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Finish (closed)
« on: December 30, 2013, 09:31:33 pm »

Thane stood on the edge of the hill overlooking the stone ring.  Once it had been tall marble pillars stretching to the cloudless sky, but now it was a ruin, crumbling and charred.  That didn’t mean it didn’t still work as a transport and gate between the Fairy and Mortal world, it just didn’t open that often.

A woman stood beside Thane, his mother in a manner of speaking, although they were ageless.  Fairy were all of one family; no last names in the sense of Man.  Loyalty to the whole rather than part.  Alana had her back to the stones, and was instead looking at the castle on the adjacent hill and the blinking lights of the dwellings that surrounded it.   The cool breeze ruffled the flowing yellow gown she wore and lifted her fair hair from her face.  Eternal spring and stardust.

“Don’t go, Thane.  Every time you journey through you return more sad and restless.”  She sighed and glanced over her shoulder.   The contrast between them was stark.  Where her features were soft and dreamy, Thane had a pointed nose and prominent cheek bones.  His hair was dark and wavy, but cut short so the air couldn’t play with it.  His eyes were dusky gray with thick black lashes.  He wore fur, a long coat that covered his lean body.  Cold and distant – she couldn’t help thinking that was what he had become as time passed here and there.  “We need you here, with what is coming.  The storm clouds are on the horizon.  I fear that if you go –“

“If I don’t then there is no hope.” Thane said as he continued to stare at the stones.  Searching. He toyed with a copper coin in his pocket.  It had been nearly a hundred years since he’d last crossed over.    Each day longer than the last.  “You have to trust me mother.”

Her shoulder’s stiffened, hearing the pride and determination in his voice.  She wanted to sigh with the futility of it all, but instead returned her gaze to the brilliant lights.  The peace in the valley would soon be broken.  She remembered how things had been.  “Will you be back?”

It was something she’d never asked before and the irony of it broke Thane’s concentration on the ancient words he needed to utter when the time was right.  He looked her way to study her regal profile.  “Selfishly I let the gate remain open.  If I hadn’t…”  He scowled and shifted back to the stare at the arch.  The bane of his existence.  Responsibility. “If I hadn’t we might have ended the threat of this darkness once and for all.  I don’t know what needs to be done this time.  What help there is or isn’t.  Mortal men forget about magic; it could be that there is no one left who remembers.  I may return because there is nowhere else to go.”

Alana reached out to touch his shoulder, but Thane was already moving away to stand in the circle.  The coin was in his hand – a key of sorts, carved with an intricate rune that only revealed itself when the stars permitted.  The stones took on a pinkish color and seemed to glow from within.

“Or,” Alana said, “You may stay because you’ll never truly be happy if you don’t.”

Thane’s smile was a touch sad as he replied, “You know me too well.”  But whether that was a yes, or a no was a secret meant only for the two of them.  He lifted a hand, and spoke words of ancient power, dropping the coin.  In a flash of light he was gone.

Cold.  So very cold.  The white snow swirled around him and covered the hide of his boots as he stepped away from the stone circle on the other side.  He glanced up, hoping to see familiar stars, but although it was night, only clouds were above.  Another flake fell on his nose and he hastily brushed it away, both irritated and pleased by the sensation.  Senses were so much more vivid here.

Thane was pleased to see that the portal remained surrounded by trees.  Man tended to defeat nature.  The town grew ever closer to this sacred place.  In time someone would remove it, not understanding the portal for what it was.

Hands in his pockets, Thane moved through the trees, not at all surprised to see that civilization encroached and his distance to walk was shorter than remembered.  The trees gave way to a dark tary surface.  Thane squatted down and laid a hand on the asphalt, perplexed by the hard and unfamiliar plane.  Lights approached at high speed.  He jumped up and out of the way, into the shadows as a horseless carriage bulleted past.  His eyes widened at the motorized vehicle and the wheels that hissed across the ground.

The world was different.  Last time he’d come his clothing had been out of place as well as his accent.  It would have been nice if the snow changed, but the season always seemed to be the same here.  He’d have to watch and adapt quickly.  He was smart enough to do it.  Ten times he’d practiced.  For better or worse, this would be the last.

Without the stars, he couldn’t quite tell which way the town was.  No distant lights revealed the source of civilization.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting instinct choose which way he would walk.   A second carriage hurtled past, the same direction as the first.  He took that as a sign and moved to follow the putrid smell of exhaust. 

“What did you do to all the horses?” He muttered to himself.  He'd find out soon enough he supposed as he started to walk towards the town.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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Beauty in a backless black dress, a tattoo of angel wings down the fair flesh, and two long scars where either wing began. Her silver hair was pinned up that night, an unnatural hue for one who appeared so young. There was a shot of vodka before her green eyes, so smooth it barely burned. She’d had five. Not a single one of them did their job. They never did, of course. The biology of an angel was different from that of a human, no matter how similar they looked. Still, the angel liked to delude herself. It wasn’t like she could go to a church to confess.

She had tried.

In the old days, she was chased out of towns for the whole ‘bursting into flames’ thing. Now, she just didn’t even try. It was easier to pretend to get drunk, and commiserate with some other alcoholic.

It was just so frustrating how slow time moved here. Time had gone by in the blink of an eye before. Centuries on Earth were trivial. Now, centuries on Earth were agonizing. Time moved so slow, particularly for a creature that didn’t sleep. Every second went by.

And every shot of vodka did nothing. Again, it washed down her throat and she set it on the counter, pushed it forward. The bartender arched an eyebrow, and she smiled sweetly,
“Another, please.”

He shook his head, amazed that she didn’t seem in the least bit intoxicated given her height and weight. She was a small thing, 5’2” at best, and likely not over 100lbs, if even that. Dainty. He’d never seen someone like her toss back shots in this way, but he brought her another anyway and set it before her. She had a tab established already.
“You all right, miss?”

“Lost my job,”
she answered, lifted the glass, “Lost my Father.” Her entire family, really, “I lost my job when I lost my Father.” Time. She had never wanted it to heal the wound, but it did, at least a bit. Where once the thought was enough to bring her to tears, now it hardly created a reaction. “But I’m all right.” Shot it back and pushed the empty glass forward.

The bartender blinked,
“My god.”

Oh, now that expression! That expression still stirred quite a mixture of emotions. It was blasphemy, a small one, but blasphemy. Her stomach twisted, and yet she smiled. Spite.

“Did you get fired because you requested time off for the loss?”

‘No.’ It was bad to lie. It was really bad to lie. “I wasn’t in the mood to do the job He wanted me to do that day. He didn’t ask why, He just fired me.” Of course He didn’t ask. He didn’t need to ask. He likely knew from the start that she would refuse.

Another shot.
“On the house,” the man offered. She accepted it, downed it, glanced towards the band. If there was one thing she’d learned while here, it was that Poe was wrong. Israfel could never play the way humans did, with such passion, such emotions.

Angels didn’t get attached. Angels didn’t know the full spectrum of human emotions, they were sheltered creatures.

She knew only too well, now.
‘And would I still refuse?’ It was another question that plagued her. She knew, one day, it would be asked of her by Him, when He finally deigned it appropriate to talk to her again.

Ah, but she was dwelling, and she knew exactly why. Deep in her bones, she had felt it. She had witnessed the signs and she could not ignore what they meant. She slid off the stool, told the bartender she’d like her tab to be closed. She paid with cash rather than card. Convenient as those things were, she didn’t have one. In the life she’d pretended to have, she had just faked her death again, and hadn't yet established a new one. She was an ageless being, after all. She’d faked her death plenty of times and moved, recreated herself. Different names, each time, and never her real one. No one had spoken that name in centuries.

It was not towards any hotel or place of residence that she now walked, but towards one of the hospitals. Dwelling inspired such queer thoughts in her, notably that she ought to find out if perhaps now that the world was on the verge of crisis, He would talk to her. He would guide her, as He had last time. All the churches were closed at this hour, but the one in the hospital would be accessible. So, in to the hospital she went, and through the halls until she came upon that small church and its two wooden doors. 

She touched the door.

Her flesh heated. She shut her eyes tightly but didn’t remove her hand even as she felt the burning begin. There was no one around to scream and run in terror, though security cameras might show it later.

‘Foolish hope.’

She drew her hand away and opened her eyes. The burn hadn’t bothered the door at all. She shook off her hand, looked at the charred flesh. Hardly serious. Fire didn’t really hurt all that much. How could it? She was a creature of light, despite it all.

"You know what is occurring,"
of course He did. She swallowed back the pain and let her hand drop. She could barge in there, but it would serve no purpose. "Very well." His will be done. She'd stay away.

She turned away from the door that led to home, disappointed, angry.
‘That leaves just one thing.’ She had not come to this town on a fluke. No, instead, in this town was the very last person she wanted to see—if they could even be called a person. Without guidance from above, she did not have much of a choice.

She had to pay a visit to one who knew her name as Amina.

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Re: Finish (closed)
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Calleyo pulled the molds of ice from their rack in the freezer. The slamming of the door for his perverse satisfaction rattled the entire box. No one cared in the break room. For months now he'd been doing this, building things, making them to destroy them. He called it a return to original building stones, in his ancient voice from boy's throat, but he knew that it wasn't true. He could see through the curtain of vocabulary. His craft was the curtain. And the scene. Calleyo recognized the biological response to shake with the excitement when he held the tray with the frozen figures. Likeness of cartoons, they'd told him at the thrift shop. The small statues dunked against the bottom of the sink as Calleyo soothed his adrenal shaking by extracting that energy. They glistened in the harsh light. Calleyo held his hand to the Raccoon soldier and deposited the newly won energy through his fingertips. Cracks in the ice.

He repeated the procedure on each figure, until they were all riddled with breaks. A simple drag of his hand through them shattered their fragile forms. He quickly drowned the puzzle in hot water and left the break room with some niceties at the lingerers. Light brown, sharp eyebrows furrowed as he sat back down in his booth. He stroked some of the same colored waves behind his ear to fit the headset in. His dainty features were lit by the cold of the screen. His lips shone with youth as he started to speak.

