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Abstractions [Closed]
« on: December 21, 2013, 04:42:44 pm »
There was a smirk on his lips as the young boy looked up at the figure that towered above him. “You want to go where now?” A key was spinning around his index finger, the gold contrasting prettily against the darker skin. He wore white, just as the one who stood before him. “In that? A dress?”

The fair-skinned answered,
“Earth. Now.” No comment on the dress. Things changed.

A laugh peeled from the young boy, one that didn’t seem to phase the demanding woman. She merely took to looking at her fingernails while she waited for him to settle.
“Seriously? Are you being serious right now?”

Without looking up,

“Ha, ha…does ‘Abandon All Hope’ mean nothing to you?”

The blue eyes lifted from the nails,
“Are you quoting the words of a mortal at me?”

There was a smirk still playing across the boy’s lips,
“Yeah, actually. How many times has your sorry ass been tossed back into hell? Seriously, it’s getting sad, Lucy. Also, I’ve been told not to let you out, female or male.”

The blonde wasn’t convinced. In fact, she stepped forward, shimmering from the energy that radiated from the gate. It would hurt to force her way through it, this she knew, but she also knew she had the power to do so.
“Do you think you can stop me, Eshu?” There was a threat in her voice, “Do you see how weak you’ve gotten?”

His stance became defensive.
“I’m strong enough. I am the Gatekeeper, and this is my Gate. Go through one of your own.”

Timing. She had to play by the stupid rules. Her gates only opened on certain days, and it was so difficult keeping track of when that was.

“Do you remember,”
Lucy began, “when you used to have dominion over multiple gates?” Of course he did. Eshu hesitated to answer. “Do you remember when those chains could keep me bound for centuries?” Still, Eshu didn’t answer. “Open this gate, Eshu.” There would be no more conversation.


The child was an idiot.

“Very well.” It was a white glow that moved around the figure. Two fingers were brought to her lips as Eshu stepped back to grab his shepherd’s hook, a wooden thing through which the boy channeled his own magic. He was much too slow.

What was faster than light, after all?

Lucy blew energy off the tips of her fingers, as if blowing a kiss. It was an explosion of light, a pummeling of vibrational energy that threw the young-looking abstract against the gateway, golden ichor dripping from his lips. The bruises would form later. Eshu tried to rise, but was shoved back down as the woman passed. She did not even give him a second glance as she pushed open the silver bars, and stepped right through. He didn’t hear her scream, though he knew that the gate acted to repulse her. He felt it. He made it act so. He tried to crush her, but could not.

Even so, Lucy manifested on the Earthly plain, New Orleans, amidst a service to Eshu. The white attire she’d been wearing fell to the ground, shredded by the gate which still glimmered behind her as a wavy, nigh intangible thing. It would remain open until Eshu could get up the strength to shut it. Her own ichor dripped from the flesh, and she shook her head. Red of course. Here, it was always red.
“Weak. This should not be happening to us.” Gods bled. Angels bled. She did not.

Or should not.

As the nude woman straightened, she looked out at the stunned worshipers and a wicked smile grew on her lips. She saw the knife above a chicken and strode forward, confidently plucking it from the hands of the worshiper.
“What a pretty athame,” she turned it over in her hand. “Pity Eshu upset me.” And Lucy wanted Eshu to stay weak a while longer, anyway. The dagger was plunged into the neck of the woman holding the chicken before anyone could react.

The rest were dead in seconds, and Lucy dropped the dagger near the chicken that marched, confused, about the ritual area. It was rainy outside, and Lucy shivered as she looked about, trying to get her bearings together.
‘Clothes and a ticket.’ She was planning on a trip to Vegas. When one looked for Luck, one went to the places where Luck was worshiped.

A ticket was really necessary until then, though. Best not to test her own luck and draw attention through abuse of light-travel. When others figured out she’d left the basement again, they’d come to harass her. She’d prefer to avoid those unsavory folks for as long as possible.

With her head held high, the Abstract of Light walked out onto the sidewalk and began to seek out a place to cover herself, ignoring the stunned looks she received on the way. Well, it was only expected. In her own mind, she was drop-dead gorgeous as a human, but then, that’s what they wanted of her, of their greatest evil and their greatest enlightener.

It was funny, though. She didn’t get as many odd looks as expected. 

She entered the first store with clothing in its window. All eyes immediately fell upon her, and she feigned emotion,
“I…I need help,” she swayed, stumbled forward and found a willing person to steady her. “P-please,” the blood and violated look helped. People fell over themselves in an effort to help her, making her sit, bringing her something to drink, and locating clothes for her to wear. Customers came to offer to buy her those clothes, offered to take her to a police station, or home. As they made their offers, Lucy considered who she might know that was here. It would be nice to humor them, as she kept pleading with them not to bring the police here. New Orleans was a place of magic, a place of power, and that usually meant there was one of her own kind here.

‘I know who.’
Lust. Not exactly who she was looking for, but the ones she wanted to find would be a little bit trickier. Lust was easy.

Especially today. Through the whispers of the people around her, she was quickly caught up as to what time of the year it was. No wonder she felt a bit stronger herself; plenty of preachers were out and about yelling of how the Lightbringer worked evil at this time. Mardi Gras in New Orleans. That would explain the ritual, too.
‘And where would I be if I were Lust?’ By this hour, Lust may have ‘retired’ to a hotel.

Decisions, decisions. It was almost a regret that she was now in clothing; she would have faired better if she’d met Lust sans clothing.
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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
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"Oh lucky me, look who I found." The voice sounded charming, someone use to manipulation. Asher didn't react for a moment, eyes glancing at the rolling pictures of the slot machine. It was incredibly bright, loud, and somewhat distracting. There were lines everywhere, lines that seemed to indicate favor, when truly, they decreased the chance of success dramatically.

The first one stopped, a seven.

The abstract of luck glanced up, green eyes taking in the owner of that charming tone. The man was smiling, teeth white, and his eyes, a dark blue, gleamed. His dark hair was neatly styled, unlike Asher's own flaming locks which retained a slight curl he didn't bother to tame.

Gideon, the abstract of mischief, wore a suit as dark as his hair. Always polished, Asher thought, glancing away, mischief's appearance conflicted with his constant need to disrupt order.

