the clamor, "I want to go home!"

"Aw c'mon, Bri" her friend replied, lauhing, "Lighten up for once, have some fun!"

Bri. How many times had Brianna specifically told her she hated that stupid nickname? It made her sound like a piece of cheese. Brianna might not have the greatest self image, but she was pretty sure she wasn't a dairy product.

She tried to ignore it. "This place gives me the creeps, Niki," she pleaded, "Please, can we go?"

Niki seemed annoyed now. "I did not spend all that time putting together this outfit to not use it!" and as if that was a complete explanation, Niki left Brianna alone again in the crowd, returning to her gaggle of eager fans.

Brianna looked down at the sticky floor, her long black hair falling in front of her face slightly. She looked up again, sighing, pushing her bangs back and straightening her glasses. She was beginning to question why she'd come here at all, why she ever listened to Niki and her stupid ideas. But she couldn't do anything about it now. Niki was her ride home, so she was stuck in this filthy club until her friend wanted to leave.

Brianna sighed again and resigned herself to finding a safe, grope-free corner near the exit to wait out the loud, alcohol filled storm....

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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2014, 02:40:27 am »
The helmet never led her astray, not that Damia didn’t already have an idea of where Lunatic was. Even so, the direction were useful. She brought her hovercycle up close to the entrance, and took a spot reserved for these sorts of vehicles. She removed herself from it and held her hand to the console until it powered down.

Then, she spun on her heels to the club with its crescent moon symbol. The beat from the club pounded into the parking lot, affecting each step the young woman took as she approached the building. She couldn’t help but want to be drawn into the intoxicating beat and sway along with it, but she kept her focus as she slid into the club and glanced around. Nothing revealed an issue immediately, no face looked like Emily, but this was hardly a thorough investigation.

She began to walk through the crowded bodies, but didn’t remove her helmet. It had a way of intimidating the sleazes who might otherwise grab her. So did the jacket, and her general aura that night was an off-putting one. She was on a mission and she wouldn’t be taken from it so easily.

“Names to faces,” she whispered. Immediately, the screen began to dig up information on the faces that appeared before it, digging into public records and public profiles. The information was often considered distracting, but Damia had been using it since she was young. She narrowed it. “Highlight those with security jobs or Emily Hansen, student at Harvard, entered in 2307.”

Just before the machine began to go through the motions of narrowing it down, a name caught her attention. Brianna. The woman altered her path and decided to take the helmet off for conversation. Off went the bit of protective black and she put it under her arm. With her other hand, she waved over in greeting to Brianna.
“Hello Brianna,” she didn’t know the woman well enough, but it was odd to see her in a place like this. “Have you seen Emily Hansen tonight?” She raised her voice to speak over the music, let her face contort to show some of her concern even though her immediate feeling was one of curiosity at Brianna’s presence in Lunatic.


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2014, 02:54:24 am »
Brianna looked as a familiar voice called her name. "Senpai?" she muttered in confusion as Damia walked up to her. Brianna shook her head. They'd taken a few language courses together. Or was it a mythology course? Brianna's head hurt too much to remember now, but she apparently associated the older girl with the part of her brain that studied Japanese.

As Damia looked at her expectantly, Brianna remembered she'd been asked a question. It was so hard to think with all the noise...and the smell....

"Sorry, I don't know who that is," Brianna replied apologetically, though that part of her tone was lost since she had to shout just to be heard. "But if you're looking for someone, I could help." anything to get out of here, or at least have something to think about.

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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2014, 03:04:59 am »
Damia recognized the look of confusion as it passed across Brianna’s face. Her heart sunk before the words were spoken. She shouldn’t be surprised. She didn’t associate Brianna with this place, and so wouldn’t really expect her to know Emily well. As she recalled, she and Brianna took a course on Japanese mythology together, and shared an interest in language—Damia’s interest was just broader.

Language was a tool useful to her, after all.

At the offer for help, Damia nodded. She stepped forward,
“Sorry,” she apologized, in case she was invading the bubble, but she wanted to get closer so she didn't have to shout too loud. “Emily is my roommate,” she wanted Brianna to know the details before they set out—however few those details were, “My other roomie, Rachael, returned home bloody. She said they were attacked, here.” Damia cast her eyes away from Brianna and out into the club again.

If there had been such an assault, apparently no one noticed. It didn’t seem like any police were here doing investigations, either. No sirens or lights had shown themselves in the lot. Certainly Rachael had called by now, though.
“I need to find Emily.” She was somewhere, injured, possibly dead. That was a thought Damia didn’t want to humor, though.


