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Exit [Closed]
« on: January 23, 2014, 04:58:58 pm »
“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. My last confession was seven weeks ago.”

The man on the other side of the booth was younger than most priests. He heard the confessor ramble, but he was not actually paying attention.  He heard enough to assign a penance, and he waited for the other to leave the booth, and the area. He knew who it was. Easter Catholic, Johnathon Evans, cheating with his girlfriend. He knew all of their secrets.

For Father Elisha Sinclair, forgiveness did not come easy. Of course, it was not he who was forgiving, but the Lord. Elisha was a bitter, jaded young man, who put on a calm front when men his age came to tell him of their lives.

The young priest regretted his decision to take the cloth. Faith had become difficult to maintain through the scandal of the church. His own mentor had been accused, and then moved to another area to tend a new flock. It made Elisha sick.

Elisha never confessed his doubts. He confessed only the obvious, physical sins, and the occasional lustful thought. How could he confess that he had doubt, when his doubt was not in God, but the institution? He’d be branded a heretic. He’d be excommunicated. He did not know if God cared about those things, but it was better not to test it.

When at last there was silence outside the booth, Elisha removed himself from it and brushed his hand down his black button down. Olive-green eyes then scanned the room, before the priest nodded to himself and left the area. He moved through the Gothic church and to an open wooden door. He rapped on it still with his knuckles to draw up the attention of the elder bishop. The man looked up.
“Yes, Elisha?”

Polite as ever, Elisha spoke quietly,
“Father, I am going home. Is there anything you need from me, though?”

A gentle smile creased the wrinkled face, and the old man shook his head,
“There is nothing, Elisha. Go home. We have an early morning.”

That they did. Preparations for Lent were going to be started, and Easter preparations, as well. Elisha had to speak to the city as well to make sure they were allowed to host their ‘parade’ on Good Friday. They reenacted the Passion every year, but Elisha had to make sure anyway.
“Take care of yourself, Father.” He inclined his head before turning and leaving. He went back to the chapel, and left through the double doors.

The chill of winter was still in the air. He fancied getting a hot drink from the nearby café as his hand touched the iron railing to let him safely descend down the stairs. The barista there always flirted with him, though. Sheer torture.

Yet he smiled at the thought, let his mind drift to a daydream where he wasn’t bound by the cloth and could instead raise a family, rather than a flock.

He tripped on the last step, just as his hand left the railing. His hands flew forward to catch himself, and found grass rather than cement.

It was sunny, too, not the dark of night.

He took a breath to reassure himself it was still chilly and watched it come out before him, curling in the air and disturbing the dew-dropped grass.

Then he looked up, and nearly had a heart attack at what he saw. He sat straight up, and tried to take in the fact he was surrounded by a motley crew of misfits that looked as if they’d come from something more bizarre than Tolkien. His tongue was caught.

Someone else’s wasn’t.
“What the hell is going on?” A moment. “Oh god she’s dead,” and he heard shifting behind him, but didn’t look.


Enter Gabrielle Fitzhugh, a minor English noblewoman, heiress, scholar, and would-be author. Her red hair was in a messy bun that day, but she considered it elegantly-so. A blue cowl-neck shirt and a black skirt were her attire of choice for that day in Paris. It had only just begun, too. Study Abroad, she’d decided, was the best thing ever.

‘And today, Disney!’ Why she was dressed so nice for Disney, not even she could answer. Perhaps it was merely the idea of princesses. Who didn’t want to be a princess?

Well, she’d prefer a Queen. She had fallen head over heels for Elsa. The headphones in her ears were playing another song, though. Be Prepared.

Perhaps she should have taken that as a warning as she watched the people move by from the comfort of the café. She had a sweet pastry and a simple Earl Grey—comforts of home and such. She did so miss home, too. She missed her dog, her brothers, her parents, and her friends, but she wouldn’t take this back. The Louvre had been amazing! The church of the ‘true cross’, too.

She had oh-so many pictures, and she’d shared them all on Facebook.

Right now, though, she was just enjoying the scenery in the early light. It was a lazy morning, and she had no intention of changing that any time soon.

She did, however, intend to get more tea. Her cup was nearly empty.

Gabrielle moved down from the long-legged, white-iron chair, or attempted. Apparently she was not fully awake, for she slipped.

She found herself besides someone, and there was grass. Startled, she cast her blue eyes around and tried to ignore the feeling of the dew on her knees, on her toes. She saw the strange group of people around, and the others who looked more normal, surrounded. She saw someone still lying besides her, a young woman. She pulled her headphones out of her ears to demand,
“What the hell is going on?” Before she reached out to shake the woman awake.

It was a horrible realization, then.
“Oh god, she’s dead.” Her hand recoiled from her, and she found someone had wrapped an arm around her shoulders. She shot him a nasty look and quickly pushed him away.


Ewan Jameson hailed from the south in America, a country boy in flannel and jeans, with blonde stubble and shaggy hair. It was just another day ranching for him, and he’d finished it at long last. He was brushing down his horse while it munched away on oats. It was a mind numbing activity, almost zen-inducing, really.

He was looking forward to sleep, and the meal his wife had promised. Beef stew. After being out in the cold for so long, he wanted it so badly. He imagined he could smell it, even from here, as he began to put the brush away.

He wouldn’t be allowed to eat until he was clean, though. When he returned to the house, his uncleanliness didn’t stop his daughter from running right to him.
“Papa!” She cried as she took hold of his denim-covered leg. “Papa, I passed my spelling test! I got them all right! I’m gonna be in the spelling bee!”

She loved the animals, but she was an intellect in the making. He was proud of that. His son, only two, might be the one to inherit the ranch.
‘This is what I get for marrying a city girl.’

His smile was bright, though.
“That so, sweetie?” He picked her up to carry her a bit.

She nodded enthusiastically.
“Yes! My teacher says I should so I’m gonna try out! I can even spell diarrhea!” He heard his wife snort. The daughter knew the word thanks to his cursing one day when one of the animals got sick. “Not many people my age can.”

“No, that ‘h’ gets’em,”
he agreed and set her down, “Let me go clean up, darling, and we’ll talk all about it over dinner.”

She agreed, and let him wander off to the bathroom.

He planned to disrobe for a quick shower, but such did not happen. As soon as he stepped through the door, the environment changed. He blinked in the morning light and cast his eyes around to assess the situation. A woman spoke and he looked down just as she recoiled.

Something like instinct, perhaps, caused him to kneel down and wrap an arm around her in an attempt to comfort. He was rewarded with a push, but didn’t feel too bad for it. He lifted his hands up in a position of surrender under her fierce glare,
“Sorry, ma’am,” he said, southern drawl.
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Re: Exit [Closed]
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2014, 10:11:55 am »
Her arms smacked against the metal door, cold seeping through her naked skin but it did not stop her from throwing her weight against it. It opened and like a bird from a cage she burst out and into the crisp morning light. Blue eyes blinked against the bright gray. Fat flakes of snow drifted down all around her, covering the rooftop and sticking to her tear wet cheeks. Her breath, heaved from her chest, made clouds in the air. Her stiff legs bright her away from the door and had her turning in all directions, scanning the edges of the roof with the sharpness of panic.

A hand shook and drug fingers through her pale hair as it unraveled from once tidy braids. She swallowed hard. Her mouth tasted like blood and her cheek throbbed. She stopped on one edge of the building, looking down at a rooftop not far away. She could jump it. She told herself she could and when she hesitated, she reminded herself that she didn't have a choice. Her hands clenched and flexed before clenching again. She took steps back, her boots scraping up the fresh snow. She took a breath and nodded, telling herself to run, to jump. A strained sound escaped her throat in that moment of hesitation, her mind grasping for any alternative. There was none.

The sound of panic turned to a yelp of terror when arms grabbed her from behind and jerked her back, throwing her. Agatha rolled in a mess of limbs along the rooftop, shoulder and knee finding that there was rough concrete beneath the snow and her temple smacking hard enough down to have her vision blurring for a moment. She she blinked at the world again it held him and she could only manage to shake her head against that truth while he crossed the rooftop to her and lifted her by her collar. "Du kan inte lämna mig!" His voice was thick with anger and he lifted until her legs swung but couldn't find ground.

She kicked and stretched her toes but there was no ground. Warm breath in cold air escaped her in a huff when she looked down passed his arm and her clothing to see that the ground was gone. He was holding her over the edge of the building and there was nothing but street and snow below. "Snälla." She begged, grabbing at his arm then, clutching at it frantically. The wind moved her hair and the snow behind him. Her blue eyes widened, staring back at his. They were the same. He had said once that they were the same sort of people, the same souls hid behind their eyes.

Maybe that was why fear choked her then. She knew he was going to let go, maybe even before he did, because she would have loved to be the one to drop him off a building then. She didn't remember the part where he dropped her, where she started falling, but she heard herself scream. The sky was gray, and then, sooner than she had expected, her back hit the ground and all air was shoved from her chest. Her eyes opened when she hadn't realized they were closed and the sky was brighter, blue, and the cold of the ground was replaced by something warmer. Grass. She blinked and strained in pain to roll onto her side only to stare in utter confusion at the mess of people around her, no one seeming to notice her at all.

Agatha knew it then, that she was dead.


"Noah!" She shouted.

He groaned in annoyance and kept walking. His hands were stuffed into the pockets of his jacket and his long legs carried him down the sidewalk. She ran to catch up and he was too secure in pretending he hadn't noticed her to put in the effort to speed up. She grabbed at his sleeve and he shook her off.

"You owe me money." She complained.

He rolled his eyes, dark brown. "I don't owe you anything."

"You ripped off my boyfriend!" She hissed between her teeth.

Noah laughed, it was a smooth sound, and raise an eyebrow under messy black hair to look sideways at her. Pretty girl- shame she was dating a moron. "Your boyfriend sucks at cards, that's not my problem." He looked forward again and smiled when he saw familiar faces waiting. His head nudged in their direction so they knew he was coming, as though the trajectory of his stride wasn't enough.

"How are we supposed to pay rent?"

"How is that my problem?"

She grabbed at his arm again and this time he stopped, his jaw twitching.

"He's your friend!" She shouted, wanting a scene.

His expression darkened. If she wanted it, she could have it. He turned fast and before she could realize he had moved she was up against the wall of a building. Her perfectly flattened and brushed hair was instantly ruined. "I don't have friends and if you didn't give your money to that chump, you would have your rent." He hissed close to her face. He watched her eyes widen before pushing himself away from the wall and her harder against it.

Noah was smiling carelessly again when he moved through the crowd toward the waiting group. He was almost to them when a man bumped into his shoulder. He turned with the contact and opened his mouth to shout something sharp but when he turned around the man was gone. The street was gone. The woman with her angry scowl was gone. London was gone.

He staggered a step to the side in his confusion, taking in the daylight field and the faces he'd never seen before. He looked down at a woman coughing for air on her back. Were those flakes of snow on her? He turned away from her to look at the others, desperate for familiarity he couldn't find. Another man bumped into him as he was backing away from woman. He sounded American and southern at that. "Where am I?" Noah muttered aloud though he wasn't sure if he was asking anyone in particular.


She leaned forward to look over the edge of the dock and into the lapping black waves. Someone had decided that the party inside was boring and somehow a cluster of them had ended up roaming out onto the dock. The night was warm and soon to be morning. A woman screamed with laughter when he boyfriend pretending he was going to throw her in.

"If someone jumps in I'll give them a hundred dollars!" Samuel shouted with excitement, lifting the glass in his hand as though a bet were something to be toasted too.

Clara laughed with the other and straightened to look back at him. "No one here needs your money, Sam." She replied with a painted smile. Her dark hair was swept up into an intentionally messy updo, her strapless dress clinging to her curves and smooth olive skin. Green eyes shined back at him in the evening.

"No excuses! What do you want?"

A few of their friends that had already had plenty to drink cheered with excitement.

He grinned wider at her. "Or are you just making excuses? Are you afraid?"

Clara laughed again, the strings of diamonds from her ears shuddering and brushing at her neck. "Alright." She said, grabbing the shoulder of the woman next to her for balance while she took off her heels. She was a half a foot shorter without them. "Your penthouse."

They hooted then and she smiled wickedly at his moment of hesitation. He smiled, it was almost nervous now. "You're not gonna do it."

"You could die." One of the women beside her whispered louder than normal whispers. "Or get eaten by a shark." She giggled then and Clara brushed her off after handing her the small wad of credit cards she'd pulled from the pocket of her dress.

"Your penthouse if I jump in and swim back to shore without dying." She called back to him from her spot closer to the edge of the dock. The waves were loud.