"I am sure I don't know what you're talking about, sir." he replied, as Mr. Manyard went on about how the crack in his screen was starting to sizzle. "I have my own problems." An appalled gasp at the other line, and then a storm of self-righteous threats. "I woke up some fourteen years ago with all these memories in my head. Do you know how it feels to stare at a woman's honey pot made chasm knowing you were the one causing its stretching? To make matters worse you're not allowed to utter a word about it or anything else because your newborn self still has to go through all the stages that society has deemed normal before speaking fluently." Mr. Manyard became livid. "So here I am, knower of the innate power in things, master manipulator and chief director of world currents, reader of tides and dancer in The Ever, stuck in my long and gangly self because of a bad throw of the dice. I have all these biological inclinations and primitive thoughts, while constantly being bombarded with ancient knowledge returning to me. I can find strands of hatred between tribes of vikings that fought here long ago because of pedicide and food that the wolves stole, I can roll these strands and use them to bend steel, but I can't stop thinking about if the tan beneath my coworker Elena's blouse is the same as the orange color of her face."

Simon Manyard was definitely going to ring up whoever the supervisor of this Calleyo was, and give them a piece of his mind. Such mad ramblings! The boy must be hopped up on that ecstasy tobacco all those dirty teens were smoking by the river. Then the voice took on a steadier tone, and told Simon to hold his phone up to the crack. It was absurd, of course, but the sheer countenance of the new tone had the old man comply. He rubbed the speaker end to the ugly and widely stretched mar. It had happened three weeks ago, an accident with a book and a sneeze, but he didn't feel like going back out to get a new one, so he had tried to get used to it. He'd done a fine job, too, guessing on missing text and minimizing windows so they'd fit on their own end of the screen. But now it seemed the destruction had started to bleed, and his area of use had shrunken.

Just as the wrinkled expression underneath a full head of white hair was about to sour into many more wrinkles, he could see the black splotches reseed. It was odd. Eventually, when all the disturbance on the image radiating from the crack had gone back, the physical wound on the glass itself healed. Simon was left gaping at a perfectly clear and uninterrupted image of todays news.

"You're quite welcome, Mr. Manyard." Calleyo said and bowed his lips into a plastic arch for the microphone. The man stuttered in the phone when asked if there would be anything else. The boy who had seen a meteoric rise inside this company, from trainee to trainer - a tech support genius, they called him, pushed a button to receive the next caller. He did well in helping people, and helped himself to their ears sometimes. It was monotonous but he didn't expect his life would be anything but for some time, when the powers that be had thrown him back into the human experience, and thought he should start from the beginning.

"You're tall, aren't you, Duncan?" Elena asked with one arm around herself and that blue blouse, made crisp by winter, and the other arm swinging a lit cigarette. Her words had been sound and smoke. The opportune multiplication was already making its home in her right chest, like it had in her father. Her right breast too. In the future, when her tan had turned gray before its time, she would be wealthy enough to take care of both, and have a daughter who'd be healthy throughout her life. They'd be estranged, but happy in their lonelinesses. The father would be a happy-go-lucky convenience store manager, but he'd meet Elena two years from now, when she'd saved enough money to go back south for a vacation. Then he'd be a happier-go-lucky waiter at his family restaurant.

"Do you like tall men, Elena?" he asked, loosing the fight against his hormones. Duncan was his legal name. Duncan Raise. She laughed and took another drag.

"Yeah. Keyword 'men', D." First letter. It wasn't original but his teen boy blood rushed at the familiarity, even in the cold winds outside. "You're cute but you're not a man. A man doesn't stand with the smokers eating pixe sticks." She got him there. He tipped the sugar into his mouth and rolled the colorful straw between two fingers as he blew the powder out, imitating her expulsion of vaporized tar and poisons.

"It's a joke. Someone's coming that I used to know in another lifetime." He swallowed. He convinced the useless carbohydrates to become a sheen in his golden eyes instead of additional flesh around his chin. If Elena had had her wits aout her, should could have seen the steam rise off his gilded irises. "He might not get it." Calleyo patted his chest pocket, where the rest of the stash was. "But I'll know."

"You're weird, Duncan." she laughed and moved in. Calleyo crushed the cigarette into the snow as he followed.

Not so weird, really, I'm just your average wizard.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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It had been a strange few weeks. The team was all on leave for the next few weeks at least, which had left a lot of loose ends and open time. Things not really usual or welcome. Idle hands as they say. So, after picking up a bike and supplies a hasty road trip was thrown together to visit some old family history spots.

Tyler was speeding down the highway, the press of the cold air creeping in against the layers of cloth and leather and slick black full cover helmet.

A car honked and swerved down the road and Tyler eased off the gas, the roads were crusting over with ice and wrecking on a bike in the cold was not something that needed to happen, ever really. Another car honked and alert now, Tyler's eyes took in the side of the road where someone was trudging along the side of the road.

A quick twist and Tyler looped back around and took a slow path toward and then next to the walking figure.

"Climb on," A muffled voice said to the man as booted feet balanced the bike and a leather gloved hand offered a spare helmet from a compartment on the back of the bike. "The next town isn't for a good ten miles and the temps are only going to keep dropping."

After an odd look at the helmet and an the bike, they were on their way toward the town again. When they got to a stop sign the bike stopped and feet were down again keeping them balanced, "Know where you're headed? I can drop you anywhere."

Directions given and they were off again, Tyler speaking into the helmet to get directions and following the small screen in a corner of the helmet. When the stopped again it was in front of an oddly familiar building, though Tyler was almost certain this part of town was new.

The kickstand went down this time, "This is it," came the muffled and confused tone. 
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Re: Finish (closed)
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The large wheels of the big rig crushed the snow along the side of the street, pushing the white mounds higher into the ridge of peeks encroaching on the sidewalks. The engine rumbled, a beast of a machine. The passenger door swung open, high above those icy mountains, and a long lean leg clad in torn black skinny jeans and a leather boot dangled out. A body followed, just as long and as lean.

His mouth curled into a brilliant smile. If there was anything Haven was great at, it was smiling. And lying. And kissing. And cheating. And sneaking. Okay... there were a lot of things Haven was great at. "Thanks, man!" The twenty-something called over the engine into the cab of the truck, his neck craned back not to look up and his boots drowning in snow. With a shove the door swung shut and he backed away onto the sidewalk. A pale hand shoved blond hair back and away from his face.

While the truck pulled away with a honk, he scuffed his boots against the ground and even smacked them against one another to break some of the snow away. No point in hiding good boots. He started walking, looking around the town to get his bearings. It hadn't been so very long since Haven had last been to this town. There was something important here, hidden in the delightfully mundane.

He flashed that smile for a group of girls as he picked up his step. They smiled back and giggled. A shame they wouldn't likely see him again, no matter how long Haven stuck around this time. He ducked into a cafe, ordered a vanilla latte to go and then wandered into the bathroom. It was clean enough but most importantly it was empty.

He stood in front of the mirror and at first he smiled, proud of what he saw. It faded quickly because alone, Haven could not help but think the truth.

The changes were slight at first, body growing, shoulders softening beneath the blue leather of his jacket. Narrow hips grew shapely and his sharp featured face followed suit to soften.

Every time she changed forms she feared she'd see her truth in her reflection. As though this time would be the first time her gift failed her and became her curse.

She was a liar.

She was a thief.

She was a fiend.

Even if her mouth offered the truth it would always be a lie in some sense because the mouth was false. She had never shown her true form, though she had told many that they alone had seen it. She could wear any face and wrap herself in any form. What truth could she know?

When she was done, she stood in front of the mens bathroom mirror no longer a gender that belonged there. Her cheeks were slightly rounded, like her hips and her chest and her shoulders. She was shorter than she had been moments before but not by much- she wanted to be tall when she saw him. He couldn't have hit much of a growth spurt yet and she did so love to look down at a wizard. Fingers shook longer, brighter blond hair and the waves of it obstructed the detailing of her collar. Her eyes were a blue that rivaled even that of her jacket.

On her way out of the bathroom and back into the cafe she nearly collided with a middle aged man. He looked confused first and then suspicious followed quickly by annoyed. Youth often upset those that did not have it anymore so she simply continued on her way to the counter to pick up the coffee waiting for her. She made it three steps before the barista called after her, certain she had just stolen someone else's drink.

Haven turned to roll her shoulder against the door, opening it with her whole body and waving at the confused girl behind the counter before stepping out into the cold again. It was only another two blocks and five sips before she reached the office building. A secretary tried to stop her when she started toward hall. Haven didn't stop walking, that was one of the tricks to getting your way- keep going. She lifted the cup she had just been drinking from. "Boss wants another coffee! Says the last one was decaf or something." She made a face that seemed correctly irritated for office captivity and again she was met with confusion wrinkled forehead for reply. She swallowed back her laugh and rounded the corner, setting the half finished drink on someone's desk before entering the small jungle of cubicles.

He was just walking back into the building from the back, a young girl steps ahead of him with a smile on her lips. Haven fell into a slower pace as she approached, head tipping to the side and hand coming up to push some of that hair behind her ear, away from her cheek. "Hey, I'm looking for Duncan-" She started to say to the tanned teen before taking official notice of the boy behind her. Her smile grew. Good, he was still short. She moved quickly passed the girl, pretending not to notice the way that smile sunk. "Duncan!" She loved that silly name. Duncan. Dunky. Dunkster. If anyone can, Dun-can. Much better than Calleyo.

She came close and hugged him. Squeezing him just enough to feel all the bones of his chest before letting him go but not really backing away. She was hoping to see some confusion in those old eyes. She secretly loved to pop into the lives of people she had known, wearing different faces and checking on them so to speak. Usually it worked delightfully and they were non the wiser. The wizard, perhaps due to his foresights, was not so often fooled. Though she had managed to play the role of his kindergarten teacher without him realizing it was her. It was alarming how much enjoyment deceiving a five year old had given her. "How old are you now? Sixteen? Still not legal I guess." She giggled and pulled a pixie stick from his pocket before scrunching her face and pretending to smell something bad. "Ew. Have you been smoking?"


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Even in the grayest of seasons, Bergen was colorful under the snow. The architecture among the seaside city could perhaps be beautiful in the eyes of a tourist. Small wooden homes were scattered about, painted primary shades all the way up to the hillside manors.

