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Re: Exit [Closed]
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The Siren smiled a little at Aidan’s response, knowing it a lie. She never liked lies, but here she had to make exceptions. If everyone came and acted on their baggage, this place would be known for its bloodshed. The Siren passed a look to Mave. There was an invitation to speak later in the look, but it went unspoken. Mave would have to escape the presence of her brother, which always seemed a feat.

At the gesture, she replied,
“Thank you,” she would join them, but the lifted cup showed her a disgruntled guard. She turned before he reached her, and closed the distance. “What is it?”

His voice was low, so low that human ears would have struggled to hear even if he were whispering in their ear. The Siren had no troubles, though. Sound and voice were her domain more than Tarn—that was baggage she had to leave at the door, too. “There were assassins here. They tried to kill two of the humans.”

The Siren had a temper. She held it in.
“Any alive?”


She stole out of the room without a word of farewell to the foxes or others. It was not meant to be rude, but anger had a way of catching her up. The guard followed at her heels, intending to direct her to the living assassins.

She would get confessions from them.

Morgan spoke strange words. Water people and poison—that an alcohol could be considered a poison worried her.
‘Am I going to die?’ She didn’t have the best tolerance, something she already felt as she tried to keep focus on Morgan but felt it continually drifting, restlessness seeping in to her bones. “I’d hope your poisons were better than that, otherwise my home would have you beat in the realm of poisons,” there were numerous ways to kill a man with poison on her world.

Tea. Tea was swallowed to try and water down the ‘poison’. He asked about headaches.
“Not for a long time.” It seemed that way. She rambled. “Mom said it was because I was growing,” it was around the turn of puberty when her head seemed to constantly hurt. “But no one else experienced it, so my brother deduced I was becoming a mutant—um, there are books in our world that detail such things in fantasy settings.” X-Men fan. Of course it would happen around the turn of puberty when bodies changed drastically. “I wanted wings,” her eyes caught sight of the Siren with her black wings, and noted the expression on the woman’s face. The anger.

Gabrielle wondered at what it was, as she felt the pang of that rage creep into her.
“What happened?” Not that Morgan would know, but she was curious. Worry replaced the phantom anger. 

The Pomp took his seat,
“What is a Pomp in this world?” Elisha asked almost immediately.

He frowned, considered,
“It is the second highest rank in the church, just below that of the Hierophant. I’m not the only one, of course,” he was generally modest about himself, even if he understood his role was much more than that. Elisha seemed surprised, and said what others of this world did.

“But you don’t seem that old.”

he admitted. Now was not the time for these heroes to know he was considered a prophet. Though Brenyan believed it, he didn’t want them even more anxious. “Why did the Siren ask me over here?”

Elisha hesitated to answer. He had an understanding of why the Siren would ask the man over, but he didn’t know how to word it without offending. Brenyan waited patiently until, at last, Elisha found his voice,
“How do you perform those…miracles?”

Brenyan’s eyes lit up a bit. Here was a chance to teach, to witness!
“Well,” he said, “Our divinity blesses us with the capability to perform miracles. The power is not our own, not like Ajit’s power or even the Siren’s power, but of a divine nature.”

‘The Siren has magic?’
He wondered, noting her storm out of the room then.


Ajit did notice these things, the way the fire was manipulated unnaturally to provide Agatha with a strange ability to see the illusions even better. She asked, and he answered, “Magic in general is the art of our people. Illusions are often practiced, though most of my kind prefer the manipulation of the actual elements. They see themselves chemists of magic, if you will.” They thought to manipulate the fabric of reality, through the manipulation of its component parts.

“You are doing that right now yourself and you do not even know it,”
he smiled. “Enviable.” For it took years for the rakshasas to learn and fine tune their talents. They were scholarly with magic. It did not come so naturally, as it did to Brenyan, or it seemed, as it did to Agatha. They understood it.


Ewan was not pleased with the cavalier attitude Noah presented at that time. However, he shut his mouth on a comment and just gave the other man a dirty look for it. He would refrain from making enemies as best he could.

Clara decided to head down, too.
“I won’t be long,” he said and turned from Clara to move out of the room to get himself dressed more properly. He hoped this mess would be dealt with quickly, and explained.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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When the guard had walked up to the Siren almost the whole room took notice, eyes watching and mouths keeping up conversations ears had stopped listening to. She was an easy woman to read and those curious whispers took her away from the room.