He grinned back. "Fine. You jump in there and make it back without help and you can have my place. You wouldn't-"

Samuel was still speaking when she turned her back on him, ran on bare feet and leapt into the dark. She heard their screams of excitement before she hit the water and it swallowed her up. It was so dark and so cold. She sunk and it was bottomless. For a moment she just stayed there, beneath the surface and above the bottom. Somewhere in the dark nothing between and then she started kicking for the surface.

She would never know how deep she was before long before she reached the top, she fell again. This time it wasn't sinking, it was falling. Her ass hit the ground and water seemed to rush off of her, leaving her gasping and blinking against the harsh light of day. Her hands came up to her chest as she breathed, shaking and struggling to look around. A woman was next to her, over another woman. She spoke and Clara's eyes widened when she registered her words that the body in front of her was dead. She kicked at the grass to get further from them and bumped into someone else.

Her head whipped around, wet hair smacking at her naked shoulders. She stared at the priest and remembered all the times her mother had dragged her along to church. She wasn't a believer. She was a doer. Her mouth fumbled for words. "W-What.. Where.." She tore her eyes from him to look around, past the others at people that seemed calm and so very strange standing around them.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Another quick apology escaped, “Sorry, sir.” It seemed Ewan had the luck to bump into the two English people, from their accents. He heard another speak, a woman, and glanced down at her as another seemed to cough back into life.

The one the English woman thought dead remained motionless, though. Others were already asking the pertinent questions, so he moved around the woman to investigate the deceased.

Gabrielle’s eyes darted around the group who seemed silenced by awe, trying to discern which of them would be the leader. Eventually, she settled on the next to what had to be naga and made sure his eyes met hers. She did not repeat herself. Another had already repeated her query. She did, however, stand.

The priest remained where he was, sitting, but his eyes also took in the crowd, looking for something. He wasn’t sure what until his eyes alighted on another man in white.

It was that individual who stepped forward, human among the inhuman. His white robe brushed the ground as he walked forward over the grass. He was not graceful, and at one point stepped on the robe and nearly tripped. He managed to prevent that, and stopped there. He did not smile. He bowed his head to the group and addressed them,
“We are terribly sorry for this,” he told them, drawing the attention of Ewan as he discerned the woman was, indeed, deceased. He remained crouched, though.

“This must be very startling to you,”
he lifted his head, struggled to put himself in their shoes as his eyes skimmed them, gauging emotions, reactions. Where to begin? “My name is Brenyan Trist, and we have summoned you here for aid.” He pushed blond hair out of his eyes, considered a smile, but only managed confusion. Truth told, he hadn’t expected this to work so well. All of his well-prepared words escaped him.

So, of course, one of the others interrupted him. It was a woman with elongated feet which ended in talons, and wings upon her back. The Siren. Why they were even allowed to be represented eluded Brenyan.
“Oh, do go on, Brenyan. I’m sure that makes plenty of sense to them.” It dripped with sarcasm, “Are these even the right people?” Why were their heroes so confused?

“They are the right people,”
a man who looked, for all the world, entirely human answered. Brenyan knew better. Though he hid it well, he was a powerful Rakshasa. He held an illusion in place, for he knew that those who would arrive would be unaccustomed to his strange appearance. “Did I not say they would be confused at first? They need guidance.”

“We need to be returned.”
Elisha told them, rising. He earned a look for it by Ewan, who didn’t think the priest would be the one refusing to help.

Ewan nodded,
“That is, you took us right out of our lives,” he guessed the same was true for everyone. He stood, too. “I have to get back to my family now. I’m sorry for your plight and all, and maybe we can help, but this isn’t the way to go about asking for help.”

“I’m afraid I cannot send you back,”
the man with black hair answered apologetically.

“Why not?”
Gabrielle demanded. She had very little inclination to help people who more or less kidnapped her.

“I am afraid that the process is time sensitive,”
he answered.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Clara sat in her puddle, her dress wet and her hair dripping and stared at the people around her, watching them talk to what seemed to be not at all people nearby. Summoned? Returned? This was insane. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was going to wake up. She had swallowed too much water. Wesley probably had to jump in and drag her out. If they called the ambulance she would never hear the end of it from her mother. She cracked one lid open and then pressed it shut again. Nope. Still not on the midnight beach. Still in a land of winged women and robed men.

Agatha had sat upright to listen, to see. She stared at the Siren for a long time before even managing to look at the others. She stood and her legs wobbled. Not broken. Sore. Maybe not dead. Her hand shook but managed to push long pale hair behind an ear, away from a bruising cheek. Two of the men were asked to be sent back, trying to persuade these strange hosts to return them and without thinking Agatha found herself sidestepping further away from them, away from the spot where she had come in as though she might very well get sucked back. Would she return where she had been taken? Falling to her death?

She stopped when she almost bumped into someone she hadn't even realized was there. Her eyes widened, staring at the strange woman in so many layers of robes that she seemed to have lost her limbs beneath them. Her face was pale, white as though painted, with eyes too large for comfort that held layers of colors around a consuming pupil. Her hair was piled high and pinned with clasps that had beads and stones hanging from them, gathering daylight. She tilted her head and smiled. And Agatha felt her chest hurt because it was the sweetest thing she had ever seen. It had her taking a step back.

Fayin kept her smile soft. The maid at her side, always at her side with body slightly bowed and head ducked, spoke the words in Fayin's eyes. "Welcome." She said softly. It was believed in the Kingdom of Tarn that the voices of the royals were sacred and powerful things, kept only for the most special of gifts, so a Voice was appointed to them- a servant that followed them through their lives. In legends it was said that even when the great Prince Fane of Tarn was tortured during the seventh war, he did not make a sound because no ear deserved its pleasure.

Morgan frowned fiercer for the kindness the woman beside him insisted on offering. His dark eyes set into a face of sharp bones, scrutinized the human woman closest to them- the one Fayin smiled on. He tilted his head to one side, dark hair cutting across his cheek for the effort. His arms were crossed over her lean chest, everything coated in thin black plating. Behind his hair, at the edge of his hairline and pooling at his temples were black scales. They followed the back of his neck to his spine. Morgan was from the Deep Forest, were only one race lived- the children of dragons. "She is damaged." He complained and turned his head to the other direction to look at the others before cringing and turning his dark eyes to the Siren and then the Rakshasa. "Confusion is not the problem. These are not what was expected."

"If you do not like them, you can leave." Fayin's Voice said and when he looked at the princess she was smirking up at him.

Morgan rolled his eyes.

Noah shook his head again, it was starting to rattle his brain. "This is a joke." He decided, turning away from them to look for any sign of a building or a road. The bird woman looked pretty real though. He shook his head again and turned back to them, grabbing the one in the white robe and hauling him to his feet, away from the dead girl. "You said you brought us here? So you killed that chick?" He demanded, pointing with the arm not clutching those robes at the body on the ground. "Why? Why would we help you if you tried to kill us?"

Clara got to her feet to grab at his arm. "Let him go! He's not going to help us if you hurt him!" She heard herself shouting before he shoved her off and she landed in the grass with another umph, reminding her rump of the first time she landed.

"Where are we?" Noah shouted into the face of the stranger.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Ewan shifted his body so he could see the one who spoke a greeting, as well as all of the others who seemed to be wanting to speak. It was difficult, given the circle. The woman was bowed. The man who commented shortly after had scales.

The rakshasa’s human illusion arched a brow, in tune with the emotions the rakshasa wished to portray
. “I do not believe you know half as well what was expected, Morgan.” He addressed him coolly. Morgan was familiar to Ajit, and someone the rakshasa had a grudging respect for.

The look his eyes gave to the man in white must have tipped them off as to who might have answers, and who was expected to speak. Brenyan was grabbed and lifted practically off his feet. He cringed at the yelling stranger, and was relieved that at least one of the others tried to intervene. She was shoved aside, though.

Gabrielle did not try to do the same. The comment about the silent woman being damaged drew her attention. She hesitated, but stepped closer to the pale woman.
“Are you all right?” She whispered to her, uncertain if she would understand. So far, it seemed they all spoke English.

The rakshasa crossed his arms, noted the movement of the Siren as she stepped forward, her arms now straightening out. Her nails were long, sharp, and pointed, but despite that she was not a predator. Most sirens were not, they preferred the dead or dying. It was because of that, he found her threatening posturing amusing, and also because he knew Brenyan would not appreciate it.

He didn’t hide his smile as Brenyan looked his way, a panicked expression. He said nothing.
‘You wanted to be diplomat.’ Brenyan represented one of the many religious organizations, and so did not stand for any kingdom. It was the prophecy of his faith that had led them to this.

Brenyan swallowed his fears and tried to speak,
“I-I-we killed no one. No one intentionally,” he answered, tears starting to brim in his eyes.

Elisha and Ewan glanced at each other from behind Noah’s back. In silence they understood the questions back and forth. The woman he’d thrown aside had a point.

“We did not want anyone to die, you are all a-a part of a prophecy here! Here is, we call it Skuld.”
The planet’s name, not the particular area. “Pl-please, we do not, we did not, we will not—no harm!”

The Siren and the rakshasa exchanged a look. It caused Ajit to start to laugh, though he did try to stifle it. He really shouldn’t laugh, not with these volatile and scared people around, but then, they had not yet grown into what they would become. Now might be the only time he could laugh. The Siren shook her head and rolled her eyes, but moved closer, walk confident. Before she could act or speak to intercede, however, two of the humans did.

“All right,”
Ewan came up to Noah’s left side, placed a hand on his arm just as Elisha placed a hand on his right arm.

“Let him down, now.”
There was a touch of authority now in Elisha’s voice, a hardness he tended to use with sinners who held details back in confession.
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan laughed at the scene and pretended not to feel Fayin's judging stare burning into the side of his face.

Noah exhaled a huff and practically threw the man from his hold, shoving him back and turning away in the same motion, rolling his shoulders to shake off the hand on his arm. He walked away and around in a short circle, looking at the sky and then the grass. Anywhere but at the freakish assortment of almost humans that stood around them, watching them. He cussed under his breath and scrubbed his hands down over his face. "This is insane. I don't belong here."

Clara had just climbed to her feet again, though she was starting to doubt the effort and made herself an silent promise that next time she got knocked down she should at least consider staying seated for a while. Her hands brushed at her wet dress but the blades of grass and small flowers that had affixed themselves to it were not so interested in being moved. She sighed and rolled her eyes when the thug let go of the man in the robs and too to passing angrily.

She took a breath, squared her shoulders and took a few steps closer to the woman with wings and the suspiciously average man at her side. "My name is Clara Graton." She introduced herself, her voice flattened to find some calm. There was no point in yelling. They wanted something- everyone wanted something- and since she seemed to have no leverage, not to mention no shoes, at the moment, it seemed best to find out what it was they wanted. Her earrings caught the daylight, shining even brighter than the greens of her eyes. "What exactly is it that you'd like us to do for you?" Her family owned half of Rio and a flurry of international businesses, she could negotiate whether in a tailored jacket or in somewhat drenched party attire.

Though she was more than willing to play along with this strange new world, a part of her was still expecting to wake from a drug addled stupor to find herself kidnapped. Two of her brother's had been kidnapped on different occasions. She supposed it wouldn't be unreasonable if it was her turn.

Agatha jumped a little when she heard that soft voice nearby. She finally tore her stare from the strange woman with the smiling mouth to look at the woman beside her. The world seemed less strange when she looked only at the red head. The question registered and Agatha touched her cheek, wincing a little at the bruise there but smiled and took a step closer to the stranger. "Can't decide if it was good timing or bad timing when I came here." She said, only a slight accent to her words that was mostly from a lack of recent practice, and offered a weak smile. "My name is Agatha." She whispered and held out her hand.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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There was an accent to her voice that Gabrielle could not quite place. She took the extended hand, “Gabrielle,” she introduced, before taking another look around. Unlike Agatha, she hadn’t been about to experience something traumatic. Her day had been peaceful, and she’d been looking forward to the strange in Disneyland. “I guess this is about as odd as a talking mouse.” She had a sense of adventure. She loved traveling.

Her hand released Agatha’s,
“Good to meet you,” even if this might be a coma-inspired dream. Had she fallen and hit her head? She couldn’t remember that.

The Siren steadied Brenyan when he was released and shoved away. The man in white shot her a glare, but the look she gave him soon quashed his anger. Brenyan straightened up, dusted himself off.