There was one home in Bergen that was not as bright as the others. If you traveled through the city down cobblestone streets and cruised through the neighborhoods that lined the bottom of the hill, the trees would grow thicker, and the woods darker, the streets icier, winding around until they reached close to the top. Up there among a few others resided the Valerian Manor entrance, in all of its iron-gated glory. Behind it the tall mansion stood, the brick old and eerie. The children of Bergen probably had deemed it haunted. It had been there for several years.

She could see the setting sun shining off the seascape if she looked out her window- but she never did this time of day. Her hand hesitated to reach out towards the thick drapes, imagining turning them back to look down out the window. Perhaps she’d see a few familiar faces getting out of a car and walking towards her door, or a neighbor walking his dog along the street outside the gate. The thought of her cold skin touching daylight sucked the temptation to check out of her mind. Burned flesh was not something that appealed even to a creature as dark as her.

The housekeeper had curtains and drapes drawn shut over every window, even as the sun proceeded to sink behind the hills and conclude the day. But despite there being no outside light, beautiful chandeliers illuminated most of the luxuriously decorated rooms. It was impeccably clean, as a place with few residents may be, but especially today when there would be guests arriving. Not one speck of dust was left upon any windowsill.

She turned away from her thoughts when she heard the knock on her door followed by the sound of a familiar male voice asking her a question regarding the tea that was to be served. The woman snatched up a robe to cover her barely-clothed form, chuckling a smug reply, “Albert if I didn’t know better I’d say you were trying to peek at me.” There was silence on the other end of the door, and the woman sighed, blowing a lock of hair from her face. She tended to tease overly serious people. Something about them made her want to cover up everything and distract with inappropriate humor. “Just kidding…will you have coffee served with the tea, please?”

When there was a pause and a muffled “Very well.” Juliette spoke up again. “Thank you Albert.” She put the robe down, draping it back over the armchair by her vanity mirror. That was uncharacteristic. How could someone sit in vain if she had no reflection? Her molten gold eyes hardened as the view, or lack there of, reminded her just of what she really was.

What the mirror did not show was the pale, porcelain complexion of a vampire over thousands of years old. She was forever youthful in her appearance; her age had stopped at the time she had been transformed into a creature of allure and death she was now. Juliette dressed, sliding on a curve-hugging navy dress with long sleeves and a v neckline. The woman pursed her ruby lips at the sound of an engine outside, and immediately slipped on a pair of heels. There had better not be tire marks on her newly landscaped stone driveway.

She was an isolated creature, not really caring much for company. Although there were times the loneliness was discouraging, she just would bury herself in her work. Frozen in her early twenties, Juliette did her business from home. There weren’t many opportunities for her to leave in the daytime, and colleagues already found her unapproachable.

Owning multiple medical institutions and small businesses at such a young age was not something people in the commerce world were too keen on. The entire foundation of the massive success she had earned was disguised through people she had hired over the years as family members, great great grandparents that passed down the Valerian success to the next, and so on and so forth. They were just faces, but they were faces hung around the Valerian home. The interior of the manor was scoured with posh luxury and multiple portraits, but it was about to be full of what made a house as big as this one a home. People.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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He’d been walking in the wrong direction.  Funny.  He wouldn’t have thought it given the circumstances.  Perhaps his subconscious wanted to protect him, that constant war between what was and what could be.

Thane stopped his silent trudge through the snow as the strange two wheeled…thing…circled back and parked in front of him.  He remembered bicycles, but this was an advanced version and much louder than what he recalled.

“No peddles,” he muttered to himself.  He blinked at the hooded figure who offered him transport.  Once before he’d been greeted out in the woods like this.  He took it as a sign, although the face behind the mask wasn’t recognizable.

The hood he was offered to cover his own face was hard and unyielding.  Thane touched the helmet tentatively, but nodded and accepted the gift, thinking it some new mortal tradition.  He spoke a quiet “Thank you.”  He didn’t want to talk much before he heard the speech of the day.  His own accent was likened to Irish (or so he’d been told before).  The thick braugh in his speech would level out in time.  Thane was nothing if not adaptable.  If asked where he was from he would claim Ireland.  He certainly couldn’t say ‘here’, although that had once been true.  Before things changed.  Before fey and man could no longer co-exist.

Thane straddled the bike.  There was enough room on the seat to sit comfortably.  As the bike lurched forward, Thane was forced to grasp the waist of the rider for balance.  He could only thank the god’s that his face was sheltered by the mask.  It would be just like Haven to ride out and tease him with this fancy toy. 

It was the pause for directions that dispelled his suspicion.  Haven wouldn’t have asked where they were going.  A certain point of longitude and latitude held meaning.  Once it had been only a field.  He’d returned to this point over the centuries to find other structures as the town transitioned from its magical origins to one of manmade.  There had been a church.  He learned later it burned down when he found it rebuilt a hundred years later.  In 1502 there was a fountain on the spot with runes carved in the base.  A monument.  Later also burned.  Bergen had seen its share of fires.  The next time he’d come there was a house.  It had been built to last, but that didn’t necessarily mean it had.

Thane offered one more set of directions, but it seemed the driver had some hidden source of knowledge and the bike wound its way up the stone drive. He couldn’t say he was relieved the mansion was still there.  He looked at the tall structure and considered his purpose.  This was hallowed ground – at least to him.

Thane didn’t dismount right away.  He took the helmet off and adjusted the furred collar of his long coat.  His escort seemed a touch surprised at the sight before them.  “You’re not impressed?”  Thane said with a smile in his voice.

He was always impressed at how man made with his hands.  Each time he returned it was to see more growth – more invention.  His visits were short, however, at first a month, then weeks.  Once only a day.  He had the key to the portal but the stars needed to align for its use.  He’d learned to study the signs.  Others had too, or perhaps it was instinct.  Hard to say what drew people together.

Or why.

This time he had five days.  When the sun set on the fifth the portal would open again.  This time it would be wide enough to accommodate more than one passing through.  And that was the problem.  The Fairy World had retreated. Escaped to its roots in another plane. Now what was left could end.  He couldn’t let that happen.  Unfortunately he couldn’t bar the door alone. 

And he couldn’t simply enjoy his time here, so he needed to move off the bike and go inside.  Business – not pleasure.

He didn’t need his escort to remove the helmet.  He didn’t need to look.  He knew that the meeting wasn’t chance. A certain smell.  A particular vibration beneath his hands. Thane dismounted from the bike and replaced the helmet in the hideyhole.  He glanced to the driver and offered the invitation. “There will be tea.” he said.  Something earthy with a hint of mint.  He could almost taste it.

The fairy prince smiled again.  This time his eyes held a hint of twinkle even though they were dark in the porch light.  “You should come inside.  Warm yourself.”  A devil’s invitation to be sure.  But there had to be choice.  Always choice.

Thane didn’t wait for a response.  He marched purposefully to the door and knocked.  Time was wasting.  Thane silently prayed Juliette was there. 

And that she wasn’t still mad.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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Walking. You would think that she’d get used to it, but really, she didn’t. Each step was tedious, long. There had been a time when she could be at her destination in seconds, flat. No such luck any longer. She could run fast, but she didn’t feel like it.

Perhaps there was a benefit to the slow pace. It meant she’d take longer to get to the mansion. It gave her time to think of just turning back.
‘Leave it. Just leave it.’ If He wanted something done about it, He’d do something.

Of course, that did not stop her. Step followed step. Her hand began to heal its burn on its own. The only wounds that didn’t heal were on her back, and that was because of the severity of it. Amina did wonder if her hand was cut off, if it would scar and never grow back. She’d never lost it before, while Earthbound. She preferred to avoid dismemberment. It was such a hindrance.

A motorcycle zoomed by her as the home came into sight. She paid it no mind, did not observe who rode on it, but continued walking, thinking it would have another destination. At the iron gates, she realized they couldn’t have been headed any other place.
‘Visitors?’ Or food. A part of herself cursed the thought, the doubt she held.

‘Would you refuse again?’

Amina swallowed the question.

It had been nine centuries since she had seen Juliette, despite it all.
‘She’ll think I lost track of time.’ Wouldn’t that be a pleasant hope? She had mentioned how quickly time seemed to move in Heaven compared to Earth.

Yet she’d know, soon enough, it couldn't be that Amina lost track of time.

There were no wings on her back.

And it was her fault.

A light wrapped around her fist, contemplating briefly how easily it would be to bring this entire manor down, how easy then to destroy the demon within. Light—their weakness, her strength.

Would that redeem her? Would He open the gate to her once more, if she did it? Oh, it was so tempting to find out, to see if He would notice and realize His wandering angel was, indeed, still His.

Yet, the light vanished almost as quick as it had shone when the other knocked. It could have been mistaken for a trick of the snow and the play the unnatural light had on it. Amina realized then she recognized the one who knocked, another old face. She bowed her head, shame and regret biting at her.
‘You have been this way for centuries.’ The wounds felt fresh when she knew the faces she would be encountering now, faces which had seen her as something Holy, something Better Than This.

She had not bothered explaining to Thane the time their paths crossed before this, why she was in this state, only that she'd refused a job. That was all she ever said. It was better for all that they not know what He had wanted.

Amina walked along the path cleared of snow, but did not walk to the door to stand with the prince. There was still time to run away, and that urge was stronger now that she knew she was not the only one to recognize what was happening. 

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Re: Finish (closed)
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Tyler heard the question, almost comment, about not being impressed, and shook a still helmeted head. That wasn't it, but to put in words this odd feeling, and to a stranger, would have sounded crazy.

The man was off the bike and offering tea. A shiver, not due to the cold ride, skidded past the layers of clothing and a shudder manifested. Odd to feel something akin to fear now. What threat could present itself here of all places that training and experience couldn't take care of?

Leather gloves came up to undo the chin strap of the helmet and then pulled it off to set it on the back of the bike. Tyler ran a hand through the thick sandy hair atop his head, and causing it to flop and lay in wonton and appealing way, and then ran down his face to smooth a thin darker beard skimming his jaw. His hard pale green eyes surveyed the house and then looked back as his passenger, again, an offer to come inside, to get warmed up. He didn't wait for a reply before he knocked on the door.

Tyler hesitated for only a moment before he let the bike settle on the kickstand and he was swinging himself off to reveal his full stature and bulk. He looked the right size on the bike, which was also very large viewed with him moved away from it.

