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Guidelines to Fantasy Roleplay!
« on: September 14, 2013, 01:02:14 am »
Welcome to Fantasy Roleplay!

This forum is for all stories falling under the genre of Fantasy. Generally, you'll find that your story belongs here if it deals with sword clanking battle, medieval settings, kingdoms, realms or worlds of your own design, or magic. Think about the backdrop to your story as well as it's plot when considering whether it belongs in Fantasy or Modern/Futuristic.

If you're having trouble deciding and don't want to guess, send a staff member a pm and ask them. We're nice, we promise and we enjoy reading almost as much as we enjoy writing.

All IC rules apply!

Five sentence minimum on all posts.

Posts should be in-character only.

Be considerate to your fellow players.

No godmodding, metagaming, powergaming or autohitting.