The Siren shot glares at both Morgan and Ajit. Their reputations preceded them, and she was never certain if the two were friends, or enemies. She had a feeling that neither of them had made up their minds, either. It wouldn’t surprise her.
“That’s enough, you two.” Her weight shifted to one leg, and she side-eyed Morgan as Ajit began to compose himself once more. “This is serious business.”

Ewan couldn’t help but imagine her in a black cowboy hat, then. He wasn’t sure where the image came from, but the pixie-haired Siren suddenly struck him as a bit of sheriff, even if he’d never seen a sheriff with black wings, in a leather halter top and leather pants.

Brenyan ignored her.
“You’re right,” he told Noah, keeping his voice calm. “None of you belong here, but the prophecy demands outsiders.” Elisha and Ewan both were giving him a hard stare. He shifted his gaze to Clara, deciding he liked her much better. “Our world is being poisoned. We’ve seen all the signs. It is happening across all our kingdoms.”

“They say the poison is from outside,”
Ajit noted, controlling himself at last. There was doubt in his voice.

Brenyan also ignored that.
“That is so. Our world is incapable of combating it. We need outsiders, too, and you must be the ones the prophecy spoke of.”

“Even her?” Elisha asked, pointing down to the dead one.

Brenyan’s brows knit, as if he was unsure how to answer. Ajit’s illusion covered his lips again.

“No,” the Siren answered. “In the pull to open the passage between realms, she was an extra dragged through.”

‘Sure.’ Ajit wouldn’t dare say otherwise. The Siren was trying to do clean-up for Brenyan’s mess. He could hear it in her voice, a persuasive song that was more than that. It was magic he didn't think the humans would recognize, be able to fight against. It was best that they not think long about the dead one.

“Truth is, we need you,”
she said, “And you’re gonna be stuck here until you figure your own way back, or help us out with our problem. We’re willing to guide you on the way, all of us,” her eyes looked over the gathered, the variously royal or important folk in the many societies across the world. “Else we wouldn’t be here. This evil has pulled all of us together. And yeah,” she smirked, “It sucks to be you right now. I feel ya. Drag me out of my home without warning, and I’d kill someone, but trust me, you help us, and you’ll be well taken care. If at the end of it all, you want to go home, we’ll see you home.”

“This can’t be real,”
Elisha shook his head. Apparently the Siren talking for so long stirred that disbelief at last.

“Maybe it isn’t,”
she offered. “Pretend you’re dreaming.”

A smile broke across Ewan’s face at that, bright.
“And who do you represent? Who are all of you?”

“They just call me the Siren, and I do represent the sirens.”
They were a rather disorganized race compared to the others. There was a hierarchy, as her ‘name’ suggested. She was the unquestioned ruler, but that came from her ability to kill all challengers and keep order among the sirens. It was she who had managed to keep the sirens in line so that they only went after the dead, and not the living. It was she who made arrangements with governments to see that the sirens lived and were not discriminated against for their feeding habits.

“I thought sirens had…were…merpeople?”

She simply shook her head, but showed no confusion.
“Merpeople have their own society.” Apparently they were real, too. Elisha put a hand to his head. The Siren pointed at Ajit.



“A real one?”


The illusion smirked.
“I am Ajit Endrusus, Prince of Sayoda, representative of Sayoda and the rakshasa, and I assure you, rakshasa are not human.”

The Siren then pointed at Morgan. She would not offend the others by pointing, but these two had bothered her already. Plus, they could handle it, and she could handle their irritation. She'd separated the two of them before. She wasn't afraid of either, probably one of the few who could claim that.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Agatha had smiled a little when the other woman gave her name and took her hand. It was brief contact but it was reassuringly tangible. This seemed to be real.

Clara listened carefully. She couldn't imagine how they were supposed to solve a poison problem that these people couldn't. She wasn't a chemist and she was pretty certain neither were these people. At best, the tall brute still glaring at the others might be able to cook meth, but even that she doubted. But still she nodded, her jaw tight.

She didn't miss when the human looking stranger asked if he was supposed to give a real introduction or how quickly the Siren told him not to. He gave a name and more and if she had not caught those quick words, it would have seemed like enough.

Morgan pretended not to notice it was his turn and then looked mockingly surprised by her pointed finger. He smiled at the lady with the diamonds dangling from her ears. It was an old habit to like jewels and gold. They horded it in their forest for no real reason other than their love of it. "Morgan, son of the Deep Forest." It was not often he found himself giving an introduction and he quite liked the sound of it. More often than now, those that needed to know who he was, already did and those that did not, soon died. He moved his gave along the others before landing on the red haired woman nearest him, standing with the damaged one that he no longer bothered to look at. "Forgive our manners, you lost your world today but we gained you in ours. It is not such a bad day for us. In fact, this is so rarely done that some people consider it to be an honor to be here."

"It is an honor." Fayin's Voice corrected. Her pretty face turned to look at him briefly before smiling at the humans. "You are guests, even if we ask much of you." The Voice, still with her body bent into a slight bow and her head tipped forward and away from the others, spoke the words that Fayin's eyes reflected. "My name is Fayin Florinia Lorun, princess of the Kingdom of Tarn." There was pride in that gentle voice and the painted mouth that did not speak never faltered in the gentle smile. "If you help us, we will honor you and care for you and if you wish it, we will send you home."

Clara took a breath. "Do you give your word?" She asked. Maybe it was bold, but it was the sort of thing her father would have said. She had heard him ask for a man's word in a business deal before and she had seen what happened when they did not keep it.

Morgan looked at the jeweled woman again and smiled, almost laughed, but decided not to risk a duel with the Siren on their first day with humans. He was supposed to at least attempt to make a good impression after all, at least until he found out if they were powerful or not.

Fayin stared back at Clara and perhaps her expression looked strange then. "You have my word." Her voice said at last.

Noah scoffed near the back of the group. "Does it count when someone else says it for her?" He muttered.

Clara decided to ignore him. She would take what she could get when she had no ground to move on.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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It took all of the Siren’s willpower not to slap Morgan as he pretended not to recognize her. It also took willpower not to smirk and play into his and Ajit’s game. How any work got done with these two was a miracle. She’d gotten used to maneuvering things so it did get done, though.

He managed to be polite, even. He gave something of an apology. It settled her ruffled feathers and her arm dropped back to her side. Brenyan looked surprised, though he didn’t know Morgan as well. He really only knew Morgan and Ajit through reputation, though he had to approach Ajit for the help he needed in summoning…then Ajit sent out to everyone else.

The Voice introduced Fayin. Noah asked a question the Siren herself had often wondered over. Still, she answered him,
“Yes, it counts.” ‘Barely.’ As a creature of voice herself, she had her own misgivings about the so-called voices of the Tarn. Fayin was the only one the Siren had any real misgivings over, though. Her silence and her painted lips bothered her. The Siren read people by now they spoke.

Others began to introduce themselves, and Elisha found himself bemused as he saw the pearl-skin of the mermaid (Delphina Amarosa Mari), teal hair falling in waves around her, and unsteady on her feet. Scales climbed up her legs, barely covered under a translucent orange skirt. For the most part they all appeared human, so much so that he took for granted the rakshasa’s earlier words. Elves, Faeries, the naga with his green tail and green hair (Zafar Leal), and all the others began to numb Elisha to thinking it strange that one would need to announce his inhumanness.

“Well, I…guess it is…it is interesting to meet you all,” Elisha said, clearing his throat. “I am Father Elisha Sinclair, um, a holy man back home.”

“You, too?”
Brenyan actually looked happy. Then, he frowned, “But such dreary clothing….”

“Catholic guilt,”
Ewan couldn’t help himself. The look Elisha gave him was scalding, so much so he imagined he felt that guilt. He offered his hand to Brenyan, “I’m Ewan Jameson, not really anything…just a rancher sort.”

Brenyan took his hand, familiar with this custom.
“I see.” He was still confused about this ‘Catholic guilt’.

Gabrielle moved one hand behind her back,
“Dame Gabrielle Fitzhugh,” she offered more properly. Her family would want her to use the title, even if it was more or less, meaningless. Her family didn’t even know why they had any claims to title any longer, but heredity was a wonderful thing. They were simply born into it.

And these people didn’t know that, anyway. She offered her hand to Morgan, as Ewan had done to Brenyan. She didn’t request words or promises. The actions of these people would prove soon enough whether they’d keep their words. What was clear was that right now, they didn’t have much of a choice but to go along with this, and figure things out as quickly as possible.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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"Noah Graham." The tall and still very irritated Brit muttered. No point in offering an occupation, swindler didn't usually go over well anyway.

Morgan didn't really listen. He looked at the hand she offered. It wasn't a custom his people partook in but he had seen it enough times in its variety of forms. Lips curled at the corners, with interest and maybe a dash of cunning. His arm moved from his side to take her hand rather than shake it, lifting her knuckles and ducking his head in a modest bow. Dark hair moved, making more of those scales along the shell of his ears and down the sides of his neck visible. When he straightened he turned his body. Smooth movements, quick, those were assets of the Dragon Children that made them expert killers. Today it only offered a bit of elegance. He moved to stand at her side, his hand placing hers on his arm as he started to walk. "I think it's time we get them inside, don't you Siren?" He called in his diplomatic voice. It wasn't a voice he usually used outside of jokes.

Before she answered he turned his head to the side and down to look at the human. "You have a very interesting color of hair." He hushed his voice as though he was admitting something. "Is it common in your world? I believe only the Foxes have such a color here." His chin nudged to direct her eye toward the small group standing near the back of the gathering, which now places them ahead of them. His dark eyes found those of a small woman, Mave, in the group of likewise lean and shorter than average individuals. Her hair was a stark red, just like those with her and when Morgan met her diamond pupiled gaze her lips curled to bare her fangs in a snarl, rumpling her cheeks and those little red slash marks there. Her brother, Aidan, touched her arm, and whispered something that forced her snarl down. He turned toward Morgan and the human and inclined his head slightly to the side in respect, though his eyes were only on the human.

"And you?" Fayin's Voice asked the pale and quiet woman nearest her. Fayin turned her body slightly to indicate that they could begin walking if they wanted to. The estate was not so terribly far, just across the little valley and down the hill. It had been built and added on to over the generations to accommodate all of the groups that were given rights over time. It wasn't easy to tend to neutral places like this one, but it had proven important to keep them neutral over the years, or so many said. It was a delicate thing, to make sure that each race and kingdom had it's own requirements met and enough space not to start another war.

"Agatha Carlsson." The blond said promptly.

Fayin smiled and Agatha felt the pressure to smile in return but luckily those eyes moved past her to the tall southerner. "Rancher?" Fayin's Voice inquired curiously for some sort of explanation or elaboration. Agatha watched the Voice. She hadn't moved more than to rotate with Fayin's own body. She hadn't looked up. How could she have known what Fayin wanted to say or even that her attention had moved to Ewan?

Clara had watched the others nearest introduce themselves. It quickly became too many names she had never heard before, her mind too enamored by the different bodies to really take them all in. She felt more and more certain that this was not a dream or a hallucination because this was not something she could have imagined. She wasn't entirely sure if she felt comforted or deflated by this rising truth.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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The gestures Morgan made were not unfamiliar, but from something both human and inhuman, it almost had an uncanny valley effect. She almost jumped as his hand touched her, the heat of it quite startling. Her eyes observed the scales with fascination as his head bowed, before she was moved along with him. She was quick to follow his movements and allow them, letting her hand rest on his arm as they started to walk, him calling back to the so-dubbed Siren. ‘Does she have a name?’

Such a thought was not there long. The man confided, nothing of note at the start, until he gestured towards another couple. Red-hair. Foxes. She kept her expression curious so as not to be rude when the ‘foxes’ looked their way, and one reacted in a hostile manner. They were pretty in a way similar to the foxes back in her world. She inclined her head to the male as she answered Morgan,
“It is not common,” not naturally, “I assure you I am no fox, though.” Not that such wasn’t already obvious. She wasn’t that short.

Business or curiosity? Curiosity.
“Do all children of the Deep Forest have, ah, scales as you do?” ‘Can I touch one?’ That question would be banked.

Ajit grinned at that tone in Morgan’s voice, at the gestures Morgan took. His mind laid the game board out before them. Poor little Morgan, so ignorant, too. Well, that’s what had always made him fun, just like the first time they met, and Morgan took his illusion for real. As Morgan had chosen his target, so Ajit would pick his.

And be near the dragon-child, of course. He came up besides Agatha as she stated her name. She was the damaged one Morgan didn’t like, so of course he was going to like her.
“You seem the least displeased to be here,” he noted, a sparkle in the illusion’s eyes, impish smile. “Tell me of the world you hail from, while we walk.”