Assassins. Morgan smiled when his ear caught that word, as though this room wasn’t already brimming with creatures that had killed for pay. At least he said “tried to kill” and not “killed”. It would be a shame to start running out of humans only an hour after their arrival.

He smiled at the Dame when she said she wanted wings. She hadn’t seen the guard enter or the Siren and yet he saw the moment she knew something was amiss. Nothing in the way he sat had given away his skilled eavesdropping. It wasn’t a good skill if everyone knew you could do it. His dark eyes looked at her with endless curiosity. Did she sense it? “A problem upstairs.” He nudged his chin in the direction of the entrance just as the Siren and the guard were leaving. “Nothing to worry about. She is very capable of handling problems.” He turned his attention to her again. “Are there humans with wings? Some of the dragon born have wings.” If she was interested he might invite her to visit the Deep Forest. It was rare to be invited to the Deep Forest. It was even more rare for a guest to leave it. The whole of Skuld enjoyed speculating why.

Fayin smiled politely, face serene and patient while she listened to the Pomp and the human holy man speak. She had never believed Brenyan and his kind to be anything more than magic wielders. The people of Tarn did not partake in the same religion as Brenyan and all of Berglind but as a kingdom they respected the beliefs of all creatures. As an individual, she was tired of hearing it. Her Voice tensed slightly at her side, as though she heard the thoughts. Fayin sipped her tea.


Agatha hung on his words. His people were magic and she had no reason to doubt him. But when he said that she did magic she took a step back and laughed nervously, shaking her head and turning an embarrassed shade of pink. “There is no magic in my world.” She assured. “And I... No.” She laughed again and shook her head. She had never done anything extraordinary in her life, as brief as it had been.


Clara didn’t exactly appreciate Noah’s company, or the way he seemed to be eying her earrings. She had meant to take them off before she left her room but, as it turned out, being almost murdered was distracting. They didn’t exactly go with her sweater and pants but fashion seemed to be negotiable here if the wares of the crowd downstairs had been any indication.

He shifted his shoulders and she heard the faint sound of metal clinking in his pockets. Green eyes rolled and stared forward down the curving hallway of paintings. “Planning to nab some silverware when we get downstairs?” She asked tightly.

Noah smiled but there was nothing friendly about it. “Unless you have something else you want to do up here..”

Her lip curled but she didn’t let her step quicken. He was still watching her and those silver chains of diamonds dangling from her ears when they rounded a corner and Clara saw two others standing there. She would have been relieved to see anyone but was particularly grateful to find Agatha and the prince... Ajit, if she remembered correctly, standing there. “Thank goodness.” She muttered and picked up her step to get some space from Noah and closer to the other two.

Agatha smiled at her but the smile faded to a more timid glance when she saw Noah with her.

“You two lost or just looking for some alone time?”
Noah smiled at his own words, glancing at the paintings with a bored eye. “Which way is downstairs?” He asked in a more sober voice.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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‘A problem?’ Gabrielle wanted more details than just that, and started to rise, but had her attention distracted by the question. She settled back in her seat, shook her head. “No, no such things as humans with wings. Well,” her eyes caught sight of the holy men. “I mean, religion claims there are these things called ‘angels’, brutal killers of some god. Or messengers of him.” She wasn’t religious, despite, “I’m named after a messenger one.” Gabriel, or Gabrielle, the most famous of all besides Michael, because Gabrielle brought the message of Jesus to Mary.

Morgan probably wasn’t named after Morgan le Fae.

“They’re always saying ‘don’t be afraid’ whenever they appear in stories. I don’t think they really look like winged humans. That’s not scary.”

But that wasn’t interesting. He didn’t have wings, and yet he was apparently the best of the Dark Forest. She canted her head,
“Is it common, or is it rare, to have wings?” She asked, added, “Most of the dragons imagined in my world have wings.” It was rare for one to be without wings, unless they were a Chinese dragon.

Brenyan was well aware that the princess was no believer, and he did note when the voice tensed, but it didn’t bother him. The human was the interested party.
“What do you believe?” Elisha asked.

Brenyan decided not to answer,
“What do you believe?” He turned it on him. “I’ve had a theory that, perhaps, your world has a faith similar to mind. I believe God brings its message to all worlds. It’s rather sad to think about, but so…so hopeful, too.”

Elisha hadn’t considered that at all. He’d never been confronted with the question about whether or not God gave the message to aliens.
“I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that the three are one, and that God took mortal form in Christ to provide salvation for all of us through his sacrifice.”