"What is it?" Asher finally asked as Gideon took a seat beside him, popping a quarter into the machine.

"A little bird told me something interesting." Gideon smirked as he stopped the first slot, a bell.

The other abstract didn't bother to look at his dark suited companion. He knew better than to trust Gideon, only a fool would do so. He was an abstract known for lies and trickery, something Asher refused to fall prey to.

Asher's second slot stopped at another seven.

"And what would that be?" Luck asked, his final slot still spinning.

"Light's looking for you." Mischief responded, amusement in his voice.

The final slot landed on a bar, missing the seven barely as Asher frowned. Gideon must have been lying. Why would Lucy be looking for him? He couldn't make sense of it.

"Don't lie to me, Gideon." Asher made to stand, but Gideon raised a hand, slim fingers grasping his shoulder.

"There's nothing to gain by lying to you, Asher. Actually, I have an offer for you." Gideon's second slot stopped at another bell.

Asher raised a brow, curious and suspicious of Gideon's intentions. Mischief was always the most difficult to make sense of, but he supposed that's what made the abstract what he was.

"Allow me the honor of impersonating you." Gideon continued, blue eyes glancing upwards.

"And why would I do that?" Asher asked, eyes narrowing, conscious of the other abstract's hand still on him.

"I'm well aware of your rather...difficult relationship with Lucy, Asher. Wouldn't you prefer to avoid her completely?" Gideon answered.

It would be a lie to say Asher wouldn't have preferred not to see the abstract of Light. She made things complicated, much like the abstract before him. Still, he doubted Gideon was offering this without compensation, surely he was after something.

"What's in it for you?" Asher responded, the suspicion in his voice obvious.

At that Gideon chuckled, "Isn't it obvious? I want to see what Lucy's game is. You know I love a good game."

Luck didn't know whether to accept that as the truth or to question the abstract again, an action that he knew would be fruitless in the end.

Instead he sighed, "Very well. Tell me what her intentions are as well when you're done, Gideon."

Mischief grinned, finally moving his hand away to press the final button of his slot. "Of course."

Asher slipped away as the loud chiming of a win and the rush of coins against metal came from behind him. It seemed Gideon had already begun his part.
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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
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The club was jumping that night. Lust stood out in the crowd, the mysterious man who wooed the women away from their friends with his seductive looks. It was just the right amount confidence, a suggestive look in the eye and Lothario's one secret. He stood amongst mortals, resisting his godly influence was inhuman. He only bedded the best-looking women of the night, and they had to be stunning at that. Otherwise, he simply observed and flirted.

Although he was disguised as a mortal, Lothario himself believed he was extremely good-looking. He measured up to be 6'3", sporting a hard, lean-muscled build at 205 lbs. Straight, coal black shoulder-length hair, cobalt blue eyes and a rugged stubble adorned his chiseled face and strong jaw.

'Everyone's getting laid tonight.' He closed his eyes, wafting a seductive energy aura that was infectious. Call it pheromones, divine sexual desire, the patrons of the club would suddenly had a new objective. In minutes, he could feel how the moist the air became, the scent was familiar and terrific. There were alternating lights and loud Cajun-style club music and remixes of popular songs. Bottle service was working twice as fast all of a sudden, the liquor was selling, the alcohol was boosting confidence and comfort and the patrons indulged in sexual attraction.

"There aren't enough bathroom stalls!" He yelled, yet only those around him heard him holler despite the deafening music. Elbows on the bar counter yet back to the cute bartender behind him who was serving drinks and refilling his glass with whiskey. Annie was her name. The dance floor was more packed than usual, the women were no longer reserved and the men were loving it. The dancing was very promiscuous, skirts being raised, bottoms were spanked and some made out as they grinded on each other. Suddenly there were huge lines to the restrooms and he didn't have to guess that the stalls weren't being occupied for their original intention.

The lust in the air empowered him, all the sexual energy contained in the club was being siphoned as power. Those who wanted more privacy retreated to the backseat of their vehicles or found a secluded spot. Those who had restraint and didn't mind spending some more money flocked to the hotels and motels for the night. It wasn't long until the club was nigh on empty however Lothario wasn't going to partake in fooling around with anyone. His standards were too high for his own good since Lothario suffered from narcissism and the women had to be goddesses or at least look like one.

"The hotels will be the most concentrated area." By now the hotels had to be packed, the strip where the big hotels were at would be booming with lust, he left the club and made his way towards the strip.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
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It took some convincing, but what was Lucy if not manipulative? She used truth for it more than she did lies, and eventually the women believed that she had friends at a hotel. It was a guess, but the hour was what told Lucy it was her best shot.

She knew Lust well enough to guess where he was, and where many people ‘her age’ would be to direct the mother who sat her in the Buick.
“You promise you’ll call and report this? I’ll come with you to a station, hun.”

“I promise. I just really want to be with my friends right now,” all right, a bit of lying had been necessary. Her arms were still cut, necessity more than wound keeping them there. Humans didn’t heal half as fast as Abstracts. She could have evaporated their appearance by now. She buckled herself into the car, glanced over her attire. Nope, not what she’d normally wear when going to Lothario for a favor, though she supposed the jeans were nice and tight, even if the blouse was not low-cut. It did have a pretty, bejeweled rose on the front, though.

Lucy picked a hotel on the strip at random. She could already feel the influence of Lust and knew she’d guessed right. Luck seemed to be in her favor today.
‘That might not last.’ Things to dwell on later. 

The mother never questioned it, but let Lucy out after getting a fake phone number from her, so she could call to check in the next morning. So concerned, maternal. Lucy made sure to stumble as she went to the door, but once she was through those glass doors and into the lit lobby, she rolled her head on her neck and let the light wash over her body, giving it a glow as all the wounds healed themselves.
‘Yes.’ Lust was near. She could feel it. He just was not in this hotel.

They stood out, though mortals could rarely tell just what it was about the Abstracts. The Abstracts could identify each other on sight, or at least, recognize that they were in the presence of another being of power. So it was easy for the Being of Light to exit the hotel and walk along the strip until she found the tall man with the black hair, and knew it was him who was basking in the air charged with his influence.

Lucy came up behind him and snaked arms around his waist, pressing herself against his back and letting out a soft moan at the contact, contented, followed by,
“How I’ve missed you.”


