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Re: Finish (closed)
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Both of them liked the way she used the balance in her hips to get up. She was a creature of imitation, and her performance always contained a little tell. And of course Duncan liked it because of his primal instincts urging him to savor and perhaps capture for himself the childbearing qualities of the lower round of her hourglass. Calleyo had to forgive this. The base things are important. Duncan could not be if it wasn't for the choices of his parents, choices drawn from the same premise. It did not mean the Wizard had to like it.

In a way he had pivoted himself into her playing field. Seduction which stood on lust was the most simple of gameplays, but it, like anything else of ancient origin, was effective as well. The wizard didn't have his fog of eternity to peer through, not fully, when she was being this creature. In honesty, She didn't have to try all that hard. He was a boy, her hips were those of a mother to him, his mind laced all the connections that she needed. An overhanging spell that bound the teen mind and hindered the age old man.

"Driving." he said as she hinted at her escapades during the dawn of the automobile. It enraged him. He could not yet wield one of those legally. He used to have other modes of transportation, but a car in this age would have been very effective. He wasn't going to tell her about his small desire for a moped, and the occasional twenties he divided from his runaway fund to place in a pile of its own toward that goal. "Must be a special kind of freedom." he noted, letting her see some of the jealousy.

He didn't much mind her comment about breaking a car. The youth had yet to discover many of his phobias, but his lack of wisdom also afforded him some of that good, dumb courage. The automobile kind of death wasn't scary to him, not as scary as falling in your bathroom to choke on your plastic drapes around your neck or being stung by a jellyfish and drowning from the paralysis. With his willingness, they found themselves in a rather presentable machine soon. Haven did provide.

This was the largest car he'd ever been in. The leather was light and welcoming, despite the cold weather, and the climate control was a spell of its own. He'd thrown his jacket in the back seat as the snow tires did their thing under her casual, expert control. Getting them to where they needed to be was work for the wizard, and Calleyo wouldn't have any of Duncan's foolishness about it. The wizard touched the boys fingers to the instrument panel, and the screen would show her the way she needed to go. It was that house. The magic hadn't even cost him anything, since it was a fated road, and he'd only nudged them along to save time.

"I won't forgive you if you take Duncan's innocence." he muttered as he let the human child take back some influence of their joint being. Duncan chose to use it to stare at the side of her face. "Do you date, these days?"


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Re: Finish (closed)
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The smile remained on her lips.

She certainly did feel as though he was feeding her a line, but she found that she didn't mind it one bit. It was actually kind of nice to find someone so good looking almost seemed interested in her.

And she had felt drawn to hm, and that to her was a sign. Well... that and the fact he hadn't turned her away instantly.

He asked her a question and she shrugged, the shawl across her shoulders slipping a little as she did so. She pulled it back into place. "Well, you see... I don't want to scare you off by telling you all my little crazy thoughts." her laughter was more to ease herself than t was to reasure him any.
"You see... I'm on what you might call a spiritual journey."

She knew exactly how crazy she must sound.

She knew how it would sound even crazier if she told him all the details of her journey here, just following her instincts and the pull of energies, telling her to keep going and when to stop; the self same energies which had pulled her to him; to this conversation with someone who she felt strongly that she may have met in a past life.

Of course she didn't have to go into all the fine details of reasons she should probably sectioned under some part of the mental health act, because he apologised for interupting her. He warned her something was going to happen seconds before it did.

There was surprise written on her pretty face that she hadn't felt the threat coming. She was usually so good at picking up on vibes.

He moved fast, his back to her, a gun pulled.
She found herself rolling her eyes and getting to her feet. "I don't think that's neccessary." She told him, hand on his arm. "Perhaps we should simply leave. You have finished your meal after all."