Brenyan took one of Elisha’s hands,
“It is the same God, it is! Listen,” and Brenyan began, “Here we believe in the God, the son Ishua, and the power that moves through all—the Spirit. The Spirit, being ever present, it gives those of the Faith the ability to perform the miracles. It was Ishua who first showed us how to use it, and he gave us a similar promise of salvation. Those who believed in him would want for nothing and would be brought to heaven on death.”

Their language was similar, Elisha admitted. He believed his God created all, and so he would sacrifice for the well-being of all. It did make sense to him. For Brenyan, though, this was a fantastic moment. To him, this was further proof that his path was right. He’d have to get back to the church—he’d have to let this be known far and wide.


Ajit found her disbelief amusing. “There is magic in your world, but it is not able to breathe and thrive as it does here. Magic is not a thing that fades so easily,” stories, so many stories, of the world with limited magic. It was, for him, fascinating. “And you are doing it. The flames grew brighter when you wanted to see the illusion. They hear and they respond to your will.”

He stopped talking as Noah and Clara entered the hallway. He did not appreciate Noah’s attitude, and so for his eyes only he wove an illusion as he motioned out,
“Don’t you see the stairs right here?” The hallway appeared to shift into railing bannisters, and those to stairs. If Noah followed it, he’d walk into a bedroom, and into a window. Perhaps he’d find his way to the first floor through that window.

“Knock it off, Ajit.”

The Siren was present now, but not in a mood for Ajit to retort. The stairway vanished.
“Siren, what is the matter?”

She didn’t answer. She walked by both him and the humans in silence.

Ajit decided to actually answer the question presented to him.
“Just continue down that way. The stairs are not difficult to find, following the hall.”


The Siren went on to a room where she’d been told the assassins who lived were brought. She stepped into the room, alone. “Wake up.” Her voice would be a true command that would reach into the minds of the two creatures before her to draw them awake.

The Siren didn’t usually interrogate with others present, because her voice was not selective. All of those in range of hearing would be affected by whatever she said or commanded. If she planned to cause agony with her voice, it would hurt all save herself. She didn’t need to hurt the guards she would have otherwise brought into the room with her. It wouldn’t be kind at all.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan smiled around another sip when she told him, with much skepticism, about angels. They sounded like a creature he would be interested in, if they were real.

She inquired about the dragons with wings and he thought on them momentarily, searching for the right way to explain. They were rarely seen by the world outside of the Deep Forest. They only came out for great wars, the kind of with so much blood spilt that they could not resist. “It is not so rare but it is not a bloodline either. They are less able to understand the will and desire of other creatures.” They had seemed like nothing extraordinary before he had started leaving the Forest as a youth. “Some of them live on all four. Some have no legs at all, only a tail that follows from their spine. If you visit, you will surely see many forms of us.”

Fayin was comfortable sitting in the middle of the exchange of beliefs until Brenyan chimed in with his “Here we believe-”. Here. As though all the souls of Skuld believed as he did. As though her people had no thoughts of their own. As though all of the sirens, the foxes, the mermaids and the dragons held his god as their own. It was condescending but not unfamiliar. How many times had she sat through this before? She swallowed the last of her tea with her words and felt that all too familiar lump in her throat, like a scream that wanted to break free.


Noah had just been looking at the stairs when they vanished. The Siren passed them and the other guy, Ajit, gave him directions but seemed suddenly less amused. He looked again at the hallway that moments ago had held the stairs and then nervously sidestepped the stranger to start down the hallway. He wasn’t sure it would be the right direction, since it seemed he had already tried to trick him once, but he also didn’t want to stick around.

Clara wasn’t so quick to follow, still standing close to Agatha. She wondered if the Siren was going to deal with the intruders and waited until both the taloned woman and Noah were out of sight for a while before leaning toward Agatha. “We seem to have been almost killed.” She explained, not really comfortable with the seriousness of the situation or how it had turned out.

Agatha looked correctly surprised. “By who?” The question came even though she realized almost immediately that it was stupid. She didn’t know enough about this world for any answer to make sense.

Clara shrugged with a similar problem. “But they were gold- their skin I mean, the color. And they had way too many teeth to be crammed into their mouths. I think, in hindsight, I’m glad they tried to stab me instead of bite me.” She looked at Ajit then, curiosity in her eye. “Do you have sharks in this world? Because they have teeth like sharks.”