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2014, 04:13:41 pm »
Lothario had his eyes shut, basking in his own influence, the mortals would worship him in the privacy of their hotel rooms in acts of lust. His eyes opened upon hearing the voice and feeling slender arms envelop his waist. Instinctively, he relaxed himself in the solace that even if she intended on hurting him, he was greatly empowered at the moment.

"Ah, my dearest Lucy, you never fail in brightening in my day," He replied with a grin on his face, turning around in her embrace to get a good look at her. If only mortal women looked like her. Her beauty was unparalleled to say the least, only an Abstract like Lothario deserved to have her. "If only your longing came without conditions or trouble."

He had heard she had been locked away again, a shame keeping such a beautiful beacon of light in the depths. They wouldn't lock her away to just let her leave again, he suspected Lucy ascended out of her own volition. He enjoyed Lucy's company and any troubles she brought with her.

He shook his head and clicked his teeth in disapproval.
"These clothes will just have to go, luckily you found me at my temple." with his arms he signaled at the hotel behind them, chuckling. "Let's grab a drink inside at the casino or if you'd rather talk privately, we can visit my suite." He placed his hand comfortably on the small of her back, a lot lower than a 'friend', guiding her towards the luxurious hotel behind them.

He was sure she hadn't escaped from the depths and sought him out just to fool around, even if he wanted to  believe that. He knew her and how this game worked all too well.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
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Lothario turned, but Lucy didn’t quite release him. She remained near enough to touch, and smiled sweetly up at him as he recognized the truth of her visit. Lucy always came with conditions, because there were always things she needed done. She wasn’t known for relaxing. If she was, perhaps she wouldn’t constantly find herself chained up in her own domain. “You know you enjoy it,” Lothario was lucky to escape the same troubles each time, too.

The clothes. Always the clothes. She giggled as they adjusted themselves to walk towards a hotel, contact remaining between them as she moved her arm to span across his back, hand resting just above his opposite hip.
“We can speak plainly in the open,” Lucy told him. It wasn’t as if the humans were going to care, and her plan was not to reveal all here. Not on this plane of existence. In Dream’s Realm, perhaps, if only because so few Abstracts went there. Abstracts didn’t need to sleep after all, though it was not impossible. “Mostly.”

The hotel was more to her own standards, and she gave a quick glance around the lighted area and heard the music of the slot machines. Soon, that sound would be stuck in her head, and she’d hate it. She did not consider that Luck would be here; she didn’t sense the presence of another so close. They moved easily into the bar, and Lucy there asked,
“Would you like to go to Vegas?” Clearly her goal for the day, “That city has always been to your liking, hasn’t it?” Plenty of people ended up debauching themselves there, regardless of the day.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2014, 01:51:11 pm »
"What are y'all havin'?" The southern drawl was expected, Lothario never took his eyes off of Lucy, especially off her body.

"Whiskey on the rocks, get my gorgeous gal whatever she wants." The bartender went to fetch his drink and would return to take Lucy's order if she was drinking. Her offer to head to Vegas was well-received, his eyes lit up and he couldn't hide his mischievous smile.

He took a large sip from the glass, the ice cubes swirling at the bottom.
"Ooh, the sorts of trouble we can get into in Vegas is tempting.. I imagine my influence is twice as potent in that magical city of degenerates," That couldn't be it however, he had a hard time believing all she wanted to do was take a vacation with him to Vegas.

He leaned in closer, resting a hand on her leg as he began to speak.
"What's the plan here, Lucy? I'm flattered you sought me out but it's no surprise given our.. ahem.. history. Before I agree to any of this, enlighten me." He said this softly, with the familiar smile on his lips, some of the coal black locks draping over his face.

"What can I get you, miss?" The bartender finally asked.

Ah, liquor. Mortal beverages. Lucy was not much of an indulger in mortal food or drink, but she knew how to pretend for company. Besides, Lothario seemed pretty happy about her idea, as she had hoped.

Lothario was no idiot, though. Though he was quite friendly, warm hand over denim, he knew to ask questions. She shared a smile with him at the word ‘history’ and didn’t let her gaze stray as the bartender asked his question,
“Whichever is your best merlot,” she answered him.

Now she had to address Lothario’s question. She leaned towards him,
“Do you remember when they worshiped us, Lothario? When you did not have to consider where you could gain strength?” Those had been great days. Too many of the Abstracts had given up on ever reclaiming those days, accepting the new powers that came to be through human thought. That was all the mortals were good for—bestowing strength. “I am going to bring those days back, but our first step is Vegas and finding Luck.” Because Lucy had concerns about the second part of the trip. Dream was no enemy of hers, but the realm was not completely his. “Then we just pass by the gates of horn….” She actually was not certain what relationship Lothario and Somnius had, purposefully trailed off on the mention of the ‘gates of truth’ in Dream’s realm to see how he would react.

The bartender itched his head for a moment at the request for wine, it was not a typical beverage at the casino. He crouched down and slid open a compartment under the counter that had an array of wine bottles. He rose up back holding an aged wine with a fancy French name. "From Bordeaux, ma'am." It was a dry red wine, he poured in her wine glass with a napkin under it.

Meanwhile, Lothario was listening carefully and as she spoke, the grip on her leg gradually tensed. It was true, there was a time Lothario and all the other Abstracts didn't have to dwell in the mortal realm, worship from the humans was sufficient to keep them empowered but worshipers were scarce to come by anymore. He was beginning to understand but as to why they needed Luck's help, he didn't know.

The more Abstracts on board the better, he figured. Vegas was definitely somewhere they would find Luck. He noticed how her voice trailed off when mentioning another Abstract's domain. Somnius and Lothario had crossed paths in the past, he was one of the few Abstracts who could still draw his strength from the humans due to the fact they all needed sleep and in their slumber, they kept Somnius nice and powerful.

"Luck's no problem, but I hope your relationship with Somnius is better than mine. I have no issues with Somnius but I don't see any reason why he should let me through his gates, we are not friendly." Somnius hardly left his realm, some said that he could not entrust his sibling Nightmare with complete dominion. Sibling or not, it was known they clashed from time to time.

"There's nothing for me here, Lucy. I'll join you, my sweet." He took a large swig from the glass, downing most of the whiskey in it.