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #6 on: February 25, 2014, 04:26:03 am »
Music. Loud. So damn loud.

Drink in hand, untouched by his lips, Elwood watched the writhing bodies in the crowd. There were so many of them, it was like a buffet. Had the music been more tolerable, the vampire might have savored it, but the old bits of humanity still left to him echoed in emotions of irritation.

His temper simmered, grip tightening around his glass, almost about to shatter it. It took a conscious effort not to do so, realizing he didn't want the sticky liquid all over his hand.

The last time he had visited Lunatic, the place had been quieter, an off night. The vampire had almost stuck out like a sore thumb then, sometimes confused for club security, with his intimidating stature and sharp grey eyes, set into what seemed to be a permanent glare.

He was about to leave, when she appeared, apparently determined to strain the last bit of patience Elwood had left.

"Hey." She was unsteady on her feet, eyes glazed over. Drugged up on something, Elwood assumed, familiar enough with human substances to know that he wanted no part in them. Blood tainted with such contaminants never tasted as sweet, the rush weakened with a bitterness of poison.

He ignored her, a commendable feat, as he'd been close to throwing her across the room for bringing herself so close to him, her hand lingering about his shoulder.

"You wouldn't happen to have..." She continued, seeming not to realize how purposely he was ignoring her. She leaned in close, pressing her body into his. Elwood immediately stiffened in response, the girl smirking at his reaction. She was trying to manipulate him, the vampire thought, hand clenching his glass. She wanted something, and, for some reason, was convinced he had it.

"I don't. Go away." His voice was gruff. It was his last warning, his last bit of patience. He didn't want her and her dirty blood anymore than he wanted this music pounding in his ears.

Her other hand touched a lock of his dark hair as she whisper in his ear, "Aw, don't lie like that. I know a dealer when I see one. And honey, you're a dealer."

Elwood moved then, startlingly her as he stood up from his seat at the bar, easily towering over her at six foot five.

"Whoa, you're a big boy." She giggled then, seemingly amusing herself. "So, since you're on your feet, we can admit I was right and that you owe me a little somethin' somethin', right?"

"Right, follow me outside. We can't do this here." Elwood headed for the back exit, well familiar with its location. He had used it once or twice before, and usually he cleaned up any mess he caused, but this time, he wasn't feeling that sort of kindness.

The girl continued to remain annoyingly close, the scent of her nauseating. Drugs, filth, and who knew what else. She had her arms looped about one of his as they left the club, the music still pounding, remarkably, the building didn't seem ready to burst.

She only pulled away when they had settled into the shadows of the alleyway, grinning, one hand twirling a lock of hair. "Ugh, I'm so excited. Give it to me pleaseeeee."

Elwood smirked, his large hand quick to reach out, grabbing her face, gripping it tightly beneath his fingers. She didn't even have a chance to scream as her skull was crushed within his hand, red splashing the walls, his clothes, and one other that Elwood didn't notice till she screamed.

He didn't think she had a friend. He didn't think that another had come with them outside.

And she'd run away now, disappearing back into Lunatic before Elwood got a good look at her face.

"Fuck." He muttered. Now shit was going to get complicated.


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #7 on: February 25, 2014, 05:49:04 am »
A voice, or more like a feeling, in the back of Brianna's had screamed at her as Damia drew closer and spoke to her. This sounded dangerous, something an honor student like her should never get involved in. She should just sit in her corner and wait for Niki to finish dancing away her demons.

She should, but she couldn't.

It was too much like the silly fantasy novels she so adored. It felt like the beginning to some wild adventure. It enticed her more than she was willing to admit.

C'mon, lighten up a little Niki's drunken voice resonated in her head. She smirked.

"That sounds serious," she said aloud finally. "I don't really know what I can do, but I'd like to help. Where should we start?"


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
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Kin didn't know how long it had just sat there, waiting for its sensitive ears to adjust to the din above, but slowly, its body stopped shivering from all the noise and its body collapsed, it bones and tendons popping as they clicked in and out of place, crumpling into a position no mortal body should be able to.

It lay there, silent, its dull, milky green eyes glittering in the dark. Slowly, it licked its lips.

It craved the vitae. It craved life. It craved the hot, warm, sweet blood of a mortal rushing through its veins again. How long had it been since it had experienced the blessing of life coursing through its frozen dead body, filling it up and giving it strength. How long had it been?

Kin lay in the sewage, still, its mouth slack and weak, the water of the sewer slowly running in and out of its open mouth like the waves on the ocean.