He wanted to know how he knew this house, or why he felt that way. Maybe it was in one of the old family albums and it just wasn't registering. He had family that had supposedly helped settle here. He stepped up next to the slight other man and pulled off his gloves, tucking them away while he looked down slightly at him. He was a mountain of a man, broad of shoulder, thick of chest, tree trunks for thighs. He smiled raffishly and extending a hand with what would have been a large signet ring on someone with a smaller build. For him it fit his pinky. "Tyler Siguar, figure you ought to know my name if you're going to be taking me with you."


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Loving you
Isn't the right thing to do
How can I
Ever change things that I feel?
If I could
Maybe I'd give you my world
How can I
When you won't take it from me?

The soundtrack Sabine had created had been on loop for the past forty six and a half hours. She’d caught twelve busses so far. Twelve coaches, six busses, three trains and she felt as though she had walked for more miles than she’d ever walked before. Of course, that wasn’t much of a challenge for a small town girl whose only previous exercise exploits had been climbing the trees in the back garden and helping out at a local farm.

There were a few more miles to go; and with every mile crossed, Sabine felt more and more comfortable with her journey.

Of course, when the journey had begun; she hadn’t really known where she was going or why. She had picked the first city on the board outside of the train station the minute it felt right, and she had been going ever since. And with every mile she crossed she became reassured that she was getting closer; though to what, she wasn’t too aware. She just *knew* she had to make this journey. There was something within her telling her to travel the miles, across two counties almost to find herself finally where she felt as though she was supposed to be.

The smile on her face shone brightly as she stared at the passing scenery. It was something that she would never grow tired of; nature, of all the trees and the greenery.

Tell me why
Everything turned around?
Packing up
Shacking up's all you wanna do
If I could
Baby I'd give you my world
Open up
Everything's waiting for you

She knew the lyrics word by word, knew the melody inside out as it rose and fell. She loved this song; it almost summed up everything she felt concerning her journey; after all, she had simply just packed up one day and left, not a word to any soul, just walked into town, straight to the train station and asked for a ticket. ‘Anyone would think you were the chick they were singing about in that Journey song they all like back home’ she mused to herself.

Over the blare of Stevie Nicks’ voice in her ears, she heard the driver announce that the destination was a few minutes away. Happily, she found herself bouncing a little in her seat.

Those few minutes were passed impatiently for the pale girl as she twiddled brown hair with her fingers, untangling imaginary knots. ‘I do hope they remember me’ she thought, though the thought confused her a little and she quickly decided against thinking too deeply into the hope she didn't understand.

The bus pulled up, leaving her on a semi busy street in a strange place. She closed her eyes briefly, basking in the smells and sounds, and most of all; the pull. The pull had never been stronger. She smiled and headed straight into the flow of it, buzzing around her, pulling her into a bar. She swayed as she walked, a natural gait she simply could not rid herself of.

Her hands on the bar, she soon drew attention from the bar tender with her youthful, pretty face and retro-gypsy-esque garb. Following what almost seemed like instinct now, she ordered promptly “Sloe Gin on the rocks with a dash of mint or lime if you have any.”


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Re: Finish (closed)
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The knock on the hard cedar door confirmed her visitors. They had made it just in time for her to reach the bottom of the stairs. Albert had still beaten her to it, however.

"I'll get that." She stopped him, and then immediately shooed the stoic butler back to his other duties. It wasn't often she answered her own door, but the daylight had sank behind the hills, and the dangerous sun was not a threat at this moment. Juliette was expecting one of the faces, but not the others with it.

Thane had time to accept the outstretched hand of his escort.  It didn't surprise him at all to hear the name. "Everybody calls me Thane," he offered in response.

The door opened.  Thane stared at Juliette a moment.  She was the same as he remembered, and he likely was the same as she recalled.  Assuming she thought of him...ever.

He forced a smile on his face, but it didn't quite reach his eyes.  He bit his lip, so as not to spoil it all by dryly commenting that she hadn't torn down the house and left town like he asked.

"I apologize.  You were right."  Wasn't that what she wanted to hear?  He purposefully kept his arms at his sides, rather than taking a protective pose of crossing them, or using touch to soften the words. 

He stepped inside.  That way she couldn't shut the door in his face. He unbuttoned his coat, taking a moment to shake the flakes from the fur on the rug so it wouldn't spoil the wood farther inside.  He liked order, she liked things tidy.  It was one of the few attributes they had in common.

Thane glanced over his shoulder and back towards the door.  "You remember Tyler?" He said by way of explanation, before he stepped into the main room. 

Juliette's eyes adjusted immediately to the Prince's familiar face, but it took a moment for her ears to register his apology. She certainly hadn't expected that. Though, it seemed more of a forced apology than a sincere one. She would accept it, no less.

"It is in the past. I see no reason to hold onto bitter memories." She managed a warm smile as she stepped back, relieved to have that out of the way, "How pleasant of his highness to pay me a visit." Was that rude? She cleared her throat, avoiding the potential offended glare by looking to his companion; his features were strikingly similar to his incarnate that she remembered the best. Pale green eyes- no one else had eyes like that. “Yes, Tyler…come in…please.” Before she stared too long, Juliette glanced down, only to spot the crest on his finger. Yes, he had always worn that back then. Juliette clasped her hands together, remembering how the cool metal would press against her fingers when theirs used to interlace.

“I have warm tea to sooth your cold rings- er, hands." Juliette let them enter, avoiding Tyler’s familiar celtic eyes. Juliette had looked into those eyes many times in the past. They were the same as ever, haunting, absorbent. But it wasn’t the same person, and that had been a long time ago. She stored the thought away for now.

Thane would know his way around. The only remodeling she had done this time had been on the west wing. She was unable to keep from avoiding him, looking up to him, "Reinforcements?" Another joke played off of their last visitation. It had been a terrible argument, and he had owed her an apology. She felt the corner of her mouth twitch; she was unable to help herself sometimes.

Tyler looked over the stunning woman who opened the door and listened to odd conversation between the two, Thane as some sort of royalty? What was he doing walking alone out along the highway?

Tyler's brow arched as he looked over Thane with a new eye and listened as he asked if she remembered him. How could she remember him? They had never  met, at least to his knowledge. She acted like they had oddly enough, and now he was reviewing if he'd met her in some drunken stooper some night, though those were very rare and she didn't look the type. He have her a nod of his head, "Ma'am," he intoned, not sure what else to say as he followed the other fellow in, still not sure what he was doing here, why he hadn't just ridden away.

He looked back over his shoulder at the last comment by the beautiful woman, Juliette. Reinforcements? What did I just walk myself into. It was too late now to refuse at least the warm drink before he hastily left, he followed Thane looked over the selection and grabbed a peppermint tea bag and steeped it while he continued to watch the odd display and quickly assess his surroundings.

His highness wasn't feeling very pleasant as Juliette offered her jibe.  The smile turned to more of a frown.  But when she spoke to the dark, he approached the door.  Together they were framed in the porch light and he too could see the other figure on the drive.   When Juliette kicked Thane out of the house a hundred years ago he'd had an extra day to kill before he could go home as he'd been 'told'.  He'd met Amina by an odd coincidence and while she hadn't shared her troubles they had commiserated.  He hadn't expected to see Amina today, secretly hoping she'd resolved whatever issue haunted her and was happy. 

Fate is a funny thing.

Juliette looked back at the presence she felt lingering, her eyes softening on Amina's hesitating form. It was the first time she had seen her in centuries but she didn't know why. Seeing her without her wings gave her a shy clue, however. "'re..." Juliette paused, something about the angel's presence made her refrain from pointing out the obvious. She was earthbound. "Come’s cold."

"Yes.  Come in." He seconded.  "Coffee?  Tea?"  A pause and an uncharacteristic bite of humor as he added.  "Milk?"  Before stepping away from the door to return to the parlor.

The vampire hung back as Thane made his way to the tea and coffee that waited. She folded her arms over each other in an odd defensive stance. The cold usually didn’t bother her, but right now it wasn’t the winter she felt chills from.

"It's been a long time." Juliette couldn't help but let her eyes linger in the space she used to see wings behind the small, silver-haired woman. She seemed less…solid without them, smaller. Green eyes were clouded and hard when they looked at her. Somehow this reunion was not as sweet as she had hoped it could have been. Why hadn't she come to visit more often? Amina had been standing there for a minute, but Juliette could feel that something about her was different, and it was not just the wings.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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Amina watched them all. ‘Perhaps if I do not move.’ No doubt, a vain thought, but tonight she could almost blend in with the dark and the snow. If the door shut on her, she’d take it as a sign and walk far away from all of this. Perhaps she’d become a hermit.

Such a fate it seemed was to be avoided, though. It was Juliette who noticed her, pointing her out so the others looked back.
‘You, of course.’ Amina recalled Tyler as well. The glint of his ring was really all she needed to see. She had met him once before, and not for long. The poor boy, certainly boy then, went marching off on a Holy War, never to return. Soon enough, all of them would be back, and Haven would find some way to catch up like always.

It should have been happily nostalgic, even that comment about milk.
‘Make it warm and add honey to it.’ It didn’t bother her anymore that she had Earthly preferences.

She gave no response or reaction to the Prince’s words, but let him steal inside as the vampire remained, alone. Distracting thoughts and emotions played with her, clouded her vision when at last she looked to the only one left. There were contradictions between what she wanted, destruction and comfort vying to be sated. If they were depicted as cartoon shoulder advisers, Amina didn’t know which would be the devil and which the angel.

What she did acknowledge was that neither would get their way. There would be no breakdown of emotion at the sight of an old friend, and no rage at the sight of an unaware foe.

Calmly, she stepped over the stone, the snow, and to the threshold. Her arms, too, folded around her in a defensive fashion. No hugs, no happy rejoicing at seeing each other once again.
“Yes, it has been,” Amina agreed with Juliette’s assessment of time.

Juliette’s eyes had lingered elsewhere, and Amina didn’t forget the unfinished statement,
“And yes, I am.” No explanation, although there was a hardness to her tone, to her gaze. Unfinished business. She kicked the snow from her shoes before stepping into the home. She did not know where to go, and she did not pretend to know, either, as she looked around her immediate surroundings. It was luxurious, of course. “The others shouldn’t be left waiting,” the words were distracted. Amina wanted attention elsewhere. She could be a grand observer if the others were there to chat about the same problem.