Lucy took a sip of the red wine as she waited for an answer. She could see, she could feel, him thinking. Her lips pursed at the mention of him and Somnius not being on good terms. That did not bode well.

Even so, she’d bring him along. When it came to Abstracts, Lothario was one of the few she would claim to completely trust. It could be that in some ways, Lothario was simple, but there was history, too. Lucy set the glass aside as he gave the only real answer she cared to hear came from his lips. When the glass of whiskey is downed, she reaches up to steal him from the glass. One hand takes his cheek as she lifted herself off the stool a bit to lean towards him and place a kiss on his lips.

The taste of alcohol was easily ignored in the quick, firm press. She did not back far off from him as she broke away, but stayed so close their noses could have touched again,
“Let’s not waste any time, then.” She would get the story from Somnius himself. “A plane to Vegas,” a quick smile, “Can’t be traveling my way without drawing unwanted attention.” He’d understand.

He did not even get to set his glass down when her hand touched his cheek and their lips joined. Lothario had not anticipated the kiss, as intimate as it had been, he watched her the entire time they kissed and as she pulled away. 'Mmm.. tender lips.' The Abstract of Lust wasn't easily seduced into doing things, he had made his mind up before the union of their lips, although he wasn't against it.

His hand caressed the back of her head, his eyes focused on her lips as she spoke. Plane or not, Lucy and Lothario turned heads wherever they went but alas he knew which attention she didn't want to attract. He pushed his lips against her soft lips once more, exerting his lustful influence which began to spread throughout the casino. The kiss was longer and in a private setting, he could've accomplished more but as he pulled away, his lips closed under her bottom lip, gently tugging.

"At this rate, we won't even make it on the plane," He said with grin and stood off the stool, leaving the bartender a 20 and taking her by the hand. "I'll get us a ride to the airport then." Lothario didn't need any of his luggage, he could walk into any outlet or clothing store and walk out with an entire wardrobe using a little seduction. If that didn't work, Abstracts had their unique ways of getting what they wanted from the mortals.

He led her outside, hand in hand and hailed a black limousine that was parked across the street. The chauffeur stepped out and opened the door for Lucy and Lothario released her hand.

"Where to, sir?" The chauffeur asked politely.
"Louis Armstrong International Airport, on the double." He slipped a 50 into the chauffeur's coat pocket and stepped into the limousine himself. In minutes, the limousine took off.

Lucy knew what she was inviting the second she’d kissed him, not that she minded in the least. In the past, she had gotten caught up in simple freedom and lost track of her ambitions. She would not this time, but there would be time. Her company was good. ‘See why I want to hurry?’

She rose with him, fingers entwining with his as they moved out. She stayed close, keeping his arm pressed to her as they walked to get a limousine. No matter the time, they always traveled in style.
‘And you have money.’ Good. It would be first class on the plane, too, and then to the Vegas strip.

Lucy slipped into the limo and let Lothario handle the directions. Her eyes drifted to the window, but when Lothario entered the vehicle she leaned against him, taking his hand once more. The world slipped by quickly.
‘How much has changed.’ And at once, how little.

It did not take long at all. The chauffer was asking,
“Is there a particular gate you want?” Lucy didn’t know, didn’t exactly research the airlines and their routes before coming.

‘Note to self, invest in one of those smart phones.’ Internet. Internet everywhere.

New Orleans passed by them through the tinted windows, he had slipped his arm under and Lucy's back to pull her much closer to him. There was nothing for him in this city. Vegas was another story though, with Lucy on his arm and in his company, who knew what they'd get themselves into.

When the green highway signs leading to the airport became more frequent, Lothario quietly read them.
"Concourse B, I'm feeling Southwest Airlines will be sufficient." The black limousine rolled into the departures lane and parked where all the cabs and other limousines were. He stepped out leisurely and held his hand out for Lucy to take.

They entered the airport and were greeted with a sea of voices, frequent announcements over the intercom speakers and the aroma of various foods. The queue to purchase boarding passes was empty and Lothario strolled confidently to the clerk behind the counter.

"Thank you for choosing Southwest Airlines, how may I help you?"
"Two one-way tickets to Las Vegas, please." Lothario replied. He heard type away at her computer and bit her lip, shaking her head.
"I'm sorry sir but the flight's booked, we don't have anymore until before midnight."
"Now we both know that's not true.. Grace," He said, reading her nametag and slightly placing his hand on her own. The direct contact made his lustful influence more potent, he noticed immediately how her pupils dilated. "I'm sure you can work something out."
"I.. uh, give me a second please." She began typing faster than usual and smiled at him. "Well you two are in luck, it seems we do have some seats available."
"Make that first class." Lothario handed her his AmEx and she swiped it, even though the name on the card wasn't his. The attendant printed out two boarding passes and handed them to Lothario. He tucked them in his pocket and flashed a wink at her before he and Lucy headed to their gate, B2.

"Stick with me and you'll go places, darling." He told Lucy with a smile, gently nudging her side with his elbow.

Lucy took his hand as they stepped out, but was quickly distracted by the new sights. A plethora of people mulled about, with their luggage and their children. Her hand in Lothario’s kept her moving along to the desk. Lucy feigned distance from Lothario, though her hand remained in his where the clerk couldn’t see. He would want to work his magic to get them a seat.

It was easy to distract herself as he played with the human. Lothario had his ways, and they worked quite efficiently. Lucy had her own ways, never half as nice. Knowledge was her currency. The conversations she was starting to hear were no longer just the spoken ones. Under the lights, the truth of a thousand travelers began to reveal themselves in jumbled thoughts. Sun and light had always been associated with knowledge. All it fell upon, it knew.
‘Poor Grace.’ Her attention shifted as two seats were ‘made’ for them in First Class. Computing errors. Things often went wrong when people ordered online. Lucy could see the weave of the lies already forming, shadows that could only mask the truth.

Her smile was bright to Lothario,
“I know.” They walked to the gate, this B2, though first was security and baggage checks. Neither had any baggage. Lucy endured the security check, which went by quickly. No metal. Nothing, in fact, but the clothes on her back.

“Running away?”
One couldn’t help but ask as she reached for her shoes.

“No,” she answered, calmly slipping them back on.