The Siren glared at the backs of both of them, and did not waste her time walking.
“Fine,” she called to Morgan, before her legs kicked off from the ground and she took to the sky, took point. She knew the location well. She’d called numerous meetings there on behalf of the sirens. They were an international ‘problem’ after all. It seemed the only ones who didn’t mind their presence were the dragon-kin.

Ewan walked along with the group, easily falling in step. He looked to the princess as her voice asked him about being a rancher. He gave a smile,
“I take care of animals, ma’am,” he wasn’t used to saying princess, wasn’t sure how to go about addressing royalty, really. “I do some farming on the side, but I mostly just tend to the well-being of animals like, cows and pigs and horses. I give horse riding lessons on the side, too,” and he smiled, just a bit embarrassed then, “Ah, I’m rambling a little, I’m sorry, ma’am,” an inclination of his head.

Brenyan, in all his good will, thought it would be a good idea to address Noah,
“I’m sorry, about earlier,” he must have upset him. He didn’t notice the look Elisha passed him, wary, worried, as Elisha walked by those sticking to the back of the group. “Um, is there any way I can help you to feel more comfortable here?”

Elisha was silent, thinking, arms folded over his chest. Unconsciously he’d fallen in step with Clara as they both seemed overwhelmed with what was occurring, and slowly starting to accept what was happening.
‘It can’t be.’ His mind insisted. He shook his head. He asked, “What were you doing before this?” As if some truth about actions prior to this would tell him it was, indeed, a dream.
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan's mock diplomacy gave way to actual amusement when she asked about his scales. "They do indeed. Children of the Deep Forest are dragon born and what dragon doesn't have at least a few scales? Do you have dragons in your world, Dame Gabrielle?"

Agatha was still taking in all of the strange creatures when he came up next to her. Ajit. He had made a point of saying he wasn't human. Somehow it had sounded more like a warning than a defense against possible insult. She wasn't sure why being other than human would require more warning than being one but she was biased on the matter.

He invited her to walk with him and she did. Her lips parted to respond when the Siren took off, stealing her attention for a moment when she watched the other woman fly. Agatha smiled a little. "My life wasn't going well." She admitted. "This looks like a better alternative." Better than death. "I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't know much about your world to know how different it is." Her smile grew a little. "We don't have as much variety in people though. It's just us and animals." She looked around at the others moving, all walking toward some unknown point. Nerves made her muscles tight. "Where are we going?"

"No need to apologize." Fayin's voice assured as they walked. "There is much farming in Tarn." The voice smiled with the mouth that did not move. "And we have fine horses, though I admit I have never ridden one myself." She spoke in singulars at all times, either because her Voice was a part of her or because she was nothing at all. The intricate details of Voices were a well kept secret of Tarn. "You said you had a family in your world, I am sorry that this has taken you from them. Do you have many children?" Farmers in Tarn often had many children.

Noah glowered at Brenyan before sucking air between his teeth and starting to walk. "Yeah." Was his reply to an apology, his arms comfortably crossed over his body. "I don't know, since going home is off the table for a while." He sighed, this couldn't be real. "What are you planning to do with us?" His legs became stiffer but he kept walking, now wondering if it wasn't to a prison cell.

Clara looked at the priest and smiled a little. "I was jumping into the ocean off Spain like a moron." She admitted before her smile tapered off into a frown. "They'll think I drowned." She realized aloud before sighing and rubbing a hand against her cheek the way her mother usually did when she was stressed. She smiled a little, sadly this time. "In fact, if my mother has heard about it, she's probably talking to a priest right now too. She's a big believer." She said as though that were special and then looked at him apologetically. "What were you doing?"

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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‘Dragons!’ Gabrielle imagined the answer written on her face as her eyes widened in excitement, in awe.  “No,” she told him, “There are no dragons. They’re just stories,” and all those stories were running through her head, wondering if any of them might be real. They were starting to stir up others, stories on mermaids, kitsunes, rakshasas, and every other thing Earth didn’t have.

‘What dragon has human looking children?’
Webcomic, Exiern. Would it be rude to ask? Did she want to know? It wouldn’t leave her mind if she didn’t ask. Begin by expressing ignorance, “Forgive me this, but my conceptions of dragons may be quite off—are you a full blooded dragon, Morgan?” He was certainly warm enough to be a fire-breathing creature in a shifted guise.

Ajit did not expect her answer, her quiet demeanor making it seem like she was the sort who did not get in trouble. Noah was the one, if any, who should have liked being here.
‘Not that humans have ever made sense.’ Too true. Perhaps this woman was important in her world. The Dame and Clara felt that way, as did the Father. “We are going to neutral grounds, I believe we are calling it the Manor of Peace now.” So uncreative. He’d offered much better ideas. “It is the only place anything diplomatic gets done here. The others don’t really like sudden, uncalled for meetings by trespassers. The Siren knows that best,” he smiled, as if he had no idea about any of that. “It is…ah, there.”

The illusion points out, down the hill they’d ascended, where the Siren was already. It was a large estate, appeared more of a castle from here than a manor. Quite a bit of money had been put into it, though. The elaborate gardens behind it could be seen from this point, too.
“We strive for peace. There have been few violent scuffles between those who choose to meet here.” Something Ajit’s father was none too pleased with. Warmonger, just like his now-sick elder brother. All they desired was land, for resources, for research, for—well, Ajit didn’t know. He lost track and care around there.

Ewan smiled, but it became sad quickly,
“Yes, ma’am,” he answered, “I have my daughter, Peony, and my son, Devin. My beautiful wife who gave me those two is Rosa.” He thought of them now, of his wife who was going to be frantic. The cops would be called. A missing persons report would be filed. His daughter would be too stressed to do well at the spelling bee.

He had to wipe at his eyes.
“I don’t suppose this mess can be solved quick like, ma’am?” Though if these people, this variety, couldn’t solve it, he was not sure if he could.

Brenyan grimaced at the way Noah’s question was put.
“We are taking you to the Manor of Peace,” he liked the name. “We’ll let you eat, rest, and get settled in this neutral place. We’ll answer all your questions about what we know,” he offered, “We aren’t going to do anything to you. Really, we can’t make you do as we’re asking,” they could threaten, they could bribe, but in the end it was the decision of the champions to answer the call. “But we would like it.”

Elisha’s eyes lit with a bit of amusement at the woman’s phrasing and activity
. “I hope your mother finds someone kind,” not all were in these situations. He’d heard too many spout that people were in hell. It was not their place to make that sort of judgment. That belonged to Him alone. “I was just going to get coffee,” an embarrassed smile, “I think the steps were still a bit icy. Rhode Island, United States. I slipped and fell, and ended up hitting grass instead of concrete,” he shook his head. “I guess this could still be a coma-induced dream.” Though he had no idea about the others, at least one other person got here through semi-traumatic means.

He ascended the hill and looked down at the place they were going. It was large, astoundingly so.
“Do you think another trauma would wake us up?” He humored the thought as he began to walk down into the valley. Would God blame him for suicide if he killed himself that way, or would his intentions matter? Worries, worries. He should have asked more questions about flagellants.
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan grinned, exposing slight fangs at the corner of his smile. Stories. Dragons made up many stories in Skuld as well, but those stories were remembered by old skeletons, ruined cities and the children of the Deep Forest. She seemed amused by his heritage and his ego as well as his pride could not resist. "No, I am not full blooded dragon, but I am as full blooded as can be found." He assured. "What do you do in your world?" His smile never faltered. "How drastically have we altered your day?"

Agatha followed the direction Ajit pointed and took in the estate as they neared it. Peace. That was what they associated it to but it had been her experience that when things needed to be named for Peace, they rarely housed it. The tension between the different groups of people that walked with them toward the estate was thick, making her skin hurt. She had too many questions and none of them seemed appropriate. She looked at the woman that had introduced herself as a mermaid and for the first time, Agatha realize that she must look awful in comparison. It had not been a good morning. "When they go home, after we help you," She found herself asking, not quite realizing that she said 'they' rather than 'we'. "will they return to the same time and place they left?" Agatha smiled a little and shook her head. "I suppose that's not something you could know from here."

Fayin smiled apologetically at the rancher. "I fear the timing of things is in your hands more than mine." The Voice said, walking close at her mistress' side. "The sooner it is resolved, the better for us both." Fayin's Voice lifted looked up then, only the movement of her gaze from the grass in front of her lady's slippers up to the man's face. It was a second of gold eyes through dark lashes that not even Fayin noticed.

Noah sighed, watching the women ahead of them as the man in the robes talked. It was odd. The princess looked like a doll but why couldn't she speak? Was she a mute? How did the other woman know what to say? He frowned, suddenly worried she might be able to read thoughts. It wouldn't be the strangest thing he'd seen today. "Food doesn't sound like a bad idea." He admitted, sounding more than a little disappointed in his own lack of complaints.

Clara smiled when the father speculated about being caught in a coma-induced dream. It wasn't far from her own theory that she had been kidnapped and drugged. She laughed when he suggested a second trauma and a hand came up to cover her mouth. It was the first time she'd laughed since she landed and it was a relief to feel it break away some of the tension in her muscles. "I don't know, but I'm not going to be the one to whack a priest in the back of the head. Forgive me." She smiled at him. "I suppose we could give it a day. See if we wake on our own and if that doesn't work, revisit the idea. Although I think we'd be safer if you struck me. Somehow I imagine god might be more lenient toward you for accidentally killing a stray lamb than he would be toward the lamb that killed the shepard."

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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So, for all intents and purposes, Gabrielle was walking with a dragon. Her smile widened at his revelation. Not full-blooded, and apparently there were none moreso than him. He had to be royalty then, or someone important. ‘I’m sure everyone here is somehow important.’ Her mind reasoned blood might not play as large a role here as it did elsewhere. He might be important, but perhaps not akin to royalty.

Her mind felt like betraying her, though without understanding. The bonds of Earth no longer held it tight here, and she was a curious sort. Gabrielle felt a chill pass through the hand touching Morgan, a pain in her head that passed almost as quickly as it came. She associated both with a breeze that never occurred. In truth, it was a second dialogue attempting to open itself. If Morgan were paying attention, it would be easy to notice, and easier to catch the thoughts in her own head, if he wished to listen to such things.

It was one way. Gabrielle's mind had no understanding of the minds of others, and thus, no understanding of how to read them.

“Well, while my family waits patiently for approximately 15 others to die so that they may inherit the throne,”
her father had done the math once. She supposed in the scheme of things, only 15 families wasn’t so bad—really, it was higher than it should be. ‘What was the story? Illegitimate kids of a king acknowledged to make his mistress happy?’ Something like that. “I’ve become a scholar. I travel and I learn about others for my homeland,” it could almost sound like spying. That sounded better. She should have gone with that. Anthropological Linguist didn't sound half as cool. “I wasn’t doing anything important, though. I was,” she frowned, “Do you have amusement parks here?” She had no idea if he’d understand the terminology. In truth her day hadn’t been horribly altered. She was going to see a talking mouse and a woman who turned into a dragon. She was more or less doing that now.

The question was considered. Ajit had a good enough understanding of magic. Under the illusion, one of his arms moved to his chin, while another crossed over his chest. The illusion did not mime this movement.
“Not the same time, but it is likely you would pop back up in the same places. Unfortunately, time will move without you,” he knew that would bother the rancher, “I cannot estimate how much time. I know not how our worlds compare.” He did not point out the they, but he noticed it. “Where were you?” Somewhere she did not wish to return to, evidently.

Ewan did notice the movement, and he sensed even then it was something unusual. He moved a hand behind his head,
“I guess it is up to us,” he glanced between the other humans with him. How would their personalities mix? Would they be able to work together to get this done quickly? “I don’t know how we can do it if you all cannot. I can’t fly, for one,” he laughed a little. Flying, compared to what he imagined all of these people could do, was likely nothing fantastic.

Brenyan was pleased that he considered food a good idea.
“Oh, good! There will certainly be food there for…us.” Odd, really. Did humans on earth eat the same as humans here? “Well, I hope there aren’t drastic differences. What is it you usually eat?” Perhaps the chefs could be given directions from the humans in making food like that of their home. That would make them more comfortable, wouldn’t it?

The laughter startled the poor father, but he smiled genially as she began to speak, ask forgiveness. How common. How normal.
“Oh, I’d rather a lost sheep whack me,” he said, “At least I am prepared for death.” It was a lie, but he couldn’t admit that. Clerics didn’t confess when they lacked faith. He’d learned that lesson and held to it. “But I see your point. We shall give this time and consider what to do on the next day.”