At least it would be better if they all got to the point, rather than dwell on old times and once-was. Amina didn’t want to consider if the one with the ring, Tyler this time, remembered anything this time. She wasn't sure if that'd be better or worse. It would save time on explaining.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Elena employed womanly proportions, really. If he were to be unromantic, he would comment that would either make her look old or misshapen when she was fully grown. But the teen mind is romantic, fully. It is so unspoilt it has to spoil itself in search for validity, substance. He didn't count the the inches of her epidermal tissue, or the energy it stored. Her sandwiches, her lollipops, her late night pension for sorbet. Elena wouldn't very well entertain his dream of freeing her ample-- amples if he treated her bad, and called her on her flaws.

That wasn't the truth. He could clearly read the algorithm of the fine modifications he'd have to make to himself in order to be more to her liking. Cruelty with enhanced charisma - which was to say justification through assumption in his attitude - could very well attach her to him, sans that flattering blue blouse. That was for Calleyo to know and discard as irrelevant, and for Duncan to pursue in his dreams, irreverent. The older - the ancient - wouldn't be caught dead, and the younger - infantile - would die for it. The great wizard would never have guessed hormones and insistence of self importance could be such a potent adversary.

She had tried her wits with him a little more. The manipulator of World Parts had no choice but to help the boy, and they sounded clever in the process, instead of imbisillic like Duncan, or all-knowing like Calleyo. When her smoke was smoked, he followed her in, two pixie sticks shorter and sense of accomplishment that did not mirror it's supposed result in Elena's body heat, something The Manipulator could easily read. Duncan wouldn't have it, wouldn't hear it. And as things were, Duncan had the upper hand. It was the boy's body and life, after all.

He turned cold, like the outside where he'd left colorful straws in the snow, when he saw her. Her signatures were strong when he decided to see them. There was always something to give her away if he was concentrated, but every once in a while her spirit would leak through even when he wasn't looking for it. Sometimes it was confidence, when he had simply chosen an angle of reality where clues to her were visible, and other times, like today, she was beaming. Duncan frowned at her, because Duncan didn't have control like Calleyo did.

She was hotter than Elena, and Elena seemed to notice this. He could see it over Haven's shoulder when she hugged him. It made him return the embrace. "Nice to you see you." No name. He wasn't sure what he should call her, and decided to be polite enough to let her have whatever charade she wanted. He let go, sliding out of her arms. It was a show for Elena. He was actually feeling good about this visit. "I didn't know you were in town." The boy afforded himself a look of her from top to toe. She'd been gruesome in some guises. This was pleasant to look at, but seemed to carry an attitude that could be annoying. Haven had to make her claims where she could. Her abilities were limited.

"We should go to my booth." That was an exaggeration. He had one chair by a double row of desks, concealed from each other with thick, padded cardboard. He offered her the seat, while he sat himself on the desk, which seemed crowded now, with his computer, the keyboard, and his placed down headset. They had conversations in worse places, the two of them. It was distracting, being a teenager close to her form, t his time. "Pixie?" he asked, extending a yellow one to her, to celebrate her hair.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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"Your booth?" She managed to make it sound like a scandalous offer but smiled and followed him. She looked around the little space and nodded approvingly. Calleyo was never one to waste his time at home or getting into trouble. He had to be in the world. Not her world, she thought when she sat down in front of his computer. Boots on the thin carpet and hips swiveling the chair back and forth.

He offered a stick of paper wrapped sugar and she smiled brightly as though he gave her a diamond rather than dust. She reached out and accepted it with a tip of her head that was too old for their bodies. She would never admit it, but she loved being around the few that knew who and what she was. She enjoyed her life of lies and pretend but every so often she remembered how nice it felt to not keep track of her mannerisms or gestures. To just let it all fall around her, all those centuries of gathering characters and lives.

She tapped the paper stick against her mouth thoughtfully and let her eyes roll to the side just as the teenage sweetheart happened to walk by. Haven let her eyes follow the girl until she saw her blush and disappear around the other side of the entrance. Girls were cute in their cunning at Elena's age. She probably didn't have any reason to walk passed, but some part of her had wanted to know. Whether or not Elena was interested in Duncan, he belonged to her in some sense. But in that same, intangible, irrelevant sense, Calleyo belonged to Haven.

The shapeshifter unzipped her jacket to slide the pixie stick into an inner pocket. "Do you think you'll marry her after high school?" Haven asked playfully. "Have three kids and a dog and maybe a few goldfish?" She already liked the idea, even if it was a bit too mundane for someone like Calleyo. She had enjoyed a few mundane lives. Humans were easy to live with. They loved believing the lies the way Haven needed people to. Already she was thinking about being his neighbor. Maybe an old woman across the street. One that complains every time the kids ride their bikes too close to her yard. Or she could be a child in school with one of his and grow up along side them, a pain in his side and a bad influence on his best progeny.

"From what I hear, we have places to be." She said at last to squander her own daydream of his full and dull life. "A reunion, it seems." She liked to talk to seers, to know what they knew, and given her lifestyle they didn't seem to mind sharing with her. Haven wasn't exactly a danger to the world. Her desire to go unnoticed made her particularly nonthreatening to the fates- though they loved to be vague all the same. She smiled with that plush mouth. "Do you know anything about it?" Calleyo had more knowledge than just about any creature she knew, even if he was on occasion wrapped in puberty. Strangely, it made him one of her favorite and least favorite people in all the world.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Thane didn’t want to be here.  He left the women in the foyer and went to the living room.  The furnishings were familiar and yet different.  Juliet had a certain style – a certain color preference.  She was sentimental.  Thane was as well which was why all this was so hard.

He wanted it to be over.  He wanted it to never end.  There was a lump in his throat as he moved towards the tea cart and selected a porcelain cup.  He set the china on a saucer and poured two servings, one for himself and the other for Tyler.  He lifted both saucers and extended one towards the other man in the room.

Only now did he fully look at the warrior he’d once known.  What was on the outside didn’t matter much to him.  He liked to think he could see beyond time to the soul within.  Light.  Responsibility.  He had to clear his throat to be able to banish the sadness and speak.

So much sacrifice.  How can I ask for more.

“Your tea,” he said.

Thane considered that he too must seem strange in the more modern world.  His clothes were vintage.  His hair apparently a touch longer than convention warranted.  He’d never considered growing a beard.

If our places were reversed… He’d considered the thought before.  Deep down Thane knew he was reaching for straws in a desperate hope that some happiness came in a millennia of rebirths.  Would you have been able to forgive and forget?

Amina had her burden to carry.  He knew she was earth bound, but he figured he wasn’t responsible for that development.  It didn’t make it easier to accept.

As for Juliet….for some strange reason now that the apology was out of the way all he could think about was whether she’d procured some clothes for him so that he could blend.


Thane took a sip of the tea.  The smell and the taste were pleasant.  He closed his eyes.  He could almost imagine that nothing had changed at all.  There was warmth in the room.  A fire.  Presence.  Magic.

There is no cost too high. You’d do it over.  You’ll ask again.  You’ll have to.

His hands started to shake.  For a brief moment the china clattered and then he opened his eyes again.  His hands steadied.  His back straightened even though he didn’t turn towards the door.  Thane stared sightlessly out the window.

How do I break the ice?  It would be easier if Haven were here.  She’s late as usual. At least some things remain constant.

He took another sip of tea.  “Nice ring,” he said to Tyler, even though he didn’t look at him.  “Do you remember how you got it?”


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Re: Finish (closed)
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2014, 09:10:38 am »

In a more direct light now, without distraction Thane certainly looked like royalty out of some other time. Tyler had traveled a lot in the last ten years though, had seen many types of people, many eccentricities. Thane was nervous though, his hand shook as he offered the tea, he looked uncomfortable. Again, Tyler wondered what he'd gotten himself into.

He looked around the room once, taking in all the details. Windows here, doors there, possible hidden door in a panel, threats could come from here or there, his mind always working on what move he would make, where his exits would be.

His eyes were drawn to a sword mounted on the wall, but before he could step over for a closer look he was being asked about his ring.

Odd,  Juliette had stumbled over that in the hall as well. He looked down at the familial crest on his littlest finger. "Family heirloom," he answered.

He glanced through the still open door at the two silhouetted women and for a moment the floor seemed to tilt, though the only sign was Tyler's knees bending slightly. Was there something in the tea?

When he looked back at Thane, a vivid image came to mind, the same man with his back turned, but different clothes, a different place. A armored guard was stepping up, a woman, but then it was gone. Tyler blinked his eyes an instant headache forming at the base of his skull and set the tea down on the table, his jaw tightening.

I've walked myself into some kind of elaborate trap, they've tracked me, drugged me.

"It seems you're among friends and that I'm interrupting the party. Thanks for the tea, but I ought to get going. I'm supposed to be meeting some friends." A smooth lie, but who could contradict him. "This has been... strange." He finished lamely as he headed toward the door.

Juliette and the other woman were coming this way it seemed. He was just going to politely nod and keep walking but then both of their faces were illuminated and again it felt like the ground shifted under him. Two swift and vivid scenes came to him again, an ramshackle building, the smell of smoke, the sound of gun fire and heavy breathing, a turning of the head to see Juliette's face pinched in concern. Just as swiftly the feeling of burning desert heat blistering his skin, the smell of blood, the blow not blocked, the pierce of metal through flesh and tissue and bone a final thought of a silver haired framed face with a final exhalation.

Tyler sucked in a sharp breath stifling himself from calling out and stumbled back grabbing at the wall behind him,  his head splitting in pain, an echo of pain in his chest. His palm was sweating where it was gripping the wall. "Wha... what did... who are you people?" The world was tipping on it's side, though he was certain his feet were still planted firmly on the ground.

The took a stab at standing upright and walking to the door. Every fiber of his being, every instinct screamed Run! Get out of here!