The gate to B2 was easy to find after that, and Lucy took Lothario’s arm once they were through the security,
“How long is this flight?” She inquired as she took a seat to wait for the plane. She kept hold of his hand, though, brought it to her cheek and shut her eyes for a couple of seconds. A second question, this one spoken with a casualness no human could have mastered without blushing, “Is there enough time to join the mile high club?” If she was going to have to be a flying container, dependent wholly on the machine’s speed to get anywhere, she may as well make the best of it. If she just sat there, she’d end up dozing off to try and pre-arrange things with Dream.

He took off his shoes, his wallet and golden chain from around his neck and placed them into one of the trays. Off into the conveyor belt his belongings went and when he stepped through the metal detector, the TSA guard pulled him off to the side.

"Sir, we'll need to perform additional screening. If you can please place your hands over here and spread your legs, I'd appreciate it." Lothario rolled his eyes and although he could easily destroy this human, he withheld the aggravation.

"Make it quick, I have a flight to catch." He placed his hands against a glass and felt the gloved hands pat him down from the chest down to his legs. It didn't last as long as he'd thought and the TSA guard allowed him to continue. He fetched his belongings and put them back in their rightful spots.

Arm in arm the two Abstracts followed the directions to B2 and they sat down in the waiting area. On the monitor next to the two flight attendants behind the counter, their destination, time of departure and flight number was displayed.

"Last time I flew to Vegas, it was approximately 5 hours." Lothario said as he laid back in his chair, looking up at the ceiling. The next question caught him by surprise but in a fantastic way. "Mmm, you naughty thing, why we have--" Lothario was interrupted by the attendant's voice over the intercom.

"Good evening passengers. We will now begin boarding for the flight to Las Vegas, all Rewards and Business Class members shall be seating first. Once again, we thank you for flying Southwest." He took a look at his boarding class and it read 'Business Class'.

"Hold that thought, hun." He stood up and moved to the queue with Lucy, gripping her with excitement. Surprisingly it was only them and a half a dozen others in the business class section. He handed the attendant his boarding pass and the couple went down the corridor that connected them to the plane. There was another attendant at the door whom checked their boarding passes again. Lucy and Lothario were redirected to the front of the plane while the coach passengers moved towards the more compact and cramped back of the plane.

The Business Class section was nice to say the least, there was ample space between the aisles, the seats were cushioned with comfortable armrests and could recline back if so desired. Each pair of seats had a spacious desk and a decent-sized flat screen television. The best part was that there wouldn't be a flight attendant hovering over them the entire time.
"Now about that mile high club, let's step into my office and talk initiation." Lothario smirked, his hand gesturing to the spacious-looking lavatory. There would be no talking.

Lucy did so love surprising others. He started to answer, bringing a smile to her lips, but he was cut off by the boarding. Not that Lucy minded, she could see the answer in his eyes already. Five hours was certainly enough time. She went with him as the boarded, hand in hand, and they were greeted to the sight of First Class.

It didn’t last. The scene was to be a lavatory instead, and Lucy didn’t protest. She walked by Lothario into the lavatory, only to turn on her heel once in to pull him in, as well. No talking, indeed.


Appetite sated, for the moment at least, Lucy and Lothario had returned to their seats before the plane itself landed in Vegas. She was languidly stretched out, at perfect ease in the metal contraption now. The looks she’d received from the others in business class remained ignored. Both genders seemed to share a mixture of fascination and jealousy with the couple now.

Lucy would have told every single one of them that they were right to be jealous, too.

Of course, she did not, though she felt her pride just starting to bubble up again. She waged a constant war with that. It tended to get her in trouble if she showed off too much, or was rude too often. It certainly never worked to her benefit with Luck.

Wheels hit the ground with that thought. Lucy shifted to sit up right. Now was not the time to think of that. ‘Luck has to agree.’ Going through the Dreamscape would be difficult without that Abstract on her side. Somnius was well and good, but they’d have to contend with Nightmare, and that one was more difficult to persuade.

“Thank you for choosing Southwest airlines….”
On babbled the voice. Lucy tuned it out, waiting instead for the sign to leave her seat and head into the airport. It did not take long, and she reached for Lothario’s hand again once freedom was given to them.

“I trust you can get us to the Strip quickly?”
A flash of a smile. To the Strip, and from there, to Luck.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2014, 05:08:36 pm »
Lothario emerged from the lavatory behind Lucy, despite his playful attempt to pull her back in, he raised his pants zipper closed. He collapsed into his seat, feeling completely refreshed, summoning the flight attendant by the push of a button. Business Class always had priority.

"A glass of Scotch please." His hand suavely slipping a 20 in her coat's pocket, releasing some of that potent influence while tapping her bottom lightly to hurry her along. Needless to say, Lothario did not wait long for his drinks at all. The rest of the flight, he spent it drinking and snuggled tight to Lucy.

The plane bounced as the tires impacted the runway and the plane slowly maneuvered to it's connecting gate.
"Why the Strip is all I come here for, sweetness." He gripped her hand firmly and the pair confidently strode into McCarran International Airport, taking note of all the envious looks. They skipped right past customs and downstairs into the baggage claim area, also avoiding that hassle. Outside there were lines of limousines and chauffeurs with holding up signs with people's names and destinations as well.

"Do you two need a ride to a hotel? To the Strip?" One chauffeur asked them when they stepped outside. Unlike the other limousine, this particular one was a stretch limo, accustomed to more than just a party of two.

"How familiar are you with the casinos?" Lothario inquired, still hand in hand with Lucy, watching the chauffeur's eyes that had casually drowned in Lucy's curves and overall beauty. "Hey, I'm over here."
"Oh, pardon me sir. Lately, I've noticed a lot of people flocking to the Bellagio, supposedly the winnings have been abnormal there as of late. I think of it as coincidence, I do not believe in luck." The chauffeur replied. Lothario turned to look at Lucy and he smiled at that, nodding at her.
"Well we do, the Bellagio it is then. Get us there quickly." It was a good place as any to start.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #8 on: February 20, 2014, 03:18:20 pm »
With no baggage, the trip outside was quick, and the trip to the strip would be the same. Lucy kept her hand in his, despite an energy that came into her when she stepped out. It was still late in the day, but dawn was approaching, and all the lights of Las Vegas were aglow. She stretched as Lothario began to speak to some driver, not at all ignorant of his looks as she twisted her body to work out kinks.