He didn’t really want to be whacked anyway. If it failed, then…well, neither purgatory nor the inferno were good places to go. He wasn’t sure where he’d end up between the two, though he knew which places he would end up in either.
‘Oh, Dante.’


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan was grinning at her approximation of a her nearness to a throne in relation to the number of people that would have to die before her own family could sit on it. It was a familiar notion that he found endlessly amusing to hear relayed by a human. Thrones were not so desirable by the dragon children. Something in them always saw a throne as a challenge, the one on it always held their chin too high while sitting and it sparked something in all dragon born that lead to the desire to pull them down and break their chair.

Dragons loved gold and devious actions. It was the destruction of power they craved more than the power itself. They had never had illusions of being able to rule anyone else. They kept their forest and their strange freedom and on occasion, roamed to take more from others. Any excess of wealth tossed about before the eye of the world felt like a challenge to them. And they loved to accept challenges.

He laughed a little when she tried to remember something about a mistress and turned his head toward her to reply when he caught her still mouth just before she started on another subject. He watched her while she spoke this time and this time he tensed at the feel of her thoughts trailing her words. Dark eyes watched her but she didn’t seem to know. Her thoughts were natural, even amusing, but they were flittering across his as though they might be his own.

His first impulse was to pull away from her, maybe even push her away from him for the intrusion but she didn’t seem to be reading his thoughts. She was only opening hers. It was proof of what the old stories said, that the humans were powerful creatures. So he smothered his first impulse and continued to walk her toward the estate. The point of coming to this place had been to keep an eye on what happened and maybe even win his people the favor of a human. “Amusement parks?” He repeated after her and a cascade of images rolled through his thoughts. Cotton candy and roller coasters and children. Bright colors and adults wearing costumes to please babes. “No.” He smiled and shook his head. “I fear we do not. Were you going to this park alone? Only fifteenth from the throne and you don’t have a guard?” He half joked. Even in Skuld, fifteen was not so close. Though, of course, he had seen men kill more to get a chair.

Agatha listened carefully to Ajit’s theories on the matter of returning and nodded slowly. Her stomach twisted. How cruel it would be to be sent back. Cruel, but maybe not unfair. He asked where she was and she looked at him, a little surprised. She smiled and wondered if she should lie. She had never been a good liar. If she had been, she might not have died this morning. She looked ahead again, at the others. “About three stories off the ground.” She heard herself admit and turned her head again to look at him with that smile, the one that was somewhere between apologetic and defiant. “You see, waking here wasn’t so bad when I thought I’d died.”

Fayin smiled at his words. “You can not fly yet, anyway.” Her Voice mused. “You may find that many things are different here.”

Noah had his arms firmly crossed, watching with interest the moving limbs of a mermaid. Not exactly what he would have expected. “I don’t know.” He muttered in thought of food. “Do you have burgers? Sausage? Chips?” He suddenly hoped these people weren’t a bunch of vegetarians.

Clara felt her smile drop away when she watched the father speak. She turned her face forward again so as not to stare. There was something about him that lacked the reassurance other priests had offered. She had spent plenty of time in churches with her family. The way this priest spoke didn’t feel like an absolute truth but thoughts spoken aloud. It was fair, she supposed, and if she wasn’t in a place so unfamiliar she might have welcomed the oddity with great interest.

She could see the estate now, at the bottom of the sloping valley and beyond the others. Why did she let herself walk at the back of this group? Oh, right, to see them before they saw her. She had been studying them since they started talking. It was easy enough to figure out who was allied with who and which were closer to enemies than associates. She wasn’t sure what they were going to expect her and the others to do for them, but she was sure about her doubts when it came to their collective motivation. Some things were not so different from her world and it seemed already that the nature of politics were one of those universal truths.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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‘Only fifteenth.’ No one considered fifteenth close, but there was a suggestion in his eyes of it being otherwise, at least now and then, here. “I have brothers, they’re far more of a threat than me to the throne, unless I marry above my station,” Gabrielle answered. Such was not impossible. Perhaps if she’d actually put effort into the game, she could be seeing one of the princes.

Her mind continued its betrayal, trailing thoughts of the three brothers she had, only one younger. No guards. Their family was wholly ignored in the game of posturing and politics, a good position to take power unnoticed.
“It is a shame this world doesn’t have amusement parks, though,” she noted. “What is it that is done for fun?” She imagined harvest festivals and things of that sort as they crossed into the area marked off as the manor of peace.

‘Like the United Nations?’
Her mind tried to draw the parallel, brows knitting together briefly. The door before them was left open, the Siren already within and moving about to see that food was being prepared and an appropriate number of rooms prepared. Her sing-song voice reached outside. 'And just who is she?'

The illusion’s eyebrows lifted in surprise at what Agatha had to say.
“Well, that is not a good position no matter how you look at it,” he agreed. “Perhaps we can see about having this magic send you all to one place. I believe it must be possible,” he played on the idea that she still wanted to return, though he got the distinct feeling she might not. This was a fresh start, and no one here wanted her dead. She would be lauded and applauded, here. “Or, I suppose, you could stay,” he added it as an afterthought.

It would be good to get some of them to stay, if they could be turned to his side. He doubted he was the only one thinking that. The humans would be powerful allies to have, even other rakshasas would grudgingly admit as much.
‘Though how long until they wake up?’ He imagined it might vary by the human. He caught the Voice’s words to the Rancher. ‘Him? No.’ He had theories about which humans filled which champion’s shoes. He didn’t think the rancher was going to be flying.

Ewan didn’t think so, either. He smiled,
“I have noticed that already about this world. We do not have people such as all of you in my world,” and so he supposed he might even be changed in this world, though his gaze trailed back to Brenyan. He seemed human. He seemed rather…unpowerful, too, despite being the Speaker to them. He imagined Brenyan the rule for humans. ‘He might have secrets.’

Brenyan did have secrets, though most made sense and were understood in this world. Faith brought power. It was almost that simple. Brenyan had fantastic power at his fingertips, but he could never claim it as his own as Morgan or Ajit could.

Presently, he was only thinking over the term ‘burger’. He did not notice his companion's occupation with the mermaid, who was managing better with walking than earlier. Even so, a man remained near her in case she stumbled.
“I do not know if we have this burger,” he began slowly, “But we have sausage of pig and cow, and chips of potatoes,” he answered Noah, adding what they came from to see if that would be similar to what Noah knew. They crossed into the manor’s land, “I could see that these things are prepared for you?”

The Father let his attention drift to the people, as well. They were at last coming into the manor, and he wondered if things would get any better after they’d had a meal. He noticed most of the others were talking with their strange hosts. He could not see the divisions the way that Clara could.
‘What faith is here?’ He found himself wondering instead, eyes shifting to Brenyan and Noah. Was he witnessing? It didn’t look like it.

‘Do they share one?’
Somehow he found it hard to imagine that they did, but he wondered. They believed in this same prophecy. They had come together with this man of the cloth. Perhaps it would be good to know if the word of his God made it to this place or not. ‘If they have such power from another….’ It worried him. 
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan found quickly that he enjoyed her unawareness to her own ability.The things she thought were much more interesting than the things she said. So the world of humans was much like many kingdoms in Skuld- power dictated by birth rights and marriage. Absurd but not uncommon. The dragon born had no king. By nature, they had a certain taste for royalty that involved brutality and death. Many of their kind didn’t even leave the Deep Forest unless they were warring because old natures were hard to overcome.

Morgan was strong in many ways, making him a symbol for his people and an ambassador of sorts. He had a talent for laughing at rather than eating diplomats. One day, he imagined very very far from now, there would be another dragon born stronger than he and then they would be they symbol of their people.

Fun. She asked what was fun. He smiled at her thought of harvest festivals. They existed of course, different in different lands. In the Deep Forest they had the season’s hunt- the first of the seasons and the festival of eating and fire that followed. Compared to her thoughts, he did not imagine that this was what she would want. “With every season there are different festivities. Many kingdoms enjoy throwing balls. I’ve found a few even play games, some outside and some on intricately designed boards.” He laughed a little, because these he had found exceptionally eccentric.

He followed her eye to the estate. “Busy creature, isn’t she?” He remarked about the Siren. “She compensates for the status of her people. I do not understand why.” He explained with a certain lack of malice. “They are honest things- Sirens.”

Agatha looked at Ajit, again reminding herself that he was not what he seemed. “Maybe.” She found herself saying rather than leaping at the idea of staying. The closer she got to the house the more she realized she should at least attempt to understand what she was in for before making agreements.

“This world changes your kind. Do not be alarmed.” Fayin’s voice warned gently. “And what a shame that your world does not have such a variety.” She smiled diplomatically. “It has been a hassle at times but it is not something I would ever wish changed.”

Noah nodded to what the man was saying but was still watching with some distaste as the one woman with her head bowed continued to speak for the one with the smile. They weren’t the strangest things around but they were the closest. He looked up and saw the rancher looking at Brenyan. Noah couldn’t understand why. He was the least odd thing around. “I’m sure I’ll find something.” He muttered, feeling a little more tense and less like arguing now that they approached the wide open doors of the estate. People at the front were beginning to pour in.

Clara felt the silence when the priest stopped talking. He seemed to be the sort to loose himself to thought. She supposed that fit well, given his career choice. Her mother would have scolded her for thinking of it as a career.

Clara leaned her head to the side to look past a few others, to see the hallway inside coming to life. It looked like a banquet hall. She let out a sigh and wondered how long she was going to have to stay wet and shoeless. If she had known she’d be traveling to another world today she would have dressed differently. As the crowd narrowed, closing in on one another to enter, she felt the tension build in some of them. These people were not all friends.

Someone shouted something in a language Clara was certain she had never heard before. Her head turned to the side just in time to see one creature, upright and covered in fur with features not unlike a lion, shove another. She felt her skin tighten, the lean muscles beneath flexing in anticipation. They were large things and too close. It took seconds for the shoving to grow. A fist flew and the body it struck fell backward toward her.

Clara inhaled. How many times was she going to be knocked over today? Surely this brute would crush her. She considered death beneath unknown creature just before she realized nothing had touched her. She looked up and there his shoulders were, leaned back and just over her head. His whole body was tipped and there was a collective inhale the the few far enough to the back of this gathering to notice. He seemed to be propped against something invisible around her. With the impulse to get him away from her and get moving again before this drew any more attention, that invisible hold on him pushed him forward and away from her.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Images of balls back home came to mind, which quickly shifted to masquerades in particular, much more fun than the others. Games were more interesting, though. She usually won, card games, board games—Risk and Monopoly were favorites. “I want to see these games,” but as she spoke Morgan’s attention shifted to where hers had been.

He seemed to speak to her visual cue, now.
“Honest how?” Sirens in her world hadn’t been considered honest. Images of merpeople came but were abolished almost as quickly for an older one, a vase painting she’d seen that held the sirens as creature more like the one before her, with a bird’s bottom half and wings, but a woman’s torso and head. They sang, and brought people to their death. People crashed their boats into the rocks and languished, died, listening to the song. Imagination created the image where memory could not.

On the threshold, there was the sound of an argument, a fight. Gabrielle turned her head, and saw the one start to fall. There was an immediate reaction to move, even if she could do nothing about what was going to happen from where she was. Two things happened then. The falling one was held in position, an oddity Gabrielle recognized for what it was but did not imagine it came from Clara. Then there was a feeling of ‘breaking’ as she almost pulled away from Morgan in her move. Her mind sent out the warning that it was going to hurt if she left Morgan, for the connection would snap. It felt the pressure of the connection being pulled, like a rubber band that eventually snapped if pulled too far.

The only issue was, of course, that Gabrielle didn’t understand, and certainly didn’t know how to retract the connection. She understood the immediate flash of warning, and as there was no need for her to get involved, she opted not to. Besides, he was warm. Her mind found other ways to rationalize it.
“Right at the peace place, too.”

Right inside, as well, the Siren heard such words.
“Welcome to Skuld,” her tone was full of derision then. That was completely expected for this world, it seemed. “Food is prepared,” the scent of it was in the air, cooked and savory meats particularly powerful, but herbs also danced in the air. “The rooms are all on the upper level,” and she was walking down those stairs now.

At the ‘maybe’, the Illusion smiled, and so did Ajit.
“It is not so bad as it looks here, though I suppose I know little of your world. Only what I have read.”

He could smell food, and stepped inside shortly after Morgan, along with the Rancher and the Tarn.
“Are we allowed to eat now, Siren?”

She was at the base of the stairs.
“I don’t care.” Her kind weren’t proper and didn’t wait on others. In that way, she was still honest. “You dictate the terms of what is polite and when, not I.” She’d humored them whenever she was a guest and had a complaint, but generally, she ate whenever she wanted.

