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shortest month prompt.
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:58:30 am »
theme of themes: love in any form. [heartbreak totally counts]

words to use: free, vibrant, close.

length: whatever.


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Because you deceive
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2014, 06:33:31 pm »
Dear Self
It is important that you know what is yours, and how little you paid to obtain it. Some of it came to completely for free. The experience of these things might not be able to withstand the onslaught of your ego, it's sudden hollow and the influx of desire, but know that from an outside point of view, which is often fair, as you've often said, your blessings should overwhelm your particular complaints.

It is widely known that you want and that you build a lot of arguments for you to have the things that you want. This will never cease. No matter what the world has failed to provide you so far, it is more pressing that you squeeze the last bit of enjoyment out of the things that you already have. Your will to provide yourself with more things to stand on while reaching for other things will always be there. It will not fade with age or dim with your strength. It will just as surely not give you happiness. Instead, what you have already acquired has that potential. Not to relish in whatever wealth you have - however small you might think it is - would be to rob yourself of something that is yours. That is the real crime. It is not just wrong morally or economically, it is a wrong committed toward yourself. As a selfish being, something we can both agree that you are, it is against your very nature not to enjoy the now you've already filled and built with your efforts small and large. You don't have to think of the world as a better place, vibrant and kind, but you do have to stop your wretched search for more at some point, and make use of what is close.

Chin up, Feind, you've arrived, this is just a reminder.

Krystal Itzume

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Re: shortest month prompt.
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2014, 08:34:19 pm »
((based on events from my LARP, haha))

There were ashes on the ground of the parking lot that Valentine's day. The blonde vampire in pink looked destitute as her eyes lifted to the one in the doorway of the club.

The other eyes turned to that one, as well, the red-head’s face began to contort in the frenzy that made her free. The vibrant glow that had protected her from the violence earlier began to fade as her thoughts left her, and all she knew was the agony of loss. The only one not standing among those outside was the cousin who had been as a brother to her. The ashes were his.

In a fury she lunged at the well-dressed man, only to be caught by the clawed vampiress and held aloft. Despite the power given by frenzy, the vampiress had never been strong in the ways of combat, not as the one who now held her. The clawed hand reached back, the intent to thrust it forward there. However, there is a change in the gleam in her eyes.

The officers, friends of the frenzied vampiress, manage to apprehend her and draw her away from those who had created the ashes that were now being blown by the wind. The one who shared her cousin’s name, Edwin, held her close and whispered urgently, frequently, into her ear until at last the frenzy left her numb.

The auburn-haired vampire shoved him back and glared at all those present. Wordlessly, she storms away from them all. Blood follows her, a trail from her eyes to the cement of the parking lot.

In two days, the auburn-haired vampiress will be free of the shackles that kept her strength in check. In two days time, with revenge in her mind and a stolen soul on her tongue, she smiles and licks the blood.

“Remember when he told me not to?” She asks the demon, always at her side as the black veins that would taint her aura are taken from it, that would reveal to the world what she had become in her desperation. “When he told me to follow the steps of the Danse?” She looks to the side as if she might catch sight of her new, close confidant. “I don’t.”

With the loss of the only one she loved, the only one that mattered, the vampiress had twisted into what she'd been warned against becoming. Even so, she imagined her Edwin laughing in the wind, laughing in delight at what would follow.
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Re: shortest month prompt.
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2014, 09:22:44 pm »
When it happens, when it happens to you, it's something no matter how many words are used, can really be described. It is excitement and anticipation and worry and happiness and fear all bundled up.

It's the moments, it is the news spreading, it is a culmination of so much. So much waiting.

Then that person is here, and it is nothing you ever dreamed it would be and everything you ever dreamed it would be.

Those first close moments, when your heart melts and your would shifts and your perspective is forever changed, your freedom tied down. There aren't enough words.

Those first vibrant days, those first sleepless nights where you don't want to miss a moment. Those first milestones, the laughter, the tears, the stumbling and falling and getting back up again.

Time stretches forward, passes.

The feelings of unexplainable ill-ease. Knowing something is wrong. Knowing despite reassurances. Knowing without logic or proof.

Then, the proof. The heart rending, soul shaking proof you weren't wrong to worry; you weren't wrong to watch so closely, to lay awake at night wondering. You weren't wrong.

Time to pick up, pull together, get informed, get prepared and move forward no matter what - she's counting on you. She needs you to take her tiny hand, to wipe the tears away, to endure all there is to endure, to ensure her the best possible future, the most opportunities.

She's counting on you. You're her mom, she's counting on you.