Lothario didn’t seem to appreciate it. She laughed to herself as Lothario drew the man’s attention back. The Bellagio became their destination, and they moved into the limousine, taking it for themselves. Lucy rested her head on Lothario’s shoulder for the drive, but her mind was distracted away from him.
‘We will be vulnerable asleep.’ That thought bothered her more and more. She was nothing if not a planner, but she had overlooked this detail.

Soon enough, the limousine stopped outside the Bellagio. Lucy was out quick, allowing Lothario to deal with all things monetary still. The fountain outside was glorious. The curve of the building was appealing. There was no doubt much to see here, and had Lucy time to waste she might have stood to admire the fountains longer, or once inside, the hand-blown glass designs. As it was, she felt the press of time like a boot on her throat.

They would be vulnerable, and Lucy was never good at hiding. She would have to convince Luck quickly.

Fortunately, the light washed over every thing inside. Finding Luck would be no problem, for all was opened up before her, and she could feel the pulse of another Abstract. Her eyes saw through those that pretended to be human, her eyes saw into their minds, until they landed upon the Abstract she took for Luck. The need to hurry kept her from recognizing that the aura about him was ‘too perfect’.

Her hands moved behind her back as she approached him from behind. She leaned forward when close enough, whispered,
“Hello,” though she didn’t think she’d startle Luck.

With her…luck…the Abstract probably knew already that she was coming this way.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #9 on: February 21, 2014, 04:50:56 am »
His now green eyes didn't glance away from the slot machine, quarter in his hand before placing it in the machine. His winnings were still pilled in the metal pocket below. Luck didn't need a fortune. He could have it whenever he wanted.

Gideon stiffened, knowing it was something Asher would do, not liking the idea of Light being so close, her voice soft in his ear.

"What is it?" The abstract impostor asked, still watching the slot machine and all of its dazzling colors. It continued to spin, faster and faster with every rotation. It was a wonder how any human being won at it.

It was too bright in here, Gideon thought, noting the diminishing shadows. It was a wonder he hadn't been discovered on the spot. Light revealed far too many things, it was her most annoying attribute. It was also the most challenging, one Gideon had found a thrill in taking on upon occasion. Fooling the abstract of Light, it was a high hurdle and very, very fun game.

The fake Luck's eyes glanced at Lucy's companion, Lust. Another one Luck wasn't too fond of. Briefly, Gideon wondered why Lust was in Light's company. They didn't exactly frequent the same streets. Then again, Light was a bit unpredictable. It was another feature he liked and disliked about her.

"Why did you bring him?" Gideon asked, Asher's voice escaping his lips. One slender finger indicated the other abstract, always so eye catching, even now he was catching human attention. "He'll make a mess of the place." He clicked his tongue then, implying annoyance. No one would test their luck if they were too busy fornicating.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #10 on: February 26, 2014, 07:15:31 pm »
He saw how taken back Lucy was by the illustrious hotel/casino that is the Bellaggio. If Luck was truly present, he sure had an expensive palate. Lothario entered the casino, releasing a wave of sexually charged energy onto the game floor. With the hotel right above him, he was bursting at the seams with power and was catching looks left and right.

Where a normal human would have to awkwardly cut through a crowd, they parted into two halves where he walked. It was at the Caesars Hotel that Lothario had acquired his small fortune from at the blackjack and poker tables a while ago. To put it frankly, he won by unorthodox means. If Luck was not here, it would have been his second choice to check.

"Sir, you look like a man who likes to take risk. $1000 to sit in."
"Today looks like your lucky day, sir. Play two games and get a 25% discount on your stay here. You can't lose!"

Every table he passed was like that, it had grown considerably brighter in the casino as well. His darling Lucy was certainly revitalized and she was proving it. The aisle of slot machines was off closer to the bar and even where he stood he could hear the in-game sounds from the machines. He walked with a confident stride and swagger, it came with being irresistible, women wanted him and men wanted to be him.

It was not difficult to locate Lucy and she had already found Luck mindlessly playing the slots.
'As if he really needs to try.' Lothario peered over his earnings and they were mediocre at best, even if he weren't trying, he expected more from Luck. "What's the matter, Luck? Coming up short I see." He said, not bothering to contain his mirth. He could tell that Luck didn't like him and Lothario didn't mind, he was used to all sorts of positivity and negativity to his character. "Here I thought drinks and merriment would be on you tonight."

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #11 on: February 26, 2014, 08:50:32 pm »
Lucy smiled at the way Asher tensed, at how his full attention seemed to be on the machine before him. She slowly took a seat next to him as he asked his query. She did not answer immediately, for Lust needed to be present, and Lust was taking his sweet time with a stroll through the casino. It didn’t take long, of course, and when he arrived the question asked was absolutely expected, “Don’t they have a saying now—‘get lucky’?” She mused, “It seems you two are a pair.” Of course, she didn't answer his question directly. It was not relevant.

Though their interests were not. Where Lust might revel in newfound Luck, Luck had it all the time. No need for merriment.

Luck did not have what she could offer, though. Her legs crossed at the knee,
“I have a proposition for you,” she answered, and thought how best to explain. Under the lights, she could sense that none of her enemies were present, but there was still something gnawing at her, something that wouldn’t place itself.

Pride had always been a sin of Light.
“A venture through the Gates of Horn and into the realm of Nightmare. I could use a bit of luck on my side,” she and Nightmare weren’t exactly on good terms. Quite the opposite. Those who sided with Dream tended to find themselves at odds with Nightmare. “There’s much for you to gain of this venture. Much for all of us.” She could elaborate. The way she spoke, and all she omitted, told both Abstracts there was quite a bit more to it, and that they would not, in fact, be going in blind.

The matter was simply a delicate one.
“Time is a constraint.” It usually was with her. Someone, at some time, was going to start looking. Whether it was Eshu who ratted her out when he pulled himself together, or some other entity, was always the question.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #12 on: February 27, 2014, 01:20:20 am »
Gideon wanted to smirk, enjoying how easily the information he wanted was slipping into his hands. Although, it was curious. Why did Light want to venture into the realm of Nightmare of all places? Hadn't she sided with Dream? What was there to gain from all of this?