“I suppose Brenyan would be upset if we started before he blessed it,”
amusement. “So concerned someone will poison him. As if I’d ever stoop so low.” He would. He would a thousand times.

‘Yes you would.’ Gabrielle certainly saw through that much of him. The Siren gave Ajit a look, too, that suggested she was not amused.

“Ruin the food and I’ll rip one of your hands off, Ajit.”

“Is that all?” They grew back. “Which cup is Morgan’s? I ought to make this worth it.”

Now she knew he was joking. The Siren gave him a wry smile.

‘Changes your kind?’
The thought repeated over and over as Ewan looked back to see the fight ended. He let out a sigh of relief. “Well, I hope it doesn’t change us too much. I kinda like who I am.” They were starting to move into the house. He allowed the Voice and Fayin to go inside first.

On entering, there was conversation of food. He could smell it. It wasn’t half as good as what waited for him back home.
“I’d like to get a shower if I could, before I eat,” Ewan was about to do that back home, it didn’t seem right if he ate before he got cleaned up.

Brenyan wouldn’t have approved of Ajit’s jokes if he had heard. He was not yet inside, though, but he could smell the food.
“I’ll tell you what anything is, if you have questions,” Brenyan offered to Noah. He couldn’t help much, but he could try to help the man understand things, even if it was as simple as food.

The Priest had tensed when he first heard the sounds of the fight. It drew him from his thoughts. He tried to work his way around it, only to see that Clara was keeping the same path. Before he could say anything, though, the body fell. He stepped forward to try and do something, but found instead the body remained upright.

He blinked, confused.
‘What?’ His mind drew up the term to explain it, and also moved to the Force, but it still didn’t compute. ‘Who? How?’ His eyes scanned the area, only to fall on Clara once more as the body was pushed forward and away.

Elisha waited for her to start moving again. He fell in step. He asked,
“Did you do that?”
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan enjoyed his access to her thoughts, especially since she didn’t seem to notice. It made conversation much more interesting. He smiled discretely at her thoughts on sirens. “They want to survive and they want to eat. They are not as complicated or deceptive as other kingdoms. If they dislike you, you will likely know it.” He would have added that his reason for considering them honest creatures was that they would more likely gut you right there for your offense than wait a week and poison you, but somehow he didn’t think this would be appreciated by the human noble.

He felt her mind starting to draw from his, it was not a pleasant feeling but he resisted the urge to cringe or snarl. She didn’t notice the connection and he wasn’t going to tell her. When she returned to his arm rather than pulling completely away he let out a breath, never losing their pace toward the Siren. “What can I say, not everyone is as peaceable as I am.” Morgan said it so that the Siren would hear as well. He stopped with Gabrielle on his arm in front of the Siren, the banquet hall to one side and the stairs to another.

He turned his head down to look at her. “Would you like to eat or should I show you to your room first?” It might have been presumptuous but he was a dragon.

Agatha looked at Ajit with some surprise in her blue eyes. “Read? You have writings about my world?” She couldn’t resist smiling then. They were standing close to other human, Gabrielle and the dragon that Agatha was not particularly fond of. The Siren sounded annoyed but she wasn’t sure if that was abnormal.

Ajit commented on Brenyan blessing the food and made a remark about how he wouldn’t stoop so low as to poison it. The dragon laughed abruptly, like everyone else she would assume it was because of his familiarity with Ajit and not because of what he overheard the woman on his arm thinking.

Agatha paled at the Siren’s threat. She wasn’t sure how much was just words between these people but somehow nothing the Siren said seemed like a joke.

Fayin smiled but said nothing in reply to Ewan’s remark about not wanting to change too much. She stopped inside the hall, closer to the others now and turned, skirts always managing to twist in just the right way around her. Those large eyes looked up at the rancher kindly and her voice replied, “Of course. You will have a suit of rooms up stairs.” Fayin gestured and a valet with features much like her own and similar stitching on his vests came. “Harlan will be glad to show you all around upstairs and settle you in, if you like. No reason for us all to crowd the hallways.” Fayin’s voice said gently, her eyes moving from their guests to their expanse of diplomats, ambassadors and envoys.

Noah had nodded and smiled a little, clapping Brenyan on the back briefly. “Thanks. I’ll probably need it.” He started to move away from him and toward the valet that was going to show them upstairs but paused, hesitating, his lip curling a little before he looked back. “And sorry about before.” He muttered.

Clara had blinked at the father. Had she done that? “Of course not.” She answered automatically though something in the still tingling of her skin told her it wasn’t true. “How could I?” She laughed a little and then let out a sigh of relief when they mentioned rooms.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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The illusion answered Agatha, “Yes, we have writings on your world. Are there no writings in your world of fantastical places that people do not believe exist?” Few here had believed it, but Ajit had been one of those to believe it, something that he knew still bewildered Brenyan.

While his illusion appeared engaged, Ajit was distracted. His real eyebrow arched at Morgan’s amusement, if only because it seemed more. Not unusual, no, the words he said often led to such reactions. He noted the smile the woman tried to hide, as if his laugh gave her permission to show something of what was inside.
‘Hm.’ He heard the Father’s question and Clara’s answer.

He thought these two women could stand for two of the prophetic figures, and his mind began to sort them rather quickly then. She had done something visible, but not. He saw the Father’s doubt written on his face, but the man did not speak up to contradict Clara. He made note of what that meant she wasn’t and sorted her into the other category. That would leave the other woman as someone who’s talents would be difficult for the eye to see.

At noting Agatha paling, he also added,
“You are scaring her, Siren.”

The woman passed her eyes over Agatha,
“I mean you no harm.”

Gabrielle did take comfort in finding the idea that Ajit wouldn’t poison everyone was funny. It was also worrisome. He was dishonest, where the Siren was rather...openly honest. It was in her threat to Ajit, and Gabrielle didn't know why, but she focused on the word,
'Hands?' just for the way the Siren chose to say it. She only saw two, of course, but Ajit had warned he was far from human.

She wasn’t so sure about the food now. Blessings in her world didn’t keep food safe.
“Is there tea?” ‘Your British is showing.’ They didn’t know that. They didn’t know what British was. Well, the others did. She was living her stereotype, wasn’t she? ‘Damn it.’

“Yes, there is tea.” The Siren answered, blinked, considered, “What sorts of tea do you like?” There was caution, concern about whether or not they were speaking the same language then present.

“Black tea?”
Gabrielle showed equal concern as she heard it in the Siren. What could tea be if not a hot beverage?

There was a smile. The Siren nodded, as if that confirmed they were on the same page.
“It shall be made.” And she turned from Ajit and the others.

“Food.” She told Morgan then, as if tea settled the decision. She was not hungry, for she had just eaten breakfast in her world, but tea would be welcome.

Brenyan was not long behind her. The clap to the back had nearly off-balanced him, and he shook his head at the apology, but didn’t it away.
“Thank you. You are forgiven,” he saw Noah’s intent by his choice to move towards the valet. He had to move towards the food. He did have a job. Blessing here did have an effect. His God would remove any traces of toxins that would harm them, and protect them against further poisonings. They were all very lucky he wasn’t the vindictive sort. He could ‘poison’ it against heathens.

The Rancher smiled kindly at Fayin as she looked up and her voice spoke. He looked to Harlan and nodded, then back to her,
“Thank you, ma’am,” he said. “I would like that.” It seemed Noah had the same idea, for he moved towards Harlan as well.

Elisha hesitated either way. He tried not to look doubtful at Clara’s quick answer, but knew he didn’t succeed. He chose not to comment, nor to argue.
‘We were brought here for a reason.’ There would be something special about each of them, wouldn’t there?

He was dreaming.
‘I am nothing special.’ He must have been wrong. Perhaps he should have died and not that woman.

Harlan looked like Fayin, but the other cleric was moving towards the food. He heard tea mentioned. He didn’t need tea, but he did want something to drink, something warm.
“Drinks sounds good,” he did say that aloud, but a glance to Clara made him suspect she’d want a room first. “I will see you in a little bit?” Perhaps she would sleep, though, rather than just acquiring a change of clothes and rejoin them all for food.
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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Clara smiled at the Father and nodded. "Hopefully I won't take too long." She commented before starting toward the other two men and the smaller well dressed one at the bottom of the stairs. She knew the Father suspected she had been lying. She only realized it was a lie herself after she said it. Who else could have done it? But it didn't bother her too much. It wasn't like it was the first time she'd lied to a  member of the clergy. Honestly, lying to her parents was a much more terrifying prospect as a child. God might be forgiving but her father certainly wasn't.

Harlan smiled warmly but not excessively. "This way." He said simply and started up the stairs. "There is a full staff upstairs to bring you clothing and anything else you might need. We have tried to prepare for your visit."

"Visit." Noah muttered the word a little bitterly but Harlan never seemed to notice.

Morgan turned himself and the Dame away from the stairs and toward the banquet hall that was quickly filling. All eyes had a habit of following the guests, which only made Morgan more pleased with himself for being in that focal spot as well. "Where would you like to sit?" He asked before smiling a little deviously and leaning his head down, closer to her ear. "We could shoo anyone out of their seats if you desired the spot. They wouldn't even be able to grumble about it."

Agatha thought it strange to try to imagine fantasy literature as historical. It made her wonder how accurate the books Ajit had about Earth could be. The group was splitting up. She felt suddenly panicked in that spot between stairs and the hall of food. Which was safer? The question seemed absurd because neither was. She found herself stuck. She wasn't really used to making decisions. The last one she made resulted in her being dropped off the side of a building.

Morgan had tossed a look back to check on Ajit's position in the room. He liked to keep track of his favorite competition. The dragon couldn't resist smirking. The pale girl with the bruised cheek looking out of sorts. 'I told you that one was broken.' He thought before looking at his human again. "Do all of your kind cherish tea?"

Fayin was moving into the room, passing Ajit and happening to fall into line beside Elisha. "It is an interesting title for a holy man- Father." Her Voice spoke gently. "Do parents not take such titles in your land?"

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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They continued together into the dining area where all the food seemed familiar. It was a little disappointing. While Gabrielle required tea, she wanted something not of her own world to eat. The priest here moved to the head of the table and clasped his hands together, bowed his head.

Expected. Gabrielle removed her attention from him as Morgan inquired on location, and offered more in a whisper. She wasn’t certain if it was his breath or her own reaction to it that warmed her cheeks, and she quickly distracted herself with figuring out just where she wanted to sit. She answered his other query, while figuring it out.
“A lot of people back home cherish tea.” ‘You shame your family if you can’t make a proper cup of tea. You fail at being British if you can’t make tea.’ “Do you like tea?”

She would give him time to answer before saying,
“I want to sit where the foxes are.” They were already sitting, and she wanted to test his theory of how easy it would be to acquire a seat. An image from the internet flashed through her vision, Hitler stealing the seat of someone and that person just staring at Hitler, knowing there was nothing that could be done. The image amused her. The possibility interested her.

Besides, they had good seats near the center of the table.

Elisha glanced at the Voice as it spoke, before recalling it was speaking for the princess. He wasn’t sure who he ought to look at in answering. He was used to speaking to those who spoke for themselves.
“Parents, er, also take such titles, yes.” He managed to look at the princess. “Though lots of children tend to use the more casual ‘dad’ with their parents, or some variant of it. We’re called Fathers to play to that paternal relationship and trust.” He shouldn’t say it like that. That sounded bad.

His eyes were caught by a glow coming from the man at the head of the table, Brenyan. He stopped dead in his tracks as he observed the glow grow around his hands.
“What is…?” Magic. Magic!

Brenyan continued to speak his prayer under his breath as he slowly lifted his hands, the glow moving with them, before it lifted up from his body.

Elisha remained frozen as his heart began to shatter.
‘Have I been…wrong?’ Perhaps what was most surprising, was that no one seemed surprised.

Ajit caught Morgan’s, but didn't allow his illusion to respond. It bothered him only a little. Ajit decided not to offer a choice to Agatha’s confusion, but to narrow it down sensibly.
“When was the last time you ate?” Her attire seemed fine, there was need for her to go change, no need to clean up. It might be comforting to her if she had eaten recently, though, to explore the upper floors first.


Ewan followed Harlan with the others, noted,
“New clothing might be good. These are a bit dirty now.” He wasn’t sure what was expected in this world so far as dinner attire, either. He suspected it would be just fine, if only because he was new. He didn’t want to take advantage of that, though. He’d try to respect the customs as he learned them.

