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Modern/Futuristic Guidelines!
« on: September 14, 2013, 12:56:00 am »
Welcome to Modern/Futuristic!

This forum is for all genres falling under Modern/Futuristic. We understand that there can be some gray area when it comes to your story's genre but try to think of it this way-

If your story deals with the present day, realism, science fiction, future societies, space colonies, space ships, advancements in technology, adroids or robots- it belongs in Modern/Futuristc. Think about the backdrop to your story as well as its plot. If you really aren't sure where it belongs and don't want to guess, just pm a staff member and ask, we're nice and we like to hear about your ideas.

All IC rules apply!

Five sentence minimum on all posts.

Posts should be in-character only.

Be considerate to your fellow players.

No godmodding, metagaming, powergaming or autohitting.

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