He had to know more. Fortunately, Luck wouldn't be settled with such empty words. He'd want details, convincing ones before he'd even bother to lend a hand.

His green eyes flickered to Lust. It seemed the abstract didn't care much for being in Luck's favor. He had expected as much though, it was obvious Light was the brains behind this scheme and possibly a seeming leader of their pair. They were roles that suited her, roles unbefitting of Lust.

"Fortune must be balanced. Something you don't seem to understand in your twisted world." Gideon responded, enjoying the idea of getting under Lust's skin more than anything else. He turned away from the male abstract then, careful eyes on Light. At any moment, she might see through him, see through his disguise. He wanted his answers quickly, much on this time constraint as she was.

"What do I have to gain from this that I can't already acquire?" He asked, curious of this prize that he supposed even Luck wouldn't be able to win alone.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #13 on: March 03, 2014, 04:18:05 pm »
Lucy could be very persuasive when she wanted to be and she happened to catch Lust at the right time and right place. New Orleans had become such a bore, his attitude towards the entire journey had changed for the better after the flight. That much was plain to see, but she had failed to mention venturing into Nightmare's world as well.

He was already dreading reuniting with Somnius, Nightmare was even worse. Perhaps a little luck would come in handy. While already powerful, Lothario wanted more and his ambitions were high, returning things how they used to be could make it all a reality.

He looked at Luck, smirking at his comment. Twisted was one way to describe Lust's lifestyle and he'd gone on just fine without any luck.
"While Lucy may phrase it better than I, if we succeed then history will repeat itself, Asher. We shall have our worshipers and praise once again." He paused for a moment to look at Lucy, nodding at her to take the floor. Even if that didn't appeal to Luck, he could not deny that it was the way things were meant to be.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #14 on: March 03, 2014, 04:25:51 pm »
There was something off, under these lights, another Abstract, another something that she couldn’t seem to catch sight of. That nagging feeling would not go away, and when Luck addressed Lust, she dared to look away from Asher. Her eyes peered through minds, but more than that, tried to see what the lights seemed incapable of capturing.

Brighter and brighter.

There was a scream from a slot machine as the bulbs burst, and like that, the lights around dimmed.
‘Not yet.’ She’d draw unwanted attention.

If she hadn’t already drawn it.

Luck addressed her with the obvious query. Her answer could not be complete. If she said it outright, there were others who might seek it for their benefit. Lucid dreamers could always go forth to try and destroy it. The so-called gods might pursue it, wield it.

Lust put it simply, and Lucy elaborated.
“You remember the past, Asher, when people did not wish each other Luck so lightly, when it meant something.” Certainly he remembered the times when Luck, often female to mortals, was hailed as a great power. It still was today, greater than many of the Abstracts, but still pale in comparison to its former glory.

She leaned forward. There was a balance to fortune, of course, but certainly Luck would be tempted to have more control over that balance—to keep order better, as once the Abstract had.
“I am offering you that, as Lothario says, and you will never obtain it without me.” For she would never say its name. She would never reveal the path she’d sought through so many centuries, so many years, when other Abstracts marveled at her audacity, unaware of the long term goal.

She would guide, as Light ought to.

Her arms folded over her knee.
“We will reign as we once did, and they will remember us.”


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #15 on: March 05, 2014, 02:02:58 pm »
His eyes flickered, catching the shattering of the bulbs from the slot machine. She knows something's off, his thoughts told him, eyes flickering back to the abstract of light. Fortunately, she hadn't realized what as she spoke, giving him the answer he sought.

So this is what she wanted. To have the throne and crown back again. It didn't seem all that bad of an idea. Humanity, worshipping the ground they walked on once again. Hardly being as careless as they now were. Then again, the state of the past or the present hardly mattered to an abstract like him. Mischief was plenty, chaos was a constant, regardless. However, it would have been nice to have a war again. Wars were always the best for calamity.

It was a shame Light wasn't willing to state what this particular thing was that they so needed. A wise decision on her part, he supposed. If she had said it so plainly, he would have left her then and there, only to seek it himself.

Still, he had what he wanted. It was time to give up the ploy, undoubtedly Light was about to figure it out anyway. The least he could do was hand her the last piece to the puzzle.

"I believe you're seeking a Delorean. You know, from human pop culture." Gideon paused then, smirking, the gesture odd on Asher's face, green eyes lit up with amusement. "Ah, I guess you wouldn't know that. Movies aren't your thing, are they?"


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #16 on: March 05, 2014, 07:01:14 pm »
There was a point where the lighting had grown so bright, Lust covered his eyes for a moment only to move his hand away when he heard the bulbs shatter. This was Lucy's doing, but why? Asher was right in front of them, she had found whom she'd been looking for hadn't she? As the lights dimmed, Lothario noticed some of the staff coming towards the slot machines.

The woman who had screamed was in such shock, she hadn't noticed the glass shards protruding from her arms when she raised them to shield her face.
'So much for not drawing attention.' Lothario was also an attention-grabber but when he deemed it necessary. The mortals weren't too clever, the trio of Abstracts appeared to just be conversing.

"Lucy, what the hell is going on?" Lothario asked, turning his attention to Asher who was now smirking. He had sensed something off about him from the beginning but there was no way to confirm any suspicions. If there was something amiss, Lothario was sure Lucy would have picked up on it. Behind his back, he was slipping rings onto each of his fingers on his right hand and balling up a fist.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #17 on: March 05, 2014, 10:06:47 pm »
That Light had managed to not produce a spectacle for this long really ought to be applauded. Light was not something that hid, even if she knew it was for the best—not for long, anyway.

There was little that could hide from her, too.

The last piece clicked into place with the smirk. The green looked blue.
‘You scum!’

Lies and Light didn’t get along, and so, Light and Trickster rarely saw eye-to-eye. Now she saw, though. The rays of light, paired with her suspicion, let her see through the illusion of Asher to Gideon.

Lucy rose like a sovereign disturbed by a peasant’s complaint. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t match the height of those around her, it didn’t matter that this was a casino where tricks were often played—here, the balance seemed equal enough for Lucy. Besides, there was Lothario asking what was wrong, an Abstract to tilt the balance in her favor.
“Wrong move, Gideon.” That was the name he’d liked the last time they met.