‘What customs there are….’
Had not the Siren suggested as much? The question was who's rules were in play here.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Morgan shrugged casually, rolling a shoulder under the thin knit of his black sweater. “To be honest, if I’m going to drink water I prefer it without flavor. But I would certainly not deprive you of your tea.” The dragon assured.

She picked a spot and he smiled wide enough to show of the points of teeth. “As you desire.” He replied easily before pivoting them and starting toward the red haired creatures where they sat. The quieted and looked up when he neared. Mave ground and bared her teeth at the Drgaon when she looked up at him but said nothing. Aidan looked only at Gabrielle, just as he had in the field. His pupils were sharper at the tops and bottoms, forming black diamonds in his silver eyes.

“The Dame wants your seats.” Morgan said simply, voice easily heard even in a room as crowded with others as this one.

“There are-” Mave started before her brother stood, still looking at the human woman. His head bowed slightly and the company he kept stood as well, not wanting to remain seated while he stood.

“Enjoy them.” Aidan replied, lean body dressed in leather armor. He turned away from the seats and his companions followed. Mave was the last to move from where she stood, her cutting gaze sliding from the dragon to the human before she too turned away to follow her kind to a new spot.

Morgan laughed low and pulled out a chair for Gabrielle. ‘Always running away.’ He thought. ‘Too small for war.’ He noted, certain that was why the few Foxes of the world had taken to forming clans of assassins. They didn’t have the height for diplomacy or the numbers for battle. But they were patient creatures. Honestly, he would have liked them if they were not so small or sneaky. Aidan was perhaps the tallest he had seen and still the man was only as high as Fayin.

“A very well chosen spot.” He decided, one hand still on the back of the chair he’d pulled out for her, waiting to see if she would break their connection. Would it snap the moment she let go of his arm? A shame if it did, he dearly enjoyed her thoughts.

Fayin was watching Elisha when he spoke, her eyebrow lifting curiously at how he admitted the title was a ploy of sorts. Curious. Her head turned to follow his attention when he looked at Brenyan. He seemed alarmed by the blessing and she blinked her attention back at the human. “Do you not preform blessings in your world?” Fayin’s Voice asked curiously. What exactly did these ‘father’s’ do that made them as important as parents? “Are you feeling alright?” The Voice asked with more worry and Fayin gestured for someone to bring the man water.

Agatha looked into the busy hall, filling quickly with people and voices. She wasn’t hungry but she didn’t want to be rude. Still, her boots seemed planted on the floor where she stood, her body resistant to moving into that hall. The flames of the candles on the wall behind her shivered, not quite flickering but moving, stretching from where their wick perches toward her. She took a deep breath and let it out. The flames relaxed behind her.

Blue eyes turned to Ajit. She wondered what he really looked like. Everyone seemed to treat this face as a lie, even Ajit himself. “Would anyone mind if I took a look around, instead of sitting down just yet?”


Clara was more than impressed by the room she was shown. Maids rushed about inside to find clothing that would fit her. They wanted her opinion but she just wanted something dry. They took the opportunity to measure her while she changed and she resisted the urge to frown at their presumptuous hands. The maids seemed so stressed that she decided to just let them flutter about while she stripped off her wet dress with it’s grass straws and pulled on the pair of soft leather pants they brought her and the plush dark green sweater.

Warm and dry was exactly what they brought her, though they promised more lavish and well tailored clothing in the future. She had started braiding back her hair, it was still damp after all, when one of the maids quickly took the job from her, adding in a few pearls and pins while somehow doing the job faster than Clara ever could have.

When she was done, the maid curtsied and hurried away with the others. For a brief moment, Clara realized that she was alone. She took a deep breath and let it out before sitting on a chair to pull on the flat leather slippers they’d left for her. They looked like a pair she had at home. Home was a strange thought.

She heard the door open again and then close and this time she sighed, wondering what the whirlwind of maids could want to do to her now. She looked up and the man in her room was not a maid. He smiled and his huge mouth seemed to be crowded with teeth. He had gold skin and black eyes. Before she could stand he had rushed forward. The glint of the knife in his hand caught her eye and her ass hit the seat again just before a pulse of energy threw him back and into the wall, rattling a painting from where it hung.

With her breath still caught in her throat, Clara ran for the door and tore it open only to stare at another set of shark like teeth and coal eyes. One hand grabbed her throat, pushing her inside while his heel kicked the door shut again. He squeezed and the wardrobe against the wall cut across the space in front of her to slam against him, throwing him to the side.

The first was already standing and this time with a scream she fell back away from the slash of his knife, her back hitting the wall. The second was pushing the wardrobe away from his body to get out from under it. Panic rose in her chest and the walls started to shudder.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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‘Good, good.’ Had she been in England, she would have joked that Morgan would live when she took power. Now was not the time for such jokes, of course. She was way out of her league in this room alone.

Honest, the dragon was, and they took the seats. Aidan was not, and it was Aidan’s reaction that Gabrielle had been looking for. She already knew how Mave would react from the glimpse at her earlier. Aidan, she did not know. She was not disappointed, either.
“Thank you,” though she did feel a bit guilty, now. She had hoped it would be a reaction that wouldn’t leave her a bit disappointed in herself. Her gaze followed Aidan a moment, deciding she would get to know him a bit better, too.

The Siren, returning to the room at that point, eyed the human and the dragon for their decision to uproot others. The tea was brought out and the Siren motioned to who had wanted it most without speaking a word. There was a demand for water as the blessing broke over the table and came down as a shower of golden sparkles. She grabbed the water herself and approached Elisha, putting it in his hand before he realized what was happening. He drank of it on instinct.

The chair was pulled, Morgan’s note of the spot being good, and then another statement that seemed quieter, something about enjoying her thoughts. The tea was set near her place on the table, but she hardly noticed. She shot back a quizzical look to Morgan just before she released him. She had to ignore that feeling of strain, for there was no reason for it.

And then it snapped. The agony was new, unlike anything she’d ever felt before, far more than a headache. She staggered, her vision blurred, almost blackened. Her knees kept her standing only because her hand found the chair and clenched tight around the wood. She quickly moved herself into the chair so that she wouldn’t have to worry about that, but her vision remained blurry. She shut her eyes, thinking to rest them. Deep breath. Karma was quick in this world.

Elisha noticed, too, the reaction of Gabrielle. He thought it the blessing, though. That was what his mind wanted. He didn’t say so, but downed the cup of water quickly,
“Of course we perform blessings, but….” He still couldn’t believe it, “His, my God’s power, it doesn’t…this is magic, this isn’t a divine power.”

“Welcome to being one of the skeptics,”
the Siren believed as much about Brenyan’s so-called power, even if no mage had ever learned his talents. The gold fell over the room. The woman with Morgan looked like she was about to collapse, but managed to steady herself. The Siren, too, wondered if it was Brenyan’s fault. It could be culture shock setting in. “Either way, it removes poisons from the foods. We’ve had it tested enough here.” No meal was eaten without a blessing. “Don’t blessing in your world do something similar?”

Elisha couldn’t speak. His wide eyes said it all.
‘No.’ His blessings did nothing. His blessings were useless.

Ajit knew magic. He knew that what Brenyan did was not magic—not a sort he could ever know on his own. He also knew the movement of the flames and what they meant.
‘Oh, the broken one, Morgan?’ Now this was his area, this was one he could help in the future.

She asked a query, and Ajit shook the illusion’s head.
“No one would mind, but let me accompany you,” he offered, “You may lead as you like,” he would give no direction. There seemed a fuss in the hall, and Ajit peeked in, caught sight of Elisha first, who was clutching an empty cup to his chest, and then Gabrielle, who looked in agony.

If Morgan looked then, he might see the illusion grinning wickedly, throwing those words back at the dragon. It looked like Morgan’s human was broken now.


Ewan was also harassed by maids, when all he wanted was a shower. In the end, he managed to let them measure him for his sizes, and then let them lay out clothing on the bed for him to wear as he still wanted that shower first. He waited until they were all gone to actually disrobe, though.
‘Shower.’ Somehow, he hadn’t expected it. This world had running water, despite the appearances of being set in a time before that. ‘Well, the magic must help.’ For certainly magic replaced technology in some areas.

It was warm and wonderful. The grime of the day slid off of him and the water relaxed him as it fell over his head. He could have stayed there for an hour, certainly, but knew that wouldn’t be proper. There were people feasting, and he was hungry. His stomach growled its protest.

The water prevented Ewan from ever hearing the intruder who crept in. He didn’t see him until the curtain of the shower was pulled aside. Gold skin and black eyes. Ewan could barely react to save his life, and it wasn’t much of a reaction. The tub was slick, and he slipped as the knife was thrust forward. He fell, and the knife overshot him.

Fortunately, the force behind it was enough that the assailant nearly toppled into the tub. Ewan scrambled out and threw a punch once he was on his feet. It connected, knocking the man back into the wall. Ewan didn’t give up the advantage, but stepped forward and grabbed the man’s wrist, the one with the knife. A quick twist, disarming, and then Ewan threw the man to the ground.

The gold man wasn’t strong. He’d clearly hoped to win by surprise. Ewan pinned him, held a fist above his head,
“Who sent you?” He wouldn’t know the ‘who’ but a name would inform others.

The gold one held his tongue. Ewan heard a scream. He threw his fist down, twice, to make sure the other wouldn’t be getting up any time soon. He retrieved the knife from the floor, shoved his legs into the pants, and then ran to where he’d heard the scream. He threw the door open and found Clara there. He hardly noticed the walls shifting, moved instead to deal with the pinned one, intending to knock him out with a few punches as well. 


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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It had been hard not to grin when he heard the thought skitter across others- that she would let him live when she took power. It was a joke, he could taste that even in her thoughts, but it rang with a certain arrogance and pride that would serve her well in the times to come.

Morgan watched her as she watched the fox. She was interested in him and he wondered why. He could imagine many reasons anyone would be interested in foxes, whether it was for their skills as quiet killers or for their small, lean, bodies. But no matter how many reasons he thought of for their usefulness, it would not help him to learn what her interest was. Aidan was a cunning creature, not evil and not good. Foxes were the sort of things that survived the worst wars. There had been more than a few occasions that Morgan had stood on a field of corpses and looked across it to see a fox standing as well. And more than once that fox had been Aidan.

Not having a country made them dangerous and disliked by many. Though, kingdoms and countries that disliked the foxes still employed them.

Morgan bit back a snarl when she broke that line between them, turning his head away as though he was looking for something so she would not see. She struggled to stay standing and he struggled not to reach for her, uncertain if making contact again so soon would reconnect whatever link she had created. She sat and he sat beside her, leaning toward her. “Are you alright?” He asked quietly and it wasn’t purely polite. He looked past her and saw Aidan watching from their new seats. There was the slightest smile at the corner of the foxes mouth, as though he had learned something but Morgan wasn’t sure if it was about the Dame or himself.

Fayin was smiling gently at the priest, her head tipping a little to the side in what must have been a shouldless shrug. “Power is power.” Her Voice said. It didn’t sound awed or bothered, just resigned to a truth.

Fayin watched the Siren while she spoke, always with gentle eyes and then followed her gaze to Elisha again when she asked if blessings worked the same in his world. He seemed stricken. “I read once that magic does not exist in their world.” Her Voice said to the Siren, though whether it was Fayin or the Voice that read it would be a question never answered. Fayin picked up a cup of tea that had been poured for her and sipped it gently. Her Voice did not speak until she had swallowed. “What does divine power do in your world?”


Agatha smiled a little at his offer and nodded, starting up the stairs the same way the others had gone, if only because the move immediately brought her away from the crowd. She sighed a little when the new hallway proved to be quiet.

There was art on the walls, though there seemed to be a lack of continuity between them, as though everyone had wanted to put up something in the same spot. “You said your introduction wasn’t real.” She remembered, looking at the man next to her. “You said you were a prince and a representative of your people. Was that true?” She asked calmly, curious if she should believe his answer. “Was your name?”

She had turned them down another long empty hall. It looked like there was daylight in the room at the end of it, which promised windows.


Clara didn’t notice her door being thrown open. The creature grabbing at her was pulled off and she stared on as the rancher took his fist to that golden face. There was a storm of sounds in the hallway outside her door, maids crying out- hopefully to some sort of guard.

She found herself standing still. Her skin tingled and she looked at the dresser on the floor. She had moved that. She had moved them. Her head turned to look at the second just as he was picking up the knife from the floor. Her hand twitched at her side, blood rushing in her veins, the dresser came upright again and slammed him into the wall, pressing until the wall groaned and bones cracked. When the creature stopped moving and the knife fell again onto the floor, she let the dresser stand on its own.