It had been too long. Rats were scarce now. Kin had probably used all of them up by now.

What year was it now?

Like a marionette, Kin lifted its body up, broken bones that shouldn't move grinding together in the motion, joints popping. Kin licked its canines, a pink fleshy tongue running the length of its maw. Its weakened body started moving, too fast and fluid to be human. Kin remembered the exit to above. It had used it many times early on, before.

It slithered up the access ladder, cautiously peeking out, looking for mortals, its eyes slowly adjusting to the moonlight.

There was a very tall one there, with a shorter following quickly and closely behind. Kin studied them closely and tried to remember what made one female or male.

"Ugh, I'm so excited. Give it to me pleaseeeee," the smaller one said.

Kin watched as the larger one placed a hand over the other's face. Kin saw the glint in its cruel cold eyes and Kin knew that this creature was just like it was. Predator. Vampire.

I love a pinata, Kin thought.

Blood spattered across the pavement. There was a screech and Kin again recoiled at the sound.

Blood. Red, hot. Kin blinked as a little ran down its face, slowly making its way towards its lips.

Ambrosia. Kin shuddered. It had been so long since it had tasted mortal blood. And, all of a sudden, the beast within reared its head and Kin found its body tearing through the sewer grate, before it remembered no more.

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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #9 on: February 25, 2014, 04:58:17 pm »
Irvin Tavish, platinum blonde and with blue eyes and blissfully unaware of the coming chaos, stepped into sight from the shadows. To most, he had been invisible to the eye. As he returned to sight from no where, human minds made up reasons. In an environment such as this, it was easy for them to decide they just hadn’t noticed him, but the vampire Elwood would know he had been within the club quite a while. Obfuscate was a skill the owner of Lunatic had mastered.

He didn’t hide his intention, though. He walked right over to Elwood and extended a hand out to him, a demand, not an offer.
“The cops were called,” he hissed, just loud enough for Elwood to hear over the music. It was difficult to hide his fangs in his anger, difficult to contain himself on the floor. “I have enough shit to deal with, Elwood.” And he needed money to keep the cops from harming his business.

Fingers twitched, the demand for payment of some sort,
“What was that even about?” It had not been a simple feeding at all. It had been brutal, and it had been unnecessary. He didn’t need that anywhere near—there were enough other issues to deal with, and he expected better from Elwood.

Damia gave a single nod at the deduction.
“It is. I have a tool, though,” she lifted her helmet up again. She really needed to buy the contact lenses already for how often she used this tool. “We could go talk to security, perhaps? Or, someone….” She put the helmet on to see the screen was still up. The officers within were not in uniform. “Those with records of violence.”

Quite a few lights came up signaling the club seemed to attract that sort. One stood out. One still had blood on him.
‘You have got to be kidding me.’ Her eye focused on the one besides him, demanding information through the silent focus. Up came a name. Irvin Tavish, owner of Lunatic. She squinted, trying to read what was being spoken, but they weren’t facing her. She couldn’t.

“Damn it,” she cursed under her breath and took the helmet off once more. She motioned out, “See the one by the blond guy, with blood on him? He has a bit of a record.” Local security wasn’t going to help. Her eyes fell on a young man who it had lit up as an off-duty cop. “That one is a cop.” And without explaining further, she began to walk away to speak with the cop.


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2014, 06:35:20 pm »
Brianna was initially confused as Damia donned her helmet while inside, then realized the tech at work beneath the visor. She was impressed Damia could handle all of that sensory input. There'd been a slew of scholarly articles debating such a device and the risks it involved, epileptic seizures not the worst of possible side effects.

At the mention of blood, the voice in Brianna's head called out in alarm again, but she ignored it. She'd made her decision.

She was a bit put off as Damia moved off into the crowd without her, but Brianna followed, keeping up with the taller woman despite the crowd, brimming with a strange mix of fear and giddy excitement.


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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
« Reply #11 on: February 25, 2014, 10:50:26 pm »
Elwood ignored Irvin's obvious aggravation with him and glanced at the extended hand, that demand for compensation, the demand that would equivalent settling this mess. It was a small price to pay, but Elwood had no qualms in paying the other vampire. It was one of the ways Irvin made himself useful with his dealings with the law enforcement.

"What was that even about?" Irvin asked of him, fingers twitching, still waiting.

"Eliminating a nuisance." Elwood answered, removing something from his jacket pocket before placing a few wads of cash in Irvin's hand. He failed to mention that the club would be much better without that girl, but he figured Irvin could do without that comment.

