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Exit Information [OOC] [Information]
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Once upon a time, there was a world called Skuld that was faced with a great problem. Unable to fix it themselves, they turned to the prophecy of the Pure Ones who spoke of those from another world who would come and be able to help. The world of Skuld united to bring these heroes here.

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Re: Exit Information [OOC] [Information]
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Skuld: The World and its Divisions

The Oligarchy of Berglind


Human kingdom, the base of one of the major religions. Once a monarchy, power has since been divided between various factions as they were, more or less, running things before behind a puppet king anyway. In the time of the kings, Berglind made a deal with the naga so that they would ensure good weather for the humans. This deal has been honored since then, and the naga and humans coexist rather comfortably.

The relations with the sirens are a bit different. The siren race are represented by one figure, The Siren, who seems to command all the others. Berglind has agreed to allow sirens to eat of those condemned to death, or the recently deceased who cannot afford to be buried or cremated, despite the protests of the faith.

Relations with others are a bit more iffy, and tend to be for trade only, with loose agreements to keep peace.

Kingdom of Tarn

The Deep Forest


King: Ram Endrusus
Heir Apparent: Manash Endrusus
Other Notables: Ajit Endrusus

Sayoda is a semi-large island that seems to house every type of natural phenomenon on it--volcanoes and ice caps, forests and deserts, all on this tiny space. This is no accident, but the work of the main race that inhabits it, the rakshasa, for they wanted all the knowledge and all the things that come with multiple environments. How Sayoda naturally is, none know.

It is governed by a monarchy, a dynasty established ages ago by the strongest and most capable rakshasa. That idea continues, and so the royal family has not lost its edge. They are isolationists, for the most part. When they were 'discovered' by the human race, they made that point very clear. They do not appreciate trespass, and have taken over various parts of the world for minor offenses in their history. In recent times, they've given some of this land back if only because of their inattention to it and the globalization of the world as a whole.

There are plenty of secrets in Sayoda, and plenty of magics in it. They are renowned in trade for the variety of things they do trade, from medicines to fabrics. They control the market rather well, as they dictate just what they will export, and how much of it.

Petrain Kingdom

Leader: Adalind Leal
Heir Apparent: Zafar Leal

The Petrain Kingdom is a scattered kingdom that more or less lives within the human oligarchy, but are not a part of it. It is run by the naga family Leal, and they are left to their own whims so long as they offer good weather for the oligarchy. In fact, they're given perks for such. The Leal family is large, and sort of runs things like a mafia. They have a family member in every village to look out for naga, and family, interests. The eldest is the heir-to-the-throne, and it is a patriarchal society. It is also a society that encourages polygamy, for the men. Multiple wives means multiple children, after all, and the Leal are all for that.

Manine Kingdom

Leader: Delphina Amarosa Mari

The Manine Kingdom is a kingdom under the sea comprising mostly of Merpeople. It is a matriarchal society, led presently by the Queen Delphina. It has existed for aeons and thinks to rival the kingdom of Sayoda, for the Merpeople imagine themselves as the first of all races, that from which all others evolved from. They do not have much to do with those on land, preferring to interact with other underwater races and kingdoms. Those on land are viewed, at best, as allies, and at worst as food.

The Religions of Skuld

The Faith

Hierophant: (Pope) Frederick Carafa
Notable Pomps: (Cardinal) Brenyan Trist
Episcopos: (Archbishop)
Scopos: (Bishop)
Deast: (Priest)

White Templar: (Head of the military)
Gold Templars: (Officers of the military)
Silver Templars: (Diplomatic and judicial affairs)

And they say he came with food
And they say he came with drink
And they say he came with life
And they say he was sent away

The Faith and Christianity have many overlaps. They worship a Deity who is viewed as the creator of the entire world. Their book excludes mentions of the Deity having emotions, though it does show the Deity interacting regularly with Skuld. Prophets brought Its word, and worked its magic in the world.

At one point, the Deity saw that the world was going astray. The Deity placed Its child in the care of a mortal family—there is no question about this figure, called Ishua, being wholly divine. No part of him was mortal, but he was brought up as if he were, and so experienced the human struggle. He became sympathetic to humanity, and he offered them many things.

However, sinful, greedy, and suspicious humanity condemned him for this. Those with power feared he would take it, and so they ensured this individual was killed. He did not die, though. As he languished in what should have killed a human, he only healed his wounds and again, and again, tried to show humanity that he only wanted to help them. When he saw that his words would not be heard, he chose eight men who did believe in him, and one who did not, and made a promise: whatever they needed, he would give unto them. Then, he left.

The eight performed miracles, and tried to use that as proof of what he said, but they were condemned, and killed.

The one who did not believe developed his belief in time, for whenever he was in desperate need he always called out to that higher power, and what he needed came to him. Gradually, he began to inform people of this, and they, too, put it to private use. From this slow spread, developed the Faith—for it was through this man’s Faith that it spread.

The highest proof to them that their deity exists is in the miracles many of the clerics, and some lay people, can perform. Those talented in magic tend to doubt the claims of the clerics, seeing their form of magic as no different from magic in general. Despite this, the Faith has grown enormously. It is the main religion among humans, and it is catching on among others, including the naga. The sirens and merpeople may be the only ones to shun it as a whole, for the Faith has chosen to demonize them.

The Faith held the prophecy which ties in to the heroes being brought to Skuld, and it was Brenyan Trist who seemed to grasp its meaning. The Faith now believes they are near the end times, and some posit that Brenyan may be the Last Prophet.
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