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Re: Finish (closed)
« Reply #16 on: January 15, 2014, 09:50:06 pm »
Juliette was all to familiar with wanting distraction. She hated situations that brought on uncomfortable subjects. She had asked Thane to leave the last time he visited, his ignorance at the time had infuriated her, his dismissal of her pain had hurt her. So she told him to go. This time she had a feeling that fate brought them all here. Thane had brought his burden to them, but that was what he should have done in the first place.

Amina was just as defensive in her body language as Juliette, something the vampire was never used to seeing. The angel had always carried herself with a presence. Faintly, Juliette remembered a time when Amina was cold like this. It was long ago and barely a memory. Amina entered Juliette’s home and observed, Juliette turned, closing the door behind her, “Wait…” She wasn’t sure what to say to her. Had she done something wrong?

Juliette wanted to reach out and touch her dear friend’s hand, but Amina was so guarded at this moment that she held back. “You can have tea with us now…” She gestured for Amina to follow her into the living room, but she did not lead right away. “I’m sorry, that was insensitive…” She said, letting her arm fall, “This must be hard for you.” She wanted to ask how it happened. It wasn’t unusual for Juliette to feel inferior in the presence of Amina, there was an iciness to her now that contrasted from before, when Juliette just felt as if she were unworthy. In this moment, she felt on the same level as the earthbound angel.  “Can I do anything for you?”

Amina paused, waited at the command. She turned so she could look at Juliette once again, rather than keep her back to the woman. She didn’t need her to study the tattoo. That was new, even with her concept of time now skewed. Twenty years back or so, she still mourned the loss, and so went against His law and had her own flesh defiled and marked.

Juliette was uncomfortable, off her own guard. The woman who had learned to take things in stride did not seem to be present. She was familiar in another way, and Amina didn’t much care for it. This Juliette reminded her too much of the weak one.

She gave no reaction to the insensitive comment. ‘Like I did not before?’ She had humored them, now and then, by drinking and eating. Amina shook her head at the vampire’s last question. ‘You cannot take it all back.’ “No,” she verbalized it. “There is nothing that can be done.” Not by Juliette. There was only one in the universe who could help, and He was not speaking to her.

She turned to the direction Juliette had motioned, “That way to the living room?” She asked with her own motion.

The chill was unbelievable. Juliette could have been angry at the way Amina slighted her, but she was concerned. Nothing that could be done? Long ago, the vampire had assumed angels had no free will. But there was Satan. Surely Amina was not fallen. She trusted God. The Amina she knew was not evil, but kind despite her abrupt honesty. Perhaps, she could redeem herself? In Juliette's eyes, it was hard to see the angel having ever done wrong.

"Yes, it's this way but..." Once again Juliette was brushed off, and she followed behind her. The vampire could not get used to seeing the woman so small. Without her wings- now replaced by scars and a tattoo, she was unfamiliar. She followed her down the hallway, matching her stride, some frustration building, "Wait!" Juliette finally said, emphasizing the earlier command. Her eyes softened,

The vampire pressed her hand against her chest, "Please Amina." She hadn't seen her like this before. This Amina was experiencing human emotions, something Juliette had struggled with getting her to understand at first. "You are my dearest friend." They weren't quite to the living room yet. It wasn't as if they would have to wait on the others anyway. Haven always seemed to be late. "Talk to me."

Juliette agreed, and Amina walked. It would have been too much to ask for the miracle of being allowed to go there without further questions. The command was given, and Amina actually let out something of a snarl when she again obeyed it, pausing in the decorated hall. This time, when she turned it was sharp, and her irritation was clear.

Human emotions indeed. The gaze on her softened, but it did not work to soften Amina any. ‘Stay back.’ She had to tell herself. Nails dug into the flesh of her arms, still crossed over her chest. “I have nothing to say,” lie. Lie, lie, lie. “I have nothing I want to say,” correction. Better. “I am here because we did not complete the job centuries ago. That is all.” And she would not be here for any other reason. She would not see Juliette for any other reason, because she was not a good friend. Her thoughts already proved that.

The vampire was stunned at Amina's sudden reaction. It was snakelike, and Juliette had never seen her friend so...irritated. She couldn't remember a time that Amina was so...human. Her eyes widened as she silently gasped, letting her hand fall. Things were starting to make sense. The Amina she knew didn't really care for Juliette at first, but after a few bumps they had grown and learned from each other, a special bond between two formidable opposites. What had she done to anger God? The vampire could not remove the concern from her eyes as Amina fully dismissed her attempts to rekindle a friendship. "But I..."

She was distracted from the moment as Tyler passed them in the hallway, certainly even more disturbed by their altercation. Juliette's concern for Amina tore her down the middle. She hesitated, looking to the earthbound angel sternly, "This isn't finished." She said. Not this conversation, and not this task. If things were left undone disaster would surely follow them. She would find out the reason for the angel's wrath. So she was earthbound now? Well how did she like feeling like the rest of them? She would let Amina go for now, but the vampire would not be avoided any longer.

Juliette turned when she heard Tyler's stumble, her memories weren't able to be silenced this time, and she knew as soon as she turned away from Amina that she was making a mistake by going to him. He was starting to remember them, and it could be painful. But she could not just let him leave. She had a feeling they needed everyone. The vampire followed the man to the foyer, reaching to place a hand on his arm, fingers gently clasping against the folds of his sleeve.

"Don't go." A familiar plead, but for a different reason this time. "You will never stop seeing our faces if you leave here." Juliette swallowed and removed her hand, "Just listen to what we have to say." She stepped back once, hoping Tyler would at least turn around.

Amina straightened her back as Juliette responded, telling her it wasn’t over. Of course it wasn’t. Amina had to endure this new level of hell until the fiend was dealt with, for good this time. She’d not be satisfied seeing it simply removed as a threat. This time, it would be dead. A part of her, a part that stirred guilt, was pleased with Tyler’s timely reaction. She knew she should not be. It was selfish and wrong, but she wanted the escape.

Amina did not follow after him herself. In another life, she would have been the first to offer aid. ‘Long gone.’ And she didn’t need to rekindle anything with him, either.

If she could not run, she could at least dodge, and so she walked calmly into the foyer where Thane was left standing. Her arms fell away to her sides and she walked to stand near him. He was easier to endure right now, far easier than Juliette and Tyler. ‘I do not want to do this.’ If it had just been her and Thane, perhaps she could have humored not doing it. However, Tyler was there. No doubt, the others were in this world again, too.


Words were considered for Thane, but in the end, Amina simply sighed, relenting to the silence she felt uncomfortable in. “Hello.” There was a laugh and there was defeat in the word.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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“You’re not interrupting.”

Tyler turned towards the door.  The simple answer of family heirloom was more true than known.  Thane inhaled and closed his eyes against the vision that he could conjure as though it were yesterday.  Time spun backwards in his mind to another conversation with Tyler.  This one out in the open and under a clear sky.
He could almost feel the heavy metal of the ring in the palm of his hand.

She had been beautiful.  Wore duty like a crown.

Thane didn’t say the words aloud.  He didn’t need voice to speak to one of his own kind.  And yet he doubted that Tyler would hear.  Doubted what Tyler was today was ready to return to what once was.

I gave that ring to you – one thousand years ago.

Distance increased.  Solitude encroached.  The air shifted as one left and another came to his side.

In an unconsciously nervous gesture, Thane tucked his dark hair behind one slightly pointed ear.   Long lashes parted to reveal his steely gaze.  “Hello,” he said.   A simple word.  Full of meaning.

I don’t want to do this either.

He took a sip of tea and set the cup delicately in the saucer.  The faint smile was sad. “I missed you.”
Voices could be heard in the hall.  He sighed over the futility of it.  “Let him go!” Thane said, voice louder and harsher than he intended. 

The whisper that followed was more to himself.  “Free will has to come into it.” He barely resisted the urge to toss the china against the wall for the satisfaction of venting his frustration and hearing the crash.  “She’ll be back.  God help us all.”

Mention of God brought his attention back to Amina.  “Tyler picked me up on the road like he knew I would be there.”  Wishful thinking perhaps.  “Have you seen the others?”

Have you seen the signs?


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Juliette's hand on his arm was like a jolt, a shock piercing him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, sticking him in place while scenes flashed before his eyes and he thought his head would crack open.

They were in a theater, a ballet on stage, her hair pinned in curls, he could see medals on a dress uniform on his chest, an old style. A knowing smile, a grasp of her hand, a tilt of the head and they were dashing out in a fit of laughter to the scornful looks of those around them.

Now a cool breeze, relaxing on a blanket atop a grassy hill, a half destroyed town visible in a town below.

Now a muddy hole, a black and white picture of her leaning on the pages of a journal he was shielding from the rain.

Her hand moved, the loss of contact jolting him back to his sense of self. "What did you do to me?! Don't touch me!" He bellowed and shoved through the front door again, stumbling.

When his feet hit the cobbled drive it was like some connection was severed and he was able to take a full clarifying breath. He shook his head once, yanked his helmet down and tore out of the drive.

He speed along the streets for a few minutes, the further he got from the house the less disoriented he felt.

By the stars what was that?!

He debated on going to the authorities, but what would he tell them? I was at a house and after a sip of tea they forced me to have hallucinations about the people around me. He wasn't sure he even believed what had happened.

No, better to just find a place to crash for the night and forget the whole strange thing ever happened.

Accordingly he started looking around for a likely place to eat and maybe stay. He slowed the bike, the engine going down a few notches.

He stopped the bike at an intersection and looked around, there, there was a little bar and what looked like an Inn of some sort snuggled up next to it. He pulled over, parked and grabbed his back pack, slinging it over his shoulder and stowing his helmet in the lock box under the seat with the spare he'd let Thane wear.

He walked in and over to the bar, leaning on it and quickly assessing his surroundings, and the people in the room, lingering on a pretty wisp of a thing down the bar, not really his style but better looking than anyone else, before turning back to the approaching bartender.

He debated for a minute, "Spreekt u Engels?"

"Yah, what ya drinkin?"

"Water and a menu if ya've got it."

The bartender didn't roll his eyes but Tyler could tell he wanted to, being called over for a water. He made the decision after feeling a wave of dizziness hit again. Who knew what had been in that tea? He didn't want to chance having it react with alcohol.

He just needed to eat and go lay down, let whatever it was work it's way out of his system.