The vampire also failed to mention the strange smell from sewers he had noticed briefly, right before he killed that human girl beneath his bare hand. It was an odd scent, something unfamiliar to him, but it wasn't human nor was it a stench easily discarded as something from the sewers. Irvin must have noticed it, the other vampire didn't seem to miss much, given his talents.

"I'll have Myra come by to clean it up." Elwood continued, "That girl's blood isn't worth saving." Myra, his assistant of sorts, usually did whatever Elwood asked of her. She was the only vampire Elwood had ever created, back when he was a younger creature, back when he had more sympathy than cruelty. He'd left her to her own devices most of the time, expecting her not to return upon most occasions, however, she usually did and after awhile, he'd taken it for granted that she would stay near by.
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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
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Gray eyes watched for an opening in the traffic. She stood at the edge of the sidewalk, perched across the street from the thumping Lunatic. The woman stood on her toes, as if the heeled boots didn’t give her enough height. She frowned at the crowd gathering outside.

What was with this traffic all of a sudden?

It was going to take forever to find a spot at the bar. Finally, an opening presented itself and she lunged out into the road to cross before causing a jam. Her slender body squeezed through the line outside, spotting a familiar staff member on a smoke break around the side. Cherry painted lips curved from a pout into a smirk and she decided to approach, waving hello as she caught the attention of the man.

“Hey Paulina. How’s it goin’?” The rusty-haired bartender circled a lanky arm around her shoulder, half-hugging her. She scoffed and shrugged it away, ignoring the crawling sensation that followed the contact.

“You know I’m not a touchy person.” She mumbled, uncomfortably combing her fingers through the caramel curls that’d caught onto his sleeve button. His arm removed itself. The feeling was worse when it touched her bare skin. Paulina had chosen a sleeveless midnight-colored top despite the subtle chill in the air that pleaded for a jacket. It was the only garment she owned appropriate for a place like this.

“Right, my bad.” He offered a cigarette, and she waved it away, mentioning something about ‘maybe later.’

"You seen a tall guy with an aggravated face anywhere inside?” She adjusted the strap of her small purse over her shoulder. The leather pouch bounced against her hip when she turned with the smoker, who motioned to the side entrance.

“Yeah, at the bar. Go on through here, no one'll stop you.” He shrugged. She nodded and thanked him, nudging her hip against the handle to push it in, but paused when she saw movement near the back alley behind the bar. Above the noise inside she heard, and smelled something unusual, and then something familiar, the splatter of blood.


The vampire stood there in the doorway for a moment, listening. She heard male voices, and then decided that she wasn’t close enough. When she turned the corner, she noticed the dodgy owner of Lunatic walking back into the club after accepting some kind of payment from the other. Standing left behind, there was Elwood. Her brow arched and she glanced to his mess, then back to her friend.

“Really? I just got here.” She expressed her own subtle annoyance, holding out her hands for him to place an explanation into. That certainly hadn’t taken long at all. So was he going to leave now?

And what was that smell?
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Re: Smiles [Open] [PM]
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Irvin glared as his hand wrapped around the money. Out of the corner of his eyes, he observed that some people noticed the exchange. For those who recognized him, it wasn’t unusual. Anyone who messed up in his club was going to pay for it, and this was the simplest way. There was a promise of Myra, and the glare softened just a bit. “Good. Send her soon.” ‘Before the sun rises.’ Not for Myra’s sake. Irvin couldn’t keep the police at bay forever. They would want to search the area in the morning.

He’d already asked one of his friends to be present, the one who always pretended to be him in the daytime hours.
“And don’t do this again, or I’ll see you dealt with myself.” The cash was quickly counted, and he shook his head. Cash. He couldn’t believe that was still around. This meant he was going to have to go to a bank. Great. ‘I should demand more for the trouble.’ Except it was a typical trouble. He did get people paying in cash here, despite it all.

Irvin turned away from Elwood, noted Paulina but did not speak to her as the cash was pushed into a pocket. He went to a door, intending to slip behind it and back into his invisibility so he could stalk without being seen, but his eyes noted something he didn’t agree with.

‘Damn it.’

Off-duty officers he encouraged to frequent the club, and made sure they got drinks for free as payment. They didn’t get involved in the drug business unless a fight was started, and that was all Irvin wanted. No fights.

Damia was glad Brianna followed, if only because going this alone seemed a bad idea. Witnesses were good. The cop didn’t seem too far gone into drunken stupidity just yet.
“Hello, officer?”