Two men entered with weapons drawn and eyes wide. She took a step back to stand against the wall, giving them the space they needed to collect the body behind the dresser and the retrieve the other from Ewan.

She breathed slow, body shaking a little and sounds muffled around her. What had she gotten into? What was going on? This wasn’t her.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Power is power? Elisha had heard that somewhere before, but he couldn’t place it, didn’t care. At the mention of magic, Elisha shook his head to agree, “There is no magic,” there were people who claimed to wield magic, but they were liars and charlatans.

‘Then how do you recognize it as such?’
The Siren did not voice that question. She remained quiet, curious, to what the Divine did in his world.

He hesitated,
“It…it turns wine to life,” wine to blood would sound strange to them, no doubt, “it heals the sick, it provides limitless food,” he was taking from Saint stories and the tales of Jesus, “It…it creates miracles.”

“Sounds like magic.”

Rude. Elisha shot her a glare.
“Have you ever seen it do this?”

His anger withered.

The Siren noted,
“Here, you will.” He was going to have to get used to that, too. “Brenyan can do all that you say. Perhaps you should talk to him.” She might not like Brenyan’s faith, but it might help the man better understand how Brenyan saw it as different from magic. He could get a working definition from someone of faith.

Was Gabrielle all right?
‘No.’ The pain had no known source, and she didn’t get migraines or headaches all that often. It was the confusion that came from it being so sudden that truly bothered her. “No,” she finally verbalized it, opening her eyes and looking up. She’d swear that Morgan was pained as well, from the harshness of his tone to the posture of his body. The tea was near. She reached for it and took a sip first, thinking it might help.

It didn’t, but it made it easier to pretend. She drew the hot liquid away after the first sip.
“Does this world have pain killers?” She hoped that question didn’t sound too odd. 

Ajit followed a couple of steps behind her then, and the illusion’s hands clasped themselves behind his back as he observed her habits in silence.

She addressed him, her questions interesting.
“How can anything that comes from a lie, be a truth?” Ajit asked in turn. He explained why he asked, though, “This form you see is an illusion. To people of my home, it would be an insult to introduce yourself in a form that is not natural.”

Title, name,
“I did not lie about my name, my rank, or my position, however. The others would have said something, if I did. They have known me for years, some, centuries. To them, my introduction was true enough.” They were so used to his illusory forms as it was. When away from Sayoda, he tended to wrap himself in them. It just made things easier.


The one still standing was dealt with before Ewan could do anything. The dresser was moved without anyone moving it, and it crushed the assassin. Ewan got to his feet and stepped in, aside, as guards came by. There was evident surprise on their faces.
“There’s another in my room,” he told the guards, before he walked to where Clara was.

He didn’t reach out, though he wanted to.
“Are you all right?” She looked too shaken to touch. Sincere concern was written on his face, in his tone.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Fayin listened casually to the conversation of magic versus divinity. The only difference between the two that she had ever seen was the extremes to which the wielders would go. Magic had real outcomes but divinity was much more powerful and much more dangerous. She lifted her tea and sipped. Her Voice was motionless beside her, body crouched low beside her chair with eyes forever downcast.

Morgan watched her carefully and raised an eyebrow when she asked for pain killers, whatever those were. His first thought was some sort of warrior. Was she asking for death? That could be a rather good joke if she was but her lack of amusement probably meant it wasn't. One of the staff put his glass in front of him. The liquid was clear like water but it burned not unlike fire. The corner of his mouth curled into a small smile and he moved the goblet closer to her. "It's been known to numb the senses of... other beings." He chose the word carefully. Other seemed better than weaker. Not all creatures had the fortitude of dragons.


“All good lies have truths in them, otherwise we would not be so tempted to believe them.” Agatha heard herself saying before her cheeks colored, blue eyes looking back at him, surprised that something so bold had left her mouth. She turned her attention to the odd art again. “I suppose your real form must be something really different from ours if you hid it. We’ve seen a lot of different creatures today.”

She stopped and turned her shoulder toward him, not so brave as to turn completely. “So can you make yourself look like anything? Anyone?” The idea of being able to preform illusions had just started to sink in. “What else could you make a person see?”


Clara blinked and realized that Ewan was standing in front of her, looking at her. She straightened and looked around the room, maids hurrying to put things back in their place but the gold men were gone. “Y-Yeah.” She swallowed and smiled nervously, stepping away form the wall. “I’m sorry. I don’t know where I went there..” She muttered. It wasn’t like her to panic. She had always been the one of her friends with her wits about her when things got shady. Though, strange assassins in another world seemed to be a little more extreme than “shady”.

“Are you alright?” She asked, embarrassing and a little ashamed that it had taken her so long, looking him up and down quickly to make sure he was alright. He was shirtless and damp but he didn’t seem to be maimed. “Thank you for coming in.” She added, remembering as she spoke that he had grabbed one of them off of her.

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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Brenyan’s blessing was said and done, of course. The Siren caught his eye and motioned to him. He frowned, but approached them, “Yes?”

“Speak to him.”
She instructed, and without another word, she turned and left the group. She walked by Morgan and Gabrielle, debating if she ought to warn the woman that it was a very stupid idea to drink what she was about to. However, she opted not to. Some things would have to be learned the hard way, trusting either Morgan or Ajit would be one of those.

However, they had usurped others. The Siren knew that, and couldn’t help going over to where Aiden and his sister was. She could always fix it. Rudeness shouldn’t be encouraged here, either.
“Are you well?” It was addressed to the whole of the fox clan. The Siren did not mind them, even if she found they confused her.

She didn’t notice one of the guards moving, intent clear, right to her.

Pain killers was not understood, but something was offered anyway that would supposedly help. Clear in a goblet. Gabrielle knew it wasn’t water.
‘Vodka?’ His word choice did make her consider alcohol. Was that going to help right now? Her mind considered war movies where men were given liquor before painful operations. “Thank you,” she accepted it, fingers tentatively wrapping around the stem before taking it.

Her mind told her one ‘shot’ would do it. No sipping. That’d be rude anyway, to hold the goblet intended for Morgan hostage.
‘If it kills you, just haunt him.’ The goblet came to her lips, and with a mental countdown she tipped the cup and her head to ensure the quick progress of it down her throat.

Gabrielle didn’t drain it all, of course, not quite half gone. She offered it back to Morgan as she made a face, the taste not at all redeeming the burn that followed it. However, it did work. The headache was gone almost as quickly as it came, but with it was replaced that uncomfortable feeling of being just passed the tipsy point. She knew it would happen quick if she shot it back.
“What is this?” It tasted like nothing back home. The Russians would be put to shame by this. She couldn’t help the giggle, as her mind suddenly imagined Putin having a drinking contest with Morgan. “It’s terrible, but it worked,” and she was happy for that. “Sorry,” hasty apology for the comment about it being terrible. It was, though.

Brenyan glanced to Fayin, spoke to her,
“May I sit here?” He was not yet sure what he was to discuss, but he would not join the princess if she did not approve of his presence.


The color her cheeks took suggested the words were a quote, or something deeper than the surface suggested. Ajit’s illusion smiled,
“It is, yes,” he agreed. “Even now that must be hard to imagine.” Considering all they’d just seen. “And some of them are in forms more suited to introductions, as well.” They all made sacrifices for diplomacy.

The woman paused, and he didn’t answer the question with words. The illusion held up a hand, though for Ajit it was a simple matter that required no flourish. The illusion became a white tiger, and it stalked towards her, but with the intention only to brush up against her side. It would feel real, too. That was the best part of his illusions. They verged on corrupting the reality around him. As it passed her by, it would then become a pixie, violet wings and green hair. A single twirl, before it would spin off and present itself before her, as Ajit’s ‘favored’ illusion once again.

“Anything,” he declared, “I can seem as anything.”


Ewan shook his head, “You’re all right,” as in, she didn’t need to apologize for it. Trauma could do many things to a person, and becoming distant wasn’t all that odd. “I’m fine,” he answered her, “I’m glad you are,” physically, at least.
He hesitated, glanced at the maids as they bustled about. The guards were gone now, and he hoped they were able to get answers out of those gold men who remained alive. He remembered then that one had been crushed against the wall, and his eyes moved to that area. He didn’t ask, though.
“I’m going to…finish up getting dressed and join the others. Will you?” He wanted her to be safe, and he didn’t think staying alone up here would be safe, not for any of them.


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Re: Exit [Closed]
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Aidan looked up from his company when the Siren approached. They held glasses of water and he pretended to drink. They would only eat or drink after they saw enough of the others doing so. It was an old habit that was not changed by the blessing. He smiled gently at the Siren, as though kindly curious as to why he wouldn’t be well. “Of course. It is a very important day.” He answered before his sister could, her mouth opening to spit words but snapping shut when he spoke first.

Mave had a temper. She had bitterness and rage built up in her heart from a long life and too much betrayal and cruelty. They were the last of their family, the siblings. They had cousins of course, but their brothers and sisters, their parents, even their children were long dead. There was a phrase in their tongue that said it was worse to be strong than to be weak and die young. Aidan smiled while Mave stifled growls, not because he had less anger, but because he hid his behind calm features.

He gestured to the seat beside him, one red brow lifting behind the wilds of similar hair, curious if she would like to join them. “You seem to be keeping the peace well, Siren.” It was a compliment as much as it was a note of interest at how much longer it would keep. Though this place was used for meetings, it was not often that this many rivals occupied the Estate at once.

He saw the guard moving toward her from the peripheral of his sight. He lifted his water and pretended to drink. She might see the guard sooner if she caught his reflection in the tilted side of Aidan’s cup.


Morgan smiled and took the cup back from her when she offered it. He finished it while she was still making faces and set it aside to be refilled or taken away. “The water people bring it.” He explained casually. “They say they found it in a cursed stream. It was first used as a mild poison but that was very long ago.” He smiled as though he remembered that very day. “We have many better poisons that do much more than make men wobble. Though, some creatures are very sensitive to it.”

He looked at her then and wondered only briefly if he should have given it more thought before letting her drink it. It would have been awfully embarrassing if he killed one of the humans on the first day, especially the one he’d spent time learning about. Somehow he felt that killing the sad man of religion or the broken girl would not have been such a big misstep. He had liked the diamonds in the other woman’s ears- prone to jewels as he was- and the temper on the lanky human had been amusing. The rancher had seemed useful as well.

The thought passed because the Dame lived and even informed him that she did not like the drink. He smiled wider for her honesty and shrugged when she apologized. “It is not kept for it’s flavor like tea.” He admitted. “But I am glad that it worked. Do you get pain in your head often?” He asked casually enough and picked up his goblet again. Someone had refilled it.

Fayin smiled gently at Brenyan and inclined her head slightly to the seat he desired. “Of course. Who am I to decline the presence of the Pomp.” Her Voice said formally and then added more casually, “Your company is always welcome.” It wasn’t true, but Fayin was gifted at making friends where others seemed interested only in making enemies.


Agatha watched his illusions with interest, her blue eyes widening and her lips parting slightly as though to speak but in the end she only watched his forms change and move around. The burning lamps on the walls brightened, the flames growing just enough so that she could see better, though she did not seem to notice the help.

“Amazing.” She finally whispered when he stood before her, the same lie he had been when she met him. “Can all of your people do that?” She wished she could do it, be anything and anyone. Anyone but herself.


Noah came out of his room to the sound of chaos, and chaos was exactly what he found. Shouting and screaming, the thudding on the walls, he stood in his doorway and watched what he assumed must be guards burst into another room. There was more ruckus until they started dragging out strange looking men. They didn’t all look to be alive. Maids rushed in and out of that same room and Noah leaned against his doorframe for a while to watch them.

When he heard their voices he started moving down the hallway. He’d cleaned up as a pretense to check out the room. He’d even pocketed a few trinkets. When he came to the open doorway and leaned around it, he saw a shirtless rancher consoling the rich girl. She still had those diamonds dangling from her ears. “Having a party?” He asked, interrupting whatever she was about to say in response to Ewan.

Clara turned her head to look back at him and frowned. It was a scolding sort of gesture and he wondered instantly if she had brothers. She didn’t look old enough to have sons that needed that sort of glare. “I’ll head down now.” She decided, not really wanting to stay up here any longer.

“I’ll walk you.”
Noah decided and smiled in a way he thought was charming but was more like a weasel in the chicken coop.

Clara sighed and nodded. “Fine.” She looked up at Ewan again, she would have touched his arm but something in the way he’d looked at the cracked wall made her hesitate. “Thanks again. I’ll see you downstairs.”
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