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Re: Finish (closed)
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Amina shook her head as the elf raised his voice to command. Prince indeed. Eternal prince. He would never be king unless the other was murdered, and the likelihood of that seemed impossible. That was also if he did not have older siblings. Truth told, Amina didn’t know. In a way, perhaps their family structures were similar. They were both part of ageless, unchanging, dynasties. There were commonalities that made it easier to deal with him than anyone else.

Neither of them wanted to be here.

Perhaps that was the greatest commonality.
‘God help us all.’ Amina’s frown deepened. “He won’t.” If He chose to intervene, it would not be to aid them, they who helped the damned and condemned.

He asked a question, and Amina shook her head.
“No,” she verbalized. “If I had, I would not have come here alone.” She would not have come here at all if it could be avoided, but this was the only static place. It was inevitable that all would gather here. This town, too, held meaning for everyone. “They will all come to this place.” Not this house, perhaps, but they would all come to this town.   


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Elena had her reasons. The essences in her were finely tuned to the primal things, and danced well with her capability for deceit. Hungry for something, and gravitating toward the solution to its absence, but she didn't admit to herself quite what. Calleyo would know all this if he wished. Instead his neck tensed, only to take his head in her direction just before she was obscured by the corner she rounded, nodding casually to her, as though they hadn't been seeing each other all day. Inside him a similar series of reactions took place, where he would revel in Haven's company for the power it shifted his way in matters of himself and Elena, and deny it when asked all the same.

He didn't need to be a neatly placed vibration in a World Net in order to know himself, he could be just the boy that he was, but he would need a man's courage and his jaded experiences to admit all of those things to himself, and so he wouldn't wield the advantage Haven brought, because in his own primal way, Duncan would relent the chances of bed-play with Elena, if it meant bed-play with Haven. It could be called treacherous, but it would be more accurate to refer to such a thing as wayward, weak to the powers that be.

She had taken the treat. Calleyo looked at her then, hand still out from having dealt her the straw. What if I put something in it, Joker, Knight, Queen and King? What if I am not as committed to this boy Duncan and his chemical rights, and am in fact petty and vengeful from your taunts? Can you change into something that withstands poisons, or fool a persistent curse? Lighting lived on the rings around his pupils, the fade of the thread lights a forgotten purple around the center, white light. He had been that color once. Then Duncan smiled and took his hand back.

Of course there was no magic. He'd worked hard for those sticks, bought them with his own money, in the store on his way home that also sold his brand of face cleanse. It burned the wounds of his acne, but he thought - Duncan - that such a pain was the very gage of the effectiveness of the cleanse. Other fools tried softer solutions. He'd been zit-free (almost) for days because of the high alcohol solution that cost less than a third of the thing he'd seen Gregory splash on after gym. The wizard sighed. He wasn't very good at gym. Greg was.

"I'd know it more if I was older." he replied and sat back. It was a grave matter, of course, and not some sentimental reunion of souls that had spent themselves in saving parts of this world once. The friction had been dulled with their triumph. But now it had multiplied, as strings close to other strings do. The tragedy of it was that Calleyo didn't care as much as he should, because Duncan didn't believe. It was easy to listen to the boy. Tests were more important. Gaining respect for doing nothing at all was more important. Why couldn't the boy had been a thinker, or a decent humanitarian? "We'll all meet, if we're to have a fighting chance." he said. Those were momentary truths, capable of shifting in value at any happening, even by their own mention.

He sighed and looked around, leaning back. This life would be gone soon, and he'd carry the weight of it's loss in his young heart. "I suppose you have means of traveling? Bet there's a truck driver with your scent, or some greasy forty-year-old youth we could call." It was odd, mixing old wit into the boy's emotions. The wizard found it empowering, as though it was right to think of such power now. He'd never thought he'd use his abilities for such small things. Then again, he'd never thought the world could balance on such a small edge, either.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Tyler was gone. ’Let him go.’ she thought at the very same time Thane announced the command. The bewildered expression on the green-eyed man’s face was enough for her to stop her pursuit. He stumbled out her door, and she watched silently as he gathered himself in her driveway. Thane was right; he would be back. Juliette sighed and watched the man ride away on his motorcycle as if a monster was chasing him. ’Take me with you.’ Her thoughts quieted themselves, and the vampire closed the door to her foyer.  Two people she was not eager to face waited for her in her living room.

The sound of her high heels echoed through the tall hallway as Juliette returned to her guests. If Amina was here, the others would come soon enough. Fate had brought them all within each other it seemed, even if she could not see the others close, it was bound to happen soon enough. Juliette looked to her old friend as she entered the room, and wondered how long she had been earthbound, and in this town no less.

“Apologies for the wait…” Juliette walked to one of the chairs that sat adjacent to the long couch. The room had been decorated in jewel tones; the heavy curtains pulled tight over high windows were amethyst, her favorite color. The vampire was pleased to see that the others had taken to the tea and coffee she had arranged. Her eyes stayed on Amina, despite the angel’s attempt to avoid her.

It took almost everything in Juliette not to confront Amina right then and there again. However, that was not why she was here, obviously. The angel didn’t seem to have missed Juliette as much as the vampire had missed her ironic friend. There was a bigger matter at hand, but to Juliette, matters of their friendship were just as huge. For now she would wait, but it was going to be challenging.

“It’s nice to have you both here.” She meant that in spite of the awkwardness of the situation. The vampire spent most of her time in solitude, sometimes in the quiet company of her employees. “Almost like old times.” Almost. Her gaze shifted from Amina to Thane. “And I do appreciate your apology.” She shook her head, “I know that was a while ago, but I also want to say sorry for letting things end like that. I shouldn’t have made you leave.”

Juliette sighed, this was certainly more awkward than she’d expected. Patching relations or talking some sense into him (if he had the same plan as last time) was what she had prepared for. She had no idea that a very human Amina and very confused Tyler would be joining and then…leaving. Now the others would come, somehow they would find the already gathered few. That was what happened the last time, wasn’t it?

’Here we go.’


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Re: Finish (closed)
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She rocked in that chair where she sat, watching him from the corners of her eyes over the bridge of that slightly upturned nose. Her mouth smiled in amusement at his words. That too was a lie. She never liked the way he made her sound or that the things he said were true. Mostly, she disliked how she could never really tell if his tone was a joke or if he really thought of her as a streetwalker. How many years had she known him? They weren't continuous but in total it must has been many. Yet, he was something surprising every time.

She supposed it was one of the reasons she liked him so, one of the reasons why she went out of her way to find him, to be around him. If asked, she would only admit so much as to say that she thought it funny to see those old eyes trapped in that child face. That was what Calleyo was- trapped in skin, whereas Haven hid in hers.

Still smiling she rolled her hips up and left the chair. "I'll have you know, Dunky," Oh, yes, she liked the sound of that. "I made efforts to learn how to drive in the twenties when it was all the rage. I'll admit, cars have become much safer and less interesting since, but the idea is all the same." She moved toward the mouth of his cubical, looking down the hall just in time to see that teen head of thoroughly sprayed hair ducking back into another set of rearrangeable walling.

"Do you need anything before we go?" She turned her head to look at the youth on his desk. "Perhaps we should swing by the house to get your footy pajamas and a few jello cups for the road? Might be a while before dinner... wouldn't want you to get cranky." Secretly she was disappointed that he was as old as he was. It would have been even more fun to have this conversation with a ten year old Calleyo. Though, Haven knew well that with all the dark whispers in the world, she would likely soon be wishing he had an older face to wear- one that wouldn't hurt so much to see plagued by death. But those weren't the things Haven liked to think about or talk about. No, Haven preferred jello cups.

"I do promise, it's been at least thirty years since I crashed a car." She smiled with that spark of glee in her eye. "Just don't ask me when the last time I crashed a plane was."

If he moved to follow her, she would leave the building ahead of him. It wouldn't be difficult to lift a purse or a set of keys and find them a car. Where they were going exactly, she hoped he knew and secretly hoped it wouldn't be that old house.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Sabine was all but begining to lose hope that she was in the right place.
She didn't exactly know why she had been drawn to this particular pub at this partcular time, however; it was almost as though some part of her was certain that this was where she was meant to be.

It was odd. As she sat at a table in the corner, close to the quiet hum of whatever popular music was playing over the stereo system, spping at her gin; energy pulsed at her funger tips.
Something akin to a shiver ran through her, makiing hte hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

And she was drawn to the image of a man she did not recognise. Every fibre of her being informed her though that her soul was familiar with his.
Old souls, perhaps kindred spirits in another life.
She wasn't too certain, but she knew that he was why she had been drawn there.

She watched him sit at a table, order food and water and she gave him time to relax. His aura was chaotic at best.
Once it had calmed down enough for her to believe that an approach would be acceptable, she put on her friendliest, kindest smile (which wasn't a difficult chore for the pretty, young witch) and drew her bags up to his table. "Do you mind if I sit here handsome? I'm getting a little lonely sitting on my own."
She knew that her words could be disected wrongly by anyone else, but with him, it was almost a feeling of deja-vu. As though she had said similar words to him before.


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Re: Finish (closed)
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It was all so civilized.  Juliette apologized for the wait, but Thane had been waiting far longer than the measly seconds she dismissed with a word.

Amina too seemed content to allow fate to bring them together once again, even if God could not guide.  Like waves on the ocean it seemed inevitable.  Like a net she would have gathered the fish to the slaughter.

It make him sad.

He looked down in the dregs of the tea in the china cup.  He must have drunk it, but couldn’t remember the taste.  With more ease than he felt, he put the cup on the wooden table, the surface clink making a soft bell-like ching.  Here too civility greeted him.  No dust.  Color.  Books. Everything in its place.

His grey eyes flickered over Juliette.  She didn’t seem to be lying – her second apology more generous than his own.   He almost ruined it all by saying ‘that’s right, you shouldn’t have made me leave.’  Instead he offered a quick glance towards Amina.  “It’s alright,” he said.  “I found some other things to do.”

Seconds.  Hours.  What were they here? 

Precious few.

Far too many.

There others would come, yes.  But was he ready to see them?