The man shot her and Brianna a glance.
“I’m not on duty,” he could guess they wanted something just from the look.

“I understand,”
she nodded, “But someone was injured here, possibly killed or kidnapped.”

That caused his back to straighten up.
“What?” He looked genuinely concerned, the fog fading from his eyes rapidly.

“My friend Rachael witnessed but she was in hysterics. I could call her for details now, she might have calmed down.”

The officer moved off his stool,
“Yes, but was it here?” Damia nodded.

Thinking Brianna was more involved than she was, asked,
“What do you know? Did you see anything?” His voice was a bit hostile, uncontained frustration that a crime such as this could happen while he was here. He may be off-duty, but he did have an agreement with Irvin. This fell under that category of things he was supposed to ensure didn’t happen around the Lunatic. 


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"You're late." Elwood responded, giving Paulina a casual glance before removing his cell phone from his pocket. It was a slim device, paper thin, with a bright, colorful screen, loaded with various things. Cell phones could do so much now, it was almost a wonder the average being could do anything at all.

Myra picked up on the first ring.

"Hello?" Her voice was crystal clear, as if she was right next to him.

"I need you to come to the back of Lunatic. There's a mess that needs cleaning."

"What did you do?" She was quick to ask, her sighing almost obvious.

"Just take care of it, Myra. Immediately."

She sighed again, "All right. I'll be there soon."

With their conversation over, Elwood slipped the phone back into his pocket. He had no intention of waiting for Myra to arrive. He was confident she would, and she would do exactly what needed to be done. If there was one good thing about the other vampire, it was her proficiency.

Paulina looked to still be expecting an explanation from him, something Elwood didn't feel like giving at the moment. Had he known killing the girl would have brought this much trouble, he might have reconsidered it. Myra had mentioned upon occasion that his temper was something that needed to be dealt with, although the vampire hadn't had much success in that regard. It was difficult to change the few human emotions left to him.

"I'm getting a drink. You coming?" Elwood trusted Irvin to take care of the rest, even if the vampire had threatened to not display such tolerance next time. With the police taken care of, and Myra tending to the mess he had created, there wasn't anything to worry over or so he thought.


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“Ugh I know, sorry.”

So he was playing the late card. Touché. She would learn to be on time one of these days, and then he wouldn’t be able to pass blame. Damn him for just shooting it back so easily, though. The action was enough to make her shake her head and sigh, but never to accuse him of being too short-tempered. He knew that without her saying it.

She didn’t even wonder to herself what this poor girl could have possibly done to upset her friend to this point. Because the truth was, it never took a great deal. Still, somehow Paulina had managed to keep her brain matter within her skull since the two of them had known each other. Short-tempered people tended to favor submission, but Paulina was more laid-back than anything else. 

The brunette approached him now, crossing her arms idly as she surveyed his mess, remains of a girl. Irving must have been paid to keep it quiet. No shocker there either. While Elwood presented his favor to Myra, the other vampire scrunched her nose up at the odd scent that polluted the area.

It bothered her more than it should have. 

“Yeah,” Paulina answered the question late, glancing up to the behemoth of a man. She smirked her red lips casually at him as she passed and entered the club before him, “Clearly I shouldn’t test your patience.” An amused glint shone in the vampire’s pale eyes, but something else caught them just as the loudness of the shadowy club took her over; something that left her with an unsettling feeling.

”Is that what I think it is?”

She followed Elwood to his seat, eyes tearing away from whatever had her attention outside. Paulina sat beside him, a drink already prepared. She sipped the gin and tonic, noting the melted ice cubes that had watered it down. Part of her wanted to go back outside and confirm what she had seen.

She stiffened as the crowd behind the bar closed in, and the weight of someone’s bare arm pressed against her back. Paulina tried to shrug off the discomfort and glanced back to Elwood. Loud music and inebriated idiots weren’t typically the cup of tea of the short-fused. “Sometimes I wonder how we decide on the places we drink at.”


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Brianna was startled by the cop's sudden question. "I..." she stammered. Thinking on her feet was not Brianna's forte. "I'm sorry sir, I don't know anything," she said shrinking a few inches behind Damia, as if trying to hide. Unfortunately, doing so only meant retreating into the crowd, which was even less comfortable than the police officer's expectant gaze. Brianna mustered up her courage, refusing to be cowed by such a simple situation. "I don't know anything," she repeated, more firmly this time, "But I'd like to help, officer, however I can." She looked up at Damia. She began to wonder just what she could actually do in this situation...