The balance would tilt further her way when human eyes fell upon her strength, too. Belief was an intoxicating strength, particularly when it had a clear focus. Her skin took in the light and channeled it forward. If Gideon didn’t move, he’d find himself struck by the beam of energy.

She couldn’t kill Gideon—that would take too much work and time, but she would do what she could to trap him somewhere so that the Trickster couldn’t interfere with her plots. 

This was exactly why she tended to get in trouble with other Abstracts. She did long for these past days, when showing off before mortals was acceptable behavior. The fact that it no longer was still irked her.

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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #18 on: March 06, 2014, 04:59:24 am »

“I now pronounce you man and wife,” the smiling blond clapped her hands like a gleeful child and then turned to the urn next to her and produced a fist full of confetti.  Pink, purple and gold paper shreds rained down as she said, “Congratulations!”

The couple before her in the Terrazza Di Sogno were already locking lips and sliding down the carpeted aisle.  Every fifteen minutes or so, guests could come to the wedding chapel and exchange vows.  Some days were busier than others, but this was the tenth ceremony the woman in white had presided over today.   Her services had class and style and most were pleased by the floral arrangements, gold pillars and view of the beautiful Bellagio Fountains.  The form fitting cocktail dress would put most brides to shame, but only once had someone ditched their prospective partner at the altar with a proposal to the reverend. 

Here, Hope did indeed spring eternal.  And the woman with the Cinderella hairdo and sing-song voice would be the first to say there certainly was a pun intended in those words.  Hope didn’t even try to disguise her identity with a name change like the others who liked to spend time in Vegas.  Her presence was simply too special to be ignored.

The mirrors called to her, and with a few minutes break between ceremonies she tiptoed to the antechamber to freshen her lipstick.  A curl had found its way loose from the French twist and she tisked and toyed with the golden lock until it was pinned back in place.  She turned in profile, vainly admiring the curves in all the right places, offering a pat to her flat stomach and a bend to her knees like she was about to start an Irish jig.  She finished off the primping session with an air kiss to her own reflection.

“Last set of the day,” Hope’s assistant said, trying to draw the younger woman’s attention back to the job at hand.  “Morris Chambers and Harold White.”

Her heart surged for a moment with the implications the names presented.  Hope smiled.  “The governor said he wouldn’t fight the federal court if they overturned the ban, but that was only last week.”  Not that she wanted to rain on anyone’s parade, but a few weeks might make it legal.  Eyes sparkling at the possibility of pushing the envelope she waited for word.

“Nothing decided yet, but, they have a California license.”

“Well, then let’s get to it, by Jiminy.” White teeth shone brightly as Hope saluted her assistant and marched back into the chapel.  “Cue the music.”

Ten minutes later, Hope was still giggling over pronouncing ‘man and man’ married.  “This call’s for champaign,” she announced, before flouncing out of the chapel and walking down the stairs towards the main casino and bar.   One could think that the casino owner might not like that Hope mingled with his guests, but actually he found it rather profitable.   When she walked past people tended to double down, or consider one last throw of the dice which often lead to bigger losses.   Hope liked to see people smile.  She rarely lingered to see the devastation risk caused.

She parked her impressive chassis on a bar stool.  The bartender recognized her and immediately produced a Shirley Temple.  Hope didn’t have the heart to tell him she wanted something stronger - in the mood to really celebrate.  She winked and took the cherry out of the frosted glass. Tied the stem into a knot with her tongue and placed it on the cocktail napkin.

That was when she felt it.  A change in the light and atmosphere.  A woman screamed.  Hope’s back straightened and the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.  The smile on her face remained, but the thoughts that ran through the pretty bubble head were no longer non-violent.

It’s that bitch Lucy!
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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #19 on: March 06, 2014, 07:05:03 am »
Gideon clicked his tongue, a satisfying tsk. "Temper, temper."

He had already vanished from his spot, leaning on Lust carelessly, one arm on the abstract's shoulder. The increasing light about them revealed a glimmer to Mischief's form, his dark suit almost grey, transparent. His current body was obviously nothing more than an illusion. He wouldn't risk his corporeal form being so close to Light, it would have been a horrible decision on his part if he had.

"Lothario, I trust you've been well." He grinned, treating the other Abstract like an old friend, something they never were.

"Now, Lucy, you're making quite the fuss. You'll never convince Luck to help you that way." His blue eyes gleamed, amusement written into every part of his features. They were gathering so much attention. It was a wonder Luck hadn't appeared already. He never seemed to care for chaos in the places he resided.

There was also the threat of losing his current form under this light. Despite the chaos ensuing, it wasn't much help without his corporeal body present.

"I wonder if this will be on youtube. I hope they capture my good side." Gideon continued to smirk, well aware that if this continued, his illusion wouldn't last much longer.


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Re: Abstractions [Closed]
« Reply #20 on: March 08, 2014, 03:58:34 pm »
Gideon? Lothario was about to slam a fist into the Abstract's face when Lucy stood and attacked Mischief with a ray of light. The slippery snake of an Abstract managed to avoid Lucy's initial strike and dared to touch him on the shoulder. The physical contact between the two was odd, he felt none. At their proximity and under Lucy's light, he noticed Gideon's transparency and stepped away from him.

"An illusion, the bastard's been playing us from the start." Lothario ground his teeth angrily, looking around and he noticed all the mortals staring at the spectacle unfolding before them. Lucy's power was growing due to all the witnesses and Lothario figured it was too late to stop it.

He took a deep breath to focus all the energy he had gathered from being in the hotel, however instead of releasing it in a wave of lust to seduce the mortals, he was going to use it to attack. Ethereal whips of energy were controlled by his arms, due to his nature, anything ensnared by the two whips would experience potent sexual feelings.
"You're really not my type but I'm not letting you get away." The two gossamer-like tendrils sprang forth and lashed wildly in Gideon's direction. Invisible to humans but to Abstracts the two whips were clear as day.

It was a long shot, trapping an illusion was as foolish as it sounded. If Gideon didn't act quick enough, he would find his escape to be delayed. On the bright side, it meant that the actual Luck could still be in the premises and perhaps it hadn't been a complete waste of time.