“We have five days,” Thane said.  He opened his hand and a scroll appeared.  He opened the parchment and the contents of the map floated into the air.  Stars and planets.  Doors and bridges.   Buildings and Walls. “We should discuss our point of attack.  Timing.  Roles.”  He was still of a mind to limit contact, and shrink the group.  He wasn’t yet convinced that he couldn’t do it alone.  Would prefer to not see some.

The points of light thickened the air with magic.  Light and shadows merged.   The room lost some of its plainer feel.   “This is why I am here.”

One hand lifted and a three dimensional picture of the past started to unfold.  The movie-like images were of smoke and fire.  The others may not have seen the signs but he had. The images were silent, but Thane could hear screaming.  “A warning.  A sign of things to come.  The world as I know it, is about to end.”

Outside, shadows were forming too.  Thane didn't see through the thick drapery that evil approached, and was far closer than he thought.
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Re: Finish (closed)
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Tyler  pulled his jacket and scarf off and sat down, his left knee bouncing as he waited for his order. He'd taken a seat at a booth in a corner so he could watch the door and have a good view of the majority of the room.

His food had come and he'd eaten some of, asking for his water glass to be refilled twice before he was ultimately just given a larger pitcher. He started to feel more like himself, more in control now that he had food in his stomach and all that water. It must have been helping flush out whatever he'd been drugged with.

It was strange though, the way the house made him feel when he first pulled up, the images that felt like memories, though they couldn't possibly have been his, a strange feeling that he ought to have stayed like the beautiful Juliette had warned. He shook his head of the thought. People that drugged you couldn't possibly be people you stayed around.

He'd noticed the cute girl he'd noticed before coming his way, but tried not to show it. He noticed most things, was trained to, though, he'd been much like this his whole life if he was honest. People had remarked on his observant nature from the time he was little.

When she dropped her bag he finally looked up at her directly and smiled, rubbing subconsciously at the new scar on the side of his neck. A bullet graze he'd gotten on his last rotation, a little too close for comfort, and it hadn't healed without a scar, despite his efforts, which was the only reason it bothered him. Scars were a part of his life.

Her face was new to him, it didn't bring any disturbing images, though a small wave of dizziness hit him.

He stood up and gestured at the seat across from him, no visions but an instinctual feeling of welcome, a familiar sense of deja vu or comradery of a sort swept over him, "Of course. No one should ever refuse such pretty company."

He waited until she was seated and then resumed his seat. He extended his hand across the table, "Tyler. Can I order you food, or a drink..." he left the comment open to share her name and introduce herself in turn.

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Re: Finish (closed)
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Juliette returned. Amina did not speak, did not accept the apology nor turn it away. There was no need for it. Her eyes narrowed on the word ‘nice’, but she didn’t call it out. She believed it a lie.

Thane put them on track, thankfully. Their time limit was set.
“Good,” she was pleased for the short time. Five days, win or lose. If she lost, so be it. If she won, she could leave. In truth, she won either way. Out came the scroll, and on it all the markings Thane knew better than any of them. “There is no point to strategy without the others,” Amina said. Unlike him, she was certain they would all come. “We can plot as we like, but if they do not agree it is for naught. It is likely that the others have changed, and may not be what they once were. We cannot plan without knowing what they can do now. We must reunite with the others.”

That would mean finding Tyler again, but perhaps after everyone else.
“They cannot be far….”

‘The world as I know it.’

Would that be so bad? Perhaps it would be for a better world. After the destruction, hope. The apocalypse.

Except this was not His apocalypse.

‘Are you sure?’

No, she wasn’t. Not any longer.


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Re: Finish (closed)
« Reply #27 on: February 10, 2014, 09:31:12 pm »
He was such a gentleman.

Sabine had been pretty certain for a long time now that chivalry didn't exist in anything other than fairytales. If anything her beliefs that such acts of chivalry were in fact dead had only been cemented by the several public transport bidden journeys she had taken to get to the exact place she felt as though she was supposed to be.

However, apparently here she was; a gentleman getting up from his chair, offering her the seat across from him, complimenting her in return and then; as though to put the icing on top of the proverbial cake; asked if he could order her something to eat, or drink.

There was even the offer of a hand to shake!
Sabine was sure for a moment that she had stepped into another world; a fantasy world where such romantic notions DID in fact exist.

It didn't take her long at all to snap herself out of her mind's tangential daydreams. "Well hello there, Tyler." A warm smile, which seemed to brighten her eyes, just a flicker of light seeming to shine in them for a fleeting moment. "My name is Sabine. Pleased to meet you." She made sure she was sat before gently taking his hand. "I don't think there's any need for you to order me anything, I'm quite content with my gin."

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Re: Finish (closed)
« Reply #28 on: February 14, 2014, 11:59:49 pm »
Well, this was uncomfortable.

Both Amina and the prince seemed unhappy to be in the room with her. Juliette wanted to shrink into herself, but she had left that person behind a long time ago. The vampire listened to the information Thane had brought to them.

Five days, that was barely any time. Luckily a few of them were prepared. Juliette felt a prickly sensation slip through her body as Thane conjured a vivid image of destruction. If it were possible for her, there would be goose bumps on her arms. Flames were aglow on each of their faces. She heard the screaming too, from her past. Juliette flinched at the moving figures, glancing right away to the covered windows of the living room.

Many times she had been face to face with an inferno. How many had been lit by torch before her? Juliette had narrowly escaped blazing death more than she would like to remember. Those were times of the past, when the vampires gathered in high numbers. They would be the future if they didn’t put an end to this now.

Amina pointed out the strategy useless before the others arrived. Juliette grasped her arms, as the prickly sensation grew stronger. She felt this way when she was around her kind, itchy, irritated, and angry. It was a paralyzing realization, and it was coming onto her as strongly as the first time she had experienced, long ago.

From her chair she stood, looking to the two facing her before she moved to the window- drapes clutched tightly in her hand. Her yellow eyes intensified into a more demonic form. She could feel her molars, teeth, and fingernails extend, her weapons would instinctively lengthening protectively at the sense of danger... perhaps bringing out the demon within. She snatched back the drapes and sure enough a quick movement in the shadows caught her nocturnal eyes. They narrowed when they found something.

“Actually, I propose we plan a little faster.” She hissed desperately, glancing back to the two.

Thane hadn't expected to have company so soon, but it was obvious the next guests were not invited.  The move bold - far bolder than in times past.  He didn't think he'd forgotten how to fight, but for a brief moment he felt fear.

Conventional weapons would do little good.  "How many?" he asked.

Amina had not noticed the vampires. Her senses were a bit dulled from times past, but it didn’t stop her flesh from taking on light when it was mentioned. A question was asked. Amina didn’t wait for an answer. She walked to where Juliette stood by the window, and lifted it open with one hand.

The other contained the light, which she hurled outside. It did as she commanded, split apart and exploded in various directions and heights, offering an idea of how many, and causing harm to those who ended up too close to it. After all, light was a vampire’s enemy. Amina didn’t even consider that as she stood close to Juliette. “Enough.” She told Thane before lifting her knee to the windowsill and slipping outside.

She didn’t want to be in a building where things could fall on her, after all. 

The light the woman beside Juliette took on immediately seared her skin, a hiss and stream of smoke curling off the subtly burned flesh of her cheekbone, neck and hand. The vampire moved away from her immediately. At least she still had her power, that was good. Juliette's burns were equivalent to a sunburn, not serious. They may have been if she had gotten too close. As soon as Amina launched herself out the window, the vampire followed a distance behind her, glancing back at Thane.

"There's several." She replied as she listened to the many footsteps. Vampires were weightless when they jumped and moved. It took inhumane senses to be able to hear something so light. "More are coming." Juliette was thankful she had no close neighbors and that the help had been sent home. There wasn't any explanation she could conjure up for this event.

She didn't have abilities of long range like the others, just the very weapon of herself. "We're going to need the others." Maybe he wouldn't like it, but the threat was grave.

Thane was shamed by the fact that the two women were more prepared to engage the enemy than he was.  He deicded not to be the last out the window, but went next to the glass and out into the garden before Juliette could depart.  His first implse was to try and talk.

Follishly perhaps he illuminated his figure and shoulted into the garden.  "What do you want?"  And then another.  "You are not welcome here."  The look in his eyes warning them to be gone.

Tyler I need you. A thought only,  but broadcast loud in the hopes of reaching the knight whereever he'd gone.

Illumination was always a foolish move with vampires, not that they required sight. There were so many senses that they could use to their advantage to hunt the living. Amina didn’t intend to listen for a response, though.

She had told them before—she wasn’t a messenger. ‘This is my purpose.’

And what a brutal purpose it was.

Once, she’d had a bow. She missed it, though she’d trade it for the things humans had called ‘guns’ in a heartbeat, if it would shoot her energy. Now all she had was her fingertips, and somehow that was never as accurate. Four makeshift arrows of light balanced above them at one hand, and she threw all four at one vampire as they considered answering Thane.

It was struck in the parley.

‘Parley over.’

Light exploded outward, a hissing, screaming sound following as the body hit the snow. The others quickly advanced so as not to fall prey to the same thing, and divided themselves up to assault and attempt to overwhelm the three. 


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Re: Finish (closed)
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Tyler smiled at her introduction and when she took his hand, he had a new wave of dizziness that worried him but no strong images flashed to mind. And still the overall feeling at looking at her was a warm affection, a strong sense that this had all happened before, that it would happen again, but it was safe.

"Well, if you change your mind, please let me know," he said with his own returning smile. He glanced around, "I'm not just feeding you a line, I promise, but I feel like we've met before. What brings you here Sabine?"

As he listened to her answer he felt a mounting sense of unease, and while he was listening to her, his eyes were roving, looking for the threat. He'd been a warrior a large part of his life, the one thing they taught you was to trust your instincts.

Nothing jumped out at him immediately, but then a stronger sense of agency erupted in his thoughts and his hand went to the hidden glock at the small of his back under his shirt. It felt like the time he watched the woman and her daughter across a gunfire filled alley. They needed him, but no one here looked to be in trouble. He looked at Sabine, a little of his concern on his face, "I'm sorry to interrupt, and this will sound strange, but... I think something is about to happen. I think we should leave."

His words were rewarded with a crash and screaming from the door. He pulled his gun and immediately moved so his back was too her and he was facing to protect her from  the threat, whatever it was.